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Vinny’s eyes were wide as he stood in the centre of the street studying the flashing neon signs of Amsterdam’s red light district. There were signs for live sex shows everywhere and it made him buzz in a way he hadn't done in a long time. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end as Chris slowly brushed the back of his hand with a finger to get his attention. "Are we…" He asked, turning his bright green eyes on the man standing beside him. Vinny was so cute when he was surprised, Chris couldn't help but grin as he gave a nod. "Yes baby, yes we are" He leant down, kissing him in front of everyone walking past, enjoying the anonymity the city provided. He'd been waiting for months for this night and it had almost taken all of his self control keeping it from Vin.

Chris hadn't been sure where they stood after all of the time apart during the pandemic. The backstage quickies were never talked about off the road but the first time Vinny had tapped him on the shoulder as he walked towards the bunks, claiming he wanted to go to bed early Chris knew they were back on. A sly look over his shoulder had been enough to set it all in motion again; the quick kisses when no one was looking, the searches for empty supply closets at venues and the flushed lies for where they’d been. Vinny looked different from the last time they'd hung out, he'd cut his hair and grown a beard. It had taken a minute to get used to. Chris couldn't deny he looked good; there was an air of confidence around him that was proving irresistible.

The sex had gotten even better if that was even possible. Almost a year and a half of being away from anything that gave their lives colour and purpose had brought a side of Vinny that Chris had never seen before. He smiled more than he had done before, he laughed louder than he had done and he certainly didn't hold back anymore when it came to fucking. He was frantic and rougher, treating each time as if the world was about to end and it was their last. He'd breathlessly whispered every filthy fantasy to Chris as they fucked their way through each city. It made him hot under the collar just thinking about how crass Vin could be. It was a glaring reminder that as sweet he looked and acted, he was still an animal with base needs.

One of his lust drunk ramblings had been about doing it in public, people watching as they completely lost control of themselves. The idea had rattled around in the recesses of Chris’ mind and when the dates had been put in place for Amsterdam it was the first thought he’d had. He’d had doubts that Vinny would think he was completely insane for suggesting they do it for real but from the slow grin that had tugged at his lips Chris felt himself relax for a moment. “I can’t believe we’re actually going to do it” Vinny smiled, nervously running his hands through his hair, pushing the curls away from his face. "We don't have to, if you're not sure" Chris offered him an out, wanting to be sure. "I want to do it." Vin assured him.

Chris leant down and pressed a kiss against his lips, intertwining their fingers and leading Vin down the side of the building to an inconspicuous door. The room inside was poorly lit but the woman standing in the centre with a clipboard clutched in her hand was hard to miss. She was wearing a crisp white blouse and a black pencil skirt, akin to everyday office wear but the blood red stilettos set her apart. "Christopher, I presume?" She asked with a raised eyebrow and slight accent. He gave a nod, letting her lead them down a long hallway. As they passed they could hear the sounds of sex coming from the other side of the doors of the others performing for passers by that night.

"Most customers prefer to wear masks for anonymity, so please select the ones you would like from the wall over there. The room is fully equipped but let us know if you need anything." They came to an abrupt stop in front of the room that was going to be theirs and the coordinator explained the basics but the words were just a rush in their ears. Vinny could feel his heartbeat picking up pace as his mind rushed ahead of his body thinking about what she could have meant by equipment. He distractedly signed the waiver that was handed to him realising after it was too late that he'd barely glanced over the terms and conditions. "So which mask do you want?" Chris asked in a low voice looking at different options they had to choose from.

Vinny's eyes were almost automatically drawn to an intricate black cat masquerade mask. He lifted it off the wall, holding it against his face waiting for either approval or disagreement. It had ears that stuck up at the top that Chris couldn't help but think suited him a bit too much. "That's perfect" He smiled, helping Vin place it and tying the silk ribbon at the back fastening it in place. He chose a white one that covered half of his face in a style that reminded him of 'Phantom of the Opera'. They paused for a moment, taking a deep breath and looking at each other in search of reassurance, finding instead a trigger. It was all an act. They didn't look like themselves and it in turn made them feel like different people.

They had the ability to either melt into the background or be completely free of all inhibitions. And as Chris pulled Vinny towards him kissing him passionately it became obvious which he'd chosen. "Ready?" Vinny gave a confident nod, knowing any further hesitations would have had him running for the hills. Chris opened the door to the room, adjusting to the red lights overhead and the window that looked out onto the street. People were milling about, drunkenly looking in at the rooms they passed by. They wanted to see something but the two of them were simply standing side by side trying to figure out where to start.

There was a bed at the centre of the room, angled so it was clearly visible to the audience. A selection of toys lined the walls and a trunk on the floor seemed to house even more. It was kitschy and sleazy but it was exactly what he had expected it to be. When he glanced over he could see Vinny's wide eyed fascination with the tools trying to decide what he wanted used on him. Not wanting to get too ahead of themselves, Chris led Vin to the bed tangling their fingers together. Wanting to start slow to build up the anticipation and to make sure that they were completely present in each move they made. He sat himself down at the end and urged Vinny to take a seat.

A slight groan escaped Chris' lips as Vin's weight settled against him on his lap, his thighs squeezing and adding pressure. Their eyes met for a moment and he could see the blush across Vinny's cheeks as he toyed with his bottom lip, using all of his self control to not look out of the window. Chris pulled his hand away, tangling his fingers in the dark mass of curls to pull him in for a kiss. Vinny's lips were impossibly soft, his beard scratchy as a strange contrast. It was bizarre how he could remember their first kiss in such fine detail; Vinny had been the only one up, sitting in the darkness in the longue of the tour bus when he'd wandered out unable to sleep.

They'd awkwardly sat next to each other running out of things to say and in his sleep deprived state Vin's full lips had looked as tempting as candy to a kid on Halloween. It had been almost automatic the way his head had tilted forward, what Chris hadn't been expecting was for Vinny to do the same. He kissed exactly how Chris had imagined he would, soft and urgent. His lips had tasted like jelly tots and sprite, it was an intoxicating mix. The moment had been slow and sweet but he'd woken up in a haze wondering if he'd imagined it all the next day. It hadn't been until they were alone in the dressing room and Vinny had kissed him again that it'd felt real.

Chris breathlessly pulled back, tugging at the edge of Vin's t-shirt. "Can I take this off?" He asked, waiting for Vinny to respond before helping to pull it over his head. Goosebumps spread across the plains of his back as his skin was exposed to the cool air in the room. Chris kissed his neck, trailing down to his collar bone and the fine hairs on Vinny's chest. He suddenly felt self aware realising there were eyes searching over his bare skin, causing it to prickle with heat. The self conscious part of Vinny's brain wondered why anyone would want to watch him when there were probably way hotter people in the next room but Vin tried to ignore that. Taking a deep breath, he focused on the way Chris was digging his nails into his back and biting the sensitive skin below his neck.

“Take these off for me” Chris quickly undid the button on the top of his jeans, urging Vinny to stand up and remove them the rest of the way. He stood at the end of the bed in his boxers, the curls framing the sides of the mask looked red under the lights. "On your stomach" Chris patted the covers, instructing him to lay down across the bed. Vinny moved into position, quickly realising that he was facing the window and when he peered up he could see the people looking in. Turning his head to the side, he glanced at Chris rummaging through the toy box on the floor looking for something specific. He held up a set of leather cuffs with a grin, before making his way to the space behind Vinny.

"Hands behind your back baby" Chris instructed firmly, listening to the slight whimper leaving Vin's lips as he crossed his wrists waiting patiently for the cuffs to bind him. The addition of bondage suddenly made the peep show they were putting on more interesting. The buckles were fiddly, but Chris was in no rush taking his time to make sure they were secure and not too restrictive. A shiver started at Vin's core moving through his whole body, as he felt himself relax into sub headspace. Chris has been caught off guard the first time he'd asked to be tied up but had happily indulged the request. It had been a natural dynamic between them that just worked. It was a whole different side to Vinny that no one else got to see and he loved that.

He felt cold fingers grasping at the sides of his boxers pulling them down his legs and tossing them out of the way. "Knees up" he patted the bed again, and as Vinny moved he realised the position forced him onto his shoulders and ass up in the air giving Chris an obscene view. He heard the man behind him hum, admiring and giving him a playful spank. Vin wriggled his hips in response, giving a low laugh and tempting Chris to do it again. Instead of getting carried away spanking him, he was pulling something from the wall and returning back to his position behind Vinny. "Have you ever used ankle spreaders baby?" He asked as he carefully locked the bar in place.

Vinny shook his head, biting his lip as he realised the night was about to pick up pace. He was completely on display and at Chris whim. Starting with his hands to warm him up, he began striking each cheek evenly watching in satisfaction as the redness spread across Vin's pale, sensitive skin. "You look so fucking good baby, I want to fuck you so bad" The words were a low growl making Vinny whimper in response. He could take a lot more but he wanted to feel Chris inside him already. He lifted his chin slightly, looking at the crowd on the other side of the glass getting off on the position he was in. The thought made Vin moan, the sound was like music to Chris' ears.

He absolutely loved the sounds Vinny made in bed, the low groans and the whimpering sighs. "Do you like them watching you getting spanked, eh?" Chris continued, tangling his fingers through Vinny's curls, tugging at the roots to make sure his eyes were looking up. His skin was hot to the touch, sweat beading at his hairline beneath the mask. His entire body felt electrified by the rough motions Chris was using with him and the fact it felt like everyone in the entire world was watching as he let himself be used. Vinny wondered what they were thinking about as they looked at his naked body writhing under Chris' hands. Did they wish they were him - bound and helpless on display? Did they want to be Chris - totally in control with him at their mercy?

"I asked a question, slut…" Chris struck him with the hand not in his hair to get a reaction. "Yes, sir" The word was just a gasp leaving his lips. Chris let go of the curls laced through his fingers causing his head to fall forward resting on the bed. He moved back over to the wall lifting up a cane in one hand and a flogger in the other, carefully considering the options. Vin loved the parallel lines the cane left but it hurt like a bitch and he tensed at the memories of it. "Which one would you like, baby?" Chris asked, moving to stand in front of him for the first time so they were face to face. Vinny puffed out his cheeks as he thought about it before deciding on the flogger. Chris brushed the curls away from his temples, kissing him softly breaking the act just for a moment. "Are you doing okay?"

"Yes sir" Vinny gave a nod, "Thank you sir" They lingered for a moment studying each other while Chris tried to figure out if he was pushing too hard. Vin got caught up sometimes, convinced he could take more because of the fuzzy comfort of the mental place he was in. It had taken only a couple of occasions of him crashing out that Chris had realised how to carefully read his body language. He had little tells when he was starting to fade out that they both knew to watch out for. "I'm doing okay, I promise" Vinny whispered to him, running his tongue over his lips tempting Chris in for another kiss. "I just want to make sure baby" He smiled, brushing a hand across his jaw and pressing his lips softly against the side of Vin's mouth before pulling back.

Chris moved behind him again and placed a palm flat on the small of Vin's back, giving a warning to count each stroke with the paddle. He did as he was told, his hands balled into fists as the flogger sent jolts through his entire body. His voice started to crack slightly, coming out in a raspy mess. Chris could tell he'd had enough before even Vinny had realised it, pulling back rather than forcing him to ask to stop. He placed the flogger aside, gently rubbing his fingers over the bruised skin. "You're doing so good baby…" Chris undid the cuffs on his wrist and looped an arm around his waist, slowly turning him over so Vinny was laying on his back. He looked up, eyes glistening with tears in the low light.

"Hands on the bed" Chris watched as he placed his palms flat against the covers before letting his eyes run down his body to his cock erect and aching to be touched between his legs. He noticed the tightness in his own jeans that he'd been trying to ignore as he toyed with Vinny. He wanted to get off but there were still so many ways to tease Vin that came to mind. Kneeling over the younger man, Chris began planting kisses against his soft skin, using his teeth to nip at the sensitive spots. Working past the fine hairs that dusted his chest and the happy trail beneath his navel until he was at eye level with his endowment. "You're looking awful hard there baby" He chuckled, testing out a long lick up the side of Vinny's length.

The sound escaping his lips was enough to make even the kinkest of people blush, he was so desperate for the stimulation he was almost ready to beg. Chris lathered him up, taking the tip into his mouth, using his hand to pump where his lips didn't reach. He could feel him pulsing against his tongue as it traced every vein and ridge. With a sly smile he pulled back, watching with amusement as Vinny picked up his hands and put them back down again knowing that the punishment for disobeying would be worse. "Please…" His voice sounded like a whine, he lifted his hips off the bed signalling what he needed. "Are you going to beg? Are you going to get on your knees in front of all the people watching and beg to cum?"

The sound of Chris' low laugh rushed through his body and he didn't need to be asked twice. Vinny slid to the foot of the bed, eagerly getting on his knees. "You're such a slut" Chris tutted, turning his back to rummage through the toys again before returning with some scary looking head gear. "Open your mouth" Vinny reluctantly parted his lips, letting Chris slide in the jaw opener and fasten it. He tangled his fingers through Vinny's hair and turned his head to the side so the crowd could see. "I bet they all would love a turn, come in here and use that pretty little mouth of yours" Chris mumbled under his breath, letting go of Vin and working on undoing his jeans, grasping at his cock thankful to be released from the fabric constraints.

Vinny edged forwards on his knees, waiting for Chris to push into his throat, taking a deep breath in preparation. He was surprised at the shallow thrusts, glancing up to see a softness in the gaze looking down at him despite the words leaving his lips. He tipped his head further down Chris' cock, demonstrating he could take more wanting to show off for the crowd and how little gag reflex he had at that point. Holding onto his hair, Chris slowed the pace so he could push deeper. He could feel the muscles in Vinny's throat convulse around him, making him throb. Chris could feel his body go from zero to a hundred in record time. He'd been so focused on Vin his own arousal had fallen by the wayside. The sudden stimulation made him feel like he was losing control.

Groans signifying his pleasure filled the room, forcing Chris to pull out of Vinny's mouth. "Tongue out" He managed to gasp, his fingers quickly gripping around his cock. Vin placed his hands on his thighs, obediently sticking his tongue out and watching Chris pump himself at an increasingly rough pace. "Fuck baby" He growled finally releasing himself in hot ribbons across Vinny's face and mask managing to get some on his tongue. He didn't move, letting the mixture of cum and saliva run down his chin waiting for permission. "You look so good like that can swallow" Vin gulped, grinning up at Chris knowing he'd done particularly well that night.

Chris offered him a hand, helping Vinny to his feet and slowly turning him around by the shoulders. The ankle spreaders forced his legs apart and made him unsteady on his feet but Chris stood behind him for support. "Why don't we give the people a show?" He mumbled against Vin's neck, biting into the sensitive skin, and slowly slipping a hand down his torso to his cock. Vinny crumbled, rolling his head back against Chris shoulder as he felt himself begin to pulse. His hand began moving in faster motions edging Vin closer. He felt like he was an out of body experience as studied the arousal, interest and amusement in the eyes of people watching him being jerked off.

Vin felt his chest tighten as he imagined himself pressed against the glass, gasping for each breath as he was being fucked completely senseless. The thought made him lose all control, his body shuddering as he released himself. His orgasm coming in waves that would have made him collapse forward had Chris not been holding him up. Vinny slowly opened his eyes, glancing down at the mess he'd made on the floor. He let Chris pull him down onto the bed and wrap him up in his arms. They laid tangled together breathless and spent, the crowd slowly starting to thin when they realised the show was over. Chris gently brushed his fingers through Vinny's hair, kissing the top of his head and cheek to soothe him.

"Was that how you imagined?" He asked nervously. Vinny pondered his answer before he spoke, clicking his tongue and clearing his throat. "I think...we should stick to our day jobs"