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The Fates' Wish - The Last Olympian

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“The weirdest thought just popped into my head.” Percy said, shaking his head as the sea gang, underworld gang. Annabeth, Will and Jason and Thalia walked out of the throne room.


“Is that surprising?” Triton snorted


“Haha so funny.” Percy said


“So what’s the thought?” Annabeth asked


“I wonder if the gods know about, memes and retellings.” Percy said


“What are those?” Poseidon asked


“Well that answers your question.” Nico grinned


The demigods pretended to faint.


“Memes are like… like.” Percy said, trying to find the correct words


“Just show them some.” Thalia said


“Greek mythology ones?” Percy asked


“Sure.” Jason said


Percy opened his phone and typed Greek Mythology memes.


“This is a meme.” He said, showing it to the gods


The gods snickered.


“This one’s brilliant.” Triton said


“Which one?” Hazel asked


Percy showed it to the demigods.


They all snickered.


“Show them some incorrect quotes.” Nico said


“Mm kay. I have like hundred in my gallery. Downloaded them when I was awake during the nights.” Percy said and opened some incorrect quotes


“Here.” He said, showing it everybody


They all saw it and snickered.


It was-


Ares- You can never lose an argument when you say ‘shut up nerd.’

Athena – Yes you can

Ares- shut up nerd


“Seriously seaweed brain?” Annabeth asked


“Well if it offends you, I’d like to mess around with Nico.” Percy smirked


“Why me? Why?” Nico asked


“Cause it’s fun.” Thalia said in a sing song voice


“Fine fine, I’ll mess around with only one incorrect quote and the other one will be hilarious but it won’t actually mess around with if that makes any sense. Then just a funny random one.” Percy said


“No it does not make sense but just get on with it.” Nico said


Percy grinned.


“Here’s one.” Percy said, showing it to everybody.


Aphrodite – Do you like Persephone?

Hades – What? No, I would never.


Aphrodite – So you wouldn’t mind if I set her up-


Hades – I will kill you with my bare hands


The gods roared with laughter and the demigods snickered.


“Well that was luckily okay.” Nico sighed


“Here’s a not messing one.” Percy said and showed it to everybody


“Just for your information, fanfiction is something that people who like a topic, let’s say harry potter, write. Like they’ll take the characters and make their own story with them. Sometimes those are character and reader in a relation story as well.” Percy informed


The gods nodded.


“Well explained.” Will grinned


Percy bowed.


“So here it is.” Percy said


*Hades discovers Greek god fanfiction*


Hades- What’s Y/N?


Persephone – Your name


Hades- Ah, okay


Hades, continuing to read- Hades grabbed hold of Hades’ arm and shoved him onto bed – oh gods.


The demigods and gods roared with laughter. Everybody stared at them.


“That’s freaking hilarious.” Nico laughed


“That would definitely happen.” Triton said


“And now the last one.” Percy grinned


Athena, trying to teach Hebe the alphabet- Okay, you got this. Repeat after me… A B C D E F G


Hebe - A D E C G F B

Ares: Yes, Hebe! Remix!!


Everybody chuckled.


“Hard to imagine Ares like that.” Nico snorted


“Guys look, I know you’re mad but let’s just not hold grudges. It’s not gonna be good. You know that.” Jason said


Percy and Nico exchanged glances.


“You’re right. Though I’m not gonna forgive Aphrodite that easily.” Nico said


“I know it’s hard but think it through.” Jason said


Nico and Percy nodded.


“We’ll do that.” They said


Jason smiled.


“Now what are retellings?” Amphitrite asked


“They’re basically like some authors they take a greek myth story and they make it into the modern world and take a lot of creative liberty. Like in some they’ve shown the nicer gods as bad people, then they do a whole bunch of other stuff as well but if you wanna stay happy and read then you just label it all as creative liberty and not go into the details and not judge anybody on those stories.” Annabeth explained


“Oh okay.” The gods nodded


“Do you know any retellings?” Hades asked


“There are many. Most of them include you.” Percy said


“Why me?”


“Well actually around you and Persephone. Your entire story is quite famous. Apparently you’re the kind of like the most, I don’t know, stanned couple, you could say.” Percy said






“They’re books?” Persephone asked


“Yes.” Percy said


“Names?” she asked


“Uh I don’t remember, I’ll look them up on google.” Percy said


Percy quickly looked it up, thanking Hermes that the internet connection was great at Olympus.


“Found it. Yeah, there’s Neon gods, then there’s Lore Olympus, then there’s a whole Touch of Darkness series and along with it there’s the Hades saga which is basically the Touch of Darkness series from Hades’ point of view however there are important plots in it.” Percy said


“I’ll go buy them in the mall.” Persephone said


“Oh that’s just great. I’m not going to be able to come out of my room for days. Perce can I bunk in with you?” Nico asked


Everybody snickered.


“Sure.” Percy shrugged


“Normally I’d ask Will but he already has Lee and Michael along with Apollo, so it’s a lot of people already.” Nico said


“Fair point.” Will grinned


“Hey could I join too. Me and Thalia don’t really want to sleep with our dad and Hera. Thalia’s sleeping with the hunters but I can’t sleep there?” Jason asked


“You can come too.” Triton grinned


“Thanks.” Jason smiled


“No problem.” Triton said


“I’d suggest the touch of darkness series.” Annabeth said


“Why?” Hades asked


“Well, like I said, some people have the tendency to misjudge people based on the retellings which aren’t true.” Annabeth said


“Okay then.” Persephone said


“I need more memes now.” Poseidon said


“They’re very funny.” Tyson agreed


“I can show like one or two more.” Jason offered


“Great.” Poseidon grinned


Zeus: I care about all of my children equally.


Apollo: The others and I were attacked on the way here.




Everybody laughed.


“Poor Apollo.” Nico chuckled


“Why poor me?” Apollo asked, coming to their table


They showed him the incorrect quote.


“Ah that’s depressingly true.” Apollo grinned


“So what brings you here?” Amphitrite asked


“You guys have been laughing your heads off so I wanted to see what’s up.” Apollo said


“Oh okay.”


“See ya.” He said and went back to his table.


Jason opened the next one.


Hermes: will you dance with me?

Dionysus: Sure!


*both start doing the Macarena.*


“Macarena’s fun.” Hazel grinned


The demigods got up and played the music and started.


The other demigods joined in so basically all the demigods present were doing the Macarena and laughing. The gods smiled as they watched their children. Once it finished they went back to their tables.


“It’s difficult to imagine Mr.D do the Macarena. I mean Hermes doing it is very imaginable but Mr.D…” Jason shook his head


“I think he was a cheery guy before Zeus took away his wine.” Annabeth said


“That’s depressing. Pollux was right about it hurting him and the metal health part too. Zeus and Hera are practically as nice to any god as the taste of any of the food items on Spill your guts or fill your guts series by James Corden.” Percy shook his head


“That series is quite hilarious.” Will said


“Yeah.” Thalia agreed


A silence hung in the air.


“So what are you guys going to do today?” Triton broke the silence


“I was planning on swimming but now I plan on sitting on the beach, listening to the waves and thinking about what Jason said.” Percy said


“I plan on sleeping.” Nico said


“Good.” Will said to him


“I’m going to go the library and drink hot coffee while reading hunger games.” Annabeth shrugged


“I love hunger games.” Thalia said


“I’m district 4 through and through.” Percy declared


“Finnick and Mags are great.” Triton grinned


“Finnick’s my favorite.” Percy grinned


“I’m district 12. Underground and coal so yeah.” Nico said


“Katniss or Peeta?” Thalia asked


“Peeta.” Nico said


Thalia nodded.


“I’m district 1.” Will shrugged


“Luxury right?” Jason asked


“Yeah, my dad’s kind of got the color golden so yes.” Will answered


“Makes sense.”


“We’re district 5 –power.” Thalia said, gesturing to herself and Jason


“Fitting.” Annabeth said


“I’m 8 – textiles.” She added


“Total sense there.” Hazel said


“Who’s your favorite character though?” Triton asked


“Haymitch.” Nico grinned


Will laughed.


“I love that dude though he could reduce n the alcohol but it wouldn’t be him then.” Will said


“Finnick.” Percy shrugged


“Ditto.” Triton grinned


“I like Cinna.” Annabeth said

“Me too.” Hades agreed


“You’ve read hunger games?” Nico asked incredulously


“Yep, I’ve even watched the movies.” Hades grinned




“Dad?” Percy asked


“I’ve watched the movies.” Poseidon grinned


“Nicee.” Percy grinned


“My favorite is Peeta.” He said


“He’s a good lad.” Percy said


“I like Johanna.” Hazel smiled


“She’s awesome.” Nico agreed


They spent the rest of lunch chatting. Then Percy, Nico, Annabeth and Thalia left to do random stuff and the others just talked and laughed. Jason showed them more memes and Persephone went and bought the Touch of Darkness series, at least the three books which came out yet and the one book of the Hades saga and gave it to Hades to read. They remembered the demigods’ words to not judge based on the retellings and remember that this was creative liberty. They would judge on only how they knew the gods.