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To all alpha husbands and boyfriends,

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Can was the one who started the whole thing, one weekend every two months to vent about their alpha boyfriends or husbands in a resort somewhere which only omegas allowed for the whole weekend. 


They are all close in university, both seniors and juniors and with the exception of Tharn and Type who had graduated earlier, they hung out and had dinner together. 


Can just wanted to vent about Tin, wanted to get some respite because Tin is in one of his ‘moods’ as Can put it in where he is leary of every single other males/female who dared to glance in Can’s direction, aka , the period just after their rut. 


He said Tin isn’t always this bad but this time around, it was because of his father pressuring them to get married soon and all Can wanted was to NOT do that and enjoy himself before he starts on his career properly. 


Rut plus pressuring father equals protective, moody and sarcastic Tin. 


And no, the alphas didn’t have their own alphas only weekend getaways.


Tutor's alpha boyfriend questioned this when he first heard about it. 


“Why only omegas? “ 


“Because.” Tutor answered, busy packing his clothes because they are due to leave the next morning but he’s yet to finish packing. 


“Is your baby brother going as well?” 


“Yes, he is,” Tutor replies distractedly, mentally thinking how many pieces of board shorts he would need on the trip. If it was a trip with just Fighter, they barely needed clothes. 


“I can’t believe Ae allowed Pete to go.” he vaguely hears Fighter remarked and is confused that he didn’t know that Pete went with them the last time. 


“Didn’t you know he went last time with us? Ae is protective but he’s not like possessive jealous dumb kinda alpha. He knows his limits. “ He zips up his bag, nose wincing in distaste at the huge monogram on the front, an LV bag that Fighter insisted on getting for him. 


It’s flashy and showy and it’s kinda disgusting because Tutor isn’t really a fan of branded goods but that’s what happens when you get a rich alpha for a boyfriend. 


“Besides I don’t think it will be too wild, we have Zon and Tine with us and Pharm will probably make sure it does not get out of hand because of them so no drunken nights at pubs or anything. We will just be drinking at the hotel itself, spa treatments and huge meals , stuff like that.” 


He places the bag at the door and sits on the bed where Fighter is currently looking through his phone, pictures of the resort that Can just sent through the group chat. 


They agree to each take turns to organise the trip, mostly the seniors in the group but this is only the second one so maybe they will all take turns.


“Last time we went to Krabi , this time it’s Pattaya , I think? Can says Tin will provide us all with transportation because he does not want Can to get tired driving.” 


Fighter is still scrolling through the pictures and frowning to himself.


“Ok, I think I know that area , I have been there. It’s quiet and exclusive. Who chose the place this time? “


Tutor sighed deeply and laid down on the bed beside him, feeling drowsy and fatigued after a whole day of teaching kids math and english. 


“Intouch did. You know how his tastes are, it will be safe, I promise so don’t worry.  And P’Korn vetted everything he booked.” 


Fighter let out a whistle.


“Wow P’Korn goes to that extent?” 


“That’s because Intouch attracts attention everywhere he goes,” Tutor explains and gestures with his hands, “ he’s like this supreme omega where mostly every alphas will take a second look.” 


Tutor caught sight of him in the mirror. He’s just in his sleeping tank top and ratty old boxers. There’s some sort of a pouch growing in his midsection and his cheeks look so much fuller after the k-bbq they had the last two days. 


“You do too, babe. There are others who still look at you.” 


That’s Fighter, his ever supportive , loving boyfriend who always knows what to say to make Tutor feel better about himself. Unlike Fighter who works out four times a week and Intouch has treatments to keep himself up, Tutor has kids to teach, assignments to finish and shifts to work at the cafe. 


“Oh hush you.” he whispers as he lowers himself on top of Fighter. 


The next day came too early much to Tutor’s dislike and he’s awakened by the blaring of an alarm from his phone. Fighter barely stirs when Tutor switches on the lights to get dressed. 


“Love you, I’ll call you later when I reach the resort.” he whispers and kisses on his sleeping face with tenderness. 


Pharm is the literal embodiment of sunshine and rainbows when Tutor sees him downstairs with an ice coffee in one hand and with a stone-faced alpha who has one hand wrapped around Pharm’s waist like a vice. Beside him, Team is the same, although less energetic but sitting on Win’s lap.


“Good morning, Tutor! “ 


Tutor winced as he put on his  sunglasses. 


“It’s  too early.” he mumbles. 


Just then , then a motorcycle arrives and pulls up at the front porch and a sleek black Mercedes follows behind him. 


As predicted , Pete hops off the back of Ae’s motorcycle with a smile ,  Tutor can see his excitement when he practically matches Pharm in infectious energy as he greeted Tutor and the total opposite happens when Can climbs out from Tin’s Mercedes, sullen and looking every bit like the rich sugar baby with some big oversized sunglasses and torn jeans which he’s started wearing since he’s started dating Tin. 


Can , however, pulls up trays of coffee so Tutor is immediately thankful that he throws his arms around Can in gratitude of welcoming a hero back from war. 


“ Yes, yes, you are welcome.” he mumbles, patting Tutor’s back. 


He watches Pete chats with Pharm while Ae stands around a little awkwardly with Dean. 

Can has abandoned his coffee somewhere and is now cuddling Tin against the car, talking quietly amongst themselves. 


Zon and Tine arrived separately and Tutor wonders why their alphas are all so willing to accompany their omegas at such an early hour while his own upstairs is a sleeping log, dead to the world. He has half a mind  to call Tutor and tell him to come down to say farewell and a goodbye kiss at least but he remembers how loud his snores were that morning so Tutor abandoned that idea completely. The loudness of his snores is always an indication of how tired he is. 


Finally, the last one to arrive was Intouch, the one who organised the trip this time, pulled up in a shiny, grey Volvo because Korn is born from and into money . Intouch climbs out of the car in short shorts and a crop top with a cute pink bomber jacket over it. 


Behind him, Korn is subdued as usual,greets Dean and Tin with a curt nod while he brings out Intouch’s bags from the back of the car.


“Why is every alpha like that, perhaps it’s too early, maybe we should do an overnight travel next time,” Tutor mumbled to himself as he stands next to Pete, his baby brother now wrapped around Ae’s waist like a limpet. 


“Good idea, or everybody joins in although working and studying schedules might be a problem.” Pete suggested and Ae nuzzled the top of his head. 


“That would be nice, to spend some time with you. I look forward to it when exams are over.” Ae says witha fond smile. 


Tutor frowned at him. 


“You two are disgusting, should I go ask P’Fight to come down here too? I’m feeling jealous.” 


Just as he finished saying that, a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist and he jumped half a foot in the air. 


“We should be as disgusting as these two.” A low gravelly voice in his ear and Tutor melted like an ice-cream in the hot sun. Fighter pulled through after all, he actually came down in just board shorts and Tutor is grateful he didn’t come down in just his boxer briefs or something because he is that shameless. 


“Can’t you put on more clothes?” Tutor hisssed at him but found himself caressing his boyfriend’s arms around him. 


“I rushed out here, babe. I wanted to catch you.” He said with his eyes closed. Tutor reached in to kiss his cheeks, smelt the lingering cologne he had on last night and his alpha scent of orange blossom made Tutor a little bit giddy. 


“Oh no, you don’t Tor, I recognise that face anywhere! “ Intouch said as he walked up , Korn following behind him. 


“Shut up, I’m gonna miss my alpha.” Tutor pouted at which Intouch rolled his eyes over his Gentle Monster sunglasses. 


Tutor knows this because nothing is brandless on Intouch and Korn made sure of it. 


“You are not the only one! Let’s get going, I think the transportation that Tin arranged is here.” He said, eyeng the fleet of Mercedes coming in. 


Intouch starts to pull out his iPad and scrolls through, presumably to arrange everybody into different cars. 


“Okay, Pharm and Team, you will be with me, First car. Tutor, Zon and Tine, you are in the next car, Pete and Can, you will take the last one and stop on the way to pick up P’Type. P’Tharn had trouble waking up this morning and almost refused to let his new husband go off with a bunch of single omegas.” 


“Oh, what persuaded P’Tharn ?”


Intouch smirked. 


“Who said I could convince him? It’s all thanks to Pete and Pharm, I said with these two around, P’Tharn can be assured P’Type won’t get into trouble. Not that P’Type cares, because he does whatever he wants anyway.” 


Tutor reckons he paired up with the younger ones because they have never joined the group before and assured both Sarawat and Saifah he will take care of them and his phone will be switched on all the time. 


“We will be rooming together so don’t worry,” he tells them. Saifah shot Zon a puppy dog look and buried his face in Zon’s neck. Both Tutor and Tine winced. 


Too much omega scent and it was obvious what they were doing the night before. Sarawat reached in to whisper,” See I told you we should have done it but you wanted an early night because you had to wake up early.” 


Tine shoved him to the side. 


Before he climbs into the car, Tine is already sitting in the back but Zon is still safely ensconced in Saifah’s arms,  Tutor decides to give them a little bit more time and takes the chance to pop over to Pete’s car where he will be sitting with Can. Ae is there, helping Pete load his own backpack into the trunk. 


“You will be okay? Got your motion sickness pills and everything?” 


He knows Pete occasionally gets motion sickness riding on any form of transportation and would have been uncomfortable for both Can and Type to sit in with the stench if he threw up. 


“I got ginger, sour candies, and some sandwiches.” Ae said, holding up a paperbag. Can started laughing beside him. 


“It’s motion sickness , not pregnancy, Ae. I can’t imagine how you will be when Pete has a belly of your pups. He probably can’t get out of the house.” 


Pete throws Can the side-eye. 


“You have no right to say anything because your boyfriend paid plenty of money to have people drive you around because you told him you will be too sleepy in the morning to drive. And you had Lay help you prepare a powerpoint presentation about the reasons why he should allow you to go. And Tin went to get trays of iced-coffee for everybody because you lost your temper at him.” 


At which . Can looks over at his boyfriend with a smug and proud look ,Tin  who is on the phone, a distance away beside his Mercedes and gives him a small wave. 


Tin reciprocates the gesture and mouths ‘I love You’ before he turns back to his call. Tutor turns back his attention to Pete and Ae, 


Again, it is sickening , really, how the fond and affectionate looks they got simultaneously on their faces. The first ones likely to be parents in their group, other than the only married couple Tharn and Type would be Pete and Ae. 


He walks back to his own car where Fighter is waiting , proudly bare chested and all, in full view much to the chagrin of Sarawat who is full on glaring. 


“Dude, put on some clothes next time. My Tine is very sensitive.” he said but without any real heat. He actually stepped in to block Tine’s view of him and puffed out his chest. Before Tutor could comment on it, Tine pulled at his shirt.


“Can you stop measuring dicks here?  it’s making me nauseated.” 


Both Tutor and Zon started cackling. 


“Sorry Sarawat, “ Tutor apologised and reached out to twist one of Fighter’s nipples making him yelp out loud. 


“I’ll make sure he wears clothes when he fetches us on the way back. No measuring of dicks will be done. ” 


Sarawat laughs and it's the first time that morning Tutor sees him emote any kind of expression. He turns back to Saifah and Zon , the alpha keying something into Zon’s phone and giving it back to him before sweeping Zon completely off his feet and then depositing him in the back seat like a  bag of potatoes. 

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He would be lying if he said he wasn’t excited for this trip. 


While Dean was extra clingy and affectionate and it made him guilty but Pharm looks forward to this trip , to spending some time around his omega friends. He needs companionship, likes seeing how organised and lively Intouch gets when he’s around other people , God knows Korn’s family isn’t as fun loving as Intouch’s and he’s heard how traditional and conservative they can be. 


Behind him, both Dean and Win are going through some work stuff, the swimming school they set up is going well so far and Pharm hopes having this time away can help Dean focus a bit more on his school. 


It’s just that whenever Pharm is around, Dean’s focus is razor sharp on him, Pharm’s needs, his moods, his wants, everything is provided for. Pharm is grateful and blessed for such an amazing alpha who is always sensitive to his needs but he needs some time away from being the centre of Dean’s world. 


In conclusion, Pharm wants Dean to have time to explore his own interests, separate from Pharm and the swim school. 


He caught some bits of conversation that P’Tharn had invited them down for a drink where he will be singing and that’s good. 


He sees Win and Team arguing again, this time, Win insists that he packed in more bags of Lay’s potato chips in case he gets hungry during the drive and Team says he’s kind of sick of it and wants something else and now Win is arguing back why didn’t he said something earlier, they could have stopped at a convenience store. 


Win is every bit as bad as Dean. 


Intouch is sitting in the front seat , scrolling through his phone while Korn is beside him, kneeling down beside him, as he scrutinises the driver, a beta, one of the drivers that Tin had hired. 


“Ok I have sent you the details of the hotel where we will be staying, of the itinerary of what we will be doing , the spa where we will be having our treatments and the restaurants that we will be having our meals and drinks. P’Korn , maybe I should wear a tracker on my ankle so that you will know where I am twenty four hours a day.” 


Korn had the audacity to look ashamed. 


Pharm can’t blame him at all. Korn comes from a rich and high-profile family and he’s always been worried for Intouch’s safety. In fact, it’s a miracle he didn’t get a couple of bodyguards to go with them, although Tin might have beaten him to that. 


And that one time, an almost kidnapping situation that occured might have spooked Korn a lot, never mind that Intouch has a black belt in Taekwando.


Intouch rubs a hand over Korn’s cheek and smiles, his dimples under his mouth showing prominently that Pharm can see Korn coming out with that goofy, adoring smile as always when he looks at Intouch. 


“Anyway, if any of the other alphas or P’Tharn ask, you can tell them this information. We are still in the country, god knows what would happen if I had arranged for the Maldives instead!”


Korn gave a big sigh, a long suffering one and reached out to bring Intouch close to him.


“Ok, have fun, I’ll see you in three days. Love you.” he mumbles into Intouch hair before pulling away. 


“Wait, baby, you remembered to bring extra powerbanks right…” 


Pharm giggled as he climbed into the car, next to Team. 


Win is still grumbling about the lack of snacks for Team through the car window. 


“And then you are gonna get all grumpy because you get hungry and the other two will be suffering! You should have told me earlier. “ 


Teams said nothing, pulled him in and planted a deep kiss that leaves Win slightly breathless when he pulls away. 


“See you, please text me when you reach the resort.” 


Dean stands next to the car window and Pharm reaches out to grab his hand. It always makes him feel all soft and warm inside because he loves that he is smaller than Dean in everything else and Dean is just so oversized physically. It makes him feel safe and secure even if he’s going to be away for the weekend, he knows Dean will be waiting for him when he gets home.


And if anything happens to him , he knows Dean will come running to him. 


“Do you want me to video call you when I reach the resort, so you can see it?” 


Dean leaned down and kissed his cheek. 


“Only if you want to. I want you to enjoy yourself and come back to me safely. P’Tharn invited me and some of the others for a drink at where he’s playing tonight so I guess I’m going there with Win.. we’ll see.” 

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Ae is such a sweetheart, really. He adores Ae, loves how he is fierce when it comes to Pete’s safety, how he quizzes P’In about the trip so that he has a clear idea of where Pete will be staying and and questions why Pete isn’t rooming with his older brother. 


He opens up the paperbag that Ae has prepared and it is a comprehensive bag full of things that helps to combat his motion sickness he might get on the journey, even if it’s just two hours or so, depending on the traffic. 


Before they leave, Tin quickly puts down his phone to give a farewell kiss and then reaches out to slip some money into the driver’s pocket discreetly. Can was distracted , of course, by the contents of Pete’s care package and didn’t see it. 


“P’Type’s house is just twenty minutes form here,” The driver says, a middle-aged man, probably in his fifties, spoke up from the front seat, my name is Khun Leo and I will be your driver for today.” 


Both Pete and Can thanked him politely. 


The journey was smooth and their car was the first in front as they have another passenger to pick up and will be followed behind by the other cars, an arrangement probably made by Tin, to ensure that all of them reach Pattaya at the same time. 


Type was waiting patiently at the lobby with a bag and his husband by his side, a very tall and good-looking alpha who seemed to display the same attitude as what he saw that morning. 


Maybe it’s just too early, Pete tells himself and then gets out of the car to greet Type.


“P’Tharn, you do have either Tin’s or P’Korn’s number right? If you need anything or you can’t get in touch with us, we will have some spa treatments where we don’t have our phones with us so I don’t want you to get worried.” Pete explains and is taken back by how hard Type is scowling at his husband. 


“Leave him to be, Ai’Pete. I went last time  and he still can’t accept that it’s just a three-day weekend away. “ he turned to his husband,” Did you think I was about to get kidnapped or something?”


The way Tharn’s face turned pale is concerning. 


Type greeted Can in the car with a smile and then shooed Tharn away. 


“Go back and continue your sleep. You have a gig tonight and you invite some of the other alphas to the pub, isn’t it? Go on then. “


A last nuzzle, kiss and hug before Tharn allows his husband to get into the car, he greets the driver warmly before he goes. 


The drive went smoothly and Pete tried not to look at his phone too much during the journey knowing that it might make him sick and Ae called him instead of texting. 


“Are you alright? You are not looking at your phone too much, right?” 


“No, I’m not. I’m trying to nap and you called me. How about you, what are you doing now?” 


There was some background noises , like at a cafe and then somebody ordering food and it sounded suspiciously like his brother’s boyfriend, P’Fight. 


“Getting something to eat with P’Fight and Saifah, there’s a cafe nearby. After this I’ll probably head back to catch some sleep,” he continued and Pete could hear him muffle a yawn. 


Pete knows they have reached when they had to give their names to the security guard before entering a gated resort. It is lush and green, rolling hills all around and at least five minutes of driving before they reach the main lobby, or at least what Pete thought was the front lobby because there were several staff waiting with welcome drinks. 


“How expensive is this resort?” He hears Can wonder as they take in the ambience of the place. 


It is one of those individual bungalows, each with their own view overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, blue seas, blue skies dotted with specks of clouds as far as the eye can see. 


Leave it to Intouch to get the biggest villa on the premises. 


A four bedroom, three bathroom kinda villa with a private pool overlooking the sea, plenty of space for lounging. A few buggies came to get them and their bags to the villa and Pete, finds himself staring open-mouthed at the sheer grand size of it. 


“Oh and by the way, please do leave your thank yous with Can’s and my boyfriend's kind sponsorship of this weekend gateway!”  which is immediately met with protests all around. 


Pete sidled up to Zon’s and Tine’s with a grin. 


“Don’t listen to P’In. He’s just joking. This group of hotels belongs to P’Korn’s family so it basically belongs to him. The rest of the expenses is borne by Tin because he made Can angry last week. It’s no trouble, really. Don’t feel too bad. The next trip if any of you are organizing, rest assured everything will be shared equally. “ 


Intouch started handling out sheets of paper from the plastic folder in his hand, presumably the itinerary and roommates. 


As predicted, Pete will be sharing with Can while his brother Tutor will be sharing with Zon and Tine. It’s more of a formality, actually. They always end up sleeping in one room because he knows Intouch and Team has trouble sleeping in new places and loves cuddling with someone when they sleep. 


They have free time for the next two hours, to wash up, get some rest, unpack and then meet for lunch at around twelve. Can is already settling into his side of the king-sized bed when Pete comes in, his various chargers, power banks, Nintendo Switch, tablets all laid out on the bed. 


“Tin told me to bring it all in case I couldn’t sleep at night. He does not want me to wander around in a strange place by myself and he also told me not to bother you because Pete might get angry at me for disturbing you too much.”


He pouted. 


“Tin is such a caring boyfriend, Can. I’m glad you found each other.” he says sincerely and proceeds to unload his own stash of skincare products like lotions and creams onto the vanity. 


“He is.” He vaguely hears Can replies and feels there is so much more to be said in the silence. 


Pete turns his attention towards Can. 


“What’s wrong?” 


Can keeps his attention on the tablet in front of him, his long-ish bangs falling over his eyes, hiding it from view. Pete sat cross-legged in front of him and waited. 


“”He’s too intense for me, you know? He makes me feel…” Pete sees him struggle to find a word to describe his feelings. 




“And that’s too much for you?” 


Can shakes his head. 


“I am blessed and grateful for him. A poor, average-looking person like me managed to land somebody like Tin. I mean, I don’t have economic status like you, Pete or my family owns a chain of restaurants like Pharm . I’m not even smart. I feel like I don’t fit into his lifestyle. I want to become a professional gamer after I graduate! I’m starting to feel that’s dumb.” 


Pete reaches for the paperbag that Ae has given to him earlier and fishes out two bottles of drink and coincidentally it’s the type that he always sees Can drink. 


“Here, have a drink to calm down.” he says easily and takes a sip himself. 


“I have known Tin all my life, we went to schools together, even abroad and now here, we even sometimes attended business events together because of our parents. I havent seen him this happy, this preoccupied and  living with so much purpose in life. This is the first time I have seen him like this , you know? You know what he’s like before he met you? He was like a shadow because of that brother of his. “


Can remain quiet, Pete can see that he’s listening intently.


“Now he’s working hard for your future and his, he didn’t tell you he’s starting on his own? That he ‘s going into developing real estate and such. I know, because he’s working with my mother and she told me how proud she is of him.” 


Can smiled and blushed , his shoulders now relaxed compared from earlier. 


“Accept it, Can. Ae is in the exact same position as you. Like you, his omega comes from a rich family and sometimes he gets subjected to comments like he isn’t a good enough alpha to provide for me but he works hard, he makes sure I have everything I need, we make plans together and after he graduates, he’s wants to get get a job in an engineering company to support us. Can, listen.” 


Pete pauses as he adjusts to sit a bit more comfortably. 


“The worst thing you can do is to make him feel like his efforts are in vain. I know you have this thing where you told Tin he can’t buy you with money. Believe me, Ae is the same. He does not like it if I splurge on him. But I tell him, for me, to have all that money does not give me as much happiness as spending it on him. It makes me happy to spend it on him. I asked him, would he stop me from doing something that makes me happy? He said he won’t but he isn’t going to accept Balenciaga sneakers from me anytime soon but he insists on paying my phone bills and split the bills when we go out for dinner and such. ” 


Pete reaches out to pat Can’s shoulder. 


“We have to respect that as Alphas they have their own innate ego thing going on. Remember , they are the head of the family but the omegas are the neck. We support and turn the head wherever and whenever we want, it’s just that we don’t let the heads know it. ” 


Pete grins and winks at him. 


“That is incredibly smart of you , Pete. Thank you. “ 

“My mother taught me plenty, I just love to listen and observe. You might change your mind about what you want to do after graduating, you know? You don’t always need to have an idea now. Just keep on doing what you are doing, because obviously Tin is so happy right now, he greets me with a smile and good morning in school instead of a snappish ‘what!” 


Can laugh and notifications popped up on his phone. 


“Go on, “ Pete urges him as he moves away to unpack his own clothes, “ I need to unpack and I know Ae will be calling soon.” 

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Team knows he has trouble sleeping in strange places, no matter how luxurious it may be. There are three ways to remedy that, sleeping with Win by his side, sleeping pills or making himself too exhausted that he can fall asleep easily. 


Looking at the situation right now and the itinerary in front of him, one of the ways is definitely not possible, Win isn’t here to accompany him, but the other two? 


Perhaps possible. 


But anyway, he’s already warned Pharm, if pills can’t make him relaxed or the activities didn’t tire him out, he will hereby cuddle with Pharm or ntouch that night. 


Speaking of Intouch, he wonders where the other omega is, because they are sharing the room and he’s yet to unpack or wash up and there’s another thirty minutes before everybody is supposed to gather for lunch .


Pharm  has already changed into simple jeans and t-shirt and comfortable sneakers. 


It will be lunch at one of the restaurants and he’s been told it’s an Italian restaurant. Team wonders if his stomach could take it and asks Pharm if he’s packed any antacids. His taste in food isn’t too bougie or high-end, simple food makes him feel satisfied and full. 


“Are you having stomach problems?” 


Pharms asks as he goes through his own medicine pouch, a comprehensive and organised pouch of various medications like antacids, fever meds, painkillers and such. 


“Why is there a section on condoms and lube in your bag, Pharm?” he asks as he accidentally opens up another pouch and Pharm snatches it out of his hands. 


“That’s just for emergency purposes…”


“Are you planning to cheat on P’Dean...Pharm?!” 


Pharm stares at him in horror. 

“ You have been with P’Dean for more than a year now, these things are normal. Don’t be shy.” 

He sneaked a look into Pharm’s getaway bag again. 


“Looks pretty tame and standard, nothing too exciting.” he teased. Pharm throws the antacids into his direction. 


“Does it? Do you and um, Win use different tools…” 


It takes a while for the question to sink in and then Team understands what he means. 


“You mean like a sex toy?” 




Team looks around the room, baffled and confused as there weren’t other people in the room and why is Pharm behaving like people are listening into their conversation and besides, Team thnks it’s okay to seek help if you need it, especially sex. 


He’s lucky Win is an experienced and considerate lover both in and out of bed and he’s made Team feel comfortable enough about his body. In fact, there isn’t a day where Win doesn’t make Team feel desirable and that is important because he’s spent most of his life being overlooked because of his weight. 


His older brother, Leo  is mated to a nurse named Fiat  and Team has always been able to access information when he needs it. God knows how Fiat had always preached the importance of safe sex to Team. 


“Pharm, do you need help? You can ask me, you know. Leo and Fiat taught me a lot of things that our parents couldn’t teach us and it’s been very..educational.” 


Pharm turns red again and fidgetted with his bag. 


“Maybe? P’Dean is always so worried for me, he’s always so careful and I feel it might not bring him much, you know, pleasure.” he whispers the last part. 


“Have you discussed this with P’Dean? Like what did he say?” 


Pharm pouted and frowned like a frustrated petulant child. 


“He thinks I will crack like a porcelain doll, I guess it has to do with the differences in our size, I mean he’s so much taller than me and large in everything else…”


Team starts cackling on the spot, being able to speculate what Pharm's issue is exactly. 


“You want P’Dean to be less careful with you?! And he is too large?!” Team practically howls , almost falling off the bed. 


Pharm grabs one of those decorative pillows nearby and hits Team right over the head with it. 


Team struggles to breath and laugh at the same time and then stops himself when the redness in Pharm’s ears run down to his neck and now he is just one giant tomato. Team feels sorry for him. Not everybody is able  to get access to good quality sex education like him. 


“You know who can help you? P’In. I mean, he’s almost the same as you and P’Korn is as tall as P’Dean. Maybe he can give you tips. Don’t be shy to ask for help, after all, it’s what this weekend is all about, to share our problems. “ Team reached out to assure him. 


“But In is so confident and outgoing and I’m just, you know me. Boring old Pharm.” He sounded dejected enough that Team feels sorry for him. 


It might be difficult for somebody as reserved and private as Pharm to seek help in intimate matters like this. Team begins to wonder if there are any ways for Pharm to get the help he needs until his eyes fall on the neat rows of miniature alcohol bottles lining the table near the beverage making station where a small cooler fridge is situated along with a sleek Nespresso machine. 


And he needs Intouch to be roped into this because if there’s anybody who can make Pharm lose his inhibitions , Intouch is that very person. 


Perhaps tonight after they are done with their dinner and sich, they could have a session here in the room. 


He puts the antacids away for later and there is a knock on the door. 


Intouch comes in, with his bags and already changed into something more covered that what he has on in the morning, some jeans and a long-sleeved shirt and looks ready for lunch. 


Pharm scrambles for the bathroom.


“Bathroom before we go!” he says as he quickly darts into the bathroom. 


Intouch sighed deeply as he walked over with his bag and luggage, looking a little harried as he held several things in his hands, his phone, his keys, his wallet, a plastic folder and his branded crossbody bag hanging over his elbow. 


“I had to go make some arrangements for tonight at the lobby just now, hold on, let me unpack a few things before we go,” he looked around the carry-on he had and fished out an extra power bank attached to his phone. “Let me just text P’Korn , he’s been asking me if I have reached safely...did Win text you yet?” 


Team glanced at his phone and found no notifications.


“No, he said he wasn’t going to bother me too much and he’s busy with work today anyway...why?” 


There was wistful longing on his face for a few long moments. 


“ That is so sweet of your alpha. Team. I guess some alphas are just …” he trails off as he scrolls on his phone, distracted. 


“Is P’In and P’Korn okay?” 


FInally, he puts away his phone and starts placing everything that he’s been holding on into his bag and sits on the space beside Team on the bed. 


“I’m okay, P’Korn is maybe not? He’s just so anxious all the time because of you know, “ he gestures with his hands,” you know what happened to me.” 


Team nods in understanding.


“I have black belt in Taekwando, I may not look like it but I can take down some dudes myself and I can totally manage it. It just so happens P’Korn came in at the time where the other dude was pointing a knife at me and I think it really terrified him because that guy was one of his men so he’s been anxious ever since, it’s difficult to get him to change his mind about me coming here with you all. “ 


He sighs again and this time Team sees his shoulders droop even further and look different from what he was in the morning. 


Like being weighed down by invisible problems. . 


Team is hit with an idea of how he can hit two birds with one stone because he knows Intouch adores Pharm,absolutely loves to help people and need a distraction from his issues.  


And Pharm has a problem. 


Team quickly updates him of his plans. 


Intouch immediately lights up and he’s back to his cheerful bubbly self that morning. 


“Yes, you are right, getting him tipsy is the only way to get Pharm to loosen up his tongue and we can get him to call P’Dean and tell the alpha what’s on his mind. Ai’Team, you are a genius!” 


“But we don’t want any alphas to get all riled up and come running here, you know.” 


Intouch fishes out his phone from his back pocket. 


“Dont’s worry about that, I’ll make sure my P’Korn is informed of it and so that he can stop P’Dean from running here himself.” 


They quickly jump apart when Pharm comes out of the bathroom and glares at Intouch with suspicion. 


“What are the two of you planning?” 




Team was ooh aah and taking whatever photos he could all over the whole place on the way down to the restaurant where they were supposed to have lunch. He’s never been to such a place before and wondered how much it would actually cost to get a night stay in a place like this. 


He knows with Win barely starting his venture and him still in school, there isn’t much room for extravagant getaways with him but it’s sure nice to daydream about going somewhere like this for their anniversary. 


The restaurant actually overlooks the sea, perched on top of a cliff so basically it's an uninterrupted view of the sea and blue sky all around. 


The menu is written in english and he takes english as a subject but he has no idea what any of it means. Luckily, Pete, Intouch and Type are there so when his order came in a complete three course meal of pasta, some sort of meat and a salad, Team was immensely pleased. 


Their meals came with dessert and coffee later on of course and Intouch has started ordering cocktails to go around the table. 


“Nothing much until tonight, “ Intouch announces lazily from his spot where he is sitting and looking very full. In fact, everybody is more or less doing the same thing. 


“Tonight there will be BBQ and drinks by the seaside, let’s be ready by six, just in time for sunset. If you have any dietary preferences or restrictions , please let me know, I’ll inform the staff. ” 


Sounds of agreement all around the table and they decided to explore the place and some , like Team , wanted to snap some pictures of the pixcturesque view. 


So they decided to split into two groups, Pete, Can , Type ,Team and Pharm decided to stay behind and take pictures while Intouch went with the rest, Tutor, Zon , Tine and Intouch went to explore the facilities. 


They did plan on using the pool and sauna so Intouch thought it would be good to get a heads up on the facilities available. 


“ He loves taking care of people.” Team hears Type commented as he was fishing out his phone to take a picture of the lush greenery on the other side of the resort. 


“Yes, P’In says he wants to go into work that allows him to talk to people and help others as much as possible. Like an events company or something? He’s always talking about doing something to help out omegas in trouble. I wish I had the same drive as him. I’m still confused as to what I can do after graduation. P’Type, did you always know what you were going to do for your future? ” 


“It’s alright not to know, Ai’Team. Not everybody has all their future planned out, in fact, halfway through my studies, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue doing healthcare but a supportive spouse helps I guess?” Type smiles as he looks out into the horizon. 


Behind them, Can is busy cajoling Pharm into taking silly photos for Pete and  from the looks of it, he is succeeding because Pharm looks much more livelier than earlier in the room, his smile constant on his face. 


Team turns his attention back .


Win is very much supportive, he even told Team to take his time to explore his options and not to worry about the expenses. He wants Team to just focus on his studies and not to worry but that is the very thing that worries Team. 


No doubt alphas feel proud to provide for their omegas but Team feels that should be norm for married pairs like Tharn and Type , beside him and Win are just dating for now and he feels bad for allowing Win to take up such a huge chunk of their expenses and burden. 


“But how… I’m still studying and my Win’s swim school with P’Dean has just started and I want to help him as much as I can but I feel useless when I don’t even know if what I’m doing is what I want to do for the rest of my life...what I have now is a swimming scholarship? Do I want to be a competitive swimmer in the future? I love swimming but I’m not sure if I want to do it all my life? Does that make sense?” 


The breeze is gentle and soothing and the sun is just about settling over the horizon, it’s too early for sunset but it’s cool enough to sit outside without the hot sun shining in their faces. 


“ The supportive spouse can be you or him, Ai’Team. Who says we are supposed to know what to do while in school? Also alphas will always wants to take over everything because it’s in their biological makeup,” 


Type pauses and rolls his eyes with a smile, 


“ I know, how many times do I have to knock down P’Tharn when he is in his alpha mode of wanting to take care of everything? It’s annoying , really but what you can do is talk to him about it, tell him what you feel, what you need from him and ask him what he needs from you. Your relationship is more than just your alpha/omega status.” 


Win isn’t always so overly focused on his alphas status provider in the relationship but there are times where he is kinda overbearing. Maybe those are the times they need to have a discussion about. 


They chatted a bit more about Team’s swimming performance and Type offered to make an appointment for him if he has any health issues.


Type regards him closely with a knowing smile. 


“You know, there are ways you can be supportive of Win even if your abilities are limited because of your financial status. You can be supportive of him by taking good care of yourself. Like making sure he has nothing to worry about, because alphas always get into this frenzy if their omegas land into trouble or become unwell. Work on yourself, make sure your performance is tip-top and keep yourself healthy. It’s one of the ways surely,” Type leans in with with conspiratorial whisper, “ other than mind-blowing sex but that’s another story for another day.” 


Team blushes and then tiurns back to see the other three have settled down into a somewhat more calm pose . 


“Thank you for the insight, P’Type. It is really useful, I’m glad we have this talk.” He adds with sincerity because Type’s suggestion and words had really helped to give him ideas to overcome some of the matters that’s been on his mind for some time. 


“It’s  no problem, Ai’Team. It’s nice to be around omegas like this.” he sighs.


“I’m around headstrong and dominant alphas at work all day, some don’t think I can be their doctor because I’m an omega and P’Tharn sometimes has this look on his face,” he tries to imitate and ends up looking constipated that Team couldn’t help laughing.


“When he gets a wiff of an alpha when he fetches me home from work each evening and I can’t help it if the athletes I work with are mostly alphas and betas, I need to knock him down real quick before he gets too far and that always involves,”


Team quickly interrupts him, “ mind blowing sex?”


Type pats Team shoulder.


“You learn fast, Ai’Team. Also a meal he likes. Or scrubbing my skin in the shower before I go home. Yeah, that works sometimes. “ 


Team thinks for a while before an idea strikes him. 


“Or you could get a bottle of the cologne that he wears and put it on your bonding mark. I mean it works for me and I don’t have a bond mark yet but if I put some of Win’s cologne on the back of my ear or wrist, it drives him crazy. Also other alphas don’t really wanna approach you that much after that.” 


Type looks at him like he’s just been told a life-changing information. 


“I need to try that.” 


And then Team is suddenly aware of some loud whisperings behind him,


“He said to spray the cologne where?”


“On your dick?”


“No, Can, he didn’t say that. Pharm, not on your dick, behind your ear!” 

Chapter Text



“You seemed busy.” Tine says as he approaches Zon sitting near the gazebo where a few of the group are watching the staff set up the BBQ for their dinner while enjoying drinks and snacks by the seaside. 


Zon looks up from his phone and smiles. 


Some others have opted to walk by the beach while Zon and Tine decide to sit and wait at the gazebo with their drinks and also Zon wants to go through his social media and maybe check on the some new comments that he gets on his newest sci-fi story that he’s posted a few days ago. 


It’s just the first day of the trip and it’s been fun and relaxing so far and enjoying himself immensely, especially being in a resort like this. He knows Tutor is enjoying himself, Zon knows of his love for the beach, watching Tutor attempting to do a piggyback over his smaller baby brother on the sand is hilarious when Pete promptly elbows him in the ribs. 


Tine dusts off the sand from his feet and sits cross-legged on one of the lounge chairs surrounded by cushions. 


“Just reading some comments on my new sci-fi story that I posted..most  are good but some are just..” he chuckles to himself thinking of the last few comments that he’s gotten, a few that criticise him for not being good enough for Saifah and to stop writing rubbish stories. 


He gets that kind of messages every now and then but it wasn’t this malicious. 


Saifah is quite popular and well-known on campus, owing to his guitar skills, outstanding height and looks and also one of the sought-after dudes by both guys and girls. 


When they made their relationship public, it produced mixed reactions but they didn’t really care. 


Saifah didn’t care, he’s like an oblivious besotted boyfriend, turning up at Zon’s faculty with lunch, kissing Zon in front of the library, casually stopping by Zon’s study groups with iced coffees and basically a heck-all to everybody.


It took awhile for Zon to be okay with all the attention showered on him and by the student body, mainly because there isn’t any more privacy. 


Every time Saifah holds his hand or hugs him or looks in his direction, the pictures will be there in the campus fanpage. There are fanpages dedicating themselves to Team SaiZon and then, there’s Team Get Saifah Away From Zon. 


To have P’Soda on their side is a huge benefit, only that they had to sometimes give into her demands of an occasional couple selfie or a guitar cover together but other than that, one word from P’Soda, the haters are being silenced because she has huge support and influence over the students on campus. 


Right now, there is some sort of commotion over the fb page , Saifah is at a pub with some of the other friends, it looks like it’s P’Tharn’s pub and he’s playing guitar onstage so there’s plenty of recordings all over the social media. 


“I saw it too, Sarawat told me that Saifah is so startstrucked that the legendary P’Tharn invited him up on stage to play a song together. Your boyfriend is really good.” 


Zon blushed and smiled , as he had already saved several clips into his phone , probably to watch them later at night when he's alone. 


“I saw Sarawat do that Scrubb song, I love it too.” Zon replies, remembering somebody posted a clip of Sarawat at a concert. 


They chat amongst themselves until a notification goes off and Tines looks through it and then quickly puts it away.


“Why do you look like that? Something wrong?” He teased, noticing the guilty and shifty look as Tine studiously avoided looking at Zon. 


“Nothing. Zon, I think you shouldn’t look at your socials..” Something about the way Tine says with hesitancy that set off warning bells in Zon’s head. 


He quickly grabs his phone and is bombarded with messages, some from his close friends, some from casual acquaintances like school classmates and a message from Sarawat. 


“Tine, why is your boyfriend messaging me? ” 


Tine sighed deeply, “Just open the message. I promise you Wat is with him and there is a very good explanation.” 


It was a clip and Saifah was finishing and putting away guitar when a guy, Zon couldn’t see his face, practically sat himself on Saifah’s lap and kissed him full on the lips. The person taking the video captured it clearly. 


Below it, a message from Sarawat saying that they are already gone from the venue and Saifah is on his way back. He also mentioned P’Tharn has gotten security to drag the guy away. 


Zon stares at it for a few moments before he snaps out of it with a neutral expression, something he does to mask his true feelings and also embarrassed that Tine is actually there to see it. 


“I supposed there is an explanation in there.” he says softly.


His mind understands it’s just a fan but his heart hurts to witness Saifah being treated like that, as if people didn’t know that Saifah is already taken and they still attempted to do this shitty stuff. He’s more angry at the disrespectful people more than Saifah because it’s obvious it wasn’t his fault at all. 


People don’t respect the fact that Saifah already has an omega. 


And no text from Saifah himself? 


He looks up again frm his phone and Tine is has changed to sitting closely beside Zon, probably to comfort him and Zon can’t bear that look of sympathy on his face.


“I’m okay, Tine, don’t worry. I am more angry at these people than at Sai. Let’s not spoil the atmosphere, everybody is here to have a good time. I’m sure he will text me later at night. Don’t tell them, please.” he begged Tine because the last thing he wanted is more attention from others .


“Ok, if you say so, we can talk about it later. Wat says they had drinks prior to that performance so now he and P’Fight are personally sending Saifah home because he’s a little tipsy so I think he will text you? He’s okay, he’s probably shocked by it.” 


They didn’t get to discuss it any further because everybody came back to the gazebo and the BBQ started in full swing. The chatter and drinks did a good job to distract him from his thoughts and Zon found himself starting to calm down.


He switches off his phone and puts it away. 


Sometime later at night when everybody had retired to their respective rooms, Tine kept his word and didn’t mention anything in front of others. He was just about to go sit by the pool by himself and to call Saifah when he notices Tutor walking up to him, with two mugs. 


“I thought I saw you out here. Wanted to check in with you, P’Fight told me what happened at the pub.” Zon accepts the mug from him. It’s cup of lavender tea and the scent of it, calmed his nerves a little. 


“ I was just about to call Sai,wanted to see if he’s okay.” he replied softly, taking a sip of the tea. 


Tutor regarded him with a searching look. 

“He’s alright, safe at home, Zon. From what I heard, P’Fight and Sarawat took care of him and brought him back because his dorm is the nearest. P'Fight also said he froze like a statue when it happened. “ 


Zon shakes his head.


“I wasn’t mad at him. Mostly those people…”


He typed out a message asking Saifah if it’s okay and it’s been ten minutes and he has not answered it. 


“I know how you feel, Zon. I still get girls going around P’Fight like vultures and blatantly asking him when he is going to break up with me. You know he used to date only girls before this.” Tutor shrugged. 


“ thing I learnt and also what my dear baby brother , Ai’Pete learnt the harsh way is that, you can’t stop people from doing what they want to do, you can’t stop their thoughts, you can’t stop their intention and you can’t control their actions. However, what you can control is how you react to these people. Will you allow them to control you? If their intention is to break the two of you, are you going to allow that to happen? “ 


Tutor spoke a lot of sense in those words and he feels a new resolve coming in regards to this matter. 


He’s not gonna let these people win. 


“No. I won’t allow them. I love Saifah with all my heart.” He says with conviction. 


“There you go, there’s your solution to your issue. Ok, I’ll leave you to your phone call, just don’t stay up too late, we have a nine am roll call for a full spa treatment, I think? Or is it a tour? I can’t remember andway,  P’In wants everybody to be on time.” 


He sits by the pool for a while longer, feeling clarity and rational thoughts settling in his heart before he opts to give a call this time, instead of a text. 


His guess was true, Saifah answered the phone and he recognized that sleep drowsy voice very well. 


“I love you,’ he says simply. 


There was some shuffling and some murmuring and then he hears Saifah trying to put some words together and Zon giggles because he knows the state of his sleepy boyfriend is adorable at the moment.. 


“...Zon...why are you...are you ok, is everything okay?” 


“Missed you and wanted to check in, Did you drink earlier ?” 


“Mmm, yes...P’Fight and Wat.. oh my god. “ 


Zon tensed , hearing that tone in his voice meant he must have remembered something very important. 


“There was somebody...oh my god, Zon, Somebody tried to kiss me after I played guitar with P’Tharn on stage! It was horrible and they had bad breath, I need to kiss you properly when you come back!” He made a retching voice. 


This time, Zon giggled but with tears because this is the Saifah he really, really loves. 


“Okay my poor baby. I will be back soon. “


“P’Tharn has these guards because I was too shocked to react, that’s the first time anybody tried to do that on stage in front of so many people! And everybody was staring!” 


He listens to Saifah chatter on for a few more minutes and then tell hiim to go back to sleep, promising to call back again in the morning. 

Chapter Text



Intouch wishes he isn’t the understanding, mature type of boyfriend despite how he dresses and presents himself at times. 


On the outside, he seemed bratty, high-maintenance, superficial but on the inside and not many people do, he actually cares a lot about a lot of things. 


Like this trip for example, he knows there are many times Korn is very near to wrenching it out of his hands and getting someone else to organise it because of the amount of stress he puts himself through it. 


He wants everybody to enjoy it, to have a good time and a good experience for everybody. He knows some are having issues and wanted to use this gateway as a source of some respite from certain stuff. 


Most of all, he loves being around his favorite people, those who understand him, people like Pharm, Pete, Tutor and Type, he craves that camaraderie because being around alphas most of the times is stifling. 


There’s alphas in school, Korn’s men around them are alphas and all of Korn’s brothers and cousins are all alphas. 


He loves Korn a lot, Korn is his life and Intouch reckons he can’t live without him and would do anything. But it is his father , his family members that caused Intouch plenty of dramas, them being very traditional and conservative and disapproving that Intouch is a MALE omega and not a female omega who can’t provide the next Ariyasakul heir. 


Korn never cared about what his father or the other family members said. He’s always protected and defended Intouch against them and was fierce enough until the incident happened to Intouch and they saw how Korn reacted so they softened their stance. 


Korn’s brother has always been nice and cordial although the other elderly still side-eyes him. 


“I have reserved that villa for the trip, booked a table, reserved the pool and the spa treatments. Tin says he will take care of the transportation to and fro the resort so  please don’t worry too much, love.” Korn says when Intouch reaches home to their condo after coming home that night. 


Intouch mentally goes through the list in his head. That checks off most of the list and then goes to Korn with a smile and wraps both his arms around Korn’s neck. 


Korn absolutely loves it when he does that especially when he has to bend down to kiss Intouch. 


“Thank you so much for your help. You are the best alpha boyfriend.  Now all I need to do is to work out their rooms, car arrangements and other things ,” Korn groans and wraps Intouch tighter in his arms.


“But you were such a great help and I appreciate it.” he grins and reaches up on his tiptoe to press a kiss. 


In between school assignments, projects and year end exams, time went by very fast and soon it was the night before they were supposed to leave and everybody was meeting at Tutor’s condo because it was the nearest to the highway. However a few days before, Intouch knew it was too good to be true for Korn to be this relaxed about Intouch going there without any security details. 


“ I want to assign some men,” Korn started but Intouch will not hear any of it. 


“No. I do not want them to be scared by a couple of men in suits following a group of unmated omegas on a trip. How do you think they will feel?” 


“And did you think about how I feel letting you go unprotected after what happened? “ 


“It’s your resort, P’Korn. There is security all around, what can go wrong? You are being unreasonable.” 


Korn kept his silence, his focus on somewhere between his hands on his lap and the floor and it was too long that Intouch couldn’t stand it. 


“You don’t trust me to take care of myself. You think I’m weak.” 


“You know I don’t think like that.” 


“P’Korn , you look down on me. I took myself out of that situation on my own, I …”


“You wouldn't be in the first place if I had vetted my men more carefully. It was all my fault I was too trusting!” 


Intouch realised he still blames himself for it and feels surprised when he feels the tremble when he touches Korn’s shoulder. 


“I can’t...I can’t lose you, In. You mean too much to me, If anything else…” 


It breaks his heart when he catches sight of trembling chin and watery eyes before Korn turns away, unable to meet Intouch’s eye. 


He realised this is a lot more serious than he thought it was, perhaps they need to go for some therapy in order for Korn to get over his trauma. 


“P’Korn, look at me. “ He forces the alpha to turn to look at him, feeling more determined than ever that they will get through this stronger than ever and they will seek the help that they need.


“I am fine, I am here in front of you and I am safe and I will be safe surrounded by people. Please trust me. “


Korn pulls Intouch into his chest, wrapping a strong arm around his shoulder and bringing him in. 


“Okay. I trust you.”  he says.  


The day came and went, Intouch promised to give updates and pictures whenever he can and Korn promised to take a step back and allow Intouch the space that he craves. 


It was all good until in the middle of the BBQ dinner they were having by the seaside that Intouch gets a text message from Korn that he will be arriving soon in the nearby town for some matters to attend to but won’t be disrupting Intouch at the resort, some matters his father needed him to attend to he says and not to worry. 


Immediately, Intouch felt worried because the rest had talked about exploring the nearby nightlife and he didn’t really inform Korn that they would be going out of the resort. 

He didn’t want to dampen their plans so he just asked for some transportation arrangements at the concierge before he sat down for the BBQ dinner. 


It is a really beautiful set-up that the staff did, fairy lights all around, comfortable seating for everybody and plenty of meat and seafood dishes but Korn’s messages weighed heavily on his mind. 


It isn’t a simple errand if Korn himself had to actually drive two hours out to simply “handle” it. 


Surely it is something of significance so Intouch is on alert. 


“ Are you okay, In? You look distracted.” 


Pharm says he sits beside him on the lounge chairs and Pete sits on the other side. 


Intouch shakes his head, his eyes still on the phone in his hand. 


“No, I’m okay,” he says, managing a smile. 


“ Ready for tonight? I arranged with the resort for a minibus to send us there, I think there’s several clubs and pubs there we can go.” 


He watches Pharm giggle, obviously from the cocktails he’s been drinking all night and it’s really adorable to see him smiling and laughing with the others last night. 


It’s nearly ten and it took twenty minutes to reach the club that they wanted to. 


The venue is quite big and there’s plenty of security bouncers at the door so Intouch feels safe with them around. They manage to find tables and Intouch decides he needs to text Korn of his whereabouts .


The first text back from Korn certainly makes him believe something isn’t right. The fact that Korn quickly asked which club was it and to stay wherever he is without any other questions. 


He didn’t want to alert the others that something could be wrong so he made sure to give out the drinks as they arrived and busied himself with ordering more until he felt Korn’s presence behind him. 


Seeing Korn somehow feels like a mixture of relief and confusion. 


Relief because if there is anything that could bother him, Korn would be here and confusion as to what could bring him all the way here. 


Korn smiles all around and the rest of the omegas swoon because he does that single eyebrow lift and Pharm starts giggling. Intouch wrapped his arms around his waist and pressed his face in Korn’s chest, getting a lungful of his alpha scent. 


“I’m sorry if I disturb your plans, I just wanted to surprise In, I was in the area.” he explained and gestured for the waiter to come over, “ Next round will be on me.” he said, handing the waiter his credit card with a completely charming smile. 


He reached down to whisper directly into Intouch ear. 


“Sorry if I frightened you. I kind of missed you but I can’t stay long. “ 


All the stress and the anxiety that he’s been feeling since earlier that evening quickly disappeared and he feels a huge chunk of weight lifted off him. 


He walks Korn out to his car, cuddles and kisses against the car for a while. 


Intouch is suddenly giddy with happiness somehow. It could be the drinks or it could be the relief that everything is fine.


“You should get back to your friends.” Korn murmurs but still not letting go of his omega. “You look good today”, referring to his silver shiny bomber jacket, tight black jeans and black shirt inside accentuated by a red leather belt.


“I always look good. “ he insisted and Korn dips his head to kiss him. 


“I love you so much. See you when you get back.” He frames Intouch's face in his, rubbing their noses together before he pulls away to climb into the waiting black Mercedes. 


By the time he gets back, there is some sort of a commotion around his table where a couple of strange alphas are standing around and it makes him feel nervous to see that, especially if it’s a table of unmated omegas. 


He sees Tutor and Type at the front of the table, engaged in a staring match with one of an alpha and also Can standing behind him, as if he’s being shielded by Type and then there is Pete, holding onto Can’s arm, almost cradling it.


Is somebody hurt? Korn shouldn’t have gone too far if he were to call him back...he pushed his way through the crowd and laid a hand on the nearest whoever he could reach out , it’s Tine and Zon. 


“Some alpha wanted to buy Can a drink and he declined and now they are acting like a bunch of jerks, of course P’Type got angry and Tor almost got into a fight with them because of one of them got rough with Pete when he tried to help Can.”


He looks around the group, all seemed relatively safe and unharmed, and Team is holding a very tipsy Pharm up. 


“Of all the ones they choose to harass, it’s the one with the most protective and rich alpha and if he knows about this, you will dig your own holes to be dead in. ” InTouch mutters under his breath, referring to Tin and looks around for a staff and signalled for help. 


He’s seen the way Tin protects Can and it is almost on par with his P’Korn. 


He needs to de-escalate this before it gets too troublesome, also already prepared for a back-up plan if the staff bouncer is unable to make a couple of these alphas cool down, he’s ready to call back Korn to manage this. 


P’Type is pretty fierce and Intouch somehow isn’t too worried as he is a mated omega but he worries for the way Tutor is about to jump over and starts fist flying. 


“I need help, these alphas are harassing my friends.” He said to one of the bouncers coming through Intouch counted at least four of them and tried to remember their faces.


The bouncer turns to look at Intouch and he wrinkles his nose at the musky alpha scent coming from the bouncer.


“Are you related to the Ariyasakul boss?” 




He isn’t sure what to answer because what would happen if he did, would he risk exposing his identity. 


The bouncer sensed his hesitation. 


“Our bar is an omega-friendly bar and we take omega’s safety very seriously and it’s all under the management of the Ariyasakul Boss and I have seen you with him. Can i  assume that you are related to him? ”


He makes a decision in a split second but has his phone ready in his hands , just in case. 


“ I am Korn Ariyasakul’s omega.”  


That statement sent shivers throughout his whole body because in actual fact, he’s never really proclaimed that publicly in front of so many people, even if he’s out and about with Korn openly he’s never made that kind of declaration, with Korn’s full name. 


The rest of the group were gaping at him. Intouch gestures to them, 




The bouncer simply nods. 




The alphas didn't just get escorted, instead they got hauled by their necks and being brought all the way to the back of the club, through some dark curtains covering the back. 


“Is everybody okay? Ai’Pete , are you okay?” Intouch reach for him , to see if there are any injuries or marks but gets a whiff of the alphas that tried to grab Pete instead. 


Pete is understandably upset and Tutor starts doing the same thiing, scanning his baby brother all around.


“Did he hurt you? You better tell me properly, I can’t answer to Ae if anything happens, “ He turned to Can, with the same urgency, “ Ai’Can, what about you?” 


These alphas really picked the wrong group of omegas to mess with, Intouch sighed deeply as everybody seemed to relax back into the seats. 


“It’s nothing really, In. I told him politely that I wasn’t interested , I was just coming back from the bathroom and Pete saw what the alpha was doing and wanted to help me , I guess the alpha thinks it’s a buy one get one package, that’s where P’Type jumped in but I’m glad you came in fast, In, P’Type has a temper!” 


Can whine when Intouch asks him to explain the situation that has just happened. 


“I don’t have a temper, Ai’Can. I just have a lot of experience dealing with assholes like them. One of them is my husband who growls at everry other alphas who even glances briefly in my direction. I think you were too polite , replying to them like that.” Type replies, amused .  

Intouch’s phone goes off then. 


A text message from Korn. 


Is everything okay? I got a phone call. Should I come back or inform Tin?- P’Korn


“Oh no, no everything’s okay, we got it under control, the staff here helped to bring the assholes away. P’Korn, don’t do anything else, we are all fine here.” - In


He hopes Korn listens to him and he would hate for him or Tin to come here  after hearing what happened. And if it involves Pete , it will involve Tutor, Ae and P’Fight as well. 


What a mess. 


Type turns to Intouch with a proud smile and beamed at him.


“Korn Ariyasakul’s omega, huh? Wow, you are really bold.” 


Intouch ducks his head, feeling shy suddenly. 


It is a big deal for an omega to declare that publicly without being husbands. He’s basically announcing he is off the market and belongs to an alpha but in Intouch case, it can be a double-edged sword, it could make him an even bigger target for enemies of the Ariyasakul family. 


He remembers his conversation with Team that morning and brightens up. 


He has a mission to complete. 

Chapter Text




“Here you go, Tine, your drink,” Zon says as he passes Tine a drink, a drink with some sort of a sugar crystals encrusted rim with a piece of pineapple and it looks almost like an ice-cream dessert. In front of him were different types, all in different colours and different glasses.


He takes a big sip and winces when the alcohol hits.


He looks up and sees Zon doing the same thing and then there’s Team on the other side, refilling Pharm’s glass and encouraging him even more. They must be up to something, from the way Pharm seems to be having more and more fun as the drinks kept pouring in. 


The event earlier had placed a little downer on the fun night out but that’s to be expected when you have a large group of omegas having a night out , which is bound to attract some attention. 


But they are lucky the staff are attentive and notice the alphas harassing them, even if it’s a little too late. 


Actually, Tine was the first to notice one of the alpha approaching Can from the bar. He quickly nudges Pete, who immediately gets up to get Can and by now, Tine can see the alpha is holding onto Can’s wrist. 


Tine can imagine how horrible that must be, the alpha is big and burly and to have a strange alpha’s hands on you without your permission is a violation. 


And then it all escalated from there. 


Pete is different from Tutor, he’s a lot more gentle and shy but somehow just as fierce in protecting his friends. Another alpha grabs Pete’s arm and that is when Tutor loses his temper. 


“Get your hands away from him,” he snarled , fists clenched by his side and already in the alpha’s face. 


The alpha smirked at him. 


“An omega like you thinking he can tell me what to do? Go back to your seat. We want these two.” 


Tine looks around for Intouch, wondering if he is coming back and perhaps gets his alpha to step in and manage this mess before it gets out of hand but at the same time, Tine is prepared to jump in should anybody start fighting. 

To his shock, Tutor pushes the alpha until he stumbles back and the alpha roars back, pushing Tutor back again. 


This time, Type steps in. 


Tine has always heard from others that nobody dares to mess with Type when he’s mad and now he’s witnessed it himself. 


“Step the fuck away now.” 


Beside him, Pete takes the chance to pull Can away and brings him behind Tutor and Type. 


From the way, both Tutor and Type are prepared to confront the alphas, Tine is really worried about people getting hurt, somebody touches his arm and he sees that  Intouch is back. 


“These alphas they harassed Can and Pete and now Tutor and P’Type is about to fight. In, do something.” 


One of the alpha, the one who grabbed Can, actually started  pushing their way closer and then the staff stepped in. Tine grabbed Zon beside him and heaved a sigh of relief. While he is ready to defend his friends, getting into a fistfight with alphas is something he knows will certainly make Wat not allow him to join for future trips.


He feels Zon clutching him back, he’s probably feeling the same thing as well. But Tine’s glad they are holding onto each other, he knows his knees might weaken if Intouch didn’t come back in time. 


He wondered how it would be if Intouch didn’t have connections, he still doesn't know what kind of work Intouch’s alpha does but from the way he is addressed , Tine gathers it must be somebody who has control of the club and its staff.  


He and Zon looked at each other the moment Intouch declared himself to belong to Korn Ariyasakul. For an omega , that is almost as sort of a marriage proposal. 


Somehow it set him thinking if he could ever have enough courage to do the same and says he belongs to Sarawat Guntithanon proudly. 


But the thought is enough to make him light headed and giddy because he’s just stupid in love with his alpha. Even with all his insecure and low self-esteem on his part, he is very sure of his feelings for Sarawat. 


Everybody settles down again and soon they are back into their haing fun mindset because Pharm started twerking on the dance floor, and of course Team accompanied him while Tutor pulled Pete, Tine and Zon to join them. 

He wasn’t really dancing, just lost in the feeling and buzzing from the music and there’s Zon in front of him, doing the same. 


Are you okay? He mouthed to Zon because the music was loud and he didn’t want to shout so Zon shot him two thumbs up with a dimpled smile. Pete is swaying with Tutor and Tine notices Tutor softly rubbing Pete’s arm from where the alpha had grabbed him earlier. 


Tine vaguely hears Tutor asking Pete the same thing when he moves closer because of the crowd on the dance floor. 


“I’m fine, he didn’t do much.”


“Do you need to call Ae?”


Pete pouts and shakes his head. 


“He might come here straight away, It’s nothing Tor. I’m okay. It was scary but I’m okay.’


After that, Tine couldn’t hear anything else because it gets more crowded and rowdier so Tine settles for leaning against Zon for balance. 


Pharm is still dancing up a storm and Team tries his best to keep him from slapping anybody else in the face with his flailing hands. Intouch comes up with his phone, recording Pharm as he laughs. 


“P’Dean needs to see this!” 


Another round of drinks , followed by more drunken dancing and confessions, it’s almost close to two in the morning that Intouch decides to round up everybody for the trip home. 


Tine volunteers to help carry Pharm out of the club and into their waiting transportation, seeing that Tutor himself is supporting Pete and Team is wobbly on his feet. 


He makes sure Zon gets cleaned up and into bed and Tutor comes back from helping his brother to his room, a little buzzed but sober enough to carry out a conversation. 


“Is Pete okay?” 


He asks after they have settled down in bed and Tine is patting his night serum into his skin. 


“Yes, Can helped him and he should be sleeping now. “ 


“You are so close to your brother and I’m envious. All my brother did is to scold me if I did something stupid.” he complained. 

“Yeah, we are close. That’s why I almost lost it when I saw what that alpha was doing to Pete but I can’t compare to Ae, he is super protective of Pete, probably because of the bullies in the past. ” he sighed and rubbed his hair with a towel,


“P’Fight is just as protective, he wouldn’t jump into a fight head first like me, he would make sure that he thoroughly intimidates the other guy, make sure I’m a safe distance away and then throw a few punches. “


Tutor hands the towel that he was using on a chair and sits cross-legged on the bed beside Tine. Zon beside them, is snoring away. 


“ What would Sarawat do in this situation? He’s always so chilled and relaxed , except that time you fainted and he almost tore apart P’Mill for unbuttoning your shirt.” 


Tine thinks for a while and then realises so far he’s never been in that kind of situation, persistent admirers yes, like Green but never the way he’s being grabbed to the point of being violated like that.  


“I imagine he would be staring the alpha down before he dared to take a second glance at me. He’s possessive like that but more chilled and less hot-headed.” 


Tutor coos at him.


“Ah, so he's a really relaxed kind of guy. P’Fight is forever taking off his shirt and puffing his chest at any other nearby alphas, sometimes it’s really funny. Remember how he was yesterday when he sent us off? Yes, he’s exactly  like that.” 


“Is it because he is insecure or is it just an alpha thing? I don’t think I have ever seen Wat doing that. “


Tutor frowns as he rested his chin on his hand , thinking for a bit. 


“Insecure? I’m his first , I should feel more insecure but he’s never made me feel like that. He’s not really my first and I have dated around before unlike him and it's like tunnel vision, I don’t even see him checking out other omegas. “ 


“I guess you are lucky like that.” Tine replies, his mind replaying all that has transpired, Wat’s first love coming back , him being away from Tine for days at end and school just being too hectic to spend any quality time together. 


He thinks that this trip away from Sarawat is something that he needs to step back and evaluate their relationship. He does not really know what Sarawat thinks at times and Tine has difficulty to actually talk about his own feelings. 


It’s his first time dating a man and he has no idea whatsoever. 


“ You have an introvert and an extrovert dating. One has experience in dating girls but not men. One has no experience at all. I can’t even imagine how it is for you, Tine. Is everything okay with you and Wat?” 


Tine brings his knees up to his chest and curls into a ball.


“What’s wrong? You look like you are about to cry.” 


And when he did, Tutor couldn’t help staring thinking about if there is an award for the prettiest crying omega, Tine would surely win top awards. 


There is just something daintly and pretty about the way his nose turns red with his chin wobbling a little. 


Tutor thinks Pete had definitely met his match for looking pretty even when crying and Pete crying has the power to make Ae wanna move mountains and rivers for him, Tutor is long gone soft and even Fighter isn’t spared. He briefly recalls Fighter about to confront Ae one time because he thought Ae made Pete cry when it was just a kdrama that he’s watching on his phone. 


“Tell me.” Tutor says, scooting closer. 


Tine sniffed a little. 


“I miss Wat. He’s out of town and I barely get to talk to him and…”


“But he sent you off yesterday!” 


Tine looks at him, all pouty and again with the chin wobbling, almost about to dissolve into tears again. 


“ Maybe I’m too clingy. I hate it when I’m like this but there's this girl and I…”


“Ah, there is another involved here?” 


Tine nods and moves his legs to sit cross-legged, facing Tutor. 


“I know I should trust him and I do. I trust him, even if he has to go out of town for weekends and we barely get time together like other couples. But she is his first love, a friend from high school and she comes back…” 


It is obvious Tine is feeling insecure about the relationship. Tutor wonders what else could be stopping Tine from discussing his true feelings to his alpha. 


“What if they spend time together and then Wat realises that maybe a female is better for him, after all? I mean, being able to have his own children in the future? It is so much easier.Sometimes it feels difficult to talk to him. ”


“But you don’t get to decide that for him, Tine. That is his own decision and he chose you. And he’s stupid in love with you? Read me the last text he sent you and when did he send it.” 


Tine frowns and scrolls through the phone, grinning softly. 


“This evening, just as he was about to go to sleep and we were leaving for the club.” he says , showing it to Tutor,rather shyly. 


So it’s a selfie of Sarawat in bed, surrounded by his papers, laptop , books and looking very busy at work with the captions consisting of hearts in every colour of the rainbow and proclamations of love for Tine. 


“So , what set off this clingy mood? He’s doing his work and then about to sleep  and you…” 


Tine takes the phone and begins scrolling before giving it back to Tutor. 


“That guitar, she’s learning chords from him and that guitar is the one reserved for me , the one that he gave it to me to practice and now he’s lent it to her! I thought that the guitar was sacred.“  He grumbles. 


“Tine, she borrows your guitar but Sarawat has you in his heart. “ Tutor snickers.


“Anyway, did you ask him about it..wait, when is your next heat?” 


Tine side-eyes him and wrinkles his nose.


“Eh, it’s kind of private and... Oh .” 


Tutor nods at him, suddenly feeling wise beyond his years. 


“ I know I get so clingy and moody and if my bubble tea don’t taste right , I will demand for P’Fight to get a new one for me but anyway,” he reach over to pat Tine’s arm assuringly,


” It’s good to talk to Sarawat about this, also not everybody gets a song dedicated to them in front of the whole school, with an opening speech and an instagram with thousands of followers posting only your pictures and your couple pictures only and forgets about his own leg injury because he saw you fainting at the sidelines…”


“Ok, got it, Tor !” He laughs and wipes his eyes with the palm of his hand. 


“How do you still look good while crying? I know I look like a drowned rat with snot running down my nose the last time I got angry with P’Fight and I wasn’t even emotional because of heat.” 


Tine is thoughtful for a while. 


“You are right. I need to talk about this to him. I can’t go off imagining things and making myself upset. But he’s just so cool and good-looking and he plays the guitar so well and sings so well…” he trails, a note of wistfulness in his voice. 


“You don’t have to show off your boyfriend, okay? We get it. But you are campus cheerleader, Tine. Everybody knows you and wants to take pictures with you. Did it occur to you that he might be feeling the same way? I mean, just look at what he did while P'Mill was trying to go after you, he shoved the guy into a wall.” 


Tine giggles and feels lighter , having someone with a fresh perspective helps a lot and he’s glad he made the decision to go with everybody. 


Both their phones went off at the same time and Tine almost threw it across the room. 


It’s a video from an unlisted number , sent to the group chat and it’s a clip of Tin having sex with a man who isn’t Can. 



Chapter Text



Something was just telling him that one of them should go with Can when he wanted to go off to the bathroom by himself but decided against it. It was a hunch, something he had, something that would sort of alert him that something could go wrong if he didn’t act upon it. Most times he does but sometimes, like now, he decided against his motherhen instinct. 


But he keeps a close watch anyway.


The club is really very sophisticated and elegant, he hasn’t been to much ever since the wedding and work has been super hectic, Tharn and him seldom take time off to go and enjoy places like this. 


He used to, when Tharn was still playing in clubs and pubs, not much for the money but more for practice until the omegas start getting too close for liking and then when omega women started showing interest, Type draws the line because he knows how much Tharn wouldn’t be able to reject them outright just like little miss nana last time. 


He’s too much of a gentleman to reject anybody bluntly unless they have disrespected him or Type directly. 


And he got a job offer at a music production firm that offers good money, so that’s the end of his band days. 


Maybe he could come back here with Tharn again next time. 


He takes a sip of his concoction  , he recognises there’s some sort of carbonated drink and strong alcohol in it and places it down on the table. Beside him, Pete is wincing and grimacing because he isn’t much of a drinker. 


“Maybe take the one with more juice in it, Ai’Pete. It won’t taste too strong, You don’t drink much?”


Pete shrugged and winced, his face screwing up in disgust. 


“You are right, P’Type. Ae and I, we don’t drink much , ah, I’ll get the ones with the pineapple wedge in it.” he giggles. 


He notices Tine, who is sitting at the other side of Pete looking towards the bar and he can’t help looking too because that hunch is terribly strong and he is right. 


There is an alpha, the strong burly type but with slicked back hair, shirt two sizes smaller, pants too tight too short that ended at his ankle and way bigger build than Can. 


He had grabbed Can from the back and then pulled the omega back by his hand.


Type is ready to act. He watches for a few moments, wanting to see if Can is able to hold his own and to see if the alpha is just super friendly and handsy. 


He is just about to stand up when Pete, rushed forward to pull Can away from the alpha.


Despite his gentle and meek nature, Type is surprised at how he doesn’t flinch when the alpha grabs him as well and then hell breaks loose in the form of Tutor, who upon seeing his baby brother being manhandled, quickly acts upon it, pushing the alpha away. 


When the alpha rears back to push Tutor, Type needs to act. No rational , respectable alpha behaves like this, he must be drunk. 


He’s glad Tharn insists on dragging him along for boxing lessons every friday and sunday mornings. He used to question because his excuse was “You are gonna flare your nostrils at any dude who breaths in my direction and when will I ever be in a situation when I drinking alone in a bar, make it make sense, Tharn,” 


“Step the fuck away.” he snarled, ready to attack. He knows Tutor is poised for a fist fight frim the way his fists curled tightly by his side and  it is no use to stop him because he knows that Tutor has always been very protective of his baby brother. 


He’s vaguely aware of Pete pulling Can away from the situation. He quickly turns to them, making sure they get back to the group and snaps with a quick warning, “Get back and stay away.” 


He mentally apologises to Tharn for getting into a brawl and hopes it wouldn’t end too badly and also hoping that somebody could see the situation and perhaps call for the security. 


His prayers were answered and it came in the form of several security in black pulling the alpha and his friends away and he saw Intouch standing beside Tine, finally back from sending his alpha away. 


They are lucky, he would hate for the nice evening to end in an ugly way, especially for Tine and Zon, whose first time to join their gateway would be marred by these kinds of incidents. 


He pulls Tutor away back to their table. 


He wonders briefly about Korn and his work, because at the mention of his name is enough to wield power over the security and the way Intouch openly declared himself to belong to Korn. 


He shot two thumbs up to Intouch to compliment him on his boldness and he who blushed hotly in return.


“Tor, calm down please, you are scaring your brother,” Type says , gesturing towards Pete who is looking tense , his back straight and looking back at Tutor. It has some effect because Tutor immediately reaches over to take his brother’s hand and whispers something into his ear. 


He watches Tutor bring Pete to the dance floor , along with Tine and Zon, leaving him with Can who looks a little pale and Intouch asking him questions while scrolling through his phone. 


“How are you feeling, Ai’Can?”


When Can looks at him all wide-eyed, Type feels very protective because he knows that look. 


It’s when an alpha thinks they can be violent towards an omega just because it’s their status quo. It’s also the look of somebody who is still terrified because they were almost assaulted. 


There is no way Can can keep this incident to himself and not tell his alpha. 


“ Still a little shocked, maybe I need to drink something to calm myself but P’Type, I’m fine, really. “


Type didn’t push because he knew Can needed some space but he stayed close anyway and watched over the rest of the group’s drinks on the table. It felt good to just sit back and finally relax as he sees the security are staying close near their table and paying extra attention. 


He wondered how Tharn would have reacted in this situation. 


Theyn have moved past the irrational jealousy but with Tharn, he notices the occasional side-glances when some stranger goes near Type or a tight possessive arm out of the blue but it’s kind of cute so Type didn’t mind it much. 


Pharm and Team’s antics on the dance floor attracted his attention and he couldn't help laughing because it seemed almost disconcerting to see the usually adorable shy Pharm dancing up a storm.


Even Can beside him seemed visibly relaxed from the earlier incident. 


Intouch leaned in , nuzzling against Can with his big , doe eyes and Type softens at the typical soft omega trait, something which Type admits, he does lack. He’s all rough, sharp edges , the total opposite of Intouch. 


He catches snippets of their conversation and moves in closer to them just to make sure everything is okay. 


“Can, is everything okay with you?”


“I”m okay, In. Damn stupid alphas didn’t get to do much but...I would have to tell Tin, I think he’s left a mark.” 


The lighting there was dim and low so Type didn’t get to see properly if there were any bruises. The anger at the alphas returned slightly and Type caught hold of Can’s hand , rubbing it softly. 


“ You must be terrified. I saw what happened. I should have acted faster but I wanted to see if you could manage it or he was just friendly. I mean, back in the days, the old, hot-tempered me would have thrown beer bottles first and asked questions later but I learnt about patience when I got ordained.” 


Both Intouch and Can giggled at his admission. 


“Yes, you were famous on campus, P’Type. Did you really punch that senior for kissing P’Tharn?” 


“I didn’t punch P’San, I punched P’Tharn for letting himself get kissed but please don’t learn this from me. Don’t go around punching alphas, okay? ” he corrects them.


Intouch gets distracted then by Pharm and whips out his phone with a devilish smile. 


“Can, if your hand bothers you, I think I brought along some painkillers, courtesy of my overprotective husband. “ 


Can sighs happily and cuddles right into his side.


Finally, Intouch rounds up everybody to go back to the hotel. Type helping Pharm to climb onto Tine’s back, making sure he’s holding on properly before walking to the bus before  grabbing the room keys from Can when Pete is being supported by him and Tutor. 


He isn’t that exhausted, just a little buzzed and somehow missing Tharn and wanting to listen to his voice before he falls asleep. He curses and stares at the door with a glare with the ferocity of as if watching somebody trying to flirt with Tharn, nearly kicks it down until he hears Can laughing behind him. 


“You need to insert it into the  door and not just tap it!” 


He watches Tutor fuss around his brother , chiding him for drinking and Pete denying he’s drunk and this goes on until Can steps in and chases Tutor away. 

“He will be fine, “ he hears Can say to Tutor at the door. “I’ll make sure he has his phone, water and painkillers and changes before he sleeps. Tor, he isn’t that drunk but yes I’ll even sit in the bathroom while he cleans up!” 


Type takes a quick shower to wash off the grime and alcohol smell, brushes his teeth and is about to take up his phone and call his husband when Can goes to check up on him. 


He remembers Can’s hand earlier and since there’s ample lighting now, he could see for himself if the alphas made any marks on Can’s wrist. 


“Here,” he says, gently grabs hold of Can’s elbow before he moves away to inspect his wrist,” I have a feeling there might be slight bruises earlier, can I apply something on it for you?” 


There is an unfocused , glazed over look in his eyes, as if distracted and it instantly made Type worry that something else is going on because he wasn’t like this in the club. 


“No, I’’s okay.” he says, pulling his hand away, “Go and rest P’Type, I’ll go and sleep in a few minutes.” 


All the earlier thoughts of wanting to call Tharn have disappeared and he glances at Pete, who is staring at Can in the same way. 


He raises a brow when Pete meets his eyes and he turns back to see Can sitting at one of the bay windows where the moonlight filters in, clutching his phone in his hand. 


There is a frown in between his eyebrow, his shoulders hunched and eyes focused on his phone. 


After awhile, he hears Can calls for Pete and then him, he quickly sits up. 


“Can. What is it? Tell us? I know something is wrong.” 


He goes up to stand behind Pete and his eyes zeroed in on the clip playing on the phone and curses out loud in shock. 


It is a clip of Tin having sex with somebody that isn’t Can. 


What is happening?


This isn’t something Can should be handling by himself and if it’s like what Pete mentioned, if it was taken when they were in school abroad and Tin was underaged then it is a crime.


He tries to offer some comfort but jumps when their phones go off at the same time. Type quickly retrieves it and sees an unlisted number sent a vidoe to their group chat. 

“Can, I think they sent it to...oh my god.”


It is sent to everybody in the group, everybody and their alphas who were on their trip. Type feels horror and sadness for Can, this is something he is sure Can wanted to be kept private and if they had sent it to Can’s family as well, Type could only imagine the consequences. 


It happened so fast. 


One moment, they are staring at the phones in horror and the next thing, Can is running out of the room, his phone discarded on the floor. 


There isn’t a moment to waste, Can is one of the fastest runners on their soccer teams and they need to catch up with him. 


Without thinking much, both him and Pete did the same , only managing to slip on their sneakers before following him. 


He is really fast, Pete and him were panting by the time they reached the security gate where they spotted Can sitting on the floor near the gate , too shell shocked to answer anything the security was asking him. 


Type quickly grabs his elbow, mindful of his wrist before he can run away again.


“You should go back first. I want to take a walk.” he says simply , not looking at Type or Pete in the eye. 


“We’ll take the walk with you.” Type answers him. 


It was a long and silent walk through a long and winding road, overlooking the sea and several villages. Type realises belatedly that he didn’t bring his phone and neither did Pete and he can see Pete starting to panic with the way he keeps looking around them. 


Type can’t blame him, it’s still dark, sunrise is a couple of hours away, it was almost four when they settled down in bed and being in a strange environment for a city boy like Pete can be terrifying. 


He catches Pete’s elbow to bring him closer to assure him while taking note of their environment, a turnstile at one junction, a seafood signboard , a few rusty bicycles parked besides a red trash can and finally Type mentally estimated to be at least an hour and a half before Can veers off towards the seaside where there is a wooden hut and an an overturned boat. 


The sky is gradually getting brighter and it is really a beautiful place to sit in if it wasn’t for the current chaotic situation on hand. 

Being brought up in a coastal town, Type feels absolutely at home and it reminds him of his father’s coastal resort in his hometown. 


“Can, let's sit down. Take a rest.” Type persuades him gently and  brings him to sit on the overturned boat. 


Pete looks less stressed, probably because not everything is dark as they have left and the tranquility of the beach has a calming effect. 


And Can just dissolves into sobbing tears. 


Type pulls him close, running his hands through his hair and rubbing his shoulders, to calm him down and  bring him to the present instead of being too lost in his emotions. 


He’s going to run , he won’t be the same, we worked so hard together, I threw away my bad habits for him, I just wanted him to be happy after all the shitty things he went through…


Can is just blubbering through his tears right now , shoulders shaking with the intensity of his tears and Type realises something is wrong when Pete starts gesturing towards Can’s chest.


“P’Type, I think he can’t breathe properly!” 


Type looks down, forces Can’s face away from his shoulder and true enough, he can see Can hyperventilating, buckets of sweat literally pouring off him, the unfocused look in his eyes and him clutching his chest, crying harder as well. 


He kneels on the sand, peers into Can’s eyes until he manages to establish eye-contact. 


“Fucking look at me! Can, do this! You have to do it yourself!” 


Instead, Can just started to hyperventilate faster and when he started to turn pale, that is when Type started to panic. They don’t have phones on them and he doesn’t know where the nearest clinic is and suddenly forgets all of the medical training that he has done. 


Pete is crying and trying to grab hold of Can’s hand and Type takes in a deep breath. 


What did Tharn ever tell him in these situations?


He can hear Tharn’s voice in his head.


What can you see? What can you smell? What can you feel? Who is in front of you? 


Type, take a few seconds to breathe. 


Type, I’m here with you, I’m beside you. I’m always beside you.


Tharn’s face flashed in his mind and his focus became razor sharp enough that all his medical knowledge came back at lightning speed. 


Can, look at me. Listen to me. You have to slow down your breathing. Look at me. 


Focus on me. Can you see me? Everything will be easier when you breathe. 


Type counts up to at least two minutes before Can collapses into him, boneless and heavy but no more hyperventilating. He quickly wipes his tears away with the back of his hands before wrapping his arms tight around Can’s body. 


Pete does the same, crying and hicupping as he wraps his arms around the two of them. Type releases an arm to bring Pete into the embrace, knowing that Pete needs the assurance too, especially after witnessing Can’s break down and unable to do anything but watch on helplessly. 


Can finally pulls away but keeps his gaze on Type. 


We are holding you, Can. Are you able to stop and breathe now? Are you with us?


The worst might be over but he needs to firmly pull Can back to the present so he continues speaking in soft hushed tones and sees the focus going back into Can’s eyes. 


Beside him, Pete is a mess of tears and snot which actually helped Can to focus because Pete didn’t relinquish his hold around Can. 


“Pete , why are you crying? “ he asks, Type hears the confusion in his voice and almost laughs out loud as if Can wasn’t on the brink of fainting earlier. 


There was an exchange of t-shirts sleeves to wipe snot and tears, it would have been really adorable if they were near any type of help and civilization and not in the middle of nowhere. 


It is a long walk especially because Can is still weak and a little giddy, not able to walk too fast but his life skills of remembering his environment enable them to reach the resort as he remembers the important landmarks on their way back. 


He sighed in relief as he helped Can to board the buggy car that the resort guards got for them as soon as they reached the gates. 


“ I had to inform P’Tharn, I’m sorry, P’Type.” 


Intouch apologises as soon as he brings Type to the side. He had expected it and isn’t surprised. It’s almost nine in the morning and they have been gone for a few hours without their phones. 


Type sighs deeply and sits on a nearby armchair. 


“Tor went ballistic, he thinks it was the alphas from last night and all you didn’t have your phones! I had to do something! And of all the people to go missing, it had to be Pete. “ 


Intouch hands him his phone. 


“All of us didn’t see the video until later, except for Tor and Tine. They thought it would be better to give Can some space and Tor saw Pete about to sleep before he left so he assumed Pete was safe in bed until this morning when he discovered the missing shoes and the phones on the bed.” 


Type is still paying attention to Intouch’s words as he keeps his gaze trained on Can, who is  sitting on the couch, unmoving and unfocused despite the mug of tea in his hand. He isn’t responding much to the Pharm who had just placed a plate of food in front of him. 


“And their phones go off, Ae starts asking and P’Tharn does too. P’Korn just called me that he is helping Tin to settle things before they will make their way here. Tin is worried and wanted to stop it before it gets sent to Can’s mother.” 


“So Tharn is on his way here too? “ 


“Did you think that I could convince him otherwise? “ 


Type concedes and leans back into his chair, suddenly feeling all of the exhaustion seeping into his bone. 


“No, you can’t. He don’t fuck around when it comes to me. “ 


“Exactly, “ he hears Intouch answer him. 


“Intouch,” he sits up and gestures towards Can urgently, “Can you get a doctor to look over Can? He's got a panic attack earlier, he wasn’t breathing …”




Type quickly shushed him. 


“For a few moments, he should be fine but help me get a medical doctor for him, preferably an omega because his nerves are a livewire right now, I don’t think he can manage an alpha doctor going near him right now.” 


“I’ll get them to stay around him until the doctor arrives. “


With Intouch busy , he has some moments to himself to reflect back on the events that unfolded. Beside him, Tutor is giving Pete a severe dressin down and from the looks of it, Ae is probably on his way as well. 


He switches on his phone and is attacked by a barrage of messages. 


-Are you awake, my wife? Good morning , love.” 


-Call me, please?


When his messages get more frantic, this is probably where he gets informed that Type went missing. 


-I need to know if you are okay. I’m on my way to where you are. Call me when youn see this. Please stay where you are. 


-Baby, I don’t know when you will see this but I’m so worried about you. Call me when you get back.


-How can you not take your phone with you? And after the incidents with the alphas? And you almost got into a fight? Thiwat Phawattakun, wait till I get my hands on you.


-Dean, Win and I will be driving together. Dean says he doesn't trust me to be driving alone. This is how much you affect me.


He quietly walks back to his room, closes the door and sits at the window where Can was sitting before he decided to run off. It’s time to try to soothe an angry alpha husband through a phone. 


It was barely a few seconds of dial tone before he hears Tharn’s anger practically through the phone and he whines in distress. 


“Tharn, I’m sorry..”


“I don’t want to hear your apologies.  What I want from you right now is to stay on videocall with me until I reach there physically to make sure my omega husband is safe and sound. “ 


Tharn rarely gets this angry and it’s distressing enough that he feels the tears actually starting to come through and he couldn’t keep it out of his voice when he tries to talk.


“Why are you crying? Are you hurt? Is Pharm or Team there? “ There was a murmur of voices in the background and Tharn asking questions. He must be asking either Win or Dean to contact Intouch or any one of them to make sure Type is okay. 


He couldn’t answer Tharn’s questions, he just kept crying and it turned into soft hiccups as he sank to the floor, trying to gather himself together. 


He hears Tharn talking to him and he nods in reply without thinking. 


The door opens and closes quickly , hands taking his phone away and he leans into the nearest shoulder , which is bony and small enough that he recognises as Pharm and Team on the other side. 


He hears Pharm talking to somebody on Type’s phone and he finally stops crying when Pharm switches it off and puts the phone away somewhere. 


“ I told P’Tharn that you will call him after you have showered, eaten and drank something.” 


He mumbles something and nods, keeping his face buried in Pharm’s shoulder despite his bigger size and it feels comforting. He isn’t sure he could manage it if he continues to bear the brunt of Tharn’s anger through the phone. 


Pharm tangles their hands together.  


After a few long moments and his tears have subsided, he lifts his head and finds Team plastered to his side and Pharm holding his arm in the other. Team places a bottle of sweet tea on his lap.


“Drink something. I think you need something sweet , just take a sip okay? We are staying here with you.” 


He nods , straightened out his legs to get some feeling into them, feeling cramps starting to creep in from sitting on the floor. Team stares at him until he opens the bottle to take a sip. 


“I’ll get your clothes. “ Pharm says to him. 


Team guides him to the bathroom, hands him his towel and sits outside the door.


“You don’t have to wait here,” he says exhausted but also embarrassed and foolish about his emotional outburst. 


“No I will wait here, P’Type. Just take your shower. I can talk about our morning if you need a distraction.” Team replies with a smile.


He hears all about the small kitchenette at the back of the villa which Pharm had used to prepare some light breakfast , he learnt that Pharm needs to cook to calm himself down after feeling anxious. He added Pharm feels anxious because P’Dean is coming and he has seen the dancing video of the club. At this point of time, Type can’t help smiling when the two start to bicker like two small children. 


Finally when he finishes his shower, towels off and is dressed in clean clothes, Team is still sitting on the floor while Pharm has a container of sandwiches by the bedside table. 


“Just a few small bites? And then you can talk to P’Tharn if you are feeling better. It is difficult to de-escalate an angry alpha when you are hungry and exhausted. You need the strength, P’Type. Also don’t worry about Can, the doctor is here and is seeing him in the other room. In just texted us. “ 


It's a simple ham and cheese sandwich cut into pretty neat triangles with zig-zag edges followed by a side of hot tea. Type finds himself being able to finish at least three of them and half of the tea. 


“I feel better, is Pete okay? I think Tor was scolding him real good.” 


Pharm lies down beside him on the bed, cuddles a pillow as he rests his chin on his hands. 


“He’s fine, Tor can be harsh at times but only because adores and cares about Pete very much. But even that can’t compare to how frantic Ae was when he hears about the matter.” 


“I was beside Zon when he answered Pete’s phone and got an earful from Ae because Pete wasn’t answering his phone. But Intouch helped to explain to him calmly. I think Intouch is good at this, the ways he just took charge and explained to them is amazing. We have lots to learn from Intouch, really.” 


“But do you have any idea of what is going to happen now..did Tin..”


“From what Intouch told us, since P’Korn is helping Tin with this matter,” Team interrupts, coming up to sit at the foot of the bed with them, “ apparently it’s a fake and the source could be somebody that they know.” 


Pharm nods solemnly.


“You are thinking what we thought, It could be his brother. It’s a whole mess, Intouch told us.” 


Type takes a few minutes for this to sink in. He remembers meeting Tul once and immediately hated the man because Tul started being all flirtatious towards him and he only got as far as three sentences before Tharn steps in and pulls him away. 


Not that he needed Tharn to rescue him but he respected the fact that it was Tin’s older brother and he didn’t want to make a scene. 


“Has Tin managed to speak to Can yet?” 


Team shakes his head. 


“We left when the doctor came in and he didn’t have his phone with him then, I think Intouch mentioned something about making sure Can gets the medical attention he needs and he’s updating Tin on the side.” 


They laid down , all tangled up and Type feels better , both physically and mentally. Maybe it is time to deal with his dramatic alpha.


“Do you want to call P’Tharn and talk to him?” Pharm sits up and reaches for Type’s phone from where he has kept it away.


Type shakes his head, “ No, but either one of you can inform your alphas to inform him that I’m resting now and we’ll talk when he reaches here later.I can’t talk to him when he’s all angry like that. Since he mentioned that Dean and Win are driving with him,  I need to teach him a lesson for threatening me like that. ”


He watches Team take out his own phone, saying that he will do it, since it’s Dean who is driving most probably and it is true when Team’s phone went off. 


Both him and Pharm couldn’t help shuddering when Team turns into the most simping lovesick fool , answering the phone with the most high pitched, “ Hiiaaaa Winnn…” 


“They are sometimes like this when we go on double dates, it’s almost disgusting.” Pharm says. 


Team sticks out his tongue at Pharm in the midst of his phone conversation. 


“He’s okay...resting ...and he will only talk to P’Tharn when he gets, he won’t answer his phone...okay. I’ll see you.” 


Team switches off the phone with a satisfied smile. 


“Mission accomplished. “


“Do you always talk to your hia Win like that?” Type questioned him. Team grinned at him, 


“No, P’Type. Only when I needed something. Think about it. They will probably need a few hours to reach here with traffic and all. Being stuck in a car with an angry, sulking alpha? I know Win will try to lighten up the mood and P’Tharn won't be as dramatic when he reaches here.” 


Type looks at him in amazement. Pharm laughs at his reaction and hands the phone back to Type. 


“I think you should take a nap and we’ll wake you when they get here.” 

Chapter Text



He tries his best to keep up his cheerful facade but these people know him well because Pete and Type started giving him lingering side-eye and exchanging glances with each other when they think Can isn’t looking. 


It’s just that he’s received a video on their way back from an unlisted number. 


Now under the cover of dim lighting and both the other two in bed and distracted, Can switches on his phone. 


The video in question , is a clip of Tin having sex with a woman, supposedly one of Tin’s past lovers while he was abroad and it was quite graphic that Can feels his eyes burned hot with tears. 


He wipes them away with the back of his hand. 


His phone goes off again and it’s another video , this time with a different man. 


`Your boyfriend is a manwhore.” -unlisted number


“Who are you and what do you want from me?”- Can


“I just wanted you to know how much of a manwhore he is. “ - unlisted number


“And what about it? Am I supposed to do something about this?” -Can


While having to see such videos of Tin is certainly hurtful, he’s not about to let whoever this is have the satisfaction of hurting him. It seemed so cliche for somebody to do things like this and obviously somebody who wants to break them up. 


“I have more . Perhaps the world should see them too.” - unlisted number


“ Then you will have the full power of the Medthanan’s lawyers be upon you the moment you try shit like that. You should know who you are dealing with and you even dare to try to reach out to me. You must be the stupidest person ever. -Can


“Maybe. Perhaps your mother and your sister should see them too. Your sister used to like Tin, didn’t she?-unlisted number


“She adores her brother-in-law. Once again, I can already tell that jail would be a lovely place for you.” -Can


“Such a sassy mouth. I think I like you more now, Cantaloupe. Maybe you can like me too and move on from your manwhore of a boyfriend. ” -unlisted number


The fact that he uses Can’s full name, something only his family knows and also the person mentioned his mother and his sister does not sit right with him. It seems like they know too many personal details about him. 


God, another video. This time with a man. 


This one is obviously an old one because Tin has dyed hair in this, blond with dark roots and he’s never seen Tin in this hairstyle before. 


Why is this person sending all these videos? 


But one thing for sure, Tin hasn’t seen these or he would have started calling Can by now. 


He pondered over telling Tin about the unlisted number but decided against it, at least until he gets back and they could discuss it face to face instead of now. 


Finding that sleep has deserted him, Can goes to sit by the bay window where the moonlight is coming in, casting a dim light over everything. His hand shakes as he looks away from the phone. 


He wonders if there is anybody he can talk about it with, somebody who can offer some solutions as to the next course of action, somebody who Tin trusts as well.


Somebody of rational mind and clarity to help him think on the next course of actions. Somebody like...he glances towards the bed and sees Type and Pete, not sleeping yet. 


He reflects back on the vidoes and it’s obvious one was taken when Tin was younger, possibly when he was still overseas. If Tin is still under age in that video, this could potentially be a criminal case. 


The other one is still in the same fashion, taken from the side but this time, the angle made it clear that it is a man , an attractive foreigner,  Can grudgingly admitted and it was graphic enough that he feels slightly nauseated. 


It would be a lie to say Can isn’t affected at all by the videos. 


He reminds himself again that it’s all in the past, before they got together and Tin has told him everything that had transpired between him and his brother. 


But still? 


To see him having sex with other people, it felt like a knife through his gut and twisting it around. 


“Pete? P’Type? ” He calls out softly, unsure. 


Both of them sit up, Pete gathering his blankets to his lap , rubbing his eyes. 


If there’s anybody else that Tin trusts more than Can, It’s Pete. And if they need the opinion of somebody mature, perhaps Type could be that voice. 


“I think...I need to...I ..” he stutters, hesitant to say but if he keeps it in any longer, he wouldn’t be able to do anything else. 


Pete sits beside him at the window, luckily the space is broad enough for the two of them to sit facing each other. 


Pete waits for him patiently with that soft smile of his.


“Just look. “ He says and thrusts the phone at Pete. Type watches from behind Pete’s shoulder. 


He watches the horror increase as Pete watches the video and then it turns to disgust and then something that looks like anger. 


“This isn’t Tin, I mean, he isn’t like this anymore. Those were taken when he was sent overseas, I know this because we became roommates for a month because of an exchange programme but…” he gives the phone back to Can.


“He isn’t like that anymore, Can. He loves you.” 


Can nods numbly, that is all he can do for now. 


“I know.” he simply replies. 


“Ai’Can, I think you need to tell him about it. Especially about the messages. They sound threatening. Don’t wait until it’s too late. He can manage it, like you said, he has the legal team to stop this person from spreading the vdeos around. “ Type says, reaching out to rub his arm, a gesture of comfort.


His phone goes off and it’s the same unlisted number but this time, Can watches, almost terrified as the number sent a video to the chat group, where everyone who is going on the trip could see it. 


He drops the phone and it hits the wooden floor with a loud sound, enough to make both Pete and Type jump in surprise.  


Can stares at the phone on the floor, thinking there is no way they could keep this under wraps, no way to salvage their dignity, now that everybody has seen it and Can had been hoping to at least have some privacy .


He had wanted to cry in private. 


“Can, I think he sent it to...oh my god.”  Type exclaims as he realises that even their alphas have gotten hold of the video. The video is sent to another group chat where everybody including Tin and the other alphas are in, created by Intouch to make it easier to disseminate information about gatherings and events. 


In a moment of spur and the need to escape, he quickly rushed out of the room, ignoring the questions behind him. 


He does not know how fast he walks, neither is he watching where he’s walking because before he knows it, he’s at the front of the guard house, panting heavily. 


Can stops to catch his breath, the guard in the guard house looking at him strangely.


He slides down to the floor feeling tears starting to burn at the back of his eyes. 




He ignores them, still struggling to contain his emotions. 


He feels hands pulling at him and he looks up through his tears and sees Type and Pete on the ground beside him.


“The person sent it to everybody in the group but I don’t think anybody has seen it yet..I think they are all still asleep,” Pete blurts out.


Can pulled away his hands and started to walk away again, unable to answer or acknowledge anything. 


He walked and they followed but not saying anything else. 


Is this how a heartbreak feels like? 




“You should go back first. I just want to take a walk.” he answers, not looking back at them when he feels somebody grab hold of his elbow. 


“We’ll take the walk with you.” Type answers resolutely. 


So they walk and walk until they reach a small coastal area where there are several fishing boats and some small wooden huts where there are several fishing nets being spread around. Some are folded while some are being hung up on a clothesline. 


“Can, let’s sit down.” Type mumbles, the exhaustion is evident  in his voice as he pulls Can to sit by on an upturned fishing boat by the seaside where the sun is up and shining but it is still cool and breezy. 


“I’m sorry, I just needed to clear my head, it’s too much. I’m not sure if I can deal with the questions ,” Can mumbles, pushing at the sand by his feet with his shoes. 


Luckily he puts on his sneakers before he rushes out and then realises rather belatedly that none of them carried their phones with them. 


“”It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” Pete consoles him, scooting over closer. 


They sit in silence and then the gravity of matter starts to dawn on him. He had wanted a simple, normal life with Tin, free of drama and troubles because he knew how much Tin had suffered so much in the early years of his life. 


He knows that because he’s watched Tin grow from bitter, distant and miserable to somebody who lives with a purpose, somebody who is glowing because they know they are loved. 


He’s made a promise to Tin, the best revenge against all the atrocities that Tul has done to Tin is for Can to love him and be happy together and Can make his own oath to himself that he will do his utmost to shelter Tin from anything sad.


But now, everything seems to be going wrong. 


The emotions that he’s managed to tamper down catches up with him. 


He feels the tears before it comes and it turns into a full sobbing mess into somebody’s shirt, he didn’t know if it was Type or Pete but from the strong arm, it was Type’s shoulder he was clinging on to and Type began rubbing his shoulder.


“It’s okay, Ai’Can. We are here.” 


The fear that this might reduce Tin back to his old , depressed, anxious self is overwhelming and their relationship might not survive, knowing how much Tin cherishes Can’s mother’s opinions of him if this gets leaked out to her. 


He might run away from me, I won’t get him back the same and..


He is actually sobbing these out loud.


‘He won’t, Can. Tin loves you very much. The two of you can work this out together, okay? Can you breathe for me,  please?”


He didn’t realise he was having trouble taking in a deep breath until he saw Type in front of him, holding up Can’s head and forcing him to look at Type in the eyes. 


“Fucking look at me! Can, do this! You have to do it yourself, okay? “ He looks around the place, desperation in his features and voice, “ I don’t know where the nearest clinic is, fuck!” 


Can tries to but the tight feeling in his throat and chest is preventing him from doing so. 


Since when did it get so difficult to breathe?


He keeps his eyes on Type and matches their breathing through a hazy vision full of tears and he finally did it. It took a few long breaths for him to finally breathe properly. 


He collapses forward into Type’s embrace, the tremble in his feet and hands renders him feeling almost boneless and Type catches him, holding him tight in his arms. Another pair or arms closes around him . 


They stayed like that for a while, on the sand until Can pulled away. Pete holds on even tighter when he tries to pull away. 


The small gesture warmed his heart and made Can smile a little. 


“Thank you, “ he mumbles when he is able to talk without gasping for air and his heartbeat going back to normal gradually. He keeps his eyes on Type, the feel of Pete’s hands around him, the breeze around them, the slight warmth of the sun on his skin and the smell of the sea around them. It grounds him and brings him back to the present where he slowly gathers himself back from falling into pieces. 


Beside him, Pete hiccups and Can could see him wiping his wet eyes with his shirt. 


“Pete, why are you crying?”


“What do you think?! I was watching you having a breakdown! “ he says, wiping his eyes again. 


Type chuckles and sits back on the boat beside him. 


“Well, you don’t know what you look like just now, Can. We shouldn’t have rushed out without our phones. What if we couldn’t help you? And look at Pete, ” he points out as he wipes his own face with the front of his t-shirt. “ Wonder how Tor or Ae would react if he sees Pete crying like that.” 


Despite his tears, Can was chuckling as Pete uses Can’s t-shirt to wipe some snot from his nose. He is surrounded by people who love him and perhaps this too, shall pass like every other obstacle that they face in their lives.


“Are you ready to walk back? “ Type says as he stands up and extends a hand to Can. 


After almost a one and half hour walk because Type had insisted for Can’s sake that they do not rush or walk too fast and him being able to recognize major landmarks along their journey, they finally see the familiar gate of the resort and are greeted with urgency by the guards. 


“You friends were looking for you! “


Thankfully, they didn’t need to walk back to their villa. Can has a death grip on Pete's hand as they watch the scenery pass by them on the buggy cart. 


Finally reaching the house, Intouch greeted them with a tearful hug each before slapping each of them on their arms. 


“Can, I’m so sorry. I had no choice.” Intouch apologises, as he hands Can his phone. Behind him, Tutor emerges, looking very red and very exceptionally angry.


 Intouch looks at Tutor and sighs deeply. 


“Tor, they are back now, you can stop the angry pacing and staring.” He rolled his eyes and turned back to Pete. 


“ Pete, between Ae and your brother, I now know who is much scarier when worried. Your boyfriend is like a kitty cat compared to Tor. “


Pete winced and shot his brother a tearful look. 


“Are you sure you are an omega, P’Tor?” Pete asks before Tutor pulls him away. 


Intouch turns to Can and pulls him close for a tight hug and whispers into his ear before he pulls away. 


“P’Korn is helping Tin to manage this matter, they will be here when they have settled everything on their side.” 


“What kind of help..” 


Intouch tenderly rubs his back and then grimaces. 


“You are so sweaty. Don’t worry about it, both of them have a whole legal team to minimise the damage and to catch the person doing this. Do you want to talk to Tin? He’s been calling all morning. “ 


Can remembered the messages he had gotten earlier. 


“In, I need to tell you something.” He says urgently and quickly switches on his phone to find at least twenty text messages from Tin and five voicemails. He smiles briefly and quickly shows Intouch the messages that he had gotten from the unlisted number. 


“So, he threatened you. “ Intouch said , with a glint in his eyes. 


Can find himself nodding and holding onto Intouch as he brings Can to sit on the comfy couch. 


“I need to send this to P’Korn. Can I hold on to your phone?” 


He nods and leans against the couch, feeling fatigued. 


“Just- just let Tin know I’m back and I’m okay. Let me rest before I talk to him, okay? “ 


He does not feel ready to talk to Tin, he knows Tin is anxious but he needs to clear his mind before he can do anything else, perhaps, shower, eat and then take a nap.


He feels somebody sit down on the spaces on either side of him and he opens his eyes to see Tine and Zon sitting beside him.  


“Food? Pharm made them in the kitchen in the back.” Tine offers him a food container , “or a drink?” Zon offers him a bottle of sweet drink. Can smiles and thank him as he takes a sip of the sweet drinks and feels his nerves settle just a bit. 


“They have a kitchen here?” Zon nods solemnly. 


“Pharm said he needed to cook in order for him to de-stress from all the anxiety he’s feeling. Mostly because ,” Zon gestures towards Can , and “ also because of the video last night at the club, P’Dean is coming here as well. I heard he’s driving with P”Tharn and P’Win as well.” 


Zon took the container of food from Tine and offered it to Can.


“Pharm would have cooked an entire three course meal if Intouch didn’t stop him…Can, do you want to take a shower first? Maybe you will feel better.” 


Can stares at the container of food in his hand. He feels like he can hardly take a bite but his stomach tells otherwise. It rumbled and growled but he felt nauseated. Instead, he takes another sip of the bottled drink.


“ Something sweet and warm. It helps. “ Tine says, he pushed the bottle closer. “ I’m a university cheerleader, I know all about nerves, honey lemon helps.” 


And then he starts again. 


“Tor and I saw the video when it first came in but I persuaded him to give you space to process it but now,'' he scanned Can’s pale features and turned to Pete and Type sitting at the other side of the room, “ now I’m not sure if it was a good idea.” 


“It is. I needed the time. Thank you, Tine.” he responded with sincerity. “Thank you for your consideration. It was a good walk though...”


“You look realy pale right, Can. Anybody would be worried right now if they see you. '' Zon says. Can couldn’t look him in the eye and nods. 


“I get panic attacks from time to time and Sai is now an expert at stopping it before it becomes full-blown.”He lowers his voice so that only Can could hear him. 


All he can do is nod and take another sip of the drink.  


Being around everybody isn’t  awkward as he thought it would be. 


And now everybody is distracted by Tutor giving Pete a thorough dressing down for running out without his phone and Pete trying to explain himself .


He wonders how long they have been away and Zon tells him. 


“You guys have been gone for a few hours, from when Tine saw the video with Tor and it’s almost  nine now and since your phones were in your rooms, Tutor think it’s the alphas from last night. We also had no idea where to look and Intouch had to tell Ae and P'Tin about the incident at the club as well.” 


“Actually I think the rest of them are coming as well, Saifah says that he’s getting a ride here with P’Fight, Ae and Sarawat.“ Zon shakes his head. “They just left and should be arriving in a few hours, I think. “ 


Zon pats his arm with a smile.


“They are just worried , they would be, considering they are our alphas? I don’t mind it and neither does Tine so don’t worry about it, okay? “


Can feels bad for making others worried, he doesn't care if it’s just him but he’s gotten others involved when they should be enjoying themselves on this trip. 


“I’m sorry for making everybody worried, I needed to clear my head for abit,” he starts but Zon waves him off,


“Don’t worry, I suspect our alphas just wanted to take the opportunity to come up here and it’s the weekend anyway. Also Tine and I don’t believe it is P'Tin anyway, we all saw how much he loves you, I’m sure it was all in the past. That was what Tutor told us anyway because Ae explained to him about it. I think the alphas have a separate group chat like us too.” 


It took a load off his shoulder for some reason and decides he needs to go and wash up before Tin arrives and he feels exhausted enough to fall flat on his face if he had to sit up any longer. 


“Come on, you can use shower in our room, let P’Type have the room to straighten things out with P’Tharn. You can rest in our room.” 


He ends up getting a hot shower and dressed in one of Zon’s t-shirt and shorts. He sits at the foot of the bed as Tine dries his hair with a hairdryer. 


“Can, Intouch got a doctor to come in to see you. Just let him check you over to make sure everything’s okay? ” 


“But,” he begins to protest but couldn’t say much when they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Intouch’s head pokes from behind the door. 


“ You didn’t need to call for the doctor, I feel fine.” he huffed. 


Intouch comes in and closes the door. 


“ P’Type told me about what happened at the beach. Tin will have some ease of mind when he knows you’re okay. Please? Anyway, the doctor is here, he’s a sweetheart.” 


Intouch gives him one last hug before he opens the door and the doctor steps in and he isn’t what Can expected a doctor would look like. 


“Hello! I’m Doctor Khaotung, nice to meet you! “ 


A petite omega steps in wearing the most colourful Hawaiian shirt and board shorts and the first thing Can zeroes in is his wedding ring on his fourth finger.


“I’m not staff here, if you don’t mind but I overhead the staff calling for an omega doctor and I just reached the resort with my husband so I volunteered! “ 


The doctor flashed his dimples when he smiled that made Can feel at ease almost immediately. 


“They can stay here if you want.” he gestures towards Zon and Tine. 


The doctor chats about himself , almost like a new friend and Can finds out he’s been married for three days after two years of engagement, his husband is an alpha named Podd , a police officer, they dated during their university days and that they were childhood sweethearts.


Can found himself distracted and listening to the doctor’s stories that he didn’t realise he was done and the doctor was typing something on his phone. 


“So sorry, my husband is asking where I am , would it be okay if I were to give him the villa number? He’s just worried about my whereabouts. We were supposed to go for brunch together.I can give you my number in case anybody needs help, although we will be here for just a week and my husband needs to go back to Bangkok HQ for his new job posting...” 


The doctor places his phone away and re-packs the first aid kit that Intouch passes along to him. 


“I think what you need now is to get some food and plenty of rest. You are exhausted , both physically and mentally, I can see that.” he says kindly and pats Can’s shoulder. 


“Don’t overthink. Sometimes our imagination is a lot worse than reality. I would advise you to talk to your partner with whatever is bothering you. It’s always good to get things out in the open and discuss things properly. I have seen plenty of omegas in distress and I recognise the symptoms.” he smiles.


“I specialise in omega’s wellbeing and their overall holistic health. Let me give you my card, you can call me if you need an appointment.” he says again and passes Can a name card. He does the same for Tine and Zon. 


Zon walks the doctor out and Tine moves to sit with Can on the table with the food container in his hand.


“You heard what the doctor said. Eat, we don’t want to make Pharm sad you didn’t want to eat his sandwiches.” 


He didn’t know when he had fallen asleep, it must have been in the midst of Zon and Tine bickering about the best Scubb song and guitar chords until he woke up to another voice talking around him in hushed tones. 


“...should we order something light, in case he doesn't have an appetite..”


“If it's porridge, I can prepare..”


“Pharm , you are here on holiday not to be a cook. ”


He hears Intouch and Pharm arguing around him and he opens his eyes. 


It is Pharm and Intouch all curled around him on the bed and somebody else draped over his legs , effectively immobilising him. It’s Pete , looking well-rested with colour in his cheeks and ginning back at Can. 


It feels good to see Pete like that and not a snotty, crying mess like earlier. 


“Pete, are you okay?” His hand reached out to ruffle Pete’s hair. 


“Of course he is, “ another voice came from the floor. It’s Tutor, lounging on the floor. “I made sure of it.” 


“Actually, you threatened to video call Ae and tell him that I didn’t finish that plate of fried rice. That’s really nasty, P’Tor. Emotional blackmail is very bad, don't you know that?” 


Tutor had the audacity to laugh and looked very elated with himself. 


“What do you want to eat, Can? I can prepare it for you.” Pharm asks, resting his chin on his hands and ignoring Intouch’s protests. 


“How long did I sleep? Has anybody…”


“If you are asking, none of them have arrived yet, and you slept for almost two hours. The doctor was really nice, wasn’t he?” Intouch interrupted him. 


“ He is. He has a clinic in Bangkok and..”


His husband is really tall and good-looking” Intouch sighed dreamily. 


“I agree.” Tutor said from the floor again. 


‘Me too.” Pharm chimed in. 


Intouch looks at him surprised. 


“Pharm? You? Agreeing that other alphas are hot other than P’Dean? “


“Wait, don’t forget what he said about P’Tharn at the club.” 


All of them burst out laughing at Pharm’s red face. 


“I feel like all you don’t deserve me and my cooking for at least the next six months, I have nothing for you, out of stock. I revoke your access to me and my delicious desserts!” 


Pharm huffed , glaring at the whole bunch. 


“Aww, Me too? But I didn’t tease you.” Pete said, his lower lip jutting out and Pharm softened. 


“Ok but for you only three months because you still gave me drinks at the club and it starts tomorrow “ he softened as he reached over to pinch Pete’s cheeks with affection. “Only because you went missing this morning, tell me if you want to eat anything today, I can prepare for you. And Can as well, “ he added


Can sighed in contentment. 


“I love being special, I get to eat Pharm’s cooking. This is amazing.” 


He ended up not having much appetite but managed to eat at least half a plate of rice and omelette under the watchful eye of Pharm, Zon and Type in the small cosy dining alcove where there is a banquet style seating area just for four persons to sit down comfortably. 


Win had wanted to go swimming because he cannot go on too long being far away from water, being the swimmer that he is while Tine and Intouch wanted photos for their social media which Tutor and Pete volunteered to take photos for them. 


He watched Pharm prepare tea, infusions of lavender and chamomile and was fascinated by the delicate tea sets that he used . 


“Intouch got the staff to bring in for our afternoon high tea because he totally scrapped the spa appointment. We can do the massage next time. Not when the alphas are on their way here, might as well spend the night having a meal together. “ Pharm smiles at Can as he pours the tea from a delicate looking teapot. 


“Oh by the way, “ Zon interrupts and reaches for his pocket, “ Intouch told me to pass this to you. He said if you wanted to text P’Tin because he’s been doing that the whole morning.” 


He stares at the phone. 


“Okay.” he mumbled as walked towards the back of the villa where there is a small garden and it leads to a walkway towards other villas that are in the area. 


He found a pair of rubber flip flops that the villa provides and decided to just slip that on and to walk around while he checks his phone. 


“Cantaloupe? Please call me when you wake up.”


“I just,- Please call me? I want to hear your voice.”


“Where are you? Please call me. “


“Intouch told me. I’m so worried and your phone isn’t with you. Please call me when you see this. 


“I love you. I love you so much. I can’t lose you. “


“Intouch said you were going to eat and get some rest. I’m glad to hear you’re back. I want to be there with you as soon as I can. Please wait for me. “


“Intouch said he called for a doctor for you? I’m so worried. Please text or call me. I really want to hear your voice. “


“No matter who texts you, if it’s not me or your sister or your mother, Do not answer it or believe it. I’m coming to you as soon as I can. “


Can’s heart broke at the last few messages because he can clearly hear the worry in his voice. 


He’s about to dial in Tin’s number when the unlisted number comes up again, no videos  but a single ominous message.


If you don’t want me to send this to all  of Tin Medthanan’s business associates, you go to the back of the resort where the garbage centre is. -unlisted number


Why should I believe you?- Can


Isn’t he working hard to stop the damage? I just sent it to all your friends, maybe after his business associates, I could send it to the university.- Unlisted number


Can quickly make a decision. He has his phone with him this time, nothing will go wrong and one of them will come looking for him when they notice him gone too long but now, he must hurry. 


It is a big resort and he had to walk for almost ten minutes before he reached the edge of the resort where the last villa is  and spotted the sign for the garbage collection centre. 



Chapter Text



There was just something about the way Can reacted that set off the warning bells in his head. 


He seemed distracted and unfocused and at first, he attributes it to simply exhaustion and maybe hunger since the three of them walked for a few hours without any sleep or food and he knew that could cause dehydration or something like that. 


He’s been in that state before. The stage of delirious non-stop writing his novel and couldn’t stop until Zol had to call Saifah to come over and that was when he snapped out of it. By the end of it, Zol tells him he’s been writing non-stop for five hours without food or rest and she was worried. 


When she had tears in her eyes as she pleaded with him and Saifah being pissed off for two days, Zon decided to stop and get help. 


It all chalks up to his anxiety about everything, his grades, his parents, his fear that his novel will fail, hate comments on his stories and Saifah leaving after he finally figures out how much of a nervous freak Zon is. 


He made a promise to the two of them, the two most important people in his life, to speak to somebody about his problems and feelings, to eat, rest and sleep properly and that was why he accepted the invitation to go on this trip with the rest of them. 


And it’s been really wonderful so far and he’s been feeling so relaxed about being around other omegas and all of them have their own set of problems and it’s made him shift his perspective and broaden his mindsets. 


Intouch approached him earlier before he made his way to the beach, his arm linked with Tine who has a very chic look going on for him, true to his hame , Mr Chic and asked if Zon could pass the phone to Can.


“I can do that, no problem!” He said cheerfully with a wink. He’s decided to stay in the villa with the other three, actually wanting to explore the beach with Saifah later at night. 


“Zon, Can has been getting these threatening messages and I just told P’Korn and Tin about it . Can you help observe him because I feel that number might try to contact Can again, see if he goes somewhere else alone or anything like that and tell somebody where you are going and then try to see if you can follow him. “


“Are you sure that is safe?” Tine questioned beside him. 


“It’s not but at least this time , we will see where he’s run off and get him in time,” he turns back to Zon , face completely solemn, “ The doctor who came earlier, Doctor Khaotung, his husband is a police officer, tell me if something comes up and I call him immediately. I really hate to intrude on their honeymoon but if P’Korn isn’t getting here on time, we can’t wait for them. “ 


He is sure that if Saifah was here and he heard what Zon was about to do, he would surely get an earful. 


“I understand, In,” he assures, “ Safety first, I will let P’Type know since he’s staying in and Pharm as well. I will see if he does anything and will update you. The doctor said he’s concerned for Can as well, if untreated, his distress could make him isolate himself and turn away from everybody , including his alpha. He thinks it could be serious if untreated for too long and also advises us to always have somebody around him at all times. ” 


Zon keeps a close watch and true enough, he sees Can standing still, scrolling on his phone and then quickly walking away from the villa. Just as Intouch as predicted, it must be somebody sending Can a message that he’s walking away. 


He’s about to follow him when he feels somebody tug his arm back and he falls back against the bushes. 


It’s Type and Pharm and they had followed him when he slipped off to follow Can earlier. 


“Is Can going somewhere?”


“I think he is, because he suddenly started walking… let’s hurry before we lose sight of him!” 


Between crouching and zig-zagging in between the hibiscus bushes and assortment of trees , Zon manages to update them on what Intouch had told them earlier and Type fell onto his butt just beside the lampost where they were trying to stay out of sight.


“ And you are telling me this now? We need to alert Intouch now! What if…” Type says and Zon quickly slaps a hand over his mouth. 


“We need to make sure he’s not in danger but I think it’s better to tell Intouch now. Pharm, you stay here and inform him while me and P’Type follow Can to see who he is meeting. Just tell Intouch we are almost near the last resort.” Zon tells him before pulling Type away. 


True enough, Can keeps glancing at his phone and walks as if he has a destination in mind. Finally Zon stops when Can halts near the garbage disposal centre and there was a car, a white BMW and he squinted, trying to get the car plate number. 


Beside him, Type was busy typing something on his phone. 


“I need to tell Tharn about this, if something happens to me, he was already so mad earlier, at least I know it’s a white BMW with this car plate number.” Type whispers furiously, his brow furrowed as he snaps a picture of the car.


“Good idea, send it to In as well.” Zon says , not taking his eyes off the white car. 


The door opens and Zon frowns as he thinks the person looks vaguely familiar, there are three other persons that climb out as well and Zon falls down clutching the sleeve of Type’s t-shirt.


“It’s the alphas from that night! P’Type, look! We need to get Can now! Before…Pharm, why are you here, did you..” 


Pharm was panting and red faced as he clutched his phone in his hand. 


“Intouch said the other alphas are arriving soon and he’s that the alphas from the other night?”


“How did you know that? You were drunk?” Zon questions him.


“I was still conscious before you gave me those two shots!” 


They watched Can take a step back, and the scent he gave out, it was horribly rancid of fear and helplessness. Zon then notices Type was breathing unnaturally fast. 


“P”Type, are you okay, you should…”


“I’m fine, it just brings back some memories,” he answers and before Zon could stop him, he’s already standing up, letting himself be seen by the alphas. 


“P’Tul , I didn’t think Intouch extended that invitation to you, after all it was an omegas only gateways. “ 


Fuck, Zon thinks as Type steps forward, placing himself in between the alphas and Can. 


“P’Tharn is going to murder P’Type, he is in so much trouble, That’s Tin’s brother! And he isn’t a good person! ” Pharm whispers to Zon , gesturing towards Type. 


He can’t allow Type to face that danger alone, there is no way. 


I’m so sorry, Sai. My friends are in danger, he mentally apologises and stands up, Pharm following soon after.


Stupid fool, Type mouthed Zon when he realises the situation. 


Upon seeing the presence of the other three, the one that Zon finds vaguely familiar, turned out to be Tin’s older brother and he continued addressing Can. 


“Cantaloupe, You didn’t listen to me. You were supposed to come alone. And now you have brought  three other friends. But it’s okay, we have space in the car. They can fit in too.” 


Can seemed startled to see Type there and his voice was wobbly when he spoke, Zon observed his face turning white and his knuckles clutched his phone extra tight.


“Just take me. You wanted me, right? Leave my friends alone.“ Can says as he glances at Type and then takes a step forward, subtly shielding Type by standing in front of him. 


And he continued, as if spurred by sudden courage, Zon suspected he just wanted the attention on him instead of all of them. 


His demeanor changed, he stands up straighter and he has this smile as he continues to approach Tul and it starts to work. Zon observes the change when Tul’s eye is concentrated on Can only. 


“You have always wanted me, haven’t you? The way you looked at me, did you think I didn't notice it? Take me and leave them alone. I’m all yours now.“ His voice was softer and he tilted his head to the side as he regarded Tul with a steady eye.  


God, it worked. 


It worked because Tul becomes slack-jawed and pulls Can closer to him. One of his hands cupped Can’s face as Tul leaned down to kiss his ear. 


“I do. I wanted you and you were stuck on that useless brother of mine instead of me. So I did what I had to do. I sent you those videos so that you will see what kind of whore he is.” Tul said again. 


Looking at the look on Tul’s face with lust and desire all over it, Zon actually feels sick. . 


In true Type fashion, Zon watches him grab Can’s hand, attempting to pull him back and then halts when Tul whips out a gun from behind him. 


A real-life gun in his hand, pointing straight at Type’s head. 


Zon has never prayed before, he isn’t religious and figures he should really start on following a religion properly because at least, there will be somebody he could pray to stop this from happening. 


But there isn’t a religion he follows so Zon does the next thing he could do, he grabs Type and holds on to him and Pharm following suit. 


Zon sees the other alphas spring into action, the next thing Zon knows Type was being wrenched away from him , Zon himself with a knife to his throat and Pharm in the same way, although there was something different in the way that both Pharm and and Type was looking at him .



It is Pharm panicking in the alpha’s hold that caught his attention and Zon wanted to tell him not to not make any movement because the knife looks too scary big near Pharm’s neck. 


It took Zon a few minutes to figure out the reason for Pharm’s alarm because he felt a stinging pain at the side of his neck and his fingers reached up to touch it and it came away with some blood.


 He must have gotten nicked by the knife but he doesn’t feel light-headed or faint so he assumes it isn’t too serious. 


Pharm was gaping at him, his eyes fixated on Zon’s neck. 


“Zon! Your neck…” 


“Pharm, I’m okay! Stop moving so much!” 


A sound made them all stop moving and fixated on Can whose neck is currently in Tul’s hold and he’s gurgling like he’s struggling for breath and the horror of it all is that Tul isn’t paying attention to anything else, not even when Can is practically clawing at his hands to get Tul’s hands away from his throat.


 He started pressing kisses into the side of Can’s face. 


There was somebody coming in from his peripheral vision but still hidden, somebody tall and unfamiliar but they had something in their hands and pointing it .... Zon searches his memory and then it dawns on him where he’s seen this person.


It was Dr Khaotung’s husband, he saw this person,  greeting the doctor at the door with a hug and introduced himself nicely and politely to Intouch who opened the door to him. 


A police officer, Zon thinks, it will be okay.


And behind him, he sees Tharn, Tin , Dean and Fighter coming up behind him and they are hidden by the trees and bushes so Zon concludes that Tul and his minion of alphas have not seen Tharn and the rest coming. 




He always knows when Saifah is nearby for reasons neither of them could understand. He takes in a deep breath, trying to control his racing heart and not to alert any of the alphas that help is coming. 


Any big or sudden movement could alert the alphas. 


One of them, the one holding onto Pharm , yells out at Tul,  “ You can fuck him later! Let’s get them into the car now!” 


Zon imagines what would happen if Tin had heard and seen what Tul was doing to Can and his intentions. Will there be somebody to stop Tin from murdering them all? It would have been better for them to be arrested and be thrown into jail but if Tin wants to murder them all, he might not stop them. 


And the alpha holding him must have seen the incoming help because he suddenly releases Zon, pushing him into the ground and runs for the car, the other three doing the same. He cringes when he hears, rather than see Pharm’s being pushed into the ground a loud crack as his face collides with the hard , stone-cobbled ground. 


He remembers the gun earlier, the one pointed at Type and he covers his head and clenches his eyes closed. 


What if somebody gets shot?


Sai, he calls out as he lays on the ground, exhausted and feeling his hand, where it was pressed to his neck gets progressively wet with his blood. 


There were voices around him and he snapped back to the present when he heard somebody calling his name and shaking him. 


It’s Saifah’s face above him and the world righted itself for him. 


“I’m okay, I’m okay, it wasn’t deep,” he mumbles, using his shirt to press on the wound instead of his hand. “It’s a small cut, Sai, I’m okay.” 


“Baby,” he hears Saifah's voice calling him and he holds on tight to Saifah’s neck, closing his eyes. 


It’s over, everybody is okay.


He numbly stands up and his legs wobble a little, probably from the adrenaline, and is quickly swept off his feet into Saifah’s arms. 


“I can walk,” he tried to insist but Saifah ignored him and started walking back in record time towards the villa. 


“Keep your eyes on me, Zon. Only listen to me, okay?” 


“Your neck is bleeding,” Saifah says curtly and then he looks away. Zon’s hand goes up to cover it and it stings enough that he winces in pain. 


“Don’t touch it.” 


Saifah brings him to where he’s abandoned earlier, the cozy dining alcove and Saifah deposited him on the kitchen counter. Saifah disappears into the living room for a while and he’s being left alone, dazed and confused.


He was about to try to get down from the counter Saifah comes back in time and gives him a look that makes him immediately give up. 


He had come back with a first aid kit. 


“ I’ll cover it with something and then, we are going to the hospital after this, okay?” 


His hands were shaking as he tried to open up the first aid box so Zon placed his hand over it. 


“Sai, “ he calls out and Saifah stops moving immediately. 


“ Hold me.” Zon urges, holding out his hands, silently asking to be held. 


And he did. 


He gets in front of Zon, in between his legs and holds Zon close to his chest. Zon didn’t know how long they stood in that position. All he hears is the sound of Saifah’s heartbeat and his voice telling Zon to just focus on him and his voice and nothing else. 


Zon did just that. He closes his eyes as he takes the steady beat of Saifah’s heartbeat, the subtle scent of his cologne and the feel of his shirt under Zon’s hands and face where it rested.   


Somebody comes in and it was Tine, clearing his throat so Zon moves slightly away but his arms are still around Saifah’s waist.


“Hold him, let me help you with first aid. Maybe you could let him sit on the chair over there, it’s easier. ” He hears Tine’s voice from behind him. Saifah bends to bring Zon’s arms to curl around his own neck and his hands go to grab hold of the back of Zon’s thighs, bringing him away from the kitchen counter and onto a chair near the dining table.


It was probably due to his cheerleader position that Tine has first-aid knowledge and experience so Zon sits quietly, as Tine peers at the wound on his neck. 


He hands Saifah some alcohol swabs, gesturing towards Zon’s hands, “You can clean his hands, I don’t think water can clean them out easily.”


His hands were stained with blood after pressing his neck and it is the reason why Saifah’s hands started shaking again. 


It’s the sight of Zon’s bloody hand. 


“I’m okay,” he quickly assures the moment he realises it and Saifah isn’t looking at him, instead looking intently at Zon’s hands. 


“Zon, “ Tine calls out to him, “I’m going to clean your wound, it’s going to sting a little. But if it starts to bleed again or anything, I will get the doctor or P’Type to look at it , okay?” 


He is also looking at Saifah as he says this. 


Zon realises there was somebody else who had come into the dining area with Tine and it’s Sarawat and he’s silently sitting at the opposite side of them , watching everything. His eyes followed Tine’s actions as if observing and then changed his focus on Zon. 


Tine works in silence, hands opening up a dressing set and some small bottles of clear liquid and sets it up on the table in front of Zon. There is just something about the way he is fixated on his task and the way he isn’t even making any eye-contact with any of them made Zon decide to keep silent as well until he looks over at Sarawat. 


He is observing Tine with a closely too. 


‘Hi, “ he greeted with a smile when he realises that Zon is looking at him and Zon returned the same and then glancing over at Saifah who is still carefully rubbing Zon’s blood-stained hand. 


“ If it helps to make you feel better, P’Korn’s staff and the nice police officer managed to stop all of them. I had to help Fighter stop P’Tharn from actively murdering the one who held a gun to P’Type’s head. He is super strong. P’Tharn, I mean.” 


The obvious fanboying over Tharn made Zon snort-laughed and it helped to lighten up the atmosphere a little. 


Zon glances again at Saifah and he is already gazing back , albeit with less heat in his look and definitely less harsh than earlier. 


Sarawat must have noticed this. 


“Saifah, you need to calm down. He’s okay and you are holding him now. You are scaring him. “ 


Zon tries his best pout, the one he knows Saifah is immediately soft for and it works like magic. He feels Saifah’s hold around him slacken and his back is no longer stiff and straight. 


“Sorry, “ he apologises. Zon turns his head to kiss his cheek. Saifah discards the pieces of alcohol swabs on the table and settles for holding Zon’s hands in his, occasionally massaging his fingers and palm. 


“This will sting a little.” 


It made him wince a little as Tine cleans the wound with some clear solution, wiped it down with a clean piece of gauze and then covered it up with another piece. 


“There, all done.” 


Finally, Tine makes eye-contact with him and Zon knows something isn’t right when he can see the puffy eyes and red nose. He sits down opposite of Zon and he grabs Tine’s hand, making him look up again. 


“Did I tell you that you cry prettier than Pete?” Zon teases him, making him Tine smile and blush.


“Tell me what’s wrong?” 


It takes a few moments because Tine was obviously holding in some emotions that it fills Zon with some dread. 


“Who is hurt? Tine, tell me.” Zon demanded. 


Sarawat reaches over to pull Tine closer, tangling their hands together. 


“Everybody is okay, Zon. Pharm just have a bruise on his face , P’Type is fine and the last time before we left, the doctor was checking over Tin..”


“Tin? You mean Can, right? I saw Tul practically strangling him and..”


“Not so much Can but the it’s the two brothers who aren't fine at all.” Sarawat answers. 

Chapter Text



“Zon thinks that he’s being slick but he’s gone off to follow Can. “


Pharms whispers to Type beside him, as they were standing side by side at the sink washing dishes. They both glanced back to see Zon slipping out the back door. 


“I agree. Your phone is with you? “Type asks and Pharm nods as he  reaches for a hand towel to wipe the suds off his hands.


 “ Yes, I have it. Yours? “


Type nods and gestures towards the back door. 


“Let’s go.”


It didn’t take long for them to spot Zon spying on the Can, who is walking fast and purposefully as if he knows where he is supposed to go and from the way he looks at the signage and glancing at his phone, somebody is surely telling him where to go. 


Their fears had come true as Zon confirmed and Pharm struggled a little to catch up. Luckily his small stature enabled him to be able to hide behind a lot of objects easily and he almost loses his footing when he catches on what Zon is doing. 


“Intouch said what? That’s dangerous! “ He quickly grabs Type ,who is quickly falling on his butt as  Zon explains the situation.


It sounds seriously like a threat that neither of them could handle. 


Pharm’s hands shook as he tried to focus, it’s difficult to do so when his clear mind has temporarily escaped him because of the reality that they might face a possible dangerous sitation on theoir own. 


Dean would disapprove if he knew, he would have wanted Pharm to stay in the villa and wait for him but seeing that Zon and Type had gone after Can be in possible peril, he wouldn’t be able to sit back and do nothing. 


He quickly calls Intouch, informing him and he gets high-pitched yelling at him through the phone telling him to return back to the house.  


He can’t do that. 


An idea hits him, because he has done this plenty of time with either Dean or Team, he always video calls if he can’t sleep or worry about something and Dean isn’t able to be there physically to comfort him. 


He facetimes Dean and waits for him to pick up the phone. 


“I’m sorry, “ he quickly apologises the moment Dean picks up. 


“I don’t have much time but Zon and P’Type is following Can, I think he’s meeting somebody. I’m not sure where, okay? I’ll be careful, I promise. ” 


“What? Pharm-wait for me, don’t go-”


He then quickly places the phone in the front pocket of his shirt where everything will be visible if anything were to happen to them. 


He half-crouches, half-runs towards the other two and momentarily stops when he sees the identity of the alphas that have come out of the white BMW parked nearby. 


He recognises who it is, of course. It’s a face associated with an equally famous surname. 


It is Tul, Tin’s brother and it’s the alphas from the other night at the club. 


Could it be that Tul paid the alphas to harass them at the club? 


“I was still conscious before you gave me those two shots!” he retorts back at Zon. 


And of all the foolish things to do, Type had to stand up and make himself known to the Tul and the other alphas. 


But Pharm understands and that’s why he follows suit when Zon stands up beside Type.


He’s shaking, actually. His legs felt like jelly but he forced himself to stand his ground besides his friends. 


It is sickening to listen to Tul lust after Can like that eventhough he knows that Can is involved with his brother. He wonders briefly how Can must have felt uncomfortable being in Tul’s presence all that time. 


The other alphas with Tul sort of move fast that he finds himself with a hand around his neck, restricting his airway not completely but enough to make him choke and let out a distress sound, one which he knows Dean could hear if he’s still on the phone. 


He was also sure Dean could see the knife because the alpha brandished it around and which also showed Zon in the same way as him . Pharm could distinctly see there was a red line forming on his neck and it looks like a cut.


Somehow on instinct, he wanted to go to Zon, he wanted to help the other omega because Zon’s hurt and Pharm starts to struggle but Zon calls out to him not to move or panic. 


Something else makes them all stop and turn back to Tul where they could hear Can making choking noises, as if attempting to breathe and clawing at Tul’s hand around his neck. They had to helplessly watch Can being assaulted and none of them could do anything. 


He suddenly thinks of what Dean could be going through watching all these, especially when Pharm makes that distressed sound, something he’s never done before because he’s never been in that kind of crisis before. 


One minute he’s struggling not to panic because it would mean not being able to breathe and the next moment,  he’s being pushed down and his face smashes into the ground.


His world goes quiet and dark for a few minutes. 


When he comes to, he’s sitting and somebody’s holding him up and he sees the blue skies above him and everything comes back to him in full force. 


It’s Dean holding him and there’s commotion behind them, plenty of shouting and scuffling and he tries to look over Dean’s shoulder but Dean does not allow him to do so, instead pushes Pharm’s face into his chest. 


“P’Dean…” he fights against it, he needs to know if Can is unhurt, what about P’Type...because he’s hearing Tin shouting at somebody but Dean just won’t allow it. 


“Look at me, Pharm.” his voice gently in the chaos and it draws Pharm in. He nods and remains still as Dean scans his face and he winces when his finger touches a spot near his temple and the cheek of his apple. 


“I’m going to bring you back to the villa but promise me something? Don’t look anywhere else, don’t listen to anything and just concentrate on me, okay? Promise me.” 


He nods numbly and wraps both his arms around Dean’s neck, effectively pressing his face into the juncture of Dean’s neck and shoulder. He resisted the urge to look because he hears somebody calling out for P’Tharn to stop , his breath gets caught in his throat when he hears something like, “...stop him, P’Tharn’s going to kill…”


Before he could decipher anything,  Dean is walking away as quickly as he can. 


He’s being deposited onto a soft surface the moment he reaches the villa, it’s the living room and there’s Intouch in front of him and Team sitting beside Win , involved in a deep discussion with each other and  they move apart when Dean comes in.


Team moves to sit beside Pharm. 


“In, Pharm passed out just now , the fucker pushed him hard into the ground. I think he hit his head. Can you get a doctor to come here?” ” The harsh tone that he has while speaking to Intouch is disconcerting because it’s so unlike Dean.


He’s never heard Dean swear and much more addressing an omega like that and it just gives him the feeling of something that isn’t right. 


When Dean couldn’t look him in the eye at all and Pharm squirms  when  Dean’s hold becomes almost too hard, he notices Win suddenly appearing behind Dean and pulling his hand away from where it was holding Pharm’s waist tightly.. 


“Dean, snap out of it. You’re hurting him.” 


Almost immediately, Dean releases Pharm and quickly moves his hands away. 


It looked as if Dean is in a mindfog of sorts where he can’t think clearly and the way he’s breathing hard and the way his jaw clenched tight. 


Even his scent does not smell right. 


Is he holding himself back? But from what?


Questions flitted through his mind as he tried to hold Dean’s hand but one look from Win made him withdraw his hand away, feeling almost frightened. 


“Don’t look at my omega like that.” Dean growls and Win shakes his head. 


“You are not in your right mind, Dean, come  with me. “ Win says and then turns to Team,  “Baby, you stay with Pharm and keep him company, okay? Don’t go anywhere.” 


Pharm can’t believe what he’s seeing at the moment. 


“I’m not leaving him,” Dean said with gritted teeth. His fingers gripped the edge of the couch that he’s sitting on, his knuckles almost turning white and Pharm is alarmed that he edges away slightly. Dean turns to him, gaze unfocused 


He hears Win trying again, this time pulling at his elbow harder.


“Dean, you are going to hurt Pharm like this. Go somewhere else to clear your head. He’s safe here. He’s not in danger anymore. Calm down! “ 


Dean does not seem to be budging so Pharm steels himself. Maybe it was a bad idea to do the facetime with Dean , why didn’t he think it through? 


Something strikes him. He remembers that his mother had told him something  about this before and they had learnt about it in school but he’s never witnessed it for himself or a classmate or anybody else. 


 The part where an alpha loses himself because of a traumatic experience and turns feral enough that he forgets everything and allows his savage primitive side to take over. The traumatic experience always involves somebody that has a lot of importance to the alpha, like his bonded mate or his close family members. 


Is this what's happening to Dean right now? 


There are also legal repercussions for this, an alpha could get into trouble for not controlling himself because in that feral state , he can hurt anybody around him. While it does not affect other alphas, it is agonizing for an omega to be around an alpha who’s gone feral. 


That is why Win is trying to get him away, he could hurt any of them and there are at least three omegas in front of him. 


He tries to remember what he can do in this situation, after all he facetimed Dean and made him witness all that was happening. 


Make him remember you, make him remember who he is. He remembers this is what his mother had taught him the moment he came of age and old enough to understand the mechanics of being an alpha and omega. 


It happened to your father once, she said, he was traumatised over his brother’s suicide. Can you see Uncle Krit’s scar on his left hand? Your father did it when he turned feral but I managed to stop it before it became worse. 


I talked about our times together, I talked about the dishes that he loves, I talked about you and Phoom, I talked about our love and our lives together but most importantly, you must be brave and you must do it before he loses himself completely. 


It’s their look in their eyes. You won’t be able to recognise him as your alpha and that’s when you know he is lost. 


These words echoed through his mind. 


Determined to get him back, Pharm sits right in front of Dean, cups his face and makes Dean look him in the eye. 


“P’Dean, “ he says, make sure his voice is low enough just enough for Dean to hear in his ear and then nuzzle his nose over Dean’s shoulder, hoping his scent could bring Dean back to clarity. 


“I’m okay. I’m here. Listen to me. I’m safe.” The hands around his waist squeezed tighter and Pharm dropped his face into the juncture of Dean’s shoulder and neck. It is getting a bit harder to breathe because Dean has strength but he has never used that strength against Pharm. 


“P’Dean, don’t be like this, come back to me, please. I’m your Pharm. I’m here. Remember how we used to cook together in the kitchen in my condo? I used those lotus flowers to wrap desserts and your grandmother loved them so much. You always helped me to make them and we always go to her house to give it to her. Do you remember what her favorite dessert is?” 


Dean is unresponsive, instead staring off into space over Pharm’s shoulder when Pharm lifts his head.


He hears Intouch’s voice calling for somebody and Win telling Pharm he needs to move away. 


“Pharm, you have to move away, he might hurt you. I don't know how far gone he is and shit, I need somebody to help me pull him away, In, you and Team needs to go to another room.” 


Somebody sits near him and it’s Team. 


“I need to get him back, Team. “ Pharm whispered to him.


“I know that but Pharm, you need to move. Listen to hia Win, if you are scared, I can help you, come on, hold my hand, please?”  Win is protesting behind him, probably afraid for Team’s safety. 


Pharm turns back to Dean, his eyes still glazed over, his body still rigid and stiff. Pharm is fully aware of Win trying to get the situation under control, but at the same time, Pharm doesn't stop trying to coax Dean back to himself. 


Dean’s hand curled around Pharm’s wrist tightly as he looks at Win with fire and heat in his gaze, looking ready to attack. 


“Don’t take him away,” Dean growled back. 


Pharm tightens his hold, instead climbs onto Dean’s lap, straddling his lap and keeps his face buried in Dean’s neck. 


“I’m here, I’m here with you, “ he continues to breathe into Dean’s neck, “ We went to that floating platform in my first year, remember? And we had so much fun at the waterfall. Do you remember we went to visit my mother? We had hotdogs by that roadside and some of the caucasian girls thought you were an idol and wanted to take pictures with you…” he rambles on about everything and anything he could remember. 


Finally, little by little, he feels Dean’s grip lessen until it feels familiar and right. 


Until it no longer feels suffocating but safe. 


Pharm lets out a harsh breath and promptly bursts into tears out of relief when the tight arms around him allows him to take in a breath that does not take much effort.


When he pulled away, Dean’s eyes were closed and he moved to press their foreheads together. 


“I’m back, I’m okay.” Dean finally whispers back and nods at the same time. 


Dean releases him after that, allowing Win to bring him somewhere else  to clear his head.


“I’ll be back, give me a sec. I promise. “ He says before Win brings him into the direction of the outdoor pool. 


From his position in the living room , they are separated by a glass wall and Pharm is able to see him clearly. The way he sits on one of the chairs with his hands clutching his head tightly and Win crouching near him, a hand on his shoulder, talking to him the whole time. 


It looked like Dean was struggling with himself and it broke Pharm’s heart. 


Pharm finds himself not being able to leave Dean’s sight at all after that. His eyes followed Pharm whererever he moved and he fussed over the cut on Pharm’s temple. 


He even places himself in between Pharm and Win when the other alpha comes close and Win rolls his eyes at Dean. 


“Hey, I saved your ass , okay?” he says as he brings Team, who is cuddling with Pharm on the couch , into his arms. 


“I’m sorry, I should have not called you before I went after Zon and Can, it affected you this much.” Pharm apologises as he settles down after Dr Khaotung is done with dressing his wounds. Dean is silent as he stares at the hand marks around Pharm’s neck and it’s starting to get a little bit darker and bruised. He shakes his head after a few moments and then bends to kiss Pharm’s cheek tenderly. 


“Actually, Nong Pharm, you did a smart thing, you probably saved some alphas today but you paid a price for that.” Dr Khaotung chimes in as he puts away his dressing waste and tools.


“An alpha who has gone feral is most likely to face some charges in court unless there is a good enough reason for him, but in that case , there is your video and the fact that my husband witnessed everything, they won’t be charged at all.” 


“”I did? But who?...” 


The way Dean avoided looking at Pharm is suspicious enough. 


“It’s P’Tharn and Tin, isn’t it? “ Intouch asks from his corner, all this while silent because he was listening to what was going on. 


“What did you expect? They held Can and P’Type at gunpoint, there is no way these two wouldn’t go feral. You saw what happened to Dean.” Win answers. 


“I didn’t get the chance to see Tin and then I saw P’Korn and P’Podd were there but P’Tharn was just...that’s why I quickly brought you away from there. I didn’t want you to see or get affected by him turning feral.” Dean adds.


“But Can and P’Type, are they okay? Where are they now?” 


Dr Khaotung suddenly looks grim and solemn as he sits down beside Intouch on the chaise lounge. 


“ I can’t tell you about the condition of the others, I wasn’t even allowed to go near them. “ he turns to Intouch with a smile, “Your alpha is such a caring man. He cares a lot about you and the other omegas, he wants to make sure everybody is safe and he told me to go look after the rest of you. “


As Pharm finds out a few minutes later, the whereabouts of Pete and Tutor as they watch Ae is holding Pete’s waist in one hand and another hand around Tutor’s elbow, dragging him along. 


“Oh, they do not look good.” Doctor Khaotung mutters. 

Chapter Text

A lot of people always assumed him and Pete were twins because they are so similar in size and looks throughout their lives but in actual fact, he is a year and a half older than Pete.


Partly to fight against that and not that he’s ashamed or anything but he begins to work out a lot more when he's about to enter university and begins to mix with people from all walks of life that taught him a lot, something that his privileged life didn’t allow him to get. 


Pete and him lead a relatively privileged and sheltered life, with expensive designer stuff, expensive private school educations, luxurious holidays right until he chooses the local university instead of the schools abroad. 


The truth is he couldn’t leave Pete behind and go study alone in a foreign place for too long. He enters university on a clean slate, people don’t know him and he made friends with people who aren’t sons and daughters of rich business men, except for Tin. 


He changed completely into a different person, he's louder and straight forward and he’s a lot more stronger, not just in physical sense from all the weight-lifting and hours in the gym but mentally as well. 


Maybe it also has to do with the fact that he’s finally made peace with himself and has started to embrace the self that he has repressed for so long. 


That he likes boys all along. 


Unlike Pete, who has always embraced his gay self and lived life as honest as he could. Tutor envied him, his soft innocence, his kind heart and his gentle ways of taking care of others so he used university to live as what he’s always wanted. 


It was like being at a buffet and he’s having a great time until he gets constantly harassed by a particular boy who is devastatingly handsome but annoying. The way he harasses Tutor seemed like one of those kids at the playground scenario, where the boy bullies the girl to get her attention except this boy is Tutor’s senior in the faculty so he can’t ignore him. 


At first, it was super annoying and he kept messing with Tutor’s head until it turned into something else. 


Fighter fell first but Tutor fell harder.


Then , Pete starts university and Tutor is happy to have him but his happiness is short-lived when he sees his baby brother being bullied by another and while they are in the same university, they are in different faculties and their schedules are so different so Tutor can’t be there to look after him all the time.  


Three days out of seven, he will come home with some bruise on his face or on his rib or shoulder. 


And then he started dating Ae.


Ae is like a godsend gift to Pete. He loves Pete, worships him and most importantly, he protects Pete while Tutor isn’t there. The fact that Pete actually pummeled that guy who bullies Pete , face into the ground, faces a suspension for two weeks and comes back declaring nobody else had better not to try to fuck with Pete. 


Pete remains the same despite being so in love with Ae. He is still close to Tutor, Pete confides in him about everything and would always value Tutor’s opinion on things. 


But today is really not that day. 


It’s been a stressfull morning.


He wakes up and the first thing he does is to look at his phone. There is a good morning selfie from Fighter, which is rare because the man sleeps like a log when there isn’t a class, he looks good in bed, topless ,  of course and Tutor sends a selfie back but with clothes on. 


There are other people in bed with him, Zon shares the bed with him while Tine is on the other single. 


A good view of his bare chest a little and he gives a little duck face and sends it off. 


Of course, the reply back is a horny one which involved a good view of Fighter in grey sweats, knowing that’s Tutor’s weakness so he sends another one with him as a blanket burrito and a view of the other two in bed. 


Then he remembers the video that he and Tine saw last night, of Tin having sex with another man and he jumps out of bed. 


It’s nearly seven in the morning he notes, glancing at his phone as he hurries to his brother’s room and knocks on the door. It wasn’t locked so he opens it to find it completely empty, beds unmade as if left in a hurry and the one thing that made him completely stop in his tracks is that there’s Can’s phone on the floor, Pete’s phone is by his bedside and Type’s phone is under his pillow. 


Ok so what the fuck is going on?


He grabs all three and runs towards the living room, the kitchen, the outdoor swimming pool but there wasn’t any sign of these three. 


Finally , when he goes to Intouch’s room and sees Pharm and Team still asleep in their beds.


He wakes Intouch and feels bad when he wakes up like there is a fire happening in the house somewhere. 


“No, I was asleep, Tor. You just woke me up, how would I know where they went?” 


Both Pharm and Team woke at that point and Tutor decided  more eyes could search the villa properly.


They comb the beach when the rest wake up, Tine and Zon putting on various clothing and walking out to help with the search, an hour later, Tutor feels is sitting on the floor in the middle of the living room, totally exhausted and feeling like he’s about to cry. 


“Where do we search now...Where do we?..” He starts to ask and hears Intouch already on the phone with the hotel staff. 


“They will help us look but it hasn’t been a few hours, it could be that they went for a walk and didn’t bring their phones? The security person at the gate saw them at the front gate at four in the morning. Tor, maybe they went for a walk.” 


“A walk? At four in the morning? And after Can saw the video? That does not just sound like a walk to me, In.”


A thought hits him.


“What’s alphas last night? They came here..I mean, it was Can and Pete that they saw at the club and…”


“Ok , Tor now you are really scaring me.” 


An agonizing hour later, and there is still no signs of the three and Tutor feels close to explode and it made worse that their phones started going off and naturally, since they weren’t there to answer, the calls and messages went to the group chat and Zon accidentally answered Pete’s phone and it was Ae. 


Tutor hands the phone to Intouch, feeling too anxious to give any explanations. He feels bad when Intouch has to do the same when Tharn and Tin starts calling.


He couldn’t avoid answering Ae so Tutor decides to answer his calls in a different room.


“I’m doing my best, Ae. We searched everywhere. Do you think I’m feeling very relaxed here? I’m dying from the stress right now!”


“But what about those alphas from the club that Intouch mentioned?”


“It’s just a guess, Ae. It might not even be them.” He sighs and rubs his eyes with his hands. 


“P’Tor, you said it would be safe for him to go with you. And he didn’t have his phone with him. Do you know how terrifying that sounds to me? And it's a strange place that he’s never been to before. I’m coming over with the rest , I think Saifah is asking if P’Fight wants to drive over with Zon and me. It’s easier and faster.” 


Only one thing offered him a little comfort, knowing that P’Type went with them and prayed that P’Type would lead them back safely because he knows how careful P’Type could be. He guesses that Can is probably emotional and Pete wants to comfort him and P’Type went with them because they are all in the same room. 


Intouch came in with a mug and laid it in front of Tutor. 


“Coffee. Pharm is making breakfast. Don’t ask, it’s his way of coping with his anxieties.” 


Intouch sits beside him at the foot of the bed , on the rug and stares at the vanity chair in front of them. 


“I just talked to P’Tharn.” he finally says after a long moment of silence. 


“”And what about him? I just got scolded by my baby brother’s alpha.” he grumbles. 


“He’s worried and he wants to come over. Also P’Korn said he might reach a little later, he’s helping Tin to settle the matter.” 


Tutor turns to look at him. 


“P’Korn says Tin suspects it’s somebody close , could be his brother. I don’t doubt it and won’t be surprised if it's true. He is slimy, the most dangerous son of a bitch. It gives me the creeps to even hear his name.” 


“Did he…”


“I never told anybody this or even P’Korn so I’m telling you because I trust you. He tried to hit on me and I told him to back off and he said he will teach me a lesson, and that incident? When the man tried to attack me? He could be behind it but I never told P’Korn about it. You know how he gets, I would hate for all the unecessary trouble. “ 


“Oh shit then,” it was all Tutor could say. Intouch nods grimly. 


“Shit it is. 


“I just wanted to enjoy a nice getaway with everybody. I didn’t mean for it to get this messy and dramatic. Somewhere , I could just not think about stuff . I can’t imagine the mess later. We might have to cut this trip short.” Intouch exhales a long resigned breath, leaning his head back on the bed. 


“In, if you need to talk, I’m here, you know. Besides, it’s not your fault, everybody is having a good time so far, even Pharm. You might have changed his sex life tremedously. ” 


Intouch giggles and then stares at him.  Tutor thinks he saw his eyes turned wide glassy as if holding back his tears but still trying to be strong. 


“Thank you. That means a lot, Tor.” 


“”You don’t look okay, In. ” Tutor could see how much Intouch had turned rigid around the shoulders. 


“He scares me sometimes.” 


“What?! What did he do-


There’s that teary laugh that he does again for the second time, it’s adorable and endearing but it breaks Tutor’s heart at the same time because it’s obvious he’s going through stuff that he couldn’t talk about it to anybody. 


“Not like that! He scares me because he loves me so much, I don’t want to get too used to it because...what if- what if one day, he decides he doesn't love me anymore and he wants to follow his parent’s wishes to marry a female omega instead , what would I do if I had to live without all that?” 


“In, he’s not going to cast you aside just like that! Everybody can see how much he loves you and I can assure you, he is the most besotted alpha I have seen , right after P’Tharn. “ 


Intouch nods , curling his hands around his mug of coffee. 


“My heart has been broken too many times, sometimes it’s just hard to believe he’s in my life and loving me unconditionally.” 


“After this trip, I think you should go on another one with him, just the two of you and talk about what’s bothering you. I know there’s more to this story but for now, I think both of us don’t have the mental capacity to process all this on top of the three missing omegas who decided to talk a walk at four am in the morning without their phones...oooh, Pete, wait till I get my hands on your neck!” He rants on , his coffee almost sloshing over the rim of his cup. 


“And In, I promise that once everything is okay, you can talk to me about anything and everything at any time, okay?” 


Intouch’s phone goes off and it’s the security at the gate, letting him know that the other three have returned and are on the way to the villa on a buggy. Intouch glances at Tutor. 


“Tor,” he says after he gets off  the phone, “ I need for you to calm down because they are back and I’m going to see them. Pete is probably gonna be all tired and hungry and promise me, you DO NOT yell at him too much?” 


“No promises.” Tutor replies back. 


“If you can’t promise me, then I will lock you in this room until you calm yourself down enough not to scold your baby brother for something that isn’t his fault. And I’m sure he just wants to be there for Can.” 




He lets Intouch go out of the room first and he takes a few deep breaths to calm himself down. 


They are back and Can looks terrible with his pale face, coupled with splotchy red nose and eyes and the way he’s almost numb and unresponsive. P’Type looks exhausted too and the three of them looked like they went through some sort of an agonizing episode. 


He laid his eyes on Pete and felt immense relief. 


Relief that he is back and safe and he does not need to answer to his parents and an angry alpha boyfriend, speaking of which, he has to text Ae that Pete has arrived safely.


“Are you sure you are omega, Tor? “ Pete asks him tiredly as Tutor drags him away.


“I still need to know why did you think it was okay for you to just run off like that without informing anybody , and in a strange place at four am in the fucking morning.” Tutor grits out after waiting long enough. 


He allows Pete to have a shower and have him sit on the floor while Tutor dries his hair with one of those gigantic hair dryers that resorts have stashed away in their bathrooms. 


“Can was upset and he was about to run so,” he stops to take a sip of his hot tea that Pharm slips in while Pete was taking a shower and relays a hushed warning from intouch, “In says do not yell at him!” at which Tutor rolls his eyes. 


“But you could have taken your phones with you, and P’Type too? I just don’t understand this. “


Pete sighs and puts down his tea. Tutor notes Pete’s hands were still trembling and cursed silently under his breath. He reminds himself Pete isn’t as strong as him, he’s younger and it looks like he’s been through something heavy so comforting Pete should be a priority instead. 


“You know Can is the fastest runner on the soccer team and we didn’t want him to run so far that we couldn’t catch up with him. Like, you said, this is a place we have never been to, and it was still dark, OW ! I want my ear intact, P’Tor!” He whines when Tutor places the hair dryer too near his ear. 


Tutor pulls at his ear. 


“Good. You deserve it for scaring me and Ae.” 


“ Ah, was he too worried?” 


“I fixed it, told him you are back in one piece, I will make sure you have showered, eaten something and rested before you talk to him. “ 


Pete looks up at him with the cutest, baby brother smile and eyes he could muster, the one that always makes everybody weak around him and it works like a charm every single time. 


Tutor glares at him. 


“Don’t give me that look. Pharm is cooking fried rice for you to eat at this very moment.” He says grumpily as he runs through Pete’s semi dry hair with his fingers. He places the hair dryer away when he’s done and sits on the floor beside Pete. 


He wraps his arm around Pete’s shoulder and pulls him close until half of Pete’s body is on his lap. 


“I was so worried. Don’t do that shit ever again.” he murmurs as he pulls at Pete’s nose. Pete is silent, staring at the floor in front of him. 


“Did something happen? Are you hurt somewhere?” 


Pete shakes his head and sits up, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.


“Can wasn’t okay and P’Type was panicking because he didn’t know where the nearest clinic was and I couldn’t do anything but watch them. It was so horrible, P’Tor. It was like, he’s breaking into pieces, I have never seen Can like that, I have only ever seen him so happy and bubbly, you know?” 


Tutor takes his hands instead. 


“He was so heartbroken for Tin and those messages that he got, they were horrible, P’Tor! And the person sent other videos before the one that he sent to the group chat. Those were taken when Tin was a minor. Remember when I went to the UK for that exchange programme and I stayed with Tin? It was during that time and he was having some family issues. Actually, I’m not sure if some of it was consensual or not. ” 


“You guys were just sixteen. Shit, Tul is really a bastard.” 


Pete turns to face him .


“Now , you know why I simply ran off with him. I wasn’t worried for just one friend, you know. I was worried for the both of them, I know Tin would have wanted somebody to be with Can because he couldn’t be there. For all his ice prince namesake back in school, he is a total softie when it comes to Can. “ 


“Yes but you can still grab your phone, you know? Ae is on his way here. I can’t stop him and my stupid boyfriend is coming with him as well. ” Tutor grumbles back . 


“P’Fight is probably on his way because he wants to be here while you are going crazy being worried about us. Also he probably missed you.” 


“You know him that well, huh?.” 


“That’s my brother-in-law there, of course I need to know him properly.’”


“I didn't say I was going to marry him.”


Pete starts giggling. 


“Your nose is growing longer because you sit on a throne of lies, P’Tor. I saw you looking up wedding venues on your computer.” 


Tutor sends him off to the kitchen where Pharm had insisted on cooking because he said he couldn’t wait around and place a plate of heaping fried rice in front of Pete. 


“Listen, I have your boyfriend on my phone on speedial here, see?” he holds the phone in Pete’s face,” If you don’t want me to call him, you better eat that, at least half of it. Besides, we don’t want Pharm to get sad, do we?”  


To his glee, Pharm co-operates well and gives Pete a sad smile at which he quickly starts eating. 


He makes sure Pete goes to take a nap in one of the lounge areas near the outdoor pool where it’s nice and quiet and away from others. He brings in blankets and fluffy cushions and lies down beside him. 


“Are you really going to look over me while I sleep? Seriously?” 


“Shut up and lie down.”


Pete takes his hand and places it on his head .


“Well,  pet me to sleep then if you want me to take a nap that bad.” he grouses with a pout and closes his eyes. 


“You are too much, you know. How old are you now wanting me to do that?! “


But he did it anyway, what he’s always done when Pete was small and their mother wasn’t feeling well and their father was away for work, he took over the role of caretaker and made sure to pet Pete to sleep by running his fingers over his har and humming random songs. He wasn’t that much older than Pete but his older brother's instinct was already strong. 


Pete fell asleep within five minutes, a testament to how tired he was and Tutor decided to call Tutor instead,unsure if he’s still driving or stopped somewhere. 


“We stopped for a while, there’s at least an hour to go but traffic’s okay here. How’s Pete? Is he okay? Ae told me he came back with the other two, he isn’t hurt or anything , right?”  


It warmed his heart that Fighter cares for Pete as much as him. 


“He’s okay, he ate and is now taking a nap. Please let Ae know but I will send a pic anyway.” 


There was some muffled voices in the background, probably Fighter was informing Ae of what had transpired and Figher comes back on the line. 


“Do you want anything?  I see some shops selling snacks, should I get anything for you and Pete?” 


“No, I’m okay and Pete just ate. I don’t think I can eat much anyway. “


“What’s wrong? “


“The stress is making my stomach act up a bit but just hurry and get here, okay? “


Tutor ends up taking a nap alongside him and wakes up wondering where everybody was until he peeps into one of the bedrooms and sees Pharm and Intouch curled around the sleeping Can. 


“Cooking is really one of my ways to ease stress. You go shopping for stress relief, why is it so different?” Pharm argues, casting an annoyed look at Intouch. 


“Yes, but we are on a holiday, Pharm!” 


Tutor lies on the floor , listening to their bickering until Pete has woken up and joined them in the room. He looks better and Tutor is grateful for that. 


He pulls Pete along when the rest suggested a walk on the beach while Pharm volunteered to stay on to ensure Can gets in some food. Tutor watches Intouch pass Can’s phone to Zon and wonders if there was something going on. 


“What’s going on?” He asks Intouch when Pete has wandered off to take some pictures of Team, who’s trying to swim but gets distracted by some seashells that he’s seen in the sand.


“ I don’t think it sounds safe, In.” He agrees with Tine when they hear what Intouch had told Zon earlier about keeping an eye on Can. 


“ Let him have some space. I don’t think all of us can be there to be watchful hawks around him all the time around him. We can take turns but I just hope nothing happens while P’Korn and Tin are not here but I do have a back-up plan though, I could ask for the doctor’s husband for help, I feel bad to intrude and it’s rude but like I said it’s a back-up plan. I will do my best to make it up to them.” 


Tutor remembers what Intouch said about Korn helping Tin to settle a matter. 


“Any updates from P’Korn and Tin?” 


Intouch brushes off some sand off his shorts daintily. 


“Legal stuff, I think. They got a whole team of lawyers working but P’korn says he’s already driving down with Tin, they should be reaching soon and so are the rest. “  


“The messages. Pete told me that Can get some messages that threaten him.” Intouch nods grimly. 


“Yes, I forward them to Tin and he was mad that you would have thought I told him somebody murdered Can. That’s what they were trying to do, trace the source and stop it before it gets around too much. “ 


They sat in silence trying to process this information. Tutor watches Intouch answer a phone call which he assumes was Pharm because of his agitated yelling for him to come back.


Then Intouch makes another phone call and hears him address Dr Khaotung and his husband, P’Podd. 


“I guess what I feared has come true, Tor. Pharm says that Can has gotten a message and they are all now following him. I told him to come back because the rest are arriving but he isn’t listening!” he says after hanging up the phone. 


It must be fate’s design that almost all of them arrived at the same time as the doctor and two resort staff. 


“They are near the last villa,” Intouch informs them. Tutor barely got a greeting from Fighter as he was pushed back into the house. 


“Listen to me, Tor. You and Pete stay here and wait for me , okay? It’s not safe for you or any of the omegas to be outside. I promise to be careful.” Fighter says quickly before he leaves with Ae. 


He sees Sarawat do the same thing with Tine and Tutor wonders if there is something going on, from the way they act, the way Sarawat automatically goes to follow behind Fighter and Ae without questions and exchange  knowing glances. 


It’s the sort of feeling you get when other people know something is going on and they are not teling you anything.  Tutor gets that exact feeling and it annoys him a little. 


Tine’s eyes were red when Tutor turned to him.


“Wat and I had a stupid argument a few days ago. Why does it seems like I’m sending him off to do something stupid and dangerous, or am I overthinking?”


Tutor couldn’t find the words to tell him that he felt exactly the same way.


Fighter’s words to him echoed in his mind as he watched them go down the garden path.They had told Win to stay behind , for the safety of the omegas in the villa, namely him, Pete, Intouch, Tine and Team. 


They should have reached before Can get those messages, feels like it’s a little late. 


“There’s a reason why Fighter told you to stay back, Pharm was facetiming Dean of what’s happening and we all saw it on the way here. But let’s wait for them, I’m sure it will be okay, Tor.” Win assures him but from the way he isn’t looking at any of them and just has his hands around Team is, again , a little suspicious. 


“You weren’t overthinking, Tine. I think something’s wrong and they are not telling us.” Tutor whispers to Tine when Win is involved in a conversation with Team. 


But still, he worries. 


Even if he knows Fighter is more than capable to tatake care of himself, he’s seen Ae take down boys bigger than him and then there’s an experienced police officer amongst them. 


They will just be going there to de-escalate the situation, right? Those alphas led by Tul will probably get frightened and run off at the sight of help coming. 


He was still dwelling about the Fighter’s and Ae’s safety when he realises Pete isn’t there, he was supposed to be with Team, taking photos. 


“Team, where’s Pete?”


Team looks confused.


“He said he went in to look for you earlier.”


Something’s wrong because Pete definitely didn’t look for him. He didn’t see Pete anywhere near except when... shit.


“Tor, what’s wrong? You don’t look ok.” Tine appears beside him. 


“I think Pete went outside to look for Can. Maybe he heard what P’Fight said. We gotta go outside and get him.”


Tutor made up an excuse to charge his phone and led Tine to the kitchen.


“I’m going to go find Pete. Wait here for me.” 


“Like hell I’m letting you go alone. Wat is going to kill me for this and so will P’Tor so let’s just do it.” 


He’s about to go down the same way when Tine pulls him the opposite way. 


“There’s another way, it’s faster,  Zon and I were searching for Pete this morning and we found a short-cut.” 


It is really a shorter way and soon found themselves a couple of bushes behind the alpha who has Zon by the neck. 


“First it’s Zon going after Can and now it’s us doing this. This is ridiculous. I don’t know how Ae is going to be if he finds out about Pete..” Tutor mutters under his breath as he tries to make himself inconspicuous  and finally spots Pete crouching behind a rubbish bin just where Type is being held. 


How did he get there so fast? Did he blend in with the trees or what? 


He must have gone by another way and since the rest were trying to approach Tul and the alphas carefully without raising any alarm with weapons that they have. 


Soeaking of which, it is really dangerous for them to be here. 


He manages to sneak up to Pete without being seen and quickly clamps his hand over Pete’s mouth to silence him. 


“What the fuck are you doing here?  Let’s go back!” he whispers urgently, grabbing Pete’s elbow and attempting to pull him back. 


“P’Tor , is that Tin’s brother?” He hears Tine whisper behind and he lifts his ehad to see it was indeed true that it was Tul and the biggest shock is to see him holding a gun and pointing it at Can. 


A gun. 


Now, he understands why Fighter was so adamant on him staying put where they are. 


Beside him, Tine is hyperventilating. 


“Tine, go there, go behind the bush over there and hide. I’ll grab Pete and go back now. Go!” 


To his relief, Tine quickly did as he was told and he turns to see Pete still there and staring at the gun in Tul’s hand and the fact that he’s restraining Can by a hand around his throat. 


“Don’t watch, it will give you nightmares after this, Pete, look at me.” 


He’s trying to distract Pete when the nearest alpha who’s the nearest to Type gets knocked down and Tutor cringes when the gun hits Type’s face and he falls over. He watches Fighter pull Type a distance away, probably for safety and then he lunges for Tharn. 


The sight of Tharn going into rage makes his head constrict like a tight, tension band. He feels Pete beside him, probably feeling the same and he quickly places both his hands over Pete’s ears, to cover him from hearing Tharn’s roar of feral rage. 


“Let’s grab P’Type and go, I can see he’s hurt and all the alphas are trying to…” he trails off when he sees what Pete saw, Tin jumping in , ontop of his brother and he sees Korn and P”Podd , the police officer trying to pull him back. 


Tutor couldn’t watch anymore. To his dismay, Ae saw them. 


As much as he loves Ae as his own brother, it is humiliating to be dragged back to the villa by the elbow by your baby brother’s boyfriend. 


Upon reaching the villa, Tutor wrenches his elbow out of Ae’s grasp and it is a really hard grip and he’s sure there would be bruises next morning and pushes Ae away so hard  that he stumbles back, much to Tutor’s satisfaction. 


“You may be an alpha but you have no fucking right to drag me back like that .” 


“ P’Fight told you to stay in the house but you went outside! Do you know how dangerous it was for you and Pete? “


“We were about to go back, Ae! But we can’t leave P’Type there like that when everybody was distracted with…” Pete quickly steps in, placing himself in between Tutor and Ae. 


The way that Ae glares at Pete sets off warning bells in Tutor’s head because Ae has never looked at Pete like that, furious enough that Pete falters and takes a step back. 


Tutor thinks that Pete looks almost afraid of Ae at that moment.


“Don’t you look at Pete like that. “ Tutor hissed at him,advancing forward,  almost in his face , “ Take it out on me if you are angry.” 


“ Maybe I should because you fucking led him into danger.” he growls back. 


“Fuck you, Ae. Have some fucking respect, who do you think you are talking to?” Tutor replies with a jab to Ae’s chest. 


A voice stops his train of thought and Tutor feels like he’s just snapped out of trance. He turns and sees Doctor Khaotung behind him. 


“Ae, go cool off. I’ll take care of the omegas from here, they will be safe with me.” He says in a cool and calm voice, regarding Ae with an unflinching stare. Tutor turns to look at Ae and realises Ae probably went through the same thing as him, his eyes actually softened, he turns to Pete and kisses his cheeks and murmurs a quick, “Sorry, P’Tor,” before he goes off. 


Dr Khaotung goes over to take Pete’s arm and gestures towards the house. 


“Come on, let’s go find something to drink and calm down, shall we? “ 


He later found out from the doctor they are all affected by being near to Tharn and Tin during their rage and it messed with their heads. 


“He probably didn’t mean to react like that, Tutor. He’s just worried seeing the two of you and maybe what happened affected him. He was outside with the rest, right? It affects each alphas differently.” Dr Khaotung explains patiently. 


Tutor admits that is true as he starts to feel guilty about talking to Ae like that. Beside him, Pete is cuddled into his side, his hands no longer trembling and he’s actually just sitting and listening rather calmly. 


They are on the bed, away from others in the living room and Tutor is grateful. 


“Stay in here and rest up, I’ll let you know when the rest comes in.” Doctor Khaotung says before he steps out. 


They sit in silence for a few long moments and Tutor thinks an apology is in order, both to Pete and Ae later. He shudders to think about P’Fight’s reaction. 


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to talk to Ae like that.” he apologises. 


Pete sits up and smiles at him. 


“It’s okay, P”Tor. None of us are ourselves just now but I wonder what P’Fight is going to do if he finds out.” Pete says and then winces.


“Is your elbow okay? Ae can be very strong. ” He asks, reaching for Tutor’s arm to inspect it.  


Tutor sighs deeply


“I don’t want to find out.” 

Chapter Text

Type has been through a great deal of things in his life that severely tested his resilience, his patience, his love for Tharn and his humanity. 


His resilience is tested since young, since the incident that robbed him of all his innocence and he’s never really gone to therapy or seek counselling for that and just kind of learned to live with the fact that he was sexually assaulted at a young age. 


He learnt to live with it, and spent sleepless nights staring in the dark because he kept seeing and feeling that man’s eyes and hands on him. 


And then in university, just as he thought he;s managed to overcome his trauma, he’s faced with a situation that not only gave him severe stress but also made him confront the very thing that he’s worked so hard to overcome all his childhood and teenhood. 


And then there’s being room mates with a gay person.


So he approached it in the only way he knows, he acted out like a child, he’s vulgar and mean and he does so many hurtful things and it came back to bite him, Tharn turned out to be the only person who helped to clear his name when the whole school was against him even though Tharn is responsible for triggering that fever and night terrors all over again. 


And with that , started a tumultuous relationship full of trials and tribulations, consisting of several challenging situations where he separated from Tharn for a period of time, his ordination and finally his wedding. 


It’s been amazing and Type thinks that maybe this is it, the part where they have gotten through everything and it’s time for the peaceful married life of groceries run, honeymoon trips, petty arguments over laundry and he’s looking forward to it. 


They went through it all, jealousy, possesiveness, evil managers , his own father who refuses to acceopt his only son is dating a man, Tharn’s exes who messed with his head;  Type is able to confidently say, his relationship with Tharn can survive anything that the world will throw at them.


Because Type will make sure of it, anything that the world throws at them, he will chew it up and spit it out back. 


Life has a way of playing tricks and biting you in the ass when you least know it and perhaps this is one of the times that fate decided that the troubles that Type has faced so far, won’t be as big as this one. 


Getting held at gunpoint. 


He had a freak moment where he wanted to laugh and look around and ask Intouch where the camera is, to congratulate him on a prank well done but there he is staring at the black metallic muzzle pointed straight at his head. 


He froze because firstly, he’s never seen a gun in real life before, secondly, the alpha grabbed him by his throat and he‘s able to take shallow breaths but it’s suffocating and the nails are digging right into the soft flesh of Type’s throat. 


All his attention became fixated on trying to breathe and that damn gun trained on him but somewhere in the back of his mind, he’s worried about the rest of them, what if somebody gets hurt badly and a choking sound made him refocused back to Can who is struggling in Tul’s hold. 


The alpha holding him shifted his grip and Type manages to move his head and sees there is a line of red along Zon’s neck, it isn’t deep red but it’s there and he’s probably nicked by the knife. 


At the same time, he notices Zon looking over behind him , as if he’s seen something and hopes that help is coming but does not dare to move or do anything to antagonize these alphas. 


One moment he’s looking at the alpha and feeling a little light headed and the next moment he gets hit by something hard across his forehead that makes his eye water and it starts throbbing almost immediately. 


There are hands dragging him a distance away and when he looks up , it was really like a scene from an action movie , like the part where there is a fight scene where there was a scuffle and blows being thrown and exchanged  except it’s happening in front of his eyes and one of them is his husband. 


His tall, broad shouldered , very gentle husband is now straddling the alpha who held the gun to his head as he punched the life out of him. Tharn was never a violent man all the time that Type knew him. 


This is the man who cries the first time Type says I love you to him, would have given all of his liver and kidney to his baby sister if she asked, would drop everything if he knew Type was having a headache or feeling unwell. 


Tharn used to take up boxing for fun and for fitness at first but then later it became serious especially when they were harassed by a couple of hecklers from the crowd and it ended up in a bruised eye for Type, he knew with Tharn’s tenacity , he could make it competitive and professional if he wanted to. 


And now all he sees is lightning fist punmmeling the alpha into the ground. The gun lies a few feet away, it is cocked and ready and if it gets into the wrong hands, somebody could get hurt. 


But something else made him freeze up and made him clutch his chest , as if it was being constricted. It was alternating between his chest and tight tension band across his head and he dazedly watched Tharn still hitting the alpha..


He hears voices calling him and he tries to call for Tharn but his throat wouldn’t work. It felt like flames licking at his throat and his chest. 


He sees blood everywhere, it’s all over that alpha’s’s face, neck and chest and it’s all over Tharn’s hands. 


He lies on the ground, gasping for breath like a fish fighting for its last breath, his husband murdering somebody right in front of his eyes and he couldn’t move a single muscle to stop it. 


There are people trying to pull Tharn away, Type watches the scene unfold , only his eyes could track movement, he sees at least three of them and recognises them all, it’s Ae, Fighter and Sarawat pulling at Tharn’s arms at the same time but it’s like Tharn has gone into a trance where he can’t hear or respond to anything but to just kill and kill. 


He tries again ,  his chest burns hot and he calls out Tharn’s name as loud as he can and then he collapses in fatigue. 


There was slowing down in Tharn’s movements as if he’s listening for the first time and he sees Fighter taking the chance to pull Tharn away. 


Type has to try again so he calls out Tharn’s name again and he stops, his bloodied fist stops mid air where it was about to land a more deadly blow.  


The blood dripping from Tharn’s knuckles made Type sick and he closed his eyes. 


Somebody is shaking him, he opens his eyes, it’s Tutor and Pete , their faces floating above him and they help him to sit up. 


He looks around again, this time, he sees somebody else dragging that alpha away and he sees Tharn being pulled away by others. 


Type almost couldn’t recognise him. 


“P’Type, can you hear me?” 


It’s Tutor asking him and all he could do is to shake his head and stare at Tutor in a stupor.


“There’s a cut on his eyebrow, we need to get a doctor …” 


“Where’s Tharn, where are they taking him?” he hears himself asking. 


Tutor hesitated and he’s breathing sort of fast as well while Pete beside him looks pale and his hands are trembling where he’s holding Type’s arm. 


Tutor wants to answer but then Ae is running back and starts berating Tutor and Pete for being there. He isn’t entirely sure if he's heard the right words coming out of Ae’s mouth. 


Tharn has gone feral?


That was all that he could hear and process as Tutor and Pete moved away, probably by Ae. 


He feels helpless, and he tries to move to stand up but his knees feel so weak that his arms give way twice trying to push himself up. Finally, somebody helped him to his feet and it was Sarawat , helping him up.


“Where is Tharn? Sarawat , tell me where they are taking him.” he murmurs as he leans almost his whole weight against Sarawat, who bodily carries him to a shady spot much further away, as if deliberately putting in much distance between him and where Tharn is.  


“ I’m sure they will take good care of him and they have called for the doctor to come in. Fighter is staying with him now. We’ll make sure he’s okay. I’ll check with P’Korn if it’s okay to help you back to the villa, wait here. ” 


Type could only stare at him as he walked away. 


He sits there in silence, overwhelmed by everything and  trying to make sense of what he’s heard so far and he just couldn’t digest that piece of information.


Tharn has gone feral?


Oh fuck, he thinks, Tharn, of all the most dumbdest most stupidest thing you have ever done so far is to go feral, to lose yourself for me?


His mind goes through the worst scenarios, Tharn could be charged in court for losing control, what if he’s charged with murder if that alpha didn’t survive? Even if he did endanger Type and the others with a dangerous weapon, they didn’t manage to do much damage. 


What can be done? Should he go look for Tharn? Would they even allow him to go near his husband? 


And he spots somebody coming up and it’s Korn, looking exhausted and a bruise on his left cheek , he looks as if he’s been in a fight and he approaches Type slowly with a small smile. 


“P’Type, I’m going to help you back to the villa now, okay?  The omega doctor is here and you need to get that looked at,” he says gesturing towards the cut over Type’s eyebrow.


“Can you bring me to Tharn, please? I need to know if he’s okay, let me talk to him.” 


He hesitates and looks away.


“He isn’t in a condition to think clearly for now, that’s all I can say of the situation, P’Type. He punched that man quite hard, that man is hurt and so is P’Tharn. I have the in-house doctor , who is an alpha , looking at him and trying to get him to calm down enough but give him some time. If he asks, I will tell him where you are. That is the only thing you can do for him right now is he needs to know that you are in a safe place and there is somebody taking care of you.” 


He allows Korn to help him walk slowly towards the villa, it took them almost ten minutes to walk and finally they reached the villa compound and the first one to run to them is Intouch, who promptly throws himself at Korn and then turns to grab Type’s other arm. 


“P’Korn, what about Can? Is he..” Type watches Korn bring Intouch closer and kisses his cheek fondly. “I’ll let you know soon, we are trying to manage the situation and I’m okay, it's just a bruise.” He says when Intouch touches his bruised cheek softly. 


Intouch brings him to the bedroom and leads him to sit on the bed. 


He doesn’t feel too hurt on the outside, just that throbbing over his eyebrow but otherwise all of his pain is on the inside. 


He feels heartbroken, fatigued, anxious and everything all at once. 


But the anxiety of not being where Tharn is overrides everything else. 


Doctor Khaotung comes in , takes one look at him and instructs Intouch to bring some water. 


“ Hi,” he simply says with a smile, eyes going over Type’s face and then reaches into his bag for a vial of something clear liquid, a syringe, needle and a bandaid. The doctor holds up the vial for Type to see. 


“I have something for you to calm down, to ease some anxiety from being too close to a feral alpha. You will feel better after this and I’m going to give it to you in an injection,Type. Can you understand what I’m saying?” 


“I don’t want to go to sleep, don’t make me sleep, please.” He pleaded, feeling his eyes burn with tears. He didn’t understand why he’s about to start crying, it’s getting harder to think with a clear mind. 


Tharn’s words flash through his mind. 


Type, take a few seconds to breathe. 


Type, I’m here with you, I’m beside you. I’m always beside you.


The fresh wave of tears and emotions hit him hard because Tharn isn’t beside him right now. He feels Doctor Khaotung reach for his hand and starts to massage his fingers and palm. 


“Type, listen. I’m going to go ahead and give you the injection. I promise you it won’t make you sleepy so here it goes,” he says , letting go of Type’s hands and a minute later, there is a needle prick over his left deltoid. 


“Take a deep breath with me, Type. Listen to me.” 


The medicine works its magic almost instantaneously and he no longer feels that heart racing anxiety or the urge to sob his eyes out, instead he’s calm as he watches Dr Khaotung laid out items for dressing on the bed beside him, an bottle of saline to clean his wound and several pieces of white gauze all laid neatly. 


Intouch returns with a bottle of water and some jelly supplements in a pouch and Dr Khaotung commended him for his actions. 


“Ah, that’s a good idea , he needs to get some glucose after all that stress. Well done, In.” he lauded Intouch’s effort with a small cheer. 


“It isn’t deep , but you will get a bruise later and there as well, “ he pointed a gloved finger at Type’s neck. 


“I really despise alphas who do this to omegas, I have been working hard towards making sure that any alpha who does this against an omega gets the maximum punishment, knowing how the significance of touching an omega’s neck and in such a brutal way.”


Type thinks of Can and what Tul did to him and he can’t even imagine the repercussions from there. 


He tells Intouch and Doctor Khaotung of what he sees. 


“In, maybe you could call your alpha on the phone and see if anybody could escort Can back here as soon as possible? I don’t think it’s advisable for him to be there for too long. Also make sure to inform Win to try not to leave Dean’s side , he isn’t ready to be alone with Pharm for now.”


Type’s mind came alive with questions hearing Dean’s name as Intouch walked out of the room to get the information he needed. 


“Pharm managed to get him back but that is only possible if the alpha is not totally gone. I suspect Dean was trying very hard to stay in the right state of mind and Pharm helped him. “ 


“But I can do that with Tharn, right?” 


The defeated look tells Type that it isn’t possible. 


“Give him time. He’s too far gone for now. With sedation, he will soon get back to himself. I’m very sure of it. We’ll see how he gets after that, if he can be calm enough to be near you then you can try talking to him. ” He pats Type’s shoulder encouragingly. 


“Have you , I mean, personally gone through….?” 


Dr Khaotung thought for a while and then encouraged Type to drink the jelly pouch that Intouch had brought in earlier. 


“My husband once. We were not married then I was called in to testify in a case of domestic violence in court. Her alpha's abusive actions rendered her infertile and both physically and emotionally scarred throughout the five years they have been together. Finally, she gets the courage to leave but he tries to convince the court that she wasn’t of sound mind and that she was making up stories and that she slept around. I don’t know why the court let him off twice when it was obvious he breached her personal protection order, so the third time, he thinks he can get away with it because he’s threatened other doctors before and he is filthy rich.  He threatened me with a knife just as I was finishing my work and it happens while P’Podd was in the car , waiting, “


He paused to lift up part of his shirt, showing a scar across his stomach. 


“It took me months to heal.  P’Podd nearly killed the man , he went berserk and I couldn’t recognize him. I tried calling out to him before they carried me away. “


He continues again, his eyes glazed over, as if reliving some dark moments. 


“My therapist says I developed mild PTSD from seeing P’Podd go feral, I was exposed to him all the while I was bleeding out on that tarmac and there was nobody around to help us. But anyway, there is always some goodness that still exists no matter how bleak things may seem, that alpha gets put away behind bars for years and both us healed and moved on from that incident.” 


The medicine prevents him from being too emotional and anxious but he still feels heavy-hearted listening to the doctor’s story. 


“Be strong, Type. You have to be, for him and for yourself. Also , nothing but change is permanent. The situation may seem bad to you right now but it won’t stay that way forever. You two have a lifetime together and not let some evil stranger destroy your happiness.” 


A knock on the door pulls Type away from his thoughts and Intouch’s head comes through.


“Doctor Khaotung, P’Korn says he’s coming back to the villa with Can and Tin now. “  


“Both of them? Are you sure? “


“He says that the in-house doctor has given Tin some sedation to calm down and thinks it will help if he stays within the vicinity of his omega. Tin’s hands are injured but the doctor has done first-aid for that too.”


Doctor Khaotung seemed to ponder over this for a few minutes. 


“But can you tell Korn to stay with Tin while I look over Can? I need to treat them separately, at least in this room.” 


Type allows Intouch’s words to sink in and finds Doctor Khaotung already looking back at him.


“I know what you are thinking. I reckon Tin has been feeling this anger for sometime and has been processing it and also he’s aware that Can is hurt so he knows what to expect when he reaches here. “ 


Dr Khaotung reaches over to pat his shoulder.


“That alpha loves you so much , he’s so attached to you and he’s vigilant when it comes to you , that’s why he reacted in that way. Not to say Tin and Dean don’t love their omegas as much as you do but added that you have been together way longer and are married, that explains it much.” 


Doctor Khaotung gestured with his head towards the door, “ Wanna come with me? Let’s see if Can is coherent enough to give us some answers.” 

Chapter Text

Having great strength isn’t really what people would usually associate with him, despite having somewhat a regular workout regime because of the football club and the need to keep up his stamina. 


In fact , speed and perhaps, precision is something he is quite proficient in and now adds recklessness to that equation. 


And now that he’s decked Tul across the face while the alpha is holding a fucking gun to his face.


Foolish recklessness are the wordsTin would have used to describe him  right now. 


I’m sorry, Tin but I told you I was too stupid and average to be your boyfriend, he thinks dryly as Tul rears back with a roar the gun back and cocked at his head. Never mind that the punch had made him grimace in pain and Can thinks he’s probably fractured a few knuckles but it was worth it. 


“I should fucking shoot you in the head right now, you omega bitch.” he spat out. 


It’s like a reward for all that Tul has put him through all these years. 


He’s had this feeling about Tul for some time now, ever since he punched him at the front steps of his door and that icky feeling of being watched. 


It’s like somebody spying on you and you get that feeling under your skin and it makes you feel so self-conscious that for a while, he stops wanting to spend time at Tin’s house. 


But then Tul went away for some business thing for a few months, for the first time in many months, he felt relaxed enough. 


The feeling he gets from Tul is one of the reasons why he hesitates to commit anything long-term to Tin, why he couldn’t accept that amount of love that Tin freely gives to him unconditionally. 


While Tul has been an ashole and a bastard to Tin all his life, they are still blood brothers, they manage the compnay business together and Tin’s father looks happier that his two sons are finally co-operating well after years of fighting. 


He does not want to get in between them but he can’t shake that feeling of uneasy when he’s around Tul and of late, it’s bordering on sexual harassment. When he purposely passes by and Can feels a hand on his back or the way he stares when Can is in the room alone. 


Can had braved through all these silently and not show any single form of discomfort on his facial expressions of action. He also observes the way Tin is definitely more happier that his father is more open in his communication and he’s able to let down his guard after so long, Can decided this is more crucial than his own feelings, besides,  it’s not as if he lives at Tin’s house or Tin would live there forever because he knows Tin is already making plans to buy their own house together and set up his own company. 


Sometimes, he wonders what happened to the very brave and heck-care , back in the days Can who simply blew up at Tin’s father for showing favoritism and not giving a single fuck if he offended the old man or not. 


Perhaps over the time they have been together, he integrates himself into Tin’s life and understands why certain things are done in a certain way and how different their upbringing is , Can has simply changed to accommodate Tin’s way of life. 


And now, he will be damned if he allows Tin to be further provoked by watching his own boyfriend get assaulted by his own brother. 


He freezes but he doesn't get to react because there was a body of somebody practically pouncing into Tul from the side, knocking him down effectively and the gun fell away near Can’s feet. 


He quickly kicks it away and looks back to see it was Tin, practically giving blows to his face and then slamming his head into the ground so hard that Can could hear the hard smack against the concrete. 


He’s rooted to the floor when the blood gets more splattered around Tin’s hand and shirt and eventually Tul’s face becomes unreconizable, from his head wound and the way blood poured from his mishapen nose. 


He’s aware of somebody moving him away, he thinks it might be Korn because he’s having trouble processing anything right now except that this is the most savage he’s ever seen Tin.


He could only watch the way Korn and another man, a tall stranger that he does not recognize, trying to pry Tin off Tul and Can suddenly wants to cry because as much as he wants Tul to die , he does not want Tin to be murderer. 


He throws himself behind Tin, wraps his arms tightly around his neck. 


“You promise you won’t let anybody hurt me, Tin. Remember that?” He practically screamed in Tin’s ear. 


It worked because Tin’s hand halted and he stared at Tul for a few long moments, as if coming back to himself before he’s being moved away to the side. 


Can is being pulled away from Tin’s back, his arms falling away from where they were wrapped tightly and Can looks up to see Korn helping him. 


“Give him space.” Was all Korn said. 


He wanted to go to Tin but it’s the way he has this blank look in his eyes as if he went somewhere else in his mind, like he’s in a different headspace. 


The other stranger, the tall man who was helping alongside Korn, quickly took the gun and disarmed it . He hears the man adresses Korn with an urgent tone in his voice. 


“My husband is in the villa right now, send Type in first so we don’t overwhelm him. Dean just brought in his omega , I'm sure his hands are full right now. Let the alpha doctor attend to them,” he gestures towards Tul and Tin. 


“I’ll look over Tin for now,” he says. 


Tin is still in a daze, staring at his bloodied hands as the tall man crouches near him and purposely sets himself in between Can and Tin. 


“Can, right? You can call me P’Podd, do you remember my husband, Doctor Khaotung? He came in this morning.” 


Can could hear him asking and nods mutedly. 


“I think he’s okay but his hands need some first aid but don’t go near him for now, okay? Let him calm down and come back to himself. Let the doctor take care of him first. ” 


Just as he finished speaking , there was somebody coming right up, helping Tin to stand up and bringing him away .


Can moved to follow him but P’Podd stopped him. 


“Can, let them look after him for now. I promise you I’ll bring him back when the doctor clears him…” Can is listening but his eyes fixed on the way Tin is unmoving when the doctor had to crouched in front of him to look into his eyes. 


“But why.. Why is he like that? He isn’t hurt…” 


It’s the way Tin looks straight at him, an unyielding stare made Can uneasy because it does not feel like the Tin that he loves. 


“His human self is fighting with his alpha self right now, we have to see how he responds to the doctor.” Podd turns to him with a small smile,” Did my husband give you a busines card for his new clinic?” 


It struck Can as weird for Podd to be talking about a different subject until he realises what Podd is actually doing, to distract Can from being too upset and the fact he's not too close but not too far, as if protecting Can from Tin. 


“He did, there was a card..” he struggles to find the words, as if his brain is in a fog. 


What are words, why can’t he find any? 


He watches the doctor move to block Tin’s view of him and this makes him tense and he’s filled with a sense of impending doom, as if something could happen to Tin if Can takes his eyes away for a few moments. 


His hands start to tremble.


“His new clinic is in the medical wing of Siam Paragon, third floor just beside the Starbucks…” He struggles to concentrate on the words but the longer he can’t see Tin, the more he feels as if his throat has closed up and he can’t breathe and talk at the same time. 


“I think it would be good for you to make an appointment and I’ll get my husband to give you a good discount. Can, look at me. ”


Something about the way Podd talks to him makes him sharpen his focus into something other than the feeling of dread at not seeing Tin within his line of vision. 


It’s an authoritative alpha voice but it does not compel him to do anything, instead it calms him down enough to bring him back to the present. 


“ Listen to me. Take a deep breath and let it out.” 


He clenches his eyes closed as he struggles to follow the instructions until that phantom feeling of being strangled leaves his mind and he collapses forward when the muscle tension unlocks his rigid posture.


“I am so glad my darling made me take that class on managing omegas in distress.” he hears Podd mutter to himself and couldn’t help chuckling. 


Podd helps him to sit up and partially supports him with a hand on his elbow, something that Can appreciates because he isn’t sure he could manage with another strange alpha touching him. 


“Ah, you are back. I’m so glad,  I was about to call for my husband to come here, ” he replies. 


Can thinks about what he says earlier. 


“Yes, I’ll make an appointment with the doctor when everything is over,” Can finds himself replying to the question that was asked earlier. . The brain fog is cleared, he no longer feels the tight tension band around him. 


In front of him, he sees the hotel staff helping Tin to stand and leading him away and the alpha doctor coming his way and the panic feeling starts again. 


“P’Podd, I don’t think I could,” he starts and Podd holds up a hand to the doctor. 


“I think we can manage here, doctor, I’ll get Korn to send him back to the villa to my husband, I’lll go look over Tharn as well, I’m sure Type is anxious about his husband.” 


Can shoot him a small smile, glad that Podd understands what he had wanted to say.


“Hey, I have dated and married a doctor who specialises in omegas’ wellbeing, you know. I learnt a few things or two.” 


“I need a moment.” He looks up at Podd. 


He feels too overwhelmed. He feels both physically and mentally exhausted, he isn’t too hurt on his outside, his neck and his ribs feel sore and he wonders why.


“He elbowed you in the ribs just now while you were holding on to him. That’s why we have to keep omegas away when an alpha is in transition into a feral state, they lose themselves and they tend to hurt everybody around them.” 


Transition into a feral state?


“I don’t think he entered fully but he was on the way there but he stopped when he heard your voice. It's both beautiful and terrifying, isn’t it? The deep bond between an alpha and their omega. ” 


Can has heard of alphas doing so, he’s heard his mother talk about it and how she’s always advised Lay, when she presented as an alpha to always keep her head cool and temper in check. 


“I helped?”


Podd nodded with a small smile, settling in to sit beside him. 


“You did and he is very lucky. It depends, for some ,  it takes time for the alpha to come back to themselves, others require medical support, some actually need their omegas' presence to be near them.” 


Now it makes sense when his mothers always talks to Lay about remembering who she is , her family and the people she loves whenever Lay gets into a temper.


You are like me, you are hot-headed, unlike your brother, she’s always said. 


“I don’t think omegas really understand that the one who holds the true power in the relationship is themselves and not the alphas. I mean, we just saw it. “


“I always thought it was the opposite, I always thought omegas are the ones needed protection. My mother had always emphasised on Lay being around when I first started dating Tin. It was cute because she was more into the idea of Tin dating Pete because Pete was handsome and rich, and also Tin and Pete were close friends. ” He chuckled at the memory. It was just over two years ago and it seemed to be so long ago. 


“Pete and Ae? As in the same Ae whom I just saw earlier who was super mad at his omega and dragged both of them back just because they were nearby? One thing as a police officer, we are observant. I saw that they were so in love, I can’t picture Tin liking somebody else after watching how he reacted to seeing you in distress. “ 


Can couldn’t help wincing. 


“Was it bad? Was he upset? I mean, I think I saw you hiding and that’s when I knew help was coming and I couldn’t help it but…”


“He saw and heard everything. Dean’s omega, Pharm, he facetimed Dean before everything and we all saw it. So , you could see we are all in shock. It’s all fated somehow, Intouch called me at the right time.” 


Can blanched and looks away. 


He feels his hands start to tremble a little and that contricting feeling returns , this time it’s his chest and it feels like a tight band. 


“I know how it feels. I have been there, while I should say there are certain parts which I regret and one of them is not being in total control of myself, there are certain parts I don’t regret and I would do it all over again.” 


He sees Podd looking at his trembling hands and attempts to hide them away. 


“I saw my omega being attacked by a man a few years ago, right in front of my eyes. He was stabbed and I can only describe it as literally seeing red, like the only instinct I had at the time was to kill and maim until the person who hurt my omega is dead and not breathing in the ground. I didn’t understand then how much it affected Khaotung until a few people had to hit me in the head with something to stop me and I saw Khaotung being carried away on a stretcher.” 


The lull in Podd’s voice somehow had the ability to steadied his hands, Can finds himself blinking back tears. 


“What happened then?”


“ I will never regret that I hurt that man to protect my omega. If they had found me guilty and brought me to court, I would never have regretted it. You see, when the bond is that deep, there will come a point when you can even feel each other’s emotions. I felt Khaotung’s fear when the man confronted him and I will do whatever it takes for him to never feel that fear ever again. I want to make this world safe for him. “ 


“Don’t feel bad that Tin did that because of you. It just shows how deep his love is for you. An alpha’s innate and most basic instinct is always to protect his omega and his pack and no matter what, you will always come first to him. And that’s where I said omegas hold the most power in a relationship earlier, he stopped when you told him to. You have the power to stop him from fully turning feral. Can, you really have no idea how much impact you have over him in his life to make him stop.” 


The shaking in his hands subsided. 


“Are you ready to go back ?” 


Can admits that hearing Podd share his own experience helped him to see things from a different perspective and if anything, it helped him to understand Tin a little better. 


When he saw the blank look in Tin’s eyes, it was for the first time in the duration of their relationship that he felt fear. 


Fear of this man whom Can is supposed to love with his whole heart but is currently derangedly attacking another man and for a few minutes , he had been afraid of going near him until his rational mind kicked in and prompted him to grab Tin from behind. 


 Korn turns up to bring him back to the villa and allows Korn to hold onto his elbow. 


“”Go on, “ Podd prompted, “I’ll go check in on Tin and bring him back if I’m able to.”


“And P’Tharn,” Can quickly adds in, he’s sure P’Type would be anxious. 


“I’m not sure, Can. We’ll see.” he says.


Perhaps it’s finally being in an atmosphere where there are other omegas around  that he finally feels fully relaxed and no longer on guard or defensive. 


He’s not aware of how much time has passed, all he knows is Intouch brings him to sit on the bed and hands him a hoodie, it belongs to somebody , probably either Pete or P’Type’s and he holds it to his chest, revelling in the familiar comforting smell and then stares at the wood flooring in front of him. 


He hears footsteps coming in further and finally somebody sitting beside him. 


It’s Doctor Khaotung and Type beside him. 


“Hi, “ he greets them, mustering a smile because Doctor Khaotung looks a little startled.


“I’m okay, really. Maybe my neck,” his winced when he moved his hand to his neck a little too fast,” maybe my ribs as well.” 


An examination of his ribs and neck did confirm what he was feeling, they are bruised but otherwise, he feels in control of himself. 


He allows the doctor to give him something to calm his nerves and finds himself curled around Type when the doctor leaves and they are alone in the room.


He feels Type curls into a ball at his side and he pulls the blanket over them, creating a safe cocoon over the two of them, sensing this is something they both need. The sedation they recieved managed to numb down strong emotions but still the feeling of not knowing and being worried is still there. 


“I didn’t get to see P’Tharn, I was too busy trying not to..” his sentence dies off in his throat when he sees the tears gather in Type’s eyes. 


“It’s okay, there are others staying with him and they will make sure that he’s okay. I know Fighter is with him and so’s the doctor’s husband, P’Podd. “


“Is Tin going to be okay? You saw him?”


Can shakes his head. 


“I did see him , I managed to get him to stop but after that, they wouldn’t allow me near him because he’s unstable.” he gestures towards his ribs, “as you can see, this is the result of him trying my best to pull him off that bastard.”


“I guess that’s why they quickly bring us away. I know it would really upset Tharn if he found out that he had hurt me in that state. “


It wasn’t long until the door opened and somebody came in, Can’s instinct went off like a livewire. 



Chapter Text



Tension and stress always takes away his ability to sleep and now coupled with what had just transpired just right outside with Ae and Tutor’s tempers flaring up and at each other’s throats, he lays there beside his brother , who had just fell into a nap a few minutes ago. 


He feels guilty at the sight of the finger shaped bruises on Tutor’s elbow and it is really all his fault if he didn’t sneak out , Ae wouldn’t have lost his temper. 


It’s out of concern and his care for Can and Tin that he sneaks out. 


He’s heard what had happened and he wants to see if there is anything he could do, even if it’s just his presence is all he could offer. He hates feeling useless, his encounters with bullies back in school proved that much. 


That is what Tul is currently doing to Can, he is a bully and actually had seen it for himself but he didn’t dare to say anything. 


Now , he wished that he had said something or had done something.  


The one time he went to Tin’s house with Can, he had asked Pete for a ride because Can had left his textbook in Tin’s room and Tin was busy somewhere else. 


“Could you come up with me?” 


It seemed odd but Pete parked his car anyway and went into the house with him. The auntie greeted Can warmly and then went about her work after Can darted upstairs to Tin’s room to get his book. 


He had wandered near the staircase where the rooms are, a piece of artwork on the wall attracted his attention so he studied it for a few moments until he heard some voices , one of which was Can and another masculine voice which he didn’t recognize. 


He debated between wanting to look for Can until he peeks and sees Tin’s brother, Tul talking to Can and the way he was standing, the way he had one of his hand pressing down over Can’s chest and the other one resting on the wall beside Can’s head just does not seem to be friendly at all. 


The way Can seemed to be frozen against the wall alerted him there is something wrong. 


He quickly stands a little further away and calls out loudly for Can. 


“Can? Are you done? Ae just texted, he wants to know where I am and maybe meet us for lunch. ” he slowly walks progressively closer to the stairs and true enough, Can comes running down, book in hand, looking pale and flustered. 


Pete gives him the most innocent smile he could muster and manages to do the same when Tul comes down the stairs. He greeted Tul as normally as he did and notices how Can quickly grabs Pete’s hand and pulls him towards the front door. 


“Are you ready?” Pete asks, after they had climbed back into Pete’s white BMW, seat belt in place. He isn’t sure if Can even wants to talk about what happens but he decides to poke a little anyway. 


“Are you alright? You seemed…disturbed. Did P’Tul say something to you?” 


Can is silent , stares at the dashboard in front of him, his fingers clutching his textbook tightly in his hands until Pete could see his knuckles turning white. 


This time, he unlicps his seatbelt and reaches over to physically pull at Can’s arm to get his attention. 


He snapped back into focus, the way his eyes met Pete and they were wide and glassy, like somebody almot terrified and trying to hold back their expressing their fear, which is weird for somebody like Can , who is always vocal about expressing himself. 


“Yes, I got my book. Let’s go.” 


Pete’s eyes narrowed at the way he quickly looked away to the window, he could sense Can trying to hide something and form what he had seen at the staircase, it must have something to do with Tul. 


“Can, tell me what’s wrong? I know something happened back in the house.” 


A beat of silence before Can speaks up.


“Don’t tell this to Tin, please? When I’m ready, I will tell you, I promise.” 


Can didn’t talk about it and he gradually returned to his old bubbly self the rest of the day. 


Looking back, Pete should have really been more persistent about it and they could have avoided a lot of things happening. 


Fast forward to his current situation, now that he’s sitting with Tin who’s almost catatonic. Korn had just brought him back and then went off , leaving Pete to sit beside him. 


He had mentioned wanting to check in again with Doctor Khaotung if it's okay for Tin to talk to Can just before he goes to the hospital for the x-rays on his hands. 


“Is he angry with me?”


That was the first sentence that Tin asked after sitting quietly for a long while. 


It took Pete by surprise at first until he gathered himself to answer him. 


It’s disconcerting to see the normally confident man to be this subdued and quiet, with his shoulders hunched over and head bowed. 


Korn had explained the sedatives had calmed his agitated alpha down coupled with the adrenaline of the fight wearing off and  fatigue had started to sink in. Pete suspected it isn’t just physical fatigue, it must be mentally draining for him as well.


He’s found out that Tin had learnt of everything that Tul had said and done to Can , thanks to Pharm’s stealth video call to Dean. 


“You knew what happened this morning, I went with him and we talked to him, actually mostly P’Type because I was a crying mess but he wasn’t angry, he was more afraid for you. He thought whatever happened was going to make you run from him and turn you back into the person that you were before you started dating.” 


Tin finally looks up and Pete gasps seeing his bruised and cut lip , dark circles under his eyes and just fatigue all over his face. 


He looks like somebody who had gone through a lifetime of hell in one night. 


“Did he cry?” 


Pete caved in and quickly wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. He nodded slowly and Tin looked away. 


“He doesn't like to cry in front of others. He doesn’t even tell me what’s going on with him.” 


“He was more worried about you, Tin. “ he pauses to take a deep breath,” and after you went through so much with Tul and things were starting to be better but now,” Pete gestures helplessly around him. 


“Ae and Tutor were angry that I went out like that but I couldn’t let him be alone after he saw those videos.” He sees Tin grimaced at the mention of the videos. 


“How was he…, and Tul sent him those messages. I saw it. I feel like I couldn’t care if I went to jail for murdering my brother.” he seethed with anger and Pete closes his eyes as he feels the tension coming from Tin. 


“Tin, if you do this, I don’t think you are ready to see him, ” Pete feels the tension rapidly fade away and he opens his eyes and sees Tin looking remorseful. 


“I’m sorry, Pete, I didn’t mean to.” Pete sees him trying to move himself away, to place some distance between him and Pete and it breaks his heart. 


“No, no, it’s fine. Please talk to me.”


“I’m sorry if your boyfriend and your brother were angry with you at the same time.” 


“Hmm. I’ll take a brand new car if you want to make it up to me.” Pete teased him and rejoiced quietly when he saw a hint of smile. 


Korn comes up with Khaotung and his husband and Pete wants to laugh at how the doctor’s husband looked like a lion protecting its pack from another predator and considering how passive Tin looked at the moment. Plus, Podd is at least twice the size and height of Tin considering he is a policeman. 


He caught the doctor’s eye and he must have been thinking the same thing as Pete because Khaotung steps in front of his husband and squarely elbows him in the ribs. 


“Can you stop that? I’m trained in this , you know.”


The way Podd looks wounded that his husband berates  him and looking like he is genuinely afraid of his smaller , tinier husband really helped to lighten up the mood that Pete starts grinning, 


“Yes but you are approaching another alpha, I’m worried that’s all.”


Khaotung gestures towards the hapless Korn standing beside them, looking uncomfortable and out of place being involved in a married couple’s quarrel. 


“Then what is he?” he pointed at Korn and then side eyes his husband. “You stop it right now.” 


“Well, he wasn’t about to murder another alpha just an hour ago, there’s the difference.” 


“Alright, you may sleep in the living room or bathroom tonight, mister Suphakorn Sripothong.” 


Pete starts laughing then and Khaotung winks at him. 


“You look good already. Is your brother still asleep?” 


“Yes, he’s taking his nap.” 


He turns his attention to Tin and smiles gently at him. 


“How are you feeling right now?” He says as he fishes out a small flashlight from his pocket and kneels near Tin, on the floor to peer into his eyes. 


“Tired…and numb, I guess?”


“Ah , that’s the sedatives. I think you will sleep well tonight.” He turns to Korn and then his husband, “I think both you can get the car ready for Tin and Tharn, I’ll let this one talk to his omega before he leaves.” He turned back to Tin with a smile again.


“Are you ready or do you need some time?”


“A moment , please.” 


Pete finds out that Ae will accompany Tin to the hospital while Tutor will do so with Tharn and he has questions which Khaotung answers almost immediately. 


“Tharn’s case is a bit more serious than Tin’s. That’s why the in-house doctor didn’t allow him to come back here and meet Type, despite the sedative. The distance will do him good and plus let him get checked over by another doctor, just in case.” Khaotung patted Tin’s shoulder before he went. 


“Do you want me to go in with you?” Pete asks as he stands up.


“I think so. I’m not sure, what if.” he stuttered a little . Pete understands his hesistancy. 


“I can go with you. It’s not a problem. “ 


“I just wanted to tell him I’m sorry and let him know I’m ok.” 


For a few long moments, he stood outside the bedroom where Can is supposed to be resting, staring at the door. 


“Let me help you, your hand is injured.” He says with a smile and a roll of his eyes, knowing that Tin needs to get over his fear of facing Can because the car is waiting to take him to the hospital and the more he delays, the more he feels afraid. 


Finally, Pete sighs and knocks before he opens the door and nudges Tin in through the door.




He watches from the side as Can sits up from the bed and the realisation dawns in his eyes when he registers who it is.




The way Can moves told him there is an injury somewhere and he knows Tin didn’t miss it too. His eyes went to the way Can slowly made his way to Tin and the way the red bruises on his neck stood out. 


Pete again starts to feel the slight tension. 


But he didn’t need to say anything  because Type, who is resting in bed as well,  sits up and looks directly at Tin. 


“Get your emotions under control or leave this room and don’t speak to him at all because all of us in this room are affected in one way or another by what happened. “ 


Pete feels it immediately ebbs away and he goes to stand beside Tin and pat his shoulder. 


“It’s alright , you are not going to hurt him, remember?” 


He quietly observes the way Tin folds Can into his embrace like he’s a precious piece of porcelain, the way his fingers slowly traced over Can’s jawline and finally he brings Can’s hand to his mouth and kisses the back of it softly. 


“ The videos, I’m sorry , I didn’t,” he is stopped by Can resting his forehead onto Tin’s shoulder, a gesture Pete has seen Can done many times. 


“No later, okay? We don’t have to talk about it now.” Can says, his voice muffled somewhere. 


Tin nods and pressed a kiss on top of his head. 


“ I’m going to the hospital for some X-rays, Ae is coming with me.” he turns to the side to address Type, “ Fight is going with P’Tharn.” 


The way tears filled Type’s eyes made Pete quickly go over to comfort him, all his earlier tough bravado of telling Tin off for his unchecked emotions all gone in a moment.  


“I need to go.” Tin says. Can nod and pull away from Tin’s hold. He reached for Tin’s uninjured hand and placed it over the side of neck where the bruises were. Pete reckons he wants to replace the feel of Tul’s hand with Tin’s instead. 


“ I will be waiting here for you.” he says and then reaches over to press a kiss over Tin’s lips. 


Pete watches him leave and then turns his attention towards how Can limps back to the bed and slowly leans against the headboard. 


Pete is about to say something when somebody else knocks on the door. 


“Pete, can I talk to you? Are you inside?”


It feels like he hasn’t seen Ae for weeks from the way he throws himself into Ae’s arms the moment Pete sees him. Granted that they parted on not so favorable circumstances and he barely gets in any proper greeting or hug, Pete found himself getting teary again as he remembers he had been afraid of Ae, almost didn’t want to be touched or go near him. 


He never wanted to feel like that ever again. 


“Why are you crying? I’m sorry about everything, I was just so worried I saw you and P’Tor outside and I lost it. Please don’t cry, I’m so sorry.” he pleaded, started pressing kisses all over Pete’s face. 


Pete shakes his head and quickly throws his arms around Ae’ s neck, clinging onto him. 


“No, no, I'm ok but I know you need to go to the hospital with Tin now,” Pete says but still holding onto him. Ae smiled, bringing his hands down to Pete’s thigh and then bringing both his legs to grip around Ae’s hip. 


Ae knows him well. It’s his favorite thing in the world, being this close to Ae and being carried like this makes him feel cared for and it’s what he needs after what had happened. 


Ae pressed more kisses on his cheeks and wherever he could reach from his position which made Pete giggled until he started pushing Ae away and then sliding down to stand on his own two feet. 


He walks with Ae to the door and watches him put on his shoes and suddenly remembers something. 


“Wait, did you tell P’Tor about what happened?”  he asks just as Ae is halfway about to leave. 


 Ae pouted as he pointed to a darkening spot over the apple of his cheek. “But we are okay, Pete, don’t worry.” 


He watches Ae leave and he heads back into the room where Can is pretty much the same position and Type is scrolling on his phone as he wipes the snot from his nose with a piece of tissue. 


“Why are you crying again, P’Type?” 


Type shows him the phone and his chin gets wobbly and his nose gets red all over again that Pete coos at him. 


“Fight texted me a picture of Tharn. Why am I missing him so much?” 


A  text from Fighter who sent Type a picture of Tharn sitting in the beackseat, his eyes closed as if asleep with bandages around both hands, unlike Tin and he looks clean and tidy.


Fighter had mentioned that Tharn is resting after he had helped him to change into clean clothes and that he will update Type with anything when they are at the hospital. 


“Do I need to get Fighter a fruit and flower basket or something,” Type mumbles as stares at the picture in his phone. Can leans over to peek at his phone. 


“A year’s supply of condoms and lube would be ideal. ” Can tease as he grimaces when he moves a little too fast. Pete reached for another pillow and helped to place it under his back so he is able to sit up more comfortably. 


“He likes sushi, get him premium grade sashimi, or a gym membership.” Pete helpfully replies and glares at Can. There is a snort of laughter followed by groaning from Can. 


“Don’t make me laugh or cry. My rib hurts, damn it.” 


Even Type smiles and visibly relaxes as he sighs deeply, settling back  to lean against the headboard like Can. 


“I can do that, my husband is rich.” he says wistfully. 


“P’Type, maybe they did the right thing not allowing you to meet P’Tharn , I mean, how did we feel when Tin simply got agitated when he saw the bruises on Can? I saw what happened with P’Tharn,  even if it was brief but it was enough to make me and P’Tor uncomfortable…” Pete trails off when he remembers somebody he had simply forgotten. 


“Oh my god, Tine! I hope he’s okay. P’Type, I don’t have my phone with me, could you text him if he’s okay?”  


He winces when Type frowns at him.


“I know the alphas must have warned all of you to stay in the villa , I don’t know what you were all doing outside. But Sarawat was there,  he should have made sure Tine was okay but I’ll text him anyway.” Type grumbles as he takes up his phone one more time. 

Chapter Text



~Two days before departure for weeked getaway~


“You know what, I don’t know if this is working out for us.” He mumbles as he stares at the ceiling of their shared flat. 


Tine has just gotten home from a gruelling practice session, the cheerleaders are all collectively moody despite him trying his best to cheer everybody up thus practice was fucked up half of the time, his throat feels hoarse from shouting out commands and to make matters worse, he expects some cuddles and perhaps a feet rub when he gets home but all he sees is Sarawat packing bag for a overnight stay at one of the band member’s house because they need to finish up a song for the next show.


“What is it? Maybe they were all tired. That’s why you have to keep reminding them.” Sarawat remarks from his head buried in the closet where he’s busy packing while grumbling about the navy blue shirt that he couldn’t find. 


“It’s in the laundry, I haven’t ironed it yet but it’s clean.” Tine replies and sits up. 


“Ah but I need it.” 


“Then do it yourself.” Tine says with a huff. 


It’s not that Sarawat expects him to do it for him all the time, there’s no designated housekeeper in their house, they each do their part but Tine had volunteered to do it the day before because he felt bad not buying dinner. 


There was silence and Tine looked up to see Sarawat fishing out a wrinkled t-shirt from the bottom of the closet and stuffing it into his bag, his actions slightly rough, as if frustrated and impatient. 


It irked Tine for some reason. 


“That’s fine. I have another one. “ The tone was clipped and Sarawat didn’t even glance his way as he made his way out of the room into the kitchen. 


The frustration he feels begins to build up. he barely got any packing done and the trip is just two days away. He’s actually looking forward to it , although part of it he’s bummed that he’ll be away from Sarawat for three days but maybe the time away can do them some good. 


He glances at the half opened cabin-sized luggage that he’s especially bought for this trip. 


No way he can get the packing done tonight, not with the current moodiness he’s experiencing so he does the next thing he knows despite being exhausted after a busy day, he grabs his wallet, keys and phone, puts on his shoes and goes out of the door. 


He half-expected Sarawat to call him back, to stop him or maybe volunteered to go with him until he remembers Sarawat has somewhere else to go that night. 


He walks towards the campus cafeteria where the drinks and snacks stall is open twenty four hours to cater for students who study in the wee hours of the night. 


Maybe he’s just being unreasonable because of the long day and he shouldn’t have taken it out on Sarawat. Maybe it’s just the past few weeks had been very intense and they both had been super focused on their own club activities that they didn’t have time to have any meals together , much more intimate activities. 


Tine blushes a little when he thinks about that morning. Sarawat was up early because a teacher wanted to discuss an assignment and he walked around the house with Sarawat expo on full display while getting ready, which is one of the main reasons why Tine insists on tinted windows for privacy.


But it wasn’t just Sarawat expo that got him blushing. 


It was the fact that both of them needed to get laundry but forgotten so they had to dig out long forgotten clothes and Sarawat is down to his very last dusty but slight mothball smelling jeans that he has not worn in a long time because he’s taken to wearing baggy sweats and sensible loose khaki pants as his current clothing staple. 


It is tight in places where it is supposed to be tight, it has rips in both knees and it hangs low on his hips and where did the Armani boxers come from?! 


Because he has never seen those before and it made him rub his eyes extra hard to make sure it wasn’t the sleep gunk fucking his eyesight up. 


“Oh, Ma bought it for me , she said they were on sale.” He replied when Tine asked about it. 


So now Tine is acutely aware of how attractive his boyfriend is and how he opted to forgo his usual white Henleys in favor of a fitted black button down shirt that made Tine salivate a little. 


He wonders if other omegas might sniff after his alpha boyfriend looking like that and the thought made him a little agitated. Sarawat must have sensed his mood that he reaches over to kiss Tine’s cheek, giving Tine a good lungful of his alpha scent that it knocks him back ino bed. 


No, a kiss didn’t knock Tine off his feet, It’s Sarawat's early morning alpha scent that did it. 


And he had to leave with a “ I’ll see you tonight, we have a long day today, love you.” 


He’s gone just like that. Tine releases a silent scream into his pillows. 


He’s off to the bathroom for some vigorous morning activity that leaves him sitting and panting on the floor of their bathroom and him later on furiously scrubbing away because embarrassment sets in if Sarawat could actually smell what kind of specific morning activity that Tine did that morning. 


But it left him more rested and lighter and he actually greeted everybody with a cheerful smile, forgetting his frustrations. 


Tine sips at his iced milk tea forlornly as he looks around the cafeteria where a handful of students are still around, some still buried in their books, some having late night supper with their friends. 


He gets a text from Sarawat that almost makes him throw his phone across the table. 


I’m going now, I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t come back too late.” - Wat


It’s close to one that he gets home to an empty house, time spent alternating between playing games on his phone and texting Fong. 


Sarawat had the gall to initiate something the next night after he got back from his band member’s house, despite knowing that Tine had to wake up early to make their way to Tutor’s house where everybody is assembling to meet. 


Which he rejected of course with some stern dressing down but also resulted in  a hurried mutual handjob in the shower after which, Tine promptly falls asleep. 


The next morning, Tine is awakened to his alarm and finds his luggage all packed and ready, his outfit for the day laid out and some simple breakfast ready on the table. 


“I don’t want you to go on that trip angry.” Sarawat says just as they are about to leave the house. He reaches for Tine, pressing a kiss to his cheek and holding him close. 


“I’m going to finish whatever I need to do and then we can go on several dates next week after school. We haven’t made merit at the temple together for some time now.” Tine nods against his shoulder. 


They arrive in time to see the others already there and he feels excited because he wasn’t able to join the last time. 


“I’ll see you when you get back. Text me, I'll come and get you from wherever they are dropping off you, okay? And be careful , don’t go anywhere alone.” Sarawat says, pressing more kisses before he finally allows Tine to sit in the car.


There’s still some time before they could go and finds Sarawat’s banter with Fighter thoroughly amusing and gets distracted when he begins an in-depth discussion about guitars with Saifah as they wait for Intouch to give all the drivers the go ahead to move. 


Things went wrong with Can and everybody panicked when the three of them left without carrying any phones so he and Zon went out early in the morning looking around the resort compound area for Pete and the rest. 


He didn’t see the text until later because he was too busy walking around in his pajamas, he discovered that Sarawat and the rest had seen the videos as well and informed him that he will be coming down with P’Fight. 


Missed you. I’m coming to you. - Sarawat


I thought you have things to do? - Tine


It’s okay , I’m more worried for you. I heard about what happened at the club. - Sarawat


It’s nothing, really. Are you sure it’s okay for you to come down here? -Tine


Did you really think I was able to sit back and wait here for you to come back? I know we have stuff to talk about and work on so I managed to get everything done. Wait for me, okay? -Sarawat


It’s all a waiting game until they arrive and Sarawat goes straight for him the moment he sees Tine. 


“I need to go with them but promise me that you will stay here unti I get back, okay? Tine?” he shakes Tine’s shoulder a little and Tine couldn’t help himself recoiling back a little. 


Something is off with Sarawat and he does not like it. More like a dominant , overpowering aura coming from him and it feels strange as it’s unusual for somebody as laid-back and chill as him. The last time he gets this feeling from Sarawat was when P’Mill placed the jacket over him and had his hand on Tine despite him moving gradually away. 


“I need to hear it from you.” 


Tine nods his head and quickly throws himself around Sarawat’s middle for a quick hug to smooth his own frazzled nerves. 


“You are not yourself.” Sarawat says the moment Tine pulls away. 


“I’m okay, come back fast.” 


Sarawat traced a thumb over Tine’s neck, eyes narrowed and then nodded.


He’s gone , following behind Fighter and an ominous feeling settled as he watches them disappear through the door leading to the garden path. 


He voices out his fear to Tutor and finds the same sentiment. 


The anxiety grows in the pit of his stomach when he hears what Win had said and the fact that the alpha was avoiding their eyes cemented further the suspicions that something is definitely wrong. 


So he sits and observes because he finds that people talk a lot more when they weren’t exactly verbal. He watches the way Win is glancing at his phone ever so often while his grip around Team is tight and firm , as if Team might disappear from his sight. 


It’s almost like his protective instincts over Team are in overdrive. He remembers that one time, the opposing team had heckled Team over losing a match. Tine was there , of course, to do cheerleading duties. The way Win had reacted , getting all up in that alpha face despite being smaller in size and only Dean managed to stop him, not even Team who was trying with all his might to pull Win away. 


Tine was ready to help, all he could do was administer First-Aid if anybody got hurt even if it wasn’t his job to do so but Team looked so distressed, he would have stepped in without hesitation. 


 But thankfully, he didn’t need to as he watches Win being led away by Dean and Win’s grip on Team is exactly the same as now. 


That same overprotective frenzied expression. 


And now,  he turns his attention back to Tutor, noticing his mounting panicked expression as he looks around. 


“Tor, what’s wrong? You don’t look okay.” 


Tutor leads him to the kitchen urgently. 


“I’m going to find Pete. Wait here for me.” 


Does Tutor think he’s a fool or something? Did he really think he would let Tutor go off by himself? Not when Sarawat is out there, facing something or whatever he is doing, he does not want to sit still a moment longer, stewing on his anxieties. 


“Like hell I’m letting you do this alone. Wat is going to kill me for this and so will P’Tor so let’s just do it.” 


Tutor is just about to go down the same way as the other alphas but Tine pulls him into the opposite direction.


“I know a way,” he whispers as they walk along the path hurriedly. ,”Zon and I discovered it while we were out looking for Pete, this way we could actually slip and bypass the rest walking there.” 


The shortcut that Tine discovers takes even shorter time to reach there and they manage to spot Pete crouching behind a rubbish bin, quite near to where Type is standing. 


Tine was too distracted by the alphas, one of them looking awfully familiar and he searches his memory as to who that particular alpha is, the one pointing a gun at Can and it dawns on him. 


“P’Tor , is that Tin’’s brother?” Judging from both Pete’s and Tutor’s widened eye reaction, he is right. 


The anxiety that has been bubbling ever since that morning finally boils over and he feels numbness around his fingers, as if he can’t grab hold of anything, his feet feels like they couldn’t hold his body up and he couldn’t get his eyes off the guns, yes, the alphas have guns and he is currently watching it being pointed at both Type and Can. 


Tutor shakes him out of his stupor .


And now , Tine is currently hidden behind a bush because Tutor tells him to go hide somewhere first, all of his instinct was telling him to listen and follow that instruction despite being fearful for all of his friends’ safety. 


It really looks dangerous and it would be really awful if he were to ever get caught in the situation, when Sarawat had told him to stay back and here he is, spying on the whole thing from behind a hibiscus bush. 


He fidgeted when he saw the way everybody sort of jumped in to grab Tharn and he almost ran out wanting to help because Sarawat is one of them. 


How is P’Tharn that strong? I mean, P’Type did say that he regularly goes to the gym and can be athletic, I mean , Wat has a regular gym regime and does all sorts of sports stuff but this is something else, he thinks.


The way he pulls his punches, one of them almost caught Sarawat’s face, but he ducked in time. Tine almost lets out a shout and quickly hides. He peeps again and sees they are still trying to pull Tharn away 


God, the blood. It is everywhere he could see. Tine reckon it must have come from Tharn punching the alpha’s face in. 


It makes him sick to his stomach and he clenches his eyes close to rid his mind of it. 


Just a few steps away, he realises that Saifah’s had just reached Zon who looks a bit dazed but otherwise fine except for that cut on his neck. He sees Saifah startled by the blood on Zon’s hand, it could be from where he saw Zon covering his neck with his own hand. 


Zon must be terrified, Tine wanted to run out and help him and barely managed to hold himself back when he could see Zon visibly trembling arms wound around Saifah’s neck. 


Despite trying to help the others stop Tharn and that alpha murder each other,  he observes how Sarawat steps aside to urge Saifah into snapping out of it and quickly bring Zon back to the villa. 


His quick-thinking, smart and caring boyfriend. Always thinking for the welfare of others despite his cool facade. 


Tine quickly dodges back behind the bush just as Saifah is calling for Zon to focus on him instead of what’s happening in the background. He watches Saifah cover Zon’s ears with his hands, urging Zon to only look at him and then tucking Zon’s face into his shoulder. 


“Keep your eyes on me, Zon. Only listen to me, okay?” 


He wonders briefly why that was the case, why he keeps hearing the same warning over and over again, all of the alphas insisted on any of the omegas not to pay any heed towards what was happening in the background. 


Until he pokes his head out and realises that it could be because of Tharn and Tin. 


Something is going on, he could feel it but couldn’t put a finger to it. Like he feels some pressure and tension , mainly his neck and chest. They managed to pull Tharn away but somehow Tharn managed to free himself and went back into punching that alpha that had a gun to Type’s head into the ground. 


His focus shifted to Tin, who’s doing the same thing now, except he isn’t in a bloodlust frenzy like Tharn but more of a controlled rage where he looks like he is more aware of himself. The doctor’s husband, P’Podd had come in as well and even despite his size, being bulkier in size than Tin , had failed to pull Tin away. 


He watches Can being knocked back when one of Tin’s elbows caught in his ribs and he staggered back before being pulled away by P’Podd. 


Suddenly, it all feels too much. 


I should go back now , Zon might need some help.


It didn’t take long for him to find his way and he hurriedly slipped in through the backdoor instead because everybody is in the living room and the kitchen is empty. 


He goes into the bathroom and quickly locks it. 


What just happened?


He shakily sits down at the edge of the bathtub , trying to bring down his racing heart and to still his shaky hands. It took him almost five minutes to calm his heart down and another five to catch his breath. 


The tension on his neck and chest has eased but it is still there. 


He splashes water onto his face and closes his eyes but all he sees is the blood and it cloudes his mind. He does not know how long he sits in the bathroom until a knock on the bathroom door startled him but he ignores it, still feeling very much overwhelmed. 


“Tine? Are you in there?”


He takes a few deep breaths and slowly gets up to his feet, only allowing himself to take a step forward when his knees could hold his weight steadily. 


It’s Sarawat, his hand up, as if halfway about to knock again until Tine opens it. 


“I’m okay,” he says brusquely, quickly walking out towards the kitchen. 


He sees Saifah holding Zon to his chest, with the omega sitting on the kitchen countertop. He spies Zon’s blood-stained hand and clenches his eyes shut for a few secoinds, shaking off the memory of the blood that he’s seen outside. 


He opens his eyes and sees Sarawat observing him closely. 


Tine sees the faraway look in Saifah’s eyes and it is similar to when he first saw Zon’s hand. He must have been affected by it so Tine puts him to taks, something to take his mind off it. 


“You can clean his hands, I don’t think water can clean them out easily.” Once again, it’s all from experience as cheerleaders, they fall, scrape and bruise every other practice session. He pushes the few pieces of alcohol swabs towards Saifah. 


“I’m going to clean your wound now, it’s going to sting a little. But if it starts bleeding again or anything, I will get the doctor or P’Type to look at it, okay?”


Type worked in a hospital and has medical training, he figures while it looks like a superficial wound and didn’t nick any major arterial veins, he needs to observe it because it was so near to his throat. 


He feels Sarawat's eyes on him but didn’t make any eye-contact because he didn’t want to lose focus. He needed to do this calmly and feel like he was doing something useful. 


But he knows the main reason is to get his mind off what he’s seen and felt and if he told Sarawat, he would surely know that Tine has been outside despite promising not to do so. 


Finally , he’s done and meets Zon’s eyes, which is a mistake because suddenly he feels like he’s about to let his emotions get the better of him. 


The intensity of Sarawat ‘s stare on him tells him that his alpha boyfriend definitely knows what is going on and he won’t be able to hide it any longer. 


He allows Sarawat to pull him close and closes his eyes against Sarawat’s shoulder as he listens to the conversation taking place. He feels Sarawat run a hand through his hair and he reaches up to rub his eyes. 


“Alright?” He hears Sarawat’s voice rumble in his chest and he shakes his head. 


He feels far from alright. 


Tine feels himself disconnected from everything and goes into his own world when he no longer pays any attention to whatever is happening or the sounds or sensations around him. 


In this world, everything is calm and he is just sitting down by the window, staring out at the moon in the sky, where the sky always dark and night and there is always a galaxy of stars stretched across the skies. 


He loves the moon in his world. He’s been told he started doing this after his grandfather passed away when he was a child and he’s being brought to monks and spiritual healers , fearing that he had been disturbed by supernatural beings as his grandmother believes because he would just stare off into space for an hour at times. His parents secretly brought him for therapy and he begins attending sessions and his visit to his world gets further and further away until he gets too busy with school.

His therapist tells him it’s just his way of coping with stress and overwhelming emotions, at which his parents questioned the therapist, what kind of stress can an eight year old have?


Perhaps it was too overwhelming that Tine finds himself slipping away.  


Come back, Tine. He hears. 


No. I want to stay here. 


Come back to me. Shall I play a Scrubb song for you?


A familiar song fills his ears but he is still wading through his memories like it’s murky waters as he struggles to remember what song it is. He feels hands on his face, he hears voices and something finally makes his focus snap into place. 


Until someone has made my time meaningful

One person has changed everything

The one who can make me smile

No matter how sad I am


You must keep looking at me, Tine so I can kiss you until you drop.


“ You sang that song when I first saw you on stage,” he whispers without opening his eyes because he knows Sarawat is there with him.  


He is acutely aware of the sensation under his hands, he’s lying on his side on a bed, there is something in his ear, he’s covered with a blanket and he’s looking straight at a face that he knows and recognises. 


“Yes, I did. You remembered.” 


“It’s my favorite song.” A hand cupped his face and soft lips brushed against his cheek. 


“I know. That’s why I played it for you.” 


A face that he loves so much. 


Sarawat plays another song and Tine stares at him as the song plays in their ears. 


As he finds out, he had actually zoned out and was unresponsive for at least fifteen minutes. Sarawat had carried him to the bedroom on the doctor’s advice to let him rest in isolation. 


“It’s because of stress. I think our Tine here went on a adventure and was at places he wasn’t supposed to be at.” 


Sarawat pouts at him and he blushes as he sits up straight as the Doctor Khaotung sits cross-legged opposite him on the bed. 


“I was…outside. “ 


“Tine! I told you!”


“Well, I wasn’t about to let P’Tor go off by himself.” he grumbles. 


Doctor Khaotung grabs his hands and Tine focuses his attention on him. 


“Are you back with us, Tine?”


He nods, very aware of the red blush all over his face. It feels almost embarrassing, that zoning out episodes have not happened in a long time , at least it stopped when he entered high school and now, it happened in front of so many people. 


The way Doctor Khaotung scans his face and then grins at him. 


“ That’s ok, sometimes we all need to go somewhere for a while.” 


He  lies down back in bed when the doctor leaves, citing he needed to check on Pharm and gets Sarawat to go out and make a hot drink for Tine. 


“He’ll be okay, let him rest.” he hears the doctor urging Sarawat outside the door. 


A few minutes passes until there is a knock and Team peeks in with Zon. 


“How are you feeling?” 


“Better. '' he answers and shifts to rest his head over Zon’s stomach when the omega scoot in close to curl beside him on the bed. . He looks up and sees Zon looking down at him, his eyebrows furried like little caterpillars on his forehead and he couldn’t help reaching up to flick Zon on the forehead. 


“Stop that. I’m fine.You look like I’m about to go into labour or something.” 


Zon reciprocated the forehead flick that Tine had had given him. 


“You didn’t see how you looked, Tine. You are lucky Sarawat is a calm guy, I think if it was hia, he would have panicked and yelled for help. I went into the kitchen because I was wondering where you guys were and I saw you had keeled over in Sarawat’s arms like a sleeping beauty. And he kept shaking you but you didn’t respond. ” Team answered. 


“That’s right, Tine. “Zon said,” One minute you were talking to me and the next minute, your eyes went out of focus and then you fell over. “


“It happens , I guess.” He replies vaguely. “Where’s the rest?” 


“They are all resting, don’t worry, everybody’s okay. I heard from hia earlier that P’Fight and Ae accompanied Tin and P’Tharn to the hospital for treatment. I guess we are lucky to be here while Doctor Khaotung is around. “ Team replied. 


Tine watches his sigh and stretches out on the bed, quiet and subdued unlike his normal bubbly self. 


“Team, something is bothering you?”


Instead of Team replying, Zon speaks up instead, “ Not just him, me too. Saifah isn’t allowing me to leave his sight. ” he chuckles and shakes his head. 


“Alphas going into hen-mode, I haven’t seen hia this clingy and it's annoying that I can’t take five steps without him chasing after me. I mean, it’s cute , I could understand they were all anxious because of what happened but everything is fine now, isn’t it? It’s almost two pm now and Intouch was asking if we wanted to leave…Tine, what do you think? Should we leave tonight? “ 


He stops to think. 


If everything is fine and all they are waiting on is P’Tharn and Tin’s condition, Tine sees no harm in staying on another night but it would be up to the rest of them. If Can and P’Type wants to leave, then he would do so as well. 


It would be a waste, the sea breeze calming him down and spending time with the rest, despite the circumstances, it had been relaxing for him. 


“We’ll see what the rest says and if there isn’t space to sleep, this is P’Korn’s family resort , isn’t it? I’m sure he could work something out for the night.”


He chats with them until Win starts looking for Team , at which he sighs in vexation as he goes out of the room with Zon following behind. 


“ I need to check with Sai if he wants to stay. You should ask Sarawat too.” 


Sarawat enters the room shortly after they leave, with a mug of tea. 


“Saifah was asking P’Dean if he wanted to stay for the night.” 


Tine takes a sip of the tea and leans back against the headboard. 


“Do you want to stay? P’Dean says he wants to see Pharm’s condition before he makes a decision, I don’t mind, I mean, Saifah and Win think they would want to stay for the night because we took a few hours to drive here but if it’s okay with you,” he trails off , looking unsure. 


Tine places the mug on the nightstand and reaches out a hand to him. 


“I don’t mind staying. I wanted to sit with you at the beach, it’s really nice. Besides, you said we were supposed to go on several dates.” 


“Tine, I wanted to tell you this. I feel like we not commnunicating had led to you being stressed and overthinking and with all of our busy schedules, I fear it must have been bothering you for some time.” 


He sat closer, bringing Tine’s hands into his. 


“ About Pam, I am sorry about everything. I should have set boundaries with her, I should have told her from the start about her place in my life, in our lives. Seeing you like that, it just made me take a step back to reflect on myself. There is no way I will allow you to go through that ever again. When the doctor said it was stress, I knew what was bothering you and it wasn’t just you getting exposure to P’Tharn’s feral transition. I had an idea when I saw you weren't yourself when I dropped you off before you went on the trip. I should have talked to you and made sure you were okay, Tine. I’m so sorry.” 


To his shock, his stoic faced alpha boyfriend actually had red, puffy eyes when he finally looked up and it breaks his heart to see Sarawat like that. 


“No, I’m sorry, I was wrong too when I didn’t talk to you about what was bothering me. Wat, let’s learn from this okay? “ 


They ended up tangled on the bed together, him almost on top of Sarawat’s chest, listening to his heartbeat. 


“So, we are staying for the night?”


Tine stretched a little, working out the kinks in his joints. 


“Yes but if Intouch couldn’t get an extra villa to accommodate all of us , all you alphas have to camp out on the beach instead, I’m not leaving this comfortable bed.“ 


“You know, you are being very cruel to the love of your life.”


“I can help you make a campfire and set up sleeping beds. It will be okay, you will live for one night. You can even cuddle with Saifah but no kissing, okay?” 


He hides a smile when Sarawat starts grumbling about being betrayed. 

Chapter Text



Team experiences plenty of firsts with Win. 


First love, first love-making, first serious relationship where he really contemplates long-term planning like moving in together and renting their first condo together and their first lover’s quarrel. 


He remembered it well. 


It was for something stupid like he wanting to manage his own expenses and such, he lives there right? He uses the utilities and such so it’s only fair that he carries his weight towards paying some bills because he’s already barred from paying the rent on their condo together. 


Win asks for absolutely  nothing except for Team to focus on his studies, his swimming meets, his projects and nothing more. And maybe a shoulder massage because he carries around  these stupid files and a laptop that weigh as much as an aircon unit.


He gets allowances from his parents , it isn’t much but it’s comfortable because of the scholarship, his parents did not need to pay wholly for his education. They sent him money every two weeks for his daily expenses, sometimes more if his father’s business is doing more and that’s about it. 


Mostly before he met Win, he spends it on food and his phone bills, but six months after he started his relationship and before they moved in together, he finds himself staring at his phone bills that were paid in full and on time, his snacks cupboard is filled, his fridge full of stuff that he usually eats. 


Team had reached home fifteen minutes ago to find Win rummaging through his small kitchenette and mumbling about eating something if he gets hungry and also, while casually tossing his phone bill on the bed. 


“Ok but what’s going on?” he asks as he scrutinises the contents of his fridge. He gets no answer and looks up to see Win is scrolling on his phone, one feet with a shoe on and the other lying on the side. He’s supposed to be leaving ten minutes ago but is distracted by a text message. 


“I need to go babe, I have got a meeting to attend. ” Win says , still not looking at Team but on his phone but both of his feet finally with shoes. Team goes over and was about to ask for explanations when Win simply reached over to kiss him before running for the door. 


He’s left standing there bewildered. 


That night, Manaow asks both him and Pharm out for drinks and also to vent her frustrations about her crush on Pruk, which she was sure that he liked her back but he didn’t ask her out ever since three days ago and didn’t have any daily texts , which is a blasphemy in Manaow’s books,  who believed that you are supposed to ask the person that you like out almost daily and also at least two texts a day. 


“Maybe the man’s busy,” he says when Manaow started pouting at her beer. Beside her, Pharm is sitting daintly on his bar stool, one leg crossed over the other and his phone on the table in front of him. 


Pharm supports him on this. 


“That’s right. It’s exam period, isn’t it?”


“Exams ended two days ago.” She groans in distress. 


“ Well, maybe he didn’t want to appear too clingy or anything like that.” 


Manaow turned to him and fixed him with a hard stare. 


“It’s easy for you! Your hia is inseparable from you from the first day. He could hardly take his eyes off you since the first day we came to see your tryouts and he was always upfront about his feelings for you. And he does everything for you!” 


Pharm nods silently. 


“ They are different people, Manaow. You can’t compare the two. “ 


“But you two got the good dependable alphas. Not fair! Why can Pruk just give me a sign or something?! Does he like me? Does he not? You guys weren’t even looking for love in the first place, and Team, you weren’t even sure if you like guys!” She cries into her beer and it sloshes over the side of it. 


Pharm quickly takes a napkin to wipe it away. She continues on, lamenting how they have the good alphas who can take care of them and they didn’t need to worry about anything and how Win just takes care of Team everytime they go out and how he didn’t even need to bring his wallet and how Pharm’s car is obsolete because Dean drives him everywhere-


Team knows it’s just the beer and her frustrations talking and he loves Manaow, really , but what she said about being taken care of sort of rubs him the wrong way, like he should just let Win take care of everything and not contribute anything. 


Like he's useless. 


He glances at Pharm and he could see that his sentiments are being echoed. 


“Manaow, you can’t say that about Team. It’s not that he’s useless, he just forgot his wallet that one time and Win always refuses to let him pay for anything because he wants to. Don’t say it like that.” Pharm chastises gently. 


By this point, she is just plain drunk because her speech started to slurred and not make sense but he still feels annoyed. 


Team didn’t realize that the wounds caused by  her words were still festering until the next day Win turns up in the evening while he’s barely waking up because he does have a bit of a hangover. He opens his eyes when he hears Win’s voice calling out to him to wake up and groans as the last vestiges of sleep leave his eyes, rubbing them away with his knuckles. 


He sits up, disoriented and confused. Win places some packets of food on the table, a bottle of water by his bedside and painkillers. 


“Are you awake? Hungry? I bought food. What time did you come back anyway? And why didn’t you call me? I could have sent you back. “ Win goes on about being worried about him coming back late while he’s drunk and he manages to turn a deaf ear until Win sits on the bed beside him and Team’s wallet in his hand. 


“Did you need some cash?“  Team asks , confused. He isn’t sure if there is any, he probably spent it all on cab or the drinking session because he can’t remember. 


“No. Why would I want to take money from you?” Win asks, confusion mirrored in his face. While he is in his confused, hangover state, he still can’t help admiring how good Win looks with his hair down, a golden halo around his face and that smirk he has and he’s dressed in formal office wear , meaning black button down with sleeves rolled up to his elbow, neatly pressed black pants and he sees a pair of shiny dress shoes at the door. 


He has also opted to go accessories-free, meaning minimal as he had taken out all his piercings, bracelets and rings,opting for just his wristwatch and the one silver band that he had bought for Win on a whim for fun. .


Win must have had another meeting earlier. 


And he smells fucking amazing. 


He looks down on his old tattered piece of t-shirt and dehydrated looking shorts and then wonders if his breath smells bad. 


“ Ok but why are you looking through my wallet? No, I didn’t take any alpha’s phone number and if so, it will be in my phone but you can check my phone if you want to,” he says tiredly. 


Win actually leans over to kiss his cheek. 


“I trust you besides , I take such good care of you, you wouldn’t look at other alphas.” Win remarks as he pulls out a wad of cash from his pocket and places it into his wallet. 


His eyes bugged out when Win did that. 


“ What are you doing? “


“ You didn’t have any cash in your wallet so I’m putting in some ? Because you are single-handedly supporting the Lay’s potato chips company at this point of time and I can’t have you hungry and cranky, baby.” 


His own wallet, now fat and stuffed with cash, is lying there looking rather obscenely full and Manaow’s comments come up in his mind. 


“Do you think that the only reason I wouldn’t look at any other alphas is because you take care of me financially and pay my bills like the other day?”


Win’s confusion is now reflected in his whole body because his hands were in the midst of holding his phone and keys and it was all lying somewhere on the bed. He felt Win grab his hand tightly and hold onto them. 


He feels annoyed and pulls his hands away, rather violently that he immediately regrets it when Win’s jaw starts to clench. It either means he’s upset and supremely confused. 


Or supremely upset and confused, either way he feels like shit is about to explode and he can’t help it. He turns to grab the phone bill receipt from the nightstand. 


“I don’t know why you are doing all these for me, “ he says, throwing the phone bill receipt at Win’s chest. 


He sees the bewilderment as Win picks it up where it has fallen to the bed. 


“Do what? Pay your bills? I’m sorry, is it the wrong one or how many accounts do you have ? Wait, is it the wrong amount? Team , what’s wrong? Why are you so mad?” 


He stares at Win for a total of ten seconds.


“Why are you paying my bills?” 


“Because I wanted to and you are my boyfriend?” 


Team tried hard to control it but his mother had always  taught him to stand on his own two feet and to never be dependent on his partner, especially as an unmated omega to be dependent on an alpha who had no ties with you. 


It’s not like they have been dating for that long , Win’s and Dean’s swim classes are barely getting off the ground and Win thinks he has enough money to pay for extra expenses like phone bills and groceries. 


Team has only barely accepted that Win is the one for him and now, he feels a little humiliated and embarassed. 


What would his mother think if she knew? She would certainly dissaprove. 


Omegas need to be fully independent , it’s good you got your scholarship, you don’t owe anybody anything and they don’t have a hold over you. Alphas think they have complete control over you once they show you that they can take care of you, especially when it comes to money matters. 


If you allow an alpha to do that, you are a useless omega. 


“I didn’t ask you to do it. I don’t like that you are spending money on me. I can pay my own way because I’m not useless and I don’t want to be dependent on you.” 


“ Tell me who said you were useless.”


He keeps his silence because he’s not about to tell Win that he could hear his mother’s voice in his mind and what Manaow said had exacerbated the situation. 


He turns away , unable to look at Win any longer because either one of the two things could happen, he could either start crying or he could start shouting at Win to get the fuck out because it’s all a little too much. 


“Don’t turn away from me, Team . Look at me and tell me who the fuck told you all these.” 


He closes his eyes to stop himself from crying and it’s the last thing he wants, to appear weak. 


“Get the fuck out. I don’t want to see your face.” he says, his heart breaking with every word. 


“Team! What the fuck is wrong with you?” 


He’s holding on to some last threads of self-control that he gets up and walks to the bathroom, quickly locking himself in. 


He hears Win knocking on the door vigorously and then it’s all quiet outside followed by the sound of the fron door opening and closing. 


He slides down to the floor of the bathroom rather dramatically and feels foolish enough that he’s kicking up a big fuss over a small thing. 


Also did Win really think he would fall for the oldest trick in the book? 


But he opens the door anyway and sure enough, Win is sitting on his bed staring at his socked feet.


“ I don’t know what I did that was so wrong in your eyes. Please tell me so I can fix it and I won’t do it again.” Win still isn’t looking up at him and he starts to feel immense guilt in his gut. 


He sits on the floor in front of Win so he could peer up into his face.


“I’m sorry,” he says. Win still didn’t look up , keeping his head bowed but he nodded his head slightly. 


“I’m sorry, he repeats, this time louder and then he sighs. 


“It’s my mother. “ he says quietly and then it’s his turn to look away because he feels that he couldn’t properly express himself if he looks at Win. 


“ Why would she say you are useless? Baby talk to me , please.” 


“I’m trying to, it’s kind of difficult. But forgive me, I really didn’t mean to say all that to you.” 


He feels hands on his shoulders and tilting his face up and sees Win looking down at him, his eyes slightly red and his hair all messy and mussed up and he looks so good-looking like this. 


Why is his boyfriend so handsome? 


He can’t help his smile. 


“You are so handsome.” 


It slipped out before he could stop it and immediately blushed. 


“You are kind of giving me a whiplash. One moment, you are yelling at me and one moment you are looking at me like I’m your whole world.” 


“You are my whole world.” he says it like it is a fact, like the sky is blue and the ocean is wide and his boyfriend is one of the most good-looking guys in the university. 


“Baby,” Win just sighed and pulled him to his feet and onto the bed until they were tangled together on the bed. 


“I’m sorry,” he repeats and Win just nods. 


Some bad habits need to be unlearned. 


The omegas-only trip is also a first for him. 


When Pharm mentioned the trip to him, it couldn’t come at a better time. 


Exams period was hectic and tiring, swimming practice is being laid on three times harder and longer because of upcoming meet and Win is just so annoyingly inseparable from him the last few days, he feels that he really needed a break. 


Everything went really well, even with the whole fiasco at the club, he enjoyed spending time with and bonding with each other. The whole thing with Can was unfortunate and he feels worried for him to be dealing with something like that, he wonders to himself if he had been in Can’s shoes, to receive videos of Win in such situations, he wonders if he’s strong enough to hold himself together. 


The texts from Win were worrying because while he is used to lovey-dovey 

messages, this time, Win simply urges him to keep his phone with him at all times.


Team, stay where you are. I’m reaching there soon. -Hia Win


This is important, I don’t want you outside. I know you are worried for Pharm but please stay indoors where you will be safe.-Hia Win


Promise me that when I tell you to move away or go into another room , you will listen and do exactly as I said.-Hia Win


Confused and puzzled, he had just finished washing up after his swim  and came outside in time to see the alphas had arrived, he hears Dean urgently telling Win to stay behind and to do whatever it takes to make sure both him and Pharm are safe. 


“.... I don’t care if you need to hit me but Pharm and Team comes first. Get them away safely first and foremost.” 


And then he is in Win’s arms, his grip tight and firm and hands pushing his damp hair away from his face. 


“Are you okay? This is too dangerous, you shouldn’t be here. ” Win whispers almost fervently into his ear but he pulls away because he’s really confused and he needs clarification.


Especially since it’s about Pharm because he looks around and couldn’t see his best friend anywhere. 


“Hia, tell me what’s wrong,” he starts but Win pulls him aside, somewhere in the corner of the room and brings Team onto his lap. 


“A bunch of armed alphas , they had something to do with Tin’s videos and ,” He interrupts Win mid speech because Pharm isn’t there and it feels wrong. 


“No, where is Pharm and why does P”Dean tell you to get us away?”


Win just stares at him for a few long moments until he feels like he wants to violently shake his alpha boyfriend roughly to get answers. 


“Pharm, he- Dean is going there to get him, he’ll be safe. Dean will take care of him.” 


He does what he had thought to do, he shakes Win violently enough eventhough his hands are trembling and feels like he’s on the verge of tears. 


And Win must have felt his distress that he  finally caves in and spills. 


He finds out that Pharm had facetimed Dean just before he went after Can and the rest and placed himself in danger, he jumped up and would have ran for the door if it wasn’t for Win’s arms around his middle. 


“No- come here. Please, I need you to be here with me, after what I have seen and heard, I can’t imagine what Dean must be thinking seeing and hearing Pharm in danger and if you were ever to be in that situation-” he shudders and trails off, as if unable to complete the thought. 


It’s been almost fifteen minutes and he’s about to make a run for the door. He will punch his hia down to the floor if he needs to but waiting to know if Pharm or the rest is safe or not is one of the worst things he’s ever had to do in his life. 


But he didn’t need to as Dean came in then, through the front door with Pharm curled in his arms. 


He looked so small and his legs dangled over the side of Dean’s arms and what alarmed him the most when he looked at his best friend's face was that he was wounded , as if he was being hit or pushed down onto a hard surface.


But it can’t compare to what Dean looks like. 


He looks furious, unlike anything he’s ever seen the alpha before. While Dean always had that stern and firm set to his jaw and eyes, this time, he looks nothing like that. 


He does not look like himself, like he’s trying to control himself from doing something and his hold around Pharm tells them that his self-control is rapidly fading. 


He wants to approach Pharm but Win stops him mid-way. 


“Team, Dean isn’t himself right now, let me handle this.” 


He wants to protest but remembers what Win had said earlier. 


He stands back and watches the situation carefully, especially Pharm’s condition in Dean’s arms. 


He’s heard vaguely of this condition where alphas go crazy in traumatic situations and he’s never really seen it in person before but just a glimpse is terrifying enough for him. 


Out of overwhelming concern for his best friend , Team bravely stepped forward to sit in the empty space beside Pharm. 


Whatever Dean is going through , Team isn’t about to allow Pharm to get hurt. 


He notices Dean’s grip around Pharm is firm and unyielding, like holding onto something that is rapidly falling away from him and he could  hear Pharm’s breathing become more laboured, from the way he grabs back at Dean’s hand and the rapid movement of Pharm’s chest. 


The exchange between him and Win is hostile and strange , like two alphas who didn’t know each other, growling and challenging each other. 


“ You are not in your right mind, Dean, come with me! ” 


Something happens then, like a shift in the air and he quickly stands up as a tension band feels like it has formed around his head and it goes away the moment Pharm leans up and whispers something iinto Dean’s ear. 


He can’t hear what Pharm was saying but he does register Win coming over to him and placing his hands over his face to tilt his face up. He looks up at Win and the weird fog clouding his mind promptly disappears. 


“Team, are you okay?” 


He quickly nods and his attention shifts to Pharm.


 “What was that?I felt…” he asks, stunned over what had just happened and concerns clouds Win's eyes and features. 


“You felt it? You should go…” they get distracted by Pharm making whining noises and it shifts his focus to Pharm from Win instead. 


“I need to get him back, Team, “ he hears Pharm whisper. Team quickly pulls away from Win’s hold. 


“I know that but Pharm, you need to move. Listen to hia Win, if you are scared, I can help you, come on, hold my hand, please?” 


Finally, after a few more moments of Dean growling at Win and his hia growling back fiercely, Win manages to pull Dean away, placing some distance between Dean and the other omegas in the room. 


He exchanges a brief look of assurance that he’s fine and Win nods before he drags Dean towards the outdoor swimming pool. 


It takes almost thirty minutes for Dean to come back to himself and is only allowed near Pharm under the watchful eye of the doctor. 


“How does going feral work? I have not seen it before.” he says later, tucked into Win’s arm as they cuddled together in one of the empty chaise lounges, detached from everybody but he could see Win keeping a watchful eye over Dean. 


Win patiently explains to him, occasionally looking over at Dean. 


A question comes to him when Win finally finishes his explanations of why Dean is like that. 


“Hia, have you ever gone through it before? You said it wasn’t just specifically for omega mates, it could be for a family member or…”


“No. I haven’t because I didn’t really have a reason to be triggered,” he pauses and looks at their tangled hands together, “ Well I guess I do have one and I need to be careful, at which I hope will never happen.” he said, firm determination in his clenched jaw. 


He knows what or rather who is the reason and this makes him blush. 


The villa’s pretty quiet when he wakes and extracts himself from Win’s arms, who is fast asleep on the chaise lounge in the living room. Dean is there as well, Pharm tucked in his arms , both fast asleep. 


He spies the gauze covering Pharm’s eyebrow and the purpling bruise over the apple of his cheek. 


It looks painful.   


The doctor had left with his husband earlier after helping everybody who was affected and now that thay had learned from Intouch and P’Korn that both Tin and Tharn are at the hospital for a check up. 


The decision to stay on for another night was unanimous, Korn assured it was fine to stay on, he had a doctor on call in the resort in case they needed one and he would see that everybody would be comfortable enough to stay on , with the added occupancy. 


He smoothes a thumb over  Win’s eyebrows, frowning even in his sleep and then wonders where everybody is as he moves to put on the villa’s house flip flops , heading  out to the outdoor pool area. 


It is mostly dark , save for some low lighting from a few corners so he heads towards the resting areas where he could vaguely see two figures sitting, although he can’t make out who they are in the lighting.


It’s Type and Can, sitting side by side in silence and their phones in between them. 


“Is everything okay? Can, why are you sitting like that? Are you comfortable?” He enquires, seeing Can sitting propped up by several pillows .


“It’s my ribs,” he says, wincing as he moves to sit upright. The bruises around his neck were obvious and so were Type’s. He realises the gravity of what his hia had told him earlier and the reason why Win was adamant about getting him out of the way. 


“I heard about Tin and P’Tharn. So what are your plans?  I mean, I think it would be good for some of them who drove here today to get some rest , it’s been a long day for them and …”


“I can’t sleep or rest well not knowing how Tharn is. I want to be there with him, I want to see him and not from a screen, I know everybody assured me that he is fine and somebody is with him but I just can’t, you know? “


Can agrees with him and Team is hit with an idea that would piss some people off but he knows would at least put these two mind’s at ease. 


“Let’s drive down to the hospital then, it’s just two hours away and we could rent a car from the front counter and it’s better than just sitting around and waiting.” 


Both Type and Can look at him like he’s grown another limb. 


“But your hia? Is he going to be okay with this? “ Can ask. 


“He may or may not be but I can manage it. Come on, I’ll get my shoes and we’ll go. Hopefully we can go and come back before he gets too mad.” 


“Team, you are crazy.” Type says. 


“Let’s just go, have a peek and then we’ll drive back. “ 


It took no time at all to get a rental car from the front counter but the only option they have is a sturdy and rather large Toyota Alphard which he takes up anyway. 


Team texts Win half an hour into the journey when they stopped briefly by some roadside stalls because Type wanted to get some bottles of water for the journey and in case Can needed to take his painkillers. 


Don’t be mad at me. You know I’m an excellent driver. -Team


I trust you. I know you are a good driver but what I don’t understand is why didn’t you wake me up to go with you? -Hia Win


Because you just spent the whole morning driving down from Bangkok and you were exhausted. I have done nothing the whole day but eat, swim and sit around doing nothing much. -Team


Are P’Type and Can okay? Are you okay?  -Hia Win


“We are all okay. They are resting. I’ll call you when I reach the hospital. -Team


There was a tired sounding sigh from the other side of the phone. 


“Ok baby, please update me and if you don’t , I will go down myself.  -Hia Win


“Crisis averted?” Type asks when he climbs into the car with several bags in his hands. 


“Yes. I would need to submit a report when I reach the hospital, otherwise he will be coming here himself.” Team chuckled as he pulled back into the road. 


It was a relatively peaceful ride, there wasn't much traffic and he could easily find Pattaya Memorial , which is located in the bustling busy side of downtown Pattaya. 


He parked the car and helped Can to climb down from the vehicle, mindful of his ribs , at which Can was grumbling because his legs dangled when he wanted to get down from the car and Team had to actually lift him down because jumping a step is impossible without aggravating his sore ribs. 


“Remind me to kick Tin in the balls if he ever thought about buying this car.” he grumbles as he leans into Team, walking together up the ramp leading to the front lobby. 


It didn’t take long for Fighter and Ae to come down the hallway looking for them and Fighter tsk-tsked at Team for sneaking away from his alpha. 


“Your hia called me an hour ago and said you were on the way here. Well, you better update him that you have reached and met me and Ae. “ Team rolled his eyes at his teasing tone. 


They settle at the pleasant looking waiting area where there is plenty of comfortable sitting, watches Ae grabs a couple of pillows from the nurses’ counter for Can to sit and then picks up his phone.


 Type had gone to the nurse’s counter to get more information. 


Well, I’m at the waiting area with P’Fight and and Ae , Tin and P’Tharn are still waiting for the results of their x-rays. -Team


How was the traffic? Was it easy to find? - Hia Win


Yes, it’s quite lively here , I haven’t been to this part of town. Can we come back here next time? -Team


Anything you want , okay? Just come back to me safely. -Hia Win 


As it turns out, a sprained wrist and minor hairline fractures in his knuckles for Tharn while Tin had bruising on his hand and fingers and while it  didn’t require intensive treatment for either of them but they had to stay the night for observations.


“It would be good for both alphas to stay in for observations, I have read the case report sent over by Officer Podd and this is the best treatment for now.” The doctor says. He looks over at Type , “ Will you be able to make the necessary paperworks and arrangement? Because I was informed by the nurse that you are Mr Kirigun’s husband.” Team wonders why Type looks almost startled when the doctor addresses him. 


Fighter takes over then, addressing the doctor. 


“I can help him do that but when can they go in and see them?” 


The doctor looks over his papers and then frowns midway, “ Shouldn’t be a problem, give the nurse another thirty minutes or so, they are being pushed into their beds for the night.” 


Team just had to ask because it seemed almost comical for Type to react like that. 


“Why would you look so shocked when he addresses you as P’Tharn’s husband? It’s kind of funny to see you like that.” he giggles and Type elbows him squarely in the ribs. 


“It’s times like this that it sinks in that I am actually legally responsible for that man in every aspect , from his health to his death to his wealth and everything in between and it’s terrifying actually.” he finishes off his sentence with a shudder. 


“You didn’t realise that you got married to him?” 


“ I’m so used to being known as Tharn’s boyfriend! I dated the man for more than seven years and suddenly I’m married to him.” 


“It’s not sudden, P. It’s been three months.” Team pointed out. 


“Ok shut up.” There was an awe in his expression at which Team couldn’t help but chuckle further because it looks to him that Type had just only realised he is fully legally wedded to somebody. 


“I don’t think I’m doing a good job if he’s in a hospital barely three months after the wedding. What kind of husband am I, Team? ” he whispers with his chin quivering and hands clasped tightly in his own lap. Team reaches over to comfort him and finally his rigid posture relaxes enough that he leans slightly into Team. 


“You are the type that loves their spouse so much that you would sit in a car for two hours to see them despite having injuries yourself.” 


He gives Team a small teary smile which is endearing but heart-wrenching at the same time because it’s so obvious how much Type loves Tharn. 


In the other corner, he notices Can discreetly wiping his face with the back of his hands. 


He wasn’t the only one to notice this, Ae stands up and sits beside him, tucking Can under his arm.


“Can, are you crying?” 


“No I’m not. Shut up and don’t look at me, asshole.” 


Ae didn’t leave his side until the nurse announced that the rooms were ready and he tucked Can’s hand in the crook of his elbow and led him down the hallway where the rooms are located. 


“Do you need a wheelchair?”


“I will make sure you need a wheelchair after my ribs stop hurting!” 


The first thing that he sees is Tharn lying on the bed, an iv line on one of his hands, the one with no injury and the injured one wrapped in a thick, padded bandage. He’s awake and his eyes are hooded and he looks pale underneath the harsh white lights. 


“Tharn,” Type calls out to him. 


Tharn is sedated but awake and lucid enough to reccognise his husband by his bedside. The tears that Type has been holding back finally break free and Team leaves the room , so they could have some privacy. 


It feels like he’s intruding onto something intimate so he sits on one of the waiting chairs in the corridoor just right outside the room. For some reason, it gets him thinking of Win and how much he takes Win for granted at times, he thinks about how much Win has done for him and how he had always taken from Win. 


It is his good fortune and blessing to have an alpha like Win in his life. 


Hey, P’Type just met P’Tharn. I’m just sitting outside the room here, waiting. - Team


Are you tired? Hungry? -Hia Win


I’m okay, the place here is quite nice, actually. They have waiting areas with TV and I can actually fall asleep here.- Team


But you are coming back, right? -Hia Win


I will always come back to you.  I love you and I miss you so much.- Team


He feels slightly embarrassed typing that out and sending it but it’s exactly what he felt at the moment. 


Are you okay? Is something wrong? You are not normally like this. Should I go down there to get you? -Hia Win


NO! Although now that they have seen their alphas, I’m not sure if these two want to even go back tonight. Let me check and get back to you.


He was right, he goes into Tin’s room and finds Can propped up by several pillows provided by the staff and holding onto Tin’s other hand, while Type is talking quietly by Tharn’s bed side. 


“Can I assume the two of you are staying? It’s okay, I can drive back, it’s no trouble ,” he is cut off by several messages going off at once. 


“I told In about our decision and he said he will make arrangements. I don’t think I could leave Tharn’s side for now.” Type says looking over at his husband lying on the bed. 


Intouch works fast and he has managed to get somebody to drive back the rental car that Team had taken earlier while another separate car will come and get the others when they are done with their hospital observation stay the next day. 


“Will you be okay, P’Type?” he says before he gets ready to leave. Type reaches over to hug him briefly. 


“I’m thankful and appreciate that you drive us down here because the anxiety will eat us up and I really need to apologise to Win for taking his boyfriend away and making him worried.” 


“Please don’t worry about it, P. We are all friends, and if something happened to Hia , I don’t think I could sit around and wait either.” he assures and promises to text Type when he has reached the villa. 


It’s another hour or so until the designated driver that Intouch has arranged for them to arrive and he’s quite adamant about it too, insisting that the driver is already on his way down. 


“But why can’t either me or Fighter drive back the car you came in? Why should Intouch get a driver to come and get us? It’s so troublesome. Maybe we should just tell him to cancel whatever arrangements. Why make it complicated and now we have to wait for whoever it is.” Ae grumbles as they sit around an almost empty waiting lounge area where there is a wide variety of snacks vending machine and a complicated looking espresso machine that looks like it should be operated by a barista. 


Beside him, Fighter is sighing too as he stands up and helps Team to operate the machine with finesse. We have the same machine at home, Tutor is a monster coffee drinker, he cheerfully informs Team. 


“Damn, that machine looks expensive, P’Fight, I will stop by your condo more often.” 


“Anytime, you are very welcome .” 


Ae is still grumbling about the arrangement so Fighter had to placate him. 


“Intouch says we are all exhausted from driving down this morning and the two of us were here for at least a few hours. Have you tried to change Intouch’s mind or protest any of his arrangements? I have learnt that my peace is more precious and the only way for me to maintain that peace is to go along with whatever Tor says or Intouch had planned. Yes, a happy wife means a happy life at home. This is taught to us by P’Tharn. “ Fighter says with the serenity of somebody who has seen and experienced at least three lifetimes of wisdom. 


Ae snickers at him. 


“ I value my life and Tutor is the love of my life and if he wants me to bark, I shall bark, woof woof.” 


Team looks at his phone and Intouch has texted him that the driver is arriving and to wait at the entrance of the front lobby. 


“P’Fight, you can bark later, I think the driver’s here.” 


A car pulls up and not one but three people get out of it. 


“Ah, now I understand why Intouch wants us to stay put.” Fighter says again. 

Chapter Text


The slight bruising over Korn’s cheek bothered him for some reason. Like, it wasn’t supposed to be there, he’s always thought of Korn as strong and infallible, always protected by his men and most importantly, he feels like a safe and secure space for Intouch.

He’s never felt unsafe, sure they have their moments where they quarreled about certain matters but he’s always comforted by the fact that Korn had kept up his loving, attentive boyfriend self from when they first started to now and now a few years into the relationship despite Korn being given plenty more adult responsibilities like managing his family business, he is still the same.

He’s always had time for Intouch,always indulging him although extra extravagant at times but Intouch has come to accept that indulgent, over-the-top part of him.

Korn has a moment to spare after he’s finished talking to the doctor and his husband, mostly to give his statement and report , which will be sent to the hospital receiving Tharn and Tin downtown.

“I have some time before I need to go. Come, I want to walk at the beach with you.” He says , holding out his hand to Intouch.

The villa is quiet, he didn’t really see anybody else awake and about.

“ Everything’s more or less settled now but I need to help Tin with some things since he’s not available at the moment. ” he says referring to them seeking treatment at the hospital.

“What else do you need to help him with? It sounds serious. ”

“ Tin just told me that he’s decided that he wants to use whatever evidence that he has to make sure Tul gets the punishment he deserves.”

“Tell me everything.”

They held hands walking near the beach but Intouch pulled him away from walking on the sand because Korn is wearing dress shoes and since he needs to get back to work, Intouch does not want him to walk around with sand in his shoes.

“Tul is the mastermind behind everything. Those friends of his were following Can and Pete and he told them to harass all of you at the club and then back at the house. He sent out those clips but only one of them was authentic, the rest are all fake. And he practically dug his own grave when he sent those out, the one with the real Tin was taken when he was underage , when he was in the UK with Pete, I think? “

Intouch allows this information to sink in.

“So, he will be facing at least a few charges, right?” He asks and then realizes something odd.

“Wait, why Pete? You said he was following Can and Pete. ”

Korn is quiet for a few moments, staring out into the horizon, like he has plenty on his mind.

“ Because he actually planned something else in the first place , which we found out from one of his men who gave us information. He knows when Pete’s mother retires, Pete will inherit most of it, including a hefty sum of cash money for his birthday recently from his grandparents and that makes him very valuable. ”

“And that's why he targeted Pete? This seriously sounds like a drama series. But why only Pete and not Tor? “

Korn reaches over to pinch his cheek fondly.

“Why are you so cute? Maybe he thinks Pete is easier to manage because he isn’t as feisty as Tor and knows that Tor would probably put up a fierce fight. Also from what I heard, Tutor has no interest in running the family business and besides his own alpha is rich, so…”

“Don’t let Tor hear you say that!’ He warns and Korn shakes his head.

“I meant no disrespect to Tor but really, he hates it and Pete loves the business so they naturally agreed that Pete would take over, so, Pete is the richer sibling , but anyway, yes. He had planned to abduct both of them and asked Pete’s family for ransom money and it ‘s funny if he thinks he could get away with it. Seriously, who has he been mixing around with to be thinking of all these schemes? I find it ridiculous but terrifying at the same time and he could have succeeded but he didn’t because somebody,” He reaches over to grab Intouch’s chin, “ introduce himself as an important member of the Ariyasakul family. That probably saved all of you because the staff there immediately alerted my men and maybe this made them abort their initial plan.”

He blushed red and knows this won’t be the end. There would be plenty more teasing to come.

“ But he will be charged, at least? It wasn’t just Can that got hurt in this whole thing.”

He shakes his head , Intouch feels a sense of despair and helplessness in his gesture.

“With his family name and money? He might even get free, even if its proven that he had possessed those firearms. But if it wasn’t for the fact that we have a high ranking captain of the police force to be an eye witness and that Pharm had videp called Dean, which provided plenty of witnesses, Tin and Tharn would probably be charged with endangering others on the spot. You know how powerful their family name is and Tul is the eldest son in the family.”

“That’s not fair!”

Korn sighed deeply, bringing Intouch closer into the circle of his arms.

“I really feel sorry for Tin. At first, Tin was resigned to the fact that his brother might not even be punished for everything . We were working on stopping the videos from being circulated and on top of it. But when you informed him that Can was upset and the other two took an impromptu walk with him, it was the worst I have ever seen him. I have never seen him like that before, I was about a minute away from punching in the face to make him pull himself together and told him to wait and get more information from you before he gets too carried away. “

“Did you punch him?”

“I didn’t but there is a broken coffee table in my office.”

“The one I ordered from Italy?!”

Korn bends to kiss his cheek tenderly.

“I’m so sorry , you can go shop for another one, I promise.

“And I will make sure Tin pays for that.” he grumbles.

“This is how the system works and Tin knows this very well. This was what we were discussing this morning while I was helping him. He said he had evidence about Tul which he didn’t want to use because on the account they are brothers but this was before he saw Pharm’s call. I think it was Win who showed us and I was telling Dean he needed to calm down while we were all hearing how distressed Pharm sounded over the phone. Dean couldn’t be calm enough to hold his phone. It didn’t take much for Tin to change his mind after he saw everything. “

Korn stopped them in the middle of the path, pulling Intouch close to his chest.

He looks up and sees Korn smiling a little and maybe this could be a good time to tell Korn about certain things.

“Do you remember the kidnap attempt?” he asks quietly, eyes trained on Korn intently.

He feels the arms go around him tightly and Intouch rests his forehead against his chest. Around them, the breeze is blowing gently and the sound of waves helps him to calm down from remembering certain events.

God , it feels like the calm before a storm.

“And what has that got to do with- In, tell me everything.”

Intouch takes in a deep breath.

“Remember that charity event that your father had at the country club for all his business associates? Something did happened while you went to speak to your business contacts-”

“How could you keep this from me? In! This is serious, did anybody do something to you?”

Intouch pulls away from Korn, placing a little distance so he could speak up more clearly.

“It was Tul. At first, he chatted and I had to be pollite and there was so many people around us and he asks me to his room for chat and drink - P’Korn, can I finish what I wanted to say?”

He feels the growling deep in his alpha’s chest and Korn’s grip over his arms were a little too hard as his eyes canned all over Intouch, as if the incident had just happened.

Intouch rolls his eyes.

“I told him to get the fuck away from me and if he didn’t want me going to his father and you about this, he had better not dare to even look in my direction. I made sure he knew I wasn’t afraid of him and the only reason I was polite is because we were at a public event and that I respected Tin. He was pissed that I turned him down and threatened him and he says he will teach me a lesson so that I will know my place. And two days later, you know what happened.”

He’s been with Korn for so long , and he could count on one hand the number of times Korn lost his temper with him but now,this isn’t losing his temper, this is going into rage.

Intouch could see all the tell-tale signs there, the clenched jaw, the furrowed brows and his agitation showing in his tight fists.

“I am going to fucking nail that bastard down for what he did.”

Intouch knows his alpha is furious and it gives him a feeling of deja-vu , like the way Dean had spoken to him earlier . It didn’t really scare him, more like unsettling because he’s used to Korn being soft spoken and gentle when it comes to him.

“It’s too much of a coincidence that the incident happened two days after my encounter with him. I hope whatever Tin has is enough to put him away for a long time because I can’t imagine him doing the same against another omega who can’t fight back, and look what he did and how it affects almost everybody here. “

Korn is staring into the distance, no doubt still thinking over what Intouch had told him.

They stood like that for another ten minutes before Korn had to leave and promised he would be back soon to spend the night and the rest of tomorrow at the villa.

“Ok go nail that bastard , i will be waiting here for you. “ he says with a kiss before he watches Korn get into a waiting Mercedes and it drives off until out of sight. He decides that he needs to clear his mind and thoughts and since there wasn’t anybody around, he decided maybe he could take a seat at one of the pavilion dotting the shores of the beach.

He didn’t expect to bump into Dean , Pharm and Win sitting at one of them.

“Where’s Team?” was the first thing that he asked when he saw Win sitting alone.

“That boyfriend of mine sneaked out while I was sleeping to drive P’Tharn and Can to the hospital.” He answered dully.

“What ? He did that?”

“He says that the two were anxious about their alphas being in the hospital and volunteered to drive them since he didn’t really do much today and since we were all driving the whole day coming here from Bangkok, he didn’t want to bother me because he thought I would be tired.”

Intouch is immediately on his phone, perhaps he could get somebody to drive over or Korn could send his driver to look over them. It just didn’t sit right with him and on top of everything, Can’s injuries were a little bit worrying, the last Intouch saw him, he wasn’t even sitting up straight.

“I do trust him and he is a careful driver but I can’t help it , you know? But I also respect what he wants, fuck , this is frustrating.” He huffs and stares at his phone.

“He’s okay, right? You just texted him.” Pharm asks.

“I’m not really convinced he is okay until I have him with me, Pharm. What happened today made me anxious about leaving him alone .” Win says and starts to pace the space around them.

Dean actually stands up to stop him from pacing too much and gestures to him to sit down.

“Give him space , Win. You told me yourself that Team doesn’t like it when you worry about him too much.”

Dean’s statement made Win scowl at him. Intouch could see one of his eyebrows twitched slightly which instantly made Dean wince and apologize immedately.

“Can you do that if it was Pharm? Let him drive with two other injured omegas to a place that he’s unfamiliar with? And I asked at the front desk what car he took, it was a big ass car that he’s never driven before and I’m about to throw up from all this anxiety.”

He did actually blanched into a shade paler and Intouch felt sorry for him. Beside them, Pharm elbows Dean in the ribs rather violently.

“ P’Win, you do know he doesn’t like that you treat him as if he can’t do anything alone, yes he could be clumsy at times and reckless but this is important to Team. You have to allow him this.“ Pharm reminds him.

Intouch starts to rack his brain for possible solutions , one which could ensure Team’s safety, give Win a peace of mind but he needs to know what’s the exact status of Tharn and Tin’s condition and would they want to stay over if the alphas are needed to stay overnight for observations?

Questions flitted through his mind and an idea came to him when he saw two figures coming up to join them, none other than Tutor and Pete.

Win receives text from Team than, something which must have troubled Win even more greatly that he complete pulls his hair free from that apple hair hairstyle he’s been spotting and something that Intouch secretly wants to pull it off his head because it irked him for some reason but he’s not about to make bad blood with Team.

“And he wants to stay on with the two of them. The doctor wants P’Tharn and Tin need to stay on for a night for observations.” Win says , not looking up from the phone and typing furiously on his phone.

“What’s happening? Why does Win look like he’s having morning sickness?” Tutor remarks as soon as he sits down at the space Intouch while Pete goes to curl up beside Pharm, sharing a blanket that he has brought along.

That earned a dirty glare from Win and Tutor giggled at his reaction. They are all close and good-natured teasing is very common between all of them.

“Ok, so what did Team do now?”

“You know him well, Tor.” Win replies with a heavy sigh.

In the middle of their banter, Intouch was thinking that Ae and Fighter had been the same as Win and Dean, all of them had driven down and almost taken a whole morning and they must have all been exhausted.

“I think I have the solution to our current dilemma.”

It only takes a little bit of explaining to do to his dear Korn, asking for his advice and assistance to make some travel arrangements for a bunch of people and he did this sitting alone in the dining alcove with some hot tea.

Being a VIP guest entails him to plenty of perks staying in Korn’s resort and Intouch is very much satisfied and happy to see get a text from Pete that they have reached the highway to downtown in a hired car provided by the resort.

It took less than an hour , considering it always took longer than that but the front desk assured Intouch that the driver is a local and knows plenty of shortcuts to be able to reach the hospital in the shortest time possible.

Intouch made a mental note to provide the staff with plenty of tips and gift baskets when they check out the next morning.

Now that he had sent Win , Pete and Tutor to the hospital and since Team drove a big car down, Win is more than happy to use the very same car to drive back and also to return the very same rental car to the resort, killing two birds with one stone but scratch that, three birds with one stone, since they will get Ae and Fighter back at the same time.

And the last thing he had to do is to convince the two alphas to wait instead of driving down themselves . He wanted it to be a surprise that the other three were coming. It didn’t take much to convince Fighter to stay on but it took some effort to convince Ae.

In the background he hears Fighter telling him to give up and just wait because ‘It’s Intouch, do you really want to upset him?’

“Ok we’ll wait here, In.” Fighter says when he takes over the phone from a grumbling Ae.

“All right just wait there, have a coffee or something and let P’Type and Can know all of you are going back. Also tell them P’Korn has arranged for a car to get them home after being discharged tomorrow.”

He hung up the phone as he stifled another yawn and rubbed his drooping eyelids. Perhaps the day’s events are finally catching up on him but still, he is still anxious about everything and hopes that it all goes well and smoothly.

He tries to mentally calculate the timing of their arrival but struggles through the brian fog that currently has him struggling to do simple mental exercise.


Maybe it’s a testament of his fatigue and a nap somewhere is very much needed. He quietly broods over the fact that he might not be awake to wait for Korn’s arrival.

He closes his eyes and leans his head back.

It isn’t long until he hears some noises, some low argument somewhere and then he sees Dean guiding Saifah out of the house.

Tine and Pharm come up to sit with him.

“What’s wrong now?” He quizzed the nearest one beside him and it’s Pharm.

“Zon’s having a fever and Saifah’s is worried so P’Dean takes him for a walk to clear his mind.” Pharm replies , sitting with his knees pulled up to his chest, looking small and vulnerable that Intouch immediately wants to make things right so Pharm can stop looking like that. Beside them, Tine isn’t looking too well either, Intouch suddenly remembers that Tine had a nervous breakdown earlier in the day.

“How is he now? “

“Yeah, he’s sleeping and Pharm gave him some over-the-counter fever medicine , I think he’ll be okay , maybe it’s the heat or something, it’s been an exciting and terrifying day for all of us.” Tine replies, eventhough he smiles but it doesn’t really reach his eyes and Pharm is now hunched over, hugging his knees even tighter, his nervousness probably due to the fact that Team isn’t around.

All signs of anxiety which he knows well because he himself is about to fall back into his habit of nail biting if the two didn’t come out to sit with him to distract him from his intrusive thoughts.

“Hey, Pharm, shall we cook something? I mean, the others will be back and maybe some supper would be nice. Something simple, or desserts? “

It is the right thing to suggest because Tine starts giving suggestions and Pharm gets excited and suggests something sweet and Intouch ends up ordering ingredients to cook a three course dinner , desserts and of course, alcohol, at which, he reminds Tine not to let Zon have any of he wakes up.

“ You are really going to cook a whole dinner , Pharm, like seriously?“

The hotel staff had sent everything over within the hour and Pharm is looking at the ingredients with a maniacal gleam in his eyes.

“And what about it? I need to cook to take my mind off things. '' Pharm shrugged and started giving instructions for Tine to get the aromatics ready to make the soup.

“Well, the next time we are going, and whoever is arranging the next one, I’m going to make sure it’s a hotel room with no kitchen whatsoever.”

Pharm made a face at him and then started to prepare the ingredients to start cooking. In actual fact, Intouch is glad that his suggestion has managed to draw Pharm out of his quiet self because he knows Dean will get upset by Pharm’s mood as well and he didn’t want that to happen.

He rubs the bridge of his nose to shake the fatigue from his eyes and thinks any actions that requires him to exert energy like standing or sitting is suddenly too strenuous for him to execute, like that feeling you get as your energy gets rapidly depleted and craving for caffeine but a blossoming headache seemed to put a stop to his craving.

“My medicine bag is on the dresser if you need something and you could accompany Zon while he sleeps. I’m sure Saifah would appreciate that.” Pharm’s voice came from behind him.

He apologises for not being able to help out with their late dinner and Tine pushes him towards the bedrooms.

“It’s okay, In. Go get some rest.”

He pops two painkillers for his headache and slides in under the covers where Zon is lying down. He must have moved too much because Zon suddenly stirs and he gently pats Zon’s shoulder to calm him down.

“Ah , it’s me, In. Go back to sleep. I need a nap too.”

“Sai?” he slurred but moved nearer to Intouch anyway.

“Your boyfriend is taking a walk with Dean. Hush, go back to sleep. I’ll wake you when it’s time to eat.”

Sleep took over pretty easy.

Something rouses him from his sleep, it’s the feeling of somebody holding him close and hands going through his hair , something he likes and only one person he knows does it.

“You look like you really needed that sleep, you even snored and snorted. ” Zon’s voice came from somewhere in front of his face.

“I don’t snore.” he answered automatically. He hummed to himself and smiled because the feeling of being cared for is something he had been craving after looking after others all weekend.

“If In snores, that means he’s exhausted. ” Another deep voice comes from behind him.

What a nice surprise, indeed but also a traitor who exposes his less than desirable traits.

“How long did I sleep for you to reach back here so fast?” he murmurs, turning around to burrow his face into a familiar chest.

“ Well , your nap partner says you have been sleeping for almost two hours and I have just reached ten minutes ago.” Behind them, Zon could be heard typing something on his phone and then another voice telling him to put away the phone and to rest.

“ This is a very big bed.” he remarks again, wriggling around as he mentally counts the number of people in bed with him. There must be at least four of them if it was Saifah who told Zon to put away his phone.

He hears Korn’s chuckle in his chest.

“It is but it’s not made to accommodate two big alphas and two short and tiny omegas so don’t move too much because my ass is hanging off the edge.” From the other side, Intouch hears Saifah voice his agreement.

“Who are you calling short and tiny, P’Korn? I am mighty-sized.” Zon argued at which Intouch couldn’t help laughing at him being offended.

“We are fun-sized, Zon. Accept it.”

“I won’t. Not even on my deathbed.” Zon huffed.

“Babe, why are you talking about death beds?” Saifah whined which made Intouch laugh harder.

Korn runs a hand fondly through his hair.

“The nap really did you good. I’m glad you are feeling better.”

Intouch nods, his stomach growling a little. He stays still for a few more moments of rest and then realises that Korn probably needs to wash up and change, since he comes in straight from his office. He sits up and sees Zon sitting up against Saifah’s chest. He looks refreshed and Saifah isn’t as uptight as earlier.

“How are you feeling? Better?”

He rested a palm against Zon’s forehead, the gauze covering his neck was still there and Intouch wondered if the cut had anything to do with his fever or if it was just heat and fatigue.

“All is good, In. I just needed rest.”

It seemed Intouch slept through all of their arrival and he came out of the room after Korn had washed up to see some of them at the pool area, namely Tine and Pharm sitting at the pool’s edge , Dean and Sarawat in the water.

Beside him, Zon had followed him with Saifah in tow, armed with a water bottle and a blanket and he tucked Zon in one of the chairs in the lounge area by the swimming pool before settling in close.

In the kitchen earlier, he spots Ae and Fighter washing dishes at the sink while Win sat at the dining alcove, Team snug on his lap.

Tutor and Pete were arguing about cutting up the cake that Intouch had ordered from the staff earlier before he goin in for his nap.

Perhaps , they could finally relax for the weekend.