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Courtship between the Potter House and the Slytherin House

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   James Potter was an infamous Auror among his colleagues for managing to capture Death Eaters off the bat with his amazing dueling skills and swift Transfiguration casts. He lived off his fame with his redhead wife and his best friends from Hogwarts. He thrived in his academics, yearned for a happy future and a splendid heir...


  So all hope was lost when he was presented to the Dark Lord Voldemort in chains beside his best friend, Sirius Black. 


  The man before him was tall and slim, with beautiful pale skin and dark brown curly locks. He had beautiful green eyes that shimmered into a malicious red every few seconds and his pale, tight robes shown his curvy body. If James was homosexual, he believed he would be drooling for the man. But he shook away any thoughts as he stared at his wedding ring.  'I need to get out of here! Lily needs me!'


   Defiantly, the Potter Lord kept his chin jutted out as he sneered at the approaching man while keeping his body positioned to protect his weak friend. Sirius was panting and groaning in pain as the puddle of metallic blood expanded. Eventually, the mad towered over the brunette and their eyes stuck together.


   "Welcome to my home, Lord Potter," began He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named with a small smile while his thin fingers played with a beautiful wand. "I would greet you with open arms... if you didn't use to harass my heir..."


  "Your... heir?" James frowned at this sudden knowledge bomb. It was shocking news that the Dark Lord had an heir to continue his family line. He wasn't surprised the man tried but to actually acknowledge an heir without Dumbledore's knowledge is surprising. 


  Before he could even look around the room, the familiar  'Sectumsempra...'  was whispered and he groaned as mini cuts swarmed his body. As he lowered his head to steady his breath, he could see at the corner of his eyes family black robes advancing.  'No way...'


  "My Lord," Severus Snape began softly while watching his arch-nemesis grovel at his leader's feet. It brought satisfaction... but at the same time... it didn't. "May I use Black as my laboratory rat? I am in need of some... human assistance...."


  Lord Voldemort seemed to approve of this suggestion as he chuckled softly. It made James' heart drop in fear for his friend's safety. Lifting his head to meet those red eyes, he forgot all dignity and pureblood manners as he begged, "Please... Please don't hurt Siri... Please... You can take me! You can use me! Just please don't hurt Siri!"


   Something in the Dark Lord's eyes shifted and he lowered himself ever so slightly before grabbing James by his chin and pushing through his Occlumency shields. It showed a scene of his wife and friends... And then, it was a scene where he was staring at an apology letter draft for Severus which he soon ripped apart and sighed. The final scene was James watching Voldemort approach him, his heart and mind thoughts open for him to read...  'NO! GET OUT!!'


  Voldemort pulled out with a satisfied smirk while James lowered his head in shame. The entire hall could hear a pin drop as he finally waved a hand and the chains on Sirius' limbs fell off. James exhaled a shaky breath of relief to see his best friend slowly push himself upwards and their eyes met.


   "T-Take care of Lily for me, Sirius..." He whispered sadly when the Black stared at him in shock. Snape snorted at this scene but kept an area in the hall free from the anti-apparition wards. Voldemort watched Sirius quietly, interested to see what he would do for his friend.


   The next thing James knew, Sirius gave a cruel wolfish grin and stepped into the apparition circle before giving his best friend a confession he would never forget.


  "Yeah... Lily has been waiting for the day you fucked up! I'll let her ride my cock to high heaven, Potter! She and I will live happily for yeah, idiot!"


   And before James could reach him as he saw red, his former best friend apparated away, stealing his freedom, his wife... and his world...



 Tom Riddle wasn't surprised by this turn of events. Severus had told him the rumours escalating around the former Marauders. Apparently, Lily Evans was a whore who slept with influential people despite being married to James Charles Potter. She had only married him for the title and money so behind his back, she had an affair with James' best friend, Sirius Black. Her actions were the last straw for Severus to join him and he was grateful for it...


  But now, seeing James break down in tears was rather heartbreaking. He had believed his wife and best friend were just that... It was hard to believe they were cheating together without him knowing and now just left him to die. For once, even Severus felt sympathy for James Potter and he shifted the weight of his feet unsteadily.


  "I'm surprised you didn't know, Potter," Severus began softly. "It was common knowledge between our inner circles... I guess this is proof that love is truly blinding..."


  "Shut up, S-Snape," rasped the man in harshly and coughed at his sore throat. "Y-You don't know them... S-Surely it was a lie... He said it so I knew Lily is happy..."


  "Just listen to yourself, you dunderhead!" Snapped the raven head while storming forward and grabbing his robes. "Lily Evans is a complete bitch and a whore! She isn't worth it! Now get over it!"


  "S-Shut up! You don't know anything!" James yelled while fighting against his hold. "You guys are just going to kill me! So get it over with, I don't fucking care anymore!"


  "Why you-" began Severus while pulling out his wand, only to freeze as a hand on his shoulder. The Potion Master slowly released his collar and exhaling a calming breath before stepping back. He glared at James for a second longer before sighing softly and leaving the room with his billowing robes. Only after the doors slammed, did James realise it was Tom himself that managed to calm down Severus and he eyed the Dark Lord warily. "So... now what?"


   "Now... We get you cleaned up," admitted the man casually while turning around and waving him to follow. Only then did James realise his restraints were banished and he slowly followed suit, trying to avoid drowning in his sorrow for now. 


  Little did James know, he would soon find himself trying to not drown in the love offered by the possessive Dark Lord...



    James followed Voldemort through the Slytherin Castle, taking in the beautiful tapestries and antiques. He gasped at an amazing landscape of Hogwarts and a portrait of the Four Founders. His eyes widen as the Founders waved at Voldemort like he wasn't causing havoc around the Britain Wizarding World and. James was so drawn into their conversations, he didn't notice You-Know-Who stopping in his tracks and stumbled into his broad back. The Dark Lord turned slightly with a small smile.


   "Still with me, Lord Potter?" He asked kindly. When James gave a slow nod, the taller man gently ruffled his hair before opening the doors they stopped at and ushered him in. "The elves will place a clean set of clothing on the bed before you finish showering. Just clean up and rest. I'll be back to explain my plans for you..."


  James shuddered at the bland words and wondered what torturous future he was to uphold. He nodded shortly and waited for the elder man to leave before breaking down. But before Voldemort exited, he seemed to hesitate and James raised his eyes slowly in curiosity.


   "Call me Marvolo if you must, Lord Potter," said Marvolo before finally leaving him in his thoughts.



   Marvolo made his way to the Potion Labs and wasn't surprised to find his heir stress-brewing. Despite the curses spewing from his lips, his fingers and hands moved smoothly to avoid disturbing the process. The Dark Lord took a moment to simply watch those scarred hands gently stir the rod in figure eights before finally clearing his throat softly.


    "What do you plan to do with Potter?" He asked softly, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. He didn't hate James as much as he hated Lily so now, he didn't really mind whatever his master had in store for his former bully. "I know for one that you won't just let him join our inner circles. He would be derailed from his titles if anyone found out... But if we don't do anything, Black and Evans will say he died by your hands and will steal all his monies..."


  "As expected of my heir," chuckled Lord Voldemort with a wry smile before joining him to the side for a soothing cup of tea. After pouring the beverage, he waited for Severus' hands to be occupied before admitting, "I would like to court the young lord."


  The Dark Lord wasn't surprised he gained a spray of hot tea on his face...



   James was staring at the pale walls while the shower cleaned the grime out of his hair. He was tired, exhausted and both physically and mentally drained. He had followed Bellatrix Lestrange and her husband with his partner Sirius through Daigon Alley's streets until they pulled out a Portkey and dragged the duo along. It ended up as a trap since the Death Eaters in the castle were ready to stun and restrain them. Then he found out after begging for his best friends life that he and his wife were cheating behind him and was playing with his emotions... and now, he was left in the manor with his Hogwarts victim, Severus Snape and the Dark Lord himself. (Who oddly wanted to be referred to as Marvolo, not that James would be able to do so...)


    Thinking back, he should've noticed the signs. Lily had been pulling away from him lately, in bed she practically ignored him and when he came back from work every day. Lily hadn't enjoyed him back in Hogwarts but practically glued herself to him when he accepted his Lordships.  'Was it all for the money and fame? What a bitch...'  He slowly twisted off the knob and exited the shower, accepting a fluffy towel to wipe off the extra droplets. Only then did he notice a cleaning kit fit with a razor and facial cream.


   Taking two steps forward, he gently picked up the equipment and started intensively at the blade. His heart was pounding as his hands began to tremble. Ever so slightly, he was about to lower it to his pale wrist when he recalled his previous thought.  'Lily will get my money... Like hell, she will...'  Turning his attention back to the room, he scavaged for a piece of parchment and an old muggle pen he held close to his heart. 



The Last Will and Testament of James Charlus Potter, Lord of the Noble and Ancient House of Potter


I, James Charlus Potter, being of sound mind, declare this to be my Last Will and Testament. I revoke all wills and codicils previously made by me.


Article 1;



The dark-haired man took a moment to consider his right choice of people. He wanted to address his hatred for his former friend and wife. He wanted to add in his frustration to Albus for pushing him to continue the riff between Slytherin and Gryffindor. James wanted so much more but he hesitated.  'I should write about who I  want  to gift things to firstly...'


The pen's tip stayed hovering in the air for a moment of consideration before lowering it downwards with a small smile.



Article 1;

I give vault numbers 500, 501 and the Potter Manor Potion Lab ward restrictions to Severus Tobias Snape, heir of Lord Voldemort. I hope you can forgive the years of tormenting back at Hogwarts. The old coot had been pushing me through Sirius. I really don't remember how many times I considered apologising. Good luck in your potion business, Snape. I'm sure you will do great.


Article 2;

To Lily Potter nee Evans, I, Lord James Charlus Potter, hereby revoke my marriage vows between us for your act of prostitution between others. May Lady Magic punish you for your crimes. Any money taken within the span of those years after our graduation for your own usage must be returned with a ten per cent interest. Take that you little bitch!


Article 3;

For my former best friend Sirius Orion Black, I hereby revoke the Potter-Black alliance between the Noble and Ancient House of Potter and the Noble and Ancient House of Black. May Lady Magi punish you for your crimes. Maybe next time you'll think twice before taking my wife to bed, you snitch!


Article 4;

To Albus Fucking Too Many Names Dumbledore, I hope you die in a fire. Your manipulations end here. I hope you enjoyed it so far, you sick fuck. 


Article 5;

Reporters of the Daily Prophet and other well-known newspaper articles, I, James Charlus Potter, solemnly swear everything stated here is the truth. Albus Dumbledore had been manipulating the truth of this war. He had intentionally caused havoc and although I don't know the full truth, let me make things clear. Albus Dumbledore could end this war simply by fighting Lord Voldemort, knowing He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named but he is extending this war for his own enjoyment. He plans to be seen as the second Merlin. My last wish is for you to find the truth behind the war...


Article 6;

To Lord Voldemort, asked to be called Marvolo for whatever reason, I leave you everything else I possess as Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. This includes my political seats in the Wizengamot, my monies and my properties. I hope you manage to win the war. I apologise for ending my life here in your house but I just can't take things anymore. Fortunately, the shower will drain away any bloodstains. (Hopefully) Thanks for preparing the room and the nice clothing. But I just can't... After hearing my own wife and best friend was cheating behind me... I can't continue living. 


Thank you, the Dark Side for showing true compassion, unlike the Light Side. I hope you guys win and please don't hurt my friends. (In particular Remus Lupin [If he doesn't know about Lily and Sirius], Frank and Alice Longbottom and Kingsley Shacklebolt, my auror mentor)


Signed off my Lord James Charlus Potter.

Witnessed by Lady Magic herself, so mote it be.



   After signing his signature at the bottom, James bit his lip and took off the robes provided and slipped into the shower before turning it on. He waited for the water to begin draining away before finally pulling out the razor from the packet. James hesitated, thinking of his life before finally pressing the blade to his wrist and taking a deep breath. 


  "Thank you, Marvolo..."



    Tom was walking briskly down the hall after retrieving the courtship papers. He hoped he could lift up the Potter Lords spirits by asking for this. But if he thought it was a joke, the least it could do was bring a smile up to his beautiful face. He paused at the mahogany door and considered giving him time.  'Maybe I'm going too fast...'


  He was about to leave when the metallic scent of blood hit his nostrils and he stilled. His eyes moved slowly to the source and his pupils shrunk as it came from James room. His breath hitched before he began knocking rapidly with fear shooting through his veins.


  "Lord Potter? LORD POTTER! JAMES! WHAT'S GOING ON???" He screamed before finally stepping back and began pulling on the doorknob. He stumbled at strong wards pushing him back and he whined as his heart clenched dangerously. "Please no... please, please no," he whispered in repeat before sending his magic to break the wardings.


  Finally, he broke through and dashed in. He found the provided clothes neatly folded on the bed and could hear the shower on. The smell of blood was thickening and he held back a sob while wrenching open the shower door, only to feel his gut twist in sight of the bloody scene before him. 


 "No! NO! JAMES! Don't do this to me!" He cried, kneeling down and gently pressing a hand to his neck to find a pulse. At the same time, he sent a Patronus to call Severus and Narcissa while trying to keep the would close and found his eyes drifting to the bloody razor. 'No... I should've checked... no.. please...'


  "Please don't do this to me, James..." He cried softly while leaning onto the pale scarred shoulder. "Please Lady Magic... Don't take him from me... I want to protect him... I want to have him... Please give me a second chance... Please..."


   When Narcissa and Severus came in, the sight before them surely send their minds in a spiral. The Dark Lords creature inheritance was based on an ancient Chinese mythology name the  Hu Hsien  who was a shapeshifter and but mostly in the form of a fox who drained the life force of their victims. After trying to go immortal, Lady Magic bound his creature inheritance to stop his misusage. Now, it seemed to have broken free and there sat a silver fox.


  But laying there, surrounded by golden mist was another foxling creature. Narcissa recognized the nine tails Japanese forelock mythology creature inherited from one of the Potter linages. 'Kitsune... Only those who suffered could achieve this...'  She could see a deep cut near the kitsune's wrist that was being shrouded by the magic but hadn't fully healed. 


  "I think I understand things," she mumbled while turning off the shower and gently cradled them close to her chest in a fluffy towel with a warming charm.


   "Good cause I have no clue," admitted Severus while staring at the little animals. "All I know is my dad looks honestly adorable with the little kitsune..."


  "The kitsune is most probably James Potter," she pointed out while walking out and gather the clean clothing.


 "Okay, not adorable anymore," grunted the pale man before pausing at the folded parchment on the table. "Wait... what?" He noticed his name and lifted it to check the title. Only by the first line alone, the color in his face drained away in shock. 'No way... was this suicide...? James... What were you thinking...?'


   "We have to hurry and heal him then," Narcissa said after reading over his shoulder. "He needs to talk to a Mind Healer if he thought this was the right choice..."


  And so the Potion Master and resident Healer made their way outside to the infirmary to heal up the little kitsune and get them both to change back and talk things through.



   James opened his beautiful brown orbs and felt the world was slightly larger than usual. His emotions felt suppressed though so he took everything to stride. Only after wobbling on thin legs did he notice a string of magic connecting him with someone behind him. Looking over his shoulder, at first, his eyes met multiple identical tails and he raised a brow. After a moment of staring did he realise,  'Tails!'  and moved them aside to catch sight of the beauty before him.


  The silver fox laid on its stomach had a solemn look in his eyes until they raised to meet James and happiness bloomed in his chest. He yipped happily and began bouncing around the fox, watching joy and relief fill those beautiful molten silver eyes. He found his legs stumble and he tripped onto his mate in a heap, gaining a shocking yip.


    "Sorry!"  He cried only to be stopped when a sandpaper tongue gently groomed his fur and brought out a purr from his muzzle.  "Likey..."


   "You need to calm down, omega,"  responded the elder feline and laughed as his younger mate curled into his heat.  "How are you?"


   "I'm happy to meet Alpha!"  Chirped the younger creature, only to pause at the hesitant look from his mate.  "Alpha?"


   "Little one... Omega... You do know that you are human, right?"   He piped up in fear, only to see the confusion.  "Omega... This form of you will only suppress your feelings. You must change back and face your fears..."


   A jolt of fear struck the youngling and he sprang up before scampering off. He found a black curtain and hide behind it, backing up into leather boots. He curled up in fear, not wanting to change back.  "No... No... Omega doesn't want to, Alpha... Don't make Omega do it..."


   Severus stood at his place in shock, unsure of what to do with the current development. He could understand them since he himself had Kumiho creature blood and understood fox-talk. Listening to James fear returning to his human form really concerned him, especially the down-hearted look from his father. Taking a deep breath after warding the room with privacy charms, he shifted and ignored the shock yelp as the black curtains tumbled over the Potter Lord. 


  HE crawled underneath his robes and found the beautiful golden kitsune huddled in a ball, trembling.  "James... Papa doesn't want to hurt you... He just wants to help..."


   "B-Brother?"  Piped up the younger kitsune, surprising the Potion Master even further. Albeit their friendship, he didn't think a brotherly bond would have been formed between them. He shook his shock away and nodded.  "Jamesy scared... Jamesy doesn't want to become human and face emotions... Jamesy wants to stay and be with Alpha..."


  Watching his new brother whimper and tremble made him rather protective and Severus curled up beside him and gently groomed him to soothe his nerves. When things seemed to calm down, he yipped for his papa and watched the Silver fox make his way through his robes. Tom was momentarily shocked to see the creature side of his son, not having seen it before. His white fur with red linings made him look exquisite and he enjoyed seeing the nine tails both his son and mate had entangled among each other.


    "He scared... You can't force him..."  Spoke out to his son with a glare while keeping a protective paw on his 'brothers' head. He watched James drooped ears raise at the protective manner and he huffed.  "Papa... You need to persuade him if you want him to face his fears..."


  "But how?"  Wondered the dark lord, only gaining an incredulous look.


   "You're a Slytherin for Merlin's sake!"  Hissed the white Kumiho before finally hurrying off and shiting back and gathered his inner clothing. "Make sure you get him back though... Father."


   With that, Severus stormed away, trying to comprehend his new brotherly bond with his father's future mate.  'What a twist...'



   Eventually, after persuading the little Kitsune with cuddles, James Potter found himself transformed back to human but instead of his adult form, he stayed in his child form. He stayed huddled underneath his brother's robes though, finding comfort in the odd cologne. 


  "James, I know this is hard... But you and I need to talk..." Tom said from his place a few feet away his mate in his human form. He was happy his creature inheritance had been returned but he wanted his mate to be safe and sound. "Suicide isn't a playing matter..."


  "Can't we just forget it? I wasn't in the right state of mind..." Huffed the kid while only keeping his brown eyes and fluffy hair above the collar of the robes. 


   Tom stared at the adorable kid and felt the urge to cuddle him right there and then. But he held back his possessive urges and grunted at the pooling blood at his groin.  'Not now...'  He scolded his little friend before returning his attention to his younger mate. 


  "Alright then," he sighed sadly and watched the child perk up. "Then I guess the courtship will have to be cancelled... I was planning on bringing you to Italy or France... Their food is amazing..."


  James seemed to consider things. He was interested in the food mostly but the idea of a courtship concerned him.  'Does he truly want me? I'm broken... A Loser... I'm barely anything...'  His mind thought of the written will and he could feel his heart clench.  'Is it the money and everything? Does he plan to use me as well?'


   Tom, being a natural Legilimans, frowned at James' thoughts and snapped a finger, conjuring a vault list in front of the younger man. He watched Lord Potter read the list slowly before his worries derived and he gave a small smile. 


   "I'm truly in love with you, James Charles Potter, Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. I would like to offer my token of Courtship between your House and my own, The Ancient and Regal House of Slytherin. Would you willingly accept this?" He asked softly while lifting the starting gift, a beautiful pendant in the shape of a silver snake including beautiful red ruby eyes. 


  James gaped at the beauty with his own eyes shimmering in welled up tears before finally nodding frantically. "Yes... I would, Marvolo..."