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Unexpected Attraction

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Daryl was standing in the office looking over a work order when she pulled up. His weary gaze lifted from the form to watch her through the window as she threw her driver's door open. Long slender legs exited first before the rest of her followed.

She was beautiful, he noticed.

She was clad in a soft yellow day dress that reached mid-thigh, leaving her long, creamy legs exposed. Her hair was pulled into a sloppy ponytail with a braid down the center. She wore just a hint of makeup, her lips the shade of ripe cherries, and her eyelids were lined with a black liner. Cheap little silver bracelets dangled from her wrists, and a silver chain hung around her neck.

He couldn't look away. He simply stood there watching through slanted eyelids as she made her way to the shop door. He didn't even hear Merle enter the office behind him until his brother's harsh voice cut through the silence.

"What the hell's a broad like that doin' here?" Merle gave Daryl's shoulder a shove when he failed to respond. "Tongue tied?"

"How the hell should I know why she's here?" Daryl grumbled, finally looking back to the order form, but his thoughts were still with the cute blond currently entering the shop. He knew this because he could hear the chimes in the door jingle as it opened. "Richards is fuckin' nuts. I can't get all this work done in two days. Did ya see the condition of that bike?"

"Yea, I saw it," Merle replied, sitting down in the squeaky desk chair. "We'll jus' have to work this weekend is all."

Daryl glared at his brother over the slip. "I was plannin' on huntin' this weekend."

"Plans change, baby brother."

Daryl hated the way he said that like it was no big deal. Maybe it wasn't a big deal to Merle, but Daryl looked forward to spending' as much time as he could in the wilderness. It brought a sense of peace into his life. "Well that's jus' bullshit. I better get a bonus for spendin' so much damn time in this grease box."

Merle grinned back at his disgruntled sibling with a grin. "Don't know…"

"Hey, Daryl, Merle?" Carl started barging through into the office door, stopping in his tracks at the fury twisting Daryl's face. "Uhuh. Someone's here lookin' fer Jimmy. Can't find 'em anywhere."

"Try the can," Merle grunted, "Damn kids always in the can. Gonna let that son of a bitch go. Think he spends more time puttin' that powder in his nose than actually workin'."

Carl stood there lost for several minutes. "So, what should I tell her?"

"Tell her t' get another boyfriend," Daryl griped, slamming out of the office, headed for the garage.

He was pissy about the idea of working this weekend, and collided with the blond he'd been staring at. With the reflexes of a cat his arm shot out to grab her as she stumbled from the impact, gasping with surprise. "Damn, girl, watch where yer goin'."

Beth scowled at the big grease covered man that had nearly toppled her over. Had he just blamed her for him running into her? "I believe yer the one who nearly mowed me down."

Daryl's hand released her as if her skin burned him. "Shouldn't stand there, right in front of the doorway like that."

Beth wide blues danced around the cramped lobby. There was only two feet of floor, and a large desk shoved against one wall in the corner. "Where would ya like me to stand? On that desk? Or how bout the chair?"

She was already in a mood, and she didn't need to put up with the likes of this guy. She'd been calling Jimmy for two days and he refused to answer the phone. That wouldn't be so bad if the asshole didn't do this sort of shit on a daily basis, but she was getting really tired of his shit. "I'm lookin' for Jimmy, have ya seen him?"

"Ain't no fuckin' babysitter." Daryl wasn't sure why he was taking his pissy mood out on this unsuspecting girl, but he couldn't seem to stop words from leaving his mouth.

Her pale blond eyebrows lifted in response to his harsh statement. "Did I say ya was?"

Casting her a final glance, he muttered, "Ain't got time fer this shit."

Beth turned as he slammed his way out of the lobby, heading through a connecting door to the garage. He was kind'a cute in a rugged sort of way, she thought to herself. Rolling her eyes, she watched through the window as the angel wings on his vest faded from her line of sight. His arms were nice. Well, maybe a little better than nice. They weren't huge but not skinny, and scrawny. Just the right amount of muscle.

Shaking her head, she cleared her thoughts. She had no business thinking of that surly bear while still tied up with Jimmy. Which she wouldn't be if he didn't get his sorry ass out here.


Tapping recently manicured nails on the countertop, she felt her patience wearing thin when she heard voices coming down the hall. Tipping her head in that direction, she saw the boy and a slightly older version of the surly bear coming toward her.

"Hey, sweet cheeks," Merle greeted in a cheerful tone. "Jimmy's in the can. You can wait, or meet us at Jeepers's round seven, he said."

Nostril's flaring, she growled, "I'll wait."

"Suit yerself, darlin'," he answered as he rounded her before slipping into the garage.

She heard him say before slamming the door behind him. "Those are my goddamn tools yer throwin' around."

Beth sat in the only chair in the shop her gaze going to the boy who sat behind the desk. She noticed his interested stare, and smiled sweetly. He was cute, she determined but way to young. "How old are you?"

"Fifteen," he mumbled, picking up a stack of papers, he shuffled them nervously before putting them back down. "Those are my uncles. Well actually, Daryl's my dad's best friend, so I consider them my uncles. Gave me a part time job here answerin' phones and stuff."

"Cool," Beth nodded letting her gaze float around the office. Certificates hung on the walls, and random pictures of different types of motorcycles, a couple of dirt bikes to, she noticed. Her flip-flop dangled from her toes, as her leg began to swing.

How long did it take to use the restroom? Maybe he was just tryin' to avoid her. Well, she was through with his sorry ass.

She waited only a few minutes longer when she climbed to her feet. "Tell Jimmy…"

She was about to tell the boy to tell Jimmy not to call when she heard a door squeak on its hinges. He seemed to take his sweet time appearing in the reception area. When his head finally appeared, he gave her a brief look, his head bobbing in her direction. "Hey, babe."

Beth felt her temper rising. Glaring at him, she pointed, "Don't hey babe me. I've been callin' you. If ya don't wanna talk anymore you could just say that."

"It's not like that," Jimmy groaned with a whine. There were dark circles beneath his eyes, and his skin was a bit pale. "Jus' been kind'a busy here. By the time I get home I jus' pass out."

Not wanting to make a scene, she let him take her elbow and lead her out of the shop. Coming to stand next to her car, she pulled her arm out of his grasp. "I'm really tired of this. I'm not gonna keep chasin' ya around, Jimmy."

Out of the corner of her she saw who she assumed was Daryl, the surly bear, straighten away from the bike he'd been examining to look in her direction. She didn't look back however keeping her attention on the dead beat boyfriend that had taken up to much of her time already.

"Meet me at Jeepers's tonight, and let me make it up to you." When she nodded her consent, he bent towards her with the intention of pressing a kiss to her lips.

Beth turned at the last minute and his lips fell on her cheek. Her wide blue eyes connected with the man named Daryl's. She let her gaze linger on his for a long moment and she could swear he was glaring at her beneath the tips of his greasy bangs. Than with a curse he ripped his eyes from hers and threw the wrench he held.