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better with you (until it kills me)

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Soft, caring hands cards through his hair, making him press his face on the crook of his friend's neck. His arms that wraps around Asta's waist tightens, and Asta could do nothing but let out a sigh as Liebe refused to raise his head and look at him, choosing to cling onto him just like what he did most these days.


"You're being extra clingy today."


Liebe didn't stirr nor bite back a retort at that, choosing to play with the stray thread that he found on Asta's shirt. Nosing at the hair of Asta's nape, he took in a deep breath of his scent, his shoulders relaxing after being tensed for whole day.


The sudden drop of his shoulders didn't go unnoticed by the teen. Rubbing a comforting hand on the arm that coils around him, Asta give him a pat, his voice soft as he ask.


"Is something wrong?"


'Everything is wrong. You dating that magic knight is wrong.' He wants to say. 'You're mine. Your mind, body, and soul- all mine.' Giving the waist that he hugs a gentle squeeze, his mind added some more.


'Your heart should be mine too, but you give it to him instead.'


Instead of voicing all of those out, he shook his head to rid of Asta's worry. 


"Okay." Asta quietly says, his voice still have a worried lilt to it as he adds. "If something is bothering you, tell me okay? I'll try my best to help."


'Leave him,' he pressed his lips, holding back the desperate words that rests on his lips, 'please leave him and come back to me.'


The words never come out. Liebe never let them come out. But as he pulls Asta even closer, held him a little bit tighter, his body language alone silently conveys what he wanted to say.


'Leave him and come back to me, my dearest Asta.'