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Yours, Shao Fei

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Tang Yi was now half way through his sentence, he had gotten used to prison life but he missed the outside world, he missed cooking a hearty meal in his kitchen for him and his boyfriend, he missed the feeling of the sun warming up the bed in the morning as he slowly wakes up with the love of his life in his arms, he missed the love of his life so much. It was difficult adjusting to falling asleep without a comfortable weight on his chest. The room buzzed with a strange quietness that at home, was filled by his beautiful boyfriend's nagging. God did Tang Yi miss that nagging.


Prison life was not glamorous, obviously, but it was manageable. Due to Tang Yi's old reputation everyone mostly stayed out of his way and didn't cause any issues and he met a few people he wouldn't exactly call his friends, more like friendly companions. The best days in prison were mail day and visiting day, visiting day only came once a month however mail day was once a week. These were his only two forms of contact with Shao Fei, the younger turned up every month and sent letters every week without fail, often detailing things going on in his life or getting sappy telling him the bed was too cold without him. Shao Fei missed Tang Yi too. 


Mail day approached quickly and Tang Yi sat on his bunk in anticipation waiting for the trolley to pass by, seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into an hour before Tang Yi finally heard the roll of the wheels against the smooth floor. Excitement swirled in Tang Yi's stomach, for him the excitement never died down, even after a year of letters the anticipation never faded. The rattle of the trolley got closer and Tang Yi was pacing his cell, his roommate was used to this by now so he didn't even bat an eyelid. He was an elderly man who had been in the prison for most of his life, like Tang Yi he was gay and he found his roommates love story to be endearing so he could mostly understand how Tang Yi was feeling.


Soon enough the trolley stopped outside of the cell, the guard pushing the trolley dug around a little bit and pulled out a white envelope addressed to the young man 

"That's every week for a year without fail" He speaks while slipping the envelope through the cell bars "Whoever is sending these is dedicated" Tang Yi took the letter out of the guard's hand, sure enough his name was on the front in Shao Fei's handwriting, he nodded at the guard in thanks and rushed back over to his bed to read. He slipped open the seal on the envelope and pulled out the lined paper with his lover's words on. It read:


Hey Tang!

It has been a year now huh? I wish I could say time has flown by but it seems to be getting slower as we get closer to your release but, good news! I spoke to my superiors and there is a good chance you can be let out on good behaviour.. that is if you have behaved. If I didn't get to see your face and hear your voice every month I think I would go crazy. Work has been keeping me busy though, I was promoted a few days ago, I am now a sergeant; I know if you were here with me we'd celebrate with a meal and drinks but I feel bad doing it without you, Zhao Zhi took me out to the bar but it didn't feel the same, it was a nice gesture though. Speaking of Zhao Zhi, he and Jack are still going strong. They were all over each other last night when we watched a movie.


Recently I have been sleeping with a photo of you next to the bed so I thought maybe you would like the same, in the envelope I have put in a polaroid of me I took recently, I grew my hair out so let me know how it looks! I quite like it. 

Don't miss me too much!

Yours, Shao Fei