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The Dalliances of River Song.

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The streets of Shoreditch were quiet. No motorcars rumbled along the roads, no children played on the pavements and no adults bustled about their business. The borough's residents had been driven into the warmth of their homes by a particularly biting wind that was sweeping through London, the first chill of Autumn swiftly cutting through the warmth of the last days of September. The Londoners had grumbled and groaned about gas prices and the price of coal for their fireplaces, but had bundled inside nonetheless, not wanting to risk the cold and the sickness that would come from being exposed to it, leaving their streets practically deserted.

The Doctor was eternally thankful for this, as it give him the opportunity to berate his granddaughter in peace.

"It's absolutely ridiculous, child, absolutely ridiculous!" He fumed, striding down the road, cloak billowing in the wind. Susan skittered beside him, clutching at his arm, a look of pure panic on her delicate, pretty face.

"Oh, please don't be angry, grandfather, please!" She pleaded, eyes huge and shining with what could swiftly become tears. "I didn't mean to attract any attention!"

"You say that, and yet you must have known what sort of reaction that equipment would arouse when you brought it in!" The Doctor snapped back, giving the teenage girl a stern frown. "I mean really, a holographic display system, what in the world could you have wanted to use that for?"

"Well, Mr Chesterton, he said he wished we didn't have to rely on all those old textbooks to learn about biology". Susan relayed, managing to halt her grandfather in his resolute march for a moment. "He said they were so old and outdated, we might as well have been reading fiction, and Nancy Cartwright said she wouldn't have minded that at all, and Sarah Millicent said that was only because Nancy was a swot and that upset Nancy quite a bit-"

"Stop babbling, Susan!" Snapped the Doctor, mood somehow managing to sour even further.

"O-oh yes, sorry. Well, I remembered that hologram displayer we bought on Telorocus, the one that had all those educational programmes in it, including one about human biology. I thought... well, I just thought I could take it in and show everyone. Only for a single lesson of course, I was going to bring it back! I only wanted to help Mr Chesterton..."

"Yes, and in the process you would have changed history!" The Doctor scoffed, resuming his walk. "Imagine if one of those human children had stolen it, sold it to the highest bidder! Time would have twisted dramatically, human society discovering technology a hundred years early, and I'm sure I don't have to remind you who would come sniffing if that happened".

He felt Susan tense, her grip around his arm tightening, as if the merest reference to their people would bring Time Lord agents down upon their heads. Regret flickered in the Doctor's heart at seeing how truly scared she was at just the thought of being dragged home to Gallifrey, but buried the emotion down for a moment. She needed to understand.

"I-I'm sorry, grandfather..." She sniffled.

"No, no, that won't do, child, not this time". The two of them finally reached their destination, turning down Totter's Lane and seeing the familiar pair of blue wooden gates. In the dim, early evening light, the Doctor could just about make out the familiar words painted upon it: I.M. Foreman. Taking hold of Susan's hand, the elderly Time Lord practically dragged up to and through a crack in the gates, into the junkyard the TARDIS had parked itself in four months previously. He could see the ship, nestled amongst the detritus, still shaped like one of those "police boxes".

Susan could as well, and instinctively began to walk towards to it, only to be held back by a sharp tug from the Doctor's hand. "W-what is it, grandfather?"

The Doctor looked down his hawkish nose, giving his granddaughter a stiff glare that made the teenager stand up a bit straighter. He let her stew for a few more seconds before he spoke, voice stern and commanding. "Up against there, Susan, with your back to me".

He pointed a bony finger to a battered old piano. Susan gave him a confused look for a moment, but did as she was told, stepping over to the instrument and leaning against it. The Doctor's next words were spoken in a clipped, clear tone, so that there was no mistaking a thing he said.

"Trousers down, child".

Susan gave a shaky gasp, cheeks flushing red in an instant, with embarrassed words coming tumbling out of her mouth as she recognised what he planned to do. "O-oh, grandfather, no! You don't have to-"

"Silence!" The Doctor snapped. "You'll only annoy me further by babbling like that. Now, do as I said... trousers down!"

The young girl stayed quiet as a mouse and still as a statue for a few more tense moments. Eventually, however, she moved her hands, reaching around and hooking her thumbs into the waistband. The Doctor watched intently and with bated breath as, slowly but surely, Susan pushed down her trousers, revealing inch by inch her bottom to his enraptured gaze. A good plump arse had always fascinated and aroused the Doctor in ways that no other part of a woman's body ever could.

During his younger days on Gallifrey, when he and his old Academy friends would sneak out to the shanty towns that encircled the great domed Citadel, he'd always giddily squeeze and grope the backsides of the Shobogan peasant girls they would pick up for fun. It had been the sight of his wife's own shapely rear end, swaying and jiggling beneath her flowing robes, that had made him fall for her in the first place. Their daughter had inherited this lewd trait, attracting many a lingering look during her own time attending the Academy, and in turn so had Susan. In fact, Susan's arse might have been larger than both of theirs.

The Doctor watched with greedy eyes as his granddaughter's trousers fell, revealing two huge round globes of fat arse meat, flawless and without a single blemish upon the lily white skin, jiggling and swaying with every little twitch of Susan's hips. The sight of her silky blue knickers, wedgied up in between both of her plump cheeks and creating an improvised thong, was the icing on the cake. The Doctor's trousers were tight, his cock rock hard and throbbing, desperate to be released and promptly buried into the young girl's smooth, shaven cunt. But there would be time for that later, right now he had discipline to dispense.

Striding up, the Doctor reached out and gently placed his hands on Susan's bum, grunting approvingly at the way his hands sank into her soft flesh. He felt a shiver wrack through the young girl, and heard her give a little gasp as he pressed his bulge against the crack of her arse.

"Grandfather..." Her words came out in a needy little whine, which he instantly responded to by giving her fat arse a smack, the first of many to come. It was only a little tap, yet it sent the prodigious flesh bouncing and jiggling madly, like pale jelly. Susan gave a little squeak and the Doctor gave a low chuckle, rearing his hand back for a slap he was sure would produce a fleshy clap that would echo down the whole street.

The muscles in his arm tensed, his fingers tightened together, he prepared to strike and...

"Hello, hello, hello..." A sultry voice rang out through the junkyard.

The Time Lord went still as a statue, arm frozen in its downward swing. Susan, too, held her breath, as the sound of heels clacking on the pavement sounded out through the darkness. As one, they both turned their heads to look upon this new arrival, and the Doctor felt his breath taken away. The figure, sashaying towards them, was dressed in the dark blue uniform of a police constable. This in itself wasn't particularly extraordinary, there was usually at least one "bobby" (as the locals nicknamed them for some odd reason) on patrol at this hour. No, what truly caused the Doctor's eyes to go wide and his mouth to drop open, was that this constable... was a woman! And an utterly beautiful one at that!

Her features were striking, light brown eyes sparkling with deviousness, plump lips pulled into a salacious smirk and a wild mane of bouncing, golden curls beneath her custodian helmet. And her body! As she sauntered closer, illuminated by the light of a nearby lamppost, the Doctor could see her uniform did not exactly look standard issue. He was quite sure, even if there were female police officers now, their skirts wouldn't be as short, nor as tight, as the one the woman before him was wearing.

Nor would they go without a dress shirt, showing their bare skin beneath their blue tunics and, in this constable's case, the huge swell of her cleavage. Indeed, her breasts had been the first thing the Doctor's eyes had fallen upon. It would have been hard to miss them. They were well and truly massive, two huge peaks of swaying and jiggling flesh, almost bouncing out of her tunic as she walked forward. They were only barely contained by the jacket, and even that seemed to be straining, the silver buttons across her chest looking ready to go flying off at any minute.

Hands on her shapely hips, the police woman stopped and surveyed the two frozen figures before her, an eyebrow arching at the sight of the Doctor's raised hand and Susan's bare arse awaiting it. Finally, she spoke, in that same sensual voice. "Well, what's all the carry on here, then?"

Her question snapped both of them out of their shocked poses, with the Doctor immediately stepping away from Susan and barking at her. "Cover yourself, child!"

As his granddaughter struggled to shimmy her trousers back over her jiggling bottom, the Doctor turned his attention to the constable, trying to exude his usual aura of authority, despite his rather flustered appearance. His fingers went to his lapels, clutching them tight, and he eyed her warily. "And who exactly are you, madame?"

The uniformed beauty chuckled before reaching into the pocket of her tunic and pulling from it some kind of identity card, holding it up for the Doctor to see. "WPC Melody Malone, newly assigned to Shoreditch. Now, if you don't mind answering my questions, sir... what's going on here?"

"Well, I-" He began, only for Malone to cut him off.

"Because it looks to me like some nasty old man trying to force himself on a poor little schoolgirl..."

Susan immediately gave a cry of dismay, scrambling over to stand protectively in front of the Doctor, speaking desperately. "No! It isn't like that at all, my grandfather was just-"

"Your grandfather! Oh, this gets better by the minute..." WPC Malone gave a little shake of her head before stepping forward. "I think I'd better take you down the station to question you a bit more... thoroughly".

"Now, I hardly think that's necessary". Began the Doctor, worry etched into every wrinkle on his face. They couldn't risk attracting such attention! He pushed past Susan, raising a hand to Malone, as if trying to calm a dangerous animal. "As the child said, this is all a misunder-"

The rest of his words turned into a strangled cry as Malone's hand shot out, gripping his with surprising strength, and twisted his arm around, eliciting a gasp of pain from the Doctor. Her other hand other struck out around his neck, roughly shoving him into a nearby brick wall and keeping him pinned there with her body. The Time Lord found his face buried deep into the valley between her cleavage, his head sandwiched between her massive heaving breasts. He vaguely heard Susan gasp in shock but before he could cry out to her, Malone spoke, in a soft and sultry voice that sent a shiver wracking through his body. "I don't think I'll take you down the station actually... I think it'll be better if I question you right here and now".

The Doctor gave a shaky gasp at her words, looking up at Malone's face. She stared down at him with a smirk that was bright red with lipstick. Their staring contest was only broken by the sound of shuffling feet, making them both look around to see Susan, watching them with eyes as big as saucers, rubbing her thighs together through her trousers.

Malone chuckled. "I think you'd better run home, sweetie".

Susan looked over to the Doctor, obviously conflicted. He, in turn, gave a shaky nod. "Go on, child".

With one last concerned look, the young Time Lady turned and ran to the TARDIS, unlocking it and retreating inside in a matter of moments. The Doctor braced himself for a barrage of questions, starting with the obvious "why she did just run into a police box?" Instead, however, Malone just gave another quiet laugh. "Oh, she's adorable, I can see why you can't keep your hands off her".

"I-I beg your pardon?" The Doctor huffed, struggling to free the bottom half of his face from her cleavage.

"Just stating the obvious. Now, let's get you patted down..."

The Doctor finally found his head from her bosom (a small twinge of disappointment went through him) but before he could get his bearings, he found himself down turned around and shoved face first against the wall, with Malone keeping him pinned there with her body. He could feel the mountainous peaks of her breasts pressing into his back, her hands coming to rest on his chest and her warm lips brushing against his ear.

Her hands didn't stay idle for long though, instead beginning to travel down his chest, her fingers dancing over his waistcoat. Their destination was obvious, and the Doctor held his breath as Malone's digits finally slid down to his crotch, curling around the prominent bulge there. The police woman let out a theatrical little gasp. "You are concealing a big dangerous weapon in there, aren't you?"

"No! No, not at all!" Protested the Doctor weakly, only to be silenced by Malone's fingers nimbly unbuttoning his trousers and slipping inside. A rattling gasp left his throat as he felt her cold digits finally come to rest on the hot, turgid flesh of his cock, which gave a powerful throb at her touch.

"My, my..." Malone whispered slyly into his ear, lightly tracing a finger over the smooth flesh of his penis. "You are a big boy, aren't you? Especially for someone so young".

"I-I hardly think this is standard police procedure, is it?" The Doctor rasped.

Malone's voice was giddy and breathless as she continued to stroke and fondle his member. "Oh no, this is all part of a new initiative. We're cracking down on deviants, especially dirty... old... perverts!"

This last word was punctuated by her other hand suddenly shooting down to grip his buttocks and give a rough squeeze. Malone giggled at his shocked gasp, before saying with quite a bit of eagerness. "Now, let's see this thing out in the open..."

She turned him around and slid down to her knees, humming appreciatedly at the sight of his trousers bulging out. The Doctor looked down upon her, his hearts pounding, feeling her hands trailing towards his crotch. He could have escaped then, shoved this lecherous woman aside, ran inside the TARDIS and set course for a new time period or a new planet entirely. Susan would have protested, of course, but he would shout her down eventually...

And yet, he stayed completely still, the only movements he made being a shiver as Malone's hands pulled down his trousers and freed his cock. The feeling of the chill, autumnal air tickling all seven smooth, meaty inches of his member made the Doctor give a quiet groan, a sound that only increased when Malone wrapped her fingers around his length, giving it a few surprisingly gentle tugs.

"Still got a lot of growing to do..." She whispered.

"W-what was that?" He questioned, only to be silenced by the police woman giving his tender meat a squeeze.

"Nothing for you to be concerned about, perp". Malone's voice took on its harder edge once again. "Now, let's get a feel for this thing".

With that ominous statement, Malone brought her fingers to the buttons of her tunic, popping each one through its respective hole, in turn giving more and more of her skin to the Doctor's ogling eyes. Finally, with the last button undone, she shrugged the clothing from her shoulders, providing the Time Lord with a full, unobstructed view of her mammoth breasts. His eyes roved over the swaying jugs manically, desperate to take in every little detail of the jiggling flesh, taking particular note of the pink, puffy, juicy nipples situated on the end of both suprisingly perky mammaries. His hands instinctively reached down to grasp them, only to be slapped away sharply by Malone, who nonetheless had a grin on her face. "You are eager for this interrogation, aren't you? Alright, let's get started..."

Taking both her breasts in hand (no easy task, with the ample flesh oozing over and between her fingers) Malone brought them up to the Doctor's cock, protruding out from his crotch like an iron bar. Licking her lips, the bushy haired blonde promptly pushed the rock hard organ in between her tits, prompting a strangled gasp from the Doctor and a salacious little laugh from herself. The police woman gave his cock a few experimental strokes with her breasts, pushing up from his plump balls, all the way to his bellend, which was obscured from her hungry gaze by pale, wrinkled foreskin.

The Doctor groaned, the feeling of her breasts, soft as pillows, was almost too much to handle. Malone seemed to sense this as well, as she suddenly slowed in her strokes, not completely stopping but going at a more teasing pace. "How many times have you fucked your granddaughter?"

"W-what?" Gasped the Doctor.

"You heard me. How many times have you fucked her, shagged her, ploughed her smooth little cunt?" Malone went on, seeming to savour each and every word. She punctuated each one with a stroke of her breasts, making the Doctor gasp and groan as he was milked, for both information and his seed.

Normally his will was like iron, but at the prospect of experiencing more of the pleasure Malone was dispensing, the Doctor crumbled immediately, gibbering out desperately. "M-most nights".

"Mmm. And where do you fuck her?"

"Her mouth and... and her nethers".

"Never in that fat little bum, then?" Malone asked sweetly.

"No, I-I have asked her though, several... several times. She's v-very cautious about it".

"Smart girl. Did she have any other... experience before you?" She leaned her head upwards, as if especially interested in this.

The Doctor shook his head shakily. "N-no, none. I was her first".

"So you took your own granddaughter's virginity?" Malone sounded positively delighted at this news. "You've always been a dirty bastard, haven't you?"

"W-what?" Asked the Time Lord, only to be silenced as the woman resumed her ministrations, squeezing her breasts around his cock and making it give a powerful throb. For the next few minutes, no more words left the Doctor's mouth, only deep moans and throaty groans as Malone stroked up and down his cock with her plump tits with increasing speed, dribbling and spitting saliva between her mammaries to make the situation that much more mindblowing for him, if that was even possible. He'd never experienced pleasure like this, nor received it from a woman quite like the one before him, one so forthright and blunt about what she wanted and how she wanted it.

Malone would speak to him between strokes, whispering utter filth, commands for him to "paint her fat tits with his thick spunk", to "splatter his seed all over her gob" and to finally "pound her cunt until she was seeing stars". This last command almost sent him over the edge, making him give a wild thrust up into the squeezing embrace of her bosom and sending a familiar twinge through his testicles. The seed stored within them churned, preparing to splatter out onto Malone's chest, only for the warm, slick and welcoming embrace of the police woman's breasts to be suddenly snatched away.

He didn't get to be confused for long however, as Malone suddenly stood, gripped his lapels and shoved him onto the ground. The Doctor gave a grunt, but laid still nonetheless, confident she what she was doing. His cock now rose up vertically, a pillar of throbbing, hot flesh, slick with spit and pre-cum, and Malone gazed upon it with eyes burning with hunger. Her fingers hooked into her tight skirt and she spun around, putting on an air of theatricality as she and the Doctor's encounter reached its climax.

Swaying her shapely hips sensually, Malone slowly pulled her skirt down, revealing her arse in all its glory. And Rassilon, was it glorious! Bigger than any he had ever seen, larger than his wife's fatter than his daughter's, plumper than even Susan's. Two truly massive round cheeks of jiggling, prodigious meat, tbe skin peachy and flawless, bouncing and shaking at every little twitch of her body. The Doctor was entranced by it, enraptured by it, in love with it at first sight. As Malone bent over, her cheeks split apart and gave him an unobstructed view of her most private of areas, the puffy lips of her vagina, literally dripping with aroused juices, and the little pink flower of her anus. He swore that the tiny hole winked at him as he stared.

All too soon Malone spun around, obscuring her perfect bottom from sight, but the Doctor had no time to be disappointed, as she came striding over to his spread eagled form, breasts bouncing. Standing over him, Malone squatted down slowly, until the very tip of his cockhead pressed against her soaked labia. She gave a deep moan, reaching down and pressing her hands on the Doctor's chest, giving him a smile. "Here we go, sweetie..."

With that, she pressed herself down and the Doctor gasped immediately. Not just at the pleasure that erupted within him the moment his penis was swallowed by Malone's cunt, but also in amazement at the sheer ease at which it was done. Normally, with Susan, it took a few moments of thrusting and grunting before he was fully buried within her teenage nethers. Malone though... she impaled herself upon his cock with ease, sinking straight down to the hilt in just a few seconds, letting out a satisfied groan as she did so.

This did not mean she was loose however, no, far from it in fact. She was tight and wet and squeezing and so, so hot. The Doctor thrust his hips up into Malone, desperate to feel more of her, ravenous for the unique pleasure that she elicited. Malone, in turn, seemed eager to provide it to him, sliding up and down his member, slapping her meaty arse down onto his bony hips. She took hold of his hands, guiding them to take great handfuls of arse meat and urging him to squeeze and play with the bountiful flesh to his hearts content. And he did so, chuckling like a child, as he pulled and squeezed and traced alien patterns in the flawless skin, earning yet more moans from her.

With all of this combined, it was a miracle the Doctor lasted the several minutes he did. All good things come to an end though, and this was no exception, much as he wished it were otherwise. His balls stirred, his cock throbbed one last time and before the Doctor knew it, he was cumming, ejecting several hearty dollops of his thick seed deep into Malone's cunt. The air left him as soon as it was done, going limp and ready to bask in the afterglow. However, Malone, much to his shock, kept on going. If anything, she sped up the pace at which she rode him, making her breasts swing wildly and her arse jiggle tantalisingly, sweat flying from her body. Looking up at her, the Doctor was enraptured by her sheer beauty, at the sight of her wild blonde curls bouncing about, at the delirious smile on her face, at the moans she let out as she finally reached her own peak and enjoyed a powerful orgasm.

Malone took several deep, panting breaths, face flushed and sweaty. She seemed to sense the Doctor's dumbstruck stare, because she suddenly looked down upon him, giving him a wink. "Not bad, not bad at all".

She lifted herself up and off his softening cock, the organ now coated in a thick combination of her juices, his own cum and leftover saliva. Malone tutted at the sight. "Oh dear, I have been a messy girl. If my mother could see me now... Don't worry, I'll get it all nice and clean".

Malone turned around, sat down gently on the Doctor's chest and leaned down to take his greasy cock into her mouth. The Time Lord grunted, his member sensitive after such an intense experience, but enjoyed the sensation of the police woman's tongue licking him clean nontheless. He also revelled in the sight of her arse, just a few inches from his face, and her freshly fucked cunt, smeared with his seed. Just like the shag, the impromptu fellatio ended too soon as well, with Malone getting to her feet and leaving his cock wet and spotless... barring new a ring of lipstick around the base.

The Doctor spent the next few moments staring up at the night, dumbstruck by all that had happened in the span of half an hour or so. He could hear Malone putting her uniform back on, and looked over to watch as she pulled her skirt on, hiding away her gorgeous arrse (though not before he took another healthy eyeful) and slipped on her tunic. It was as she struggled to button up over her breasts that the sound of the TARDIS door opening cut through the relative quiet of the junkyard and a young voice called out. "Grandfather!"

Susan came running out from the ship, heading straight for her grandfather and kneeling down beside him. Her eyes boggled at the sight of his bare penis, especially at the lipstick stain, and immediately tried to pull his trousers up, all while prattling in a panicked voice. "Oh grandfather, are you alright? She didn't hurt you, did she? I tried to get the scanner working, but I think it's on the fritz, I was so worried she might have been hurting you-"

"Now, now, now, child, settle down". The Doctor urged, getting to his feet with help from the young girl. "I'm perfectly alright, as you can see. WPC Malone and I were simply having a... a rather extended interview. But I assure you, all this trouble has been sorted out. Hasn't it, Miss Malone?"

"Oh yes". Malone purred, her back to them, seemingly too busy reapplying her lipstick. "All sorted, sweetie, no need to fret".

"You see?" He grinned at Susan before looking back to the mysterious woman. "Now then, Miss, I shared my secrets, now why don't you return the favour, hmm?"

Malone still didn't turn around. "And what secrets of mine would those be?"

The Doctor stepped forward, Susan at his side, and asked stoically. "Who are you, really?"

He could practically hear the smile on Malone's face as she spoke. "Oh, sweetie..."

In the blink of an eye, she whipped around, arm outstretched. Before Susan or the Doctor could even blink, they were suddenly hit by a cloud of rose scented gas, dispensed from a perfume bottle, held in "Malone's" hand. The two Time Lords staggered where they stood, faces slackening, eyes closing, fighting to stay awake but eventually succumbing to the effects. The Doctor toppled to the ground, cock still out, with Susan falling on top of him. Their memories of the last half hour were swiftly disappearing from their minds, disappating in the wind like the very perfume that had erased it.

River Song looked down at the two of them with a fond smile, did up the last button on her tunic and then sauntered off out of the junkyard, though not before giving a parting word to the unconscious time and space travellers.