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Seashells and Seaweed

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Geralt remembers as a child hearing the older Witchers talk about working themselves out of a job, that all their hard work keeping the world safe from monsters would eventually leave them with nothing more to do. Others would say that there would never be a time without monsters, that so long as they were reproducing, Witchers would have a job and a place in the world. As a child, Geralt worried about what he would do when the monsters were gone, but in truth, when the number of monsters did begin to dwindle, Geralt and his brothers adjusted remarkably well.

He's good with animals, good with monsters and he has the knowledge to rival any modern zoologist, marine biologist, and veterinarian combined - so he starts up a rehabilitation centre with the remainder of his brothers. Lambert hadn't been crazy about the idea, but his other option was to go off and make his own way, so he stuck around.

Currently, they have an enormous lab and sanctuary as well as various creatures they monitor in the wild that are still well enough to live on their own. Geralt is familiar with nearly all of them personally, and some are more difficult cases than others, but his biggest concern is Jaskier.

Jaskier is a sub-species of siren on the edge of extinction and he's part of a personal project of Geralt's and Eskel's to stabilize their numbers. They have been trying to find Jaskier a mate for months, but Jaskier has turned down every other siren they've brought him. And finding one isn't easy and with Jaskier's track record of ripping them to pieces when they're not good enough, so the project has been put on the back burner for the time being - for the good of the species. They're trying to bring the population up, not kill more of them in the process. Eskel has been doing research on their mating habits and while they've found they aren't dissimilar to human mating rites - secondary genders, mating bites, courting - there still isn't much to help with Jaskier. They use different terms, not Alpha or Omega, but their social structure is similar.

But despite his resistance to cooperating with any prospective mates, Jaskier has grown on Geralt. He's got a pretty face and striking blue eyes and he's a shameless flirt, something that seems to be directed at Geralt more than anyone else - a fact that Lambert loves to tease Geralt about. But Geralt doesn't mind it, if he's honest - the teasing or the flirting itself - and he finds more and more that he's happy when Jaskier pops up during their field days.

Like today. Geralt and Lambert are out on the boat, doing a check on one of the seal colonies that were spotted outside their usual territory. One of the cows is pregnant and Geralt tends to worry when they act out of the norm. Once they're out on the water, everything seems fine and they're just starting to pack up when the boat wobbles.

Geralt turns around to find Jaskier with his arms crossed on the side of the boat, grinning his frustratingly adorable smile, teeth bright and sharp.

"Hi Geralt," he chirps and Lambert shoots him a look. "Hello, Lambert."

"Hey," Geralt says quietly, trying to stomp back the fondness that slips into his voice.

"Whatcha doing?"

"Checking in on the seals, there was an unusual ping on their radar."

"Everything good?" Jaskier asks and Geralt nods.

"Looks like. You haven't noticed anything unusual around?"

"Only Lambert."

"Hey-" comes a retort from behind but Geralt just grins at the delight in Jaskier's face.

"Ignore him," Geralt mumbles, "he's just mad he had to come out with me today because the vet is coming by the lab today and Lambert wants to stare at him and not speak to him."

Jaskier rolls his eyes, tapping dark, clawed fingers on his arms as he watches Geralt and Lambert work, peeking over Geralt's shoulder to watch as Lambert packs tracking equipment back into its case. He pushes himself up to see better and it's only after a moment that Geralt catches himself staring. He realizes he's paying more attention to Jaskier than he is to his work and he clears his throat and gets back to it.

While they finish up the packing, Jaskier watches intently, slipping from the boat to swim underneath and pop up on the other side when Geralt moves. The sun is beginning to set now and they'll be heading back in to shore soon, but Geralt feels bad leaving Jaskier all alone out here. There aren't any others of his species anywhere nearby and the closest family unit Geralt found was down past Nilfgaard. He'd toyed with the idea of introducing Jaskier there if he were amenable, but many siren families aren't open to outsiders beyond mating. And it's a long trip to make for almost certain rejection.

So for now, they'll just wait it out, hoping that if they do find a viable mate, Jaskier doesn't hate them like he has in the past. At first, it was just a way to rebuild the species, but now Geralt feels a personal drive to find someone for Jaskier, to keep him from spending every day alone. Geralt likes him, he doesn't want him to be lonely.

As if sensing Geralt's thoughts, Jaskier pops back up next to him, spraying him as he flops onto the side of the boat.

"Have you given up on trying to find me a mate then?" he asks and Geralt frowns.

"Until you stop killing every one we bring you," Lambert scoffs.

"Then bring me someone worthwhile," Jaskier spits in return. Geralt doesn't notice the way Jaskier glances at him as he says this because he's rolling his eyes at the pair of them.

"Can't risk it," Lambert says, "you do know we're trying to help you right? And killing the mates you don't like is-"

"Counterproductive," Jaskier sighs, rolling his eyes.

"Yes," Geralt says gently, "it would help if we knew what you want in a mate beforehand."

For a moment, Jaskier chews his bottom lip, wrinkling his nose as his gaze drops.

"Suppose I'll know when I see them."

"Not gonna happen," Lambert interrupts before Geralt can speak.

"Alright," Geralt says, closing the latch on the final tool case. "We've got to head out. We're still looking though, Jask, we haven't given up on you."

"Hear that fish? We're leaving. Time to go home."

Jaskier ducks back under the surface, bobbing back up quickly to spit a stream of water in Lambert's face. Geralt huffs a laugh and tosses a cloth to Lambert as he rises to his feet.

"I'm not a fish," Jaskier hisses.

"He just likes you better," Lambert mumbles, shooting a look at Geralt.

"He doesn't call me a fish."

"Alright, alright," Geralt interrupts, "we have to get back to the lab. See you, Jaskier."

Jaskier sighs wistfully and slumps so only his eyes and the tips of his fins are above the surface. He watches as Lambert starts the boat and Geralt lifts a hand in a silent wave as they speed away. Vaguely, Geralt thinks Jaskier looks sad as he turns back and dives beneath the water.


The next time they head out, it's to collect a tracker from a rare shark they've been studying. The GPS leads them to a spot just off the coast of one of the small, uninhabited islands, though it's evident when they arrive that someone has been tampering with the tracker. Or not tampering, per se, but when Eskel plucks it out of the water, he turns it over in his hand so Geralt can see the string of shells wound around it.

"Looks like your mer was here," Eskel smirks, untangling the shells and handing them to Geralt.

There's no sign of Jaskier anywhere but it does seem like something he would do. He's been known to sing to Geralt when he goes out alone and to bring small things up for him from the bottom. Lambert and Eskel know about it, but what they don't know is that Geralt has a little box of these gifts under his bed. Small rocks and shells, little knick-knacks that have sunk to the ocean floor and Jaskier has picked up.

He withholds a smile as he takes the shells from Eskel, already mentally debating whether they'd make a good wind chime or if he should just keep them to himself like the rest.

"Huh," is all he says, but he sees the way Eskel looks at him.

"He likes you. Maybe you could convince him to take a mate."

"I've tried," Geralt shrugs, "says he has to find someone perfect.

"Meaning?" Eskel asks.

"Meaning we're probably out of luck without risking the rest of the population."

"Fiesty little fuck."

"Can't really blame him," Geralt mumbles, "can't say I'd want some strangers bringing me a person and telling me to marry them and raise a family."

"Understandable. But we're not endangered in the same respect. Can't just fuck a pretty omega and get a new Witcher."

Geralt rolls his eyes. They've had this conversation before but Eskel is determined to find Jaskier a mate. Geralt understands the importance of saving the species, but more than that he understands not wanting to push something on someone if they don't want it. His upbringing was very different from the survival of a species, but he knows something about wanting a different life than what's expected of you.

"Hey," Eskel says, "I know you worry about him, we'll find someone eventually. For now, we have to get back and check out this footage - maybe even catch a glimpse of your gift-giver."

"Yeah," Geralt agrees, running his thumb over the shells, "maybe."


It's weeks before Geralt's out on the water again. A badly wounded Cecaelia is brought into the sanctuary and he spends the majority of his time trying to get her settled, make her comfortable in her new surroundings. The next time he's at the ocean, it's a forced day off, as required by Eskel.

Geralt doesn't have a family, doesn't have much besides the sanctuary, so he finds himself at a loss when he has too much time on his hands. At one point, he had Yen and Ciri, but they've both moved on and found their own place in this new world. So Geralt takes one of the boats from the centre and heads out to the deserted island. He brings a book and a blanket and lays out on the beach to relax.

But he finds his mind drifting back to his work, to Jaskier in particular, wondering how he's doing, what he does with himself when he's not sneaking up on Geralt and his brothers. Just as Geralt is chiding himself for thinking about Jaskier, he hears a splash from behind and rolls over to find the siren propped up in the shallows, peering at him.

"What are you doing here?" Jaskier asks and Geralt holds out his book by way of explanation. "And you didn't even come to see me?"

"Don't know where you live."

"Hm." Jaskier pulls himself up the beach, flopping down next to Geralt and rolling onto his side to look up at him. "Do you want to see?"

"Can't breathe underwater, not without help."

"I can help," Jaskier offers brightly.

"Not what I meant," Geralt says, "I have potions that help me breathe underwater, don't have any of that here though."

"Then let me," Jaskier says, "come, I'll show you."

He sits up, curling his tail underneath him and reaches out to take one of Geralt's hands in his own, tugging insistently. And Geralt is weak in the face of such unbridled excitement. He lets himself be tugged forward and rises up as Jaskier starts back toward the shore.

Geralt walks in up to his waist before Jaskier catches up to him, taking his hand again and leading him deeper. Geralt's never seen the way Jaskier swims, not really, but he moves with such an effortless grace that Geralt finds himself staring again, distracted until Jaskier suddenly pulls him beneath the surface.

Geralt reacts immediately, but Jaskier presses a webbed palm to his cheek, settling him. He inches closer, pressing his lips to Geralt's and Geralt doesn't have the chance to process it before Jaskier's breathing into his mouth. Jaskier smiles brightly at him as Geralt breathes without taking a breath. He continues to hold his breath, and Jaskier just beams at him, gesturing for him to follow.

It feels like Killer Whale, Geralt thinks as he pushes off the sandy bottom, swimming after Jaskier. Like holding your breath but without the urgent feeling of needing to breathe.

He doesn't have long to think about it as Jaskier swims back and grabs his hand again, tugging him forward and down. It's darker near the bottom and Geralt won't be able to properly see if they go much further, but he wants to follow Jaskier, to see where he lives, to see his world. He makes a mental note to bring Cat with him next time he comes, though he's torn about Killer Whale, still lingering on the sensation of Jaskier's lips against his own.

Which is ridiculous. Jaskier is a siren and Geralt is (mostly) human, he shouldn't be thinking about things like this. Jaskier was giving him his breath, not kissing him, even if that is what it felt like.

Jaskier leads him down beneath the surface and Geralt's only regret is that he doesn't have more time to look around as they descend. He's always known there was a reef here, but he's never taken the time to dive for fun or to give it much thought outside his work. So now, submerged and surrounded by it, Geralt is in awe. There are corals and sea plants in every colour imaginable and fish dart in and out of the plants, skittering out of the way as Geralt and Jaskier swim past.

Jaskier takes him all the way down to a sandy bottom then veers off to the side toward the base of the island. Geralt sees the mouth of the cave before they reach it and wonders how far it goes, how long it will be before he needs to breathe again. But Jaskier swims forward unworried, checking back to make sure Geralt is following. He pauses outside the cave, to check in and when Geralt nods, Jaskier surges forward.

The opening to the cave is wide and expansive, but Jaskier makes for a tunnel near the back that turns off to one side. It's wide enough for them to swim side-by-side and through the dark, Geralt can see a pinprick of light at the end. Jaskier makes straight for it and the tunnel opens up into another, larger cave.

Here, there are cavities dug out of the walls where shells and other bits and pieces are stored almost like shelves. Geralt tries to take it in all at once, but he spots the source of the light and focuses on it. When he looks up, he can see the surface of the water and above it a shelf of rock, the ledge of which is layered with a glowing blue-green algae. He gives Jaskier a questioning look, nodding toward the shelf and Jaskier lets go of his hand, gesturing for him to swim up. So Geralt does.

The air above is breathable and he pulls himself out onto the rock, running his fingers through the algae.

"What is it?" he asks and Jaskier shrugs.

"I don't know what you would call it, but it's seasun. What do you think?"

"Of the algae?"

"Of my cave," Jaskier scoffs, flicking his tail up to splash water at Geralt.

"I... it's nice. I've never been to a cave home before."

"You could stay," Jaskier offers hopefully.

"I… I can't Jask, it's lovely just… not for me."

Jaskier frowns, looking around the cave and Geralt realizes that there are strategically placed plants, that Jaskier has collected them on purpose like Eskel and his cactus collection.

"It's not-" Geralt starts, trying to explain himself, "I can't breathe underwater."

"Oh, I know. But the shells?" Jaskier asks, "they're okay?"

"They're lovely." Jaskier preens and Geralt looks around, realizing there's nowhere to sleep. "Where's your bed?"

"I uh-" Jaskier brings a hand to the back of his head, twisting in the short hair at the back of his neck. "I sleep on a rock. I was building a nest, but-" he shrugs and looks away, "I'll figure something out."

Geralt raises an eyebrow but Jaskier seems unconcerned with it, evidently pleased with himself about the shells. Then, abruptly, he gasps and dives down to the cave floor. Geralt watches as Jaskier rummages around through little chests and boxes lining one wall. They look as though they were recovered from shipwrecks and it's very likely they were considering all the other things Jaskier has laying around his cave. It feels homey, even for Geralt who has spent most of his life transient and isn't used to the idea of home.

He's thinking about what it must be like to live down here; it's beautiful, sure, and with the ability to breathe underwater, it would be a lovely place to stay, but it's so isolated. The whales and sharks that pass by wouldn't even know this place exists and there don't seem to be any other sentient beings nearby, there certainly aren't any other sirens. Which leads him to wonder who Jaskier was building a nest for, though he supposes it could just be a foresight. He wonders if it's rude to ask. But before he can consider it further, Jaskier's head pops up above the water and he thrusts a hand up at him, unfurling dark fingers to reveal a pearl.

It's… huge in comparison to any pearls Geralt has ever seen, though he suspects Jaskier can swim deeper and find better oysters than humans can.

"It's beautiful," Geralt says and Jaskier gives another little thrust of his hand.

"It's for you."

"For me?"

"I found it when I was hunting the other day," Jaskier explains, looking over the pearl, "it reminds me of you, of your hair."

Geralt chuckles softly and plucks the pearl from Jaskier's hand, rolling it in his palm. It is quite beautiful and if he asked, Eskel might be willing to make a little display stand for it. Not that he makes a point of telling Eskel about the gifts from Jaskier.

Jaskier grins as Geralt plays with it, flipping his tail excitedly and making a low trilling sound that reminds Geralt of a cat purring. Jaskier only does it when he seems to be particularly happy, so Geralt finds the comparison appropriate.

They linger together in the cave a while longer while Jaskier points out all the things he's recovered from shipwrecks and all the plants he's grown and Geralt's chest swells with an emotion he'd rather not acknowledge.

When Jaskier returns him to the surface, he seems almost sad to see Geralt go and Geralt promises he'll be back soon. And he intends to, even if work doesn't bring him here. He probably shouldn't, but even as he's heading back to the mainland, he finds himself wishing he could stay on the island, even for one night.


Geralt is disappointed when the next time he heads into Jaskier's territory is because of work. Eskel has been busy with the Cecaelia so Lambert needs to learn how to collect samples and check tags in the meantime. He's not as good with their sentient patients, so he'll be accompanying Geralt on the field trips for the next little while. Geralt loves his trips with Eskel, though he has to admit he's endlessly entertained by Lambert and Jaskier's bickering. Which starts up almost as soon as Jaskier spots them.

Jaskier swims under them, gently nudging the boat, then pokes his head up only to frown.

"Where's Geralt?" he asks and Lambert leans back, to show where Geralt is bent down beside him, trying to ready a tracker.

Jaskier pulls himself up, wobbling the boat as he drapes himself over the side of it.

"I was afraid you hadn't come back," he says, "I brought you something."

Lambert frowns, leaning over the edge of the boat as Jaskier disappears back into the water. Geralt elbows him and shoots him a look as he finishes up and moves to sit across from Lambert.

Geralt smiles up at him despite the smug grin spreading over Lambert's face. Geralt knows what he'll say as soon as they're back on land - or as soon as Jaskier is gone again - but he doesn't care.

"Yeah?" he asks, shifting to Jaskier's side of the boat. "What did you bring?"

Jaskier readjusts and reaches down, pulling up a bottle filled with… something. Lambert reaches out and Jaskier snatches his hand and the bottle back, ears flat as he hisses at Lambert. Geralt barely refrains from laughing, coughing into his elbow as Jaskier protects the bottle against his chest.

"Touchy," Lambert grouses, rolling his eyes.

"It's not for you," Jaskier reiterates, eyes narrowed as if Lambert might try to take it again. He doesn't, but a look crosses his face that Geralt doesn't like.

"Oh, I see. It's that kinda gift huh? What is it, something kinky?"

"Alright," Geralt interrupts, elbowing his way between the two of them. "Ignore him," he says to Jaskier, "can I see it?"

Jaskier nods, unfurling his arms and holding the bottle up to Geralt. It looks like a terrarium, for lack of a better word; soft looking moss grows along the bottom of the bottle, spreading up the sides and Geralt spots some of the same algae from Jaskier's cave. His stomach twists wondering if it is from his cave if Jaskier bottled it for him.

"It glows," Jaskier prompts, "you seemed interested in it and it's… to remind you of me. When you're not here."

Geralt's heart clenches. As if he could forget.

Behind him, Lambert chokes, though for once he doesn't sound like he's pretending to gag. Geralt turns around to find him not judgemental, but wide-eyed.

"Listen," Lambert says, "this has been sweet and all but we need to get back to Eskel. Now."

Geralt opens his mouth to argue, but Lambert isn't having it. He's already shifting into position to start the engine. Jaskier frowns and Geralt shrugs at him.

"Thank you," he says softly, "I love it. I guess we're heading back now, but I'll come back soon." This time Lambert does mock-gag at him and Geralt kicks his foot. "See you, Jask."

"Goodbye," Jaskier says simply, "stay safe."

"Yeah, you too."

Jaskier slips away from the boat, sinking down and reappearing a safe distance away to watch as Lambert steers them away back toward land. Geralt has no idea what prompted Lambert's sudden change of plans, but it doesn't take long to find out.


When they get back to the lab, Lambert rushes into the back, leaving Geralt to unload the boat and put everything away. It's typical behaviour for Lambert, but today it bothers Geralt more than usual. Maybe because he's eager to get back home and see if the algae glows like it did in the cave or maybe because he just… wanted to spend a little more time with Jaskier. But either way, he's going to find the worst jobs for Lambert to pick up tomorrow.

He's plotting his revenge when Lambert and Eskel burst into the room. Eskel is shaking his head and Geralt just looks up as they approach intimidatingly.

"So Lambert thinks he's found a mate for Jaskier," Eskel says without pre-empt.

"Oh?" Geralt tries to be enthusiastic, but his stomach drops. Lambert knows Jaskier well enough to know the kinds of things he likes and if he thinks he's found a mate for him…

"Yeah, idiot, I can't believe you haven't noticed."

"What are you talking about?" Geralt asks and Eskel sighs.

"The fawning? The gifts?``Eskel says, "It's blatant courting behaviour, Geralt."

"I- what?"

"Let me spell it out for you," Lambert sighs, "your siren won't fuck anyone we find him because he only wants you."

Geralt looks to Eskel for reassurance, but Eskel just shrugs at him.

"You said he took you to his cave. He was probably making sure it's suitable for you. And sirens kill their romantic competition, he could have seen the others as a threat."

"You're telling me he killed them because he was afraid I might want them as a mate?" It… can't be. Jaskier is friendly with him, but-

"Hell yeah," Lambert exclaims, "he doesn't even want me around, did you see the way he snatched that bottle from me?"

"What bottle?" Eskel asks and Geralt tentatively pulls it out from his bag to show him.

Eskel takes it, inspecting the moss and algae inside. In the lab where the light is dimmer, the glow is faintly noticeable and Geralt can see little glowing specks in the water.

"What is it? Eskel frowns.

"Glowing algae… from his cave."

The look on Lambert's face is somehow smug and exasperated at the same time and Eskel just looks at Geralt.

"Yeah, I think it's fair to say he's courting you. Which… could be good for us."

Lambert smirks and Geralt looks suspiciously at both of them.

"How?" he asks.

"We've been trying to find him a mate for months and it turns out it's you he wants. Geralt, you could be the key to saving the species."

Lambert's grin spreads and Geralt races through a mess of emotions in a matter of seconds. It's not as though he hasn't thought about it before. But at home in bed when porn isn't cutting it and he just needs something more. None of them are free from interspecies relationships, even monsters on occasion, but Geralt has never considered breeding with a non-human. His heart races at the prospect and he tries to bury the excitement with common sense.

"Listen it's not- it's not like that. And what makes you so sure a human could breed with a siren anyway?" The words feel foreign on his tongue and Geralt can't believe he's discussing fucking Jaskier in front of his brothers.

"Their biology is similar to a human's," Eskel explains, "the only thing stopping them from breeding with humans is the poisonous membrane around their eggs. It would kill a human before the eggs had time to incubate, but a Witcher…"

"Could withstand it," Geralt realizes.

"Not as though you've had any other offers," Lambert shrugs and Geralt doesn't have to elbow him because Eskel does it for him.

"Think about it," Eskel says, "might be worth looking into."


Geralt does nothing but think about it. He's so preoccupied thinking about fucking Jaskier and taking his eggs that he completely forgets about his promise to go and see him. The idea of it isn't distasteful. He likes Jaskier, has wanted him to kiss him properly that day when he offered his breath. He's fucked far less appealing creatures for a variety of reasons. But breeding with him? That's a whole other level. Siren's don't raise their children like humans do, so it would just be incubating the eggs and birthing them and then moving on with his life. But it's something that would connect him and Jaskier for the rest of their lives. And Geralt is surprised to find he's not opposed to that idea.

He thinks about it all night and in the morning goes to Eskel, telling him he's willing if Jaskier is. Eskel's smile is bright and wide and Geralt's stomach twists uncomfortably.

The pair of them go back to the island alone, leaving Lambert in the lab because Geralt doesn't want him butting in or agitating Jaskier. He's already so anxious about all of this that he feels sick and he knows Jaskier wouldn't hurt him, but he keeps thinking of that second siren, ripped limb from limb after proving not to be good enough for Jaskier. And if a member of his own species wasn't good enough, how could Geralt be?

Geralt is anxious as they motor over to the island to bring their suggestion to Jaskier. It's just Geralt and Eskel making the trip, but that doesn't make it any easier and Geralt worries about it and doubts himself the whole way over. Surely, Eskel was just mistaken or reading too much into it. Jaskier is… he's a friend and friends give each other gifts on occasion. That's all it is. Or at least that's what Geralt thinks until they come up on the island and Eskel turns the engine down as they drift into the shallows. On the beach, fumbling with bits of seaweed and palm leaves, is Jaskier. And it doesn't take a genius to know he's building a nest.

"I don't think we'll have to worry about his enthusiasm," Eskel whispers, "pretty sure he'll be on board."

Geralt nods blankly, keeping his eyes on Jaskier as his heart hammers in his chest. He's faintly aware that Eskel can hear, but they're well past denial at this point. When Jaskier sees them, he spares a glance at the nest before pulling himself down to the waterline and swimming up to the boat.

"You weren't supposed to be here yet," Jaskier mumbles, fingertips clinging to the edge of the boat. "It's not done."

"It's, not-" Geralt fumbles, unable to find the words.

"You're building a nest," Eskel says and Jaskier nods a confirmation.

"You said you couldn't stay underwater so the one I grew is out of the question," Jaskier starts, "I won't have my mate uncomfortable, so I found a tidal pool in the rock where I can stay with you- if you like it."

Geralt would cry if he wasn't so preoccupied feeling things. He can't keep his eyes off the nest, a little bed of dried kelp and seaweed speckled with sea glass and shells for decoration. He might cry anyway.

"We actually had to come and ask something of you," Eskel says, "why don't we get out and we can chat."

Jaskier quickly darts out of the way, continuously looking between Geralt and the nest, his eyes wide and begging for approval. Geralt is too overwhelmed to even know what to say and he just stays silent. The nest is all he needs to see to know Eskel is right, but he wants to hear it before they go any farther. He's expecting Eskel to be the one to broach the subject - it was his idea, after all, but as soon as Geralt is out of the boat, Eskel starts up the engine again.

"I'll leave you to it," he says, "be back in a bit."

He flashes a grin as he pulls the boat back and turns out into the open water. Geralt is left floundering, fingers moving restlessly at his sides.

"What did you want to ask about?" Jaskier asks.

"I um-" Geralt starts, "Eskel is uh- he thinks you might be interested in, well- um. I know you haven't liked any of the previous mates we brought you but I thought maybe- Eskel thought- would you be-" he huffs in frustration and looks at the sand between them. "Would you want… me?"

Immediately, his back hits the sand and there's a weight on his chest he only belatedly realizes is Jaskier. There are hands on his face, smooth and slightly sharp and then he's being kissed again and again.

"Finally," Jaskier mumbles between kisses, "what was it that finally convinced you?" Geralt doesn't get a chance to respond before Jaskier's kissing him again. "Was it the shells?" he asks, barely pulling away from Geralt's lips. "Was it the yelling at Lambert?"

Geralt chuckles softly but even that sound is muffled as Jaskier dips down to kiss him again. Geralt winds his arms around Jaskier's neck, letting him relax into the feeling of his heavy body against his own. He settles, letting Jaskier push him into the sand as he hums against his lips.

"Was it the seaweed?" he asks and this time when he goes back in for another kiss, Geralt holds him back.

"The nest was… good," he breathes, "but it was just you."

Jaskier lets out a little whine and kisses him again before pulling away and burying his face in Geralt's neck. He rubs up against his scent glands and a little shiver runs down Geralt's spine. His skin prickles and he's overwhelmed by the sudden scent of Alpha. He's never smelt it on Jaskier before, but it's strong now, overpowering and Geralt has to push him back again.

"Not this time," he whispers, breathless. "Next time I'll come and stay."

"My season isn't for a few weeks," Jaskier complains, "come again soon." And Geralt can't really argue with that. All the want he's been holding back threatens to burst forward now and he bundles Jaskier into his arms, rolling him over into the sand.

"I'll come back soon," he promises and dips down to kiss him again.


After his positive reception last time, Geralt is eager to get back to the island. This time he's going alone, so he packs a bag with some food and supplies and with an anxious flutter in his chest, heads down to the harbour. The trip out to the island isn't long, but it seems like an eternity tonight and Geralt spends the entire time nervous about spending the night on the island. But this is Jaskier. Jaskier who he's known for months, Jaskier who spits water at Lambert, Jaskier who has turned down every mate they've suggested and wants Geralt. The thoughts lift his spirits a little and Geralt powers forward.

He brings the boat up on the southern side of the island, keeping it out of the way of their little area, and ties it up to one of the trees so it can't drift off with the tide. He's still a little anxious as he rounds on Jaskier's beach, but the sight of the nest drains all worry from his mind.

Jaskier has not only improved the nest but he's built a little shade overtop with palm leaves and driftwood. It's reminiscent of the forts Geralt and Eskel used to make in the forests around Kaer Morhen and Geralt's heart clenches at the sight of it. Around the nest in the sand and in the shallows are little patches of glowing algae and moss, placed delicately as if on purpose and when Jaskier pops up from underwater with his hands full of the stuff Geralt realizes it was. He smiles absently at Jaskier, still looking around at their surroundings, taking in the decoration in the dim evening light. As Jaskier swims closer, Geralt realizes that he is glowing, too, little markings on his face and skin that Geralt never noticed before. He wonders vaguely if it's part of some unknown mating ritual - although this is just supposed to be a test run.

Jaskier smiles as he slips up into the shallows and Geralt drops to sit cross-legged in the sand. The waves lap gently at his toes and Jaskier pulls himself up until he's right in front of Geralt.

"Hi," Jaskier grins, "swim with me?" and Geralt nods, ready to stand up and take his trousers off. But Jaskier stops him. "Let me?" he asks and Geralt's breath catches in his chest.

He's under no illusions as to what he's here for, but when Jaskier rises up to sit on his tail, hands pressing against Geralt's stomach, Geralt shudders. Jaskier hums softly under his breath, a little tune that helps to ease Geralt's nerves and Geralt finds himself settling quite quickly under his touch. He shuts his eyes and rolls his head back and he realizes Jaskier is in no rush to get him out of his clothes.

Jaskier toys with the buttons on his shirt, slips his fingers between them, and brushes against the bare skin beneath. He's not doing much, but Geralt can feel the tension in Jaskier and he can smell his rising arousal. It's a heady feeling knowing he's the reason for Jaskier's excitement and he's so caught up in it that he doesn't realize when Jaskier's fingers curl in his shirt, tugging it out of his trousers, not until cool palms press against his stomach.

Jaskier smooths up his stomach, pushing the shirt as he goes before getting frustrated with it and tugging it up over Geralt's head. And as soon as Geralt's chest is bare, Jaskier leans in, pressing his nose to Geralt's skin and nosing in his chest hair.

"You're perfect," Jaskier mumbles, sliding his hands down to Geralt's hips.

Jaskier quickly unbuttons Geralt's trousers and has them pushed to his knees in no time before finally allowing Geralt to get to his feet and step out of them. Evidently pleased with Geralt's state of undress, Jaskier slips back into the water, gesturing for Geralt to follow him. And Geralt doesn't need to be told twice.

His cocklet is already swelling between his legs and he longs for Jaskier's touch again, to wrap around him and hold him in his arms. So when Jasikier rolls onto his back and swims out deeper, Geralt wastes no time in following him. And when Geralt is submerged up to his waist, Jasikier swims in a circle around him, wrapping his tail around Geralt's legs and pressing up against his chest so they're nearly face-to-face.

"Do you like it?" Jaskier asks, brushing his knuckles over Geralt's cheek.

The markings on his skin seem to shimmer as Jaskier's eyes meet Geralt's and Geralt tips forward, pressing his lips to Jaskiers, mumbling a soft yeah. He's relieved when Jaskier only deepens the kiss, letting sharp teeth graze over Geralt's bottom lip and then there are hands under his thighs, lifting him off his feet and Geralt instinctively wraps his legs around Jaskier's waist.

He huffs a little sound of surprise, but Jaskier just hums happily against him, sliding one hand back up to cup the back of Geralt's head as he kisses him again. And Geralt is surprised at how normal it feels wrapped around Jaskier, how perfectly… perfect it feels, like he was meant to do this.

Jaskier sinks back in the water, nearly submerging them both so only their heads are above the water and Geralt lets himself sink into his touch. His hips shift a little on their own and Jaskier groans encouragingly, claws digging into the meat of Geralt's thigh, holding him closer against him. He's breathing heavily now and Geralt can't think clearly through the fog of lust. Jaskier reeks of it now and the way he squirms against him isn't helping Geralt's own arousal. But before he can suggest heading back to the nest, Jaskier shifts them so Geralt is on his back and propels them into the shallows.

Once they get onto the sand, Geralt rises to his feet, and Jaskier hauls himself up the beach alongside him, making for the nest. When he gets inside, Geralt sits down and makes himself comfortable as Jaskier sidles up next to him, only a few scant inches between them. Jaskier's eyes are dark but soft as he reaches out, running a hand down Geralt's side. He lets his fingers catch on the hem of Geralt's boxer-briefs, pushing them down a little with every pass until Geralt groans with impatience and Jaskier laughs brightly.

Jaskier leans in, kissing Geralt again as he pushes his underwear down all the way. His lips brush against Geralt's jaw, his neck and down to his chest again. He's careful and tentative, nuzzling against him and mouthing at his skin. When Jaskier reaches his nipples, Geralt's cocklet twitches between them, jerking so hard it bumps against Jaskier's tail. But all it does is encourage Jaskier, who reaches down, wrapping one smooth, cool hand around the length of him.

Geralt lets out a needy whine as Jaskier strokes him and without moving away, he shuffles all the way out of his underwear so he can spread his legs a little, letting Jaskier play with him.

"Good?" Jaskier asks, lips still close enough that they brush against Geralt's skin.

"Yeah," Geralt breathes, arching off the ground to press into the touch.

Jaskier hums against him and tips his head to wrap his lips around Geralt's nipple, suckling softly at it. And Geralt's cunt aches in response, clenching down around nothing and he groans softly.

He reaches up, sliding his hands down Jaskier's back and over the swell of his tail, guiding him closer and Jaskier huffs a soft laugh as he shifts against him. Jaskier slips a hand down between them, playing with Geralt's cocklet as he suckles at his nipple, humming against him as Geralt squirms.

"Jask," Geralt whispers, "wanna touch you."

"Mm okay," Jaskier hums, but he doesn't move.

He nips at Geralt's skin and licks over his nipple, but doesn't make any attempt to get off of him. So Geralt wraps his arms around him and rolls Jaskier onto his back, pushing himself up to look down at him.

And Jaskier smiles, reaching up to brush his knuckles over Geralt's cheek. Geralt ducks his head to keep Jaskier from seeing the flush that creeps into his face and he presses a hand to Jaskier's chest, sliding down toward his tail. He teases the skin where it meets with scales, fascinated by the smoothness of the join. When he pushes further, his fingers catch on a slit in the perfect scales and Jaskier shudders as Geralt's fingers brush against it.

The response intrigues Geralt and he brings his fingers back up to press against the slit. It's not until Jaskier sighs that Geralt realizes what he's doing. Immediately, he's embarrassed both for touching him like that and for not knowing that he was. Because he should and he does, he knows Jaskier's anatomy better than most creatures after all the research he and Eskel have done, but it feels different when he's here and touching for himself.

"'S okay," Jskier breathes, "keep going."

Geralt does. He presses lightly against the slit, holding his breath as the scales part beneath his fingers and he sinks in. Jaskier is wet inside, slick like a cunt except Geralt can't sink his fingers in any deeper without pressing against the tip of his cock. He barely holds back a moan when he realizes, letting his fingertips slide over the tip of Jaskier's cock, slipping down to the crown and the ridges beneath.

Jaskier swells under his touch, firming up and pressing into Geralt's palm eagerly. It's a heady feeling and Geralt presses a little firmer, strokes him a little more quickly until the tip of Jaskier's cock breaches the slit. Geralt draws his hand away and his cunt flutters the sight of Jaskier's cock slipping free. Jaskier groans and rocks up and Geralt desperately wants to get his mouth on him. He's worried it's too much, that blowjobs aren't part of getting him knocked up, but he wants it too badly to not try.

As soon as his lips press to Jaskier's cock, Jaskier is arching off the ground beneath him and one hand presses against the back of his head, a gentle reassurance. So Geralt slides his mouth to the base of Jaskier's cock, slipping his fingers around him, pressing into the slit and stroking the part of his cock that's still sheathed. Jaskier shudders and squirms at the touch, his tail flopping against the ground.

"Oh," Jaskier groans, "oh, fuck-"

Jaskier hums shakily and Geralt slips his fingers around him. Just above the base of Jaskier's cock he finds three circular ridges, one above the other and when he presses against them experimentally, Jaskier cries out.

"Geralt," Jaskier pants, "do that again." Geralt does and Jaskier whimpers, pressing his palms to Geralt's cheeks and tugging him up into a rough kiss.

Jaskier kisses him deep and hard, tugging Geralt up on top of him and Geralt shifts onto his knees without breaking the kiss. He rocks forward gently, sliding his cocklet along the side of Jaskier's cock, pressing hard and eager and whining at the not-enough pressure. But Jaskier hums against him, sliding a hand down Geralt's chest and down between his legs. Jaskier shifts and tugs Geralt up to be able to run his knuckles between the folds of Geralt's cunt, pressing in as deep as he can without jabbing him and Geralt rocks onto him, pushing himself down onto Jaskirr's fingers. Jaskier groans into his mouth, pulling away just far enough to nibble at Geralt's lower lip.

"Careful," Jaskier whispers, "I don't want to hurt you."

"Want you," Geralt mumbles and Jaskier pulls away, nuzzling at Geralt's neck.

He flattens his palm against Geralt's cunt, pressing the heel of his hand just below his cocklet where it's most sensitive. Geralt immediately rocks down against him, shifting his hips to rut against his palm. And Jaskier meets him in the middle, pressing up against him as he mouths at Geralt's throat.

"You smell amazing," he hums and Geralt just huffs at him. "You want something more, don't you?" Jaskier asks.

Geralt nods, whispering a faint please, and Jaskier rolls him onto his back, pressing his palm more firmly against Geralt's cunt and Geralt just ruts up against him.

"That's it," Jaskier coos, "just like that love, take what you want. Why don't you show me how you like it, hm?"

Geralt's eyes flick up to him and Jaskier smiles, curling his fingers in such a way that his knuckles slip between the folds of Gealt's cunt again. He pulls his hand away and Geralt aches at the loss, sliding a hand down his stomach to push his own fingers inside of him, almost unthinkingly. But the sound Jaskier makes when he does it dispels all worry and Geralt pushes deeper, seeking out the sensitive spot inside him.

Jaskier watches intently and Geralt feels a little self-conscious at first, but it's hard not to relax into it when Jaskier reeks of lust. Jaskier leans in, rubbing his face against Geralt's neck or dipping down to kiss his chest, lick his nipples and suck them into his mouth. And it only makes Geralt needier, shoving three fingers deep into his cunt and fucking himself quickly on them.

"Fuck," Jaskier mumbles and when Geralt looks over, Jaskier's got a hand wrapped around himself, jerking himself slowly, eyes focused on Geralt's fingers where they sink into himself.

Jaskier is fully erect now, his cock hard and stained a deep purple with arousal. Geralt stares at it, watching as Jaskier's fingers slide over the ridges, imagining what it will feel like inside him, how each little bump would press and rub inside him. He shoves his fingers deeper, not realizing the way he seeks out that spot, imagining it's the tip of Jaskier's prick instead. Jaskier is thick all the way down, but his cock tapers down from the base and Geralt wants to sink down on him, feel the gradual stretch until he reaches that thick base, stretching him wide and-

Geralt whines as his fingers make contact with that spot again and his hips jerk hard as he spills over his hip, coming hard and suddenly. He's caught off guard by his orgasm and it leaves him breathless and panting, wide-eyed as he searches Jaskier's face for emotion.

And Jaskier's eyes are full of it, dark with arousal and bright. Jaskier dips forward immediately, catching Geralt's lips in a sloppy kiss that is sharp and uncoordinated, but Geralt sinks into it immediately. He rocks up against Jaskier's body, groaning as his cocklet bumps against Jaskier's cock and he pulls one arm up to wrap around Jaskier's shoulders, careful not to get slick in his hair. But Jaskier is unconcerned about the mess, reaching down to press his palm against Geralt's soaking cunt again, grinding against him and encouraging the gush of slick that has Geralt's thighs wet with it.

Jaskier rocks forward and Geralt can feel the swell of a knot at the base of his cock, not yet fully blown but big enough to make him ache. His cunt flutters at the thought of it, but he doesn't have to wait long as Jaskier readjusts, sliding his length between the folds of Geralt's cunt. Jaskier doesn't push in, just slides against him maddeningly, but the tip of his cock nudges beneath Geralt's cocklet and makes him squirm. Geralt loves the feeling of someone rutting up against him, too eager to even press in and it's enough to make up for the emptiness.

When Jaskier does push inside him, it feels like an accident, if Jaskier's abrupt moan and the way he presses his face into Geralt's neck are any indication. But if it is, he doesn't correct it. Jaskier just pushes deeper, groaning with every little shift until he's buried up to his knot, still nosing under Geralt's jaw.

"You feel incredible," he whispers, "so slick and tight for me. I didn't think you'd want it but you do, don't you?"

"Yeah," Geralt whispers, "wanted it for a while."

"I'll take care of you," Jaskier promises, grazing sharp teeth against the column of Geralt's throat. "Pretty mate, so precious."

Jaskier rolls his hips in slow forward motions at first, letting Geralt adjust to the stretch, but Geralt's already so worked up that Jaskier could probably knot him right now and he'd just relax into it. He loves the feeling of being split open, of knowing that's Jaskier's cock inside him, fucking into him. And when Jaskier shifts, he perfectly reaches that most sensitive spot, grinding up against it near constantly.

Geralt's eyes flutter shut and he slides a hand through Jaskier's hand to steady himself. He moves with every one of Jaskier's trusts, trying to get him as deep as possible, rocking onto his knot before Jaskier will even let him have it. Geralt is mindless with it arching off the sand as Jaskier nips at his skin and sends little shivers through his whole body.

He wraps his legs around Jaskier's tail, clenching tight around his cock, his tail, his shoulders. Geralt holds him tightly, whimpering with every thrust as Jaskier whispers soft words of praise into his skin. When Geralt ducks his head, he can nuzzle against Jaskier's neck, press up against his scent glands and it feels intimate in a way that makes him shake, to think that Jaskier could let him do this, could want this from him.

Geralt teases the skin there with his teeth, a mimicry of the way Jaskier nips at him and Jaskier shivers, reaching to brush a thumb over Geralt's nipple in response. There's a heat in his gut that threatens to spill over and Geralt has to try hard not to come at the simplest touch. But as Jaskier buries himself deep, rutting into him in time with the ministrations to his nipple, Geralt can't hold on any longer.

"Gonna-" he whispers, a frantic plea before he spills between them, clenching hard around Jaskier's cock.

"Fuck," Jaskier groans, "come on, love."

He reaches between them, curling a hand around Geralt's cocklet and stroking him through it, pressing the pad of his thumb into the base as he slows the roll of his hips. Geralt gasps against Jaskier's skin as he's quickly encouraged through a second orgasm in quick succession.

His entire body feels like jelly, like he couldn't keep himself up if he tried and he buries his face in Jaskier's neck. After two orgasms, Geralt's head is foggy, a feeling he usually only gets while fucking on his heat and he loves it, loves the way Jaskier can get him into the space with the consciousness to appreciate it for once. He feels like he's floating, so overwhelmed with pleasure and adoration that all he can do is mumble into Jaskier's skin, kissing him and sucking at his throat. He's absently aware that there will be a mark there and he's only a little disappointed that there are no other sirens around to see it.

He wants to claim Jaskier for his own so that everyone knows this is his mate, no other's. He doesn't realize he's bitten him until Jaskier jerks hard against him. His knot pushes into Geralt's cunt in one quick motion and Jaskier lets out a shuddering gasp as he's forced deeper.

"Ah," Jaskier chokes, "fuck, darling-"

He pushes one hand down under Geralt's head, cradling it gently as he pulls back to look at him and Geralt draws back, catching Jaskier's gaze and holding it. Neither of them speaks, but Geralt can feel the change between them as Jaskier grinds his knot into him. Geralt's eyes flutter shut as hard as he tries to keep them open, too overwhelmed by the sudden stretch to fight against it any longer. He has all of Jaskier now, locking on his knot and still shifting his hips as Jaskier shudders above him.

All he hears is a little gasp and then Jaskier's breath comes quicker, panicky and he pushes himself up, shifting back. His knot catches and he groans in frustration.

"Geralt," he breathes, "fuck, I hope you were serious about the whole breeding thing-"

Geralt's eyes go wide as he realizes what Jaskier is implying.

"I thought you couldn't lay out of season-"

"Not with a regular partner," Jaskier huffs, moaning softly as he lowers himself onto Geralt's chest. He tips his head, baring his throat and the red bite mark over his scent glands. "Sometimes with a mate-" he doesn't finish the sentence, but the silence speaks for itself. Geralt has claimed him, marked him, mated him and it's triggered some biological switch in Jaskier's body.

Geralt opens his mouth to apologize, but Jaskier cuts him off with a kiss, tangling his fingers in his hair and humming softly against him. He rocks forward, shuddering at the pressure of Geralt's cunt around him and then he settles buried deep.

"Might be a little uncomfortable," he mumbles, "I'm sorry."

Geralt just shakes his head and presses a soft kiss to Jaskier's lips. He can feel the way Jaskier shifts inside him, the way his cock seems to swell even further, stretching him from the inside out. But Geralt is delirious with it and when he feels Jaskier tense against him, he braces himself for the discomfort.

But Jaskier just clenches his eyes shut and braces himself, slowing his breath and dropping his chin to his chest.

"Okay?" Geralt asks and Jaskier nods.

"Just a little… ah-" Jaskier face scrunches up and Geralt reaches up to touch his cheek, brushing his fingers along the line of his jaw. He's still foggy, but he hates to see the hurt on Jaskier's face.

Geralt presses his hand down Jaskier's stomach, slipping down to press his fingers around the base of his cock. Jaskier is so deep, locked inside him, that Geralt can only barely brush the top of his cock. But he slips his fingers inside, sliding over the bumps there and as he does, Jaskier lets out a soft whine.

"Feels good," he whispers, "don't stop."

Geralt presses a little more firmly, running his fingertip over the uneven skin and Jaskier shudders, pressing his cock deeper as he leans into the touch. It's plain to see how sensitive these spots are and Geralt delights in watching the pleasure ripple on Jaskier's face until abruptly, he lurches forward. Geralt can feel the change as the first egg passes down.

"Oh," he breathes and Geralt pulls his hand back as Jaskier presses close, hips twitching. "Forgot how it feels," Jaskier mumbles.

"Does it hurt?"

"No, feels good. 'S never felt this good before." Jaskier leans down to kiss him, still breathing heavily against his lips and Geralt shuts his eyes, focusing on the stretch of Jaskier's cock as it expands.

He's surprised to be able to feel the egg as it's deposited, though once it's settled, the sensation passes. But now that they're coming, the process goes quickly and Geralt can feel his belly expand as he's filled with Jaskier's clutch. When he looks down, he can see the faint swell of it and he can't resist running a palm over his belly, much to Jaskier's approval. Jaskier makes a soft, pleased sound in the back of his throat and presses his forehead to Geralt's, whispering softly to him.

"You're doing so well, love, still feeling okay?" Geralt nods and Jaskier dips to kiss the tip of his nose. "Do you want to come again?" As Geralt considers, he realizes he's grown hard again, his cocklet bouncing slightly above his hip and he flushes. "Don't be embarrassed," Jaskier whispers, "it's a natural reaction, let me help."

Jaskier slides a hand over him again, teasing the head of Geralt's cocklet with the pads of his fingers. Geralt's slick already, dripping onto his skin and Jaskier encourages it, slipping his fingers through the pre-come and sliding it down his length. He doesn't jerk him off so much as he does play with him, teasing and toying with him until Geralt is about to come again.

Another egg pushes into him and he feels big. His belly is swollen, but the pressure only serves to make him needier as Jaskier's fingers wrap around the head of his cocklet.

"That's the last one," Jaskier says as he shifts his hips again, rocking into Geralt's body as well as he can. "Will you touch me?" he asks and Geralt nods enthusiastically, sliding both palms up Jaskier's stomach. "I'm so close," he mumbles, "just… play with my nipples a little?"

Geralt is already moving before Jaskier has finished speaking, sliding up to brush his thumbs over Jaskier's nipples. The cry he gets in response is encouraging and he pinches the nubs between his thumbs and fingers, rolling them gently.

"Oh fuck-" Jaskier gasps, "don't stop love, just like that-"

Jaskier fucks him as well as he can, stretching Geralt on his knot as he pulls back and sinking into him again. Jaskier groans as he comes, dropping forward onto Geralt's chest and sliding a hand down to stroke Geralt off with him.

He buries himself deep, shuddering through his own orgasm as he brings Geralt off with a few quick strokes. Jaskier doesn't let him go, holding Geralt's softening cocklet as he nuzzles into his chest and slumps against him. For a moment, neither of them says anything, but then Jaskier shifts to move and Geralt wraps his arms around Jaskier's shoulders, holding him against him.

"Just gonna roll over," Jaskier says softly, "don't want to crush you."

Geralt grumbles as Jaskier slides away, but as he turns onto his side, Jaskier lifts one of Geralt's legs over his own hip and squirms back between them, pressing against his chest. He kisses Geralt's collar bone, tracing the line of it all the way up to his neck and mouthing at the sensitive skin there. Geralt shudders as Jaskier's teeth graze against him but then Jaskier groans and as his hips jerk hard, he presses his head into Geralt's shoulder.

"Oh," he moans, "you feel so good, love. Are you still alright?"

"Yeah," Geralt breathes. He's tired and his cocklet aches from oversensitivity where it sits against his hip, but it's already swelling again, already aroused by Jaskier's groans and the way he jerks as he spills inside him again. "How long does it last?"

"A little while. Maybe half an hour? If you're tired, sleep, you've done so well today, my love."

Geralt hums thoughtfully. He has no desire to sleep; he wants to feel everything, to bask in the stretch of Jaskier's knot tying them together, but his exhaustion wins out and despite his best efforts, his eyes drop shut.


When Geralt wakes again a little while later, Jaskier is behind him, tucked up against his back with his tail draped over Geralt's legs. He's warm and Geralt can hear the sound of his breath, the thud of his heartbeat and it soothes him. He lets his eyes drop shut again, pressing back into Jaskier's chest. He doesn't even have time to settle before a hand slides over his side, slipping down to settle on his belly and it's the first time Geralt's really seen what he looks like. And he looks pregnant. His stomach is hard and swollen under Jaskier's hand, stretched by the clutch he's carrying. Geralt thought he would hate the sight of his belly all round and full, but he has rather the opposite reaction.

Behind him, there's a faint chuckle and Jaskier's hand slips down to press gently between his thighs, brushing against the sensitive skin there and Geralt can't hold back a moan. He shifts slightly, spreading his legs and turning onto his back to give Jaskier full access to his cunt. Access that Jaskier takes advantage of immediately.

He slides his knuckles through Geralt's slick folds, nudging against the base of his cocklet and Geralt whines out loud, hips bucking to try and force Jaskier's fingers deeper.

"Oooh, I know, love. It can be a little much but look at you. All swollen and full of my eggs," Jaskier makes a low humming sound as he leans up over him, kissing Geralt's belly. "So big and beautiful. Fuck. Maybe we should try again, hm? Make sure it takes? Fuck you nice and hard while you're full of my pups?"

"Please," Geralt whispers, and it doesn't take Jaskier longer than the time it takes to roll Geralt onto his side before he's lifting Geralt's thigh and guiding his cock into Geralt's cunt.

They groan together as Jaskier sinks into him, snapping his hips quick and hard. It only takes Geralt a couple of minutes before he's dripping, so hard he can't stand it, but Jaskier is more concerned with his belly. He runs his hands over it, spreading his fingers over the swell and slipping down to hold Geralt's belly as he fucks into him hard.

Geralt reaches down, wrapping a hand around his cocklet and he comes almost immediately as Jaskier's knot catches on his cunt. He strokes himself slowly, gripping hard around the head of his cocklet as he spills into the sand beneath him. It doesn't take long before Jaskier's knot pops and he buries himself in Geralt's body, coming hard and groaning against the back of his neck.

When they're lying together afterward, panting and still tied together, Geralt presses himself back into Jaskier's chest, earning him a soft kiss to the side of his neck.

"You… courted me," Geralt says quietly, his voice a little shaky with nerves. "Now you've bred me, but you said you wanted me to be your mate…" he doesn't know how to ask for what he wants, so he lets the sentence drop, but Jaskier nuzzles against his neck, letting his teeth graze Geralt's skin.

"What do you want?" Jaskier asks, "all you have to do is ask and it's yours. I do- I have another gift for you, but I was… distracted when you showed up here last night."

"I don't need gifts, I just- do you really want me to be your mate? Or did you just want to fuck me?"

Jaskier scoffs as though offended, but one of his hands comes up to rub Geralt's belly.

"I wanted you, darling. I told you, I have a gift, but I was distracted. A final gift. You're- you're supposed to wear it while we mate, but I'll give it to you today. But if it's not a gift you want, what is it?"

"I… will you bite me?"

"Oh. Do alphas bite, too?" Jaskier asks, shifting so he can rest his chin on Geralt's shoulder. Geralt twists a little to look up at him and nods.

"More common for just Alphas to bite," Geralt mumbles, "I got carried away."

"Mm, understandable. That was intense. I haven't felt that kind of draw to someone...ever. If you want me to bite you, I'd be happy to." Jaskier grazes his teeth along Geralt's throat, nipping carefully. "Here?" he asks, then slips toward the back of Geralt's neck, "or maybe here?"

He only teases for a moment before he shudders again and Geralt can feel as Jaskier spills inside him. It makes his cocklet ache and his cunt flutters around Jaskier's cock and then, as Jaskier's teeth sink into his skin, Geralt lets out a sob. Pleasure zips through him and he doesn't realize he's coming until Jaskier is whispering against the back of his neck, telling him how perfect he is.


"Thank you," Geralt whispers once he's relaxed again, "how long do we have? Until the pups are born."

"'Bout a month or so? I've never bred with a human before. Don't know of anyone else who has, either," Jaskier hums.

"Guess I'm just lucky," Geralt mumbles.

"Oh no, my love, I'm the lucky one."


For the first two nights, Jaskier knots him every night and every morning - just to make sure it takes. Geralt is nearly positive the first time was enough, but it's his job as a conservationist and now as Jaskier's mate, to ensure the pregnancy takes. Not that it's any kind of hardship for him to fuck Jaskier.

On the fourth day, Eskel is due to arrive and Geralt wakes up to Jaskier eating him out, prepping him so he can knot him one last time before their privacy is interrupted. And who is Geralt to deny his mate anything?

When Eskel arrives, Geralt is clean and dressed, though covered in love marks and little bites that he's overly fond of, but isn't totally sure he wants Eskel to see. So when Eskel does show up, smirking at Geralt and Jaskier, Geralt flushes bright red to the tips of his ears. He's so concerned about the marks, he doesn't even realize Eskel is focused on his belly until he mentions it.

"I'll assume everything went well?" he asks and Geralt gives a little nod, automatically reaching down to touch his belly. "How long?"

"Jask says a month or so," Geralt explains and Jaskier nods behind him to confirm.

"Are you planning on staying here until then?" Eskel asks.

Geralt hasn't thought about it. Until now, he's been preoccupied with Jaskeir and the bliss of a new union; he hasn't given much thought to the fact that Jaskier can't live on land and Geralt can't live in the ocean. Apparently, the concern is clear on his face because Eskel steps in to offer a solution.

"You could bring the boat out," he suggests, referring to the boat they use for overnight trips.

"What if you need it?"

"We'd bring the dinghy out and find you. Not like we don't know where you are."

"And you'd be okay with that? With me being away, what about the cecaelia-"

"Geralt," Eskel says softly, reaching out to lay a hand on his shoulder, "you're incubating an entire clutch of eggs, we'll survive without you for a month, don't worry so much. You should be with Jaskier right now and apart from bringing him back to the lab, I think this is your best option."

"I don't mind going," Jaskier pipes up, "if you'd prefer to be at home."

Geralt turns to face him and Jaskier looks so eager, so ready to do whatever it takes to please him, that Geralt couldn't possibly let him make the sacrifice.

"I'm going to stay," Geralt says, "I appreciate it, but I think it's better for the pups if we both stay here."

Jaskier reaches up, pulling Geralt into a brief but firm kiss and Geralt flushes dark again as he straightens up. Eskel is wearing a soft smile when Geralt turns back to him and none of the judgement Geralt expects to see is there.

"I have to do a few tests while I'm here, make sure everything looks okay - for you and the pups - why don't you make me a list of everything you'll need and I'll text Lambert to get it all together for you."

Jaskier slides up next to Geralt, leaning against his shin and frowning up at Eskel.

"What do you have to do?" he asks.

"Just a couple of scans, a few questions to see how Geralt is feeling. It's not that I don't trust your instincts, but no one's ever recorded a Witcher raising siren pups, just want to be careful."

This seems to satisfy Jaskier and he settles as Eskel takes Geralt to the boat where his equipment is waiting.


Things are easier once Eskel and Lambert bring the boat out and Geralt has a soft bed to sleep in, but the convenience doesn't last long. Within two weeks, Geralt's belly has swollen to twice the size it was when Jaskier deposited his eggs. He's achy and tired and getting up into the boat is getting harder and harder with all that weight on his stomach. More and more often, Jaskier will climb up and curl up on the bow of the boat with him, fawning over him and pawing gently at his belly.

They'll lie awake for hours when Geralt is too sore to sleep, looking up at the sky. Geralt will point out constellations and Jaskier does his best to remember them, trying to recite them all without help. And Geralt finds it horribly endearing.

In the anticipated final week of his pregnancy, Geralt is constantly sore. His stomach is huge, big enough that he can only barely wrap his arms around it, and so heavy. Most days, he spends in the water now, floating in the shallows because the water eases some of the strain of his belly.

One morning, he's leaning against a piece of driftwood, floating just inches above the sand and Jaskier slips up beside him, pressing an ear to Geralt's belly.

"It won't be long," he says softly.

Geralt is torn; he doesn't hate being pregnant, and Jaskier is so devoted to him like this, bringing him food and rubbing his belly and fucking him every time Geralt is the tiniest bit horny. But he's sick of being useless, sick of being too big and too sore to do anything on his own, as much as he appreciates Jaskier's help. But despite the positives of his pregnancy coming to an end, Geralt is nervous.

He hasn't mentioned it to Jaskier yet for fear of making him worry needlessly too, but he'll deliver live pups, siren pups who need to be in the water. And Geralt doesn't know how to make that work. He's well aware that many human omegas give birth in specialized pools, but this is the ocean and there's no one but Jaskier to guide him through it.

"Have you done this before?" Geralt asks and Jaskier looks up at him from where he's still resting gently against his belly.

"Once," he admits, "but I was young and the omega is long gone and she-"

"I don't mind," Geralt says quickly, "I just… don't know what to do."

"Oh, love," Jaskier hums, sitting up and coming up against Geralt's side to wrap his arms around him, pulling Geralt up against his chest. "You have nothing to worry about. When it happens, you'll come down to the water and lie just like this. I'll be with you the whole time, but your body will tell you what to do. Every birth I've seen has been quick and painless and then they'll just swim off and I'll have you all to myself again."


"Don't worry about it my darling, I won't let anything happen to you."


Geralt goes into labour in the middle of the night, though labour doesn't feel like the right word for it. He's been getting cramps since the second week, but these are so much worse, almost debilitating until Jaskier gets him into the water. For a little while, Geralt walks around at waist-level while Jaskier swims circles around him, constantly checking in and stopping Geralt to feel his belly.

"Are you alright?" Jaskier frets, "do you need anything? How can I help?"

"No," Geralt groans, "just want to get it over with."

Jaskier lets out a pained whine and presses his forehead to Geralt's belly. Geralt can feel his distress and he wants to be able to help, but just then a strong cramp blindsides him and Geralt drops to his knees. He has to shuffle forward so the water doesn't cover his chest. But there's another cramp and he drops forward onto his hands. Jaskier quickly swims up in front of him, holding him up and letting Geralt bury his face in Jaskier's neck.

"I've got you, love," Jaskier whispers, "is it time?"

Geralt just grunts an affirmative and groans against Jaskier's neck as one of the pups slips low, spreading him uncomfortably wide. Jaskier speaks softly, trying to calm him, but Gerallt can't even comprehend the words with the way he's cramping. It's a relief when the first pup squirms free but the reprieve only lasts a moment before another takes its place. Geralt thinks back to the laying and he balks at the memory of how many eggs there were.

He feels big enough to have six pups and the way they've been wriggling around, he's not optimistic. But Jaskier slips up behind him, spreading his legs wider and running his fingers along the rim of his cunt. The sensation districts from the pain for a moment but then another pup is squirming free.

There are five in total and Geralt is exhausted by the time they're all free. He crawls up to the shore and flops onto his side, groaning softly at the ache in his entire lower half. Jaskier comes up next to him, resting his head on Geralt's shoulder and gently rubbing his still-swollen belly.

Geralt drops his eyes shut and lets himself drift off to the feeling of Jaskier's palm against his skin.

"They'll be okay?" he mumbles softly and Jaskier hums.

"I told you, love, they'll be fine. They'll swim off and do their own thing. Eskel and Lambert are going to tag them and monitor them - you told me that yourself, darling."

Geralt knows this, it's his job to know how sirens reproduce and how they live after, but it feels so much different when it's his own pups swimming off on their own.


"We can talk more about it in the morning, you should sleep."


"Sleep my love, I'll watch over you." Jaskier curls against him, letting his tail slip between Geralt's legs.

Despite his exhaustion, it takes a long time for Geralt to fall asleep and when he does, he tucks his face into Jaskier's neck, inhaling his scent. He wakes in much the same position, but face-to-face with Jaskier and it takes him a moment to realize they're back in the nest.

"Good morning, my love," Jaskier whispers, "how are you feeling, darling?"

"Sore," Geralt mumbles, "still tired."

"You will be for a little bit, but it'll get better."

"Hope so. Don't want to be out for days every time." Jaskier's breath catches and Geralt can't help the little smirk that crosses his face despite himself.

"Every time?" Jaskier asks quietly.

"You're endangered," Geralt hums, turning to face him, "and now you've got a mate. I don't see any reasons not to do it again."

"But you'd want to? Not just for your job?"

"No," Geralt whispers, "not just for my job. I… liked it, liked knowing I was growing your pips inside me, knowing every time I looked down and saw my belly it was because of you."

Jaskier rumbles low in the back of his throat and tips forward, catching Geralt's lips in a heated kiss. Geralt lets himself be rolled over so he's on his knees above Jaskier. He smiles down at him even as Jaskier leans back up to kiss him again. Geralt huffs a laugh and drops to his elbows, nuzzling against Jaskier's throat.

"I think," Jaskier hums, "that we should get you back into bed where you can sleep. Then we can talk some more about next time."