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The door is not even closed in the other room, left ajar for, most likely, eavesdropping reasons. One wouldn't expect that from someone like WayV's leader, but there were few things he wouldn't do when he was worried for his friends. 

Johnny has always appreciated that about him. 

The image that greets him as he enters is also a pleasant one. There's Kun laying on his bed, a cat in his arms (Louis?), both of them looking soft and fluffy as they were cuddled against each other. 

It did things to Johnny's poor heart. Feelings were already quite hard to deal with, especially feelings for such a man but the intensity of it, it was something that Johnny had never felt. Sure, he had crushes and at some point, he even thought he was in love. But it all faded, nothing could be compared to that. 

And to think that he allowed this man to escape his attention for so many years. It was completely ridiculous. But at the same time, he liked to think that things always happened for very good reasons. Maybe he hadn’t been mature enough before. Maybe he would have treated the other man like a fling, just a way to release some stress and end up with a strained relationship. 

He was grateful to 2020 for that. At least for that. 

“One sleepy boy and one cat, what a great welcome committee,” he joked as he came in, approaching the bed to take in the image at a closer distance. So, so pretty. 

But his pretty boy is offering him a glare and for a moment Johnny doesn’t know what is going on. Did he do anything wrong-- 


“One sleepy boy friend and one cat, then,” he amended, “is that fine?”

It appears to appease Kun because the next moment the younger man lifts one corner of the light duvet, an invitation for Johnny to slip under the covers with him. Just that Johnny didn't prepare for that before coming there. 

"I'm in my outside clothes," he tells the other man, gingerly sitting down on one edge of the bed close enough so he can run his fingers over Kun’s shoulder and down his arm, feeling him stir and wake up just a bit more. Soon the younger man is moving, slowly, rising from the cocoon of pillows to tug at Johnny’s shirt. He's not fully awake yet and as soft as the cat lounging beside him.

“Just sleep in your underwear, or naked,” Kun’s voice is gruff with sleep and damn if it doesn’t do something to Johnny. It is almost a pavlovian response at that point. “I don’t care, just come in.”

“Getting me naked without even a kiss before?” Johnny wiggles his brows, slinking closer into Kun’s space, “Who’s this guy and what did he do with my boyfriend?”

Kun scrunches his nose at the teasing but carries on with his work until Johnny is shirtless and still very much amused. While an incredibly serious and applied man, Kun is really too easy to tease and to get an adorable reaction out of. Ever since they started properly dating Johnny made it his mission to get the sweetest of reactions out of the younger man.

“You really speak way too much,” Kun complains as he reaches down for Johnny’s belt buckle, undoing it efficiently with one hand when Johnny can only rest and watch, trying helplessly not to get too excited. It’s clear that Kun is tired and Johnny isn’t the guy to not understand that sometimes hands down his pants should do nothing for him.

Though, it’s definitely unlikely to think of only pure thoughts right now.

They struggle a bit with Johnny’s pants and he’s pleased with his choice of wearing very loose fitted pants that day. Easy to take off and kick them on the floor somewhere to be retrieved later when Kun has had his fill of cuddles. 

His underwear is far from sexy, some Christmas design because that was all he could find that morning that was both clean and didn't have holes in it. He's not proud of his choice but laundry day is long overdue at this point. Kun doesn’t seem to mind but he lets out a muffled chuckle when he notices. 

“It wasn’t a get naked day, okay?” 

“Sure, honey.” 

Done with getting Johnny out of his clothes, Kun turns his attention towards the cat in his bed. With an unhappy groan, he stands up and carries the still sleeping cat to the desk chair in his room, patting it tenderly a couple of times so he's sure the cat will remain there before throwing himself back into the bed. He stretched on the bed much like a cat before curling up in his previous position. Johnny has a horrible time keeping his cooing to himself. 

"If you don't come in this instant, I'm kicking you out," Kun threatens him. He doesn't look particularly threatening with fluffy hair, indents from the pillow creases on his cheek and a t-shirt that he probably owned since middle school. 

But Johnny is a good guy and he's going to pretend he's scared because he's not stupid enough to refuse cuddles from his favourite person. He slips under the covers with little grace, careful not to kick Kun's legs or elbow him in the face. The bed is seriously small for two grown adults, especially if one of the adults is Johnny's size, but they make it work. 

They know how to arrange themselves at that point. Most of the beds in their dorms are about the same size, so they make do. Johnny lays down and Kun fits himself on the side, half draped on top of the older man, head pillowed against his shoulder and Johnny's arm around his waist. It's more comfortable than expected and it feels close and intimate. 


Johnny half expects Kun to go back to sleep the moment they get properly settled on the bed. 

"Did you have the talk with him?" Kun asks him, expressive, dark eyes watching Johnny curiously.

"You're making it sound weird."

Kun shrugs. He doesn't seem to care much.

"I did," Johnny replies, "it's all fine. I know you've been worried."

There is a soft sigh and a shake of his head which just feels like a nuzzle against his pec. Kun's gotten cat mannerisms at some point after spending so much time with the cats. Johnny doesn't mind, he likes it when Kun forgoes his mature leader status and allows himself to just be. 

"Just a bit."

Being worried a bit is not Kun's forte. Johnny doesn't say it, but they both know a lie when they hear it. "They’re very cute, too. You should talk to them."

"They should come to me. Am I not supposed to know these things?" 

"Because you're a leader?" 

Kun scoffs, "Because I'm their friend." 

“You didn’t exactly run to Ten with the news, either,” Johnny points out. It makes Kun let out a soft noise and hide his face. 

“Sometimes people need time. We needed time and so did them. It's okay, no one is crying.”

He pets Kun’s hair, playing with the short, black locks. He’d liked Kun’s hair longer, especially when the younger man put it in a tiny palm tree ponytail, but it is cute either way. Kun is cute in general. Not that he would tell the younger that, he’d just deny it. 

“I’ll talk to him tomorrow. With them, whatever,” Kun says tiredly, "maybe stay over too? To do this right?"

Johnny would say no because he made no deal with Ten about these kinds of things and he knows that the levels of awkwardness will be to the moon, but Kun has these eyes when he asks for things and Johnny feels weak way too soon. It's almost like someone flipped a switch inside of him and all his powers are now depleted leaving him to a putty-like consistency in Kun's bed. He wonders if he will ever be immune to that kind of look. 

“Okay, I’ll stay over.”

Kun hums something that can be called a happy little tune, knowing that he's won and there is nothing else that can pull that victory from him. 

"Good, good," Kun's hand is tenderly petting over his chest and belly, mindlessly, like he's caressing a cat and Johnny should surely tell him that he's a strong man, but not that strong. 

Their relationship is new too, too new for them to be able to discuss it with other members. They've also been much more subtle about it, casual enough in their public interactions enough to not ring any bells for anyone who'd be watching them. Johnny believes that Donghyuck might suspect that he's dating or beginning a relationship with someone but surely not with whom. And anyway it isn't their business.

He has to tell Taeyong, he knows he should. And he will. They're on a schedule for it. 

"Do you think they'll be happy for us?" 

It's an unfounded concern and Kun should know it, he knows their members just as well as Johnny does, but it's something that comes up in conversations relatively often. Johnny knows that it's something that stresses Kun.

He's explained it before, given that they're such a large group, it's hard to tell how everyone will react. Despite being other couples in the group already, they've been together for a long enough time and proved that they can function as teammates and also as lovers. There’s no test of time for them. 

It hasn’t been for any of them before time passed and it’s all good. Kun and Johnny are already old enough to manage their relationship better than many others were, aware of the industry they work in and attentive to the people around them. Johnny has no inkling of doubt that there will be no one in the group who wouldn’t be happy for them but he understands Kun’s standpoint. There will be worry, second after happiness, especially in the early stages. 

And Taeyong can be overwhelming in his quiet but intense sort of worry. 

“I am sure they will be,” he assures instead. It’s late and Kun doesn’t need extra uneasiness at the end of the day which was surely tiring for him. “We’ll talk with Ten and Yangyang in the morning and you’ll see them.”

It would be highly ironic if they did something weird given the amount of obvious they were.

“We will…” 

Kun’s words are already sufficiently slurred for Johnny to be able to recognize that his beloved was falling back asleep, burrowed comfortably against his chest, one possessive arm wrapping around Johnny’s body. Johnny has always been the human space heater between the two of them and Kun always said that he slept better when Johnny was holding him, which gave him even more reason for Johnny to find reasons to visit during the days when he knew Kun was tired and in need of good sleep. 

“You should go to sleep, dear.”

A squeeze on his side. “I wanna speak more...tomorrow we have things to do.”

They did have things to do, a full day of schedules ahead, never a day to waste in their industry, but there were ways around it. 

“We’ll spend more time together tomorrow night,” Johnny promises, tilting Kun’s head just enough to kiss his forehead. 

Despite feeling Kun relax against him, he was still met with a pointed gaze. "Promise?" 

Once he promises there will be no way around it. No one in their right mind would want to see Qian Kun disappointed.