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Filming two series at once was a mistake. Picking up extra modelling jobs and a side gig of dancing in a bar was a mistake. Maintaining his body by going to the gym on the daily was a mistake. Overworked would be an understatement; Joss was close to a breakdown. Even the slightest sound has irritated him, and when Godji clicked her pen, he promptly excused himself from the meeting room, only to nearly collapse right behind the door. His back slid against the wall and Joss crouched down, covering his face with both hands. Luke followed only minutes after when the meeting was over and grabbed Joss by the arm. “Let’s go.” “Uh, where?” Joss stumbled, letting out a huge yawn. Even hanging out with his best buddy seemed draining and exhausting but he was too tired to fight back.


When Joss finally woke up on Luke’s couch, he felt disoriented and dizzy, his throat dry. As much as the sleep was helpful to his body, it didn’t diminish the anxious feeling inside of him. He felt like he was climbing a mountain in flip flops, with a single thread of hair anchoring him and refusing to snap. But he needed to, he needed to break and let out all his emotions, to finally release that tension that restricted him. “You alright bro?” “Luke…” Joss sighed as Luke touched his forehead, checking for fever. “You passed out before we could even get to the car. God you’re so damn heavy.” He chuckled, handing Joss a glass of water. “What’s going on?” Joss shook his head. “Nothing, just…burning out. I need a meltdown but it’s not coming and I feel like I need to just explode. Pathetic huh?” He sighed. Luke wasn’t the one to laugh. He knew how hardworking Joss was, how much of his time and energy he has sacrificed without taking a break. “No, not at all.” Luke shook his head.


“Do you want me to help you relax?” He asked in all seriousness. Joss raised an eyebrow. “How?” “I have…a method. Come with me.” Like said as he stood up and offered Joss his hand. The man looked at it in confusion but took it nonetheless and let Luke guide him through the house. When they stopped by the dark brown door, Joss scoffed. It was the door to Luke’s office and study, a room that was always locked. “Seriously, more work? That’s your method?” He groaned. Luke turned the key and smirked. “Do you trust me?” “What?” “I’m asking; do you trust me?” “Well I do but-“ “Yes or no?” Luke turned the handle. Hesitant, Joss tried to peek inside the room, but the lights were off and he couldn’t see anything. He bit his lip; what damage could more work do anyway? “Yes.” Joss said and Luke finally opened the door, hitting the light switch. It was still dim, the dark curtains drawn shut, and the place smelled faintly of leather and vanilla.


“What in the 50 shades is this bull-“ “Joss.” Luke shook his head. He hated when people referred to that infamous book that portrayed his kink in a very bad way. “I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff…” Luke said, his eyes curiously searching the room. A big lavish bed with dark sheets, collars, handcuffs, whips and paddles, blindfold and ball gags, not to mention the clearly attached restraints on the bed. “What, you want me to beat you up to release anger? We could do that in the gym.” This time it was Luke who let out a scoff and shook his head. “Oh no no no honey.” He winked at Joss. It took a moment for Joss to register what Luke’s smile meant, and he suddenly felt a shiver. “You mean…I’m not a masochist!” “I’ve known you long enough to know that’s false. You have tendencies that suggest you like to get hurt. So let me hurt you, in a really, really good way.” Joss stroked the rope coil nervously. “Do I have to call you master or whatever?”


“Just Luke is fine. You’re not my slave, you’re just Joss. Do you know what’s most important?” “Lube?” Luke laughed as he grabbed a lipstick and pointed at the big mirror infront of the bed. “Safe word.” He smiled as he wrote in big letters the word ‘NABI’. He tapped the mirror. “Say it; NABI is a safe word.” “Sure, NABI.” “No Joss, repeat after me. NABI is a safe word.” “NABI is a safe word.” “Again.” “NABI is a safe word.” “Again Joss.” “NABI is a safe word.” “Good boy.” Luke patted his shoulder. “You say it and we will stop, okay? However if there’s just something you’re not comfortable with and want to move on from it but continue, you say ‘blue’.” “Blue.” “Good. Come here.” Luke patted the bed. He was taking Joss’s clothes off slowly, trousers first, then the shirt, his watch and necklace too. 


He sat behind Joss with hands slowly exploring his body, running over the delightful musculature of his back, down to his waist before they moved to the front and stroked his abs and chest. Joss gulped when a single finger brushed over his nipple. He felt Luke’s lips between his shoulder blades, moving up to his neck while those hands made their way down into his lap. ‘I got a boner because I’m exhausted, not aroused’ Joss thought to himself. “I’m not planning on fucking you.” Luke whispered, placing soft kisses to Joss’s nape. “I might abuse your hole a little bit, but you’ll have to deserve my cock if you ever wish to have it inside of you.” Luke’s hands spread his legs apart, but the man refused to touch him directly, only tracing long lines between his legs while ignoring the bulge. “Oh and by the way…” Luke kissed his ear. “You’re not allowed to come until I say so.” “Wha-?” “Trust me, I won’t leave you with blue balls. I’ll make it really good for you.” “But-“ “If I just wanted you to cum, I would have jerked you off in the back of my car. Just enjoy the journey; I promise the destination will be sweet.”


After only few minutes of soft touches Joss was more than relaxed and eager to come, but Luke refused to move his hands between his legs. Instead when Josh groaned in frustration, he pushed him onto the bed on his back and strapped his legs and arms with restraints, spreading them apart. It was very amusing watching Joss get startled when Luke introduced the vibrator set on medium setting and run it over the man’s chest. “I don’t feel anything there!” Joss grumbled. “Are you sure about that?” Luke smiled, pushing the vibrator against his nipple, the skin quickly turning red. Joss shivered, biting his lip. “Liar…” Luke leaned down, his mouth paying attention to the other pink bud on Joss’s chest. He pushed his thigh between Joss’s legs, purposely rubbing against his crotch and moving away just as Joss started to rut against him to relieve some of that tension. It wasn’t until several minutes of intense nipple play later that Luke moved the vibrator between Joss’s legs and increased the settings, making the man moan in seconds as the vibrations stimulated him. 


“You said…you’ll help me relax…why can’t I…cum?” Joss panted. Wasn’t the relaxing part releasing an orgasm? That always felt good before. Luke gave his bulge a soft stroke. He enjoyed the sight of growing stain on Joss’s underwear where his precome leaked into the fabric, causing it to stick to his already hard cock. With a click of a button the vibrator switched off and Luke introduces a new toy. Joss’s eyes widened at the sight of a leather flogger with many straps that tickled his sides as Luke ran the toy over his body, making sure Joss familiarised himself with the material. A question that made him feel pathetic as soon as it escaped his lips amused Luke very much. “Will it hurt?” The hard end of a flogger lifted Joss’s chin. “Of course. I promise I’ll reward you very well.” Joss watched as Luke knelt between his legs and stroked him over his boxers while the flogger teasingly tickled his abdomen and hips, then his thighs. Joss tried to close his legs and giggled as he was very much ticklish in those places, but his laughter soon turned into a yelp when Luke flicked his wrist and the flogger slapped the skin, leaving a very subtle mark where the leather kissed his skin.


It didn’t hurt the way Joss expected, it stung and he could feel the warmth spreading through the muscle when Luke repeatedly let the flogger kiss his thighs and abdomen as his hand worked slowly on Joss’s cock. Luke held the flogger handle between his teeth, winking at Joss before he run his hands over his boxers and ripped them apart, finally setting his hard cock free. “How cute.” Luke grinned, tickling Joss’s balls with the flogger and slowly moving it up, just teasing. Joss grit his teeth when the first slap came, turning his already sensitive cock into twitching mess, but it still wasn’t as bad as he thought. Slap after slap with a few gentle strokes in between, again and again until Joss quietly cried out when the sensation stopped and Luke moved away. “More?” He asked, already embarrassed by the situation. Luke nodded and pushed a pillow under Joss’s hips before bringing a lube and a little vibrator into play. “I don’t…” “Hm?” “I don’t know how I feel about this. Feels weird…” Joss mumbled as Luke slowly massaged his entrance with lubed up fingers, testing the waters by only putting in one. “You sure you don’t know how you feel about this?”


Luke softly stroked Joss’s thigh, gesturing towards his still hard cock. “I think you do. I think…you’re just scared. Didn’t I tell you? I’ll only hurt you in a good way. I’m not going to rip you down here.” He smiled. “You know the words to say if you want me to move on or stop completely.” He said, raising an eyebrow. He saw the hesitance in Joss’s eyes but his friend just shook his head. Not yet. He wasn’t ready to give up on this session. “Good boy.” Luke kissed his knee, slowly inserting the second finger and working him open for the little egg shaped vibrator. Joss tensed up at the strange sensation inside; he knew men can feel it really strong from prostate stimulation, but Joss never tried it himself and had no desire to do so. Until now. Luke’s hands were skilled and he made sure to be gentle at first, stretching him and rubbing that place in a way Joss didn’t think was even possible. “Feels good?” Luke smiled as Joss kept moving his hips towards him. He didn’t give Joss enough time to even response before moving his face between his legs and giving small bites to his thighs.


He kissed, licked, sucked, always moving his head away when he felt Joss’s cock twitch in his mouth. “Fuck…please, just let me cum already, you’re such a douchebag!” Joss whined. Big mistake. When Luke heard the word Joss cussed him with, he slowly dragged his mouth out of his lap and pulled out the little vibrator. “What did you call me?” He whispered, giving Joss a very stern expression. Joss gulped nervously. Luke’s eyes were cold, pissed off, yet his voice sounded so seductive. “I think you need to be punished. For not knowing when to quit, for overworking yourself, for being needy and greedy like a little bitch.” Luke let that last word linger on his lips a little longer. His hands unbuckled the chains holding Joss’s wrist cuffs to the bed and stood up, harshly dragging those hands up until he had Joss in kneeling position on the bed before attaching his hand cuffs to a chain hanging from the ceiling. “Wha-..?” Joss stared in awe as Luke pulled out another vibrator. The thing was still relatively small, but it had a strange curved shape, and shook violently when the man infront of him turned it on, teasingly running the thing over his back before.. “Nnh…that doesn’t seem like…a punishment at all.” He panted.


Luke twirled something silver around his finger that was soon to be slipped around Joss’s leaking cock, restricting and stopping the pleasure at a high point. “Did I say I’m finished?” Luke smiled, setting the vibrator on higher. He watched as Joss twitched and gasped in surprise before looking down at his cock. He was teetering on the edge of orgasm, ready to burst at any moment, unable to cum as the cock song prevented him from doing so. Joss couldn’t stop his stubbornness from another remark. “Whatever. I can endure this, this is nothing.” He frowned, his knees wobbling. A big hand gently stroked his cheek before it struck, causing the skin to go pink. “You’re running your mouth more than usual. I wonder… Should I gag you?” Joss grit his teeth. He wanted to protest some more, he wanted to angrily spout the safe word over and over, but a big part of him was just curious how far would Luke take this little play of his. “Fuck off, do whatever you want.” “Mmm…on the other hand, I really want to know what you sound like. What to do, what to do…” Luke walked around the bed with a smile, picking up the flogger again. Joss flinched when it tickled his sides, but even that light touch couldn’t prepare him for when the first sting of a flogger caused his body to jerk forward, the chain clinking.


He’s been hit on the back before, but compared to the harsh punches from the gym, this strange superficial pain felt different. With each new hit he felt the painful heat penetrate his skin deeper and deeper, until the pain connected with pleasure he felt from the front, mixing in his stomach and causing his eyes to water. With blurry vision Joss stared at his cock, needily leaking an insane amount of precum and staining the sheets beneath him. The mixture of pain and pleasure left him a panting mess, but Joss refused to let himself moan. He grit his teeth when Luke took out what seemed to be a spiky wheel and run it alongside of Joss’s abs and down to the V cut of his hips. With each roll the spikes pierced his skin just enough to leave a trail of red dots that set his body on fire. Luke hungrily lapped at the droplets of blood drawn from Joss’s skin, dragging his tongue down, stopping just an inch from Joss’s that was now fully covered in precum. The man tensed up when Luke rubbed the tip of his cock with his thumb and gave it a few very lazy strokes, just to rile him up more. Then came the riding crop. Luke made Joss kiss the end of it before it mercilessly attacked his thighs and abdomen and caused his body to spasm. Luke let out a chuckle when a wet drop touched his hand and he looked up to see Joss drooling, the string of spit falling onto his already wet cock that was desperate for attention. “P…please…make me cum…fuck me…just…do something…I’m so close…so close..” Joss panted.


Luke had to admit that for a first experience like this, Joss endured the sweet torture for a lot longer than some of his previous play partners. Maybe because he was tired to fight back, maybe because he was loving every second of it. “You want me to fuck you?” Luke placed the toys off of the bed, his hands softly stroking Joss’s torso, the heat of his skin warming up Luke’s hands. “You want me to give you my cock?” He asked as he cupped Joss’s face with both hands, wiping away the tears and saliva. Joss shivered. “Yes…please.” He said breathlessly. “Alright. Good boy.” Luke smiled before leaving closer. “Bl-blue! Blue…blue…” Joss panted, his face dodging Luke’s before the man could have a taste of his lips. Luke nodded with a smile and only placed a little soft kiss on Joss’s forehead before moving away and reaching for a packet of condoms hidden in the drawer. He wiped one foil square open with his teeth, unzipping his trousers just enough to free his cock. Joss’s eyes widened; he’s seen it before, in gym locker rooms and in onsets, but never when it was hard…and big. He gulped anxiously but didn’t protest when Luke gently pulled out the vibrator and run his cock between Joss’s cheeks. “Are you sure you want me to do this?” “Yes..” Joss panted, too scared to look over  his shoulder. It took Luke just a few seconds to fully penetrate him and he slowly moved his hips side to side, giving Joss some time to get used to his girth. 


“You…you’re not gonna..take that thing off?” Joss asked bashfully, nodding towards his cock. Luke slapped his ass before reaching to the front and teasing his cock with a little touch. He then run his hand over Joss’s torso, scratching against the nipple before settling on his throat, gently massaging the sides. “Shhh…just let me break you.” Luke whispered dangerously close to Joss’s ear. His otherwise gentle kisses on Joss’s raw and red back caused the chained up man to whine, as it felt like hot coal has been dragged across his skin even though it was just a gentle caress. “Look at yourself over there…” Joss had to blink away a few tears until his eyes fully focused on the mirror infront of them, and he shivered. His body was red and raw, his cock, so hard, dripping like there’s no tomorrow. Strings of spit falling out of his mouth, and his face flushed. The sight was unbearable, but Joss didn’t even need to look away before Luke finally started thrusting inside, causing him to close his eyes, ashamed of what he just saw. It wasn’t even a couple of minutes yet it felt like forever before Luke’s hand reached down and harshly pulled off the cock ring, making Joss to whine again. He was so on edge for what seemed like eternity, unable to come, but now that he was finally allowed to, his body wouldn’t listen. 


“Oh?” Luke smirked as he looked over Joss’s shoulder. “Want me to help with that?” He muttered, and Joss nodded. He soon realised where Luke’s hand was heading, and it wasn’t his crotch, but his neck. The firm hand squeezed around his throat, fingers pressing at the arteries, softly at first, until Joss started to feel light headed and dizzy. He cried out as Luke squeezed tighter, and his world became blurry as the strong orgasm overwhelmed him, his cum splattering the dark sheets. “Good boy…” Luke whispered, finally milking the last drops out of Joss’s cock with his hand and comfortingly stroking his body before freeing his cuffed wrists. He grasped Joss’s hips tightly, allowing himself a few more thrusts before silently enduring his own orgasm and giving Joss’s shoulder a little bite before pulling out. “N…Nabi…” Joss panted as his knees finally gave out and he wobbled onto Luke’s chest and passed out. Luke gently set his lifeless body onto the bed and wiped himself off first before tending to the sleeping man with wet wipes and soothing cream on the surface wounds. He then hoisted Joss over his shoulder and carried him into the guest room where he tucked him in the bed, leaving a glass of water and some sweet on the bedside table. When Joss finally woke up, it took him a hot second to realise what has happened, and a cheesy grin spread across his lips. He hasn’t felt this refreshed in weeks.