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A New Old Story

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A man sat down next to another man on a bench, with a sigh. "Bad day?" The blue eyed man asked, he turned around.

"Yeah, terrible one." He replied, he nodded.

"I've gone through loads of those, trust me. Do you want to hear a story?" He questioned, the hazel eyed man nodded.

"What's it about?" He wondered, he had to think if he still remembered everything.

It had almost been 1,500 years since this story took place, but it still was important to him. "Arthur Pendragon, and his wife Guinevere-" He said, the other man groaned- clearly hearing about the legend loads of times. "-Or, as most people called her, Gwen." The man's interest was regathered, confused.

The woman looked at her best friend, "Thank you, my mother appreciated you three coming." He smiled, she nodded.

"Of course, it was the least we could do." She said, they then faced the crown prince and his [foster] sister talking to each other. He was speaking in his usual sexist manner, and she was speaking in her usual feminist one.

"I still can't believe Uther let you stay crown prince after that Sophia incident, favouritism." She mocked, he elbowed her.

"If you're jealous, Morgana, just say it. Your remarks are as idiotic as Merlin is," she laughed at the last line.

That was a month after the first time Uther tried to get her killed Guinevere, or Gwen.

Arthur looked at her, at his 'Guinevere' as he insisted on calling her even though everyone called called her Gwen. "You're beautiful, you know." He said, she smiled at that.

"I hope you realise you could have any lady or princess, but you settle on being in love with me. Why?" She asked, he smiled back at her.

"Because status doesn't matter to me, it might to my father, but not to me." He then took her hand and kissed it, his servant- Merlin- watching from outside. It had been merely a week before his and Princess Elena's arranged wedding was called off but he didn't care, he was with the woman he loved.

Gwen looked at him, he looked at her. There was no use, none at all. She was framed for the highest crime: use of sorcery. Worst of all; An enchantment put on Arthur. Everyone knew she wasn't a witch, yet his father believed otherwise and loyalty with ideas stayed with his daughter.

That's right, Morgana was really his daughter.

Illegitimate daughter.

That, then, was the second time he tried to get her killed. And, unfortunately that wasn't the last time.

The, now, king examined the string. It had a ring. Not just any ring, but the ring he proposed to the love of his life with. He was engaged to Princess Mithian of Nemeth by now, that's right- The fifth woman[sixth but the first one didn't count because- ew!] he was involved with romantically.

He made up a decision, he was going to tell Mithian of his feelings- no matter how heartbroken it made her feel.

It was the third and last time Uther tried to get her killed, once again a fail. Thanks to Merlin, she lived.

Yet, the damage had been done even before this...

Arthur lied down near the lake, "Thank you," he said to Merlin. It was a solemn choice of last words, but it seemed fitting.

That was it.

King Arthur Pendragon was no more.

He was dead.

The blue eyed man wept at the end, only for the hazel eyed man to be trying to get him to stop.

Eventually, he did. "I'm sorry, that took a lot of strength to say the last part." He said, the man nodded.

"Of course, but how do you know so much about that? It's as if you were there," he laughed slightly.

"Yes, it is of no coincidence that. For, you see:

...I'm Merlin."