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"It's a trap" Rodney yelled. Too late, the door slammed and the gas poured in.

Waking later, the team found their weapons and radios had been taken. McKay was missing also. On the floor a red carnation, proof once again Cowen was behind this latest outrage.

Moving carefully over to the door, John opened it. He peeked out and then they moved to the stairs, the old abandoned shop was quiet but still John whispered to them to"Be alert", waiting stupidly for Rodney's inane response,"Your country needs Lerts" but Rodney wasn't there. The building was empty,and they made it outside.

If anyone was watching them they made an odd trio.
John in his impeccable black city suit and jaunty fedora.
Ronon, by sheer size alone, nearly seven feet tall, black jeans and baggy white shirt, long leather duster coat draped over wide shoulders and topped off by a head ful of wild dreds.
Then finally Teyla. Small barely five feet tall, bronze gleaming skin and flame red hair. A black lycra catsuit and kneehigh heeled boots. As well as being skilled and fearless fighters, they all had what John referred to as a "Super power",
Rodney could "talk" to any computer in any country. He could manipulate the machines to do his bidding to either extract or implant data. He could have used this talent to swell his bank balance, but he was independently wealthy so had no need.

Ronon could coax and revitalise any piece of machinery to be useable, especially vehicles, an asset he was proud of.

Teyla had a way of talking to people, made them feel special, she used this to their advantage to gain information and secrets normally withheld. At one time she use to use this to find out the best way to commit robberies, but swore she had given it up after John recruited her to his team.

John, himself an Ex Air Force Officer, he disobeyed a direct order and went on a rescue mission and saved four men whose chopper had been shot down. His CO was gleefully planning to can his arse. One of the rescued men complained to his uncle of the unfair treatment. The General "suggested", to Sheppard he'd be better off resigning than getting a dishonerable discharge. He agreed. The General reamed out Sheppard's CO for his lack of compassion. Two days later Major Sheppard was promoted to Lt.Colonel, he took his promo. And parted ways with the AF. John's power was he could fly anything.

Ronon was not a happy bunny,it grated they had been ambushed and gassed like a bunch of amateurs, and his specially customised gun had been taken. He made sure John was aware of his anger.

They were a very formidable force, it was just as well they were the Good Guys and they were part of the Atlantis Expedition, a Government Task Force. Their Boss, Elizabeth Weir had sent them on this mission, following up on a lead about the movements of Minister ,Cowen and it had ended with McKay being snatched.

They walked around the streets till they found a branch of Pegasus Travels. Whatever country an Agent found themselves in, Pegasus Travels was their place of safety, to connect with people who could give them aid. Not that it was that easy, you needed to know the right protocol. They found the travel shop and went in.

There were two members of staff. A young woman with huge glasses, her name tag read Miko .
The other a man had a long tied back ponytail his tag read Mr Peter Kavanaugh. John went over to Miko, the guy was dealing with a couple discussing South Africa. Not having either time or patience John asked Miko to phone head office and speak to Elizabeth Weir.
Miko looked him over before saying "Who are you?"
John pulled his IDC from his pocket and handed it over, this got the once over treatment then Miko said "Did you know their is a Pegasus Galaxy?"
John smiled broadly "Yes, according to Dr McKay it's 3 million light years from Earth"

This was the right answer as Miko went to make the call. Just then the guy, Kavanaugh came over, "What's going on here he demanded. Who are you phoning Miko?" He tried to snatch the phone from her hand.
"She's making an urgent phone call for me" John explain
"Well I'm the Senior Travel Agent, she has no business doing this without my authority I'll have you know"
Ronon strode over, pushing a heavy hand in Kavanaughs chest he said "I.DONT CARE. ILL HAVE YOU KNOW"
Then Miko called John over ",Your call Colonel",

Sheppard quickly explained the sorry situation, waiting for Elizabeths annoyed and disappointed lecture. Instead she just said" Understood John, return to base ASAP" then she hung up. This did not feel right. Something was wrong.

Thanking Miko they left. John shared his bad feelings with Teyla and Ronon to get their take on it. They both agreed something was definitely wrong.
"Let's get the hell out of here. Ronon do your thing" John said.

Out in the street, Ronon found a nondescript grey car, he quickly hotwired it and they drove away.
They got back to base and made their way to Elizabeths Office, and found she had a visitor.
Ladon Radim. To say there was no love lost between John's team and Radim was an understatement. Whilst a member of Cowens clique Radim had been responsible for Teyla getting I jured and being out of action for several months. Being here now, was either foolhardy or what, John didn't know.

"What do you want Radim?" John growled. Teyla smiled "Let me talk to him John, please"
Radim said "I only will talk with you Sheppard. No one else"
"Why's that Radim, scared what you might tell Teyla?"
Radim didn't answer, instead he tturned to Weir. "Doctor Weir can you convince the Colonel to speak with me. You have seen the ....."

Elizabeth nodded,"John, please sit down with Ladon it's very important".
Elizabeths insistence made John's hair tingle, that bad feeling came back.
"Ok Radim, what is it?"
Ladon passed over a Thumb drive to John. "I'm sorry Colonel"
Feeling sick with nerves John plugged the drive into his laptop.
On the screen a beaten and bloody McKay was tied to a chair, Cowen could be seen, sitting stuffing his face with cake, asking Rodney lots of questions about his team, Atlantis Expeditions even Elizabeth. Rodney refused to answer except to ask for some cake. Cowen had laughed. Said a piece of cake for an answer, again Rodney refused. When Cowen had made a snide comment about John and his bravery and sexuality, McKay had told Cowen to go fuck himself. Cowen nodded and one of his minions shot Rodney.
John had gasped and stumbled forward.hed assumed only his teammates knew that he and Rodney were lovers but Ladons comment put that in the air. He glanced over to Elizabeth and saw only sadness and sympathy in her face.
"Now Colonel, revenge for another innocents death, yes?".

At one time Ladon Radim had been central to Cowens inner circle, that all changed when in one night The Old Regime had been toppled by Cowen, dozens of people had died including Ladons young sister. The wrong place, the wrong time. All Cowen had done was tutted" Too bad"

Now John had a chance to take down Cowen and get revenge for his lovers murder.
Radim and Sheppard had agreed to help each other and Radim had also claimed to have knowledge of their spy and traitor. If John helped him he would give this to John freely.

When it happened, when it was all over, justice for Rodney and Radims sister it was quite anticlimactic. A carbomb. Poof. Done.

John sat in his hotel room, Radim had told John the traitor would phone his room, unaware that would confirm their identity. His head ached and his eyes felt gritty, it seemed days he'd last slept. He lay down the phone near to hand.

The phones insistent ringing made him jump, at the same time the heavy pounding on his door split his attention.
Had Ladon betrayed him at the end, was this Cowens minions trying to break in and finish him off.

He reached out to silence the phones noise and his hand hit a clock an alarm clock. No phone.
The heavy pounding on his door was joined by Ronons voice. John got up and walked over to his door. It Slid Open
"You just got up Sheppard, what you over slept?"
John roared with laughter. Throwing on his sweat pants and grabbing his trainers he joined Ronon in Atlantis hallways. "Man did I have a doozy of a dream" John said then "Have you seen McKay this morning?"
Ronon stared at John then "McKay's still asleep, tucked up in your bed Sheppard. Tell me about your dream"

So as they ran their familar route John told Ronon about his weird dream. When they arrived back at the start, Ronon concluded",You watch way too many spy movies Sheppard, way to many"
John had to agree."See you for breakfast?",
Walking back to his quarters John started to hum happily.
Wake Rodney, have a shower then breakfast.


The man woke with a sudden jolt, disturbing his sleeping partner."Sorry, sorry Rodney. Didn't mean to wake you, go back to sleep"

"What's wrong John, what's happened?"

"Nothing Rodney go back to sleep, just a silly dream"

"Tell me John, you know I will worry and not be able to sleep, please John"

"Ok, I had this dream we were living in a city, nothing like any city you've ever seen. There were these tall spires reaching up to the sky. Fairytale towers, all made of metal. The rooms had high ceilings and all the windows were made of coloured glass, like in a cathedral. The doors opened for you as you approached and lights came on for you too. The very best bit was that the city floated on an ocean. There was no need to mention the scary weired monster locked up in the cells underground, in their day to day life of counter terrorism, they met real monsters, fanatics, suicide bombers, people who spread hatred with words as well as weapons. John continued telling Rodney his dream until they both drifted off into slumber.


convince the Colonel