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Late night talks

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Rosalie's phone rang as she read in her room. Putting her book down she looked at the caller and was unsurprised by the name that flashed. “Hello,” she began, hoping that the call was maybe a mistake.

“Hey Rosalie, wanna come over,” Bella asked, her nervousness clear through the phone. 

“Bella, it is 2 am, we have school tomorrow. What the hell are you doing still awake.”

“I could ask the same of you.” 

“Yeah well I asked you first so you are legally and morally obligated to answer me before I have to even consider answering you,” Rosalie flirted, grinning despite herself.

“Fine, come over and I will tell you the answer.”

“Why should I believe that you will keep your word?”

“I dunno, guess you're just going to have to take the risk that I might be lying.” Not bothering to say anything else Rosalie hung up her phone and went to her closet in search of something that would resemble a human's sleep wear. After deciding on a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie she grabbed her keys and phone to be on her way.

“Ohh where are you going Rose? Finally accepted one of Newton’s late night offers,” Emmett asks, laughing at his own joke. Not bothering to respond, Rosalie walked off to the garage. The drive to Bella’s house was short given Fork’s usual lack of traffic, regardless of the time of day. When Rosalie arrived at the house she noticed that Charlie's police cruiser wasn’t parked in the driveway, which explained why Bella chose to invite her over at such an early hour. The second thing she noticed was that Bella’s scent seemed to be coming from the woods rather than her home. Slightly confused Rosalie walked out of the car and walked to Bella, using her phone’s flashlight to illuminate her way for the sake of appearances. 

“Bella,” she called out, feigning confusion as she searched for her friend.

“Over here,” Bella yelled back, turning on her own flashlight to the show where she is. Rosalie followed the light, side stepping sticks and dips in the ground with ease. “You know I didn’t really expect for you to come,” Bella said as Rosalie took a seat beside her on a log. 

“Well, my curiosity won me over, '' Rosalie answers, her eyebrows arching as took in Bella’s attire. The human was wearing a gray thunderbird high hoodie with mix matched socks and black sweatpants and she mentally applied herself for her accuracy.“You know, you never answered my question. What are you doing up so late?”

Bella looked up to the sky, taking in the stars as she contemplated a response. “I couldn’t sleep. You?”

“Same, my sleep schedule has never been… ‘standard’ per say,” Rosalie says, using air quotes as she spoke. 

Bella smiled at the sky at the reasoning and turned her head back towards the blonde.“Wow, the popular girl with straight A’s and a mean streak is an undercover insomniac? Didn’t think that this was going to turn into a secret circle,” Bella jokes. “Maybe we should call my therapist and really get this party started.”

“Why did you call me Bella,” Rosalie asked, not bothering to beat around the bush any further. 

Bella smirk fades away with the question and is replaced by a light tent of blush covering her cheeks. “I dunno. It’s late and I knew if I called Angella her dad would be pissed, and Leah is grounded or something so,” the sentence hung in the air.

“So I was your third option,” Rosalie asks, her voice dramatically hurt to make her overall indifference toward the matter clear.

“Well technically you were my fourth but I figured that Edward would be the type of person who greatly values their beauty sleep,” Bella says.

“Oh fuck off,” scoffs Rosalie as she lightly shoves Bella’s shoulder. The brunette chuckles, her laughter getting louder at the expense of the vampires' mock annoyance. Soon the laughing faded and the sounds of crickets and rustling leaves  filled their ears. 

“So, what do you want to do after high school,” Bella asks, unsure of what to say. 

“That’s a random question,” Rosalie notes as she takes in the view sitting beside her.

Bella’s blush returns as she explains her line of questioning,”yeah well I didn’t really think this through too much. I mean, in the movies that they always ask each other in the movies during scenes  like this.” 

“Wow, you invited me over and didn’t even prepare a list of questions to ask me. This is basically a free interview that you are passing up on, Eric will be pissed.”

“And here I was inviting you to go stargazing with me and ponder life’s many questions. If I knew you were going to be this high maintenance I would have woken up Edward.” The two laugh at the rapport, a sound that Rosalie quickly finds herself falling in love with.

“I am not too sure what I want to do.  I mean, ideally I would want to be a mechanic, but I don't know if I can see myself doing that long term,” she answers honestly. After only 100 or so years of existence Rosalie had quickly found herself growing tired of the mundane habits her family had to develop to coexist with humans. The few times she did own or work at an auto body shop she had to stop after hardly a decade due to customers and employees growing suspicious over her lack of aging. “What about you, what are your life plans?” 

“I dunno. I think college would be nice but I have no clue what I want to major in that would also get me a good job. I don’t even know what I want to do with my life, which is just great.”As Bella spoke she nervously picked at the skin on her cuticles, a small hiss of pain falling from her lips. “But push comes to shove I will probably find some cubicle job in finance that I hopefully won’t completely hate and retire at 60 with a long list of ‘shuda, coulda, and woulda’s ”. Blood flowed from the wound which proved to be more of a mild annoyance to the vampire than any actual form of temptation.

 “Are you okay? Do you need a band-aid or something ,” Rosalie asks.

“What, no I’m fine.”

“Are you sure, it doesn’t seem safe to have an open wound like that in the great outdoors.”

“Oh is that right Bear Grylls? If you wanted to go inside then you could have just said so. I wouldn’t have judged you… not too harshly at least.” 

The blonde rolled her eyes at the playful dig and let out a loud sigh. Turning toward the human, the two locked eyes under the moonlight.“Bella, can we please go inside?”

Bella’s breath hitched at the request.“ Uh yeah sure, we can go ahead and go inside, let’s go inside,” the brunette stammered out. Rosalie bit her lip to contain her smile, smirking to herself as she stood.  The two walk back to the house,  Bella more so stumbling over logs and holes than walking. 

Bella leads them into the house, her hands fumbling around the walls until she finds the light switch. Rosalie trails behind her, taking in the unfamiliar home in silence. The floorboards creak as they walk, a sound that is accompanied by the light hum of the refrigerator, the otherwise silence adding nothing but a sense of taboo to their late night meeting.

“Do you want anything to drink, “ Bella offers as they enter the kitchen. “We have tap, v8, beer and coffee.” As she spoke Bella shuffled through cabinets in search of something.

“No thank you, I am fine,” Rosalie politely declines.

“Good, because we are out of coffee apparently.” Bella turns from the cabinet with a Folgers tin in hand. Opening the container they both see nothing but dust from the grounds and a plastic measurement cup. Quickly throwing away the tin she writes something on a sticky note and sticks it to the fridge. “Do you want anything to eat though, I think we have-”

“I’m okay Bella, really. But thank you for your hospitality, I will be sure to tell Chief Swan about what a terrific host his daughter is.”

“Yeah, let's not tell Charlie about this,” the brunette urges. The two chuckle, imagining how the man would react to Bella having a late night visitor. Silence came back but unlike what they shared outside there was a sense of awkwardness. Bella lends back against the kitchen sink, her eyes trained on her sock clad feet, her heart beating unsteadily. 

“I should get going,” Rosalie says and immediately the human eyes shoot up. “It’s late, later than it was earlier at least, and we should at least get a few hours of sleep before school.”

“Oh, uh yeah you’re right,” Bella agreed, blushing up her neck at the observation. “I can walk you to your car if you want.”

“Wow, I would have never pegged you as such a gentlewoman,” Rosalie jokes.

“Oh yeah, you know me, chivalrous and well mannered at all times.” Laughing Rosalie retraced her footsteps out of the house. Once out of her home Bella rushed in front of Rosalie and stood beside the driver's door. Playing along Rosalie unlocked the doors remotely, allowing the brunette to open the door for her. “Your chariot milady,” Bella said with a sweep of her arm. 

Shaking her head fondly, Rosalie entered the car. “Have a nice night Bella. Try to get some sleep,” she ordered.

“Yeah, you too.”



Bella pulled into the parking lot, bleary eyed and eagerly looking forward to taking a nap in her third period study hall. As she put the truck in park she saw her friends walk over through her side mirrors. The slam of her car door overlapped with the thud of Mike taking a seat in the truck's rusted bed. “Wow Bella, you look like shit,” the boy greeted, only to be met with a slap to his stomach from Jessica. 

“Wow, thank you so much Newton, I had no clue when I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror.” Rather than apologizing the boy clicked his tongue and shot Bella with finger guns. Rolling her eyes she leaned against her car, letting the cool drizzles of rain run over her face.  

“Are you okay,” Angela asked.

“Yeah I just could not sleep last night. Like, eventually I passed out around 3:50 but then I had to get up at 6:30.  I would love it if we had some freak snow storm and school was canceled.``

“Oh please unless it looked like Antarctica principal Johnson would still make us come,” Jessica chimed, from beside Mike. “ And speaking of coming, don’t look now but Rosalie Hale is totally walking right towards you.”

The group's heads shot up to see that Rosalie ‘ice queen’ Hale was in fact walking over, with Edward trailing behind her,  looking more moody than usual. Bella nods and shut her eyes again. She could tell when the blonde got close from her friends attempting to start a conversation, so their ease dropping wouldn’t be as obvious.

“Hey Bella,” Rosalie greeted, her tone more cheerful than usual.

“Hey, Rosalie.”

“You know you don’t have to call me that. Those close to me hardly ever call me by my full name.” That gets Bella to open her eyes right in time to see Edward give his sister a puzzled look.

“But I call you Rosalie. Half of the time everyone calls you Rosalie except Esme and Emmett.” The corners of his mouth twitched up despite his confused tone. Bella turns her head towards the school building to give the siblings an allusion of privacy. “Oh, I get it Rose,” Edward says after five seconds of silence between the two. “You think that Bella and I are so close that she is practically family. I agree, you guys are basically besties by association.”

“Fuck off Edward,” the blonde huffs causing the red head to chuckle behind them. “Anyways, I came over to give you this,” she holds out a teal travel mug for Bella to accept. “It’s nothing special, just some iced coffee because Edward said that you mentioned it a few times, and you ran out last night and stayed up so late I just figured.” The ramble died from her lips as Bella took the cup. 

“This is so kind of you, thank you so much Rose.”

Rosalie ducked her head in a bashful manner that seemed to surprise her peers. “It’s no big deal really. I mean, I didn’t even know what kind of coffee you liked or what sweetener you prefer so I just chose caramel on a whim and-”

“I love caramel,” Bella exclaims, a tad too loud causing heads to turn. To prove her point she took an experimental sip of the cool beverage. “Mhm yum,” she says before pausing to take another sip. “Wait this is actually good what the hell.”

“Good, I am glad you like it,” Rosalie replied earnestly. The two stare at each other for a moment, momentarily forgetting about their audience. Edward cleared his throat and Rosalie rolled her eyes at his lack of subtlety. “I have to go over my notes for apush but I will hopefully talk to you later,” Rosalie sighs. “Feel free to keep the mug by the way, as a payment for keeping me company.” Bella blushes at the comment, feeling the eyes of her friends on her, desperate for an explanation. 

Rosalie is halfway back to her car when Bella notices Edward standing beside her. “You know you don’t have to be so jealous of your own sister right?”

“I’m not jealous of her,” he huffs, ever the angsty teen. “I just think that if she wanted to suddenly make friends then there are plenty of other people she could hang out with. People that I am not friends with.”

“Yeah, but none of those people are as cool as me,” Bella explains in between sips of coffee.

“I do not feel like ‘cool’ would be the best word to describe what you are,” he jokes.

“Ha ha you’re so funny,” Bella says dryly.

“I know, I am quite hilarious.”