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It’s not a word Leo ever considered before. The all-consuming desire to think of, to know, to own something or someone… it’s simply irrational to a person who prides himself on being rational. 


For Leo, life exists in black and white, good and bad. He can sort everything into a binary and place himself on the side he deems best. This had always mystified his parents, who would warn him that he thinks too much, and his brother Leon, who never seemed to really think at all. 


That is, until…


Him. Fiat.


A veritable ball of fury and spitfire snark, angry at the world and himself. Walls up, always on edge, scathing words on the tip of his tongue. His precious Fiat, sensitive and lovely, with so much beauty inside him, yearning to break free. 


Like with all binaries, Leo can sort his life into two distinct phases: before Fiat, and after. 


The before Fiat doesn’t matter, because Leo’s life only truly began after they met. At the tender age of ten, Leo had found his true purpose in life-- to love and protect Fiat until the end of time. 


Even if that meant keeping his mouth shut while Fiat paraded a string of lovers in front of Leo, or burrowed into the sensitive crook of Leo’s neck, seeking comfort. Those moments were especially painful, when Fiat was so close, but so far away. Leo doesn’t know how he survived those days. 


But then, somehow, miraculously, Fiat loved him back. There’s something inside him that might love Leo even a fraction of how much Leo loves him. And now, it’s becoming clear that Fiat might love Leo just as much, although Leo privately thinks that no one could love anyone as much as he loves Fiat. To him, it’s as natural as breathing now. 


The problem is that now he’s allowed to touch, and he can’t stop. He’d spent ten years watching Fiat from a distance, even when that distance was the fabric of their clothes as Fiat curled tight into him. But now that he has permission to touch, it feels like some greedy, feral thing has broken free inside him. 


Leo wants-- no, he needs to feel and understand every part of Fiat’s body, from the hairs on his head to the deepest, most forbidden places inside him. He needs to touch and to taste, if only to assure himself that yes, this beautiful boy is mine and only mine. 


Only Leo is allowed to touch Fiat in any way. And that is how it will remain, as long as Leo has anything to say about it. 




Which begs the question, who is this asshole sitting next to Fiat, looking at him, breathing near him--




Anda’s sharp voice cuts through Leo’s thoughts. Her eyes glint with warning, and Leo feels properly chastised. “Sorry.” Clearing his throat, he sits up and tries to focus on the conversation happening at the table, the notes spread out in front of him. But his eyes stray to Fiat, who is having a clearly animated conversation with his friends at the table, including this stranger who Leo has never seen before. He must be a junior in Fiat’s department, because everyone else knows that the spot next to Fiat belongs to Leo--  


Aek pats his back, not quite consoling. “Leo, if you could stop obsessing over your boyfriend for a minute and focus on the exam--”


With his focus split between his friends and Fiat, Leo blurts, “I’m not obsessed with him--” Both Aek and Anda’s jaws drop, and Leo frowns, feeling out of sorts. “I’m… not?”


Anda scoffs. “I’m not going to dignify that with a response.” 


“I just mean, obsessed is a really strong word.” 


“And you have really really strong feelings for your boyfriend,” Aek says slowly, like the words might not get through Leo’s skull. “You are the most obsessed person I’ve ever met, Leo. And that was before you started dating Fiat.” 


Denial sits on the tip of Leo’s tongue, but then, out of the corner of his eye, he sees that idiot junior put a hand on Fiat’s shoulder. Fiat doesn’t shrug him off, just laughs, and goes back to eating. Who even is this person? Had Fiat deemed him worthy of sitting with him at lunch? Could Fiat see the not-so-friendly gleam in his eyes? Who is this person? Leo prides himself on knowing everyone Fiat associates with, and he has never seen this one before. He can feel steam coming out of his ears. 


“Oh boy,” Aek sighs, running a hand through his hair. “We are definitely failing this exam.” 


Anda kicks him underneath the table, hissing, “You’re the one who wanted to study here.” 


“How was I supposed to know Fiat was going to have lunch here?” 


The argument falls on deaf ears as Leo scowls in Fiat’s direction. He’s finished eating and reaches over to grab his plate, only for his new friend to grab it from him. Fiat’s face scrunches in the way it does when he’s embarrassed and a little bit pleased, and Leo’s blood turns to lava. He makes to get up, only to have a grip on his shirt pull him back. 


“Sit down,” Anda says, her tone leaving no room for argument. “You’re embarrassing yourself.” 




This simply cannot stand. 


Leo waits for Fiat to tell him about his new acquaintance all through the car ride home, as he’s cooking dinner, as they eat. With each passing minute, Leo grows more and more impatient. The only thing that keeps him from speaking is the knowledge that he might say it the wrong way, and Fiat’s face will go pinched and closed off like it does when he thinks Leo doesn’t trust him. He can’t let the maelstrom of his feelings hurt Fiat. Ever.


Fiat has been chatty all day, and Leo knows it’s only a matter of time before he says anything, and he’s right. Fiat is elbow-deep in soap suds, undertaking the harrowing task of washing their plates after dinner. Leo leans against the counter and watches him scrub at the pots and pans, getting bubbles on his face when he has to scratch an itch. 


“And the lecture was pretty boring but at the end the prof said we’re going to be doing group projects and designing new digital marketing materials for a current brand and Nam said he wanted to condoms and then Tho stuck his finger in his nose and then shoved it into Nam’s nose and then Beam--”


Aha. “Who’s Beam?”


Fiat turns to Leo with a sunny smile. “He’s a junior in the faculty. But he’s in our class because he’s so smart and talented. He wanted to join our group which is weird because no one ever wants to join our group. He’s really nice, you should meet him some time, Leo!” 


“Hm,” is Leo’s only response. He’ll have to look into this Beam kid. Maybe Aek and Tho’s dad can--


“Leo. My Leo.” Fiat looks at him expectantly. 


“Sorry, what were you saying?” 


“I was saying, don’t go digging into this kid. You can’t do background checks on everyone I meet, Leo.” 


Leo’s shoulders hunch up. “Why not?”

Fiat sighs, shaking his head fondly. “You can’t always protect be me from every person. Beam is a nice kid. That’s all. And I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.” 


Leo opens his mouth to respond but finds he can’t. Fiat has been so hurt by people over the years-- sometimes strangers, sometimes his own flesh and blood-- it’s second nature to Leo now to be hypervigilant about anyone Fiat associates with. 


“You’re the most obsessed person I’ve ever met, Leo.” Aek’s words ring in Leo’s head, and it’s painful to process. This isn’t obsession, right? He’s only trying to protect Fiat from people who don’t have good intentions. Never mind the fact that the only person who truly has good intentions is Leo himself--


“Okay, I won’t.” 


Fiat tilts his head. “Do you promise?” 


Leo’s throat feels like a bed of nails. “I promise.” Just this once, maybe he can just let things go. For Fiat. Shaking his head of the intrusive thoughts, Leo leans past Fiat to turn off the tap. “That’s enough.” 


Fiat pouts at him. “But I still have to wash the-- Leo! ” He gasps as Leo swings him over his shoulder. His wet, sudsy hands slap at Leo’s ass, but that’s no matter-- Leo won’t be wearing them for much longer. “You dick, I wasn’t done-- ” 


“We can finish after we’re done,” Leo says, smacking the back of Fiat’s thigh. Like expected, Fiat’s body, tense like a live wire, goes completely limp. He really is perfect.


Leo is the son of a well-respected diplomat. He is notorious for being level-headed. He considers it one of his best traits. So why does one smirk from Fiat have him unraveling, left to trail in his wake like a lovesick puppy? 


The gala they’re at tonight is hosted by the prime minister, who had spared no expense. The main foyer is interspersed with high tables, decked in extravagant flower displays and candles lit in gold-lined glasses. There are long tables, full to the brim with hors de’oeuvres, including one laced with colorful array of desserts. Fiat’s eyes had lit up like it was his birthday, and made a beeline for it, leaving Leo to sigh and follow. 


“Want one?” Fiat asks, taking a moment to choose his first victim, before plucking a profiterole from a tower held together with caramel. He looks up at Leo through his impossibly long eyelashes, holding the cream puff out. Leo barely glances at it, focusing on the purpling love bite on Fiat’s shoulder, barely covered by the silky cream blouse he has on. 


It’s not their fault that Leo’s mother had called in the middle of an intense session of lovemaking, reminding them that their suits for the gala were on their way. Leo is still half-hard, and his mouth tastes like Fiat’s release.


“I’m okay,” Leo murmurs, hypnotized. They hadn’t even greeted anyone at the party yet, and normally, Leo would be horrified at the breach of etiquette, but here he is, following his boyfriend like he’s been enchanted. 


Fiat shrugs and pops the cream puff into his mouth, humming with happiness. His eyes close as he enjoys the flavor, and it almost-- almost -- looks like the face he makes when Leo bottoms out inside him. Burning with lust and business left unfinished, Leo almost pitches forward and falls into Fiat, but finds his balance just in time. Fiat narrows his eyes in suspicion while Leo tries to school his expression into something appropriate, his ears burning. 


Thankfully, the sweets draw Fiat’s attention again, and Leo lets out a shaky sigh. He glances around, reminding himself that they are surrounded by the wealthy and conservative elite, who might not approve of Leo trying to gnaw on his lover in public.


“Ah, Leonard!” 


Leo’s eyes snap to a woman, decked in a ruby red number that hurts his eyes. He recalls her name and position in society, and bows his head with a polite wai . “Auntie Mae.” From his side, he feels Fiat’s back go ramrod straight. He sets down the plate he’d been piling high with petit fours and steps up to Leo’s side. 


“I wanted to ask whether you’ve changed your number. My daughter says she’s been calling, but-- Ah, Fiat, I didn’t realize you were invited as well.” It’s not difficult to tell that Lady Mae, of the Niran-Charoensuk clan, is displeased. 


“Yes,” Fiat says, his voice smooth, the perfect picture of politeness. “My family is here as well. I’m sure Auntie Fa will want to say hello.” 


“Oh, I haven’t seen her in quite a while! Is Fay here too? She is growing up so fast.”


“I think I spotted them on the balcony over there,” Fiat says, pointing in a direction that Leo is sure to be wrong. 


“Oh, I should go find them, yes?”


Fiat’s smile is sticky sweet and covered in thorns. “I’m sure they would be very happy to see you.” It remains in place as they exchange wai ’s and until Lady Mae is out of sight. Immediately, Fiat’s mouth drops down into a scowl. “Mean old cow.” 


“Hey now,” Leo admonishes, nudging Fiat with his elbow. Fiat just clicks his tongue and picks up his plate again, leaning an assortment of cookies. 


“I can’t help it, okay? How awful do you have to be to try and set up your daughter with someone who is clearly dating someone else?” He straightens up and regards Leo, eyes wary. “She does know we’re dating, right? She knows you’re mine. Right?” 


Leo purses his lips to hide his smile. “I doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t know.” The video of Leo asking Fiat to be his boyfriend had spread like wildfire. Within their circle, it had sparked outrage-- how dare the shameless eldest son of the Paworachanop family shack himself up with the shining, perfect scion of the Thutanukuls? 


Thankfully, their families had been nothing but supportive, and no one dared to speak against the Thutanukuls. While Leo had never given much consideration to leveraging the weight of his name, he had to admit their sterling reputation in high society had its perks. If that meant protecting Fiat, Leo will gladly take on the burden of their reputation. 


“I’ll forgive you for dragging me to this cursed place,” Fiat says, inhaling a slice of mango cake. He sighs in pleasure. “Only because this is the most amazing cake I’ve ever had in my life.” 


Leo has to bite his tongue to keep from laughing. “You think every cake is the best you’ve ever had.” 


Fiat’s eyes widen in outrage. “And I said what I said!” 


“You said--” 




Leo and Fiat turn in the direction of the voice, and Leo immediately scowls upon seeing Beam, bounding up to them, champagne flute in his hand. 


“Oh, Nong, what are you doing here?” Fiat asks, eyes alight. 


“My dad dragged me here. I guess I’ll be attending a lot more of these things now that I’m back from the US.” Beam rocks back on his heels. “Does that mean I’ll see you more too, P’?”


Fiat laughs, startled. “Maybe? I’m not a huge fan of these things, and anyway--” He stops when Leo clears his throat. “Oh! Beam! This is Leo, he’s my--”


“I’m his fiance,” Leo says, holding out his hand. He smiles, all teeth, and squeezes Beam’s hand a little tighter than necessary. He has the momentary pleasure of watching Beam’s face blanch before he looks to Fiat in alarm.


“Leo, oh my god,” Fiat laughs. “Sorry about him. He’s not in the best mood.” Fiat mouths, fiance? Really?


Leo scowls. Since when did he become rude and surly. He feels like a child, embarrassed for overreacting. Taking a deep breath, he resolves himself to treating Beam like a bug under his shoe. 


And it’s okay, mostly, except that Beam is monopolizing all of Fiat’s attention-- attention that should be on Leo and Leo alone. He’s not proud of the way he gets when Fiat’s attention isn’t solely on him. His dentist says he’s been gritting his teeth too much lately. But what is he to do, when his entire world revolves around Fiat?


So he just bites his tongue and lets Beam go on and on about their group project, while Fiat nods, digging into his cake and offering suggestions when needed. Staring at Fiat is his favorite hobby, anyway. Well… next to fucking him. 


And then, Fiat gets a spot of whipped cream on his upper lip. Leo finds his mouth running dry as Fiat continues to eat, unbothered by the speck of white on his luscious, petal-pink mouth. Leo is struck with the image of those lips wrapped around his cock, just hours earlier, and how they looked with Leo’s cum splattered all over them. Fiat, on his knees, naked, had looked up at Leo and licked up every drop, swallowing with a moan. Things had devolved quickly after that. 


The lust that constantly simmers in Leo’s blood turns molten in an instant. The back of his neck prickles with sweat, and he wants nothing more than to be rid of this monkey suit and the bowtie that has a chokehold on his neck. 


“Ah… Phi…” Beam mutters. “You have some--” He motions at the corner of his mouth, and Fiat’s eyes widen, his pink tongue flicking out to get at it, but misses. “Uhm--” And then Beam leans forward to swipe at the cream himself. The monster that lives inside Leo starts to breathe fire. 


“Oh, thanks Nong--” Fiat yelps when Leo pulls his plate out of his hands and grabs his wrist.


Leo turns to Beam. “Please excuse us, we have somewhere to be,” he hisses and yanks Fiat away. 


“My cake,” Fiat whines, letting himself be dragged through the foyer, onto a balcony. Leo spins him around, keeping enough distance between their bodies, so that he doesn’t completely lose his mind. 


“What the hell was that?” Leo winces at his own tone, harsh and biting, but Fiat is unphased, smiling at Leo pleasantly. 


“What was what?” Fiat doesn’t so much as blink when Leo yanks him into his space, tracking Leo’s hand as it cups his face. Leo thumbs at the spot Beam had touched, before claiming it with his own lips. 


“I should have kept you tied up in our bed this weekend,” Leo growls, surprising even himself. He doesn’t have an explanation for that. He never has any idea what he’s doing when he’s with Fiat. He turns into someone else-- someone unhinged, dangerous, the exact opposite of everything he ever thought he’d be. The solemn, level-headed Thunatakul heir, undone by the icing on a slice of cake. 


Trying to remember himself and their surroundings, Leo steps back, sighing. He schools his features into something other than a display of his need to claim Fiat burning through his veins.


He fully expects Fiat to laugh and shove him away. Maybe slap him. Leo is getting better at voicing his feelings-- maybe-- and Fiat is getting better at not running away when things get too cheesy. But if there is anything Leo should have learned after ten years, it’s that Fiat is completely unpredictable.  


“Well…” Fiat taps his chin. “What about next weekend?” 


There are several distinct moments in the span of their relationship when Leo realized Fiat is perfect. It’s in the way Fiat seems to almost encourage Leo’s possessive, borderline obsessive behavior. He just goes along with every one of Leo’s whims, lets himself be manhandled and teased and punished, pulled along in the whirlwind of Leo’s unending desire. They’ve only just started to lean into this dynamic between them. But Leo already knows one thing: Fiat’s submission is life’s most precious gift. 


Fiat continues to blink up at him, pretty and perfect and deceptively innocent, like he doesn’t know Leo might just die if he doesn’t have Fiat, right this instant. Speechless, Leo does the only thing he can do-- he grabs Fiat by the wrist again and hauls him away. 


“Leo--” Fiat protests, letting himself be dragged through the crowd of guests. Leo doesn’t falter, nodding politely to acquaintances, even as his mind hones in on his goal. In minutes, they’ve managed to weave their way through the mansion and into the sprawling grounds beyond. 


“Leo, where are we going?” Fiat asks, breathless, although Leo can’t discern whether it’s from excitement or the quick steps he has to take to match Leo’s wide strides. “Leo,” he whines, and somehow, that makes Leo burn hotter. Tightening his grip on Fiat’s wrist, he hastens his pace, pulling them into a large hedge maze. 


“Leo, I really hope you know where you’re going!” Fiat protests, but still, he lets Leo pull him further into the maze, blindly trusting. It feels like eons before they reach the center, though it can’t take more than a minute. 


Leo pauses his steps, letting Fiat take in the fountain at the center of the space, fixed in front of an ancient willow with long, dropping branches and a curtain of vibrant green leaves. With his goal in mind, Leo pulls Fiat through the dense foliage-- a perfect cover. 


“Leo, Leo, what--” Fiat gasps in shock when Leo shoves him against the trunk of the tree, and has but a moment to take a breath before Leo is on him like a predator, finally capturing its prey. Leo plasters himself against Fiat, pressing their bodies together in every conceivable way so that Fiat can feel his hardness, his want. 


Stroking Fiat’s arms, Leo captures his wrists, lifting them so Fiat can wind his hands around Leo’s neck. Fiat holds tight, because he always seems to know what Leo wants, and lets himself be pulled into a bruising kiss. 


The first press of their lips only heightens Leo’s need, like a taste of something on the horizon. WIth a frustrated growl, Leo pries Fiat’s mouth open with his tongue, grabs hold of his chin to keep him there, and bites and licks to his heart’s content. 


“L-Leo, L-Leo, oh my god--” Fiat rasps out, when Leo finally has mercy on him and ducks his head down to gnaw at his neck. He smells inexplicably like strawberries and cream, and a little bit like Leo’s aftershave, and it has Leo grabbing Fiat’s thighs and lifting him up, pressing him deeper against the tree. 


“Fuck, Leo, there are people--”


“Be quiet,” Leo commands, biting at Fiat’s ear in a warning and making him cry out and buck his hips helplessly. 


“But I can’t-- I can’t--” Fiat sucks in a breath when Leo twists at a nipple, the bud already tight and jutting out against the delicate silk of his shirt. “ Oh-- ” he moans, hands fisted in Leo’s hair, nails digging into his scalp so tightly it makes Leo’s head spin with pleasure. 


“You can, and you will,” Leo growls against his neck as he palms Fiat’s cock through his trousers. Fiat lets out a keen so loud Leo has to shove three fingers in his mouth to muffle the sound. The idea that anyone could hear Fiat like this, making sounds meant only for Leo-- well, that won’t do at all. 


He drags his head back up, replacing his fingers with his mouth, and palms heavily at Fiat’s ass as they kiss. It’s wet and messy and Fiat’s cupid’s bow is already turning shiny and red from the blunt drag of Leo’s teeth, but he can’t bring himself to care. Not when his whole world is here in his arms, needy and whining for his cock. 


The thought of it is so heady that Leo feels like he might come on the spot, from that alone. But he has plans-- vague thoughts and feelings that are quickly starting to take shape. 


“Too many clothes,” Leo mutters, fingers clutching at the loose fabric around Fiat’s hips. But he can’t go any further until--


“But Leo--” Fiat’s protest dies when Leo sets him down, putting some distance between them. He frowns at the space between their bodies, then back up at Leo. “Why did you stop?”


Leo has to summon every thread of sanity he has left to respond. “Do you remember your word?” Realization dawns on Fiat, and he nods, frantic. Though Leo might die if they stop, he reminds Fiat, “We don’t have to do this here.” 


Fiat pulls his swollen bottom lip between his teeth. “N-no, I want to, I just--” Self-conscious, he wraps his arms around himself. “I want you to…” Leo waits while Fiat gathers his thoughts, using the time to catch his breath. “I want you to make me-- make me want it.” 


Fiat peers up at Leo with his beautiful doe eyes, the very picture of shyness, and it’s enough to make Leo’s knees feel like they’re going to buckle. They’ve dabbled in something like this before-- in Leo’s car in the campus parking lot, in the shower stalls after practice. 


They’ve talked about it, their needs, their fantasies-- long drawn-out conversations that made Leo dizzy with lust while realizing he had a lot to learn. Fiat is the last thing from shy, but in these situations, he wants to be coaxed, seduced, opened up under the force of Leo’s will, and the trust is not something Leo takes lightly. 


He had no clue what he thought he would do once he got Fiat alone-- only the vague thoughts of a naked Fiat, stuffed full of Leo’s cock. But now, with Fiat’s words, a more solid plan manifests in his mind. Still, he keeps his distance, he has to, until Fiat is sure.

“Your word, Fiat.” 


He watches Fiat audibly gulp, his Adam’s apple bobbing against his slender neck. “Free-throw.”


And that’s all the permission Leo needs before he’s on Fiat again, dragging him into a vicious kiss. Leo lets his hands roam all over Fiat’s body, claiming every inch with a tight squeeze. “You’re wearing too many clothes,” he huffs into Fiat’s gorgeous, pliant mouth. 


“But Leo, there are people--”


“I won’t let anyone see you,” he murmurs, his hands already pulling Fiat’s shirt from where it’s tucked into his trousers. He sighs in relief when his hands meet bare skin, smooth as porcelain and scorching hot. He presses his thumbs into the ridges of Fiat’s abdomen, then up, up, to the tight, rosy buds that Leo loves so much. 


“See how pretty you are?” He ducks his head to lick across a nipple, before dragging it between his teeth. Fiat moans, loud and wanton, his spine bowing up towards Leo. “Ssh, baby,” Leo soothes, pressing a kiss to Fiat’s waiting mouth. “I told you to be quiet.” 


“I know, I know, but Leo--” His voice breaks out into a gasp when Leo grabs him by the hips and yanks him forward, just enough to push the gold-threaded blazer off his shoulders. 


“If you make too much noise, people will know what we’re doing. Is that what you want, Fiat?” 


“No, no, no,” Fiat babbles, trying in vain to muffle the needy whine as Leo pulls the buttons of his shirt apart. 


“That’s right, love.” Leo tosses the shirt to the ground, leaving Fiat bare from the waist up. But it’s not enough. Leo goes for Fiat’s belt next. 


“Wait, Leo!” Fiat protests, hands gripping Leo’s. “You can’t--”


“I can, and I will.” Leo pries Fiat’s hands away, and they fall weakly to the side. “How am I supposed to fuck you with your clothes on?” He presses a gentle, open-mouthed kiss to Fiat’s neck. “You’ll let me, won’t you?” 


“Y-yes,” Fiat stammers. And in a moment, his trousers are also on the ground. Fiat kicks his shoes off as he steps out of them, stepping back into Leo again. Leo knows he’ll get an earful from his mother for dirtying Fiat’s outfit, but he couldn’t care less, when Fiat is standing him, in only a pair of skimpy panties from his brain-melting collection. 


It leaves Leo breathless. 


Fiat stays still as Leo rakes his eyes over him, greedy and possessive. Is this what love is? The look of pure trust and want in Fiat’s eyes as he stands, exposed and vulnerable to Leo’s hungry gaze? Whatever it is, Leo is determined not to lose it. 


“There you are, my love,” Leo murmurs, stepping back into Fiat’s space. Fiat tips his head up, seeking Leo, and Leo gives in to him. With a sharp breath, Leo hauls Fiat against him, palming at his ass, left completely exposed by his lingerie. Fiat’s skin burns against Leo’s hands, desperate, electric. 


“Leo, please, hurry,” Fiat whines, though his voice has gone soft around the edges. Leo knows his Fiat is falling into that space he loves so much, handing his body and soul to Leo to do with as he pleases. His cock throbs within the confines of his own trousers, but he ignores it for now. 


“I’ll have you when I want you, Fiat,” Leo says, stern, before ducking his head in to kiss Fiat’s waiting mouth. With one hand, he unties the fabric from around his own throat and feels Fiat’s frantic hands begin to undo the buttons of his dress shirt. 


He drags Fiat away when his fingers linger too long at the hem of his trousers, earning him a pout. But he needs a moment to catch his breath and calculate his next move. He can’t fuck Fiat against the tree and risk hurting him, so he turns to the next best thing. 


Tearing off his black suit coat, he lays it out on the ground, before maneuvering Fiat until he’s on his back, Leo between his thighs, looming over him. The light of the moon casts beautiful shadows across Fiat’s cheekbones, stealing Leo’s breath. He knows if he doesn’t get inside Fiat soon, they both might go crazy. 


He digs through his pants pocket for his wallet, where he retrieves the packet of lube he’s gotten used to carrying around. Putting the lube close by, he yanks Fiat towards him, bending down for an indulgent kiss. 


Fiat’s hair is silken between Leo’s fingers as he caresses him. They move around the tips of Fiat’s ears to the sensitive skin behind them, drawing out a quiet gasp. His hands continue their journey further, down Fiat’s sides, past the quivering muscles of his thighs, and back up to hook into the hem of his underwear. The other comes up to rest gently against the delicate skin of Fiat’s throat, tearing a sound right out of Fiat’s soul. 


Leo pulls back just enough to drink it all in-- his precious, beautiful Fiat, with his hair in complete disarray, his skin flushed and damp, his rosy red mouth open and waiting, while his body shakes and shakes, for Leo. 


Only for Leo. 


Obsession. The all-consuming desire to think of, to know, to own someone. Perhaps it is an accurate way to describe Leo’s feelings for Fiat. His head is filled only with thoughts of Fiat, every cell in his body yearning to touch, to be touched. Leo knows, deep in the marrow of his bones, that his sole purpose in life is to please and worship Fiat, bring him unending joy and countless nights of pleasure, for as long as they both shall live. 


“You’re mine,” Leo says, a poor facsimile of the feelings twisting and turning inside his heart. Fiat’s eyes flutter open, his eyes dazed and drunk with pleasure. 


“You’re mine,” he whispers back, breathless. “And if you don’t fuck me soon I’ll kill you, Leo.” 


A sharp smack echoes around them, the palm of Leo’s hand meeting the skin of Fiat’s ass. “You should be a little nicer, Fiat,” he growls, leaning into Fiat’s space, but not close enough for Fiat to reach when he tilts his head up for a kiss. “Don’t you know what you do to me?” 


Fiat opens his mouth but closes it when he recognizes the dangerous edge of Leo’s voice. “I meant it when I said I was going to keep you tied up in bed all weekend. I was going to keep you in bed, naked, stretched open, ready for me whenever I wanted.” 


“I want-- ” Fiat moans, arching up against Leo. “Please, please.” 


“I wanted to use you like my little fuck toy, my tight little hole, always ready to be stuffed full of cum.” Leo has no idea where these words are coming from, but they trip over each other in their haste to get out. He’s had a lot of time to think, between their initial conversation about their desires and now, and Leo’s fantasies have… evolved. 


“I was going to cover you in cum until you only smelled like me and keep you there, so no one could see you except me.”


“Oh, Leo, yes yes yes--” Fiat moans, delirious.


He didn’t know how desperate he would be for Fiat, his body. The desire to keep himself buried in Fiat for the rest of time, to leave his marks over Fiat’s skin like a brand, so no one will dare to look at Fiat twice. Is it normal, to want someone this much? Leo wants to carve a space inside his chest and keep Fiat inside so that they’ll never be apart, bound forever as one. 


The thoughts make Leo’s hands, normally steady, shake. The gravity of his feelings is only just dawning on him, but for now, his immediate concern is his beautiful boy, spread out underneath him, willing, wanting, waiting. Leo won’t make him wait any longer. 


“I won’t be gentle, my love,” Leo warns. The part of him that yearns to mark every part of Fiat’s body with bruises and bites constantly wars with the need to treat Fiat like he’s precious, fragile, the very center of Leo’s world. Being rough with Fiat feels like cheapening the depth and pureness of his love, his devotion. Like desecrating a place of worship. But right now, Leo wants to take, to ravage and plunder and destroy Fiat, so that his thoughts will be full of Leo, and Leo only. 


Fiat drags his bottom lip past his teeth again, swallowing thickly. His eyes are soft, like he understands what Leo must be feeling and accepts the weight of it. Tipping his chin up, always defiant, always perfect, Fiat taunts, “Who asked you to be?” 


And that’s all the permission Leo needs. It feels like his head has popped, so full of pressure that his skull can’t contain it, as he smothers Fiat’s body with his own. Their size difference has always pleased Leo, like he could be Fiat’s shield against the world. Now, he’s consumed by the image of his body covering Fiat’s entirely, so that there isn’t a part of his body that Leo can’t claim. 


Fiat cries out, spine bowing, and his hands tug at Leo’s hair violently. “Leo, baby, baby, please fuck me. I need your cock, Leo-- ” 


And Leo is helpless to deny Fiat’s sweet pleas. He kisses Fiat quiet, his hands tugging at Fiat’s underwear until it’s off. After that, the moments start to blur, and he can’t remember when he lubed up his fingers, or when he slipped two of them into Fiat’s hole, already loose and slick from their activities earlier in the evening. 


His other hand wraps around Fiat’s throat, never tightening, but just enough to feel Fiat’s jackrabbitting pulse, just enough to remind him who owns him. Against his stomach, Fiat’s cock weeps, red and neglected. 


Patience fraying, Leo undoes the buckle of his belt, unzips his trousers, and shoves the material down his hips, before doing the same with his briefs. His cock juts up and audibly smacks against his own exposed stomach, and Fiat eyes it greedily. 


“Leo, if you don’t get that thing in me, I’ll--” His words die out as Leo rests the entire weight of his body against him. 


“Be good and stay quiet,” Leo commands, and Fiat’s mouth shuts with an audible click. He gives no warning as he lines up his cock and presses himself entirely inside. Fiat makes a wrecked, gasping noise, smacking his hand against Leo’s shoulder and gripping it tightly as his body arches. His walls pulse around Leo’s cock, punching a groan out of him. 


“It’s t-too much--” Fiat pleads, gasping and writhing as Leo draws his cock back out. 


“I know you can take it,” Leo counters, before slamming home again. Fiat all but wails, face scrunching in the pleasure-pain Leo knows he loves. And so Leo does it again and again, fucking out hiccuped moans from Fiat’s mouth, while his body teeters at the edge of release. 


The sensations are almost too much-- Fiat’s pebbled nipples scratch against Leo’s chest with every thrust, his voice makes these sweet high-pitched noises that Leo eventually has to muffle with a kiss. Fiat’s hands are everywhere, in Leo’s hair, bunching up the fabric of Leo’s suit, scratching down his clothed back. It mirrors the desperation in Leo’s heart, beat for beat. 


“You’re mine, ” Leo groans, luxuriating in every sound he can pull out of his lover.


Leo knows neither of them is going to last very long. His hands grip Fiat’s hips with bruising strength, yanking his body back against his cock, while Fiat goes limp, like a ragdoll. 


Fuck, ” Leo curses, dragging his cock against the place inside Fiat that makes him shake apart. He rarely curses, but he finds them spilling out in moments like these, when he forgets who he’s supposed to be, and remembers only how deep he can get inside Fiat. He feels like another person, but still, somehow, himself, like this was what he was made to do, and everything else is just a farce. 


“Just a little m-more, please, baby--” Fiat begs, and Leo just gathers him up, presses into him at a new angle that makes Fiat scream so loud he has to muffle his sounds against Leo’s shoulder and the fabric there. “Leo, l-let me come, please, please--”


Leo’s body is going to hate him later, but he just pistons his hips faster, holding Fiat suffocatingly close, until they are all but one. “Fiat, Fiat-- ” Leo grits out. “You can come, love. Come for me--”


And like a spring that’s been snapped, Fiat’s walls seize against Leo, adding impossible friction to the drag of his cock. Fiat wails into Leo’s neck, scrambling for purchase as he comes all over them. When he meets his own release, Leo lets out a series of growling sounds that might have been embarrassing if he didn’t know how much Fiat needed that validation, the knowledge that Leo has been completely undone by him. 


Leo’s grip around him is too tight, too suffocating, but he can’t stop shaking through his orgasm, somehow feeling like too much and not enough at the same time. Even when he can feel the jut of his cock inside Fiat, it will still feel like he’s not close enough. So he just holds Fiat close and empties himself inside his beautiful, perfect lover, presses his nose to the sweat-damp skin of Fiat’s neck, and thanks the universe for giving Leo this. 


Eventually, his knees start to hurt, so he lowers Fiat down, back onto his tousled jacket. Fiat’s cheeks are stained a gorgeous pink, matching the tempting curve of his mouth, open in an O shape as he tries to catch his breath. Because Leo is young and drunk in love, he thinks he could probably fuck Fiat again, just like this. 


But he keeps it to himself because he’s acted like enough like a horny idiot for one evening. Swallowing down his ever-present lust, he strokes a hand through Fiat’s hair. “Fiat? Love? Are you with me?” 


Fiat makes an indescribably sexy noise, close to a purr, and Leo actually feels his cock start to twitch again. “I’m fantastic.” His voice is low, hoarse, and dare Leo say it-- pleased. He smiles up at Leo, dazzling and hypnotic. “Leo, my Leo, you are so predictable.” 


Leo gapes at him, making Fiat laugh. “Oh man, you are so obsessed with me.” But he doesn’t sound judgmental or displeased. He sounds… giddy? “And you’re really sexy when you’re jealous.” His lips curve into an impish smile. “Should I do that more often?” 


“Absolutely not.” Leo ducks his face and presses it into the still-damp skin of Fiat’s neck. While he prides himself on appearing cool and aloof, Fiat could always see through him so easily. “I might end up in jail.” 


Fiat laughs, a delighted sound pulled out from the depths of his chest. He makes cooing sounds as he snickers, patting Leo’s head until he pulls away. The humor in his eyes fades when he takes in Leo’s serious expression. “What?” 


“Did I hurt you?” Leo caresses Fiat’s hair, eyes roving over his body for any signs of discomfort. “What do you need?” 


Fiat’s face scrunches into an embarrassed smile. “You know, I expected you to be rougher than you actually were.” Leo frowns at the bite marks and the red handprints, soon to turn purple. “I like these. I want more.” Fiat glances at Leo through his eyelashes in the way he does when he’s trying to rile Leo up again. And he falls for it every time, like the lovesick fool that he is. 


“Maybe next time,” he says, the cogs in his brain already turning with ideas. “But I’m being serious right now. How do you feel?” 


Fiat pouts. “I’m tired, I want to go home. I want ice cream and a bath.” He turns his head in the direction of the party, wary. “I don’t want anyone to see me.” 


“I’d kill them if they did.” 


Fiat snorts. “Down boy.” Sitting up, he uses Leo’s blazer to wipe the drying cum from his stomach. “Your dad is the only one with diplomatic immunity, remember that.” Leo snorts, getting up to gather Fiat’s clothes. When he’s handed them over, he takes stock of his own state. He buttons his shirt back up and tucks them into his trousers, before swiftly retying the bow around his throat. His suit jacket is a lost cause, streaked with dirt and evening dew and the cum that had dripped out of Fiat when Leo pulled out. And now Fiat’s too. His mother is going to be furious before she realizes exactly what they’d been doing. 


“How do I look?” Fiat asks. Leo turns to him and regards his outfit, slightly rumpled but mostly presentable. But there’s no way to fix his kiss-bitten lips, the red splotches forming on his neck, and the general glow he has when Leo’s fucked him well. 


“Like we’ve just had sex in the garden,” Leo snorts. He pulls Fiat closer to fix his hair, waiting while Fiat does the same for him. “I’ll call Leon and have him bring the car around back. We won’t have to see anyone.”


Fiat smiles sweetly and nods. Their relationship still feels so new, so fragile. Neither of them can bear to be apart, especially after sex. Fiat had explained once that being fucked and left alone made him feel cheap and hollow. Leo will never let him feel that way again. 


Taking out his phone, he calls his brother quickly, asking him to get his car from the valet. One thing about Leon is that he doesn’t need to ask what happened. Odds are, he can figure out what Leo has been up to, just from the tone of his voice. He is scarily intuitive that way. 


“Oh!” Fiat says suddenly, stepping in the direction of the mansion. Leo raises his eyebrows. “I should go say bye to Beam, he--” Fiat breaks out into laughter when Leo yanks him back. 


“You do that, I’ll gag you.” 


Fit grins, his pearlescent teeth glinting in the moonlight. One of the many reasons Leo loves Fiat is because Fiat loves every part of him, even the ones that surprise Leo, the ones that he hates. He sees the feral creature inside Leo and faces it head-on, his brave, beautiful Fiat. 


Maybe he is obsessed, but can anyone blame him?