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Maddie Hatter

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Disclaimer: Wonderland and its characters are not mine, but I own Alice's daughter.

The world was at war. There was only one place I could think to go. Wonderland. However, I was not allowed back. All I can hope is that my daughter is. After all, she is the Mad Hatter's daughter. I knew where to go, back to the rabbit hole. If my daughter couldn't get us back in, the hole would not be there. If she could, we were safe.
"Mama, where are we going?" asked the seven-year old. Her green eyes were filled with curiosity.
"Hush, baby. We'll be there soon." At least I hoped we would.
We darted along the cobbled roads of London, our shoes making a click-clack sound on the dismal gray road. More than once we had to press our backs to a building to keep from the soldiers seeing us. They marched in unison, at least twenty at a time, guns resting on their shoulders. My heart was hammering in my chest. Could they hear it?
Please don't hurt my baby, I begged silently.
We took off again, along the dirt road I traveled so long ago. We stumbled over the ruts driven into the pale dirt by carriage wheel after carriage wheel.
My daughter stumbled and cried out, "Mama!"
I picked her up. Her red curly hair was in sharp contrast to my own blonde. She was wearing a blue dress, while I wore white. Why is it always blue? I had not dressed her this morning, she had dressed herself.
"Hush, hush, you just scraped your knee."
I continued walking, I could not run while clutching a seven year old to my chest. In the not-so-far-off-distance I heard gunfire. I began to walk quicker. A little farther away, the sound of a bomb rang out. The earth shuddered beneath my feet and leaves on the trees rustled. The wind blew and brought the bitter smell of metal and smoke. I broke into a run, still carrying my daughter.
The cloth covering my shoulder became damp; my daughter was crying. I set her down, in front of the hedge maze. The last time I was here I had to endure a grueling conversation with Haymish's mother. I knelt before my daughter, hands on her shoulders, and then I hugged her.

"Not much farther, I promise," I reassured her and squeezed her tight. I grabbed her hand we plunge into the green depths of the maze. "Let's go.”
We got turned around several times trying to find the exit. All the while the gunfire and bombs grew closer.
C'mon, Alice, you remember! I thought to myself. That way! I dodged to the left and we emerged in front of the tree. There was no hole.
"Maddie, do you see that hole in front of that big tree?" I asked my daughter nervously.
"Of course, Mama, can't you?" Maddie replied curiously.
I smiled sadly, "No, honey."
The gunfire gets closer. "There!" I hear someone shout in our direction.
"Maddie! Hold my hand and jump into the hole." I yelled over the gunfire, my hand grasping hers tightly.
"But, Mama…" Maddie protested.
And she did. I screamed as she disappeared beneath me, and then, I fell through solid ground. Still holding my hand, we tumbled through a tunnel of colors and swirls with random objects here and there. A pocket watch, a piano, a lamp, a bed, all things I remembered. I smiled.
I'm going back to Wonderland.