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Oh shit, a baby! x3

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One minute he was standing among the starved forms of his friends and the next, he just Wasn’t. Instead, he was in the middle of a battle between droids and mandalorians wearing orange-painted armor.

One of the men stared at Obi-Wan and shouted to another. “Commander!” The man who Obi-Wan could only assume was the commander whipped his head around, gaze fixating on the p- former padawan and Obi-wan felt a burst of fear that was not his own.

Osik. Waxer, grab his saber and get him out of here.” Obi-Wan was about to protest that he didn’t have a lightsaber when Waxer(?) scooped one off the ground and clipped it to his belt. “C’mon general.” He grabbed his hand and started dragging him away. “General? Who are you? Let me go!” Waxer took off his helmet and ran a hand over his bald head. Looking Obi-wan in the eyes, he seemed familiar. “This is worse than I thought. You’re Obi-wan Kenobi, right?” at his nod, he continued. “My name’s Waxer and I’m gonna get you to safety ok? Good.” Without waiting for a response, he continued moving, Obi-wan in tow.

“Wait! Where are you taking me?” That’s when he realized why the man looked familiar. It was Jango Fett, a True Mandalorian turned bounty hunter with a notorious grudge against jedi. He nodded, and as Fett seemed to relax, swept his legs from under him and took off, ignoring the quick swear and call after him.

Fett was quick, but Obi-wan was quicker. He climbed a tree and waited for him to pass. Once he was out of sight, he dropped down and went in the other direction. He had no idea where he was, only that he was most definitely not on Melina-Daan, they didn’t have these types of trees. He kept moving, trying to find higher ground so he could get his bearings and hopefully find a ship.

Alone on a strange planet with a jedi-killer after him, he reluctantly unblocked his weak bond with Master Jinn. Maybe he knew what was going on, Obi-wan did seem to have a lightsaber on the field. He mentally cursed himself for not getting it back from the bounty hunter. "Your lightsaber is your life, padawan."

Opening himself up to the Force, he was immediately hit with a sense of wrong. He reached for the bond with his former master and nearly fell out of his tree. It was withered in a way that could only mean one thing; Qui-gon Jinn was dead. This was very bad. He shut himself off to avoid the painful emptiness and tried to regulate his breathing.

Even when his rational brain had concluded that Qui-gon wasn’t coming back for him, a small part always hoped that he would bring other Jedi to rescue the Young. Now he was never coming back. Ever. Obi-wan slowly lowered himself to the ground, where he threw up what little was in his stomach. There wasn’t much, he hadn’t eaten or slept for at least two cycles and he felt that catching up to him. Against his better judgment, he found a small cave and curled up, and fell asleep.



He woke up to something wet on his nose and then on his cheek. He opened his eyes to find a massive wolf-like creature licking his face. He resisted the urge to scramble away, knowing that sudden movements could startle the beast. Standing up slowly, he took in his surroundings. There seemed to be the mother who had woken him up, a few pups, and a… Togruta child snuggled up to the mother’s long tail.

Without disturbing the sleeping kid, she guided him over to where the pups were eating berries, looking at him expectantly. He picked up one and deemed it safe to eat, taking quite a few, to the mother’s apparent delight. She then let out a soft bark, calling the pups to her to nurse. She looked pointedly at Obi-wan. “Um, no thank you ma’am do you know where I can find water?” The mother seemed to sigh and inclined her head to the back of the cave where there was a small running spring. “Thank you.” He bowed to her and went to drink, bringing back a leaf full of it for the Togruta, who was beginning to wake up.

“Hello there little one.” She looked at him with huge blue eyes, studying him before holding out her arms in the universal request for “up”. He picked her up and she immediately grabbed at his hair. “Ouch!” She giggled, showing small, sharp teeth. He gave her the water which she drank eagerly. “My name is Obi-wan.” “Obah” “Close enough. What’s your name?” He sat down next to the mother, leaning into her strong body. “Obah.” She pointed at him. “Yes, I’m Obi-wan. Who are you?” He poked her in the belly, causing her to swat his hand.

She pointed at herself and said very sagely; “mm Sok.” “Your name is Soak?” She shook her head “Ah” “Soka?” She lit up and grabbed his finger excitedly, waving her other hand in a fist. “Da!” She then bit down on his finger, thankfully not breaking the skin, weren’t Togrutas venomous? Looking closer at her gums, which was very hard to do with all the chomping, he could see that she had new teeth coming in. Great. A teething Togruta meant lots of biting.

He looked around and found a suitable rock, summoning it to their little nest (the pups had since joined) and handing it to Soka. She was thrilled with his use of the Force, most children were. However, most children did not lift a pebble to copy him. Another force-sensitive being on a planet with at least one bounty hunter after them.

“I’ll get you out of here Soka. I’ll bring you to the Jedi.” He wasn’t sure what he’d do after that, he had nowhere to go. Maybe Dex would take him in. “Jeh eye?” She suddenly looked scared, twisting as if looking for someone. “Poh? Poh?” He wished he knew Togrutian, the feeling she was emitting made him think it meant “parent” or something similar. “Poh say safe”  “Don’t worry Soka. I’ll keep you safe.” The mother wolf rumbled with agreement, curling herself around the nest and shutting her eyes. Despite having just slept, Obi-wan found himself soothed back to sleep by the gentle breathing of the mother and the reassuring weight on his chest.