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please let me in (i believe in second chances)

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Marcy Wu is supposed to be dead.

She knows that. She's even accepted it, by now. There are very few end results to being stabbed through the chest.

She'd even assumed she'd moved on to the afterlife. What else was she supposed to think, when the world went dark and silent and so, so cold? Either heaven wasn't all it was cracked up to be, or Marcy was in hell.

She didn't think she'd screwed up that badly, but then again…

Marcy tries not to think about that.

Either way, she hadn't expected to find herself crumpled on a glass-littered floor, dripping wet, gasping as her lungs adjusted to breathing on their own.

And she certainly hadn't expected to see her two best friends staring down at her, eyes wide, breathing hard.



Sasha drops her hammer- is that Barrel's Warhammer? - with a clang. Anne falls to her knees before her. "Hey, Marbles," she says, and her voice, soft and hesitant and full of relief, is the best sound Marcy's heard in her life. "Can you walk?"

Marcy wants to cry. She wants to bury her face in Anne's shoulder and sob out her apologies until she runs out of tears. But even more than that- Frog, she just wants to go home.

She tries to say yes , but what comes out instead was "You… came for me?"

"Obvi," Sasha tells her. "That's what friends do. But-" she glances over her shoulder- "we really have to get out of here."

Anne nods, reaching out a hand. "What do you say, Mar-Mar? You coming?"

There's so much Marcy wants- needs- to say to them. About the nightmares. About the brilliant orange eye that tried so hard to take her and might still be a part of her. Most of all, she needs them to know how sorry she is.

But there will be time for that.

After all, if this is really happening, the future she thought she'd gambled away isn't as far gone as she thought.

This is Marcy's second chance, and by frog, she's going to take it.

She clasps Anne's hand. "Always."