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Pain. Horrible Pain.


There are so many things that Katsuki knew he could have done. Maybe if he wasn’t the runt of the litter. Maybe if he didn’t talk back to the pack Alpha. Maybe if he wasn’t such a goddamned weakling he wouldn’t be in this situation. But it’s so hard to think about what could have been when the here and now was so painful. Katsuki wants to run away, apologize to his pack, and maybe promise to do anything just so that they can protect him again.


But those days are over.


He hasn’t eaten in several days. The clothes he was thrown out in were ragged and soaked in his blood. Katsuki wouldn’t be surprised if he just died right here. He deserved it. He was useless to the clan, useless in defending himself, and he’s going to die right here — weak, broken, and useless. He’d deny it to high heavens if anyone cared but the sob that escaped his throat felt like the last ever noise he’ll make with his dying breath.


“That kid ain’t gonna bring anythin’ substantial to this clan.”


“Runts don’t got no place among the big boys.”


“It’s a shame he’s such a pretty little pup. Absolutely fuckin’ weak, though.”


Those words replay in his head over and over again. Even in his waning consciousness, the clan leaders’ words ring loud and clear in his ears. It’s the loudest he’s ever heard them. Born impossibly tiny and practically half-deaf, his fate was decided for him before he could learn how to speak. He remembered how devastated his mother looked, how defeated his father was.


Katsuki couldn’t blame them. If he gave birth to a failure like him, he’d want nothing to do with him either. Failures are cast away, unloved and forgotten forever. Failures are told that they don’t deserve to live – failures like Katsuki. 


The only thing Katsuki wished was for them to kill him instantly. Instead, they took him by the scruff of his neck, still in his pajamas, and tossed him into the unforgiving woods. The pine trees creak and moan under the weight of the snow. Cold. Way too cold. They didn’t even bother giving him shoes. The only comfort Katsuki found on such a harsh night was the light of the full moon.


On most nights, it felt like the moon was the only one listening to him. When he’d escaped to the roof of his home after intensive training, the moon was already there greeting him on a good evening. She’d caress his bruised cheeks with her heavenly glow and he’d feel stronger than all the alphas who picked on him. She was there for him — especially on the nights when his own parents refused to look at him.


They knew. They knew from the start that they couldn’t keep him. Every day that he’d come back from another futile round of training, their eyes would lose any semblance of hope they held. Before his mama would still kiss him good night, then she soon stopped touching him altogether. When papa used to give him fond headpats after dinner, the days leading up to Katsuki’s departure were devoid of fatherly contact.


This would have been easier if he never loved his parents — but he did. God did he love them so much. If only they neglected him from the start. It wouldn’t have hurt as much to hear his mother scream his name if he thought her affections were fake. Katsuki curls in on himself, trying and failing to contain what little body heat he still had despite the freezing winter winds.


With the last of his strength, Katsuki looks up at the moon — she’s luminous and apologetic as always as she watches him die in a pool of his own blood that stains the dirty white snow. Maybe he’ll be reincarnated to be a big, strong alpha wolf. Yeah. Maybe then, his parents would be proud of him. 


With that final thought, Katsuki lays his head on his hands and succumbs to the growing darkness.

Immortality can and should be synonymous with loneliness.


But Shouto’s convinced mortal beings don’t know the meaning of being alive. 


Sure. Living near a werewolf clan isn’t the wisest decision he’s made in his life but it sure beats living in a large and empty castle. The forest was always filled with more life than the cobblestone hallways of his former home. The new generation of servants he’s hired maintain it and keep it in the pristine condition it was in a whole century ago. But it doesn’t matter if his castle looks exactly like the paintings.


Paintings preserve his painful past. At the very least, the nature that surrounds him now reminds him of a life that may still be worth living. 


“Another day to harvest some fresh lavender flowers, Elizabeth. Are you excited to go outside?” Shouto turns to his beloved tuxedo cat of 13 years, who meows at him with her signature throaty growl. He scratches her behind her ears with an affectionate coo. “Good girl. Now are we gonna use the harness today or not?”


Elizabeth pushes the dark red harness off of the island counter in response, all while looking at Shouto right in the eye.


“Right,” Shouto chuckles, bending down to pick the harness up. “No leash today.” Elizabeth meows back at him with a satisfied turn of her tail and promptly sits by the door to wait for him. But her good behavior lasts for about a half second before she’s darting out of the built-in cat flap with a distressed meow.


“Elizabeth! Where are you going, young lady?!” Shouto almost trips over his feet on his way to follow his mischievous cat out the door. His ear twitches as he tries to figure out where she went and looks sharply to the left at the sound of her cry. He wastes no time and sprints towards her direction. After two seconds, he’s right behind her, winded and a little annoyed.


“Sweetheart, you have to at least tell me where you’re going before you run off like that.” Elizabeth only meows at him insistently, nosing at the ground as if she was… tracking something. Shouto furrows his brow in thought. Interesting. 


“Eliza, look at me.” Shouto crouches down beside his cat and looks her in the eye. After a few seconds, her normally blue eyes glow red and the voice of a posh elderly woman echoes in his head.


“There’s someone in the woods.” She says with a determined tone. “I think he’s dying.” 


“Dying?” Shouto looks out into the woods that borders his little cottage. “How long do you think he has?”


“Not long.” 


Elizabeth didn’t need to say anything else because Shouto is already picking her up and sprinting through the forest at max speed. He follows her whispered instructions, turning at just the right times, and pausing every now and then when she gets dizzy. But it didn’t take long for them to find—




Shouto follows her gaze and he gasps at the sight before him.


A whimpering little boy is lying down on a makeshift bed of leaves and twigs. He’s wrapped in what seems to be a giant red cape with a fur trim but even that doesn’t seem to be enough to quell his shivering. As Shouto moves closer to the shaking figure, he notices the very obvious wolf ears peeking out from his messy blonde hair.


Shouto stops in his tracks, eyes glowing dangerously red. This was none other than an abandoned werewolf cub. 


As cliche as the trope goes, Shouto unfortunately lives in a world where vampires and werewolves have been sworn enemies since he could remember. There was once a time when they ruled side by side — conquerors of the underworld from every corner on earth — until some bad apples decided that the throne was only to be occupied by one species. 


It didn’t matter which side started it. What mattered was that there was no soul left alive who could ever tell stories of the time when vampires and werewolves lived in harmony. So, it should have been second nature to Shouto to put the pup out of its misery. It should have been instinct for Shouto to grab its throat and squeeze it until it stops squirming.


But with every single distressed noise that the pup makes, Shouto feels nothing but sympathy for the poor thing. 


What he sees right now isn’t a murderous beast but a small child in need. He sees a tiny thing who seems like he’s lost everything and is clinging onto the final threads of life on the forest floor. Shouto glances at his cat, who looks back at him with ruby red eyes that match his, and he starts to approach the poor child slowly and carefully.


“Hey there, buddy.” Shouto says with all the gentleness of anyone approaching a wounded animal. And just like a wounded animal, the little pup growls, but it sounds more distraught than it does angry. Shouto’s heart aches for the little guy.


“I’m not gonna hurt you, little one. I’m here to help you.” The growls stay at a low but consistent rumble even as Shouto continues to approach it cautiously. Shouto unclips the clasp of his cloak, removing it only to present it to the pup as an offering of peace. Shouto waits patiently for it to respond, knowing that if he tries to make any sudden movements, he’ll end up agitating it again.


Soon, the growls subside and it’s replaced instead with curious little sniffs of the cloak Shouto’s presenting him. Or at least Shouto thinks it's a he. Even for a male werewolf pup, this particular one was exceptionally tiny. Shouto figures the poor thing was probably the runt of his litter – born to be the outcast.


“It’s alright,” Shouto says, hoping the pup finds the cloak he’s offering to be a much better alternative to the ripped up one he’s struggling to wrap around itself to keep warm. “You’re alright, pup. You’re alright. It’s safe here.”


The second he said that, the pup’s eyes stare right into his own — a piercing blood red hue that bore holes into what could have been his soul. 


Something stirs within him, a feeling still yet unknown to him and to the pup before him. But something in the air is charged with a tension that is as taut as the strings of fate itself. The way those eyes stare at him draws Shouto close, almost as if he was reading Shouto’s mind just by simply looking. 


Shouto’s unaware of whatever just happened between them – but all he knows is that there is now an even bigger urge to shield this pup away from the world’s dangers. An even bigger urge to shelter him from everyone who would ever dare to hurt him. An even bigger urge to wrap this little one in his arms and guard him with his entire life.


And that urge seems to draw the pup in too. He slowly nuzzles at the fabric of his cloak and promptly rubs his head all over it, ears fluttering appreciatively. 


Shouto smiles, taking that as a sign to gently wrap the little pup in his cloak and cradle him in his arms. Oh he thought he was small before but all cuddled up in his velvet cloak in the crook of his arm… he was quite possibly one of the tiniest and most fragile looking werewolf pups he’s ever seen.


“They did a number on you. Didn’t they, little one?” The pup whines, burying his face into the cloak, allowing Shouto to see the still fearful fluttering of his ears sticking out of his blonde hair. Shouto resists the urge to place a soft kiss on the crown of the pup’s head. “Don’t worry. We’ll get you fixed right up with a bath and some dinner. Would you like that?”


The answering whine was enough for him. Shouto gave his cat Elizabeth a nod before the both of them made the long trek back to the cottage.


Normally, he’d just up the speed and be there lickity split. But he’s got an injured werewolf pup in his arms and he isn’t even sure if the poor thing has eaten anything yet. He’d rather not risk making him more uncomfortable than he already feels. Besides, the pup seems to be enjoying the feel of the cloak around him as he keeps nuzzling at the fabric with happy little coos.


“You like it?” Shouto rubs at the fabric of his cloak wrapped around the pup. “It’s made from the finest silk and velvet.”


The pup buries himself even further into the cloak, which makes Shouto chuckle fondly. Shouto glances towards Elizabeth, who was already staring at him still with blood red eyes.


He is broken. Elizabeth rubs her head on Shouto’s legs as they trek through the forest. He needs a home.


Shouto looks at the little bundle in his arms again, subconsciously tightening his hold on the werewolf pup. 


If it’s a home this pup needs, it’s a home Shouto will give him.

Katsuki isn’t a total stranger to luxury.


His parents were important in the clan – revered for their business acumen and heightened senses used for hunting. Katsuki was supposed to be taught how to hunt. He was supposed to be the wolf that carries on the Bakugou legacy and be the one to sire many children as strong as the name he bears.


But when he was born way too small and fragile to the touch, the clan made up their minds about him. They’d train him but they never expected him to excel. They’d feed him but they wouldn’t ever think he’d grow. Soon his silken bed sheets were replaced by weeks old dirty hay. Soon his custom clothes made from the finest fabrics of all the land were replaced with secondhand dish rags that smelled of Alpha cum and Omega slick from weeks ago.


He wasn’t a stranger to luxury but it’s been a good long while since he’s ever felt comfortable.


The bed sheets beneath him felt soft to the touch and the blanket the kind man gave him was fluffy and felt almost like nuzzling into his father’s side after he’s come home from a hunt and he hasn’t changed back. The soup he ate a few hours ago was warm in his hungry belly and the fireplace across his bed cast a soft glow all around his room.


“I hope all of this is to your liking,” The man — Shouto, he told him — said, tending to the fire with a stick. Katsuki watches him with a tilted head brimming with curiosity. “I haven’t had guests over in years so the room might be a little dusty.”


“S’okay…” Katsuki mutters, picking at a loose thread on the blanket. “Feels nice.”


“Yeah?” Shouto finally turns to him, the same warm smile he gave him when he found Katsuki in the woods on his handsome face. It’s the smile that made something in Katsuki’s fearful heart stir and reach out to the man. It’s the smile that told him that the world may not always be a dreadful place. 


The smile that made Katsuki trust him.


And Katsuki may be small and fragile looking but he’s not dumb. Three year olds in his pack were already taught the history between werewolves and vampires. It’s a sick way of conditioning the kids but Katsuki always listened during those sessions. So, he knew that Shouto was a vampire. He knew that the man before him was a sworn enemy.


But sworn enemies don’t offer their expensive cloaks to each other. Sworn enemies don’t bathe you, clothe you, and feed you. That’s just not who Shouto was – and Katsuki was more than willing to unlearn all the lessons his old pack taught him.


Besides… it’s not like they’re ever gonna take him back anyway.


But would Shouto keep him?


“What’s on your mind, little one?” Shouto moves to sit on the edge of his bed and Katsuki scratches at his ear nervously. Shouto waits patiently for him to respond, still giving him that warm reassuring smile that makes Katsuki’s tummy do somersaults. 


“I’m…” Katsuki starts but his lip starts to tremble all of a sudden. The thought that maybe Shouto was going to cast him away terrified him. He was so afraid that the only man who ever showed him kindness would tell him to leave as soon as he was well rested. He was trained to survive out in the wilderness, sure, but he never completed those training sessions. He was always too weak, too slow, or too emotional.


He didn’t even notice that he was crying until Shouto gathered him into his arms and stroked his hair comfortingly. “Oh my darling, shhh… It’s okay. You’re okay. Let it all out, sweet pea….”


Katsuki clutches tightly onto Shouto’s dress shirt, dampening the fabric with his tears. Shouto only continues to run his fingers through his hair and whisper reassurances into his ear. Shouto holding him in his arms felt like the brand new bed sheets or the yummy soup or the fireplace flickering before them…


Warm. Safe. Home.


Katsuki starts to cry even louder. Shouto – for only a few hours – has felt more like home than his old clan ever did. 


And he doesn’t wanna let it all go.


“P-Please,” Katsuki says in between sobs. “P-Please don’t make me go… I don’t w-wanna go.”


Shouto hugs him tighter, burying his face into the crown of Katsuki’s still damp hair. He lets him cry into his shirt, not particularly caring if he has to wash it again tomorrow morning. What seemed to matter to Shouto is that Katsuki was okay. That Katsuki would never feel unnecessary pain again. Katsuki wishes he could hear Shouto’s heartbeat as he presses his ear against the vampire’s chest. But somehow, he knows that Shouto’s heart is nothing but pure and he wouldn’t ever want to hurt him.


No vampire would willingly comfort a crying werewolf pup. 


Shouto isn’t like other vampires. Katsuki’s never met other vampires but he’s sure that Shouto is one of a kind.


Which gives him all the more a reason to want to stay with him as long as he’s allowed to. 


Shouto soon pulls away for a bit, wiping away some of Katsuki’s tears with his shirt sleeve. He’s soaked from the chest down and Katsuki can see remnants of snot there on the ruffles. But Shouto didn’t seem to mind. After Katsuki is only reduced to small sniffles, Shouto takes his chubby little face in his hands. Katsuki nuzzles into Shouto’s palm, a small pleasant rumble emerging deep in his chest. 


“You can stay with me as long as you want, my dear.” Shouto says while looking Katsuki straight in the eyes. “No matter what happens, you’ll always have a home here with me.”


Katsuki’s eyes start brimming with tears again, hoping against all hope that Shouto isn’t lying to him. “P-Promise?”


Shouto smiles at him again, leaning forward to kiss his forehead. Katsuki closes his eyes when Shouto’s lips make contact with his skin – savoring the tingly sensation left behind by the vampire's loving touch. 


“I promise.”

Shouto made good on that promise.


Now, Shouto – in all his years as a vampire – has never been a father. He’s never sired any children of his own and even if he did, unless they’re another vampire or supernatural being, the child would die within the first few weeks after being born. Shouto never turned anyone into a vampire either and has always lived alone.

So taking care of a werewolf pup was a learning process.


Katsuki was a scared little thing when he first came into his possession. Upon closer inspection, he was extremely malnourished and could have bled to death in the forest if Shouto hadn’t found him. Elizabeth was particularly doting to the pup, constantly sitting by his head or feet and grooming him every now and then. Elizabeth used to be a breeding cat, so it was natural for her to feel some sort of maternal care for the little one.


In the first few months that Katsuki was with him, he barely even spoke. He’d only eat if Shouto was helping him because he was so weak he could barely lift his spoon. A good chunk of the dishes Shouto cooked for him were liquids. He mastered different types of soups just for Katsuki to eat something different every time. 


It was a rough first year for them but eventually, Katsuki grew a little stronger under his care. Eventually, Katsuki was starting to crave solid foods – meat being the primary craving. Shouto didn’t know yet how to train Katsuki how to hunt, so he’d bring his little pup to the local farmer’s market. Since it was primarily a human dwelling area, he had to put Katsuki in homemade onesies or hoodies that cover his wolf ears.


Thankfully, the little old ladies who run into them coo at how cute Katsuki is and give them extra produce every time. Katsuki didn’t mind the onesies. He happily wore anything Shouto made for him. His eyes lit up whenever Shouto showed him his latest creations for him to wear. Shouto’s been around the block when it comes to following fashion trends of the newer century. He is not letting Katsuki out of the house unless he looks like he could model for baby Vogue.


“Todoroki-san, it’s so nice to see you again after so long!” One of the local farmers called out to him with a bright smile one day. Katsuki was still not quite used to humans yet so he’d bury his face into Shouto’s chest to avoid interacting with them. The farmer didn’t seem to mind, though, as he asked Shouto about him curiously.


“This is Katsuki,” Shouto said, rubbing Katsuki’s back with a comforting hand. “I adopted him just recently.”


“Someone as young as you with a son?” The farmer asked with a light chuckle. “And without a wife, too. Sure you can handle raising a kid on your own?”


“I think I’ve been doing an adequate job so far. Katsuki here has grown two whole inches in the past couple of months! Soon enough, he’ll be a big strong boy.” Katsuki buries his face even further into Shouto’s dress shirt at the praises. Shouto could feel his little boy’s face grow warm and he smiles fondly. “The bonds of family are so much stronger when they are forged from choice rather than from blood, don’t you think Izumi-san?”


“You and your big words, Todoroki.” The farmer shakes his head a little but smiles fondly as Katsuki peeks at him through Shouto’s jacket. Izumi addresses Katsuki this time, his voice soft and sincere. “But I think you’re in good hands, young man.”


I know, Katsuki wants to say but instead he just hides his face again and lets Shouto negotiate prices for the many kilos of pork and beef that Katsuki’s been craving lately.

Since Shouto isn’t a werewolf, most of his knowledge on the species comes from books and some handwritten journals that his ancestors made ages ago. He knows none of them are updated and is aware that he eventually has to teach Katsuki things as he grows up. Katsuki told him that he’s been taught some things back in his former tribe but understandably he’s forgotten most of them due to associating the lessons with trauma.


But Shouto does have a source for updated werewolf lore: his brother.


Rather, his brother’s descendants. 


Touya was turned into a werewolf on the same day Shouto was turned into a vampire. The rest of their family was murdered in a village raid and they were the only ones to survive due to their supernatural abilities. They kept each other in check, making sure neither of them murdered people needlessly. They moved all across the world together to conceal their identities.


Touya eventually married into a respectable werewolf clan. Shouto knew that was the only way he could truly thrive and be happy – even if it meant he could only visit his brother in secret. His mate Keigo, however, was a kind man who always opened his door to Shouto whenever he wanted to come over. He was known as Uncle Shouto to their kids and they’d be taught that not all vampires are bad because Uncle Shouto has never harmed them.


Their clan was none the wiser.


Touya’s family lived a little ways away from the rest of the clan. They only ever made the trek back to them if there is a wedding or mating ceremony. So, it was safe for Shouto to come visit them whenever he wanted. But of course, since werewolves weren’t immortal, Shouto had to watch his brother slowly grow old and die. 


But his descendants lived on – soon separating from the pack and creating their own little clan of vampire friendly werewolves. They keep themselves away from the rest of society, knowing that the great rift between their species still exists. Shouto followed their example soon enough. 


He hasn’t seen Touya’s great great grandchildren in ages due to an influx of rogue werewolf groups attacking vampires and werewolves alike. But he has to see them or else he’ll risk Katsuki growing up not knowing about who he is. Don’t get him wrong – who Katsuki is right now is lovely. He’s a little more foul-mouthed than he was when he was three years old but he’s still his extraordinary son. He’s seven years old now, he needs to learn more about who he is as a werewolf.


“Hey there, Eliza. Are you feeling okay?” The old cat raised her head to look at her owner with narrowed eyes but gave an imperceptible nod. Elizabeth used to be his good friend Ochako’s familiar after she retired from being a breeding cat. Shouto learned magic from her and soon she entrusted Elizabeth to him when she was on her deathbed. Elizabeth was the only one in this household who could create a barrier strong enough to conceal them from prying eyes until his grandnieces could leave.


“I’m sorry to disturb your nap, sweetheart. But do you think you can make the barrier as soon as Chiyo and Hana arrive? The werewolf clan near us has been restless.” Elizabeth only blinked at him, but Shouto knew that meant a yes. “Thank you, Elizabeth. You can rest for now.”




Shouto turned around to see his son holding his boots in one hand and his studded red collar in another. Katsuki insisted on a collar a year ago, saying that it was the one tradition he wanted to keep from his old clan. Young pups would wear a collar customized to their tastes – an indication that they are still yet to present their secondary gender. At least, that’s what Katsuki told him it was for. Shouto spent a long time making the collar to Katsuki’s liking.


“Do you need help with that, Tsuki?” He knelt down automatically, gently taking the boots from Katsuki’s hands to loosen the shoelaces. “Are you excited to meet your aunties today?”


“Dunno,” Katsuki said as he watched Shouto slip his boots on his feet one by one. “I haven’t met other werewolves since… you know…” Shouto stroked Katsuki’s cheek in reassurance. He doesn’t need to say it because he knows. It’s not exactly a pleasant memory. Katsuki pouted a bit, still staring intensely at Shouto lacing up his boots just the way he likes it.


“Well, they’re very excited to meet you, sweetpea. They wouldn’t shut up over the phone when they talked about booking their flights over here.” 


“What if they don’t like me?”


Shouto looks up from lacing up Katsuki’s boots and his heart aches at the sight of how scared Katsuki is. The possibility of another group of werewolves casting him away because he’s weak and small and a disappointment is a fear Katsuki has harbored deep in his heart. No matter how much love Shouto gives him, or how much more confident Katsuki has gotten, he’s always still so afraid.


“They’ll love you, baby. Just as much as I love you.” Shouto caresses Katsuki’s still chubby little cheek with a soft smile. “What’d I tell you before, sweetpea?”


“The bonds of family are stronger if formed by choice.” Shouto smiles as he gathers his son up in his arms. Katsuki doesn’t cry as much anymore but he could still feel the labored little breaths as Katsuki collapses into his arms. If it weren’t for Shouto’s heightened hearing, he might not have heard Katsuki mumble, 


“Thank you for choosing me.”


Shouto kisses the top of Katsuki’s head. Through decades and millennia, Shouto will choose Katsuki over and over again. 


He made a promise, after all.

After ten long years, Katsuki’s training with Chiyo and Hana has done him a world of good.


Where Shouto lacks in the werewolf department, his grandnieces step up to show Katsuki the ropes. While they would be out hunting or learning other instinctual werewolf things, Shouto would pour over the books and updated notes Chiyo and Hana gave him about werewolf physiology and lore. Elizabeth would be napping by his side, making good work in keeping up a barrier to add a layer of protection for them while his grandnieces train Katsuki. They’re not here all the time, with them having to attend to matters at their clan a lot, so they make the most of their time here.


Katsuki’s initial fears about them not liking him melted away in an instant when they asked him if he wanted to learn how to hunt with them. Hana in particular is Katsuki’s favorite because sometimes she gives him sweets after bed time. Shouto pretends to not notice the chocolate wrappers neatly tucked away beneath his mattress. 


They visit the cottage once every three months. Every time they come back, Katsuki shows significant improvement that delights everyone who watches him. Most especially Shouto, knowing that his former clan thought that he would never amount to anything. But with every year that Katsuki grows stronger under Chiyo and Hana’s tutelage, Shouto feels his heart swell with pride.


If only his old clan could see Katsuki now. They’d definitely regret casting him away now.


Just as the thought enters his mind, a chill runs down his spine, and he looks up from his notes on the newest set of books Hana gave him to see his cat standing at attention. Shouto furrows his brows as he watches her tail swish back and forth in agitation. Elizabeth never looks that alert unless—


Oh no. 


They found him. 


“Eliza, I’ll call for Katsuki and the others. Keep the barrier up. Make sure none of them leave the house until I say so.” Shouto is on his feet in an instant, grabbing his cloak from the coat rack and rushing to the edge of the forest canopy. Fortunately, in his haste to leave the house, he bumps into Chiyo, Hana, and a very concerned Katsuki.


“Dad? What’s wrong?” Katsuki asks as he tries to look in the same direction his father is looking at. 


“Chiyo, Hana, bring Katsuki back to the cottage and lock all the doors and block the windows.” Shouto orders his grandnieces with a stern gaze. The two of them look at each other for a brief moment before each grabbing one of Katsuki’s hands and leading him back to the cottage as quickly as they can.


“Dad!” Katsuki yells out, trying to get out of Chiyo and Hana’s much stronger hold. “Dad, what’s happening? Where are you going? Dad, don’t leave!”


Shouto tries not to let the panic in Katsuki’s voice affect him as he moves to enter the forest. Katsuki’s frantic cries for him fall on deaf ears and Shouto takes a deep breath to clear his mind. Katsuki will be safe at the cottage. Elizabeth has the barrier up. Chiyo and Hana will protect him. He repeats these sentences over and over again just to convince himself that everything will be fine.


Shouto looks up and sees the beginning phases of the full moon hidden behind thick storm clouds. Shouto prays that the moon will protect his son.

“I need to go after him.”


“Katsuki, Your father said to stay here.”


“But what if he’s hurt? What if someone captured him or something? I can’t sit here and do nothing!”


At that exact moment, Elizabeth comes down from her perch by the window and bumps her head against Katsuki’s leg. But because of his frazzled state, she’s not able to get his attention until she deliberately scratches at the small sliver of skin she had access to. Katsuki turns to the cat, eyes flashing dangerously, but Elizabeth remains calm.


“I think Eliza wants to tell you something, Kat.” Chiyo supplies and Hana nods alongside her. Katsuki breathes through his nose once, twice, three times before he calms down enough to kneel beside the cat. His father taught him how to communicate with Eliza by tapping into her magic but he hasn’t had much practice lately. Besides, Eliza is old now. She doesn’t play with him as much anymore.


But Eliza is endlessly patient, probably from her many years of breeding before she found her familiar. She gently guides Katsuki to look her straight in the eyes before she crouches down slightly and lets the energy inside of her flow between them. Katsuki feels the familiar tendrils of Eliza’s magic tickle at his brain and tries his hardest to keep eye contact with her. The length of time it takes for their brains to fully connect makes him antsy. Dad is able to do this in an instant. 


“Katsuki, can you hear me?” 


The sound of an old British lady echoes through his mind and he nods so that Eliza knows he can hear her. Eliza blinks once then, her eyes changing from their usual icy blue to the brilliant glowing red. Katsuki knows that his eyes look the same and he gets comfortable on the ground so he can speak to Eliza properly. The trick is to concentrate subconsciously. His father would say. Everything else will come naturally.


“I sensed a disturbance in the forest – a dangerous force that compromises your safety.” Eliza says, whiskers twitching nervously. “Your father went to investigate it before it could reach the cottage. I suggest you stay put until Shouto comes back.”


“But if it’s dangerous, then Chiyo-san, Hana-san, and I can go help him!” He tries to reason and there’s a tiny spark of hope that ignites within him when Eliza’s ears droop a little. Katsuki knows deep down that Eliza isn’t entirely convinced that Shouto would make it out alive. Normally, she wouldn’t be this worried if it was just a regular threat of a stray bear. Something doesn’t add up here.


“Eliza… is there something else you’re not telling me?”


“I do not wish to cause you more stress, pup.” 


Katsuki sighs. He knows what that’s about. It’s about the very condition that branded him as useless and weak in his old clan – his abnormal heartbeat pattern. Growing up, it was a little harder to breathe due to this heart problem and it took a lot of training and exercise to get to where he is now. It’s partly the reason why he stopped crying so much. Large amounts of stress was not good for his heart.


But he’s bigger now. He’s stronger. He’ll be even more stressed if he just sat here and did nothing.


And he knows that Elizabeth understands that.


“Your father is going to kill me for telling you,” She eventually says, the echoes of her frail little voice sound defeated. Eliza starts shaking from standing up for too long and Katsuki gathers her into his arms and shares his body heat with her. Chiyo sits by him and drapes a knitted blanket over the shaking cat. Katsuki gently pets her until she’s ready to speak.


“Your pack alpha found you, Katsuki.” She whispers with a shaking voice. “They found you and want to claim you back.”

“Just tell us where he is and we’ll consider not killing you.”


“Like hell, I would!”


Canines are bared, Shouto’s spit lands at the alpha’s feet, and the rest of the pack around them growls dangerously. A part of Shouto curses himself for not moving away from the cottage sooner, knowing that he lived near a werewolf clan. But Katsuki loved running in the field, climbing trees, and bathing in the spring water in the heart of the forest during the new moon. He could never take those things away from his son.


So, the only feasible option is to scare the pack away.


Which is decidedly not going very well.


“You have something of ours and we would like him back.” The alpha sneers at him, his rancid werewolf breath fanning over Shouto’s face in hot waves. Shouto tries to turn away but the vice grip on his arms by the other wolves of the pack have him trapped. “He’d thrive more back in our care.”


“If you really believed that, you wouldn’t have cast him away in the first place!” He yelled, struggling against the wolves’ hold on him. “If you really cared about him–”


“Ah, you clueless little vampire. You may be centuries old but you sure do know nothing about the ways of our kind.” The beta wolves holding him kick at his sides simultaneously, causing Shouto to lurch forward in pain. “Casting our little Katsuki away was a test of strength and wills. Useless thing found a semblance of self-worth eventually. So, now we want to take him back and train him. He’s most probably a beta – the perfect little foot soldier.”


No. Shouto thought, still struggling against his captors. He’s more than a foot soldier for the likes of you. 


“Or maybe he’s an omega! When he was born, he was so tiny we all thought he was another whiny little bitch—” 


Unfortunately, the alpha wasn’t able to finish his sentence when projectiles of large rocks rained down on him from above. The rest of the pack scattered around, wary of whatever else could be falling from the sky. Shouto was freed in that split second of panic and he concentrated his magic quick enough to send a large shockwave through the ground.


A few of the werewolves lost their footing and were flung away into the woods. Some were able to stand their ground, including the very angry alpha wolf looming over him right now. Shouto calculates a million and one scenarios for escape or attack in his head. But his lightning fast reflexes aren’t in his favor today as the alpha pounces forward and swipes him to the side with tremendous force.


Shouto feels his back collide with a wide oak tree with a sickening crunch and he slides to the ground in a helpless heap. He cries out in pain, knowing his body paralyzes him until he’s able to heal himself. But the healing process is excruciating when bones are broken. And he’s pretty sure his spine has been realigned somehow. 


“That’ll teach you to never get in my fucking way again, vampire.” The alpha sneers at Shouto’s helpless state. “But maybe it would be more generous to kill you right now…”


No! Shouto tries to move his arms but he can barely breathe in his broken state. Move, goddammit! Tears well up in his eyes as the dreadful reality that he’s going to die right here washes over him. His mind wanders to Katsuki and Elizabeth and he whispers his apologies all while the alpha raises his arms above him—


“Get the fuck away from him!” 


One second, the alpha is about to pound him to a pulp, and then the next second, a blurry figure appears from behind the bushes and jumps on the larger wolf’s back. The alpha roars, whipping around back and forth to get whoever it was that had the balls to latch onto him off of him. 


The brief respite from the alpha’s wrath was enough time for parts of Shouto’s body to heal and he shakily gets to his feet after a few more seconds. His vision is still blurry but he can just barely make out the bold figure that attacked the alpha.


The second he was able to recognize the mess of blond hair on the assailant, Shouto’s protective instincts immediately override his concern for himself.


“Katsuki?!” Shouto stumbles forward, hell bent on protecting his son, until Chiyo and Hana appear before him. “Chiyo? Hana? What the fuck is going on? You’re supposed to be protecting Katsuki–” 


Chiyo looks back at him, her eyes a dangerous glowing gold. Hana rushes to Shouto’s side and picks him up bridal style. He protests wildly until Chiyo charges forward and attacks the alpha from below. Hana carries a still shocked Shouto up to the trees, away from the fight. 


“Hana, put me down this instant!” Shouto tries to push himself out of Hana’s hold but Hana doesn’t budge. 


“And have you get killed in front of your son?” Hana bites back, her fangs bared in a warning snarl. “Absolutely not.”


“He could get killed down there!” Shouto’s eyes are wide and manic, his vision tunneled at the scene beneath him, of his son taking on a giant alpha wolf. Katsuki isn’t even 18 yet! Shouto has to get down there and—


“Shouto, this may come as a shock to you… and I won’t stop you if you still want to go down there after I tell you this.” Hana turns to him, her golden eyes like Chiyo’s burning with a sorrow Shouto knows all too well. “But Katsuki knows that’s his former clan down there. I think… I think you need to let Katsuki have his closure.”


All the fight left in Shouto’s body melts away at Hana’s words and he hangs his head to hide the frustrated tears that fall down his face. He knew that this was inevitable. He just wasn’t ready for it to happen and in the least ideal circumstances. He knew that the clan that ruled the forest were always watching Katsuki but he just hoped they didn’t care for him enough to go after him.


His naivety ultimately brought them to this predicament.


Shouto feels like a lousy father. He spent years raising Katsuki to be who he is now, marrying the traditions of both the werewolf species and vampires. Shouto was planning on asking Katsuki if he wants to meet with his clan when he’s of age – after he’s presented – but instead they came after him, robbing Katsuki of the chance to choose for himself. 


Shouto could only hope that Katsuki makes the right decision.

“You giant fucking bastard!” Katsuki wails, scratching at any expanse of skin he could lay his claws on. The moment he saw the alpha about to kill his dad, he saw nothing but red and pounced. His body moved entirely on its own, the only thing on his mind was to protect his father from this monster. “Fucking die!” 


“Katsuki! Now!” Chiyo’s signal breaks him out of his hate-filled rage at the wolf and he catches the other end of the rope that Chiyo threw his way just in time. The two of them wrap the rope around the alpha, who was temporarily blinded by an expert swipe of Katsuki’s claws on his eyes moments ago. The alpha wails in confusion and pain, thrashing around and trying to avoid the rope.


Unfortunately for him, the ropes are enchanted by Eliza, and they have a thousand times the normal tensile strength of regular rope. The rope glows white just as the two of them successfully trap the alpha. The rest of the pack hang back in fear, absolutely bewildered that a 17 year old unpresented werewolf was able to capture their great alpha. 


Katsuki wasted no time in spitting on the face of the alpha and yanked him by the roots of his hair so he could face the ugly bastard properly. His eyes glow a deep blood red and for a split second, he could see terror in the alpha’s eyes. 


“You have two options, asshole.” Katsuki growls menacingly in the alpha’s face. “You either take your whole pack and get the hell out of here forever or I skewer you and the rest of your buddies right here, right now.”


“P-Precocious little brat!” The alpha snaps back and the ropes tighten around him more. “You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for us!”


“I was born in your clan, yes.” Katsuki’s voice lowers then, his eyes burning holes into the alpha’s soul. “But I was raised by a vampire, someone who was family to me more than any of you fucking bastards. The bonds of family are stronger if formed by choice.”


Echoing his father’s words, the lesson he’s kept close to his heart for years, makes him straighten up with pride. He displays the collar Shouto made for him all those years ago, the copper studs shining atop custom red leather. The alpha’s eyes widen and Katsuki knows then that he’s going to get what he wants.

“There might be a way to get them to leave you alone, Katsuki.”


Hana kneels before him, her eyes a golden sea of determination. Hana was always the more intellectual one between her and Chiyo. Hana was in charge of teaching Katsuki more of the werewolf lore and other related mythos correlated to their kind. Chiyo was in charge of physical training — hunting, combat, self-defense, etc. So, when Hana tells him that there is a way, Katsuki listens.


“You said that your father customized a collar for you when you were six, right?” Katsuki looks down at his beloved collar and he subconsciously strokes the red leather. Hana smiles at him, the look in her eye radiating hope as she tells him, “This might be your ticket to living the rest of your days without the looming threat of your former clan.”

There’s one tiny thing he didn’t tell Shouto about the collar and what it means to his kind. Not only is it a symbol for the unpresented, it’s a claim – a sacred bond that can only be severed by the wolf wearing the collar. For a human, a collar can mean ownership. 


For a werewolf, a collar means a special relationship that no wolf can disrespect. 


Coupled with the fact that it was custom made for him by Shouto himself, it’s clear now that the pack cannot lay claim on Katsuki anymore. A regular collar is a sacred claim, but a custom collar is a permanent reminder that Katsuki no longer identifies with the clan he once belonged to. And in just a couple of weeks, when Katsuki turns 18, none of the wolves from his former pack are allowed to touch him.


He bends down once the alpha’s shoulders sag in defeat, forcing him to look Katsuki straight in the eye. Katsuki hooks his thumb into his collar with a cocky smirk. 


“Now, leave me and my family alone.”

After the stress of what happened a few weeks ago, Hana and Chiyo promised to prolong their stay until Katsuki’s 18th birthday. Shouto wanted to do the coming-of-age ritual that he’s seen Touya’s children do in their former clan, knowing that the ancient tradition would mean the world to Katsuki.


But because his whole body has been taking up his energy to heal his broken bones and wounds from the fight, he didn’t have enough time to get everything ready himself. Chiyo and Hana happily stepped up to get the ritual ready. Katsuki was elated when he recognized the elements of the ceremony from one of Hana’s history lessons. 


Not only was the ritual important for werewolves to have, clanless or not, it also meant that Katsuki was permanently free from the shackles of his former clan. When the moonstone was carved into his beloved red leather collar, it meant he was now in charge of his own fate. 


At first, Shouto was nervous. Katsuki is an adult now. So he could choose to leave the cottage and explore the world if he wanted to. But his fears were soon washed away when Katsuki declared that he wanted to stay with Shouto for as long as possible. That he’ll never leave his dad’s side if he can help it. Shouto couldn’t help but cry at that. 


Now, Chiyo and Hana are set to go back home. They had a lovely time watching Katsuki grow and become the handsome and strong wolf that he is now. 




Hana looks up from packing her luggage and sees Katsuki standing at her doorway with a nervous look on his face. The glimmer of the newly engraved moonstone on Katsuki’s collar casts a rainbow of hues across Katsuki’s face. Hana smiled, beckoning for her protege to sit beside her and help her pack. Katsuki stayed silent as he handed her clothes to her.


“Your father has our numbers. If you want us to stop by or if you want to visit us out west, just give us a call.” Hana said to break the silence Katsuki just grunts in acknowledgement, handing her some of her socks. “We’ll miss you, Katsuki.”


Katsuki finally looked up at her then, eyes shining with an emotion Hana can’t quite pinpoint. But the soft yet chiseled features of the werewolf before her could not betray his sadness at them leaving. Hana opened her arms up for a hug, chuckling a little when Katsuki fell into it fairly quickly, just as he did when he was little. 






“Can I ask you something before you go?”


Hana released Katsuki from the hug, her head tilted to the side in curiosity. “You can ask me anything, you know that.”


Katsuki twiddles his thumbs nervously, looking over his shoulder to check if anyone was listening. There was no one else in this room but them. Chiyo was in the ensuite shower but she takes forever before she finishes. So, if anybody were to walk in on them, Hana would give them about ten minutes of privacy before that happens. 


“Remember when you taught me about werewolf imprints? About… four years ago?” He asks and Hana can’t even pretend to be surprised. 


She knew that he was going to ask about imprinting sooner or later. She knew something was different when she first met Katsuki. His scent was different from a normal werewolf pup. His scent was very much akin to how Chiyo smelled when she first met her mate. But Chiyo was 21 then and Katsuki matched her scent when he was seven years old. 


There was a logical conclusion in her mind but she didn’t want to tell Katsuki until he was old enough to understand. Besides, he was still unpresented. Usually before a werewolf turns 18, they would be presented as an alpha, beta, or omega. Katsuki was already 18 and yet still unpresented. But of course, Katsuki lives under an unusual circumstance.


The circumstance being… he was raised by a vampire.


Without the constant presence of other wolves around him, he won’t be able to present like normal. Chiyo and Hana aren’t around for most of the year, so their pheromones won’t affect him as much as it would if they were around him 24/7. With Shouto being the only one he constantly interacts with, sans the humans he meets at the local farmer’s market, it’s natural that he presents later than expected.


But if a werewolf has imprinted on someone early on in life, it’s a completely different story. 


Hana isn’t the most well-versed in special cases like this but she’s encountered a few of them in her lifetime. Her mother was a doctor as well, specializing in lycanthropia (as expected) so she has some of her mother’s old notes on extraordinary cases like Katsuki’s.


“You talked about how it feels to imprint on someone,” Katsuki continues, trying to avoid Hana’s eyes as much as he can. Hana patiently lets him speak, making sure he can sense that she’s not judging him in any way. “And I think I experienced it before but I don’t really remember.”


“It’s natural not to remember if you’ve imprinted on someone if it happened at a young age.” Hana reassures him and she could see Katsuki visibly relax at the new information. “Even babies can imprint on someone without even knowing it! Imprinting isn’t rare but it's a phenomenon often praised by our kind. Imprints are powered by the moon. Do you remember if it was a full moon on the day of your imprinting?”


“I-I think so?” As unsure as Katsuki sounds, he’s determined to try and remember. “I only remember it being really cold and then… warm. Like I was wrapped in a fluffy blanket without them even touching me.”


“That’s good! Latch onto that feeling.” Hana encourages him with a smile. “Sense memory is very important in recalling events such as these. Your mind may not remember it clearly but your senses do. Channel all of that. Think about how you felt, the feel of the grass beneath your feet, or the scent of flowers in your nose — anything that can help you remember that moment more clearly.”


Hana reaches over to ruffle Katsuki’s hair, chuckling at the way his wolf ears flap happily despite his little pout. “What if I’ll never remember it?”


“You’ll figure it out soon enough, Katsuki. I believe in you.”

Hana’s words echo in his head long after they’ve left and Katsuki finds himself unable to sleep early for the first time in his life.


Instead of answering the questions in his mind, Hana only left more questions unanswered. She promised that she’d send him some of her mother’s old doctor’s notes and her own personal journal when she gets back home. Katsuki isn’t sure if he could wait that long but he doesn’t have much of a choice. 


He huffs, sitting up in his bed and looking outside his window. Shouto specially crafted this window so that he could look up at the moon whenever he wanted to. Katsuki’s heart tightens and his cheeks flood with warmth at the thought of his infinitely generous and kind father, who raised him from nothing, and loved him like he was his own flesh and blood.


Over time, however, Katsuki’s love for Shouto warped into something scary. Something entirely different. Something taboo that fills him with guilt despite knowing they’re not actually related in any way. Where every night since he hit puberty, wet dreams plagued his waking nights, most of them with a nameless and faceless figure. But the voice of his partner in his dreams was unmistakable.


It’s Shouto’s voice that whispers filthy things into his ear. It’s Shouto’s hands he imagines caressing his body, leaving bruises on his hips, and touching him right there. Katsuki hasn’t presented yet, and unpresented werewolves are born with two sets of genitalia until his secondary gender kicks in either during heat or a rut. Many nights, Katsuki would wake up with soaked sheets and a guilty heart.


But then he’d touch himself and imagine Shouto finding him in this state, all dirty and wet and pleading for him, and he’d come all over again with those nasty thoughts on the forefront of his mind.


Despite its outward appearance, the walls of the cottage were relatively soundproof, both by magic and by some ancient building material. So, Shouto’s never caught him masturbating late into the night. He’s never heard Katsuki whimper and scream as he cums all over the sheets shouting Shouto’s name. 


Tonight was no different.


Katsuki throws the sheets aside, relishing in the cool air that hits his bare legs. He could already see the unmistakable bulge from his hard little cocklet straining against his underwear. He closes his eyes, imagining a familiar set of hands roaming all over his body, placing hot kisses on his skin in a trail of fire. Katsuki moans out loud, knowing no one will hear him anyway, and whimpers the name of the only man he’s ever loved.




My dirty little slut, the Shouto in his mind says, voice low and rumbling like thunder. Katsuki squirms, letting his fingers dance along the expanse of skin just shy of his dripping pussy and cocklet. 


Do you want me to fuck you, baby?


“Y-Yes!” Katsuki says desperately to his imaginary Shouto. “Oh f-fuck yes, daddy! Please fuck me!”


He’s grabbed a hold of his cocklet now, the poor thing standing at a mere two inches erect, and his other hand traces his pussy lips in a teasing manner. He’s unbelievably wet down there – all just from the mere thought of his father fucking him. He’s able to insert two fingers inside his sopping wet pussy, imagining Shouto’s long and slender fingers curling inside him. 


I bet you taste delicious, baby. Katsuki strokes his cocklet faster and fingers himself harder. He’s already so embarrassingly close and his fantasy Shouto mocks him as such, whispering the dirtiest things in Katsuki’s ear. 


But it’s when his imaginary Shouto says “come for me, baby” that he lets himself go, soiling his newly washed sheets once more. Breathing heavily, the regret washes over him again just as it did the many times he’s done this before. Katsuki curls in on himself, trying to keep the guilty tears at bay.


Katsuki’s minor heart condition makes him used to when his heart skips a beat. But the stutter in his heart beat right now has nothing to do with his condition. It has everything to do with him falling for his dad and it’s the greatest pain he’ll ever feel knowing his dad could never love him in the way he wants him too. 


He’ll just have to settle for these guilt-ridden late nights and the ghost of Shouto’s lips on his skin forever.

The passage of time used to be merely a fickle thing to an immortal being like Shouto. 


But when he passed by a curled up Elizabeth by the hearth of the fireplace, unbreathing and still, he’s reminded just how incredibly cruel the passage of time truly is. The final traces of her magic lingers in the air around her, tickling Shouto’s skin as he reaches forward to pet her head as a goodbye. 


“You lived a good long life, dear Elizabeth.” He says just as Katsuki enters the living room looking for him. His son approaches him slowly, incredibly quiet and curious. Shouto looks up at him, his eyes conveying everything he needs to say, and Katsuki looks at Elizabeth’s still figure. Katsuki drops to the floor, shakily reaching forward to pet Elizabeth too.


Elizabeth and Katsuki were thick as thieves. She was fiercely protective of Katsuki in his early years with them and Katsuki was the one taking care of her when she came down with an illness. There were some moments where they would butt heads but the two of them loved each other. Without even saying anything, Shouto knew that Katsuki was devastated by this loss.


“Katsuki, let’s go lay Elizabeth to rest in the daisy field. She always loved that place.” Katsuki stares at Elizabeth for a little longer before he nods and the two of them get ready for Elizabeth’s mini funeral in comfortable silence. Katsuki goes to the fields ahead of Shouto, saying that he’ll chop some wood so that they can fashion a custom coffin for her. 


Shouto stays behind in the cottage for a bit, watching the sun rise in the horizon. He remembers all the times when Elizabeth would sit on the windowsill and take long naps in the sun. As she grew older, she couldn’t jump onto platforms higher than a ruler’s length anymore, so sometimes Katsuki would carry her to the windowsill every morning. 


As he approaches the daisy field and the small blip of his son chopping wood in the distance gets closer, he wonders once again how he as an immortal being perceives time. No matter how many years have passed, Shouto continues to look and feel exactly the same as when he first turned. Every day that flies by is merely a blip in his limitless existence. He never thought about time as precious, as the mortals of this world have so ardently praised it as such.


That was until he caught his son Katsuki with his shirt off.


Granted, he’s seen Katsuki shirtless before. Even if the small pup insisted that he could change clothes by himself, he always shyly asked Shouto to help him button up his shirt or tie his shoelaces in the end. Shouto has given this boy a full on bubble bath for Christ’s sake — but he hopes Christ isn’t watching right now just to preserve Shouto’s own sanity.


But that was it, wasn’t it? He’s seen Katsuki shirtless… when he was a child. He gave Katsuki a bath, wiped down his genitals with a soft towel, and dressed him up in a custom dinosaur onesie when he was seven. Unfortunately for him, Katsuki is decidedly not a child anymore, and the six-pack rock hard abs staring him right in the face proves that he is definitely no longer seven years old.


The passage of time was once a fickle predicament only mortals fret over.


But the passage of time just suddenly hit Shouto right in the face as he stares at his now 18-year-old child, his son, wiping the sweat from his body with the slightly less damp ends of his tank top. Shouto’s mouth goes completely dry at the sight of Katsuki stretching his arms up high in the sky, revealing the way his muscles — that surely were not there when Shouto taught him how to use utensils — move and glisten in the afternoon sun. 


Bakugou wiping his sweat with his tank top in the top panel. Todoroki staring at him in the bottom panel


This can’t be happening, Shouto thinks as Katsuki bends over to grab the axe again. He can’t even stop himself from discreetly checking out his ass while he’s bent over. Before Katsuki could catch him staring, Shouto catches himself just in time and turns away. 


Holy fuck. Shouto looks back, feeling something stir in his pants that no maiden or lord has stirred before. My son is fucking hot. 


“There you are, dad!” Katsuki’s voice yanks him out of whatever forbidden thoughts he’s about to indulge in and he thanks every religious figure in all of history that Katsuki actually kept his shirt on. Shouto shakes his head and rubs at his eyes, willing himself to get it the fuck together. This is your son god damn it! His eyes are up there!


“I’m just about finished with the wood. Do you think you can handle erecting it?” 


Shouto looks up to the sky, wondering if Elizabeth is hearing all of this from cat heaven. Surely, he’s still asleep right? Only his sleep-addled brain could ever think of Katsuki in… that light. No way does his fully conscious brain think of Katsuki like that. There’s absolutely no way. 






“Daddy, are you okay?” Came Katsuki’s concerned voice and Shouto is snapped back to reality where his unfairly attractive son is looking at him weirdly. Great. This isn’t good at all. He should think of unsexy things like washing the dishes or scrubbing bloodstains off of his clothes after feeding. Think of your great aunt Cathilda in a bikini—


“I-I’m fine, Tsuki.” He manages to say after shivering in disgust at the thought of great aunt Cathilda. Katsuki still looks at him with concern but thankfully this time, he’s put his shirt back on and Shouto’s sinful eyes won’t have the chance to wander down. Oh but his sinful mind can definitely imagine every curve and crevice of Katsuki’s abs. 




“Let’s build Elizabeth’s coffin then, sweetie.” 


Shouto makes sure to hide his embarrassingly aching erection behind several rows of daisies. If Katsuki notices him keeping his distance, he doesn’t say anything about it. Good. Shouto doesn’t want to explain that he suddenly and devastatingly has the hots for his werewolf son. 


After a quick Eulogy and a moment of silence, they’re able to bury Elizabeth without much preamble. Katsuki asked if he could have a bit of time to just sit by her grave and give a proper goodbye, which Shouto agreed to immediately. He places a quick kiss on Katsuki’s forehead before telling him that he’ll just cook food a little later for their brunch.


“Are you not feeling well, dad?” Katsuki asks him before he leaves. Shouto takes great care to keep his cape covering his nether regions as he turns to look at Katsuki. “I can cook if you want to lie down for a bit.”


“Would you?” Shouto hopes that the dryness in his throat can convince Katsuki that he’s ‘not feeling well.’ His erection is practically throbbing from neglect at this moment and the way Katsuki is looking up at him is not helping. Kneeling next to Elizabeth’s grave, hands on his lap, ears twitching slightly, and his tail wrapped around him— he looks like such a good boy. 


Oh what he’d give up just so that Katsuki could kneel in front of him like that.


“I’ll take care of it, then. You go lie down.” Katsuki says, still looking up at his father with wide red eyes filled with concern. Shouto nods once, thanks him again with a little kiss on the top of his head, before he walks back to the cottage. 


The second he entered his room, Shouto couldn’t remove his pants fast enough. He still had the last bit of sense left to further soundproof his room so that Katsuki wouldn’t overhear Shouto touching himself to the thought of fucking his own son. The walls are fortified to make their rooms soundproof but one can never be too careful. 


And Shouto doesn’t exactly know what will happen if he gets too loud.


He sits at the edge of his bed and wraps a hand around his throbbing cock, groaning as he pumps it slowly up and down. 


“F-Fuck yeah, baby. Just like that…'' He whispers to nothing at all. But in his mind’s eye he imagines Katsuki kneeling before him — like the good boy that he is — wrapping his spit slick lips around the head. He’s staring up at him with those same wide red eyes, looking at him for any form of approval. Shouto moves his hand a little faster.


“You’re doing so good, pup. You’re my good boy—s-such a good boy–” His imaginary Katsuki practically purrs and Shouto could feel that sound echoing all around him. The Katsuki in his mind starts to deepthroat him then, eager to please his daddy, and god damn it he’s doing a hell of a good job at doing so. Shouto could feel his orgasm approaching with every inch that his cock disappeared into imaginary Katsuki’s hot mouth.


Eventually, his very vivid imagination conjures up the picture of Katsuki choking on his cock and he suddenly cums right then and there. Ribbons of cum shoot out of his dick, coating his hand with the hot, sticky substance — a cruel and disgusting reminder that Katsuki isn’t here with him and that he just jacked off to the thought of his own son. 


“Fuck…” Shouto says, viciously wiping the cum off of his hand on his blanket. He needs to clean up before Katsuki calls him for brunch. But before that, he lays down on his bed, stares up at the ceiling, and rubs his eyes in frustration.


God, he’s so fucked up.

Every day since then, Shouto has tried to stop himself from ever doing that again. 


But every day, he’s failed in doing so.


Katsuki is just so effortlessly beautiful. With his strong muscles contrasting with his soft angel-like face, it’s almost impossible for Shouto to not imagine himself fucking that tight little ass of his. With every day that Katsuki looks at him with sparkling eyes and that little cheeky smirk of his, Shouto always finds himself locking his room and touching himself to the thought of fucking Katsuki’s mouth until he’s crying and choking on his cum.


It’s a vicious cycle that Shouto tries so hard to break out of. But it’s so goddamn difficult. 


Katsuki is so enticing without even trying. He works out near the daisy field shirtless — sweating buckets — and all Shouto could think about is licking all that sweat off his body. He cooks in the kitchen with that little apron Shouto made him for his 15th birthday and Shouto imagines bending him over the counter and pounding into his ass all while he keeps the apron on and nothing else. 


Shouto is, quite frankly, going insane with want. 


But he keeps it all to himself. No matter how much he wants to be the one to take Katsuki’s virginity or debase him in several different ways, it’s not fair to his son. Katsuki is young – much younger than him – and he deserves someone who could love him and grow old with him. Shouto knows that he couldn’t give that to Katsuki. He’s immortal and Katsuki is not.


If he even thinks about pursuing him in that way, Katsuki will just become another name on the list of lovers Shouto has lost.


Katsuki deserved better than that.


He’s sitting in the kitchen one day, waiting for the soup to finish simmering for dinner. It’s Katsuki’s favorite soup — the very first soup dish that Shouto made for him when he first came to live with him. It held a special place in both of their hearts and Katsuki asks for it very rarely. Mainly because he wants eating it to also feel special, just as it did the first time he ate it.


Katsuki also came down with a nasty cold two days ago. He doesn’t get sick as often anymore unlike when he was a malnourished little pup. But when he does get sick, he is practically bedridden. He was also burning up a little when Shouto checked on him last night. So, Shouto set aside any and all inappropriate thoughts and went deep into mother hen mode. 


Katsuki was still feverish when Shouto brought him medicine in the morning, which worried him immensely. So, he left a voicemail for Hana to ask her if it’s normal for werewolves to be burning up for more than a few days. Katsuki usually gets back up from whatever bug he catches after one full day of constant care and bed rest. But this time, it almost seems like he’s getting worse.


Could it be that he’s—?


No. That can’t be. Katsuki hasn’t even presented yet!

But then again… Katsuki was a late bloomer. Hana explained that because he’s not around werewolves for most of the year, Katsuki’s pheromones aren’t externally influenced by others like him. Chiyo and Hana stay for only a few months out of the year – clearly not enough time to trigger any heat or rut from Katsuki in any way. In fact, Hana said that Katsuki had the highest probability of being a Beta.


Almost immediately after he’s started to analyze the situation, his phone vibrates in his pocket, and he takes it out to see Hana’s number on the screen. He picks it up and is just about to greet Hana a hello when she interrupts him with the kind of news that he was both half-expecting and half hoping he wouldn’t get. 


“I think your son has finally presented, Shouto.” Hana said, her voice calm and collected. It’s almost as if she… knew. Shouto doesn’t really have time to dwell on that before Hana speaks again. “I trust that you can take care of him in his state. I don’t believe there is anyone else in this world who could help Katsuki but you.”


“I-I don’t understand,” Shouto says as he turns off the stove and heads for Katsuki’s room. His head is spinning with millions of questions but if he knew Hana, she wouldn’t answer them straight. She’d leave him with riddles or small hints but never a direct answer to his inquiries. Sometimes he wishes Hana was just straightforward with him. Maybe then his heart wouldn’t be racing so fast at the anticipation of what he might see behind Katsuki’s door.


“Katsuki’s in heat, Shouto.” 


In that exact second, Shouto opens the door to Katsuki’s room and the onslaught of pheromones hits him like a freight train. It smells like caramel, and cinnamon, and smores, and sex in there. Katsuki’s scent is so potent that he could barely think right now. He doesn’t even remember hanging up the phone. All he knows at this moment is that his son is in heat. 


All of Shouto’s years of research couldn’t have prepared him for when Katsuki goes into heat.


He’s aware of the basics of werewolf physiology – even studied it at one point – but the finer details, namely the sex part, he usually skimmed through until he was ready to give Katsuki the “talk.” He knows Katsuki is a big boy now, can even legally drink in most countries, and that he wouldn’t be opposed to learning more about who he is as a werewolf.


That’s why he had Chiyo and Hana teach him as much as they could. He wasn’t ready to go in depth just yet. Shouto always thought he could wait just a bit longer. 


However, that wasn't the case right now as he watches a sweaty and panting Katsuki rub himself all over a nest of Shouto’s cloaks. Shouto’s throat tightens when he recognizes the very same cloak he used to wrap a toddler Katsuki in when he first found him almost dying in the woods. He could barely move – almost mesmerized by the sight of Katsuki finding just the barest hint of relief due to Shouto’s clothes.


“Daddy,” Katsuki whines, effectively snapping Shouto out of his trance. “D-Daddy, why does it hurt ? I-It burns.” 


“You’re in heat, baby.” Shouto says, still not daring to come any closer than he needs to. But Katsuki’s whines are so desperate – so needy – Shouto has to grip the doorframe to steady himself. Shouto tries to wrack his brain for any sort of information he can pull up about werewolf heats, feeling his heart constrict at every whimper that his son emits with each passing second.


Werewolf heats are common among the omega class. His brain supplies, the voice sounding a little too much like Hana’s, and his eyes still not leaving Katsuki’s sweaty form. Male omegas are a rare breed.


Well. Shouto always knew that Katsuki was special.


Male omegas can only go into heat after their 18th birthday.


And only if they’ve imprinted on someone before that.


Shouto’s thoughts skid to a halt. Imprinted? No way has Katsuki imprinted on anyone since Shouto adopted him. Katsuki hasn’t been near a fellow werewolf – let alone an alpha werewolf – since he tried to defend him from his former pack months ago. 


Could he have imprinted on Chiyo or Hana? Impossible. They already have mates. Could Katsuki have imprinted on any of those nasty wolves from the attack? There’s no way . Shouto raised him better than that. 




“Daddy!” This time Katsuki wails as if he’s dying and Shouto’s grip on the doorframe nearly breaks the mahogany. “Daddy I need-!” Katsuki nearly doubles over in pain, rubbing his face against his nest feverishly.


“Katsuki?” Shouto breathes, still not moving any closer. “What do you need?”


“Y-You!” Katsuki whines and he crawls forward on his little nest of Shouto’s cloaks. Shouto can’t help but admire seeing Katsuki on all fours in front of him. “Daddy, I need you.” 


Suddenly, Shouto’s mind flashes a singular sentence that puts everything into place:


Male omegas only go into heat once they’ve imprinted on someone.


“W-When you first saved me… Y-Years ago,” Katsuki pants, shakily getting out of bed. “I-I think I imprinted on you .”


“But,” Shouto steps back to put some more space between them, still cautious. “How is that possible? I’m a vampire.”


“You’re such a dumbass sometimes,” Katsuki says, all while approaching his adopted father slowly, carefully, like a predator to his prey. “Werewolves can imprint on anybody. Doesn’t m-matter the damn species.”


The overprotectiveness whenever they go out, the way Katsuki subconsciously wraps his tail around Shouto in the presence of other supernatural creatures, even the way he and Elizabeth used to not get along — everything was starting to make sense. Katsuki has a particularly possessive nature, that much Shouto knows is true. But he always chalked that behavior up to the found familial bond he created with him. 


Never in his life would he have been able to predict that a werewolf would imprint on him.


It’s crazy. It’s unheard of. It’s almost impossible.


But Shouto… likes it.


All those agonizing days where he’d jerk off to the thought of fucking his son, all the times where he’d feel guilt wash over him once he comes to the mental image of Katsuki riding him, and every waking moment where Shouto would stop himself from bending Katsuki over the shed bench and fuck him senseless — all have led to this moment. Where he was worried Katsuki might run away if he gave into his selfish desires… none of that matters now as his son literally begs on his knees for Shouto to touch him.


“Daddy,” Katsuki whines again, this time crawling forward to nuzzle at the growing bulge in Shouto’s trousers. “Daddy, I need…”


“What do you need, baby? Tell daddy exactly what you want him to do.” He falls in the role so easily that the shock in Katsuki’s eyes almost deters him completely. But the way Katsuki’s pupils dilate makes Shouto stay. 


“Daddy, I want you to fuck me.”


Shouto reaches down and tilts Katsuki’s head up with a single finger. He looks delicious like this – on his knees, tears trailing down his cheeks, flushed red with anticipation and embarrassment, and ruby red eyes looking at Shouto like he’s the one who hung the moon and stars up in the sky by himself. 


Shouto wants nothing more than to ruin him.


“Who am I to deny my baby what he wants?”


With inhuman speed, Shouto moves to carry Katsuki bridal style back into his bedroom. Katsuki could barely hold onto the front of his dress shirt before Shouto was laying him down on the bed. Katsuki nuzzles his nose into Shouto’s neck, breathing in his comforting scent and moaning at how close they are to each other. Shouto kisses the top of his head.


“Can you be a good little pup for me, baby?” Shouto whispers, trailing his fingers down to palm at Katsuki’s twitching mound. Katsuki nods hastily, grazing his sharp teeth against Shouto’s neck in desperation. Shouto chuckles and kisses his forehead this time. The sweet gesture made Katsuki practically melt into his touch. 


“Good boy. Such a good boy for me.”


Katsuki nearly screams when Shouto rips his trousers off in a fierce display of his supernatural vampire strength. 


He’s dreamed of this for so long – dreamed of his own father to take him apart in the way he knows best. In the first few years of his life, he couldn’t trust anyone. He was cast out into the world, hungry, worthless, and alone. But Shouto found him and gave him a home his old pack never could. He knew in the moment they locked eyes for the first time that Shouto was the man he’d give his entire life to. That Shouto was going to be the only man to satisfy him.


That Shouto will be the only man to love him in the way he knows he deserves.


“You’re all wet for me, baby boy.” Shouto whispers into his ear, chuckling a bit as Katsuki squirms beneath his hands. Shouto places the ghost of a touch above his throbbing clit and Katsuki nearly bucks his hips up in response. 


“Such a needy pup.” Katsuki whimpers when Shouto trails his middle finger over his pussy delicately, softly, almost as if he was memorizing every wet curve and crevice. Katsuki wants more. But Shouto doesn’t give it to him… at least not yet.


“Do you know how long I’ve wanted you, Katsuki? How long have I dreamt of tasting this pretty little pussy?” Shouto drags his finger so close to his clit but stops just below it. Katsuki doesn’t dare move. “I bet you taste so sweet, baby. Can daddy have a little taste of you?”


Katsuki nods, wanting Shouto to give him more than what he’s doing now but Shouto just tsks disappointedly. “Use your words, Katsuki. I raised you better than this.”




“Yes what?”


“Yes, daddy! Please taste my pussy! I want daddy to eat my pussy!” The words tumble out before Katsuki could stop them and he flushes deeply in embarrassment. But it seems like that was exactly what Shouto wanted. He leans down to kiss Katsuki on the forehead again before slowly placing kisses lower and lower until he reaches his stomach.


Shouto inhales his scent deeply, making Katsuki moan again. Shouto kisses down his stomach before placing a very light kiss on Katsuki’s clit. Even just the mere sight of Shouto between his legs, gazing at him like he’s a meal, barely touching him, drives Katsuki wild. 


Shouto flattens his tongue against his pussy, licking a long stripe from his dripping little cunt up to his throbbing clit. Katsuki sees stars. He’s never felt anything like this before – like an even better feeling than euphoria. Shouto is holding his gaze, lapping at his juices slowly, and Katsuki nearly cries from how good it feels.


“D-Daddy-!” Katsuki chokes on a moan. “S-So good-”


“Yeah?” Shouto uses his thumb to rub Katsuki’s clit in small circles. “You like that, baby?”


“Y-Yes!” He says, throwing his head back when Shouto inserts his tongue into his waiting hole. “More! Daddy! More!”


“Greedy pup.” Shouto’s chuckle vibrates through his body, shaking Katsuki to his very core. 


It feels like Shouto eats him for hours , Katsuki’s slick practically running over his makeshift nest of Shouto’s cloaks. They’re certainly ruined now but neither of them fucking care. At some point, Katsuki clamps his thighs against Shouto’s head, squirting all over his dad’s face while nothing but babbles of daddy daddy daddy fall from his lips.


And Shouto keeps going .


His mouth is heaven . It sings praises onto Katsuki’s skin. If Katsuki were to die today, he’d want it to be because Shouto sucked the very life out of him from his cunt alone. And Shouto eats him like he’s a starving man feasting for the first time in his life. Katsuki is more than happy to provide the meal.


But his heat is persistent. No matter how many times Katsuki cums from Shouto’s tongue alone, it isn’t enough. 


“Daddy?” Katsuki whimpers, and a shift in his tone is what makes Shouto look up in immediate concern. 


“What is it, baby? Does it still hurt?” Shouto crawls forward to place feather light kisses all over Katsuki’s face. “What do you need?”


Katsuki runs a shaky hand through Shouto’s hair, eyes a ruby pool of need. “I need you inside me.”


Shouto smiles, leaning down to finally claim Katsuki’s lips in a soft but passionate kiss. Katsuki gasps against Shouto’s lip, trying to lean up so he can kiss him deeper. Shouto seems to notice his struggle and slips his arm under his back to lift him up ever so slightly. Katsuki grips tightly onto Shouto’s stupid ruffled dress shirt and deepens their kiss.


He’s kissed Shouto before – on the cheek or a quick peck on the lips when he was a kid. But never something like this. This kiss conveys a passion he was too afraid to say out loud before, a love that blossomed over time. Katsuki wants to say it – wants to say that he loves him so badly that it hurts. 


But at this moment, with their lips pressed against each other, Katsuki knew he didn’t have to say it.


Shouto knew.


Shouto is the first one to pull away, much to Katsuki’s dismay but Shouto places a kiss on his nose to shush him. “It’ll be alright, love.”


With another chaste kiss on his lips, Shouto moves back down the bed and in between Katsuki’s legs. He’s beautiful like this – legs spread wide open and cunt dripping with that delicious slick. If Shouto had it his way, he’d already be pounding into Katsuki’s pussy with no mercy. But this was his baby’s first heat, his baby’s first time.


He wants to make sure Katsuki remembers this day forever.


Shouto drinks in every moan, every whimper, every desperate cry of daddy that falls from Katsuki’s swollen lips. He delights in the way his touches seem to send electric currents down Katsuki’s skin and make his pretty little cunt gush with more slick. Never in Shouto’s wildest dreams did he ever think he’d be able to see Katsuki – his fierce little warrior – look so god damn fuckable right before him. Not even his dreams could recreate the image of Katsuki in heat – desperate, wanting, and looking like the most appetizing meal Shouto has had since the last century.


He inserts a finger into Katsuki’s sopping wet cunt, relishing in the gasp that leaves his son’s lips at the intrusion. He’s gorgeous like this – with his back arched in pleasure and his sweat dripping down his chiseled abs. Shouto kisses the inside of Katsuki’s thigh with utmost reverence. The small gesture earns him a choked sob and Shouto looks up just in time to see Katsuki covering his face with his hands.


“Baby, I want to see your face.” He urges Katsuki softly but he just shakes his head with a trembling breath. Shouto is afraid he might have hurt his sweet darling. But when Katsuki removes one hand to wipe at the tears leaking from his eyes… For some reason, it makes his heart sing. 


“D-Daddy,” Katsuki says between sobs, voice shaking with both desire and something Shouto can’t quite place yet. “P-Please be gentle.”


Shouto nearly moans at the sight. He’s been raising Katsuki since he was a three year old pup, malnourished and untrusting of the world around him. He’s watched Katsuki grow from a tiny broken little kid to a full-grown devilishly handsome and strong wolf. For years, Shouto’s been trying to teach him manners, to almost no avail. 


So hearing him say please in the most debauched yet innocent way makes this whole experience so much sweeter.


“Of course, my darling. You trust me, right?” Shouto leans up a bit to remove the other hand from Katsuki’s face, placing the lightest kiss on those calloused fingertips. “Can you trust daddy to make you feel good?”


And there it was, swimming beneath the sparkling new pool of tears, was a gaze of absolute love and trust. Katsuki nods once and gives Shouto the softest smile he’s ever seen on his gorgeously flushed face. Shouto smiles back, hoping that Katsuki could see how much Shouto loves him within that smile.


Shouto wastes no more time and moves to insert another finger into Katsuki’s hole. His son whimpers and clenches around them but eventually relaxes after Shouto’s placed a thousand reassuring kisses on his face. Soon a third finger comes in, then a fourth. Until, finally, Katsuki is moaning wantonly as Shouto’s long fingers slowly drag themselves in and out of Katsuki’s pussy.


Katsuki is impossibly tight and Shouto hardens at the anticipation of finally being inside his baby boy. If he clenches this much with just his fingers alone, who knows how it will feel once Shouto actually fucks him?


After a few more seconds of stretching Katsuki’s hole out, Shouto pulls his fingers out with a pop. Katsuki complains about feeling so empty now and how he wants it back in. But Shouto just chuckles and moves to remove the rest of his clothes.


“Patience, little pup. There’s one more thing we need to do before daddy fucks you.” Saying that out loud makes Katsuki moan louder, nearly begging for his daddy to hurry up and do it already. But Shouto takes his sweet time, removing the buttons of his dress shirt at an excruciatingly slow pace. Katsuki watches his daddy with hungry eyes, pupils blown wide and drool about to drip out from the corners of his mouth.


Katsuki has seen Shouto naked before – when he was a small boy who was too afraid to take baths by himself. He used to wash Katsuki’s hair while singing a song from the 70’s. He used to gently lather the soapy suds onto Katsuki’s body, kissing his cheek or forehead to reassure him that he’s safe. Katsuki never took a bath without Shouto until he was around 13 years old. 


But seeing Shouto now, as the final article of clothing is tossed into the floor, it’s very different from when they took baths together.


Now, Katsuki can admire every defined muscle on his arms, every curve of a toned stomach he hides behind ugly dress shirts and cat sweaters, and every trickle of sweat that travels down his smooth, pale skin. Katsuki can’t take his eyes off of Shouto.


If Katsuki believed in a heaven, he would think that Shouto was a fallen angel – ethereal, blessed with an otherworldly glow, and beautiful beyond all human comprehension. 


His eyes travel south to the heavy cock between his father’s thighs. Katsuki’s mouth waters at the sight. It’s bigger than he thought it would be and it pulses in Shouto’s soft grip. Without even thinking, Katsuki shakily crawls forward and whines when Shouto’s scent hits him like a freight train. It’s a mix of his usual sweet lavender scent and a dizzying musky smell that Katsuki is immediately addicted to. Katsuki hasn’t really been around other wolves for most of his life but he’s pretty sure that Shouto smells far better than any wolf he’ll ever encounter.


“Like what you see, baby boy?” Shouto threads his fingers through Katsuki’s hair once he’s close enough to touch. Katsuki can barely form any words, his mind only on the thick pulsing red cock sitting heavily in Shouto’s hand. Shouto coos, scratching at Katsuki’s ear, just the way he likes it. “You want a taste?”


Katsuki could only nod, not trusting himself to form coherent sentences. Shouto smiles at him, all warm and loving and beautiful and Katsuki nearly cries again. 


Shouto presses the tip of his cock against Katsuki’s waiting lips and commands, “Open.”


Immediately, Katsuki opens his mouth wide, his tongue lolling out expectantly. Shouto moans low at the sight of his obedient little pup. Katsuki’s ears perk at the sound, his heart doing a delighted little leap at knowing how much he affects his daddy. Never in his life has he wanted to be such a good boy for him but right here, on his knees, his daddy’s cock only inches away from sliding into his waiting hot mouth, he wants nothing more than to serve him.


Shouto goes slow at first, allowing Katsuki to get used to the girth, and he tries not to just slam his whole cock into his waiting whore’s mouth. But it’s euphoric – nothing short of heavenly. It’s like nothing he’s ever felt before. And he’s sure Katsuki’s pussy might feel even better.


“Good boy,” Shouto pants as he slides his cock into his son’s mouth inch by inch. “You’re being so good for me, baby. Do you like having my dick in your mouth? You like choking on daddy’s cock?”


Katsuki’s answering moan says it all and the sound alone is almost enough to push Shouto over the edge. But not just yet. 


Slowly but surely, Shouto slides into Katsuki’s mouth. Katsuki takes everything Shouto gives him. But then Katsuki looks up at him, red eyes wide and innocently staring at Shouto like he’s a god among men who came down to bless him, and Shouto breaks


He grabs the sides of Katsuki’s head, strokes his fluffy cheeks once in apology, before he thrusts forward and slams the rest of his cock into Katsuki’s mouth. 


“F-Fuck-!” Shouto stills and he feels his cock pulse wildly on Katsuki’s tongue. He’s afraid he might have hurt his baby until Katsuki whines needily – almost like he’s begging for more.


He glances down and gasps at the sight of Katsuki’s tear stained face, his nose pressed against his pubes, and his eyes blown wide with the hunger of a wolf. Shouto is so goddamn blessed that he gets to see Katsuki like this.


And if it’s more that Katsuki wants, it’s more that Shouto gives him.


Katsuki’s mind stutters to a halt as soon as Shouto starts thrusting in and out of his mouth. All he sees is Shouto using him for his own pleasure – and Katsuki can’t get enough of it. He feels slick gush down his thighs at the sight of Shouto fucking his mouth, praises about how tight and wet he is tumbling from his lips. Katsuki reaches down and feels his juices coat his fingers – all from just watching daddy use his mouth as his own personal fuck toy.


Not even a few thrusts later, Katsuki feels the warm coil in the pit of his stomach snap and he’s cumming all over the bed sheets beneath him. He shakily grips onto Shouto’s thighs and moans loudly, relishing in the smallest bout of relief it gives him from his heat.


Shouto stops thrusting abruptly. Katsuki whines, not wanting him to stop, but Shouto removes his cock from his mouth and tilts his chip up with his fingers. Shouto stares at Katsuki’s blissed out face before looking down at the twitching little cunt that came only moments ago.


“Baby, did you come with just me fucking your mouth?” 


Surprisingly, Katsuki starts to sob. Shouto immediately kneels down in front of him and gathers him into his arms. His son cries into his chest, clinging onto him like he’s a lifeline, and Shouto’s heart aches at hearing his baby sound so miserable. Maybe he was too harsh on him? Maybe he should have asked permission before fucking into his mouth like that–


“I-I’m s-sorry, daddy–” Katsuki says between trembling lips. Shouto pauses and looks down at his blushy baby. With the big crocodile tears rolling down his cheeks and the snot filled nose, Katsuki looks deliciously fucked out. “I didn’t mean to cum w-without permission…”






Katsuki is too damn perfect for him. 


Shouto looks briefly up to the heavens and asks what he did in his previous life to deserve the most perfect little slut of a son. But he doesn’t take that long before he’s capturing Katsuki’s lips again in a soft but passionate kiss. Katsuki melts into him almost immediately, whining from the back of his throat, and his hands shakily holding the sides of Shouto’s face as an anchor. When they pull apart, Shouto presses their foreheads together and chuckles.


“Oh my sweet baby boy,” Shouto kisses the tip of Katsuki’s nose lovingly. “Daddy isn’t mad at you. In fact, I’m very proud of you.”


“Y-You are?” Katsuki looks at him skeptically. Shouto hums in reply, once again kissing Katsuki’s nose in reassurance. 


“Daddy loves it when you cum like that.” This time, he trails his fingers up and down Katsuki’s lower back. His pup gasps as soon as Shouto’s hands start to knead at the pert mounds of flesh of his backside. He’s trembling again but this time, in a good way. Shouto tilts his head to nip at Katsuki’s earlobe playfully and he chuckles low at the whine that escapes Katsuki’s mouth. He really does make the prettiest sounds.


“I want you to cum on my cock just like that, baby. Can you do that?” And without waiting for a response from Katsuki, Shouto gently places him back on his nest of cloaks, their positions now with their crotches perfectly aligned. Katsuki’s eyes widened at this revelation and he automatically wraps his arms around his daddy’s neck and nods shakily.


“Good boy,” Shouto leans down to kiss him again while lining the tip of his cock to Katsuki’s sopping wet cunt. “Just tell me if it hurts, baby. I’ll go slow.”


Katsuki nods again, burying his face into the crook of Shouto’s neck in preparation. Shouto runs his fingers through Katsuki’s hair to distract him, getting him to relax. Once he was sure that Katsuki was a little more relaxed, he slowly pushed the tip of his cock into Katsuki’s waiting pussy. 


“B-Big…” Katsuki whimpers, tightening his grip around Shouto’s neck. “Daddy's so b-big…”


“You’re doing so well, Katsuki. My good boy, you’re already taking me in so well.” 


He continues to whisper reassurances and praises into Katsuki’s ear as he pushes his cock into him inch by inch. Shouto was right in thinking that Katsuki’s pussy is tight. Even if he stretched him out only moments ago and Katsuki has come enough times to generate enough slick, Katsuki’s pussy tightens around his fat cock deliciously. 


“D-Daddy-!” Was the only thing Shouto heard as soon as the rest of his cock slipped into Katsuki’s cunt. The feeling of Katsuki’s walls hugging him in all the right places is immaculate. It’s like Shouto’s been transported to a whole other dimension. And for a man who doesn’t care for the way time ticks by, he wishes that time stops right now, in this moment, the very first moment he’s fucking his son.


And it seems like Katsuki doesn’t want this moment to end either.


“Daddy, look…” Katsuki’s voice is half-dazed and half-fascinated. Shouto looks down between them and almost cums at the sight alone. Right around the naval near Katsuki’s belly button is a noticeable bulge where the tip of his cock is inside of him. Katsuki runs his fingers along the taut skin in awe, looking up at Shouto with stars in his eyes. 


“You’re in my tummy, daddy.”


That’s when Shouto loses all control.


His hips pull back almost on instinct, up until only the tip of his cock is inside of his son. Before Katsuki could complain about it, Shouto slams back in and starts at a brutal pace. Katsuki screams in ecstasy, already letting out slutty little noises that sound like music to Shouto’s ears. Somewhere along the way, Katsuki begs “daddy, go deeper!” And what was Shouto supposed to do if not to give his son everything he wants?


So, after practically folding Katsuki in half, Shouto pounds into him again, setting a relentless pace that makes Katsuki scream louder. His good little boy keeps a hold on his ankles so that daddy can fuck him deeper. It’s the most beautifully debauched sight Shouto has had the ever living pleasure to witness with his own eyes. And the sounds Katsuki makes alongside them? Nothing could truly compare to this.


“You feel so good, baby. Taking my cock like a cheap whore–” Katsuki’s eyes roll back at the combination of praise and degradation. It makes his little cunt gush with more slick, making Shouto’s cock slide in and out easier and even deeper if that was even possible. But Katsuki didn’t care about that. All he cared about was his daddy and his daddy’s cock and how he’s fucking him so good that no one else can ever satisfy him like this.


Katsuki doesn’t want anyone else anyway. Only daddy.


Somewhere along the way, Shouto leans down to capture Katsuki’s lips in a sloppy kiss. It’s all teeth and tongue but it’s perfect. It’s perfect because it’s daddy kissing him, fucking him, and loving him in all the best ways. His heart pounds against his chest with every second that Shouto fucks him harder and deeper. It’s almost overwhelming.


Actually… It is overwhelming.


Katsuki wraps his arms tighter around his daddy’s neck and pulls him even closer so that he doesn’t see the fresh wave of tears that fall out of his eyes. It’s so good. It feels so good . And Katsuki doesn’t want this to end. He wants his daddy to fuck him like this everyday – fuck him like he’s the only hole that could every bring him pleasure.


Katsuki bites the juncture between Shouto’s neck and shoulder just as he starts to hit the bundle of nerves inside of him that makes him see stars. He moans against Shouto’s skin – more more more. He wants more of Shouto, more of his cock, more of his body flushed against his, and more of his love that makes his heart swell to ten times its size.


He wants to be more than just father and son.


“M-Mate-” Katsuki whimpers into Shouto’s neck. His eyes are starting to glaze over as his primal instincts take over. His omega howls from within, asking – no – begging for his mate right here. “Mine–Mine—! My mate!”


Shouto hears this loud and clear but it doesn’t slow his thrusts at all. In fact, it makes his hips move faster, almost at an erratic pace. He knows he won’t be able to breed Katsuki. Male omegas can have heats but they can’t be bred like female omegas can. So, their heats are more vicious and can sometimes last longer due to the need to breed. 


But Shouto can become Katsuki’s mate. Nowhere does it say that vampires and werewolves can’t be mates.


Besides… who else has the stamina to keep up with his baby boy’s needs?


“That’s right, baby. My beautiful mate. You’re mine and… No. One. Else’s.” He punctuates the last few words with deep and powerful thrusts. Katsuki howls in pain and pleasure, whining for his daddy so cutely. Shouto then grabs Katsuki by the waist, manhandling them into a different position — Shouto kneeling in the middle of the bed with Katsuki squirming in his arms, his back pressed to Shouto’s chest and the tip of his cock only kissing his swollen pussy.


Then, Shouto lets gravity do its thing as he drops Katsuki and impales him on his cock. 


“D-D-Daddy!” Katsuki screams as the new position allows Shouto to go so deep that the edges of his vision go black and blurry. He scrambles to take a hold of Shouto from behind, his arms shaking. “F-Fuck!”


“You like that, baby?” Shouto says, kissing Katsuki’s neck from behind. He teases the tips of his fangs along the expanse of Katsuki’s sweat soaked skin and Katsuki begs for Shouto to bite him. Mark him. Make him his mate. “Tell me first how much you love my cock, baby boy.”


“I l-love your cock, daddy!” Katsuki screams without hesitation, his eyes rolling back in pleasure. “L-Love it when your cock is buried deep inside me! Love you d-daddy!”


“I love you too, sweetpea.” Shouto kisses Katsuki’s neck again and the clenching of his walls around his cock tells him that Katsuki is close. “I wanna see you cumming prettily on my cock, yeah? Think you can do that?”


Katsuki doesn’t even have the sense to respond anymore because Shouto started pounding harder into him. All Katsuki could say are moans and short unintelligible phrases. Shouto smiles, knowing that it was him who made Katsuki like this — into his perfect little slut. 


With another kiss to Katsuki’s neck, he whispers, “Come for me, baby.” 


And Katsuki, sweet obedient pup that he is, squirts violently all over his already soiled sheets. He throws his head back, presenting his neck for Shouto, who happily bares his fangs out and sinks them into the soft and supple flesh. 


Katsuki shakes violently, mumbling mate mate mate over and over again. It’s all that it takes for Shouto to reach his climax as well. He coats Katsuki’s walls with rivers of white and the feeling of being filled up makes Katsuki cry in pleasure.


Time stops as both of them catch their breaths. Shouto’s fangs still latched onto Katsuki’s neck, Katsuki  impaled on Shouto’s stil throbbing cock. Sometimes, Katsuki would squirm and he swears he could feel Shouto’s cum inside of him and he tilts his head back further to rest it on his father’s shoulder. 


Sensing that Katsuki is starting to come to, Shouto gently moves him so that they’re lying down on the bed together. Katsuki whimpers when Shouto tries to remove his cock from his pussy, weakly reaching out to squeeze Shouto’s hand. Shouto gets the message. His baby wants to keep feeling his daddy inside him. Wants to keep the cum plugged up in the miraculous chance that it would catch and give him a litter of pups.


Shouto may not know everything about werewolves, but he knows enough to figure out when Katsuki needs something. And right now he needs his daddy close by — his mate. 




“Daddy…” Katsuki says and he hiccups a bit at the end, which Shouto coos at. He brings his son closer to his chest and wraps his arms around Katsuki to make sure he knows that he’s there. Katsuki immediately turns his head a bit to nuzzle against his chin. It’s just like when he was younger and he would find Shouto when he had nightmares. Shouto can wager a pretty accurate guess as to what nightmare is currently running through Katsuki’s mind right now.


“I’m right here, sunshine. Daddy’s not going anywhere.” Shouto reassures him, placing a soft kiss on his head. Katsuki seems satisfied with that but continues to nuzzle him with happy little sounds. Shouto’s heart constricts with fondness. “Get some rest, baby. Your heat is sated for now but it will be worse in the coming days. You’ll need all the energy you can get.”


Katsuki hums, placing a little kiss on Shouto’s chin before relaxing into his daddy’s embrace. “You’ll stay, right?”


Shouto smiles and hugs his baby tighter against him. “Always, my love. Always.”

The insatiable nature of a male omega in heat is both vicious and exhilarating. 


They spent the next few days fucking on every possible surface available. Katsuki’s bedroom, Shouto’s bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, the garden shed — no area of their tiny home was spared. Soon, the cottage started to smell like an amalgamation of Katsuki’s slick and each other’s scents intermingling in a delicious sexual symphony.


If this were anybody else – any other alpha wolf – they would have clocked out after day two. With every day that Katsuki’s heat lasted, his hunger for his daddy’s cock was nearing starvation territory. If it weren’t for Shouto’s already incredible stamina, he would have passed out after the tenth orgasm. 


But Shouto, for the past few years, has lived his life to provide a loving home for Katsuki. For 15 long years, he’s given Katsuki everything he ever needed. Filling his needy little pup with his cum was just simply one of those needs. Especially when Katsuki begged for his cock so prettily. In the presumably last day of Katsuki’s heat, Shouto has entirely lost count on how many times he’s come inside his son.


“You’re doing so good, baby.” Shouto whispers as Katsuki continues to whimper sweetly while bouncing up and down on daddy’s cock. Katsuki mumbles things that sound like “breed me” or “want daddy’s pups.” And Shouto wants to give Katsuki pups, he really does. But with their vastly different physiology, all Shouto can provide him is the illusion that his seed might catch.


“Would you like that, my love? Wanna carry my pups? I bet you’d look so cute waddling about all round with my pups…” Katsuki moans louder at the fantasy planted in his head by daddy’s sweet words. Katsuki knows deep down that he’ll never be able to carry children but god the thought of it makes his mouth water and pussy clench with want.


“I’m close,” Shouto says between ragged breaths and erratic thrusts into Katsuki’s cunt. “Gonna fill you up again, baby.”


“Yes!” Katsuki bounces a little faster, throwing his head back in ecstacy. “Breed me, daddy!” 


Even after having done it nearly a hundred times the past week, this will always be one of the best parts of making love to Katsuki. Nothing truly compares to the feeling of Katsuki’s velvety walls pulsing around his length. Katsuki’s so tight, so wet, and so damn perfect. Shouto leans forward to capture Katsuki’s lips in a soft kiss – one that conveyed all the feelings still unsaid between them – and they cum together, moaning each other’s names in the miniscule space between their lips. 

Shouto knows immediately that Katsuki’s heat has started to fade with this last orgasm. Where after even just a few seconds after cumming, Katsuki would be moving his hips again, looking for that sweet friction. This time, Katsuki collapses against him, chills racking his whole body, and burying his face into Shouto’s neck to scent him. Shouto wraps his arms around Katsuki, placing kisses wherever he could reach and running his hands everywhere in comfort.


“Good job, baby.” Shouto says while massaging Katsuki’s lower back. He gets a sleepy grunt in response. “Looks like your heat’s subsided.”


“Is it bad that I didn’t want it to end?” Katsuki asks, his voice a little rough from screaming so much the past few days. Shouto chuckles. He kisses the top of Katsuki’s head with a fond smile. He can’t blame Katsuki for wanting it to last longer. A couple of days ago is when Shouto’s most taboo fantasies came true. With how enthusiastic Katsuki was the whole time, he could quickly deduce that the feeling was mutual.


“Well, we can have non-heat sex next time.” He nuzzles his face into Katsuki’s hair. Katsuki tenses up a bit.


“Next time?” And there it was again – that unsure tone Katsuki usually reserves for when he’s truly feeling insecure. For when Katsuki is afraid that Shouto might get tired of him and tell him to leave for good – like his former clan. Shouto frowns. That won’t do. His baby needs to know that of all the people in this entire universe, Shouto would be the last person to ever leave him. 


He coaxes Katsuki to look at him, a gentle hand caressing the side of his face. Katsuki’s eyes are shining with unshed tears of emotions still left unsaid. But Shouto doesn’t want to force Katsuki to say anything until he’s ready. What he wants Katsuki to know is what he feels for him. What started out as a father-son relationship that was forged from an imprinting during the full moon, has turned into something deeper. Something special. 


Besides, Shouto always knew that Katsuki was special.


“Yes, there will be a next time. And many more next times after that.” Shouto scratches the spot on Katsuki’s head that almost automatically makes his son melt into his touch. “Katsuki, I’ve always loved you. That has never changed. And I will continue to love you even if you decide tomorrow that you want nothing to do with me.”


Katsuki furrows his brows at that, immediately going to rub his nose against Shouto’s. When he was little, he did that every time he wanted to show Shouto that he’s happiest in daddy’s presence . “I want everything to do with you, dad. I literally imprinted on you the first time we met. I don’t think you could have gotten rid of me even if you tried.”


“Good. Because I never wanna be rid of you.”


“You’re such a sap.”


“Says the one who’s been begging for my cock for a whole week.”


Shouto smirks as Katsuki flushes pink. “You’re so fucking… you’re mean.”


“Aw, but I thought you liked it when I got mean.” He kisses Katsuki’s still flushed nose with a barely contained grin. Katsuki pouts and tries to glare up at him menacingly but it only ends up looking so adorable that Shouto wants to bite him. He’ll have to do that some other time. For now, Katsuki needs to rest. Judging by the fact that Katsuki’s eyelids keep fluttering shut, he’s due to fall asleep any second.


“Go to sleep, darling.” Shouto whispers, rubbing his nose against Katsuki’s the same way he did it to him a while ago. He could feel Katsuki’s heartbeat quicken at the gesture and he smiled. Knowing he had this effect on Katsuki was the best feeling in the world. “I’ll be here when you wake up.”


“You better be—” His sentence was cut off by a yawn and a few tiny whines. “‘M sleepy… Luf you, daddy…” Katsuki’s words start to slur a bit as sleep starts to overtake him. Shouto gently pushes Katsuki’s head to rest on his chest, running his fingers through Katsuki’s hair in gentle strokes. Katsuki falls asleep in record time. 


“I love you too, baby. Always.”


Shouto allows himself to cuddle with his baby for a few minutes before he moves to disentangle himself from the bedsheets. He pulls out of Katsuki, pushing a few fingers into his fluttering pussy to keep his cum in there as much as possible. Even in his sleep, Katsuki unconsciously clenches around his fingers. He makes a mental note to buy plugs next time. Shouto stares at Katsuki’s sleeping form for a few more seconds before quietly leaving the room and taking out his phone.


As much as he wants to stay there and sleep in, Shouto has a few calls to make. 


The first one will be to Hana.

3 Years Later


The passage of time was once a fickle predicament only mortals fret over.


But ever since that fateful day where he and Katsuki mated, there was always one thing he was worried about: what would happen as Katsuki got older and Shouto didn’t? 


Shouto always joked with himself that Katsuki turned 18 in the blink of an eye. For 15 years was nothing compared to the whole century that he’s been alive. But even then, while raising Katsuki, he learned to cherish every new moment with him. Every birthday cake, every scraped knee, and every kiss they’ve shared — from the innocent butterfly kisses to the hottest mess of tongue and teeth in bed. Shouto learned to appreciate every detail that came with being Katsuki’s father.


And, he supposes, also Katsuki's mate.


He dreaded thinking about this for the longest time. Shouto is a little too used to being alone after a few years. But of course Katsuki had to ruin that – in the best way possible, of course. However, he can’t deny the very real fact that Shouto is immortal and Katsuki isn’t. Werewolves most definitely have a longer lifespan than most creatures but it still wouldn’t hold a candle to a vampire’s immortality. Katsuki has never talked about it, or he at least makes a conscious effort to avoid the topic altogether. And Shouto can’t blame him, really. 


And yet when Shouto watches Katsuki sleep at night, with the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he dreams, he always thinks that… he never wants to be with anyone else anymore. That there’s no one else in this universe who could compare to Katsuki. No one else could smile at him, sharp incisors and all, and make Shouto feel dizzy. No one else could say that they loved him and mean it any more than Katsuki has for the past 2 decades. Shouto hasn’t loved this strongly since… forever. 


So, no one can blame him for wanting to be a little selfish.


“You’re acting weird.”


“What? No I’m not! You’re acting weird.”


Katsuki rolls his eyes – something he’s been doing a lot more of lately ever since they’ve officially mated. Katsuki still occasionally calls him dad when going to the market (because everyone knows them as father and son) but he’s a little more shameless now. Sometimes Shouto misses when Katsuki wouldn’t tease him relentlessly but if he was being honest? Shouto wouldn’t have him any other way.


“You’ve been looking at the door more often. Are you expecting something?” Katsuki gently wraps his tail around Shouto’s waist and rests his chin on his shoulder. “Is it a new sex toy?”


“We have quite enough sex toys, mister.” Shouto says with what little parental authority he could muster for his now 21 year old son. “And no. It’s not a sex toy. It’s even better than that.”


Katsuki hums in curiosity against Shouto’s skin. “An escort? Didn’t know you were into sharing.”


“I’ve raised a degenerate.” Shouto sighs while Katsuki chuckles. “But someone actually is visiting today to help me with a little something.”


“Oh? What kinda thing?”


“You’ll find out when Hana gets here.”


“Hana-san’s coming?” The excitement in Katsuki’s voice could not be contained if his tail wagging back and forth was any indication. “Why didn’t you fucking say so? I’ll whip something up for when she gets here.”


With that, Katsuki places a kiss on Shouto’s cheek and rushes to the kitchen to prepare something for Hana’s arrival. Shouto can’t help but smile as his mate trots to the kitchen rattling off dishes he could do before Hana gets here. They’ll most definitely need that energy because the ritual Shouto has planned isn’t gonna be a walk in the park. They’ve spent all this time getting everything together without Katsuki knowing. It’s an ancient ritual that has only ever been used twice in the entire world .


Thrice now if tonight goes as planned.


When he called Hana 3 years ago asking if she knew of any rituals exactly like this one, it almost seemed like she was expecting him to ask that. Shouto has given up on trying to figure Hana out and has come to settle on the very real possibility that she may also be a psychic. But she was more than willing to help him out once he asked for it. However, the only downside is that this particular ritual takes a bit of time to complete.


Three years, in fact.


Hana said it had something to do with the amount of moon phases they had to go through, season specific ingredients, and the fact that Katsuki had to be at least 20 years old for this ritual to work at all. They did a lot of research on this. Shouto even asked to meet with the two werewolves who have completed this ritual. It was a very tedious process but Shouto knew it was all gonna be worth it in the end. 


Because if all goes well, he will love Katsuki for a much longer time.


Maybe even forever.


And he really wants to have Katsuki forever.

It takes about another hour for Hana to get to the cottage. By the time she arrived, Katsuki prepared half a buffet table’s worth of food. Shouto has no idea how he did it but he kissed Katsuki thank you all the same. The happy wagging of his tail despite him trying to pretend to duck away from the kiss was always the best part of it all. No matter how old he gets, Katsuki could never truly hide his true feelings from Shouto.


“This is quite the spread, Katsuki.” Hana said once she entered the kitchen with Shouto in tow. Katsuki reaches his hand out for their secret handshake and Hana does it without hesitation. “But I’m afraid we’re going to have to eat after the ritual.”


“After the what now?” Katsuki’s ears lightly flatten against his head in worry. “I don’t understand…”


“Don’t worry, baby.” Shouto takes Katsuki’s hands in his own, smiling at him reassuringly. “This is a harmless ritual. Hana and I have been preparing for it for years now and today is the only day we can perform it without any superficial complications.”


“It’s the night of the 36th full moon since you mated with Shouto.” Hana continues while taking out the plethora of ingredients they need for the ritual circle. Shouto could tell Katsuki is still confused by all this but he continues to squeeze his mate’s hand to remind him that he’s here to guide him through it. “Under any other circumstance, this ritual would not work. But just as your father has always said about you, Katsuki…”


Hana’s eyes glowed a brilliant blue for a split second as she looked up at them. To a normal human being, it would look terrifying. But to a werewolf, the sight of it calmed Katsuki’s nerves down almost instantly. Though he was still weary, he knew that he could trust Hana. Just as he always had. 


“You’ve always been special.”


Katsuki can’t help but duck his head down in slight embarrassment. Shouto reminds him of that everyday — it’s impossible to forget, really. Whether in bed or during a dull moment in the day, Shouto would tell him that he’s special. Probably in more ways than one. And Katsuki has taken two decades to really believe it himself. Now, with this mysterious ritual being prepared before him, he could only wonder how special he has to be in order to be the one of the few who could succeed in doing it.


“I know what you’re thinking, Katsuki.” Of course she does. “Would you like to know what ritual we’re doing tonight?”


“Obviously...” Katsuki feels Shouto nudge him in the side with a disapproving look and he sighs. Father first, mate second. “Sorry. Yes, I do.”


Hana smiles and starts to explain that it’s an ancient ritual with some of the most specific requirements known to werewolf kind. Only two werewolves alive have succeeded this entire ritual and that’s because they fit perfectly in all the following criteria:


  1. They were either a male omega or a female alpha
  2. They imprinted on their forever mate early on in life
  3. They were clanless


As Hana explains everything, Katsuki slowly starts to realize that he fits all the criteria — a clanless male omega who imprinted on Shouto at a young age. Time was of the essence too. The 36th moon and the age Katsuki is right now will also factor heavily into the success of this ritual. But what they still haven’t told him is–


“What is this ritual?” Katsuki watches with still wary eyes as Hana crushes various herbs in a bowl. “Why are we doing it, anyway?”


“It’s for us, Katsuki.” Shouto answers this time, stepping out from behind him and looking him straight in the eye with a hopeful gaze. “I’m sure you know by now that vampires are immortal.”


Katsuki crosses his arms and looks away. Right. Like that’s something he hasn’t thought about since they first met. Why wouldn’t he think about it? It’s sometimes the subject of his nightmares — one day waking up old and wrinkly while Shouto stays young and beautiful. It takes everything within him not to actively think about the day he’ll eventually die while Shouto lives forever. The past few years have been so blissful, it feels like a dream anyway.


It’s only a matter of time before the dream dies.


“My love, you’re catastrophizing again. I can see it in the furrow of your brow.” Shouto’s in front of him now, voice as calming as the day they met. He extends his icy fingers to caress Katsuki’s warm cheek and Katsuki instinctively nuzzles against it. Shouto hums, fingers now travelling to cup Katsuki’s chin and tilt it up slightly so that they’re now looking right at each other again.


When Katsuki locks gazes with Shouto, the world around them stops spinning. Because that’s what Katsuki wants more than anything — for time to stand still. For the two of them to relive every moment in an infinite loop. It’s the closest Katsuki believes he’ll ever have to immortality. But Shouto’s knowing smile stops time in a different way, almost looking like a promise that he is yet to hear of.


Shouto presses their foreheads together before saying to him, “This ritual is for you to live forever. With me.” 


Katsuki pulls away in shock. “W-What?”


“You heard me,” Shouto says with a voice thick with tears. “It’s an immortality ritual.” 


“Hana-san?” Katsuki says, his own voice shaking now, but not looking away from Shouto for a second. “Is that true?”


“It’s as true as the phases of the moon.”


Katsuki takes a deep breath. “And will it work?”


Hana says nothing, which is her version of a confirmation. Shouto smiles at him, tears starting to stream down his face. Katsuki’s knees weaken at that exact moment and he collapses into Shouto’s waiting arms. The two of them hold each other in a tight embrace, crying tears of utter joy and relief. Katsuki can’t stop himself from pulling away just slightly so that he could kiss his mate with all the love he could muster.


Shouto kisses him back with a fervor. Katsuki feels as if he is walking on air. Shouto went out of his way to prepare for a ritual that ensures that they stay together forever. Katsuki doesn’t know many fated pairs but he’s pretty sure he’s hit the jackpot when it comes to mates. Who else in this godforsaken universe would take three whole years for this? 


“Why’d you keep this from me?” Katsuki asked as soon as they pulled away, but their faces were still impossibly close. Shouto chuckles, placing a small kiss on Katsuki’s nose fondly.


“I didn’t want you to stop me.” Katsuki shakes his head. 


“I wouldn’t have.”


Shouto smiles again. “Good.”


“As much as I enjoy watching the two of you be the paragon of soulmates, the ingredients are all ready.” Hana interrupts them just as Katsuki was about to lean in for another kiss. His cheeks grow warm beneath her pointed look and he extracts himself from Shouto’s hold with a mumbled apology. Hana shakes her head and extends a hand out for Katsuki’s.


“Are you ready?” Katsuki looks at Shouto one more time — the man who raised him for almost two decades. The vampire who took an injured werewolf in despite the entire world being against him. The first person who ever loved him for who he was and not who he should be. 


The person he wants to spend eternity with.


The passage of time was once a fickle predicament only mortals fret over. Soon, Katsuki won’t be one of them.


So with that final thought, Katsuki places one more kiss on Shouto’s lips before placing his hand on Hana’s with a determined nod. 


“I’m ready."