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Mami Kidnaps Children

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Mami carried the large brown sack, which raised no suspicion at all, into her apartment. She locked the door behind her and dropped the sack onto the ground allowing Kyoko to get out of it.
"Ms Tomoe, please let me leave, I wanna see my mom and dad." Kyoko began to cry
"Forget about them, you have me and only me now."
Mami grabbed Kyoko's child penis and began to rub it
"You'll be pleasing me all night, you better be ready."

The next day

"Madoka, do you know what happened to Kyoko? She didn't come to school today." Sayaka asked
"I don't know why she didn't come to school today, Sayaka. She's probably just sick or something."
"Fuck, even the kids notice that Kyoko is missing." Mami whispered to herself.
Mami felt something pull at her tights.
"Principal Kyubey! What're you doing here?"
"It seems like little Kyoko has gone missing, she was last seen with you. Do you know anything about where she is?"
"I don't, after I finished teaching her she wanted to walk home alone so I let her do that."
"I'll be keeping my eyes on you, Mami." Kyubey said as he walked away.
"Holy shit, i'm gonna be caught if I kidnap anyone else but at the same time..." Mami looked at Sayaka "I need to keep those 4 girls as my sex slaves."