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The Fates' Wish - The Last Olympian

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“The weirdest thought just popped into my head.” Percy said, shaking his head as the sea gang, underworld gang. Annabeth, Will and Jason and Thalia walked out of the throne room.


“Is that surprising?” Triton snorted


“Haha so funny.” Percy said


“So what’s the thought?” Annabeth asked


“I wonder if the gods know about, memes and retellings.” Percy said


“What are those?” Poseidon asked


“Well that answers your question.” Nico grinned


The demigods pretended to faint.


“Memes are like… like.” Percy said, trying to find the correct words


“Just show them some.” Thalia said


“Greek mythology ones?” Percy asked


“Sure.” Jason said


Percy opened his phone and typed Greek Mythology memes.


“This is a meme.” He said, showing it to the gods


The gods snickered.


“This one’s brilliant.” Triton said


“Which one?” Hazel asked


Percy showed it to the demigods.


They all snickered.


“Show them some incorrect quotes.” Nico said


“Mm kay. I have like hundred in my gallery. Downloaded them when I was awake during the nights.” Percy said and opened some incorrect quotes


“Here.” He said, showing it everybody


They all saw it and snickered.


It was-


Ares- You can never lose an argument when you say ‘shut up nerd.’

Athena – Yes you can

Ares- shut up nerd


“Seriously seaweed brain?” Annabeth asked


“Well if it offends you, I’d like to mess around with Nico.” Percy smirked


“Why me? Why?” Nico asked


“Cause it’s fun.” Thalia said in a sing song voice


“Fine fine, I’ll mess around with only one incorrect quote and the other one will be hilarious but it won’t actually mess around with if that makes any sense. Then just a funny random one.” Percy said


“No it does not make sense but just get on with it.” Nico said


Percy grinned.


“Here’s one.” Percy said, showing it to everybody.


Aphrodite – Do you like Persephone?

Hades – What? No, I would never.


Aphrodite – So you wouldn’t mind if I set her up-


Hades – I will kill you with my bare hands


The gods roared with laughter and the demigods snickered.


“Well that was luckily okay.” Nico sighed


“Here’s a not messing one.” Percy said and showed it to everybody


“Just for your information, fanfiction is something that people who like a topic, let’s say harry potter, write. Like they’ll take the characters and make their own story with them. Sometimes those are character and reader in a relation story as well.” Percy informed


The gods nodded.


“Well explained.” Will grinned


Percy bowed.


“So here it is.” Percy said


*Hades discovers Greek god fanfiction*


Hades- What’s Y/N?


Persephone – Your name


Hades- Ah, okay


Hades, continuing to read- Hades grabbed hold of Hades’ arm and shoved him onto bed – oh gods.


The demigods and gods roared with laughter. Everybody stared at them.


“That’s freaking hilarious.” Nico laughed


“That would definitely happen.” Triton said


“And now the last one.” Percy grinned


Athena, trying to teach Hebe the alphabet- Okay, you got this. Repeat after me… A B C D E F G


Hebe - A D E C G F B

Ares: Yes, Hebe! Remix!!


Everybody chuckled.


“Hard to imagine Ares like that.” Nico snorted


“Guys look, I know you’re mad but let’s just not hold grudges. It’s not gonna be good. You know that.” Jason said


Percy and Nico exchanged glances.


“You’re right. Though I’m not gonna forgive Aphrodite that easily.” Nico said


“I know it’s hard but think it through.” Jason said


Nico and Percy nodded.


“We’ll do that.” They said


Jason smiled.


“Now what are retellings?” Amphitrite asked


“They’re basically like some authors they take a greek myth story and they make it into the modern world and take a lot of creative liberty. Like in some they’ve shown the nicer gods as bad people, then they do a whole bunch of other stuff as well but if you wanna stay happy and read then you just label it all as creative liberty and not go into the details and not judge anybody on those stories.” Annabeth explained


“Oh okay.” The gods nodded


“Do you know any retellings?” Hades asked


“There are many. Most of them include you.” Percy said


“Why me?”


“Well actually around you and Persephone. Your entire story is quite famous. Apparently you’re the kind of like the most, I don’t know, stanned couple, you could say.” Percy said






“They’re books?” Persephone asked


“Yes.” Percy said


“Names?” she asked


“Uh I don’t remember, I’ll look them up on google.” Percy said


Percy quickly looked it up, thanking Hermes that the internet connection was great at Olympus.


“Found it. Yeah, there’s Neon gods, then there’s Lore Olympus, then there’s a whole Touch of Darkness series and along with it there’s the Hades saga which is basically the Touch of Darkness series from Hades’ point of view however there are important plots in it.” Percy said


“I’ll go buy them in the mall.” Persephone said


“Oh that’s just great. I’m not going to be able to come out of my room for days. Perce can I bunk in with you?” Nico asked


Everybody snickered.


“Sure.” Percy shrugged


“Normally I’d ask Will but he already has Lee and Michael along with Apollo, so it’s a lot of people already.” Nico said


“Fair point.” Will grinned


“Hey could I join too. Me and Thalia don’t really want to sleep with our dad and Hera. Thalia’s sleeping with the hunters but I can’t sleep there?” Jason asked


“You can come too.” Triton grinned


“Thanks.” Jason smiled


“No problem.” Triton said


“I’d suggest the touch of darkness series.” Annabeth said


“Why?” Hades asked


“Well, like I said, some people have the tendency to misjudge people based on the retellings which aren’t true.” Annabeth said


“Okay then.” Persephone said


“I need more memes now.” Poseidon said


“They’re very funny.” Tyson agreed


“I can show like one or two more.” Jason offered


“Great.” Poseidon grinned


Zeus: I care about all of my children equally.


Apollo: The others and I were attacked on the way here.




Everybody laughed.


“Poor Apollo.” Nico chuckled


“Why poor me?” Apollo asked, coming to their table


They showed him the incorrect quote.


“Ah that’s depressingly true.” Apollo grinned


“So what brings you here?” Amphitrite asked


“You guys have been laughing your heads off so I wanted to see what’s up.” Apollo said


“Oh okay.”


“See ya.” He said and went back to his table.


Jason opened the next one.


Hermes: will you dance with me?

Dionysus: Sure!


*both start doing the Macarena.*


“Macarena’s fun.” Hazel grinned


The demigods got up and played the music and started.


The other demigods joined in so basically all the demigods present were doing the Macarena and laughing. The gods smiled as they watched their children. Once it finished they went back to their tables.


“It’s difficult to imagine Mr.D do the Macarena. I mean Hermes doing it is very imaginable but Mr.D…” Jason shook his head


“I think he was a cheery guy before Zeus took away his wine.” Annabeth said


“That’s depressing. Pollux was right about it hurting him and the metal health part too. Zeus and Hera are practically as nice to any god as the taste of any of the food items on Spill your guts or fill your guts series by James Corden.” Percy shook his head


“That series is quite hilarious.” Will said


“Yeah.” Thalia agreed


A silence hung in the air.


“So what are you guys going to do today?” Triton broke the silence


“I was planning on swimming but now I plan on sitting on the beach, listening to the waves and thinking about what Jason said.” Percy said


“I plan on sleeping.” Nico said


“Good.” Will said to him


“I’m going to go the library and drink hot coffee while reading hunger games.” Annabeth shrugged


“I love hunger games.” Thalia said


“I’m district 4 through and through.” Percy declared


“Finnick and Mags are great.” Triton grinned


“Finnick’s my favorite.” Percy grinned


“I’m district 12. Underground and coal so yeah.” Nico said


“Katniss or Peeta?” Thalia asked


“Peeta.” Nico said


Thalia nodded.


“I’m district 1.” Will shrugged


“Luxury right?” Jason asked


“Yeah, my dad’s kind of got the color golden so yes.” Will answered


“Makes sense.”


“We’re district 5 –power.” Thalia said, gesturing to herself and Jason


“Fitting.” Annabeth said


“I’m 8 – textiles.” She added


“Total sense there.” Hazel said


“Who’s your favorite character though?” Triton asked


“Haymitch.” Nico grinned


Will laughed.


“I love that dude though he could reduce n the alcohol but it wouldn’t be him then.” Will said


“Finnick.” Percy shrugged


“Ditto.” Triton grinned


“I like Cinna.” Annabeth said

“Me too.” Hades agreed


“You’ve read hunger games?” Nico asked incredulously


“Yep, I’ve even watched the movies.” Hades grinned




“Dad?” Percy asked


“I’ve watched the movies.” Poseidon grinned


“Nicee.” Percy grinned


“My favorite is Peeta.” He said


“He’s a good lad.” Percy said


“I like Johanna.” Hazel smiled


“She’s awesome.” Nico agreed


They spent the rest of lunch chatting. Then Percy, Nico, Annabeth and Thalia left to do random stuff and the others just talked and laughed. Jason showed them more memes and Persephone went and bought the Touch of Darkness series, at least the three books which came out yet and the one book of the Hades saga and gave it to Hades to read. They remembered the demigods’ words to not judge based on the retellings and remember that this was creative liberty. They would judge on only how they knew the gods.



Chapter Text

The demigods and gods met up at the campfire at 8pm, they all made some s’mores and joked around.


“All right everybody, we have a song which we’ve dedicated to the ones we lost.” Percy announced


Everybody looked at him. The ones part of the song nodded and stood up next to him. Will took his guitar and Nico took the piano. The music of See You Again started.


“It's been a long day without you, my friend.

And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again” Will started


“We've come a long way from where we began

Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again

When I see you again” Nico sang while playing the piano.


“Damn, who knew?

All the planes we flew, good things we been through

That I'd be standing right here talking to you

'Bout another path, I know we loved to hit the road and laugh

But something told me that it wouldn't last

Had to switch up, look at things different, see the bigger picture

Those were the days, hard work forever pays

Now I see you in a better place (see you in a better place)

Uh” Percy rapped


“How can we not talk about family when family's all that we got?

Everything I went through, you were standing there by my side

And now you gon' be with me for the last ride.” Nico, Will and Percy sang


“It's been a long day without you, my friend

And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again (I'll see you again)” Nico sang


“We've come a long way (yeah, we came a long way)

From where we began (you know we started)

Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again (I'll tell you)” Will sang


“First, you both go out your way and the vibe is feeling strong

And what's small turned to a friendship, a friendship turned to a bond

And that bond will never be broken, the love will never get lost

(The love will never get lost)” Percy rapped


“And when brotherhood come first, then the line will never be crossed

Established it on our own when that line had to be drawn

And that line is what we reached, so remember me when I'm gone

(Remember me when I'm gone).” Nico rapped


“How can we not talk about family when family's all that we got?

Everything I went through you were standing there by my side

And now you gon' be with me for the last ride” the three demigods sang, their cheeks stained with tears.


“So let the light guide your way, yeah

Hold every memory as you go

And every road you take

Will always lead you home, home.” Will sang


“It's been a long day without you, my friend

And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again

We've come a long way from where we began

Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again

When I see you again

When I see you again (yeah, uh)

See you again (yeah, yeah, yeah)

When I see you again” the three of them finished.


Everybody burst into cheers. All of them had watery eyes and were hugging each other.


They all talked and went to sleep around 10pm. Nico walked into his tent.


“Um dad you planning on sleeping?” he asked, as the lights were all switched on.


“Not really, we’re gonna read the books we bought.” Hades grinned


“Oh lovely.” Nico muttered


“Good night then.” He said out loud and went to Percy’s tent


“Ah hello Nico. Jason’s here too.” Percy grinned


Hazel came running into Percy’s tent as well.


“Could I sleep here too? I’d sleep with Annabeth but Athena’s there too and I’m not really comfortable with her.” she asked


“Sure, so it’s a sleepover then.” Percy chuckled


Hazel grinned.


They all put their bedding and went off to sleep at once.


They all woke up at 10am so they got a 12 hour sleep. The demigods came out yawning and stretching. They all looked like 10 year olds so all the gods smiled.


Nico went into his dad’s tent for one second and ran out screaming.


“Ahhh.” He came out yelling and ran into Percy who snickered.


Hades came out of the tent sheepishly.


“What just happened?” Percy asked


“The same thing that happened on the date day. Shouldn’t have shown them the retellings.” Nico grumbled


The demigods who knew what happened roared with laughter.


“Poor guy.” Triton shook his head


“Let’s get reading.” Lee said


They all went to the throne room when there was a flash and there was a note with a book which said


‘Read this before the last book.


The Fates.’


They all sighed.


“I’ll read.” Hazel said and grabbed the book. She and Nico were sitting between Percy and Triton as Hades and Persephone still seemed absorbed in the mood of the retellings.


“The Diary of Luke Castellan.” She read out


The demigods raised their eyebrows.


“He had a diary?” Travis asked


“Apparently.” Nico shrugged


MY NAME IS LUKE…My life is pretty crazy


“That I can’t argue with. Pretty relatable.” Chris sighed


The demigods nodded.


But I promised the old man I would try… I’ll be able to put it behind me.


“That’s a good idea.” Castor said with raised eyebrows


“Hmm but I don’t think I have the patience to write a diary.” Percy shook his head


Everybody chuckled.


“Good point Seaweed Brain.” Annabeth laughed


Percy grinned.


I should probably start with the magic goat.


“I’m sorry did you just say magic goat?” Connor asked


“Very sure yes.” Hazel chuckled


“Lit.” Connor grinned


For three days, Thalia and I had been following the goat across Virginia…the goat was some sort of sign from her dad, Zeus.


“Surprising.” Poseidon snorted


Zeus glared at him.


Yeah, her dad is a Greek god… If you think that sounds cool, think again.


“Yeah Nico, think again.” Thalia teased


“Shut up.” Nico pouted


Demigods are monster magnets.


“Got that right.” Rachel snorted


Percy grinned sheepishly.


All those ancient Greek nasties like Furies and harpies and gorgons still exist, and they can sense heroes like us from miles away.

“So like sharks and blood.” Percy said


“Percy what the heck?” Thalia asked


“Fun fact: It’s a myth that sharks can smell a single drop of blood from a mile away.” Percy said


“Oh well it’s sea related, of course you know it.” Thalia snorted


Percy grinned.


Because of that, Thalia and I spend all our time running for our lives… so I’m going to move on.


The gods and demigods shuffled awkwardly.


“Percy stop moving.” Nico hissed


“How the heck am I moving? I just shifted a little and the rest is breathing. You’re the one stuck to me.” Percy hissed back


Nico sighed.


Anyway, this goat would pop up at random times…So we followed the goat.


Thalia grinned.


“Yeah if you don’t want to be shocked, listen to her.” Nico snorted


Thalia gave him a small shock and Nico’s hair stood up.

“Just like that.” Nico said


Thalia smirked.


Nico got the shadows to tickle her and she was rolling on the floor. Nico smirked.


Then he stopped. Thalia glared at him.


Early in the morning, we made it into Richmond…I barely remembered what it was like to sleep in a real bed.


“Wait a second. He was on the run for five years?” Leo frowned


“Yes.” Thalia said


“And he was not given any safety measures? What the heck?” Percy asked angrily


“We can’t interfere.” Zeus said


“What the freaking heck? You just sent her a sign. Luke’s been on the run for five freaking years. You wouldn’t last without all these luxuries. If you have so much problem with demigods then don’t even sire us. You can’t help us, strike that Zeus won’t help us and the other gods who want to can’t either, but he excepts us to do all the shit for him.” Nico said


The demigods looked down. A few of them knew that their parents wanted to help them but they couldn’t just because of Zeus.


After walking another mile, my feet felt like they were melting inside my shoes.


Hermes winced at the pain he felt.


I hoped we could find a place to rest…I wondered why she sounded so nervous.


“Oh her.” Annabeth nodded


Thalia isn’t scared of much…she’s considering the best way to beat you to a pulp.


“Yep, that’s true.” Jason said


Thalia stuck her tongue out at him.


Anything that scared her…Thalia had never mentioned a goat.


“Dragon?” Travis asked


Thalia nodded.


As far as her old life in Los Angeles…Eventually Zeus dumped her, as gods tend to do.


The gods grimaced.


Her mom went off the deep end…contentedly nibbling grass at the base of the monument.


A few snickers.


I was no expert on barnyard animals…but nobody seemed to notice the radioactive goat


“Radioactive.” Beckendorf snickered


The demigods joined in.


That didn’t surprise me…“Now you want to talk to the goat?”


Everybody laughed.


“He probably thinks you’re insane.” Pollux laughed


Thalia grinned sheepishly.


Thalia dragged me out of the rosebushes…She’s my only friend.


The demigods sighed.


Before we met, I’d traveled for years on my own, lonely and miserable.


Hermes winced at the thought of his nine year old wandering the streets.


Once in a while I’d befriend a mortal…I always ended up leaving.


Nico sighed.


But Thalia understood…Or maybe I read them wrong. I hoped so.

The demigods mouths hung wide open.


The Stolls and Leo started fake crying.


“How did you meet such an awesome goat?” The Stolls whined


Thalia and Zeus smirked.


Thalia looked into the goat’s eyes…Oh, by the way, my weapon was a golf club.


“Wait what?” Beckendorf frowned


“A golf club won’t do anything against a monster unless you have a golf competition.” Nico frowned


“You couldn’t even give a spare weapon to him.” Percy shook his head


Feel free to laugh.


“It’s not funny.” Lee sighed


I used to have a sword made from Celestial bronze…I’d be in trouble.


“Commando goat.” Leo snickered


The demigods sniggered at the mental image.


I cleared my throat… He didn’t mean to insult you.


Everybody laughed.


“That was awkward.” Thalia chuckled


Why have you led us here, Amaltheia?... I wasn’t sure why, considering how afraid Thalia seemed.


“No option.” Thalia shrugged


The goat bothered me…I hadn’t even gotten to try the ice dispenser.


“Priorities.” Silena chuckled


“You sure about this?” I asked Thalia…my mom’s sanity, and my chance at a decent life.


Hermes flinched.


Nico and Percy grimaced, remembering May Castellan.


Sorry, did that sound bitter?


The demigods grimaced.


Anyway, because of my dad’s godly thieving… like the breath of a dying man


“Yeah, not good.” Nico said

Thalia marched through anyway…heap of cans, rags, and bones—human-sized bones


“That’s not good.” Annabeth said


Thalia pulled her weapon from her belt…This time nothing happened.


“His unlocking powers are super cool though.” Chris sighed


“Yeah, we use pins.” The Stolls sighed


Hermes grimaced.


“Some kind of magic,” I said…Her spear clattered on the floor.


The demigods shuddered.


“That was very creepy and weird.” Katie said


Thalia nodded.


I dragged her away as the curtains returned to ooze…They were steaming and blistered.


Zeus’ hands started steaming and were blistered too.


“Ow.” He muttered


Her face paled like she was going into shock.


“That’s not good.” Will said worriedly


“Hold on!” I lowered her to the ground…“You’re going to be fine,” I said. “Just rest.”


Zeus’ hands returned to normal.


“We—we can’t…” Her voice was shaky…“Hurry.” Clack, clack, clack.


“Shit, that’s creepy.” The Stolls shuddered


The demigods nodded.


“And confusing.” Annabeth added


Now I’ve faced some scary stuff before…My instincts said, Run.


“I don’t really know if he should trust his instincts right now.” Percy said


“That’s all he’s got.” Jason pointed out


I grabbed Thalia’s hand and bolted for the stairs…accidentally kicking a human skull.


The demigods jumped.


“That would be very shocking.” Nico said


“Personal experience or something?” Percy asked


“No, just seen skeletons but kicking the skull would be very weird.” Nico said


Somewhere ahead of us, the man’s voice called…but the skin of his face hung loose as if he’d been partially deflated.


“Oh no.” The demigods said at once.


Apollo grimaced as he got a hint of who it was.


His room was arranged like a studio apartment…jarring clack, clack, clack I’d heard downstairs.


“That is one of the creepiest things I have ever heard. It would be much worse in real.” Chris said


Clarisse nodded.


The monster fixed its glowing red eyes on me…You’ve been lured here to die.”


Apollo winced. He remembered Hal.


We’d left Thalia’s spear downstairs…unlikely any demigod could live to be an adult.


The gods flinched and the demigods just sighed.


Yet Halcyon Green was ancient…would only lead others to their doom.”




The demigods looked at Apollo in horror. Apollo flinched violently.


“What the heck dad?” Will asked, in a hurt voice


Apollo flinched again.


“I’m sorry.” He said


“Sorry is not going to change the misery you caused your own son.” Reyna said


Jason looked down.


Apollo winced at the reaction.


“I won’t do it ever again.” He promised


The demigods scowled but gestured for Hazel to continue reading.


An angry coppery taste filled my mouth…My deadbeat dad had ignored me for fourteen years.


Hermes grimaced again.


But Halcyon Green’s curse was just plain wrong. It was evil.


The demigods nodded.


“You should fight back,” I said…There is no escape.”


“That’s plain awful.” Piper said


The demigods nodded and scowled.


Inside the monster’s enclosure…I would’ve run straight toward it.


“Like Cyclops?” Tyson asked


Thalia nodded.

Tyson shuddered.


The second monster spoke for Hal…The suspense was almost worse than an attack.


“Sometimes, you actually wish an instant one.” Percy said, laughing dryly


The demigods nodded.


The gods winced.


Part of me was tempted to knock out the old man with my golf club… deadbeat parent Olympian gods, for that matter.


“He’s right.” Apollo said


The demigods grimaced this time. They didn’t want to think about hitting their parents at all.


We took inventory of Hal’s prison apartment…it attracts monsters like blood attracts sharks.


“Did I just make the same comparison as Luke some time ago?” Percy asked in amusement


“Yes.” The demigods said


“Whoa.” Percy said


We moved on to the bathroom…metal floor safe and gestured at it like: Ta-da.


A few chuckles.

Hazel put the book down.


“That is a lot.” She said


“Can you open it?” I asked…All of them were dead.


“He was right in one way.” Thalia muttered


Jason patted her back. He knew how she felt.


Still, she fixed me with those intense blue eyes…Judging from Hal’s wide eyes, this was news to him.

“Those unlocking powers are pure lit.” The Stolls said


Chris nodded.


“Very useful. Helps sense some traps too.” He said


Thalia swallowed. “I trust you…He gestured at the safe like: Go ahead.


“He’s a good guy who’s been cursed. What’s worse than that?” Pollux sighed


The demigods scowled. Hal didn’t deserve to be cursed.


I touched the combination lock…Or maybe I die today.


The demigods sighed, feeling bad for Hal.


“Thank you, Mr. Cheerful,” I said… I realized he was crying silently.


Everybody glared at Apollo.


“A good soul and a good guy. You guys curse them, no wonder so many demigods joined the titans or not many souls like that exist.” Thalia said


The gods flinched.


Thalia shot me an irritated look…The closest hit I got was Help me cure leukemia.


“Wow, that was still close though.” Chris said

My head was throbbing…Thalia, give me your hands.


“That’s really nice of him.” Reyna said


“And brave.” Annabeth said


He turned to her…But someday you will find your family again.


“Totally right.” Percy said in awe


“Yeah, I changed from a tree and I found Jason again.” Thalia sighed


Jason slung an arm around her shoulders.


Thalia clenched her fists… Typical god thing to do.


“That’s kinda true. Some gods are changing while some of them still stand by the wrong stuff.” Percy said


“That’s true.” Thalia nodded


Thalia, you know anything about the shield?”… Maybe that’s why Amaltheia had brought us to the mansion.


Zeus frowned.


“I have to agree with Luke there.” Jason said


The demigods nodded.


“He already sounds pretty bitter towards the gods.” Reyna said


“To be honest, being in his condition, like running away at nine for five years or more, without a place, without anything until Thalia came along and coming in such places, who wouldn’t be bitter.” Beckendorf said


The demigods sighed.


Hal Green held out his hands to me… He yanked his hands away and stared at me in terror.


“I guess he saw what would happen.” Annabeth said


Thalia nodded.


“Okay,” I said…But also a betrayal.


“That guy is right on point.” Nico said


The demigods nodded.


“He didn’t deserve to be cursed. He’s still trying to be nice.” Lee said


Apollo grimaced.


“I know, I do regret cursing him.” He said


“Good you regret it then. It shows you’ve really changed.” Reyna smiled


Apollo nodded.


I waited. Hal didn’t elaborate…Because Luke would never betray anyone.”


Thalia flinched.


The demigods didn’t dare to say anything.


Hal typed, His path is hard to see…You’re pathetic!”


“Thalia-“ Jason swallowed, not wanting to mess with her.


“Let it be Jason.” Percy said quietly, he knew Thalia took these things seriously and that was one topic nobody should touch.


Jason nodded and swallowed.


Anger kindled in Hal’s eyes… “This is it. The recipe for Greek fire.”


The demigods smiled at Hal.


How had I known to search for it? ... Last time, I almost killed Luke.”


“Thank the gods it’s better now.” Nico said


Thalia nodded.


The hairs on my neck stood up…You do understand how dangerous Greek fire is?


“Very.” Beckendorf said


Leo nodded.


I swallowed. “Yeah. It’s magical fire…but the clock told us we were almost out of time.


“They’ve got to hurry.” Annabeth said


My face beaded with sweat as I mixed the ingredients…It might help you with your decisions.


“I wonder if it did.” Silena said


“We’ll find out.” Castor sighed


“What decisions?” I asked…Sometimes the future really is better left a mystery.


“Sometimes it is but he still didn’t deserve to be cursed.” Michael said


“Yeah, like a small punishment would’ve been better, he would’ve learnt his lesson too.” Will said


Apollo nodded.


“Hal, your father was a jerk…I’ll feel better knowing you have it.


Annabeth smiled.


“Hey was that your dagger?” Percy asked


“I think so.” Annabeth said


He met my eyes, and I finally understood what he was planning…ready to go out fighting.


“No.” The demigods said


“That’s depressing but…but that’s how it is.” Nico said


The demigods looked down.


I couldn’t believe he was offering to sacrifice his life…“Someone order a magic bomb?” she asked.


“Kinda.” Leo grinned


Just then, the clock registered 7:03…but the ploy seemed to work.


A few chuckles.


“That’s weird.” Dakota chuckled


The creatures galloped toward the bathroom…And the mansion shook with a massive explosion.


The demigods took in shaky breath.


“That’s- Hal was our brother.” Will said


Lee and Michael nodded grimly.


We burst into the hallway, which was already on fire…until finally it disintegrated in the dark oily folds.


“Good job guys.” Annabeth smiled


Thalia gave a sad smile.


We bolted for the front door…tower of fire roared into the evening sky


The demigods gave some silence for Hal.


Hazel continued after two minutes.


My throat burned. My eyes felt like they’d been splashed with acid.


Hermes gave out a pained yell.


His kids kept their hands on his shoulders.


I looked for Thalia and instead found myself staring…cowering behind the statue of Robert E. Lee.


Everybody chuckled. Hermes’ pain went away.


“I’m fine now.” He smiled at his kids who nodded.


Yeah, I know. It sounds comical now…Yet he’d chosen to go out a hero.


“He died a hero, he redeemed himself.” Pollux said


“He was very brave really. I’m glad I met him.” Thalia sighed


I felt guilty that I couldn’t save the old man…If the gods ever treat me that badly, I will fight back.


“Oh shit.” The demigods said


Okay, I know that sounds like crazy talk…They can come down here and tell me to my face.


Some of the gods looked affronted while the others just sighed. They knew that Hal shouldn’t have been cursed like that.


We stopped for a rest near an old warehouse…mostly for the glow of the Celestial bronze.


“The glow is pretty useful but can get you in trouble.” Percy said


The demigods nodded.


“Stygian Iron doesn’t really have that glow, so kind of more nightmarish.” Nico said


Hades nodded.


Thalia grabbed her spear and summoned Aegis…A hammer hurtled straight at my face.


Annabeth grinned sheepishly.


Things could’ve gone very wrong…She was even younger than I had been when I ran away.


Athena looked upset. Annabeth sighed.


Despite her fear, she looked at me with large eyes…It was almost like a second chance.


Annabeth smiled.


Thalia knelt next to me… Now fate had given us the chance to save another little girl.


Annabeth grinned.


“I’m glad I had the chance to use it.” She said


“How’d you like a real monster-slaying weapon?” I asked her…I have a feeling you’re pretty clever.”


“Got that right.” Percy grinned


Annabeth beamed at me…never let this girl come to harm.


The demigods stared at the floor.


“I am clever!” she said… Demigods had only each other.


The gods stared at the floor. It did hurt some of them to hear it from Luke’s point of view.


I put my hand on Annabeth’s shoulder…I’ve got to be worthy of their trust.


“He was at the time.” Annabeth sighed


None of us has had good luck with our dads…we’re going to have a conversation about that.


“Oh they had it.” Thalia muttered


For now, I’ll just have to survive day to day…Luke Castellan—signing off for now.


“I’m glad I got to find out about Hal.” Lee said


The demigods nodded.


“Done.” Hazel said


“I’ll read.” Demeter said


Hazel gave her the book.

Chapter Text

Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades.” She read out


“Hades doesn’t have a sword.” Zeus said


“Let’s just read on.” Thalia said


Christmas in the Underworld was NOT my idea.


“Not even close.” Thalia snorted


“My son’s been there again.” Poseidon groaned


“Well dad you should get used to it now, I’ll probably declare prank wars against Nico now with the Stolls.” Percy smirked


“Thanks for giving me time to prepare myself.” Poseidon said dryly


“Sir, you’re gonna come to the party.” Percy said


“Did you just call me sir?” Poseidon asked


“Yes.” Percy said

“Yeah, I’m gonna have to put some warnings in my room now.” Nico said


“Who said the prank is in the room.” The Stolls smirked mischievously


Hermes laughed and high fived his children and winked at Percy.


If I’d known what was coming, I would’ve called in sick.


“Me too.” Thalia grinned


I could’ve avoided an army of demons, a fight with a Titan and a trick that almost got my friends and me cast into eternal darkness.


“What?!” Poseidon yelled


Percy shrugged.


“Did Hades send you there?” Poseidon asked


“Nope.” Nico said


But no. I had to take my stupid English exam.


“Exams are important.” Athena huffed


“I know but this led to trouble.” Percy said


So there I was on the last day of the winter semester…Mrs O’Leary burst onto the stage, barking like crazy.

“That happens so much. You have to pretend to read it.” Katie said


The Greek demigods nodded.


Mrs O’Leary is my pet hellhound…Santa’s elves and the rest of the Winter Wonderland set.


Everybody snickered.


“Poor elves.” Beckendorf laughed


Everyone looked up…adjusted his glasses and frowned.


There was silence for one second and the demigods burst into laughter and the gods joined in.


“Dr. Boring is the name of a teacher, that’s accurate.” Lee laughed


The demigods nodded.


‘All right,’ he said. ‘Whose poodle?’…More kids cracked up.


The Stolls started whistling the same too.


The demigods snickered.


Nico chucked pillows at them and they pouted.


‘Enough!’ Dr Boring snapped… ‘See ya, Poodle Boy!’

“If only they knew who Mrs. O’Leary is.” Beckendorf muttered


Mrs O’Leary ran down East 81st Street towards the river…probably wasn’t the weirdest thing they’d ever seen.


Everybody snickered.


“I would pay to see Percy chasing a poodle.” Rachel laughed


“How much?” Percy asked


“10 dollars.” Rachel smirked


“Add some drachmas and I’ll do it for you.” Percy smirked


“5 drachmas.” Rachel said


“So 10 dollars and 5 drachmas?” Percy clarified


Rachel nodded.


“Done, I’ll do it once we get back.” Percy said


“Oh this is going to be so fun.” Chris grinned


Mrs O’Leary kept well ahead of me…but the back of my neck started to tingle.


“Danger alert.” Michael said in a sing song voice

“You could say that.” Percy said


I took out my ballpoint pen and uncapped it…I figured it was some sort of sign.


“Did somebody use my deer to send a sign?” Artemis frowned


“Yes.” Thalia said


Artemis scowled.


And, um…’ She nodded nervously at Mrs O’Leary…‘Some god is messing with us,’ I guessed. ‘Probably.’


“Is that new?” Travis asked with raised eyebrows


“Yeahh no.” Connor said


The demigods snickered.


‘Good to see you, though’…How’s Annabeth?’


“Aw thanks Thals, you know me well.” Percy said


Thalia gave him a punch in the shoulder.


“Owww.” Percy groaned dramatically


Everybody chuckled.


Before I could answer, a cloud passed over the sun…‘Bianca’s little brother?’


Thalia grimaced.


“Sorry Nico.” She said


Nico sighed.


“It’s fine.” He said


Nico scowled. I doubt he liked being announced as Bianca’s little brother… ‘One minute I’m in a New Orleans graveyard.


“What were you doing in a graveyard?” Hades asked


“Chilling out.” Nico snorted


“No seriously?” Hades asked


“Looking around.” Nico said


The next minute – is this New York? What in Hades’ name am I doing in New York?’


“Really son?” Hades asked


Nico grinned sheepishly.


‘We didn’t bring you here,’ I promised…You don’t think Kronos…’


The gods took in sharp breaths.


“It wasn’t him.” Thalia assured them.


She didn’t finish the thought…More like a cave.


Demeter raised an eyebrow.


“Your garden.” She said, looking at Persephone


Nico nodded.


‘I’ve been here before,’ I said…aiming her bow at a tall woman in a white dress.


Persephone glared at Thalia.


“Shouldn’t have kidnapped us.” Thalia shrugged


At first I thought the woman was a ghost…Her face was beautiful but deathly pale.


Demeter grumbled.


“All because-‘ She started


“Yeah yeah yeah we know we know, don’t start again for everybody’s sake here.” Nico said impatiently


Demeter glared at him.


Hades smirked.


Then I realized her dress wasn’t white…world above she would be beautiful, even brilliant.


Demeter glared at Hades and was about to open her mouth when Nico said “Oh gods, please no.”


The demigods snickered.


Demeter shifted her glare to Nico who shrugged.


‘I am Persephone,’ she said… ‘You turned me into a dandelion!’


The demigods burst out laughing. Nico pouted.


“Three times?” Percy choked out


“Four. She turned me a couple of months again too.” Nico sighed


The demigods were shaking by now.


“Flowers flowers.” Nico said in a sing song voice.


“Uh Nico are you okay?” Jason asked


“Top of the world.” Nico said


Persephone ignored her stepson…It was necessary to bring you three together.’


“That’s kinda cool.” Leo said


Persephone smirked.


‘Why?’ I asked…‘Lord Hades has a problem,’ she said.


“You don’t have to call me Lord, love.” Hades said


Persephone blushed.


Nico gagged.


Percy and Thalia patted his back. Triton snickered.


‘And if you know what’s good for you, you will help him.’


“What a nice way of asking.” Nico sighed


Percy and Thalia sighed.


We sat on a dark veranda overlooking the garden…Alas, in winter this is the best I can do.’


“Well I’m glad we went to the underworld, wouldn’t want to end up as a squashed demigod eh?” Nico asked


Percy and Thalia snickered.

“You guys would have to get the golden fleece for me.” Nico said


Percy chuckled.


She sounded bitter…bleached and out-of-place, like an old photograph of springtime.


Percy grimaced.


Hades frowned and looked a little hurt and looked at his wife.


Persephone glared at Percy.


“I don’t resent staying with Hades or my time in the Underworld. It’s just I have a fixed time. So I can’t visit the above world during winter and during summer I can’t visit my husband.” She explained


“Maybe we could figure something out.” Percy said, trying to make up for the hurt he caused his uncle.


“Can we even do that?” Katie asked


“I don’t know but we can never know unless we try.” Percy said


“Perce, Jason’s rubbing off on you with the deep lines.” Nico said


Jason stuck his tongue out at Nico who smirked.


“We’ll talk in the break then.” Nico sighed. He didn’t have any fascination for Persephone but he loved his dad.


Hazel nodded.


“Great then.” Percy said


Hades and Persephone gave grateful looks to the demigods. Though Nico was smirking at Jason.


She turned towards me as if reading my thoughts.


“That is freaking creepy.” Travis hissed


“And annoying.” Nico said


“Maybe Hecate and Hypnos could help with blocking our thoughts from gods and monsters unless we want to allow them to access it?” Jason suggested


Hazel thought about it.


“I don’t know much about Hypnos but I think Hecate can help out.” She said


“I think Hypnos can help out. Though he’s the god of dreams and all but it still has something to do with the mind.” Annabeth said


“We can contact them after the break. They’re good lads.” Nico said


“Nico just said lads.” Percy snickered


Nico rolled his eyes.


“We’ve got a good plan for the breaks then.” Will said


Nico nodded.


Hades is my husband and master, young one


“You don’t have to treat me like I’m your master, not anymore at least.” Hades said


“Dad, you’ve got quarters and tents and the freaking dining hall and the malls and diners. Not here please.” Nico said


Hades chuckled.


“This is a comfortable place.” He said


“No…just…just no. Please.” Nico said


The demigods were snickering.


“No guarantees.” Hades smirked


Nico groaned.


I would do anything for him… He uses a staff in battle, and his helm of terror.’


Hades nodded.


‘He didn’t have a sword,’ Persephone corrected.


Hades bit back a groan.


Thalia sat up. ‘He’s forging a new symbol of power? Without Zeus’s permission?’


“I’m confused. So Zeus has to ask Zeus for making a new symbol of power for himself?” Travis asked


“You know that is… that is actually a good question.” Thalia said


“I mean I’m very sure he wouldn’t bother telling anybody if he’s making one and then if any god protests they’ll be punished but if another god wants to make a power he’ll accuse them of trying to overthrow him.” Nico spat


“I’ve seriously never seen anybody this paranoid, except Kronos. That guy’s next level.” Percy said


The goddess of springtime pointed… ‘It would unbalance their power-sharing agreement.’


“However paranoid Zeus is, I’m less but I agree with Thalia.” Poseidon sighed


“Yeah that’s true but I guess the point here was that you guys can actually do combat with the weapons you have. Like a bolt and a trident. The helm is scary trust me, I speak from experience and it’s gonna scare the shit out of the most crazy people but it’s not going to help soo much in close combat.” Percy said


“Prissy’s right. Close combat is mostly with weapons and all. Like swords and like Luke sad knives for skilled fighters. The odds might be more for the ones with weapons than for those without it. This is just a general statement.” Clarisse informed

“I get your points but I think it would still go against the power sharing agreement as Hades would then have two weapons.” Poseidon explained


“Zeus can turn gods mortal.” Apollo said


“That was a little random but I get what you’re trying to convey.” Poseidon said


“Let’s just finish the story and find out.” Frank said


Everybody nodded.


Persephone shook her head… which is why he forged the blade in secret.’


“A little depressing.” Jason muttered


The image over the table shimmered… Underworld with a mere touch of the blade.’


“Bloody hell.” The Stolls said in a British accent


The people who had watched Harry Potter snickered.


“But you can’t use that. You’re in on this.” Zeus looked horrified


“Holy gods.” Nico pinched the bridge of his nose.


“Thalia how could anybody be this paranoid? I’m very sure that Persephone said it wasn’t for overthrowing anybody.” Annabeth asked


“Don’t ask me. I have no clue.” Thalia shrugged, looking at her father in discuss.


“I agree with the Nico, Thalia and Annabeth here.” Poseidon said and sighed


Demeter just continued reading.


We were all silent… ‘Did you say get it back?’


“Did she just-?” Pollux asked with an open mouth.


“Did it get misplaced?” Castor asked


“Oh way worse.” Thalia said grimly


“Percy’s like, ‘I’m sorry, what did you just say?’” Travis joked


The demigods chuckled.


“Seriously, we’re all like that right now.” Chris said


Persephone’s eyes were beautiful and deadly serious… Kronos probably has it by now!’


“WHAT?!” The demigods yelled


“That is not good, not good at all.” Will said


“We sorted it out as we’re demigods.” Nico said


“I have no clue why she didn’t handle it. One day of peace is all we asked for. Is that too much to ask? For demigods yes.” Percy said


Persephone and the other gods grimaced.


“I mean you lost it, then you should get it back. Why are we supposed to solve the issues? Help you out, sure but clean up the mess you caused, not cool.” Thalia said


The gods winced again.


The demigods sighed.


“Look guys, we’re fine with helping you when you’re in trouble but it’s annoying that we’re supposed to clean up the mess you caused. It makes us feel even more like little gerbils because it’s a job that gods don’t do because they’re higher than us.” Lee said


“You’re right.” Apollo said


“Next time, we’ll help you.” Poseidon said


“We can’t do that.” Zeus said angrily


The gods ignored him.


The demigods gave them all grateful looks.


Thalia’s arrows sprouted into long-stemmed roses… do not speak to me with disrespect in my own palace.’


“Then you will be more careful.” Nico gritted his teeth


Persephone glared at him but he glared right back.


Hades put a hand on Persephone’s hand and Percy put a hand on Nico’s shoulder as he was sitting next to him.


Thalia ground her teeth… ‘Who could withstand your combined power?


“Seriously nobody.” Apollo said


“Yeah, combine Thalia, Percy, Nico and Jason and it’s next level. If you add Annabeth and Will, that’s ultimate and then all of us too and it’s game over.” Connor said


Besides, when you restore the sword to Hades… much less give him a super-weapon? Right, Nico?’


Hades looked at Percy and Thalia.


“Sorry about that. Old grudges. You’re still my favorite uncle though.” Percy said


“Sorry for saying that.” Thalia said


Hades sighed and gave a small smile.


Nico stared at the table… ‘I have to do this, Percy. He’s my father.’


Hades gave a small smile to Nico.


‘Oh, no way,’ Thalia protested… He had a point there.


“That’s true.” Leo said


‘Time is wasting,’ Persephone said… ‘A magic carnation?’ I asked.


Everybody snickered.


‘The flower always faces the thief… even if your dad was hard to love.


The demigods sighed and looked down. They all felt like that at a point of time.


“Relatable.” Travis muttered


The demigods nodded.


The decent gods grimaced.


In this case, really hard to love.


The demigods gave Nico sympathetic smiles.


Nico and Hades grimaced.


Nico was going to do this… as payment for your help.’


“Well that’s a good oath.” Hades said


“Why thank you.” Percy said


Another petal fell off the carnation… Let’s go catch this jerk.’


Everybody snickered.

“Wow Percy.” Reyna chuckled


“Hey, I’m a little lazy.” Percy said


“Bullcrap.” Nico said


“You’ve seen my room.” Percy said


“That is true but in a fight you’re far from lazy.” Annabeth said


Percy shrugged.


The Underworld didn’t get into the Christmas spirit… better than to go on a quest with a couple of boys.


Thalia, Zoe, Reyna and Artemis smirked.


‘Did Persephone seem kind of uptight?’ I asked… Usually Hades liked to threaten demigods in person.


“That’s true.” Hades said


“Good to know.” Percy said



Nico forged ahead… ‘Think I’ll take him along next time I go to the shopping mall.’


Everybody laughed.


“They aren’t ghosts.” Nico grinned


“Kind of a pity.” Thalia said


‘So,’ I said, ‘how’s immortality treating you?’… She died a hero’s death.’


Everybody smiled.


‘I know that,’ Thalia snapped… I was just… never mind.’


“Looking for me?” Jason asked


Thalia nodded.


A cold feeling washed over me… our way past scenes of horrible torture


“Ah never that lucky.” Connor said


The demigods nodded.


I won’t describe them because you’d completely lose your appetite.


“Thank you.” The demigods chorused

Percy grinned.


But I wished I had cotton wool in my ears to shut out the screaming and the 1980s music.


“AHHHH.” The demigods shouted


“1980’s music is torture, pure torture!” The Stolls yelled


“That’s why it’s in punishment.” Hades said


The carnation tilted its face towards… ‘The number-one expert on cheating death.’


“Sisyphus.” Ares and Hermes sighed


Before I could ask what he meant… I would’ve made around five hundred dollars.


The demigods roared with laughter.


“BRILLIANT!” Leo yelled


“Got some vocabulary from there too.” Nico said


The laughter increased.


“Seriously Percy, you swore in Italian too.” Leo said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“It made sense and was necessary.” He said


He started to walk away from the boulder, but after three metres he lurched backwards, like some invisible force had pulled him. He staggered back to the boulder and started banging his head against it.


Everybody was roaring with laughter.


Hades smirked.


‘All right!’ he screamed. ‘All right, curse you!’


The laughter increased somehow.


He rubbed his head and muttered some more swear words… I know you’re the Furies!’


Everybody was laughing their heads off.


“That guy…” The demigods shook their heads


‘We’re not the Furies,’ I said… ‘La-la-la!’ he yelled. ‘I’m not listening!’


The demigods were rolling on the floor. The gods had tears of laughter.


“We didn’t come to apologize.” Nico choked out and went back to laughing.


We played tag with him round the boulder… Then she shoved Sisyphus towards us.


The laughter stopped.


“You shouldn’t be doing that. It’s not easy.” Hades warned


Thalia sighed.


She put her shoulder against the rock… May I call you Sisy?’


“You actually asked him that?” Connor laughed


Nico snickered.


‘No!’… And he didn’t come back.’


A few chuckles.


“You still called him Sisy.” Travis snickered


Nico smirked.


“That guy was a pain.” Hermes complained


Hades and Persephone nodded.


The old man cackled… ‘Someone else asked your advice?’



“Not good.” Beckendorf said


‘An angry young man,’ Sisyphus recalled… The color drained from Sisyphus’s face.


Nico and Hades smirked.


Aphrodite shuddered.


“I hate that blade and the celestial bronze one too.” She blurted out


“Good to know.” Nico and Percy said


Jason sighed.


“Just having some fun.” Percy muttered to him.


‘I told him to talk to Melinoe… Nico and I grabbed his arms and hauled him up the hill.


Everybody shook their heads.


‘Curse you!’ He let loose with bad words in Ancient Greek, Latin, English, French and several other languages I didn’t recognize.


“Oh gods.” Travis snickered


I’ll never help you! Go to Hades!’


“Already there.” Will said


‘Already there,’ Nico muttered.


Will and Nico blushed and grinned.


‘Incoming!’ Thalia shouted… I guess he’d had a lot of practice.


“Oh he does.” Hades smirked


‘Take it again!’ he wailed… Do you hear me? The last time!’


“This guy’s weird.” Leo said


Thalia shuddered… I figured I could get it the second time.’


“That’s part of the curse.” Hades said


Thalia shuddered.


She looked back wistfully… going to make it back to unwrap my presents.


A few chuckles.


‘So who is this Melinoe?’… They feed on violent death.’


“Wonderful.” Jason said sarcastically


‘Oh, wonderful,’ Thalia said.


Jason grinned.


“Great minds think alike.” He said


Thalia chuckled.


‘Get back!’ Nico ordered the daemons... Nico blinked. ‘New master?’


“A titan.” Hades said grimly


The lead daemon lunged… they can’t answer your questions.


“Well I figured that out fast.” Percy chuckled


The demigods chuckled.


Nico was also cutting an arc through the Keres… second knife without even turning around.


“Nicee.” The demigods grinned


‘Die in pain, mortal!’… side seemed to explode in pain.


Poseidon gave a pained yell.


“It’ll be a bit better soon dad.” Percy said worriedly


Poseidon choked back the tears and nodded.


Nico kicked the monster away and stabbed it… Percy, but I think you’ll make it.’


“I’m glad.” Percy said


Nico crouched next to us… I tried to sit up and immediately felt nauseous.


Poseidon held his head.


‘Slow,’ Thalia said… ‘The Keres would like that. So would Melinoe.’


“Such a positive thought.” Katie groaned


The demigods looked worried despite knowing it turned out fine.


Nico chewed his lip… ‘And we’d be in big trouble.’


“The other side sure was clever.” Clarisse said


“Crooked one duh.” Connor said


Then they all shuddered.


I struggled to my feet. A wave of nausea almost made me black out, but Thalia grabbed me.

Poseidon rested himself against the couch back.


The sea gang looked at him worriedly.


“I’m better.” Poseidon said


‘Percy,’ she said, ‘you’re in no condition –’… have to haul my useless butt through the rest of the mission.


“You were nowhere near useless for the mission.” Thalia said


Percy smiled.


I was so busy feeling sorry for myself… you’ll start to forget who you are.’


“I hate amnesia.” Percy and Jason said


Then they fist-bumped.


Thalia backed up. ‘I know this place… I winced. ‘What kind of stupid rule is that?’


Hades raised an eyebrow and sighed.


‘Hey, I didn’t make it up.’… flow long enough to get us across.’


“It won’t work. You’re a son of Poseidon but nobody not even me can control underworld rivers. For that matter no son of Poseidon can control anything but water. It’s hard to channel the oceans’ strength but not impossible which explains how you did it but Underworld rivers is a big no no. Maybe you can do the Styx at the max but the other rivers, it’s not possible.” Triton said


Percy hid a grimace.


Amphitrite tried to look at Percy but he kept a surprisingly good poker face.


‘In your condition?’ Nico said… I had no idea.


“Not possible. Styx maybe but others… It won’t work.” Amphitrite said


‘Stand back,’ I said… My bad shoulder burned like lava, but I tried to ignore it.


Poseidon gave a small yell and Percy kept his hand on his dad’s shoulder.


The river rose… wide enough for two people to walk side by side.




“How did you-?” Triton asked in amazement.


“That’s not supposed to be possible!” Zeus said in pure horror


“He’s too powerful.” He added


Everybody glared at him.


“That’s… I mean…” Triton seemed to be at a loss of words. He looked at his father.


Poseidon looked at Percy and so did Chiron.


The teacher knew that Percy was powerful but to be able to control rivers he wasn’t supposed to be able to, that was a lot.


“Let’s continue.” Poseidon muttered to Triton




“Let’s just wait.” Poseidon pressed


Triton sighed.


Percy grimaced this time. Annabeth knew at once where his mind went but didn’t say anything as she knew that Percy wouldn’t want anybody to know yet.


Thalia and Nico stared at me in amazement… My wounded shoulder nearly screamed in pain.


Poseidon gave a yell.


“We have to read.” Percy said as he looked at his father in worry.


Thalia and Nico scrambled into the riverbed… ‘Yes you can!’ Thalia said. ‘We need you!’


Nico nodded.


“We really did.” He said


Percy smiled.


Somehow, I managed to climb down into the riverbed… I had time for one last desperate thought: Dry.


“At least you thought that.” Amphitrite said, trying to control her fear for her step son. She was quite fond of him


Percy nodded.


“Luckily.” Triton said, worried for his brother and father.


“Were you fine?” Tyson asked


“I was good Ty.” Percy smiled


I heard the roar and felt the crash of tons of water… I struggled to my feet.


Everybody gave sighs of relief.


“I’m glad you’re fine nephew but controlling the Lethe, that was a lot.” Hades said


Percy sighed.


Even this small effort to stay dry… black current, blind and doubled over with pain.


Poseidon whimpered.


Percy swore.


“It’ll be fine at least better now dad. Thalia and Nico did some healing.” Percy assured Poseidon


Poseidon nodded.


I climbed out of the River Lethe, surprising Thalia and Nico, who jumped back a good two metres.


A few snickers.


I staggered forward, collapsed in front of my friends, and passed out cold.


Poseidon passed out.


The taste of nectar brought me around… My eyes felt hot, like I had a fever.


Poseidon woke up and closed his eyes.


‘We can’t risk any more nectar,’ Thalia was saying… ‘The goddess of ghosts. What’s not to like?’


“Nice to know the sarcasm is back.” Leo grinned


Percy grinned back.


As if in response, a hissing sound echoed down the mountain… Why did you run away when I needed you?’


Jason hugged his sister then immediately looked at Artemis, clarifying if that was fine. Artemis nodded.


“You’re her brother.” She said


Jason nodded and kept a tight grip on his sister.


‘I – I –’… ‘You wretched girl! Ungrateful runaway!’


Thalia teared up and buried her face in Jason’s shoulder.


“Hey it’s fine. We know the truth. It’s not going to happen again.” Jason whispered


Thalia nodded and took a shaky breath.


Demeter gave them two minutes before Jason gestured for her to read on and she continued.


Stop!’ Nico stepped forward with his sword drawn… her dark hair was tied back.


Thalia and Jason pulled away and looked at Nico. Nico was pale and so was his dad.


Nico stopped in his tracks. ‘No…’


Will went to Nico’s couch.


Thalia, Jason, Percy and Will hugged Nico. Reyna went and joined in.


‘My son,’ the ghost said… wondering about you and your sister.’


Hades looked down with watery eyes.


Nico pulled him into the group hug as well. The demigods made space and adjusted accordingly.


Persephone kept her hand on Hades’ shoulder. Though she didn’t like the cheating but she didn’t want to see her husband upset.


‘Mama?’… ‘You’re not anybody’s mama!’


A few chuckles.


The ghost turned towards me… The ghost turned towards me.


Everybody pulled back.


“You saw her in her true form? Impressive.” Hades said


Percy gave a small smile.


‘Where are your ghosts?’ she demanded in irritation… Bianca di Angelo, Zoë Nightshade, Lee Fletcher, to name a few.


Zoe and Lee gave small smiles to Percy who returned it.


‘I’ve made my peace with them,’ I said… Now let my friends go!’


‘Thank you.” Nico and Thalia said to Percy


“You’re my cousins, couldn’t let you be haunted and also my cheeseburger was pending.” Percy grinned


Thalia and Nico grinned and rolled their eyes playfully.


I slashed at Melinoe with my sword… among mortals both night and day, sowing terror as they deserve.’


The demigods shuddered.


‘Close,’ Melinoe promised… And you will remember me.’


Percy paled.


Thalia notched an arrow and aimed it at the goddess… Her hands trembled.


Jason hugged his sister.


“Its okay.” He muttered


Nico looked just as stunned, like someone had smacked him between the eyes.


Will hugged Nico.


‘The thief…’ he managed… skeletal designs etched in silver


“Wait, this was the blade you used in the war?” Percy asked


“Yeah, I removed the key though so it was just a double-edged Stygian blade.” Hades said


Percy nodded.


It had no hilt, but set in the base of the blade… that’s what he likes to do to his enemies.


Though Annabeth, Percy and Nico knew that this was Iapetus not Bob they still felt upset about his death.


The Titan smiled cruelly… ‘You’ve done well, Nawaka.’


“Nawaka.” Travis snickered


“Well at least he didn’t call me Peter or Perry.” Percy said


The demigods chuckled.


‘It’s Nakamura, master’… spear impaled the rock where I’d been standing.


“NO!” Poseidon yelled


“Right here dad.” Percy said


I was so dizzy I could barely hold my sword… but she wouldn’t last long in close combat.


Jason, Artemis and Annabeth looked worried.


Nico left Ethan to the skeletons and charged Iapetus… ‘AHHHH!’ Golden ichor gushed from the wound.


“Good one!” The demigods cheered


Iapetus whirled and the shaft of his spear slammed into me… right next to the River Lethe


Poseidon groaned with pain.


‘YOU DIE FIRST!’ Iapetus roared as he hobbled towards me… ‘I can see where Atlas gets his stupidity from.’


“Getting better Prissy!” Clarisse grinned


Percy grinned.


Iapetus snarled. He limped forward… FLOOOOOM! I was immersed in black water.


“NO!” The demigods and the sea gang yelled


“Hi I’m Percy.” Percy said


Everybody sighed and gave a few chuckles.


I prayed to Poseidon that my protection would hold


“I don’t know if I can help out here.” Poseidon said wistfully


“I have your blood, I’m alive and have my memory. Of course you helped.” Percy smiled


Poseidon grinned and hugged his son.


And, as I sank to the bottom… His pure silver eyes were as big as moons.


Everybody looked at Percy in amazement.


“Wow, you just probably removed the memory of a titan.” Reyna said


“He did.” Annabeth clarified


“That too Iapetus.” Jason smiled and shook his head


Percy gave a small smile.


Thalia and Nico stood over me in amazement… ‘I am your friend Bob!’


Everybody chuckled.

The gods looked at Percy in amusement. They just couldn’t imagine Iapetus in such a way.


Clearly, Ethan could tell things were not going his way… ‘No. Let him go.’


“Why did you spare him again?” Dionysus asked


“It’ll come up.” Demeter said and continued


She frowned but lowered her bow… enough trouble when he reported back to Kronos.


“Okay then.” Dionysus said


‘We did?’ Iapetus asked… ‘Yeah, Bob. You were great.’


Everybody chuckled.


We got an express ride back to the palace of Hades… ‘Owie,’ and healed it with a touch.


The demigods’ eyes widened.


“Wow, he just healed it like that.” Will said


Percy nodded.


Poseidon’s wound went away too.


“That’s awesome.” Lee said


Everybody nodded.


Anyway, by the time we arrived in the throne room of Hades… he was contemplating the best way to torture us.

“He won’t.” Poseidon told Percy with a hint of warning


“I won’t” Hades said.


“Which reminds me, you shaved.” Nico said


“How did torture remind you of that?” Reyna snickered


“Not torture, Percy mentioned him stroking his beard.” Nico snickered


“Yeah, I like this better.” Hades said


“Nice.” Nico said


Persephone sat next to him… he made the promise through clenched teeth.


Everybody nodded.


Nico laid the sword at his father’s feet and bowed… ‘You will speak of this to no one.’


“No offense but that was accurate.” Thalia said

“None taken.” Hades sighed


‘Yes, lord,’ Nico agreed… I will cut them out.’


“Well now they know.” Percy sighed in relief


“Our tongues are safe.” Thalia said


“I practically have other stuff to think of. I don’t even think much about this adventure. But sometimes only.” Percy said


“Fair point.” Thalia grinned


‘You’re welcome,’ I said.


Everybody snickered.


“Percy.” Poseidon shook his head a little fondly


Percy grinned sheepishly.


Hades stared at the sword… Hades would be looking for one.


“No that was airtight.” Hades said


“Booyah!” Percy whooped


The demigods burst out laughing.


‘You are wise, my lord,’ Persephone said… If you ever disobey me again –’


Demeter glared at Hades but he wasn’t looking at her.


“I would never hurt you.” Hades said to Persephone and kissed her forehead.


“I know.” Persephone smiled


Nico ran out of the throne room and came back after five minutes with a bucket in his hands.


Everybody stared at him and the demigods realized what happened and snickered.


Nico looked pale.


“Percy why the heck did you even till them about retellings?” Nico shook his head


Percy grinned sheepishly.




Aphrodite reeled back.


Percy laughed.


“So true younger bro, so true.” He said


Nico snickered.


“Well got that out of my system. The excess of Aphrodite.” He said


“Then I better get it out too.” Percy said


“You should.” Jason said as a therapist.




Ares closed his mouth. Aphrodite shuddered.


Percy bent and put his hands on his knees.


“Oh that felt so much better.” Percy said, taking deep breaths


“I know right!” Nico said


“Phew. I actually had an overdose of Aphrodite.” Percy said


Nico nodded. They both went and sat down.


He let the threat hang in the air… ‘I could tell,’ Thalia muttered.


Everybody snickered.


“I can tell you and Percy and Nico and Jason are related closely.” Katie said


The four demigods gave matching grins.


‘Making the sword was your idea,’ I realized… ‘Bob will help you!’ Iapetus agreed cheerfully.


Everybody looked at Persephone.


“Daughter-?” Demeter asked in shock


Persephone sighed.


“Why did you do that?” Zeus asked


“Are you deaf Zeus?” Percy snapped


“What did you just say to me?” Zeus asked angrily


“He asked if you were deaf. She already said she wanted Hades to be equal to you and Poseidon. Though the method she chose was very very very wrong. Like very wrong but that’s the reason.” Castor said


Zeus glared at Castor and Percy.


Persephone looked at them gratefully.

“What you did as beyond wrong and you lost the damn blade. It was your fault in a way.” Percy said to her


Persephone’s eyes widened.


“Though what’s happened has happened. There isn’t any need to hold a grudge.” Nico said, taking a breath


Everybody smiled at Nico.


“You controlled your flaw.” Jason smiled


“I had to. I have to control my flaw as it is one which can be controlled before it controls me.” Nico said


Hades, Hazel and Nico’s friends looked proud of him.


“Mine can’t be controlled and I’m not sure I want to. I won’t destroy the world but I won’t let people I love suffer.” Percy said


The sea gang and Percy’s friends looked proud of him too.


“I have to say, Bob is quite cheerful.” Travis chuckled

Percy, Annabeth and Nico grimaced a little but nobody except Will noticed who knew what had happened.


Demeter continued reading.


Persephone’s eyes widened… toy house out of bones and laughing every time it collapsed.


Everybody chuckled.

The gods were still surprised that that was Iapetus.


“That’s Iapetus right?” Hermes asked


“Yes.” Nico said


“Wow.” Hermes said


‘I’ll watch him,’ Nico said… And I’ve had enough danger for one day.’

“That’s true.” Poseidon said


“So this took place after the previous book but before the last one?” Chiron asked


Percy nodded.


Thalia nodded. ‘In that case, still up for dinner?’… I’m thinking cheeseburgers at McHale’s.’


Everybody chuckled.


“McDonalds is the best.” Nico said


“Sure but I [refer McHale’s.” Thalia said


“I’m cool with both.” Percy shrugged


And together we crushed the roses that would return us to the world.


“Done.” Demeter said


“That was big.” Frank said


Everybody nodded.


“I’ll start.” Chris said, picking up the last book.





Chapter Text

There was a flash and a book landed on his hand.


“Ouch.” He said and rubbed his arm


There was a note in the book.


‘Read this before the last book


The Fates’


“Why couldn’t they have just sent it before?” Chris grumbled and picked up the book


“Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot.” He read out


“Oh this one.” Clarisse said


“I guess.” Percy said


I was in fifth-period science class… that’s a situation I’ve been in before.


“What? When have you been attacked by possessed poultry?” Triton asked in amusement


“The birds we scared away with Chiron’s music.” Percy smirked


“They weren’t possessed though.” Annabeth said


“Sure looked like it. They were crazy.” Percy said


Everybody snickered.


“I have good music.” Chiron grumbled

“We just have different tastes Chiron.” Percy said


Nobody else seemed to notice the commotion…She was hacking at a flock of black birds the size of ravens.


“Clarisse” Michael asked


Clarisse nodded.


Feathers stuck out of her clothes…A cut was bleeding over her left eye.


“Ouch.” Ares said and clamped a hand over his left eye.


“Put some ambrosia on it.” Will said


“It’s not going to make a difference.” Ares said


“Then at least put a bandage, you don’t want to much blood loss.” Will said


“I don’t have a bandage.” Ares said


Will grumbled and went over to Ares and quickly put a bandage.


As I watched, one of the birds shot a feather like an arrow, and it lodged in her shoulder.


“Ow.” Ares said and rubbed his shoulder.

She cursed and sliced at the bird, but it flew away.


“Were you fine?” Ares asked Clarisse in worry


The demigods stared at him.


“I was okay, not great but fine.” Clarisse said


Jason tilted his head at Percy and Nico who sighed.


“Uh Ares.” Percy said


Ares looked at him.


Nico awkwardly cleared his throat.


“Jason said that we… well we can’t change what Aphrodite did and nor can we change what Ares said. What’s done is done and what you caused is caused. There’s no point in holding a grudge. We aren’t saying we forgive you or anything and nor are we forgetting because that’s going to be hard but we’re not going to dwell on it.” Nico said


“We’ve come here to change not only you all but have better relations. This kind of stops it so we’re not going to say anything to you but to Aphrodite” Percy said. Jason nudged him in the ribs.


“Fine to you or Aphrodite but we aren’t going to forget it or forgive but we won’t press on it and we aren’t going to hold a grudge. Though if you say something like you did, it’s gonna be much worse the next time.” Percy said


Ares nodded.


Jason smiled at Percy and Nico.


“Well sir, looks your advice has been taken.” Thalia grinned at Jason who grinned back.


Poseidon and Hades smiled at Percy and Nico, understanding what they did and said.


“I-I-I won’t say anything like that again. I know I would’ve been affected if I would’ve thought I was back in the jar.” Ares swallowed


Percy and Nico gave small smiles.


Clarisse and Frank shifted and gestured to Ares who grinned and sat with them.


“As for Aphrodite, you don’t touch anybody we care about and we’ll try to be peaceful.” Percy said


Aphrodite swallowed and nodded vigorously.


Chris continued reading.


Unfortunately, I recognized the girl… She wouldn’t last much longer.


“Thanks for the confidence.” Clarisse grumbled


“You know it was hard.” Percy said


Clarisse grumbled but nodded.


I did the only the thing I could… It will get you out of class faster than anything else.


The demigods burst out laughing.


“Thanks for the tip Perce.” Rachel grinned


“Anytime.” Percy grinned back


‘Go!’ Mrs White said… she was hitting a home run.


“Nicee.” Leo grinned


“I’m not a baseball type of person.” Clarisse said


“You like Soccer.” Chris smiled


Clarisse smiled as well and nodded.


“What about a soccer match today night?” Connor asked

The demigods grinned wickedly.


“No powers.” Percy said


The demigods shook their heads.


“You’re playing too.” Clarisse told her dad who smiled


“Sure.” He said


“What about two matches? One is only demigods and one is demigods and gods?” Triton asked


The demigods shrugged.


“Okay.” Tyson said


The bird squawked and spiraled away… but she was too busy fighting to complain much.


“Well what can I say, you have great luck.” Percy smirked


“Haha sure Prissy.” Clarisse said, though she as trying not to smile.


I uncapped my pen, which grew into a metre-long bronze sword… it wasn’t tipped with poison, I’d be okay.


“Ow.” Poseidon muttered and rubbed his arm.


I took a bag of ambrosia out of my jacket, where I always kept it for emergencies, broke a piece in half and offered some to Clarisse.


“Thanks Percy.” Clarisse said


Percy put a hand on his chest and gasped.


“You called me by my correct name. Sounds very weird, please just stick with Prissy.” Percy said


Clarisse rolled her eyes.


“My pleasure Prissy.” She said


Percy grinned.


‘I don’t need your help,’ she muttered…I guess that’s why you don’t see many fat gods


A few people looked at Mr.D.


“I already showed you I look good.” Dionysus said


They all shrugged.


Anyway, in a few seconds our cuts and bruises had disappeared.


The cuts and bruises of Ares and Poseidon vanished.


Will went to Ares and removed the bandage.


“All good.” He said


Ares nodded.


Clarisse sheathed her sword…I just sidestepped and let her stumble past me.


Percy smirked and Clarisse glared half-heartedly.


‘Come on,’ I said…like she was in serious trouble.


“You’re very observant Percy.” Pollux said


“Thanks.” Percy grinned


‘It’s my brothers,’ she said…Clarisse had lots of siblings at Camp Half-Blood.


Everybody snickered.


“Hey hey hey, practically nobody except the 5 eldest gods can snicker.” Lee laughed


The gods chuckled.


All of them picked on each other…‘My immortal brothers. Phobos and Deimos.’


Ares frowned. Why was those two pranking another child of his? He guessed he would find out.


We sat on a bench at the park while Clarisse told me the story…chased me off with those stupid arrow-throwing birds.’


Ares frowned.


“That’s harsh.” Michael said


The demigods nodded.


“Pride and Hubris are their fatal flaws I think.” Annabeth said


“Two fatal flaws?” Percy asked


“Sometimes a few people have two. Demigods normally don’t. It’s mostly immortals. Most of them have pride and/or hubris.” Annabeth explained


“Oh okay. I don’t really know about dad. All I know he’s moody.” Percy grinned


Poseidon chuckled.


“I have no idea myself.” Poseidon said


“Is that good?” Percy asked


“We might find out in the reading.” Poseidon shrugged


Percy nodded.


“You get your fatal flaws either from your parents. That’s the most common case. Most Athena kids have hubris. Most Ares kids have pride. Hermes kids’ vary. Sometimes your fatal flaws are developed by yourself which is rare. Sometimes they do go according to your parents but if you know the nature of your parents, you can tell who you get the flaw from. Luke’s was pride but neither his mom nor his dad are prideful. Though his dad being a god might have some affect there. So it’s more likely you somehow got a combined flaw or your mom and dad share the same flaw.” Annabeth said


“Oh okay. We’ll find out if it’s combined or not during the reading.” Percy said


Annabeth nodded.


“I get mine from dad.” Nico said


Annabeth nodded.


“Mine I think is caring too much.” Will said


“That could be the case. You do seem hit harder than quite some people during a death and especially as you’re a doctor.” Nico said


Will gave a small smile.


“Then who do you get it from?” Percy asked

“Dad I think. He’s a doctor too and well he cares a lot about his loved ones. Especially his sister and mother. Now even Meg and his friend demigods or children.” Will said


Apollo smiled.


“You’re right.” Reyna said


“I get mine from dad.” Thalia said


“Me too.” Jason said


“Power and temptation to deliberate.” Thalia said


Everybody nodded.


Chris continued reading.


‘Your dad’s pets…Real hard.


Ares flinched.


“I won’t hurt you.” He said to Clarisse


“Nice to know. Thanks dad.” She said


She scowled. ‘Why would you? ... ‘Aw, look. I think she’s been crying!’


The demigods gritted their teeth.


A teenage dude was leaning against a telephone pole…‘You lost it,’ he teased. ‘Don’t ask me.’


“That’s taking it far.” The Stolls frowned


Everybody nodded.


“Jerks.” Annabeth said


‘You little –’…her blade bit into the telephone pole.


“Coward.” Reyna snorted


“Yep.” Thalia said


“He can’t stand and fight.” Zoe shook her head


Phobos appeared on the bench next to me… I stuck Riptide’s point against his throat.


Everybody snickered.


‘You’d better return that chariot,’ I told him…You have to get help fighting your battles now?’


Chris frowned as he read.


‘He’s not my boyfriend!’ Clarisse tugged her sword…if she were being attacked by invisible bugs. ‘Please, no!’


Ares yelled in the fear he felt, though he didn’t know what the fear was. Clarisse looked worried.


The demigods growled.


“Fear.” Annabeth said


“Tell me you hurt him.” Chris said


“I did.” Percy said


“Good job.” Chris said


Ares scowled. He was going to be having a talk with his son.


‘What are you doing to her?’ I demanded…. ‘I’m just showing her what she fears.’


“Fear isn’t a fun thing you-“ Castor hissed


“Babbling bumbling baboon.” Connor supplied


“Not as a good of an insult but I’ll use it.” Castor said


“Still it is not used for fun.” Chris growled


“I’m fine.” Clarisse squeezed his hand


Chris sighed and continued.


The glow faded from his eyes…just the sort of place you belong.’


“If the world was full of jerks like him I’d happily live surrounded by animals. I’m used to satyrs anyway.” Percy said


Grover grinned.


The demigods nodded.


He snapped his fingers and disappeared in a cloud of yellow vapor…I wanted to teach this guy a lesson.


“Don’t we all?” Pollux growled


Everybody nodded.


“Percy used punks.” Nico said


Percy shrugged.


I helped Clarisse up…All those phobias named after him. The jerk.’


“I have arachnophobia.” Annabeth said


“Acrophobia.” Thalia said


“Aerophobia I think. I’m not scared of my death or anything but I’m afraid to lose a loved one, though I know it’s gonna happen and stuff so I don’t have thanatophobia.” Percy said


Hades nodded.


“Did you know there’s a chronophobia which is a fear of time?” Jason asked


“I’m not scared of time but I’m so sure that this phobia is derived from Kronos.” Percy said


“It is.” Jason said


“I had Pyrophobia.” Frank said


“Fear of fire?” Leo asked

Frank nodded.


“Did you know there is a phobia which is fear of peanut butter?” Triton asked


“People are scared of peanut butter?” Tyson frowned


“Some people.” Triton said


“There is also a phobia which is fear of teenagers.” Will said


“Luckily I don’t have it.” Chiron said


The demigods chuckled.


“There are also phobias of fear of long words, knees, figure 8.” Will said


“That’s unique.” Annabeth said


Will nodded.


“Let’s continue.” Demeter said


Chris continued.


‘So why don’t they want you driving the chariot?’…I’ve got to get the chariot back to the temple.’


“Good for you Clarisse.” Thalia smiled


Clarisse smiled.


“Got chariot-jacked but sure.” She said

A few chuckles.


‘Pier 86. The Intrepid.’…‘Staten Island,’ I said. ‘They’ve got a small zoo.’


“Good job Percy.” Grover smiled


Percy grinned.


‘Maybe,’ Clarisse said…That’s what Annabeth told me, anyway.’


Annabeth grinned.


“Glad you listen.” She said

“Some do slip in my head.” Percy grinned


Everybody snickered.


Clarisse rolled her eyes…‘If it doesn’t help you fight, it’s useless information.’


“If you need to run and you’re near a monument then you should know where to go.” Annabeth said


“Fair point.” Clarisse said


I could’ve argued with her…‘Leave them alone!’ I yelled.


“What kind of people have fun in hurting people who don’t deserve it?” Rachel grumbled


“Uh let me think… The god of terror.” Percy said


Rachel rolled her eyes.


‘Or what, son of the sea god?’ Deimos sneered. ‘My brother tells me you’re a wimp!


“Dude I would love to see you go on combat with titans.” Beckendorf snorted


“Or fight the god of war.” Travis said


“Etc.” Connor said


Everybody snickered.


Besides, I love terror. I live on terror!’… I steered us straight towards the monster.


“Nice one!” Triton cheered


Percy grinned.


‘You think you can tackle Deimos?’…the serpent sank beneath the waves.


“I’m sorry, did you just say fifty thousand liters?” Leo asked


“Very sure I did.” Chris said


“Brilliant!” Triton grinned


“That’s insane.” Connor said


“It’s Percy.” Annabeth snorted

Percy grinned.


I dived underwater and watched as it retreated to the open sea…the bus driver wouldn’t let us on the bus.


“Mean.” Hestia said


“His bus would get wet.” Clarisse shrugged


‘We’ll never make it in time,’ she sighed…I had enough cash to get us inside.


“Luckily.” Connor said


We walked around the reptile house…OFFICIAL ZOO VEHICLE.


Ares scowled.


“My chariot is not a zoo vehicle.” He grumbled


Everybody snickered.


‘Where are Phobos and Deimos?’ Clarisse muttered…He called me some names I can’t repeat.


Everybody laughed.


“Where do they get the language from?” Hazel asked


“They’re Ares’ horses.” Percy snorted


Everybody laughed harder.


‘I’ll try to get the reins,’ Clarisse said… grabbed her hand and they kept walking.


“She can see through the mist. The girl I mean.” Rachel said


Percy nodded.


Clarisse got closer to the chariot…like I needed somebody to tell me that.


“How is she calling you the correct name?” Leo asked


Percy grinned.


“From her, I prefer Prissy.” He grinned


Everybody chuckled.


I jumped and landed on a rock island in the middle of the otter exhibit…before I had crazed sea mammals after me too.


Everybody snickered.


I ran as Phobos cursed and tried to get his horses under control…disposable cameras in every direction.


The sea gang gritted their teeth.


I wanted to surround myself with water… It’s great when you’re a celebrity to squids.


They chuckled now.


“You’re a celebrity to all sea animals.” Triton grinned


Percy grinned.


I stopped at the back of the aquarium and listened…occurred to me that it was just another form of his war chariot.


“Is it actually human skin?” Frank asked


“No.” Ares assured him.


The demigods sighed in relief.


‘Hello, loser,’ Phobos said…choice that would save or destroy Mount Olympus.


Poseidon was shaking in fear. Percy ran a hand on his face and helped his dad.


“Just an illusion. It’s just an illusion.” Percy said, he didn’t know if his dad was seeing his image and feeling his fear or was he seeing his own fear. Percy decided he didn’t want to find out.



Now the moment was here…What if I did the wrong thing?


The Greek demigods sighed.


“Of course you won’t.” Chris said


Percy nodded.


Then I heard the voices of the aquarium fish…Phobos was showing me my deepest fear.


Everybody nodded.


The Sea gang managed small smiles.


I blinked and saw Phobos’s blade… blocked the blow just before it cut me in two.


Poseidon came out of the fear.


The sea gang sighed in relief.


I counterattacked and stabbed Phobos in the arm. Golden ichor, the blood of the gods, soaked through his shirt.


“Ow.” Ares said


“Bandage again.” Will sighed


He went and bandaged Ares’ arm.


Phobos growled and slashed at me…The fear god looked afraid.


Ares groaned. His sons were going to get a lot of training for the next couple of decades maybe even centuries.


“YEAH GO PERCY!!” The Stolls cheered

Percy chuckled.


“You’re kind of showing him his fear. Just a bit though but seeing his fatal flaw I think that being defeated his one of his fears.” Annabeth smiled


Percy grinned.


Finally I kicked him backwards against the water fountain…bigger scar in a much more painful place!’


“You tell him Percy.” Leo grinned


“How long did that fight last?” Ares asked


“Almost two minutes.” Percy said

Ares groaned. Yes, his sons were getting training for the next few centuries.


He gulped. ‘There will be a next time, Jackson!’…And he dissolved into yellow vapor.


Will removed Ares’ bandage and went back.


I turned towards the fish exhibits. ‘Thanks, guys.’


The sea gang chuckled.


“Many won’t bother with it.” Poseidon said

“They helped me.” Percy said


They smiled.


“If I remember Nico said thank you to either ghosts or skeletons.” Reyna chuckled


Nico nodded.


“Nice of you two.” She said to Percy and Nico


They smiled.


Then I looked at Ares’s motorcycle…rode out of the aquarium to help Clarisse.


“You rode my chariot?” Ares asked a little angrily


“No choice” Percy shrugged


“Percy rode the war chariot. That’s lit.” Travis whined


Connor nodded.


I had no trouble finding her…smoking with anger as he raised his fist over Clarisse.


Ares’ jaw hit the ground. His son was using his form to terrorize his daughter? Deimos was in for some trouble.


Clarisse grimaced.


‘You failed me again!’ the war god bellowed… She had to overcome it for herself.


Ares couldn’t find words for himself. He knew that he did wrong things in the sea of monsters but being his daughter’s worst fear was unimaginable. It hurt him a lot to know this.


“Clarisse I-?” He tried

“It’s all good dad. You’re not my worst fear anymore.” Clarisse said


“I’m still a fear?” he asked in a worried voice


“No.” Clarisse said


Ares nodded and took a shaky breath.


“Percy’s right. You have to overcome it yourself but he can help with words.” Silena said


‘Clarisse!’ I said…Very quietly, she said, ‘No.’


The demigods cheered.


“YEAH CLARISSE!” The Stolls cheered


“You tell him!” Silena smiled


“Great job. I’m proud of you.” Ares said to Clarisse


Clarisse smiled at him and the campers.


‘WHAT?’…‘I’m tired of being scared of you.’


Everybody smiled.


‘You’re not Ares,’ Clarisse said…not deep, but enough to hurt even a godling.


Ares gave a grunt of pain.

“How many bandages?” Will groaned


Everybody chuckled.


“Let it be, it’ll be fine in some time.” Ares said


Will nodded.


He yowled in pain and began to glow… which were tugging at our clothes, looking for snacks.


Everybody snickered.


Ares’ wound went away.


The motorcycle had turned back into a horse-drawn chariot…I grinned. ‘You were great.’


A few chuckles.


She glanced at the sky…Then I got an idea. ‘We’ll take the direct route.’


“Over the water?” Travis asked in amazement.

Percy nodded.


Clarisse frowned. ‘What do you mean?’…tops of the waves straight across New York Harbor.


Everybody looked at Percy in awe.


“That was amazing!” Triton said in amazement


“Definitely. You kept the sea which can’t be easily restrained, solid.” Poseidon said


Percy blushed under the praised and gave a shy smile.


We arrived at Pier 86 just as the sunset was fading to purple…hardest things I’d ever done. I was exhausted.


“Makes sense.” Amphitrite said


‘I’d better get out of here before Ares arrives,’ I said…‘I won’t tell anybody.’


“Well they found out.” Thalia said


“I was going to say something else though.” Clarisse said


“What did you want to say?” Percy asked


“I wanted to know if-if you were afraid of your dad too.” Clarisse said, biting her lip


Poseidon looked at Percy.


“I wasn’t scared but same as you all I think, I wanted to make him proud.” Percy said, not looking at Poseidon


Clarisse nodded.


“You did make me proud.” He said to Percy


Percy smiled.


“Were any of you scared of us?” Hermes asked

“Wrong place to ask the question.” Clarisse muttered


“At a time.” Nico admitted


“Me.” Jason said


“Me too.” Thalia admitted


“A little.” Frank admitted


“Very little.” Hazel said


Ares winced. So did Hades.


“This was all past. We aren’t scared anymore.” Nico assured them all


They nodded.


Ares gave a side hug to Clarisse and Frank which did surprise them but they accepted it.


Hades gave side hugs to Hazel and Nico and they grinned.


Zeus stared at Jason and Thalia.


Poseidon hugged Percy, Triton and Tyson.


She looked at me uncomfortably…Or I’d have to kill you.’


Everybody chuckled.


Clarisse and Percy smiled at each other.


“So this is the reason why Percy and you were so friendly.” Beckendorf said to Clarisse


“We weren’t very friendly but an improvement.” Clarisse said


Percy nodded.


Everybody smiled.


A faint smile flickered across her face…I was ready to go home.


“Done.” Chris said


“This was shorter than the last one.” Dakota said


Everybody nodded.


“We’ll start the last book after a break.” Chiron said


The demigods shared glances and went outside with their parents.




Chapter Text

The demigods all sat together on one table and a couple of them were on top of the table. 


“So let’s figure out some ideas first then we can contact Hypnos and Hecate.” Hazel said


Everybody nodded.


“Why are you, Nico, Will and Thalia sitting on top of the table?” Annabeth asked Percy


“It’s fun.” Will shrugged


The demigods chuckled.


“I had an idea.” Annabeth said


“Sure go ahead.” Percy grinned


“Maybe like she could visit the underworld is she wants during the spring for a few days and Demeter can be like a substitution for that day and take care of Persephone’s duties. Once she comes back, she can do her duties again.” Annabeth said


The demigods nodded.


“So all in favor of the idea?” Percy asked


The demigods raised their hands.


The gods looked at their children and saw their raised hands which meant that they agreed on something. That too without any disagreements. Those kids really got along very well.


“I had a similar idea.” Rachel said


Annabeth grinned.


“Go ahead.” She said


“As Annabeth said, this can be done for spring but for the winter, if she wants to visit the upper world then she can choose a day or two and visit. Those days can keep changing whether that be spring or winter.” Rachel said


“That’s good.” Hazel said


“I have one too.” Nico said


Everybody looked at him.


Nico raised an eyebrow but continued.


“Maybe we could somehow manage to put some artificial sunlight which could help grow some specific types of flowers so that dad doesn’t miss his wife a lot during spring and Persephone won’t miss the sunlight too much during the winter.” Nico said


“That’s pretty good.” Lee grinned


“So maybe we can combine all of them. Like Rachel’s and Annabeth’s and Nico’s into one idea?” Percy suggested


The demigods nodded.


“So everybody agrees with the ideas?” Will asked


Every single demigod raised their hand.


Percy hopped off the table and the demigods got up as well. They went to the gods.


“We have two ideas.” Percy announced.


“Wow.” Triton said in amazement


“So first is that during the spring, if Persephone wishes to visit the underworld then she can choose one to two days by week or month which is her choice and Demeter can be like a substitution teacher and do the duties of Persephone for those days and once Persephone comes back, she can do her duties again. Similarly during the winter, if she wishes to go to the Upper world then she can choose a day or two in the winter then she can.” Rachel said


“The second is that we could add some artificial sunlight or light which would allow some growth of flowers like the ones which grow on earth. So this way Hades wouldn’t miss his wife too much during the spring and Persephone won’t miss the upper world during the winter.” Will said


The demigods grinned.


The gods stared at their children. Some of them held pride in their eyes.


“So how do you like it?” Percy asked


 “They’re great.” Hades smiled


The demigods cheered and high-fived each other.


“Zeus these should be implemented.” Poseidon said


“NO! This goes against the way things have been happening from centuries!” Zeus said


“Well your paranoia goes against the well-being of everybody.” Nico said. He’d had enough with Zeus’ paranoia


The demigods roared with laughter.


“Nice one!” Percy said


Nico smirked.


Some of the gods were shaking with laughter. Zeus gaped furiously at Nico and Percy.


“They will be applied if the other gods agree with it. You have 17 gods here. Yes I have included Aunt Hestia, Uncle Hades, Persephone, Amphitrite and Triton. They deserve the right to vote in at least this. Take vote like you did when you wanted to kill me and Thalia.” Percy said


The demigods nodded.


“Fine.” Zeus said angrily


“Those who vote for these to not be implemented, raise your hand.” Zeus said


Only he and Hera raised their hands. Even Demeter didn’t raise her hand.


The demigods snickered.


“Well Zeus, looks like you have no choice.” Percy smirked


Zeus scowled.


“You can go ahead with the ideas.” He said


“Swear.” Nico said


“Swear what?” Zeus scowled


“Swear on the River Styx to agree with the ideas, not go back on your word and to never find loopholes in the deal.” Percy specified


The demigods grinned.


Nico fist-bumped him.


“You don’t think I’m going to follow it?” Zeus asked angrily


“No.” Jason said


Zeus frowned at his son.


“Fine I swear by the River Styx that I accept your conditions.” Zeus said


Thunder boomed.


“That wasn’t his thunder right?” Percy asked Thalia


“No.” Thalia said


“The deal’s made.” Annabeth grinned


The demigods cheered. Nico just shook his head fondly and chuckled.


“So let’s get stuff ready.” Will said


The demigods looked at him.


“In the sense, how to do the artificial sunlight.” Will said


“Magic I think.” Silena said


“Another thing to ask Hecate then?” Hazel asked


“No. There will be books. I’ll scope the library and tell you all.” Annabeth said


Everybody nodded.


“Let’s go contact Hecate and Hypnos.” Pollux said


They all went and sent an Iris-Message.


“O’Iris, goddess of the rainbow, show me Hecate, goddess of witchcraft.” Thalia said, throwing a coin into the mist.


The rainbow changed and they were shown Hecate.


“Lady Hecate.” Hazel said


“Hazel Levesque. How come you’re sending me an Iris Message?” Hecate asked, slightly amused


“We wanted some help ma’am. From you and Hypnos.” Hazel said


Hecate nodded.


“Give me one second.” She said




A sleepy voice came from nearby.


“I was asleep Hecate.” The voice of Hypnos grumbled


“You’re always asleep.” Hecate said


The demigods chuckled.


“The demigods wanted to talk to us.” Hecate said


“That’s new.” Hypnos said


They went in front of the Iris Message.


“Oh hey guys, you were the ones who got us cabins right?” Hypnos asked


“Yeah.” Percy said


“It was Percy.” Nico said


“No, it was all of us.” Percy said sternly


The demigods chuckled.


“So how can we be of help?” Hypnos asked


“We um wanted to know how to block out thoughts from gods and monsters. Like sometimes they look at us and they can imagine what we think. It’s disturbing.” Travis said


Hypnos and Hecate looked at each other.


“We can help there.” Hecate nodded


The demigods smiled.


 “Though through Iris Messages… that’s going to be very hard. You guys are going to have to visit us or we’re going to have to visit you.” Hypnos said


“They live in the underworld.” Nico said


“We were planning on coming really.” Percy said


“That’s great then. You guys come once and we can visit the next.” Hypnos said


“At camp?” Connor asked


“At Olympus. We can’t come to camp much.” Hypnos said


The demigods looked at each other and Will nodded. They all nodded at the two gods.


“Fine.” Frank said


“Thank you.” Hazel said


“It’s quite okay. Glad to hear somebody who asks for  our  help.” Hypnos said


The demigods smiled and cut the connection.


They went and told their parents what they discussed.


“So one lesson in the underworld and the rest at Olympus.” Poseidon summarized


The demigods nodded.


“You can take more in the underworld if you want.” Hades offered


“So many living people?” Pollux asked


“Yes.” Hades said


“Cool then. Thanks uncle.” Percy grinned


Hades smiled.


“I need a coffee.” Nico declared


“Why?” Triton asked


“Thinking of those ideas and writing them in my brain, my brain hurts.” Nico said


 Everybody chuckled.


 The demigods nodded.


The demigods started toward the café with the gods following. Hades ran and caught up with the demigods.


“Oh hey dad.” Hazel said


The demigods looked at him.


“I wanted to say thank you.” Hades said


“For what?” Percy asked, a little confused


“For coming up with the ideas and asking Zeus to agree.” Hades said


 “You don’t have to thank us for something like that.” Jason said


Hades looked a little confused.


“That was something minor that could’ve been done before but Zeus would never agree.” Percy clarified


Hades smiled.


They all just grinned and raced towards the café.


“I love running.” Thalia said once they reached


The demigods nodded.


They all went inside.


“Hey guys.” Hugo greeted him.


“Man that coffee I bought from you a couple of days ago in the middle of the night was awesome!” Percy said


Hugo winked.


“I so agree.” Nico said


Hugo grinned.


“So what do you guys want today?” Hugo asked


“Uh cold coffee for us.” The demigods said


“We’ll have lattes.” The gods said


Hugo nodded and got the coffees ready.


“Any dessert?” he asked


“Apple pie, brownies and vanilla ice cream.” Will said 


Hugo grinned.


“Brilliant.” He said


Will grinned.


 Hugo got the order ready and gave it to them.


“Thank you.” Percy said


“No problem. It’s 30 drachmas.” Hugo said


Percy grinned and gave him the drachmas.


Hugo smiled and the demigods and gods left.


They all went inside the throne room and enjoyed the coffees, apple pie, brownies and vanilla ice cream.


“I’ll read.” Hermes said and picked up the last book of the first war.


“PERCY JACKSON AND THE LAST OLYMPIAN.” He read out and opened the first chapter.

Chapter Text

The Greek demigods who knew what happened grimaced. They knew that this was when Beckendorf died.


The end of the world started…borrow his Prius for a short spin.


“That’s cool. I mean the Prius part.” Travis grinned


Percy nodded.


Now, I know you’re thinking…hundred yards wasn’t exactly the most dangerous thing I’d ever done.


“Oh you never know.” Travis said


Percy looked at him.


“You might be able to convert that into a danger zone too.” Connor said


Percy pouted.


Anyway, Rachel and I were driving along…looked like a million golden drachma.


Everybody snickered.


Rachel grinned.


“Oh, pull up right there!” she told me…He can do stuff like that.


“Hmm I normally might but I was fighting a war at that time.” Poseidon said


Percy nodded.


“So.” Rachel smiled at me…“Oh…right.” I tried to sound excited


“It didn’t work.” Rachel said


“Lol. I figured.” Percy said


I mean, she’d asked me to her family’s vacation house…break even for a few days was really tempting.


“I swear I know right.” Percy groaned


“Dude, we’ve been here for more than a week. It’s been so freaking relaxing.” Travis sighed contently.


The demigods nodded.


Still, something big was supposed to go down any day now…But it’s always bad for you, right?”


“Fair point.” Castor said


“This was worse though.” Dakota said


“That’s true.” Pollux said


She had a point.


The gods slightly grimaced.


“I really want to go,” I promised…nailing him in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush.


“She earned all our respects then.” Hermes snickered


Rachel blushed.


“That was seriously next level.” Leo said


Apollo grinned.


Rachel shook her head in disgust…Can you see me in finishing school?”


“That is definitely not Rachel’s type of school.” Reyna frowned


“Definitely not.” Will said


I admitted the idea sounded pretty dumb…“Save the Endangered Yellow-bellied Sapsucker” and stuff like that.


Hermes, Dionysus, Artemis and Grover smiled at Rachel.


I’d never even seen her wear a dress…Besides, there’s something I want to talk—” She stopped abruptly


“Something oracle type?” Nico asked

Rachel nodded.


“I didn’t know what was happening to me so I thought that Percy might know. I thought it might be better to talk to him on the vacation.” Rachel said


Nico and Percy nodded.


“Something you want to talk about?” I asked…The sunlight made her hair look like fire.


“Hey! Hair on fire is my thing.” Leo said


Everybody snickered.


Leo lit his hair on fire.


“Okay Leo, let’s not light the place on fire.” Jason said


Leo grinned and he stopped the fire.


We’d spent a lot of time together this summer…monsters using me as their personal punching bag.


“It feels better but you feel more stressed.” Percy said

“Which reminds me what about the therapy?” Triton asked


“We could do our own therapy.” Percy said


“I don’t think anybody can take therapy for demigods without being a demigod.” Will explained


“That’s true.” Triton frowned


“Okay,” I said…stupid guy to kiss the girl, huh?”


“Awkward.” Annabeth said in a sing song voice


“Kinda yes.” Percy agreed


“Yep, very awkward.” Rachel agreed


“Oh…” I felt like one of Apollo’s sacred cows—slow, dumb, and bright red. “Um…”


Everybody snickered.


“My cows aren’t really dumb.” Apollo said


I can’t pretend I hadn’t thought about Rachel…well, than some other girls I knew.


“Rude!” Annabeth said


“Sorry Annabeth, though I didn’t take your name.” Percy said


Annabeth stuck her tongue out at Percy.


I didn’t have to work hard, or watch what I said…but I didn’t think my stepdad would be real stoked.


Everybody laughed.


“He was so weirded out.” Percy laughed


“He was probably like, ‘what the heck. I mean did some horse ride up to the hood. You know I don’t want to think about it.’” Katie laughed


“He was exactly like that.” Percy said


Katie grinned.


“Blackjack,” I sighed…working in the forges every summer.


Beckendorf smirked.


“I like that description.” He said


“Monsters running for their mommies.” Leo grinned


Hephaestus beamed at Beckendorf.


Beckendorf chuckled.


Silena blushed.


He was two years older than me…meanies as soon as the first harpy went flush.


The demigods cheered.


“Now that is brilliant!” Leo whooped


Beckendorf chuckled at his brother and grinned.


“That was quite hilarious to hear about.” Pollux recalled


The Greek demigods who were there snickered.


Beckendorf was dressed for combat…but I’d half hoped it would never happen.


The demigods sighed.


Rachel looked up at Beckendorf…uh, I mean he mentioned you.”


Everybody snickered.


“I had no idea what I was supposed to say there. I mean even I knew that Annabeth had a crush on Percy and so did Rachel.” Beckendorf said


Rachel and Annabeth sighed.


Rachel raised an eyebrow. “Really? Good.”… Last time Paul loaned me his car.


“Oh he loaned me his car afterwards too though.” Percy said


“Nice of him.” Katie said


“No actually, brave of him actually.” Nico said


Everybody snickered.


“Good luck.” Rachel kissed me before I could even react.


“Oh well.” The Stolls cleared their throat


“Awkward. Very very awkward Rachel.” Annabeth said


Rachel turned red.


Percy sighed.


My last view of her was sitting in the shotgun seat…“Don’t even think about it.”


Everybody snickered.


Annabeth chuckled. Percy turned red.


“Blackmail material.” Hades said


“Not anymore.” Percy smirked


“And speaking of blackmail material…” Percy smirked


Hades paled.


“You better not.” He said


“Saving it for a better time.” Percy grinned


Nico snickered.


Poseidon raised an eyebrow.


“What’s the blackmail material?” He asked Percy


“Can’t tell you.” Percy grinned


Poseidon pouted.


Beckendorf chuckled, and together we soared out over the Atlantic…Now it was heading straight for New York.


Poseidon grimaced.


“You know what to do?” Beckendorf yelled…Kronos’s invasion before it ever started.


“That’s good. You want to keep it managed and timed.” Reyna said

Frank nodded.


“Dry runs always help out. Kind of like a simulator.” He said


Poseidon, Hades and Hera grimaced slightly.


“Let’s not talk too much about simulators.” Nico said


Frank nodded.


“Kind of like a realistic game.” He amended


Everybody chuckled.


“Yeah.” Percy smiled


“Blackjack,” I said, “set us down on the lowest stern deck…little help from my friends and me.


“Makes sense he doesn’t like it. Nobody would like seeing a place they were um staying without good hospitality.” Silena said, not using the word imprisoned or trapped, remembering her mom’s ‘therapy.’


Percy nodded.


“He hates it like crazy.” Percy said


“You know Percy, you might be distantly related to Blackjack. If I’m not wrong pegasus is a child of Medusa and Poseidon.” Travis smirked


“I did not need to know that. At least not again. I already knew that.” Percy grumbled


Triton snickered.


“I’m related to Hercules.” Thalia and Jason grumbled


Zoe sighed.


“Gods I mostly got lucky in this manner.” Nico said


“Yep.” Thalia said


“Definitely.” Percy said


I figured he’d rather have his mane braided like My Little Pony than be back here again.


“That would be hilarious.” Chris said


“Don’t touch Blackjack. He might even whack you with his tail.” Percy said and warned the Stolls


“Well um okay.” The Stolls agreed


“Don’t wait for us,” I told him…“We’ll get out by ourselves.”


Percy sighed.


Blackjack folded his wings and plummeted toward the boat…but we zipped by so fast, none of them raised the alarm.


“Whoa! That pegasus is fast.” Leo said


Percy nodded fondly.


We shot down the stern of the boat…Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite.


Silena and Beckendorf blushed.


They’d started going out last summer, after years of the rest of us saying, “Duh, you guys like each other!


“The same exact thing happened with you and Annabeth but no ‘we’re just friends.’” Beckendorf teased


Percy and Annabeth blushed.


“Seriously guys.” Silena chuckled.


Even with all the dangerous missions, Beckendorf had been happier this summer than I’d ever seen him.


Silena and Beckendorf smiled at each other.


“We’ll make it back to camp,” I promised.


Percy looked down.


Beckendorf sighed. He hoped Percy had stopped blaming himself for something nobody blame him about.


For a second I saw worry in his eyes…“Bah, your brain isn’t on board!


Everybody snickered.


“It’s good one doesn’t believe the other.” Piper said


They nodded.


They continued to argue, and Beckendorf pointed downstairs…split the bolt like it was made of butter.


Hephaestus smiled at Beckendorf though it was a little strained. He had figured that this was when Beckendorf would die.


Inside, a row of yellow turbines the size of grain silos churned…Maybe he was messaging his friends on


“ could also be a dating site.” Leo said


“Why would he be agitated then?” Nico asked


“They probably showed him some super ugly monster.” Leo shrugged


Everybody snickered.


I stepped forward, and he tensed…he exploded into dust.


“Good one.” Annabeth smiled


“Thanks.” Percy muttered


“One down,” Beckendorf said…essential tool of demigod heroes—duct tape.


“One of the most.” Leo nodded


“Very useful.” The Stolls nodded solemnly


“Slap that one on the console,” he said…This would be our only chance to stop it.


“Oh wow. Just one shot.” Castor said


“Nothing new.” Pollux shrugged


I had just attached a second jar of Greek fire to the control panels…Ten more minutes at least.”


“That’s a bit too long.” Hephaestus said in worry


Beckendorf nodded.


Judging from the sound of the footsteps…But we were going to have to improvise.


“Like always.” Percy sighed


“Good luck,” he said…Riptide faster than they could yelp.


“Nice one!” Lee said


Percy gave a strained smile.


I kept climbing—past another telkhine…follow me rather than head toward the engine room.


“That’s a good plan but dangerous.” Triton said


“My life is always dangerous.” Percy said


Triton sighed.


I burst through a door onto deck six and kept running…(and yes, unfortunately, I speak from experience).


“I don’t think I want to know which experience you’re talking about.” Poseidon said


Percy shrugged.


Back on my first visit to the Princess Andromeda…been allowed to go home with their bingo winnings.


“Let’s say they probably actually went to Hades.” Thalia said


Percy chuckled.


I reached the promenade, a big shopping mall that took up the whole middle of the ship…its pincers longer than my body.


“I hate those.” Amphitrite said


The rest of the sea gang nodded.


If you’ve ever seen a crab’s mouth…fish sticks that had been sitting in the sun all week.


Triton and Tyson turned very green.


“That smell is awful. Straight up awful.” Triton gagged


Percy nodded.


Alarms blared. Soon I was going to have lots of company…“There!” a voice said from a balcony above me. “Intruder!”


“Oh no.” Michael said


If I’d wanted to create a distraction…This crab was slightly bigger than my Reeboks.


“Yeah just a bit bigger.” Travis said, holding up a two fingers in a way which said small size.


The demigods snickered.


Then a weird thought came to me…right in the middle of their ugly bellies.


“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” Poseidon said


“He needs to get to the belly first.” Amphitrite pointed out


Poseidon nodded.


I glanced at the fountain, then at the marble floor…let go of the hilt, and pushed myself out the backside.


“Wow son.” Poseidon grinned


“Good job brother!” Tyson cheered


“That was amazing.” Triton agreed


“Thanks guys.” Percy said


The monster shuddered and hissed…I wasn’t in the mood to play break-the-snake


“Break the snake.” Leo snickered


But in front of me was a stand with a model of the ship…I kept running toward the front of the ship


“Dude that was great.” Castor said

Percy gave him a small smile.


Hellhounds bayed. An arrow from somewhere whizzed past my face and impaled itself in the mahogany-paneled wall of the stairwell.


Poseidon sighed in relief.


“That’s Mahogany!” Thalia gasped dramatically


The demigods and gods who watched the hunger games burst out laughing.


“Look at them, just killed a wall.” Travis joined in


They all snickered.


I didn’t care—as long as I got the monsters away…about the same age I was when I first went to Camp Half-Blood.


“T-twelve?” Hermes asked, pausing in the middle


Percy nodded.

“That’s…that’s way too young for anything.” Will said, horrified


Everybody nodded.


“That’s depressing.” Nico said


The demigods sighed.


That thought depressed me…yet the kid thought I was his enemy.


“That’s equally depressing.” Clarisse said


Everybody agreed.


No way was I going to hurt him…sent him tumbling to the next floor.


“I get why you didn’t kill him. I don’t think that any demigod would have the heart to kill such a young kid.” Chris said


None of the gods missed how he said demigods. Maybe it wasn’t intentional but maybe it was. They grimaced. They knew that now they wouldn’t hurt such a young one but if they were in place of Percy with an opponent demigod, they might kill him. Some of them who were getting better decided to work on that too.


I kept climbing…three years ago on my first visit.


“I don’t like that ship.” Tyson said


“Nor do we.” The demigods chorused.


I burst outside onto the main deck…detonate the charges from a quarter mile away.


Beckendorf sighed as Percy looked down.


“Percy-“ he started.


“Could we please wait until we get to that part?” Percy asked


Beckendorf nodded.


I was halfway across the deck when the sound of a voice made me freeze. “You’re late, Percy.”


“Kronos called you Percy?” Annabeth asked in confusion


“That’s his name.” Triton frowned


“No she means that Kronos addressed him so casually. Normally it was Luke who would call him with his name.” Amphitrite explained


“Oh okay.”


“That was Luke’s voice.” Percy sighed


Luke stood on the balcony above me…the voice of the Titan lord Kronos


“I hate his voice.” Will said


“He would make a terrible singer then.” Lee said, trying to lighten the mood


Everybody snickered.


The words scraped down my spine like a knife blade.


None of the demigods even twitched.


The gods looked at them in amazement.


“Come, bow before me.”


The demigods snorted.


“Lol like that’s gonna happen.” Castor, Pollux and Dakota snorted


Percy snickered.


“Yeah, that’ll happen,” I muttered.


The demigods snickered.


“I wonder if he heard you.” Rachel said


“He probably did.” Zoe said


“Oh well.” Percy shrugged


Laistrygonian giants filed in on either side of the swimming pool…Demigod archers appeared on the roof above Luke.


The archery people frowned.


Two hellhounds leaped down from the opposite balcony…so fast unless they’d known I was coming.


Silena flinched. The gods didn’t know that she was the spy and the Fates said no spoilers so she couldn’t even tell them or apologize.


I looked up at Luke, and anger boiled inside me…twisted and evil long before Kronos possessed him.


Hermes grimaced.


“He killed many of my friends. He was going to destroy Olympus. He gave me every reason to hate him even though he was manipulated. Triton had a point but Luke’s changed now though.” Percy said


Triton nodded.


A voice in my head said…As if reading my thoughts, Luke smiled.


“Well at least the thoughts problem is going to be solved.” Hazel said


The demigods nodded.


“Come forward,” he said…Just looking at the thing made my knees turn to Jell-O.


The elder six gods shuddered.


“I hate that blade.” Percy scowled


The demigods nodded.


But before I could change my mind…I felt like I was moving through syrup.


“The titan’s a coward. Always relying on the time power. Fight without it at least even if you know you’re stronger.” Clarisse said

“I agree.” Chris said


The demigods nodded in agreement.


My arms were so heavy, I could barely raise my sword.


Poseidon’s arms felt heavy. He was glad that he wasn’t holding anything at the time.


Kronos smiled, swirling his scythe…breaking the time spell, and I lunged forward.


Everybody stared at Percy in amazement.


“You broke Kronos’ time spell?” Poseidon asked


“The sea was there though. It helped.” Percy said


“Still, it’s hard to break out of the time spell.” Demeter said


“Oh okay. Though I was near my favored domain. So it might have led to an advantage.” Percy said


“Maybe.” Demeter said


I struck at Kronos, but I was still too slow…As much as I hated him, it was hard to kill him.


The demigods sighed.


“You can’t hesitate like that every time.” Ares warned


Percy sighed.


Kronos had no such hesitation…cutting a gash in the deck right between my feet.


“Percy you’re going to give me a heart attack too.” Triton said, keeping his hand on his chest.


Percy looked sheepish.


I kicked Kronos in the chest…It was like kicking a refrigerator.


“That takes a lot of force.” Travis said


“How would you know that?” Katie asked


“Me and Connor placed a bet that I won.” Travis smirked


Katie rolled her eyes at her boyfriend.


Kronos swung his scythe again…shaved off my shirtsleeve and grazed my arm.


“NO!” Poseidon yelled out


“PERCY!” The sea gang, some gods and the demigods yelled


“It’s fine.” Percy said weakly


“Percy your fine doesn’t mean good.” Annabeth said


Percy looked sheepish.


It shouldn’t have been a serious cut, but the entire side of my body exploded with pain.


Poseidon yelled in pain.


Hades flinched at the reminder of the blade.


Nico froze at the reaction.


Percy, Triton and Tyson dropped on one knee.

“Will!” Percy called


Will ran with his dad to Percy’s couch.


Will and Apollo tried what they could but nothing worked.


“I’m sorry I can’t do anything. This fates’ curse prevents it.” Apollo said miserably


“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Percy said


Will and Apollo went back to their couch.


Hermes decided to continue reading.


I remembered what a sea demon had once said…my will, my identity draining away.


Poseidon whimpered.


“No, not again.” He whimpered


Percy’s blood ran cold.


“Nico!” He yelled


Nico got up and dropped on one knee.


“Dad’s it’s okay. It’ll be fine.” Percy said


This time it didn’t have an effect.


Percy, Triton and Tyson looked at each other.


Triton and Tyson seemed helpless. Percy looked at Nico.


Percy pulled his father in for a hug.


“Hermes please continue.” Nico said


Hermes nodded and continued.


I stumbled backward, switched my sword to my left hand…I knew I didn’t have much time.


Poseidon’s vision blurred more than it already had due to the tears.


Percy tightened his grip on him.


“It’s gonna be okay dad.” He said


Triton and Tyson nodded.


“Will I think we need a bandage.” Nico said in worry


Will went over and nodded. He wrapped a bandage around the wounded area.


“Luke had a big head,” I said. “But at least it was his head.”


“Good one.” The Stolls said


“You’ll never get this boat to Manhattan”… Black spots danced in my eyes.


Poseidon closed his eyes and was shaking.


“And why would that be?” Kronos’s golden eyes glittered…little punk had helped Kronos come back to life.


“You should’ve killed him.” Ares grumbled


Percy sighed and didn’t say anything. His knee was starting to hurt but he didn’t say anything and nor did he care.


“Success, my lord,” Ethan called…“No!” I yelled.


So did the other campers.

Hephaestus was covered in cuts as well. He also had a swollen eye. Beckendorf looked worried while Leo looked even worse as the hurt hit him for his brother and his father.


“Can we put some ice on this Will?” Beckendorf asked


“It’s the curse, I don’t think we can. Once it goes away it might make him a little uncomfortable.” Will said


Beckendorf nodded.


Beckendorf met my eyes…Beckendorf had fooled them.


“How the hell did they fall for that?” Connor shook his head


“It’s a good thing they did but I don’t know if Kronos will believe them.” Travis said in worry


When he’d realized he was going to be captured…“Open his bag,” Kronos ordered.


“Oh no.” Pollux said


One of the giants ripped the explosives satchel…then turned on his heels and ran.


“I would be scared of Kronos yelling too.” Chris shuddered


The demigods nodded.

Apparently the fates decided that Poseidon had experienced enough of the scythe so they removed his wound before the chapter.


Poseidon stopped shaking. Percy noticed it and pulled back.


“How’re you dad?” Triton asked

“The wound’s gone.” Poseidon said

Triton nodded.


“I think the fates thought that that was enough of the scythe feeling.” Nico said


The sea gang nodded.


Will removed the bandage after two minutes.


I cursed silently. Now we had only minutes…“Communication device…spy at camp.”


Poseidon rubbed his arm.


Silena flinched again.


Kronos chuckled. “You can’t count on friends…Luke learned that lesson the hard way.


“Luke wasn’t betrayed, he betrayed us.” Connor said


The demigods sighed.


Now drop your sword and surrender to me…I couldn’t just leave him.


Beckendorf smiled at Percy.


The second giant was still rummaging through the peach cans…brought his hand up to his watch


“No.” The Greek demigods muttered through blurry eyes.


I had no choice. I threw my sword like a javelin at Kronos…anchor toward the bottom of the sea.


“No.” They said again and went and hugged Beckendorf.


“I-I’m so sorry Beckendorf.” Percy said


“You have nothing to be sorry about Percy. You would’ve died too and that would’ve really messed things up. I made my own choice, you have nothing to blame yourself for.” Beckendorf said


Percy swallowed and nodded.


The Greek demigods pulled back. Leo and the other campers were sobbing. Silena was crying her eyes out in Beckendorf’s shoulder while he hugged her and kissed her forehead.


Hephaestus had blurry eyes. His cuts and eye had healed up and he pulled Beckendorf into a hug.


After two minutes, Dionysus asked “Is the curse gone?”


There was a note in his hands the next second. He read it out.


‘The curse has not been removed. Poseidon’s still awake because he can’t black out for long. The scythe wound disappeared for the reason Nico said.


The fates’


“Right.” Dionysus said


“The chapter’s done by the way.” Hermes said


“I’ll read.’ Aphrodite said


Hermes tossed her the book.

Chapter Text

“That would be our first meeting.” Percy snickered


“Oh brilliant.” Triton sighed


Demigod dreams suck.


“Understatement.” Thalia said


“Yours aren’t as bad anymore.” Nico said

“Fair.” She said


The thing is, they’re never just dreams…other mystical stuff that makes my brain hurt.


“So true.” Nico said


I dreamed I was in a dark palace at the top of a mountain


Poseidon fell asleep.


Unfortunately, I recognized it…war helm with ram’s horns curling on either side.


“Krios.” Jason and Reyna grumbled


The romans scowled.


“It doesn’t matter,” the other said…His entire body glowed.


“Hyperion.” Grover snickered

“I hate that dude.” Percy grumbled


He reminded me of Apollo, God of the Sun, except the Titan’s light was harsher, and his expression crueler.


Apollo pouted.


“Well at least I’m more nice.” He grinned


The demigods chuckled.


“The gods have answered the challenge…As for you, Krios, do your duty.”


Everybody snickered.


“The babysitting part just got images in my head which are hilarious and disturbing.” Will said


The demigods paused and nodded.


“And if you need more warriors?” Krios asked…celebrate the dawn of the Sixth Age!”


“Yeah sure shiny.” Percy said sarcastically


“You wish you’d be there long enough.” Katie snorted


Travis looked at his girlfriend in admiration.


The golden Titan erupted into the flames…I get to wear these stupid ram’s horns.”


Everybody snickered.


The scene shifted…my friend Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades.


“Nico! What are you doing there?” Hades and Hazel asked in panic


“Uh spying.” Nico said


“It’s not funny!” Hazel said


“Important though.” Nico said


Hazel sighed.


He looked straight at me, his expression grim…Do you really think you can beat them without my plan?”


“No, the plan was necessary.” Percy sighed


Nico nodded.


His words washed over me as cold as the ocean floor…been microwaved in aluminum foil.


“Ouch.” Poseidon muttered


I opened my eyes and saw a large shadowy figure…“Beckendorf?” I asked hopefully.


Beckendorf smiled at Percy.


“No, brother”… “Yay! Your brain works!”


Tyson and Percy grinned.


“I’m not too sure about that.” Thalia snorted and smirked


Percy pouted at her.


“You’re one to talk Pikachu.” Percy said


“Well I’m not a seaweed brain Squirtle.” Thalia replied


“No.” Percy agreed and grinned


“You’re a Pinecone face!” Nico completed and smirked


Percy and Nico laughed and fist bumped.


Thalia glared at them.


I wasn’t so sure. My body felt weightless and cold.


Poseidon shuddered.


My voice sounded wrong…I was under water.


Triton grinned then frowned.


“I better get a good description.” He snickered


“We’ll see.” Percy grinned


Now, being the son of Poseidon and all, I was okay with this…then swam calmly out the opposite side of the room.


Everybody snickered.


“I was shocked the first time too.” Tyson admitted


Poseidon, Triton and Amphitrite chuckled.


“Where—” “Daddy’s palace,” Tyson said…I’d been dreaming about it for years.


“That’s depressing.” Triton sighed


Percy shrugged.


But my head hurt… I’d been trampled by a Laistrygonian soccer team in cleats


“Ouch.” Poseidon said again.


“How long—”…“No sign of him. I am sorry, brother.”


The Greek demigods stared at the floor.


I stared out the window into deep blue water…take out the Princess Andromeda, and I had abandoned him.


“You didn’t abandon me Perce.” Beckendorf said gently


“I know now.” Percy sighed


Beckendorf smiled and nodded.


I thought about my dream…Come, he is blowing up monsters.”


The sea gang sighed.


The palace might have been the most amazing place I’d ever seen if it hadn’t been in the process of getting destroyed.


“You haven’t seen Elysium yet cuz.” Nico said


“You haven’t seen the underwater palace yet cuz.” Percy smirked


Nico tilted his head.


“Oh well. I’ll give you a tour when you come and you give me a tour when I come.” He said


“Deal.” Percy grinned


The sea gang and underworld gang chuckled.


We swam to the end of a long hallway…The paths were lined with glowing pearls like Christmas lights.


“Okay that sounds beautiful.” Thalia said


“Only sounds beautiful. You should see it.” Percy smirked


The sea gang grinned.


The main courtyard was filled with warriors…They don’t show you stuff like that in The Little Mermaid.


“Well that’s a kid movie.” Rachel said


“And very inaccurate.” Triton grumbled


“Pfffft that’s inaccurate? Watch Hercules.” Percy grinned


“Oh that movie is awesome.” Triton laughed


“NO!” The gods except Hermes and Apollo said


“We’re gonna watch it later.” Nico declared


The gods groaned.


“Did you know there’s a Netflix series called Blood of Zeus?” Percy said


“Wait seriously?” Thalia asked


Percy nodded.


“Though the art is great but it’s inaccurate. Hermes and Apollo are shown great but their powers are very minimized and they have long hair in the show. Dad has a long blue color beard and blue hair and Zeus looks like a 35 year old person. As for Hades well as it’s Hollywood he’s the villain again. Ares’ is pretty good but he could be made a little less harsh looking with a little more hair. The show’s great though.” Percy said


Hermes and Apollo nodded. Poseidon shrugged and Hades and Nico sighed.


“We could watch it.” Jason suggested

“Sure.” Hermes said


“What about a night show?” Annabeth asked


Everybody nodded.


Outside the main courtyard stood large fortification…slow motion across the farthest gardens.


The sea gang sighed.


“That’s sad.” Piper said

They nodded.


Out of the darkness above, an enormous form appeared—a squid larger than any skyscraper.


“Oh I hate those.” Triton grumbled


Poseidon nodded.

“They’re annoying.” He said


It was surrounded by a glittering cloud of dust…The squid descended on the palace, swatted its tentacles, smashing whole columns of warriors.


The sea gang winced.


Poseidon looked down and Amphitrite put her hand on his arm.


Then a brilliant arc of blue light shot from the rooftop…pointing to where the light had come from.


Everybody looked at Poseidon.


“That was amazing.” Percy grinned


Poseidon smiled.

“It was barely anything.” Triton said


Percy chuckled.


“Look at you guys. You aren’t bragging about yourself.” Annabeth shook her head fondly


Percy grinned.


“He did that?” I suddenly felt more hopeful…Maybe he’d let me help.


The sea gang smiled at Percy.


“You’re fight was on top.” Poseidon said


Percy sighed.


“Torn between two homes. Crap.” Percy muttered


Poseidon smiled at his son.


“Have you been in the fight?” I asked Tyson in awe…“Come. Let’s go find Daddy.”


Tyson pouted at Poseidon.


“I didn’t want to risk getting you hurt. You were very young.” Poseidon sighed


Tyson still pouted.


“Hey Ty, you chained the big dude. Remember?” Percy reminded and grinned


Tyson grinned.

“That was fun.” He said


The sea gang smirked.


I know this might sound weird to people with, like, regular parents…The Greek gods don’t exactly show up for their kids’ basketball games.


The demigods snickered at the mental image of their parents coming to their basketball games.


“That would be a little odd.” Piper said


“For some gods. Most of the younger ones stick with t-shirts and shorts or t-shirts and pants.” Lee said


The younger gods grinned. Aphrodite thought about it. She would stick with dresses. Athena would stick with jeans.


Still, I thought I would recognize Poseidon on sight. I was wrong.

Poseidon sighed.


The roof of the temple was a big open deck…wearing Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.


“You thought he would wear a Hawaiian shirt in battle?” Thalia asked


“That was how I’d always seen him.” Percy shrugged


“That’s fair.” Thalia said


There was nobody like that…His black hair was tied in a ponytail, and he looked young.


Triton sighed in relief.


“That’s a good description.” He said to Percy


Percy grinned.


“I’ll add some adjectives now.” He smirked


“Like?” Triton asked


“Oh I don’t know. Kinda annoying. Good guy. Etc.” Percy said, with a mock thoughtful expression.


Triton snickered and pouted. He jumped on Percy.


“Ahhh.” Percy yelled and laughed


Nico, Thalia and Jason were snickering. The other demigods and gods were chuckling.


Percy started tickling Triton who started shaking in laughter.


“I give up, I give up.” Triton choked out


Percy smirked.


Poseidon and Amphitrite chuckled.


Though it’s hard to tell with non-humans…map and leaning on a large metal staff.


“Was that you?” Hades asked Poseidon in worry


Poseidon nodded.


To his right stood a beautiful woman in green armor with long black hair and strange little horns like crab claws.


“Well I’m relieved. I got a good description too.” Amphitrite smiled


Percy grinned.


And there was a dolphin—just a regular dolphin, but it was staring at the map intently.


“Delphin isn’t a regular dolphin.” Triton said


“Hey I didn’t know.” Percy defended himself


“Oh yeah.” Triton said sheepishly.


“Delphin,” the old man said…We have to neutralize those leviathans.”


“Leviathans?” Rachel’s mouth dropped open


Poseidon nodded.

“Very irritating.” Triton said


The dolphin spoke in a chattering voice…he looked like he’d aged forty years.


Hestia, Demeter and Hades looked worried.


“Well I’m supposed to be thousands of years.” Poseidon said


Percy shrugged.


“Hello, Percy.” “What—what happened to you?”


“Really seaweed brain?” Annabeth asked


“I was surprised.” Percy said


“That was kind of direct though.” Piper said


“Yeah. Sorry dad.” Percy said


Poseidon chuckled.

“No need to apologize.” He said

Percy grinned.


Tyson nudged me. He was shaking his head so hard I was afraid it would fall off, but Poseidon didn’t look offended.


The demigods chuckled at Tyson.


Poseidon looked at him in amusement. Tyson grinned sheepishly. Poseidon chuckled.


“It’s all right, Tyson,” he said…“And right now that state is quite grim.


Percy frowned.


I should introduce you…This is my, er, wife, Amphitrite. My dear—”


“The situation is about to get awkwaaarrrrdddd.” Nico said, stretching the awkward in a sing song voice.


Percy snickered.


“You bet it did.” He said


“Personal experience here too.” Nico snickered


“Hey you two still got lucky. I wouldn’t complain too much.” Thalia said


“I’m not complaining. I really like Amphitrite.” Percy said

Amphitrite smiled.


The lady in green armor stared at me coldly, then crossed her arms and said, “Excuse me, my lord. I am needed in the battle.


“Ouch.” The Hermes gang said


Amphitrite sighed.

“Sorry Percy. Kind of a bad time.” She said


“I get it.” Percy smiled


She swam away…Amphitrite probably didn’t like that much.


“Hmm, I don’t like it much but you’re mom’s a nice lady and any way, I don’t mind too much as long as he returns to me.” Amphitrite said


Poseidon smiled.


Hera sneered. Persephone just sighed.


“This lady deserves a freaking standing ovation.” The Stolls said


Amphitrite raised an eyebrow. The demigods stood up and clapped loudly and a few people whistled. The sea gang smiled at them. The demigods sat down.


Poseidon cleared his throat…“Hello, Perseus Jackson. Come to help at last?”


“Ouch! That would hurt.” Apollo said


Percy shrugged.


“It was expected really.” He said


Triton grimaced.


“Anyway you want help, give me one call and I’ll be there.” Percy said


The sea gang smiled at him.


“This offer isn’t valid for Zeus and Hera.” He added


Zeus and Hera glared at him.


He acted like I was late or lazy…amusing dog that had barked for him or something


Triton winced.


“Sorry Perce.” He said

“All good, all good.” Percy said


Triton smiled.


He turned to Poseidon…Don’t worry. I will not fail.”


“I know.” Poseidon smiled at Triton who grinned.


He nodded politely to Tyson. How come I didn’t get that much respect?


“Because you’re not a Cyclops.” Triton shrugged


Percy nodded.


Then he shot off into the water…The monster burst into a million goldfish, which all swam off in terror.


“Epic.” Leo grinned


Poseidon smiled at the son of Hephaestus.


“My family is anxious,” Poseidon continued…sure he could pick the winning side.”


“Well guess what.” Percy started


“HE WAS WRONG!” The demigods chorused


Then they all chuckled.


The gods smiled.


“He looks stupid,” I said, trying to sound upbeat…“Daddy will tie it in knots,” Tyson said firmly.


Poseidon smiled at Percy and Tyson.


“Thanks for that.” He said


Percy and Tyson smiled.


Poseidon smiled, but he looked weary…sea monsters so ancient I had forgotten about them.”


“Well like you said, you’re thousands of years old.” Percy smirked


Poseidon glared without any heat behind it. Then he smiled.


Triton snickered.


I heard an explosion in the distance…“Briares!” I said.


The elder Greek demigods smiled.


I was happy to see him, but he looked like he was fighting for his life.


“He probably was.” Lee said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


He was the last of his kind—a Hundred-Handed One…his hundred arms spinning like the blades of a motorboat.


Everybody chuckled.


“Percy, we may not have much time,” my dad said…He was only one of hundreds, maybe thousands.


The sea gang looked down and kept quiet to pay their respects. The other demigods and a few other gods followed them.


Aphrodite continued after two minutes.


I’d never felt so angry and helpless.


“We all felt like that.” Pollux said


“I found two demigods reducing dummies to shreds in the middle of the night one day.” Chiron said


The gods looked at him.


“Percy would stay by the sea, the Apollo cabin would blast music on the speakers at 3am and I didn’t have the heart to stop them. The deaths were greatly affecting the demigods. The Hermes cabin was actually serious and did not raid stores in the days and didn’t prank anybody either.” Chiron said


“Which two demigods were reducing dummies to shreds?” Ares asked


“Clarisse and Lucas.” Chiron said


Ares looked at Clarisse and gave her a small smile.


“Lucas, my son?” Hermes asked


Travis and Connor nodded.


“He was unclaimed. Decent sword fighter. Still alive.” Connor said

Hermes winced. Another unclaimed kid. At least Lucas was claimed now.


Poseidon stroked his beard…You bear no blame for that.


“Exactly.” Beckendorf nodded


Percy smiled.


Kronos’s army will be in disarray…“But we didn’t kill him, did we?”


“It won’t be that easy.” Piper sighed


“It would be so much simpler if it was.” Annabeth said


The demigods nodded.


As I said it, I knew it was a naive hope…Monsters just vaporized and re-formed eventually. But demigods…


“You did warn them brother.” Tyson said


Percy nodded sadly.


Nico sighed and gave Percy a sympathetic smile.


Poseidon put his hand on my shoulder…That’s supposed to make me feel better?”


“No. Death is never simple Perce. Though they were brainwashed they still chose their path. Some of them did survive. Some of them didn’t. The ones who did, either they would have taken your warning or they would’ve been protected somehow. The ones who died well like your dad said, you warned them, you tried talking to them but they chose their side. They made their decision despite what you said to them.” Nico said


Percy nodded miserably.


Hades smiled at his son. Hazel gave Nico a small smile.


“Nico’s right.” Beckendorf said


Percy nodded.


“I-I don’t like it too much but I can’t argue with it.” He said


I glared at the mosaic—little tile explosions destroying tile monsters…He hugged me whether I wanted it or not.


“I like it though.” Percy smiled at Tyson and hugged him.


Tyson grinned widely.


“Not your fault, brother…Next time we will use a big stick.”


“We did.” Katie smiled


Tyson grinned.


“Percy,” my father said. “Beckendorf’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain…Olympians to deal with the bigger threat.”


Beckendorf nodded.


“The bigger threat?” I thought about what the golden Titan had said…But you’re in trouble here. I want to help!”


Poseidon smiled at Percy.


“You can’t, Percy. Your job is elsewhere”… “I know that,” Poseidon said gently.


“I wasn’t questioning your ability. You had to fight with your friends.” Poseidon said


“I know. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.” Percy said


“Dad, I can help,” I said…You’re not going to hold out here much longer.”


“Though we needed Percy, if Percy would’ve been there under water then Oceanus wouldn’t know what hit him. Though I would still ask him to go with the plan I had. Then Oceanus would be wrecked.” Nico grinned


Percy chuckled.


Hades gave a slight groan, remembering what happened after the dip in the Styx.


A fireball launched into the sky from behind the enemy lines…Poseidon winced as if he’d just been stabbed.


Amphitrite patted her husband’s arm. He gave her a small smile.


“Hmm, maybe we could add some sort of invisible shield?” Leo asked thoughtfully


Percy sat up.


“What do you have in mind?” He asked


“Something like camp. Just more powerful and preferably robotic as Zeus isn’t going to help.” Leo said


“Hmm. You can do something like that?” Triton asked


“Not alone. Though I have some notes. I’m still going to need help.” Leo admitted


“I’ll help.” Beckendorf said


Leo grinned.


“Me too.” Hephaestus grunted


Leo’s face brightened up.


“Yay!” He said


Beckendorf and Hephaestus smiled.

“Thank you.” Poseidon said


“It’s quite all right.” Leo said


Percy smiled.


“Return to camp,” he insisted…decision that would decide the fate of the world—but no pressure.


“No pressure at all.” Percy muttered sarcastically


The demigods and Chiron sighed. They knew Percy had had a bit of a tough time with the thought of the prophecy on his mind and yet he didn’t give in. They knew Percy was strong to handle it and would try not to stress too much. That was one thing they all admired about him.


“What if this is the decision?” I said…imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus like Kronos had been.


Percy and Nico flinched.


Poseidon gave a side hug to Percy while Hades did the same with Nico.


“Percy, you must go,” Poseidon insisted…Tyson pouted some more.


Tyson pouted again.


Poseidon gave a small chuckle.


“I will go,” he sniffled…Do not let monsters kill you dead!”


“How can monsters kill him alive?” Leo asked in wonder


Tyson grinned sheepishly.


“I meant do not let monsters kill you.” He said


Leo nodded.


I tried to nod confidently, but it was too much for the big guy…Tyson is too young. I must protect him.”


“Age is just a number though. One simple philosophy we live by. Though Tyson might be young, he wants to fight. If the fight spreads, nobody would be safe no matter where they are.” Percy said


The gods grimaced at the age part.


Poseidon sighed. Tyson smiled at Percy.


“You should trust him,” I said…I’d never been scared for a god before


Percy and Nico sighed, wanting to glare at Aphrodite but remembered what Jason said and what they knew. There was no point in holding grudges, it wouldn’t be good.


But I didn’t see how my dad could face this Titan and win.


The sea gang sighed. It had been a very difficult battle.


“I will hold,” Poseidon promised…All I knew was that it didn’t fit the vending machines in the school cafeteria.


Everybody snickered.


“Only you would try to put such a thing in a vending machine.” Triton shook his head

“My hunger is important.” Percy grinned


The demigods laughed.


“The time is coming,” he promised…Thunder crackled, which should’ve been impossible underwater.


“How the heck did that happen?” Jason asked


“I have no idea how it was thundering.” Percy said, shaking his head


“Weird.” Thalia said


A huge icy presence was approaching…mortal looking on him will disintegrate.


Poseidon hugged his son and Percy’s voice was muffled by his shirt. The demigods chuckled at Percy’s antics.


“Good-bye, Father,” I managed…torn apart by the two armies.


“That is depressing.” Castor said


Everybody nodded.


“Done.” Aphrodite said


“I’ll read.” Ares said

Aphrodite gave him the book.









Chapter Text

“Uh Chiron, if we are to have the soccer match and the Netflix show today then I think we should break for the day.” Percy said


Chiron thought about it and nodded.


“You’re right.” He said


“I’ll go prepare the area for the soccer match. Come on dad and Frank.” Clarisse grinned


Ares smiled and Frank grinned.


“I’ll help.” Chris said


Clarisse smiled.


“Bring your dad and brothers too.” Frank said


The Hermes gang grinned.

“We’ll handle the rest of the stuff.” Jason said


Everybody nodded.


“I’ll meet you guys in ten minutes, I need to have some words with Nico. You guys carry on.” Percy said


Nico raised his eyebrows.


The demigods nodded.


“Come on Nick.” Percy said


Nico nodded and followed Percy to the beach.


“Sit down.” Percy said, patting the sand


“No crabs right?” Nico asked


“They won’t touch you.” Percy chuckled


“So what did you want to talk about?” Nico asked, sitting down


“Look just listen to me, all right?” Percy requested


Nico nodded.


“Look I know that Persephone turned you into a dandelion a couple of times but she seems like a good person. I know she screwed up with the sword but we all forgave her. I know you like the relation I have with Amphitrite and Triton but it’s not just because they’re good people, it’s because I tried. The first time I visited dad’s palace except during the first war, he told me that everybody had to try but somebody had to make the first move, like Chess. In Chess, one person has to start the game. Like in a relationship, one person has to ask the other. Hermes told me that immortal families are messy but you can never give up on family members no matter what. I think Persephone might be as nice as Amphitrite. I can’t say anything for sure because I don’t know Persephone but I’m very sure she’s better than Hera. There isn’t a point in holding a grudge like you know. We also know that we’ve been sent here to make our relations better. I’m not telling you to sit in a room alone with her and bond or anything like that, I’m simply asking you to at least try to make conversation with her. Just give it a shot. As you talk your relation will become better if you try. The time I went to the underwater palace, the situation was very awkward. Only my dad would talk to me, Triton or Amphitrite occasionally during the meals. Then when he asked me to try, I gave it a shot because I wanted to try myself as well. I made conversation with Amphitrite about baking in the kitchen as that was a common topic. We talked for a bit and the awkwardness reduced. I trained with Triton in the arenas for fun. The awkwardness between us reduced as well. That’s the reason that when they came her, they weren’t too awkward with me, just a little analyzing. Slowly we got closer and look at us now. Just try to make conversation during let’s say, meals and the reading. You might be able to find something common, you never know. You’re not going to know how the person is unless you talk to them. You even come to know them better and they get to know you better. Just think about what I’m saying and give the idea a shot.” Percy said, looking at the waves and smiling at Nico.


Nico looked at Percy.


“That’s why you brought me here?” he asked finally


Percy nodded. “I didn’t think I could tell you all of this in front of everybody. In front of Jason, Thalia, Annabeth and Will, maybe but in front of the gods and all… I couldn’t have explained as well. Just give it a try man. It’s going to be better for both of you.”


Nico looked at the sand and then at Percy.


“Percy, I…” He trailed off


“I know it’s going to be difficult at first but it is going to get better. You just have to try Nico.” Percy said gently


Nico put his hand on the sand and the fiddled with his ring.


“I-I’ll try.” He said finally


Percy smiled.


“I’m your brother and cousin man. It’s in my job description to give you advice but also tease the shit out of you.” He joked


Nico chuckled.


“That’s true.” He said


“Who knew you were as deep as Jason?” Nico added


Percy chuckled.


“Annabeth I think.” He laughed


“Maybe.” Nico agreed


“Come on let’s help the others.” Percy said, getting up and rubbing sand off his jeans.


Nico followed him.


“Hey guys!” Will greeted them once they returned


Nico blushed.


Percy grinned and snickered at Nico’s face.


“Hey Will.” Percy grinned finally


“Any help needed?” Percy asked


“Yeah, the snacks.” Annabeth said


Percy whooped.


“I can do those. I’ll need help though.” He said


“I’ll help Seaweed brain.” Annabeth chuckled


“Great! Guys come along!” Percy grinned and called to Triton, Tyson, Poseidon and Amphitrite who smiled and went over to him. Percy gave a nod to Nico and went into the kitchen.


Percy leaned on the door frame and faced the kitchen.


“So what snacks should we make?” He asked


“Cookies.” Annabeth grinned


Percy winked and grinned.



“Hey um…” Nico cleared his throat awkwardly.


“Persephone wanna help me and Percy and the others with the snacks?” he asked in a relatively high pitched voice.


Hazel chuckled at Nico. Nico blushed.


Persephone’s eyes widened.


“Uh, puberty.” He said awkwardly


Hades chuckled this time.


“I-I’ll help. Sure.” Persephone said


“Cool. Hazel, dad come on!” Nico said


They all went into the kitchen.


“Oh hey guys. So we’re making two batches of cookies. Annabeth, dad, Triton and Amphitrite are doing one batch, you guys do the other. I’ll be helping both.” Percy said


They nodded.


“Nico, help me with the chocolate.” Percy said


Nico nodded and went with him.


“So it worked huh?” Percy smiled


Nico nodded.


“It was awkward. I asked her to join in a high pitched voice and then made puberty as my excuse.” Nico sighed


Percy chuckled.


“Happens.” He said


“Cut the chocolate please.” Percy said


Nico nodded and chopped the chocolate.


“Here.” He said, putting the chocolate in a bowl.




“Now we’ve got to melt it.” Percy said


“Here dad.” Nico said and gave him the bowl


Hades switched on the gas.


“How long?” he asked


“Till it melts.” Percy smirked


Hades sighed.


*Time break*


“Ah I need help with the baking sheets.” Nico said


“Uhh Nico, I’m doing mine here.” Percy said


Nico looked back quickly.


“Persephone you know how to do this?” he asked casually


Persephone nodded.


“Some help please.” He said, holding up the baking sheet


Persephone went over and helped him out. To be honest she was quite surprised at Nico but didn’t say anything. Hazel being the intelligent girl she is figured out why Nico was asking Persephone.


“Percy yours are going to be blue.” Nico said


Percy grinned and nodded.


The sea gang and Annabeth chuckled.

“He made blue cookies the time he came over. There was some different taste about it in a good way though. I asked him what he put and he said it was a secret ingredient.” Amphitrite said


Percy winked.


“Now the cake.” Hazel grinned


The demigods smiled.


“Which flavor?” Percy asked


“Chocolate.” Nico said


Percy nodded.


They all made the cake and covered the cake and cookies.


The Apollo gang arranged chips.


“Had fun?” Percy muttered to Nico


“It wasn’t bad.” Nico admitted


Percy smiled.


“It’s a start.” He said. He smiled at Nico and went to Annabeth.



Chapter Text

“Hey guys we’ve got to make teams now.” Clarisse said


 “There is no way that you and Percy are going to be on one team. The game would end 20-0 if you two are on one team.” Connor said


Percy and Clarisse smirked.


“What about we become the captains then?” Clarisse asked


“That’s good.” Connor nodded.


“Who’s picking first?” Percy asked


“Rock, paper, scissors?” Nico suggested


Percy and Clarisse nodded and made their fists.


“Rock, paper, scissor, shoot.” They said and made their signs. Percy made paper and Clarisse made a scissor.


 Clarisse smirked. Percy gestured for her to pick. The first game was only demigods.


"Zoe." Clarisse picked


Zoe went to Clarisse.


“Nico.” Percy said


Nico went over.


“Chris.” Clarisse said












“Travis and Connor.” Clarisse picked


“Castor and Pollux.” Percy grinned


They went on picking their teams. The final teams were –


P- Nico, Tyson, Leo, Piper, Annabeth, Castor and Pollux, Will, Katie, Rachel, Thalia, Jason with Percy


C – Chris, Beckendorf, Michael, Travis and Connor, Frank, Hazel, Reyna, Dakota, Lee, Silena, Zoe with Clarisse


The others decided not to play.


“Who’s the referee?” Percy asked


“Chiron.” Chris said


They all nodded and went on to the pitch.


“Race to 3 goals. No penalties.” Chiron announced


The demigods nodded.


“We’ve got to do a toss to see who starts.” Connor said


Travis got a coin from his pocket and gave it to Chiron.


“Heads or tails?” Chiron asked the captains


“Heads.” Percy said


 “Tails.” Clarisse shrugged


Chiron flipped the coin and it was heads.


“We start.” Percy grinned


Percy’s team took their positions. Leo was the keeper. Percy was the starter with Nico. 


Chiron blew the whistle.


Percy passed the ball to Nico who passed it to Castor. Castor dribbled and passed the ball to Pollux. Pollux was tackled by Clarisse. 


Clarisse dribbled until she was tackled by Rachel. Rachel passed the ball to Tyson. Tyson dribbled the ball at quite a speed. He entered Clarisse’s goal area where Michael was the keeper. Tyson passed the ball to Percy who shot the ball into a corner of the goal post with high speed and accuracy. Michael dived toward the ball but missed it by a couple of inches.


Percy’s team cheered. The audience clapped. Percy did a knee slide along with Tyson as their celebration. Percy’s team jumped on the two of them.


Clarisse started and passed the ball to Chris. Chris passed the ball to Travis who dribbled and crossed the ball over to Connor. Connor got it under control and dribbled near Percy’s goal area. Annabeth slide tackled him and Connor tumbled. Annabeth passed the ball to Will. Will was almost tackled by Frank but Will did a rainbow over Frank’s head. The audience who was rooting for Percy’s team cheered. Will passed the ball to Nico who raced to Clarisse’s goal. He shot a rabona into the goal. Michael dived in the opposite direction as he was not expecting Nico to shoot a rabona.


Percy’s team cheered.


Nico ran to the corner of the pitch and flossed as his celebration. Will and the others jumped on Nico.


Clarisse passed the ball to Castor. Castor crossed the ball to Pollux who dribbled past two players. Pollux passed the ball to Reyna. Reyna nutmegged Katie and passed the ball to Zoe. Zoe passed the ball to Beckendorf. Beckendorf dribbled all the way to Percy’s goal and shot it to the left.


Leo dived but missed the ball by some inches.


 Beckendorf’s team cheered and he ran and did a front flip as his celebration. His team cheered and celebrated with him.


Percy started and passed the ball to Rachel. Rachel dribbled and passed the ball to Thalia. Thalia passed the ball to Jason. Jason dribbled all the way to Clarisse’s goal. He passed the ball to Piper. Piper shot the ball. Michael dived and almost caught the ball but missed.


Percy’s team cheered. Piper went and did Mason Mount’s celebration. The rest of her teammates joined her. 


Clarisse passed the ball to Connor. Connor passed the ball to Silena. Silena dribbled all the way to Percy’s goal and crossed the ball to Hazel. Hazel grinned and shot the ball. Leo dived in the opposite direction, having misjudged the direction.


Clarisse’s team cheered. Hazel went and did the Dele Alli celebration. Her team cheered. Nico smiled from the opposite team.


Percy passed the ball to Katie. Katie passed the ball to Castor who passed it to Pollux. Pollux dribbled into Clarisse’s goal area. He passed it to Castor who shot it but Michael caught the ball. 


Michael passed the ball to Clarisse who dribbled with speed into Percy’s goal area. Annabeth tackled her but Clarisse tackled her back. She shot the ball right into Percy’s goal.


Clarisse’s team cheered. Clarisse did the hype dance as her celebration. Chris gave her a kiss on the cheek and the others in her team cheered.


Percy passed the ball to Nico. Nico passed it to Annabeth. Annabeth passed the ball to Rachel. Rachel passed it to Will. Will dribbled the ball into Clarisse’s goal area and crossed it to Nico. Nico did a bicycle kick right into Michael’s goal.


Percy’s team exploded in cheers.


Nico ran to the edge and closed his eyes as black smoke rose from the ground. Percy’s team jumped on him. Nico pulled Will with him and they both punched the air. Percy’s team cheered. 


Clarisse’s team chuckled.


“Good job guys.” Clarisse smiled


Percy grinned.


The gods rooting for Percy’s team cheered. The respective players’ parents were grinning and cheering the loudest.


“Next game with the gods.” Percy announced


The gods and goddesses who were going to play walked down to the pitch.


P- Nico, Poseidon, Hades, Hermes, Tyson, Triton, Amphitrite, Leo, Piper, Annabeth, Castor and Pollux, Will, Katie, Persephone with Percy.


C – Ares, Chris, Beckendorf, Zeus, Apollo, Michael, Travis and Connor, Frank, Hazel, Reyna, Dakota, Lee, Silena, Artemis with Clarisse


The others decided not to play this time either.


They tossed the coin with Percy choosing heads and Clarisse choosing tails. This time Clarisse won the toss. 


Clarisse and Ares started. Dakota was the keeper. 


“Race to three this time as well.” Chiron announced and blew the whistle


Clarisse passed the ball to Ares who dribbled with accuracy. Ares was slide tackled by Percy. Ares tumbled a little. Percy passed the ball to Triton. Triton dribbled and passed the ball to Poseidon. Poseidon passed the ball to Amphitrite. Amphitrite passed the ball to Nico who passed it to Hades. Hades passed the ball to Castor who dribbled all the way to Clarisse’s goal and shot but Dakota blocked it.


Dakota passed the ball to Clarisse. She passed it to Frank who dribbled past three players. Frank was tackled by Annabeth who passed the ball to Percy. Percy passed it to Nico who passed it to Will. Will dribbled to Clarisse’s goal and passed the ball to Hermes. Hermes shot the ball into the uppermost corner. Dakota missed the ball and it hit the net.


Percy’s team cheered. 


Hermes ran to the corner and did the electro shuffle. His team cheered louder. They all celebrated with him.


Clarisse passed the ball to Ares who dribbled and passed to Apollo. Apollo dribbled and passed to Michael. Michael passed the ball to Silena who passed it to Reyna. Reyna dribbled and passed the ball to Artemis. Artemis passed the ball to Apollo who dribbled to Percy’s goal area and shot to the right. Leo missed the ball.


Clarisse’s team cheered. The demigods and gods celebrated with him. Apollo did the best mates dance.


Percy passed to Tyson who passed it to Nico. Nico passed the ball to Persephone who passed it to Hades. Hades dribbled into Clarisse’s goal area and passed to Poseidon. Poseidon shot the ball into the net.


Percy’s team exploded in cheers. Poseidon did a knee slide. Percy, Triton and Tyson jumped on him.


Clarisse passed the ball to Chris. Chris passed the ball to Michael who passed it to Connor. Connor passed to Travis who dribbled and did a rainbow over Thalia and shot the ball right into the net.


The team cheered. Travis did Mbappe’s celebration. They cheered louder.


Percy passed to Piper. Piper dribbled and passed to Annabeth. Annabeth raced past the players and shot. Dakota blocked it this time.


He passed the ball to Silena who passed to Beckendorf. Beckendorf dribbled and passed the ball to Frank. Frank dribbled and passed the ball to Hazel. Hazel passed to Lee who passed to Frank. Frank passed the ball to Clarisse who dribbled all the way to the goal area and passed to Chris who shot but Leo blocked.


Leo passed to Nico who passed to Will. Will dribbled past the midfielders and passed to Hades. Hades dribbled and crossed to Nico. Nico dribbled and passed to Percy who shot the ball right in the corner of the net.


Percy’s team exploded in cheers again. They all jumped on him and Percy cheered loudly for his teammates. 


Chiron blew the final whistle.


“It was a combined effort guys.” He said again and again.


They all still cheered with him and this time for themselves as well.


“Let’s get freshened up and watch the show.” Nico said, wiping his sweat with his shirt


Reyna nodded as she did the same.


The gods were drenched with sweat but not as much as the demigods who looked as if they jumped in a swimming pool of sweat.


They all took a bath and put on fresh clothes. They went outside where they would put the show. The demigods gave everybody the snacks and plopped down.


“So had fun?” Nico asked


“It was brilliant.” Hermes grinned


The demigods grinned.


They put on the show.


“This is about another son of Zeus.” Poseidon groaned


“Not unexpected.” Hades snorted


“Dad looks awesome. Though he looks even better with short hair.” The Hermes gang and Apollo gang said


Apollo and Hermes grinned


“Oh Hera’s jealous.” Thalia said when the scene came.


“Hey mind your language towards our dad.” The Hermes gang shouted at the show Hera


Hermes chuckled. Though Apollo, Hermes and Dionysus did feel a little hurt by show Hera as sometimes the real Hera would also treat them like that. Though Hera was good with Apollo after his Lester incident, they went back to normal soon. It must have shown a little on their faces because their kids frowned.


“It’s just a show dad.” They said


The three gods nodded.


“Seraphim looks awesome.” Triton said


Everybody nodded.


“That’s nice of you three.” Reyna said to Artemis, Hermes and Apollo as they accepted Heron in the show.


 The three gods smiled.




The gods calmed them down.


“Why do the giants look like that?” Jason groaned


“It’s a good art but inaccurate like I said.” Percy told him


Jason nodded and sighed.


“DAD!” the Apollo gang yelled out


 The Hermes gang followed them.


“Oh thank the gods he’s fine.” They sighed later.


 Apollo and Hermes chuckled.


“Is that Dionysus?” Thalia asked, pointing to a god in purple.


Castor, Pollux and Dakota nodded happily. Dionysus smiled.


“No way.” Percy said as they reached the scene where Zeus was captured by the giants.


There was silence after that scene got over.


“Wow show Zeus.” Castor said


 “Show Zeus, yep.” Pollux said


Zeus scowled at them. He didn’t like how they were specifying the show part.


“Why am I bald and have a scar. I look evil.” Hades groaned


“It’s Hollywood.” Nico sighed


Hades, Hazel and Persephone sighed.


“Is there a season two?” Thalia asked


“Not yet.” Percy said pointing his half-eaten cookie at Thalia.


“Dam Percy.” She said


 Percy snickered.


Zoe, Grover and Thalia joined Percy. The others chuckled.


“Off to sleep everybody. You’re all tired.” Hestia said


 They all nodded and went to their quarters. The demigods fell asleep in one second. The gods were awake for some time, thinking about the match and how much fun they had. They were glad their children included them. They fell asleep to the fun thoughts of the day.



Chapter Text

The demigods woke up at 9am. Nico thought about shadow travelling to Percy’s or Will’s with Hazel but then he heard Percy’s voice in his head about the advice he gave Nico. Nico sighed and decided to knock loudly on his door first to avoid another incident like the one in the tent.


“Come out Nico.” Hades chuckled from outside


Nico sighed in relief and went out.


“Good morning you two.” Nico said to Hades and Persephone


“Good morning Nico.” Hades said


Persephone looked startled but managed a good morning.


“I assumed you would shadow travel out of your room.” Hades said


“I considered it but changed my mind due to…due to reasons.” Nico said, rubbing the back of his neck.


“Reasons huh?” Hazel asked from behind Nico.


Nico nodded.


*Time break*


Everybody met for breakfast at 10 am. The dining hall was filled with conversation about the last day and general things.


“You know I’ve been meaning to ask, which chapter of which book are you guys on?” Thalia asked Hades and Persephone


“Uh, first book, 14th chapter.” Hades said


“Lovely. Just one book yet.” Nico muttered


The demigods who heard him snickered.


“Let’s start the reading.” Chiron said with a smile


Everybody nodded and went to the throne room.


“I’ll read.” Zoe said and picked up the book.




“I’m guessing you read the prophecy.” Apollo said


Percy nodded.


If you want to be popular at Camp Half-Blood, don’t come back from a mission with bad news.


The Greek demigods sighed.


Word of my arrival spread… (It’s happened— but that’s another story.)


“That was a very amusing day.” Chiron shook his head as he chuckled


The demigods who were there laughed.


“He just wandered and says ‘Hi sir, you ordered a pizza.’ The only person there was Mr.D who was just staring at the person and drinking Diet Coke.” Connor laughed


“Who ordered the pizza?” Travis asked


“Some random mortal I think.” Clarisse said


The gods and demigods laughed.


Anyway, that afternoon the lookout on duty was Connor Stoll…he got so excited he fell out of his tree.


Everybody burst out laughing. Connor turned red and grinned sheepishly.


Then he blew the conch horn to signal the camp…unless you want to find your sleeping bag full of it.


Hermes laughed and high fived Connor. Connor grinned.

The demigods chuckled.


“Learnt that the hard way.” Silena said


“Why did you have shaving cream?” Annabeth asked


“We have all of the stuff in out bathroom. I took it from there.” Silena said


Connor smirked.


He’s got curly brown hair and is a little shorter than his brother…old enemy Luke it’s hard to believe they’re all sons of Hermes.


“I don’t if that’s a compliment or not.” Connor sighed


“Let’s take it positively and as a compliment.” Travis grinned


Percy shrugged.


“At the time I gave it as a compliment and it’s still hard to know you three are related.” Percy said


The Stolls shrugged.


“Percy!” he yelled. “What happened? ... Maybe he brought souvenirs!


“What kind of souvenirs?” Triton asked


“Maybe like the claw of a monster or some shit.” Clarisse said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“Your definition of souvenirs is strange.” Triton snickered


I stopped at the dining pavilion…down there to tell them what a loser I was.


“We know you’re not a loser Percy.” Chris told him


Percy smiled and nodded.


I gazed across the valley…That seemed like a bajillion years ago.


“I swear, I know right.” Nico said


“Yeah.” Will said


From the dining pavilion…sending up smoke signals as he snored.


Everybody chuckled.


To my right spread the woods…made a horseshoe pattern around the commons area.


Percy clicked his tongue and shook his head.


“Young me.” He said


“What’s the matter?” Dakota asked

“Twelve is kind of incomplete.” Percy said


“I…don’t get it.” Dakota said, confusing evident on his face.


“I mean that there should’ve been 14 cabins, not 12. 14 cabins for each Olympian god. Honorary or not.” Percy explained


“Oh okay.” Dakota said


The Underworld gang and Hestia smiled at Percy. The sea gang looked proud.


“Against the rules.” Zeus said


“Does it look like I care?” Percy snapped


Zeus glowered at him.


“Good one brother.” Tyson laughed.


Percy smiled.


“Which reminds me Chiron, I want to add five more cabins at camp. Me and Nico thought about it last night.” Percy added suddenly


“Five cabins?!” Zeus asked in outrage


“I’m not talking to you Zeus. Keep quiet for once. Our camp, our rules.” Percy snapped angrily


Poseidon glared at Zeus to keep quiet. Zeus glared at Percy.


“To which gods?” Chiron asked curiously


“Hestia, Amphitrite, Triton, Persephone and Thanatos.” Percy ticked off


Hestia smiled at Percy.


Amphitrite and Triton stared open mouthed at Percy. They knew Percy liked them but cabins at camp was a lot.


“Thanks Perce.” Triton swallowed


“Don’t mention it. I mostly thought about Aunt Hestia, you and Amphitrite. Nico reminded me of Thanatos and Persephone.” Percy said, turning sheepish and apologetic at the end.


“It’s quite all right.” Persephone told him


She and Hades were looking at Nico who was shifting uncomfortably.


Finally they smiled at him.


“Thank you Nico.” Persephone said


Nico choked on air.


“It’s-it’s fine.” He stuttered


Everybody chuckled.


“But Thanatos is the god of death?!” Zeus exclaimed


“SO? I don’t care whether he’s the god of death or the god of murder. He’s a good person.” Nico said angrily


“I told you to keep quiet Zeus.” Percy said angrily


Triton put a hand on Percy’s shoulder. Hazel did the same with Nico.


Zeus glared fiercely at the two cousins but they glared right back.


“We’ll work on it once we get back.”


Zoe decided to continue.


Farther south were the strawberry fields…paint job and its bronze eagle weathervane.


“I think we should change the color of the big house. Something that resonates with Camp Half Blood. Like a sunset orange.” Will said thoughtfully


“We could do that.” Chiron nodded


Zeus grumbled.


“We have changes to make then.” Annabeth grinned


In some ways, the camp hadn’t changed…had gone over to the enemy.


Chris grimaced.


“Hey you came back.” Clarisse squeezed his hand


Chris smiled.


The ones who were still here were battle-hardened and weary…Hermes cabin didn’t play so many pranks.


Hermes’ shoulder sagged. He knew that his kids loved playing pranks but they weren’t playing due to stress. The thought was depressing.


The Greek demigods sighed.


“I remember catching Clarisse reducing five demigods to pieces in three minutes.” Chris said


“You saw that?” Clarisse asked, turning red

Chris smiled and nodded.

“Nice job with the dummies though.” Ares and Frank grinned


Clarisse smiled.


It’s hard to enjoy practical jokes when your whole life feels like one.


The gods grimaced. The demigods simple shrugged.


“Sure felt like one during those times.” Katie shook her head


Demeter grimaced.


Chiron galloped into the pavilion first…seeing her made me feel fuzzy in the head.


“Ooh.” The demigods chorused


Annabeth and Percy blushed hard.


Last summer, before Luke had turned into Kronos and everything went sour.


Annabeth looked down. So did Percy.


There had been a few times when I thought maybe…well, we might get past the strangle-each-other phase.


“Into the dating phase.” Thalia, Nico and Jason said in sing song voices


Everybody cheered.

Annabeth and Percy blushed fiercely.


“What happened?” She grabbed my arm….“No,” she muttered. “No. No.”


Beckendorf held Silena.


She started to cry, and the rest of us stood around…it felt like someone had stolen the anchor for the entire camp.


The Greek demigods nodded.


Beckendorf looked stunned. He didn’t know that they all thought so highly about him. He knew they liked him but so much was very touching.


Finally Clarisse from the Ares cabin came forward…a daughter of the love goddess.


“No not really. I mean Ares and Aphrodite date around so…” Connor said


“CONNOR!” The demigods yelled


“Hey this one wasn’t bad.” Travis said


The demigods tilted their heads and shrugged.


“Not as bad as the previous ones at least.” Pollux shrugged


But ever since Silena had given Clarisse advice last summer about her first boyfriend, Clarisse had decided she was Silena’s personal bodyguard.


Clarisse and Chris blushed. Silena chuckled.


Clarisse was dressed in her bloodred combat armor…“Thanks,” I said. “Me too.”


The sea gang sighed in relief.


“Guys I already told you, I don’t want to die.” Percy sighed


They nodded.


“We know.” Tyson assured him.


Chiron put a hand on my shoulder…I didn’t mind keeping it a secret.


Nico sighed.


“Sorry Percy. Didn’t want to intimidate you too much.” Nico said


“It’s fine. I kinda intimidated myself. Besides it was scary.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


Chiron gazed down at the valley…I hated when they did that.


“It is annoying.” The Greek campers agreed


Chiron and Annabeth sighed.


“We will discuss that also,” Chiron promised…which was three times more than I wanted to.




“That’s true.”


“It’s creepy.”


A ladder led up from the top…being half horse and all, but he didn’t try.


“We bring it down.” Chiron said, looking amused


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“You know where it is,” he told Annabeth…Scimitar of Kampê, destroyed in the Battle of the Labyrinth.


“You still had that?” Hermes asked

Percy nodded.

Hermes shuddered.


“You remember Briares throwing those boulders?”… “And Grover causing a Panic?”


Grover grinned.


We locked eyes…I was going to die, and she kissed me.


The demigods were wolf whistling. Even the hunters.


Annabeth and Percy were bright red.


“Percy you are crushing so hard.” The demigods said


Percy blushed harder.

“Cause this entire time girl you knew, that I’ve been crushing on you.” Silena sang


The Greek demigods and Reyna cheered at the song.


“Oh yes I have, Yeah I’ve been crushing you.” They yelled and sang


Percy and Annabeth were redder than tomatoes and were grinning.


“Oh yes I have. Yeah I've been crushing on you. And you have too.” Percy grinned


The demigods wolf whistled. Hermes and Apollo joined in.


The gods chuckled. Hestia smiled at the demigods.


She cleared her throat…” I put down the scimitar. “Prophecy.”


The demigods booed good naturedly.


Annabeth and Percy grinned sheepishly.


We walked over to the window…Just looking at her made my skin crawl.


Apollo pouted and gave a side hug to Rachel.


Hades grimaced.


Nico and Percy winced.


If you wanted to leave camp during the summer…We had no choice if we wanted to stop Kronos.


“That makes sense.” Apollo said


“Yeah and it was less stressful because better to go and do the mission than to know that somebody’s gonna die and then do the mission.” Annabeth said

Apollo tilted his head and nodded.


Still, I remembered too well the strange green mist…I half expected her to start tap dancing or something.


Everybody burst out laughing.


“Percy the image of the old oracle tap dancing is hilarious but freaky. I think I would pass out.” Will laughed


Percy grinned sheepishly.


But she just sat there like she was dead…“Why it’s a mummy.”


“Yeah I’ve always wondered the same.” Pollux said


“It can’t be that Chiron put a mummy intentionally.” Castor agreed


Percy, Nico and Will exchanged glances.


“It might come up. If it doesn’t then…then we’ll tell you.” Nico swallowed


Castor and Pollux nodded.


“Percy, she didn’t used to be a mummy…then apparently changed her mind.


“You knew?” Nico asked, confusion evident on his face

“No. I only knew about Luke’s mother.” Annabeth shook her head


Hermes grimaced. He regretted what happened to May though he never understood why it happened. He had warned May only because the job was dangerous but he never knew why nobody was able to take host of the Oracle. Well nobody except Rachel…


“Let’s just do our job and get out of here”… it’s been right there around her neck?”


“I could’ve read it anytime.” Percy whined

“It wasn’t the right time.” Chiron said


“I know.” Percy said


“The time wasn’t right,” Annabeth said…I looked at the glassy eyes of the Oracle, and I decided not to argue.


“Yeah that would be freaky.” Beckendorf agreed


I didn’t know it then… Behind her back, everybody else called it “Lamer.”)


Clarisse glared at the sheepish campers.


She had her boar-shaped helmet under one arm…kind of funny since Clarisse was a foot taller.


Clarisse smirked at Michael who rolled his eyes.


Michael had taken over the Apollo cabin after Lee Fletcher died in battle last summer.


The Apollo gang winced.


Michael stood four-foot-six with another two feet of attitude.


Michael rubbed the back of his neck.


He reminded me of a ferret…spent too much time looking down the shaft of an arrow.


“Well I don’t like that description.” Michael snickered


“Sorry Michael. You look good. The height and features suit you.” Percy grinned


Michael grinned.


“It’s our loot!” he yelled, standing on his tiptoes…“If you don’t like it, you can kiss my quiver!”


The demigods chuckled.


Michael smirked.


Around the table, people were trying not to laugh…new counselor from Hephaestus, managed a faint smile.


A few demigods and gods stared at Percy.


“What happened?” Percy asked nervously


“You promised to know the name of every camper in the last book. At the time you didn’t know the name of a couple of demigods and now in this book you know the name of every single camper. At least as much as I remember during the final battle.” Katie said


“Oh that. That was nothing. It hurt like heck to see dead campers without their names so I asked Chiron for a list of every current camper.” Percy shrugged


“It’s a big deal Percy.” Pollux said


Castor nodded.


“Very impressive and admirable.” He said

Percy smiled at them.


The sea gang beamed at Percy.


Dionysus stared at boy.


“Uh Mr.D could you um stop staring at me. It’s making me nervous.” Percy said, fidgeting with his shirt


Dionysus blinked and nodded.


Only Silena Beauregard didn’t pay any attention.


Beckendorf hugged his girlfriend who looked close to tears.


She sat beside Clarisse and stared vacantly at the Ping-Pong net…when she’d just lost Beckendorf.


Clarisse and Michael immediately looked guilty.


“Oh shit. I’m so sorry Silena.” Michael said


“Me too.” Clarisse said guiltily


Silena and Beckendorf smiled at them and Percy.


“It’s quite all right.” Silena smiled


Clarisse and Michael nodded.


“STOP IT!” I yelled. “What are you guys doing?”… She hasn’t spoken for three days.”


Clarisse sighed.


“It’s been wonderful,” Travis Stoll said wistfully…Besides, we have more important matters—


“Chiron I know there were important matters but it’s not right to leave an issue which bothers the campers unresolved. They’ve got some pride and dignity too.” Apollo said


Chiron sighed.


“I know now.” He said


Clarisse swallowed guiltily.


“Sure,” Clarisse snapped…fight when you need us, and not complain!”


“That’s not how it’s supposed to be.” Nico frowned


“She just basically summarized the life of demigods.” Thalia muttered.


Zeus and the other gods grimaced.


“But it’s wrong for Clarisse. Michael you could’ve shared the loot.” Hazel said


Michael looked down.


“Sorry Clarisse.” He said


Clarisse nodded.


“It’s fine. I was being a jerk too.” She said


Michael nodded.


“That would be nice,” Connor Stoll muttered.


“Not helping Connor.” Chris glared


Connor winced.


“I’m sorry Clarisse. I-I would hate it too if we were supposed to help without any support towards us.” Connor said

Clarisse nodded.


Clarisse gripped her knife. “Maybe I should ask Mr. D—”…None of them met Clarisse’s eyes.


The Greek campers wouldn’t look at Clarisse either. They didn’t realize that Clarisse was hurt by the fact of not being treated as well or not getting her issues resolved. There was also the fact that the camp lost Beckendorf and Clarisse’s boyfriend was insane a summer ago.


Chiron made a decision to attend to even the smallest of problems that would trouble his students…his children. Problems that may seem small to him might be really big to the demigods. It might hold more meaning for them. He remembered what Clarisse had said later ‘Always more important things than what Ares needs.’ He figured that she was insulted but she thought that as he wasn’t addressing her problem, her cabin was inferior. He internally cringed at the thought.


“I apologize for not addressing your problem Clarisse.” Chiron said immediately


Clarisse looked a little stunned.


“Thanks Chiron.” She said


“Fine.” Clarisse turned to Silena…Silena didn’t seem to register her words


“She’s in shock.” Will said


Silena nodded.


Clarisse threw her knife on the Ping-Pong table…no one in my cabin is lifting a finger to help. Have fun dying.”


The Greek demigods flinched. They knew that her pride had been hurt but they never realized that she had been insulted as well. They also never dwelled on the fact that some of them had played a part in it.


Some gods stared at Clarisse.


“You would withdraw from the war because of this?” Athena sneered


“I wouldn’t talk if I were you Lady Athena.” Percy said coldly


Athena scowled and glared at him.


“Your pride is way worse than hers.” He said


“How dare you?” Athena spat


“You don’t insult my friends without knowing their point of view.” Percy spat back


Clarisse gave a small smile to Percy.


“Clarisse, this was wrong of you though.” Frank said gently


“I know.” Clarisse said


Ares knew that his daughter had pride. He also understood why she said what she did. Though he knew that she knew that she could’ve controlled her pride there.


“Daughter-‘ Ares started


“I know dad. Stupid pride.” Clarisse said


Ares nodded.


“I’m sorry guys.” Clarisse apologized


“It’s all right.” The campers assured her.


“Have you guys watched fast and furious 6?” Percy asked


The demigods and a few gods nodded.


“I quite like the scene where Owen Shaw meets Dom with the laser gun. Owen says that there is a code everybody lives by and his is precision. He says that Dom’s is that he’s loyal to a fault. Every time I watch that scene it reminds me of my fatal flaw at fatal flaws in general. That code basically means that. It’s not just in our lives but in the lives of mortals and immortals.” Percy said


The demigods thought about this.


“That’s… that’s very exact. A good way to explain it all.” Chiron said


Percy gave a small smile.

Zoe continued reading.


The counselors were all too stunned to say anything…But he didn’t sound convinced.


Chiron sighed. He realized the deeper meaning of the issue during the readings and it did hurt him.


I wanted to ask what the heck Clarisse was so mad about…“A half-blood of the eldest dogs…”


The eldest gods jumped a little.


“I think you misread it.” Apollo laughed


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“Of the eldest gods.” Poseidon snickered


“Nephew I don’t even know what to say.” Hades chuckled


Percy grinned.


“Er, Percy?” Annabeth interrupted. “That’s gods. Not dogs.”


Everybody laughed.


“Oh, right,” I said. Being dyslexic is one mark of a demigod…The more nervous I am, the worse my reading gets


The Greek demigods nodded.


“A half-blood of the eldest gods…The hero’s soul, cursed blade shall reap.”


“I have a question.” Travis said


Chiron gestured for him to ask.


“Thalia was released from her tree yet she changed into a hunter. Was it destiny and fate or just will?” Travis asked


“See Travis, will is what leads to your fate or destiny. The choices you make will lead there. Fate is made up of different choices, each choice will lead to a different fate. The choices you make will lead to a fate. Also it was known to the Fates that Thalia would make this choice. They know the choices you will make but they don’t change it and nor is it destined. They know the choices you will make which will lead to your path, however your fate goes hand in hand with your free will. Hence in the prophecy, it also says ‘a single choice shall end his days’ so the he specifies that it’s going to be a boy.” Apollo explained


“Oh that’s complicated but I understood it somehow.” Travis said


“Fate’s complicated.” Hades said


“Oh we realized.” Connor nodded


Zoe continued reading.


Suddenly Riptide seemed heavier in my pocket…world to fall into endless sleep, unless that meant death?


“Morpheus or Hypnos.” Hermes breathed


“Hypnos is a cool dude now.” Percy grinned


Nico nodded.


“I quite like him and Hecate now.” He said


“Me too.” Hazel agreed


“Percy,” Chiron urged. “Read the rest.”… “Annihilate. Turn to rubble.”


“How lovely.” Leo said sarcastically


Everybody jumped at his voice.

“You’ve been awfully quiet for some time.” Jason frowned


“Miss my voice?” Leo grinned


“Yeah.” Jason said


“I was just thinking.” Leo sighed


Jason nodded sympathetically.


“Understandable.” He said


“Got it.” My heart felt like lead. “Thanks”… “Yeah, I get it.”


“Everybody dies in the end. Though I’d prefer dying after making things right.” Percy said nonchalantly


“Why are you so casual about your death?” Triton groaned in worry


“Because I know it’s gonna come. I know I have a difficult life and even if I didn’t I know I’m going to die at a point of time and I definitely know I’m not going to try and avoid it.” Percy sighed


Triton sighed and gave his brother a side hug.


Nico and his father nodded.


Chiron gazed at me sadly…He probably knew better than to try to reassure me.


Chiron nodded sadly.


“Percy,” Annabeth said…That has tons of meanings, right?”


“Yes it does. It means that you have to make a choice. If you make the right one you live and if you make the wrong one you die. Kind of like which door you have to choose to get out of a room.” Ares said


Percy nodded.


“I was kinda stressed.” He said


Ares nodded.


“Maybe we can stop it,” Jake Mason offered…this cursed blade and destroy it.


“You can’t stop prophecy.” Rachel said. She liked being an oracle and having these friends but she didn’t like sending people to their deaths.


“If you could have then there were a lot of things we would change. For example in my third quest and my fourth quest.” Percy shook his head


Nico, Hades, Thalia and Annabeth grimaced.


Sounds like Kronos’s scythe, right?”


“Nothing’s direct in prophecy.” Apollo said


I hadn’t thought about that, but it didn’t matter if the cursed blade…I preferred not to have my soul reaped.


“Ditto.” The demigods said


“Perhaps we should let Percy think about these lines”… If I die, I die. I can’t worry about that, right?”


“Percy man how do you put this behind you? Aren’t you afraid?” Pollux asked


“Of course I’m afraid. No hero is above fear.” Percy said and smiled at his father who gave him a proud one in return.


“Exactly. Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible. It just means that you have to be brave enough to do what’s needed.” Piper said


Pollux and the other demigods nodded.

Silena and Aphrodite gave proud smiles to Piper.


Annabeth’s hands were shaking a little…Annabeth put an arm around her shoulders.


Silena looked down guiltily.


“Well,” Connor Stoll said uncomfortably…“Um, I mean, it could be anybody.”


“I didn’t mean you Annabeth.” Connor said


“I know.” Annabeth assured him


“Yes.” Katie Gardner frowned at the Stoll brothers…grass roof of the Demeter cabin with chocolate Easter bunnies


Demeter scowled.


Hades sniggered.


“Good one.” He told the Stolls


They grinned.


“It was not fun!” Katie protested

Hades chuckled.


“Like one of Luke’s siblings.”


“Rude.” Connor muttered


“Sorry.” Katie winced


Travis and Connor both started arguing with her…Did I mention I hate it when they do that?


“It certainly is annoying.” Thalia agreed


“Percy,” Chiron said, “we didn’t want to tell you until you returned…I was allowed to have friends outside camp, right? It wasn’t like…


“That’s wrong guys.” Hermes said to Annabeth and Chiron


Rachel frowned.


“Tell me what’s happened,” I said…I knew all about last year’s eruption. I’d caused it.


Zeus glared and Hera scowled at Percy.


But this explosion was much worse…The mountain shook with a horrible rumbling, as if the monster were laughing


“You should be relieved that you didn’t see his true form.” Poseidon said


“It’s him,” I said. “Typhon”… storm system sweeps east, continuing its path of destruction.”


The demigods shuddered.


The cameras zoomed in on a column of storm bearing down…Then some kind of huge bird—a monstrous owl—dived in to attack the giant.


“That’s one of the most horrifying things I have ever heard of.” Clarisse said

The demigods nodded vigorously.


“Are those…the gods?” I said…who has a war of his own to fight.”


“You missed one battle person and one non battle person.” Percy said


Chiron nodded.


“My apologies.” He said to Hades and Hestia


They smiled and waved it away.


“But then who’s guarding Olympus?”… This seemed too obvious for him.


The gods froze.


The demigods shuddered.


And in my dream, the golden Titan had talked about several more challenges to come…. “Something worse than Typhon? I hope not.”


“Anything would be worse than Typhon as things are already falling apart.” Lee pointed put grimly


The demigods nodded.


“We have to defend Olympus,” I insisted…Her boyfriend had sacrificed himself for that mission.


Silena winced.

“Crooked one.” Nico muttered


“Maybe you’re right,” I said, though I didn’t believe it…the exact same time Typhon was supposed to hit New York. Almost forgot that.


“That does not sound good at all.” Jason said


Nobody disagreed.


“Well,” Chiron said, “I think that’s enough for one night.”… And the war council adjourned.


“Done.” Zoe said

“I’ll read.” Reyna said


Zoe gave her the book.





Chapter Text

“My shroud I’m guessing?” Beckendorf asked


Percy nodded.


The campers grimaced.


I dreamed Rachel Elizabeth Dare was throwing darts at my picture.


“Mad about him not coming?” Will asked in amusement


 Rachel grinned sheepishly.


“Sorry Perce.” She said


“All good.” Percy grinned


“Wait how is dad still awake?” Triton asked


Poseidon looked equally puzzled.


Then there was a note.


‘We have removed the part of the sleep from the curse. Now the gods will feel only the emotions and pain of the demigods.


The Fates.’


“Well, that explains that.” Triton sighed


Everybody nodded.


She was standing in her room…It’s about twice as big as my mom’s apartment.


“I like my mom’s place. Small and cozy.” Percy sighed contently


“I swear, I know right.” Thalia said


“I mean seriously, add a good fire and some blankets on the couches and you just want to stay bundled there forever.” Nico said happily


Percy chuckled.


“With hot coffee.” Percy grinned


“Point brother.” Nico grinned


“How much coffee do you guys want?” Will groaned


“You guys are coffee addicts.” Hazel chuckled


Percy and Nico grinned.


“But Nico we don’t have black, very black blankets.” Percy smirked


“Shut up.” Nico grinned


“You know the color of shadows.” Percy continued


Nico smothered Percy’s face with a cushion.


“Ahhhhhh.” Percy yelled, voice muffled by the cushion


 Nico snickered and removed the cushion.


Percy pouted at him.


“I’m sure we can arrange some.” He said


Nico nodded in satisfaction.


Hades and Poseidon chuckled.


Some alt rock was blaring from her paint-covered Bose docking system…iPod could sound the same, and they all had to be strange.


“One of the greatest rules ever.” Rachel smirked


Apollo grinned proudly.


“That’s my oracle!” He whooped and punched the air


Everybody laughed.


“That I am.” Rachel grinned


She wore a kimono, and her hair was frizzy…but when you’ve got a room that big, the mess doesn’t look so bad.


“That’s true. I always use that as my excuse.” Rachel grinned


“Rachel, would you like to join our pranking team?” Connor asked in admiration


“Maybe later.” She said. Then she gave a wink to them to let them know that she’s going to join.


Out the windows you could see the entire nighttime skyline of Manhattan…Rachel said I’d looked just like that after the battle.


“As long as you find it disturbing then you’re the good guy.” Annabeth smiled


Percy returned it.


“That dude was threatening my friends.” He shrugged


Everybody chuckled.


“Demigods,” Rachel muttered as she threw another dart at the canvas. “And their stupid quests.”


Rachel flinched.


 “Sorry guys, it wasn’t stupid at all.” She apologized


“It’s fine Rachel. You were bummed out.” Beckendorf smiled


Rachel nodded and gave him a grateful look.


Most of the darts bounced off, but a few stuck. One hung off my chin like a goatee


Everybody snickered.


  Someone pounded on her bedroom door…It was smushed on one side like he’d lost a fight with his pillow


Everybody laughed.


 “Losing a fight with a pillow sucks.” Travis said


“How do you know?” Chris asked


“Pillow fight with Connor.” Travis grinned


“Seriously, have you ever woken to the Apollo cabin blasting music at 3am? I’m sure you’d look like you lost a fight with your pillow as well.” Beckendorf laughed


The Apollo campers grinned sheepishly.


His blue silk pajamas had “WD” monogrammed on the pocket. Seriously, who has monogrammed pajamas?


“My dad.” Rachel shrugged


The demigods snickered.


“What is going on?” he demanded. “It’s three in the morning.”


“Ah, so even you were blasting music at three?” Lee grinned


Rachel grinned.


“The best time for music.” She said


The Apollo gang nodded and smirked.


“No! 3am and high volume?” Demeter asked


“YES!” The demigods chorused.


 “Best time ever.” Nico said


“You need-“ Demeter started


“More cereal. Sure, I’m gonna pass though.” Nico sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.


The Underworld gang were snickering.


“So…I take it your friend isn’t coming to St. Thomas? ... Or young man if he was talking to me, which he rarely did


“So young man, how have you been doing?” Thalia asked with an accent on the ‘young man’


“Oh you know typical.” Percy grinned


Everybody laughed.


Rachel knit her eyebrows. “I don’t know.”… land development company and made his employees nervous.


“He does do that. A couple of his employees fidget a lot.” Rachel said


“Seriously, if anybody paces with a stern expression or just stares at you, it makes you nervous.” Chris said


The demigods nodded.


“Are you still having bad dreams?” he asked…“Worried about the family’s reputation,” Rachel muttered.


“Oh I hate those people who pretend to care but are actually worried about their reputation. My mother was like that you know.” Jason said


Thalia nodded.


“It’s very irritating and disgusting.” She agreed


Her father didn’t react—maybe because he’d heard that comment before, or maybe because it was true.


“Both.” Rachel sighed


“We could call Dr. Arkwright,” he suggested…“I was six then,” she said


Nobody laughed.


“It makes sense anybody would need a therapist. To experience death no matter how close you are to them at such a young age, it’s quite traumatizing.” Nico said


The demigods and Hades grimaced.


 “Though I don’t need one now. I’m old enough now.” Rachel said


“There is no age till you can get therapy. Anybody could need it about any topic. Most commonly it’s depression, trauma and confusion. Even if your dad is concerned about his reputation, he isn’t wrong as he doesn’t know about you having oracle powers.” Will said


Rachel tilted her head.


“Oh okay.” She said


“Yeah anybody could need or want therapy. There isn’t a specific age.” Apollo said


“And no, Dad, I don’t need a therapist…He only owned part of it


A few snickers.


“It will be good for you to get away,” he decided…“And my friends are none of your business.”


Rachel scowled.


Mr. Dare smiled, but it wasn’t a warm smile…he’d found out he was a half-blood and had run away from home.


“It was freaky to see the picture in a dream without knowing about your oracle stuff.” Percy said


Rachel grimaced.


“It was confusing to me too.” She said


Rachel stared at the portrait…I saw spears, javelins, and banners—the trappings of an army.


The demigods shuddered. So did a few gods.


 “That’s very disturbing. Especially as Rachel and Percy have no idea what’s going on and Rachel just drew the picture. Seeing it in an image is horrible.” Grover said


The demigods nodded.


“Percy,” Rachel muttered, as if she knew I was listening, “what is going on?”


“You can sense that too?” Michael asked


“Sometimes.” Rachel admitted


The dream faded, and the last thing I remember was wishing…Here I am! Please rearrange my face! 


The demigods snickered.


“I think Percy would say ‘Rearrange my face? Nah I’ll rearrange your face.’ Castor snickered


“I think all of us would say that.” Percy chuckled


“True.” Castor grinned


Even within the safe borders of camp…don’t even own cell phones.


“Now we do.” The demigods grinned at Hermes


Hermes grinned back and winked.


And I definitely couldn’t tell Annabeth, “Hey, let me borrow your phone so I can call Rachel!”


“Not at that time.” Annabeth admitted


To make the call, I would’ve had to leave camp and walk several miles…I ate a depressing breakfast by myself at the Poseidon table.


“Percy found breakfast depressing?” Reyna asked


“That day.” Percy said


“You’re not in a good mood then.” Reyna said


“No.” Percy said


I kept staring at the fissure in the marble floor…we decided to do them together so it wouldn’t be so heinous.


Chiron looked at the two.


 “That’s a good idea.” He smiled


Annabeth and Percy grinned.


We started at the Poseidon cabin, which was basically just me…” She used the end of her pencil to pick up an old pair of running shorts.


Everybody snickered.


Triton was roaring with laughter.


Percy was grinning sheepishly at him.


I snatched them away. “Hey, give me a break…. I knew better than to argue, so we moved along.


“That was a fair score though.” Chris said


Percy nodded.


I tried to skim through Chiron’s stack of reports as we walked…ADHD brain did not like concentrating on depressing stuff.


“Yeah it makes you depressed too.” Connor said


 The demigods nodded.


Little battles were raging everywhere…because so many monsters were roaming the country


“Maybe we could make a safe house near a satyr hotspot?” Will suggested


“Yeah with the same protection like camp so if a monster is chasing them, they could go to the safe house and leave once the monster is gone.” Nico agreed


Will smiled at his boyfriend.


Chiron thought about it.


 “That’s a good idea. We could make multiple.” He said


“We better get started on the robotic shields then.” Leo said


 Everybody looked at Zeus. 


 “Yeah.” Percy said


Our friend Thalia, who led the Hunters of Artemis…Fresh flowers bloomed on the windowsills.


Aphrodite grinned.


I wanted to dock a point because the whole place reeked of designer perfume, but Annabeth ignored me.


Everybody snickered.


Silena nodded listlessly…He thought— he thought they might cheer me up.”


Silena and Beckendorf sighed.


“Are they any good?” I asked…I didn’t have anything against cardboard, so I tried one.


A few chuckles.


We promised to see Silena later and kept going…I’d never seen the chariot before, but it looked like a pretty sweet ride.


The Apollo cabin smirked.


Soon, the roof of the Ares cabin was burning…all the Apollo kids’ arrows turned to rubber.


“Wait they can do that?” Leo asked open mouthed


“Some of us.” Clarisse grinned


“Lit.” he said


The Apollo kids kept shooting at the Ares kids…I don’t want to rhyme all day!”


The demigods snickered.


“Wow, who cursed that kid?” Piper asked


“Austin.” Will laughed


“Oh yeah, he threatened to curse somebody with something similar if they hurt me.” Apollo smiled


Will smiled


“What?” Lee asked in confusion


“Zeus turned dad mortal. He turned back into a god only a month ago.” Will said


 Lee and Michael scowled at Zeus.


Annabeth sighed. “Not that again. Last time Apollo cursed a cabin…I’d almost rather get shot by an arrow.


“Hey!” Apollo pouted though he was trying not to laugh


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“What are they fighting about anyway?” I asked…but she was starting to be seriously beautiful.


“Percy’s drooling.” The demigods teased


Percy tuned a deep shade of red.


Finally she said, “That flying chariot.”… So they’ve been fighting about who gets it ever since.”


“That’s the thing. Apollo cabin seized it so it’s rightfully theirs.” Hazel frowned


 Clarisse glared at the floor.


“So you’re not going to fight in the war because of a chariot?” Frank asked


“You don’t get it Frank. You don’t know half the reason I said that. I know I was wrong in saying such a huge thing but you don’t have any idea why I said what I did.” Clarisse said angrily


Frank recoiled. He thought it was just because of the chariot…


“I know the reason and I get where you’re coming from but this wasn’t a good decision.” Ares said gently


“I know dad.” Clarisse said


The Greek campers and Chiron grimaced. Some of the gods glared at Clarisse.


We ducked as Michael Yew’s chariot dive-bombed an Ares camper…pretty creative about rhyming those cuss words


Everybody snickered as the tension was relieved.


“Ares cabin.” Chris said and winked at Clarisse


Clarisse snickered.


“We’re fighting for our lives,” I said…but with Beckendorf being gone and all, we cut them some slack.


“Thanks.” Beckendorf smiled


“It’s all right. They would be shaken up after your death. I mean we all were so the Hephaestus cabin would be way more.” Annabeth said


Beckendorf smiled at her.


Hermes got a two, which was no surprise…which was basically calling herself an idiot in Greek.


A few chuckles.


 Annabeth grinned sheepishly.


Her second-in-command, Malcolm, suppressed a smile…just for monsters and people who messed with her stuff.


Everybody laughed.


“I know that’s scary. Touch a chips packet and she chased me all the way to my cabin.” Connor grinned


Annabeth smirked.


Malcolm grinned at me…door while Annabeth cleaned up her bunk.


“Even he ships you guys! Come on!” The demigods shouted


Annabeth and Percy turned beet red.


I shuffled uneasily and pretended to go through some more reports…it was against camp rules for two campers to be…like, alone in a cabin.


The demigods snorted.


“One more rule we don’t follow.” They said


Chiron shook his head fondly.


That rule had come up a lot when Silena and Beckendorf started dating…doesn’t that make dating gross?


“I asked Drew that once.” Jason laughed


 The demigods chuckled.


But the thing is, the godly side of your family doesn’t count…Like two kids from Athena cabin? No way.


“So how about these two?” Thalia asked, pointing to Zeus and Hera


“That’s… that’s an exception.” Percy said


The gods nodded.


But a daughter of Aphrodite and a son of Hephaestus? ... Which had been given to her as a gift from the inventor Daedalus last summer.


“Percy has a crush, Percy has a crush.” Triton laughed


Percy grinned and blushed.


 The sea gang was chuckling.


I cleared my throat. “So…get any good info from that thing?”… load-bearing joints until my eyes glazed over.


“You actually remembered?” Annabeth asked fondly


“Nobody can forget the one hour lecture about the different kinds of angles.” Percy grinned


Annabeth pouted.


“You know…” She brushed her hair behind her ear…About losing people who are important.”


“That’s true. Learnt it the hard way.” Will said


The demigods sighed and nodded.


I nodded. My brain started seizing on little random details…“The Parthenon,” I remembered.


Annabeth smiled.


Thalia and Grover nodded.


She managed a smile. “Yeah.”… I was facing the end of my days.


“Don’t dwell on prophecies.” Rachel chided


Percy nodded.


“Yes ma’am.” He said


Rachel smirked.


Within a week, Olympus might fall…Let’s finish your reports and get back to Chiron.”


“You’re a fair person. You’d make a good judge.” Athena said proudly


Annabeth smiled.


On the way to the Big House, we read the last report…Where are you? —Gleeson Hedge, protector.’”


“Coach Hedge.” The Seven, Reyna, Nico and Clarisse grinned


“Juniper was very worried.” Chiron said


“I remember.” Nico said


Chiron raised an eyebrow.


“Might come up.” Nico said


Annabeth grimaced. “You haven’t heard anything from him? … Pan and convince nature spirits to protect their own little bits of the wild.


Dionysus, Hermes and Artemis smiled at the satyr who smiled back.


He’d only come back to camp a few times to see his girlfriend, Juniper…an army gathered around the Empire State Building


“That was scary.” Katie said


The demigods nodded.


“Annabeth.” I stopped her by the tetherball court…“What do you want me to say?”


“Hey he’s just asking for advice.” Triton said


Percy gave him a look to not say anything else.


Triton sat back.


Annabeth grimaced.


“I’m sorry Percy.” She said


“It’s fine. You were jealous.” Percy smiled


“I’m not sure. You’re the best strategist I know…“Rachel is just a mortal.”


“That’s exactly what happened.” Michael said with wide eyes.


The demigods and gods nodded.


“But what if her dream is true?... You run away from things when you’re scared.”


“He’s just stressed. He has the fate of the world on his shoulders. It was important to show him the prophecy. You can’t show anybody a prophecy like that and not expect them to be stressed. Only a fool would not worry.” Triton said angrily


“Triton please.” Percy pleaded




“No. Please don’t. This is the past.” Percy said


 Triton sighed.


Annabeth flinched.


“He’s right. I’m really sorry.” She said


Percy went and kissed Annabeth’s forehead.


“It’s fine.” He said as he walked back.


Annabeth blushed and smiled.


 The demigods wolf whistled.


I stared at her, completely stunned…maybe she wasn’t talking about the prophecy.


“Well at least you realized that.” Silena sighed


“It’s an improvement.” Percy shrugged.


“If you don’t like our chances,” she said…“That’s not fair!”


“I never said that.” Percy muttered so that Annabeth wouldn’t hear him. He didn’t want to make her feel bad.


Nico, Hazel, Thalia, Jason and the sea gang gave him sympathetic smiles.


“We know.” Thalia told him


She pushed past me and stormed toward the strawberry fields…Ares and Apollo cabins called a temporary truce to attend.


Beckendorf smiled at Clarisse and the Apollo kids.


Beckendorf’s shroud was made out of metal links…today they burned black.


The Hephaestus gang closed their eyes. The demigods and other gods did the same.


Reyna continued after two minutes.


I hoped Beckendorf’s spirit would end up in Elysium.


“Definitely.” Hades said


The Hephaestus gang smiled at him.


Maybe he’d even choose to be reborn and try for Elysium…which was like the Underworld’s ultimate party headquarters.


“Nah. I’m gonna stay in Elysium.” Beckendorf said


The demigods nodded.


If anyone deserved it, Beckendorf did.


Beckendorf smiled at Percy.


“You do.” Percy and the other demigods said


Beckendorf smiled at all of them.


Annabeth left without a word to me…Chris Rodriguez, tried to comfort her.


Silena smiled at Clarisse and Chris who smiled back.


Finally I got up the nerve to walk over…I guess he still felt guilty about it.


“You always feel guilty about it but I’ve left that part of my life behind.” Chris said


 Clarisse squeezed his hand.


The demigods nodded and smiled. Hermes smiled at his son.


I cleared my throat. “Silena, you know Beckendorf carried your picture…You made the last year the best of his life.”


Beckendorf nodded and gave a grateful look to Percy.


Silena choked back a sob.


Silena sobbed. “Good work, Percy,” Clarisse muttered…almost to herself. “She’ll survive.”


A few chuckles.


“You could help with that,” I suggested…spying for the Titans didn’t seem like her style.


Clarisse glared at Percy.


“Just a passing thought, I know you would never.” Percy said


Clarisse nodded.


Frank thought that he was getting a hint of what hurt Clarisse.


All right,” I told her. “I didn’t want to bring this up…I don’t know what people say about me behind my back.”


Frank understood the meaning now.


“You could change that. If people think you can’t do something or won’t do something, do it twice and take pictures.” Nico said


The demigods chuckled.


 “Life rule.” Thalia grinned


“I’m gonna follow that now.” Clarisse nodded


Nico smiled.


I wanted to say, Well, it’s true…“Hey, wait! I just meant— Clarisse, wait!”


“Sorry.” Clarisse winced


“It’s fine.” Chris smiled


“No, you were right. Should’ve listened to Prissy.” Clarisse said


“You should have but I’m not hurt about you trudging off.” Chris said


Clarisse swallowed and nodded.


I watched the last sparks from Beckendorf’s fire curl…I wanted to see an old friend.


“Done.” Reyna said


“I’ll read.” Poseidon said


Reyna gave the sea god the book. 

Chapter Text

Poseidon sighed in relief. This seemed like a harmless chapter.


“Poor Mrs. O’ Leary.” Beckendorf laughed


Percy grinned.


Mrs. O’Leary saw me before I saw her…Brillo pad tongue licking my face.


Everybody chuckled.

Aphrodite and Silena aww’ed.


“Ow!” I said. “Hey, girl. Good to see you too. Ow!”… I was pretty much drenched in dog drool.


Everybody snickered.


Poseidon was drenched in drool as well which he found disgusting but not too much.

The sea gang chuckled at him.


She wanted to play fetch, so I picked up a bronze shield…Next to me, Beckendorf had been her best friend.


Beckendorf smiled.


Thinking about that made me sad all over again…It had caused more than one unfortunate slip-and-slide accident


Everybody burst out laughing.


“Yeah couple of sprains.” Will said


Everybody chuckled.


So I opened the gates of the arena…Council of Cloven Elders had once put Grover on trial.


“That’s odd.” Hermes said


The place didn’t look so good…Nico di Angelo, and a very old, very fat satyr.


“What are you doing there?” Hades asked


“I wanted to talk to Percy.” Nico replied


Nico was the only one who didn’t seem freaked out by Mrs. O’Leary’s appearance…He was only twelve, but he looked much older and sadder.


Thalia, Jason, Percy, Hades and Hazel grimaced.


“Well at least he’s getting better, thanks to Will and the reading’s great too.” Percy said weakly


Nico nodded. Will smiled.


He nodded when he saw me, then went back to scratching…he’d probably been traveling in all sorts of hellhound-friendly places.


“Hmm I think the places I visited made an odd scent.” Nico laughed


“Like?” Will asked


“The Underworld, then a few places like the one in Percy’s dream, The River Styx.” Nico shrugged


“I still can’t believe you were spying on the titans.” Will said


Nico shrugged.


The old satyr didn’t look nearly so happy…his hooves as if the grass were hot.


“It’s not just your forest. You don’t own it.” Castor frowned


“Being a member of the council, he just considered that.” Grover said

“You there, Percy Jackson! Is this your beast?”


“Mrs. O’ Leary is not a beast.” Tyson frowned


“No she’s not.” Percy assured him.


“I’m just gonna ignore the technicalities here.” Nico said


“Sorry, Leneus,” I said. “That’s your name, right?”… I will not help you under these circumstances!”  


Everybody snickered.


Juniper turned toward me…I was hoping that Leneus—”


Grover sighed. He did miss Juniper and he felt bad about leaving her like that for so long but a god put him to sleep.


“I told you!” the satyr protested. “You are a better off without that traitor.”


The Greek demigods growled.


Juniper stamped her foot. “He is not a traitor! He’s the bravest satyr ever, and I want to know where he is!”


Grover smiled.


“WOOF!” Leneus’ knees started knocking. “I…I won’t answer questions with this hellhound sniffing my tail!”


Everybody snickered.


Nico looked like he was trying to not crack up…“Chiron and Dionysus stopped you.”


Chiron, Dionysus, Hermes and Artemis nodded.


“Bah! They are honorary Council members…“I’ll tell Dionysus you said that.”


Everybody laughed.


“Well I’m going to be having a few words with the old satyrs.” Dionysus said


“Oh no Mr.D, we know you and Chiron are proper members of the council.” Grover placated the god


Dionysus nodded.


Leneus paled. “I only meant…Now see here, Jackson…It’s been a very unsettling year.”


“He’s getting nervous and making excuses for himself.” Travis said


“That’s kind of depressing.” Piper said

The demigods nodded.


“It’s going to get a lot more unsettling,” I promised…“Empathy links,” Leneus said disdainfully. “Very unreliable.”


“It saved Grover from the sea of monsters, the last thing I would call it would be unreliable.” Reyna said


Percy and Grover nodded.

“Empathy links are even more reliable with Percy, considering his fatal flaw.” Grover said

“Really?” Percy asked

Grover nodded.


“So ask around,” I insisted. “Find him…“Without my permission! And it’s not our war.”


“It is everybody’s war.” Nico pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation.


“You know Percy was right in the last book.” Connor said


“About what?” Nico asked, looking up


“You do look like your dad. I mean he mentioned only the eyes but I’m talking in general.” Connor said


“Huh really?” Nico asked


The demigods nodded.


Hades and Nico grinned.


I grabbed him by the shirt, which seriously wasn’t like me, but the stupid old goat was making me mad.


Everybody snickered.


“Listen, Leneus. When Kronos attacks, he’s going to have packs of hellhounds…Find Grover and bring Juniper some news. Now, GO!”


“That was…intensely motivating.” Thalia said


Percy chuckled.


“It was. You told him what he is supposed to be.” Hermes said


“Oh.” Percy said


I didn’t push him very hard, but he was kind of top-heavy…“Grover will never be accepted! He will die an outcast!”


“Well Grover is accepted.” Clarisse said


Grover smiled.


When he’d disappeared into the bushes, Juniper wiped her eyes…“I’ve got worse enemies than overweight satyrs.”


“I swear. Way worse enemies than overweight satyrs.” Triton said


Percy snickered and nodded.


Nico walked back to us. “Good job, Percy…“He scared us to death!” Juniper said


“Unintended pun.” Travis grinned


Grover chuckled.


“Scared them to death.” He laughed


“Oh well.” Nico grinned sheepishly.


“Right out of the shadows. But, Nico, you are the son of Hades and all…“Uh, you bet. I’ll keep my ears open.”


“How awkward were you feeling Nico?” Jason laughed


“I was twelve. I was feeling super awkward.” Nico laughed


Everybody chuckled.


“We’ll find him, Juniper,” I promised…simple reason why he hasn’t contacted us.”


“It wasn’t exactly simple.” Grover said


“Half and half.” Nico said


She nodded glumly. “I hate not being able to leave the forest…I know about dogs and trees. I’m gone!”


Everybody chuckled.


She went poof into green mist…A lump formed in my throat. “How did you—” “I talked to his ghost.”


Beckendorf chuckled.


“I think Percy forgot you could do that.” He said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“Oh…right.” I’d never get used to the fact that this twelve-year-old kid…He figured you’d be beating yourself up, and he said you shouldn’t.”


“Exactly.” Beckendorf said


“I know now.” Percy assured him


Beckendorf smiled and nodded.


“Is he going to try for rebirth?”… Not sure what he meant, but he seems okay with death.”


“You knew about Silena?” Pollux asked


“No, I just knew she was going to die someday. When I didn’t know.” Beckendorf said


“Oh okay.” Pollux said


Silena smiled at Beckendorf.


It wasn’t much comfort, but it was something…After Bianca died and left Nico alone, he’d been obsessed with finding answers.


“To be honest if I was in his place I’d be obsessed too.” Jason said


The demigods nodded.


“So how did it go?” I asked. “Any luck?”… You know why I’m here.”


“Oh quite a lead it was.” Percy muttered


“Sorry Percy.” Nico muttered

“It’s fine.” Percy said


A feeling of dread started to build in my chest…Maybe it’s time to think extreme.”


“He’s right.” Amphitrite said


I looked back toward the camp…Riptide had glanced right off his skin.


“You need to be able to match him at least a little to get some advantage.” Reyna said


“I know.” Percy said


“We can give you the same power,” Nico urged…“No!” Nico snarled. “It has to be now!”


“Um dude are you okay?” Chris asked

“It’ll come up.” Nico said miserably


Chris nodded.


I stared at him. I hadn’t seen his temper flare like that in a long time…Do whatever it takes to stay alive and defeat Kronos.”


“Was that all the truth though?” Percy asked


“One part of it.” Nico admitted


“That’s a little bit of a relief.” Percy sighed


I didn’t like the idea…His cold creepy smile made me sorry I’d agreed


Nico looked sheepish.


“First we’ll need to retrace Luke’s steps…“Why do we need to know about that?”


“It’s important to know about his family. Get to know a person better.” Hestia said


Percy nodded.


I stared at him. I’d never thought much about Luke’s mortal parent…What kind of horrible person could she be?


“She’s not horrible, what happened to her is.” Hermes said


Nico, Percy and Hades swallowed.


“No.” Nico scowled. “Pegasi don’t like me…creatures of the Underworld can use it as a road, or a door.”


“Complicated.” Travis said


“Yes but you are not taking her and using her for your tricks.” Percy said


“Aww man.” The Stolls pouted.


“I don’t understand,” I said…shadows as cold as the dark side of the moon.


“So that’s what the title meant.” Poseidon said


Percy nodded.


“Done.” He said


“I’ll read.” Amphitrite said


Poseidon gave her the book.


Chapter Text

“Chiron, for some reason, I’m feeling very ADHD.” Percy groaned


Chiron looked puzzled.


“Wait I’m not the only one?” Nico asked


“You two are feeling ADHD?” Will asked


“Yes.” The cousins said


“The coffee can’t act up this late… Maybe don’t have coffee today.” Will said

The cousins groaned.


“A day without coffee?” Percy asked


Will nodded.


They sighed.


“Maybe we should wrap up for the day. They’re going to be uncomfortable otherwise.” Jason said


Hestia nodded.


“We’ll read tomorrow then.” She said


“What coffee were they talking about?” Persephone asked


“The ones they had during the night outs. Each of them had 6 coffees in 10 hours.” Triton said


“What the-? 6 cups?” Persephone asked


“Yes. Give ADHD demigods 6 cups of coffee and it’s gonna be quite a day.” Triton chuckled


Poseidon and Hades felt a little guilty.


“Hey guys!” Percy and Nico came running


“Hey Perce and Nico.” Triton said


“Hello brother and Nico.” Tyson grinned


“Let’s go to the diner.” Thalia said, coming from behind them with Jason.

“Okay.” Percy and Nico shrugged


“Will, Annabeth!” Nico called


“You all coming?” Percy asked


“Later, sorry Perce.” They yelled back


“It’s fine.” Nico and Percy yelled back


Everybody chuckled.


“Lez go.” Thalia cheered


The big three demigods cheered and ran to the diner.


“Come on Hazel.” Nico laughed


Hazel laughed and chased her brother.


They all punched the air once they reached the diner.


Their parents chuckled.


They all went and took their table in the diner.


“Hello everybody. What would be your order?” The satyr working there smiled


“Uh where’s the menu?” Percy asked


“We have every dish in the world. No menu.” The satyr grinned


“Epic.” Percy grinned


“What’s your name sir?” Jason asked


“Josh. Don’t call me sir please.” Josh smiled


The demigods grinned.


“I’ll have a happy meal.” Nico said


“I’ll have a cheeseburger.” Thalia said


“Same for me.” Jason said


“I’ll have a piz-“ he sneaked a glance at Nico and Hades who were a little pale. “-uh some uh tacos.” Percy said. It was the first dish that popped in his head


“Some piz tacos?” Triton asked


“No just tacos.” Percy turned red


“Any drinks?” Josh asked


“No alcoholic mojitos.” Nico said


Josh grinned and then paled as he looked at Persephone.


“Any leaves?” he asked finally


The demigods got the hint.


“Some mint.” Percy muttered in Josh’s ear so she couldn’t hear them.


Josh nodded.


“Happy meal.” Hades said


Nico grinned


“Tacos.” The sea gang said

Percy grinned.


“Cheeseburgers.” Hazel said


Jason and Thala smiled.


“Same drinks?” Josh asked


“Uh no. We’d like lemonade.” Amphitrite said


Josh nodded.


*Time break*


“What toy did you get in your meal?” Thalia asked


“Mythomagic Artemis.” Nico sighed


“I got a Mythomagic Apollo.” Hades chuckled


“Nice.” Thalia said


*Time break*


The demigods ran around and talked the whole day. The gods were just in their quarters or watching their children.


“TRAVIS! CONNOR!” Katie yelled at the top of her lungs

The Stolls looked at her innocently.


“Yes Katie?” Travis asked


“This one is from my mom. ‘WHY IS MY CEREAL BLACK IN COLOR?’ My mom was yelling this. Care to explain?” Katie asked


Everybody was currently sitting outside.


Hades and Nico burst out laughing. The others joined in.


“We don’t explain pranks.” Connor grinned


Katie sighed and gave him a good punch on the shoulder.

“Owwwww.” Connor groaned dramatically


“I know it didn’t hurt.” Katie smirked


Connor pouted.


“That’s my girlfriend.” Travis cheered


Connor punched him in the shoulder and Travis pouted.


Everybody chuckled.


*Time break*

“Goodnight guys.” Percy told his cousins.

“Good night Squirtle.” Thalia smirked


“Good night Pikachu.” Percy grinned


“Good night Percy.” Hazel smiled

“Good night Hazel.” Percy smiled


“Jason’s sleeping in your quarters right?” Thalia asked


Percy and Jason nodded.


They all went to their quarters.


“Reading the books today too?” Nico asked his dad


Hades nodded.

“I think I’m gonna have to knock for the next week.” Nico said


Hades shrugged.


“Your wish.” He smirked


“Yeah. Definitely knocking.” Nico swallowed


“Again which book were you on?” Hazel asked


“First book.” Hades said


“Hmm half the book’s done right?” Hazel asked


Hades nodded.


“We’re gonna try to finish the book today.” He said


“Oh okay.”


“Good night dad.” Hazel and Nico said


“Good night Hazel and Nico.” Hades said


Nico and Hazel went to their respective rooms and crashed on the beds.


*Time break*


The sea gang and Jason woke up to a scream.


They hurried to Percy’s room. Percy was awake, he was shaking and had tears streaming down his face.


They hurried to him.


“It’s okay brother.” Tyson said gently


Percy was still shaking.


“Call Nico, Thalia, Hazel, Annabeth and Will.” Poseidon said


Triton and Jason ran and called the demigods.


“Hey Seaweed brain.” Annabeth said and sat with Percy.


“Is it about there?” Jason asked


Percy shook his head.


Nico’s eyes widened.


“Is it about those days?” he asked


Percy looked at him and nodded.


“About what days?” Will asked


“I’ll tell you later.” Nico said


Will nodded. Annabeth got up and Nico went to Percy.


“It’s okay Squirtle. It’s better now.” Nico said


Percy gave a weak chuckle and nodded.


“I’m sorry for freaking out and waking you guys up.” Percy said


“There’s no need to apologize.” Poseidon smiled


“We all get nightmares.” Annabeth and Will said


“We’re here man.” Thalia smiled


Percy smiled.



“What was the nightmare about?” Will asked Nico


“Our parents. The days they had nightmares.” Nico said quietly


Will nodded.


They both went to their quarters after Will kissed Nico’s forehead.



They all woke up at their regular time.


“Hey Percy. How you feeling?” Will asked


“Good.” Percy grinned


The demigods and the sea gang smiled.

“What happened?” Hades asked


“I had a nightmare.” Percy said


“Oh okay.  Are you okay?” He asked


“Yeah.” Percy grinned


“Done with the book?” Nico asked

“Yep. Gonna start Game of Fate today.” Hades said

“Did you like it?” Percy grinned


“Loved it.” Persephone said


Nico groaned good naturedly.


Everybody chuckled.


“Let’s continue reading.” Chiron said


They all went to the throne room.


Amphitrite picked up the book and flipped to the correct page.



Chapter Text

“Oh that part.” Thalia said


Nico nodded.


“Most probably.” He said


I don’t recommend shadow travel…Going so fast you feel like your face is peeling off


“That’s why it’s awesome.” Nico and Percy grinned and fist bumped


“You loved it.” Thalia said


“You bet I did. Way better than flying.” Percy smirked


Zeus grumbled and Hades smirked.


“No way.” Jason said


“Come on superman. You’ve never tried it.” Percy grinned


Jason chuckled.


In other words, I thought it was awesome.


Everybody snickered.


One minute I couldn’t see anything…We were on a cliff in the woods of Connecticut.


“Now that’s cool!” Travis said


“I wanna shadow travel.” Connor whined


Nico rolled his eyes.


“Come on.” He said


“Seriously?” The Stolls asked


Nico nodded and sighed.


The Stolls ran to Nico. Nico held their arms and shadow travelled to the dining hall and back to the throne room.

“THAT WAS EPIC!!!!” They yelled


“I KNOW RIGHT!” Percy shouted and whooped


Nico snickered. Hades smirked.


“Dude I’m never using a plane again.” Travis said

“Hold up. I’m not gonna transport you.” Nico said


“Nor are you gonna use Mrs. O’ Leary.” Beckendorf said


The Stolls pouted.


At least, it looked like Connecticut from the few times I’d been there…A rusty old swing set stood under an apple tree.


Thalia and Annabeth shuddered. They had quite a weird experience there.


I couldn’t imagine living in a house like this…I wondered why he’d ever wanted to leave.


Percy and Nico sighed. Thalia and Annabeth winced. Hermes grimaced. He really wanted to know why May wasn’t able to host the spirit of the oracle. The only way he knew it was dangerous was because Apollo told him that nobody was able to host the spirit of the oracle.


Mrs. O’Leary staggered. I remembered what Nico had said…then turned in a circle and flopped down so hard the ground shook.


Everybody chuckled.


Nico appeared right next to me, as if the shadows had darkened and created him.


Nico smirked.


He stumbled, but I caught his arm…but I can’t do it more than once or twice a night.


“Passed out for a week?” Persephone asked


Nico looked a little startled. Percy nudged him.


“Yeah, when I went to China. Did some shopping and stayed in a hotel.” Nico chuckled


The Stolls and Leo pouted.


Mrs. O’Leary won’t be going anywhere for a while”… dragons, hydras, even a teeny Minotaur in a little Minotaur diaper.


The demigods choked on air.


“Minotaur in a diaper?” Travis choked out


Percy nodded.

The demigods were trying their best not to laugh for Hermes’ sake but they weren’t very successful as a laugh would escape one or two demigods but Hermes appreciated the effort.


Judging from their sad shape, the beanbag creatures had been sitting out here a long time—since the snow melted last spring at least. One of the hydras had a tree sapling sprouting between its necks.


Katie and Demeter paled.


The front porch was infested with wind chimes…made me realize I needed to use the bathroom


Everybody snickered.


I didn’t know how Ms. Castellan could stand all the noise…“Luke!” the old lady cried happily


The demigods stiffened.


“Those two don’t look anything like Luke.” Lee said


“Uh there…” Nico cleared his throat. “There was a slight problem.”


“Uh okay then.” Lee said, still very confused


She looked like someone who enjoyed sticking her fingers in electrical sockets.


The demigods winced.


“That hurts.” Connor said


“What kind of dares do you have?” Frank asked


“Nothing dangerous.” Travis said


“You don’t count that dangerous?” Frank asked


“It was an accident not a joke.” Connor said


“Oh okay.” Frank said


Her white hair stuck out in tufts all over her head…high-voltage light in her eyes made me wonder if she was blind.


Hermes sighed.


“No I don’t think she’s blind…” Pollux frowned


“It might come up later on guys.” Percy told everybody


They nodded.


“Oh, my dear boy!” She hugged Nico…when she smiled at me and said, “Luke!”


“What the-?” Chris muttered


“She thought both of you were Luke. So that’s two Lukes and none of you look like him?” Castor clarified


Percy nodded.


“Yeah” He said.


She forgot all about Nico and gave me a hug…Above the mantel, a little bronze Hermes flew around the second hand of a ticking clock.


Hermes gave a small smile.


I tried to imagine the god of messengers ever falling in love with this old woman, but the idea was too bizarre.


Hermes frowned.


“She wasn’t always like that.” He said


“I know now. Meeting her can be…intimidating if you don’t know what happened.” Percy said


Hermes sighed and nodded.


Then I noticed the framed picture on the mantel, and I froze…How could Rachel have known about that picture?


“Super oracle powers.” Rachel smirked and winked


Everybody chuckled.

“Got it wielder of the mighty blue hairbrush.” Percy got on his knees and bowed


Everybody burst out laughing.


“I like it.” Rachel smirked


The sea gang and the others chuckled at Percy’s antics.


“This way, my dear!” Ms. Castellan steered me toward the back of the house. “Oh, I told them you would come back. I knew it!”


The demigods and Hermes flinched.


She sat us down at the kitchen table…peanut butter and jelly sandwiches inside.


“Peanut butter!” Tyson grinned


“Yeah big guy, we’ll make you a sandwich later.” Percy grinned


Tyson brightened up.


Poseidon chuckled.


“Me too.” Triton pouted


“You’re more of a Nutella guy.” Percy said


“That I am.” Triton smiled


“So a Nutella sandwich for you.” Percy said


“Yes dad I’ll make a peanut butter and jelly for you too.” Percy added


Poseidon closed his mouth and grinned.


“I am so proud.” He said, putting a hand on his chest


Percy chuckled.


The ones on the bottom were green and fuzzy…reminded me of my sixth grade locker—and that’s not a good thing.


The demigods gagged.


Silena, Aphrodite and Leo looked close to being sick.


On top of the oven was a stack of cookie sheets…In the sink was a mountain of empty plastic Kool-Aid pitchers.


“Kool aid.” Dakota smiled

Dionysus chuckled.


A beanbag Medusa sat by the faucet like she was guarding the mess.


“Is she…insane?” Dionysus asked suddenly


“Not exactly.” Percy said


Dionysus sighed. He knew there was no point in asking the demigod what he meant because he said it might come up in the books.


Ms. Castellan started humming as she got out peanut butter and jelly…pictures of the caduceus from medical ads.


Hermes smiled sadly.

Apollo looked at his brother sympathetically.


My heart sank. I wanted to get out of that room…“Third grade. That’s too young to run away!


The demigods winced.


“It is way too young.” Hermes said sadly


He said he’d be back for lunch. And I waited…. “Why, Luke, there you are!


The demigods grimaced. They were getting a hint as to why Luke ran away from home.


You look so handsome. You have your father’s eyes.”


“Um thanks I guess. I mean she was right about that.” Percy said uncertainly.


“That’s true. Your eye color is from me.” Poseidon said


Percy nodded.


She turned toward the pictures of Hermes above the sink. “Now there’s a good man. Yes, indeed. He comes to visit me, you know.”


“You visit her?” Ares asked. He wasn’t sneering or trying to taunt his brother. He was just curious


Hermes nodded miserably.


“Is there a way to fix her?” Nico asked


“I need to know what the matter is first.” Dionysus said


Hermes looked up, maybe just maybe there might be a way to fix May.


“Well you’re gonna find out either way.” Percy sighed


The clock kept ticking in the other room…able to see through the… whatever-they-call-it.”


Rachel’s eyes widened.

“She tried to host the spirit of the oracle?” she asked


Hermes nodded.


“Do you know why she wasn’t able to?” he asked


Rachel shook her head.


“I have no idea. We’re gonna have to wait.” She said


Hermes nodded and sighed.


“The Mist?” I said. “Yes, dear.” She nodded encouragingly…He said it was too dangerous.


Hermes looked down.


“How did you know it was dangerous without knowing the reason?”  Persephone asked


“Apollo told me it was dangerous and nobody was able to host the spirit. He didn’t tell me the reason, said it was kind of personal but it wasn’t about him.” Hermes said miserably


Apollo sighed. He got up and put a hand on his brother’s shoulders.


But I had to. It was my destiny! ... Dozen lumps of chocolate chip charcoal on the table.


Thalia and Annabeth winced.


“Luke was so kind,” Mrs. Castellan murmured…He said if he went away, the monsters wouldn’t threaten me.


The demigods flinched. They knew at least that much that it wasn’t the reason for Luke running away.


But I told him the monsters are no threat! … I knew you weren’t ashamed of me!”


The demigods didn’t know whether they should agree with Luke about running away as this was very bizarre or feel bad for May.


I shifted in my seat. I imagined being Luke sitting at this table, eight or nine years old, and just beginning to realize that my mother wasn’t all there.


“That would be a very scarring experience.” Katie said


“It most probably was. I felt quite awkward myself.” Percy said


“What about you Nico?” Rachel asked


“It was weird but I’m kind of used to it now. The first time you meet her is the weirdest but once you realize what the problem is you get new sympathy for her. You get to know her better as well. I had been giving small visits to her since the second war but then the evil king stuff happened but I’ve started going again. The old lady seems quite happy though I have to eat a lot of burnt cookies.” Nico said


Everybody looked at him.


“You-you visit her?” Hermes asked


“Sometimes, yes.” Nico said


“Thank you so much.” Hermes said with watery eyes


“It’s no problem at all.” Nico smiled


“That’s really nice of you Nico. I don’t know how I can forget this kind of stuff. I even forgot to visit Bob. Would you mind if I come along the next time?” Percy asked


“It’s not a problem. I’ll take you the next time. Will wanted to go as well.” Nico said


Will nodded.


“We-we’ll come along as well.” The Stolls and Chris swallowed


“We could take turns. We don’t want to overwhelm her.” Will said


“That’s good.” They said


“Maybe Mr.D and one or two gods could even heal her?” Percy asked


“Maybe.” Nico agreed


Hermes gave them all grateful looks. Hades and Hazel looked proud of Nico. The sea gang of Percy.


“Ms. Castellan,” I said. “Mom,” she corrected…. A scar. A terrible scar, and his voice so full of pain…”


Annabeth and Thalia grimaced.


“That’s odd. She was able to tell that Luke was actually Luke and she knew how he looked but she still thought you were Luke?” Dakota asked


“Yeah. She thinks all demigods are Luke. She thinks I’m Luke as well. I tried to call her Mrs. Castellan but she insisted to call her mom. It’s weird but sometimes compromises are necessary.” Nico shrugged


The demigods and a few gods smiled.

“Nico’s as deep as Jason.” Percy teased


Jason grinned.


“As Jason maybe but not as much as you.” Nico admitted


“Hmm.” Percy grinned


“His eyes,” I said. “Were they gold?”… I gave it to him. Of course I did.”


“He bathed in the river Styx.” Hades said


Percy and Nico nodded.


Nico looked at me triumphantly. “Thank you, ma’am…almost fell over the kitchen table, because her eyes—her eyes were glowing green.


The demigods froze.

“Oracle eyes.” Rachel said

“That’s frightening. Why is it happening to her?” Chris asked


“Same reason as why she couldn’t host the spirit.” Percy said


Hades grimaced though he was careful to not let anybody notice.


“My child,” she rasped in a much deeper voice…Nico made a strangled scream and pushed her away.


“That was very scary and creepy. Now it’s better though.” Nico said

“No wonder Luke ran away. If he had to go through that for years, he would’ve been really scared of it. His mom going weird and talking about his fate.” Pollux shook his head


“It would freak a nine year old pretty good.” Jason agreed


He gripped the hilt of his sword. “Percy, we need to get out—”…I managed to get her into a chair.


“Thank you.” Hermes said


“It’s fine.” Percy waved it away with a smile.


“Ms. C?” I asked. She muttered something incomprehensible…but the way her voice had changed, the way she’d grabbed Nico…


The demigods shuddered. They were all in the age of 14-19. The story scared them. They thought about how scary it would’ve been for Luke who was just nine at the time.


“Hermes will be here soon,” she promised…Promise me you’ll be safe.” “I will…Mom.”


“She’ll like that.” Hermes smiled


“Yeah.” Percy said


That made her smile. She released my wrist…beanbag animals on the sidewalk seemed to grin at us as we passed.


“That’s creepy.” Travis said


The demigods nodded.

“Grinning monsters.” Clarisse shook her head


Back at the cliff, Mrs. O’Leary had found a friend…scarf over her head so she looked like a pioneer kid


“Hestia?” Zeus asked


Hestia smiled.


“Yes.” She said


Like the ghost of Little House on the Prairie or something.


Hestia chuckled.


Percy grinned sheepishly.


She poked the fire with a stick, and it seemed to glow…typically a good time to draw your sword and attack.


“How dare you?” Zeus asked angrily


“Calm down brother. The demigods can’t trust people who act nice in the woods especially. You’ve seen them getting trapped because of that.” Hestia said sadly


Zeus sat back.


“Sorry Aunt Hestia.” Percy said


“There’s no problem at all Percy.” Hestia smiled


Percy smiled.


Plus, the encounter with Ms. Castellan had rattled me pretty bad.


The demigods nodded.


But Nico bowed to the little girl. “Hello again, Lady.”


“Hello Nico.” Hestia said


Nico chuckled and grinned.


She studied me with eyes as red as the firelight. I decided it was safest to bow.


“Good choice.” Annabeth said

Everybody nodded.


After staring at moldy peanut butter sandwiches and burned cookies, I didn’t have much of an appetite, but the girl waved her hand and a picnic appeared at the edge of the fire.


“Yeah it ruined my appetite too.” Thalia nodded


“If it ruins Thalia and Percy’s appetite then it must not be looking good.” Castor said


“No it wasn’t.” Nico said


There were plates of roast beef, baked potatoes, buttered carrots, fresh bread, and a whole bunch of other foods I hadn’t had in a long time.


The demigods’ stomachs rumbled in unison.


They turned red and grinned sheepishly.

The gods chuckled.


Hestia conjured some tacos and burgers for everybody.


They all thanked her and grabbed one taco and two burgers.

It was the kind of home-cooked meal people are supposed to have but never do.


Hestia sighed.


The girl made a five-foot-long dog biscuit appear for Mrs. O’Leary…the way we do at camp. “For the gods,” I said.


The better gods smiled.

Poseidon ruffled Percy’s hair. Percy smiled.


The little girl smiled. “Thank you. As tender of the flame…“You did not stop to talk,” the girl recalled sadly.


Percy flinched.


“I’m really sorry Aunt Hestia. I should’ve stopped.” He said guiltily


Hestia chuckled.

“There is no need to apologize at all. You were on a tour and you noticed me. Most don’t notice me itself.” She said


Percy smiled.


“Alas, most never do. Nico talked to me. He was the first in many years.


Nico smiled at Hestia who returned it. Hades looked proud.


Everyone rushes about. No time for visiting family.”… I’d learned that gods could look any way they pleased.


“Artemis?” Zoe asked

“Artemis.” Percy clarified.


Artemis smirked.


“My lady,” Nico asked, “why aren’t you with the other Olympians…Hestia’s eyes were warm and cozy.


Hestia smiled.


“Besides,” she said, “someone has to keep the home fires burning…you are welcome to visit. Now eat.”


“Did you allow demigods to visit whenever they want?” Zeus asked in a little exasperation


Hestia smiled innocently.


The demigods snickered and chuckled.


My plate was empty before I knew it. Nico scarfed his down just as fast.


“The three of you are definitely related.” Jason and Hazel chuckled at Thalia, Nico and Percy


Thalia, Nico and Percy grinned and did a group fist bump. Though it wasn’t a normal one. Thalia’s fists were crackling with electricity, Nico’s were surrounded by shadows and Percy’s had some water rotating on his fists. It wasn’t just a fist bump. It was a symbol of connection between the three.


The gods noticed this. Poseidon and Hades smiled. Zeus’ eyes widened. The other good ones smiled.


“This is a demigod fist bump.” Percy explained


“The three of us invented it but now all of the demigods do it together at times.” Thalia said


The gods smiled and nodded.


“That was great,” I said. “Thank you, Hestia.”… For a brief time, she was happy. And then she went too far.”


Hermes looked down.


I remembered what Mrs. Castellan had said…If you are to understand your enemy Luke, you must understand his family.”


The gods nodded.


I thought about the sad little pictures of Hermes…Hermes shouldn’t have abandoned them.”


A few tears welled up in Hermes’ eyes.


“I’m sorry Hermes. You didn’t abandon them. I didn’t know.” Percy winced


Hermes waved him away with a watery smile.


Hestia scratched behind Mrs. O’Leary’s ears. The hellhound wagged her tail and accidentally knocked over a tree.


Everybody chuckled.


“It’s easy to judge others,” Hestia warned…master is the power of yielding. Do you believe me?”


The demigods nodded.


“Thirst for power isn’t right. Like Thanos. He went lengths to get power. That’s wrong.” Percy said


Hestia nodded


The sea gang smiled.


“Uh-huh,” I said. Anything to keep her from messing with her flame powers again.


Everybody laughed.


Hestia chuckled at Percy.


The goddess smiled. “You are a good hero, Percy Jackson. Not too proud.


“Exactly.” The demigods chorused


Percy blushed and smiled.


I like that. But you have much to learn…“It was the best solution, not a perfect one.


The gods nodded. Dionysus refrained.


Now I tend the fire. I fade slowly into the background.


The demigods and a few gods froze.


“Never.” The demigods said


“We’ll never let that happen.” Nico said


“They’re right.” Hades said


The gods nodded.


Hestia smiled.


No one will ever write epic poems about the deeds of Hestia.


“Hmm. That’s the task for the Apollo cabin then. I’ll give a message to Austin.” Will said


Hestia smiled at him.

“It’s not needed.” She told him


Will grinned.


“To us it is.” He said


Hestia chuckled.


Apollo, Lee and Michael looked proud of him.


“Little bro is all grown up.” Lee said


Will chuckled.


Most demigods don’t even stop to talk to me.


“Who’s up for a pact?” Thalia asked


“What about?” Leo asked


“Honoring Hestia as much the other gods. Stopping at the hearth. Writing poems and a kind of diary? Percy and Nico are going to add the cabin as well.” Thalia said


The demigods agreed at once.

They all walked to the center and put their hands like people do before shows and sports teams before the big event.


“Pact’s been made.” Percy grinned


Hestia was a little teary eyed.


The gods smiled proudly at their kids.


“We’ll make sure about Camp Jupiter.” Frank and Hazel said


Ares and Hades grinned.


I keep the peace. I yield when necessary…I didn’t like the way she said final


“Sorry Percy.” Hestia said sheepishly


“It’s fine.” Percy said


I looked at Nico, then back at Hestia’s warm glowing eyes…though our next meeting would not be happy.


“Not as much as this.” Percy said


“Oh we remember.” Annabeth and Grover said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


The goddess waved her hand, and everything faded…“Who put this wall of fur in the doorway?”


Everybody laughed.


“Wall of fur.” Beckendorf snickered


“Percy?” my mom called out. “Are you here? … Circle to find my mom, knocking all the pictures off the walls.


Everybody chuckled.


She’s only met my mom once before (long story), but she loves her.


“To be honest, who doesn’t love Sally?” Annabeth asked


“We all do love her. So nobody doesn’t love her. I didn’t mean nobody in Annabeth’s sense.” Nico said and added the last part quickly


Everybody chuckled.


It took a few minutes, but we finally got things worked out…where we sat around the kitchen table


“Maybe I should’ve teleported Mrs. O’ Leary outside.” Hestia said


Everybody chuckled.


Mrs. O’Leary still took up the entire living room…his salt-and pepper hair was sticking up in every direction.


Everybody snickered.


“Poor Paul.” Rachel laughed


Percy grinned.


“All the talk about monsters, and being a demigod…it’s really true.”… I mean, when I saw the hoofprints on the Prius, I thought maybe. But this!”


The demigods laughed.

“Paul’s great!” The Stolls yelled


Percy laughed.


The sea gang chuckled.

“He’s not scared.” Artemis said


He patted Mrs. O’Leary’s snout…breaking down the door or Mrs. O’Leary was wagging her tail.


Everybody burst out laughing.


“I think the neighbors would’ve thought that the SWAT team showed up.” Beckendorf said


Percy nodded.


I couldn’t help but smile. Paul was a pretty cool guy…“I just think it’s awesome!”


Everybody chuckled.

“You have the best teachers man. Chiron and Paul.” Travis said


“And Mrs. Dodds. A monster who tried to kill me. Let’s not go there.” Percy said

“Oh… yeah.” Travis said sheepishly.


“Yeah, well,” I said, “you may not be so excited…because the circles under her eyes were darker than usual.


“At least she was writing her book.” Annabeth said

Percy nodded happily.


Behind her at the kitchen window, silvery moon lace glowed…because it reminded me of lost friends.


Everybody sighed.


My mom took a deep breath, like she was thinking how to tell me no…“We’ll all die,” Nico said


“Yes. If Percy does it then he might die but if he doesn’t do it then we’ll all die.” Connor chuckled

“Hey it was true.” Nico said


He hadn’t touched his lemonade…She had to be willing to let her son take the risk.”


“Well explained.” Hazel said


Nico smiled.


“You want me to bless this?” She shook her head…about the soul reaping and the end of my days.


“Yeah even though that’s not really true but the prophecy would freak her out.” Thalia said

“Yeah she might not give me the blessing then.” Percy said


She didn’t need to know that I was probably doomed…I was asking her blessing to do something that would probably get me killed.


Poseidon smiled, glad his son understood that.


Nico and Annabeth swallowed. Annabeth had fixed her relationship luckily.


Nico’s eyes flickered to Persephone for one second. When he looked back, he caught Percy smiling at him.


“Thanks Perce.” Nico muttered to Percy


“No problem cuz.” Percy grinned


I locked eyes with Paul, and some kind of understanding passed…I didn’t get compliments like that too much.


Percy smiled.


“Paul’s a good guy.” Poseidon grinned


Percy nodded.


“He’s right.” Triton said

Percy smiled at Triton.


My mom stared at her lemonade…I figured maybe my mom was finding that out.


Hestia nodded.


“Well I figured it out then.” Percy said


“Yes.” Hestia said


“Percy,” she said, “I give you my blessing.”… And his father jumped off the palace roof in despair


“Really Nico?” Will chuckled


“Hey it’s what happened.” Nico said


But other than that, it was a great idea.”


Everybody snickered and chuckled.


“The guy jumping off the roof isn’t funny but the time Nico chose to tell this is.” Chris said


Nico shrugged.


“What about a flag or a flare?” my mom said…And I’ll try to avoid jumping off palace roofs.”


Percy sighed in relief and chuckled.


The demigods chuckled.


“I remember, you did keep it.” Nico said


“Of course.” Percy grinned


She gave me one last hug. I tried not to feel like I was saying good-bye…She whimpered and crossed her paws over her snout.


Everybody snickered.


“Where now?” I asked Nico…“There’s a closer entrance to the Underworld.”


“Done.” Amphitrite said


“I’ll read.” Clarisse said

Amphitrite gave her the book.







Chapter Text


“Math teacher? Her again?” Grover groaned


“I run into a former teacher monster who has a crush on me and I don’t meet her in a positive atmosphere. Sure why not.” Percy said sarcastically


Everybody snickered.


“Hold up. You said your math teacher which means Hades’ fury. You went to the Underworld again?” Poseidon asked


“Oh well, yes. This was not the ideal visit though.” Percy said, looking at Hades


Hades grinned sheepishly.


Poseidon groaned.


“Nico, before we read the chapter I wanna tell you that I don’t blame you for anything that happened.” Percy said


Nico gave him a grateful look.


“Oh my dad is not going to be happy about this…” Percy said rubbing his temples


“Rightttt.. No he’s not.” Nico said


“What did you do Hades?” Poseidon growled


“Uhh.” Hades started


“He might have thrown me into a dungeon because of Zeus and Hera if you have to go into the blames.” Percy said


“Zeus and Hera?” Poseidon asked in a controlled voice

“Well bitterness really.” Percy said


“Percy-“ Poseidon said


“Let’s just read please.” Percy said


“Fine.” Poseidon sighed


Nico sighed in relief.


We emerged in Central Park just north of the Pond…She just smells the way home.”


Everybody snickered.


“The territory part won’t be good.” Beckendorf said


“Oh I know all right.” Percy snickered


I frowned. “Through the rocks?”… “Dude with the lyre,” Nico corrected


“What a description.” Hermes laughed


“It was accurate.” Apollo shrugged


“But yeah, him. He used his music to charm the earth


“Charm Gaia?” Leo gagged


“I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not.” Nico said


Leo gagged.


And open a new path into the Underworld…stories that always made us demigods feel warm and fuzzy.


“Ah so typical.” Triton said


“Dude I’m not kidding. It’s kind of basic. That guy just didn’t have to look back. He had one job.” Percy said


The demigods nodded.

“That’s fair I guess.” Triton said


“So this is the Door of Orpheus.” I tried to be impressed…“We need music,” Nico said. “How’s your singing?”


“Yeahhh no.” Percy said


“It’s good dude! I remember the New Years.” Frank said


The demigods and gods nodded.


“Yours and Nico’s both.” Jason said


“Hey yours is awesome too.” Percy said


“Thanks.” Jason grinned


“You do sing well.” Poseidon said


“Thanks.” Percy grinned


“Um, no. Can’t you just, like, tell it to open? …“I have a better idea.” I turned and called, “GROVER!”


“That’s a good idea.” Thalia nodded


We waited for a long time…The roots seemed to be shaping themselves around him, slowly pulling him into the earth.


“NO!” Thalia yelled


“GROVER!” Annabeth yelled

“Just asleep for months guys.” Grover said


“What?!” They yelled

“I’m fine now.” Grover smiled


Thalia and Annabeth calmed down.


Grover, I said. Wake up. Unnnh—zzzzz…FOOD, I suggested. PANCAKES!


“That’ll get his attention.” Chris chuckled


“ENCHILADAS!” The Stolls shouted


Everybody laughed.


His eyes shot open. A blur of thoughts filled my head…Grover fell out of the branches, right on his head.


“Ouch!” Dionysus said and held his head.


“Dad you okay?” Dakota asked


“All good.” Dionysus said


“Woof!” Mrs. O’Leary looked up, probably wondering if we were going to play fetch with the satyr.


Grover bleated in indignation.


Everybody snickered.


“Blah-haa-haa!” Grover bleated. “You okay, man?”… They don’t understand height very well.”


Everybody laughed.


“I got that.” Dionysus grumbled


He grinned and got to his feet—well, his hooves, actually…almost manly (or goatly?), and he was as tall as me now.


“Wow Percy. First goatyback ride and now goatly.” Reyna laughed


Percy grinned sheepishly.


Grover shook his head.


“Good to see you, G-man,” I said. “You remember Nico.”… It’s like my ears and eyes are sharper when I’m in the Wild.


“That’s so cool.” Leo said

Grover grinned.


Anyway, I started following the scent…Just looking at him made me sleepy. I said


“Morpheus.” Hermes breathed.


“You should be glad you woke up. There was a chance that you would fall asleep forever.” Apollo said

Grover nodded.


‘What are you doing?’ He said…You’re lucky you ever woke up.”


The gods nodded.


“This wouldn’t have happened if the minor gods got more respect but noooo, Zeus is higher than they are and the minor gods are his slaves right?” Percy asked angrily


Zeus glared at him.

“They are not part of the council.” He said

“Yeah that same attitude got you there. They don’t sit in the council so they don’t deserve respect.” Percy said in a mocking voice.


“Grow up for gods’ sake. This isn’t just about minor gods. Look at your brother and your sister. Seriously you and Hera only care about yourself and always think you’re right. Grow up Zeus and learn.” he said


“He’s right.” Nico agreed.


Everybody was silent for a few seconds. The sea gang and the demigods were first to recover from the shock.


“Percy calm down.” Poseidon said worriedly


Percy took deep breaths.


“All good dad.” He said


Zeus made to get up from his seat but Thalia and Jason gave him a warning glare.


“That was… Percy I-.” The Stolls started


“It was odd but true.” Percy shrugged


“I’m just gonna continue.” Clarisse sighed. They all knew Percy never cared about what the gods thought about him. It was kind of admirable but he needed to find a better way to express it.

Persephone stared at Nico and Percy. They felt awkward so cleared their throats.


“Two months,” Grover moaned. “He put me to sleep for two months!”… “I don’t like this ‘main event’ thing he mentioned.”


“It wasn’t pleasant but it did prove helpful in some circumstances.” Katie said


The Greek demigods nodded.


“He’s working for Kronos,” Nico said. “We know that already…But okay, here goes nothing.”


A few chuckles.


“Well we go through it.” Percy shrugged

Grover grinned.


I peered inside. Steps led down into the darkness…that was almost always a one-way trip.


“That’s not wrong.” Triton said


“Did you know there is a video game called Hades?” Percy said

“What the-?” Nico asked


“I’m not kidding. I don’t play it though.” Percy shrugged


“How do you know all of this? The retellings and this.” Thalia asked


“How do you think I spent my free time in the nights?” Percy raised an eyebrow


“Fair enough.” Thalia chuckled


I turned to Grover. “Thanks…I think.”… Maybe we can help. I’ll see if we can find this Morpheus!”


“You’ve grown.” Thalia smiled

Grover smiled as well.


Hermes nodded approvingly.


“Better tell Juniper you’re okay, too.” His eyes widened. “Juniper! Oh, she’s going to kill me!”


Everybody chuckled.


Grover blushed.


He started to run off, then scrambled back and gave me another hug. “Be careful down there! Come back alive!”


“I’m sure I tried all right.” Percy said, giving a glare to Hades


Once he was gone, Nico and I roused Mrs. O’Leary from her nap…hellhound wedged halfway down a tunnel to the Underworld.


Everybody snickered.


“Ready?” Nico asked me. “It’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” He sounded like he was trying to convince himself.


“I was.” Nico said


Percy and Hades sighed.


I glanced up at the stars, wondering if I would ever see them again…What was that expression on his face…doubt? “Just keep moving,” he said.


“What happened?” Lee asked


“Hey taking a bath in the Styx s complicated. He’s probably nervous because what happens to Percy is his plan.” Michael said

Nico winced.


I didn’t have much choice. I followed Mrs. O’Leary into the depths…To our left, far away in the gloom, fires burned on the ramparts of Erebus, the great black walls of Hades’s kingdom.


“You know the map quite well.” Persephone said

“I’ve been there enough times to go for adventures so not unexpected.” Percy said dryly


I shuddered. I’d first been here when I was twelve…He looked pale and worried himself.


“I’m sorry about that Percy.” Nico grimaced


“It’s fine. It makes sense you were nervous.” Percy said


“Yeah, you knew the Styx was dangerous but you had to help Percy go there.” Silena said


Nico and Percy grimaced.


Only Mrs. O’Leary acted happy. She ran along the beach…“We have to go inside the gates first,” he said.


“What? The river is there, there isn’t any need to go inside the gates.” Castor said in confusion


“Maybe he has to find something?” Pollux said


“Yeah maybe.” Castor said finally


“But the river’s right here.” “I have to get something,” he said. “It’s the only way.”


“He just has to prepare himself and jump.” Poseidon said


“Dad please.” Percy said


“What happened Nico?” Will asked in worry


“It’ll come up.” Nico said miserably

Hades grimaced at his son’s tone.


He marched off without waiting…because even the EZ-DEATH line was backed up.


“Oh that’s gonna be more work for me.” Hades sighed


“Eh you’re gonna have help around now.” Hermes shrugged


Hades and Persephone looked up but the messenger god gestured to Clarisse to read.


“Yeah. I agree with Hermes.” Apollo and Percy said               


Before anybody could say anything Clarisse continued.


“Woof!” Mrs. O’Leary said. Before I could stop her she bounded…rottweiler so big he made Mrs. O’Leary look like a toy poodle.


“Damn.” Beckendorf said with raised eyebrows


“Mrs. O’ Leary as a toy poodle.” Silena shook her head.


Hades smirked.


Cerberus was half transparent, so he’s really hard to see…“Mrs. O’Leary, no!” I shouted at her. “Don’t sniff…Oh, man.”


Everybody snickered.


“Oh great.” Hades muttered


Nico smiled. Then he looked at me and his expression turned all serious again…I might end up here forever, but I tried not to think about that.


“You won’t get Asphodel. You’d get Elysium.” Hazel frowned


“Yeah but then the type of relation I had with Hades, I wouldn’t be surprised if would’ve ended up in Asphodel.” Percy said


“You and your friends gonna end up in Elysium.” Hades said


“Oh that’s a relief.” Percy said


The demigods nodded.


Nico trudged ahead, bringing us closer and closer…she held a flaming whip and a paisley handbag.


Grover, Annabeth, Thalia and Poseidon groaned.


“What is she doing there?” Katie asked


“She works for dad.” Nico said

“I know that but what is she doing there?” Katie asked


“It’ll come up.” Percy said


“I’m gonna start hating that line.” Katie grumbled


“Mrs. Dodds,” I said. She bared her fangs. “Welcome back, honey.”… “I’ve done what my father asked. Take us to the palace.”


Nico braced himself for the reactions.


“What’s going on here?” Michael demanded


“Michael calm down. It already happened.” Percy said

“Okay. What’s going on here?” Michael asked in a more controlled voice


“Like Nico said.” Percy said


“Let me read on.” Clarisse said


I tensed. “Wait a second, Nico…but he wants to see you before we try the river. I’m sorry.”


“Wait what the heck?” Pollux asked


“Pollux calm down.” Castor tugged at his brothers’ sleeve though he himself was glaring at Nico.


“You betrayed him.” Dakota said


Nico flinched.


“Guys it happened in the past.” Percy said


“Percy if we count what Luke did in the past then we have to count what all of us did.” Triton said hesitantly.


“Nico is not Luke. He did not come close to what happened to Luke. Luke’s a good guy now but Nico has always been a person. He himself fell for the trap.” Percy said


Hades winced.


“No Percy. You’re the most loyal person I know. You always looked out after me even when I was rude to you. Yet I still betrayed you. I hunted for news for my family when I was younger but I forgot about who my family was at the time.” Nico said, looking down.


“Nico…” Percy swallowed “I’m not going to deny that I was hurt but what you did. More hurt than angry but that’s not going to change that you’re still my younger brother and I’m still gonna look after you. This happened before and even you were tricked.” He said


A few tears formed in Nico’s eyes. Will got up and sat with him. He pulled his boyfriend in a hug. Percy swallowed guiltily.


“I’m sorry if I said something wrong.” He said


“No-no you didn’t.” Nico said


Hades looked and felt guilty as he saw his son and winced.


“You tricked me?” I was so mad I couldn’t think. I lunged at him, but the Furies were fast.


Everybody grimaced.


Nico and Will pulled back though Will still held Nico’s hand.


Two of them swooped down and plucked me up…“I don’t want her to get hurt, Percy.


“Mrs. O’ Leary should not be hurt.” Beckendorf said


“She wasn’t.” Percy assured him


Beckendorf nodded.


My father is waiting. He just wants to talk.”


“He’s not going to let Percy go easily.” Poseidon said angrily


Hades grimaced.


I wanted to tell Mrs. O’Leary to attack Nico


Percy and Nico grimaced.


But it wouldn’t have done any good…“All right, traitor,” I growled at Nico.


Nico winced.


“You’ve got your prize. Take me to the stupid palace.”… I’d have to wait for my revenge.


Nico shuddered.


“I’m not going to do anything to you Nico. This is the past. I’m not gonna dwell on it.” Percy said


Nico managed a weak smile.


I stared at the empty thrones, waiting for something to happen…“Mother!” Persephone replied.


The demigods snickered.

“Gonna hear about Nico’s skit now.” Lee chuckled


The demigods chuckled.


“We have visitors!” Hades barked…Hades, one of my least favorite gods


“I’m not getting how you two like each other here.” Triton said


“Lol I have no idea. I guess after Nico’s cabin at camp and Nico’s story.” Percy shrugged


“Nico’s story?” Triton asked


“My past.” Nico said


“Oh okay.”


“Though I don’t like the previous Hades.” Percy said


“I don’t think I can say you changed.” Hades said


“Nah, Percy’s the same.” Annabeth said


Smoothed his black robes, which were filled with the terrified faces of the damned…“Percy Jackson,” he said with satisfaction. “At last.”


“I think you have the wrong person. I’m Peter Johnson.” Percy said


“Sure.” Hades said


“Perry.” Dionysus corrected


The campers laughed. Chiron chuckled.


Queen Persephone studied me curiously.


“That’s creepy right?” Percy asked


“Kind of but not new.” Nico shrugged


“I’m thinking maybe we could start with Hypnos and Hecate’s lessons now itself.” Thalia said


“No let’s wait. I already have mist lessons and let’s relax for some time.” Percy said


“Okay then. How’s it going, the mist lessons?” Thalia said


“It’s interesting. I have to focus a lot though.” Percy said


Hazel and Thalia nodded.


“You’re doing well. Just a couple of more lessons and you’ll be able to do it every time instead of just once.” Chiron said


Percy smiled.


“He already manipulated it once?” Thalia asked


Chiron nodded.


“How many lessons are done yet?” Hazel asked


“Three.” Chiron said


“Wow Kelp head.” Thalia said approvingly


Percy smiled.


I’d seen her once before in the winter…changed and bloomed—roses, tulips, honeysuckle.


“See!” Demeter said


Nico groaned.


Clarisse snickered and continued.


The woman standing between them was obviously Persephone’s mother…I figured if somebody lit a match next to her, she’d be in serious trouble.


Everybody snickered.


“I can’t believe you were thinking that at such a time.” Katie shook her head


Percy grinned sheepishly and shrugged.


“Hmmph,” the older woman said…sword so I could cut his stupid head off.


Nico flinched. He knew Percy looked out for him and now Nico tricked him and Percy wanted to kill him. Will glared at Percy.


“Sorry Nick. I definitely don’t want to hurt you let alone kill you.” Percy winced


Nico waved it away.


Unfortunately, Riptide was still out in the fields somewhere…“Your sister would’ve done a better job.”


The demigods stiffened.


Will glared at Hades.


“That was cruel.” Will said


“Harsh blow. He’s twelve.” Hermes frowned


Hades flinched.


“I’m sorry Nico. I shouldn’t have said that. There’s no excuse to compare you and Bianca.” He said

“It’s fine dad. You already apologized 5 books ago.” Nico said


Hades recalled the day.


“Still.” He said


Nico smiled.


Nico lowered his head…“I’m afraid Nico was quite sincere about wanting to help you.


“See Nico did want to help Percy.” Will said


“Will we get he was tricked. Calm down.” Michael said gently


Will nodded and sat back. Nico squeezed his hand.


The boy is as honest as he is dense.


“Nico is not dense.” Will said angrily


Hades nodded.

“I know. I’m really sorry Nico. You aren’t dense and I’m glad you’re alive.” He said


Nico smiled.


“What happened has happened. We’re good now. History well to hell with it.” He said


Hades smiled.


“Father,” Nico said, “you promised that Percy would not be harmed.


“Well at least you got him to promise that.” Piper said


“Though loopholes can be found.” Poseidon said grimly


“Best way to make sure that doesn’t happen, when you ask somebody to swear an oath on the Styx you should ask them to never find loopholes, never even try to find loopholes or get out of the deal. I’ve learnt that from a lot of experience and now I’m sharing it with you.” Percy said, sounding like a teacher at the end


“That’s a good way.” Hades said


Everybody chuckled at the way Percy said it.


You said if I brought him, you would tell me about my past…You had to eat the pomegranate.”


Every single elder Greek demigod burst into laughter.

“Nico, that skit was on point!” Lee yelled


Nico smiled.


“I told you that’s how it went.” Percy grinned

The demigods laughed harder.


“Who’s the god of lawyers though?” Castor asked


“Uh, there’s Themis but she’s a Titaness.” Annabeth said


“And Asclepius is the closest to the god of doctors being the god of medicine. Dad is the god of healing thought I think the closest to the god of doctors is Asclepius.” Will said


“He is.” Apollo nodded


“Though Asclepius was born after Hades and Persephone got married.” Will said


Persephone rolled her eyes.

“See mother.” She said


Demeter grumbled.


“You know what? WE NEED ANOTHER NICO SKIT!” Lee yelled


“Yes, yes.” The demigods chanted


“Come on Nico.” Jason said


“Fine.” Nico smiled


The demigods cheered.


Nico smiled. This time he actually felt like everybody left this all in the past.


“Mother—” “And get stuck in the Underworld!”… Do you ever think about your poor lonely mother?”


Katie snickered but only the demigods, Persephone and Hades heard her. Demeter was still grumbling.


Katie and Persephone shared a glance and snickered.


“DEMETER!” Hades shouted. “That is enough…Make my daughter live in this dark, damp—”


The demigods were laughing again.


Demeter was grumbling and Hades was snickering.


“I told you,” Hades said, grinding his teeth…could you just get on with it?”


Everybody laughed.


“Only you Percy.” Thalia snickered

“Could you not ask him that?” Poseidon sighed


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“I couldn’t listen to the argument and I didn’t want to stay for the benefits of cereal.” He grinned


Everybody laughed.


All three gods looked at me. “Well, this one has an attitude,” Demeter observed.


Everybody snickered.


“Indeed,” Hades agreed. “I’d love to kill him.”… Let me kill him, just a little bit.”


“You can’t kill anybody a little bit.” Poseidon said


Everybody including Percy snickered.


Hades glowered, smoothing the folds of his robes.


“How much do you smoothen your robes?” Poseidon asked


“The souls try to escape.” Hades said


“That is why t-shirts are better. They’re also more comfortable!” Nico exclaimed


Hades chuckled.

“Point brother.” Percy grinned


“And so I shall. Your mother—what can I tell you?... I thought it best to put you two out of harm’s way.”


“Don’t tell me I’m related to Hitler.” Nico groaned and pleaded


“No don’t worry, you’re not. Some people do think that. In the days during the war, Hitler was the person many people were scared of, so I looked like that for a couple of years, especially as Hitler would kill many. Though I don’t like doing that anymore.” Hades said


Nico sighed in relief.


“Well I’m glad about not being related to him and you not looking like him or any other villain.” Nico said


Hazel nodded.

“Agreed.” She said


“That’s why you hid us in the Lotus Casino?”… “I do lawyers and teachers very well!”


“That lady is scary.” Grover said


The demigods nodded.


Hades smirked.


Nico was trembling. “But why did you free us from the casino?”… allowed to be the child of the prophecy.”


“Percy’s not an idiot.” Poseidon gritted his teeth


Percy smiled.


I plucked a ruby off the nearest plant and threw it at Hades. It sank harmlessly into his robe.


Everybody stared at Percy and started snickering.


“You did what?” Hades asked


“You didn’t even notice.” Percy shrugged


“That’s not the point.” Hades said


“You called me an idiot and you wanted to kill me.” Percy said in exasperation


Hades grumbled.


The demigods were shaking with silent laughter.


“You should be helping Olympus!” I said…I’ll stay here with my forces intact.”


“Oh so this why the indirect blame lands with these two.” Poseidon said gesturing to Zeus and Hera.


“Indirect blame will not lead you anywhere.” Jason said


“Sometimes you have to be better than the ones you blame rather than prove them right.” Percy agreed


Poseidon looked proudly at Percy.


Nico nodded. Hades grimaced.


“I know now.” He said


“Let him try. He’ll be weakened…“Well, he’s not much now, I’ll grant you


“Nico can do crazy lot of stuff now.” Reyna said


“I know. He’s a great kid.” Hades said


Nico smiled.


“But I do get tired.” Nico said


“So do we.” Jason said, gesturing to him, Thalia, Percy and Hazel


They nodded.

“That person who we saw and all, it made sense to get tired.” Reyna said referring to Bryce Lawrence


“Oh that one.” Nico said, rubbing his neck


Hades raised his eyebrows. He knew Nico could conjure skeletons and bring roof tops down but apparently that’s not all he can do. There’s more Nico could do. Hades was quite curious to know what all powers his son had.


It would’ve been better if Bianca had lived.


Nico flinched this time but so did Hades.


“That’s basically implying that you want him dead.” Will said coldly


“No. I didn’t mean that. I definitely want Nico alive. I do love him.” Hades said a little desperately to Nico.


Nico nodded and smiled.


“It’s fine dad. I know.” He said

“Know what?”


“That you want me alive and love me.” Nico said


Hades nodded.


But give him four more years of training. We can hold out that long, surely.


“No you can’t.” Poseidon said


“I know that at least half.” Hades frowned


“You just said…” Poseidon trailed off


“Please read on.” Hades urged Clarisse

Clarisse’s eyes widened and she continued.


Nico will turn sixteen, as the prophecy says…And I will be king of the gods.”


Zeus growled.

“Hold up one second Zeus.” Poseidon said


He shared a look with Hades.

“Dad what’s wrong?” Triton asked


“Kronos.” Hades said


Nico and Percy’s eyes widened.


“Something like Ares?” Nico asked


Hades nodded.

Nico and Percy froze and shared looks.


“The part about being king and stuff, that’s not me. Though the part about trapping you is me. Sorry about that.” Hades said


“Oh it’s fine. The first part is more concerning currently.” Percy said distractedly.


“So what part is you and what is not in the whole waiting it out part?” Chris asked in confusion.


“The part about becoming king is not me. The one about wanting Nico to be accepted is me.” Hades explained.


Annabeth and Will’s eyes widened as well and so did Jason and Thalia’s.


“You’re crazy,” I said. “Kronos will crush you…If you had wanted a better deal, you should’ve made me swear on the Styx.


“I love loopholes when they help me but I hate them when somebody uses them against me.” Percy grumbled


“It’s like that for everybody.” Triton said


“Well thanks for trying Nico.” Percy sighed


Nico sighed.


Now go to your room!” He waved his hand and Nico vanished…“He’s too skinny. He needs more cereal.”


Everybody groaned.


“I’m gonna have nightmares about cereal monsters.” Nico groaned


Everybody snickered. Demeter glowered at Nico.


Persephone rolled her eyes. “Mother, enough with the cereal. My lord Hades, are you sure we can’t let this little hero go? He’s awfully brave.”


“Er… thanks.” Percy said awkwardly to Persephone

“It’s fine.” She said


“No, my dear. I’ve spared his life. That’s enough.”… I’m starving.”


The sea gang gave glares to Persephone but then they knew it wasn’t her fault.


“Cereal,” Demeter said.


Everybody groaned and put their faces in their hands. Clarisse put her face into the book.


Demeter glowered at them.


“How much cereal do you eat granty?” Nico groaned


“Every breakfast and evening.” Demeter said

Everybody gulped.


“Mother!” The two women disappeared in a swirl of flowers and wheat…We’ll check on you again in—oh, fifty or sixty years.”


Poseidon glared at Hades who grimaced.


“Done.” Clarisse said in relief.


“I’ll read.” Chiron said

Clarisse gave him the book.



Chapter Text

“Is that up for a competition now?” Nico asked


“Hmm no.” Percy said after thinking


“Oh wonderful.” Poseidon groaned


Percy flinched.

“Dad this is going to hurt… a lot.” Percy said


Poseidon sighed and patted Percy on the back.


My sword reappeared in my pocket…it became solid behind me.


“Not even my children or me for that matter could escape that.” Hermes shook his head


Hades had a small smirk on his face.


I wasn’t sure if the room was airtight…I’d be dead in fifty or sixty minutes.


“It’s not airtight.” Hades said quickly to his brother’s glare


“Good then. Well at least for Percy.” Triton said


Percy nodded.


Meanwhile, if Hades wasn’t lying, some big trap was going to be sprung in New York…I sat on the cold stone floor, feeling miserable.


Hades swallowed guiltily.


I don’t remember dozing off…The smell of salt air made me wonder if I would ever see the ocean again.


The sea gang smiled softly.


“We’re going to the beach after this chapter brother.” Triton said


“After this chapter?” Percy asked


“After this chapter.” Tyson clarified


The sea gang grinned.


“I’m looking forward to it.” Percy said


“Make your special blue cookies.” Amphitrite said


Percy grinned and gave a hug to Amphitrite who chuckled.


Nico gave a small smile, remembering Percy’s advice.


He shared a look with Percy who stared at him then smiled and nodded.


Nico cleared his throat awkwardly…


“Um Persephone?” He started


The underworld gang looked at him.

“I was wondering if…” Nico said feeling uncomfortable. Percy gave him an encouraging nod. “…if we could haveabetterrelation?” Nico said quickly


“What?” Persephone asked in confusion


Nico took a deep breath.


“…if we could have a better relation?” Nico asked


Hades and Persephone’s eyes widened.


Hazel, Will, Jason, Annabeth and Percy were smiling at Nico.


“We could give it a try.” Persephone said finally


Nico sighed. Hades smiled widely at the two.


“How did this happen though?” Will asked


“I gave him some advice.” Percy shrugged


“Some?” Nico teased

“I gave him the same advice dad, Hermes and mom gave me and I added some of my own.” Percy said

Poseidon and Hermes smiled.


Rachel’s parents sat at the patio table while a personal chef…Why she’d be reading about vacations while she was on vacation, I wasn’t sure.


Everybody snickered.

“Just planning ahead.” Rachel rolled her eyes


“Oh come on! She should enjoy what she has. We were almost at the last summer of our lives.” Pollux threw his hands in the air.


Rachel nodded.


Rachel stood at the porch railing and sighed…I only remembered the dude’s name because he cut his ear off.)


“At least you remembered.” Rachel snickered


“Tell him something unusual about somebody and he’ll remember.” Annabeth chuckled fondly


Percy grinned sheepishly,


I wondered if she was thinking about me…In fact, I’d almost fallen to my death there before.


“That’s not a positive thought.” Poseidon grumbled


“It’s normal life. Good simple life. Jump off a monument and land in the water.” Percy shrugged


“That’s simple?” Triton asked


“Compared to what else happened later then yes.” Percy said


Triton stared at his brother.


Over the city, a thunderstorm boiled—a wall of absolute black…Dan, though no one seems to know if it is related to the storm conditions.”


“No, it’s a very very very huge monster that can kill you in one second. Is that enough for it or should I describe more?” Michael said

The demigods snickered.


Wind whipped her hair. The temperature was dropping rapidly…The blast was so powerful I knew it could only be one thing: Zeus’s master bolt.


Zeus smirked.


“More than 600 points, Nico.” Thalia teased


Nico turned red.


“Shut up Pikachu.” He said

Thalia smirked.


It should have vaporized its target, but the dark cloud only staggered backward…whole thing collapsed like children’s blocks.


“Oh gods.” Rachel muttered


“Hitting buildings.” Tyson frowned


The reporter screamed. People ran through the streets…A fiery golden comet crossed her path… maybe her brother Apollo.


“That’s me.” Apollo grinned


“Well I identified well.” Percy grinned


One thing was clear: Typhon had made it to the Mississippi River…I had Nico pinned to the floor of the cell with the edge of my sword at his throat


Everybody froze except Nico and Percy.


Percy grimaced.

“Sorry about that Nico. Just an instinct reaction.” He said


Nico waved it away.

“That was an instinct reaction, okay but you did that when you were half asleep?” Clarisse said


“Yeah.” Percy muttered


“Damn.” Clarisse said


“Want…to…rescue,” he choked…made retching sounds while his throat recovered.


Hades cleared his throat as well.


“Sorry Nico!” Percy said


“All good now.” Nico said


Finally he got to his feet, eyeing my sword warily…he could’ve done it while I slept.


“I wouldn’t want to kill you.” Nico frowned


“I was trapped in a cell at the time. Kind of fuzzy.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


Still, I didn’t trust him.


“I do trust you Nico. I trust you with a lot.” Percy said


Nico smiled.


“We have to get out of here,” he said…“Does your dad want to talk to me again?”


Hades and Nico winced.


“That was a little unnecessary Perce.” Castor said


“Yeah, I know.” Percy sighed and gave a side hug to Nico.


He winced. “Percy, I swear on the River Styx…I put the guards to sleep, but it won’t last.”


“You did what?” Hades asked in amusement


“Put the guards to sleep.” Nico said


“It’s good he did.” Poseidon said


“In this circumstance, yes but I don’t like how easy it is for Nico.” Hades said


Nico grinned sheepishly.


“I won’t let anybody bad outside.” Nico assured his father

“I know.” Hades said


I wanted to strangle him again. Unfortunately, he was right…A whole section vanished, revealing a corridor.


“That’s cool.” Leo said


Nico grinned.


“Come on.” Nico led the way…Nico just pointed at it, and its glowing eyes dimmed.


Hades shook his head.


“You’re going to get tired though.” He said


“No choice.” Nico shrugged


Nico just pointed at it, and its glowing eyes dimmed…He managed to put all the dead to sleep but nearly passed out himself.


Hades felt very tired.


“Uh oh.” Hazel said


“Rest back dad.” Nico said


Hades nodded.


Will grinned at Nico.


I dragged him out of the servants’ entrance…“How about… run?”


Everybody snickered despite the situation.


“That would be good.” Annabeth said


Running with a drowsy child of Hades was more like doing a three legged race with a life-size rag doll.


Hades grimaced a little.


“Sorry Perce.” Nico said

“For what?” Percy asked in confusion


“For you having to carry me.” Nico said


“Lol no need to apologize. It’s fine, you were tired, happens to everybody.” Percy said

Nico chuckled.


I lugged him along, holding my sword in front of me…collapse from exhaustion when I heard a familiar “WOOOOOF!”


Poseidon felt very tired as well so even he rested against the couch.


“She can get you to the river.” Beckendorf grinned


Percy smiled and nodded.


Mrs. O’Leary bounded out of nowhere and ran circles…chased her tail just to teach it who was boss.


“Yeah you show it Mrs. O’ Leary.” Leo chuckled


The demigods laughed.


And then calmed down enough for me to push Nico onto her back…sounded more excited than angry, like: Can I play too?


Nico snickered.


Hades gave a small groan.


Fortunately, he didn’t follow us, and Mrs. O’Leary kept running…It was a little bashed up, but Nico chewed it.


“You don’t want to give him too much.” Will said


“Don’t worry doctor.” Percy said


Will chuckled.


“Uh,” he mumbled. “Better.”… “With great power…comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.”


The demigods were quiet for one second before they all burst into uncontrollable laughter. Even Chiron was chuckling.


“I am definitely always going to use that.” Piper said


“Same.” Percy choked out


The demigods nodded.

“With great power comes great need to take a nap. That’ true though.” Will laughed


Nico blushed and grinned.

The gods chuckled.


“Whoa, zombie dude.” I caught him before he could pass out again.


“New nickname!” Thalia said

Nico face palmed.


“You bet.” Percy grinned


Jason laughed.


“Zombie dude.” He snickered


Nico mock pouted.


“We’re at the river. You need to tell me what to do.”… Nico shook his head a few times and struggled to his feet.


Will sighed in relief.

Hades and Poseidon felt better now.


“My father will be coming soon,” he said. “We should hurry.”… Had thrown away as they’d passed from life into death


“Oh well we got something for that.” Nico and Percy grinned and Hephaestus and Hestia.


They just chuckled.


Hades smiled.


Looking at the black water, I could think of about three million places I’d rather swim.


“Just three million?” Triton asked


“Just off the top of my head. Could think of more though.” Percy said


Everybody snickered.


“Wow brother.” Triton said in amusement


Percy winked.


“So…I just jump in?”


“NO!” Poseidon said


“You have to prepare yourself first.” Amphitrite said


“Nico told me.” Percy nodded


“You have to prepare yourself first,” Nico said…I turned and found myself face-to-face with a Greek warrior.


“Achilles.” Persephone said

Percy nodded.


For a second I thought he was Ares, because this guy looked exactly like the god of war…who had died from a wounded heel.


“He should’ve chosen a better spot.” Lee shook his head

Chiron sighed.


Achilles,” I said. The ghost nodded… but your weaknesses, your failings will increase as well.”


“He’s right there. You’re going to have to be more careful. As a normal person you will be able to get hurt anywhere but with the Achilles curse you’re going to have to protect that spot.” Athena said


Percy nodded and smiled at Annabeth who gave one in return.


“You mean I’ll have a bad heel?” I said…What really killed me was my own arrogance. Beware! Turn back!”


Chiron nodded.


“He got arrogant after the curse. That’s what led to his death.” He said


“Percy could never get arrogant.” Pollux said

Percy smiled.


“I know that child.” Chiron said gently


He meant it. I could hear the regret and bitterness in his voice…taken on the powers of the greatest mortal hero, Achilles. He was invincible.


Hermes winced.


“I have to,” I said. “Otherwise I don’t stand a chance.”


Everybody sighed. They knew there was a point there.


Achilles lowered his head. “Let the gods witness I tried…River Styx will burn you to ashes. You will cease to exist.”


“Wonderful.” Katie said sarcastically


“That’s intense.” Frank said


“It felt like that too.” Percy said


Poseidon grimaced.


“I don’t suppose you could tell me Luke’s mortal point?”


Everybody snickered.


He scowled. “Prepare yourself, foolish boy. Whether you survive this or not, you have sealed your doom!”


“He really is arrogant.” Thalia scowled


“Tell me which hero of the past wasn’t? Except Perseus.” Percy snorted


“Let me see… Hercules is an arrogant jerk, Theseus was an idiot and arrogant and now Achilles’ arrogance caused his death. I don’t know much about Orpheus. Wow.” Thalia said


 “Perseus was a good dude.” Percy nodded


“Yeah, your mom picked a good name.” Triton smiled


Percy grinned.


With that happy thought, he vanished. “Percy,” Nico said, “maybe he’s right.


“This was your idea though.” Travis said


“I know but after listening to Achilles, I was a little nervous though I knew that this was the only way.” Nico said


“I know, but now that we’re here—”…you’ll be the child of the prophecy after all.


Hades sighed and grimaced.


“I wouldn’t want anybody to die that way.” He said


He didn’t look pleased about that, but I didn’t care…lot more dignified than, like, my armpit or something.


“Why are you caring about dignity right now?!” Annabeth yelled


“Sorry! Though I thought it would be well defended as well but it happened already now…” Percy said


I pictured a string, a bungee cord connecting me to the world…Now multiply that pain times fifty.


Poseidon yelled at the top of his lungs.


Percy, Triton and Tyson kept their hands on his shoulders. Will helped them out a little.

The demigods flinched. Chiron winced and immediately continued.


You still won’t be close to understanding what it felt like to swim…jelly and I fell face-first into the current.


Poseidon’s legs started shaking.

“Will?” Percy asked


“Ice packs.” Will said


Nico nodded and raced out of the throne room. He got a box full of ice packs. Hades looked at the box.


“Here.” He swallowed


Will smiled and took one icepack and put some elastic.


“Tie it on the forehead.” He said


Percy did that.

Will, Triton and Tyson kept some on the legs and hands.


“Chiron please continue.” Nico said

Chiron nodded and continued quickly.


I submerged completely…I finally understood the panic of drowning


Triton and Amphitrite grimaced.


Poseidon gasped for air.


“Oh shit. This is not good.” Will said


Chiron continued.


Every nerve in my body burned. I was dissolving in the water.


Poseidon gave an extremely loud yell.


“Will!” Percy said in panic


“I’m doing what I can Percy.” Will said gently


Apollo got up and went to Will.


“It’s gonna be fine soon dad.” Percy said


“It’ll be fine dad.” Triton and Tyson said


Hades got up and helped out the demigods. Nico and Percy smiled.


“Chiron.” Hermes said quietly


The centaur continued.



I saw faces—Rachel, Grover, Tyson, my mother, but they faded…my soul was being ripped from my body.


Poseidon was yelling and crying by now.

“Oh crap.” Connor said


“I can’t do anything.” Will said this time


Percy looked at him.


“It’s the fates’ curse. Only ice packs can help.” Will said apologetically


Percy nodded. Triton, Tyson and Amphitrite grabbed ice packs and covered Poseidon in them.


I couldn’t remember who I was…Remember your lifeline, dummy!


“Wonder who that could be.” Thalia smirked at Annabeth


Annabeth and Percy blushed.


Suddenly there was a tug in my lower back…“You’re not getting away from me that easily.”


Annabeth and Percy smiled at each other.


The cord strengthened. I could see Annabeth now…I reached up and took Annabeth’s hand.


The demigods nodded. Each and every demigod was very worried for Percy and his father.


Suddenly I burst out of the river…body had been broiled over a slow flame.


Poseidon calmed down a little but not much. Will still kept the ice packs on him but Poseidon was more calm and conscious now.


I looked around for Annabeth, though I knew she wasn’t here…Apparently, I smelled really interesting.


Poseidon had calmed down now. Everybody sighed in relief and went to their places. The sea gang gave him a hug.


“Thank you Will.” Percy said


“It’s totally fine.” Will smiled.


“Love you Wise Girl.” Percy said


“Love you too Seaweed Brain.” Annabeth smiled


A few people snickered at the book.


“Red human.” Leo said to Percy


Percy stuck his tongue out at him.


“Do you feel stronger?” Nico asked. Before I could decide what I felt, a voice boomed, “THERE!”


“Well at least Percy took his dip.” Hermes said


An army of the dead marched toward us…I didn’t want them hurting my dog.


A few people smiled. Percy loved his dog.


Plus, I was tired of Hades being a big bully. If I was going to die, I might as well go down fighting.


“You just came so close to dying.” Hazel said


“Oh well.” Percy shrugged


I yelled, and the River Styx exploded…smoke coming off their bronze helmets.


“Whoa.” The Stolls said

“If this amazes you then just see what happened next. No offense dad.” Nico said


“None taken.” Hades said


“So he can control the Styx too.” Triton said


“He’s too powerful.” Zeus said

“Shut up Zeus. You aren’t going to kill my son.” Poseidon said and glared at him


Zeus glared but settled for grumbling.


“It makes more sense to control the Styx but none of them come under my domain.” Poseidon muttered to Triton


Triton nodded.

“I think we should read on.” Triton muttered back

Poseidon nodded.


The redcoats lowered their bayonets…A hundred muskets fired at me, point blank.


“PERCY!” The demigods yelled


“I’m fine guys.” Percy chuckled


All of them missed.


The demigods’ mouths hung open.

“Holy Hera.” Connor said


I crashed into their line and started hacking with Riptide…It was an arc of pure destruction.


“WHAT THE HECK PERCY?” Travis yelled in amazement


“That’s very good punk.” Ares said


Percy grinned.


“How was it like?” Jason asked Nico


“Just amazing. Like it was just indescribable. He actually looked like one of the most powerful demigods in the world.” Nico shook his head


Everybody stared at Percy.


Percy turned red.


I broke through the enemy line and leaped into the black chariot…the tip of my sword was poised right over his face.


Ringing silence.

Everybody stared at Percy. The demigods’ jaws had hit the ground. Some gods looked at him in amazement and some in horror. Hades looked a little embarrassed.


“He is too powerful.” Hera said


“You. Will. Not. Touch. My. Son.” Poseidon said through gritted teeth


“Percy you just-with a sword you just-.” Chris said, at a total loss of words


“You just fought an army of hundreds and a god.” Clarisse said


Percy swallowed and shifted uncomfortably.


Chiron stared at his student. He was very powerful. He decided to continue reading and find out more.


Silence. The army did nothing to defend their master…I had destroyed them all.


“Holy dad!” Connor said


“You just destroyed an entire army by yourself.” Reyna said with amazement.


“That was…it was just. I don’t know what to say. It was very cool and intense.” Frank swallowed


Percy fidgeted.


Hades swallowed. “Now, Jackson, listen here….”…I figured a sword in the face wouldn’t feel too good.


Hades grimaced and gave a slight glare to Percy.


“Just because I’m a nice person,” I snarled…leaving me holding empty black robes.


“At least you could tell him about the trap.” Ares said


Hades grimaced.


I cursed and got to my feet, breathing heavily…Every muscle in my body ached


Poseidon grimaced in pain.


Triton’s mouth was still hanging open. Tyson nudged him and he closed it.


I looked down at my clothes…Not a mark on me.


“That’s awesome.” Travis shook his head


Nico’s mouth hung open. “You just…with a sword…you just—”


“Did something extraordinary.” Triton said


Percy looked sheepish.


“That’s what I said.” Chris grinned at Nico who grinned back


“I think the river thing worked,” I said.


“You think?” Jason and Thalia asked


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“Oh gee,” he said sarcastically. “You think?”


A few chuckles.


Mrs. O’Leary barked happily and wagged her tail…watched as it swirled away, dissolving in the current.


“Hmm. That’s interesting Percy.” Hades said


“What?” Percy asked


“Putting the robes in the Styx.” Nico said


“Oh okay.” Percy said


“Go back to your father,” I told Nico…He’ll hate me now. I mean…even more.”


Hades winced.


“I don’t hate you a bit, you know that right?” he asked Nico and Hazel


Hazel and Nico nodded and smiled.


Hades gave the two of them side hugs.


His ears turned red. “Percy, I told you I was sorry…You’re the only person who might be able to get him to listen.”


Nico chuckled.

“That worked.” He said


Hades chuckled this time.


“Good job Nico.” Percy nodded


Nico smiled.


“That’s a depressing thought.” Nico sighed…“To get this war started. It’s time I found Luke.”


“Done.” Chiron said


“Beach time.” Triton cheered


The sea gang cheered and went off.


“Anybody wanna join?” Percy asked, his head popping in from outside.

The demigods cheered and went with him. The gods chuckled and went along with them.




Chapter Text


“Grab some virgin mojitos!” Thalia yelled


The demigods cheered.


Percy, Nico and Piper poured Virgin Mojitos for everybody within 5 minutes. They also added a small umbrella in each.


“Let’s go for a swim.” Triton said


Percy grinned. He and Triton exchanged glances and winked.

“Nico! Thalia! Jason! Come on.” Percy said


Nico, Thalia and Jason went and jumped in the water with Percy and Triton.


“Hey drag your parents here.” Percy said


“No way.” Jason shook his head


“Okay Nico then.” Triton said


“I need help though.” Nico smirked


Percy nodded and went with him.


They both sneaked up behind Hades who was relaxing on chair and shook him.


“Ahh what?” Hades asked


“Come in the water.” Nico said


“Not at all.” Hades said


“Aw come on uncle. Dad’s not gonna drown you.” Percy said


“Oh I’m not worried about your dad right now.” Hades said


“I won’t drown you either.” Percy said


Hades sighed.


“Come on dad.” Hazel said


“Fine.” Hades said


The demigods cheered and dragged Hades to the water.


“I can walk you know?” He asked


“Yeah we know.” Percy said


“How did you guys manage to get him here?” Poseidon asked in amusement


“Demigod skills.” Nico smirked


Nico went over to Persephone and two minutes later even she joined them in the water.


“Damn sir. You got skills.” Will grinned


Nico grinned back.


“Hey what about some volleyball?” Annabeth asked


The demigods grinned.




The demigods cheered loudly.


“You guys are like the Dauntless crowd.” Hermes chuckled


Everybody looked at him. The demigods looked at him in awe.


“Hermes, you’re awesome. Love the Divergent reference” Percy grinned


“I know.” Hermes grinned


“He is.” His kids grinned


“The underworld gang, sea gang, Ares gang, Hermes gang, Artemis and Reyna are on my team. I don’t care what you say.” Percy declared


Annabeth chuckled.

“The rest are on my team. No powers.” She said


“No powers.” Percy agreed


Hestia conjured a net and a ball for them.


“Well I’m kind of glad that dad and Aphrodite are not on the same team.” Clarisse said


“Oh no, you’re gonna be upset about that. Dad’s gonna be distracted if Aphrodite throws the ball.” Frank said


“Oh crap.” Clarisse muttered

Everybody snickered. Ares blushed.


“Wise girl, you start.” Percy said


Annabeth nodded and punched the ball in the air.

Clarisse dived and punched the ball back. Her team cheered.


Jason punched it back. His team cheered.

“Too bad Pikachu!” Nico yelled and punched the ball back.


Everybody laughed and Nico’s team cheered.


“Well watch out Duskull” Thalia yelled and punched the ball right toward Nico but Nico backed away and Percy punched the ball back to the other side. Silena missed the ball by an inch. Percy’s team cheered and whooped. The other team chuckled.


Lee punched the ball toward Percy’s team and Connor smacked it back. Apollo jumped and slammed it to the other side. Annabeth’s team cheered. Hermes grinned and smacked it back. Michael dived and punched the ball to the other side. Triton grinned and punched it back. Piper slammed it with such force that everybody from Percy’s team missed it. Her team cheered.


Amphitrite punched the ball to Annabeth’s team. Beckendorf slammed it back. Frank dived and punched it back. Leo grinned and smacked it to the other side. Persephone punched the ball to the other side. Katie smirked and slammed it back. Travis grinned and punched it back. Demeter smacked it to the other side and Hazel jumped and slammed it right into the water of the other team. Her team members cheered. Nico and Hades grinned.


“Race to 4 hits in the other court!” Chiron announced as the referee


Everybody grinned.


Apollo punched the ball into Percy’s side. Poseidon slammed it back. Thalia grinned and smacked it back. Reyna jumped and slammed it. Castor dived and smacked the ball to Percy’s court. Tyson slammed it right into Annabeth’s court but Pollux slammed it back. Frank missed it by an inch. Annabeth’s team cheered.


Hades punched the ball into the court. Aphrodite slammed it back. Ares grinned and smacked it back. Clarisse and Frank smirked. Dionysus punched the ball back. Artemis jumped and slammed the ball into the other court. Athena punched it back and Hermes slammed it right back into the water of the opponent team. Percy’s team cheered. Connor, Travis and Chris grinned.


“Next hit wins!” Chiron announced


Zeus punched the ball to the other side. Hades jumped and slammed it back. Zeus smacked it again and Poseidon punched it back. Will grinned and smacked it into the other court. Nico grinned and jumped and smacked the ball into the other court. Thalia shot the ball into the other court but Percy slammed it into the water of the other team. His team burst into cheers. The other team demigods and a few gods and goddesses were grinning. The net vanished.


“Percy’s team wins!” Chiron announced


His team cheered once more.


“Water sports!” Triton yelled


The demigods whooped.

“No water sports for me.” Hades shook his head


“Oh you’re gonna do it dad. Don’t worry, it’s super fun.” Nico said


Hades sighed.


“There is no need to worry, we’ve got five very well trained lifeguards. You’re all going to be safe. Though here are the life jackets.” Percy announced and gave everybody the jackets.


“First up is the sofa ride.” Percy shouted

The demigods cheered like crazy.


“Who’s up first?” Triton asked


“Me!” Frank and Clarisse said


“Let’s make this a little more fun. Each demigod has to come with their parent.” Poseidon smirked wickedly

“To make this even more fun, the step parents have to come along too.” Percy grinned and Amphitrite who chuckled


Nico sighed and nodded.


“So come on Clarisse, Frank and Ares.” Poseidon said


The two of them went to Poseidon who made them sit on the sofa.


“I’ll be riding the boat so hold on tight because it’s gonna be wild.” Percy grinned


Percy got onto the boat and raced at full speed.

Franks, Clarisse and Ares were yelling in enjoyment and thrill. Hazel got nauseous just looking at the speed and turns.


Once they came back, Ares and Frank’s hair was salty and wet and they were grinning like crazy.

“I’m next.” Nico said


“I’m gonna stay here. I get sea sick.” Hazel shuddered

Percy nodded understandingly.


“Come on Uncle and Persephone.” Percy said


“It’s gonna be wild and I’m not gonna stop in the middle.” Percy said


“Great.” Hades said


“Don’t worry uncle. I know you don’t like water sports but it’s gonna be fun. Trust me.” Percy said


“Fine.” Hades said


“Great. Come on up.” Triton said


The three of them walked to the sofa and sat down.


“Buckle up.” Percy smirked and climbed onto the boat.


He took off at a high speed.


A high pitched scream escaped Hades. Nico and Persephone chuckled.

“My advice to enjoy more is to yell at the top of your lungs.” Nico said

The other two nodded.

The three of them yelled in enjoyment.


Once they reached back even their hair was wet and salty.


Percy was smirking and grinning.


“So had fun uncle?” Percy asked


“It was good.” Hades admitted


Percy gave sofa rides to everybody for some time and then they moved on to the next ride.


“Banana boat!” Triton announced


“I’m first!” Percy said


Poseidon, Amphitrite and Tyson chuckled.


“Come on then. Boat one is dad, mom and Tyson.” Triton said


They all cheered and went to the boat.


“We can have two more people. Who’s up for it?” Triton grinned


“I’ll do it.” Thalia and Jason said


“Come on then.” Triton said


Thalia and Jason went to the boat.


They climbed up.


“Hold on.” Triton said and sat on the Jet Ski which would take the banana boat.


He sped off and the people on the banana cheered.


“Let go, let go.” Triton yelled after two minutes. They all let go of their grip and within two seconds Triton turned the boat and they fell into the water.

They all laughed and climbed back on the boat.


They all went back to the beach.


“Who’s next?” Triton grinned

“Me.” Castor said


“Castor, Pollux, Dionysus and Dakota then.” Triton grinned


“Hey Triton, why don’t you go on this boat, I’ll do the ride this time.” Percy offered


“Thanks man. I’ll climb up.” Triton smiled.

The five of them climbed onto the boat and Percy climbed the Jet Ski and started it.


“Let go!” He yelled after two minutes. They all let go of their grip and Percy flipped the banana.

The demigods cheered and Dionysus chuckled.

Triton, Castor and Pollux climbed up and Percy pulled Dionysus and Dakota as well.


They went back to the beach.


Triton gave them all the banana boat ride.


“Next up is surfing!” Poseidon announced


Piper grinned.


“So Pipes, you first?” Percy grinned


“You bet.” Piper grinned


“You’re with me. We both are gonna surf on different boards but together.” Percy said


Piper nodded.


“But I don’t know how to surf.” Hades said


“You’ll learn. Don’t worry.” Percy said


Hades nodded.


“Come on Pipes.” Percy said


They both grabbed a surf board and went to the water. Everybody surfed for some time and Poseidon and Percy assisted the people who didn’t know how to surf.


“The next one is one of the best ones. Flyboard flying.” Percy grinned


The demigods grinned.

“One of my favorites.” Triton grinned


“Who’s up first?” Percy aske


“Us!” The Stolls grinned


“Hmm so one flyboard for each. Hermes, The Stolls and Chris.” Percy said


Triton grabbed the flyboards and helped them onto them.


“Let’s go!” Percy grinned


The Hermes gang yelled in delight the whole time.


“That was epic!” Travis said, once the came back.


The others nodded.


“We’re next.” Lee said


“Come one Lee, Michael, Will and Apollo.” Triton grinned


They all were helped on the flyboards and once they came back, they were equally thrilled as the Hermes gang. They all did the flyboards for some time.


“The last one is one of the best and one of my favorites. The Jet Skis.” Percy smirked


The demigods cheered like crazy.

“Two at a time.” Percy said


“I wanna go first this time.” Nico said


“All right Nick. Uncle and Nico, come on.” Percy grinned


“Fast or super fast?” Percy asked


“Super super fast.” Nico smirked


Hades sighed.


“You could sit in the front uncle.” Percy offered


“I’ll sit in the back.” Hades said


“Okay then.”


“Ready?” Percy asked


“Always.” Nico grinned


“Lets go!” Percy cheered and set off at top speed.


Nico cheered at the top of his lungs. Hades was very pale.

“Chill out dad!” Nico grinned, the wind making his hair fly all over the place


Hades nodded.


“Hold on tight!” Percy shouted over the wind


Nico nodded. Hades clutched on to the support.


Percy increased the speed and did a little air time. Nico cheered at the top of his lungs.


They went back at an even faster speed.


“That was… my favorite water sport.” Nico laughed


“I know right!” Percy grinned


“How did you like it dad?” Nico asked his father who was looking pale.


“Once I got over the fear, it was quite fun.” Hades said


“Good to know.” Percy grinned


“I’m next!” Rachel said


“I’ll come with you.” Annabeth grinned


Rachel grinned back.

“Come on!” Percy grinned


They got the same as Nico and Hades but with a little more air time because they asked.


They went back laughing and cheering.


“Dad you’re next with Amphitrite.” Percy said


Poseidon and Amphitrite grinned.


Percy went at top speed this time as well. They got the fastest and most air time in the whole lot. Poseidon and Amphitrite were cheering and yelling at the top of their lungs and Percy was laughing happily.


By the end of the Jet Skis almost every single person was cheering at the top of their lungs.


“Percy my man, open a freaking water sports place.” Leo grinned


“Good idea. I don’t have that much money in dollars though. Only drachma.” Percy said

“I could exchange it for dollars.” Hermes said


Percy grinned at him.

“Wait you know what. What the heck, I’ll help you open it and you don’t have to pay me back. Though I need free entry.” Hermes grinned


“You can count on that.” Percy grinned


“I’ll help out as well.” Poseidon said

Percy grinned widely.

“Me too.” Hades and Apollo said


Percy jumped in joy and everybody imagined him as a happy 5 year old and smiled.


He went around and gave hugs to all of them.


“It’s free entry for my friends!” Percy announced

Everybody cheered.


“Let’s get freshened up and get ready for dinner.” Hermes grinned


They all went to their quarters and clapped Percy on the back. The sea gang was particularly very very excited. Triton promised to help Percy host the sports and so did a couple of demigods.


They all sat for dinner.


“Who’s up for a comedy story?” Nico grinned


“Nico’s going to tell a comedy story?” Connor gasped


“I’m dead right?” Travis asked


“I can assure you that you’re alive.” Hades said


“It’s a real life experience. Nico chuckled


“What?” Persephone asked


“The dandelion chronicles. There are four parts, I might add some later on but ‘m not gonna be happy about it.” Nico chuckled

Persephone gave a smile.


“Part one.” Nico announced


The demigods snickered.


“So one day, I was playing and walking with Cerberus. We played fetch with rubber balls. So once I threw a ball and it went quite far so Cerberus chased after it. Now guess where it landed? Persephone’s garden. Now it didn’t land on a plant or anything, it just landed on the grass but the same couldn’t be said for Cerberus. That guy trampled 3 flowers before he got to the ball and unluckily those flowers were pretty big and noticeable. I was trying to stop Cerberus when Persephone walked out. She said “So you trampled my plants huh?” She was calm about it and that freaked me out even more. I said “No it was Cerberus not me.” She said “You threw the ball here though.” I was totally speechless. The next second I was turned into a dandelion. The next part of the same story was told to me by Thanatos. What happened was after a very loooong 3 hour meeting, dad got free. I mean seriously 3 hours?” Nico said looking at Hades who chuckled.


“Some weird souls had come in.” he defended


Nico chuckled and continued. “So after a three hour long meeting, dad got free and by that time it was time for dinner. So now dad noticed that I wasn’t there so he asked Persephone where I was and she said “I might have turned him into a dandelion.” Dad raised his eyebrows and told her to turn me back. Persephone huffed and went to the garden to turn me back into a human. Thanatos told me this story later on and I’m gonna admit, I did laugh a little.”


The demigods burst out laughing. So did the gods. Persephone and Hades were chuckling.


“What about the other three parts?” Lee asked


“Instead of a skit, I’ll tell you but not today.” Nico said


Lee pouted.


“Time for sleep everybody.” Chiron said


They all went to their quarters and bunked in for the night. Jason was sleeping in the Poseidon quarters today as well. The other gods smiled at watching their children sleep peacefully and went to sleep themselves.





Chapter Text

“Brother wake up.” Triton shook his brother


“Shut up Triton.” Percy said and buried his face in his pillow.


“It’s 9 am.” Triton snickered


“Shit.” Percy said and shot up from his bed. He ran into the bathroom and got freshened up.


“We are not reading today.” Tyson said


“Oh that’s cool.” Percy grinned


“Let’s go for breakfast.” Amphitrite said


They all went to the dining hall.


“Percy, play rapid fire with me.” Jason said


“That was very random Jason.” Hazel laughed


Jason grinned sheepishly.


“All of us will ask questions for fun and you have to answer truthfully.” Nico said


“I feel weird but okay go on.” Percy said with a raised eyebrow


“Water or Milk?” Jason started


“Water.” Percy answered


“Hot or cold?” Triton asked


“Cold.” Percy said


“Favorite cuisine?” Nico asked


Percy’s eyes widened. “Italian.” He said finally


Nico and Hades nodded. Percy sighed in relief.


“Music or dance?” Hazel asked


“Music.” Percy said


“Favorite day of the week?” Thalia asked

“Saturday.” Percy grinned


Everybody chuckled.


“Done>” Jason said

“Well that was short.” Percy said


Everybody chuckled.

“Any plans for the day?” Poseidon asked


“Not really. Just gonna walk around, maybe swim or something.” Percy said


“Same but I’ll probably train.” Nico said


“You know what, good idea. I’m gonna train too. Don’t wanna get out of practice.” Percy said


“I’ll join.” Thalia said


“I’ll come along though there isn’t much of a point.” Jason said

The demigods winced.


“What about you guys?” Hazel asked


“Coffee and reading.” Hades said


“So we can’t go to the coffee shop.” Nico joked


Everybody chuckled.


“We have a separate table.” Persephone said


“I don’t think that makes a difference…” Hazel said


“No as in we have a different table in a separate room.” Persephone clarified


“Basically a date.” Percy summed up


“Uh yes.”


“Hmm these guys set up good dates.” Thalia said to Percy and Nico

They grinned.


“Then could you set the next one?” Persephone asked

“Sure.” Percy shrugged and dug into his spaghetti.


“Percy, you’re having spaghetti for breakfast?” Poseidon chuckled


“It feels good.” Tyson said


“Exactly.” Percy grinned


*Time break*


Nico, Thalia, Percy and Jason went to the training arena and hacked at some dummies. Nico and Percy had a friendly spar which Percy won.

“I knew you would win.” Nico said


“Hey, I’ve had more practice and I can teach a new move to you.” Percy offered


“Wait really?” Nico asked


Percy nodded.

“Go on then.” Nico said


“See, I’ll teach you how to feint.” Percy said


“Like pass out?” Nico asked


“No, kind of like trick.” Percy chuckled


“Okay.” Nico grinned


“So you have to look serious and make the person believe that you’re gonna strike them in a particular place but you change your course in the last minute and strike somewhere else.” Percy explained


Nico nodded.


Percy showed a demo.


“Practice it now.” Percy said


Nico nodded and did 20 repetitions.


“You’re getting the hang of it but don’t always feint to one side.” Percy said


Nico nodded and continued practicing.

“That’s a good move Kelp head.” Thalia said


Percy smiled.


Jason nodded.


“Very useful.” He said


They all practiced for two more hours and went back to the quarters and freshened up.


“Hey me and Jason are going to the café.” Thalia said


“Dad and Persephone are there.” Hazel reminded her


“I know but they said they’ll be in a separate section.” Thalia said


“Oh yeah.”


“See you guys.” Percy said


“See you.” Jason said


“I have a date with Frank.” Hazel said


Nico and Percy grinned.

“Enjoy.” Nico said


Hazel smiled and went to Frank’s quarters.


“So what’s Will doing?” Percy asked


“He’s with his dad and brothers. What about Annabeth?” Nico said


“She’s scoping the library for magic books and reading Hunger Games.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


“Let’s walk.” Percy said


“Yeah.” Nico agreed


They both got up and left the quarters and walked.


“So it’s going well with Persephone huh?” Percy smiled


“Yeah, thanks for the advice man.” Nico said


“Like I said, you’re my cousin. It’s my job to tease you and give you advice.” Percy grinned

Nico chuckled.


They walked and had conversation until they came by a conversation that made their blood run cold. It was Zeus’ voice with Athena’s.

“The boy is too powerful.” Zeus was saying


“He is. I don’t know why my daughter won’t see the negative aspect of it.” Athena agreed


“Poseidon won’t let us do anything. He’s another idiot.” Zeus said


Percy growled outside.

“Calm down Cullen.” Nico said


“Cullen?” Percy whispered


“Edward Cullen growled like that but it was more ferocious.” Nico whispered back


Percy shook his head.


“Pfft, you’re realizing that now?” Athena snorted


Percy’s hands curled into fists. He and Nico were hidden in the shadows with Nico’s powers.


“Lol no, I always knew. I’ve never liked him and Hades.” Zeus snorted


Nico growled.


“Calm down Cullen.” Percy whispered


Nico scowled.


“Why were you so, I don’t know changed with Thalia and Jason?” Athena asked


“Wanted to make a good impression.” Zeus said


Percy and Nico gritted their teeth.


“Yeah I don’t know why Thalia and Jason have taken a liking to those two.” Athena said


“Perseus and Nico?” Zeus asked


“No, their parents.” Athena said


“Jackson and Nico would be better without them.” Zeus said


Nico and Percy balled their fists.


“That’s true.” Athena said


“I’m starting to like Hera more.” Percy muttered


Nico nodded in agreement.


“My brothers are jerks. I feel bad for mother.” Zeus said


“That’s right.” Athena nodded


Nico made to get up but Percy pulled him down.

“Nico.” He hissed


“Percy, you heard what they’re saying.” Nico said


“I know, I want to break every tooth in Zeus’ mouth and Athena’s nose but we can’t do that right now. We can’t give ourselves away.” Percy said, very angry toward Zeus and Athena

“Fine.” Nico hissed.

Percy and Nico got up and went to the Hades quarters and Triton and Tyson were in the Poseidon quarters. They slammed their fists into the walls in frustration. A painting fell off the wall but Percy caught it before it broke and put it back.


“I’m going to hurt Zeus and Athena.” Nico spat


“I’ll help you.” Percy said

“We can’t tell our parents this, you know that right?” Nico asked


Percy nodded.

“I don’t want to hurt them.” Percy said


“Can we tell Thalia, Jason, Annabeth and Will?” Nico asked


“Yeah that’d be fine I think.” Percy nodded


“Let’s go outside. I need a coffee a lot and need some fresh air.” Nico said


Percy agreed with that.


“I think we should bandage our hands. We might have slammed the wall too hard.” He said, rubbing his hand which was now red and had a bruise.


Nico nodded in agreement and rubbed his hand. They grabbed a roll of bandage and bandaged their hand so it looked like they had been boxing with one hand.


Nico and Percy went into the coffee shop.


“Hey guys!” Jason called out


“Hey Jason.” Percy smiled


“Come join us.” Thalia said


“Give us one second.” Nico said


“One iced coffee.” Nico said


“Caramel macchiato.” Percy said


The waiter nodded and got their drinks. They thanked him and joined Thalia and Jason.


“What happened to your hands?” Thalia asked in worry


Jason looked equally concerned.


Percy and Nico exchanged glances and told them the story.


Thalia and Jason sat in shock after the story. They held their heads and closed their eyes.

“I can’t believe dad and Athena said this but I know you guys won’t lie about this and I trust you more than my father or Athena.” Thalia said


Jason nodded.


“I don’t even want to see dad now.” Jason said

“It’s disgusting.” Thalia said, holding her head


“No wonder you guys came for a coffee.” Jason said


Percy and Nico nodded. They were both absolutely furious.


“Oh hey, you four.” Hades said, coming out of a room.


“Oh hey dad.” Nico said and made the mistake of waving at him with his bandaged hand.


“What happened to your hands?” Hades asked Nico and Percy


“Training. We were doing combat so it happened.” Percy covered up quickly


“Oh okay.” Hades sighed in relief.


“So what are you guys doing out?” Thalia asked


“We finished a book so we decided to come out for some coffee before starting the next one.” Persephone said


“Oh, that’s cool.” Jason said


“Where’s Hazel?” Hades asked


“On a date with Frank.” Nico said


“Your dad?” Hades asked Percy


“On a date with Amphitrite.” Percy said with a strained smile. Nobody except his friends noticed it.


“And yours?” Persephone asked Thalia and Jason


They froze a little but only Percy and Nico noticed.


“We don’t really care so…” Thalia said


Persephone snickered.


Once Hades and Persephone went back, the demigods continued their conversation.

“What are you guys going to do?” Thalia asked


“I don’t know.” Nico said, holding his head


The demigods sighed.


“Let’s just drink coffee right now. Only one cup though.” Jason said


They nodded.


“Hey Hugo!” Percy called


Hugo looked at them and grinned.


“Yes Percy?” He asked


“Could we have some brownies?” Percy asked


“Sure.” Hugo said and got them a plate.

“Thank you.” Percy smiled


“No problem.” Hugo smiled


The demigods dug into the brownies.


“So you two called each other Cullen?” Thalia asked


Percy and Nico chuckled.


“Yeah.” Nico said


“Who’s your favorite form Twilight?” Jason asked


“Edward.” Nico said


“Jacob.” Percy said


“Who’s yours?” Percy asked


“Carlisle.” Jason said

“Alice, Jasper and Emmett.” Thalia grinned


“I like them all.” Percy said


“It was a little weird though but I still like it.” Jason said


The demigods chuckled and nodded.


Just then Annabeth and Will walked in to the café as well. They spotted the four cousins.

“Hey guys, join us.” Nico called


Annabeth and Will got their coffees and went to the table.


“What happened to your hands?” Will asked worriedly


Nico and Percy told them the story.


Annabeth clenched her fists.


“So my mother or Zeus haven’t changed.” She growled


“No.” Nico said


“I’m going to bunk in with Rachel or Clarisse if I have to but I’m not sleeping in my mom’s quarters.” Annabeth said


“Hey guys, we don’t want you to ruin your relationships with your parents because of us.” Percy said


“Relationship? We never had one. Besides I can’t see my mother the same way especially after what she’s said.” Annabeth shook her head.


Thalia and Jason nodded.


“You guys punched the wall?” Will asked


“Yeah.” Nico sighed


Will grabbed Percy’s and Nico’s hands and checked them.


“Just a bruise luckily. Keep the bandages on.” He said


Percy and Nico nodded.


“What excuse are you going to make?” Annabeth asked


“Close combat training.” Percy said


“Makes sense.” Will said


The demigods finished their coffees and went to the hearth to calm down their nerves.


“Hello everybody.” Hestia said to them.


“Hey Aunt Hestia.” Percy said


“Anything specific that brings you here?” Hestia asked


“Hearth is all about family right Aunt Hestia. We thought that we could think about some things here and get some warmth. It’s chilly today.” Nico said


Hestia nodded and chuckled.


The demigods sat there and got up at 7pm for dinner and returned to their quarters.


“Good day?” Poseidon asked Percy once he got back


“Great.” Percy lied


Poseidon nodded.


“Good night dad, Triton, Tyson and Amphitrite.” Percy said


“Good night Percy.” Echoed around the room



“Had a good day today?” Hades asked Nico and Hazel


“Yep.” Hazel grinned


“Yeah, quite fun.” Nico lied though nobody suspected it


“Good night kids.” Hades said


“Good night dad and Persephone.” Hazel and Nico said


“Good night.” Persephone smiled


Nico and Hazel went to their respective rooms.



Percy and Nico shuffled all night in their respective quarters, not able to fall asleep because of what they heard. They decided to think about it the next day and dozed off.


Everybody woke up at 9 am but Nico and Percy had woken up by 8.


They all went outside to see Nico and Percy sipping coffee.


“Woke up early?” Triton asked


“Yeah an hour early.” Nico said


“That’s not too early.” Amphitrite sighed in relief


Percy and Nico chuckled.


They all had breakfast and went to the throne room to continue the reading.


Zeus was giving hidden dirty looks to Poseidon and Hades. Only Nico and Percy saw this. Such fury overcame them that when they were out of it, all they saw was Thalia, Jason, Will and Annabeth pulling them back and trying to get them toward their couches while everybody was stunned.

“Guys calm down!” Jason was dragging Nico


“Calm down Nico.” Will said, pulling Nico.


Percy and Nico were thrashing but relented after some time.


The four demigods dragged Percy and Nico to their couches. There was stunned silence in the throne room. Zeus had a bleeding nose. Ichor dripped down his chin from his nose. Apparently Nico and Percy had launched themselves and punched Zeus’ nose with such force that they broke it and there was a little damage to the bone as well. Everybody was staring at the two demigods.


“Apollo, help me here.” Zeus ordered

“Ask nicely unless you want another punch to the nose.” Will growled


“Is that a threat?” Athena growled


“Yes.” Will said


Apollo’s eyes widened.


“Could you help me Apollo?” Zeus asked


Apollo nodded and patched up Zeus’ nose.

The Greek demigods were looking at the six demigods, knowing that what they did was for a reason. Nico and Percy never lost their temper until somebody made them really mad. The demigods couldn’t deny that Zeus deserved the punch so they didn’t say anything and stopped looking at Nico and Percy.


The gods were staring at the demigods. Hera and Athena were looking venomous. Zeus was trying to but was failing.


“What the heck just happened” Ares asked finally


“Nico and Percy punched Zeus on the nose.” Artemis swallowed


“How dare you?” Athena spat


“Don’t talk right now mother.” Annabeth snapped


Athena looked taken aback.




“Don’t. Talk. To. Me. Right now.” Annabeth said through gritted teeth


Athena recoiled.


The gods saw the six fuming demigods and how the Greek demigods has stopped staring at them and they knew there was a reason behind this.


The underworld gang’s and sea gang’s mouths were hanging open.


“Percy what-?” Triton asked


“It’s fine Triton.” Percy said




“Let it be for now.” Percy said

Triton swallowed and looked at Amphitrite who swallowed as well.


Tyson was shocked but he didn’t know what to say.


“Son-?” Poseidon asked


“Dad, Zeus deserved it.” Percy said


“Why though? What did he say now to trigger you?” Hades asked


“Too much.” Nico snarled


The sea gang and underworld gang looked taken aback by the anger but they knew it wasn’t directed towards them.


“Will-?” Lee, Michael and Apollo asked


“It’s fine guys.” Will said


The three of them swallowed.


The Hermes gang was staring at the demigods but didn’t say anything.


“What happened?” Hestia asked softly


“I’m sorry, we can’t tell you.” Nico said softly


Everybody except the six demigods raised their eyebrows.


“Are you okay?” Chiron asked


“A little better but not much.” Percy said honestly


Chiron nodded in understanding, knowing that the six demigods or at least Nico and Percy would not want him to press on it.


“Maybe we should read.” Hestia said, spreading waves of calmness


Chiron nodded.


“I’ll read.” Hestia said and picked up the book.


Chapter Text

Hermes grimaced.


“That time?” he asked Percy and Annabeth


Annabeth nodded as Percy was still staring into space.


“Brother, focus on the reading right now.” Tyson said gently


Percy nodded.


I love New York. You can pop out of the Underworld in Central Park…loping along behind you, and nobody even looks at you funny.


The demigods chuckled slightly.


Of course, the Mist helped…seeing as I was at the mythological center of the world and all.


“That’s pretty cool.” Beckendorf said

Percy nodded.


But I didn’t want to see what my mom’s roaming charges were going to be.


A few snickers.


This time, Annabeth picked up…We’ve been worried sick!”


Percy rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

The demigods chuckled.


The gods were in much too shock to react but then they decided on focusing on the book for now.


“I’ll fill you in later,” I said, though how I was going to do that…anticipation of what I was about to do


“The anticipation.” Lee said


“Most probably.” Percy agreed


If this didn’t work, being invulnerable wasn’t going to save me…swerve away and look confused when she came close.


“They probably don’t see dogs licking cabs.” Silena said


“Yeah, especially tamed ones.” Michael said


I whistled for her to heel as three white vans pulled up to the curb…they shuttled our fresh produce into the city.


“I love how we have personal vans. I mean it seems as if we’re some professionals.” Percy said


“Well we are professionals in killing monsters.” Thalia said


“That’s true.” Percy said, giving a small chuckle


The first van was driven by Argus, our many-eyed security chief…Annabeth, along with most of their siblings.


The campers smiled.


Chiron came out of the van last…Clarisse was a stubborn idiot. End of story.


Clarisse looked down guiltily.


Chris squeezed her hand.


I did a head count: forty campers in all.


“What?” Reyna frowned


“Just forty?” Frank asked in worry and concern


“Yeah. Many died and some turned.” Connor sighed


The gods grimaced and so did the demigods.


Not many to fight a war, but it was still the largest group of half-bloods…very monster in the northeastern United States knew we were here.


The gods grimaced while the demigods nodded.


As I looked at their faces—all these campers I’d known for so many summers…They will always let you down.


“Bullshit.” Percy said


“Nobody’s letting anybody down here.” Thalia nodded


The demigods smiled. Silena’s was a little strained.


Annabeth came up to me. She was dressed in black camouflage…ready for stabbing or surfing the Internet, whichever came first.


Everybody snickered.


“Stabbing while surfing the internet.” Annabeth laughed


“Badass.” Percy grinned


Annabeth blushed.


She frowned. “What is it?” “What’s what?” I asked…“It’s, uh, nothing.” I turned to the rest of the group.


“Oh it is something.” Nico smirked


Percy blushed.

“Look at him blushing and all.” Thalia teased


Percy turned redder.


The demigods laughed good naturedly.


“Thanks for coming, everybody. Chiron, after you.”… Meanwhile, you called the campers here, Percy. You are the leader.”


The sea gang and Chiron smiled proudly.


Percy blushed and smiled softly.


“Yeah he is!” The Stolls whooped


The demigods cheered.


Percy smiled shyly.


I wanted to protest, but everybody was looking at me expectantly…Remember, we can’t take no for an answer.”


“He can be very persuasive.” Triton nodded


“Who? Zeus?” Lee asked


“No, Percy.” Triton said


“It’s my specialty.” Percy said, doing a hair flip


Everybody laughed.


I asked Argus to watch Mrs. O’Leary, which neither of them looked happy about.


Everybody chuckled.


Chiron shook my hand. “You’ll do well, Percy…but I nodded and tried to give him a confident smile.


Chiron sighed. Some part of him was glad that Achilles had listened to him. HE was a great fighter but he was arrogant.


“Let’s go,” I told the campers…so I guess he wasn’t fooled by the Mist.


“We won’t have a regular mortal guarding Olympus.” Demeter said


Percy nodded.


“There is no six-hundredth floor, kid.” He said…You really want us hanging out in your lobby?”


“Got him there.” Hermes grinned


Percy grinned back.


“Good one Perce.” Apollo grinned


Percy grinned.


“Why, thank you.” He said


He thought about that. Then he hit a buzzer…“You don’t want us going through the metal detectors,” I added


“No, that wouldn’t be good.” Poseidon chuckled

Percy smiled.


“Um, no,” he agreed. “Elevator on the right…Apollo in bell-bottom pants and a slinky silk shirt.


The demigods were quiet for one second before roaring with laughter.

“I’d look great in that.” Apollo grinned


“Sure brother.” Artemis laughed


“You’d look so great.” Reyna laughed sarcastically


Apollo grinned.


I was glad when the elevator doors finally dinged open…I’d seen Olympus several times, but it still took my breath away.


Hera smirked.


The mansions glittered gold and white against the sides of the mountain…Then I realized the mountain was silent—no music, no voices, no laughter.


“That’s depressing.” Will said


“Yeah.” The demigods agreed


Annabeth studied me. “You look…different,” she decided…but their hearts didn’t seem to be into it


Apollo and his kids sighed.


A lone Cyclops swept the street with an uprooted oak tree. A minor godling spotted us from a balcony and ducked inside, closing his shutters.


“I wonder why he did that.” Pollux said


“He probably knows that a fight is coming.” Castor said grimly


The demigods nodded seriously.


We passed under a big marble archway with statues of Zeus and Hera…Annabeth made a face at the queen of the gods.


The demigods laughed.

Thalia high fived Annabeth. Hera sneered at them.


“Hate her,” she muttered.


“Ditto.” Percy and Nico said


“Mom or Hera?” Annabeth teased


“Uhh.” Percy and Nico swallowed


“Never mind.” Annabeth said


“Well we aren’t fond of you either.” Zeus said


“When did we say you had to be?” Nico said


Percy fist bumped him.


Zeus made to get up.


“Don’t come close to our children.” Poseidon said


“You better not.” Hades agreed


“I wasn’t talking to you, you boneheads. Go polish your shoes.” Zeus snarled. Poseidon and Hades looked down.


The next second Zeus had two knives embed on the wall inches from his face.


Everybody froze. Zeus looked on his side shakily.


Percy and Nico marched up to him and snarled at his face.


“Say something like that again and we won’t miss.” Nico snarled


Then they walked back to their couches.


“You know High and Mighty King of the gods and Athena, if the two of you are going to be two faced then at least make one of them pretty. Janus looked better than you two.” Percy growled


The demigods and gods’ eyes widened.


This time Athena made to get up but even she found a knife next to her face in the wall.


“We don’t differentiate in treatment. Just a warning. If you happen to forget that then just remember the way we acted after Aphrodite’s therapy.” Nico said


Artemis raised her eyebrows. The boy had a point.

“Fair point.” Zoe said


Nico smiled.


“Guy-ys?” Travis asked, his voice cracking


“Yeah?” Percy asked as he smiled


“What’s going on? I mean this much frustration…” Chris asked


“Nothing.” Nico said


“Percy, how did you get such good aim?” Lee asked


“Lol my aim sucks. This was just a frustrated aim.” Percy said


Lee’s eyes widened.


The demigods who didn’t know knitted their eyebrows. The gods were swallowing. What was going on with the group of six demigods? Percy, Nico and Will were acting angrier than other times and the other three made no move to defend their parents.


“Hey it’s okay.” Hades said to Nico and Percy


“No it’s not but please continue reading Aunt Hestia.” Percy said


“It’s fine guys. He calls us worse stuff all the time.” Poseidon said and his eyes widened as he realized his mistake.


Everybody froze as they looked at Percy and Nico.


“Percy, Nico no…” Annabeth swallowed but she was too late. Percy and Nico had already reached Zeus and punched him right on the nose again. He yelled in pain.


“Guys, his bone is already damaged and now it’s gonna be even worse. I know you’re angry but please sit down.” Apollo said gently


Thalia, Jason, Will and Annabeth dragged the duo back to their seat.


“Come here and fix this Apollo.” Zeus said


Will almost launched himself at Zeus this time.


“Will no!” Annabeth shouted and pulled him back. Will growled.


“Guys calm down. I know he deserved it and I’m not gonna stop you the next time either but let’s continue reading for now.” Thalia said


“She’s right. He deserved it and so did Athena. Both of them have at least three knives embedded in the wall and Zeus has a broken bone which is going to take a lot of time to heal. You guys can think of something else next time and we aren’t going to stop you.” Jason said

Annabeth and Will nodded in agreement.


Percy and Nico nodded.


Zeus reeled back in shock. So did Athena.


The gods were in shock. They were all massaging their temples.


“Can gods go into shock?” Will asked


“Y-yes. If something this crazy happens.” Apollo said


“Oops.” Percy said


“I’m just going to read.” Hestia said shakily


“Just one second Aunt Hestia. We want to tell our friends something.” Nico said


The demigods nodded and followed them outside. Nico and Percy explained everything to them. By the end of it, the demigods were growling and snarling as well. They all went inside and acted normal. They knew they won’t be stopping Percy and Nico but instead might just help them but at least they won’t be so confused. They had been requested to not tell anybody so they couldn’t tell anything to their parents either.


Hestia continued reading.


“Has she been cursing you or something?” I asked…“Her sacred animal is the cow, right?”


“Yeah, bovine majesty.” Thalia said


Everybody snickered.


“Right.” “So she sends cows after me.”… I have to be careful where I step.”


“I feel bad for you Annabeth.” Connor laughed


Annabeth chuckled.

“Yeah it was annoying.” She said


“Look!” Pollux cried, pointing toward the horizon…“Like infrared scopes,” Michael Yew muttered. “We’re being targeted.”


“You know how to man guns?” Frank asked


“Yep.” Michael grinned


“Awesome.” Frank grinned


“Wanna practice?” Michael asked


“With paintballs I hope?” Frank asked


“Yeah, what about we have something like the Divergent paintball game?” Michael asked


“The one in which Four and Tris climbed the wheel?” Percy asked


Michael nodded.


“I’m in.” Frank said


The demigods cheered.


“You guys are playing too.” Travis said to the gods except Hera, Athena and Zeus

The gods smiled.


“I’m definitely in.” Ares grinned


The demigods and the gods grinned.


“Let’s get to the palace,” I said. No one was guarding the hall of the gods…Despite all the serious stuff going on, I had to smile


Percy smiled.


Two years ago we’d spent a lot of time trying to save the Ophiotaurus from the Titans…I’d originally thought he was a girl and named him Bessie.


The demigods snickered.


Percy grinned sheepishly.



“Hey, man,” I said. “They treating you okay?”… My friends followed my example


Hestia smiled from behind the book.


Hestia regarded me with her red glowing eyes.


“I quite like red eyes especially after watching twilight.” Nico said


“What’s up with you and twilight?” Percy asked


“Hey it’s one of my favorite movie series.” Nico said


“It’s a good series.” Travis agreed


“That Aro dude is creepy.” Connor shuddered

“That’s true.” Hermes agreed


“Dad’s watched twilight, dad’s watched twilight.” The Stolls danced


Everybody chuckled. Hermes grinned.


“So have the rest of us.” Apollo grinned


The demigods grinned.


“I see you went through with your plan. You bear the curse of Achilles.”… Luke nodded. “Something down here. I sense it.”


“It’s the time when they found Annabeth I think.” Castor said


“Most probably.” Pollux said


“It was.” Percy said


A rumble echoed from the alley, like someone had banged on a sheet…little girl flew at him with a hammer. “Whoa!” Luke said.


Everybody snickered.


Annabeth grinned sheepishly.


The girl had tangled blond hair and was wearing flannel pajamas…, but she would’ve brained Luke if he hadn’t been so fast


“Whoa Annabeth.” Chris said


Annabeth looked sheepish.


He grabbed her wrist, and the hammer skittered…“We’re not going to hurt you. I’m Thalia. This is Luke.” “Monsters!”


“PTSD?” Jason asked


“No, not exactly, though a little similar. I was just used to running into monsters and it was scary so that’s why.” Annabeth said


Jason nodded in understanding.


“No,” Luke promised. “But we know all about monsters…“My family hates me,” the girl said. “They don’t want me. I ran away.”


Annabeth sighed.


Thalia and Luke locked eyes. I knew they both related to what she was saying.


Thalia and Jason sighed.


“What’s your name, kiddo?” Thalia asked…Works a lot better than a hammer.”


Annabeth smiled. She had been quite honored to carry that knife.


Maybe under most circumstances, offering a seven-year-old kid a knife would not be a good idea…they can find weak spots in your enemy’s armor.


“They’re quite useful actually.” Percy said, looking at the knives embedded in the walls.


“Yeah, you can’t really throw swords like that.” Nico agreed. He got up and plucked a knife from Zeus’ side, twirled it and stuck it back into the wall.


Percy snickered.


“I’m going to have to repair the walls.” Annabeth grumbled good naturedly


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“Sorry Annie.” He said


Annabeth kissed him on the cheek. Percy grinned.


The demigods Ooh’ed.


It takes a clever warrior to use a knife. I have a feeling you’re pretty clever.”… “Deal!” Annabeth said happily.


Annabeth and Thalia looked down. They still believed that Luke didn’t let them down. He was manipulated. Though some part of them did feel betrayed but they didn’t want to dwell on it.


“Now, come on,” Thalia said. “We can’t stay put for long!”… She was limping on her left leg.


Zeus clutched his leg.


They scrambled to a ridge and looked down the other side…And you’ve got to treat that leg wound.”


“Yeah. You should treat that leg.” Will said


Thalia nodded.


“This is your house?” Annabeth said with amazement…Annabeth shrunk away from him, like his anger surprised her.


Annabeth sighed.


“I…I’m sorry,” he said. “Just wait here…“You should not have come home.”


“Why shouldn’t he have come home?” Chris asked his father


“I thought that he would see his mother again and she would be traumatized about that fact. Then I was there as well so I thought he would most probably blame me.” Hermes swallowed


“Oh.” Chris said


The vision shut off. My knees buckled, but Annabeth grabbed me…But why had she shown me those scenes?


“To understand his family and to know who he cared about.” Hestia said


Percy nodded.


“How long was I out?” I muttered…I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. I couldn’t afford to look weak


The demigods chuckled.


“You’re our leader Percy. Passing out won’t change that.” Connor said


Percy smiled and gave them all grateful looks.


They chuckled.


The sea gang grinned proudly and Chiron smiled.


Whatever those visions meant, I had to stay focused on our mission…In the crook of his arm was a long staff entwined with two living serpents.


Hermes grinned.


“I like that description.” He said


“You know I don’t get why the gods have changed their appearances now. I mean I like the changes but I’m curious.” Travis said


“I look better with dark brown hair.” Hermes grinned


“That you do dad.” Chris grinned


“I will leave you now,” Hestia said…Hermes, the God of Messengers, did not look happy.


“Um excuse me, you forgot heraldry, speed, tricksters-“ Hermes started with a grin


“Travel which means god of merchants, messengers, ambassadors, traveling performers, and herders and bandits, thieves, drifters , thieves, commerce, trade, boundaries, hospitality, languages, telling fortunes with dice, gymnastics, athletic competitions, feasts.” The Hermes kids rattled off in unison


Hermes squealed in excitement and hugged his children. The demigods laughed and chuckled.


“We’re similar there.” Lee said and winked at Rachel, Michael and Will


“Apollo is the god of practically everything – including but not limited to music, poetry, art, prophecy, truth, archery, plague, healing, sun and light. He is also patron of herdsmen and shepherds. Some of his duties are protection of herds, flocks and crops from diseases, pests and predators. Apollo presides over all music, songs, dance and poetry.” The Apollo kids and Rachel rattled off.


This time Apollo squealed in happiness and hugged his children and Rachel who grinned.


The demigods laughed and cheered.


The gods were chuckling and grinning.


“So you all know the domains?” Hestia asked


“Every single one.” Percy grinned


The gods grinned.


“We also know their giant banes, family, some lovers, symbols and signs.” Nico rattled off

The gods’ grins widened.

Hestia smiled and Chiron chuckled.


“Hello, Percy.” His brow furrowed as though he was annoyed with me, and I wondered if he somehow knew about the vision I’d just had.


“No, I wouldn’t have showed him the visions. I wouldn’t want to hurt him like that.” Hestia said

Hermes smiled.

I wanted to ask why he’d been at May Castellan’s house that night…But I could tell from Hermes’s expression that this was not the time to ask.


Hermes sighed.


I bowed awkwardly. “Lord Hermes.”… Too busy for rats? George said. That’s just sad.


Everybody chuckled.


I decided it was better not to get into it with George…May I take a message?”


“What happened dad?” Travis frowned


“I was a little upset about something.” Hermes sighed


His kids gave him side hugs which he accepted gratefully.


Behind me, the other demigods shifted restlessly. This wasn’t going as planned. Maybe if I tried to speak with Hermes in private…


“That’s probably better.” Hazel nodded


Reyna, Dakota and Frank nodded.


“You guys,” I said. “Why don’t you do a sweep of the city? ... “Connor and Travis, you two lead.”


“Yeah, thanks for that Annabeth.” The Stolls smiled and said gratefully

Annabeth smiled at them.


The Stolls seemed to like that—getting handed an important responsibility right in front of their dad.


Hermes smiled and then felt guilty about the fact that such a small thing would make his children happy.

He hugged his children.

“I’m proud of you guys.” He said


The Stolls and Chris hugged Hermes.


“Thank you.” They said


The demigods smiled.


They usually never led anything except toilet paper raids.


Hermes laughed and high fived his kids who beamed.


“We’re on it!” Travis said…George and Martha muttered Ow, ow, ow


Everybody snickered and Hermes grinned sheepishly.


“I love those two.” Connor laughed


The demigods chuckled and Hermes grinned.


“Don’t get me started on your mother, young lady…And so naturally he sent me to talk to you.”


“Dad are you…okay?” Connor asked


“Right now? Yeah I’m not awesome but I’m good but then, no.” Hermes said


His children swallowed and squeezed Hermes’ shoulders reassuringly.


“But it is a trap!” Annabeth insisted. “Is Zeus blind?”

“Not just blind.” Percy and Nico said at the same time.


“Hypocrite and two faced and crazy.” Nico and Percy said


Zeus glared at them.


“Rude, mean and selfish.” The Apollo kids, Hermes kids and Dionysus kids said, remembering everything Zeus did to their parents.


Apollo, Hermes and Dionysus’ eyes widened.


Zeus scowled and glared.


Thunder rolled through the sky…but you may have noticed they aren’t doing any damage.


“Hey!” Hazel protested


“Sorry Hazel.” Hermes grimaced


“It’s fine.” Hazel smiled


Olympus has strong magical wards…“Um…what about that materializing/ teleporting thing you guys do?”


“That’s air travel as well.” Hephaestus said


Percy nodded.


“That’s a form of air travel too, Jackson.


Percy grimaced.


“Sorry Lord Hermes.” He said


“Lord…?” Hermes grimaced


“You called me Jackson.” Percy shrugged


“Sorry Perce.” Hermes said


“All good.” Percy grinned


“We’re discussing the water sports place in the break.” Hermes said


Percy’s eyes widened.


“You were serious about that?” he asked


“Of course we were.” The gods except Hera, Zeus and Athena said

Percy’s face broke into a smile and he gave them all hugs or fist bumps. They chuckled. The demigods grinned.


“That’s a form of air travel too, Jackson…Can you see him doing this?”


“That’s what happened.” Pollux said


Hermes made it sound pretty ridiculous—hordes of monsters going up in the elevator twenty at a time, listening to “Stayin’ Alive.” Still, I didn’t like it.


Everybody snickered at the mental image.


“Maybe just a few of you could come back,” I suggested…“Met her at the Arch,” I muttered. “Not nice.”


A few chuckles.


“—and the father of all monsters. We can never forget how close he came…Poseidon because he’s fighting his own war.


The sea gang sighed.


Hades sits in his realm and does nothing, and Demeter and Persephone follow his lead.


Some gods glared at Hades. He swallowed guiltily.


It will take all our remaining power to oppose the storm giant…Hermes was trying to convince himself.


“Yeah, I was.” Hermes sighed


In the corner, the Ophiotaurus mooed sadly…t’s always about other people’s messages.”


“We care what you have to say dad.” Travis said


The demigods nodded.


“You can tell us and we’ll listen to you too.” Annabeth said


Hermes gave them all a little watery smile.


Rodents, George mused. I’m in it for the rodents…big-pleading-gray-eyes thing.


Everybody snickered.


“Bah,” Hermes said


Everybody laughed.


“Your mother said to warn you that you are on your own…Why they pay her to be the wisdom goddess, I’m not sure.”


Athena glared at Hermes. Percy and Nico high fived him.


“Anything else?” Annabeth asked…‘Remember the rivers.’


“Looks like you’re gonna use the sand dollar soon.” Triton grinned


Percy grinned back.


And, um, something about staying away from her daughter.”


The demigods roared with laughter. Percy and Annabeth were redder than a tomato.


“It was so awkward.” Hermes laughed


Percy and Annabeth were blushing like crazy.


“Thank you, Hermes,” Annabeth said. “And I…I wanted to say…I’m sorry about Luke.”


The laughter went away in a split second.


“You shouldn’t have said that.” Thalia grimaced


The god’s expression hardened like he’d turned to marble.”… “SORRY doesn’t cut it!”


Hermes grimaced.


The demigods froze.


George and Martha curled around the caduceus…“You’re the only one who could have.”


“Huh? What are you talking about?” Clarisse asked


“It’ll most probably come up.” Annabeth said


I tried to step between them. “What are you talking about? ... “Maybe if you hadn’t abandoned Luke and his mom!”


Percy and the Hermes gang flinched.


“Percy.” Poseidon groaned


“I’m really sorry Hermes. I didn’t know.” Percy said apologetically


“It’s quite all right. I mean you were right in one way.” Hermes said


The demigods exchanged scared and worried glances.


“No, it was not. It wasn’t your fault. You did visit May and you did try to stop her. Zeus doesn’t allow anybody to visit. Even Luke doesn’t blame you anymore.” Percy said


Hermes sighed.


“Thank you guys. It makes me feel better.” Hermes smiled


The demigods sighed in relief.


Hermes raised his cattle prod. He began to grow until he was ten feet tall…He lowered the cattle prod, and it turned back to a staff.


“I owe those snakes.” Percy said


“A rat.” Nico said


“Yeah, I’ll do that.” Percy said


“Percy Jackson,” he said, “because you have taken on the curse of Achilles, I must spare you…“My son, my greatest pride…my poor May…”


The Stolls and Chris winced at Luke been referred to as their dad’s greatest pride but they didn’t say anything and tried to hide the facial expression as they didn’t want to hurt Hermes.


He sounded so devastated I didn’t know what to say. One minute he was ready to vaporize us. Now he looked like he needed a hug.


The Hermes kids hugged Hermes who looked pretty upset.


Percy got up hesitantly. The Hermes kids beckoned to the demigods. The Greek campers got up and all of them gave hugs and fist bumps to Hermes. Apollo joined in. Hermes gave a watery smile.


“Look, Lord Hermes,” I said. “I’m sorry, but I need to know. What happened to May? She said something about Luke’s fate, and her eyes—”


“Not the time Percy.” Poseidon said to his son who was sitting on the Hermes couch for some time.


Hermes glared at me, and my voice faltered. The look on his face wasn’t really anger, though. It was pain. Deep, incredible pain.


They hugged him once more and went back to their places.


Hermes smiled softly at all of them.


“I’m sorry Hermes.” Percy said again.


“It’s all right Percy.” Hermes smiled


“I will leave you now,” he said tightly…Good luck, Percy, Martha the snake whispered.


Percy smiled.


Hermes glowed with the light of a supernova…I wanted to comfort her, but I wasn’t sure how.


Percy gave Annabeth a hug.


“Annabeth,” I said, “it’s not your fault…I shifted uneasily. “Um, you didn’t, right?”


Annabeth winced.


She didn’t answer. Her Celestial bronze knife was strapped to her arm…Did you…did you bathe in the River Styx?”


“Now she gets it.” Thalia grinned


“Don’t change the subject.” “Percy! Did you or not?”… “So now you’re worried about Luke again,” I grumbled.


The demigods gave slight grimaces.


“He’s jealous.” Aphrodite said


“That was kind of insensitive…” Travis trailed off


“Yeah, I mean… Percy was your friend and….” Connor said awkwardly


“Let it be guys.” Percy said


The Stolls nodded. Annabeth grimaced.


She stared at me like I’d just dropped from space. “What?”… The last thing I wanted to hear about was more of her history with Luke.


Annabeth grimaced.


“The point is he didn’t die in the Styx,” I said…Campers were using every single one.


“What happened?” Clarisse asked


“Morpheus, if I’m not wrong.” Reyna said grimly


I looked down at the city. I could see almost everything from here…Even in the dead of night, New York is never silent.


“Yeah, New York is never silent.” Zoe agreed


But it was now. I felt like my best friend had suddenly dropped dead…“What did they do to my city?”


“Kronos is in for some hard times. Percy’s angry.” Hazel chuckled


Percy grinned.


I pushed Michael Yew away from the binoculars and took a look…“Morpheus has put the entire island of Manhattan to sleep. The invasion has started.”


“Oh gods.” Reyna muttered


“Done.” Hestia said


“I’ll read.” Aphrodite said

Hestia gave her the book.



Chapter Text

“That’s odd.” Reyna said


Mrs. O’Leary was the only one happy about the sleeping city.


“Well at least somebody is happy.” Frank said


Hazel chuckled.


We found her pigging out at an overturned hot dog stand while the owner was curled up on the sidewalk, sucking his thumb.


Everybody snickered.


Argus was waiting for us with his hundred eyes wide open…psychedelic since it made his whole body swirl.


“That was very weird.” Michael said


The demigods nodded.


“I don’t want to imagine that, no offense.” Reyna said


“None taken.” Percy told her


“You’d better get back to camp,” I told him…Statue of Liberty—which wasn’t anywhere close to us.


“Whoa.” Leo said


“Whoa,” I said. “A video shield.”… As long as natural light is touching it. Look.”


Leo’s mouth hung open and he stared at Beckendorf.


“Brother, you’re amazing.” Leo yelled and jumped on Beckendorf


Beckendorf chuckled and hugged Leo back and tickled him. Leo shook with laughter and tickled Beckendorf back. Beckendorf chuckled and roared with laughter once Leo tickled his side.


The demigods chuckled and Hephaestus beamed.


Thalia jumped on Jason and started tickling him. Jason roared with laughter and tried to tickle Thalia back. Will and Percy winked at each other and tickled Nico. Nico was yelling and roaring with laughter. He tickled Will and Percy who fell off the couch onto the mattresses. Nico smirked but then Annabeth and Hazel tickled him from behind. Nico fell on top of Will and Percy who groaned dramatically and laughed.


By the end of two minutes everybody was roaring with laughter. The demigods winked at each other and jumped on their parents and families, tickling them. They were shaking with laughter.


Apollo and Hermes were laughing at the top of their lungs. They tickled their kids back. Jason and joined the Hermes kids in tickling Hermes. Rachel and Grover joined the Apollo kids. Poseidon and Amphitrite were chuckling and tickling Percy, Triton and Tyson back and the three of them were roaring with laughter. Nico and Hazel were tickling Hades who was shaking with laughter and was trying to tickled Nico and Hazel. Hazel tickled Persephone was chuckled and tickled Hazel back.


Ares was being tickled like crazy by a smirking Frank and Clarisse. He smirked and tickled them back and they shook with laughter. Silena and Piper shrugged and tickled Aphrodite who chuckled. Castor, Pollux and Dakota grinned and tickled their father who had a smile plastered across his face. Reyna, Zoe and Thalia winked at each other and tickled Artemis who grinned and tickled them back.


“Let’s continue.” Chiron chuckled, enjoying the scene


The demigods nodded, coughed a little and took deep breaths and sat back down.


Everybody chuckled at the looks on their parents/patrons’ faces.


We crowded around as Annabeth concentrated…Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”


“Oh yeah brother.” Travis grinned


They looked at Chris who winked at them. Then they looked and Rachel and Leo who gave them a thumbs up.


“What about you dad?” Connor asked


“You don’t even have to ask. I’m in.” Hermes grinned


Everybody chuckled.


“Travis!” Katie chided


Nico jumped.


“Damn Katie. You sound like your mother.” He grumbled


Everybody burst out laughing. Katie and Demeter smirked.


Travis grinned and winked.


“Connor!” Katie Gardner scolded. She sounded like her mother, Demeter.


Katie and Demeter grinned.


“See, even Percy agrees.” Nico said


“Good.” Katie said


“You aren’t going to ask to eat cereal right?” Nico asked with wide eyes


Katie gave a mysterious smirk which made Nico groan.


Demeter smirked while Hades groaned.


“This is serious. You are not going to loot a candy store…but he didn’t sound very ashamed.


Connor grinned sheepishly.


Annabeth passed her hand in front of the shield…And not, Do you have more hot dogs?


Everybody chuckled.


“I need you to find him,” I said. “Make sure he’s still awake…You got that? Find Grover!”


Grover smiled at Percy who grinned back.


Mrs. O’Leary gave me a sloppy wet kiss…Sleeping demigods is much harder.”


Aphrodite, Piper and Beckendorf beamed at Silena who blushed.


I stared at her. “When did you learn so much about magic?”… but it wasn’t hard to figure out: the battle flag of Kronos.


The demigods sighed.


“Scan the perimeter of the island,” I said. “Quick.”… I realized they were telkhines—sea demons.


Poseidon groaned.


“I hate those things.” Castor said


Everybody nodded.


The scene shifted again: the Jersey shore, right at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel…Birds flew overhead in slow motion.


“Father.” Hestia breathed


The demigods nodded grimly.


“The time shit is annoying as heck.” Percy grumbled


The gods stared at him. Apollo, Hermes and the demigods were snickering.


“What?” Percy asked


“You just described the power of the titan lord as annoying as heck.” Triton snickered


“What can I say? Mad Percy skills.” Percy grinned

Everybody laughed.


“Kronos,” I said. “He’s slowing time.”… She hated not knowing.


Annabeth shrugged.


“But somehow they’ve surrounded Manhattan in layers of magic…“Like flies in amber,” Jake Mason murmured.


“Unique comparison but accurate.” Poseidon said


The demigods nodded.

“It was absolutely insane. The comparison Jake made was very accurate.” Michael said


Annabeth nodded. “We shouldn’t expect any help coming in.”… Remember the rivers.


The sea gang grinned.

“Sand dollar time.” Triton grinned in a sing song voice

A few chuckles.


“I’ll take care of the boats,” I said…Travis, you take the other half and cover the Brooklyn Bridge.


Reyna, Frank and Hazel looked at Percy in awe.


“That’s an amazing plan at such a time.” Dakota nodded


Percy smiled.


The sea gang was grinning smugly, Chiron was nodding and smiling.


“And this is why you’re our leader.” The Stolls grinned


Percy blushed and gave a shy smile.


Everybody chuckled.


And no stopping for looting or pillaging!” “Awwww!” the whole Hermes cabin complained.


The Hermes gang complained this time as well.


“Guys not the time. Raid whichever store you want now.” Percy chuckled


The demigods chuckled. The Hermes gang grinned.


“Silena, take the Aphrodite crew to the Queens…Six Aphrodite girls kissed me on the cheek in excitement.


Everybody laughed.


Silena kissed Beckendorf on the cheek which made him blush. The demigods wolf whistled.


“All right, enough!” I closed my eyes…The whole cabin roared in approval.


Beckendorf blushed.


“Guys-“ he said


“Definitely a score to settle.” Leo nodded

Hephaestus nodded in agreement.


Beckendorf blushed as the demigods nodded and cheered their approval.


“They hurt our family, we hurt them. They kill one of ours, we kill all of them.” Percy said


The demigods roared their approval. The gods were momentarily deafened by how loud the cheers were. The demigods punched the air and pounded their feet and cheered.


The gods smiled. Chiron chuckled.


“The 59th Street Bridge,” I said. “Clarisse—”…The whole Ares cabin, curse them, was sitting back at camp.


Clarisse swallowed guiltily.


“We’ll take that,” Annabeth stepped in, saving me from an embarrassing silence.


“Yeah, thanks for that.” Percy smiled


“Any day Seaweed brain.” Annabeth grinned


She turned to her siblings…Somebody in the back of the group said, “No detours, you two.”


The demigods burst out laughing as Annabeth and Percy turned bright red.

“I bet they wanted to go out for detours.” Travis smirked


Annabeth tossed a cushion and threw it on his face. Travis pouted.


There were some giggles, but I decided to let it pass…That should make it harder for the monsters to zero in on you.”


“That’s a good idea.” Chiron smiled

Percy grinned.


Everyone grinned as though they liked this idea.


The demigods grinned at each other.


The gods smiled but then grimaced. The realization that their children were still kids hit them again. At least it hit the ones who cared.


Travis cleared his throat. “Uh, if we find a really nice phone—”…many of the girls had hunting falcons on their arms.


Artemis and the hunters grinned.

“Thalia Grace, right on time as usual.” Zoe grinned


Thalia chuckled and grinned.


The girl in the lead had spiky black hair and a black leather jacket…little Barbie doll with an arrow through its head.


Everybody laughed at Thalia’s t-shirt.


“What a t-shirt sis.” Jason laughed


Thalia grinned.


“Thalia!” Annabeth cried……or at least Thalia was friendly.


Thalia gave hugs to Annabeth, Jason and her cousins.


They grinned.


The other Hunters didn’t like being around campers, especially boys, but they didn’t shoot any of us, which for them was a pretty warm welcome.


Everybody snickered and smiled.


“Very warm.” Connor laughed


“Where have you been the last year?” I asked Thalia…cheeseburgers and fries at that hotel on West 57th.”


Percy, Annabeth and Thalia grinned and smiled.

“You me, Nico, Annabeth, Will and Jason, cheeseburgers after the next two chapters with drinks. My treat.” Percy grinned


“You bet Squirtle.” Thalia grinned


“I’m in.” Will and Nico said


“Definitely.” Annabeth and Jason grinned


They high fived.


The gods chuckled.


“Le Parker Meridien,” I said. “You’re on…the campers all backed away


Thalia smirked.


The Hunters took off down the avenue…feel like this was the last time I’d ever see them all together.


The demigods sighed.


“You’re the greatest heroes of this millennium,” I told them. “It doesn’t matter how many monsters come at you. Fight bravely, and we will win.” I raised Riptide and shouted, “FOR OLYMPUS!”                                                                            


Each and every elder Greek demigod pounded their approval and cheered at the top of their lungs, repeating the war cry. Then they all jumped and punched their fists in the air.


“You bet!” The demigods cheered


The gods smiled.


“That was very inspirational Percy.” Chiron smiled


Percy grinned.


“You guys really are like Dauntless.” Hermes grinned


The demigods grinned back.


They shouted in response, and our forty voices echoed off the buildings…but still the streets were too clogged to navigate.


“Well it’s kind of good.” Rachel said


Everybody nodded.


Finally we found an unconscious courier leaning against a brick wall…because the city would be destroyed.


“That’s fair.” Thalia snickered.


I drove with Annabeth behind me, holding on to my waist.


The demigods and a few gods Oo’hed.


Percy and Annabeth blushed and grinned.


We zigzagged down Broadway…Once we stopped to extinguish a pretzel vendor’s cart that had caught on fire.


“That’s nice of you guys.” Frank smiled


“Hey, they were probably big problems for them.” Annabeth shrugged

The demigods chuckled fondly.


A few minutes later we had to rescue a baby carriage…somebody’s sleeping poodle. Go figure.


Everybody snickered.


We parked it safely in a doorway and kept driving…Daedalus planted them here just in case he needed an army.”


“That’s so cool.” Leo whined


“Yeah but why are you whining?” Jason asked with a raised eyebrow


“It’s that cool.” Beckendorf answered


Leo nodded vigorously.


Jason and Hephaestus chuckled.


“To attack Olympus or defend it?”… We’d had our share of bad experiences with them.


The demigods sighed.


“That’s true. Automatons are super cool but if they’re built wrong, then it’s a super huge problem.” Leo said


“Yep.” Beckendorf said


Hephaestus nodded.


“You’re seriously thinking about activating it?”… “Shh,” Annabeth. “Hello, William.” “Bill,” I suggested.


Everybody laughed.


“Wow Percy.” Silena laughed


Percy grinned.


“Bill…Oh, shut up,” Annabeth told me.


Everybody snickered.


The statue tilted its head, looking at us with blank metal eyes…“Do they know that we’re not the enemy?” “I think so.”


“Hopefully and I think so…” Dakota trailed off


“We needed numbers, the risk had to be taken.” Annabeth said


“That’s fair.” Dakota said


“That’s reassuring.” I thought about all the bronze statues in the parks…“Well, unless you can breathe underwater…”


Percy grinned.


“Super water skills.” He grinned

The sea gang chuckled.


Zeus grumbled about too much power which unfortunately for him was heard by everybody. The gods looked at Nico and Percy but they just rolled their eyes at Zeus.


“You aren’t mad?” Ares asked


“What? No. We don’t care what he or Athena say about us.” Nico shrugged


“Uh okay.” Ares said


She sighed. “You are so annoying sometimes.” “Like when I’m right?


Everybody snickered.


“Lover banter.” Silena grinned

Annabeth and Percy grinned.


“Friendship banter as well.” Grover grinned


Everybody chuckled.


Trust me, I’ll be fine. I’ve got the curse of Achilles now…I mean, because we need you for the battle.”


“Oh you have more reasons for him coming back.” Thalia grinned


Annabeth blushed.


Percy grinned.


I grinned. “Back in a flash.”… Third eye or have mutant children when you grow up.


The sea gang scowled.


“I’ll pass.” Pollux swallowed


I dove into the murk and sank to the bottom…I figured that was the best place to get their attention.


Poseidon nodded.


“HEY!” I shouted in my best underwater voice…Or is it the other way around?”


“Do you want them to kill you or something?” Triton asked


“Only way to get their attention.” Percy shrugged


Triton sighed.


The water shimmered. Something powerful and angry was watching me…. I figured their instinct would be to get in my face.


“Yeah, that’s true.” Will said


Sure enough, two giant forms appeared in front of me…His deep blue eyes burned with anger.


The sea gang groaned.

Percy grinned sheepishly.


The seal, who had to be the god of the East River…They floated toward each other, ready to fight.


Everybody face palmed.


“Hold it!” I yelled. “We’ve got a bigger problem.”… then we’ll fight each other.”


The sea gang scowled.


“Sounds good,” Hudson said…flew straight at me from both directions: broken glass, rocks, cans, tires


Poseidon growled.


I was expecting it, though…probably should’ve killed me, but it shattered against my skin


The demigods whistled.


“Epic.” Leo grinned


Percy grinned.


The two river gods stared at me…“If I could just find some jumper cables—”


“You won’t dare.” Poseidon growled


“Calm down dad.” Percy said


“Listen to me!” I said. “Kronos’s army is invading Manhattan!”… “So they invade Olympus. What do we care?”


Zeus, Hera and Athena sneered.


“Stop sneering you three.” Nico rolled his eyes


“Yeah, it’s your fault that the minor gods think like that.” Percy said


Zeus growled but Percy glared.


“Hey Chiron, maybe we could add a small building and maybe divide it into several quarters. We could make each corner a small cabin for these kind of minor gods.” Percy said


“That’s a good idea.” Annabeth nodded.


“We’ll look into it.” Chiron nodded


Percy grinned. The sea gang grinned.


“Because I can pay you.” I took out the sand dollar…“We’ll compromise.” I broke the sand dollar in half.


“Will that work?” Leo asked


“Yeah.” Triton said


“Wish that worked with all kinds of money.” Travis said


Connor and Chris nodded. Hermes chuckled.


A ripple of clean fresh water spread out from the break…“He’s a jerk, but he sure knows how to sweep pollution away.”


Poseidon looked affronted and pouted.


The sea gang chuckled.


“You’re still helping them dad.” Percy said


Poseidon nodded.


They looked at each other, then spoke as one: “It’s a deal.”… . “They always think that’ll save them, don’t they?”


“It’s helpful but dangerous.” Percy sighed


“It seems like even the two river gods have taken a fascination to you.” Amphitrite said


“Because I paid them.” Percy said


“Yes but still.” Amphitrite chuckled

Percy smiled.


“If only he knew,” East agreed. They both laughed…And Percy, the monster leading the enemy…it’s the Minotaur.”


“Oh look it’s beef boy again.” Clarisse snorted


Everybody laughed. The sea gang looked worried.


“Done.” Aphrodite said


“I’ll read.” Ares said


Aphrodite gave him the book.


Chapter Text

Michael and Percy winced.


Fortunately, Blackjack was on duty…gonna knock us to Pennsylvania until we said we were with you!


A few chuckles.


“Thanks for coming,” I told him. “Hey, why do pegasi gallop as they fly, anyway?”


“What the-?” Thalia asked


“Dude what?” Jason asked Percy


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“Just a thought.” He said


Blackjack whinnied. Why do humans swing their arms as they walk? I dunno, boss. It just feels right. Where to?


“That was a good one.” Travis laughed


Connor nodded.


Percy grinned.


“We need to get to the Williamsburg Bridge,” I said…but I should’ve known my luck wouldn’t hold.


The demigods and sea gang sighed.


We saw the battle before we were close enough…both directions as flaming arrows and spears sailed through the air.


The gods with kids sat up in worry. Even Ares wasn’t sounding excited about action.


We came in for a low pass, and I saw the Apollo campers retreating.


Apollo’s eyes clouded with worry.


They would hide behind cars and snipe at the approaching army…About a hundred more monsters marched behind them.


“That is not good. You guys are outnumbered.” Reyna said in worry


“Yeah but we had Percy.” Michael grinned


“Come on man.” Percy sighed


Michael frowned.


“Not your fault.” He said


“My fault.” Percy said


“No.” Michael said sternly


Percy sighed.


Hellhounds leaped ahead of the line from time to time…Apollo camper and dragged him away.

Apollo and his kids closed their eyes.


“That was Owen.” Michael said


“Oh okay.” Percy nodded.


I didn’t see what happened to him next. I didn’t want to know.


The demigods, Chiron and Apollo winced.


“There!” Annabeth called from the back of her pegasus…Maybe he’d been shaken out of bed to chase me.


“That was weirdly horrifying image, Percy.” Connor said seriously

The demigods snickered and nodded.


This time, he was prepared for battle…but he was too impatient to use it.


The serious atmosphere was back. The sea gang was very worried about Percy facing the Minotaur despite knowing he made it out alive.


As soon as he saw me circling overhead (or sniffed me, more likely, since his eyesight was bad), he bellowed and picked up a white limousine.


“Noo, don’t waste limousines.” Travis said, trying to lighten the mood. It worked.


Everybody snickered.


“Blackjack, dive!” I yelled. What? The pegasus asked…flipping fender over fender like a two-ton boomerang.


“Damn.” Leo muttered


Beckendorf nodded.

“That’s one good aim.” Lee said


“That’s unfortunate.” Frank said


Lee nodded.


Annabeth and Porkpie swerved madly to the left…missing by maybe two inches.


Percy gave a slight shudder. Poseidon sucked in a sharp breath.


It cleared the suspension lines of the bridge…I ain’t gonna argue, boss!


A few chuckles.


Blackjack swooped down behind an overturned school bus…He had a bandaged cut on his arm.


Apollo had a cut on his arm but it wasn’t bleeding much due to it being bandaged.


His ferrety face was smeared with soot…“Then we’re dead,” he said.


“Way to be positive brother.” Lee said


Michael shrugged.

“Being realistic and I didn’t know about Percy’s bath in the Styx.” He said


“You still have your flying chariot?” Annabeth asked…We’d insulted her honor for the last time or some stupid thing.”


Clarisse looked down in guilt.


“Well you tried.” Lee said


“Yeah.” Michael said


“Least you tried,” I said. Michael shrugged…Some ran. Others disintegrated on the spot.


“That was awesome.” Apollo grinned

“Thanks dad.” Michael said


“A gift from your dad?” I asked…Unfortunately, it doesn’t always kill.”


“I know there won’t be a use for sonic arrows now but what about you can practice with me?” Apollo asked his kids


They brightened up in one second.

“That would be awesome.” Michael said


Apollo smiled.


Sure enough, most monsters were regrouping…We’re going to drive the enemy back to Brooklyn.”


“Percy.” Poseidon warned


“No choice dad.” Percy said


Michael laughed. “How do you plan to do that?”… She nodded reluctantly. “All right. Get moving.”


Annabeth sighed.


Before I could lose my courage, I said, “Don’t I get a kiss for luck? It’s kind of a tradition, right?”


The demigods burst out laughing.


“Good one Kelp Head!” Thalia cheered


Percy grinned.


Annabeth blushed and gave a kiss to Percy.


The demigods cheered at the top of their lungs. Hermes and Apollo joined in.


I figured she would punch me…between a yell, a moo, and a really loud belch.


The demigods gagged a little.


“Hey, Beef Boy,” I shouted back…Lexus and it crumpled like aluminum foil.


The Stolls grimaced.

“Poor Lexus.” Travis muttered


A few dracaenae threw flaming javelins at me…It will kill me and all my friends.


“You can’t hesitate like that.” Triton said


“I know.” Percy sighed


It pounced again. This time I brought Riptide up in a deadly arc…because that nose was wet and red and pretty gross


“Yuck, Percy.” Rachel gagged


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“That was disgusting.” Zoe said


“Sorry.” Percy grinned


He unstrapped his axe and swung it around…Maybe that was because the axe would be the last thing his victims ever saw.


“Why would you say that?” Triton groaned


“Hey, it was something that made sense to me.” Percy shrugged


The shaft was about the same height as the Minotaur…necklaces taken from defeated demigods.


The Greek demigods growled and gritted their teeth.


“One good thing Theseus did was kill the Minotaur.” Percy said


Dionysus had to agree there.


“Yeah, wish the monsters would just learn that nobody likes them.” Connor sighed


The demigods nodded.


I was so mad I imagined my eyes glowing just like the Minotaur’s.


“Yeah, you show him Percy!” The demigods cheered


Percy grinned.


I raised my sword…then lowered his head to charge.


“I’m sorry, didn’t you say he was ten feet tall?” Hermes asked


“He did.” Apollo said


“How did you kick him in the snout?” Hermes asked incredulously


“He was probably bent over a little.” Percy said


“Damn, Percy.” Hermes said approvingly


Percy grinned.


He never got the chance. My sword flashed…I rolled away, picking up half of his broken axe.


The demigods cheered.


The other monsters backed up in stunned silence…turning back into dust, his essence returning to Tartarus.


The demigods burst into cheers which filled the entire throne room.


“THAT’S OUR BROTHER!” Tyson and Triton cheered


Percy blushed and smiled shyly.


Poseidon and Amphitrite smiled.


Hermes and Apollo whistled. Ares nodded approvingly.


“I like the touch of throwing him even though he was disintegrating.” Ares said


Percy grinned. It was funny how he and Ares were getting along.


I turned toward his army…I did the natural thing. I charged them.


“How is that natural?!” Jason asked in worry, all happiness vanished.


“It’s Percy.” Frank said

Percy stuck his tongue out.


You’re going to ask how the “invincible” thing worked…a crazy laugh that scared me as much as it did my enemies


“What the f-?” Jason started


“That’s insane.” Rachel said


“Agreed.” Castor and Pollux said


“I don’t get if that’s a positive or not.” Percy said


“Positive I think.” Nico said

I was aware of the Apollo campers behind me…about twenty left alive out of two hundred.


“Whoa.” The demigods and some gods said

“That was scarily awesome.” Hermes said


“Thanks I guess.” Percy said


I followed with the Apollo campers at my heels…I wanted to destroy every last monster.


“Why do I feel that this is what Hestia meant? Know when to yield.” Will said


“Part of it.” Hestia smiled


Percy sighed.


Then I saw the crowd at the base of the bridge…I recognized Kronos himself, his eyes like molten gold.


“Shit.” Apollo swore


“Yeah.” Annabeth agreed


Annabeth and the Apollo campers faltered…I could see him smile.


The demigods and gods shuddered.

“That is very creepy.” Frank deadpanned


The demigods nodded.


“It was.” Michael said


“Now,” I said, “we pull back.”… Mirrored shield as we slowly backed up the bridge.


Annabeth and Percy smiled at each other.


Kronos’s cavalry swirled around us…They were demigods who’d fallen under Kronos’s spell.


The demigods and gods sighed. The gods sighed because they knew that despite Percy’s reasoning, it was dangerous to not kill the demigods as well.

The demigods because they understood where Percy was coming from. They knew they had to kill some demigods and they knew tha they did. They didn’t even want to think of whether if they killed any friends or half-siblings.


I couldn’t see faces under their battle helmets…helmets and flying away like very large kamikaze pigeons


A few people managed chuckles.


We’d almost made it to the middle of the bridge…Annabeth had intercepted the knife with her own body


Percy hugged Annabeth. Annabeth hugged him back.


The demigods grimaced. Athena yelled out in pain.

“Should I bandage it, dad?” Will asked


“In regular circumstances but then it will go away once the scene gets over.” Apollo said hesitantly


“Okay then.” Will said


But why? She didn’t know about my weak spot…Ethan Nakamura, the son of Nemesis.


“Him again?” Everybody groaned


“Should’ve killed him punk.” Ares said to Percy


Percy sighed.


Somehow he’d survived the explosion on the Princess Andromeda…driving the rest of the demigods away from Annabeth. “No one touches her!”


Annabeth and Percy smiled. Athena’s cut had disappeared for now.


“Interesting,” Kronos said…the way a wolf can smell fear.


The demigods shuddered.


“Bravely fought, Percy Jackson,” he said…I had to get her out of here.


Athena’s shirt was soaked in blood as well.


“That is not good.” Apollo grimaced


Ares read on quickly.


“Blackjack!” I yelled. As fast as light, the pegasus swooped down…His scythe skittered across the pavement


The elder six gods stared at Percy.


“You just-you just went hand to hand with the titan lord.” Reyna said


“I told you before right?” Percy frowned


“You did but reading it is insane, Percy, it is freaking insane!” Reyna said




“You just made his scythe fall.” Poseidon said, pride visible on his face


Percy gave a small smile.


“So…” He studied me, looking mildly annoyed


“Hmm, I’m glad to be annoying you.” Percy smirked


“Why would you want to annoy him?” Poseidon asked


“If somebody has to annoy him then I’ll be glad to do so.” Percy amended


Poseidon sighed.


“You had the courage to visit the Styx…But no matter. I am still more powerful. I am a TITAN.”


“It’s not always physical power.” Thalia said


The demigods nodded.


“Mental, emotional and physical, when combined, make a huge effect.” Will said


Percy smiled but he was feeling apprehensive of his injuries during these kind of fights.


He struck the bridge with the butt of his scythe…I skidded halfway back to Manhattan.


Poseidon flinched in pain.


“Shoot.” Percy muttered


I got unsteadily to my feet. The remaining Apollo campers…His last arrow was notched in his bow.


“No.” Apollo murmured


“Sorry dad.” Michael said


“Michael, go!” I screamed. “Percy, the bridge!” he called…“Break it!” Michael yelled. “Use your powers!”


Will, Lee and Apollo hugged Michael as if he was going to disappear now.


It was a desperate thought—no way it would work…edge and looked at the hundred-and-thirty-foot drop into the river.


Percy shook.


“I’m so sorry Michael.” He said

“Damn Percy, it wasn’t your fault. I told you to break that freaking bridge.” Michael said


Percy nodded. Michael smiled.


I didn’t feel safe, though. The suspension cables were still attached…Its owner was nowhere to be seen.


The Apollo gang tightened their grip on Michael. Will was sobbing into Michael’s shoulder. Nico wanted to comfort him but he knew that this was a private moment.


Michael was trying to hold himself together. He didn’t feel too affected about hearing about his death but it did make him feel weird and he felt some of the pain again. One thing that comforted him was that he died for his friends and his family and he knew that all the dead demigods sacrificed themselves with the same thoughts.


“No!” I searched the wreckage on my side of the bridge…Blackjack to help me search, when my mom’s phone rang.


Michael gave a small smile to Percy which he returned.


The LCD display said I had a call from Finklestein & Associates…bring a healer from Apollo’s cabin. It’s…it’s Annabeth.”


Annabeth sighed. Percy gave her a side hug.


“Done.” Ares said


“I’ll read.” Hades said


“No, one second.” Percy said




“One second, give me the book.”


Hades gave Percy the book who paled as he read the text in the chapter.


“You shouldn’t read this chapter.” Percy said


“Uh okay.”


“I’ll read.” Jason said


Percy gave him the book.

Chapter Text

“Why would Rachel make a bad deal?” Leo asked


“I think it’s about me going to Clarion.” Rachel said


“Maybe.” Percy said


I grabbed Will Solace from the Apollo cabin and told the rest of his siblings to keep searching for Michael Yew.


The Apollo gang smiled at Percy.


We borrowed a Yamaha FZ1 from a sleeping biker and drove to the Plaza Hotel at speeds that would’ve given my mom a heart attack.


Everybody chuckled.


“Poor Sally.” Thalia snickered


I’d never driven a motorcycle before…I figured we were in good company.


“Well on the positive side, it might make it a little less obvious.” Frank said


“I think they already knew.” Percy said




I gunned the Yamaha over the curb and swerved to a stop…A bronze apple sailed over my head



“I’m thinking that she’s Pompona.” Reyna smiled


“Most probably.” Hazel agreed


“Everyone thinks I’m Demeter!” she complained…Three cheers for Morpheus and Hecate, I say!”


Zeus scowled.


“Watch the bike,” I told her


The demigods snickered.

“Really Percy?” Frank asked in amusement


Percy grinned sheepishly.


Pompona cursed in Latin and threw more fruit…helping themselves to snacks and sodas from the minibars.


A few gods grimaced at the thought of the demigods bandaging themselves with draperies.


“Minibars are awesome.” The Stolls grinned

The demigods nodded.


“I don’t why but this reminds me that we have a paintball match after this.” Percy grinned


The demigods nodded and grinned.


A couple of timber wolves were drinking out…pretty much anything except fighting monsters.


The demigods sighed.


Annabeth lay on a lounge chair…Silena Beauregard was wiping her forehead with a cool cloth.


“Yeah, cool packs or a cook cloth is always useful.” Percy nodded


Nico agreed.


Will and I pushed through a crowd of Athena kids…The skin around the cut was a horrible shade of green.


“It’s poisoned.” Apollo winced


Athena gave a yell of pain as she felt the curse acting up.


“Annabeth…” I choked up…. How could I have let that happen?


Annabeth smiled softly.


“Couldn’t let you die.” She said


Percy gave a small smile.


“I’d do the same for you.” He said


Annabeth smiled.


Aphrodite cooed.


“Poison on the dagger,” she mumbled. “Pretty stupid of me, huh?”


“Very.” Percy said


Annabeth chuckled.


Will Solace exhaled with relief. “It’s not so bad, Annabeth…but she stayed still, like Will asked.


Athena was shaking by now.


“Dad?” Will asked


“It’s the curse.” Apollo said


Poseidon rubbed his fingers.


Silena muttered words of encouragement…He looked almost as pale as Annabeth.


Apollo was pale and felt very tired.


“Were you okay?” Lee asked


“Just tired.” Will smiled


Athena calmed down.


“That should do it,” he said…“I would,” Travis volunteered


A few chuckles.


Will glared at him. “Leave cash or drachmas to pay…single demigod who hadn’t already been wounded…except me.


“That was quite odd.” Will admitted


Percy sighed.


“But super cool!” Katie said


The Stolls nodded.


Percy grinned.


“Come on, guys,” Travis Stoll said. “Let’s give Annabeth some space. We’ve got a drugstore to raid…I mean, visit.”


Hermes grinned and chuckled at his children.


“Tell me you paid.” Will said weakly


“We paid for half.” Travis smirked

Will groaned good naturedly.


The demigods shuffled back inside…He nodded. “Just take your time.”


Percy smiled.


“Even Jake knew about you two. Oh gods.” Leo said


Percy and Annabeth turned red.


He closed the terrace doors behind him…“No,” Annabeth said weakly. “Silena, how is it your fault?”


Silena bit her lip to stop the tears.


“It wasn’t your fault. I took the knife, you didn’t make me.” Annabeth said


Beckendorf smiled at Annabeth.


“I’ve never been any good at camp,” she murmured…I would give him to Mrs. O’Leary as a chew toy.


Silena broke down.


“No, I would definitely not do that.” Percy told Silena


“I would’ve deserved it.” Silena chuckled humorlessly


“No, you did not deserve it.” Beckendorf said

Percy nodded and the other campers joined him. They knew Silena was a hero.


“What’s going on?” Demeter asked


“I-I was the spy. I swear, Luke said I was going to save lives He said he wouldn’t hurt Charlie. I thought I was helping and saving lives.” Silena sobbed


Beckendorf hugged her.


“We know. Luke manipulated you while he himself was being manipulated.” Beckendorf said gently


Silena buried her head in Beckendorf’s shoulder. The other campers looked at each other. None of them blamed Silena.


“You made the right choice in the end Silena. You were, are and will always be a hero.” Clarisse said


The elder Greek demigods nodded.


Silena gave a small smile.


“You know Percy, on a completely unrelated topic. Your Achilles spot was your back and your fatal flaw is loyalty so to betray you, somebody had to stab you in the back.” Connor said


Everybody including Silena chuckled.


“That’s so weird and awesome.” Travis said


“Coincidence? I think not.” Nico said dramatically


Everybody snickered.


Aphrodite and Piper gave side hugs to Silena. Beckendorf smiled.


“You’re a great camper,” I told Silena…Believe me, anyone who can make friends with Clarisse has talent.”


“Say it louder!” Pollux said


The elder Greek demigods grinned and cheered.


Silena smiled at all of them. She had great friends. She was glad to spend this time with everybody even with all the drama going on with Zeus and Athena.


Clarisse gave a small smile to Silena and Chris grinned.


She stared at me like I’d just given her an idea…Maybe sending her back to camp would give her something else to focus on.


The campers looked down.


Silena gave a small smile.


“All right,” I told her. “I can’t think of anybody better to try.”… . “Um, sorry. Thank you, Percy! I won’t let you down!”


“I know that.” Percy smiled


Silena smiled.


“She never did.” Clarisse agreed

The Greek campers nodded.


Silena gave them all grateful looks.


“I mean, would you look at that? Silena is feeling a little awkward hugging Percy in front of Annabeth, knowing Percy and Annabeth have feelings for each other while those two aren’t realizing it.” Piper chuckled


Percy and Annabeth grinned sheepishly.


“Yeah, I don’t feel awkward hugging anybody but it was a little weird in front of Annabeth.” Silena chuckled


Percy and Annabeth blushed.


Once she was gone, I knelt next to Annabeth…“Your eyebrows get all scrunched together.”


Athena gave a shiver because of the fever.


“Aw, look at Annie flirting and everything.” Thalia teased


Grover laughed.

“She’s all grown up now.” He said, wiping fake tears


Everybody burst out laughing.


“I mean, I could feel Percy’s affection for Annabeth through our link but he himself hadn’t figured it out.” Grover laughed


Percy blushed.


“You are not going to die while I owe you a favor,” I said.


“Smooth Kelp Head, very smooth.” Thalia smirked


Percy grinned.


“Why did you take that knife?”… Still, I felt like somebody was poking my heart with a cold metal rod.


Poseidon wrapped his hand around Percy’s shoulders as he felt Percy’s guilt.


Percy smiled.


“How did you know?” “Know what?”… Where…where is the spot?”


“Whoa, that’s so cool. I mean knowing part.” Leo said


“Percy did you imprint on Annabeth?” Nico asked


“What the-? I’m not a wolf.” Percy laughed


“No as in like is it similar.” Nico chuckled


“Kind of. Like it was Annabeth who held me, like helped ground me when I was dying. So it was kind of similar.” Percy said and nodded


Annabeth blushed.


“Intense.” Hermes said


Percy grinned.


I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone…A thousand volts of electricity seemed to arc through my body.


Poseidon shuddered.


“You saved me,” I said. “Thanks.”… “So you owe me,” she said weakly. “What else is new?”


Everybody chuckled.


We watched the sun come up over the city…Everyone in New York was in danger—and all those lives depended on us.


“I’m glad you didn’t tell us that.” Travis said


Percy raised an eyebrow.


“It would put quite some pressure.” Connor said


Percy nodded in understanding.


“You asked me why Hermes was mad at me,” Annabeth said…Luke came to see me in San Francisco.”


Athena winced in pain.


“Wait, as in he came to see you like at your house?” Chris asked in disbelief

Annabeth nodded.


“In person?” I felt like she’d just hit me with a hammer…He wanted me to come with him.”


Thalia’s eyes widened.


“But you didn’t trust him.” “Of course not…I might as well fight him right there, because it was the last chance I’d get.”


Hermes looked down. He didn’t blame Annabeth anymore. He knew that Luke had tricked her too many times. Though when he heard the news, he was frustrated that she didn’t go with Luke but when he thought about it, that if he was in her place, when a friend had gone to an enemy side and tricked him and then come to her place to run away with her, he knew that even he wouldn’t trust Luke at the that point.


“It does make sense for you not to trust him Annie. He tricked you many times. Even if this would’ve been a trick then imagine how much trouble you would be in which would disturb many people at camp. It would’ve been very hard to fight the war without you.” Thalia said


Annabeth gave her a grateful look.


“She’s right. I’m sorry for getting so mad at you.” Hermes said, looking up


Annabeth gave a small smile.


Her forehead broke out in sweat again. The story was taking too much of her energy.


Athena felt very weak and closed her eyes.


“It’s okay,” I said. “Try to get some rest…Luke was unarmed. I could’ve—”


“You know, you couldn’t have killed him. To be honest, I don’t think that any of us would’ve killed him.” Thalia said gently


Annabeth nodded.


“But death would’ve been a better fate.” Chris said sadly


“No offense but if he would have died at that time, then he might have received punishment. I’m not sure but I think so. Also, when he died later, he changed his mind and he got Elysium because of his final choice but at the time, when he was at Annabeth’s house… like I said, I’m not sure, it would’ve been up to the judges but he might have received punishment for the idea of siding with Kronos.” Nico said


Hades gave small smile at the thought of Nico knowing this much about the Underworld.


“But if he would’ve died at that point, the others wouldn’t die.” Will said sadly


“Annabeth would’ve had her friend’s murder guilt for the rest of her life. We died, but at least we died a death protecting you all.” Michael said


Nico gave a sympathetic smile to Will.


Will nodded.


“Killed him?” I said. “You know that wouldn’t have been right.”


Annabeth sighed.


She squeezed her eyes shut. “Luke said Kronos would use him like a stepping stone…The war is my fault.”


“No it isn’t. He tricked you, Annabeth. I don’t think any of us would’ve trusted him at that point.” Chris said


Hermes grimaced slightly.


Annabeth sighed and nodded.


Her story made me feel like I was back in the Styx…You will play a great role, though it may not be the role you imagined.


Poseidon closed his eyes, feeling the rolling emotions of Percy inside him.


I wanted to ask her about the vision Hestia had shown me…I knew it had something to do with my prophecy, but I didn’t understand what


“The promise.” Percy murmured.


Before I could get up my nerve, the terrace door opened…everything from pizza to pineapple ice cream


“Sounds delicious.” Persephone smiled at Katie


Katie smiled.


“It’s so unhealthy! Pineapple ice cream and pizza.” Demeter grumbled


Katie had a pained and a little miserable look on her face.


“Yes mother.” She said weakly


Everybody bit their lips to keep them from laughing.


Unfortunately, Grover was eating the furniture…“Yeah, I know. So what’s up?”


Everybody chuckled.


Grover grinned sheepishly.


He clopped on his hooves. “I heard about Annabeth. Is she…?”…Anyway, we’re helping out as much as we can.”


Everybody snickered. Dionysus rubbed his head.


“The help was great.” Percy grinned


Grover winked.


He told me about the skirmishes they’d seen…dozen wood nymphs died before the monster was finally defeated.


Hermes, Dionysus, Artemis, Grover and the demigods closed their eyes.


As Grover talked, Thalia entered the room with two of her lieutenants…“We lost twenty satyrs against some giants at Fort Washington,” he said, his voice trembling


Hermes, Dionysus and Grover winced.


“Almost half my kinsmen. River spirits drowned the giants in the end, but…”…but he radiates power like only a Titan or god.”


“Hyperion.” Poseidon said


Percy nodded.


I remembered the golden Titan from my dream…. He should reach the Appalachian Mountains by midday.”


“Brilliant.” Frank said sarcastically


“So at best,” I said, “we’ve got another two days before he arrives.”… I told her about the silver charm Kronos had shown me, the communication device


Silena grimaced.


“So you guys fought a war with a spy while the enemy knew the plans. Damn guys.” Apollo said in awe

“Thanks.” Percy gave a small smile


“That’s bad,” she said. “Very bad.”… We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”


“That was very nice.” Zoe grinned


Percy grinned back.


“It’s the truth. I couldn’t ask for a better team.” He shrugged


The demigods smiled.


“We couldn’t ask for a better leader.” Pollux grinned


Percy blushed. The sea gang grinned.


The demigods mumbled agreement…but my eyes closed almost immediately.


“I’m glad that I’m not falling asleep.” Poseidon said


Percy chuckled.


“These dreams didn’t have anything positive.” He said and gave looks to Will, Annabeth, Thalia and Jason.


They nodded. Jason gave the book to Reyna.


“Um could you read?” he asked

Reyna smiled and nodded.


In my dream, I saw Nico di Angelo alone in the gardens of Hades…which I didn’t figure would make the queen very happy


Persephone gave Nico a glare. Nico grinned sheepishly.


He poured a goblet of wine into the hole and began to chant…She is the one spirit you are forbidden to see.


Hades closed his eyes. Percy and the others kept looking at Nico. They were practically surrounding him. Percy and Will were on either side of him. Jason was next to Will, Annabeth was next to Percy and Thalia was on the floor, next to Nico’s feet.


Nico was very grateful for his friends, cousins and boyfriend. He knew that they knew and he also knew that they would be there for him when it was needed. Hazel was near him as well but she wasn’t as close as it was a little awkward for her to hear about this and Nico completely understood that. He knew that this was going to be a hard one for him and his father. He knew that he would have to be a little strong but he didn’t know if he would be able to keep his temper controlled once they read about it.


As for the matter went about the other campers knowing, he wasn’t awkward about that. They were his friends and honestly they had a right to know. He also knew that Apollo wouldn’t fume too much about the oracle part because he already knew and he changed after the Lester adventures but he couldn’t say the same for Hermes. He knew that Hermes didn’t know about why May Castellan couldn’t host the spirit of the oracle and he wasn’t going to be happy about it. He also knew that this might bother Rachel a little but Rachel always looked on the positive side.


Percy seemed to know what Nico was thinking as he knew how hard it was going to be and he gave Nico a sympathetic smile. Nico looked nervously around the room, bracing himself for the reactions. He only had some comfort in the fact that his friends were there and that Mr. D might be able to cure May Castellan.


“We’re here Nico.” Will muttered to him. Nico’s nerves calmed down a little and he gave Will a small smile. Will knew that Nico was feeling a little messed up and nervous about the reactions and his own feelings about reading all this. The ones sitting next to Nico nodded reassuringly.


“Why?” he demanded. “What’s our father hiding?”… A curse that stretches back to the Great Prophecy.


Everybody turned to look at Hades, well everybody except Apollo, the gang surrounding Nico, Persephone and Hestia. He glared at the ones staring at him.


The knowledge will only hurt you…Bianca’s image dissipated.


Nico sighed. He hadn’t meant to sound harsh but he needed to know the truth. Though the truth did make him angry but it made him feel less rushed.


“Maria di Angelo,” he said again. “Speak to me!”… She had Bianca’s smile and Nico’s eyes.


Nico gave a small smile. Will held Nico’s hand which he was grateful for.


On a chair next to her sat a large oily man in a black pinstripe suit. With a shock, I realized it was Hades.


“It’s not such a good description but okay.” Hades said


Percy gave a grin.


He was leaning toward the woman, using his hands as he talked, like he was agitated.


“A lot of people do that.” Lee said, thinking


“Why though?” Michael asked curiously


“Why do humans swing their hands while walking? It just feels right.” Travis and Connor said, quoting Blackjack.


Michael chuckled. Percy smiled.


“Please, my dear,” he said. “You must come to the Underworld. I don’t care what Persephone thinks! I can keep you safe there.”


“I’m sorry?” Persephone asked


“If it would’ve kept her safe…” Hades said miserably


Persephone sighed and squeezed Hades’ hand.


“No, my love.” She spoke with an Italian accent... None of us are to have demigod children ever again.”


“You can’t avoid a freaking prophecy! It’s going to take place whether you like it or not.” Will said in exasperation


Apollo nodded.


Poseidon sighed.


“I’m sorry about the oath brother.” He said to Hades


Hades waved it off.


Percy smiled at his dad, glad that he apologized. It would make a difference. He really did follow what Dionysus had told him. Poseidon gave a small smile to Percy.


“But you already have Nico and Bianca. Surely—”…He’ll find a way to destroy them, and I won’t risk that!”


Nico gritted his teeth. Hazel was glaring at the floor.


“He definitely would.” Percy said “Like he did for me and almost got my mother killed by blasting the car.” He added bitterly and gave a humorless chuckle at the end.


“You see, the thing about dad is that, he will try to kill the children but he will also try to kill the ones who are near the child and I hate to say it, he sometimes succeeds. Though all the motives are wrong.” Thalia said


Zeus’ eyes widened.


“Certamente,” Maria said. “We will stay together. Zeus is un imbecile.”


There was silence for two seconds before the demigods burst into laughter and some of them cheered and whistled. The gang around Nico was laughing, cheering, whistling and pounding their feet and hands. The other Greek demigods were laughing and snickering.


Zeus glowered at all of them.

“She’s not wrong.” Poseidon told him. Zeus glared at him.


I couldn’t help admiring her courage…deadline of last week to turn over the children.


“There was a freaking deadline?” Thalia asked, her voice at a dangerous edge.


“Yes.” Nico said, through gritted teeth as he glared at Zeus who grimaced.


His wrath will be horrible, and I cannot hide you forever…But I will not take Nico and Bianca to the Underworld.”


“Sometimes even a god can’t do much.” Hades said miserably. The demigods and some gods felt bad for him and Nico.


Hades wrung his hands. “Then, there is another option…I will build you a golden palace by the Styx.”


Persephone sighed. Demeter gave a slight glare to Hades but there wasn’t much heat behind it. She didn’t know the whole story but knew that what was coming was not good.


Maria di Angelo laughed gently. “You are a kind man, my love…The gods wouldn’t really hurt them.”


“Oh dad and Hera would.” Jason said darkly


“It was mostly father who had a problem.” Apollo said


The demigods glared at Zeus.


“You don’t know my family,” Hades said darkly


The changing gods grimaced.


“Please, Maria, I can’t lose you.”… The children stopped playing as if they sensed something too.


The hairs on every demigods’ neck stood up.


“Shit!” Leo said

“Something’s very wrong.” Piper said


“No!” Hades said. But even his godly powers were too slow…Lightning flashed across the sky, and thunder rumbled.


Hades broke down. Nico was trembling with fury. The demigods were all too disgusted by Zeus.


“What the heck?” Frank asked in disgust, all roman and military stuff disappearing.


“No Frank, I think it’s que carajo.” Leo said


Hestia didn’t even chide Leo on his language. The demigods might not understand Spanish but they understood what Leo said because that’s how they felt.


Nico’s cousins were trying to hold Nico on his couch as the ground of Olympus was shaking. They were trying to calm him down before the pressure got too intense.


“This is freaking disgusting.” Thalia snarled at Zeus


Jason nodded.


“I agree. There was no need at all for that.” Hazel said, glaring daggers.


Nico’s cousins gave him a group hug to calm him down. Then they gave side hugs to Hades. Persephone smiled at them.

“Well Thalia was right about Zeus ruining families. In ancient times it was Hera and now it’s him. Perfect couple. Meant for each other.” Beckendorf said angrily


“Some demigods don’t have great families and Nico and Percy were lucky to have such mothers but he just screwed Nico’s family.” Castor said


Reyna continued reading, feeling very pissed off herself.


Little Nico and Bianca stared at their mother uncomprehendingly…but at the last moment he seemed to regain control.


The demigods sighed in relief. At least Nico and Bianca didn’t get vaporized.


“Percy, you know Nico’s alive.” Thalia said


“Oh yeah.” Percy said sheepishly.


“Take them,” he told Alecto, choking back a sob…leaving Hades alone in the ruins.


“I get why our memories were removed but you could’ve told us.” Nico said gently to his father


Hades sighed.


“I didn’t want to traumatize you or for you to get grudges.” He said


“Trauma is a bonus that comes with being a demigod. Don’t worry about that. I get it now, like why you did what you did.” Nico said casually and shrugged


“I warned you,” a new voice said…Somehow, seeing her like this was even spookier than seeing her as a mummy


“She was twelve?” Connor asked


Percy gave him a quiet nod.


“You’ve killed the woman I loved!” Hades roared. “Your prophecy brought us to this!”


“It was not her fault. She only tells prophecies.” Artemis said


Reyna continued reading quickly.


He loomed over the girl, but she didn’t flinch…“I foresee the future,” the girl said. “I cannot change it.”


“Um sir, she’s right there. She doesn’t control the future only sees it.” Rachel said


Hades looked at her and sighed.


“Uh, sometimes grief makes you do crazy stuff and so do flaws but that doesn’t excuse a lot of actions.” Percy said quickly


“Should I continue?” Reyna asked




Black fire lit the god’s eyes, and I knew something bad was coming. I wanted to yell at the girl to hide or run.


“Run!” The demigod yelled


“Hide!” The others yelled


“Then, Oracle, hear the words of Hades,” he growled…The girl screamed, and the misty image was blasted to shreds.


There was silence. Apollo gave a slight glare to Hades.


“That was not good at all.” Rachel said a little angrily

“You’re the reason May couldn’t host the spirit!” Hermes shouted. He started to get up. Hades tried to back into the couch.


“Percy.” Nico said in panic.


“Travis.” Percy said


“Dad, calm down please. Look, everybody has done something crazy and this was a big thing but you have to forgive some day. I know what he did was wrong but everybody succumbs to their fatal flaws at least once. This was one of those times.” Travis said


Hermes looked at him. Travis grimaced. Hermes immediately regretted even the little bit of anger that might have showed on his face when he looked at Travis.


“I’m sorry Travis.” He said and went and sat down.


Hades and Nico sighed in relief. Rachel was glaring at the floor but didn’t say anything.


Nico fell to his knees in Persephone’s garden…A black explosion filled my dreams. Then the scene changed.


“Sorry dad, I had to know.” Nico said


Hades sighed.


“Nico’s never going to be an outcast between us. That’s our promise.” Will said and gave Nico a hug.


The demigods nodded.


Nico and Hades smiled.


Rachel Elizabeth Dare was walking along a white sand beach…That was impossible. The dream had to be false.


“You knew Greek?” Annabeth asked


“No, I saw those words in a vision. I know it now though.” Rachel said


Annabeth nodded.


I can read Greek, but I only recognized one word before the sea washed it away: _______. My name: Perseus.


“Aw come one dad!” Percy complained


Poseidon chuckled.


Rachel stood abruptly and backed away from the surf…“Your mother and I have been looking forward to this vacation for a long time.”


“OH COME ON! LISTEN TO HER!” The demigods yelled


Rachel snickered.


“No you haven’t! You both hate the beach! You’re just too stubborn to admit it.”


“I feel offended.” Triton said dramatically


“Me too.” Percy agreed with equal drama.


Rachel grinned sheepishly.


“Now, Rachel—” “I’m telling you something is wrong in New York…“I can’t tell you.” “Then you can’t go.”


The demigods groaned.


Rachel closed her eyes like she was getting up her courage…We’re leaving for New York. Yes… immediately.”


“That was brave Rachel!” Piper said in awe


The demigods nodded.

Rachel grinned.


Rachel flung her arms around him, and her father seemed surprised…“Yes, Rachel,” he agreed. “You most certainly will.”


“That sounds ominous.” Thalia said


Percy nodded.


The scene faded. I mumbled in my sleep: “Rachel, no!”… He has a message from Kronos.”


“Done.” Reyna said


“Break!” Percy cheered


“But what about the message?” Poseidon asked


“Aw come on dad, cliffhanger.” Percy grinned


Poseidon chuckled.


“Paintball!” Tyson cheered


“Not exactly but similar big guy.” Percy grinned.


“This is gonna be awesome.” Clarisse grinned.




Chapter Text

Percy, Will, Thalia, Jason and Annabeth stuck with the underworld gang. Nico was grateful for that and he need to talk to Mr.D. As Dionysus knew how May was driven insane, Nico wanted to know if he could cure her.


“Mr.D, is it possible to cure May?” Nico asked


Dionysus looked at him.


“I can’t do it alone. I’m going to need help. Most probably, it should be combined magic of me, Apollo and maybe your father.” He said


Hades nodded.


“But won’t that magic be too much for her?” Percy asked


“No, it’s the same way we cure insane people. Some magic from all three of us which would combine to not be too powerful for her but be very effective.” Dionysus explained


“So after the reading?” Castor asked, who was next to his father


Dionysus nodded.


“Thank you Mr. D.” Thalia said


Dionysus gave a small smile.


“I think we should say this Mr. D. I feel like we should’ve said this earlier but we’ll say it now. You do mean quite much to us. Sure, you can be irritating and annoying at times but that’s what we’re going to miss. You’re part of our family. You and Chiron.” Percy said

The demigods nodded.


Chiron smiled and Dionysus’ eyes widened.


“Th-thank you.” He said


The demigods smiled, wrapped a hand around Nico’s shoulders and dragged him outside.


“Percy!” Hermes called


Percy grinned.


“What’s up?” he asked


“Can we join you?” Hermes asked


“Sure!” Percy called


The Hermes gang grinned and went and joined Percy. So did the Apollo gang.


“Dude, what about the water sports place?” Apollo grinned


“I still can’t believe you’re serious about that.” Percy grinned


“Oh better believe it brother. It’s happening.” Triton grinned


“I love you guys.” Percy grinned happily


They all chuckled.


“So Annabeth, you should get designing.” Hermes grinned. He was in a great mood as Castor told him the news about May.

Annabeth grinned.

“I’ll show the design tomorrow.” She grinned


“No way.” Jason chuckled


“Yes way.” The Stolls grinned


“Designing reminds me, weren’t we supposed to help form divisions and stuff for the Underworld. We decided during the first book.” Apollo said


“Wait, you were serious about that?” Nico asked


“As serious as me liking golden.” Apollo grinned


Hades stared at his nephews who were grinning.


“Oh yeah, I remember.” Poseidon said


“You want to help too?” Hades asked his brother in surprise


“Duh.” Poseidon shrugged


Percy grinned widely.


“T-thank you.” Hades said to everybody


“No need for that.” Hermes chuckled


“I’m thinking Charon should stop wearing Italian suits in specific.” Lee laughed


Everybody chuckled.


“Or he could be given some money per, let’s say 4 months to buy one Italian suit. So he gets three suits per year and he won’t bug Hades for pay raises.” Michael said


“That’s clever.” Hazel said


Michael grinned.


“I have one.” Jason said “So Percy said that the fields of Asphodel was very crowded. Maybe instead of letting the souls roam around without doing anything, maybe you could actually make the underworld function like the upper world. Like apartments and markets with some artificial light like we suggested before. Asphodel wouldn’t become Elsyium but it would become better than before.”


“That’s lit.” Percy said

Nico nodded.


“Hmm the retelling we’re reading has the same concept.” Persephone said


“I haven’t read the retelling but if you’re saying it’s similar then it might be.” Jason shrugged


“But how will the artificial sunlight be created? Dad drives the sun chariot now but he can’t drive into the underworld. Creating a literal ball of energy would be insane.” Will said


“I read some books. What about some kind of illusion but it would be permanent?” Annabeth said


“Is that possible?” Apollo asked


“Maybe.” Tyson said


“What are you guys talking about?” Leo asked, coming to their table


“Hey Leo, we were talking about helping out in the underworld.” Jason said


“Nice. So what have you guys come up with?” Leo asked


“Sit down.” Percy said, offering a chair


Leo grinned and sat down. Annabeth quickly told him the ideas.


“Tyson says it might be possible.” Percy said


Tyson nodded.


“It might be. Some magic combined with heat.” Leo said, his eyebrows furrowing as he thought.


“How would that heat come?” Nico asked


“Fire and one or two gods. Some nuclear material as well. It will be some energy but like Will said, it would be insanity to create a huge one so we would have to use magic.” Leo said


“You can arrange the material? Like is it possible?” Thalia asked


“It’s possible.” Leo nodded


“To make the underworld function like the world above, the combination of magic, robotics and heat or energy would be perfect. I’ll look for the materials along with dad and Beckendorf when we look for the shield for the underwater palace, like I said.” Leo said


“You weren’t kidding about that?” Triton asked in surprise


“No.” Leo said.


“I’ll be back.” He said and jogged to his table


The demigods and gods saw him saying something to his father and Beckendorf. They suggested something and Leo nodded. They had a conversation which the demigods and gods couldn’t hear but the three of them seemed satisfied with what they were suggesting. Leo nodded, gave side hugs to Beckendorf and Hephaestus and jogged back to the table.


“What happened?” Hazel asked

“Dad said what I said and Beckendorf agrees. He says it would be a little nuclear so protection would be required. Dad said he’d design that. As for the palace shield, he said that for that it would be robotics and coding with some magic. For the buildings and market in the underworld he says that he would work with Annabeth, Hazel and Nico because of designs. He also said he would need Percy for that for the purpose of earthquake safe buildings. He said that Percy would also be needed for the underwater shield and Tyson for construction and robotics. Jason and Thalia would be needed for helping with construction and maybe some research. As for heat Apollo’s help would be needed and Hermes’ help for the internet and connections.” Leo informed


The demigods, Apollo and Hermes nodded.


“Done.” Jason said

“You can do such advance robotics? I mean, you’re one of the best mechanics but such advance level coding is hard.” Annabeth said


“I know a lot of it but I will have to consider and look through some books of dad and in the library.” Leo admitted “Though the waystation was awesome so I’ve learnt a lot there.”


“I love that place. How is everybody doing?” Apollo grinned


“They’re doing great and you have visited, Apollo.” Leo laughed


Apollo chuckled.


“Yeah.” He said


“When are you going to start looking for materials?” Percy asked


“Dad has some but we’re gonna look in the breaks. Waiting till the end of the reading is going to be a lot of time.” Leo said


“That’s great.” Will grinned


“Thank you guys.” Percy, Hazel and Nico said gratefully


The demigods, Hermes and Apollo laughed it away.


“Any day guys.” Thalia chuckled


“You know the funny part is that I’m always going to be available in the underworld.” Jason laughed


The demigods and Apollo grimaced.

“Hey, I meant it as a joke.” Jason said

The demigods nodded.


The sea gang and underworld gang gods were still surprised. They felt really grateful to the demigods, Hermes, Hephaestus and Apollo. They found it a little hard to believe that all this was happening. Their children and the three gods were very clever and they felt quite emotional about the help. They didn’t know what to say because a ‘thank you’ wouldn’t seem enough.


They got up and gave hugs to everybody on the table and went over to give a hug to Hephaestus and Beckendorf who were a little surprised but chuckled. The demigods were grinning so wide that their faces were hurting.


“PAINTBALL!” The Stolls yelled as soon as everybody finished snacking.


The demigods cheered and punched the air.


“Capture the flag paintball?” Nico asked


“Yep.” Clarisse said


“What about same soccer teams?” Michael asked


“Sure.” Percy shrugged.


“I’ll go get the flags.” Hephaestus grinned.


He came back after two minutes and had two glowing flags in his hands.


“Here you go.” He said and gave a red flag to Percy and a green one to Clarisse.


P- Nico, Poseidon, Hades, Hermes, Tyson, Triton, Amphitrite, Leo, Piper, Annabeth, Castor and Pollux, Will, Katie, Persephone with Percy.

C – Ares, Chris, Beckendorf, Zeus, Apollo, Michael, Travis and Connor, Frank, Hazel, Reyna, Dakota, Lee, Silena, Artemis with Clarisse


Zoe and the others decided not to play.


“Here’s the protective equipment.” Hephaestus said, handing it to everybody who was playing.


“Do not remove it. These paintballs don’t hurt but still. No powers.” He said


Everybody nodded.


“Ready dad?” Percy grinned at his father


“I guess.” Poseidon grinned


“This is gonna be lit.” Nico grinned


“You bet it will.” Annabeth smirked


“Let’s go to our side.” Thalia said


Percy’s team nodded and they went to one side.




P- Nico, Poseidon, Hades, Hermes, Tyson, Triton, Amphitrite, Leo, Piper, Annabeth, Castor and Pollux, Will, Katie, Persephone with Percy.


“What’s the plan?” Jason asked


“We scope the place.” Katie asked


“They would expect that as that’s similar to what Four and Tris did.” Castor shook his head


“We make three divisions. Defense, offense and sneaking. Defense will guard our flag, offense will hunt for the flag and defeat the others and sneaking will scope for the flag without being seen.” Annabeth said

The demigods and gods nodded.


“Leo, Katie, Hermes, Piper, Rachel and Jason be the sneaking team. Dad, Triton, Amphitrite and Persephone, be the defense and the rest be the offense.” Percy said


Everybody nodded.


“Where are we gonna hide the flag?” Katie asked


“In the most obvious place. The tower.” Leo said, pointing to the tower behind him


They nodded.


“We’re ready.” Annabeth said





C – Ares, Chris, Beckendorf, Zeus, Apollo, Michael, Travis and Connor, Frank, Hazel, Reyna, Dakota, Lee, Silena, Artemis with Clarisse


“What do we do?” Frank asked


“Some of us hunt for their flag, some of us guard our flag and the others try to get their flag.” Clarisse said


“Who does what?” Hazel asked


“Silena, Dakota, Hazel, Zeus be defense. Dad, me, Artemis, Frank, Apollo and Reyna are offense and the others hunt for the flag and join either offense or defense later.” Clarisse said

Everybody nodded. Ares looked proud.


“Where do we hide the flag?” Apollo asked


“Up a tree.” Lee smirked


Everybody laughed.


“Wait, that’s a good idea. We have a green flag, perfect for camouflage.” Hazel said


Everybody grinned.


“We’re ready.” Clarisse said



The game starts….


Chiron was refereeing as usual. They put some countdown music as the background. The rules were that if you got shot, then you were out. No powers or technology was allowed. Only the special paintball guns and protective gear.


Percy’s sneaking team were moving quietly or crawling on the floor and were alert. They scoped the place while Clarisse’s team hunting team did the same. For five minutes there was no shot. It gave the spectators a feeling like as if some predators were moving around.


Then there was a sound of a shot. Nico had shot Zeus from behind a tree.


Hermes came back to Percy and told him that Clarisse’s flag was hidden in a tree.


“Rachel can climb well. Tell her to get to the tree and ask half the sneaking team to give her cover.” Percy told him


Hermes nodded. Just then, Clarisse shot Pollux. Castor shot Dakota.


Chris ran to Clarisse and informed her that Percy’s flag was in the tower. Clarisse frowned.


“Go to the tower with Travis, Connor and Lee. One of you get the flag and the others cover you.” She said

Chris nodded and ran to tell the others. As the teams started going for the other team’s flag, more paintball shots and laughter was heard. Katie had shot Frank. Hazel had shot Castor. Will shot Hazel.


Nico shot Apollo and Artemis shot Triton. Travis shot Amphitirite. Percy shot Reyna and Beckendorf shot Leo. Poseidon shot Chris and Michael shot him. Tyson shot Michael and Lee. Some more people from Clarisse’s team went to get Percy’s flag.


Rachel reached Clarisse’s team’s flag. Hermes, Annabeth and Will provided her with cover. Persephone shot Silena. Beckendorf shot her. Hades shot Beckendorf.  As soon as Rachel reached the top of the tree, Ares shot Tyson and Travis and Connor raced up the tower. Just as Rachel grabbed Clarisse’s flag, Travis and Connor grabbed Percy’s flag. 


Chiron blew the whistle as he chuckled.


“The game has ended in a tie!” He announced


The demigods and gods laughed. The ones watching cheered.


“Now that was lit!” The demigods whooped

“Why don’t you guys change and the rest of us will arrange dinner.” Hestia said


“We’ll help in arranging dinner once we get freshened up.” Percy said


Hestia smiled.


“Then we’ll wait.” She said


The demigods grinned and they went and took baths.


“That was fun.” Hades said


“Yep.” Poseidon agreed


“Well would you look at that. The two of them are getting along well.” Percy chuckled


Nico and the two gods chuckled.


They all went and helped Hestia arrange dinner. They all sat and ate dinner.


“Hey Nico! Dandelion chronicles part 2!” Lee called


Nico laughed.


“Sure, come on.” He said


Everybody went and sat next to him.


“So, part two of my dandelion chronicles aka flower life.” Nico started


Everybody snickered.


“So a couple of weeks ago, I walked into the throne room casually. Everybody was sitting there. I had just taken a bath and I shampooed my hair so it was wet. Now the shampoo I used made my head cold so I was shivering when I was sitting. Dad asked me what the problem was and I said that I had just shampooed my hair. He asked me which scent of shampoo I used because his head wouldn’t get cold. I told him I used mint flavor and the others in the throne room which was Thanatos, Charon, Hecate and Hypnos, they all groaned and face palmed. Just then my butler walked in and asked me if I wanted something and I told him that I already had some chewing gum and the freaking hilarious part was that the chewing gum I had was mint flavor. As soon as I took it out, the others’ eyes widened and the next second I was a dandelion. Charon told me what happened after that. Dad sighed and told Persephone to turn me back. She sighed and turned me back with the most amount of regret.” Nico grinned


The demigods and gods had started laughing by the shampoo part but now they were roaring with laughter. Percy was on the floor and Hazel was snickering. The others were clutching their stomachs. Persephone and Hades were chuckling. Nico was grinning. From between his laughter, Percy gave Nico and thumbs up.

“This actually happened?” Leo choked out


“Every part I tell you actually happened.” Nico grinned


Leo dissolved into another set of snickers.


The demigods were full and the gods had some hot chocolate and coffee. The demigods snickered.


“You want to sleep right?” Percy asked Poseidon

Poseidon grinned sheepishly.

“Yes.” He said


Everybody chuckled.


“Let’s rest.” Hestia smiled


They all nodded and went to where they would be sleeping. Nico went to bed happily but he didn’t know that his night was about to get very intense.



Chapter Text

Nico was sound asleep with a cushion tucked in between his knees when Persephone shook him awake.


“Nico wake up!” she said, sounding panicked


Nico was half asleep. “Is it morning already?” He groaned


“No, your father is having a nightmare.” Persephone said quickly


Nico shot up like he’d been shot from a cannon.


“Come!” Persephone said


Nico ran out of the room. Hades was thrashing around with tears streaming down his face. Nico tried every single method he knew but it didn’t work. Nico’s eyes were filled with worry.


“Call Percy, Jason, Thalia and Will!” Nico ordered


Hazel ran out of the room into Percy’s room.




I was asleep but then I had to get up to use the restroom. I saw Jason sleeping peacefully on the other bed. He was sleeping in my quarters due to problems with Zeus. I did miss Jason after I heard about his death but anyway I don’t know why I’m thinking about my friend’s death. He’s happy, that’s what matters.


As soon as I came out of the bathroom, I heard some panicked breaths and a voice that I thought belonged to Hazel. Worry clouded my eyes. Luckily my door wasn’t soundproof these days. Then my room door burst open with a loud noise. Jason shot up, his eyes wide and alert but then he realized he wasn’t in danger. The two of us exchanged glances and rushed over to Hazel and Jason got some water.


“What happened?” I asked


“Nico, he needs your help.” Hazel choked out


I felt panic rushing through me and by one look at Jason’s face, I knew he was thinking the same thing.


“What happened to him?” Jason asked


“Nothing happened to him but he needs your help.” Hazel said


Me and Jason ran at top speed.


“I’ll be back dad!” I shouted. Dad nodded.


Me and Jason went inside the Hades quarters while Hazel went to wake up Thalia and Will. As soon as the two of us entered the quarters, we knew what was wrong.


3rd Person POV


Nico saw Percy and Jason rush into his quarters. He was trying all he could to calm his dad down but the nightmare was getting worse. Persephone was sitting on the bed in worry.


“Guys, I-I don’t know what to do.” Nico said in panic, his voice cracking


“Fever?” Percy asked


“I’ve kept ice packs.” Nico said


Will and Thalia rushed into the quarters.


“Nico what’s the matter?” Will asked and then he saw Hades.


“You tried everything?” Will asked in worry as he rushed to the bed.


“Everything.” Nico said miserably


“Take him out. Fresh air would be good and then wake him up.” Will said


The other demigods nodded.


“Hazel, guide Persephone to the beach. We don’t want to overwhelm her.” Percy said


Hazel nodded and took Persephone outside.


“Okay, I need some help.” Thalia said


Jason, Percy and Nico went and helped Thalia take Hades outside as he was still asleep. Will followed them as he checked his medical supplies. None of the demigods felt sleepy anymore.


“Make the area soundproof.” Jason said

Thalia got up and clicked a button which made the area surrounding the Hades quarters soundproof.


“Wake him up.” Will told Nico


“Dad wake up.” Nico shook Hades.


“He’s deep in sleep.” Percy said


“Water.” Will said


“You sure?” Percy asked

“No choice.”


Percy conjured some water and splashed it on his uncle’s face. Hades woke up but his eyes were glossy.


“He’s still in the nightmare.” Nico said


“He’ll be out soon. Once he does, wait for him to calm down and talk and then sleep.” Jason said

Nico nodded.


“You guys should sleep. You guys shouldn’t stay awake.” He said


The demigods chuckled softly.


“Nick, we can’t go to sleep without knowing if he’s all right. We’ll be in my quarters.” Percy said

Nico smiled with gratitude.


Will kissed Nico’s forehead and followed Jason, Thalia and Percy to the Poseidon quarters.


The four of them went into the Poseidon quarters and sat on the floor, couch or bed.


“What’s going on?” Poseidon asked in worry


“Yeah, you guys shot out like Hermes.” Amphitrite said


“Nightmare.” Will said


Poseidon and Amphitrite nodded in understanding but looked even more worried.


“Man I feel too ADHD sitting like this.” Percy said. He got up and leaned against the main door frame. The other demigods joined him.

“Dad you guys should sleep.” Percy said, looking over his shoulder


“We’ll wait for thirty minutes.” Poseidon said


Percy chuckled and nodded.





Nico was aware of his cousins and Will leaning against the door frame or sitting on the ground near the Poseidon quarters. He knew they were worried as well. He didn’t feel awkward with them sitting there, instead he felt a sense of comfort that they were there. Hades’ voice shook me out of my thoughts.


“Nico?” he asked in a hoarse voice


Nico felt his cousins’ faces look up.


“Hey dad.” Nico said, looking up


“Where am I?”


“Olympus.” Nico answered


Hades looked at Nico. Nico felt pained as he looked at his father. He looked the definition of traumatized and broken.


“The things I saw.” Hades said, his voice filled with pain


Nico winced at the tone. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do. He didn’t want to ask what happened because he did not want to remind his father of whatever he’d been through. So he just hugged him. Nico’s shirt was getting wet but he didn’t care about that. His father’s grip tightened on Nico. Nico bit his lip to stop it from quivering. He felt his cousins’ looking worried. They got up and leaned against the door frame so Nico couldn’t see them.


“I’m worried.” Thalia said

Her cousins and Will nodded.




Hades calmed down after half an hour.


“Let’s go inside dad.” Nico said gently


Hades nodded. He stumbled a little but Nico helped him. Jason went and called Hazel and Persephone. Nico helped Hades sit on the bed. When Hazel and Persephone returned, Nico got up.


“I’ll be back in five minutes.” He said

The two of them nodded.


Nico stepped outside the quarters, switched off the soundproof and took a deep breath. He went halfway to Percy’s quarters when the Nico’s cousins and Will came jogging to him.


“Hey guys.” Nico said


“Need help?” Will asked in worry


Nico sighed.


“I’m not sleeping right now. I might need some help later but you guys need to rest.” He said


His cousins and Will gave small chuckles and smiles.


“If you aren’t going to sleep, neither are we. We’ll be worried about the two of you.” Thalia said

The others nodded.


Nico gave a small smile.

“Why don’t we have a sleepover at your place?” Jason asked


“Great idea. I’ll get the pizza and mobile chargers.” Percy said


“The phones we have don’t have to be charged.” Thalia said


“Oh yeah.” Percy grinned.


He raced to his quarters.


“Hey dad, we’re bunking in with Nico today.” Percy said


Poseidon nodded.

“What happened? Like what’s going on?” he asked


“The nightmare is over. It was not good. Though Nico’s helped uncle back into the room.” Percy said, his smile wavering a little.


Poseidon nodded.


“We’ll see them in the morning then. We sent Tyson and Triton to bed.” Amphitrite said


Percy nodded. He grabbed some pizza and went to Nico’s quarters.



“Pizza’s here.” Percy said


Everybody chuckled. Percy went in and sat on the couch, next to everybody.


“I would wake up Annabeth but she should rest.” Percy said


Thalia nodded.


“Hazel and Persephone?” Percy asked


“I asked them to sleep. They were hesitant about it but we are more used to being awake in the night.” Nico said


“Oh okay.”


They sat, talked and ate. The five of them watched a few videos and listened to some music. They kept their volume down and luckily Hades didn’t have any nightmares. The five demigods gave away to sleep at around 6:45 am.


When Hades and Persephone woke up, they were surprised to see Jason, Thalia, Percy and Will sprawled up on the couches with their hands hanging down the side of the couch or they were sprawled on the floor. They were even more surprised to find one empty pizza box in the trash and one on the slap with a note which said only one word ‘Eat.’


Hazel on the other hand wasn’t as surprised because somewhere she suspected that they would come and not let Nico stay awake alone. There was a ringing sound as the alarm on Thalia’s watch started ringing. The demigods woke up, rubbing the sleep from their eyes.


“Oh hey-“ Percy yawned “Hey uncle.” He said sleepily


“How are you guys here?” Hades asked


“We bunked in with Nico.” Jason said


“He knows that. He’s asking how? We didn’t want him to stay up alone and we wanted to help if something happened.” Will informed


“Shut that freaking alarm Thalia!” Percy shouted at Thalia, whose alarm was still ringing


“It rings for 5 minutes Kelp head!” Thalia shouted back


Percy groaned and covered his ears with a cushion.


“When did you sleep?” Hazel asked


“6:45.” Percy said


“At least you slept for 2 hours 15 minutes.” Hazel sighed


“Leave that. How are you dad?” Nico asked

“I…” Hades started


“Truth.” Nico said


“I don’t know.” Hades admitted

The demigods looked at Will.


“If I remember weren’t Nico and Percy going to plan a date for you and Persephone?” Will asked

Persephone nodded.


“You two set it up today then.” Will said to Percy and Nico


The two demigods understood and nodded.


“Sure but why?” Hades asked


“It’s going to be fun.” Jason said


“That wasn’t exactly an answer.” Hades grumbled




The demigods burst out laughing.




“Give me that dam watch.” Percy said


Then Thalia and Percy burst out laughing. The others chuckled.


“Finally the alarm shut up.” Percy said in relief


“Let’s eat.” Nico said


“First we have to brush.” Will said


“Oh yeah.” Nico said sheepishly.


The demigods met the gods at the breakfast table. They asked for a day off which Chiron and Hestia agreed to. The Hephaestus gang was also more than happy as that meant that they could collect materials.


“Good morning brother.” Tyson said


“Good morning Ty, dad, Triton and Amphitrite.” Percy grinned


The sea gang grinned.


“How do you feel brother?” Poseidon asked Hades


Hades looked a little surprised but answered nonetheless.


“I’m not sure.” He said


“We’re arranging a date for him and Persephone today.” Percy grinned


“Nicee.” Triton grinned


Once they finished, Percy and Nico got up.


“Let’s get started.” Nico said






Chapter Text

“So shoo off you two.” Percy said to Hades and Persephone


“What?” Thalia snickered


“You two should plan on the other table.” She said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


He and Percy went to an empty table.


“So songs first?” Nico asked


“Yeah.” Percy said


“Thousand years?” Nico asked


“Sweater weather.” Percy grinned


“Oh yeah.” Nico said


“Beginning, middle, end.” Percy said


“How do you know that song?” Nico asked with a raised eyebrow


“Watched the movie with Annabeth. We were surfing through Netflix so…” Percy said


“How do you know it?” Percy asked


“Watched it with Will.” Nico said


“Anyway this town?” Nico suggested

Percy wrote all the songs down.


“The spellings are screwed up.” He laughed


Nico snickered.


“Gone, gone, gone.” Nico said


“You are the reason.” Percy said


“I like me better.” Nico said


“Radio love.” Percy said


“You.” Nico said


“Love me like you do.” Percy said


“Sucker.” Nico said


“Here with me.” Percy said


“Savage by Neffex.” Nico said


“Savage Love.” Percy grinned


“Broken.” Nico said


“Yellow.” Percy said


“Charlie Brown.” Nico said


“Chasing Fire.” Percy said


“Baby, one more time by Crypto.” Nico said


“Make be Believe.” Percy said


“Dark horse.” Nico grinned


“X.” Percy laughed


“Bad habits.” Nico said


“Blinding Lights.” Percy said


“Something Just Like This.” Nico said

“Closer.” Percy said


“What makes you beautiful.” Nico said


“Pillowtalk.” Percy said


“You right.” Nico said


Percy gave a snicker.

"Home." Nico said


“Yep, so that’s good I think.” Percy said, writing all the songs down and adding a few more.


“You know, I’m quite surprised that Ares and Aphrodite aren’t going on a date.” Percy said


“Yeah, I guess they’re changing. They would go but Hephaestus is going as well.” Nico said


Percy nodded with a small smile as he looked down and wrote the names of the songs.


“Okay then. Now what? Décor?” Nico asked


“Sure. I was thinking mostly a dark one with roses. Some yellow lights but not many and candlelight?” Percy suggested


“On point.” Nico grinned


“What about, we make booths. So that way maybe even others can come for a date but each couple will have their private booth?” Percy asked


“Does anybody wanna come on a date?” Nico asked


“Hey dad!” Percy called


“Yeah?” Poseidon asked


Percy jogged to him.


“Do you guys wanna come on a date too? Don’t worry each booth for a couple will be private. So like nobody can see inside each other’s booth.” He said


“I’m fine if they come in a different booth.” Persephone shrugged. Hades nodded.


“Okay then.” Amphitrite grinned.

“Hey what about, I ask the other demigods?” Nico asked, coming up to the table


“Sure.” The gods shrugged


“Great! Normally I would go with Will but, I’m the waiter today.” Nico chuckled


Will laughed.


“Yeah.” He said


“Me with Annabeth but I’m the waiter too.” Percy grinned


Annabeth chuckled. Percy and Nico went around and asked Travis and Katie, Silena and Beckendorf, Frank and Hazel and Chris and Clarisse. All of them agreed. Even Dionysus agreed to bring Ariadne. Castor, Pollux seemed a little nervous but were fine.


“So multiple designs. We can use the songs as a playlist in the room.” Nico said

“Yeah.” Percy said. He opened his Spotify and made the playlist.


“Is it premium?” Nico asked


“I love Hermes for this. He gave everything premium.” Percy grinned




“Aw, I love you too Perce.” Hermes said to Percy from his table


“How the heck did you hear me from there?” Percy asked in awe


“Skills.” Hermes grinned and winked


Percy laughed.


“So for Clarisse and Chris, maybe we could have a warm red and yellow light mix with Vermilion curtains and maybe not candlelight. For Travis and Katie we could have greenery and candlelight. Then for Silena and Beckendorf, we could have some fire aesthetic along with some pink flowers, maybe some coneflower, don’t ask me how I know that. Vines for Mr.D and Ariadne with candlelight. Candlelight for Hazel and Frank. ” Nico said


Percy’s face broke into a grin.


“Amazhang.” He said


“Zhang.” Nico chuckled.


“How do you know about the flower?” Percy smirked


“I’ve live in the same palace as the goddess of spring. It just makes sense.” Nico said


“Fair.” Percy chuckled.


“So now only dad and Amphitrite left.” Percy said

“Hmm.” Nico said


“What about some wavy designs, with some shells. Some candlelight for them as well.” Percy suggested


“That’s good.” Nico nodded.


“Cuisine?” Percy asked


“I don’t think we should keep any Italian. At least not food.” Nico said


Percy nodded in agreement.


“Maybe different cuisines for different couples?” Percy asked


“That’d be good.” Nico nodded.


“So Mexican for dad, Greek for your dad, Italian for Travis, French for Silena, Italian for Chris. French for Hazel and Frank and Italian for Mr. D.” Percy said


“That sounds good.” Nico said


“Lastly drinks and desserts.” Percy grinned


“Ah.” Nico said, rubbing his hands


Percy grinned.


“So alcoholic – Whiskey, Wines, Vodka, Tequila and Champagne. Nonalcoholic – Virgin mojitos, Mocha, Lattes, Juices, Iced coffee, Kool Aid and shakes.” Nico said


“You know a lot about alcoholic drinks.” Percy teased


“Oh shut up.” Nico said


Percy snickered.


“Yes sir.” He said


“Desserts, Percy.” Nico said


“Tiramisu, Blueberry cheesecake, Red velvet, Strawberry cheesecake, Brownies, Apple Pie, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Ice cream and of course my special cookies but I’ll make them in different colors.” Percy said


“I’m think that Tiramisu is Italian.” Nico said


“Oh, then we can remove that. Pity, I quite like Tiramisu.” Percy said


“You know it had rum right?” Nico asked


“I know it does.” Percy said

“I think Tiramisu is minor, we can keep that.” Nico said


“Great.” Percy grinned


“Let’s get cooking.” He grinned


Nico sighed and chuckled. They went to the kitchens and put on aprons and chef hats. Thalia walked in the kitchen and burst out laughing.


“You guys look great.” She choked out


Nico and Percy grinned.

“What happened?” Jason asked as he came in and saw the two cousins.


“Oh I get it now.” He laughed


“Lemme take a photo.” Thalia said and took her phone out


Percy and Nico slung their arms over each other’s shoulders and grinned. Thalia snapped the photo.


“Let’s take a selfie.” Jason said


Thalia nodded. The two of them went and slung their arms over Percy and Nico’s shoulders.

“Say cheese!” Thalia said. The four demigods said cheese and Thalia snapped the photo. Unknown to the four demigods, a couple of gods saw them and chuckled softly.


“Memories.” Percy smiled


“I’ll send the photos to you.” Thalia grinned.


The cousins nodded.


“Okay now shoo, let us cook.” Percy said


Jason and Thalia saluted and went out of the room while laughing. Percy and Nico snickered.


“Oh and a couple of us are planning on coming as a group so you guys can join us later as well. No need for any fancy design or something.” Jason said


Percy nodded. They decided to keep a simple white curtained booth for them with yellow lights.


It took 4 and a half hours for Nico and Percy to finish cooking. Luckily the kitchen was air conditioned so none of them were sweaty but they were a little tired especially as they slept at 7am. So they made themselves cups of hot coffee and drank it which made them feel better.


“Phew, done with everything.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


“I tasted everything, it’s awesome.” He said


Percy grinned.


“Lez go outside.” He said

The two demigods went out of the kitchen and had lunch with their families.


“Done with all the cooking.” Nico grinned


“I’m sure it’s gonna be great.” Amphitrite grinned


Percy smiled.


“You guys better get ready.” Nico said


“Now?” Hades asked


“In two hours or so. We just have to set up the date room.” Percy said


“Okay then.”


“Come on Nico, we better get designing.” Percy said


Annabeth grinned.


Nico nodded and went off with Percy.


“I’m quite excited to see what they set up.” Annabeth said


“Who are you going with?” Triton asked


“Oh, I’m not going with anybody. Just a couple of us decided to go as a group. We told Percy.” Annabeth said


“Oh okay.”


“You should come.” Thalia told Triton


“You sure?” Triton asked


“Yeah, of course.” Jason grinned


Triton grinned.


“Any dress code?” Tyson asked


“For us? Nah. For the ones going on a date, it’s up to them but it’s most probably going to be suits and dresses.” Thalia said


Tyson nodded.



Percy and Nico had finished setting up the whole room by 5pm. They sat down and drank some cold water. Percy poured some on his face and threw some at Nico. Nico screamed because of the cold touch.


“You’re dead Jackson.” He grinned


Percy screamed and ran out of the room, laughing. Nico chased him while laughing. They reached the place where everybody was sitting and Percy stopped and Nico jumped on top of him, trying to tickle him. Percy was laughing and screaming at the top of his lungs. Everybody was chuckling.


The two of them got up and took deep breaths and laughed.


“Everybody, let’s get ready.” Nico said

Everybody nodded and went to their quarters.


Percy and Nico each wore a white jacket with black buttons, black pants, black boots, white gloves and a black bow. They tied an apron to their waists and looked exactly like waiters. The ones going on dates wore suits and shirts and dresses. The demigods and gods going as groups wore simple pants and t-shirts or jeans and pants.


Nico and Percy went outside. Percy gave a mock gasp of surprise. “Nico’s wearing white! 911!” he yelled


“Shut up Percy.” Nico snickered


Percy grinned.


The two of them went to the room and lit the candles and connected the phones to the speakers and sprayed some room freshener and put some fresh flowers in the pots on the tables.


“So everybody ready?” Percy asked Nico


“Yep. They said they’ll be here in ten minutes.” Nico said


Percy nodded and flopped down on the chair. They closed the door so that if somebody came they would have time to get up from the couch and start the music


Then there were a couple of knocks on the door. Nico started the songs.


Percy opened the door. The group of demigods and a few gods came in. Will and Annabeth saw Nico and Percy and blushed.


“Looking good Seaweed brain.” Annabeth smiled


Percy blushed and grinned.


“Looking handsome Neeks.” Will said


Nico grinned.


“Ooh.” The demigods and gods said


They laughed.


“Come on guys.” Nico said


“Whoa.” Connor said


“This place looks amazing. Great job guys. I wasn’t wrong when I said that you guys plan great dates.” Thalia said


Percy and Nico grinned and bowed.


“Here’s your booth.” Percy said and showed them the place they arranged for them.


“Now that’s beautiful.” Apollo said


“Thanks.” Nico grinned


The demigods and gods slid into the booth.


“I want to see what you guys made for my daughter.” Aphrodite said


“Sure, come on.” Percy said


Aphrodite got up and showed Aphrodite the Silena and Beckendorf booth. Aphrodite’s eyes gathered with tears.


“It’s beautiful.” She said

“Glad you like it.” Nico said. Aphrodite went back to the booth with the demigods and gods.


“I want to see the one for Persephone as well.” Demeter said


“Oh lord.” Nico said


“Come on.” He said


Demeter got up and saw the Persephone booth. Percy and Nico had added a pomegranate as well.


“Looks good.” Demeter said


“Thank you.” Percy said. They guided Demeter back to the booth.


“You guys gonna join us?” Hermes asked


“Maybe. We have these ringers so if anybody wants something, then they just have to click the button on the tables. When we’re free, we’ll join you.” Percy said


Hermes grinned and nodded.


Then there was a knock on the door.


“I wonder who.” Nico said and went and opened the door. It was Travis and Katie, Silena and Beckendorf, Frank and Hazel and Clarisse and Chris.


“Hey guys come on.” Percy said


The four couples grinned and walked in.


“Looks awesome.” Beckendorf grinned

Percy and Nico smiled.


They showed each one to their booths.


“Wow, I love it.” Silena said

Percy smiled.


“The songs are awesome.” Travis grinned


Nico smiled.


“This is beautiful brother.” Hazel smiled


Nico grinned.


“Thank you my lady.” He bowed


“Ah so were going to be addressed ‘my lord’ and ‘my lady’, this is going to be fun.” Frank said


“Oh gods Frank.” Percy laughed


Then there was another knock on the door. Percy opened it. Nico joined him. This time the guests were Poseidon, Amphitrite, Hades, Persephone, Dionysus and Ariadne.


Nico and Percy bowed.


“My lords and ladies.” They said, trying not to laugh.


The three couples chuckled.


“Welcome.” Percy grinned


“You guys have name tags. Nice touch.” Poseidon grinned


Nico bowed.


“Come on in.” He said.


The three couples followed them.


“Whoa.” Poseidon said


First they went to Dionysus and Ariadne’s booth.


“It’s nice to finally meet you lady Ariadne.” Percy bowed. Nico followed him.


“Thank you Percy and Nico. It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.” She smiled


Percy and Nico smiled and gave thumbs up to Dionysus. Ariadne chuckled. They reached the Dionysus booth.


“Wow, it’s beautiful.” Ariadne said

“Thank you.” Nico smiled

“Good job Perry and Nico.” Dionysus said


“Thank you sir.” Percy grinned


Poseidon, Amphitrite, Hades and Persephone nodded.


“We’ll give the menus after five minutes.” Nico said

They nodded


“All right sir, your booth now.” Percy grinned to Poseidon


Poseidon and Amphitrite smiled.


“I like this song.” Persephone said


“It’s Yellow by Coldplay.” Nico said


Persephone nodded.


They reached the Poseidon and Amphitrite booth.


“Here’s yours.” Percy grinned


Amphitrite and Poseidon grinned widely.


“This is amazing.” Poseidon said

“Truly.” Amphitrite grinned

Percy smiled widely.


“We’re glad you like it sir.” Nico smiled


“Now yours, sir and ma’am.” Nico said to Hades and Persephone


Percy chuckled.


They reached the Hades and Persephone booth.


“It’s great.” Hades grinned

Nico grinned.


Percy bowed.


“It’s really beautiful. Thank you.” Persephone said


Percy and Nico grinned.


“Glad you like it ma’am and sir.” Percy said


“I quite like this ma’am and sir thing.” Hades said


Percy grinned. They left the couple and drew their curtains like they did for everybody. They had some help and made the area soundproof as well so that one couple couldn’t hear or see the other. Percy and Nico ran and gave their specific menus to everybody. The demigods and gods who had come as a group had all the cuisines.


“We’ll order one Margarita veg.” Grover said


“Me too.” Hermes said


“Veg vegetable pizza.” Piper a said


“You don’t eat non veg? I mean I know about Piper and Grover but Hermes?” Percy asked


“I don’t like eating animals either.” Hermes said


Percy nodded in understanding.


“I’ll have some Lyonnaise Potatoes.” Aphrodite said

“I’ll have tacos.” Apollo, Ares, Hephaestus and Leo said


Nico noted it all down on a notepad.


“Anything else?” Percy asked


“Nah, we’ll share.” Hermes said


“Okay then.”


“One thing, do we have to pay? Cause I didn’t see any prices.” Connors said


“It’s free.” Percy said


Connor cheered.


Percy and Nico chuckled.


“Drinks?” Nico asked


“Kool aid.” Dakota said


“Peanut butter shake.” Tyson said


“Chocolate shake.” Connor and Piper said


“We’ll share a pitcher of Watermelon juice.” Will said, gesturing to him, Lee and Michael


The two nodded.


“I’ll have Mocha.” Annabeth said


“Virgin mojito.” Jason and Thalia said


“Tequila.” Hermes and Apollo said

“Vodka.” Ares said


“Red wine.” Aphrodite said


“Mocha.” Hephaestus said


Percy and Nico nodded.


“So I’ll repeat. Two veg margarita pizzas, one veg vegetable pizza, one dish of Lyonnaise Potatoes, four plates of Tacos, one peanut butter shake, one chocolate shake, one pitcher of watermelon juice, two mochas, two virgin mojitos, two tequilas, one red wine.” Nico read off his note pad


Everybody nodded.


“Okay, just one thing, do the ones who have ordered alcoholic drinks want the whole bottle or just glasses?” Percy asked


“Bottle. Me and Apollo will share one.” Hermes said


“Glass.” Ares said


“Same.” Aphrodite said

“Thank you.” Percy said


He and Nico went outside.


The people inside the booth grinned.


“I’m excited to see the dishes and all.” Thalia grinned


“Yeah.” Piper agreed


Everybody started their conversations. Sometimes the demigods were talking to gods or gods were talking to demigods or were talking among themselves.


Percy and Nico felt a ring. They checked it.


“Your dad.” Nico said


“I’ll go, you handle the order.” Percy said


Nico nodded.



Poseidon and Amphitrite were talking about the menu when they heard Percy’s voice.


“May I come in?”


They chuckled.


“Come on in.” Amphitrite said


“Hey, so how may I assist you?” Percy grinned


“We’d like to place our order.” Poseidon said


“Great.” Percy said, taking a notepad from his back pocket.




“Just one thing. Which song is this?” Amphitrite asked


“Uh this is ‘what makes you beautiful.’” Percy said


“Thank you.” Amphitrite said


Percy smiled.


“So we’d like one dish of Chilaquiles and one plate of Tacos.” Poseidon said


Percy nodded and wrote it down.


“Any drinks?” he asked


“Tequila.” Poseidon said

“Bottle or glass?” Percy asked


“Glass.” Poseidon said


“Champagne glass.” Amphitrite said


Percy nodded.


“Okay.” He said


“Anything else?” he asked


“Not right now.” Poseidon smiled


“Thank you.” Percy bowed and went outside


“That was formal.” Amphitrite chuckled


Poseidon chuckled.


“This is going to be fun.” Amphitrite smiled at Poseidon


“The date?” Poseidon asked


“Yeah. I like that one couple can’t see or hear the other.” Amphitrite said


“Yep.” Poseidon grinned



“Dad and Amphitrite ordered one plate of Chilaquiles, one plate of tacos, one glass of tequila and champagne.” Percy said


Nico nodded and tossed Percy a bottle of tequila and red wine.


“I’m done with the order of Will and the others.” Nico said


Percy grinned and gave him a waiter tray and took one himself.


“I’ll give the drinks first, then I’ll help with the food.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


Percy kept the vodka, tequila and red wine on the tray. He grabbed a bucket of ice that are found in bars and went to his friends’ booth. He opened the curtain and went inside.


He grinned and opened the bottles and poured them in glasses formally. He kept the Watermelon juice pitcher on the table. The people in the booth grinned.


Percy grinned and winked and left the room.


“That guy would make a good bartender.” Hermes said


The demigods chuckled.


“That was the most basic skill we can do with drinks. We’ll all go clubbing one day on Olympus and we’ll show you our skills.” Castor grinned


“You guys go clubbing?” Apollo grinned


“Not the adult clubbing, you know with the gross dances and all but normal dance parties and bars and stuff but we order nonalcoholic.” Pollux said


Hermes and Apollo nodded.

“That’s also clubbing.” Ares grinned


Just then Nico and Percy came with the food.

“Here is your food. Enjoy.” Nico said

They grinned.


“What are you guys talking about?” Percy asked


“Clubbing.” Castor said


“We’re going?” Percy asked


“Maybe in a day or two.” Annabeth said


Percy and Nico grinned.


“We got to go.” Percy said and he and Nico left the booth.


The others ate.


“This is so tasty.” Tyson said


Everybody nodded.

“These are on point.” Aphrodite said


“Nice.” Piper grinned


Aphrodite gave her some.


“These are on point.” Piper said


“So we learnt that mine and Annabeth’s boyfriends are good cooks.” Will grinned


The others nodded.



“I’ll take the drinks for dad and Amphitrite.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


Percy grabbed the champagne bottle and tequila bottle and went outside. He took one step and then came back cursing.


“What happened?” Nico asked


“Forgot the tray.” Percy snickered.


Nico shook his head. Percy grabbed the tray and went to Poseidon and Amphitrite’s booth.


“May I come in?” He asked


“Yeah.” Amphitrite chuckled.


“Ma’am your champagne.” Percy said, flipping the champagne glass and putting it on the table and pouring the drink in it.


Amphitrite grinned.


“Sir, your tequila.” Percy said, grabbing the glass and pouring the tequila.


“Thank you.” Poseidon grinned


“My pleasure.” Percy bowed and left the booth


He went and got the food and went back to the booth.


“Ma’am and sir your food.” Percy bowed and kept the dishes and left the booth.


“This looks tempting.” Poseidon said


Amphitrite grinned and started to put some food in her plate.


“You wanna eat in a plate?” Poseidon asked


“Then how?” Amphitrite asked


“We share.” Poseidon shrugged

Amphitrite grinned and put it back.


“This tastes delicious.” Amphitrite said


Poseidon nodded.



Percy and Nico felt another two rings in their ringers.


“Mr. D and dad.” Nico said. Then there was another set of rings.


“Hazel, Clarisse, Beckendorf and Travis.” Percy said


“I’ll do dad, Clarisse and Hazel. You do the other three.” Nico said


Percy nodded. The two of them went to their respective booths.



Percy went to Dionysus’ booth first.


“May I come in?” He asked


“Come in Peter.” Dionysus said

Percy chuckled and went inside.


“How may I help you?” he asked


“We would like to order.” Ariadne smiled


“Of course.” Percy said and pulled out his notepad.


“We’d like one Lasagna and Margarita pizza. In drinks we’d like-“ Dionysus started


“Wine, of course.” Percy said




“Which one?”


“Red wines.” Ariadne said


“Anything else?” Percy asked


“Not right now.” Ariadne said


“Okay, thank you.” Percy bowed and left the booth.


Travis and Katie ordered one New York Style pizza and two chocolate shakes. Beckendorf and Silena ordered one Cheesy Croissant Casserole and virgin mojitos.


Percy went back to the kitchen and got everybody’s drinks. He went to Mr. D first. He twirled the wine glasses and poured the wine.


“That was skillful Perry.” Dionysus said


“Thank you sir.” Percy said


Then Percy went to give Beckendorf, Silena, Travis and Katie their drinks. Then he returned to the kitchen.



Meanwhile with Nico…


He went to his dad and Persephone’s booth first. Learning from personal experience and for the sake of being formal he didn’t enter directly.


“May I enter?” he asked


“Yeah.” Persephone said.


Nico went inside.


“How may I help you tonight?” he asked


“Well which song is this and the one before that?” Hades asked


“Charlie brown by Coldplay. The before one was Beginning Middle End.” Nico said


“Could I have the playlist after this?” Hades asked


“Of course sir.” Nico bowed


Persephone and Hades chuckled.


“We’d like to place our order.” Persephone said


“Great.” Nico said, pulling out a notepad.


“We’d like one Tomatokeftedes and one Moussaka.” Hades said


Nico nodded.

“Drinks?” he asked


“Whiskey.” Hades said

“Red wine.” Persephone said


“Bottles or glass?” Nico asked


“Glass.” Persephone said


“Bottle.” Hades said

“Small or big?” Nico asked




“Okay then.” Nico said


“Thank you.” Persephone said


“My pleasure.” Nico bowed and left the booth.


Clarisse and Chris ordered a Lasagna and Virgin mojitos. Frank and Hazel ordered Quiche Lorraine and Virgin Mojitos.


He met Percy in the kitchen who had put the food items on the tray and was about to leave. Nico did the same and the two of them grinned and left.



Percy went to Travis and Katie’s booth and gave them pizza.


“Here you go sir and ma’am.” Percy grinned


Katie and Travis grinned at the ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am.’

Percy went and gave the food to the other couples as well. Nico went to Frank and Hazel first.


“Here is your food ma’am and sir.” He grinned


“Thank you.” Frank grinned


Hazel chuckled.


Then he went and gave the food to Clarisse and Chris who grinned. After that he went to Hades and Persephone’s booth.


“May I come in?” He asked


“Yeah.” Hades said


Nico went in.

“You have great songs.” Hades said


“Thank you sir.” Nico bowed.


“Here is your food and drinks.” He said and kept it on the table.


“Enjoy.” Nico said. Hades and Persephone smiled. Nico’s eyes widened but by very little so nobody noticed. He bowed and left.


The two of them dug into the food.


“This is very tasty.” Hades said


Persephone nodded.



Nico and Percy sighed once they met.


“That was a lot and fun.” Percy grinned


“Yeah.” Nico chuckled.


“Let’s go see what’s up with the others.” Percy said


Nico nodded and they went to Annabeth’s booth.


“Hey guys.” Nico said


“Finally free?” Hephaestus chuckled


“Yep.” Nico said


“The food is freaking amazing.” Dakota said


“Thank you so much.” Percy grinned


Everybody chuckled.


“So what are you talking about?” Nico asked


“We were thinking that Percy and you should open a club combined with the water sports place.” Apollo said

Percy and Nico’s eyes widened.


“Seriously?” Nico asked


“You bet.” Hermes said


“Damn guys, thank you.” Percy said

“We’re gonna discuss with your parents.” Hermes said


“What about my mom?” Percy asked


“We’ll convince her. Don’t worry.” Ares chuckled

“You too?” Nico asked


Ares nodded.


“On Olympus or what?” Percy asked


“It would be safer for you to open on Olympus but we can cast a shield on the ground so you could do that. Or you could open on both.” Hermes said


“Both?!” Nico asked in surprise

“Yeah of course.” Apollo said


“This is insane.” Percy said


The demigods chuckled at their reactions.


“It’s gonna be awesome.” Triton grinned


Percy and Nico were grinning. They gave fist bumps to everybody. They chuckled.


“Hey can we order dessert?” Will asked


“Of course.” Percy and Nico said

“We’d like a blueberry cheesecake, a tiramisu and red velvet.” Leo said


Percy wrote it down and nodded.


“Be right back.” Nico and Percy said.


They went to the kitchen.


“This is insane.” Percy said, grinning


“I know right.” Nico said


They put the dishes on the plate and returned to the booth and gave it to everybody.


“You guys have something yet?” Jason asked Percy and Nico


“Not yet but we’re gonna eat later. We had a filling lunch and some snacks.” Percy said


“Great then.” Reyna said


Then Nico and Percy felt their ringers.


“Dad.” Nico said


“Dad.” Percy said


“So both your dads at one time?” Demeter asked


“Yes.” Percy said


“How’s Persephone doing?” Demeter asked


“Good I guess. I mean I’m not crashing their date. I’m only a waiter. Fates know what’s going on.” Nico shrugged


“I like how you say fates know.” Thalia snickered.


“What? I don’t think any god knows.” Nico shrugged


“We got to go.” Percy said


Nico got up.


Percy went to his father and Amphitrite.


“May I come in?” He asked

It took 2 seconds for them to respond and Percy muffled his snickers.

“Oh yeah, come in.” Poseidon said


Percy got a straight face and went inside.

“We wanted to order dessert.” Amphitrite said


“Of course.” Percy said


“We’d like an Apple pie with Vanilla ice cream and blue cookies.” Poseidon said


“Nice.” Percy chuckled.


“Will be right back.” He said and left.


Percy went to the kitchen. He took the apple pie and vanilla ice cream and blue cookies and returned to the booth.


“Here you go. Enjoy.” Percy grinned.


“Thank you.” Poseidon smiled


“Yeah, the food was awesome.” Amphitrite said


“I’m glad you like my lord and lady.” Percy bowed respectfully. “Let me know if you need anything.” He said and left the booth.

“That was professional.” Poseidon said with a raised eyebrow


Amphitrite chuckled.


Poseidon bit the cookie and groaned contently.


“What did he put in this?” He asked


“I don’t know. He said some secret ingredients.” Amphitrite said


“It reminds me of the sea.” Poseidon said


Amphitrite nodded.



Nico went to his dad’s and Persephone’s booth.


“May I come in?” He asked


It took 5 seconds for them to respond this time.


“Yeah, come on in.” Hades said


“Anything I can do for you?” Nico asked


“Yeah, we’d like to order dessert.” Persephone said


“Great.” Nico said and pulled out his notepad.


“We’d like brownies with vanilla ice cream and cookies.” Hades said


“All right.” Nico chuckled.


“Between, we loved the food.” Persephone said


Hades nodded. Nico grinned.

“Glad you liked it.” He bowed and left the booth.


Nico went to the kitchen. He grabbed the brownies and ice cream and the special gray and yellow cookies Percy made. He went back to the booth.


“Here you are.” Nico said and kept the dishes on the table.


“Thank you.” Hades said


Nico and Percy went back to Annabeth’s quarters.


“Hey guys.” Lee said


“Hey.” Percy said


“Of course you two twilight addicts would put this song.” Thalia chuckled goo naturedly


“Hey thousand years is a good song, twilight or not.” Percy defended.


“And we’re not twilight addicts.” Nico said


“Speaking of a series, this reminds me of the divergent paintball we had.” Hermes grinned


“That was so fun.” Tyson said


Everybody nodded.


“There should’ve been a Ferris Wheel.” Nico snickered


Everybody laughed.


Percy’s ringer rung.


“Mr.D, Clarisse, Silena, Katie and Hazel.” He said


“You take Mr.D and Katie and I’ll do the rest.” Nico said


Percy nodded.


“These guys are gonna be busy.” Michael chuckled, once Percy and Nico left the room.


The others nodded.


Percy went to Mr.D who ordered cookies and brownies with vanilla ice cream. Katie and Travis ordered Apple Pie, vanilla ice cream and tiramisu. Percy was really glad that everybody liked the food a lot. He was quite tired as well but he enjoyed doing this and if it also meant that his father and uncle wouldn’t get nightmares then he would do it every day.


He went to the kitchen and grabbed the purple cookies, brownies and vanilla ice cream and gave them to Mr. D. Then he got the apple pie, vanilla ice cream and tiramisu and too it to Travis and Katie.



Nico went to Hazel first who ordered brownies and blueberry cheesecake. Silena and Beckendorf ordered strawberry cheesecake and Clarisse ordered Apple pie. Nico was also really glad that everybody liked the food. He made a mental note to cook again for them but he wasn’t sure if he could remember it but it still gave him satisfaction to make the mental note.

He went to the kitchen and grabbed the necessary dishes and went to the respective booths to deliver them. He and Percy then went back to hang out with their friends.


“Hey guys, what about after this, we watch the stars?” Will asked


“Sure.” Percy grinned


The demigods nodded.


“You too guys.” Jason said to the gods there.


“What about everybody who is here, like in all the booths?” Connor asked


“Yeah, that’s good.” Nico said


“I loved the desserts. I would order more but I’m full.” Thalia said


Nico, Percy, Annabeth and Jason gasped dramatically.


“Thalia is full?” Nico asked


“Never thought that would happen.” Percy chuckled


Thalia stuck her tongue out at them,


They all talked for an hour before Percy and Nico’s ringers started ringing.


“We’ll be back.” Percy said. He and Nico divided the booths and went to their respective ones. Everybody had finished and they wanted to know the bill. The two demigods told them that it was free of cost. They all got up. Percy and Nico went and informed the booth their friends were in. They all got up as well.


“We’re going star gazing. Wanna come?” Nico asked


“Sure.” Hades said


“Just one thing, can I keep this?” Aphrodite asked, holding the wine


“The wine or the glass?” Nico asked


Everybody snickered.


“Well both.” Aphrodite grinned


“Yeah, you guys can keep the drinks. We have extra bottles behind. At least 4 more of different drinks. I’ll go get those.” Percy said


“I’ll help.” Nico said


He and Percy ran into the kitchen and grabbed the bottles or alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks and went outside.


“Here.” They kept all of it on one table.


“Take what you want.” Nico said


Percy went and got the cookies and other desserts. He divided them into boxes.


“Here are your dessert boxes.” He grinned and kept one for himself and gave one to Nico.


“The food was mind blowing.” Amphitrite said


“It was amazing.” Silena and Beckendorf nodded.






“Definitely.” Came from the others


Percy and Nico blushed under the praise and gave shy smiles.


“You guys should open a diner.” Travis laughed


Hermes and the others grinned at Percy and Nico. Hermes told everybody their plan. Everybody was overjoyed.


“That would be brilliant!” Chris grinned


Percy and Nico were as red as tomatoes. They exchanged glances and smiled.


“Thank you.” They said and bowed in unison.


Everybody cheered.


“Oh between hi, I’m Pollux.” Pollux said, holding out his hand to Ariadne with a grin.


Ariadne smiled and shook it.


“I’m Castor, I actually died but hey the fates called me for the reading. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Castor said and held out his hand.


The Greek campers and Dionysus grimaced a little but grinned at the end.


Ariadne smiled and shook his hand.


“I’m Dakota. I’m actually a son of Bacchus. I’m like Castor.” Dakota grinned


There were slight grimaces but everybody grinned again.


Ariadne shook his hand.


“It’s great to meet you guys.” Ariadne smiled. She took a few cookies from her box and gave them to the three demigods. Dakota, Castor and Pollux grinned widely and the cheered.


“We have a cool step mom as well!” They whooped and jumped as they punched the air


Everybody chuckled. Dionysus and Ariadne chuckled.


Percy grinned. Nico gave a smile.


“So that’s two gangs who got lucky.” Thalia grumbled good naturedly, hiding a grin.


“Three gangs actually.” Nico and Hazel said. Nico was glad that he took Percy’s advice. It really changed what he thought. After today especially, he was actually seeing the good sides. Percy was right, he just needed to get to know Persephone properly.


Hazel and Nico high fived each other with grins. Hades and Persephone’s eyes widened.


“T-thank you.” Persephone said


Nico and Hazel smiled. Hades grinned and he and Persephone gave side hugs to Nico and Hazel.


Percy whooped and cheered. The others joined him. He grinned and gave a thumbs up to Nico. Nico smiled at Percy.


Castor, Pollux and Dakota gave fist bumps to Ariadne. Dionysus grinned.


“It’s all thanks to this shank here.” Nico said and pointed at Percy


“Shank?” Pollux laughed.


“Glade language.” Apollo laughed.


“No it’s not all thanks to me. It’s all thanks to you.” Percy told Nico


“Oh come on! You gave me some advice.” Nico said


“Exactly, I gave you advice. You chose to act on it, you chose to start, you were the one who tried and you are the one who succeeded. Not me, I just gave you a small shove.” Percy grinned


Nico chuckled. The demigods and gods smiled.


“Now let’s go outside. Grab whatever you want and let’s go.” Percy grinned


“You three gangs got lucky this way.” Jason grinned


“That’s true.” They said.


Everybody picked up the drinks they had had that night, alcoholic or nonalcoholic and they also took their dessert boxes.


“Here’s the playlist dad.” Nico said to Hades and gave him a piece of paper with the names of the songs.


Hades grinned.


“You guys chose great songs today. Apollo was humming half of them in the booth.” Hephaestus chuckled


Percy and Nico grinned. Apollo chuckled.


On the way outside, Castor, Pollux and Dakota told Ariadne to take at least one of each of their cookies as she had given them one each. Ariadne was laughing and saying that it was a gift.


“This is a gift from us then.” Pollux grinned


Ariadne chuckled and took the cookie. Dionysus and the other gods were grinning. It made the demigods happy to see their parents laugh and enjoy. The demigod and god couples who had gone on the date were holding hands and walking. The others gave them space.


“Annabeth, you got to design the club now too.” Hermes grinned


“This is still so crazy.” Percy and Nico said


Hermes grinned.


“We’re all mad here.” He said


The demigods cheered.


“So true dad.” Connor said


Hermes winked.


Annabeth grinned.

“I’m gonna start soon then.” She said


They all reached the railing. When Annabeth designed the place, she asked the gods to add protective shields so that there would be no accidents. Everybody knew that because they learnt during their stay. They all leant on the railing and sipped whatever drink they had brought as they watched the stars and identified the constellations. Artemis identified the most, obviously. Thalia, Annabeth and Percy were tied. Nico came third which he seemed glad about.


It was mostly quiet but there would be small bits of conversation between the demigods and/or gods.


They stayed there for half an hour before everybody started yawning.


“Let’s sleep.” Pollux said


Everybody nodded, gave each other fist bumps and went to their quarters. The gods watched their children crashed on the beds.


Today Nico and Percy had fallen asleep within seconds, proving just how tire they were.


Dionysus and Hades were really happy about the fact that their respective partners had been accepted by their children. All the gods smiled as they slept. Nobody was thinking about the next day’s reading.




Chapter Text

The demigods all woke up at 8am. Percy and Nico felt no sign of being tired. Their parents were still asleep which didn’t surprise the demigods. The demigods all took their phones and snapped photos of their parents and grinned.


They all went to the dining hall and enjoyed the fresh chilly air that was hitting them. They all decided to eat outside. Once they went outside, they showed each other the pictures they clicked and then snickered. Some demigods sent their images to their friends because they asked for it.


“It was super fun yesterday.” Thalia said

“Yeah, we should really take out time of the readings to do such stuff.” Percy agreed


“Maybe we could take a week break and do some fun stuff and relax for that week and then continue with the readings. What happened yesterday was fun but I’m still shaken up by dad’s nightmare.” Nico said


“That’s a good idea. Yeah, that nightmare was disturbing and we were watching it from a distance and we couldn’t see you two so well. You were sitting right there, it would’ve hurt more.” Jason said


“Yeah, it sounds disturbing as you say it.” Percy said, his eyebrows furrowing.


“Things get all serious again today.” Annabeth sighed


“I think one day of fun gets very subdued by the readings of multiple chapters. Like if we read today, the next three to four chapters will subdue all the fun and positive thoughts and good vibes. It’s like Nico said, if we take a week or multiple days off, it would help relax everybody’s nerves. I mean somewhere the readings to linger in the back of your mind. The feelings can’t just disappear.” Will said


The demigods nodded.


“Okay so we should train.” Percy said


All the demigods nodded and got up. The ones who had died also decided to train so that they wouldn’t remind the others of their death.


Grover practiced some nature magic and grew some vines for a few demigods to practice obstacle courses. Percy, Nico, Clarisse and Jason hacked at dummies. Piper, Leo, Rachel, Annabeth practiced throwing knives. The Apollo kids, Frank, Zoe, Reyna and Thalia practiced archery. They had a friendly archery competition which Lee and Zoe won. Thalia and Frank were tied. Beckendorf was lifting weights. Clarisse did the same after training with swords. Chris practiced with spears. The Stolls were running around the track. Katie, Silena, Dakota, Hazel, Castor and Pollux were doing Grover’s obstacle course. Annabeth went and joined them after throwing knives.


The demigods were all sweaty by 10am which is when their parents woke up. They had all walked to the dining hall and grabbed their meals. A few of them had desserts from their dessert boxes. The demigods went to the dining hall and greeted their parents. The gods saw the condition their children were in. Their shirts were sticking to their skin and was dripping with sweat. Their hair was sticking up and with the amount of sweat on their face, it looked like they had dunked their face in it. They all had identical grins plastered on their faces. The gods knew that anybody could figure out as to how all their children were so fit.


“We’ve decided something.” Piper announced


“What?” Ares asked


“We’ll tell you after we take a bath.” Percy grinned


The gods snickered. They all went to their respective quarters and took some hot water baths and shampooed their hair. They all wore hoodies so that their head wouldn’t get cold.


“Okay so we’re back.” Thalia said


“So what did you decide?” Hephaestus asked


“We decided to take the week off from reading.” Nico said


“Can you do that?” Persephone asked


“Well the fates haven’t objected so I think we can. Our reasoning might have made sense to them as well.” Hazel said


Persephone nodded.

“So what are we going to do for the week?” Apollo asked


“I feel like we’re teachers and you all are students asking for a field trip.” Percy snickered

The gods chuckled and the demigods grinned.


“We’re gonna decide that as the day goes by. Today we’re all going clubbing. We’ve all got things that we’ve got to put behind us.” Nico announced


The demigods grinned and nodded.


The gods nodded. Hermes, Apollo and Ares cheered. The demigods gave small smiles. They were beginning to realize the reason as to why their parents would maintain a distance from them. It was because they didn’t want to go crazy after the demigods died. The demigods were thinking the same thing but they all always lived in the present. They would see what would happen later. At this point, they were all smiling at seeing Hermes, Apollo and Ares cheering while the other gods were grinning.


“Don’t worry, there won’t be any gross dances.” Reyna assured Artemis, Hestia and Zoe


“I’m not one for clubbing.” Hestia smiled


“Oh.” Reyna said


“So, should we do something else?” Nico frowned


“No, no. Don’t cancel on my account. We’ve got the whole week off and we’ve got many days left.” Hestia smiled


The demigods smiled.


“I don’t think I will be able to join you all.” Chiron said


“Why not?” Annabeth asked


“I don’t think clubbing is my thing. I mean you have seen me with the party ponies. You all should go though.” Chiron said


The demigods nodded.

“I don’t like extremely loud music. I’m sorry.” Zoe said


“Aw man.” Thalia said


“It’s okay. You should still go clubbing.” Zoe said


“Are you all sure?” Percy asked

“100%.” Zoe said


Percy and the others nodded.


“Okay then.” Jason said


The demigods jumped off the steps they were standing on and went and sat with their parents.


“So, enjoyed last night?” Triton asked


“It was great.” Poseidon grinned


“Today’s gonna be lit too.” Percy said


“I’m looking forward to it.” Tyson grinned


“Me too big guy.” Percy high fived him.


Everybody chuckled.


Thalia decided to have some fun so she grabbed a bottle of ice cold water and splashed the water on Percy. Percy gave a high pitched squeak. Thalia and Nico burst out laughing but it was short lived as Percy grinned and conjured some water from Antarctica and splashed it on Nico and Thalia. Thalia gave a small yell. Nico squeaked in a voice that was even higher pitched than Percy.


“WATER FIGHT!” Connor screamed


“NO POWERS!” Travis yelled.


The demigods raced to the water bottle area and grabbed five bottles each. They opened the water bottles and emptied them on each other. The dining hall was filled with laughter. They were soon running around and splashing water on each other. Some of the demigods *cough* The Stolls *cough* got buckets filled with water and dunked it on the others. The demigods looked at each other and got matching grins which made the gods stop laughing and think ‘Uh oh’.


The demigods ran outside and grabbed hose pipes.

“FIRE IT UP PERCY!” They yelled


Percy grinned and turned the pipes on. The demigods sprayed water on all the gods while whooping and cheering. Within two seconds all the gods were drenched from head to two. Hera, Zeus and Athena had been spared as nobody sprayed on them. The others got mischievous smirks on their faces. They went and grabbed their own hose pipes and sprayed their children. The demigods cheered at the top of their lungs and sprayed the gods back. He dining room floor looked as if a flood had occurred there which Poseidon promised hadn’t.


Hestia chuckled and snapped her fingers, drying and rearranging everything. Chiron was smiling at the scene of the demigods and most of the gods getting along and drenching each other with hose pipes. A month ago, no demigod would’ve even dared to splash some water on any of the gods except Apollo. No god with the exception of Apollo would’ve wanted to engage in a water war with demigods. This reading really was changing everybody. The sea gang dried everybody’s clothes.


*Time break*


It was 3pm and some of the demigods and gods were hanging by the beach and lying down on the sand with the promise from the sea gang that no crabs would hurt them.


The Hephaestus gang had gone to search for materials. They said that if they found something then they would let the others know. Annabeth had gone to the library with Will and Hazel to search for books on magic.


“Hey Annabeth and Will, check this one out!” Hazel called out

Annabeth and Will went over to Hazel and saw the two books she held. One was titled ‘The Magic of Light’ and the second one was titled ‘Magical secrets.’


“I think this might have something. Let’s keep all the books we’ve found on the table and then scope through them.” Will said


Annabeth and Hazel nodded.


Will and Annabeth searched for another half hour. Each of them had found a total of three books. They kept all the nine books on the table. Annabeth read the titles of all the books.


“I think they might have something. As we scope through them, we might even get new ideas. Those are always helpful.” She said


Will and Hazel nodded.


“Hazel, anything Hecate tell you yet about anything similar?” Annabeth asked


“Not yet. I learnt how to manipulate the mist and I’m learning basics for now.” Hazel said


“Would the mist help creating something?” Will asked


“I don’t think so. I mean the mist would create an illusion, it wouldn’t necessarily be as real.” Annabeth said


“So what Leo would help making, would that be permanent?” Hazel asked


“I talked to him. He said that they would make it in way that it could be removed and put back again, depending on the circumstances and situations. He also said that he had an idea of making all the seasons in the underworld, if we’re supposed to help it work like the upper world.” Annabeth said


“That’s actually a good idea.” Will nodded


Annabeth and Hazel nodded. The three of them grabbed one book each and read in silence.


“Hey guys, need help?” Silena and Chris asked, coming in the library.


“Yeah, we’ve got six books left. Could you help us read?” Hazel asked


“Of course.” They said and took one book each.


The five of them read quietly for 2 hours when Will said “I think I found something.”


“What?” the other four asked in excitement.


Will showed them the page. The four of them read the text.


“That’s good.” Silena said

The others nodded.


“Fold the page and we’ll keep this on the side and look through more.” Annabeth said


They nodded. Will folded the page and kept the book on the side and grabbed another book. By 6:30, the demigods had found two more references. They had folded the pages and kept the books on the side.


“Hey, what time are we going clubbing?” Hazel asked


“8pm.” Chris said


“Great, so we’ll leave the library in another half hour?” Annabeth said


The demigods nodded.



*Time break*


The demigods and gods were in their quarters, dressing up for going. Annabeth, Piper, Silena, Hazel and Reyna wore dresses. Thalia, Katie and Clarisse stuck with pants and a jacket on top of their t-shirt. The goddesses wore dresses.


The boys wore pants with jackets on top of t-shirts and some wore t-shirts and pants and the others wore denim shirts with pants.


They met each other outside. The ones with partners blushed as they looked at each other. Though they decided to make this for everybody and not a couple thing.


“Let’s go.” Travis grinned.


Everybody grinned and they all went to a club on Olympus called ‘AM to PM.’

“Sounds good.” Triton said


“Looks great too. Whole place is booked for us today and the layout is customized.” Percy grinned


They all went inside. The songs were playing at full volume. The speakers were such that they could never be dangerous.


The demigods cheered. The song playing was ‘We Own It.’


“Love this song.” Connor grinned


“Love the movie.” Travis fist bumped him.


“Let’s get a drink.” Percy grinned. The demigods went to the bar and so did the gods.


The demigods poured different non-alcoholic drinks.

“All right. So TO WINNING TWO TO THREE FREAKING WARS!” Thalia shouted


“CHEERS!” The demigods shouted and drank.


“Let’s dance!” Nico said


“Yep.” Will grinned


The song changed to Gang up. Everybody went to the dance floor.


The demigods danced and jumped. The lyric ‘we stayed down and came up.’ Played and the demigods danced and sunk to squat position with their hands behind their neck and the waved back up, grinning.


“Nice one.” Triton grinned


Percy grinned.


“What did he say?” Nico asked


“Nice one.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


They all danced for another half hour.


“SOLO DANCES!” The Stolls yelled in the mic

Everybody cheered.


“PERCY FIRST!” Travis shouted


Percy grinned. He went to the dance flower and everybody went to the side.


“First Percy will dance and then he will choose somebody to do the dance with him. You can’t chose your half siblings or step parents or partners but you can choose your parent. You can choose up to 2 people to join you. Same for everybody.” Connor said

The demigods grinned.


Percy walked onto the dance floor.


“Which song, my mate?” Travis asked


“Venom by Warriyo.” Percy grinned


“You got it.” Connor grinned


The song started playing and Percy did some simple neck exercises. Then he started ‘The Reanimate’ dance from Fortnite. The demigods and some gods cheered and whooped. After that he smoothly changed to ‘The Worm.’ The cheers got even louder. Percy ended the dance with a back flip. The demigods and gods cheered and whooped. Percy grinned.


“I choose dad, Hermes and Apollo.” Percy grinned


The Hermes kids and Apollo kids whooped. Triton, Tyson and Amphitrite cheered. The others cheered. Hermes, Apollo and Poseidon grinned and joined Percy. Connor played the music.


The gods managed the reanimate perfectly. Hermes and Apollo managed the worm but Poseidon wasn’t able to do it but all four of them nailed the back flip. Everybody cheered.


“Nico next!” Travis grinned


Nico grinned and went to the dance floor. Connor played the song.


Nico started with Orange Justice which got a lot of cheers because Nico’s was faster than the actual one and he was the best out of the campers at the dance. As he finished the dance, he quickly changed to ‘Infectious.’ He finally ended the dance with a side flip. The cheers were deafening.


“I choose dad, Percy and Thalia and Jason.” Nico said


“Only three people, Nico.” Connor said


“Aw come on!” Nico said

“Fine, all four.” Travis grinned


Nico grinned.


The four people walked onto the dance floor. The music played and Nico started. The four people somehow managed to keep up with Nico. They finished all the moves together and totally nailed it. Everybody cheered and grinned.


Then Thalia chose Reyna and Artemis who did the Squat dance. Everybody continued to do this for one hour.


“Who wants a drink?” Castor grinned


“The demigods’ bartending skills.” Pollux grinned


“So you all will put in drinks for us?” Hermes asked


The demigods grinned and nodded.

“We already know your choices.” Percy grinned


The gods chuckled.


The demigods grinned and smirked.


“Castor, Pollux and Dakota for the finale.” Lee said


The demigods nodded. Castor, Pollux and Dakota grinned.


“Percy.” Travis called


Percy went to the bar and grinned.


“Which song this time?” Connor asked


“Energy by Elektronomia.” Chris said


The Stolls grinned and played the said song.


Percy grinned and grabbed the bottle of tequila. He flipped it on a low level by the neck. Then he tossed it behind his back and caught in from his other hand. He tossed it from between his legs and caught it. Then he tossed it in the air and created a hand out of water, which caught the bottle and he turned his hand and the drink poured formally into the glass. Then Percy closed the cap and then he waved his hand, making the water hand disappear.


The demigods roared their approval and everybody cheered.


Percy grinned and bowed. He gave the glass to his dad.


“Those are some serious skills.” Poseidon grinned


“Watch my friends now.” Percy grinned



“Clarisse!” Connor said


Clarisse grinned. She grabbed the Vodka bottle and twirled it. She tossed the bottle behind her shoulder and caught it with the other hand, next to her other shoulder. She then increased the speed of it and then it looked like a blur. Finally she twirled it again and poured the drink in the glass and gave it Ares who grinned.


The demigods cheered and whooped.

“Damn, you guys have skills.” Triton said


“How?” Amphitrite asked


“Training.” Percy grinned


“Beckendorf and Leo!” Travis grinned


Beckendorf and Leo fist bumped each other and went to the counter. Beckendorf picked out the brandy.


Beckendorf tossed it toward Leo who lit his palm with fire and caught the bottle with the other. He held the fire close to the alcohol but made sure to not touch it. Though there was a distance, to the demigods and gods watching, it looked like the bottle was on fire. Leo grinned and tossed it from behind his back to Beckendorf who grinned. Beckendorf balanced it on his head, then he titled his head and caught the bottle as he dropped it from his head. He then poured it into the glass and gave it to Hephaestus who grinned.


Everybody cheered. Silena, The seven and Apollo cheered the loudest. The song changed to Monsters by Shinedown.


“Nico!” Connor grinned


Nico grinned and went to the bar. He grabbed the Whiskey bottle. He held it on his palm and black smoke rose from his palm surrounding the bottle. He then immediately tossed it to his back and caught it with the other hand. He tossed the bottle across his waist. Then he smirked and threw the bottle in the air as it was surrounded by shadows and smoke. Then when it was coming down, he bumped it with his chest and caught it. It looked like Nico was doing all this with a bottle of smoke. He then poured the Whiskey into the glass and grinned. Then he gave it to his dad who grinned. All the skills Nico did was in almost two minutes.


Everybody cheered at the top of their lungs.


“Katie.” Travis grinned. The song changed to ‘Sugar, we’re going down’ by Fall Out Boy.


Katie chuckled and went to the counter. She took the wine and tossed it between her legs and then tossed it from behind her back. She caught it on her shoulder and tossed it into the air. She had some vines bring it down. She caught it and poured it into the glass and gave it to her mother who smiled.


Everybody cheered.

“YEAH! THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND!” Travis shouted


Katie grinned.


“Will, Lee, Michael and Rachel!” Connor called.


The four grinned at each other and went to the counter. They grabbed the Tequila. Will tossed the bottle and Michael caught it. He did a series of fast throws form one hand to another and behind his back as well. Then he tossed it to Rachel who grinned and made it slide down her back and then caught it with her arm. She then tossed the bottle in the air. Lee pulled a slingshot and shot the cork right off the bottle. Will caught the bottle and poured it. They gave it to Apollo who cheered.


The cheers at Lee’s shot were deafening. They all did this until only Castor, Pollux and Dakota were left.


“Castor, Pollux and Dakota!” Travis and Connor grinned

The three demigods grinned and went to the bar. They grabbed two bottles of wine. Castor juggled both the bottles with high speed. Then he tossed the bottles to Dakota who caught one behind his back and the other in front of him. He grinned and tossed both in the air. He caught them and balanced them on his shoulder. Then he bent forward and caught the two bottles and tossed them toward Pollux. Pollux did such tricks with the bottle that it looked like he was playing basketball but without the bottles dropping. Finally he tossed the bottles to Castor who caught them and opened the cap. The gods thought that they would just pour it now but the demigods new better. Castor pulled the cork of the bottles and flipped them in such a way that both the wine bottles poured directly into the glass and there was not even a mark on the table Pollux then got vines to bring the bottles down and Dakota put the cap back on.


The cheers were deafening. Dionysus was grinning widely. The other gods were surprised at the show of skill by all the demigods and cheered loudly. The Dionysus kids gave the god the drink and Dionysus grinned.


They all partied and danced for some more hours. The demigods jumped and whooped and a lot of them did complicated breakdance steps which left the gods open-mouthed and the demigods smirking or grinning. Only when they thought the demigods’ dance skills couldn’t amaze them more, the demigods would do way more complicated breakdance steps. The demigods and gods all drank during the night. None of the demigods, even Castor, Pollux and Dakota didn’t have any alcoholic drink. The gods stuck with alcoholic drinks.


At about 2:30 am, the demigods all sat and talked and around 3:30 they decided it was time to sleep.


“Come on guys, we gotta sleep now.” Percy said

Everybody nodded. All of them were quite tired. They all went to their quarters and the gods crashed on their beds immediately. The demigods looked at them and chuckled and closed the door to their rooms and slept.






Chapter Text

The gods woke up late the next morning. The demigods had already woken up and were in the dining hall, talking. The dining hall was filled with conversation as the gods walked in, rubbing their heads. The demigods chuckled as their respective parents sat at their tables, holding their heads.


“Have this.” The demigods chuckled and gave their parents some hot chocolate or hot coffee.


“Why?” Poseidon asked


“You’ll probably feel better, seeing the condition you all are in.” Percy snickered


The gods gratefully took the hot chocolate.


“Okay, so today we’re going bowling. The rest of the days are just going to be relaxation days.” Nico said


The gods nodded.


“Get ready.” Percy said to the gods


“We’re going now?” Hermes asked, excitement evident in his voice.


The demigods chuckled at this.


“You bet we are.” Connor grinned


“Wear loose pants.” Thalia advised. The demigods snickered.


The gods got up and went to their quarters. They wore track pants like the demigods suggested. They went and joined their children in the garden. The demigods were standing or sitting on rocks and laughing. The gods smiled at that. Then Percy spotted them from the top of his rock and he jumped down.


“Let’s go.” He grinned. The demigods grinned which made the gods a little wary as they thought that their children were probably thinking of a way to beat them in a bowling competition.


“Do you guys want to have a competition? Demigods vs gods.” Jason grinned


“No. You guys are probably better at bowling.” Apollo grinned


The demigods smirked and laughed.


“Okay so bets?” Lee asked


“What kind?” Hermes asked in interest


“Hmm, maybe who gets a strike or spare?” Apollo suggested


“Sure.” Lee shrugged


“Okay then.” Hermes grinned.


“We’re up first.” The Stolls said


“Aw come on. I can’t choose between you two.” Hermes complained


“Then just watch this one.” Clarisse grinned. Hermes pouted.


The Stolls grabbed 14 pound balls each and walked to alley. The board above their heads announced that the pins were ready and the demigods cheered. The Stolls grinned at each other and rolled the ball with high speed. Connor’s stayed straight while Travis’ wavered a little but stuck to the middle pin. The two balls hit the pins. The two of them got a strike. Everybody cheered.


“Strike baby!” The Stolls punched the air. They all laughed and chuckled.


“Me and Aquaman.” Leo said


Percy grinned.


“You’re up fireboy.” He said


“10 drachmas that Percy wins.” Hermes said to Apollo


“10 drachmas that it’s a tie.” Apollo grinned.


“You’re on.”


The two of them went to alley. Leo picked a 14 pound ball while Percy took a 15 pound one. The screen told them that the pins were ready. Percy and Leo grinned and rolled the ball. Leo’s ball hit the side pin which resulted in 8 pins falling. Percy’s also hit the side pin which resulted in 7 pins falling. They both got their balls back and rolled them again. Both of them got a spare and everybody cheered. Leo and Percy gave each other high fives. Apollo smirked at Hermes and winked at Percy and Leo.


“Pay up speedy.” Apollo said to Hermes. Hermes pouted at the nickname but grinned and handed the money.


“Beckendorf and me.” Clarisse said


“15 drachmas that it’s a tie.” Hermes said to Ares and Hephaestus. The two gods bet 15 drachmas on their children.


“Makes sense.” Chris grinned.


Clarisse and Beckendorf grinned and went to the alley. The two of them each took a 16 pound ball. Ares and Hephaestus grinned from their seats. As the screen announced that the pins were rolling, Beckendorf and Clarisse rolled their balls and both of them got a strike. They grinned and everybody cheered and whooped. 


“Pay up you two.” Hermes said to Ares and Hephaestus. The two of them begrudgingly handed over the money. The demigods bowled for some time and cheered and whooped as they got strikes and spares.


“Now you guys.” Percy grinned at the gods. The gods chuckled.


“Dad and Uncle P.” Nico grinned. Poseidon raised an eyebrow at the nickname but chuckled at the end. The two gods got up and shot each other smirks.


“10 drachmas on dad.” Nico said to Percy


“10 drachmas it’s a tie.” Percy said


“10 on dad.” Triton said


The three nodded.


Hades and Poseidon rolled their balls. Poseidon got a spare while Hades got a strike. Hades smirked at his brother who chuckled.


“Pay up Jackson and Triton.” Nico grinned


Percy grinned and Triton sighed and they gave Nico the drachmas.


Artemis and Aphrodite went next.


“20 drachmas on Lady Artemis.” Thalia said


“That’s kind of obvious.” Annabeth said. Thalia looked at Nico and Percy and they shrugged.


“Hey Ares, 20 drachmas of Lady Artemis.” Thalia grinned

Ares smirked and agreed, betting 20 drachmas on Aphrodite.


“No offense Ares but that wasn’t very wise.” Apollo chuckled. Ares glowered at him.


Artemis got a strike.


“Pay up.” Thalia smirked at Ares. Ares bedgrudingly handed her the drachmas. Hermes and Apollo went next. Nobody bet because they all thought that it would be a tie. They were right. Both of them got strikes. They whooped and high fived. Everybody cheered and chuckled.


Dionysus and Triton went next. The Greek campers bet on Dionysus as he was their camp director. Percy however bet on a tie. Both of them got spares. Needless to say that Percy had quite a collection of drachmas and he looked quite smug about that.


They bowled like that for quite a while before heading to the café for supper and evening coffee. Some of them looked at each other’s score cards and grinned. They all had a campfire and went to sleep, grinning.


Once they all woke up the next day, the demigods followed a normal routine. First they went for training and then they went for a snack while their parents had breakfast. Chiron was quite glad to see his students still continue with their training and routines. He was also quite glad that they had taken the week off. He thought that everybody needed time to calm down and collect themselves. However, he wanted to get the last book of the first war over quite quickly, not wanting to dwell too much on the horrors they experienced, though he knew it might just get worse.


Everybody just relaxed for the next five days before they got back to reading. None of them looked excited about it but they had the same thoughts as Chiron but they were all quite apprehensive to hear about their childrens’ deaths and at the reminder that not only could they have been better parents to their children but also to all the demigods.


“I’ll read.” Persephone said as they went to the throne room to resume the readings.



Chapter Text

“Doesn’t sound like a fun one.” Poseidon muttered


We could see the white flag from half a mile away…You do not want to get into a snowball fight with those guys.”

Everybody chuckled.


“Not fun.” Zoe agreed


As the giant got closer, I could see three human-size envoys…except for her flaming hair and fangs.


“Oh gods. The mental images.” Travis and Connor held their heads.


The demigods were pale.


The group walked leisurely toward the Heckscher Playground…. Always stealing celery from defenseless satyrs!”


The demigods burst out laughing while Grover turned red.


“Poor satyrs and celery.” Travis joked


Grover pouted.


Thalia coughed. “What?” Grover demanded…“Here they come.”


“The fear of rabbits is called Leporiphobia.” Annabeth said


“Thanks.” Grover said


Annabeth grinned.


The man in the tux stepped forward…I’d destroyed two of her sisters last summer.


“Yes, enjoy hissing at me.” Percy said warily


The demigods snickered and the sea gang cracked smiles.


“My dear,” Tux Dude said to her…“Hey, Ethan,” I said. “You’re looking good.”


Everybody laughed.


“Good one Perce.” Beckendorf chuckled. Percy grinned.


Ethan glared at me. “To business.” Tux Dude extended his hand. “I am Prometheus.”


“Whoa.” Frank said


“It’s not good that even he was siding with the titans.” Reyna said grimly


The gods nodded.


I was too surprised to shake. “The fire-stealer guy? ... Zeus had me chained to a rock and tortured for all eternity.”


“Titan sarcasm.” Connor sighed


“He has a point though.” Travis said. Zeus grimaced.


I was looking at Ethan, but Prometheus apparently thought…He just frowned and said, “Uh-oh.”


The demigods’ eyes widened and they burst into laughter.


Then he stepped in the fountain…the idea of fighting him made me sad.


The sea gang sighed.


Prometheus sat forward and laced his fingers…“Also the Titan of crafty counsel,” Grover put in. “Emphasis on crafty.”


“Good one, Grover.” Hermes nodded. Grover grinned.


Prometheus shrugged. “True enough, satyr…“Your spy has been keeping you posted,” I guessed.


Silena winced.


Prometheus smiled apologetically…. There you’ll be destroyed. I have seen this. It will happen.”


“You wish, honey.” Connor said


Percy groaned.


“It would have been a great line but just please don’t add the ‘honey.’ It gives me Mrs. Dodds vibes.” He said


Connor smirked. Nico snickered.


I thought about the picture Rachel had drawn in my dream…“I won’t let it happen,” I said.


The sea gang smiled at Percy.


Prometheus brushed a speck off his tux lapel… elevator at the Empire State Building?” I asked. “Good luck.”


Everybody laughed.

“Percy, I-“ Reyna started.


Percy grinned sheepishly.


Prometheus smiled. “Troy was completely destroyed, Percy…“The might of the gods is tied to their seats of power.


Everybody scoffed and snorted.


“We’d be dead in a blink of an eye.” Pollux said


“No, he’d torture before killing some of us and the others, he would kill at once. We wouldn’t have had a proper trial in the Underworld and it’d be a barren place.” Chris said


The demigods’ jaws tightened and the gods grimaced and winced. Then they saw their children. They looked like warriors. The gods knew that their children were brave but now they saw the strength they possessed, mental and physical.


You saw what happened to Poseidon…old and decrepit my father looked.  


The sea gang winced.


“Yes,” Prometheus said sadly. “I know that was hard for you…Much easier. Fewer lives lost.


“We wouldn’t have let the already lost lives to be for vain.” Will scoffed.


The demigods nodded.


But make no mistake, the best you can do is slow us down…The Hunters will fight to our last breath.


Artemis smiled at her hunters who were nodding.


Percy, you’re not seriously going to listen to this slimeball, are you?”


“Slimeball.” Tyson snickered


I figured Prometheus was going to blast her…“That’s my mother’s surname. I don’t use it.”


Jason grimaced.


“As you wish,” Prometheus said casually…not because you cared about us.”


“You tell him, Thalia!” The demigods cheered

Thalia grinned. Artemis looked proud.


Prometheus shook his head. “You don’t understand…He made a fist and smashed the clay man into a pancake.


The demigods jumped.

“That was sudden.” Castor said


The demigods nodded.


The blue giant rumbled, “Uh-oh.”… My face felt hot. “That’s different.”


Leo growled.


“How? Much like me, she did nothing wrong, and yet she was exiled forever simply because she was Atlas’s daughter.


The demigods scowled.


We are not your enemies. Don’t let the worst happen,” he pleaded…Not even recognized?”


The gods winced.


“Yeah, they didn’t feel important because they didn’t have cabins.” Percy said


The gods grimaced again.


He sounded just like Luke when he’d tried to kill me…An eye was a small price to pay.”


“He did make a difference.” Annabeth said

Percy and Grover nodded.


“Great mom.” “At least she keeps her word, unlike the Olympians…Now, now,” the Titan said. “We’re on a diplomatic mission.”


“Percy had a good point to Ethan.” Piper said


Prometheus studied me as if trying to understand my anger…Prometheus’s index finger touched my forehead.


Thalia, Percy and Annabeth grimaced.


Suddenly I was back in May Castellan’s living room…Ms. Castellan bandaged her wounded leg.


Zeus grimaced and rubbed his leg.


Seven-year-old Annabeth sat next to her, playing with a Medusa beanbag toy.


Everybody chuckled.


The god’s face looked liquid in the candlelight…His shoulders were tense, as if he expected a fight.


Hermes winced.


“All these years I’ve been calling to you…Growing up on the streets, fending for myself, fighting monsters.”


“You just made him hate his life and situation and parentage even more.” Chris winced.

Hermes flinched.


“You’re my son,” Hermes said. “I knew you had the ability. When I was only a baby, I crawled from my cradle and set out for—”


“That’s not the time for stories!” Lee said


“And he’s not a god. You can’t compare him to yourself!” Clarisse said.


Hermes flinched again.


The Stolls and Chris would’ve glared at the others for talking to their dad like that but they knew that what their dad was doing was bound to hurt Luke and Hermes shouldn’t have compared Luke to himself. Normally the gods would kill them for trying to compare any demigod to them and then they were comparing themselves on their own. Luke wasn’t a god. No demigod was.


“I’m not a god! Just once, you could’ve said something…Did you even know when I finally ran away?”


The demigods actually felt bad for Luke but they knew somewhere that Hermes did love Luke. They knew it would’ve been very scary for such a young kid with May as she was kind of cursed.

Hermes glared at Hades who winced.


In the kitchen, Ms. Castellan chattered aimlessly…She mouthed, Can we go now?


Annabeth grimaced.


“Luke, I care very much,” Hermes said slowly…He stared at the candles as if remembering something unpleasant.


“That would make him even more upset, dad.” Chris said gently. Hermes nodded and grimaced.


“What?” Luke asked. “What about my destiny?”… “Now, what were you saying about my destiny?”


“He does need help very badly.” Pollux shook his head.


“Dude, he just got another thing to worry about. That’s kind of an exception for feeling like that.” Dakota said.


Pollux sighed


The wings on Hermes’s Reeboks fluttered restlessly…what would happen to Luke someday, how he would turn evil.


Hermes shuddered.


“My son,” he said, “I’m the god of travelers…“You don’t love me.”


This made The Stolls and Chris angry.


“If he wouldn’t have loved you then he wouldn’t have visited you. Luke should know he’s lucky.” They said angrily. The demigods grimaced as they head emotion in the three brother’s voices.


Hermes noticed it too and flinched.


“I promise I…I do love you. Go to camp...“Then you don’t care!” Luke yelled


Hermes grimaced.


“He can’t tell.” Apollo said sadly


In the kitchen, the talking died abruptly…Thalia, Annabeth, come on! We’re leaving!”


The demigods winced for their own reasons while the gods winced for their own. The gods winced because of the feeling of abandonment that their children might have felt.


The demigods winced because they felt a little bad for Luke but they understood why Hermes couldn’t do anything though they knew that Hermes had not handled the situation well. They winced at the understanding that Luke interpreted


“My boy, don’t go!” May Castellan called after him…“I know, my love,” Hermes said sadly. “Believe me, I know.”


The demigods grimaced in sympathy for May. A few of the demigods had watery eyes.


The image faded. Prometheus pulled his hand away…I was too stunned to answer.


Poseidon flinched.


“Perrrcy,” Grover warned, “he’s playing with your mind…so he probably knew Prometheus was succeeding.


The gods and demigods flinched. The demigods, because they understood what Percy meant and the gods because of Percy.


Athena, Hera and Zeus eyed Percy warily.


“Do you really blame your friend Luke?” the Titan asked me…Then maybe I won’t have to destroy him.”


“Percy, my man. How can you say all this without cracking?” Travis asked


“I don’t know.” Percy sighed.


The empousa snarled. Her hair erupted in fresh flames…Grover whimpered when he saw it.


“No.” Poseidon breathed

Hestia and Percy shared a knowing glance. Hestia gave a gentle smile to Percy, remembering what he did.


Thalia gasped. “That’s not—” “Yes,” Prometheus said. “You recognize it.”… They were willing to punish the entire race of humanity along with us.”


Zeus scowled.


I thought about my dream of Hades and Maria di Angelo…probably hadn’t lost any sleep over it.


The demigods scowled at Zeus.


Hades was no better…or tried to raise him better so he wouldn’t turn evil?


Hermes and Hades flinched. Their children grimaced because Percy had a point there.


Maybe Prometheus was toying with my mind. But what if he’s right? part of me wondered. How are the gods any better than the Titans?


The demigods grimaced. Percy was the most loyal demigod ever and even he thought that even though it was just for a few seconds or minutes.


The gods stared at Percy, a few of them were slightly open-mouthed. Some gods looked guilty. Percy stared determinedly at the wall and refused to look at anybody.


Prometheus tapped the lid of Pandora’s jar. “…He will spare the survivors.”  


“Kronos will do no such thing.” Chris gritted his teeth.


I stared at the jar and got a very bad feeling…It cannot be taken back.”


Percy gave a small growl.


He stood. The empousa came forward…like it was just a regular sunny Sunday afternoon.


“Done.” Persephone said


“I’ll read.” Apollo said. Persephone gave him the book.






Chapter Text

“They do?” Leo asked


Percy snickered.


“It was a pain.” He said


Back at the Plaza, Thalia pulled me aside…“Do you know what happened to May Castellan? I mean—”


“We know now.” Hermes said, glaring at Hades who grimaced.

“We’re going to try, Hermes.” Dionysus said


Hermes nodded.


“I know what you mean,” Thalia said…If Luke knew, he never told me.”


“It was freaky.” Percy admitted


Hades grimaced again.


“I’m sorry.” He said finally


Hermes nodded.


“You should be.”


“Hey, okay now listen, Hermes. Yes, what dad did was very wrong but everybody succumbs to their fatal flaw at least once. The fact that there was grief involved with the fatal flaw didn’t make matters easier. Mr. D said that you are going to try to heal her. Let’s think about that rather than how it happened.” Nico said


Hermes’ eyes widened a little but he nodded. Hades gave a grateful look to Nico.


“Hermes knew,” I said. “Something caused May to see parts…how Luke would turn into Kronos.


“You knew about what would happen but you didn’t know how the lady was able to do so?” Zeus asked. Hermes gave a small glare to Zeus for calling May ‘the lady.’


“I knew that there was something wrong. I knew it was dangerous but I didn’t know why.” Hermes said


Zeus nodded.


Thalia frowned. “You can’t be sure of that…night because he was checking up on May, taking care of her. He wasn’t all bad.”


“Thank you.” Hermes said to Thalia who gave a small smile.


“It’s still not right,” I insisted. “Luke was just a little kid. Hermes never helped him, never stopped him from running away.”


Hermes winced. Percy grimaced.


“I’m sorry Hermes.” Percy said


Hermes waved it away. Somewhere Hermes still thought that he could’ve prevented Luke from running away or at least helped him. Though he knew that the prophecy couldn’t be changed.

The demigods grimaced at the thought that even Percy was sympathizing a little with Luke at the time.


Thalia shouldered her bow…silvery glow around her—the blessing of Artemis.


The hunters smiled.


“Percy,” she said, “you can’t start feeling sorry for Luke…Blood rose to my face. “She’ll do fine.”


Annabeth winced. Thalia looked anywhere but at her.


“I don’t know. After that night, after we left his mom’s house? ... We can’t afford to be soft on him.”


Hermes grimaced again.


“I think he wanted to prove himself worthy or something.” Travis said


Thalia nodded.


I looked out at the fires in Harlem, wondering how many sleeping mortals…wonder what she’d been dreaming about.


“Nothing good.” Thalia shuddered.


Percy nodded.


“Dreams can be helpful though.” Will said


“Emotionally and mentally stressing but yes, helpful.” Percy said


It was a common demigod problem: the more dangerous our situation became, the worse and more frequent our dreams got.


The demigods grimaced.


“But Percy, there’s no telling when you’ll get another chance…I’m allergic to pithos.” Thalia smiled. “You got it.”


“How are you-no why are you so casual about saying that it might be your last night?” Triton asked


“That’s because it’s our life, Triton. We were prepared that we might die. It was the truth. It was the last night for few. We can’t avoid the truth.” Percy said

The gods winced at that.


I found the nearest bed and passed out…dad had used as his headquarters was burning with Greek fire.


The sea gang grimaced.


I zoomed in on the armory, where my brother…because I don’t want to know).


“Peanut butter tastes good.” Tyson grinned toothily and clapped his hands


Percy chuckled. The Stolls grinned at each other.


As I watched, the outer wall of the armory exploded…The Cyclops dissolved into sea silt


The sea gang winced and closed their eyes.


Enemy giants moved toward the breach…“PEANUT BUTTER!” and charged behind Tyson into battle.


Poseidon gave a slight grimace and sighed. That was quite the mix up.


“Oh so that’s the best war cry.” Thalia grinned

Percy grinned right back.


Then the scene shifted. I was with Ethan Nakamura…AUNTY EM’S GARDEN GNOME EMPORIUM.


“It was a relief that Medusa wasn’t alive and wasn’t with the titans.” Grover shuddered. The demigods shuddered at the thought.


I hadn’t thought about the place in years…Grover’s Uncle Ferdinand—had lost his arm.


Dionysus, Hermes and Grover grimaced.


Part of the warehouse roof had caved in…One of the other demigods snickered. “Nice knowing you.”


A few snickers.


“To be honest, anybody would be scared if Kronos called them personally.” Nico said

The demigods nodded.


Ethan readjusted his sword belt and headed into the warehouse…like the younger version of Luke I’d seen in the vision, pleading with Hermes to tell him his fate


Everybody’s eyes widened.


“Father in a t-shirt and jeans.” Poseidon shuddered


“Creepier than seeing or imagining him in battle armor.” Triton said


Then Luke saw Ethan, and his face contorted into a very inhuman smile…“I…I don’t think Jackson will surrender. Ever.”


“You got that right.” Percy snorted


Kronos nodded. “Anything else you wanted to tell me?”… Medusa hasn’t re-formed since Jackson killed her


Percy smirked.


“Then sent us the head.” Ares said


“I’m impertinent.” Percy grinned


The demigods chuckled.


So you needn’t worry about joining her collection…“when you can freeze time itself?”


The demigods felt chills go down their spine.


“That’s very scary.” Leo said

“You think?” Clarisse asked.


His golden eyes bored into Ethan’s face…I forgot my friend is invulnerable and took a knife for him. Oops.


Annabeth grimaced. Percy scowled.

“The mimicry was annoying.” Beckendorf said. Everybody nodded.


Tell me, Ethan, where were you aiming when you stabbed at Jackson?”… I wasn’t aiming for any spot in particular.”


“Hmm, trying to repeat the movement does help bring back memories.” Clarisse said


“Was he trying to protect you? Ethan.” Reyna said

Percy frowned.


“I… don’t think he was able to think clearly at the point. Kronos is quite intimidating.” He said


“Maybe.” Reyna said


Kronos’s fingers tapped the blade of his scythe…flexed his fingers slowly as if forcing them to obey.


Hermes glared at nothing in particular. Though he smiled internally at the thought of his son trying to fight.


“It is nothing,” he said, his voice steely and cold again…but no more than a temporary inconvenience.”


“The boy is fighting father. Kronos knows that.” Hades said


Hermes gave a small smile.


“As…as you say, my lord.”… We will talk again when we have taken Manhattan.”


“You’ll never have Manhattan.” Connor scoffed. The demigods nodded.


Ethan bowed, and my dreams shifted one last time…which were probably good for keeping monsters away.


A few snickers.


Chiron stood by the porch, talking to Hermes…“It’s been a long time since a mortal was allowed at camp.”


Hermes closed his eyes. He didn’t want to hear that. Chiron sighed. He knew what this was about as well.


“Don’t encourage her,” Hermes grumbled…the kind of person who could smile and make everyone around her feel good.


Hermes gave a small smile.


“Oh, don’t worry so much,” May said, rocking the baby…“Longer,” Chiron said gravely.


Hades winced.


Hermes raised his arms in exasperation. “I didn’t tell you that story so you could apply. It’s dangerous. Chiron, tell her.”


“Now what story are you talking about?” Hera asked


“That nobody is able to host the oracle and to host the spirit of the oracle, one needs to have sight and be able to see through the mist.” Hermes said


“It is,” Chiron warned. “For many years…Humanity seems to have lost the ability to host the Oracle.”


“Well, we know now.” Hermes grumbled


“We’ve been through that,” May said…But I couldn’t move or speak.


The demigods winced. They all had instances in dreams when they wished they could change something but it was never possible.


Hermes looked more hurt than worried…I can still raise Luke if I’m the Oracle, right?”


The demigods grimaced. Thalia and Annabeth winced. Hermes flinched.


Chiron coughed. “Yes, but in all fairness…“It will,” May insisted.


“NO IT WON’T!” The demigods shouted


May Castellan kissed her baby and handed the bundle to Hermes…A cold wind rushed through the strawberry fields.


“No.” The demigods said


“NO!” They yelled next


Hermes buried his head in his hands. The Stolls and Chris wrapped him in a hug.


“It’s okay dad. We’re going to try to fix this.” Travis said gently. Hermes nodded and gave them grateful looks. They just smiled and hugged him again.


Hermes must’ve felt it too. He cried, “No! NO!”... May Castellan’s terrified scream.


Rachel shuddered.


Hades flinched.


I sat up so fast I banged my head on somebody’s shield…“I was just about to wake you.”


A few snickers.


I rubbed my head, trying to clear the disturbing visions…“Percy?” Annabeth asked. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing,” I lied


“Everything was wrong.” Annabeth snorted


Percy sighed.


“What…what are you doing in armor? ... “Uh-huh. You can’t seriously go out and fight.”


Will groaned. Nico gave him a sympathetic smile.


“You’re going to need every person you have,” she said…“I’ll bonk him on the head harder next time,” I suggested.


“You should hit harder.” Travis nodded.


Percy chuckled.


“Any idea what surprise Kronos was talking about?”… “Nah. You’d just beat me up.”


“No doubt about that.” Thalia laughed. Percy and Annabeth grinned.


She managed a laugh, which was good to hear…“Never fear! We’ll show those Titans!”


Everybody chuckled.


“At least he showed up.” Frank chuckled.


I didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry…“Then let’s do it,” I said. “Good hunting, everybody!”


“Yay.” Pollux said


We heard the army before we saw it…grappling hooks around the largest giants and pulled them to the ground.


“Nice job!” Apollo cheered

The demigods smiled and smirked.


In the woods on the right, the Hunters sent a volley…but more marched behind them.


Artemis grinned at the hunters.


A bolt of lightning crackled out of the sky…Thalia must be doing her daughter of Zeus thing.


“Yeah bruh!” Thalia grinned. She and Jason grinned and high fived.


“Whoo!” The Stolls and Leo grinned.


“Daughter of Zeus thing.” Nico snickered.


“You do death boy things.” Thalia laughed


“In this situation, son of hades things.” Percy laughed. Nico smirked.


Grover raised his pipes and played a quick tune…Stones flew up and hit dracaenae in the faces.


Hermes and Dionysus smiled at Grover who looked quite pleased.


The enemy slogged forward. Giants smashed through the trees…Hunter fell from a high branch.


The hunters looked down.


“Percy!” Annabeth grabbed my arm and pointed at the reservoir…He was the father of Helios, the first sun god.”


“Really bad.” Tyson said


Percy chuckled.


“I’ll keep him busy,” I promised. “Percy, even you can’t—”


“Well who knew?” Annabeth laughed


Percy grinned.


“Just keep our forces together.”… Yeah, buddy. Two can play that game.


“Yeah, you tell him!” Triton cheered


Percy grinned at him.


Twenty feet away, Hyperion raised his sword…“You Titans are about as bright as my gym socks.”


“YEAH PERCY!” The Stolls cheered.


“That was awesome but he won’t like that because he’s the titan of light.” Apollo said


“Yeah, I found out.” Percy said


Hyperion snarled. “You want bright?”… Hyperion and he went under, his light extinguished.


Poseidon smirked.


I landed on the lake’s surface just as Hyperion struggled…“You will burn, Jackson!” he roared.


“If I burn then so do you.” Percy said


The demigods cheered.


Our swords met again and the air charged with ozone…I would’ve broken every bone in my body.


“Ouch.” Poseidon said


Percy nodded.


I got to my feet, groaning. “I really hate it when you Titans do that.”… Hyperion staggered backward.


“What wind?” Hazel asked


“It was so awesome.” Grover said


Percy blushed.


“Percy!” Grover called in amazement…but the storm knocked them aside.


All the gods stared at Percy. Some looked at him in amazement while the others in confusion and surprise. How much more powerful could this demigod get?


“Dad.” Triton muttered in worry


“Let’s see if he gets tired.” Poseidon said.


“Sweet,” I muttered. “But a little more!” Lightning flickered around me. The clouds darkened and the rain swirled faster.


“Lightning is not your father’s domain. How did you do that?” Thalia asked in shock.


“Son of the earthshaker doesn’t cover that.” Jason agreed


“I-don’t know. I figured because of stormbringer.” Percy said

“That’s not supposed to be possible. Not at his age. He’s a demigod.” Triton muttered. Amphitrite looked at her son and nodded in agreement. It certainly was amazing.


“That is so awesome.” Frank said


Percy smiled.

“Lit.” The Apollo kids said


“Insane.” Castor and Pollux grinned.


Percy grinned.


“Percy!” Grover called again. “Bring him over here!”… Grover took his pipes from his mouth. “You are a very nice maple tree.”


The demigods’ cheers were deafening.


“That was one of the most awesome and hilarious things ever.” Piper grinned


“Grover, Percy and the satyrs! Damm.” Thalia grinned


Grover and Percy laughed and grinned at her.


“He’s not that tired.” Triton muttered. Poseidon looked a little troubled but also proud.


“Maybe he has to become an immortal.” He sighed


Triton looked at his father with wide eyes.


“We’ll see more.” Poseidon said quickly


Triton nodded.


Several of the other satyrs passed out from exhaustion…barely missing one of Annabeth’s siblings.


Athena scowled.


The pig stomped around and tore down half an acre of trees…“Perfect,” I muttered.


A few snickers.


The Titan’s army was recovering from its shock…but the right flank of the enemy army was now between them and us.


Dionysus felt extremely tired. Athena grimaced in pain. Artemis looked worried about her hunters.


I didn’t want to leave my friends in such bad shape…Flying pigs are faster, but way more dangerous.


The demigods chuckled.


The sow soared past the Plaza Hotel, straight into the canyon…while you’re flying at a hundred miles an hour.


“Those are good lessons but it might not be the most ideal time to learn them.” Nico said

Percy grinned sheepishly.


We zigzagged along several blocks and continued south…That wasn’t very reassuring.


“Probably.” The demigods snickered.


Grand Central Terminal lay dead ahead…Oh, I hate your ideas.


“Even him.” Thalia laughed


Percy pouted.


I swung outward with all my might…I free-fell toward the street.


Hermes burst out laughing.


In that split second I thought about the days…“No problem,” I squeaked. “Follow that pig!”


The demigods roared with laughter while Percy was grinning sheepishly.


The porker had taken a right at East 42nd…blasting water and wood everywhere.


Hermes snickered.


“Thanks Perce.” He said

Percy grinned.


“Your welcome.” He said


Then something occurred to me. “Get closer,” I told Blackjack… but he did what I asked.


“We were sure he lost it long ago.” Rachel laughed.

Percy stuck his tongue out.


When I was close enough to see the statue’s face clearly…Kill Flying Pigs! Begin Activation!”


“Clever!” Castor grinned


Percy smiled.


Immediately the statue moved its legs…Oh, sure. Mock the horse.


Everybody burst out laughing.

“You two are so similar.” Silena smiled.

Percy grinned and winked.


Blackjack burst through the air. He could fly pretty darned fast…Those lions had some nasty claws.


Everybody snickered.


I drew Riptide, but there wasn’t much for me to do…I hoped it got to meet the boar of its dreams down in Tartarus.


The demigods were clutching their stomachs in laughter.

“Bad boar luxuries.” Connor laughed


The demigods roared with laughter.


“You can defend Manhattan now,” I told them…we flew north toward the sound of explosions.


“Done.” Apollo said


“I’ll read.” Michael said. Apollo gave him the book.



Chapter Text

“Not the time.” Hermes grinned


“Party ponies.” Tyson grinned


Chiron chuckled.


Midtown was a war zone. We flew over little skirmishes everywhere… squad of dracaenae in the middle of Rockefeller Center.


Hephaestus looked worried.


I was tempted to stop and help, but I could tell from the smoke… A few more minutes and we’d be totally surrounded.

The gods sat forward in worry.


“We have to land where they need us most,” I muttered. That’s everywhere, boss.


The demigods chuckled.


I spotted a familiar silver owl banner in the southeast corner…blue blood trickling from his nostrils.


“Nice one!” Leo grinned


I hit the pavement running…I hoped she was talking to the giant, not me.


“I was talking to the giant.” Annabeth chuckled.


“That’s a relief.” Percy grinned


Blue Boy bellowed and turned toward her…wider until the giant crumbled in a mountain of blue shards.


The demigods cheered.


“These guys are unbeatable together.” Frank laughed


“Thanks.” Annabeth winced, trying to catch her breath. “The pig?” “Pork chops,” I said.


Everybody laughed.


“Oh yeah baby.” Connor grinned


“Good.” She flexed her shoulder. Obviously, the wound was still bothering her…Too many were missing.


The gods and demigods looked down.


As the night wore on and the moon got higher…invisibility cap to sneak behind the enemy lines.


“Whoa.” Piper said

The Elder Greek demigods nodded.


Whenever a monster disintegrated for no apparent reason with a surprised look on his face, I knew Annabeth had been there.


Annabeth grinned.


But it still wasn’t enough. “Hold your lines!” Katie Gardner shouted, somewhere off to my left


Demeter smiled at Katie.


The problem was there were too few of us to hold anything…I couldn’t be everywhere at once.


Chiron sighed. He knew how Percy felt above his friends as well.


Behind the enemy troops, a few blocks to the east…He was taking his time advancing, letting me wear myself down.


Poseidon groaned.


“I hate that time power.” Chris grumbled


Annabeth appeared next to me. “We have to fall back to the doorway…Even Kronos’s honor guard looked uneasy.


The demigods smirked.


“Chiron’s party just hit them.” Percy smirked.


Then, to our left, a hundred monsters cried out at once…“Yeah, baby!” a voice wailed. “PARTY!”


Everybody laughed. Chiron shook his head.


“They have a different idea of party than us.” Silena chuckled.


A shower of arrows arced over our heads and slammed…HORSEZ PWN or KRONOS SUX.


The demigods cheered.


“That he does.” Travis laughed


Hundreds of them filled the entire block…his bow in his hand, and he was grinning in satisfaction. “Sorry we’re late!”


“Chiron was grinning huh?” Thalia asked


Chiron chuckled.


“Yep.” Percy said

“DUDE!” Another centaur yelled. “Talk later…The centaurs trampled everything in their path.


Everybody cheered and laughed.


“Go Party Ponies!” The Stolls whooped.


“Stop running, you fools!” Kronos yelled…The lord of time disappeared under a giant blue butt.


Everybody roared with laughter. The elder six gods looked very amused at the mental image.


We pushed them for several blocks until Chiron yelled…but even with that many, we couldn’t defend more than a few blocks.


“You should focus on the present. What you have right now is pretty good.” Reyna said


Percy nodded.


“Dude, imagine if we had wolves and all.” Connor said


“Connor, could you get anymore random?” Katie sighed


“Hey, I just remembered a movie.” Connor defended


“Which one?”


“Blood and Chocolate.” Connor grinned


“I like that movie but it’s different from the book and they are kind of like shapeshifters. Like werewolves.” Percy said


Connor nodded.


“Dude,” said a centaur named Larry…“Root beer!” They almost trampled each other as they galloped off.


The demigods snickered and chuckled.


Chiron smiled. Annabeth gave him a big hug…Yes, I’m glad to see you too.”


Everybody laughed and chuckled.


Annabeth and Chiron smiled at each other.


“Chiron, thanks,” I said. “Talk about saving the day.”… He’d be back, tonight at the latest.


“Oh great.” Hazel said


“And Typhon?” I asked. Chiron’s face darkened…He will heal, but not soon enough to help.


Beckendorf, Leo, Castor, Pollux and Dakota winced and flinched. Dionysus and Hephaestus smiled at their children.


“Well at least they have accelerated healing.” Will said. The demigods nodded.


The others still fight. They’ve managed to slow Typhon’s approach…but she managed to get to her feet and stagger off.


Artemis and Zoe looked worriedly at Thalia. Zeus looked tired and exhausted.


Jason frowned.

“Were you okay?” he asked


“I was tired.” Thalia said


Jason nodded and sighed.


“I will help her,” Chiron decided…but Chiron cantered off, leaving Annabeth and me alone.


Everybody chuckled.


She cleaned the monster slime off her knife…He said…he said we’d be a new family, and it would turn out better than his.”


Thalia and Annabeth winced.


Her eyes reminded me of that seven-year-old girl’s in the alley…but I could almost see her mind working on the possibilities, maybe starting to hope.


Hermes nodded.


Annabeth sighed.

“You know me well.” She smiled at Percy who gave a small smile.


“I didn’t want to tell you,” I admitted…That was something most demigods could understand.


“Well, we have each other now.” Grover smiled

Annabeth nodded and so did the demigods.


“I ran away when I was seven,” she said…She held my eyes. “I guess that sounds like my fatal flaw again.”


“That’s depressing.” Rachel said.


The demigods sighed.


Years ago in the Sea of Monsters, Annabeth had told me…“And you’ll understand if I keep hoping there’s a chance you’re wrong.”


Triton’s jaw tightened. Percy noticed that and kept a hand on his shoulder.


I looked away. I felt like I’d done my best…black hair like he was recovering from a concussion.


“Dad?” Castor asked


Dionysus nodded.


I blinked. “Mr. D?” He sighed, not taking his eyes…“About as long as it’ll take for you to figure out my name,” I muttered.


Everybody chuckled. Percy shook his head fondly.


“Where are we?” “Why, Bobby Earl’s birthday party,” Dionysus said. “…But in the meantime, part of my consciousness is here.”


Dionysus’ kids grimaced.


“At a bar, playing Pac-Man.” “Party time,” Dionysus said…“Safe little bubble?”


“It is far from a safe little bubble.” Travis said


Dionysus nodded.


“No, it wasn’t a safe little bubble.” He sighed.


“—but believe me, the mortals out here in the heartland are panicking…insignificant life, and it will be as if nothing had happened.”


“Insignificant?” Poseidon asked angrily.


“Let it be dad.” Percy said


Dionysus grimaced.


“And why did you bring me here?”… “Gee,” I said. “Never would’ve figured that out. Thanks.”


Everybody chuckled.


He glared at me and momentarily forgot his game…“Erre es korakas, Blinky!” Dionysus cursed. “I will have your soul!”


Everybody burst out laughing.


“That’s my thing. Kind of.” Hades grinned at his nephew. Dionysus chuckled.


“Um, he’s a video game character,” I said…And you’re ruining my game, Jorgenson!”


The demigods’ laughter increased.


“New nickname!” Thalia announced.


“Hey, only Mr.D is allowed to call me that.” Percy grinned. Dionysus chuckled lightly.


Jackson.” “Whichever! Now listen, the situation is graver than you imagine…“Ha!” he shouted. “Take that, you pixelated fiends!”


Everybody snickered.


“Um, fabric of civilization,” I prompted…I put it on Bobby Earl’s tab.


Everybody laughed.


Mr. D took a good long drink. His eyes never left the video game…Otherwise we would not keep you annoying little brats around.”


Zeus and Hera grumbled about Dionysus telling him that.


“I feel so wanted. Thanks.” “Use the training I have given you at camp.


“What training?” Poseidon asked


“What training?”


Poseidon and Percy smiled at each other.


“You know. All those hero techniques and…No!”… “Yeah, making you proud is real high on my list.”


Everybody snickered.


“Your prediction was wrong.” Beckendorf said. Dionysus tilted his head.


“Maybe.” He said


Percy choked on air.


“What? That almost sounded like a compliment.” He said dramatically. Dionysus rolled his eyes.


“You must save Olympus, Pedro! ... I will never achieve a perfect score on this stupid machine.”


The demigods and Hermes shuddered at the thought of Luke’s body burning away.


Maybe I should’ve been terrified…wrap my mind around the idea that Dionysus could be a caring father.


Dionysus glared at Percy.

“Sorry.” Percy grimaced.


I wondered how many other Olympians were thinking about their demigod children right now.


“Dad was.” Triton said.


Percy looked at his dad and smiled. Poseidon gave him, Tyson and Triton a side hug.


“I’ll do my best.”… “Well, isn’t that reassuring


“It actually is. Percy’s best means him jumping in front of the danger threatening the person he’s supposed to be protecting.” Nico said.


Percy smiled at Nico and Pollux smiled at Percy.


Go now. You have some nasty surprises to deal with…“I have to move them. I have to—”


Poseidon felt such panic inside him that he felt that it was an unhealthy for him as well. Then he realized that it was Percy’s panic. Percy shouldn’t have had to feel such panic at such a young age.


My hands trembled. After all I’d been through over the last few days, I felt so stupid and weak, but the sight of my parents made me want to break down.


“It’s understandable, Percy.” Chiron said gently.


Percy gave a small smile.


Chiron galloped over. “What’s…Oh dear. I see.”… And take that stupid jar to Olympus.”


“Giving up would certainly make Percy angry especially through that kind of manipulation.” Thalia nodded.

Percy sighed.


Chiron nodded. “A good plan. But, Percy…”…but I knew what they said: DARE ENTERPRISES.


Everybody looked at Rachel in worry.


My throat closed up. I looked at Annabeth…swat it out of the sky for coming near the Empire State Building.


“Oh crap.” Travis said


Rachel nodded.


“It was very scary.” She said


I was too paralyzed to move, but Annabeth whistled…“Come on, Percy,” Annabeth growled. “We have to save your friend.”


“Thank you.” Rachel said


Annabeth smiled and waved it away.


“I’ll read.” Ares said


Michael gave him the book.








Chapter Text

Here’s my definition of not fun…we would’ve been chopped to confetti.


Poseidon grimaced.


“I think the whole battle would be the definition of ‘not fun.’” Will said.


Percy nodded.


I could hear Rachel screaming inside…My wing, he moaned. It’s busted.

Everybody winced in sympathy for Guido.


“Thanks, Rachel.” Annabeth said. Rachel smiled.

“You can do it!” I desperately tried to remember what Silena used to tell us in pegasus-riding lessons. “Just relax the wing. Extend it and glide.”


Silena and Percy exchanged smiles.


We fell like a rock—straight toward the pavement three hundred feet…Annabeth was at the controls.

Everybody cheered.


“Wow Annabeth. Flying a helicopter is not easy.” Leo said approvingly. Annabeth grinned.


“How do you know?” Beckendorf asked.


“Spoilers.” Leo grinned.


I ran forward as the rotors spun to a stop…“You saved my life,” Rachel said.

“That was one heck of a guess.” Piper chuckled.


“I swear.” Katie agreed. Annabeth grinned at them.


Annabeth flexed her bad shoulder. “Yeah, well…landed a helicopter, and walked away like it was no big deal.


Everybody snickered.


“She stormed off.” Nico corrected


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“It’s okay,” I told Rachel, though my words sounded hollow…She’d never been to Olympus or Camp Half-Blood.

“That’s freaky.” Leo said. Apollo winked at Rachel who grinned.


“I’ve been seeing things too,” she muttered…could have helped me figure out what’s happening to me.”

“Oh Rachel.” Apollo sighed and gave her a side hug. Rachel smiled.


She looked at me pleadingly. Her face was sunburned from the beach…In her own way, she was as brave as Annabeth.


Annabeth and Rachel smiled at each other.


But what was happening to her with these visions really freaked…“I don’t know.” She looked around nervously. “Don’t you feel it?”


Silena grimaced. Beckendorf wrapped his arms around her.


“Is that the message you wanted to tell me?”… “Not the hero who defeats Kronos? What do you mean?”


“The prophecy was about you and Luke. You were the half blood of the eldest gods, the one who would see the world in endless sleep and preserve or raze Olympus. Luke was the hero who’s soul the cursed blade would reap.” Rachel said


Percy nodded.


“I’m…I’m sorry, Percy. That’s all I know…Chiron stroked his beard. “Miss Dare…perhaps we should talk.”


Hermes grimaced.


“Chiron,” I blurted. I had a sudden terrible image of Camp Half-Blood… but this may take some time.


Hermes flinched. Hades grimaced.


Meanwhile, you should rest. We’ve moved your parents’ car…You, Percy, need your rest. You may be our only hope.”


“I couldn’t take 20 naps a day.” Percy shook his head.


“The curse was heavier on Achilles than on you.” Chiron said


“I’ve seen so many text posts about Achilles.” Nico snickered


Percy chuckled.


I wanted to complain that I wasn’t their only hope…holding his ears while Nico followed him, waving his arms.

Poseidon roared with laughter. The demigods snickered at the mental image.


“You were holding your ears? Are you five?” Poseidon asked his brother in amusement. Hades grumbled and it didn’t improve as Hazel and Nico were trying not to laugh.


Demeter and Persephone sat behind them at the breakfast table…“if Olympus falls, your own palace’s safety doesn’t matter. You’ll fade too.”

Zeus nodded.


“I am not an Olympian!” he growled. “My family has made that quite clear.”

The changing gods grimaced.


“You are,” Nico said. “Whether you like it or not.”… “Six months behind a plow. Excellent character building.”


“Mother.” Katie groaned and buried her head in her hands. Demeter was about to launch into a lecture of farming when Nico interrupted her.


“PLEASE NO. Please.” He said while mock sobbing hysterically. The demigods snickered. Hades smirked. Demeter glared at Nico.


Nico stepped in front of his father, forcing Hades to face him…“For demigods! I am immortal, all-powerful!


“I think that just means that you have more fatal flaws.” Annabeth muttered.


I would not help the other gods if they begged me, if Percy Jackson himself pleaded—”


“I don’t think that it would make a difference.” Percy said dryly to his uncle.


“Not at the time.” Hades agreed.


“You’re just as much of an outcast as I am!” Nico yelled… That’s the only way they’ll respect you!”


The demigods looked at Nico in awe.


“We really are bad influences on him.” Percy said to Thalia.


“You more than me.” Thalia laughed. Percy and Nico grinned sheepishly.


Hades’ palm filled with black fire….other gods would expect from you. Prove them right.”

“Damnn Nico.” Percy said


“This is all your fault.” Nico laughed


“Sure, I’ll take that.” Percy snickered


“Yes, please,” Demeter complained. “Shut him up.”

The demigods glared at Demeter.


Persephone sighed. “Oh, I don’t know. I would rather fight in the war than eat another bowl of cereal. This is boring.”


“Well at least you were siding indirectly with Nico.” Jason nodded at Persephone.


Hades roared in anger. His fireball hit a silver tree right next to Nico, melting it into a pool of liquid metal.


Nico and Hades winced.


And my dream changed. I was standing outside the United Nations…Remind me to tear down this building after we destroy Olympus.”


“That is not supposed to be funny but it is.” Will shook his head. Everybody snickered.


“Yes, lord.” Prometheus smiled as if his master’s anger amused him…“Don’t mock me, Prometheus!


The demigods snickered.


Those cursed centaurs will be sorry they interfered. I will feed them to the hellhounds, starting with that son of mine— that weakling Chiron.”


The demigods growled this time, all their amusement vanishing.


Prometheus shrugged. “That weakling destroyed an entire legion of telkhines with his arrows.”


“Honestly, I think Prometheus might not be so bad.” Frank said. The demigods nodded.

“He seems okay.” Lee said


Kronos swung his scythe and cut a flagpole in half…Besides, we know this drakon they cannot beat.”


“You wish we couldn’t.” Clarisse snorted


“It was a little fueled by the death though.” Chris said. Silena gave a small smile to Clarisse.


Ethan looked confused. “My lord?” “Never you mind, Nakamura…Kronos snapped his fingers and Ethan collapsed.

“Crap.” Leo muttered


“This is dangerous, my lord,” Prometheus warned…I will slice Percy Jackson into a thousand pieces.”


“In your evil dreams, grandpa.” Percy scoffed.


The demigods nodded.


“Thrice you’ve fought him,” Prometheus pointed out…I wonder if your mortal host is influencing you, weakening your judgment.”


“Thrice Kronos fought Percy and all the three times Percy matched his close combat skill.” Annabeth smiled proudly. Percy blushed and some gods and the demigods looked at him in awe.

“That’s insane.” Reyna said


“Percy was never sane.” Thalia laughed. Percy grinned sheepishly.


Kronos turned his golden eyes on the other Titan…would end up fighting each other rather than the enemy.

The gods grimaced at the situation their children were in.


Chiron trotted up with Rachel on his back… It will be killed by a child of Ares.”


Clarisse and Ares smirked.


Annabeth crossed her arms. “How can you possibly know that?”… Maybe we could send another messenger to camp—”

Silena winced. Thalia grimaced.

“Sorry Silena.” She said. Silena gave a weak smile.


“I’ve already done it,” Chiron said…“On second thought,” Rachel said in a small voice, “I’ll be inside.”


A few chuckles.


Let me explain: there are dragons, and then there are drakons…but the oh-my-gods-that-big-snake-is-going-to-eat-me type of paralysis, which is just as bad.


The demigods snickered at the end.

“Oh my gods, that big snake is going to eat me!” Piper gasped in an exaggerated way and grinned. Everybody chuckled.


We have drakon-fighting classes at camp…It almost made me long for the flying pig.


The demigods laughed.


“Only Percy can make such a serious thing hilarious.” Castor said


“It’s a gift.” Percy grinned and everybody laughed.


Meanwhile, the enemy army advanced down Fifth Avenue…Rachel to be here, that it wasn’t my idea, but we had no time.

Percy and Annabeth grimaced.

“Sorry Seaweed Brain.” Annabeth said


“I’m sorry.” Percy said. The two of them exchanged smiles.


“Go invisible,” I said. “Look for weak links in its armor…kiss that smelled suspiciously of pepperoni pizza.


Everybody chuckled.


I drew my sword and we charged the monster…scratched and growled like a really angry black wig.

“Angry black…wig?” Nico asked hesitantly

Percy grinned sheepishly.


The rest of the battle wasn’t going well…It was her turn to save me.


A few people chuckled at the duo.


She tackled me as the monster’s teeth snapped above my head… lowered their lances as one—making a bristling wall of death.

The demigods gave light cheers. Ares smirked.


“The children of Ares!” Annabeth said in amazement…No one could say the Ares campers weren’t brave.


Ares smiled. Clarisse looked a little guilty.


Clarisse was right there in front, stabbing her spear at the drakon’s face…who retreated in a panic, his armor melting


Ares flinched.


“We have to help,” Annabeth said…and spit poison directly in her face. She screamed and fell.


“That’s not Clarisse. Something is very wrong.” Frank said


Silena and Clarisse winced.


“Clarisse!” Annabeth jumped off the monster’s back…. But why would someone pretend to be Clarisse?

“Who would pretend to be her?” Hazel asked, confusion evident on her face. Clarisse buried her head in her hands.


I was so stunned, the drakon almost snapped me in half.


Poseidon grimaced.


I dodged and the beast buried its head in a brick wall…Her father, Ares, had worn the same expression when I’d fought him in single combat.


Ares and Clarisse exchanged small smiles.


“YOU WANT DEATH?” Clarisse screamed at the drakon…With no armor or shield, she charged the drakon.

“No armor or shield?” Reyna asked. Clarisse shrugged.


I tried to close the distance to help, but Clarisse was faster…The drakon’s flesh dissolved, and it collapsed into a hollow scaly tunnel of armor.


The Greek demigods cheered. Clarisse and Silena exchange small smiles. The romans looked at Clarisse in awe and Ares was grinning proudly.


The rest of us stared at Clarisse in awe…I looked down at the dying face of Silena Beauregard.


Aphrodite, Piper, Beckendorf and Clarisse flinched. Silena gave a small smile.

“Done.” Ares said


“I’ll read.” Dionysus said.

Chapter Text

Poseidon groaned. Percy grinned sheepishly.


“What were you thinking?” Clarisse cradled Silena’s head…The Ares campers developed a sudden interest in their combat boots.


Clarisse looked down.


“Don’t blame them,” Silena said. “They wanted to…A cold fist closed around my heart. “You were the spy.”


The gods were glad that Silena had told them before.


Beckendorf had Silena in a tight embrace.


Silena tried to nod. “Before…before I liked Charlie…had just yanked the world out from under her feet.


Annabeth looked down.


Behind us, the battle raged. Clarisse scowled at her cabin mates…Finally Annabeth closed Silena’s eyes.

The Greek demigods bit their lips to stop the tears that were threatening to fall.


“We have to fight.” Annabeth’s voice was brittle…“I’ve never seen it in person before.”


Clarisse and Frank smiled.


“You deserved it.” Ares said proudly. Clarisse blushed under the praise.


For the moment, Clarisse was as invincible as I was…I’ll make sure she comes inside.”

Everybody chuckled.


“They won’t last long,” I said. “But I’m glad you came.”… “That’s it,” I insisted. “End of story.” “Right,” Travis mumbled.


“Thank you, Percy.” Silena and Clarisse said. Percy waved it away with a smile.


“Listen, we figure the Titan’s army will have trouble getting up the elevator…“Maybe that’s not true,” I said


“Yeah, um like the ‘maybe’ is there.” Nico said


Percy chuckled.


I went outside and put a hand on Mrs. O’Leary’s muzzle…He closed his eyes for the last time.


Hermes, Dionysus and Grover closed their eyes in respect.


Grover gulped. He put his hand on Leneus’ forehead…“A laurel,” Grover said in awe. “Oh, that lucky old goat.”


Hermes and Dionysus smiled at Apollo. Apollo gave a sad smile and shared looks with the Romans who swallowed, remembering Don.


“Lucky indeed.” Artemis nodded.


He gathered up the sapling in his hands…Now I know. I hope you’re happy.”

“Why are you taking it out on him?” Thalia asked Annabeth who grimaced.


“Sorry Percy.” She said.


“It’s okay.” Percy said, giving a strained smile.


“That doesn’t make me happy.” She put her head against the elevator wall…using nature magic songs to heal burns and poison


The gods winced.


As Grover planted the laurel sapling, Annabeth and I went…I didn’t want to find out.


The Apollo gang flinched.


My heart felt like lead, but we tried to find positive things to say…“Leneus turned into a shrub!” Grover told a groaning satyr.

“Not very positive, Grover.” Travis said, giving a weak chuckle.


I found Dionysus’s son Pollux propped up against a tree. He had a broken arm, but otherwise he was okay.


The Dionysus’s gang sighed in relief. Then Dionysus gritted his teeth in pain.


“Uh oh.” Dakota said. Castor took the book from his father and continued.


“I can still fight with the other hand,” he said…I could tell he was kind of relieved.

Dionysus sighed in relief as his hand was fine now.


Pollux gave him and Percy small smiles. Though, he thought that he would actually like it if Percy would’ve told him but he was glad that his dad asked Percy to make sure that he was safe.


Annabeth, Grover, and I kept walking toward the palace…the center of the gods’ power.


The gods winced.


The bronze doors creaked open…little girl in brown robes, hunched at its edge, shivering.


The gods gave worried looks to Hestia as she smiled at them.


The Ophiotaurus swam sadly in his sphere of water…She dragged him out of the throne room.


Everybody chuckled. Grover and Annabeth grinned sheepishly.


Over by the fire, Hestia was huddled in her robes…I wanted to complain that no, I wasn’t even close to prepared.


Everybody sighed in sympathy for Percy.


I looked at Pandora’s jar, and for the first time I had an urge…I’d seen so many cruel things the gods had done.


The gods flinched and the demigods grimaced.

Zeus destroying Maria di Angelo, Hades cursing the last Oracle…“Should we, um, leave again?”

“You looked concerned, worried and close to breaking down.” Grover said. Percy grimaced.

“Yeah, that probably looked strange.” He said


Suddenly I felt like someone had injected me with steel…“Hestia,” I said, “I give this to you as an offering.”


The gods stared at Percy.


“That’s very impressive.” Triton said. Percy gave a small smile.


The goddess tilted her head. “I am the least of the gods…“You’re the last Olympian,” I said. “And the most important.”


The gods nodded and smiled at Hestia and Percy.


“And why is that, Percy Jackson?”… The hearth fire burned a little brighter


The sea gang and Chiron looked proudly at Percy.


“Well done, Percy Jackson,” she said…so I could just reach the edge of the seat if I stretched my arms.


Zeus glared at Percy.


“Are you insane?!” Thalia exclaimed


“I had to contact dad and that was the only way.” Percy said


Thalia and Poseidon shook their heads.


“You are insane.” Triton decided


“Help me up,” I told Annabeth and Grover. “Are you crazy?” Annabeth asked…“Well,” Annabeth said, “this’ll get his attention.”


“Definitely.” Poseidon grumbled.


“Sorry, dad.” Percy said sheepishly. Poseidon sighed and wrapped a hand around Percy’s shoulders.


They linked their arms to make a step, then boosted me onto the throne…Why shouldn’t he be the greatest of the twelve?


Poseidon chuckled and Zeus grumbled and glared and scowled at Percy.


Then I shook my head. Concentrate…I blasted, you would now be a puddle of seawater.

Triton chuckled despite his worries.


“You’re in trouble, brother.” He told Percy.


Percy grinned sheepishly and Poseidon chuckled.


“I’m sorry,” I said again. “Listen, things are rough up here.”… I thought I’d gone too far, but then the trembling eased.


“No, you were right.” Poseidon shook his head.


“The war.” Tyson muttered


In the background of my mental link, I heard underwater explosions…Though “peanut butter” is a strange battle cry.

Tyson grinned sheepishly.


Stop changing the subject! ... The game room alone took six hundred years.

Everybody chuckled.

“I’m sure the game room can be built again.” Triton shook his head.


“I’m not even done with half of it yet.” Poseidon said.


“I can help.” Annabeth offered. Percy grinned.

“Sure. Thank you.” Poseidon said gratefully. Annabeth smiled.




“Percy’s like I- don’t even know.’ Travis laughed


“He’s like ‘I’m done.” Connor said


“Actually, that is very accurate.” Percy laughed. The Stolls grinned and Poseidon grinned sheepishly.


Very well! It shall be as you say…Oh…yes. Good point.


Everybody laughed.


Amphitrite—incoming! The sound of a large explosion shattered our connection…The hair on my arms was singed.


Poseidon rubbed his hands as he felt the curse.


“If you’d sat there any longer,” Annabeth said, “you would’ve spontaneously combusted.


“He should’ve been dead already. No mortal or demigod can or should be able to survive that.” Zeus said


“Maybe the curse of Achilles protected him.” Frank said

“That might delay it but by the looks of it, the conversation lasted at least a couple of minutes. Even that should result in some burns.” Ares said


“I kept most of the energy controlled. The Achilles curse protected him as well and well he’s my son and he sat on my throne so that had some effect as well.” Poseidon explained


The others nodded. Percy smiled at his father.


I hope the conversation was worth it?”

“Yep.” Tyson said.


Moo, said the Ophiotaurus in his sphere of water…Her bow was snapped in half and her quiver was empty


The archery people grimaced.


“Not good.” Zoe said. Thalia nodded and sighed.


“You’ve got to get down there,” she told us…And Kronos is leading them


“Done.” Castor said


“I’ll read.” Reyna said.


Chapter Text

“Uncle P?” Hermes asked


“Nope. Paul and mom.” Percy said.


By the time we got to the street, it was too late…Either they’d panicked and ran or they’d been disintegrated.


Everybody flinched at that.


The Titan army ringed the building, standing maybe twenty feet… He had an arrow notched, aimed straight at Kronos’s face.


The demigods froze and their gazes turned scared.


As soon as Kronos saw me, his gold eyes flared…like son was the worst word he could think of.


“It kind of is.” Chiron said.


“I’m afraid not.” Chiron’s tone was steely calm, the way he gets when he’s really angry.


The Greek demigods shuddered for the dramatic and theatric effect. Chiron looked at them with a raised eyebrow and they all tried to look innocent. Chiron shook his head fondly.


I tried to move, but my feet felt like concrete. Annabeth, Grover, and Thalia were straining too, like they were just as stuck.

The demigods and a few gods gritted their teeth.


“Chiron!” Annabeth said. “Look out!”…It was never his favorite weapon.


Chiron grimaced.


Kronos chuckled. He advanced a step, and Chiron’s horse-half…“You’re a teacher,” Kronos sneered. “Not a hero.”

“You don’t have to be a demigod to be a hero.” Castor said


The demigods nodded.


“Luke was a hero,” Chiron said…You said the gods cared about me!”


“Me. He said me.” Hermes smiled softly.


“Me,” Chiron noticed. “You said me.”… such force the wall crumbled and collapsed on top of him


“NO!” The Greek demigods yelled.


“I’m all right, children.” Chiron smiled, touched by the concern. They all nodded.


“No!” Annabeth wailed. The freezing spell broke…might’ve been enough to dislocate her bad shoulder.

The healers flinched and Athena gave a cry of pain and clutched her shoulder.


“Well that wasn’t his weak spot.” Clarisse said.


I yanked her back as Kronos swung his scythe…Tears streaked the dust on her face.


“Mostly Kronos.” Annabeth said


“Mostly.” Percy snickered.


“I have to fight him,” I told her. “It’s my fight too, Percy!”… Stygian iron, black as a nightmare. “I don’t agree.”

The demigods cheered and whooped at the top of their lungs.

“You tell him, Nico!” Will whooped. Nico blushed.


The ground rumbled. Cracks appeared in the road…“The dead are no match for us.”


“You wish, bitch.” Nico said. The demigods went wild at Nico calling Kronos ‘bitch.’


Hades raised an amused eyebrow at Nico but nodded.


The sky turned dark and cold. Shadows thickened…from a dragon’s head to a circle of black flames to a wreath of human bones.


Hades, Demeter and Persephone smirked.


But that wasn’t the scary part…I could tell the enemy army felt the same way.


Hades looked smug. Nico was grinning.


Only Kronos’s power and authority kept his ranks…“Hello, Father. You’re looking . . . young.”


Everybody snickered.


“I’m afraid not.” Hades sighed… it would not do for Olympus to fall


“Well, I feel offended.” Percy said with mock hurt.


Hades chuckled.


I would miss bickering with my siblings.


The elder five gods turned to looked at Hades.


“Hades just admitted that he would miss us.” Poseidon said


“I would miss bickering with you.” Hades corrected


“That’s practically a declaration of love.” Zeus said. Hades shook his head and sighed. The demigods chuckled.


And if there is one thing we agree on—it is that you…“Mother!” Persephone complained.

“Mother!” Katie complained. Everybody snickered.


Hades drew his sword, a double-edged Stygian blade…but I’m sure it was plenty scary. Car doors opened.


“Probably, mass murder.” Rachel said.


“Oh brilliant.” Thalia sighed


“That wouldn’t be pleasant.” Annabeth grimaced.


And at the end of the block, Paul Blofis and my mom got out of their Prius…Fifth Avenue exploded into absolute chaos.


“Yeah, that would be chaotic.” Reyna said


“Very.” Hermes said


Demeter waved her hand and an entire column…Persephone changed the dracaenae’s spears into sunflowers.


Katie smirked. So did Demeter and Persephone. Hades smiled at his wife.


Nico slashed and hacked his way through the enemy… I wasn’t worth the trouble. That made me mad.


“No, be thankful he’s ignoring you.” Poseidon groaned. Percy shrugged.


The first Hyperborean giant smashed at me with his club…created the world’s largest headless ice sculpture.


Thalia smirked. Jason grinned at her.


I glanced outside the magic barrier…I was a Shakespearian actor in college! Picked up a little swordplay!”


The demigods’ mouths hung open.

“This guy is amazing.” Apollo said. Percy nodded happily.


“Swordsplay from acting. Nicee.” Leo grinned.


I liked him even better for that, but then a Laistrygonian giant… “About two seconds ago. Percy, we’ll be fine. Go!”

Everybody cheered for Sally and Paul.


“That was amazing.” Reyna said. Everybody nodded.


“Yes,” Nico agreed, “we’ll handle the army…I’d forgotten about Chiron. How could I do that?


Chiron gave Percy a small smile.

“You had other things to deal with. Your parents especially.” He said gently. Percy nodded with a slightly guilty expression on his face.


“Mrs. O’Leary,” I said. “Please, Chiron’s under there…Annabeth, Thalia, Grover, and I raced for the elevators.


Chiron smiled at Percy.

“Done.” Reyna said


“That was short.” Will said. She nodded.


“I’ll read.” Nico said.

Chapter Text

“You’re supposed to be guarding it.” Hera grumbled


“Well you’re here aren’t you?” Percy retorted.


The bridge to Olympus was dissolving…“Gods, I hate heights!” Thalia yelled as she and I leaped


Everybody chuckled.


But Annabeth was in no shape for jumping…Annabeth was not going to fall.

The seven and Nico froze. This reminded all of them too much about Percy and Annabeth falling into Tartarus.


Annabeth and Percy looked at each other.


I pulled her up and we lay trembling on the pavement…“This will be the end of Olympus. The final end.”


Everybody froze.

“That is not good at all.” Apollo said


“We figured.” Thalia said dryly.


We ran through streets. Mansions were burning…Tear it down BRICK BY BRICK!”

Everybody was flinching.


A white marble temple with a gold dome suddenly exploded…“He’ll pay for that.”


The hunters nodded.


We were running under the marble archway…Her statue would’ve killed me if you hadn’t pushed us away.”


Athena glared at Hera and so did Zeus. Hera was quite shocked. So were the demigods.


“That was very stupid. They are trying to save Olympus and you’re taking the anger of a petty grudge which might as well have killed some of the demigods.” Hermes said


“She said I don’t belong.” Hera said

“And maybe have you thought that at that point she was right?” Hermes asked angrily.


“Hermes.” Hestia said. Hermes sighed.


Thalia grimaced. “Well, don’t just stand there! …“I don’t suppose you mean away,” Grover murmured hopefully.


“This isn’t something we could run away from, goat boy.” Percy said. The demigods sighed.


I sprinted toward the palace…smashed like they weighed nothing.


The gods winced.


We had to climb over a huge pile of broken stone…Which seat of power shall I destroy first?”


The gods and demigods shuddered at the thought of Kronos standing in the throne room with the bone chilling laugh of his.


Ethan Nakamura stood to one side…glowing deep in the ashes


The gods stiffened and the demigods grimaced.

“That was not good at all. The Hearth is kind of like the center.” Annabeth said


“It was freaky seeing it like that.” Grover nodded.


Hestia was nowhere to be seen… I was afraid to think about it.


“We found a place to hide. It was mostly safe.” Rachel said. Hestia nodded.


The Ophiotaurus swam in his water sphere…long before Kronos noticed him.

“That would be disastrous.” Jason said


“Bad.” Tyson agreed


Annabeth, Grover, and I stepped forward…like someone had just sucker punched her.


The elder Greek demigods winced.


“Seeing a villain smile is bad enough but seeing them smile through a face that was a person you used to know, that’s even creepier. Way more creepy.” Chris said. Everybody nodded in agreement.


“Shall I destroy you first, Jackson?” Kronos asked…half-Celestial bronze blade.

“He definitely does have his skill.” Poseidon warned.


“I had to get him to fight with a sword. The scythe was way more dangerous. Taunting his pride was the only way to do that otherwise he would have just laughed it away and would have fought with his scythe.” Percy explained.


Poseidon sighed. Percy had a point.


Next to me, Annabeth gasped like she’d suddenly…but I felt like I was fighting a hundred swordsmen.


The sword fighters grimaced.

“That’s not fun.” Jason said.

“You’ve fought a hundred swordsmen?” Thalia asked.


“No, I just imagine and know that that would suck.” Jason said


Ethan ducked to one side, trying to get behind me…somewhere far away from the war.


Grover and Percy exchanged smiles.


Kronos backed me up against the throne of Hephaestus…Defense mode, it warned. Defense mode.


“Oh you have to move away from there, lad. The defense mode is trouble for you.” Hephaestus warned


“I figured.” Percy said


“Wait. You jumped on the seat? You said that you were barely able to reach to your father’s throne and Annabeth and Grover had to help you reach the top. Now you just jumped straight on the seat.” Dakota said.


“I never thought about that.” Percy frowned.


“The curse of Achilles might have given him a boost. Even the adrenaline might have helped out.” Leo said.


That couldn’t be good…his knees and dropped Backbiter.


Hephaestus smirked.


Annabeth saw her chance…“Annabeth!” I screamed.

Athena gave a groan of pain.


“Why were you trying to reason with him at that point of time?” Nico asked


“I had to save him.” Annabeth said.

“You should’ve waited.” Nico said.


“I didn’t know when the right time was.” Annabeth said a little angrily. Nico sighed and nodded.


Ethan Nakamura got to his feet… but this time it didn’t fly into his hands.

The demigods nodded.


“Nakamura!” he groaned. “Time to prove yourself…the good with the bad? Everything?”


“Percy’s talking. If anybody can turn Ethan then that’s him.” Thalia said. Percy sighed and gave a small smile. Ethan made the right decision as well. Percy hoped he knew that his decision changed a lot for everybody.


Grover was almost to Annabeth now…own blade had ricocheted and pierced his armor.

The gods gasped and the demigods looked sad.


“That kid came through.” Hephaestus said with a small smile.


Kronos rose unsteadily, towering over his servant… heart of the mountain—straight into open air.


The demigods grimaced and closed their eyes in respect.


“What the heck?” a voice said.


“Ethan?” Percy asked in surprise as he looked at the boy.


“Jackson?” Ethan asked. Percy nodded.


“Oh well I guess the fates weren’t kidding. They sent me here for five minutes to apologize or something.” He said


“You don’t have to apologize.” Will said.

“We wanted to tell you that the minor gods have cabins at camp now. Your final decision changed a lot of lives for the better.” Percy said. Ethan’s eyes widened.


“You got them to get cabins for the minor gods?” he asked in shock. Percy nodded.

“Th-thank you.” Ethan said. Percy gave a small sad smile.


“No, thank you.” He said. Ethan looked at everybody, nodded and disappeared.


“That was sad but nice.” Lee said. Everybody nodded.


“So much for him.” Kronos picked up his sword…was feeding her ambrosia.

Annabeth and Grover smiled at each other.


Everywhere Kronos stepped…armrest off the throne of Ares


The Ares gang scowled.


Which was okay by me


They glared at Percy who grinned sheepishly.


But then he backed me up…kindling for my new hearth!”

The sea gang scowled.


Our blades clashed in a shower of sparks…I cut a gash in the Celestial bronze.


“Well Kronos just got Percy mad…again. I mean Percy was already mad but now he just got madder.” Travis said. Connor nodded.


Percy had a small smirk on his face.


He stamped his foot again and time slowed…Cars swerved and crashed.


Everybody grimaced.


The scene shifted, and I saw something…His legs were scaly and reptilian.

The gods gave small shudders while the demigods’ eyes widened at the description.


The Olympians are giving their final effort.”… but he roared in anger and kept advancing.


“That’s insane.” Jason said. The demigods nodded.


My limbs began to loosen up…The call of Poseidon


The sea gang got huge smirks on their faces. Thalia and Nico rolled their eyes playfully at Percy’s face but they were smiling.


All around Typhon, the Hudson River erupted…making a funnel cloud around the monster.


The sea gang cheered loudly. Some of the demigods joined in.


“No!” Kronos bellowed after a moment…“STRIKE FOR OLYMPUS!”


“Probably both.” Apollo said.


Warriors burst out of the river… Briares, the Hundred-Handed one.


Tyson grinned widely.


All the Cyclopes held huge lengths of black iron chains…under in a seething whirlpool, and he was gone.


The demigods cheered at the top of their lungs. Some of them whistled and whooped. Percy was grinned and soon joined in. The gods were grinning and smiling.


“That was one heck of a plan, brother.” Triton muttered to Percy as he grinned. Percy smiled at Triton.


“BAH!” Kronos screamed…Kronos tossed him aside like a rag doll.

The demigods scowled at once. Dionysus flinched in pain.


“I’m your protector.” Grover murmured. Percy gave him a smile.


I sidestepped and jabbed under Kronos’s guard… fell straight into the open fissure.

Everybody grimaced.


“STOP!” Annabeth came from nowhere…her arms trembling as he forced his sword down toward her neck.


The demigods growled.


Then there was a note –


Connor read it out loud.


‘Dear demigods and gods,


Luke Castellan does not wish to join you for the readings due to emotional troubles.


The Fates’


“Well, I was wondering when the fates would send him.” Zoe said. The demigods nodded as they frowned.


“Your mother,” Annabeth grunted… but it was like holding the weight of the sky again.


Poseidon winced.


Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth.


Same for Athena.


“Dad!” Will said in a panicky voice.


“The curse.” Apollo said grimly.


She croaked, “Family, Luke. You promised.”

Thalia flinched.


I took a painful step forward…couldn’t control his own body. “You’re bleeding….”

Thalia and Annabeth grimaced but managed small smiles. The ones who weren’t there gasped. Hermes gave a small soft smile.


“My knife.” Annabeth tried to raise her dagger…or was his whole body glowing, turning gold?


“Not your imagination.” Zeus said grimly


He gasped again. Luke’s voice…his skin starting to smoke.


Everybody were on the edge of their seats.


I raised the knife to strike…Off my rocker. Probably.


“Usually yes but not this time.” Thalia said. Percy chuckled slightly.


But I watched as Luke grasped the hilt…throwing me off my feet


Hermes screamed in pure agony. His kids panicked and were freaking out.


“DAD!” Will shouted as he went to their side. Apollo ran to his son and brother.


“It’s the curse.” He said. “Hermes, breathe.” Apollo instructed.


“Read please.” Will said. Nico nodded and continued.


An aura of energy surrounded Luke…His breath was a deep rattle.


Hermes was yelling in pain. His left side was bleeding. The Stolls and Chris had tears in their eyes. Poseidon grimaced a little under the pain he felt but it wasn’t anything much.


Hermes' kids kept their hands on his shoulders, not caring if they had blood on their hands.


“Is it possible to share the curse?” Travis asked


“Are you crazy?” Katie asked in worry.


“Not right now.” Travis said.


“I don’t know.” Chris said. A note popped up in his hands. The note got stained with blood as he read it out loud.


‘It is but only in extreme circumstances. You have to hold your fists to the fists of your parent to share it. It is only sharable by the children of the respective god or goddess.


The Fates’


Chris gave the note to Clarisse who looked a little freaked out. He, Connor and Travis held out their fists to each other and Travis held it out to Hermes. As soon as their fingers touched, the three of them gave a yell of pain and fell to their knees. Hermes’ felt a little better but it turned to fear as some part of him saw what happened. The demigods looked freaked out.

“Read.” Connor choked out. Nico came out of his shock and continued.

“Good…blade,” he croaked…Isles of the Blest.”


“He always loved a challenge.” Thalia gave a watery smile.


Annabeth sniffled. “You always pushed yourself too hard.”… “Did you love me?”


The Hermes’ gang’s lips were glistening red. Chris, Travis and Connor’s a little more than Hermes. The three demigods were holding in which the gods found amazing. Hermes had tears on his face as he tried to pull his fist away but it looked like a bond was formed around his and Travis’s fist.


“It’s all right dad. It was our choice.” Travis choked out. Hermes was shaking.


Annabeth wiped her tears away…thing that really mattered to me was that she was alive.


Annabeth and Percy exchanged smiles.


“Honestly, I knew that you liked him.” Percy said to Annabeth


“I had a deep crush but I didn’t love him romantically.” Annabeth said. Percy nodded.


“You were like a brother to me, Luke,” she said softly…There’s no healing….” Another cough.


The Hermes gang coughed as well. Apollo and Will were trying their best to heal the four of them and it was working slightly.


He gripped my sleeve, and I could feel the heat…“I won’t,” I said. “I promise.”


“Never.” Percy promised. The demigods nodded. Poseidon grimaced under the heat he felt due to the curse.


Luke nodded, and his hand went slack…into the throne room and expecting a battle


Immediately all the blood and symptoms of the curse vanished from the entire Hermes gang except for the blood the three demigods had from touching Hermes at first. Hermes was still shaking with tears from the curse and what his children did as well as the death of Luke.


He pulled his kids in for a tight hug and the three of them felt their t-shirt get wet but they didn’t pull away. Even the three of them were sobbing. Apollo and Will went back to their couch.


Percy, Annabeth and Grover had closed their eyes and had rested their heads on the back of the couch. Annabeth had tear stained cheeks and so did Grover while Percy looked disturbed as if the entire day came back to him which it obviously had.


The other demigods and gods who didn’t know what had happened were stunned and frozen in shock. Zeus, Hera, Triton and Athena now understood why Luke was called a hero by the demigods. The sacrifice he made had changed things and saved Olympus but of course that didn’t excuse all the trouble he caused but they still got some respect for him.


Thalia had tear stained cheeks as well while Jason tried comforting her but he didn’t know what to say. The other demigods were still trying to process the entire thing. They knew the brief event but they didn’t know the whole thing and to hear it well they knew that it would leave a mark somewhere.


The gods were thinking about the decisions Luke made and why. They were thinking about how Luke had come back. He had come back by a girl he regarded as family, reminding him of his promise. They knew that their children cared about family but the depth and truth of that just sunk into them. They studied their children and their reactions. They looked at the Hermes gang who were still in an embrace and the thought about how Chris, Connor and Travis shared the curse just to reduce Hermes’ pain.


The demigods had all closed their eyes by now, digesting what the book told them. They opened them after a few minutes and the gods saw that though most of the elder Greek demigods had tears in their eyes, there was a fiery kind of determination in them.


Nico decided to continue after 15 minutes to finish the chapter.


What they found were Annabeth, Grover, and me standing over…“A shroud for the son of Hermes.”


The demigods looked down.


“Done.” Nico said quietly.


“I’ll read.” Hades said equally quietly.



Chapter Text

“Well deserved ones.” Aphrodite said.


“You’ve been quite for long.” Piper observed. Aphrodite shrugged.


The Three Fates themselves took Luke’s body…All this happened in less than a second.


Everybody shuddered.


“Creepy.” Michael said.


It is done, she said…would have to be sacrificed to set things right.

“That’s quite unusual. Well actually unique. They showed you somebody’s fate who was important for yours.” Rachel said to Percy. Percy nodded.


They gathered up Luke’s body…murmuring, Luke, poor Luke.


The demigods sighed.


I thought about May Castellan…sandwiches for a son who would never come home.


This time everybody flinched.


“Percy that was horribly depressing and I’m saying this.” Nico said. Percy winced.


Hermes unwrapped Luke’s face and kissed his forehead…broken his promise and betrayed his friends


“Is that possible?” Silena asked


“The promise he made must have been very serious and he would’ve meant it. It was something that anchored his mortal soul. The river Styx is not the only way to make. He swore that it would be forever in which he guaranteed it till he died. That is the reason that Annabeth was able to reach through him because he had made that promise to her which was one of the things that anchored his mortal soul.” Aphrodite explained.

“Oh okay. That’s deep.” Silena said. Aphrodite gave a small smile and nodded.


A single choice shall end his days… I wasn’t really the hero. Luke was.

“Like I said, there were two heroes. One was you who had to make a choice which made you the fighting and trust hero while Luke was the hero whose life was sacrificed in saving Olympus. You made the choice whether to trust him or not to save Olympus.” Rachel explained.


Percy nodded. “Understood.” He said


And I understood something else…his Achilles heel—had saved us all.

Annabeth, Thalia and Hestia smiled.

“You’re right.” Hestia said to Percy who gave a small smile.


Next to me, Annabeth’s knees buckled…“It’s all right,” she said as she passed out in my arms.


Athena grimaced in pain and passed out as well.


“She needs help!” I yelled…“God of medicine, at your service.”


Apollo grinned.


“Asclepius is also the Greek god of medicine?” Will asked


“I’m healing and medicine and he’s only medicine.” Apollo explained. Will nodded.


He passed his hand over Annabeth’s face…she sighed in her sleep.


Athena’s grimace vanished in her passed out state.


Apollo grinned. “She’ll be fine in a few minutes…“I’ll, um, let you handle the poetry.”


Apollo pouted at Percy who chuckled.


The next few hours were a blur… I told him my strange request.


Athena regained consciousness.


“That’s kind of creepy. Just FYI.” Thalia said to Zeus who gave a small smile. Thalia looked a little taken aback. So did the other demigods.


“Maybe he is on the way to changing.” Percy muttered.


He snapped his fingers and informed me…but otherwise she was okay.


Zeus gave a glare to Hera and she grimaced.


Connor and Travis Stoll had made it…they hadn’t even looted the city much


Connor and Travis grinned. The others all chuckled.

“Well that’s a first. They didn’t loot too much normally it is that there is too less things left in the city.” Katie chuckled fondly.


Travis grinned. Hermes chuckled.


They told me my parents were fine…but at least he was alive


Everybody sighed in relief.


Katie Gardner reported that she’d seen…where she’d gone, which also troubled me.


Demeter and Persephone sighed in relief that Katie was all right. Travis smiled.


Nico di Angelo came into Olympus to a hero’s welcome…gotten such an enthusiastic welcome before.


Nico and Hades were grinning as a light blush covered their cheeks.


The demigods cheered and whistled. Will was one of the loudest.


Clarisse marched in, still shivering from her time in the ice block


“Well at least she got released in the same day or two.” Castor said


“Yeah, we don’t want her to be frozen like Captain America.” Chris said. Clarisse grinned and chuckled.


And Ares bellowed, “There’s my girl!”… THAT’S what I’m talking about!”

“He knew.” Frank smiled.


“Of course I did.” Ares grinned. Clarisse smiled.


She looked pretty overwhelmed…but eventually she began to smile.

Ares gave a sigh of relief and smiled as he praised Clarisse. Frank joined in and Clarisse blushed under the praise. The demigods smiled at the scene. Percy pulled out his phone and snapped a photo.

Hera and Hephaestus passed me…“a pretty bang up job, mostly.”

Everybody chuckled.


Hera sniffed in disdain…at least for a little while


A few glares were shot at Hera.


“Yeah and then some months later, I lost my memories.” Percy muttered. Jason agreed.


Dionysus’s head was still wrapped in a bandage…It’s all thanks to my training, I suppose.”


“Sure.” The demigods chuckled fondly.


“That’s kind of a truce.” Castor said. Dionysus and Percy shrugged in unison which made everybody laugh.


“Um, yes, sir,” I said.

The demigods and gods stared at Percy.


“Percy was… respectful.” Nico whispered theatrically.


Percy rolled his eyes playfully.


“Oh come on.” He said. Everybody burst out laughing.


Mr. D nodded. “As thanks for my bravery…was an old man, assuming I lived that long.


The demigods chuckled and laughed.


“Don’t get so excited, Jackson,” he said…he was saying my name correctly.


The demigods grinned and whistled.


“They’re in a truce.” Pollux nodded. Percy smiled and even Dionysus had a small one on his face.


“I still plan on making your life miserable.”… I couldn’t help smiling. “Naturally.”


“That’s you. It would feel weird if you didn’t do that now.” Percy laughed. Dionysus smirked.


“Honestly, I have to say that camp wouldn’t be the same without Mr.D.” Nico said. The Greek demigods nodded especially the elder ones. Dionysus’s eyes widened but he smiled at the end. Chiron smiled as well.


Percy stood up and clicked a few more photos of everybody smiled and he couldn’t help the grin that showed on his face.


Grover stayed at my side…reincarnated into a better world.”

Hermes and Dionysus sighed but nodded.


He sniffled dejectedly. “I…I suppose…about the Wild more than anyone.”

Hermes and Dionysus nodded.


“Percy’s right.” Hermes said. Grover blushed under the praise.


He tried for a smile. “Thanks, Percy…You’re the bravest satyr I ever met.”


The demigods nodded and cheered. Grover turned redder and smiled.


“We’re all proud to be your friends.” Annabeth said. They all nodded again. This time Apollo nodded as well.


Grover smiled at them.


He blushed, but before he could say anything…getting hit by a tractor, not the entire farm.

Everybody chuckled and laughed. Tyson grinned sheepishly and Percy gave him a hug. This time Thalia took a photograph and smiled.


“You are not dead!” he said…gave each other high fives.

Everybody whooped and the sea gang grinned proudly. Percy was practically beaming.


“Tyson led us,” one rumbled…“Bravest of the Cyclopes!” another bellowed.


“Definitely.” Triton said. The demigods nodded and Tyson blushed.


Tyson blushed. “Was nothing.”… “YAAARRRRR!” the Cyclopes roared.

The demigods added their own set of cheers for Tyson and the Cyclopes. They all jumped and pounded the air with their fists. Tyson was blushing like crazy and everybody was chuckling. Nico was taking photographs with his phone. The gods didn’t know why the demigods were taking pictures but they smiled nonetheless.

“Please don’t eat me,” Grover muttered…anyone heard him.


Grover turned red as everybody chuckled.


The conch horns blasted again… I was afraid he was going to zap me.


Everybody chuckled. Poseidon frowned a little but Percy grinned at him and he smiled.


“He won’t ever zap you.” Triton chuckled.


“I even forgive you for sitting on my throne…he smelled of a salty beach and fresh sea air.

Poseidon frowned. He had hugged his son many times during the readings. He gave Percy a hug which Percy returned. Percy got a little teary eyed but he made sure nobody could see it. Jason took a picture.


When he pulled away, he smiled kindly at me…terrified I had been the last few days.


The demigods sighed.


“It just hits you, you know?” Chris said


“Yeah, like a tidal wave of emotions but you still have that happiness inside you.” Percy said. The demigods nodded.


“Dad—” “Shhh,” he said…Not even Hercules—”


Zeus scowled a little.


“Percy is better than Hercules.” Piper said. Percy smiled.


“So are all of you.” He said. The demigods all smiled. Chiron looked proud of his students.


“POSEIDON!” a voice roared…other gods filed in and took their seats.


Poseidon rolled his eyes at Zeus.


Even Hades was present…cross-legged on the ground at his dad’s feet.


Nico, Hades, Hazel and Persephone smiled.


“Well, Poseidon?” Zeus grumped…“I would be honored, Lord Zeus.”

Everybody laughed and Zeus glared at his brother, knowing that Poseidon was mocking him. Poseidon just looked at Zeus innocently. The sea gang snickered.


I guess miracles do happen…Annabeth walked in and stood next to me.


The demigods gave light snickers but they didn’t say anything because they knew that the gods had fought well against Typhon. Though the final plan was Percy’s, it was still carried out by the gods.


She looked good for someone who’d recently…Hera was giving us a dirty look.


The demigods laughed and chuckled at that.


“First time that day, indeed.” Katie chuckled.


“As for my brothers,” Zeus said…like the words were hard to get out


The demigods and gods laughed. Poseidon and Hades rolled their eyes at Zeus who grumbled a little but not much.


“Erm, thankful for the aid of Hades.”… Nico looked happier than I’d ever seen him.


The demigods all smiled warmly. Hades gave a small smile to Percy and hugged Nico who was grinning widely. Travis took a photograph.


“And, of course,” Zeus continued…“I’m sorry, brother,” Poseidon said. “What was that?”


Everybody roared with laughter and Zeus glared at Poseidon who was still trying to loo innocent but was barely succeeding.


“We must thank Poseidon,” Zeus growled…“Impossible,” Zeus said. “Impossible to defeat Typhon.”


The laughter somehow increased. The demigods were shaking as they laughed.


“Well you get the sass from your dad.” Nico chuckled. Percy grinned.


“Yeah. Thanks dad.” Percy chuckled at his father who winked.


Zeus was glaring at Poseidon though it looked more like a pout. Poseidon smirked at him while Hades gave Poseidon a thumbs up.


The gods murmured agreement and pounded…“I’ll streamline their application process.”


Everybody chuckled and the hunters smiled.


“They would’ve gotten Elysium either way.” Hades said.

“Well your word was a guarantee.” Artemis shrugged.


Thalia beamed with pride…“Doesn’t miss many meals, does he?” Zeus muttered


A few chuckles.


“Need them to be strong.” Tyson grinned proudly. Everybody chuckled fondly at him.


“Tyson, for your bravery in the war…war whenever required by the gods.


The demigods cheered.


“GO TYSON!” They whooped. Tyson grinned and blushed.


And you shall have a new…pounded him on the back as he rejoined them.


Everybody laughed and cheered.


“I think that was the first time that anybody asked dad for a stick as a weapon.” Jason chuckled. Tyson grinned. Zeus’s eyes widened and little at Jason calling him ‘dad’ again but he gave a smile at the end.


“Grover Underwood of the satyrs!” Dionysus called…“Honestly, I’m not going to blast you.


Everybody chuckled.


For your bravery and sacrifice…Grover collapsed on the spot.


They all laughed and Grover turned bright red but grinned sheepishly. Dionysus and Hermes chuckled.


“Oh, wonderful,” Dionysus sighed…Life could be worse.


Everybody cheered loudly for Grover who grinned.


“I have a girlfriend.” Grover grinned.


“I know.” Percy chuckled.


Athena called, “Annabeth Chase… “Make us a city for the ages.”


Everybody cheered for Annabeth.


“She certainly excelled at that.” Athena praised. Annabeth blushed and smiled.


The demigods whooped and the gods nodded in agreement.


“I hope you’re still in for helping with the game room.” Triton grinned. Annabeth grinned back.


“Absolutely.” She said


“Me too!” Percy said.


“Obviously.” Amphitrite chuckled.


“As long as you have plenty of statues of me”… “All right!” Athena interrupted. “She gets the point.


Everybody laughed and chuckled.


“You guys really are kids.” Michael said fondly. Ares, Apollo and Aphrodite grinned.


Rise, my daughter, official architect of Olympus.”… Drafting paper, and, um, pencils—”

Everybody smiled.


“PERCY JACKSON!” Poseidon announced…Her smile gave me courage to keep walking.


Hestia and Percy smiled at each other.


First I bowed to Zeus. Then I knelt at my father’s feet.


“He’s learning.” Zeus said


Percy chuckled lightly.


Rise, my son,” Poseidon said…but not a single one protested.


“Even if some didn’t like you, you are still very deserving of it. For that matter, all of you were.” Hephaestus said. The demigods smiled as most of the gods nodded.


“The Council agrees,” Zeus said… your father’s lieutenant for all time.”


“That is not Percy. He thinks of others first.” Triton smiled fondly. Percy smiled.


I stared at him, stunned. “Um…a god?”… he’ll just keep coming back for more. I like this idea.”


“You think that you would be able to smash him to pulp? He beat you when he was twelve with very less experience. Even if you were toying with him then, I’d like to see you spar with him now.” Hermes chuckled.


“You’re on.” Ares said to Percy who grinned.


“Friendly match?” he asked.


“They can place bets if they want.” Ares said, gesturing to the others. Percy nodded.


“I approve as well,” Athena said… pretty much the same way I did now.


Annabeth and Percy exchanged smiles.


I thought about the Three Fates…And I knew what to do. “No,” I said

“No way.” Leo breathed.

“You’re going to ask for cabins and more respect for the minor gods?” Reyna asked in awe. Percy nodded with a smile.


“More important than immortality at the point.” Percy smiled.


“This. Kid. Is. Freaking. Amazing.” Beckendorf said. Percy blushed.


The Council was silent…And that kind of made up for it.


Annabeth and Percy blushed.


“I do want a gift, though,” I said…“you should always get a solemn oath.”


Hades burst out laughing.

“Good to know that you learnt.” He chuckled.


“Kind of hard not to if you’re stuck in a cell.” Percy chuckled.


Hades shrugged. “Guilty.”… “Percy,” my father said, “what exactly do you mean?”


“You know exactly what he means.” Amphitrite rolled her eyes at Poseidon.


“It was just shocking.” Poseidon said


“Kronos couldn’t have risen if it hadn’t been…“No more undetermined children,” I said.


“Dude, you just interrupted him.” Pollux laughed. Zeus glared at Percy who shrugged.


“It kind of was your fault. Truth’s hard to hear when it’s against you.” He said. Zeus grumbled.


“I want you to promise to claim your children…“Now, wait just a moment,” Apollo said, but I was on a roll.


Everybody snickered but all their eyes held pride and awe towards Percy.


“You disagreed?” Will asked


“No, I wanted to say that I did try to claim my kids.” Apollo sighed.


“Honestly, that was not the time.” Lee said. Apollo nodded.


“And the minor gods,” I said…“Are you calling me a minor god?” Hades bellowed


Poseidon rolled his eyes at Hades.


“Wouldn’t dream of it. I put you in with the peaceful titan kind for that reason.” Percy said, smirking a little.


“Yes, thank you.” Hades said


“No prob.” Percy said


“No, my lord,” I said quickly…“I hold you to your oath,” I said. “All of you.”


The demigods burst into ear deafening cheers. They were louder than ever in the books.


“GO PERCY!!!!” They yelled. Percy was blushing furiously.


“In the meme way you just told them to pay their child support.” Leo laughed. Everybody roared with laughter at that. Some of the gods joined in the cheering and laughter as well.


“You are one awesome person, Percy. Nobody would turn down immortality for even this.” Beckendorf said. Percy smiled.


“I shouldn’t have needed to ask for that but it was very very needed.” Percy said. The demigods nodded and stopped cheering after two minutes.


I got a lot of steely looks…I move that we accept the boy’s plan.”


Annabeth smiled at her mother. Percy gave her a grateful nod as well.


“Humph,” Zeus said. “Being told what to do by a mere child.


“The ‘mere child’ is wiser than us in some matters.” Demeter said. Percy gave her a grateful look and Zeus grumbled a little but he begrudgingly admitted to herself that she had a point.


But I suppose…”“All in favor,” Hermes said…“Um, thanks,” I said.


“No Percy, we are the ones who should be thanking you demigods.” Hermes said, shaking his head. The demigods smiled as most of the gods nodded.


I turned, but before I could leave…and my big brother!”


Everybody cheered at the top of their lungs once more. The demigods all grinned. Then Apollo and Hermes exchanged looks. They got up and lifted some of the demigods on their shoulders and the demigods laughed. The two gods were grinning. Then all the gods got up and did the same for all the demigods who were laughing and grinning. Clarisse took a photo as she was being lifted on her dad’s shoulders.


The gods were grinning and chuckling as the demigods were laughing and enjoying themselves. Chiron smiled at the scene and Hestia watched the demigods and gods warmly. The gods carried the demigods to the dining hall where the gods grabbed the snacks that their children asked for and carried them back to the throne room. The gods put their children down softly and the demigods laughed and clapped their hands.


“I’ll read.” Hestia said as she picked up the book.



Chapter Text

Annabeth and I were on our way out… in the mist of a fountain.

“I’m glad you talked to me that day.” Hermes said


“It was necessary.” Percy said


I glanced at Annabeth…Then she studied my face. “Yeah, you’re sure.”


Everybody chuckled.


Hermes didn’t seem to notice me approach… power of the Mist…and mortal ignorance.” “Thanks, I guess.”


A few snickers and chuckles.


“Oh, not you


“Thanks, I guess.” Rachel said. Everybody laughed.


“Oh, not you.” Hermes smiled. Rachel chuckled.


Although, I suppose I should wonder…Susan B. Anthony strangling Frederick Douglass.


Everybody laughed.


“Robotics teacher’s project gone wrong. Trying to build robots resulted in one strangling the other.” Leo said. Everybody roared with laughter.


“That’s very accurate.” Hermes nodded. Leo grinned.


“How bad is the city?”… Earthquake or a solar flare. Anything but the truth.”


Chiron nodded.


“They have wild imaginations. No offense, Rachel.” Chiron said


“None taken.” Rachel said. The others nodded.


He sounded bitter…Hermes was really really angry


“Then he’s keeping quite a good calm look.” Castor said


“Honestly, he should let it out. I mean not anybody good but on like a punch bag or on drums or something. Don’t bottle it up, it’s not healthy.” Percy said. Hermes nodded.


“I calmed down after you talked to me.” He said.


“I’m glad.” Percy said.


I probably should’ve kept quiet…You knew he’d make the right choice.


Hermes sighed and nodded.


“I’m sorry again.” Percy grimaced. Hermes gave him a small smile.


“It’s all right.” He said


But you couldn’t tell him, could you?”…that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”


The demigods sighed and grimaced.


“You had to let him find his own path,” I said… I was really angry with myself.”

Hermes sighed. Annabeth grimaced a little.

“Sorry Annabeth. The anger was misdirected.” Hermes said.


“It’s okay.” Annabeth smiled.


“Don’t direct the anger on yourself. Use a healthy stress outlet.” Will said. Hermes smiled at him and nodded.


“Annabeth did save him,” I said…You can’t kill a Titan.”

“Unfortunately.” Nico sighed.


“Very unfortunate.” The demigods agreed


“Then—” “I don’t know,” Hermes grumbled…But don’t mistake him for dead, Percy.”


“Oh yay.” Thalia said. The demigods sighed and stretched.


My stomach did a queasy somersault…head low for a few centuries if he’s smart.


“He should be smart enough for that.” Thalia said. The demigods and gods nodded.


“Betrayal is not easily forgiven.” Jason agreed.


Krios has fled, and Mount Othrys has crumbled into ruins.


The romans grinned and smirked.


Oceanus slipped back into the deep ocean…I will never forgive myself.”


“He did believe it then. He does so now as well.” Nico said. Hermes nodded and sighed.


Hermes slashed his caduceus through the mist…“And now you know I’m a hypocrite?”


“No, you were right and it was a very good lesson for all of us.” Castor said. Hermes gave a small smile.

“No, you were right. Luke loved you…All the gods can do that.”


The gods nodded.


“We can and should have long ago.” Ares said. The demigods smiled.


Hermes’s shoulders sagged. “They’ll try, Percy…You were born because of a broken promise, eh?


Thalia, Jason and Percy grimaced a little but shrugged.


Eventually we’ll become forgetful…“Yeah,” I said. “I do.”

The gods looked a little surprised. The demigods nodded.


“Really?” Hephaestus asked


“What do you think is happening right now?” Beckendorf smiled. The gods smiled at that.


Hermes seemed surprised by that…After all that happened?”


The demigods nodded.


“Definitely.” Annabeth nodded.


“I’m sure of it.” Hermes stared at the fountain…“I promise,” I said. “And I won’t forget.”

“Oh yeah, Lucas made it a month after the first war. Jill and Leah came around the same time. Benjamin, Ashley and Addison came two weeks later.” Percy recalled. Hermes gave him a wide smile.


“Oh them? Yep, they were brought to camp by satyrs sent specifically by Percy. We gave them bunks ourselves.” The Stolls grinned


Hermes grinned at the Stolls and Percy.


“Thank you.” He said


“I told you, I won’t forget.” Percy smiled. Poseidon gave him a proud smile.


“You guys are great head counselors.” Hermes smiled at the Stolls who grinned.


“That they are.” Chris smiled. The two of them blushed.


George and Martha twirled around the caduceus…but they seemed to be trying


Everybody chuckled fondly.


“Percy Jackson,” Hermes said…Her gray eyes blazed.

Athena smirked.


“Well, Percy,” she said. “You will stay mortal.”… “Spare me.” Athena stepped close to me


The demigods snickered.


“Even her.” Thalia laughed. Percy and Annabeth turned a bright shade of red which made everybody laugh. Will took a photo.


And I could feel her aura of power… Perhaps I was mistaken.


“Did she just-?” Hermes whispered dramatically.


“I think she did.” Apollo whispered with equal affected.


“Athena admitted she was mistaken.” Dionysus said loudly but with the dramatics. Everybody chuckled at that.


Athena rolled her eyes at the trio.


You seem to have saved both your friends…charring the front of my shirt.

Annabeth rolled her eyes good naturedly.


Annabeth was waiting for me at the elevator… better elevator tunes.

Everybody laughed and Apollo pouted but soon joined in.


“We’ll give you the playlist.” Nico grinned. Apollo chuckled.


When we got into the lobby…“She was getting a bit anxious,” Paul said drily.


Everybody chuckled and smiled.


“I’m all right,” I promised as my mom…I mean, this story about the six hundredth floor?”


“I love Paul.” Leo chuckled. Everybody laughed.


“Yep, it’s true.” Zeus said smugly.


“Olympus,” I said. “Yeah.”… his face told me something was wrong.


Everybody groaned.


“Well the bad news is a pity.” Dakota said


“It was more dangerous than bad.” Percy said. Rachel grinned sheepishly.


“It’s Rachel,” he said…“She took my pegasus?” I demanded.

“Nobody takes my pegasus without permission.” Percy chuckled but everybody knew he was quite protective of Blackjack and was pretty serious about this.


“Sorry, Percy.” Rachel said.

“It’s fine.” Percy said with a small smile.


Nico nodded. “She’s heading to Half-Blood Hill…she had to get to camp.”


“Done.” Hestia said


“That was a relatively short one.” Lee said. Hestia nodded.


“I’ll read.’ Michael said.





Chapter Text

Nobody steals my pegasus…angry or amazed or worried.


Percy nodded.


“What was she thinking?” Annabeth said… and the pegasi had flown away.


The demigods groaned.


“I hate traffic.” Reyna said. They all nodded.


I would’ve settled for some Party Ponies…along with most of the root beer in Midtown


Everybody laughed.


Chiron shook his head a little fondly.


So we ran, pushing through mobs of dazed…“So tired…couldn’t summon a dog bone.”


Hades felt his stamina drain him.


“Yeah, that’s very tired.” He said and slumped a little.


Finally we scrambled over the embankment…Now, about that ride…


Everybody laughed.


“I would never forget Rainbow’s apples.” Tyson said. The demigods and sea gang smiled.


In no time, Annabeth, Nico, and I were zipping up…headed for Long Island Sound.


“Faster than Jet Skis?” Travis’s mouth hung open.


“That’s insane.” Connor agreed. Percy smirked.


It seemed like forever until we saw the beach…But the place was mostly empty


The demigods sighed.


Up at the Big House, something was definitely wrong… The weird girl made me do it!


Rachel looked a little offended on being called weird by a pegasus but not too much. She just ended up grinning.


Rachel Elizabeth Dare stood at the bottom of the porch…right through the magic boundaries.”


“Whoa.” Castor said


“Rachel!” I called, but the satyrs stopped me…hasn’t gotten to that yet, she’ll go crazy!”

Hades shook his head.


“The curse would automatically be lifted once the reason was solved. Once my children were accepted, the curse would automatically lift.” He said.


Percy nodded. “Oh okay.” He said


The Mist swirled around Rachel…I finally understand why.”

“That was ominous.” Thalia said. Rachel grinned.


It sounded too much like what May Castellan…He winked at me but held up his finger to his lips.

“Yeah, you just had to make that dramatic.” Artemis rolled her eyes playfully at her twin.


Apollo grinned and winked.


“It was a huge moment.” He said.


“Rachel Elizabeth Dare,” he said…Speaker of Riddles, Seer of Fate.”


Apollo and Rachel grinned at each other.


“Why, thank you.” He grinned. Rachel chuckled.


I didn’t know where she was getting the words…“That would be real bad.”

A few snickers.

“Really dad?” Will said. Apollo gave a light chuckle.


“It would.” Rachel nodded.


Despite Apollo’s warning, I ran forward…I could see you dying.”

“Damn.” Leo muttered. The ones who head him nodded in agreement.


“I’m all right,” she murmured…“You’re kidding,” Annabeth said.


“Our reaction in two words.” Reyna laughed. The demigods joined in. Rachel and Apollo grinned.


Rachel managed a weak smile…And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.”


“YEAH! WHOO!” The seven demigods cheered sarcastically.


“Another prophecy of death? Why not?” Percy said


“That’s us.” Leo continued in the same sarcasm. The other five demigods and Nico nodded.


“The Great Prophecy number two! The demigods will be sent on another quest with high possibility of a death served cursed and painful just like they want.” Nico continued in the sarcasm.


The demigods snickered and the gods looked a little concerned and guilty.


At the last word, Rachel collapsed…This one may not even happen in your lifetime.”

“Oh Apollo, none of us are that lucky.” Percy sighed

“Well at least it’s over now.” Apollo said, trying to sound optimistic.


“Yeah, that’s a positive.” Frank said


I thought about the lines Rachel had spoken…game room and one of those home theater systems.”


Everybody chuckled and laughed.


“That would be lit.” Thalia nodded.


Rachel grinned.


Chiron cleared his throat loudly… Apollo into the Big House.


“Do what?” Clarisse asked


“Tell Annabeth.” Percy said. Annabeth blushed and the demigods cheered.


The rest of the day was as strange…lit the shroud together

Clarisse and Silena smiled at each other while Ares and Aphrodite smiled at each other.


“She is a hero.” Piper nodded. Silena gave her a warm smile.


No one mentioned the word spy... perfume smoke drifted into the sky.

Everybody smiled softly.


Even Ethan Nakamura was given a shroud…minor gods would finally get the respect they deserved.


The demigods smiled and nodded.


“A huge difference.” Pollux said. They all agreed with that.


Dinner at the pavilion was low-key…flying tackle hug, making everybody cheer.


Grover blushed as everybody cheered again.

Aphrodite cooed.


They went down to the beach…Beckendorf, which made me sad.


They sighed. Beckendorf and Silena smiled at each other.


Mrs. O’Leary romped around happily…suddenly you’re everybody’s best friend.


Everybody laughed.


“And yet, you thought you didn’t belong.” Will rolled his eyes at his boyfriend who grinned sheepishly.

“Dude, if you wouldn’t have belonged then Rachel wouldn’t have been able to be the oracle.” Percy said. Nico grinned sheepishly at him as well and everybody else chuckled.


“I think, I was accepted by you guys but I had a hard time believing it and I didn’t accept that.” Nico said.


The demigods looked at him.


“Maybe but you can rely on us.” Pollux said. Nico smiled.


Slowly, the dinner crowd trickled away…It was peaceful.

Grover smiled.


“You have to value it.” Silena nodded.


“Hey.” Annabeth slid next to me on the bench…about the fact that it was my birthday.


Everybody smiled.


“Yeah, I forgot about my birthday. Kind of hard to feel happy about it when so many people died.” Percy said. The demigods nodded sympathetically.


“Make a wish,” she said…“With extra blue cement.”

Tyson grinned. Annabeth chuckled. Percy smiled.


Annabeth laughed. I thought for a second…but otherwise it was quiet.


Everybody chuckled and the demigods were preparing themselves for cheers, hoots and wolf whistles.


“You saved the world,” she said…Annabeth shrugged. “Oh, I don’t care.”


Everybody laughed.


“Let’s not pretend that you aren’t happy about that.” Rachel laughed. Annabeth and Percy turned red.




“Well, would you look at that? Our dear kelp head isn’t oblivious to Annabeth anymore.” Thalia grinned.


Everybody laughed.


She raised an eyebrow. “You got something…“Oh, you so wanted to.” “Well, maybe a little


“There were more important things that were necessary and Annabeth of course.” Percy said


“You gave up immortality for more respect for the minor gods and for a girl whom you weren’t dating yet. Also, you indirectly told the gods to pay their freaking child support.” Beckendorf summed up. Percy blushed.


The demigods were grinning and laughing.


But I didn’t, because I thought…“You are so not making this easy.”

Everybody laughed.


“I will never make it easy for you, seaweed brain.” Annabeth grinned. Percy blushed.


Then she laughed for real, and she put her hands…brain was melting right through my body


Everybody laughed and cheered.


I could’ve stayed that way forever…pavilion was filled with torchlight and campers


“The funny parts are that everybody knew and that they are all carrying torchlights.” Reyna chuckled.


“Yes, I didn’t even know they were awake, let alone waiting for Percy and Annabeth.” Chiron chuckled.


The demigods smirked and grinned. Some of them laughed and chuckled.


“Something about the day was finally funny and happy.” Pollux said. The demigods nodded.

“Percy’s birthday is the same day as his and Annabeth’s anniversary. Nicee.” Leo said. Percy and Annabeth grinned.


Clarisse led the way as the eavesdroppers…even though my face was completely red.

They all cheered again. Even most of the gods couldn’t help the smiles pulling up on their faces. Their children deserved that kind of happiness especially after all that they did.


We held hands right up to the moment…And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.


The cheers were deafening. The demigods were hooting and wolf whistling.


“We missed that part.” Travis laughed. Clarisse nodded and chuckled. They all kept cheering and hooting. Poseidon was smirking at his son. Then he grinned at Amphitrite who blushed. Well they had had a similar moment once. Triton felt a little uncomfortable but he and Tyson cheered and whistled for Annabeth and Percy.


Annabeth and Percy got up and went to the middle of the room and the two of them kissed. The cheers miraculously got louder until everybody was cheering at the top of their lungs. Even some of the gods had joined in and were wolf whistling as they hooted and whooped. Athena was fuming only a little but even she gave a very small smile which was barely noticeable.

Then all the demigods took the cushions and threw them at the couple in unison.


“GET A ROOM!” They all shouted and burst out laughing. Percy and Annabeth pulled away, blushed and joined in the laughter.


The demigods and some of the gods gave one last cheer and a set of wolf whistles and calmed down and just grinned. Annabeth and Percy went back to their seats. This time Annabeth went and sat with Athena which surprised the goddess but it did please her.


“By the way, the chapter is over.” Michael said


“I’ll read.” Katie grinned.

Chapter Text

The demigods chuckled.


“It’s never good bye.” Travis


“Are you quoting Dom Toretto?” Connor asked. Travis grinned. Everybody chuckled.


Camp went late that summer…best two weeks of my life.

The demigods smiled.


“It was quite beautiful if you ignore that the war happened some time ago.” Chris nodded. They agreed.


Of course, Annabeth would kill me…but in a lot of other countries as well.

The demigods grinned and nodded.


“That’s good.” Jason said.


“We can hardly keep up,” Grover admitted…“That’s silly. I’m not scary.”


“You’re not scary but you’re still have authority. It’s respect that they have for you.” Thalia said


Grover sighed and nodded.


“You’re a lord of the Wild, dude…me to run for president next.”


Everybody chuckled.


“She’s supportive.” Clarisse chuckled.


He chewed on a tin can as we stared…taken to the new task with gusto.


The demigods nodded enthusiastically.


“We all wanted what Percy asked.” Pollux said.


Nico had some undead builders working…green fire twenty-four hours a day.


Hades and Hazel grinned at a smirking Nico.


“That sounds awesome.” Hades said


“It is.” Hazel agreed


“It’s better now. First it was like it was made for vampires.” Nico shook his head. Everybody chuckled.


Next to that were the cabins of Iris…just so they could have enough room.

The demigods smiled. The gods nodded.


The Hermes cabin was a lot less…had received signs from their godly parents


Travis and Connor were grinning widely.


“It was amazing to see the demigods be so happy and cry tears of happiness.” Connor said genuinely. Travis nodded.


“Beautiful.” He said. Hermes smiled at his kids.


It happened almost every night…expecting we’ll have twice as many campers.”


The demigods couldn’t stop smiling but they were very slightly upset about the ‘almost’ but the thought of claimings still made the happy. The demigods finally got some of the recognition they deserved.


“Yeah,” Grover agreed…He sighed contentedly.


The Greek demigods nodded.


“Always.” Connor said


I watched as Tyson led a group of Cyclops…nobody but Grover would like that.


They all laughed warmly.


“More trees.” Grover grinned


“We had to watch out for that. Mr. D had quite some magic to do.” Will chuckled.


“I’ll be traveling a lot,” Grover warned…“Yeah,” he agreed. “It sure is.”


Everybody laughed and Percy and Annabeth smiled.


“It is different.” Beckendorf smiled.


In the late afternoon, I was taking one last…like halfway across Long Island Sound.


Poseidon grinned.


“Cool rod.” Triton said. Poseidon smiled at him.


“Hey, Dad,” I said…It’s rather gratifying.


“She did.” Ares sighed


“How nice. Thank you.” Poseidon said, rolling his eyes a little good naturedly.


So, thank you…So, thank you. I suppose even the gods


Percy smiled at his father who beamed at him.


The Sound began to boil…game wardens will be all over me.” “Little ones?


Everybody laughed.


“That’s annoying.” Triton agreed


He grinned. “You’re doing well…whether he was serious or not


“I was just joking.” Poseidon assured Percy.


“Well that’s good. I’m good with Triton and Tyson and I also have Estelle so that’s good enough for me.” Percy grinned. Poseidon chuckled. Triton and Tyson grinned mischievously at Percy.


“I’ll see you soon, Percy…but I was proud to wear the bead.


The demigods nodded in agreement.


“It’s my favorite bead.” Annabeth said. The Greek demigods nodded.


I put it on my camp necklace…We have upheld the honor of the camp.


The Greek demigods cheered and they all had uncontrollable smiles on their faces. They smiled so much that their cheeks hurt but they didn’t care.


He smiled at me, and everybody cheered…maybe she preferred it that way.


Hestia and Percy smiled at each other.


“And now,” Chiron said, “early to bed! ... I’d ever done two years at the same school.


Everybody chuckled.


“You’re going to have to try harder to get kicked out, Percy.” Leo said


“I’m in college now.” Percy reminded him.


“Oh yeah.” Leo recalled sheepishly.


“Good-bye,” Rachel said to us as she shouldered…along fine with Rachel these days.


Rachel and Annabeth grinned at each other.


Rachel bit her lip…Gods, that would be embarrassing.”

Everybody burst out laughing.


“That would be epic.” Connor corrected


“Creepy for the mortals.” Rachel said.


The demigods and gods laughed.


Annabeth laughed, and to my relief… ran down the hill to catch her ride.


Everybody chuckled and Percy turned red.


Annabeth, thank goodness, would be staying…But she laced her fingers through mine.


Annabeth and Percy smiled at each other.


“You have to admit that he was right.” Thalia said.


“He was.” Annabeth agreed. Percy blushed.


I remembered what she’d told me in New York…we were off to a good start.


Annabeth and Percy blushed. The demigods’ smiles widened.


The guard dragon Peleus curled contentedly…have so many new faces next summer.”

Leo, Piper and Jason grinned.


“Yep,” I agreed. “And all that stuff about…“Then we can kick back and enjoy.”


“Don’t we wish?” The seven demigods and Nico snorted. Everybody chuckled.


She nodded, though she still seemed uneasy…For once, I didn’t look back.


Katie closed the book. The Greek demigods had tears of nostalgia in their eyes as they all smiled and grinned. Chiron was smiling warmly and even Dionysus had a small smile.


“Book’s done.” Katie said


“We’ll start with the next one day after tomorrow.” Chiron said. There was a flash of light with a book in the air with a note.


“Read this before the next set of books. Rhea and Leto will be returning for the reading of this book as well.”


“Gee, okay.” Percy said


“It’s called The Greek Heroes.” Chiron said


“I think it’s a kind of sequel to the Greek gods one.” Chris said. Everybody nodded.


“Let’s get up now.” Thalia grinned. The demigods grinned and raced out of the throne room as they laughed. The gods smiled.


“Come on guys!” Percy shouted as he turned while running and ran backwards. They all followed their children with smiles on their faces.