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All you had to do was Ask

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Harry struggled against the restraints that held him to the chair, his magic was causing the dusty shelves to rattle in the dank room he had been forcibly brought to. His captor however sat calmly on a wooden chair in front of him, one leg casually crossed over the other, the silver badge on his robes glinting in the filtered light coming from a small barred window.

‘You have 30 seconds to let me go or so help me’ Harry snarled, tipping the chair until it was leaning precariously on two legs.

‘Rather defeats the purpose of bringing you here’ the voice answered conversationally as though they were merely discussing charms homework.

‘Why did you bring me here?’ Harry growled

‘I thought that was obvious’ Tom Riddle drawled hiding a smirk

‘Well it bloody well isn’t Harry shot back ‘so I ask again why did you bring me here?’

‘I brought you here until you agreed to go to the halloween dance with me’ Tom replied

‘What!’ Harry shrieked fighting against the restraints, lunging forward, his teeth bared and spittle flying from his mouth. ‘have you ever heard of asking someone to go somewhere with you instead of taking them against their fucking will’

‘Harry language please’ Tom huffed straightening his robes

‘Why you self righteous, no good fucking….’ Harry was halted mid sentence when Tom waved his wand and nothing came out of his mouth but air.

‘Much better’ Tom said laying his wand in his lap ‘now if you will allow me to explain without all that unnecessary shouting and vulgar language I will tell you the why of it’

Raging green eyes told him he had better make it quick.

‘You Harry Potter are the one I want for all time, you are the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing as I go to sleep. When the Halloween dance was announced I saw it as the perfect opportunity to show you just how much to you mean to me by inviting you to the dance. I will admit my jealously got the better of me when I saw all those other boys fawning all over you giggling like school girls asking you to accompany them to the dance. I am a Slytherin and we do not allow what we see as ours to be taken from us, so I decided to prevent anyone else from asking you, I would bring you here and wait until you agreed to go with me’

Harry’s features had softened and the rage seemed to be ebbing from his emerald orbs, Tom figured it was safe to cancel the silencing spell and let the Gryffindor speak. Aiming his wand at Harry he muttered a few words then set his wand down.

‘Bloody snakes’ Harry snipped with none of the malice Tom had been expecting ‘always go about things the hard way, never just come out and say what they want. Yes there have been many that have asked me to the dance, but I haven’t said yes to any of them, I was hoping a certain prefect would get around to asking me before I aged 20 years, although this is a bit extreme’

‘Oh’ Tom said looking at the ground, kicking an invisible stone with the toe of his shoe ‘I wasn’t sure if you’d say yes’

‘All you had to do was ask’ Harry shook his head ‘now untie me and lets go and get warm’