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    Founded in 2000 and originally entitled "Boys in Chains: the slave!fic archive," the Chains archive is devoted to powerfic: stories about emotional bonds between people of different ranks or status. For example: master/slave, boss/employee, lord/liegeman, guard/prisoner, mentor/protégé, client/prostitute, officer/soldier, seme/yuke, or dominant/submissive.

    Stories can be about gen relationships (such as family, friendship, romantic friendship, or smarm) or about relationships based on sexual attraction: m/m, f/f, m/f, or f/m. Transgender and genderqueer stories are welcome. Fan works, RPF, and original works are all welcome. See our collection's Profile for more about our history and rules, and this announcement post to learn more about the import.

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  • The Basement (thebasement) by Open_Doors, alicettlg, thebasement_archivist

    The Basement

    26 Jun 2018


    Down in the Basement is the principal archive of X-Files slash fan fiction. The archives before the Basement were Archive/X and MKRA/MSSS and all the stories archived there are now at the Basement. The Basement is open to new works that are m/m slash.


    For f/f or f/f/m slash, visit ScullySlash.

    The import of this archive to the AO3 was approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee on 31 July 2016.

    Attention Authors:If you still have access to the email you used to post your works to the archive, you should have received an email with the option to claim your works at the time they were imported. If you do not have access to that email account, or did not receive the notification, please contact the Open Doors Committee and they can help you claim your works.

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