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it’s golden, like daylight

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Bradley opened the door, put her jacket on the hook in Laura’s hallway. They’ve practically been living together for 5 months now. Bradley sat down next to Laura on the couch. Laura poured Bradley a glass of wine, she took a drink. Laura smiled at her and all of the blondes stress seemed to fade.

“Rough day?” Laura asked, she nodded.

“Yeah, it was a really stressful day today. Anyways, how was your day?” Bradley replied.

“It was okay, better now that you’re here.” Laura answered, Bradley blushed a dark shade of red.

Laura liked spending time with Bradley, more than she liked spending time with anyone for that matter. Laura saw how stressed Bradley seemed when she walked through the door.

“Come here.” Laura said opening her arms for Bradley. Bradley placed her wine on the table and leaned into Laura. Bradley put her head on Laura’s shoulder, sighing softly melting in the embrace. Laura’s fingers rubbed circles on her back, Bradley made a small noise of approval.

“You always know what to do, I’m so lucky I have you.” Bradley said, her face nuzzling in Laura’s neck. Laura’s hand instinctively travels to Bradleys hair, her fingers playing with the soft hair beneath them.

“I’m the lucky one. I love you.” Laura said and it just felt so natural to say that she didn’t realize she said it. Well, that is until Bradley set up and looked at her with those blue eyes.

“Did you just say that you… you love me?” Bradley asked in a small voice, Laura blushed, looking anywhere but at Bradley.

“I.. Yes.” Laura replied, ‘this is stupid’. She knew the way Bradley felt about this subject. And yet, she couldn’t not tell Bradley, everything Bradley did made Laura fall harder.

Bradley had never been one to believe in love. But ever since she met Laura, all of that went out the window. Laura completely changed her views on love. Bradley couldn’t deny that what she was feeling for Laura wasn’t love.

“Hey, look at me.” Bradley said softly, Laura reluctantly turned her head so she was looking at her. “I love you too.” Bradley added, Laura could feel her heart bursting with joy.

“You do?” Laura asked, Bradley made a mental note to make Laura feel like she never had to ask this again. Bradley took Laura’s hands in her own before responding.

“How could I not? I know I said that I didn’t really believe in love. But the more time I spent with you.. I just can’t deny that the feeling I get when I’m with you isn’t love. There’s just no other word that describes it. I love you, Laura.” Bradley answered feeling tears running down her face. Laura’s thumbs run across Bradley’s face before wiping them away.

“I love you too, blondie.” Laura whispered before pulling Bradley in gently for a kiss.