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Unexpected Hiraeth

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To say that my day went bad was an understatement, shitty seems more fitting.


Not only that I overslept and woke up to a call from one of my teachers about me missing a test, a load of (suspiciously endless) house chores waiting for me at home, and dealing with a spawn of the Devil that we in general call them sibling. But the worst of them all is that my birth giver decided to confiscate my escape from reality with the excuse of 'You're not socializing enough with other people or kids your age' and 'That phone isn’t good for your health' along with 'Whatever you're reading or watching on that phone, it's affecting your brain'.


'Dearest mother of mine, I love you and all, but sometimes I wish that you aborted me when you had the chance.' 


"Either God loathes my existence or Satan just loves to fuck my day." I muttered under my breath as I inspect my report card that's laid before my eyes. A big red 'F' in Economics, the color of the pen itself overwhelms the other subject scores. I mean it's not that bad, right? The other scores were at least decent. I even got an A in Math, so that's something I should be proud of. But the mental image of my parent's disappointed scowl overtook my mind.


'I should've done better.' 



'I should've reread those damn notes before the test.'



'I should've checked twice before-'







"I can hear your brooding thoughts across the class, calm the fuck down. It's not like you're going to die or something."


The son of the bitch who whacked my head with a book just now was Jay. To describe her in a word, family. Sure she's a pain in the ass some of the time but no one listens to me like her, not even my own parents. We first met each other online and kept contact for the past three years, and by some sheer luck she transferred here out of all schools in the damn country. Not that I'm ungrateful or anything, but she can be my second mother by the way she treats me. The amount of scolding and nagging I get from staying up so late when she found out by the panda eyes I received from being awake for almost forty-eight hours can beat Eminem's fastest rapping record. Trust me when I say I'm not exaggerating.


"Easy for you to say when you don't have a big red 'F' decorating the middle of your report card," I protested while eyeing the card with detest. "Parents like mine, why are they so damn infuriating when it comes to grades? I mean, it's not like our future is determined by some numbers in some card!" I huffed. 


"Well, it's better to graduate with nice grades than ending up working at McDonald's." she retorted as a smirk began to form on her face. "Besides, a picture of a certain one-legged Viking will surely cheer you up in no time."


'Well shit, she got me there.'


"Ok, first of all, you didn't need to expose me like that. Second of all, try having a crush for God knows how long on a fictional character." I defensively stated. But the color of my face says otherwise.


"Sure, and those late night calls we had still proved my point." ' I really want to wipe that shit-eating grin across the floor.'


"All of you little brats have five seconds to sit your asses down before I kick you all out of the class." And that people, was Mrs. Cowell and her infamous catchphrase. And yes, to answer your question, she can and will throw your ass out if you defy her rules. She's a short middle-aged woman with short hair, a red shawl covering almost all of her figure, and one of my favorite teachers for she doesn't tolerate assault of any kind in her period, What a fucking Queen.



"Honestly, I was daydreaming the whole time and didn't paid attention. You?" A deadpan stare was pointed at me.


"Miss girl, if you were daydreaming then what do you think I've been doing?" 


'Oh we're so fucked.’


"But that's another thing to worry for another time, now all I need is to stuff my endless pit with food." The hoe had the grace to steal my fries while she brought a whole buffet in her lunchbox, I smacked her hand away before she could steal another one.


“Steal one more of my precious and your whole hand is gone.” Keeping a straight face is harder than it looks when it’s aim to the bitch who’s grinning like a maniac. A comfortable silence with some background chattering of other students engulfed the both of us, with me reading an unfinished fanfiction I stumbled upon in AO3 on my laptop as my other hand shields my fries from the carnivorous animal in front of me and her finishing the last of her food, licking it clean (literally). An exasperated sigh left my mouth as I read the last sentence of the story,


“This is random, but imagine if we were given the chance to date our favorite fictional character-“


“Bestie, I would kill just to have that.” Her unwavering voice and firm response tells me that she would in a heartbeat. She didn’t even let me finish my sentence.


I brushed off the thought of her actually committing murder as I finish the last of my fries, straighten out my unruly ebony hair with my clean hand and stash my laptop back in my bag. Usually on Fridays, the teachers are less brutal with the assignments, but last week’s Chemistry presentation says differently, I swear that my brain was leaking out of my ears back then.


And with that, the sound of the bell ringing echoed through the cafeteria, indicating that lunch break’s over. Trying to remember what subject we’re going to have after lunch seems almost impossible since our heads were floating around each other’s cloud nine. As if lightning struck my head, the word ‘History’ surfaced in my mind as I groan in displeasure. Hey, it’s not like I hate it or anything, but the thought of sitting on the same spot for one and a half hour while listening to Mr. Wilbur talking is just mind numbing.


“Try not to get yourself into trouble while I’m away, ok? I’ll see you after school.” Her rushed voice brought me back to the land of the living, and before I could reply, she went full sonic through the school’s corridor and taken some students and teachers by surprise in the process.


‘Well, looks like that’s my cue to leave.’



‘God really loathes me, huh?’


Now sitting at the back row of the class while watching the other students flooding the room, the teacher is still absent which made my nerves calmed down a bit. There are two reasons why I picked the back row, one is to hide from Mr. Wilbur’s anger since I forgot about today’s assignment and the other is to sleep away the embarrassment after getting yelled at later.


‘There’s still time for me to excuse myself for being ‘sick’ and spend the rest of the period sleeping in the infirmary-‘


The sound of a door slamming pulls me out of dream land as Mr. Wilbur waltzed in with a dead-beat expression. Well, there goes my only chance of survival.


‘Or I could just pull out the famous ‘I’m sorry sir, but my dog ate it’ line, but I doubt that would work.’ I pondered.


“I know most of you all didn’t complete the assignment I handed out last week, so I added one more week before I gather all of your assignments. I’ve got too much workload today and yes that’s the reason why I postponed the deadline.” He sighed as he rubbed his forehead. “And since most of you did well in your midterms, all of you can do anything you want as long as it doesn’t disturb the other classes. I’ll be at the infirmary if you need me, I need to knock myself out for a couple of hours.” And with that he left the classroom that is now filled with cheers of joy.


‘By the grace of God, thank you for letting me live another day.’


With the teacher gone and the students in class babbling none stop to one another about something, I don’t see why I have to partake any of their business. So the only option that’s left for me is to sleep in attempt to forget about my previous anxious state. Lifting my bag on the desk, using it as a pillow replacement and settle my head down on it.


‘Maybe today isn’t so shitty after all.’


That was my last thought before sleep devoured my consciousness. But before it completely consumes me, the scent of pine cone, rain, and wet soil hits my nostrils.