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Wholock: The Adventure of Jack The Ripper

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“Is your doorbell not working again Sherlock?” Mrs Hudson asked as she showed the odd man wearing the tweed coat and bow-tie into the flat.
“Sherlock Holmes… you’ll need to come with me.” The Doctor had a goofy smile on his face. Sherlock, who was right in the middle of a very important video chat with John about a case, turned to look at the two new people in the room.
“And why would that—” Sherlock stopped as he realized who the man was, his eyes taking in everything, from the unrealistic wear pattern of his clothes to the fact that some of the materials were just plain not from earth.
“Sherlock?” John asked from the screen of the computer. They had been talking about a case, which John had been forced from the flat to go to with his laptop.
“Just a moment John… what do you want?” Sherlock asked, his face serious as he looked at The Doctor.
“I told you, you need to come with me. I have transport all ready for us outside, though you may want to put your trousers on, might not be a chance to change where we’re going.” The Doctor smiled widely, bordering on manic.
“Oh… I know exactly where we’re going… sorry John, have to go. Nothing difficult, you can leave the scene if you like.” And with that Sherlock was standing, sheet still wrapped firmly around his body.
“What the…” John started as the screen on his laptop went black. “That git hung up on me… this was defiantly an eight.” John mumbled as he shut his laptop, giving the machine a slight glare.
“Right-o! Let’s go! Oh…” The Doctor started. “That rhymed.” He laughed.
“Yes, how amusing. Shall we proceed though?” Sherlock stated, standing there in his sheet.
“Not going to put your trousers on, are you?” The Doctor just shook his head, left and grabbed a set of clothes for Sherlock, new pants, trousers, collared shirt and suit jacket, along with a set of socks and loafers. After he came out, Sherlock still stood there, so the Doctor rolled his eyes, still smiling, and walked out of the flat. Sherlock followed after him, eyes very wary and watching. They both walked out onto the street and The Doctor smiled as the TARDIS came in sight. Sherlock just narrowed his eyes more. The Doctor walked over and opened the door, walking in and setting Sherlock’s clothes down before going and jumping up the stairs towards the center consul. Sherlock walked in after, closing the door and watching the mad man with the blue box practically skip. “You should put your trousers on! This might get bumpy!”
“You’ve yet to tell me why exactly I’m here.” Sherlock stated as he walked further into the TARDIS, eyes roaming, taking in that it was larger on the inside than the outside, reeling over in his head the quantum physics that would have to be applied to actually make something of this magnitude possible.
“Well,” The Doctor started, running around the center consul and flipping switches, throwing levers, pushing buttons. “You’re Sherlock Holmes, the consulting detective, am I right?” Sherlock looked at him weird with an eyebrow raised.
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“Well,” The Doctor continued to run around, preparing the TARDIS for flight. “You’re here to solve a murder.”
“And who, exactly, has been murdered that you need me to solve it?” Sherlock proceeded to drop his sheet, not really caring that he was stark naked in the small blue box that was bigger on the inside with the madman and started putting his clothes on.
“Five women… in London England… in the late 1800’s. You’re here to find their murder.” The Doctor seemed somber as he spoke those words, but continued to do his job of controlling the TARDIS. Sherlock looked up at him suddenly, just having finished putting his trousers on and was buttoning up his shirt.
“Jack The Ripper…” The Doctor threw a look over at Sherlock, happy that the genius had figured out their mission, but eternally sad that those five women were dead and there was nothing that he could do to fix it.
“Geronimo.” And with that The Doctor tossed a lever and the TARDIS was off.