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what if i told you i liked you? (i love you.)

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cheryl was always one for confrontation. she never shied away from it. if there was chaos, she was probably the cause of it. there was just something about it that brought out this spark in her. something that just drew her to it. so why is it that she now found herself wanting to do the exact opposite? surely it had nothing to do with a certain pink-haired serpent she claimed she hated. 


the beginning of the week had been horrible for the redhead. 


the serpents had arrived that monday and she found herself face-to-face with some badass serpent girl. she was intrigued, no doubt about it. no one had ever dared to step up to cheryl blossom, but this girl seemed… different. 


( snap out of it cheryl. )


she shook the thought from her head and quickly composed herself. nevermind that, she couldn’t let her interest show, she had to get rid of her and her little friends. 


it was then when she decided she hated the shorter girl.




the next day she was in the same predicament, face-to-face with the serpent. alone this time. 


cheryl had just gotten off the phone with jughead when she walked in.


( touch. a love language. )


why was she being so nice? did she want something?


( snap out of it cheryl. )


she almost cracked wanting to seek comfort in this girl she had just met, but opted for “get your sapphic serpent hands off my body!” instead.


( she hated the shorter girl. )




toni topaz.  


it was that wednesday in their shared english class cheryl had finally learned the girls name. not that she was wondering anyways. 


they had been paired for a project, despite cheryl's protest, so toni had moved to sit right beside her. the taller girl couldn’t deny that she liked the close proximity. she finally got a good look at the girl and she thought she was beautiful . she caught herself staring a little too long at the beauty mark right above her pink glossy lips as she spoke and tore her gaze away.


( snap out of it cheryl. )


( she hated toni topaz. )




the redhead hated this really. toni was everywhere . with her stupid pink hair and her stupid pretty face and her stupid…. perfect body.


( snap out of it cheryl. )


she felt a tingle running through her body as she saw the opposite chatting it up with some blonde chick. was it jealousy? no? maybe? okay possibly... but if anything, intrigue was a major player; something toni had her feeling a lot lately although she’d never admit it. 


did toni topaz like girls ?


( snap out of it cheryl. )


why did she care? she definitely didn’t.


( a twitch. )


cheryl felt her lips pull up at the edges slightly as she watched the shorter girl throw her head back in a laugh. she brought her own lips back to her cup and-


( butterflies. )


oh no.


brown met brown from across the room and as much as cheryl wanted to tear her gaze away, she just couldn’t. 


( touch. a love language. )


the blonde was recovering from her own laughing fit as she reached out and touched toni’s leather clad forearm. it was then when she ended their staring contest.


“alright chums, let’s play a game shall we? inner circle only,” she said as she walked towards the secluded living area. she locked eyes with toni once again before continuing. “i'm in the mood for chaos… feel free to join serpents .” and she continued walking.


they were a couple of ‘never have i ever’ questions in before cheryl started to get bored.


“oh come on, spice it up a little droners.”


“okay fine,” veronica chimed. “never have i ever… kissed a girl.”


cheryl hadn’t paid any mind to anyone who had obviously drank, she wanted to see toni’s answer. she watched as the girl brought her cup to her lips and took a sip. ‘interesting, but that doesn’t mean anything ’ cheryl thought.

the pink-haired girl felt cheryl’s eyes on her and she knew she was interested. she decided to take a turn.


“never have i ever had or thought about having sex with the same sex…” 


there was no shock from either parties (north or south) when kevin and fangs took a sip. some were shocked when veronica had taken a sip but she just told them she had been curious. both cheryl and toni had zoned out and remained focused on eachother. toni had moved to take a sip and cheryl felt hesitant to admit it herself. it’s not like anyone in the group would care if they had been paying attention. god knows toni wouldn’t mind it. 


fuck it.


she mirrored the girl and took a quick sip. toni had quirked an eyebrow at that while a slight smirk played on her lips.


( cheryl blossom is interested in girls? )






they had shifted to a game of truth or dare and cheryl had learned the names of the serpents when it became apparent that sweetpea may have a thing for veronica and that fangs and kevin have been hooking up privately. there were a lot of other confessions that were deemed irrelevant to her, but she fully started to enjoy the game once the dares had rolled in. so far veronica was dared to kiss sweetpea on the cheek (earning a scowl from archie), betty was dared to admit if she still felt anything from archie which she denied with a blush (earning a confused look from jughead), josie was dared to sit next to the hottest guy in the room (which she had sat between sweetpea and archie leaving much to the imagination), and fangs was dared to say who he thought was the hottest in the room (to which he just answered kevin). 


it was josie’s turn to give a truth or dare so she chose toni. “toni. truth or dare?”


“dare for sure.” she replied.


“hmm… oh! i dare you to take a body shot off the person in this room that you think is the hottest.” she said with a chuckle.


toni had stood and slowly made her way over to cheryl. the redhead suddenly felt her body heat up as she realized what was happening and what this meant.


( toni topaz thinks cheryl blossom is hot. )


“oh wow!” she heard fangs say with a chuckle.


once toni reached her she held out a hand for her to take. “well bombshell, let’s go then.”


the room was filled with a mix of expressions once again, ranging from ‘damn,’ ‘ooh,’ ‘oh shit,’ giggles, and shocked looks. 


( snap out of it cheryl. )


( touch. a love language. )


cheryl took her hand and placed her drink down as she rose to her feet. “don’t get too excited serpent.” she said with a raised brow.


“i don’t think i’m the one who should be worrying about being ‘ too excited’ blossom.”


this girl was quick. this should be fun.



both girls had made their way to the kitchen where toni had started to grab all the things she needed. once she had her lime, salt, and shot, she gave the taller girl a glance.


“oh we are not doing this standing topaz…” cheryl said.


“well where are we going to do it then… blossom?” toni asked. a slight smile grew on cheryl’s face as she looked at the confused, yet curious, expression on toni’s face.


“follow me topaz.” cheryl turned on her heels and made her way out of the kitchen.


toni was hot on her trail as she followed her to the staircase. when they reached the stairs, cheryl caught a glimpse of fangs giving toni a suggestive smirk and rolled her eyes with a scoff. they reached the top of the stairs before cheryl had spoken again.


“just down this hall.”


once they reached a door near the end of the hall, cheryl opened the door to reveal her bedroom.


“very red, which is very you so i’m not shocked.” the pink-haired girl said with a chuckle as she placed the items she had been holding on the bedside table. once they were set down, she turned to face cheryl.


“well? are you gonna keep standing there looking cute or are you gonna sit?”


with a roll of her eyes, the redhead moved towards the bed, taking a seat before scooting so her head was close to the pillows. once there, she sat up on her elbows and turned her head to look at toni. the shorter girl got the hint and moved so she was straddling her legs.


( butterflies. )


( snap out of it cheryl. )


“is this okay?” god. why does she have to be so adorably cute? toni was looking down at her with genuine curiosity. she nodded, not trusting her voice.


toni grabbed the items off the table before scooting down and situating herself between cheryl’s legs, on her knees. one thing to know about toni is that she is a smart girl. she knew the angle of the girls beneath her body would prevent the salt from sliding off the dip of her collarbone, but she wanted to be a tease. or ‘make sure it wouldn’t,’ as she put it. 


“okay, are you ready?” she asked, looking into cheryl’s eyes. she received a nod and slowly licked a line upwards, right above cheryl’s belly button. 


( butterflies. )


cheryl knew toni could feel the tremble of her stomach muscles by the smirk on her face when she pulled away. she tilted her head to let it rest on her right shoulder, as she watched toni pour a line of salt over the wet patch of skin.


after placing the salt back on the table, toni moved to place the lime between cheryl’s lips. “open.”


she did as requested and sunk her teeth into the rind of the lime before toni moved back down. with the shot ready in her hand, she leaned down and licked the salt off, as cheryl fought to hold back a whimper, before making quick work of throwing the shot back. once face to face again, toni used her teeth to remove the lime from cheryl’s mouth, teasingly brushing her top lip across her own, to suck the juice from the fruit as she sat back. 


“wow blossom, tastes better coming off you.” she said while tossing the leftover lime to the side.


“well what can i say topaz,” cheryl says while moving to her back. “i’m hot stuff.” she finished with a smirk.


( lust. )


cheryl has seen that look a few times but never has she cared. not that she cared now. she hated toni topaz… right?


in one swift motion, the girl above her had re-straddled her lap and placed her hands on either side of her face before speaking. “you’re just so sure of yourself, aren’t you blossom…” warm brown eyes flicked over her face before landing on her lips.


why was it so hot all of a sudden? and why did she feel heat rushing in between her thighs?


( she… hates? toni topaz? )


she gulped, visibly flustered when she noticed toni’s eyes hadn’t faltered from her lips.


“yeah topaz... i am…” she whispered. her own eyes flickered down to toni’s lips and she knew the girl above her had noticed when she licked said lips and slowly started to lean down. the taller girl felt her breath hitch when she realized what was about to happen.


( cheryl and toni were about to kiss! )


“toni…” she whispered breathily as their foreheads made contact.


“we don’t have to…” she whispered back.


both of their breathing had picked up at this point. is this what cheryl wanted? she hated toni topaz… right?


after staying in their current position for a while, cheryl let out a shaky breath and moved her head to where their lips were just centimeters apart. this is what she wants. it wouldn’t mean anything since she hated toni topaz… right? she could feel the puffs of toni’s breath on her own lips as they both leaned in-




both girls sprung apart at the sound of glass breaking down stairs. both girls sat awkwardly on the bed, not making eye contact.


“i- um-” 


“let’s just go see what that was.” cheryl interrupted, not making eye contact.


“yeah, yeah you’re right!” toni squeaked, her voice an octave higher than usual. 


both girls rushed out of the room and made their way back down the stairs to see what all the commotion was about.


“dude be more careful next time!” cheryl heard fangs yell. after pushing past a few people, cheryl had stopped in the living area everyone had previously been in to see there was glass shattered amongst the floor.


“what the hell happened here?” cheryl shouted.


“pea what the fuck dude? what did you do?” she heard toni ask from behind her.


“someone had one of those floaty beach balls and i was trying to get it to fangs when i, uh, kind of hit the chandelier…” he said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.


“and why did you think that would be a good idea? maybe if you used the two brain cells you have left you would have had enough common sense to realize you shouldn’t be rough housing in this room of valuables.” cheryl was beyond frustrated at this point, thinking about how angry her mother would be and thinking about what she might do to cheryl if she wasn’t able to repair it before she returned home.


“chill out red, it was an accident..” sweet pea said with furrowed brows as he started to get frustrated as well.


“i know you’re used to being around trash rather than nice things, but don’t go around breaking my stuff!” 


( ouch. )


cheryl felt herself immediately regretting her statement, but she didn’t know why. usually she would spew out insults with no remorse, but something changed. she felt… different. the scoff and shuffling sound of footsteps she heard from behind her didn’t help either. 


“woah red, watch how you fucking talk to him!” she looked into toni’s eyes and saw nothing but anger. she found herself not liking when that look was directed towards her if it was coming from toni.




“no, do you ever get tired of being such a bitch towards people?” she interrupted with a scoff and shake of her head. the room had gone silent at this point and nothing could be heard other than the music and clueless partygoers enjoying their time in the other room. everyone was standing still, not daring to speak, waiting for cheryl to say something. anything. but nothing ever came.


toni rolled her eyes before continuing, “right, cat’s finally got your tongue? let’s go, boys.” she said as she turned to walk away.


“toni just wait!” she reached out and grabbed her wrist, stopping her from walking away. toni turned back to her with what cheryl made out to be a hint of sadness present in her eyes.


“i saw something in you cheryl. i really thought you were different...” toni whispered as she stepped closer so only the redhead could hear. and with that, toni wriggled her way out of cheryl’s grip and walked away, the two serpent boys in tow.


after a few moment of silence, the redhead had seemingly collected herself as she turned back to everyone who was still in the room.


“party’s over. veronica have everyone escorted out please.” she then made her way back to the stairs and headed back into her bedroom.


she made her way over to her closet after closing the door and grabbed her robe before stripping herself out of her clothes and making her way into the bathroom for a much needed shower. she wasn’t quite sure why her heart felt so heavy. she loved chaos, right? it’s not like she liked toni. she hated toni topaz… right?


( she hates toni topaz. )


( she… hates? toni topaz? )


( snap out of it cheryl. )


for the first time she decides not to listen. 


( maybe cheryl blossom… likes toni topaz. )