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Prologue: Help Will Always Be Given At Hogwarts, To Those Who Ask For It

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A few days later Harry was found sitting in Snape's office.  He was there because Thomas had seen Harry sitting by himself for most of the day, wondering why he was alone.  He had gone to Snape and told him this, and Snape had returned with his Prefect to the comman room, where he saw Harry sitting alone, by the fire.  He then went over to the boy and asked Harry to return with him to his office. 


Severus guided Harry to the chair in front of his desk and once Harry was sitting on it, he too went and took his seat behind his desk.  Silence passed between them for a few minutes, before Severus finally spoke. 

'Harry? Are you well?'

Harry nodded once and then shook his head. 


'May I ask, what is wrong?'

Harry was silent for some time before he finally spoke. 

'I don't really know how to put it.' 

'Well,' Severus replied gently, 'take a deep breath and then say what's on your mind, when you're ready.' 


Harry nodded again and took the deep breath and thought about what he wanted to say.  He wanted to ask his Head of House, but he didn't know if Snape would allow it.  It didn't help that he felt a bit odd about asking such a question.  He thought it was a bit personal, but he wanted to know. 

So he took hold of the little amount of courage he had, and put his odd question to Snape. 

'I would like to have a picture of you, sir.  I would like to know what you look like, but as I can't see...'


'Why didn't you ask sooner, Harry?'

'Coz I didn't like to ask people, if they minded me touching their faces, sir.'  Harry replied miserably. 

Severus was quiet for a moment before he continued. 

'Would you like to create a mental picture of me, Harry?'


Harry nodded. 

Severus got up and placed his chair directly in front of Harry (after levitating his desk out of the way first). He then sat down again, and leaned forward slightly. 

'I'm ready when you are, Harry.' 

Harry nodded again and tentatively Severus took Harry's hands in his and placed them lightly on either side of his own face. 


Harry closed his eyes and slowly began to see an outline of a head in his mind, as his fingers lightly walked up the sides of Snape's face and then across his forehead, over his closed eyes and down his hooked nose and then finally across his lips, the face in his mind became more clearer and sharper.  After repeating his movements two more times, Harry then moved his hands and lightly stoked over and down the man's hair - which Harry realized went down to his shoulders. 


'Erm ... what colour is your hair, sir?' Harry asked softly. 

'It's black Harry, like yours.'  Severus replied just as softly back. 

'And the colour of your eyes?'

'Some people think that my eyes are jet black, but they're wrong - they are in fact a very dark brown, almost black.' 


When Harry removed his hands, he nodded and opened his eyes.  He finished by saying. 

'Thank you, sir.  I now have a clear picture of what you look like...  I just wish that I could see you in person, to see if my image of you looks any different.' 

'I'm sure that you've got my facial features down to perfection,' Severus went on.  'Would you like some tea?'

Harry nodded.