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Morning light

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The sun has risen
Powdered light
Through the large window bay
It wakes me as I lay on the bed
A shadow on the cover
A bird is passing
Tittering and
Chirping and
Morning is flowing in the room

You are by my side
A familiar weight
Your face in the light
Like one of a child
Flawless skin
I miss the words from your mouth
Only a breath
Humid and calm
Sleeping beauty

Every morning like the last
Unbreakable cycle
I rejoice
Always you and me
In a cocoon of light and peace
Of time frozen
While the world starts
His sinful engine
People moving
Yet we love

Sleep well
My beautiful prince
When you'll wake up
I'll be there
In the meantime
I will tiptoe
Out of the room

And a little graphic (modified picture) for the setting: