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Jeremy Gilbert- The Chaos theory

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Silent footsteps traversed the mud floor as a brown-haired boy named Jeremy Gilbert, just awake and confused, passing through a forest. Looking at the forest, he was completely confused. He was in his house sleeping, and now he's in the middle of a forest. Could this be a kidnapping of Damon or another vampire?

The boy was in shock for a few seconds, looking for whatever enemy is brought to that place. Looking at the forest calmly, he recognized her. It was the forest of Mystic Falls, and he could hear a party nearby. Jeremy sighed in relief but didn't let his guard down. Yeah, whoever kidnapped him could still be out there.

As he approached the party, the more unbearable the sound became. Jeremy began to smell a strange but mesmerizing scent that made his mouth water to the point where his stomach rumbled. His pure instinct went to the spot of smell, and when he got there his eyes widened when he saw a man lying on the ground with blood coming out of his head.

The man held a bottle of beer in his hand. It was probably a drunk who fell to the ground in a faint and got injured. But that's not what worried Jeremy, but the desire to attack the man.

He knew what that desire was and had lived with people who had gone through it. Suddenly a revelation came into his head, if he had this desire it means… no, it couldn't be. He was human, but he was kidnapped…

Jeremy unknowingly moved closer to the drunk's body and when he realized he had already touched the drunk's forehead and his hand, full of blood, was being taken into his mouth.

All that Jeremy could do at that moment widened his eyes as he felt the thud.

"No, this can't be happening" He muttered in shock and touched his mouth.

As he imagined, fangs were growing in his mouth. He was a damn vampire, and he was going to kill whoever did this to him.

"Before that, I have to find out where the others are and plan the bastard's death" Jeremy spoke to himself and started running through the forest.

He picked up a pace quickly and started to trot, but gradually he started to lose control of his speed and became a blur, passing through the entire forest in seconds and stopping in the middle of a bridge.

Jeremy caught his feet skidding on the bridge and looked around in shock "great I lost control" He said wryly cursing himself and looked around to see if no one saw him.

He sighed when he realized there was no one on the bridge, but his relief was short-lived as a bright light flashed in his face. He looked back in shock, just enough time to hear a horn before being hit by a car.

Jeremy was thrown back and hit the floor of the bridge hard, making him stunned, but he soon recovered by standing up and looking at where the car had gone.

Jeremy saw a piece of the destroyed bridge and widened his eyes in shock, "No shit, that's not good" He caused an accident and probably killed innocent people the same way his parents died.

"Maybe they're still alive, I just have to go get them," Jeremy told himself, quickly making a move to take off his shirt and realized he wasn't wearing any clothes.

He looked at himself and found himself naked, "Damn, I'm glad I didn't go towards the party" Jeremy whined and turned his attention to the water getting ready to jump again, but something stopped him.

Or rather, something passed him in a blur, falling into the water. Possibly a vampire, it wasn't as fast as he thought it would be because he saw who the person was at normal to slightly slower speed, falling into the water.

The person was Stefan Salvatore" he possibly followed me" Jeremy made his theory and continued to look at the water and saw something that shocked him. When Stefan came out of the water in his arms was Elena Gilbert, the cousin/sister/unreacted of blood with him for being a doppelgänger.

"No, that can't be possible" Jeremy went into denial as his vision sharpened, and he managed to penetrate the water, and he saw which car was in the water.

"No, I didn't… Damn, damn you… How the hell did it happen" Jeremy yelled to himself in denial slamming his foot on the bridge making her shiver "I have to make sure"

Jeremy started running once more and became a blur again. This time he easily went through the entire city in a second and with the bit of control he had since he had no experience using the powers he stopped in front of his own house.

At the door of the house there he was, Jeremy Gilbert smoking pot in front of the house as he remembered doing when his parents died. The biggest regret he had.

"Hey, who are you because you're naked? I'll call the police, stay away" the younger Version of Jeremy sputtered and started to walk away from him, Jeremy didn't understand well. But, The moment he got close to his past self, a light flashed and followed Jeremy for a second. When he opened his eyes, he was in his clothes and with a cap in his hand.

He was the younger version of himself

Jeremy looked at himself with a little surprise. When he realized he was normal again. He no longer feels the tightness of vampirism's throat.

"Am I back to being Human? What's the catch?"

"Shamam? Do I have the strength? Abracadabra? Nothing?"

Jeremy started running down the street and doing ridiculous positions to try to activate his vampire powers, but nothing came of it. His concentration on finding out what was going on was such that he even forgot that his parents died.

"Am I a vampire? Or was it just a dream" The boy spoke to himself and in the next moment he glowed and the bloodlust returned? He looked at the glass in the door and widened his eyes at his reflection. The moment the image appeared, he jumped back, disappearing in a blur and appearing across the street panting and scared, "Finn Mikaelson?"

The brunette looked around and couldn't find the original. Then he approached the door once more and stood in front of Finn Mikaelson who was mirroring himself and Finn was wearing the same clothes that Jeremy had on before meeting Jeremy from the future.

Jeremy put a hand to his face and widened his eyes as he saw Finn do the same thing. He was in shock once more. He for some reason was in Finn Mikaelson's body.

“Damn fate” Jeremy growled at himself as he put his hands on his head and started rubbing his hands over his head angrily.

"You know what, fuck you, this is probably a dream, I'll go back to sleep" Jeremy cursed, walking towards the house as he walked he glowed once more and was back to being Jeremy.

Elena Gilbert opened her eyes in the middle of the forest. Elena Gilbert must be dead and she got out of it. She didn't know if someone saved her or did something to get her back to normal, but 2 years after she ingested the cure, she died. Her hair had turned white and her organs were looking like they'd lived for centuries. Though her appearance hadn't changed, she had the health of a 110-year-old.

After Jeremy disappeared and her body be found a year ago, her world fell apart. she realized that what she felt for him wasn't just brotherly love. No, it was something else, and Katherine confirmed it to her.

Katherine had managed to be a vampire again. possessing another girl's body explained to Elena how the Petrova blood worked. The Petrova blood was like an instinct for possession and made the Petrovas quite persistent in keeping what they loved. It was something close to what romantics call a soul mate.

As she was a Doppelgänger this was increased by many times. Katherine explained that the brotherly love Elena had for Jeremy turned into something else when she found out he wasn't her real brother and was the same way Katherine felt for Stefan and Elijah until she stopped feeling.

Katherine also warned her about the polygamous nature of the Petrovas and that she was supposed to control herself to fall in love, otherwise she won't be able to forget Jeremy. Not be able to let go of the other person she fell in love with, as Katherine did with Damon and Stefan.

Katherine assured her that one day this love will pass, but it would take time, and it would be painful, Elena that day discovered a side of Katherine that she did not know and nurtured a sympathy for her.

But Elena couldn't do that, forget about Jeremy now that the original bitch had killed him. She could at least die if Stefan was competent to at least let her die.

When did she realize it? That She didn't love Stefan? Yes, she realized, he was hot and had good sex, but that was it. Elena took a hand to her head realizing what she had done "my god, I played with Stefan all this time, I'm terrible, and I still dared to call Katherine a bitch, at least she was really in love"

Elena shook her head sadly and looked around her, she was in a forest. The other world was a forest, that was the question in her mind. Her eyes focused to search for Jeremy, and she started walking through the woods until she reached the bridge and saw a scene she hadn't expected.

Katherine or any other Doppelganger was lying on the ground at the edge of the river. Elena ran there, not understanding what happened. "Katherine, are you okay?" Elena screamed as she got in front of the body of the possible Katherine, who was lying shivering on the floor.

When Elena touched the body, it glowed and was swept away by the light, then lost consciousness. Not before she heard the siren noises approaching her.


Jeremy woke up the other day confused and with a headache, the plot was kicking in. I mean the stuff he bought thinking it was marijuana because it was complete rubbish and not marijuana.

His cell phone started ringing, and he dazedly got up and picked up his cell phone and answered it, "Hello?"

"Jeremy, where are you?" The voice of a woman he knew spoke on the other end of the line in a worried voice.

"Sheriff Liz, you won't believe the dream I had"

"It's not time for bone, your parents, and Elena had an accident"

Jeremy dropped his cell phone to the floor in shock and looked at the ceiling bitterly, "It wasn't a dream"