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You Are My End, And My Beginning

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  Of Fucking course. Bill Thought. I knew i would end up here on Earth, but why here of all places. He’d thought maybe his last reincarnation would at least give him the opportunity to start a new in a different town, on a different trail, in another woods, but here he was, smack dab in the middle of Gravity Falls, the last place he’d thought he’d end up. 

  He sighed and looked around, surrounded by the all too familiar flora and fauna he had seeked to destroy not too long ago, along with the rest of this damned world. Bill was annoyed, thinking back to the last thing he remembered before waking up in this hell hole, and let out a frustrated sigh. The damn cycle is broken, and this is my punishment. He told himself. He didn’t even know what he was, too bothered to sit up and check himself out, but he knew he had felt this way before, seeing as he possessed many things in his other life, and knew the bare minimum of how certain animals and things functioned. 

  When he got bored of looking at the sky above him, he finally began to move around, and soon enough became aware of what he was reincarnated into. 

“At least I’m not a fucking dog or a snail…” He said aloud to himself. 

  The functions of the human body weren’t difficult, but they equally weren’t simple, and Bill was having trouble. He felt like a a baby dear, his legs wobbled as he stood, and his center of gravity not yet being established was throwing him off and he ended up stumbling a few times before managing to walk. He fell a few times as he walked, each time ‘eating dirt’ as some would say, and when he did, he would lay there for a second, then huff and stand straight back up, determined to at least learn to walk straight before bumping into any other mortals. Looking around as he did this all, he realized it was neither light or dark out, and the earth beneath his human feet was a bit soft and squishy ( a weird feeling, but it intrigued him enough to spend some time wiggling his toes around and understand what this feeling was). When he felt the wind pick up, Bill felt another sensation. One he had never felt before, or had ever got the chance to, and it was not pleasant.

  He decided to search for something that would stop this sensation. On this search for whatever the fuck he was hoping would stop this feeling, he spotted a tree whose roots started above ground, leaving a bit of space between the dirt and the base of tree. After a breeze had passed by not too long after starring at this tree, making that feeling stronger, Bill decided this would help make the feeling go away, at least for now. Climbing under the tree was a bit tough, his long limbs and slender body made it a bit hard for him to get under the tree without a hassle, but he did nonetheless. Pulling his bare legs to his bare chest in another attempt to stop this odd sensation, Bill realized that maybe not all his powers were gone and began searching for it, closing his eyes as he did so, and searching for something, anything that could help him get rid of this feeling. 

  While doing so, Bill heard a loud roar, one he had heard many times before during his life as a dream demon, and sighed when the sensation he felt grew stronger, and his body began to quiver.  He didn’t like this, and so he continued searching for that little something as the weather outside the ‘comfort’ of the tree grew worse. Soon the ground around him turned damp as water fell from the sky, and he finally managed to find whatever power he had left. Using it the easiest way he knew how, he scooped up any dried leaves and twigs he could find under the roots of the tree and put them in a pile and began to concentrate and focus once more. His hand igniting in blue flames soon after, and he smiled at it crookedly, gently setting the leaves and twigs he had on fire. As he did so, he managed to get rid of that sensation, or at least lessen it as the fire burned gently under the roots, and warming his body. That’s where it hit him. He was feeling cold. He only felt warm now because he was cold before, and he let out a chuckle, not once had he ever felt cold before, he understood what it meant and how it worked, but when he was a demon, all he felt was heat, an uncomfortable amount of it, but he had grown used to it, now that he had almost none of it left, except what his human body could create, and what little of his power could give him, he felt like he would turn to ice.

  As the storm grew stronger, Bill grew more tired. He found the sounds of the rain against the surroundings and the fire where he sat to be a comforting sound, and soon fell asleep, curled in a ball against the floor of the woods in an attempt to keep himself warm with help of his fire. Not long after he fell asleep, ironic as it was, he dreamed of an endless, cold, void, with nothing but the blue glow of a fire, whose flame was thinning out ever so slightly as the dream went on.