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Therapy is hard when I can't come out and say "I broke up with my vampire boyfriend because I realized I'm his sister's mate but she is ignoring me and I don't know what to make of that"

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Bella has been on autopilot for the past few weeks. Zoning in and out of her classroom lectures, retaining the minimal amount of instruction required to obtain a superficial understanding of the current topic. Had her teachers known that her mind was a looping tumultuous onslaught of confusion, doubt, hope, disappointment, rejection, and hurt they surely would not have expected her to focus one hundred percent of her energy on physics…or whatever class it was she was currently sitting in.

It’s been three months since the baseball game. The night in which everything changed. The game where Rosalie’s competitive annoyance resulted in a petulant shove of her shoulder. The inadvertent first touch that brought to life the mating bond Rosalie stubbornly refuses to fucking acknowledge. Three months since she broke up with Edward. Three months of almost radio silence from Rosalie. It’s been three months since she began therapy to sort out the jumble of chaos and confusion in her mind. Three damn months and Rosalie Hale is beginning to piss Bella off. Bella is patient and understanding but this is getting ridiculous.

Bella briefly wondered if it was all in her head but surely not. Logically speaking, if a human, a mere mortal if you will, could feel the pull of the mating bond than it would stand to reason that Rosalie’s highly tuned vampire senses would be keenly aware. And that is the thought that has Bella spiraling…because if finding one’s mate a rare and highly sought-after thing, why is Rosalie acting more distant than ever before? So here she sits, breaking her own heart with unmet expectations.

*DING DING* The relief of hearing the dismissal bell was palpable. Bella sat up and robotically went through the motions of collecting her belongings and putting them inside her backpack before making her way to the parking lot.

“GAME NIGHT!” Alice yelled the instant we were all present in the school parking lot that afternoon. “Edward and Emmett are going hunting so we don’t have to worry about Edward snooping into our brain and stealing our answers.”

Jasper chortled as he wrapped his arm around her waist. “Edward isn’t the only one who cheats during games, darlin.” Causing Alice to gasp indignantly. “There are plenty of games that aren’t impacted by my visions. We could always veg and watch movies instead. Or a combination. Come on it’ll be like a double da….” She trailed off.

Bella didn’t risk glancing over to see Rosalie’s reaction to the “slip up”. Alice, in her truest form, an element of chaos, started making not so subtle comments and inuendo regarding her and Rosalie’s relationship status. Although if she had to wager money, she would bet that the blonde was as stoic as usual. It would be too much to hope for an enthusiastic response regardless of how much she craved any sort of recognition from the girl.

Bella agreed to come over that evening before doubling back to ask the details about food. “I can always eat at home before coming over. I wouldn’t want to clog the air with the smell of human food.”

“And withhold the opportunity for Esme to use her pristine kitchen. Never. She would be devastated.” Alice reassured Bella that it was perfectly fine to eat around them. Bella, who had mentally cataloged every previous dialogue with Rosalie, bit on her lip nervously remembering Rosalie’s distaste for the smell of cooked meats. “Would it be too much trouble to make a request? I’ve been craving crepes with strawberries and Nutella. If it doesn’t go against her sensibilities, I would love to do breakfast for dinner. Crepes are something I haven’t managed to do myself. I thought it would be easy. Thin pancakes, right? But no, they are deceptively difficult to make. Oh shit, now I’m asking Esme to make me something hard. Never mind. Strawberries and normal pancakes are fine.”

Bella mentally kicked herself. She was trying to be thoughtful and considerate but turned into even more of a burden and inconvenience. Fuck. Her eyes were darting around and her hands clenched into fists, she could feel her breathing becoming shallower. Then she felt the briefest wave of calm reach her mind before easing back. She glanced up and locked eyes with Jasper who tilted his head and awaited their agreed upon gesture of consent. Bella nodded thankful for the empathic vampire and his respectful and caring gesture to calm her racing heart.

“Relax, Bella. Esme is perfectly capable of making crepes. I mean, we all figured you’d be eating breakfast at our house sooner or later. I just thought it would be under different circumstances…” Alice trailed off as Rosalie shot her a glare. Bella's cheeks heated as she squeaked out a goodbye and scurried over to her truck.

"I...ugh....dammit Alice" Bella muttered to herself not even caring that all her friends had super hearing.