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The music was deafening, bass boosting so hard that he could feel his heart beat to the rhythm of it incapable of going any other speed right now. There was only the music. The music surrounding him, manipulating his body, his mind and his soul until he was nothing but a puppet, dancing and twirling. 


Oikawa had accepted the invitation to go clubbing merely because it was Yaku’s birthday and he personally asked him to come. Also… why wouldn’t you let loose and have a little bit of fun again? College was eating him up alive and if he managed to get his head off of things for one moment then it would be nothing but helpful to him. 


The alcohol thrumming through his veins to the rhythm of the beat made it so much better as well. Warmth spreading, brain getting all cloudy and fogged up… that’s exactly how he loved his dancefloors the most. This way he didn’t have to think about whether or not he liked the person he was dancing with. Whether or not they were attractive to him… Oikawa could just let loose and have fun. 


While his friends were moving over to the side, waving at him to get him to join at the bar, Oikawa was busy rubbing his backside against his latest partner. 


Dancing on the bigger dance floors always meant contact with so many different people. He danced with one, then grabbed the next until he got pushed to a third one. It was like speed-dating just with less talking and more emotion coming through.

He’d never understand people who weren’t capable of becoming one with the music. 


The waving Hanamaki’s was getting a little more erratic, almost as if he was trying to warn him from something but Oikawa merely rolled his eyes and leaned back against the broad chest behind him. The guy was a little smaller, maybe an inch or two? Hard to tell with the way the hands-on Oikawa’s hips were pulled back. 


A little brisk but… he didn’t exactly dislike it. Actually, it was a rare occurrence that someone smaller than him went in so hard. 


Oikawa had closed his eyes now, to tune out all of his friends’ annoying gesturing and merely focused on the man behind him. It had been quite a while without a change in his dancing partner and Oikawa was slowly getting curious as to who the man was that couldn’t stop dipping his thumbs into the waistband of Oikawa’s pants. 


Turning around to the beat of the music, head still all light and fuzzy, Oikawa let his hands rest on the back of the other’s neck and opened his eyes just to stare at a pair he was oh so familiar with. 


It was like in the movies, when everything around the protagonist slows down and the camera pans around the scene, capturing everyone’s expression from all the right angles just that this time, he wasn’t staring at the love of his life. He was staring at a total jerk.





They both spoke at the same time, jaws locking as the moment passed.


Iwaizumi Hajime. The bad boy - or at least he tried to be. While Oikawa was the A-student, always popular with the girls, teachers and people in general, Iwaizumi was nothing but an asshole. Always getting into trouble, always picking fights that he, in Oikawa’s opinion at least, was destined to lose (even though, in the end, he rarely did). 


It hadn’t been the first time that they’ve been standing this close together. In fact, the last time dated back around 3 days, when Iwaizumi got in his face, yapping about some stupid bullshit Oikawa couldn’t even remember. 




“You know… for being the class nerd, you sure are a dirty little whore. Throwing yourself at every single guy in this room.” Iwaizumi wasn’t yelling and yet, his voice rumbled so deeply, Oikawa was able to hear it perfectly over the music. Selective hearing?


Oikawa’s eyes narrowed down as he moved one hand from Iwaizumi’s neck into the man’s hair. Fisting the brown hair, he yanked the jerk’s head back. 


“Big words for the guy who couldn’t wait to get me out of my pants.” After all… Iwaizumi’s hands were still right where they’d been before. One of his thumbs was still trying to slip inside as they were speaking. 


“Ah don’t flatter yourself, you still want me to do it, I can see it in your eyes, Shittykawa.” Iwaizumi gave back, hooking his thumb in and pulling


With Oikawa being more than a little intoxicated, the heat and movement of dancing making the whole deal worse instead of better, his balance and stability wasn’t up to par. So having someone yank him closer like this was actually quite the ordeal. His right foot was coming forth, stepping in between Iwaizumi’s feet, catching him from actively falling into the other’s arms. 


“Ah~” Now closer than ever before, Oikawa couldn’t help but use the height difference between them which God had graced them with, to his advantage. His head tilted down ever so slightly as he pulled his lips up into a slight sneer. “You really think I’d want you to do absolutely anything to me, Iwa-chan~?”


The way all the playfulness in Iwaizumi’s eyes disappeared and made way for pure anger was honestly adorable. 


Wait- adorable?


It was annoying.


Can’t take a joke, the guy. 


“Oh please. You want me to fuck you so bad it makes you lose your shitty mind.” This time, the other’s voice was as harsh as the tug on Oikawa’s pants. The waistband was sliding down more and more with each and every pull. 


Suddenly, the party of two was disbanded as someone pulled Oikawa out of Iwaizumi’s arms. A tiny, disappointed whine wanted to leave his lips but he held it back just in time, turning his head to stare right into Kindaichi’s face. “Oikawa? Everything alright? We’ve been waiting for you to come to the bar.” the younger male said, gently tugging at his senpai’s wrist. 


Oikawa didn’t look back at Iwaizumi again even though some part of him hoped the man would actually intervene and keep him here to play with. Iwaizumi did nothing of the kind and so the head of the student council was forced to simply go back to his friends. 


Which meant he was getting another drink as well as a bunch of questions thrown at his head. Questions he didn’t want to answer because he mostly didn’t have a proper reply to them himself. So instead, he just put on his wide, shiny smile and laughed the situation off as him trying to get under Iwa-chan’s skin. 


As these kinds of things were always going, it didn’t take longer than twenty minutes, two more drinks and Hanamaki being hit on by some stranger, for everyone to forget the situation that had been going on. Well, everyone but Oikawa. 


His eyes had never left Iwaizumi’s frame for too long. Never once let him get away. Something in Oikawa was telling him that he shouldn’t just let the man run wild. Call it intuition or something close to it but he had this feeling. 


A feeling that was never wrong. Not once. 

So to no one's surprise, Iwaizumi was heading to the bathroom only half an hour after the incident, turning around and letting his gaze cross Oikawa’s on the other side of the room. They stared at each other for just a moment, letting the tension set in. Immediately, Oikawa’s heartbeat picked up, the muscle desperately thrumming in his chest, pumping blood through his body until he felt like he was going to burn up by that asshole’s gaze alone. 


Then, the magic faded as Iwaizumi turned, held a middle finger over his shoulder towards Oikawa and disappeared into the bathroom. 


“Motherfu-” Oikawa cursed under his breath before smacking his empty glass onto the countertop. To his friends, he sing-songed “Gotta go pee~ Will be right back!” as he already made his way through the crowd. 


Even though he wasn’t running through the crowd it felt like it was parting right in front of him. Oikawa’s entire mind was focused on the one task he had decided on. With a proper tunnel vision, keeping him from getting distracted, he made it to the bathroom in no time, walking through the door in a way that was hopefully entirely casually. 


A forearm hit him right across the chest, pushing him off to the side and against the nearest wall. Being forced to exhale the air in his lungs, his intoxicated brain needed a second to focus and look down at Iwaizumi. 


“Let’s continue where we left off, shall we?” 


“And where exactly was that? Pray tell.” He wasn’t just asking that to fuck with Iwaizumi but also because he really did have trouble thinking right now. What else could be important, when he was being pressed against a wall by the hot bad boy in leather pants? Exactly. Nothing. 


“Is the genius already so far gone that he can’t even remember the best dance he’s ever had? What a shame. I ain’t doing shit if you’re not going to be able to consent.” And just like that, the hand on his sternum was gone and Iwaizumi turned around to walk to the sinks, turning one of them on. 


Now there was a problem because now the leather pants weren’t the only issue anymore. It was the fact that this guy had just asked him to consent. The guy who couldn’t care less about people wanted actual proof that Oikawa knew what he was doing and especially what he wanted


That put the poor guy’s brain into overdrive and had him sputter out a bunch of things at once. “No, wait! I do know- you’re so fucking- dancing- leather.”


His legs were moving on their own, bringing him forward and towards the man washing his hands. Iwaizumi didn’t look up from the sink, keeping his hands right where they were, which was under the stream of nice and hot water. 


“I am … what?” The man asked, as the faucet turned off and shook his hands to force most of the water off his hands already. 


“You-” Oikawa tried again but this time he stopped, trying to change his tactic. The man wanted consent and he wasn’t running away yet, so everything was still very cool. Right? He could still get the troublemaker he hated the most out of all the students in his year, to get to rail him senseless, right?


Taking a deep breath, steeling himself for anything that might come, Oikawa tried getting the other a little riled up again. “Oh come on, Iwa-chan~ You know exactly what I want and you know that I want it.” Badly. 


When Iwaizumi turned around, he had that glint in his eyes again. The same one that had shimmered in them when they’d been manhandling each other earlier. “Believe me, I know a whore, when I see one. I know you want it. That’s not the issue. The issue is that I want you to say it.”


That stumped Oikawa a little, making him take a little step back to get away from Iwaizumi - in order to get a proper breather, which was futile because Iwaizumi was right there, stepping closer and getting in his space again. His space and his mind. 


“You want me to say what?”


“Beg for it. Tell me just how much you want me to fuck you right here, right now. I can even paint the picture for you if you want?” A pause for Oikawa to answer, but Iwaizumi didn’t wait long enough for the poor guy’s brain to kick back in. Especially not, when he pulled him down by the collar, to place his lips right on the outer shell of his ear. 


“I’m going to fuck you right here, against the wall. Right opposite to the entrance so that everyone coming in can see just how lewd and disgusting you are for me. So that everyone out there can hear you whimper and beg for me to finally make you come after the third round of not letting you.” The last half of the final sentence wasn’t even a whisper anymore, it was a breath that hit Oikawa’s ear and let a whine creep up in his throat. 


Capable of swallowing it, he parted his lips, letting out a shaky exhale. “Fuck-” Brown eyes flitted over to the wall Iwaizumi had referred to. Would he bend him over? Would he press him against it with his back or maybe his front, taking him from behind? No matter what this guy would do, it’d end up being fucking hot and Oikawa was far too intrigued to care about the fact that he didn’t even like this guy. 


Actually, maybe that was fuelling the need to breathe out his next few words. 


“I want that. I need that.”


“What. You need what. Use your words, stupid fucking genius.” 


Oxymoron? Praise and degradation? Hot. FUCK. 


“Give it to me. Fuck me. Now.” He begged the other and almost felt his heart drop when Iwaizumi clicked his tongue.


“Nuh-uh. I don’t work like that. Sluts need to understand that they don’t tell me what to do. They ask for it nicely and if I’m in the mood to grant their wish, then I do. So use your words but use them wisely.” Iwaizumi growled, yanking Oikawa off to the side and more towards the toilet entrance, which was for sure the wrong direction. 


“Please- Fuck please do it. Please fuck me… please- I just-” Had he ever begged like this before? Not that he could remember and certainly not for something like this to happen. 


Luckily, his words seemed to bear fruit now because there was a sly smirk appearing on Iwaizumi’s face as he turned right back around and gave Oikawa a hard push. They hadn’t come far before Tooru intervened so the push coming from Iwaizumi was hard enough to send him crashing into that wall, punching the air out of his lungs. 


Instead of letting him come back to his senses though, Iwaizumi pulled his chin down and kissed him hard and unforgiving. There was no air in Oikawa’s lungs left, so a kiss like this, one that didn’t let him come up for air had his already fucked up mind spiralling within seconds. His hands were around Iwaizumi’s neck, pulling himself closer and further down so that he could return the heated kiss, while at the same time trying to break it.


His body was sending mixed signals, making it so much harder for him to properly understand what it was he really wanted and needed right that second. In the end, it was the need for oxygen, that brought him to his knees. Almost literally, because the way his mind felt like it was going to turn off any second, made his knees weak and incapable of holding his weight anymore. 


Iwaizumi felt how he was dropping down and decided to finally give him a break. The second the other’s lips were off Oikawas’, he took a deep, shaky breath which sent him right into a pant. 


Not missing a single beat, Iwaizumi hooked his hands under Oikawa’s thighs and pulled him onto his hip. Long legs were instinctively wrapping around his hip and Iwaizumi couldn’t help but grin at the reaction. “That’s right. I knew you could behave if you were treated right.”


“Screw you-” Oikawa panted back, letting his head fall back against the cold tiles. Iwaizumi took that as an invitation to latch onto Oikawa’s neck, immediately starting to suck on the skin there. The moan that ripped from poor Tooru’s throat was quite embarrassing. 


Now that he’d gotten the verbal agreement more than once, Iwaizumi was not holding back. Holding Oikawa up with one hand alone, he used the other to open Oikawa’s pants before he did the same with his own. Iwaizumi’s leather pants were pulled down one-handedly and soon enough both of them were left undressed just enough for some action but not enough to make anyone wonder. 


Not that there was anything to wonder about, judging by the way Oikawa was whining and gasping with every single bite Iwaizumi left on his neck. Long, thin fingers were lost in Iwaizumi’s hair, holding on tight and guiding the man’s head around, telling him exactly where Oikawa wanted him and pulling him back when the sensation was getting a little too much. 


Only a couple more moments passed until Iwaizumi lifted his head to press a kiss to Oikawa’s lips. Taking his lower lip between sharp rows of teeth, Iwaizumi’s pulled back without relaxing his jaw, until the lower lip snapped back with a wet pop. 


“You got condoms, right?” 


One simple question causing a total shutdown of all of Oikawa’s systems. He- he didn’t plan on fucking, so the only condoms were in his bag and said bag was right with his friends. So no. He didn’t have any condoms on him. 


They could fuck raw though, right? They could. He was clean and… and- well Iwaizumi maybe wasn’t- No he swore himself he’d always use protection- But fuck…. he couldn’t stop now. 


Oikawa was so out of it that he didn’t even see the grin on Iwaizumi’s face who was visibly happy with letting his ONS go through that tiny little bit of shock. 

“Such a whore and got no protection on you? Lucky for you, I got one right here.” And there he pulled it out of his back pocket. It required a little bit of fumbling in the way his leather pants were hanging down but he had one. 


Fuck you.”


“Oh no, shittykawa. I’m going to fuck you.” 


The rest was a little bit of a blur. He could barely remember Iwaizumi’s fingers in him, opening him up, much less how the other managed to get the condom on before he finally bottomed out in him. 


The alcohol had reached its peak and with the way adrenaline and endorphins were mixing in his veins, it was the perfect high to him. “Yes please- yes yes…” He moaned as he instinctively started to roll his hips against Iwaizumi’s, feeling him move inside of him. 


His head was falling back against the tiles once more as he looked for the perfect leverage to drive himself more onto and off of Iwaizumi with every roll of his hips. It was hard for him to manoeuvre in this position but he would die before he was going to stay still right now. 


So far, Iwaizumi had done nothing but bottom out, busying himself with the task of biting Oikawa’s collarbones and leaving red marks behind. 


“Iwa-chan…” Oikawa pressed out after the next couple of attempted thrusts downward. “Please you gotta move… please-”


The reaction to his begging didn’t come in a verbal way but instead showed itself in Iwaizumi suddenly starting to move. There was no restraint to his movements either, it was full force. From 0 to 100 in under a heartbeat, making Oikawa scream out in both pleasure and surprise. 


Eyes rolling back, he tried to move against Iwaizumi, helping the rhythm along but it was too fast, too rough, too aggressive for him. Much more intense than anything Oikawa had had before, having him whimper and moan with every single thrust into him. 


He felt Iwaizumi’s hands slipping under his thighs and instinctively held on tighter to the other’s hair. Not like he’d be able to fall with the way Iwaizumi was hammering into him and making it harder to think and breathe with every passing second. 


What did happen was Oikawa slipping down ever so slightly until Iwaizumi changed his grip and hoisted him up a little higher. With this angle, the head of that man’s cock was hitting his prostate spot on. 


More more more more- He needed more and he knew how to get it. He did but… it was so hard. It was so goddamn hard to resist the urge to just beg for it because that was pathetic. Oikawa wasn’t fucking pathetic. 


“Fuck… please- oh god… please-” And yet. 


“Please what? What does the little slut want huh?” Iwaizumi growled in between the thrusts. “You gotta talk to me. Use your pretty little words to bring me to give you what you want.”


Oikawa’s head was thrown back against the wall once more as he tried to collect his thoughts and words but he couldn’t think with the way Iwaizumi was pounding into him and every single time he tried to open his mouth to actually get a word out, the only things leaving his lips were moans and whines and whimpers. 


No begs. 


“If you don’t tell me, I’m going to stop.” 


That was enough to pull him out of his little headspace he’d been slipping into. The hands in Iwaizumi’s short brown hair were holding on tighter, pulling the man closer to make sure he heard Oikawa’s next words. 

“Please fuck- Don’t stop… so close-”


“Close already? You’re so desperate for it, it doesn’t even take a lot for you to finish huh?” There was so much spite in the others words, it somehow managed to arouse Oikawa even more, making waves of heat rush through his upper body, downwards right into his cock. 


Said cock had been leaking since Iwaizumi first started moving and was red and rigid by now. There was no way he was going to hold out for any longer, especially not with the way that man was talking down at him. 


“I told you though, I’m not going to let you cum. Three times. Three times before I let you cum all over your ugly cropped top. Three times, so count with me, asshole.”

One hand - Oikawa was still absolutely mesmerized by the fact that Iwaizumi was able to hold him up and fuck into him with only one hand on his ass - wrapped around Oikawa’s leaking cock and started stroking it. 


Immediately, his vision blurred as he felt the orgasm coming, felt the knot in his lower stomach grow tighter and tighter and right at the peak, right before he was tipping over the edge, the sensation left and Iwaizumi stilled, leaving him to scream in protest. 


“Shhhh… If you scream any louder they will actually hear us and put a stop to it. You wouldn’t want that right? You wouldn’t want me to stop, would you?”


“N-No-” Oikawa wasn’t even aware of himself. he didn’t realise he’d been saying that out loud, still trying to come back from Iwaizumi’s first act of denial. 

“Alright, count for me. What’s the first number?”




“There we go. Now onto the next one.” Iwaizumi’s words were underlined by him starting to move again. 


It was torture. It was both torture and an absolute blessing because Oikawa felt like he was in heaven, being fucked so hard that he could swear he wouldn’t be able to walk once this was over. 

But it was also hell because now that it happened once and the realisation of three times had set in, Oikawa knew that all this pleasure would lead to another 2 times of being denied. Two times of this high being taken away from him. 


The second orgasm came a lot quicker than the first though, leaving Oikawa panting and moaning, head fallen to the side which Iwaizumi used to latch onto the unmarked side, leaving one hickey after the other behind. 


His fingers were slowly starting to hurt from how hard he was holding onto the man fucking him into the wall, so he tried to open them, letting them rest on Iwaizumi’s shoulders instead. A good call, especially, when the other wrapped his hand around Oikawa’s begging cock again and started stroking him. 


Quickly, Oikawa’s nails were digging into Iwaizumi’s skin as he mindlessly spurred him on by letting affirmation after affirmation leave his lips. It was nothing but a brainless string of ‘yes’ and ‘please’. The high came and- and left right before it could reach its peak. Once more Oikawa broke down in Iwaizumi’s arms, cursing under his breath, while tears were prickling in his eyes. 


“Fuck you- Fuck you fuck you fuck you- I hate you so much-” He sobbed, blinking the tears away because he surely wasn’t giving this man the pleasure of making him cry. 


“Hmmm, I don’t exactly like nerdy whores either. That’s why you get treated like this. You don’t deserve to get everything handed to you. For once, you’ll have to work for something as well. Now tell me, jackass. Which number are we at?”






Every single one of his nerves was on fire by now, especially the bundle deep inside of him that was getting abused by Iwaizumi once more, leading to Oikawa feeling like he was burning up from the inside upon the other recommencing the deep thrusts again. 


“Oh my-” god… He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t think, he couldn’t even see anymore. Not even half an hour ago, he had wanted this man to fuck him senseless and now here he was barely able to hang on to Iwaizumi’s shoulders, feeling how every thrust sent him up and down the wall with ease, leaving him almost limp in the other's arms. 


“Sometimes it amuses me, taking out the big brains and shutting them off.” Iwaizumi growled. His speech had become more and more forced as time went on. A clear sign that none of this was leaving him cold either… a sign rendered absolutely useless to Oikawa as he was incapable of recognizing it. 


It was an absolute miracle that no one had actually entered the bathroom until now. 


To Oikawa, it felt like they’d been in here for hours even though it also felt like not more than a second had passed since they started. Everything was off and the way his head was getting lighter and lighter with every thrust just showed him that his body was slowly coming to a point where it couldn’t handle any more of this. 


By now, his erection was starting to hurt and Oikawa was letting out sobs and whines trying to get Iwaizumi to hurry, to act, to touch him, to do absolutely anything. 


“Awww… is the filthy little thing getting desperate? Was three too much for you? You know what?” Iwaizumi slowed down a little, giving Oikawa the possibility to gasp and breathe as well as the potential to gain a little bit of control back. “I’m feeling nice, so I’m going to let you cum right now if you ask me nicely. And it has to be really nicely because I don’t actually think you deserve it.”


Oh, that motherfu-


“Fuck you.”


“Such a foul mouth on you and they say I’m the jerk who needs his mouth washed out with soap…” Iwaizumi scolded him and wrapped a hand around Oikawa’s cock, making the boy hiss in pleasure. “I’ll give you one more chance. If you blow it, I’ll finish right here and leave you to do the dirty work yourself.”


No… nonono that couldn’t happen.


Iwaizumi, still moving his hips slowly, carefully, almost agonizingly sluggish, hummed at him, rubbing his thumb over the tip of his fuckbuddy’s cock. 


“Don’t make me wait, shittykawa. 3.”


Counting was bad.

“2… If I were you, I’d really think about the outcome.”


Counting was definitely going to make him crack. 




“Nonono please- I can’t- I … I need you to-” Oikawa stopped himself right there, gritting his teeth. “Please let me cum-” He then spit out. Even though his voice was clearly full of desperation, it was also laced with so much hate that he felt the poison leave his mouth as he spoke. 


“There we go… wasn’t that hard now, was it?”


And just like that, Iwaizumi picked up the pace, going for longer and harder thrusts as he stroked Oikawa’s length in the same rhythm. 


Light brown eyes fell shut, going back to that blissful sensation building in his lower stomach. Right, when he felt his orgasm wash over him - it was a little painful after the other two attempts at it - he heard Iwaizumi groan and felt him stutter inside of him, as they fell over the edge together. 


He didn’t hear himself scream as he made a mess of himself, strings of cum staining his shirt and stomach, some of it even hanging on to Iwaizumi’s jacket and hand. Neither did Oikawa realise that Kindaichi had been standing in the door for the past 15 seconds, hearing every single word that had been said right before Oikawa moaned up a storm. 


In all honesty, he could count himself lucky that one of his friends did come to find him because the second Iwaizumi was done, he slipped out of Oikawa, setting him down on his feet, holding him up with his hand, while he stole one last kiss. 


Disposing of the condom and pulling up his pants was done with ease and he let go of Oikawa, watching him slip to the floor. 

“That was fun. I could get used to fucking you unconscious.” Iwaizumi tilted his head as he crouched down next to Oikawa who was far too out of it to really take notice. “Have a nice week, Shittykawa. I’ll see you around.”


With those words, he got up and turned around to the boy standing in the door, speechless and absolutely unsure of what to do. 


“Make sure he gets something to drink. Water. Preferably.”


Just like that, he was out of the door, leaving Oikawa to wake up in Kindaichi’s arms after his friend had helped cover him up. Iwaizumi had left Oikawa to open his eyes after he had come to his senses, staring into black ones filled with concern just to utter “Fucking hate that guy.” before he passed out against his chest. 


A night, he would never forget. 


And one that would happen again.