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Lie awake worrying about infinite space.

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Arthur laid there attempting to get back into the proper head space to go back to sleep.

He was failing.

"You're trying too hard," Eames said quietly from his spot next to Arthur.

Arthur forced himself to shut his eyes and waited for sleep to arrive. "It's going to happen," Arthur said stiffly. "I will make myself fall asleep or die trying." 

Eames began to stroke Arthur's arm in an attempt to soothe the other man.

"Did you want to talk about it?"

"Did you not hear me say 'or die trying'?"

"You just seemed really upset when you woke up the first time..."

There was a solid minute of silence from Arthur, and Eames waited patiently. Then Arthur turned on his side and looked at Eames, saying, "Okay. It was a dream."

Eames was also lying on his side, but was now face to face with Arthur after the change in sleeping position. "Was it scary?"

Arthur took a moment to choose his words, maybe searching for something that best described what he experienced. Something that would make sense considering the nature of dreams and nightmares.

" was nothing. There was absolutely nothing but I was at the very center of it all. Kind of floating through it and wondering to myself if I'd ever get to a safe place or even get to some kind of edge. Wherever I was, it went on forever."

Eames squeezed Arthur's hand. "You were in space."

Arthur shrugged and squeezed back. "A space. Infinite space, I guess. I didn't have a space suit or a ship. There weren't any planets."

"A void, then," Eames commented.

"When I woke up that feeling sort of stayed with me, and for a strange moment I laid there in the dark next to you and started worrying that it was still out there waiting for me. That the second I stepped out of this room I'd find myself there again. I mean, once I thought it over I realized it was dumb, but then I kept worrying over the concept itself."

Eames hugged Arthur close, and Arthur didn't fight against it.

"Then let's stay awake a little bit longer, love," Eames suggested to Arthur. "I could make you a nice cup of tea to help you relax."

Arthur couldn't hide his smile over that. "Tea fixes everything, right?"

"Nearly everything."