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The Second Life of Ryuzaki

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It had been ten years since the Cullens and Jacob Black had left Forks. They had decided to go to the state of New Hampshire after Bella had lived her first year as a vampire so she could raise her daughter, Renesmee, with Edward and the rest of the family. After a few years, the Cullens decided they wanted to take a long holiday and explore a new place before settling somewhere else more permanently.

This is why they had chosen to go to Japan and rent a house in the countryside near Tokyo. The Cullens only visited the city at night and on cloudy days. However, today was a bright sunny day so they had to stay indoors.

To keep themselves busy, Jasper and Emmett were playing a video game in the living room against each other while Rosalie and Alice were cheering them on.

On the other side of the room, Carlisle was reading a book on medecine and Esme was making plans to renovate a house. Near them, Bella, Edward, Jacob and Renesmee were playing a board game.

For the Cullens, it was a normal and a cheerful day.

Suddenly, Alice froze, her eyes blank as she received a vision. Everybody stared at her.

"Someone's coming here tomorrow", she said. "It's an eldery man. His name is Quillish Wammy".

Edward approached her so he could read her mind. "It's amazing! He's involved in the Kira case with L". He turned to his father. "It's the man you met in London".

"Quillish Wammy? Yes, I remember him", Carlisle replied.

"Who is it, Grandpa?", Nessie asked. Judging by Jacob and her mother's puzzled expression, she wasn't the only one to not know who he was talking about.

"Quillish Wammy was a young man that I met in the fifties. It was when I had to do this trip in London for research purposes. I was walking in the streets at night when I heard a scream. It came from a dark alley nearby. A gang was attacking a man and wanted to steal his briefcase. It looked like it was going to end badly so I intervened and I scared the attackers away with my strenght. Of course, Quillish Wammy saw everything and he was shocked. I couldn't leave him alone in his current state and I reassured him. I told him I wasn't going to hurt him and I introduced myself but I didn't tell him I was a vampire. After he calmed down, he told me his name and I offered to take him back home which he agreed to. We talked along the way. He said he was an inventor and that the briefcase contained plans for an important invention. I mentionned our family and instructed him to never speak to anyone about what he saw for his own safety".

"That's one hell of a story you've got there!", Jacob chuckled.

Emmett laughed. "That's what I said when he got home and told us everything".

"What does he want?", Bella asked Alice.

"He's coming to get Carlisle's help for the Kira case. He is L's assistant and he is afraid that this investigation will end badly for the both of them".

"What else did you see?", Emmett asked eager to know more.

"Well, Quillish Wammy is working under the code name Watari. As you already know, L discovered that Kira lives in Japan and that he only needs a face, as well as a name to kill. He also discovered that he could access the police's database. Then, he asked Japan's police forces to help him. The problem is that members of the task force wanted to quit the police because they feared for their lives so L decided to only work with the most reliable ones. They found out later that Kira could kill with other ways than heart attacks. He also managed to kill every FBI agents that were investigating on him including an ex-agent that had worked with L in the past. Afterwards, the task force spied on several suspects that were followed by these agents. One of them was Light Yagami, the Chief Inspector's son who is also working on the case. He didn't show anything suspicious but L thought he had Kira's profile. He decided to introduce himself to him as L and told him he suspected he was Kira".

"That's a pretty risky move", Japser said. "Thought it must have allowed him to approach Light Yagami".

"Yeah", Alice continued. "But things started to get worse when the Second Kira broadcast messages on Sakura TV. A police officer died. That's when L decided to allow Light on the task force to test him. He was able to deduct that there was a Second Kira. After a while, they received a coded message from this other Kira asking to meet somewhere. Light offered to go with one of the task force member but they didn't find anything. Then, the Second Kira sent another message to say she had found him".

"She?", Nessie asked.

"Yes, I will get to it soon", Alice continued. "Another task force member, Mogi, tracked Light and found out he was seeing a top model, Misa Amane".

"I heard about her", Rosalie said. "She is a Kira supporter, isn't she?"

"Yes. Anyway, L suspected that she was the Second Kira and investigated on her. He found evidence against Misa and arrested her. Light seemed to be upset about this and told L he was afraid he was Kira without knowing it, so he suggested the task force to lock him up. The murders stopped but they started again after a while. That's when Light began to act strangely. He said his idea of being locked up was nonsense and that he wasn't Kira. However, L didn't seemed to be convinced of Light and Misa's innocence so he forbid the task force to tell them anything. They started to get angry about the situation and L suggested the Chief Inspector an idea. He was to take Light and Misa in a car and tell them they had been sentenced to death. Then, he had to park somewhere deserted and tell Light he would shoot him before killing himself. He would shoot a blank bullet. If they were both Kiras, they would be able to kill the Chief, if not, they were most likely innocent. The Chief did what he was told and didn't die".

"So Light and Misa turned out to be innocent?", Jacob wondered.

"That wasn't enough for L. He suggested that Light and Misa remained under watch. Light would be chained to him 24 hours on 24 and Misa would be followed by one of the task member who would pretend to be her manager. They would continue the investigation in a modern building so they would have more means. That's where you come in Carlisle, Watari doesn't know you're a vampire but he knows you are not an ordinary human and he's sure you can do someting to prevent L's death if Kira finds a way to kill him. He's coming to ask you to help the task force as a doctor".

"I never refuse to help anyone if they need it", Carlisle said.

Alice frozed again. Everybody waited for her to talk again. "I just had visions again. In some of them, I saw you working with the task force, but in others, everything just disappears. Just like it does when Jacob is involved in my visions". She turned to her father. "Carlisle, you have to be careful. I can't see how everything will end".

"I'll be careful", he reassured her.

Nevertheless, Esme looked worried. "I am all for you helping Watari and L but I'm worried that Kira might kill you".

"Kira usually kills by heart attack and if he tries anything else, it won't work against me. He also probably doesn't know about vampires so he probably won't have the idea to use fire. Besides, his method of killing might only work on humans".

"I think it's very brave of you", Nessie said.

At the sound of her voice, everybody turned to her.

"Kira doesn't only kill criminals but also innocent people whose only fault is to oppose him. I'd been wishing I could do something ever since he started his murders. It's nice you get to do so".

Nessie added one more thing: "Besides, isn't it cool to get involved in this investigation and getting to know L, the best detective on earth?"

Everybody seemed to agree.




"How many more minutes, Alice?", Emmett asked getting impatient.

"Three minutes and twenty seconds".

The Cullens were all waiting in the living room. Emmett and Alice were standing next to each other looking through the window, as she said Watari would be coming by car. As for Carlisle and Esme, they were on the sofa waiting patiently. Near them, Bella and Edward were in the loveseat, while Jacob was sitting on the floor. Rosalie, Nessie and Jasper were waiting on the armchairs.

Finally, a vehicle could be heard. It got nearer and it wasn't long until a black fancy car drove up the lane leading to the Cullen's current home. It parked not too far from the entrance.

Everybody was now looking at the window. An eldery man dressed in a black suit got out of the car. He had the appearance of an old-fashioned English butler and was impeccable. However, he had a worried look on his face. He took a breath and he got rid of it before he headed to the house. He went to the door and rang the bell.

Carlisle went to meet him. The man had aged a lot.

"Hello, Mr Wammy, I was expecting you", Carlisle greeted him.

Watari could not believe his eyes. This man hadn't aged at all since they had met. "Hello", he said quite calmly for the situation. "I was sure I could find you here Doctor Cullen. It seems you do remember me after all this time".

"Yes, I remember. Please come in, we have a lot to say to each other".

Carlisle closed the door behind Watari and led him to the living room.

Just before they reached their destination, Watari spoke: "You said you were expecting me but I never informed you of my visit".

"Well, as you already know, people of my kind have strength and speed but some of them also have special gifts. Two of my sons have powers: Jasper can influence people's moods and Edward can read minds. His wife, Bella, has a shield that allows her to block mental powers. Their daughter, Renesmee, can make you see what she wants to if you touch her. As for my daughter, Alice, she can see the future. Not only did she saw you coming here, she also knows why you are here".

"This is extraordinary!", Watari said amazed. "It could help us for the case".

"You mean the Kira case? Unfortunately, it has limitations but she'll tell you all about it herself", Carlisle informed him just as they came in the living room. "Let me intoduce you to my family. Here is Alice and her husband Japser", he said gesturing to them. "This is Esme, my wife. Over there, you have Edward and Bella, Rosalie and Emmett, Jacob and my granddaughter, Renesmee".

"I see, it's the family you have been talking about. It has grown since we've met". Watari examined them. They, like Carlisle, had pale skin and golden eyes. The exceptions were Renesmee who had brown eyes and Jacob who seemed to be Native American. "Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you. I am Mr Wammy". He then turned to Alice. "So, Miss, may you tell me more about you? Your father said you could see the future".

"Yes, but it's not entirely reliable. The future is not static and changes when people make decisions or change their mind. Sometimes, I have another problem. If somebody who isn't human or, let's say, isn't as the same species as me, becomes involved, I become blind. I've learned to see around these kind of people but it's not perfect. In fact, when I tried to look for anything regarding the Kira case, I wasn't able to see everything. This means that there is something unknown involved".

"That is why I came here", Watari said grimly. "This case is not like any others I have stumbled across. I am going to tell you everything about it...".

The old butler introduced himself as Quillish Wammy, an inventor and the founder of Wammy's House, an orphanage for gifted children he had financed thanks to his inventions. A few years before, he had begun to solve cases with L, who had been one of the children he had taken care of. Then, he told everything about the Kira case to the Cullens, basically what Alice had already told them.

Just as he was about to finish he said: "When L started to investigate the Kira case, I already knew it was more dangerous than the others. He had been taking a lot of risks compared to previous cases. That's when I remembered about my meeting with Carlisle decades ago and how he saved my life. I thought that now I had the means to do so, I could find you".

He paused. "I don't know what you are but I know you are no ordinary humans and that you have abilities that allow you to counteract Kira's acts. That is why I came here for help, not to solve the case itself but to protect L. You see, he is like a son to me and I would never forgive myself if I let anything happen to him".

"How do you want us to help?", Carlisle asked.

"We are going to continue the case in a new building which will allow the task force to have more means to solve the case. L is planning to get two more people on the case to help him so if you accept it, I will introduce you as a doctor. Of course, L does not know who you really are and I will tell him you are one of my trusted friends. He will find it strange but he trusts me. If you accept to help, you will also have to use a fake name like the rest of the team and you must refer to L as Ryuzaki".

"I will help you", Carlisle promised.

Watari looked reassured: "Thank you. I have one more thing to add. In case, Ryuzaki and I were to die despite your efforts, he has two heirs ready to take over at Wammy's House. Their code names are Mello and Near. I want you to help them if they have to replace us".

"I hope it won't come to that but I will do it if necessary", the doctor replied.




Light and L were both in Watari's car, driving to the tower. The young detective was in his ususal crouched position and thinking what his butler had told the both of them a few days ago. A young doctor, who was supposedly one of his old friends, had agreed to help the task force in case anybody was hurt. Watari had refused to give L his real name, saying that he would go by the pseudonym of "Carlisle Newton" to protect himself from Kira but he didn't told him anything more, just to trust him.

L didn't like that. Normally, Watari and him never kept anything from each other but he trusted him and had agreed to include Dr Newton in the investigation.

The building came into view and the car went in the underground parking. They had to scan their finger prints and their eyes before they could park. After that, they got through a metal detector and into a big room with computers.

A man in a white coat was standing in front of the big keyborad. When he heard the three men, he turned around and smiled to them.

"Hello, Watari-san", he said with a small British accent, before turning to the two men in cuffs. "And you must be Light-kun and Ryuzaki-kun", he said shaking their hands.

L thought his skin was abnormally cold. He looked at the man. To him, the young doctor wasn't like anybody he had already seen. He had very pale skin and blonde hair. His soft eyes were an unusual gold and had rings under them. Only his clothes seemed normal: a suit and a tie underneath a white coat.

"Hello, Doctor Newton", greeted back Watari before turning to Light and L. "This is the man I've been talking about. I told him what he needed to know and he will be working with us."

"It's an honor to meet you", Light said.

"Yes", L agreed.

"All the pleasure is for me", the doctor replied smiling.