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What We Hide, What We Find

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Porsche questioned where his life choices had taken him to be in this moment. Perched on his toilet seat in his cramped bathroom. Waiting for the stupid test to give him the results he was desperately begging any deity listening for.

Were these results to a std test? No but Porsche wished they were. If only the bastard had given him one, he would have been less concerned.

His life wouldn’t be falling apart like it seemed to be doing now. If only he hadn’t helped that mafia man when he was getting his ass kicked in the back alley but then Kinn had agreed to his price and Chè needed his school fees paid.

Goddamn! Hurry up, you stupid test!

He could hear Chè walking in the apartment. He must have just returned home from school.

Porsche himself wasn’t suppose to be home. He should have been guarding Kinn, but due to his fears; he had quickly changed shifts with another guard. If this ended up being a false alarm, Kinn was going to kill him.


And now he had to fix the sink as well, could nothing in this apartment work?

Why did everything have to give up on him all at once?

Nothing had gone the way he planned once his parents had died. His uncle had squandered what little savings the boys had been left. Now all that was left was these dilapidated remains of their home. Porsche had needed to drop out of university to support his brother and his leach of an uncle.

Fine, he had made peace with that years ago, Porsche was always more of a marshal artist anyway and he hadn’t minded working in a bar.

Chè was the gifted one at school, Porsche knew he could make something of himself other than being gutter trash like his older brother.

When Porsche had started to rise within Kinn’s bodyguards, he thought he could make something of himself as well. He wouldn’t be just another forgotten statistic. But now he had that test mocking him in his crumbling world.

Hadn’t he always been careful? Wasn’t this why he had gone for women before?

Before he had met the man with ambitions of greater power; his cocky smirk; that scent of gun smoke and priceless whiskey. 

The moment Kinn had demanded Porsche be his bodyguard, Porsche had lost.

Now what happened to things Kinn no longer found interesting? They became forgotten and he might be as well.

The beeping startled the fighter from his negative train of thought. Jumping up to grab the test off the counter, he took a deep breath. Trying to steady his heartrate. The man hadn’t even been this frightened when he was being chased through a forest with only Kinn at his side.

Maybe that was why you weren’t afraid, Kinn could protect you.

Shaking his head to dislodge the absurd thoughts, he finally looked at the small plastic test.

There on the display screen was a small positive sign. The happy woman on the container the test had been stored in taunted Porsche with her overly large grin, a hand rested on her lower abdomen.  As if she took pleasure in his misery.

He took one last glance at the test and hurdled it at the mirror, causing the glass to shatter. Porsche couldn’t breathe. This couldn’t be true, he needed another test, better than this fake one.

Yes, maybe the test had just been wrong. His sensitive stomach and the sickness he felt in the morning was just a fluke, and his tender chest.

No, none of these symptoms were connected. He had just had the flu and he must have been punched in the chest. Everything could be explained away if Porsche tried hard enough.

The door handle rattled as Porsche panicked.

“Bro? Are you in there?” Chè asked his voice hesitant.

Silence was his only answer, Porsche couldn’t breathe let alone speak to reassure his brother.

No all Porsche could do was kneel on the bathroom floor with the glass shards and panic.

The door opened; Chè must have busted the lock. His little brother peeked in around the door but when he saw his brother he dashed in; not once thinking of the glass.

“Chè be careful!” Porsche scolded, funny how Chè could always get Porsche to speak to him.

His whole world centered around the smaller boy, his one bit of light in the moonless night that was his life.

“Porsche, what happened? Are you-” Chè stopped once his eyes landed on the white plastic. He carefully picked it up, mouth ajar when the positive sign became visible to him.

“Porsche?” The question didn’t need to be asked, the answer was obvious.

Chè dropped the pregnancy test and spread his arms open to encase the elder in a hug. The two sat kneeling for a while in complete silence.

The two didn’t know how long they sat until they heard the door open to their home. The bathroom door closed, Porsche’s gun was sitting in his room and Porsche hadn’t planned on guests.

“Chè did you get your stuff? I’ve been waiting in the car.” Kim, the younger brother of his boss called as he strolled into the brothers’ home. That whole family acted like they owned every location they visited, and technically Kinn owned this home.

“Yeah, Kim I think I might need to cancel. My tummy hurts and I think I might be getting the flu.” Chè called; his voice concealed the nerves on his face.

The sounds of footsteps flooded the tiny space as Kim came closer. Chè flew to rest his back against the door so Kim couldn’t open it. Once again, the door handle rattled.

“Chè, do you want me to help? I can look after you, do you want anything?” Porsche was surprised at the concern in the normally emotionless ice prince voice. Kim hadn’t shown much emotion in Porsche’s presence before. Hell, Porsche hadn’t even known his brother was friendly with Mr. Korn’s youngest.

But Chè had been friendly since the day he was born. A big smile and happy eyes had been his default setting since he knew how to. The pretty omega had alphas wrapped around his finger the minute he presented and Porsche had been thrashing them off since.

The spoiled rich kid was his current suitor by the sounds of it. Nothing good could come of this pairing and had the older brother discovered this before now, Kim would have been bloody and those dumb shades of his broken.

“Kim, I think I need a little rest. Can I talk to you later tonight or tomorrow morning?”

“Sure, Sweetie call me if you need anything or if you just want company. Actually, how about I drive you home and you can stay in my room.” Kim jangled the knob.

Home… he spoke like Kim’s home was now Porsche and Chè’s home. But it wasn’t maybe in a fairy-tale world it could have been. If Porsche hadn’t slept with his boss, then the pair could have found home in the grand complex. The protection of the mafia family. Now Porsche was another of Kinn’s lovers. Some idiot who couldn’t even prevent this from happening. Kinn had slept with dozens of pretty boys- omega and betas alike and if rumours were to be believed even a few alphas. Porsche would just be seen like one of Kinn’s discarded toys. A lesson to not sleep with the help even. For that was what Porsche was, someone to take a bullet for his boss, not to take his knot.

“Kim I’ll be fine; I’m going to sleep for a little while. I’ll call you when I feel better.” Chè’s words finally got the young alpha to leave, but not before he left some money in case Chè needed something.

The pair could hear his sports car take off as he drove to his destination. Chè left the bathroom to make sure Kim hadn’t left anyone behind to guard him.

When he returned, he had a broom in hand and quietly cleaned the glass from the floor.

“Aren’t you going to ask?” Porsche questioned his brother.

“I think I know whose it is but it’s not my business anyway.”

Porsche loved Chè; his little brother hadn’t judged him but had accepted him. Porsche wanted to cry so, for once he did. He was allowed to cry on one occasion every ten years. Today was his day to let his walls drop and show his weakness.

Chè was stroking his hair as the two sat on the floor, merging into one being. Hushing him as wet sobs escaped from his throat. Chè had started to cry as well. The brothers weeping as the truth of their situation became clear. Both feeling helpless and not knowing what to do but knowing to rely on the other.

“Do you want it?” Chè broke the silence. The crying had stopped, there was no tears left to shed.

Porsche hadn’t thought about children but he knew if Kinn found out, the life he was carrying would end. It would be easy for someone like Kinn, a doctor would be ready before the call ended.

Was that what Porsche wanted?

His pride said no. Porsche didn’t want to be known as one of Kinn’s boy’s who had gotten knocked up and then dumped by the master.

He had seen how Kinn parted ways with his lovers; a watch and some cash.

Porsche didn’t want hush money or in his case money to spend on the removal of the little cells within him and a shiny memento. To be another person Kinn had stuck his dick in and then moved on to the next pretty boy.

Did Kinn care what Porsche did?

Porsche wasn’t Kinn’s preferred type, he was no delicate flower. His hands were rough from fighting and his body strong. Not like his pretty boys who looked like little dolls. Porsche neither had the frame nor attitude of an omega. Which he had been glad about, it made it easier to protect Chè and to do his jobs. Scent neutralizers existed and Porsche made sure to keep his bottle stocked.

In the past Porsche had dated and slept with women exclusively. They thought him an alpha and those who knew what his secondary gender was, were up to see what his performance would be like. He had no complaints and he was satisfied until Kinn had swaggered in.

Porsche didn’t remember much before the drugs wore off. But what he did remember made him wet. Kinn had been forceful bending the omega’s body into whatever position he had wanted. Making Porsche take his knot and cum with such frequency he had worried he would burst. When Porsche had whimpered for Kinn to stop or that it hurt. The gangster would kiss him stealing the breath from his lungs and he place little kisses along Porsche’s back, neck and face.

When Porsche would drift off to sleep or was about to pass out; Kinn would purr and release his calming scent.

Porsche could scarcely walk without a limp when he was drug free and the bastard was so smug. Porsche was tempted to punch the smirk off his face.

That incident hadn’t been the only time the pair slept together, Porsche had been taken multiple times on each flat surface in Kinn’s apartment and a few non flat surfaces. His favourite memory was riding Kinn in the pool, the other’s eyes hungrily staring at him then Kinn hadn’t been able to stand it and had taken control of their position. Thrusting deep into Porsche his screams echoing the abode.

That was the last time they fucked.

Was that the one? Or had it been another?

Shortly after Kinn started to ‘date’ other men. His standard soft boys. The bruises and bitemarks had yet to fade from his skin.

Porsche didn’t want to remember how distressed and shocked he had been when he was called in with Pete to Kinn’s rooms.

Kinn was not the only person within the room, if the boy between his legs gave any indication. Porsche had been forced to stand in front of the other man and pretend to be professional. His heart being cleaved in half by the other as Kinn received a blow job from a nameless beta boy. Porsche didn’t know why he thought the other man might spare him from such a cruel ‘break up’. The two weren’t dating or monogamous. He didn’t think Kinn even knew the word, let alone understood how to be loyal to a single person.

So, what if Porsche wasn’t looking for anyone else when he had been with Kinn. An easy lay was what Kinn labeled Porsche as. The reality of their relationship made clear in one hurtful act.

When he was finally dismissed, Porsche headed to the balcony to smoke and maybe grieve for his foolishness. Pete had offered him comfort and asked if he wanted to go to a different brother but Porsche rejected that idea.

Then his sickness had started.

“I think I want to keep it but I can’t work and I don’t know what to do.” Porsche’s fingers tugged at his hair. He needed to figure out how to escape from Kinn’s grasp but how would he do so.

“How much savings do you have?” Chè questioned, a plan forming in his mind. The younger’s eyes flittered to different tiles in the small room.

“A few months maybe eight if we live on a tight budget.” The older did some quick math.

“Okay withdraw that and don’t come back here for two hours.” Chè was starting to dial a number on his phone.

“Chè?” Porsche asked, he was handed a washcloth to clean his face with. While he was doing so, Chè spoke.

“Please Porsche, I know you’re the older brother and you look after us. Let me help you for once.” Chè begged him and Porsche sighed in defeat and went to get his wallet to withdraw his savings. He brought along with him, his work bag to place the money inside.

After the promised two hours, he returned to his home.

The sight that greeted him was their bags packed and the place bare of any personal items.

A large duffle bag was place on the couch, Chè counting the bills.

“Chè … what did you do?” Porsche was frightened, how did his brother get this much cash? Who did he speak to.

“I asked Kim for it. Don’t worry I didn’t rob a bank.”

Porsche wished Chè had robbed a bank. He didn’t want the brothers to know what he planned or what had happened.

“What did you say?” Porsche grabbed Chè by his shirt and shook him roughly.

“It’s okay, I told him Uncle needed it but I didn’t want you to know. Kim gave me two hundred thousand baht.” That kind of cash, they could disappear within the city and Kinn wouldn’t be able to find them.

“We need to go now!”

The two brothers picked up their bags and disappeared into the moonless night. All that remained of the earlier event was the broken glass in the garbage, the positive test hidden within Chè’s backpack.

Two days later a familiar car would arrive at the door step and a man would break down the door when no response was given to his yelling. Men dressed in black would swarm the small space looking for life and the subsequent lack of it would make their boss rage; breaking the items he touched.  One item he smashed was an ash tray, the burn remains held a woman’s smiling face, the tray full of ashes which scattered into the air. A near full pack of cigarettes were redundantly waiting next to the tray, one cig was missing. Kinn knew who smoked that brand.

Kinn’s rage was extracted on Porsche’s Uncle. The man bound to a chair and forced to talk; his body was broken as the three brothers were listening and watching his body language for any sign of falsehoods.  One corpse left the lone room, the brothers parting ways to report their findings.

Nothing was gained from the interrogation other than to release Kinn’s anger. Khun watched his little brothers curse as they searched fruitlessly for their omegas.  Six months later Khun would receive a package for a new drama shipped in blue paper. The crazy sibling happy for many days after opening his package, even trapping his brothers in watching it. The younger siblings not understanding why the story plot of a young woman hiding her child from her ex-lover enticed the eldest brother.


   Two years later

Kinn couldn’t believe that time could pass as quickly as it did. For the first few months Kinn had plowed his way through beta boys, as if he hoped Porsche would return if he reached a high enough number. The encounters might have brought some physical pleasure but the moment after he achieved his orgasm. The boys were tossed out of his living quarters. Kinn had discovered that he was unable to forget about the boy with the cherry blossom tattoo.

It wasn’t his pride that had been injured, his own personal guard stealing then disappearing after taking his money (Kim’s money). No, it was that regardless of how many spies he sent, there were no sightings of Porsche or his little brother.

This city Kinn had been taking control over, was actively hiding his past lover. Unacceptable. Kinn’s temper was shorten as time passed. At first, he knew if he found Porsche the boy would be punished.

Kinn had fantasized about giving him a heat drug and fucking him through the results.  Those powerful hands grasp tight to Kinn’s biceps and his legs encasing Kinn’s waist as the bodyguard had his boss plow into his tight wet heat. The little breathless moans he would try to conceal. Kinn kissing his neck and marking him. Their scents and sounds would linger and mix in Kinn’s home, his sanctuary. Was that what Porsche transformed in to for Kinn, no longer an unwanted arrogant body guard. But someone Kinn had wanted to spend his private moments with?

Their past wasn’t simply filled with fighting and fucking. In moments of tranquility, Kinn had played his violin for Porsche and Kinn had seen some of Porsche’s drawings. When Kinn had been shot Porsche slept in his bed. Letting Kinn immerse himself in Porsche’s breathing and the way his body contorted to rest a top Kinn’s.

No one besides Porsche had spent a full night in Kinn’s bed. Maybe if Kinn had been more direct Porsche would still be here.

That cocky little shit who acted like Kinn was his number one priority at work but refused him off the clock.

Kinn took great pleasure in reminding Porsche of his place in Kinn’s life. Like the bathroom incident. Kinn had tracked Porsche to a bar, when he saw the boy leave the dance floor with a woman. The pair headed to the bathrooms. There was no mistaking what they planned to do. Kinn knew in that second, he had to reclaim what was his. 

Kinn who had spent the night with Porsche leaving claim after claim on his body and soul. This boy dared to then have sex with a woman. No, Kinn wouldn’t allow it. And if he had to be the one to shove his little lover against a stall wall and fill him until even a nose-less being would know who he belonged to, so be it.

Yes, it would be fun to feel him struggle against the inevitable. The defiance in his eyes, and his harsh words, always turned Kinn on.

But overhearing the woman leave due to Porsche not being able to get it up made him laugh.

His little omega couldn’t please this nameless woman, but that action greatly satisfied Kinn.  He could have taken the boy in the toilet; he had planned to but having Porsche beg him not to. Kinn changed his plan. Instead, he showed Porsche just what a mouth could do. Sucking and licking at his boy’s cock until those little moans were released, the dripping slick on the boy’s thighs remained untouched. Kinn understood why Porsche had chosen to go out. He wanted to feel like a man… like an alpha. The dynamic people assumed him to be. Kinn would allow him this one exemption from punishment. However, he had schemes to share with the other to show him, every joy an omega could feel.

And so began his romancing, spending time with the other both in private and in public. Did the little fool believe Kinn let anyone else play video games with him or dine with him at expensive restaurants.

No that was a privilege only for Porsche. His little wild card.

The boy who had swept into his life abruptly and had left just as suddenly.

Kinn didn’t know if Porsche had ran due to Kinn’s actions or because of his brother. It was suspicious that the two had disappeared together. Kinn and Kim blamed the other for making the brothers vanish.

But what would make them run when they clearly had a brother who could help them?

Months went by with no news then as if by chance one of Kinn’s newest bodyguards was saying how he had been to a club with an omega bartender. A very handsome one, Kinn had almost tuned him out but heard him say the young man had the scent of a Mint Julep.

Kinn longed for only one omega with that smell. He grabbed the man by the throat and demanded to know the name and location of the bar. The poor man was turning purple as he sputtered out the information. When finished Kinn flung him like an unwanted plastic cup. Stepping over his gasping form to retrieve his body guards and his favourite car.

Kinn had a statement to make and Porsche was what he would be walking away with. Even if he had to drag the boy back by his hair. Yes, Kinn’s mate would not abandon him again.

The bar was a dump. The neon sign had letters burnt out, the road was half deserted when Kinn and his men pulled up. As they got out of their cars, the remaining people scattered from the street, too intimidated to be caught up in his gang’s actions.

Kinn paraded in, eyes scanning the dancefloor and every dark corner. His eyes landed on a back clad in a tight black dress shirt, his painted-on jeans left nothing to the imagination however Kinn didn’t need to imagine. He had felt and fondled that butt enough to know it from a thousand miles away with his eyes covered.

There you are baby. You can’t flee from me now. He licked his lips, brain storming how he would reintroduce his lover to his bed. With Porsche’s back still towards him, Kinn sat on a bar stool, his men blocking the exits. Kinn waited for Porsche to see him. His heartbeat pumping in anticipation, a smug grin on his handsome face.

“Hey Porsche, are you heading home to your sweet boy? Boss said you can leave early if you have to.” One of Porsche’s pretty co-workers said. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. If they had met a few years earlier Porsche and her might have shared a drink and a hidden moment in the backroom. Now he had different priorities.

Chè had dropped his nursing program to help Porsche and was now employed as a nanny to a quiet family. The younger boy would work during the day and return home as Porsche was leaving for work. Chè had taken to colouring his hair blond so as to make it harder to recognize him. When asked Chè would say he had a sister who he lived with. Their landlord had been a spinster woman who was very understanding. Especially seeing as Porsche had given birth in her bathroom. He had been too fearful to go to a hospital and risk Kinn finding out. The landlady had arrived to find him cradling his new born baby in the bathtub after having been in labour for many hours. Trust his child to inherit Kinn’s ability to just show up whenever he pleased. The little filthy creature covered in body fluid had been somewhat cuter after he had been cleaned. A silent thing with tiny hands and feet. Porsche could crush those limbs without any effort. It was terrifying to hold the babe.

After gazing into the newborns face for what had to be far too long. Porsche could see he had Kinn’s eyes and Porsche’s nose and mouth. As his little man grew, Porsche learned his son was a mixture of himself and his ex-lover. Chè was delighted to hold and speak to the baby not having encountered one before his little nephew. Porsche had the photo of the two save as the back ground on his phone.

Porsche was putting glasses away as he bent down. Body focused on the task, allowing his mind to wonder. A few people at the bar had overheard him talking on the phone to his ‘sweet boy’. They had gathered it was a pet name for his lover. A few of them had spotted Chè once. Seeing the two-acting close, it made sense. Porsche had done nothing to dispel the rumours.

Porsche had no knowledge if Kinn or Kim were still looking for them. Yet as each month passed, Porsche gained confidence in their ability to stay hidden. Paranoia would keep him up at night holding his son tight, fearful that his door would be broken down.

The nights passed without this happening. So maybe Porsche had overestimated his importance to Kinn. Bodyguards and fuck buddies, Kinn probably had plenty. Who was Porsche to stand out in a crowd of nameless faces. The illegal businessman must have already forgotten him.

Yes, please forget me so, I can forget you.

“One mint Julep coming up” Kitty called as she set about mixing the drink for a guest. Porsche had finished his task and was now turning to face the guest. When he saw in the reflection on the mirror of a face that haunted his dreams.

Kinn’s murderous face peered at him in the mirror. His brows drawn together and the rage burning in his eyes. Porsche couldn’t move, it was as if he was a rabbit caught in a snare. The omega’s heart stopped and his blood turned cold. He had no way to protect himself in the bar. He needed to flee.

Run! Get Chè and his son. Don’t look back.

Acting as if he was still calm, he told Kitty as quietly as possible he was taking his break. He spared a single glance at Kinn and then booked it to the back door. He heard Kinn react, shouting orders to his men. Shit, there were two of his goons. Porsche swung low and hit one in the stomach, the other he elbowed to the face. Both dropped.

Porsche kept moving, he didn’t care if Kinn thought him a coward. For once Porsche couldn’t fight his way out. He needed to think about his family. He needed to disappear and regroup again. Be safe, away from Kinn again.

His heart was racing and he was starting to sweat as he shoved his way through the dancers. He was so close, his fingertips just brushing against the metal knob. His freedom was so close.

“Ahhhhh!” He yelled.

Porsche had been grabbed from behind. An arm barricading his own at his side. His abductor was slightly taller and broader than Porsche. Porsche wouldn’t need to turn around to know who held him. He didn’t need his nose either. Those long nights pressed against that firm chest and those strong arms folding and holding him. Their lustful actions ingrained into Porsche’s mind.

Wherever Kinn was; there was a trail of gun smoke.

“Shh. There there, no need to scream Porsche. That’s right don’t cause a scene, we wouldn’t want someone to get hurt.” The devil whispered into his ear, there was that damn seductive tone. The door was opened by one of Kinn’s men as the group moved out the back door into the back alley. Funny how the pair were meeting there once again but instead of protecting Kinn, he was now his victim.

He would never be able to hold or say goodbye to his baby. At least he kept his promise not to leave Chè alone. His little brother would now be burdened with raising his child.

The bastard was moving them, his arms caging Porsche’s like a snake, slowly squeezing the life from him.

“Where the fuck are you taking me? Just kill me here you asshole.” Porsche was not going to give Kinn the satisfaction of seeing him cower. He might have been an omega surrounded by alphas but he was still a man.

“Why would I kill you, Porsche? Have you done something to deserve death—like running away from me?” Kinn chuckled, his head now sniffing Porsche’s hair. Porsche was becoming intoxicated on the other’s scent. Kinn’s lips were mouthing and sucking on his neck.

“Stop!” Porsche was struggling, moving his head and kicking his legs. Trying to dislodge the other man.

“Hold still” Kinn commanded, Porsche stilled at hearing the alpha’s command unable to move as Kinn’s men opened the car door.

He was placed on the leather seat, his wrists bound with his own belt. As soon as Kinn was seated Porsche was transferred on to his lap. Kinn’s large hand held one of Porsche, it traced patterns into the flesh as the car moved out of the alley.

  Porsche thought they might be headed to the complex but he didn’t know for certain. He couldn’t take that chance. Once he arrived at the second location he would be killed. He needed to find a way to escape. Kinn was still staring at him, his hand now petting his hair. Their scents filling the small back seat.

Porsche knew what he should do, Kinn’s eyes revealed that he hated Porsche but they also held desire. A desire Porsche could work with. Kinn had wanted him once, he could want him again.

Porsche turned to face kinn, his head tilted and in one sudden move he smashed his lips against Kinn’s and encircled his bound wrists around Kinn’s neck. His hands grasping the strands of the other’s hair, refusing to let the man move his head away from him.

Kinn didn’t try to move away like Porsche feared, he moved the man on top of him closer. Taking control of the kiss and forcing Porsche’s tongue out to play. Plundering Porsche’s warm cavern and Kinn’s hand was now in his hair. His one remaining hand was running along Porsche’s back, dangerously close to Porsche’s butt.

Porsche’s plan banked on the car stopping, he couldn’t let Kinn have him in the backseat. The doors were lock and he was outmanned. Time to step it up.

Porsche maneuvered his body so his legs didn’t rest sideways on the top of Kinn. Now he was straddling the mafia man. His head lowered to meet Kinn’s in another kiss. Their lips parted and their tongues sliding against the others. The sounds echoing in the small space. Porsche could feel Kinn start to harden, he was now gyrating his hips against his former boss, Kinn thrusting up to chase the heat. Porsche could feel his pants start to dampen.

The fire was burning in his veins and he could not tell if he was still doing this to escape or to revive a lost part of his past, the part where Kinn needed him. Who cared why he was doing this, Porsche wanted to be selfish and so he acted on that desire.

“Kinn, please I need you.” He whispered the words against Kinn’s ear, trying to be seductive. He had only uttered this phrase once and that had been when he was drugged. However, he knew Kinn was more likely to listen to Porsche if he thought he had the upper hand.

“And you will baby. Just one second and you can have everything.” Kinn mapped wet kisses on his neck and his hand felt its way into Porsche’s jeans. His other hand tugged at a nipple through Porsche’s shirt.

No, not in the car.

“Please Kinn, not here. I don’t want them to hear us.” Porsche decided to take advantage of Kinn’s possessiveness. Kinn wanted to be the only one Porsche screamed for.

“Greedy little thing, first you leave me then you make demands of me. What will I get out of this deal?”

Kinn was a businessman, he didn’t take risks unless the reward was worth it. If Kinn felt Porsche wasn’t worth it.

“I’ll make sure to put your pretty boys to shame. I’ll let you do whatever you want… but only if it’s in a hotel room.” Porsche hid his face in Kinn’s neck leaving his own mark, to show his willingness to entice.

“You think your worth a hotel room? Or are you trying to recreate our first time together? Why Porsche, I never knew you were such a romantic.” He finished with a chuckle and exposed more of his neck. Arrogant bastard, he had no fear of Porsche, he was just playing with him.

Fine let him believe whatever he wanted as long as the car stopped.

“Kinn!” Sadly, Porsche couldn’t conceal his frustrations at the other man.

Kinn laughed at him. He placed one hand in his hair and one on his lower back to support him as he leaned forward. Porsche was shifted downwards and it was a startling experience. Kinn rapped on the glass screen, it slides down.

“Stop at the next hotel.” The glass glides up and the car speeds to its new destination. 

Porsche took some deep breaths to calm down his heartrate and to plan his next attack. If he could exhaust Kinn, then he could leave undetected. Kinn would have guards but not outside the room; confident in his ability to protect the space and the ones within.

That is where he would start and by the morning he could be hidden away again. He would also need to look for a new job.

He sighed as Kinn bridal carried him from the car.

“If I remove the belt, you have to play nice.” Kinn stroked Porsche’s hands as he spoke. Porsche’s face contorted in displeasure.

“And if I don’t?”

“I beat you with it whether we’re inside the room or back in the car.” There was no hesitation in his answer, Kinn would do as he said and more if Porsche didn’t do what he wanted.

Porsche nodded and held out his wrists.

Kinn removed the belt and fastened it around its owner’s waist. He then clutched Porsche’s left hand and walked into the expensive hotel. Of course, nothing less for the young master.

Kinn and Porsche stood at the desk as the staff tripped over themselves to meet Kinn’s ultimatums. Best suite in the resort and room service yesterday.

Kinn was given what he demanded and the pair left for the room. Porsche choosing to distance himself in the elevator, higher and higher the metal box went up.

More stairs for Porsche to sneak down.

The room was huge, far too large for two people. The plush furniture was spread through the suite and Porsche knew he was going to be taken on each sofa. The bed was in the center of the room, big enough for a group orgy, the bedding was a lush crimson.  There were two doors beside the front door, one led to the bathroom (it would be just as extravagant as the other room) and one to the private pool. There were no walls for Porsche to hide behind. The room exposed. It was both a blessing and a curse; Porsche was happy not to be Kinn’s bodyguard in this moment as he would have had nothing to shield him with if there had been a gun fight.

On the dining table was a bottle of wine, no doubt worth more than Porsche’s paycheck. Kinn opened the bottle after locking the door. Pouring two glasses he offered one to his ex-employee.

Porsche drank rapidly and deeply. Kinn laughed when he almost drained the glass.

“Wine is to be enjoyed not downed like a cheap shot.” He shook his head in good humour. He was always laughing at Porsche.

“Shut up” Porsche mumbled but took a slow sip of his wine. It was sweet not bitter like he expected. It must have been a fruit wine.

“Are you sure you want to talk to me like that?” Kinn challenged.

“How did you expect me to talk to you? Want me to kiss your ass?” Porsche was not going to back down. This was not his boss and he owned him nothing.

Kinn sighed as if Porsche was a misbehaving child. The well-dressed man moved closer to the bartender and opened a few buttons of his shirt. Tugging so hard they nearly popped off.

The fire had reignited in Kinn’s eyes and in Porsche’s blood. The two acting on straight lust, mouths molded against another, both battling to be victor in their fight. Spit was dripping from Porsche’s lips as Kinn boosted Porsche up, his legs wrapping around the other as he was slammed down onto a sofa. Hands roamed and discovered the other’s body. Mapping out once forgotten planes. Kinn had remembered Porsche’s neck was his weakness and refused to take his mouth off of it once Porsche started moaning; he was hard and wet, desperately needing to be fucked and Kinn wanted to leave hickeys. Priorities did Kinn not have them.

There was a knock on the door, forcing the lovers apart. Kinn stomped to the door throwing it open to reveal their meal and the delivery boy. The young man timidly walked into the room and set the table, a quick glance at Porsche who was still sprawled on the sofa but when Kinn growled at him. The youth bolted from the room.

Porsche readied his clothes and sat at the table. Kinn using his lighter to set the candles ablaze.

Kinn might have been joking but this was by far the most romantic experience Porsche had.

Why was Kinn doing this? What was his end game?

The men ate in comfortable silence, the food melted in Porsche’s mouth. He had missed this, Kinn treating him to dinner. The action done out of necessity not out of kindness.

They left the empty plates on the table, the wine forgotten as they moved back to their sofa.

Had it been a scene in a movie there would be soft music and the lights would be dim. There would be no talking just soul searching as they gazed into each others eye. Maybe a gentle kiss that could lead to more.

It was not a movie, nothing about how their lips met was gentle or soft. Teeth knocked against teeth, tongues waged war and took no prisoners. Clothes were being ripped as they fought to be on top of the other. The roomed smelled of their combined heat and desire.

A lamp smashed on the ground as Porsche tried to flip Kinn under him.

In a daze he found himself staring up as Kinn, his shirt torn open to expose his fluctuating chest raising and falling. The skin made pink with want. Kinn had a hold on both of Porsche’s wrists as he moved farther down his partner. Mapping and marking his favourite parts. Porsche responded with moans and cries of pain as Kinn bit at his pecks. The bitemarks would take ages to fade and Porsche would be unable to wear his shirts open with the evidence Kinn left behind.

Porsche closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations, when something warm surrounded one of his nipples. A warm mouth disturbed Porsche from his peace. The suction was a perfect mixture of pain and pleasure. Porsche remembered Kinn liked to do this to him in the past and back then he was fine with it. Except for now, Porsche had a baby. A baby who had breastfed longer than a year because it was cheaper than buying food. When Porsche had first started working at the bar, he was still regularly lactating and his boss knew this. As Porsche had once leaked through his shirt trying to calm down a crying girl who had just been dumped. He was sent home early that night and the rumours of the ‘sweet boy’ soon followed.

Kinn removed his mouth and switched to the next bud, bringing his hand to the rejected nipple to further torment it.

Porsche didn’t know if he could still produce milk and to be honest, now was not the time to find out. So, he played to Kinn’s ego.

 “Kinn stop messing around, I told you I would show you a good time tonight.”

“Maybe I just want a warm up, see if anyone else has touched you? I like what we’re doing now.” He moved closer, his open shirt brushed against Porsche’s front and the two joined for another kiss.

Porsche backed away from the kiss to whisper.

“Let me suck you…I miss your taste.”

Kinn’s whole demeanor changed. He was no longer relaxed; his body now tense as he evaluated Porsche before he smiled. A hand brushed the sweaty bangs out of Porsche’s eyes as he made Porsche stand up.

Porsche knew what position Kinn would make him take. Force him to his knees and make him choke on his cock. It was what they had done in the past and how he had taken his previous lovers.

That was not what Porsche was made to do, Kinn removed their pants and boxers, tossing the garments onto the floor. Kinn sat first on the sofa, okay that’s normal but then Porsche was told to get on top of him. They were in position to 69.

That wasn’t something Kinn had done to him before. Sure, the man had put his mouth on him but not when Porsche was above him.

Porsche rested his weight on his arms as he smelled Kinn’s musky scent and saw the familiar dick in front of his face. Kinn put his hand on the back of Porsche’s head, a signal to begin.

As he moved lower to meet the engorged organ, he felt Kinn’s large hands pull Porsche’s legs apart wider. His ex-boss starting to suck on his cock.

Porsche let loose a low moan and went to deep throat the cock before him. He knew the taste and texture of the organ. Bobbing his head and hollowing his cheeks as Kinn liked it. He was trying to focus on his own task but as usual Kinn was being a distraction. The two were egging the other on as they used their tricks to make the other cum first. A rising crescendo of moans and groans reverberated around the room. Porsche could taste the salty pre-cum as he forced his nose to touch Kinn’s pubic hair on each thrust but his own orgasm was building and unlike his former partner. Porsche had not had time in the last year to be by himself for longer than it took to piss, let alone try to touch himself.

One particular tongue swiping at the head of his cock and Porsche had lost. His seed filled Kinn’s mouth. And then Kinn pressed Porsche’s head down and released into his mouth, refusing to let him go until he swallowed.

As soon as he did, Porsche got off Kinn, he was going to wash his mouth when the other man grabbed him and they kissed, they shared their combined tastes and reminded Porsche he needed to be stuffed as his pussy gapped around nothing. The slick sliding down his legs and announcing his desire.

Kinn had an indulgent look on his features as he moved the two to the bed. He retrieved his wallet from the floor and brought the condoms with him.

Porsche denied the hurt that was forming within his heart at the thought that Kinn hadn’t been looking for him at the bar but someone to hook-up with. He had just found Porsche by accident.

His Fucking Luck.

Kinn had Porsche rest against the pillows as he spread his legs, making the limbs lay on his shoulders. Kinn made a move as if to go back to Porsche’s chest when he was stopped by the fighter pushing him down towards his heated core.

His dick might have been limp, resting on his stomach but his lower half needed its own release and he needed it now.

Kinn licked at the slick on his legs before the familiar pain of forming hickeys reached Porsche’s brain.

“Can you get on with it?” He grunted; Porsche didn’t want to waste time he needed Kinn now.

“I’m enjoying myself; you taste amazing and you sound so sweet.”

With those words he buried his tongue in Porsche’s cunt. The sudden sensation caused him to jerk and shout. No doubt what Kinn had been aiming for.

Kinn licked inside Porsche tasting every past of his soft pink walls, his thumb rubbed against Porsche’s clit but it was all a tease. He whimpered and whined but Kinn did not speed up nor add his fingers. The other man was enjoying his torture of his ex-employee.

“Please… Kinn…I’ll do anything… just do something” Porsche begged as he was once again unable to reach his high. Kinn’s face was covered in his slick when he left Porsche’s hole to stare at him.

Satisfied with his work he plunged a finger in and hit Porsche’s spot; making the boy see stars. Porsche was losing himself to Kinn’s fingers and he could feel Kinn’s breath against his ear but he couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Soon one finger became two and two became three.

Porsche was fucking himself back on the digits, chasing his own high. Then Kinn whispered in his ear.

“Be a good boy for me and cum.”

Porsche like a fresh face youth released on the spot, soaking the bed and Kinn as he had his first orgasm in what felt like forever.

He was still riding the waves of bliss when he heard the wrapper rip and Kinn rolled it onto himself as he moved Porsche’s leg higher up on his waist.

The man couldn’t even catch his breath before Kinn was inside of him, rapidly thrusting into his welcoming warmth. The sounds of skin and slick and fast breathing were all one needed to know both were enjoying their reunion.

Porsche hesitantly placed his hands on Kinn’s biceps and started to meet his thrusts. More kisses were exchanged but whenever Kinn attempted to put his hand or mouth on Porsche’s chest; he was met with rejection and the offending body part would be moved to another spot.

Porsche’s cries were getting higher and Kinn’s thrusting was losing its pace. The two shared a look before they both submitted to their natural urges. Kinn filling the condom and Porsche coating Kinn’s thighs.

The mafia boss pulled out and tied the condom, putting in the waste bin, he then drew Porsche close to him. The fugitive rested his head on Kinn’s rising muscular chest. His ear on top of Kinn’s heart. He closed his eyes as he heard Kinn begin to purr, unknowingly answering with his own purr.

Kinn nosed his hair.

When the two awake next, the heat was back and Kinn had another condom with him.

The ordeal continued as such until the last round. Porsche had been on top riding Kinn’s dick for all his worth. His leg muscles crying out in pain but he refused to stop. He knew this would be his last time in Kinn’s bed and he wouldn’t allow himself to live with regrets.

The whole night Porsche had not once said no to Kinn, anything he wanted Porsche did.

Kinn could make Porsche experience things he had not felt before but in the past, he had been refused due to Porsche’s pride. Now he had no pride, only a deep need to have the man once again.

Kinn looked up at Porsche with emotion he couldn’t explain. He didn’t want to know what Kinn had been thinking. If he had missed Porsche or if the omega was just another hole to him. He was rubbing and tightening against the other when Kinn asked him a question. Throwing him off his rhythm.

“What about your boy? The one you would race home to?” Kinn’s tone inquisitive but his eyes were ice cold. Like when he was about to kill someone, he had the same eyes.

“W-w-what boy?” Porsche stuttered.

“Your lover, judging by how you’re moaning for me. He can’t be very good.” The cocky smirk made itself at home on Kinn’s face.

His hands now holding Porsche’s hips as he raised his to thrust into Porsche. Forcing him down onto his dick.

Porsche could say no more as the pressure built and shattered his world. He dropped forward, his head now on Kinn’s shoulder as he felt a warmth spread inside him. He was too tired to care and fell into a deep sleep.

When Porsche next woke, Kinn was sleeping his arm around Porsche’s shoulder holding him tight. He carefully removed the hold and went to the bathroom; it was as posh as the rest of the suite.

He grabbed a hand towel not knowing how long he had till Kinn woke up and he washed his lower holes. There was Kinn’s seed leaking from his abused pussy and left-over lube on his asshole but he made quick work and left the small room in search of his clothes.

He had found everything but his underwear. Settling on stealing Kinn’s; he did one quick sweep of the room and quietly shut the door. Making his way to the stairs. He left the hotel, heading home.


Kinn was laying in the crimson bed, casually smoking his cigarette as his men relayed Porsche’s current home address. The omega had safely left the hotel unaware he was being followed.  Porsche had attempted to make himself unable to be tracked but his men had relocated him two blocks from his new home.

Kinn was just having a breather before he would head over there and reclaim his omega. His personal bodyguard.

Kinn would have to kill Porsche’s current lover, no other option was acceptable. From Porsche’s actions the night before, the man couldn’t have touched him often. But he was curious why Porsche would not let him touch his chest. He would ask him later, after he had cleaned brain matter off his gun.

Kim would be pleased when Chè was returned home. Yes, the two brothers would finally be coming home.

Kinn blew the smoke into the air, his hand now holding a pair of tattered boxers, he had retrieved them from under his pillow. Porsche had taken his, it was only fair he had something of his as well.

Kinn reflected on his mood when he first seen Porsche, he was delighted to have the other back in his sight but upon hearing of the ‘sweet boy’ of Porsche’s. He was filled with rage. He knew the nickname hadn’t been Chè’s as Porsche had never referred to him as such in the past.

He couldn’t stand the thought of Porsche taking another male lover after he had abandoned Kinn. Only Kinn could touch him and hear him scream.

The fear in the other’s eyes when he had spotted him, had surprised him. Porsche had never been afraid of him before, what had his naughty boy been up to?

Having Porsche back in his arms and on his lap had placated him for a short while. He watched Porsche to see what he would do.

He smirked thinking about the surprise kiss. Licking his lips, he took another drag of his cigarette.

Porsche’s request for sex had been unexpected but very much enjoyed. Kinn had been joking about Porsche not being worth a hotel room. Kinn would buy castles if only for an hour of Porsche’s time. This route had not been happenstance, Kinn had planned to stop there if Porsche couldn’t be handled in the car. However, hearing him beg for a room, caused Kinn to re-evaluate his original plan.

Why not redo their first time. He had won Porsche once maybe he could be won again.

Having the other under him had reawakened his lust for his omega, the videos of their past encounters would not be able to quench his thirst for Porsche anymore.

One little secret he had never mentioned to Porsche was that he had cameras in his apartment, few saw the footage and when the pair were intimate then no one saw the feed. That private view was for Kinn’s personal records.

Finishing his cigarette Kinn had a slight hop in his step, someone would die and then he could take his lover home. It was going to be a great day.


Chè was at work. Porsche had texted him as soon as he had grabbed his needed items to shop. Tonight, they needed to disappear, leave the country not just move to a different part of the city. Kinn’s city.

He had left his baby in the care of his landlady. Thinking if Kinn’s men got him on the street at least his child would be safe. No one knew if Chè was still with him. He moved from store to store but no one was following him. It had been a few hours since Porsche had left the hotel room, was Kinn not up yet?

Or worse did he view their night together as Porsche repaying his debt. Did Kinn view him as a whore, using his body to pay for their transaction. 

His hands quivered slightly as he fumbled for the locked door. Opening it and moving to call for his landlady but at the last moment he remembered it was his son’s naptime.

No one would want to deal with that diva who hadn’t gotten all of their beauty sleep. Definitely Kinn’s kid.

Setting the bags down he moved to the kitchen and saw his nightmare in the daylight.

Kinn was using one of the kitchen chairs as his throne, a gun with a silencer cocked in his hands.

The poor woman who owned the house was gagged and crying with two bodyguards around her. Her weeping orbs begging Porsche for help when she saw him.

Porsche tensed, did Kinn check the house? Did he see his son?

“Hello Porsche won’t you sit down?” Kinn used his foot to kick a chair out for Porsche to sit in. The chair next to Kinn.

Porsche sat and glared at Kinn. Kinn made a show of looking around.

“Nice place, better than your old home.” He traced his fingertips on Porsche’s arm. “But I can’t say it’s better than my home.”

“Why are you here?” Porsche demanded; he wouldn’t play Kinn’s mind game.

“To get you, you left before me this morning. That wasn’t very kind Porsche.” Kinn’s scent was turning bitter a sign he was getting frustrated at Porsche’s attitude.

Tough, he wasn’t Kinn’s plaything and he wouldn’t act like one.

“Kinn-” Porsche began when he was cut off.

“Where is he?” Now Kinn was the one demanding.

“Who?” Porsche hoped he meant Chè and not his son.

“Your lover! Where is he?”

Lover? What lover could Porsche have and then to suggest a male lover. Ha Porsche had only been with Kinn. What other male was there? Vegas? Ridiculous.

Porsche started to laugh not little chuckles but full-blown laughter, it left him breathless. A clear sign of his madness or his lack of a will to live.

Kinn never took being the bud of a joke well.


Kinn shot a vase that was stored on the counter.

Porsche stopped laughing. So Kinn would kill him for some mystery lover. What a fucking joke; the one he loved would be his murderer.

“Porsche, I’m only going to ask you once more. Where is HE?” Kinn’s tone had started off controlled but on the last word he had stressed the he. Kinn was not hiding his displeasure and hatred for this fictitious figure.

Kinn had gripped Porsche’s chin, his past lover would not allow him to look away.

“I don’t have anyone. I haven’t been with anyone. Kinn-”


Another shot rang out, this one just a millimetre from his landlady’s head. Her sobbing took on a new life and an increase in sound. Even Kinn’s bodyguards were spooked by his action.



A loud cry erupted from the back bedroom; the noise had awoken his sleeping son. The one person he had tried to hide. Had announced their own presence, maybe that was what he got from Porsche, the delusion of being the strongest in a fight.

Kinn turned to face the noise, confusion visible as if he had not heard a baby cry before.

“Pete check it out.” Kinn ordered, his gripped still locked on Porsche’s chin. Porsche could not see what would become of his baby.

Would Pete lie for him? The two might be considered friends all those years ago but now?

The seconds ticked by and no sound was heard. Porsche closed his eyes, sick with worry he would hear a gun shot.

What reached his ears was the sound of a baby’s giggles. Kinn dropped his hand in surprise.

Porsche jerked his head to face his son. In the tight hold of Pete was his smiling boy who had tried to grab the stranger’s face but seeing his daddy had broken out into a fit of giggles. Now wiggling to his parent to be held and cooed at.

Porsche’s shoulders were held down by two of Kinn’s men as the boss stretched his arms out to Pete’s new friend.

“Kinn no! Don’t touch him!” Porsche belted at the father of his child. He struggled to get free.

Kinn was searching for something as he placed his hands under the little boy’s armpits. Appraising him. He continued to evaluate him until he was satisfied. The little boy was unhappy with the new stranger holding him and his little mouth formed into a pout.

“He has my mother’s eyes… and your mouth.” Kinn rested the child’s small body on his chest. His gun stored in his belt holder.

“Kinn please… don’t hurt him.” Porsche did the one thing he had promised himself NEVER to do.

He cried.

He cried in front of Kinn.

“Why did you leave? Did you not think he was mine? Was that it.” Kinn was getting upset again the scent now overpowering the small house. Porsche’s son was beginning to fuss at the raised noise and scent.

Porsche was equally pissed. His own scent and voice escalated.

“Who the fuck else would it have been! You’re the only idiot I slept with!” Porsche admitted to the room. Screw being delicate or hiding the truth. Let Kinn make of it what he would.

Kinn looked deep into his face, searching for answers to his questions.

“Why did you not tell me? I could have helped.”

“Yeah, helped me get rid of him.” Porsche muttered his focus on his son who was making a motion of wanting to be held by his primary parent. Porsche tried to move his hands towards him but was stopped.

“Who said I would have made you get rid of him?” Hurt and anger littered his tone.

“Because that’s what you do Kinn, you hurt people- you hurt me.” Porsche closed his eyelids. He didn’t need Kinn’s false ideas. He knew his ex-partner and what his actions would have been.

“You’re such a dumbass!” Kinn forcefully made Porsche look at him before he kissed him on the lips. Hard and fast. Porsche still had his mouth slightly open when they parted.

“You are my omega. Of course, I would want you to have my child.” A smug look formed as he recalled what Porsche had said.

“I’ll be the only alpha you’re with, now let’s go.”

Kinn had Porsche on his feet as he narrated to his men to pack their belongings. Porsche hadn’t wanted to leave if Chè wasn’t with him.

However, Kinn had told him Kim had already been on his way to collect him. The phone call Porsche had made, was tracked. Revealing his little brother’s location. Porsche punched Kinn in the arm which wasn’t holding his son.

The small family sat in the back seat of one of Kinn’s cars. Enjoying their first family time.

“What’s his name?” Kinn asked.

“Kon, his name is Kon.” Kinn kissed Porsche and their son’s forehead.








Chapter Text

“Kim just wait a second, I have to drop off my bag and change then I can go.” Chè said as he climbed out of the sportscar and went to his family’s apartment.

Kim had been kind enough to invite Chè out to one of his clubs. Chè was still too young to legally do this but both boys promised not to tell either of their older brothers. For various reasons, Chè was enjoying spending time with his new friend—his special friend.

Sure, he was man enough to say he liked the other. Not for his flashy lifestyle or his supposed ‘coolness’. Kim was very considerate of Chè, had been since the two met.

Chè was upset his brother was hurting and without Kinn’s intervention, Chè would have been none the wiser. Why did Porsche feel like he needed to do everything on his own? Chè was a grown up not a useless child he had once been. He could help.

Porsche said Chè helped by focusing on school and helping around the house. Chè knew that wasn’t enough; bills were an unending mountain which grew with every one of Uncle’s visits.

Porsche was forced to make tough decisions when the two were young and Chè’s brother had given up on himself. Dropping from university and losing his promising future so Chè could have a roof over his head.

Chè didn’t know how to pay his brother back for his sacrifices but one day he would.

Omegas and brothers looked out for each other.

Chè had been crying in his brother’s boss’ family’s kitchen when someone had walked in and went to the fridge.

Chè wiped at his eyes as he tried to stop his snuffling. His face was probably swollen and ugly but he could still try not to embarrass himself in front of all of Porsche’s alpha and beta co-workers.

Omegas always had to work harder for respect, Chè had noticed.

The young man wasn’t dressed like the others in the signature black outfits. This older boy was dressed in designer labels and oddly light blue shades.

Why wear sunglasses inside? Rich people.

The boy must live here with how comfortably he was moving around the room. Grabbing a glass of juice and a plate of sweets.

He stood by the counter not moving to where Chè was seated at the table.

‘Maybe I’m in his seat.” Chè thought as he started to get up from his spot. Only the other boy slammed the plate down in front of Chè and set the glass down as well.

Chè looked up at him in confusion.

“You shouldn’t be crying on an empty stomach.” The alpha looked away, if Chè squinted, he was pretty sure the guy had been blushing but maybe it was just the light.

The alpha had watched him eat the whole plate of sweets and drink the juice before he could leave the table. Kim as he had introduced himself was going to escort Chè to one of his spare rooms to sleep in. When they had be interrupted by Aim, who said Porsche was awake.

Chè had left without so much as a backwards glance. His brother was always more important than anyone else.

The two omegas had spent the night cuddled close like they had when their parents were still alive. Taking comfort in each others scent.

Porsche had not been home often since he had started this job and Chè now had to hide his hurt.

A few days later when he was about to leave campus, he had seen a group of beta and omega girls surrounding a car.

Chè was going to walk to the other street when someone called out his name.

He looked and saw Kim pacing towards him, the girls parting like a sea for him. The alpha grabbed his bag and slung it around his own shoulder.

“I’m picking you up.” Kim told him; moving him towards his car.

“Is Porsche hurt?” Chè asked his worry growing, why else would the new boy help him.

“No! no, he isn’t. Kinn said he would take care of him. I wanted to have dinner with you.”

“Oh, are all your other friends busy?” Chè inquired.

“Nope, just thought I’d prefer your company over theirs.” And with that the couple drove off.

Chè hadn’t wanted to enter the expensive restaurant knowing they could smell the poor on him. Plus, Chè didn’t have enough to cover his half if they ate here.

Porsche had said not to let an alpha trap you in debt, regardless of how small, they would take advantage.

He once again would listen to Porsche.

Kim just strolled in, the hostess trailing after him. They had a private dinner together. The food was delicious and Kim had listened when Chè talked.

Not polite listening or pretending to hear his words. No Kim heard him and actively asked for his opinions on different topics. The other alphas Chè had gone out with hadn’t done this simple task.

When the bill arrived, Chè reached for his wallet, Kim placed his hand on Chè’s; saying Chè could buy the next time they were out.

Kim offered him freedom and choice. Two things he had lacked. Both due to funds but also his situation. Porsche was extremely overly protective and to be fair, he should be. Chè saw how omegas were taken advantage of but Chè was smart. He should be able to look out for himself and make his own life choices.

Maybe that’s why Chè had agreed to go clubbing with Kim. Getting to drink and dance with the alpha. Have Kim place his hands on him and feel his breath on him.

He just hoped he hadn’t misunderstood the invitation. Maybe Kim treated his friends like he treated Chè or worse Chè was there in case some random girl got clingy. Chè had seen him do this a few times when the two were out together.

A girl would arrive and start a shouting match and Kim would turn to Chè and say he was on a date with someone else. Chè knew they weren’t dates but the girls didn’t.

Even if this was just another night out as friends, Chè vowed to have fun. Although having to get use to all the bodyguards was definitely different. At least once they were in Kim’s room, they were alone.

He opened the front door and placed his bag on the sofa as he went to his room when he heard a crash in the bathroom.

No one should be here other than himself. Chè had his phone at the ready as he called out for Porsche. He received no answer but he still fiddled with the locked doorknob but decided to bust it open.

What greeted him was a sight he thought he would never see. Porsche on his knees surrounded by broken glass. Chè rushed to him only to get scolded about stepping on glass.

Sign could big brothers not take time off from nagging. Priorities did Porsche not have them?

Chè perceived the small white plastic and gently picked it up. This was like being in an alternate world, how could they have found themselves in this situation.

Porsche wasn’t even close to any men- wait no that was a lie. He spent hours with one man.

Chè looked the test was positive.

“Porsche, what happened? Are you-” but it still couldn’t be true.

“Porsche?” Chè asked but he saw in his brother’s body, the defeat and fear. It was true.

No more words were needed as Chè got to his knees and cried with his brother, holding him tight. Porsche had been his pillar of support now Chè had to lend his strength.

Chè did what Porsche had done for him when their parents had passed, stroking his hair and acted like he could handle the situation, pretend they weren’t completely helpless.

The two sat until they had no more tears to cry. Chè didn’t know what to do.

The front door opened; did he forget to lock it?

“Chè did you get your stuff? I’ve been waiting in the car.” Kim, the man he might not have known for long but someone Chè knew he could turn to.

“Yeah, Kim I think I might need to cancel. My tummy hurts and I think I might be getting the flu.” Chè called; his voice concealed the nerves on his face.

The sounds of footsteps flooded the tiny space as Kim came closer. Chè flew to rest his back against the door so Kim couldn’t open it. Once again, the door handle rattled. Kim couldn’t see what Porsche was going through. If he did Kinn would know. Kim loved to gossip and Chè couldn’t trust him with this.

“Chè, do you want me to help? I can look after you, do you want anything?” Kim’s voice showed how he cared for Chè. He was once again looking out for him but Porsche came first.

“Kim, I think I need a little rest. Can I talk to you later tonight or tomorrow morning?”

“Sure, Sweetie call me if you need anything or if you just want company. Actually, how about I drive you home and you can stay in my room.” Kim jangled the knob.

Sweetie, he rarely called him pet names. This was what made it hurt more, knowing Chè was lying to someone who only helped him.

Kim left even giving him money, it was such a Kim thing to do. Provide help from the background while seeming unbothered by what was happening in the foreground.

Chè hadn’t needed to ask but Porsche had. The baby would stay with them. God Chè was going to be an uncle. But how to get them away safely?

Their savings would last a short time and children were costly; they would need money.

Money like Kinn’s and Kim’s.

Chè grabbed his phone and told his brother what to do. Chè needed to lie to someone to help his brother and even though all parties would be wounded it was what needed to be done.

Chè would pay his brother back and someday he would pay Kim back too. But for now, he had to break himself apart to aid his brother. The future he thought had been before him was lost. He only had this one left.

“Kim, I need you.” He said as soon as Kim answered his phone.

The youngest mafia brother was standing in his kitchen as he lied about why he needed the money. Saying his uncle was in deep with some other loan sharks and he hadn’t wanted to tell Porsche.

Kim had responded how he knew he would. He was there in an instance with the money.

The tears were not fake as he spoke, Kim simply did not know his true reason for crying.

“Hey, hey baby don’t cry.” Kim soothed rubbing Chè’s back as he reassured him. If anything, it made Chè cry harder. Why was he lying to his crush, should he speak up and reveal the deception?  

“I’m sorry Kim but…” Chè couldn’t not to Porsche, not to the little life within his brother. Chè knew what happened to those who stood in the mafia brothers’ way.

Chè was a coward.

“Don’t worry, I won’t miss it. Call if you need more or want some knee caps broken.” He laughed as if violence was something to giggle about.

“Is this why you cancelled?”

“Yes, I just didn’t know what to do. I’ll pay you back, promise.” Chè swore, he would, one day.

“Don’t worry, think of it as a down payment.”

Chè was confused, tilting his head in question.

“For your time, now you have to hangout with me whenever I ask.” Kim finished with a wink.

He was making his way to the door when Chè stopped him. Placing his hand on the others arm.

Chè stood on his tip-toes and pecked the man on the lips. Kim’s eyes widened behind his shades.

“Will that stop you from adding interest?” Chè was flushed as he bartered.

“Fuck, no. If I get your kisses, I’m adding 1000% everyday.” Kim was pleased as he pecked Chè on the lips and left. The two had made plans to meet in three days.

Chè collapsed onto the couch and counted the money. The bags ready for their departure. He casually burned the pregnancy box with one of Porsche’s cigarettes, not like he could use them now anyway.

Counting took his mind off what he had done and what needed to be done. They would need to find a place to live then they would find work. What was Chè good at?

Porsche returned and they left out into the world of darkness. Leaving the two beams of light that had once occupied their hearts.

Chè thanked every good deed and divine being that they had met their landlady within their first night as runaways.

The woman had been out for a stroll when she spotted the two sharing a take away and brainstorming what to do.

She overheard them talking when Porsche said Chè’s safety was his number one priority and if his little brother needed, he could go back to his friends. Chè refused to even entertain the idea. Neither had paid the woman who had stopped to observe them much attention.

When Chè had he smiled politely at her worried expression, he fretted she would ask the two to leave; his brother prepared for a fight as she stepped closer.

It would be amusing to watch this petite woman challenge his taller older brother.

“Excuse me. I overheard you two and I think I might be able to help.”

Chè opened his mouth to reassure her they would be okay when Porsche cut in.

“We’re not interested in working in a brothel and we ain’t selling shit. Move on!”

Porsche was blunt often to the point of rudeness.

“I-I didn’t mean it like that. I rent parts of my house and thought you might need a safe place to sleep. At least for tonight.” She finished in a rush. Not completely offended with Porsche’s original guess on how she would help them.

“Why us? How do you know you can trust us?” Chè queried.

“I thought I should help an omega in destitution and having an alpha around would make the place safer.” She reasoned; the brothers shared a look.

“I’m an omega.” Porsche declared and set a hand on his lower belly. “I’m pregnant too.”

The woman looked shocked at the revelation before she nodded.

“The invitation is still open.”

They thought about it before agreeing.

And like that the boys had a place to stay in a neighbourhood safer than their original home. It wasn’t ostentatious nor crime ridden. Their previous partners would not look for them here.

Within the first few days Porsche would find a job as a bartender and spent his nights out. Chè was also looking for work but due to his lack of experience it was taking longer.

Chè and the landlady were sharing a pot of tea when Chè asked for her real reason to take them in.

“You both were running from someone. That much was clear and I’m guessing your hiding from your brother’s mate.” She sipped her tea.

“If we were hiding why involve yourself? You might get hurt.”

“I know those haunted looks and no one would help. I thought I could break the cycle.”

She turned her head to an old withered photograph of two girls. One in their late teens and the other girl was still a child.

Her sister” Chè reckoned.

The rest of the night was spent in silence.

Chè would be readying lunch a week short of a month of their disappearance when someone would ring their doorbell. Normally Chè wouldn’t have answered but his brother had gone for his vitamins and other medicine necessities. Porsche must have his hands full and can’t get his keys.

“Little brother to the rescue.”  Chè giggled to himself as he unlocked the door

“I told you I should go with you-” Chè stopped when the one he was talking to was not his brother but instead it was Kim’s eldest brother and a few of his bodyguards.

Chè only had a second to think about closing the door when Khun spoke.

“Hey little Porsche, I thought we could talk.” And with that he barreled his way inside dragging Chè with him. The door was shut by one of Khun’s men.

Khun left him in one of the kitchen chairs as he glanced around the house.

“This place looks nice; our home is better but you certainly could have done worse.” The supposed madman was smiling like a gremlin.

Khun and Chè saw the same photo on the fridge. Khun got to it first.

On the fridge was a black and white sonogram, the one from Porsche’s last appointment. Chè had been the one to place it there saying their new family member should be given a place of importance.

Chè wanted to shoot himself, Kim had vented on how dramatic his oldest sibling was and how his moods changed rapidly from violent to cheerful.

It would change to violent when he realized what the photo was. Chè held his breath and waited for the inevitable.

Khun held the photo in his hand and just stared at it then at Chè.

“Well, I’m guessing based on your size you’re not the one pregnant so that leaves Porsche.” Khun handed the sonogram to his head bodyguard.

“Does this one seem a little small to you? I think I’ve done my math right and he should be bigger. Kinn and Kim were.” The first heir to the mafia was waiting for his guard to answer.

“No master Khun, they look fine to me, size does vary so…” The man in black gave the picture to Chè.

“Well, that’s true. How exciting Kinn’s going to be a dad and I’m going to have another person to watch dramas with.” Khun clapped his hands in joy.


Okay this was not playing out how Chè imagined it would. One of the brothers would show up, make demands and finish this off with death.

Shouldn’t that be what Khun did?

“Aren’t you mad?” Chè couldn’t help himself, he had to know.

“No if my little brothers can’t keep their mates, why should I be concerned?” He sighed “I would have liked Porsche to tell me before he left, now I have less time to shop.”

“Oh well the baby isn’t due for a few more months…”

Khun signaled for his men to get ready to leave.

“Tell me when the baby arrives and if you do, I won’t tell either of them where you are hiding.”

He snatched the picture from Chè’s hands.

“I’ll take this as insurance.”

Then just like he arrived, he left in the same breath. No trace of the alpha and his lackies presence.

The hell just happened here?

Chè did not tell Porsche about the uninvited guests nor what really happened to the lost sonogram.

Sometimes Chè would wake to his brother throwing up in the bathroom, other times he would curse Kinn and all his ancestors. Whatever made Porsche happy in the moment.

Chè had started working as a nanny as his brother’s due date arrived and Porsche now couldn’t work.

He worried about leaving his brother home alone all day, when he received a panic call from his landlady, he had practically teleported home.

The sight that greeted him was out of a horror movie. The tub was lined with blood and embryotic fluid. Porsche himself look like a disgusting mess but the gross red thing in his arms appeared worse.

It was his little nephew as they discovered once the newborn was bathed.

He got a little cuter but still looked like a little alien.

Chè couldn’t stop cooing at him.

Months after his nephew was born, Chè still thought he would wake and this would all be some strange dream he could tell Kim.

Chè didn’t want to think about the alpha because when he did his heart ached from his act of betrayal and he knew Kim wouldn’t forgive him. Chè didn’t want to be forgiven.


In Chè’s weakest moment he daydreamed about his romantic relationship with Kim. Knowing that the other man hadn’t viewed him as potential mate material.

Who would? He was shy and silly, not someone who could proudly stand beside Kim.

No, he wasn’t worthy of the alpha, regardless of what he felt during his heats, the alpha wouldn’t look at him like that.

Porsche was right nothing good came from alphas.

Well maybe he was slightly wrong.

Kon came from Kinn and he was perfect, so maybe once in a great while. Alphas could do something right.

One-night Chè had been out walking with Kon and he heard Kim’s voice. He froze for a second before he moved closer to it. Longing to see his past friend.

Chè was confident Kim wouldn’t recognize him; his new blond hair made him a new person.

Also, he had a baby on his hip, so the likely hood of Kim paying him any attention was low.

Chè saw Kim beating a man, the unknown man lay on the ground whimpering as a foot stomped on him. Kim was shouting at him. This version of Kim terrified Chè.

A hand landed on Chè’s shoulder. Startling him from the sight. He jumped and spun to face his attacker.

The man looked to be one of Kim’s bodyguards but Chè couldn’t place his face.

“Hey kid, you don’t want to be here to see this. Run off home to your mate. Boss isn’t in a good mood.” The man appeared to sympathise with Chè, not wanting him to be hurt. He must have thought him a random omega out with his baby.

“Thanks.” Chè muttered and changed his course. Kim gone from his sights once again as he left the area.

Was this why Porsche refused to tell Kinn? What would have happened if Kim saw him? Would he end up like the man?

These questions were not going to get any answers.

Chè had taken his charges to the park when he received Porsche’s text about Kinn knowing where he worked. Chè had been frightened when Porsche had not returned home last night and now, he knew why.

Kinn was back and they needed to move. Gathering the children Chè went to his employer’s house.

He quit on the spot and despite his boss asking him why. Chè didn’t say anything as he grabbed his bag, rushing from the house.

They needed to work fast. Khun had promised to keep his word. Chè had even sent him the series in blue wrapping paper, all those years ago.

Why betray him now?

Chè was sprinting down the deserted street as he thought of what he should do. Porsche said they should leave the country and maybe now it was time. 

Chè had his focus on the street a head of him as he slowed to a walk, needing to catch his breath.

“Hey cutie, you going my way?” A voice asked.

A voice that lingered and would be the star in all of Chè’s dreams. Chè’s head snaped in the direction of the voice to see Kim watching him from the driver’s seat of his car, the window rolled down.


Chè turned to run making it a few steps after he had thrown his bag at Kim since the older man had left his car. When Kim grabbed him from behind. Dragging him to the passenger’s seat.

Chè opened his mouth to scream, Kim planted his large hand over the smaller boy’s mouth. Silencing him, would he permanently silence him once he was in the car?

Chè saw Kim’s bodyguards surrounding them, one opened the door for Kim. Chè begged with his eyes for any of them to help him but none did.

Tears started to stream down his face, wetting Kim’s hand.

“Shh, don’t cry Sweetie. I’ve got you.” Kim spoke to him.

Chè cried because Kim had him, the one he loved would kill him. Kim had once called him Sweetie as a pet name for a friend, now was he using it to show his superiority over Chè. Nothing of their relationship in this moment was sweet.

Porsche would be alone, who would look after Kon?

Would they know what happened to him?

Porsche still didn’t know Uncle had been killed but Chè knew. Chè knew he would end up the same way.

Kim belted him into the shot gun seat, telling him to watch his hands as he closed the door. Trapping Chè from the outside world. Kim ordered his men away and went back to the driver’s seat.

He drove them away, leaving Chè’s bag on the ground, where he had thrown it at Kim.

Soon the bag would be all that was left of Chè. He would be a snuffed-out candlelight.

He sniffled, wiping his nose on the back of his hand. Pulling his legs up, his feet rested on the seat as he tried to make himself as small as possible as he cried, his head buried in his knees.

A tap made him look up from his hiding place.

Kim had his handkerchief outstretched to him.

Right Kim valued appearances, if his actions before hadn’t offended the other boy; his undesirable snot filled face certainly would.

Chè wiped his face with the expensive cloth, before looking out the window.

Both sat in silence as Kim drove farther away from the populated area. No witnesses to what was about to happen.

One misconception about the younger mafia brothers was Kinn seemed to be a meticulous planner but was actually a reckless leader. Kim on the other hand appeared reckless but spent long periods of time planning ever detail down to the millisecond.

“I want my brother. When you kill me, can you put our bodies together? I don’t want him to be alone.” Chè begged. The brothers had promised never to part, not even in death would they abandon the other.

“I’m not going to kill you Chè. I would never do something like that.” Kim pulled off onto a deserted road.

“Then what do you want? I don’t have the money to pay you back… but I can get it. I just need time-” Chè was cut off by Kim putting his lips over Chè’s. This was not the peck Chè had given Kim, no this was something else. Something Chè lost himself to until he felt Kim run his tongue along his own lips.

Chè pulled back a gasped.

Why would Kim do that?

Kim was observing him, his sunglasses hid his eyes from Chè’s vision. What was he feeling?

“You look cute with blond hair.” Kim said after a long pause. “I kissed you because that’s how you said not to charge you interest.” Kim’s tone was detached but he reached out to grab Chè’s face, bringing their lips together once more.

This time Chè left his mouth open for the other to enter, his own appendage shyly attempting to copy the more experienced boy’s actions. It was a pleasant task, even with the spit escaping from his mouth. He liked having Kim’s hands on him.

Tasting the mint flavour in Kim’s mouth but then he felt Kim’s hands at his belt.

“No!” Chè pushed Kim away.

“What’s the matter Chè? I thought you traded with your personal favour. Don’t I deserve a taste, you had a taste of my money it’s only fair I have a taste of you.”

The alpha’s scent was pungent with his anger filling the tiny car and making Chè release his own fearful scent. That snaped the alpha from his dangerous mood, Kim ran a hand through his hair.

“Sorry baby boy, I’m just hurt. You left me. You kissed me then you ditched me.” Kim’s words displayed his hurt and there was a slight hitch in his delivery.

“I know Kim. I lied to you and I left but I can’t say I’m sorry because I needed to help Porsche.”

“Then you should have told me and I could have helped you!” Kim roared

“Fucking Kinn and his inability to handle his own shit.”

“Porsche isn’t shit! And neither is Kon!” Chè shrieked back, freezing after realizing what he had said.

“Whose Kon?” The deadly calm was voice was back but Kim had taken off his sunglasses. The rage in his eyes could set the world ablaze.

“Kim, he’s no one. No one important.” Chè begged, grasping the other’s hands as they searched his person. Lifting his shirt and fastening his hands together with his belt. Chè tried to open the car door but it was locked.

“Child proof locks, modern magic. Right baby?” Kim smirked at him before he pushed Chè’s seat as far back as it would go and climbed onto of the now horizontal boy. Kim’s breath hot in his neck.

Chè didn’t know what to do, Kim was obviously attempting to undress him. Was he expecting Chè to pay him back with his body? Did Kim see him as a whore?

Weren’t we once friends?

In the end Chè decided to screw dignity and started to sob, ugly loud hiccupping sobs. The lengths of which made his body tremble.

Porsche had joked that Kon had taken Chè’s spot as resident crybaby of the family. Now Chè was taking his lost title back.

Kim pulled back instantly, trying to see if Chè was injured as he ran his fingers over the other boy. Pushing Chè’s bangs back to stare and cupped his face.

“Don’t cry Chè, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you. Please don’t cry.” Kim begged.

Kim kept repeating for Chè not to cry. Slowly with the alpha’s words and his soft hands. Chè stopped weeping.

“Why are you treating me like a whore?” Chè finally spoke as he calmed down.

Kim shattered, recoiling as if he had been slapped. Resting his back against the dash. As he looked down at Chè’s unbuttoned pants. His hands now held the smaller boy’s bound wrists. He brought the limbs to his lips; where he kissed the knuckles.

“I never saw you as a whore or as a liar Chè but you need to tell me why you left. Did I do something? Was it because I kissed you?”

“You would have found out and you would have told Kinn.” Chè turned his head to look out the window to see the forested area they were parked in.



Before Chè had a chance to stop him, Kim grabbed Chè’s phone from the omega’s back pocket. He stared in disbelief at the phone screen.

Chè’s background was of Porsche and Kon sleeping together on Porsche’s bed. A peaceful moment frozen in time.

Kim looked at the phone then back to Chè. The cogs turning in his head as he connected the parts.

Chè had the foolish thought Kim might mistake Kon for his son but he was proven wrong when Kim spoke his thoughts aloud.

“It’s not your kid, you don’t have stretchmarks and we didn’t sleep together.” Chè opened his mouth. “My men were given orders to report to me if you showed anyone a hint of attraction. I didn’t receive so much as a peep.”

Kim had taken interest in Chè’s lack of a romantic life. Did he like Chè more than as a friend? Or was he being over protective since his family had no omegas maybe Kim thought this was normal behaviour.

“Kim what do you think of me?” Chè shyly asked.

“I love you; I think the world of you and if you aren’t in my world. Then I’ll burn it to the ground.” He whispered into Chè’s hair before he planted a kiss to the blond locks.

“Cause I’m an omega?”

“No cause you’re Chè. Someone who saw me and cared about me like none had done before.”

Chè searched Kim’s eyes for any deception but couldn’t find a trace. Chè’s hands grabbed Kim’s shirt and brought their faces together in a kiss.

“Chè why did you kiss me?” Kim muttered flabbergasted; his eyes blown wide.

“Because I love you, stupid alpha. I loved you and I kissed you before we left because I couldn’t bare the thought of not having shared even a small part of my affection for you.”

The smile on Kim’s face was breathtaking. He looked as if every wish he had was coming true.

“Thank you, Chè.” He nuzzled Che’s scent gland.

The alpha continued to lay on top of Chè, the two holding each other tight.

“Is the baby… Kon?”

“Yeah, isn’t he adorable?” Chè answered in an excited tone. He was ready to brag about his little nephew.

“Fuck, is Kinn going to be in for a surprise.” Kim laughed.


“Kinn when he sees his son, it will render him mute.”

“How do you know he’s Kinn’s?”

“Babe, do you think my brother would have let someone touch his omega and live? No, Kinn would have made an example of them.”

Kim was absentmindedly tracing his fingers on Chè’s covered chest.

“Kim why are we here?” Chè had his hands on Kim’s back.

“I wanted to talk and thought you might be uncomfortable alone in my room.”

The talking and reconnecting was over, the pair was now moving on in their life. Gone was the friendship and betrayal, now there was only their romantic opportunities.

Chè licked his lips as he tilted his head signaling, he wanted to continue kissing.

So, they did, chaste kisses and little pecks turned into longer and messier passion.

Their combined scents created an atmosphere of desire and lust. Their gasping getting louder and their kisses more heated.

Chè almost flinched as he felt Kim lower his underwear and remove his shirt.

Chè returned the favour, pulling the costly shirt off his lover and tossing it to the backseat of the car.

Staring at the impressive muscles of the alpha, Chè might have missed the hand that thumbed at his nipple. A head then moved to take the other into his mouth.

The warm suction was slow but fulfilled some of Chè’s need but his lower half was burning with a desperation Kim would have to act in.

Chè was turning his upper body struggling to force Kim’s head down to his lap. To have Kim’s mouth on his burning flesh. Instead, Kim switched nipples.

“No, Kim please.” Chè begged and whined as the mouth bit at his chest, his blood was boiling in his veins and Kim was wasting his time.

Chè brought out his puppy eyes.

“Please alpha, I’m so wet for you.”

That sentence spurred Kim to move south. Kissing down to his boxers.

He placed a kiss to the tip of Chè’s dick, then swallowed him to the root.

Chè let out a blood curdling scream then his rational thoughts ended in the wet warm mouth as Kim sucked him.

Kim swirled his tongue and hollowed his cheeks, bobbing his head in a steady pace as Chè felt his legs go numb under Kim’s weight.

Due to Chè’s inexperience, he did not last long, spilling in Kim’s mouth. Chè blushed to the roots of his hair.

“S-Sorry” He stuttered his breaths coming out in pants.

“No worries, you tasted delicious.” He kissed Chè sharing the boy’s flavour with its owner.

“Kim that’s gross.” Chè sputtered.

“Whatever you say sweetie.”

Chè surprised Kim by attempting to remove the other’s belt to reach the alpha’s cock.

The organ was large and lined with veins, pulsing hot in Chè’s soft hands as he stroked his new lover.

Using the pace, he enjoyed for himself, with Kim’s hand holding his own as he worked. Correcting Chè when he wanted something different.

Chè felt powerful in this moment controlling Kim’s pleasure. Chè had not been with anyone before but having Kim atop him was something that should be repeated in the future.

Maybe in a place with higher ceilings, and a wider bed.

Kim grunts as he cums into Chè’s hand. Splattering Chè’s chest with his seed.

Chè is drowning the seat under him, ruining his pants with his need to be filled.

Kim’s eyes are heavy as they settle on the leaking part of Chè’s genitalia.

He manhandles Chè further up the seat as he placed his mouth on the hidden flower.

The invading tongue is gentle with him slowly moving around.

Mapping out places that Chè reacted to. But soon it is not enough to satisfy the urge.

Kim must be able to read his mind, he added a finger.

Chè could hear the sounds of his slick and the moving digit. It had felt weird at first but after a short time Chè was use to the intrusion.

Kim added a second thick finger, stretching his walls wider, his mouth was still on him and it was all too much for Chè when a third fought its way in.

The fingers spreading and searching to find Chè’s orgasm.

With one partially hard thrust Chè let out a cry. His slick wetting all it came into contact with.

Chè would not be able to look the cleaners in the eyes when they saw how hard he destroyed Kim’s seat.

Kim’s deep chuckles rumbled in his ear as the older boy reached for Chè’s shirt to clean them up.

“Hey that’s mine.” Chè protested at the use of his shirt but it was too late. Kim had wiped their combined seed off Chè.

Kim pushed his sweat damp hair out of his eyes.

He gave Chè his shirt to wear and pulled back on his hoodie.

“I don’t suppose you want to kiss me after I went down on you?” Kim asked cheekily and winked at Chè’s blush.

Chè red face swayed side to side in rejection.

Kim smiled.

Chè kissed his cheek as the alpha climbed back into the driver’s seat.

Chè pulled the collar of his new shirt to his nose breathing in Kim’s scent.

The car was in motion. Chè wondered where they were going.

Kim took hold of his hand as he drove and would not let go of it again.

“Let’s head home.”

“Yes please.”

Chapter Text

Porsche was sitting in Kinn’s car, with his son on his lap. Kinn kept trying to get Porsche to sit a stride him. Claiming he wanted to hold his family.

Porsche called bullshit.

Kinn just wanted to touch Porsche, and they weren’t repeating their earlier ride.

“Do you want me to hold him?” Kinn motioned with his arms out stretched.


Porsche knew when Kon awoke from his nap, he would be colicky and grabby. Kinn’s interest in the toddler would transform to repulsion. This elegant man with his bespoken suits did not want to be contaminated with toddler filth.

Porsche put a hand under his son’s butt. His head was resting against Porsche’s chest, drooling on his shirt.

Yes, sticky fingers and mystery liquids, Kinn would be back to his playboy ways instantaneously.

The car was slowing; they must be close. Some of Kinn’s men had stayed behind to pack their clothes and other supplies. Porsche had Kon sleeping in his bed but he didn’t know if he could continue to do so.

“What about Chè? Is he going to be there?” Porsche rocked Kon.

“Yes, Kim is driving him.” They better not be alone, who knows what that drama queen Kim would try on his little brother.

The door was opened by Pete, Kinn got out first then offered his hand to Porsche. It was rejected.

Porsche saw the sports car stop short of Kinn’s car and out tumbled Chè.

That’s not his shirt.

The younger brother rushed to the elder and hugged him.

And those hickeys were not on his neck before.

As the hug ended, Porsche passed Kon to his brother to hold. He took a threatening step in Kim’s direction.

Kinn twirled him into his own hug. Laughing at Porsche’s bewilderment.

“I thought you were giving out hugs. Also, I could have held Kon.”

Like I’m going to give you my kid, what experience do you have with children?

“Yay! You both finally got your mates. And isn’t Kon cute! I want him, there’s a drama I want to show him.” Khun exclaimed as he bombarded them with statements; Khun’s own bodyguard stood quietly off to the side, giving Porsche a nod in recognition.

“How did you know his name?” Porsche glanced at Kinn then Kim but both were equally surprised.

Khun had his hand on the boy’s hair. The little boy was captivated by the oldest brother’s dangling bracelets. The metal flashing in the sunlight to the toddler whose first love was movement-- was magical. Khun was now his favourite person.

“Chè told me when my precious little nephew was born.” Khun was still petting Porsche’s child.

Porsche turned an accusing gaze to his little brother; Kim and Kinn were moving towards their brother with an air that promised violence.

Enraged Khun would hide their mates and new family member.

“Why?” Kinn and Porsche asked their brother.

“I promised so he wouldn’t give away our location and I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d freak out and the pregnancy was already taking a toll on you.” Chè’s eyes were watering as he pleaded his case.

In an instant Porsche forgave him, after all sometimes one must trust a lunatic if they want to survive.

Khun’s response was a little different.

“It wasn’t my fault, you two failed as alphas. I had to keep an eye out for my brothers-in-law.” Khun was unapologetic as he explained his reasoning. It was his flippant tone which set Kinn off.

Kinn chased his older brother around their entrance way, bodyguards dived left and right. Not wanting any part of the fratricide, Khun laughed at his younger brother’s death threats.

But wasn’t watching as Kim stuck out his leg, tripping the mad alpha.

Khun fell to the ground and his little brothers pounced.

Was Porsche an evil person for hoping the three alphas would kill each other and his little family could return home unscathed from this madness?

Kinn posed to deck him, however the hit did not land as a commanding voice broke the chaos.

“Kinn, Kim leave your brother alone. You three aren’t little children, have some decorum.” Mr. Korn ordered from the door as he walked towards the little party.

Porsche tightened his hold on his child and maneuvered Chè to stand partially behind him.

He figured Mr. Korn knew whose child Porsche was holding and the businessman could do simple math.

Yes, there would be no mistaking the reason why Porsche had disappeared. Now what was left to confirm was if his big boss had wished him to stay lost.

The why was currently pawing at his chest, Porsche had stopped breastfeeding him but the little man still like to rest finding comfort on Porsche. With the eventful day he was having it made sense for him to want an old comfort.

Mr. Korn was dressed in his signature suit and his personal bodyguard/ assistant was shadowing him like usual. Both held an impressive visual and Porsche turned his son’s face away from his grandfather.

If he was to be rejected and treated like gutter trash; he didn’t want his son to have any memory of his familial abandonment.

The kingpin stared at Porsche and his little bundle as if placing a figure to their worth. Was Mr. Korn thinking Porsche had failed as a parent or unsatisfied with Kon’s living situations.

What if Porsche’s greatest fear wasn’t completely correct? What if instead of them being vetoed it was just Porsche himself and his son was snatched away from him?

Could Porsche live without his son? No not for a single breath.

“He has my wife’s eyes. He certainly is a handsome baby.” Kon was taken from Porsche, Mr. Korn’s assistant holding him back with a firm hand to Porsche’s chest. A look of warning directed at the ex-bodyguard.

Kinn was at his father’s side as if he had materialized there.

“Yes, but look at his little nose and mouth. Those are all Porsche.” Kinn had a proud grin as he spoke with his father.

What shocked Porsche was the care Mr. Korn and Kinn held his son with. Porsche had assumed his employer had not physically cared for any of his sons when they were so young.

Had he been wrong?

“So, I can see and I see Kim is now trying to claim his omega as well.” Both little brothers blushed. Porsche’s glare intensified.

“Father Kinn and Kim were bullying me!” Khun whined as he stood beside his father, brushing the dirt off his clothes.

“Don’t bully your little brothers and why was I the last to learn about my first grandchild?” Mr. Korn gave the boy back to his father, however Kinn took the child before Porsche could place his hands on his son.

Porsche’s scent of rage and discomfort was layering the area, the beta bodyguards shifted uneasily.

Normally Porsche would not expose his weaknesses but this was his son and these bastards were passing him around like he was a new model of a phone.

“Kinn, give me my son.” Porsche ordered with gritted teeth, he didn’t care if Kinn became pissed at losing face in front of his men or father. Porsche wanted his son back where he belonged.

Mr. Korn broke into laughter, deep rumbling chuckles as he watched the scene.

“Your mother was the same, not trusting me to hold any of the three of you without her help.”

He looked to his PA for agreement, the silent man’s head moved in confirmation.

Kinn, the bastard, had a pleased aura. Did he derive enjoyment from Porsche’s worries?

The group was moved inside, Porsche dragged inside by Kinn’s firm hold on his hand. The mobster’s other arm held their child. Thus, why Porsche chose not to fight with the alpha. How ever tempting it seemed.

Khun left for his living quarters pouting that Kon would not be allowed to go with him. The head of the house said it would be more beneficial for the family to settle in together than to do so separately.

Porsche argued that he knew where his old room was and the three of them could share it. He was given odd looks, Kinn claiming Porsche would be staying with him; Chè with Kim.

Porsche couldn’t even prepare for battle before he was in the elevator on his way to Kinn’s suite.

The young parent didn’t know how to handle this predicament, Kinn had not listened to him in the past so why would he now give a crap about Porsche’s feelings on the matter.

The two were not going to continue with their sexual ‘relationship’. Do casual lovers count as a relationship? Kinn might in the moment claim to love Porsche but love fades. His emotions could be tied to his knew heir and Porsche was a tag-along. 

Wasn’t that a fucking joke. Kinn may claim to love him but had they not chanced upon each other in the club, Porsche could have lived his life without the alpha.

The club! Porsche would need to return so his co-workers didn’t file a missing person’s report.

They were good people and didn’t need Kinn causing shit for them.

As the small family stood in the elevator, Porsche for once was surrounded by men as he was forced to stay at Kinn’s side. Before his pregnancy Porsche had guarded Kinn often standing in front of him. Now would he have to stand behind him? Like he couldn’t protect himself?

Fuck that!

Porsche was not going to fuel Kinn’s power trip or some alpha bullshit and if he tried it. Porsche would show him why he was hired in the first place.

Actually, why not sooner? Just in case Kinn was thinking about doing so.

The penthouse was the same as Porsche remembered it to be. The furniture and other fixings were minimalistic. The simplicity in the posh lifestyle was unsettling as Kinn indulged in every luxury he had at his disposal.

It looked as if someone had taken the glass items from the room.

Kinn must have called ahead.

“You can sit Porsche; I’m not going to ravage you with a baby in my arms.” Kinn joked.

Porsche snorted, making a disgusted face at the leather sofa.

“I’m more worried about catching something.” Was Porsche’s rebuttal.

“You mean like another pregnancy? If you want, I’m more than willing to help but I might just want to enjoy this little man a little longer before giving them a baby sibling.” That smirk needed to be punched off. Kinn was asking for violence.

“I hope he throws up on you.” Porsche looked away.

“Wouldn’t be the first person, Kim had such a sensitive stomach when he was young.”

Porsche hated how much Kinn stared at him and Kon like he was trying to embed the image into the backs of his eyes.

The two had fought both with words and fists in this very room and yet Kinn wanted to act like they had not once quarreled. In Kinn’s own bed; Porsche had chewed him out for getting shot.

Something Porsche was paid handsomely not to allow to happen.

Kinn had not made Porsche’s life easy since the day they met. Constantly antagonizing the omega.

When the two first met Kinn hadn’t even known Porsche was an omega. Sure, he knew Chè was one, any one with eyes could figure that out but Porsche battled and won against omega labels. Kicking the asses of multiple alphas who thought they were shit.

It was only when after an extremely long shift Pete had casually mentioned if he should schedule Porsche some time for his rut.

Porsche who was severely sleep deprived, responded that his heat wasn’t for a few more months.

The room had gone deathly silent, each bodyguard and even the main alpha himself Kinn. Froze at this revelation. No one in the room believing this new fighter was an omega, nature’s gentlest being.

Porsche was then treated like an Other. Gone were the invites to game, smoke or drink with the other bodyguards. Porsche had not felt so alone since he first presented and his parents were dead. Those in his life waiting to see him fail and his world to fall apart.

He felt secluded and excluded for a few days as the news was spread and people digested it.

It was only Kinn’s treatment of him, which made everyone return to normal.

What would be his new normal?

“In all seriousness you should have a nap.” Kinn had moved behind Porsche as he looked out the window. Smelling his lover’s neck. He finally gave the boy back to his birth parent.

“You didn’t sleep much last night and your body is sore, isn’t it baby?” Kinn patted him on the butt. He was teasing Porsche again.

“Don’t think I can’t kick your ass, with a baby on my hip. Cause I can!” The statement didn’t stop Porsche from moving to Kinn’s bed and crawling into it after he undressed to his underwear. Kinn entered the room after the pair found themselves under the covers.

“Damn, missed the show.” Kinn moved around the room. Picking up Porsche’s discarded clothing. Making a neat pile with them on a chair.

“Don’t push it.” Porsche did not open his eyes as he tried to drift off to sleep.

“Sweet dreams my omega.” The barest touch of lips was felt on his forehead before Porsche accepted the sirens calls of sleep.

The soft breathing of his sweet boy were his last memories, as he slept in the plush bed and the cool sheets.

Many hours passed as the pair slept.

When Porsche aroused the sun was setting. In the corner of the room was a playpen. Porsche placed his son in it as he left the room looking for his prey. It was time to set ground rules. If Kinn thought he could dictate anything Porsche or his son did the alpha was an idiot.

Kinn was lounging on his sofa a book in hand. Kinn often did not have time for recreational reading, instead, he had reports after reports to read. Porsche could remember standing at his side as the other did his never-ending work.

But as the marshal artist crept closer it was not words on a page but photos displayed.

The photos Porsche saw over Kinn’s shoulders was himself and a younger Kon, in fact the picture showed a pale, sweaty and frankly exhausted Porsche holding a tiny freshly cleaned babe to his uncovered chest.

The little boy hungrily drinking his milk. It was the first time; the omega fed his son. Chè had taken the snapshot Porsche had focused his attention on the little one. A small but strong hand seized his pinky.

As he remembered his thoughts on how squishy and vulnerable his new infant was, he was overcome by nostalgia. Time had passed quickly and now his boy was trying to learn to talk.

Porsche moved to rest his head on Kinn’s; the other man didn’t startle. It was as if he knew Porsche was there.

“Your chest isn’t swollen anymore. I’m disappointed to have missed that.”

Pervert! That’s what he noticed about the photos.

“How did you get my book?” Porsche questioned.

“One of my men found it. I’m upset to have missed this side of you but we can have another one.”

“Fuck no! Unless you’re going to give birth, I’m not.” Porsche was tumbled over the sofa, his head now laying in Kinn’s lap, his body horizontal on the sofa.


“Listen babe, I’m speaking hypothetically. Who knows in a few years we might want another one or Kon will. But I’m extremely content to have you back with me. I won’t be part of old memories but we can make new ones.” Kinn whispered as his fingers traced Porsche’s features. The mob man’s eyes had a balminess Porsche had not seen before.

“I want you to be there but I won’t be a kept man. I’m not one of your cars to show off and then be forgotten” Porsche argued.

“I never saw you like that. If anything, you’re my favourite knife or gun. Deadly when used, comforting to have you in my presence when not in a direct fight. You grew on me and now I’ll never let you go.” Kinn finished kissing the darker man. It was a sweet kiss. No hidden heat or lust driven passion. It was a kiss shared by lovers not bedmates.

Hadn’t that been what Porsche wanted to be; something more to Kinn? To possess the tiniest piece of Kinn’s heart; it seemed only fair, Kinn owned so much of Porsche’s.

“What about Kon?” Porsche needed to know what’s Kinn’s intent with his son was.

“He’s my heir, this city will be his.” Kinn avowed.

“What if he’s not an alpha?” It was a topic required to be brought up early, to avoid disappointment.

Kinn might love his son for the possibility of him being an alpha. The world had loved Porsche too until he was an omega. It made logical sense for the same to happen to his son. He refused to let the world destroy his child, to take a part of Kon, that Porsche had lost in his youth.

Kinn had come from alphas but Porsche and Chè were omegas.

Kinn snorted “Then the world will quiver as our omega heir makes it his play ground. The other families will cower at both his strength and beauty. Both traits he inherited from you. He’ll play mind games with them—a skill he learned from me.

Porsche had no response or snarky statement; he chose to peer up at his lover. Taking in the shape and details of his face.

Kinn did the same.

Slowly their mouths met, tongues performing a slow waltz with each other. Kinn’s hand gently laid on Porsche’s chest. An invitation for more.

A loud cry echoed the apartment. His son’s sobs and cries for his life giver jolted Porsche back to the room he had slept in. Retrieving his son from the slightly wet bed covers. He cradled Kon.

Hushing his little boy and rubbing soothing circles on his back.

Kinn was stripping the covers and replaced them with fresh ones. These blankets depicted small koi fish.

Porsche wondered if Kinn had bought them because they looked like the ones he had owned. Or if it was just a coincidence.

The little boy was given a bath, his father standing in the doorway observing Porsche washing the mischievous toddler and the pair giggle as the youngest male was finally cleaned.


Kinn could not describe what it was like to watch Porsche parent their child. It was something he had once daydreamed about but would then scold himself for indulging in his alpha foolishness. The two had mostly a sexual relationship but Kinn knew without a doubt if Porsche had come to him. Explaining he was pregnant Kinn would have allowed him anything, Kinn had romantic feelings for Porsche.

Everyone knew so, Kinn was not the type to take a bullet for anyone.

However, his alpha pride had blinded him. Seeing Porsche with Vegas looming over him and his handsome omega smiling back at his cousin had driven Kinn into a vengeful rage.

That’s all the beta had been, a chance to hurt Porsche in the same way he had been hurt.

Kinn upon close introspection, could admit he was being childish. He had not felt so disgusted with himself as he saw something break in Porsche’s eyes when the man had entered the room.

Then Porsche had taken a few days off as scheduled but had switched with another guard on the day he was supposed to return. Kinn had given him his freedom, swearing to himself he would earn his forgiveness.

The man had not return and Kinn sought him out, the house abandoned.

Kinn was once again abandoned by his most loved person.

Kinn was used in the past and took advantage of people, it’s how he was raised yet he had tasted Porsche but Porsche had not exploited him in return. An anomaly; even his relatives could abuse his love and trust for them against him.


 Khun had known where Porsche was and found Kinn lacking. Who was he to help hide Kinn from his family.

“Kinn…where are you going to sleep?” Porsche’s voice drew his attention from his own thoughts.

Porsche was back in Kinn’s bed, this time with a little mixture of the two. The adorable soft baby’s hair was tucked under Porsche’s chin. Porsche lay in the center of Kinn’s bed, much like a siren striking lust into Kinn’s heart.

Lust, love and fondness. Those were the three emotions Kinn constantly felt for Porsche.

“With you, I won’t claim to be a gentleman. One shouldn’t lie in front of their children.” Kinn said proudly as he unbuttoned his shirt. Neatly placing his clothes on Porsche’s.

“Kinn.” Porsche warned as the alpha invited himself into his bed. Well… Kinn’s bed but it was now his.

“Shhh. Don’t wake him.” Kinn whispered into the omega’s hair as Kinn lightly turn Porsche to rest on him. Kon nestled between their warm bodies.

Yes, Kinn was looking forward to the many nights they would spend like this.

Feeling Porsche’s breath against his skin lulled him to dream land.


Porsche was hard pressed to say he despised every moment spent in Kinn’s home.

Mr. Korn was very welcoming and understanding too; welcoming him to the family. He had freed him from the original contract. Stating one should not do this to their future sons in law.


Fucking Kim.

The first morning, Porsche had given Kon to Kinn and marched down to Kim’s room. Pounding on the door, when the sleepy figure of his half-naked brother had opened the door. Porsche had roughly pulled him away and stormed into the room ready to beat the brat to death.

Porsche had the rich boy trapped on the bed when Kinn had thrown him over his shoulder and told his brother to use condoms. Making them leave as Porsche beat his fists on Kinn, shouting through the halls.

Kinn’s response was to pat his butt and say “easy no need to be so excited.”

Stupid fucker.

Chè had sheepishly come a few minutes later with Kon and Kim refused to be alone with Porsche. Which was fair, if the two were alone Porsche would commit murder.

Khun the mad man had found the situation very amusing and demanded they re-enact it for him.

This whole family was insane.

Kinn would go back to ‘work’ leaving Porsche alone with his son as Chè was off galivanting with Kim.

Kon and Porsche would spend the days wondering the gardens. The flowers and trees appeared to be precisely chosen and placed to display both beauty and wealth. Kon took pleasure in making himself filthy with the dirt and giving Porsche flowers or what he thought were pretty petals.

His son was growing up to be quite the charmer even if he often fell while walking.

Porsche had been helping Kon walk when Pete and a few of Porsche’s previous coworkers had tentatively approached him.

The alphas and betas, did not get close to him or waft their scents. Behaving as if they were afraid to be close to him. Porsche was not a frightened stray dog.

“Is this what Kinn pays you to do? Such shitty bodyguards, do you even frighten kittens?” Porsche teased them.

Pete broke into a large grin.

“Good to see you again Porsche.” The two clapped each other on the shoulders; the other joined suit.

“Is he the boss’?” Aim asked as he held a smiling Kon.


“No wonder boss man is acting so proud at all of his meetings; you should have seen the pissing contest between him and the second family.”

Fucking alphas.

Porsche had scolded Kinn the moment the two were alone but he knew it didn’t affect Kinn or his behaviour. Though the alpha was now spending more time with them during the day.

They were living in a picturesque family life, until Porsche found a particular collection of Kinn’s.

Chè had taken Kon for the day. Kim was taking them to an amusement park. Porsche had been pulled into a group praying session. Kim’s bodyguards looking extra drained and worried. Kim disappeared regularly on a normal day and now he was going to a crowded park. With the little master and the cutest omega to exist.

It would be a nightmare for those men. Porsche cruelly laughed. Then threatened that if anything happened to his family he would castrate and kill them.

One man was brave enough to ask about if Kim was injured.

“You can’t save everyone.” Porsche shrugged, waving away the concern they had for Kim.

Porsche was now back in Kinn’s room as he tried to play a game on his phone but nothing appealed to him. The books on Kinn’s shelves were a bizarre mix of English and business. Nothing Porsche would read even if he had been trying to fall asleep.

There was a remote sitting on the nightstand but no television in sight.

Porsche examined the device more closely, seeing the drop-down feature and pressed it.

A thin television screen lowered from the ceiling. Placed at the foot of the bed, Porsche could comfortably rest on the bed and view what was being displayed.

He figured he could watch whatever was Kinn’s last entertainment picture.

Kinn and Porsche had watched movies or shows together in the past and for the most part they liked the same things, hopefully this wouldn’t be a boring documentary.

Also, Porsche didn’t want to touch too many buttons in case he broke it.

The black screen came to life as Porsche reclined on the bed, he at first couldn’t make out the odd shapes on the projector.

Then he saw it was someone’s chest, a pair of lips were sucking on a nipple. No sound played.

Porsche turned it up to hear the moans softly echo, the apartment was empty and Porsche was curious to see what kind of porn Kinn had been watching. The angles made it seem like a home movie and not a professional one.

“Kinn… Kinn.” A breathless voice softly chanted, driven higher by the pleasure being given to their chest.

Porsche dropped the remote. Kinn had filmed one of his boys. This was a sex tape of Kinn’s.

Kinn and one of his pretty boys, even if the kid’s face was not yet shown. Porsche was livid. The fuck was Kinn watching this and when did he have the time.

Porsche didn’t turn off the movie, instead he chose to watch and when Kinn returned he would chew him out.

The pretty boy’s skin was darker than Kinn’s usuals and his chest was far more muscular. Had this boy been a beta?

The longer Porsche stared at the uncovered chest he still couldn’t picture who it belonged to. Then the on screen Kinn moved his hand. Revealing a small scar on the man’s lower abdomen.  A scar Porsche was all too familiar with as his abdomen had just recently lost all his baby weigh and although no longer were his abs able to cut glass they were still defined.

No! NO that wasn’t…

“Kinn… move down you bastard. I’m so hard.”

 Porsche’s own lust driven voice seductively said through the speakers. The recorded Kinn placing wet kisses on Porsche’s lower belly. A firm set of hands trying to force the head much lower to where he needed him.

Fuck! When had Kinn recorded him? Porsche would kill him and Kon would now not have another father at all.

The two on screen were back to locking lips, the wet sounds were making Porsche feel warm. The eyes of himself were looking back at him. He could see the love he held for Kinn exposed in them.

Porsche lay bare before Kinn in more ways than one. The two were touching each other in this very bed.

The bed Porsche was alone in.

Porsche’s eyes darted to the door, Kinn’s apartment was sound proof so the guards outside couldn’t hear the ‘private movie’ and Porsche had time before Kinn said he was going to return.

Decision made he rolled over pulling open the nightstand cabinet. The desired bottle was mostly full. Indicating it had wasn’t recently Kinn was watching this.

Porsche didn’t know how to feel about that thought.

What he did know was he wouldn’t have just his memories to inspire him.

He shimmied out of his clothes but left his underwear on. The movie was now getting started, the foreplay Porsche could mimic to himself.

A tiny part of himself tried to deny that he was imagining Kinn’s fingers on his slowly heating flesh but the majority said who cares.

People knew him and Kinn were together, shit they had a child, who was he trying to kid.

Eyes back on the moving bodies; Kinn was once again leaving marks on his flesh. Claiming Porsche as his. It made Porsche’s blood boil, not with anger but lust.

Porsche’s neck was his weakness and Kinn knew to exploit it.  Shady man that he was.

He could hear himself groaning and antagonizing Kinn to get to work, to stop messing around but Kinn moved his hand south. By passing Porsche’s hard dick to instead wet his fingers.

Porsche did the same, using his own juices to wet his finger but he had yet to add them as the Kinn he was watching had not.

A loud shriek was sent through the speakers and a second later Porsche gritted his teeth to prevent his own from escaping. Porsche could not remove his eyes from Kinn’s hand. His own mirrored Kinn’s.

However, his fingers were not the same size, he wanted- no needed something bigger. To fill the void, he was currently experiencing.

His finger was plunging into his hole, the sound of his own slick mixing with his soft cries being overshadowed by the sound track of their past encounter.

Porsche twirled his pebbled nipple, chasing his own orgasm. He wanted to be finished before Kinn completed his work. He couldn’t let the perv knew he got off to this, it would be hypocritical for him to then reprimand the alpha.


Kinn was angry, so filled with bloodlust for his ‘business partners’. Backstabbing assholes. They had been trying to undermine him from the day he started handling father’s work. Now they thought him weak due to Porsche. Fools if they thought his family was dragging him down. He would show them what true weight felt like as he tied cement blocks to their ankles and watched them drown.

Then we could see who truly won.

Kinn untied his tie, their son was with his brother and now Porsche was alone. If the other boy was sleeping, he could wake him, a romantic dinner and who knows. A repeat of their reunion… sounds delicious.

The door to his bedroom was closed further giving Kinn the belief of his sleeping beloved. He quietly opened the door, taking extra care not to make any noise but the room wasn’t dark like he guessed it would be.

Porsche was laying on his bed and he was in a state of undress. His hand movement and soft whimpers were more beautiful than any painting or orchestra.

Dinner had arrived early. Typical Porsche, just as Kinn believed he had the upper hand Porsche would surprise him.  

Kinn removed his shirt as Porsche had his eyes closed. His poor lip turning an alarming shade of red.

Kinn licked his lips.

His steps were silent as he moved to his prey. His scent was covering the room and Kinn couldn’t wait to increase its intensity.

Kinn was hovering over Porsche but not touching him just yet.

“All ways full of surprises Porsche.” He haughtily spoke his voice louder than the video.

Porsche’s eye lids exploded open; his hands stilled.

Shock was in the eyes but so was desire and a drive to reach his completion.

Porsche lip escaped from his teeth, his pants hitting Kinn’s lips. He took Porsche’s bottom lip in his and nibbled on it. Following Porsche as he pulled his head back.

Without looking, Kinn placed and covered Porsche’s hand hidden in his boxers. Trapping the appendage, he was rewarded with Porsche’s sounds of displeasure.

Kinn pulled his face away.

“If you wanted some attention, you should have told me. Khun could have babysat Kon.” Kinn smirked at Porsche.

“If you left my son with that loon, I’d cut it off and flush it.” Porsche threatened.

Kinn laughed and rolled them.

Porsche was now on top of Kinn. Trapping the man’s lower half.

Kinn moved Porsche’s hand to his mouth sucking the slick off it. His personal ambrosia.

The omega above him rubbed his lower half against Kinn’s.

If you want it; work for it.

Kinn’s expression said.

His feisty lover had taken his challenge.

Roughhousing Kinn into the position he needs to rut against to find his pleasure. Porsche had also moved Kinn’s lips onto his nipple.

If Kinn tilted his head; he could see the movie playing over Porsche’s shoulder. But Kinn wasn’t trapped at having to rely on these private videos. Now he had his lover back and they could make new memories.

A growl left Kinn’s mouth as Porsche bit the skin of his shoulder; clearly unhappy with Kinn’s inaction.

Kinn slithered down and connected with the warm skin, faint marks light from housing their son.

How had he not noticed in their first mating?

Kinn tugged at his zipper, uncaring if it tore. He knew he just needed to be inside his gorgeous omega.

The designer pants were lowered and tossed to the floor as fingers and lips roamed each other. The heat in the room all consuming.

Kinn encased in Porsche’s legs as he buried himself to the hilt in the tight wet heat.

The two’s cries of pleasure mixed and formed new sounds as they chased their ends together.

Thrusting and humping, the bed slammed against the wall. It was good that the room was soundproof or else someone may have entered worried about the inhabitants.

Porsche begged Kinn to speed up, to go faster and harder.

To fill him.

The words that left the other’s mouth, acted as gasoline to Kinn’s match.

Within minutes they were spilling together. Porsche on their stomachs and Kinn within his mate.  

 Kinn withdrew from Porsche, his seed slowly escaping and Kinn felt the need to plunge back in. To fill his omega to the brim.

Kinn encouraged Porsche to place his head on Kinn’s chest, his breath still coming out in pants. Kinn’s hand caressed Porsche sweaty locks.

“If I get pregnant, I will brutally murder you.” Porsche kissed Kinn’s cheek and went to sleep.

When the lovers awoke, the day had not yet passed.

Kinn retrieved his phone to call Kim and told him to watch Kon for longer than promised.

The two did not leave the bed for many hours.

When it was covered in their combined fluids, they took it as a sign to move to the bathroom.


Porsche was holding his son as he got out of the car. Kinn had come with him to his work to say goodbye to his coworkers. The owner had helped him so much, Porsche couldn’t just disappear as he did.

These people needed to know he lived.

He strolled in with Kinn and the other bodyguards moving to the center bar.

The lady had her back to them.

“Sorry Hun, we’re not open yet.” The woman said without turning around. She was counting bottles.

“Kitty, I’m not a customer.” Porsche joked with her.

A bottle was dropped.

“Porsche!” She shouted. Other workers started to fill into the room when they heard her call.

The bodyguards made them keep their distance from the small mafia family.

“Hi Kitty, everyone. I came in to hand in my job resignation.” He had Kon on his hip. The little boy was following Kitty’s dangling earrings.

She nodded dumbly.

“Where’s your mate?” Kitty asked in a daze.

Kinn slung his arm over Porsche’s shoulder, dragging him close.

Her eyes widened to an alarming width.

As he was sure the other workers did as well.

“Porsche, are you moving back in with your mate?” A male voice asked.

It was the elderly male owner. He hobbled over to the party, not sparing Kinn a glance.

“Your son is cuter than you said.” The old man smiled.

“Is this the sweet boy, everyone has been gossiping about or was it your brother?”

Porsche flushed as Kinn smirked.

The two left after much small talk.

“Can you keep your ego in check?” Porsche complained.

“Why bother? I have so much to brag about.”

Five years later

Porsche was pissed, not once in the many years Kon was small did he get sick on Kinn.

Porsche was the one to throw up on him. The same day he changed his cologne.

The fucking alpha wasn’t even mad when he found out why. Porsche was knocked up again.

Everyone celebrated, a large party given to the omega.

He hated this family, except for his sweet nephew.

Chè had given birth to a darling little thing less than two years earlier. Kim had skipped around when the announcement was made.

Porsche had decked him in the face.

He missed but he hadn’t intended to hit the younger man. Mostly.

Now here Porsche was ready in labour, waiting for this child to leave his body. He was surrounded by the best doctors’ money could buy.

They said he had to wait. Useless.

Kinn was with him, trying to sooth him. Also, useless.

Kon was waiting with his family.

Porsche was finally ordered to push and so he did screaming out in pain. This kid better be worth it.

Porsche was handed a bundle as the doctor stitched him up.

A baby with Porsche’s skin complexion and Kinn’s eyes was given to him.

Utterly beautiful.

Kinn snuggled close to his mate and new baby.

“What should we call him?” Kinn asked.

Porsche thought for a moment.

“King… his name is King.”

“The world will be his garden.”

Years later

Porsche would not have imagined his sons would be so different. Kon had been an alpha but his King was an omega. Kon worked in the family business and King was forever in the garden.

His children were both unbelievably smart and charismatic as their father.

Porsche made sure they could kick any asshole into the next century.

King was going to university with Pete’s son Bohn. An alpha born a few months before King. The two were brothers in all but blood.

Secretly Porsche felt better knowing his son wouldn’t be alone. Kinn would never let the boy be truly alone but still. The world was dangerous and his little flower could be hurt.  

Porsche was still one of Kinn’s bodyguards as his mate was now the main kingpin of the city. No mafia man blinked without Kinn’s say so.

The three brothers had joined their forces and took control from the other families. Khun’s intel, Kim’s brutes and finally Kinn’s legal and illegal business meant they had no shortage of money. When the three menaces worked together, they were unstoppable and motivated. Their motivations being their children or nephews.

The world shivered when they were angry.

Kon was following his father in power and respect at his young age.

Porsche couldn’t have been prouder.

Porsche saw a framed photo sitting on a side table in Kinn’s office.

It was of his boys.

Kinn dressed for business with a small King on his lap as he was showing the little boy a book on plants. Kon standing at the desk side also reading along. Three large grins on display.

It was why Porsche had taken the picture.

“You know he isn’t leaving permanently?” Kinn had whispered in his ear.

“Says you. How many guards do you have following him or in his apartment building?”

“Surprises are what keeps a relationship fresh.” Was the alpha’s cheeky retort.

Porsche shook his head in exasperation.

His sons and mate were safe in the world of darkness and Porsche had found happiness.

Now if he could just get his youngest to visit more. And not the spare house.

Porsche sighed, he felt like his home was empty. He missed his children. His little boys were old and he was even older yet.

Such is the world.

But it was a world with Kinn.

If someone messed with Porsche’s world; theirs’s he would burn to the ground.

Kinn snuggled up to Porsche enjoying their private moment.

The bodyguards outside, the two alone.

Kinn’s phone broke the comfortable silence.

Kinn put it on speaker after seeing it was from Kon.

“We’re coming home. I’m bringing guests. King’s guests.”

Kon said menacingly, he ended the call.

The two tensed, what had happened to their son?  

Chapter Text

Kim was in a cheerful mood as he drove to the main house. His beautiful Chè was playing with his fingers on the hand he was holding. Kim alerting his men of their return home. He made sure they had picked up Chè’s bag from the ground.

The small omega might have used it as a weapon against him but it could still have something Chè wanted. The order had rewarded him with a brilliant smile. Kim knew he was preening, and he would hit anyone who gave him shit for it.

Having to grow up as the youngest brother had left him lonely and thrill-seeking. It was an empty life but it was his. Kim was spiraling downwards and he had no hands outstretched to him.

One night he stopped unexpectantly at home, his bodyguards scrambling to fulfill his demands and he was famished. The kitchen is where he went to his men’s blindness.

There sat at the kitchen table was the cutest omega male, Kim had set his eyes on. Kim tried to act cool, making his way to the fridge as a way to show his desire to provide for the weeping omega.

Kim didn’t think the kid worked for his family but something about his features was familiar.

The boy heard his movement and futilely wiped the wet spots on his face but Kim could still hear his heavy breathing as he tried not to sob.

Kim grabbed a cup of juice.

He would ask the boy some questions and if someone hurt this sweet omega. Kim would break their kneecaps. Slowly.

The plate slammed on to the table as Kim presented his cool boy front.

Those doe eyes made his heart flutter in a way it hadn’t before.  Kim had not once had a romantic thought in his life but now he was already planning their mating and life together.

Stupid focus.

“You shouldn’t cry on an empty stomach.”

Kim looked away as he blushed. What an awful opening line. Now the boy would assume him a fool without game. Kim had flirted with beautiful models and heiress and that’s what he delivers to his future mate.

Kinn was right. He was an idiot when he didn’t have a plan.

Luckily the boy ate but he still did not know his reason for being here.

How was Kim to extend his stay if he didn’t know the reason?

A voice interrupted them and Chè rushed away from him. Only his lingering scent and the empty dishes were left.

Within hours Kim knew everything about Chè and his mind was formulating a plan of attack.

His visit to the boy’s school might have been the best idea he ever had.

Seeing the delectable omega in his school uniform; gave Kim’s imagination material for the next few weeks.

Dinner was also very pleasant, listening to Chè’s plans and ideas. Filled him with pride. His omega was so kind but also clever. He was going to go far, and Kim would be his cheerleader if he was allowed.

The boy had offered to split the bill and Kim almost wanted to laugh.

However, he knew if he did so; he would be label as an asshole. Which he probably deserved. Kim wasn’t going to laugh because he was an alpha ass but because Chè did not know how much their meal had truly cost.

Yes, Kim had spared no expense to impress the other.

Kim retorted that Chè could pay for their next outing. The omega illuminated the whole restaurant after he said this. Snuggling under his arm as well. The saying was true happy omega happy life.

Their dates continued and then Chè left, along with that brute of a brother. This was Kinn’s fault.

One night when beating a piece of filth. Kim smelt the scent of Chè; startling him from his violent rage but there was another scent mixed in.

When his men were questioned, one reported that an omega had been walking by with their baby. The disappointment Kim felt was immeasurable. It wasn’t Chè’s scent but a similar one. He was no closer to finding his sweetheart.

His sweetie was currently playing with the hem of Kim’s shirt, skin a soft pink. Those succulent lips still plumped from their earlier actions.

Kim passed the idea of pulling over again but dismissed it. Chè wanted his family and Kim would deny him nothing.

The youngest mafia brother knew the moment Porsche had spotted him. His entire being promised death as he left his brother’s hug. Kim took a step back. He wouldn’t fight Chè’s big brother.

However, Kinn drew Porsche’s attention back to himself.

The brothers could help each other once in a blue moon.

Hearing Khun knew where their omegas were hiding was a sign to join forces.

Kim stuck his leg out and the drama extremist was kissing the ground. Kinn ready to make his funeral a closed casket.

Father always ruined their fun. He also knew how to embarrass them with the least amount of words.

 Chè was going to be staying in Kim’s apartment. He did an internal happy dance.

The two were now having dinner together in Kim’s place. The atmosphere was quiet but not awkward. Chè was concerned for his sibling and Kim? Kim thought Kinn was taking to being a father better than he had expected. The little boy was cute but their child would be cuter. After all, Chè would be the parent.

The two started to talk and catch up. Kim was not surprised to learn Chè was a nanny. If anything, he would have expected it.

Kim discovered it had been Chè he had smelt that night, if only he had looked up. They could have cleared this misunderstanding up faster, had more time together.

There was no point dwelling in the past. The future is where they would live now.

As dinner was coming to a close, Chè pushing his left-over food around with his fork.

“What is it sweetie?” Kim asked, his own plate empty.

“Are… are we going to have sex now?” Chè blushed and looked away.

Kim snorted at the boy; they had been intimate earlier today but now Chè was a blushing virgin.


The club was loud, the music blaring out the small groups’ chatting, Chè was dancing with a few of Kim’s omega friends. Kim was talking business and hated every moment of it.

The omega was parting from his new friends, coming back to Kim’s table. Business was over and a drinking game began.

Kim’s ‘friends’ talking about the best sex they had recently and with who. Chè was silent, was it because he was the only omega?

Kim whispered into the boy’s ear if he wanted to go home, and had an affirmative signal sent his way.

The pair strolled away, some people wolf whistling as they went.

Chè didn’t say a thing. In the backseat of the car, he sat farther away from Kim than he ever had before.

“Did something happen?” If someone messed with his boy.

“Do…do you think it’s shameful to be a virgin?” Chè murmured, it was barely audible to Kim’s ears.

“No, it’s something were all born with, it’s not a brand or label. It’s a gift. One gives this gift and in some cases is given this gift. But the owner is the one who decides who is worthy of it and if they want to part with it. No one else.”

Chè listened before he cleared his throat.

“I’m a virgin.”

Kim knew, he didn’t need to research it to know. Everything about Chè cried innocence and purity.

Chè was Kim’s candle in the darkness. He would protect that little flame.

If he had to burn unworthy candles to protect Chè’s flare, he would do so.

Chè would not see the beast Kim hid from him and his way of dealing with ‘problems’.


Chè was still a virgin and now he was asking if Kim was going to take it from him.

“If it’s a gift you want to give then yes. If not, then my bed is a place you can sleep without fear in.”

Chè released the breath he was holding. The new couple walked to Kim’s room.

The alpha was a little sheepish at how messy it was. Clothes balancing half-hazard on the desk chair, the desk itself covered in papers. His shelves held books and series in no particular organization scheme.

“It’s very you.” Chè kissed his cheek and then waited for Kim to give him something to sleep in.

Kim would not admit to anyone that he was sneakily watching Chè change but he felt the boy’s eyes on him when it was Kim’s turn to redress.

Naughty boy.

They cuddled under the blankets, Chè’s blond hair tickled his nose. He was cute as a blond, like one of those pretty idol boys.

“Are you going to stay blond?”

“No, I like having dark hair more, people kept looking at me weird.” Kim kissed Chè’s head and they went to sleep, held tight in each others’ arms.

There’s a pounding on the front door and in Kim’s sleep dazed mind. He thought he might have been hungover but Chè had already left the bed to answer the door. Kim rushing after him.

Porsche was there and Kim was gone.

Leaving a smoke trail behind him as he made his escape, Porsche on his heels. He was then trapped on his own bed when Kinn had once again come to his rescue.

He did not need to make that quip about condoms, Chè was sensitive. Not all relationships were based on sex.

The young boys planned to spend their day on a date.

Many months would pass and Kim would have to pay his brother back for his protection.

Kim and Chè would take Kon with them on a day adventure. An amusement park was a cute date?


Khun had said it was typical and something an alpha was expected to do at least once when courting an omega.  

Kim was an adrenaline junkie and rollercoasters were a fun way of chasing that high. Having Chè plastered to his arm would make it better. But now the day would need to be toned down due to his little nephew.

Kim didn’t drive them, his men did. The bodyguards dressed in street clothes, as the little family exited the car. Kim fixed his sunglasses to cover his eyes.

The two were having a blast, playing games and going on different rides. Chè’s hair was ruffled from the wind and his lips were still shining from their snacks.

A few of the younger guards were also going on the rides with them—for ‘safety’. The older ones had volunteered to watch Kon; if there was a ride, toddlers were not allowed on.

Kim’s favourite moment would be when a group of school girls had complemented their ‘son’ and how cute he was. Chè fumbling on his rebuttal about how the child was their nephew. Kim had talked over him and said that he was just as adorable as his mother. The girls giggled as they left. Chè had pouted as they stood in line for the next ride.

A phone call had interrupted their supper. Kim answered it and Kinn was demanding he keep Kon longer.

“I’m not babysitting Kon, so you can get laid.” Kim fake complained.

“Not like you were going to tonight. Don’t be jealous of your big brother. Bye little brother.”

Fucker didn’t even wait for him to say yes.

Kim finished date night with his boyfriend and his nephew in his bed. Not the exact plan but still a good finish.

Chè was nervous about something as he approached Kim one afternoon months after they started living together.

Kim was curious on what Chè was feeling the two had started to deepen their relationship and now a small part of Kim wondered if it was time for Chè to have his own little bundle.

Kinn was obnoxious about Kon, and Kim wanted to be able to wipe the smirk off his face.

“Kim, I want to go back to school. I want to be a nurse.” Chè was looking directly at Kim’s face as he said these words. The protective lenses of his sunglasses off his eyes.

The expressions could be seen by the outside world. 

Kim didn’t want his lover to be exposed to the cruelness of the world. Chè had this gullibility about life both from Kim and Porsche sheltering him from the harsh realities. If Chè became a nurse he would see it all and when he was in school Kim’s ability to protect him lessened.

Chè had wants and dreams, he wasn’t a lifeless doll for Kim to play with.

Part of living was unpredictability and letting people make their decisions.

Kim was a slight control freak but so was everyone in his family, some were more obvious than others.

Kim plastered a smile on his face and spoke.

“If you want to be a nurse, then I can pay for your schooling. What type of setting do you want to work in? Maybe something with children?”

“No, I want to be a nurse for the family. To help you and your men when their hurt. I don’t just want to be known as your boyfriend or Porsche’s little brother. I want to create my legacy, not piggyback off of someone else’s.”

Kim pulled Chè into an embrace, rubbing his back as Chè gripped the back of Kim’s shirt.

This idea of being more than one’s family was something Kim had once struggled with as well. He knew where Chè was coming from and Kim wouldn’t stand in his way. He would stand at his side. Kim would have his hand out for Chè if he needed it.

Kim had seen the darker side of humanity and he promised himself he would not act like the alphas he had beaten into the ground for trying to clip the wings of their mates. Chè wasn’t going to spend his days in a gilded cage, even if it made Kim feel at ease.

Kim was a bastard but not a malicious one.

“Whatever you need Sweetie, tell me and I’ll get it for you.” Kim promised.

By the next semester Chè was enrolled and Kim had a trusted bodyguard in all his classes. Chè knew but he had taken this as an opportunity to make a new friend. The university believed the two to be best friends.

Not lovers.

Kim made sure to pick his boy up as often as he could.

Chè studied hard and had a lot of hands-on practice with helping the injured training bodyguards. Porsche was brutal when he was having them perform drills.

 One dumbass had made a comment on what could an omega teach them? He had promptly had his ass handed to him. Then when he was being treated by Chè the sweet omega had ‘accidently’ spilled a bottle of antiseptic spray on his open wounds.

Kim flinched when Chè was retelling the story to him over dinner.

Note to self don’t mess with the brothers.

The two had arguments, they had makeups, misunderstandings. Bickered over petty shit.

But they stayed together because they loved each other. These moments of vinegar were not worth throwing away the roses that were their relationship.

The crying, screaming, kissing, and smiling. Were all part of their mosaic. One Kim was honoured to be a part of.

Two years after their reunion, Chè proposed to Kim. The boy had graduated from his program and had thrown his arms over his lover in happiness.

The question asked.

A pause followed.

 Chè separated himself from Kim, worried he had over stepped.

Kim smiled.

“Can you at least get down on one knee?” Kim laughed. His boy was always so unpredictable.

“I had an elaborate proposal prepared.” Kim spoke as he pulled a ring from his back pocket.

“And yet you beat me to it.”

Chè had tears streaming down his face, the silver band was slipped onto his finger. His other hand covered his mouth.

“Chè you are the light and warmth of my life. Would you please spend the rest of yours with me?”

“Yes! Kim please.” Chè wept and got down on one knee. Kim was shocked.

“Kim, you have since the moment we met looked out for me. Encouraging me to explore both my self and my dreams. Would you please spend the rest of your life with me?” Chè proposed.

Kim did not need words to convey what he was feeling, his eyes said it all as did the kiss he gave Chè.

The happy coupled shared their news with the rest of the family. His brothers clapped him on the back, his father wished him a happy life together. Kon asked if they would get married in the garden.

Porsche was staring at Chè before he turned to Kim.

“Live long. If you die and leave my brother alone. I’ll destroy your spirit.” Was Porsche’s blessing and Kim promised to do so.

He would never leave his darling alone.

Within the first year of marriage, Kim was blessed by Chè. The omega was with child, Kim might not have let the omega leave his arms after he was told the news.

The shriek he had let loose had set the house into lockdown. His personal bodyguards broke down his front door, guns drawn. Only to see Kim swinging Chè around like his personal ragdoll.

“Kim be careful!” Chè was scolding him.

Kim was silently crying as he beamed at his mate.

Then he carried Chè around the house.

His father had told him, Chè’s feet would need to go back on the ground at some point.

Kim refused to let his pregnant mate stress himself over something as mundane as walking. He was growing a life after all.

Chè shone as he grew, having minor morning sickness but otherwise having no complications.

His little cutie would be off either working or shopping for their baby. One could never have enough adorable baby clothes. Kim had hired men specifically to follow Chè around outside of their property.

One night as the pair lay in bed Kim was awake watching a crime show.

The victim was a pregnant omega woman whose baby had been carved out of her body.

Kim could not sleep for two days and Chè could not leave his side. Who knows what sicko was waiting for his sweet boy to walk their way.

Chè had put his foot down when Kim had tried to follow him into the bathroom, wanting to pee in peace.

Kim had been forced with the threat of Chè making Kim spend the rest of the pregnancy living with Khun, if he didn’t answer.

So, Kim spilled his guts. The fears he held about someone taking Chè’s life or their baby/ Of being unable to protect his small family and many other insecurities he had kept hidden from his loving omega.

 Chè didn’t leave him or lecture him, he sat with him in silence. Waiting for Kim to calm down. The instant he did Chè spoke on his own worries and the foolish thoughts he had on not being a good parent.

The two reassuring the other about their reservations. Communication was something the pair needed from each other and promised to deliver.

Chè as his stomach grew, started to wear Kim’s shirts. Claiming he enjoyed smelling Kim as he went about his day; it made it seem like the alpha was with him.

One night during the last month of Chè’s pregnancy; they had gone for dinner.

They were having a world-class meal in a restaurant. The dining room was a mixture of champagne colours and white gold.

Servers in suits weaving seamlessly through the tables, anticipating the wants of their clients.

The two did not come here regularly but were now being treated as kings. Chè had stood to make his way to the restroom when Kim was pushing back his own chair. Chè waved his hand telling the man to stay. Kim wouldn’t have been allowed in anyway.

Kim answered his texts and emails as he waited for Chè’s reappearance.

His sweetheart dejectedly slides into his seat. The mood from earlier lost. Chè was reaching out for his sweater, pulling it on to cover himself.

The weather was sweltering and Chè was warm blooded.

Kim’s hackles raised.

“What’s wrong Sweetie?”

“Nothing, Kim I want to go home.”


Kim saw an arrange of emotions flitter across Chè’s face before it settled on embarrassment.

“I’m too fat to be outside.” Chè played with the stem of his water glass.

Kim could break his. In a dangerous tone he asked.

“Who the fuck said that?” He craved blood.

Chè was self-conscious of his body. Porsche had a smaller stomach and Chè believed himself too large for one child.

Kim was looking at his bodyguards. Chè was looking at anyone but Kim.

A woman’s laughter could be heard, Chè violently flinched. Kim smelt blood.

The chair ricocheting onto the floor as Kim shoved backwards. He stalked to the table of the woman.

She was lovely, soft skin, bright red lined eyes. The aquamarine dress she wore cost more than a person’s education. She was an upcoming actress and the mistress of one of their family’s business’s partners (minion). Her benefactor saw Kim before she did.

Kim’s face was a blank slate.

Her face was one of inquisitiveness. Her body language was open, welcoming his presence.

The older man at the table started to sweat as Kim moved to his woman.

The younger man bends to whisper in her ear.

“What the fuck did you say to my mate?”

She startled leaning away from him, now there was the fear.

“Keep your bitch under control because when I find out what you did. Lady you’ll wish I shot you.” Kim promised as he walked away. The man blabbering at him. Kim growled and the weak alpha stumbled back to his table.

Kim’s night was cuddling his weeping omega in their bed. Whispering sweet nothings into his stomach and praising him for how he treated his pregnancy.

Kim would destroy this little hussy.

Two days later on national news, her sex tapes had leaked. Her career was in ruins and her sugar daddy had left her. Sweet revenge for bad mouthing his mate. Chè would be proud he hadn’t killed her.

His baby boy was born in the middle of the night. Tiny and gross. But all Kim and Chè’s.

The baby’s loud cries echoing the halls. He was amazed no glass broke.

“Shh, darling, I know the world is scary but we’ll protect you.” Chè was cooing to his newborn, trying to get the child to latch on his nipple. The stubborn infant was refusing to do so.

Kim placed his hand on his son’s head.

“So combative… you’ll do well in this family.” Kim praised the small being.

“Our little Fong.”

Fong mirrored his mother in looks, however his attitude was Kim’s. Prone to arguing and jumping to assumptions.

The young boy was clever and caring. Playing in the garden with one of the old maids, she was soon his nanny.

Watching Kim’s son when his parents were working.

Kon and Fong were close, often seen together.

When Fong was still little another boy would join their family.

King—Porsche’s and Kinn’s last child.

The three thick as thieves.

Then Kon presented as an alpha.

Fong acted as if he would be one as well. Kim had no preference on his son’s dynamic. Yet Fong was giving himself stress headaches over nature’s decision.

When the boy went into heat, his room was completely destroyed. Fong did not speak to anyone for three days.

Kim was done with his imprudence, he was hurting Chè. Kim sat his son down. Demanding to know why he was behaving like this.

“I don’t want to be weak.”

“Weak!? Do you see weakness when uncle Porsche protects uncle Kinn? Do you see a weak being when your mother bandages me up after a fight? No omegas aren’t weak. They’re the strongest, constantly being underestimated but raising above those around them.”

Fong was silent.

“If you attack yourself, you insult your mother and uncle. I won’t let anyone mock my family. Not even you Fong. I know how powerful the two of you are and I love you too much to allow this to happen.”

Fong launched himself at his father in a tight hug. Kim held him tight.

The world was ugly but in this home. Kim could protect his love ones, especially if the one attacking them, was themselves.

Kim’s family was perfect and no one could say otherwise.     

His son was first of his year and had not yet declared what he would take in university. The family of three was gathered at the table when Fong made his announcement.

He was a medical student. His passion was to one day be a doctor.

Kim couldn’t have been prouder. In their family a medicine man would be needed and his son had inherited his sweetie’s caring nature.

Fong’s influence was naturally his mother, who he had watched help their men when they were harmed. Chè to Fong’s eyes had done magic and now Fong wanted to do the same. To aid their family and people.

Yes, his son would change lives. And if need be… end them.

To have his son, phone home in the middle of the night to say an alpha had rejected him. Was rage inducing to Kim.

What little shit looked at his son and then dismissed him?

A dead guy, that’s who.

Kim grabbed his gun and keys before Chè was able to talk him down.    

The alpha in question was now dating another alpha.

Rejection did not stop stinging no matter the age. Kim wanted his son to be young again. Then the largest problems he had was if his flowers were growing or if his toy broke.

Fong didn’t even drive his car to school, preferring to take his motorbike.

Where had he gone wrong?

Alphas had now been added to the equation. He missed his little boy.

Fong had mentioned that his younger cousin and his friends were causing mischief around campus but no one was dead yet.

So, Kim shrugged it off.

Kim received a report on an alpha who was friendly with his boy. His son paying for his nanny’s medical care. Her cancer treatment was a large stressor for his son but he couldn’t take it away from him. Kim pretended like he didn’t know Chè was also helping their son.

Fong was a determined young man, he worked at a flower shop as well as took a full schedule of classes in his university.  The money he paid for the hospital was a mixture of his paycheque and his monthly allowance.

Kim was secretly pleased with his child’s need to be independent. Although the enforcer wished he would still live with them. The house could be so lonely if Kim was there without Chè or Fong. He couldn’t believe he had once lived in such a silence.

Time had passed Kim by, no longer the young fighter he once had presented himself as. He wasn’t keeping old men in line. He was now breaking the backs of young boys.

Was this what his father had felt when his sons grew?

The doctor had met him at the hospital. Kim ordered his men to investigate him further.

No one should smile like that at his little boy.

This doctor was a few years older than his boy but had no red flags. No ties to any gangs or so much as a speeding ticket. He came from a middle-class family; his father was recently deceased.

Not the worst person Fong could interact with but Kim was still tempted to break the man’s head open.

Chè had quickly put a stop to that day dream. His sweetie was not one for violence and instead chose to ask friends at the man’s work place for their opinion.

His commentary was of a friendly alpha helping their junior.

Kim was not fooled; the doctor had started getting flowers from Fong’s workplace. The two-spending time alone. With cupcake being the only one to hear their words.

Should he bug the place? Khun would know who to hire.

His men had said nothing improper happened but still Kim didn’t want his son alone with some hotshot alpha.

Fong presented a strong front but was emotionally delicate. He had a bad habit of internalizing his problems.

Kim had stationed his men around the flower shop in case a business rival thought to act and instead caught a man trying to impress his son.

Chè had giggled about the news when Kim had brought it up to him.

Not seeing the danger of the situation.

“What’s the worst that can happen? He joins the mob?” Chè had joked to him as he cut vegetables.

Kim delivered a light swat to his bum.

“Chè do you not understand, someone is trying to steal our son.”

“Kim, our grown-up son is moving on in his life. That means dating.” The omega chuckled at the alpha’s look of betrayal.

Kim knew it was a mistake to show Chè the man’s photo. His mate claimed the doctor had kind eyes.

What could kind eyes hide?

His son had volunteered to go on a service trip with the engineering department. Kim sent some of his men, knowing Kinn would do the same. The cousins could enjoy the outdoors together and their fathers would sleep easy knowing they were safe.

Fong was spending time with doctor Thara.

Tricky snake.

Kim was shopping for a present for Chè. Nothing gaudy but simple. The sales people rushed to find the items for him. He wanted to give his darling a new necklace.

His men were watching the surrounding areas when Nont had abruptly shifted his head in the opposite direction. Knowing the other man for years, it was a clear sign something was wrong. Kim looked in the direction.

His jaw dropped.

His heir was sitting with the doctor, having ice cream. They were alone.

Where were his son’s bodyguards?

The two were making small talk as they ate, occasionally even feeding the other a bite of their own dessert.

Very cute.

Kim remembered the dates he had taken Chè on in their early courtship and omegas did love sweets. He still loved being able to make his mate smile on a surprise date.

He moved his body propelled itself to his son’s table.  He was going to murder this alpha.

His bodyguards wisely parted. Kim took three steps.

Ring, Ring, Ring

That ringtone was for Chè. Kim answered the call without hesitation.

“If you take another step, I’ll move in with Fong.” Chè’s voice interrupted before Kim could say hello.


“Kim leave the boys alone. Fong called me earlier this week to help him put his outfit together. YOU will not ruin this for him. Understood?” Chè threatened his husband.

Kim stood still. Beholding the site that was his son. Fong was dressed nicely but his son was always handsome, so why did he bother to dress up?

Yet there was a shy little smile on his boy’s face as he looked at the other male.

Fong was happy, happy with someone who wasn’t family.

Fong was looking at Thara, the same way Chè had gazed at Kim when they first started going out.

He turned back to the counter, continuing his search for Chè’s gift.

His bodyguards released a deep breath. Their bodies relaxing knowing a fight would not break out.

His son was a butterfly; being blown by the wind to multiple flowers. Searching for one that would reward him with nectar. His colours shown to attract a mate but what about those who would prey on him.

Their world was harsh, his wings could be pulled off for someone’s amusement.

Fong shoved the older boy as they walked by the store. He still took the doctor’s offered hand.

Yes, Kim would let his son fly as he had the boy’s mother but that does not mean. He couldn’t have the grave ready if this boy turned out to be a rotten flower.

Chè was cuddled up to Kim as they watched a movie. Work had stressed Kim and now he wanted to relax with his sweetheart. The movie was an excuse to hold his omega close, smelling his hair and feeling the warmth he gave off.

Chè had this ability to draw the anger from Kim’s bones. To cool his bloodlust and ignite his lust for his omega.

So many years had past since they met and yet Kim could not say he had lost even an inch of his love for Chè. It grew as the two spent more time together. When they died Kim hoped they could meet in their next lives.

The cute boy crying at Kim’s table was now his mate and Kim still could not believe Chè had chosen to be with him. Chè had thousands of alphas to pick and he selected Kim. The youngest wild card of the mafia family to be his rock.

Kim would blush when he thought of the kindness and love Chè had shown him.

Kim kept his promise to burn the world if Chè was taken from him. One gang had the hubris to kidnap his beautiful boy early in their relationship. Their ashes would never be recovered and their souls lost to the world of the dead.

Kim slept peacefully as he remembered the fear on their faces as he sent the message.

Don’t touch his mate!

His father had once mentioned to him about how he had changed once he met Chè. At the time he had brushed the words off, thinking the man overly involved in his life. As a father himself, he knew the man’s words were true.

Kim had no care for his brothers or the family business. He only cared for his next thrill or drink. Surrounding himself with groupies and devotees, people who could boost his ego.

When Chè listened to him; Kim felt like someone was finally listening to him. Finally seeing him for more than just his façade. Kim understood what people meant when they said they were living.

Kim started existing with Chè by his side.

Others had talked behind his back about how he followed his omega’s choices or how he had no alpha child. These things ‘marking’ him as a failure. Kim did not see it that way. He had an omega who despite his nurturing nature, became a part of the violent world Kim made his life. Said omega then loved him enough to gift him with a being just as precious as his mate. For Kim to watch grow and to protect.

If this was being a failure, then Kim never wanted to succeed in his life.

Kim wondered if Chè knew, truly knew, how large an impact he had made in Kim’s life. Probably not, Chè repetitively undervalued himself.  

“Kim… do you have any regrets?” Chè asked on the sofa.

Kim didn’t hesitate for a second.

“No, how could I? You have given me everything I could ever hope for. You trusted me with your heart and I pray you don’t take it back.” Kim kissed him on those red cheeks.

“No one I tell believes you to be a romantic.” Chè grumbled but there was no heat to it.

“I’m only romantic to you, sweetie.”

“Lies… your sweet to your family. You guys just hate to admit it.” Kim snorted. “Do you hate that Fong isn’t really in the mafia?”

“No, Fong is like you. Gentle but unbreakable. Also, if he was involved, no one could get work done. They’d be besought with his beauty. I know I’ve been since the moment I first saw you.”


The whack of the pillow was worth it when he got to hear, Chè’s breathy laughter.

Chapter Text

Accepted! He was accepted!

Ram’s face was emotionless as he clutched the letter. His mind was a blur of rapidly forming half completed thoughts. He had originally believed his grades too low to get into the engineering program but here was his letter.

His family was overjoyed at his success, “a step closer to adulthood” his father had said as he clapped Ram on the back. His little brother had obnoxiously asked if he could have his gaming systems. Claiming the elder sibling would be overworked with studying.

He wasn’t wrong.

Ram’s brain struggled with reading written work as he was switching the languages self-consciously. His wonderful mother made his favourites, her smile was his greatest reward.

Duen and a few of their other friends were going to the same university as him. Ram felt comforted to know there would be familiar faces. Due to his struggles to verbalize himself as a child; he now preferred to say nothing at all. With his silence and tattoos, people assumed he was part of organized crime or a ruffian. Classmates were shocked to see his family in their middle-class home.

Ram might have trained as a boxer but he had started the sport as a way to combat the bullies tormenting him. Not because of some alpha inherited violence, which thugs used as an excuse for their crimes.  

He still toiled with how others perceived him. Duen had helped him make friends who were not dogs.

Dogs were his bedrock; they did not judge him or correct his language skills. They showered Ram with affection and he did so to them in turn. Dogs were welcoming; humans were exclusive. They were prone to discovering and exploiting the differences in people.

Ram had yet to meet a person who did not judge him or completely understood him.

There was a senior who was both aggravating and amusing. Exasperating because he was trying to get Ram to speak to him. He was entertaining as Ram could say one word and the older boy would behave as if Ram had given him the sun. His eyes shone and his smile made Ram mute.

King—the god of the school.

He was extremely out-going and kind. Ram was not the only one he tutored but he was the only one the other wanted to have dinner with after. Ram told his treacherous heart not to read in to this development.

King had the scent of mint and hibiscus. Ram would not deny he had not expected King to be an omega as King presented himself as a leader. In Ram’s past the omegas were overly shy and hesitant to approach him.

King was friendly to everyone. The only exception was the stray dogs that used the school grounds as their home.

He had confided in Ram he had been attacked by them. When Ram had probed further, King had struggled and said they were put down.

Ram felt the problem would have been solved if the dogs had been trained better originally.

King gave a mirthless chuckle, shaking his head.

“They were too well trained.”

King did not elaborate on his words.

King had this ability to explain anything to Ram, complex math equations or science facts he had discovered. When King spoke, Ram listened and he remembered. The two sat at a lone table surrounded by plants. The pair huddled over Ram’s homework, their breaths a hair length apart.

The silly little texts King would randomly send Ram. The photos of plants or things that reminded King of Ram. It warmed his heart to know the other thought of him. King was like the sun everyone orbited him but King paid them no attention. Ram wanted a small part of both his heat and light. Even if it was only for a second. To warm Ram’s Pluto.

King’s friends were chaotic dumbasses but King followed them into anything. Ram applauded his loyalty. For all of King’s hatred of Ram’s first love. No one personified a dog’s personality as well as King.

King’s gift of the Venus fly trap was unexpected but he treasured it. Embarrassingly talking to it before he went to bed. Some people wrote journals of their thoughts and feelings; Ram whispered to a bug devouring plant while tucked under his covers.

Don’t judge him.

For the first time in his life Ram was ‘acing’ exams, all due to King’s tutelage. He had gone to approach the senior for a dinner invitation as a thank you (read not date).

However, King was not alone at their usual table. There was a middle age man dressed in a suit. The tables were empty, the two men alone. The business man was the one talking, King was nodding along.

“Thanks for picking me up, I hadn’t planned on recking my truck. Did the mechanics say when it would be fixed?” King nervously moved the strap of his bag.

“No young master, your father said one of us would drive you.” The nameless man replied. Assisting King from his seat and leading him to the parking lot.

“I’ll get a ride with Bohn, no need to go out of your way for me.” King argued.

The pair moved out of Ram’s hearing distance. Ram knew King came from a financially secured family but not to the point a servant would pick King up.

Why would King use the bus if he could have someone drive him?

Ram would later have their private dinner and King had offered to drive Ram back to his dorm. Ram thought maybe the plant lover hadn’t wanted their evening to end either.  Ram had agreed, it was late and the buses would be running late.

The sports car King stopped beside, took Ram’s breath away. This car cost more than Ram’s family home. He didn’t even want to touch it.

King pulled out his keys and sat in the driver’s seat, without pause. He turned his head seeing Ram not getting in.

“Is the door locked?”

Ram shook his head, gently opening the door as if it were paper-mâché.

King started the engine, zooming away from the parking lot and to the dorm. Ram’s vision was a blur of buildings outside the window. Ram was wanting to ask about the car but couldn’t find the right words.

“My cousin lent me his car, good thing too. It’s raining… I’m glad you let me drive you home.”

King did not talk about his family outside of his friend group. From what Ram was able to connect was King and Bohn had known each other since birth. Mek had come later -- a friend of the family. Boss and Tee were added after they met during the first-year introductions.

So, King also had a cousin, one with a great deal of money if he loaned out his car, this easily.

King had invited the two friend groups to hangout at his home. The gardens were fantastic and it was easy to see why King loved the space, his secret place an added bonus. The way King acted while surrounded by nature made Ram believe he must have been a nymph in a past life.

His devotion and understanding of the little beings blew Ram’s mind. King had a plethora of knowledge stored in his mind.

The group was drinking heavily and Boss had fallen asleep against Mek. The alpha was dazed but cradling his intoxicated lover. Bohn and Duen were sitting too close for Ram’s comfort.

Tee was laying on the ground and the ‘sober’ ones were making small talk. Ram sat silent but he had been drinking water. He did not want to air out his problems to the group if he had too much to drink. He was worried if King looked at him for longer than a minute, he would break in to tears due to what he had discovered.

“You have a beautiful home.” Ting Ting said.

King hummed and reached for another drink.

“This is his family’s vacation home. Isn’t this where your dad comes when he’s pissed at his mate?” Bohn interjects as he rubbed Duen’s back.

King had become distracted with a pretty red petaled plant. When Bohn had asked for his confirmation a second time, King agreed.

“Does that mean your parents are fighting?” Another voice asked.

Ram wondered as well, if this was true. King might be willing to listen and provide advice to Ram.

“Not really, I mean they argue but they don’t fight because they hate each other. It’s more to do with the fact they want to call out the other’s stupid actions.”

Duen jerked from Bohn to rush to the restroom, the sound of him trying to prevent his own retching destroyed the party atmosphere.

The omega and alpha had a quiet moment before Ram had to get his friends’ home. Ram knew he could not trouble his dear senior with his father’s infidelity. King was not his emotional counsellor nor did he have to carry Ram’s burden.

King could have his own family issues and this reason was why he did not mention them.

King was terrified of dogs but he had allowed Ram to stay with him, without a second thought.

The apartment was lined with plants of various sizes, the ones dangerous to dogs. King had immediately hidden behind doors. King had not acted as if he was inconvenienced by his new roommates. But Ram saw how he behaved with his dogs. They would need to return home but Ram?

Ram could not face his father. Not knowing the betrayer was sleeping with the girl Ram had his first kiss with.

His father was dating a woman who was the same age as his son. A girl he had seen go through puberty. How could he?

Ram felt the tears stream down his face, uncaring for his alpha pride. His heart was broken, the idealization of his father shattered in one careless action.

Should Ram not have followed him? Was he part of the problem? 

Here Ram was dressed in King’s clothes in the other boy’s living room. Crying on his daybed. What a fearsome alpha he was. His family tearing apart by his father’s lust. His mother and brother oblivious to this deception.

Ram felt like Atlas holding the sky up as people went about their lives ignorant to the reality of what would happen if he shifted under the weight.

Ram wanted to be unaware of this or that he misunderstood the reason why his father was at a love hotel at the same time as his friend. But that damn Facebook post could not have been clearer if she had shouted it from the rooftops or directly in Ram’s face.

King held Ram as he wept. Ugly, body shaking sobs echoed in the small space. For once King did not fill the silence but he still offered his presence to Ram’s heartbreak.

Ram’s cries were mixed with his dogs’ whimpers and King’s breathing. His head rested on King’s lap. The older boy ran his fingers through Ram’s wet hair.

“Shh sleep Ram, tomorrow is a new day.”

Hopefully it would mean a new stronger Ram as well.

King did not label anything in his pantry nor in his tea cabinet. Ram discovered as he tried to make King breakfast as thank you for housing him for the night.

King had found him floundering in his kitchen. A bed haired King was rubbing sleep from his eye with the palm of his hand. The boy dressed in a over size shirt and a pair of sleeping shorts.

If Ram wasn’t a morning person, his sleep ridden brain would have froze at the sight.

“Do you want help?”


The couple was searching through a hidden plant shop. King had taken Ram here an hour ago. The older engineer was not in a hurry as he kneeled in front of a shelve filled with lush greenery.

King had dirt on the knees of his jeans as he spoke to the container in his hand. Complementing it on the tiny sprouts growing. The shop attendant and Ram watched with affection for the omega.

King’s phone rang. King sighed as he set the plant down moving away from his watchers for privacy.

Ram picked up the little pot and walked to the counter. The shop bag he tried to hide as King returned. It was spotted as soon as King saw him.

The hug King gave him. Ram would replay this moment for years to come. His heart beat a rapid tempo but when King accepted the gift it stopped and Ram forgot how to breathe.

Lunch was a relaxed event the waitress had tried to flirt with Ram, he had ignored her in favour for reading the menu. He had not eaten at this place before and was concerned that King might not like what was served. Thankfully it had many of his favourites.

Ram was surprised by King asking him to move in with him. Claiming the other shouldn’t live with his family if he was stressed. Ram shouldn’t be isolated by his knowledge.

Ram gave in and moved some of his clothes to King’s home but did not adopt the title of his roommate. Ram was not putting intentions on King’s actions; this was a friend helping another friend. Nothing romantic about the gesture.

Yes, they slept in the same bed, but it was completely platonic.

If Ram awoke in the night or early morning with King under him, Ram trapping him against the wall. A leg firmly placed between King’s and an uncomfortable situation in his sleeping pants. That was Ram’s moral dilemma; he did not need to share it with anyone.

Ram was looking for a new gym. The one he had gone to previously was one his parents had started him at. There was a chance they might go there looking for him. Ram didn’t ask King, since the senior didn’t mention working out or an interest in any form of exercise.

One senior from high school messaged him about a gym he worked at. It was a higher class one, a ten-minute walk from King’s condo. The senior had listed the many amenities the gym presented. Ram decided he could investigate it and if he did join, his senior had promised to give him a discount.

The gym was state of the art and had a large arrange of equipment for Ram to use. The boxing ring was also a large selling point for the silent alpha. The alphas boxing looked like good sparring partners.

There was a crowd gathered around another fighting area. Ram wandered over to see the spectacle. The form of fighting in motion was judo and looked like the two fighters were evenly matched. The smaller male gained the upper hand and threw the other to the ground.

The juxtaposition of the pacifist King and the one who defeated alphas in battle effortlessly was jarring. From their previous talks King was not one to solve his problems with force, instead choosing to come to a compromise or an agreement both parties could live with. To be honest he had yet to hear King raise his voice at anything other than a dog.

The sound of the unknown man’s back hitting the ground nearly made Ram miss King brushing the hair from his eyes. A little smirk on his face as he left to get his water bottle.

“King…” Ram called in a daze.

King was wearing a tight t-shirt and athletic sweats; he was glistening with sweat. His gentle muscles were displayed by his clothing. King had the body of a swimmer but he understood; King was a more complex character than he presented himself as.   

King changed directions, now standing beside Ram.

“Hey cool boy what are you doing here?” He took a sip from his bottle. Ram watched the water make its journey down King’s lovely neck to his collarbone.

Ram snapped out of his daze to text King.

‘I’m thinking about joining this gym.’

“That’s cool. It’s nice here; everyone is super friendly.” King rattled off.

They’re friendly because when you smile alphas fall apart and will start wars for you.

Ram thought to himself as King toured him around.

Ram had the courage to text King about his fighting skills. King had sheepishly admitted his family had a background in it.

King was an enigma for all his talking about a variety of topics depending on his conversation partner; he rarely revealed something about himself. What he did divulge was superficial or he would redirect the talk back to his companion.

Ram had been living with King for a few months and would tentatively say they were dating.

Ram was returning from buying their meal for the evening when he over heard some men dressed in all black.

“He’s not home…”

“No, you know how the little master is.”

“Why can’t the omegas stay in one place? It’s so hard to follow them, constantly disappearing…” The pair went down the emergency stairs by passing a hidden Ram.

Ram hastily made his way to their condo. The door was not broken nor showed signs of tampering. The inside was not disturbed; no plant an inch from its original place. Ram searched the place for any sign of life beside theirs. However, he discovered nothing, he then panics texting King.

King came home soon after Ram, darting into the room. He stopped in front of the younger boy.

“Ram are you okay? I’ve never gotten so many texts from you before-”

King was cut off by Ram tugging him into an embrace. Reassuring himself of King’s safety, scenting the smaller male. Ram followed the other around their space for the rest of the weekend. He did not say why he had suddenly become so clingy but King carried his new leach with a dignity Ram didn’t know he had.

King had gone home for his heat, leaving Ram alone for two days. The first day he had gone home to play with his dogs and spend time with his mother. His father was on a business trip and there was no chance of the two being alone together. Ram wasn’t ready to confront his father.

On the second day he stopped by to pick up his homework that was due the next day. He put his key in the lock and walked inside. Taking off his shoes and making his way to their—King’s bedroom. He caught the sound of someone else’s foot steps.

He was excited, thinking King may have returned early. He called out for the other boy.

Instead, a woman’s voice mimicked his greeting.

An older woman was dressed in a cleaning uniform, her elderly face held a maternal warmth to it. She had been dusting King’s room.

“Oh! You’re not the owner.” She was startled as well.

“No, I left my homework here…”

She looked at him intently before moving to the closet.

“Are these your clothes?” She asked as she gesture to his school uniforms and some casual clothes he left in there.  The garments were hung beside King’s but it was clear from the drastic style differences and sizing, that these materials did not belong to the owner of the condo.

Ram nodded, she handed him some papers.

Ram worried they may be a contract but it was his homework.

“Off you go dear.”

She ushered him off with a wave.

Ram didn’t know King had a cleaning service; the apartment was not usually dirty enough to warrant one. Maybe King was concerned for the safety of his plants?

The two had started to date after the service trip. Their shouting match had opened the floodgates on their emotions. The drunk kiss did no justice to their current ones but it conveyed all they wanted in the moment. To show the other without words how they loved so fiercely. A give and take on who had control. There was no dominating party but two people who sought to demonstrate their passion. The searching hands tore at their clothes. Until the pair were in their underwear as they rutted against each other. Ram couldn’t let go of King’s lips, if he did his world would end. King might misunderstand and Ram would not let that happen ever again.

The mixed scent of them was intoxicating and their drunk actions lowered their inhibitions. They needed each other not their pride. Ram was swallowing King’s moans and whimpers as he was driven closer to the cliff of pleasure.  King jumped off first, closely followed by Ram.

The panting boys snuggled close in their sleeping bags; happy to finally understand the other. One last kiss was shared that night.  

Ram hated going to bars or clubs. This one in particular was loud and people were brushing against him every time he shifted. This wasn’t a university bar but one the seniors knew. Hidden within the city, a password needed to enter.

Ram didn’t understand why they went here instead of their usual bar. Ram tightly grasped King’s hand. Fearful to lose him to the dancing party goers. He had breathed a sigh of relief when they selected a table.

Their stronghold was in a dark corner close to one of the back exits. Bohn had snagged it and demanded the group used the space. Duen had argued it was farther from the bar and dancefloor but for once his boyfriend did not give into his demands.

Mek had sat without a word, guiding Boss to take the seat next to him. The rest piled around the circular table. Ram delighted to have the plant loving omega at his side. They (King and Mek) bought pitchers of beer and bottles of liquor. The shells of nuts were clattering against the multiple empty glasses.

Their group had splintered, Tee had gone to hit on some older girls at the bar and Ting Ting had dragged Bohn and Duen off to dance. Boss and Mek had headed off to the bathroom. He did not want to know what the silly wife and his mute husband were going to do in there.

King was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed, listening to the party environment. He looked peaceful, all most like he was asleep. When Ram tried to check, King’s eyes opened. “Thanks for coming tonight.”  King smiled as Ram’s cheeks heated. “I’ll reward you when we get home.”

If Ram had been a dog his tail would be wagging. This was a new aspect of their relationship. The touching, they had moved past kissing or rutting against the other and were going farther to caresses on bare skin. On one memorable night. King had used his mouth to bring Ram to completion. Ram had done the same holding the plant enthusiast’s upper thighs until they bruised; the omega begging him to stop due to over sensitization.

King’s scent was one of joy, content to be around his friends and the lively atmosphere. Ram was happy to have King with him. He made a motion of having another drink, signaling to King, he was ready to deliver one if needed but King jumped from his seat.

Already slipping into the drink line making small talk with the two girls ahead of him. The natural social butterfly; bringing a sense of delight and wonder by the sight of him. Ram watched the little trio before a girl dressed in a pop-rock aesthetic drew his attention away from King to ask the meaning of his dreamcatcher tattoo. Cheerfully showing her own tattoos off.

Ram communicating in his monosyllables as was his norm.

The others slowly reappearing to the table. Boss and Mek in ruffled clothes but satisfied grins. Tee was next wearing a dejected look as he was rejected by his targets. The others trickled in but again his King had not arrived.

The line wasn’t that long.

Where was his King?

He was now in high alert, shifting in his seat. The once up-tempo beating music and shining lights were mocking him. The music drowned out any sign of King’s voice and the lights landed on anyone but his senior.

Ram’s uneasiness grew as Bohn also started to become concerned. Pulling out his phone to call his best friend. A frustrated growl escaped his lips as he heard King’s voicemail.

Ram left the table.

A manhunt had commenced, a few of their friends stayed in case King found his own way back.

Ram went to the bar, the last place he saw King. By-passing the line; Ram pushed past the people dancing. He heard complaints and insults on his behaviour but Ram found himself unable to even acknowledge them.

King’s safety was more important.

As Ram moved and took in the people around him, he noticed many men dressed in a black dress shirt and pressed pants. Ram felt his hackles go up. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up on edge. These men were younger than the ones at King’s condo but wore the same uniform.

He hadn’t heard about omegas being kidnapped on the news but he wouldn’t let his omega be the first.

Mint and hibiscus filled his nostrils. He growled and people parted to let him see. King his wrist held by an older man. The man dressed in high quality designer names, his odor was of cigarette smoke and a fowl blend of burned coffee. Ram had the desire to cover his nose. King was pulling his arm back, his feet planted firmly in place. He was in a heated conversation with this rich guy. The bartender looked conflicted before he made the choice to ignore what was going on in front of him. Moving to address another customer.

Ram bared his teeth in fury. Why was no one stepping in?  

Ram opened his mouth to call King’s name.


A gunshot was fired, people screamed as they dropped to the ground. King and his attacker froze. Ram drove onwards but another man reached his boyfriend first.

A business man who was older than King marched towards the pair. The men in black from earlier at his side but also a few dressed in club clothing fanned in behind the leader.

The man held the gun as he walked, fluently placing the gun in to its holder. A look of rage on his face; bourbon scent was overpowering, masking all other scents. King’s would-be suitor released the omega attempting to run but he was caught by the men in black. Forcing his arms behind his back and dropping him to his knees. The nameless man struggled as the gun man stood in front of him.

“Break his arms and hands then take him back to headquarters.” The voice was deadly calm as the order was given.

His men jumped to attention; they hauled the pleading alpha away. No one got up from their place yet, motionless as if they were in a picture.

The alpha surveyed the area and pulled King by his wrist without a word him and his remaining men moved to the back doors. Where their friends would be seated. The bodyguards formed a circle around the alpha and omega.

Ram would save King.

Who was this alpha?

King wasn’t resisting his touch or the men around him. One of the alphas moved as the boss waved his hand. Three men went to the bar. Was it to retrieve the bartender?

Ram was still following them as they neared the table. Mek had Boss pressed against the table shielding him, hypervigilant eyes catching every movement. Bohn was in front of Duen, his own eyes just as cold. Both seniors did not hold any warmth, no these were the eyes of killers.

Bohn sat straight up as he saw the man taking King. He looked taken back.

Bohn knew this alpha.

Had this man had a relationship with King? His King who hated excessive violence? Could this be why the plant lover learned to defend himself? Because of this terrifying alpha and his goons?

It didn’t matter Ram would not let the other man be harmed. His omega was his safe space, Ram would be the protector of the life they built.

“Sir-” Bohn started his voice hitched.

“Silence.” An order. Bohn obeyed.

The seniors stood from the table. They used their bodies to hide their juniors but they could still be seen.

“Is this what you call protecting him? I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you. Fuck!” The mafia man tightened his grip, King let out a hiss of pain.

The engineering omega released some of his calming scent as if to temper the alpha’s rage. A response he must have done often as he gained the results, he wanted within seconds.

Yes, this man was one of King’s pass flings and an abusive one if his actions were common.

“Kon… Kon let go. Please you’re hurting me.” King whispered as he gazed around, his eyes searching. Ram couldn’t decipher until King saw him. The fear in his eyes faded, but he rapidly jerked his head away. Leaving Ram alone and confused.

Why wouldn’t King call out to him?

Kon the alpha’s name. One mystery was solved but more questions arose.

The alpha upon hearing the younger omega’s plea loosened his grip, placing his hand on the other’s arm. The skin showing the fresh purpling of a new forming bruise.

Kon and Ram growled at this new revelation.

The mobster turned to face the sound, seeing Ram for the first time. He raised an eyebrow in a challenge and moved out the back door. The seniors followed them. Ram and his friends dragging behind.

A limo was parked there. A door was being held open by one man in black.

Tee went in first, then Mek and Boss. Boss took King’s hand. The alpha let him. Following the omega. Ram was soon in after Kon. Luckily the space on King’s left was open. He sat there. The omega had Kon on his right. Everyone else flowed in.

The car ride was tense.

The alpha put his phone to his ear.

“We’re coming home. I’m bringing guests. King’s guests.” The call was then ended.

King’s head snapped to the other a look of fear on his face.

“You said you would be safe with these idiots. I expected better from these two alphas. My mistake.” Kon let out a humorless chuckle. Mek pulled Boss closer, hushing the smaller man. Bohn did the same to Duen.

“Are these your lovers?” Kon asked, being given nods in answer. “Can’t you fucking multitask?”

Kon lit a cigarette and King wrinkled his nose.

“You said you quit.”

“King now is not the time.”

Ram ached to hold King, to remove him from this madness. He couldn’t help but be angry at his own helplessness.

The limo slowed to a stop and the group went into a large manor a large entryway was the sight that greeted them. An older man in black welcomed them in. He had similar features to Bohn and the alpha in question lowered his head.

“Pete are they ready?” Kon asked briskly moving up the stairs.

“Yes boss, might I ask what happened?” Pete the alpha asked.

“Ask your son.” That ended the interrogation.

Kon was in the lead with Pete walking behind the group.

They arrived at the door to an office.

Kon opened the door without warning.

A man sat at a large wooden desk. An alpha who radiated power and the suit he wore was an example of his wealth and prestige. He had a smirk on his face when Kon gave King a shove forward. The man standing behind the desk, frowned at the treatment of King.

This man had King’s skin tone and if Ram looked close enough maybe his mouth but Ram couldn’t say for certain.

King was nervous to be in this room, with these men.

“Why did you call?” The kingpin asked.

“There was an alpha at the bar…”

“Which bar?”

“One of uncle Kim’s. I’ll deal with it.” The two violent alphas had severe frowns on their faces.

Who was Kim? Another mobster?

“I’ll tell him before you burn the place down.” The mafia boss joked. His eyes critical as he looked at the alpha and omega. He didn’t acknowledge the others in the room.

“Who bruised him?” It was not the boss who asked but the standing man who went to the side table. Bringing forth a medical kit. He went to King, who stood ready to be treated.

“A fucker whose about to die.” Kon said as he shrugged. The leader nodded as he watched his bodyguard aid King.

“Don’t shove him. You two aren’t little boys.” The alpha reprimanded the younger alpha. Getting up from his seat, he spread his arms in welcome.

“I recognize King’s friends but not the new faces.”

“Kinn, don’t scare them.” The guard spoke as he had not yet looked up from his work.

“I would never, Porsche.” Kinn put a hand over his heart as if he had been shot. Three different snorts echoed the room.

“They’re King’s juniors and one is his mate.” Kon dropped the atom bomb.

How did he know?

Gone was Kinn’s jovial tone and expressions, instead a stone face took shape.


A shout startled the group causing them to jump, King flinched and Ram instinctively went to his side.

No one would hurt his King.

“That should answer your question.” Porsche spoke aloud as Kinn took a gun off his desk.

“No, I think not.” Kinn tone held repressed rage as he spun the chamber closed.

He started to point it at Ram. Everyone held their breath. King tried to step in front of him. Ram pushed him back.

“Kinn if you shoot the boy. I swear to god I’ll kill you and burn this place to the ground.” The bodyguard Porsche vowed as he stood directly in the bullets path. The alpha sighed and shook his head as he let his bodyguard take the pistol.

Kon let out a sad sound. Disappointed Ram’s brain wasn’t going to paint the wall.

“Did you know?” Kinn asked Porsche.

“I had a speculation.” Kinn and Kon’s looks of confusion made him continue. “Those weren’t his clothes and he was constantly out ‘studying’. When has King needed to study.”

Porsche’s words made King flush. Who were these people?

“Daddy tell father not to hurt Ram. He never did anything to me and was protecting me.” King pleaded with his parent.

The room’s occupants were floored, King’s family was mafia?

The seniors were acting like this was old news but Ram, Duen and Ting Ting were freaking out on the inside.

“Protecting! You call that protecting!” Kon argued and Ram was ready to defend himself when Kinn raised a hand.

“Kon stop. King would you like to share with the rest of the room.” Kinn was King’s father… yes Ram could see it. They shared the same eyes as did Kon.

“Big brother wasn’t even supposed to be there. I was handling the situation myself.” King tried to start before his brother cut him off with his own version of what had happened. A shouting match of the two brothers talking over each other was ended when Porsche spoke.


Both stopped, Kinn smiled at his mate.

“Always so impressive.” He murmured

“Fuck you and your family.” Porsche retorted without a pause making the alpha laugh.

“They’re your children, you carried them.” Kinn said.

“Your blood ruined them. How come Che’s kid doesn’t start shit.” He complained.

Porsche looked at Ram for a long while without saying anything.

“Could do worse, I did.”

King was beaming away he held Ram’s hand, swinging their lock hand back and forth.

Kinn looked miffed as he asked for clarification on how he was Porsche’s worst.

“You bought my house, forced me to be your bodyguard and then held my landlady at gun point.” He listed off but there was amusement in his voice.

Kinn preened and a pleased smirk on his face as each item was listed.

“You always did have to start shit. Life would be so much easier if you listened when I asked.”

“Dumbassess who get beat up in alleys don’t get a say in this.”

It was an old argument from the way they spoke to the other, each counterpoint was out of fondness not a heated debate.

“What’s the worst that can happen? King starts dating a law-abiding citizen?” Porsche mocked as he brushed his youngest son’s hair back from his face.

“It truly would be the end of my legacy.” Kinn chimed back.

“When can we shoot him?” Kon questioned mischief and a little over protective brother violence in his eyes.

“If he hurts King.” Kinn said without a doubt in his voice, Ram felt like his grave had already been dug.  

How could they be so nonchalant about murdering people?

King said nothing but his body language was not distressed or scared. He was in his home with loved ones.

Ram remembered returning from their service trip and turning on the news that the homeless man who had struck King had been found in the woods with a bullet hole in his head. King’s family’s men must have done that. At the time Ram was just glad King could not learn about the event, he had worried it would upset the other further.

“You okay Cool boy?” King asked him as they walked to the main eating hall.

Ram didn’t know how to process what he had learned but looking at King’s face he knew. He couldn’t leave the other boy.

King had not once left Ram alone; Ram would stay by King’s side until the other no longer wanted him.

All families had their struggles and strengths even Ram’s own. Yet King had let Ram stay with him and now Ram should let King take the lead.

There were armed men walking around every turn and maids milling about keeping the place clean.

It was all very intimidating but he had King by his side.

The family of four were the firsts to take their seats but were not the only people at the table.

Two men bore a striking resemblance to Kinn. The omega who was in between them, was trying to keep the peace but was mostly failing. Porsche drew him into a talk on how the hospital was doing. The alphas who looked like King’s father were his uncles and they started talking ‘business’. The guest sat and Ram was introduced to Khun, Kim and Che. Che seemed to be the most normal and was the younger brother of Porsche.

How odd three alpha brothers and two omega brothers.

Ram tried his best to talk but King mostly spoke for him, which he liked.

Khun was bizarre but harmless, choosing to ask Boss if he had seen a specific drama and the two started to gush about it.

Kim glared daggers at Duen when he was introduced.

“Kim, you can’t run the boy over with your car.” Che admonished.

“Like I would waste good paint on him, no I’d just beat him to death…” Kim said as he cut his food.

Duen paled not knowing why the other alpha hated him.

“You rejected my son.”

Ram and Duen exchanged looks, who had Duen rejected. They thought for a moment.

“Fuck.” They both said in unison. The rebuffed party was Fong, the older med student.

“Kim!” Che called.

“If uncle Kim gets to kill the alpha; can I kill King’s?” Kon interjected.

Porsche took a sip of his coffee as everyone looked at him before sighing.

“I never should have help you… better yet I should have asked for more.” Porsche said as he thought about their past.

“I don’t know I like the cocky fighter who help me for 50,000 baht and then had the nerve to threaten me if my watch was fake.” Kinn sipped his own drink as he brushed the bangs from King’s eyes.

“I got two sons and a dangerous mate from that one chance meeting, so darling… would you really run again?”

Chapter Text

Porsche was pissed. A simple business deal on who got to smuggle what, had turned into a shoot out. Porsche had used both his fists and weapons to get Kinn and himself away from the immediate danger.

This had started off so promisingly. It was a meeting in a nice expensive hotel, with solid silver utensils and the nice chandeliers and shit. Truly very posh and the last place cops or trash would think to look. An uncomplicated business deal and out before lunch.

Fuck Porsche if life was ever that simple. No, these bastards had to try to double cross them. Which resulted in the room being way less nice than it had originally started off as. Those bastards had a few less men alive too. They would soon learn what happened to those who tried to cheat this family.

He was thankful Kon had not traveled with them, having business with King’s friend’s family.

Those business partners were solidified by three generations of unity. So, Porsche didn’t spare a thought on that summit.

Porsche focused on Kinn, who was leaning his weight against Porsche. Kinn had gotten shot in the side; grazed but he was bleeding.  Porsche had his hand covering and applying pressure to the wound. Kinn’s one arm around Porsche’s waist and the other on top of Porsche’s hand.

“Why is it that I’m always saving your ass?” Porsche grumbled. Not angry but more miffed at people trying to kill his husband.

“Because you look so dashing when you do. Look I’m still swooning.” Kinn joked. Pecking his mate on the cheek.

To an outsider they looked like an overly affectionate couple. Walking in the now familiar area Porsche knew this was where King lived.

His youngest had asked to live on campus during his first year but the offer was swiftly rejected. It was a shame too; King had put a lot of work into his PowerPoint display. Kinn (the business major) was a sucker for a well constructed PowerPoint.

The two needed a place to hide and King’s would have to do. The building was heavily scrutinized and Porsche made a once a month checks to see if the security was doing their jobs. He didn’t fear King living on his own, the omega could cook and kept his place neat. Kon, he would give an hour before the alpha started a fire in his kitchen over a pot of noodles.

They made their way up the back stairs. Not trusting the elevator. Shuffling to King’s door. Porsche used his spare key to unlock the door. The jungle at the front door had grown but they moved around the greenery. Kin was gently placed on the couch as he went to get a towel. Porsche making the effort to not touch anything with his bloody hand. Not wanting King to overreact to the sight.

The desired towel was now wrapped around his alpha’s body.

King had redecorated, Porsche noticed as he fished the med kit from its home.

The bodyguard called their other subordinates to say they were safe and would not be home that night.  Porsche figured his son would enjoy their surprised visit. They could sleep on the balcony.

King’s classes should end soon.

Kinn hissed as Porsche stitched him up. Porsche had yet to be able to keep his hand steady as he stitched up his mate, it wasn’t from a lack of practice but more to do with his nerves.

“Sorry Kinn.”

“Not your fault, Love.” Kinn comforted.

The asshole still called him by stupid pet names. If his husband wasn’t injured, he would have shoved him.

“That’s new.” Kinn commented on as Porsche fumed about his earlier remark.

The object of interest a collage of photos. Some with friends Porsche knew. One with Fong, Chè’s son but a few held faces Porsche did not know.

Porsche although not as much of a control freak like Kinn, still wanted to know those in King’s inner circle. He felt as his son grew older; he was losing touch with him. As much as King liked to send teasing messages about what his dad and his husband were doing. Their reunions in person were lessening as King had to spend more time on his university schedule.

It made the bodyguard long for time with his youngest. Maybe he should take a page from Kinn’s book and just kidnap the boy?

Porsche would think longer on the matter but for now. He looked at the photos.

The common denominator of the photos was a young man with a neck tattoo. He was prominently sitting beside his little boy. Either King’s arm would be on the younger boy or this unknown kid, would be unnecessarily close to his son.

This would need to be investigated further.

Kinn patted the cushion empty next to him. Porsche sat down then wormed his way under Kinn’s uninjured arm. Practically on top of his mate. Kinn snuzzled at Porsche’s hair as they cuddled. Feeling the adrenaline leave their blood.

Porsche longed for both the exciting moments but also the quiet ones with his mate. Feeling his heartbeat under his ear was what Porsche needed in this moment. To confirm with himself that they would live for another day.

They had too. Their sons needed them to guide them and protect them.

Even if the two are adults; Porsche would guard his two sweet boys until his last breath.

Porsche wiggled his nose as he felt something tickle it. Brushing his finger under his nose, his hand came to his eyes. On his finger was a strand of dog fur.

Why would King have dog fur in his condo?

The mafia mates heard the front door locks tumbled open, unlocking the door.

Porsche and Kinn sat up, both had their guns drawn as they waited to see who would enter the space. The footsteps were heavy as they made their way out of the entry way.

The new person was not his son. Porsche knew that without seeing their face. King always greeted his plants; his boy could have been bleeding to death and he would still pet/greet his ‘kids’.

It was the boy from King’s pictures, he was frozen as his hand had been removing his earbud from his right ear. Porsche smelt the boy’s scent—he was an alpha.


An unknown alpha was in his youngest son’s condo, he had a backpack on his shoulder. Who was this boy and how did he get a key?

Kinn could not believe the nerve of this punk to enter his son’s safe space as if he lived here. Porsche must have had similar thoughts as they kept the intruder at gunpoint. Kinn nodded to Porsche.

His omega got off the sofa and stalked to the young alpha, confiscating this kid’s bag to search it.

Kinn wanted to know what his intensions were and why he had broken into his baby bud’s condo.

Porsche’s hand thumped onto the unidentified kid’s shoulder before the tattoo boy was jostled onto a chair. Kinn’s gun never left his frame. He could see the slight terror in this brat’s eye.

Good let him worry for his life.

The mixed student was looking at them but Kinn saw him searching for something or someone else in the building. Did he have a partner.

His tattoos were not connected to any gang Kinn knew.

Porsche dumped the boy’s bag onto the table, school papers and pencils scattered as they hit the table’s surface.

Porsche shook the bag for good measure before tossing it. Coming back to Kinn’s side. Where he was safest in Kinn’s opinion.

The brat neither blabbered nor blustered. It was refreshing in Kinn’s line of work, no one was truly silent if they could save their own skin.

This alpha glared at Kinn but made no move to fight. Why was that?

Alphas were bred to be natural fighters, to protect or prey on those they desired.

Kinn would remove this threat from his son’s life. He cocked his gun and aimed it at the alpha’s head, to shoot him between the eyes.

The door was unlocked for a third time that day. Kinn could hear King softly greet and compliment his plants. The door not yet shut.

Kinn was going to open his mouth to tell King to close the door thus muffling the gun shot.

The alpha gave a frantic order.

“RUN and don’t look back! Get somewhere safe!” His voice was deep but not yet out of his adolescence. He had turned his head away from the mafia members to make sure his voice could be heard clearly and loudly.

Kinn wanted to snort, what was this little bastard trying to prove? King followed no man’s commands. He was strong willed like his birth father.

The door slammed against the wall and King’s sprinting steps could be heard. Porsche darted off after their child.

Kinn was not going to kill him nicely anymore. A bullet between the eyes was too good for someone who dared to order his beloved son around.

Kinn would torture him to death, then leave what remained to the dogs to feast on.

Kinn stood and walked to the student. Striking him harshly in the face. Kinn was pleased to see blood on his fist. A moment of instant satisfaction in Kinn’s day of dreadful happenstances.  The boy’s lip was split and a bruise was forming on his jaw. The first of many injuries to come then when he was finished with this brat; let’s see if he would still be silent and defiant.

Kinn now recognized him from the photos on King’s mantel. Was he King’s junior or a stalker who had gotten close to his son?

Kinn did not completely know what this boy had planned but he knew the hearts of the wicked. Being apart of those devious men, a horrid barrage of images flooded his mind. King would not be hurt by some cur.

The younger alpha said nothing as he watched Kinn watch him.

The silence made the minutes feel longer. Kinn had almost forgotten that King was a long-distance runner in high school. It made the alpha want to chuckle.

When King was learning to walk, he had clung to any leg he found but once he gained some confidence; no one could keep up with the mile a minute little boy. He was chasing butterflies or any small thing that caught his attention. Leaving Porsche, Kinn and an army of bodyguards scrambling after him. The little giggles his child let loose when captured made Kinn involuntarily smile. 

A challenge entered the trespasser’s face, good let him try.

But once again Kinn was interrupted. The smell of his omegas made both alphas stop their potential fight.

Porsche had a firm arm around his baby. King shook loosely in his hold as he was made to fight off the alpha command. Porsche was directing him to where Kinn was treated. Porsche’s face made Kinn know he would need to apologise to King for how this man treated him and the blood that would soon stain the boy’s floor.

Kinn was going to protect his family. Some stranger who could command his son was better dead, he would not let his child be used by some alpha for unknown purposes.

King was tugging at Porsche trying to escape his dad’s hold. Kinn lifted his arm on his hurt side, if King needed comfort Kinn would offer it. Porsche let the boy go. But instead of going to his father as the pair had expected. King went to the tattooed kid.

King reached out to the seated alpha, carefully running a hand along the bleeding part of his face. The stranger was attempting to push King behind him. But King instead sat on the alpha’s lap. Kinn’s eyes widened to a comical size.

“Ram… I’m sorry.” King kissed the alpha’s hair. Kinn felt the gun slacken in his hold. He placed it in his belt. He needed to know what was going on.


Porsche had chased his son down two flights of stairs before he was able to seize him. Holding him close as he tried to break the alpha command, whispering praise in King’s ear but King was too worked up to speak. His breath coming out in pants.

Porsche was taking him back to his condo. They would kill this upstart alpha and then King could be put to bed. Porsche would watch over him.

King was a child who had needed constant attention, Porsche silently enjoyed that fact. When King was a baby, he would cry until someone held him or tried to make him stop.

Kinn was a busy man, both in his legal work and in the control of the mafia circuit. So, Porsche had tried to be the only one to raise his new baby but he was stressed and sleep deprived even with Kon ‘trying to help’. Porsche had a numerous number of photos of Fong and Kon, helping.

So, he had gone to bed, he was out before his head had touched the pillow. When he awoke, he was nestled under a warm duvet, Kinn’s pillow was tucked under his arm. However, his husband’s side of the bed was empty. Did Kinn work late tonight?

Porsche got up from the bed to check on his sons.

Kon was sleeping soundlessly in his little bed but King’s cradle was empty. He was starting to panic, where was his baby? Had one of the bodyguards stolen him for Khun?

If that mad man took his kid to watch another series with him, Porsche was going to beat him to death.

Fuck what anyone said.

Porsche walked to the main room, but paused for a second when he heard Kinn playing the violin. How odd, he must have been stressed.

When he turned the corner, he saw Kinn. The alpha was not holding the violin but he was rocking their youngest. The recorded music playing off Kinn’s phone in the background. It made Porsche feel warm inside as he watched the scene; Kinn unaware of Porsche’s presence.

When Kon was born, Porsche had to be the sole parent and a small part of him mourned that Kinn would not get to experience many first of his son but with King. Kinn now had an active role and it suited him.

Kinn had a stream of compliments flowing from his lips as he pointed out all the things King had in common with Porsche. Saying how lovely the little boy would grow to be and how strong.

Now those types of memories were a life time away, his son stumbling his way back to his condo. Porsche had shown him how to protect himself but the world loved to throw surprises at this family.

King would feel safe once the family was safe behind a closed door… and Kinn’s men disposed of that intruder’s body.

Porsche would not let anyone take his boy again. No all dogs would be put down if they tried to bite him.

Porsche saw Kinn’s concern at King’s state. Proud of his mate when he lifted his arm. Kinn would not exclude King due to his gender or his soft nature. His son did not go to his father but to the captured alpha. Taking stock of the bleeding face. Kinn must have done this after he ran behind King. King’s hand was extremely gentle and a small part of his heart broke to hear King apologise to the kid.

His son had no reason to ask for forgiveness. King had rarely deliberately hurt someone.

The alpha tried to shield King but his child was stubborn in staying in front of his friend? Junior?


‘King’ Kinn thought ‘Who is this man to you?’

For all of King’s friendliness and charm; he was not one to date or hook up. His son said people were boring. Preferring to spend his time in the dirt or in the safety of his family circle.

Kinn was selfish; he did not want his youngest son to grow older. If he did then he could not protect him.

As seen by the near invisible scars on King’s arms. One of his greatest moments of carelessness. 

“King!” Kinn’s order was clear. His child was to return back to his side. King tightened his grip on the alpha’s clothes, pushing his face beside the other child’s.

“No if I move, you’re going to hurt him again.” King whispered. His scent was slightly soured.

Kinn’s wound was acting up and his temper was relatively high. He crucially needed his son with him and he was seconds away from raising his voice.

“You hurt Ram, why?” King questioned; his face showed his distress.

Kinn was compelled to solve King’s problems; he had since the boy was born. It was something he got from Porsche.

“Come here!” Kinn told his uncooperating offspring.

“DON’T hurt him! Please take whatever you want but don’t hurt him.” The young alpha pleaded. He had his filthy hands on Kinn’s precious peculiar boy. However, when Kinn looked longer, the placement would be useful if the alpha required a change in position. Then ‘Ram’ would be in front.

“If you get off the chair and kneel down. I’ll shoot you, if you do this. I promise not to hurt anyone else.” Kinn swore.

He knew this young buck would not kneel down before him. No proudful alpha would and this alpha who refused to talk?

Yes, he wouldn’t submit to Kinn.

Porsche looked torn between going to Kinn and pulling King to his protective wings.

Ram nudged King to stand and escorted the omega to stand beside the kitchen table. King’s hands had to be wrenched from the younger student’s clothes. Ram kissed King’s fingers. Pecking him on the lips.

Kinn felt his rage grow.

This rude mutt, how long had he tried his hand at charming his son?

“Please close your eyes.” Ram asked King. He whispered this in his son’s ear. Most likely thinking Kinn and Porsche couldn’t hear his next words. “I love you King.”

Kinn hated to know he had missed something so large in King’s life. He took the gun from his belt. Porsche was visibly biting his tongue. The contempt clear in his features.

Ram stared Kinn in the eye searching to see if Kinn would keep his word.

Ram found what he was seeking and silently knelt down, his dark eyes on Kinn’s.

Kinn cocked his gun, more for show than out of necessity. He had to do what was best for his family.

He placed the barrel between Ram’s eyes. The kid did not waver. Kinn smirked; his decision made up.

His family was going to be pretty cross with him.


All parties jumped at Kinn’s shout.

King rushed to the alpha, wrapping him in his arms. Whispering assurance to this boy. Porsche stalked to him and Kinn smirk grew when he saw Porsche’s controlled movements.

He released a hiss as Porsche tapped his fresh stitches.

Such a fierce tiger, his beautiful mate.

Kinn pouted at his fuming omega. Porsche went to King.

It was the first time King saw the blood on Porsche’s hand. He gasped.

Breaking away from the alpha who was now standing on slightly shaky legs. He was handling their first meeting well.

The sound of a running faucet could be heard in the silence. Kinn went to sit back on his cushion. 

Ram’s head tracked Kinn’s and Porsche’s movement.

The two omegas were laughing at the sink, a soft chiming which brought small smiles to both alphas’ faces.

The omegas emerged from the kitchen. King holding Porsche’s freshly washed hand.

They moved to their alphas. Porsche sat miles away from him a clear display of his anger at Kinn. His focus solely on King and Ram.

“You can sit closer, Porsche.” Kinn patted the empty space.

A middle finger was thrown his way. Somethings never change.

“King who is your friend?” Porsche motioned for King to talk.

“This is Ram, he’s my junior in engineering…. I’ve been tutoring him for a while.”

“Then those are his clothes in the closet and I guess he owns the dog whose fur is on the sofa.” His bodyguard turned mate questioned.

Both boys flushed, so this alpha stayed here often if his belongings were left behind.

How come there were no reports on this?

“I asked Ram to use the backstairs.” King confessed. His head was tilted downwards, not meeting his parents’ eyes.

“That would explain why he had a key.” Kinn commented, his tone dismissive.

“Ram… This is my dad and father.” He introduced them to his boyfriend.

Ram was respectful but confused. Looking at King with a pensive gaze. King understood the unspoken question.

“Daddy said father has been shot and that’s why they’re here.” King summarized.

Ram appeared to be on edge as he was told his boyfriend’s family was mafia.

A few moments passed as Ram digested the news. He gave a single nod to King, his son breaking into a large grin.

“Thanks, Cool Boy.” Was his cheerful cry.


Porsche was pissed both at Kinn and at King’s security. Bohn and Mek could be excused as they were King’s friends. Omitting this ‘event’ was understandable but the others were hired for King’s protection alone.

To not know King had a boyfriend… a boyfriend who lived in this condo.

Those fools were going to be retrained and they would suffer. They would wish Porsche had beaten them to death by the time Porsche was done. Yes, Fong and Chè would have plenty of people to treat by the time Porsche’s bloodlust had ended.

Judging by the boy’s build; he was a boxer interesting. Like father like son.

Porsche sipped his tea as King recounted his school year.

King was his chatty child but Porsche didn’t tire of his voice.

Ram was astonishingly quiet, only saying a few words but if King looked at him. The omega could tell what the other wished to say.

Porsche had only seen such devotion in a handful of mates. He wondered if Kinn saw the same love on the boy’s face that was mirrored on Kinn’s when Porsche had done something impressive.

They ordered food, Porsche watching with fondness as King stole Ram’s ginger. It was unbearably cute. He thought about teasing his boy but decided to let it slide this once.

“How many dogs do you own?” Kinn inquired. His eyes had a haunted look, no doubt in remembrance of why King feared dogs.

His own heart constricted as he heard the lingering cries and whimpers of a tiny King covered in his own blood and bite marks. Those mongrels were justly punished for their actions. King was a fixed feature in their bed once he was released from the hospital wing.

Porsche couldn’t remember who was the first person to give him, his fairy garden and the baby plants. By the time of King’s release, his room was covered in them. Gifts from the various bodyguards and other house staff. People who adored King.

Porsche cuddled the boy close under his blankets for months to assure himself that King was safe. Periodically for the rest of the year, Porsche would crawl into King’s bed once his sweet boy was asleep. He didn’t know if King knew he had done so.

“I have three at my parents’ home. Don’t worry, their very well trained. I would never let a dog hurt King.” Ram swore. His conviction obvious in his voice.

Kinn held Porsche’s hand under the table.

King walked them to the door. Hugging his parents’ goodbye. The pair walked to their waiting car.

They relaxed in the back seat. Kinn promised he would go to the doctor upon their arrival.

Kinn had made promises like this in the past over broken bones or bruises. If Porsche didn’t drag him by the ear or offer a reward (i.e., some sexy private time with Porsche) then Kinn had work or other more important business to attend to.

“What do you think of the boy?” Kinn asked as he stroked Porsche’s hair. He had that face; he wore when contemplating a potential business deal.

“He’s kind-hearted and intelligent.” Porsche retorted. Kinn sighed at his mate.

“Do you think he could survive in our world?” He was probed further.

Porsche if he had been asked as a young man if he could survive the mafia. Would have said yes, he was strong and had not once backed down from a challenge. He needed a well-paying job to support Chè and to prove something to his own pride. To show those who had doubted them, that they were wrong. Yet it was not Porsche’s strength that had failed him but his heart, once Porsche had lost his heart, he could not leave this circle of crime (hell as some would call it). He had acted hastily and foolishly believing himself to be someone else. Porsche had since learned. It was not strength one needed to live in this world, no. It was loyalty and trust. Both of which this Ram kid placed in King.

“It’s not up to the flies to dictate what the Venus fly trap will do.” Porsche smirked as he gave his answer.

Kinn smirked back.

“You’re quite right, my lovely bodyguard.” He placed a kiss over Porsche’s mating mark.



Chapter Text


Boss had been warned by his family that if he went into engineering, he would be the only omega. As it was predominantly an alpha field and what could someone so small think of building. Hurtful and careless were these words spoken every time he mentioned his intentions. He had tried to drown them out but they lingered in his ears. Whispering as the countdown to the freshie introductions were about to commence. He had to fight his family to let him live on his own, them claiming he would drop out so why bother.

When the stupid game of finding your match for the card game finished and he met his ‘mute husband’. Boss was overwhelmed and finally he felt like he had someone. He thought the two had a real moment but discovered Mek was friendly to everyone.

He tossed the card into the bin in a fit of rage.

Mek had found him after one of their first classes together to ask if he wanted to be his friend. Boss knew he had a crush and it could hurt him to be so close to his object of affection.

The omega had the largest grin on his face as he loudly said yes to his new self-appointed best friend.

Did you know Mek already had two close best friends? Boss didn’t.

Bohn was cocky but reliable and smarter than people gave him credit for. Sure, the loud alpha would start fights or always had a girl hanging off of him but when shit hit the fan Bohn was someone to turn to.

King on the other hand was a strange one. A very friendly omega, one just as talkative as Boss. The two exchanging numbers minutes after meeting.

A tiny part of Boss was pleased not to be the only omega. King might have been taller than him but he wasn’t a stranger to alpha assholes. Boss had shocked the group by saying he preferred to date omega and beta girls. The type farthest from Mek, his current love. If he just got to know a pretty enough girl maybe he wouldn’t hurt so much when Mek smiled at anyone other than him.

He hated this!

The Chinese exchange student was now flirting with a pretty girl from the arts program. It seemed like Boss could not drag his attention away from her. This had been going on for over a week. He even left one of their party nights to meet up with her.

Why wouldn’t he? They spoke the same first language and had other common interests. Mek was laughing with her like they were old friends.

He wanted to drown his sorrows. But Tee and Bohn wouldn’t understand.

He called King.

King didn’t live on his own and Boss’s dorm housing security could smell liquor from 1000 miles away, so the two had come to the consensus of going to a bar to drink.

The two omegas had been drinking heavily and giggling as they swayed to the music. Boss knew he had made the right decision to spend the night out with King. He had started it off by moaning about his troubles and now after having a large amount of liquor was finally happy again.

Someone had called King away but the small omega was sipping on a colourful cocktail and chatting with a group of pretty seniors. The colours of their dresses matched his rainbow drink.

Now he was sad. The girls had waved goodbye to him and he was all alone.

When would King come back?

“Hey pretty omega, why are you so lonely?” A question was asked as he felt a tap on his shoulder. Boss turned to see an alpha in his late 20’s dressing as if he was still in his late teens. A lopsided grin plastered on his face and his breath stank of cheap beer.

Overall, this man did not make Boss want to spill his troubles nor share a drink with this unknown male.

“It’s nothing. I’m just waiting for a friend.” Boss tried to get the man to leave.

“Then come to my table and we can find a way to entertain you.” He drawled. Wafting more of his obnoxious smell to Boss’ nose.

He barely held back a gag as he moved his hand to wave it away. Boss shook his head, signaling he didn’t want to go anywhere with this man.

The omega thought he should move from this area to the bar. It would be safer.

However, the alpha wouldn’t leave him alone and now he brought another friend. An equally large alpha who towered over Boss and smelled just as gross.

Boss was now actively bumping into people as he wanted someone to step in an help him. But no partygoer or bar staff would. Why wouldn’t anyone help him?

He wanted Mek. The alpha could handle these two.

“Come on cutie, just come to our table. This game of chase is boring.” The second alpha said as he snagged Boss’s sleeve. Boss’s calls for help falling on deaf ears.

“Hey!” King called as he pushed the bigger alpha. “When someone tells you to fuck off. That means beat it.” King had the smaller omega hidden behind his larger frame.

The alphas did not seem overwhelmed by King’s attitude for they didn’t know him. Since the day Boss had started talking to King. He had not once seen the omega mad or frustrated. He never raised his voice or showed his patience weaning. Not when Boss made him explain something for the millionth time or when that one student accidently spilled his food on King.

Now King’s calming scent of fresh mint, didn’t smell like a delicious chocolate treat. No, it was overpowering, like when you brush your teeth with a strong mint toothpaste only to discover your gums are bleeding. The pain and scent are all one can concentrate on.

King didn’t appear drunk or like he had been drinking, he didn’t flinch when the alphas started to posture or moved closer to intimidate him.

King’s eyes were burning with an emotion Boss had not seen in his plant loving friend.

“Why? Are you dating? Two omegas for the price of one.” The alphas boorish laughter filled their small space.

Why was no one coming to help?

King snorted and then looked the tallest man (the leader) dead in the eyes.

“Like a pathetic bitch like you could handle one omega, let alone two.” King smirked. “Fuck off!”

He mocked. The alphas roared but King stood his ground. Things were escalating as the alpha pulled a knife. Boss pulled on King’s arm but the other omega only gave a single bored blink.

“You aren’t man enough to try.” King challenged.

The alpha charged and King pushed Boss away from the danger.

He sides stepped the alpha’s arm, kicking him in the back of the knee. The alpha went down, King saw the other alpha before Boss could alert him. Ducking under a punch he hit the alpha firmly in the gut then flipped the man onto his back to deliver one final stomp to the man’s balls. The first alpha was back. King snagged his wrist twisting it behind the alpha’s back painfully making the larger man bend forward. Onto King’s waiting knee. The alpha was breathless as he dropped the knife into King’s waiting hand.

The alphas were on the ground, breathing painfully. King knelt an placed the knife at the leader’s throat.

“Told you to fuck off when you could.” King warned, the crowd that had gathered to watch, held their breath as King pocketed the knife. The bouncers finally deeming the situation serious enough to need their presence.

The alphas were hauled off the floor and King was running his hands on Boss’s arms.

“That was a little scary wasn’t it.” His smile was back. The same bright one he gave when the group said something stupid.

“I… I think I might need another drink.” Boss spoke in a shaky tone. King leading him to the bar. A manager trying to placate the taller omega. All but pleading with him as they received their free drinks. The old beta man sweating bullets. Boss watched from under his bangs as he felt the vodka on his tongue.

“If you had done something earlier, I wouldn’t have to talk to my uncle at all. Now if you don’t leave us alone, I’m going to mention you by name.” King threatened and the beta dashed away like a frightened rabbit.

Who was King’s uncle… wait did this bar belong to King’s family?

They finished their drinks and left. A group of men standing in black were smoking by some expensive sport cars.

They all dropped their cigarettes at the sight of King.

“Our rides here.” King joked as the men stood at attention.

Did King have money?

Sure, he paid when they went out but so did Mek and on occasion Bohn. Boss and Tee had no disposable income, so it was rare for them to buy food or drinks.

These guys were calling King; young master and boss King. It made Boss nervous.

“What did you want us to do with the men?” The main bodyguard asked as he sat in the back of the car with the two omegas.

King thought for a moment before replying.

“Break their hands… so they know to keep them to themselves from now on.” King said unbothered by his own words. Boss shivered. King asked for the heat to be turned up.

Giving Boss his jacket. So, he wouldn’t be cold. Like it was the temperature most affecting Boss and not this new side to his friend.

This side scared him but King’s scent was back to normal.

The pair were dropped off at Boss’s. A few of the men tried to stay to guard the front door but King made them leave as he saw it made Boss uncomfortable.

The men had left but on the condition that King kept with him the main man’s gun.

King casually placed it in his belt. Waving them off by saying he would call for a ride in the morning.

Boss would later learn the truth in his second year when he saw Mek gut a man who had slipped a drug into his drink. Boss rested against a wall as the alphas fought. Mek the victor as he stabbed the man before slitting his throat.

His husband carried him to safety after texting King.

King’s family was Thai mafia and were in league with Mek’s family. Mind blowing.

No wonder Mek hadn’t batted an eye at pitiful annoying wife Boss.   


Tee had heard people refer to him as the token beta of his friend group. He knew this was not true but it had still hurt. Bohn had decked the jerk who had called him that.

When they had first met, Tee was his usual friendly self, wanting to know everyone in the program and he was now proud to say he did.

His friends were a little weird but who wasn’t.

Tee wouldn’t judge someone based on little oddities.

Mek and Boss needed to get together before they graduated and when he had hinted this to King. The omega said he would get started on the PowerPoint if Tee took the pictures and gathered evidence. Four months in their first year and they had gathered a hundred slides worth of material.

King made a damn good PowerPoint.

Now he knew why Bohn and Mek used him for assignments.

Tee wasn’t nosy and he kept the best secrets, like his sister had a crush on their neighbour for 6 years and even watched the guy change from her window.

Wait, forget that part. It’s not important.

The important part was he learned little details about people.

His friends, he knew a large amount on.

Except for King.

King was smart, kind and a nature lover.

That’s all he had.

Yes, he had other words to describe his friend but no other facts to draw from.

Who was King?

He screamed like a banshee when he saw a dog. Hiding behind his friends or fleeing where they were.

The only time Tee had laughed.

Bohn and Mek refused to speak to him for the rest of the day. Glaring at him when he had tried to break the ice.

He never laughed at King’s fear of dogs again.

One thing he liked about King is how unapologetic he was about his interests in things; whether it was plants or a new titbit he learned. King felt joy in various ways.

He also didn’t hold grudges when a student had accused him of cheating. King retook the test without a complaint.

He scored a perfect hundred.

He did so for every other test they had.

Tee never saw King study; he was always tutoring someone else.

Tee took King to the mall as a way to say thank you to his friend. King didn’t need to do this but he did so anyway.

He was going to take his friend shopping and have a bite to eat.

It had been a fight to get King to let him buy the plants he wanted but after confiscating King’s wallet, he was able to. 

King had a look of disbelief as he started to chuckle before he let loose a few belly laughs.

The poor cashier looked slightly unnerved at their display.

King rapped his arm around Tee’s with a “After you honey.”

The two friends still laughing as they walked off.

Tee hadn’t wanted to say anything but he had started to notice the same men following them.

He saw the familiar faces in two stores, that could be a coincidence but after the fifth store?

These men were tailing them. Constantly standing or ‘shopping’ in the stores they were in.

King was in the change room but Tee was pretending to be on his phone as he watched on his screen these men signal to each other.

They were dressed in street clothes but who were they really?

One of the men had a few shirts with him as he made his way to the change room. The one beside King.

Oh, hell no!

He was not going to allow some shady people close to his friend.

“King, can we go? I’m soooo hungry!” Tee whined, dragging his words.

“One sec, I want to make sure these pants fit.” King called back.

The man was now at the door, his shirt rode up as he opened the door.


The man had a gun.

A gun! What was Tee going to do?

“King please I’m wasting away!” Tee was forceful in his delivery, they needed to be in a crowded place straightaway. The more people the better.

“Fine but I’m paying. You paid for the rest of our ‘date’.” King joked as he opened his stall door.

Tee handed King his plants and kept the other bags in his free hand.  The other hand he took King’s racing off to a restaurant in the mall.

He needed to call Bohn or Mek.

From their table he saw a few of the men, not the ones from the clothing store. But from the plant shop.

These men were organised but why were they following them?

“Can you believe that woman tried to get me to buy perfume for omega girls? Like why would I want to smell like artificial flowers? And what even is a ‘perfect day’? I don’t want to smell like a false concept.” King rambled as he looked at the menu.

The perfume!

It was after the woman announced that perfume was popular with omegas that Tee saw the men following them. Were they hunting for omegas?

Tee had seen this happen in horror movies and crime shows but he hadn’t thought it could happen in real life.

They ordered. Tee glancing around the restaurant. The men were stationed around pretending to be customers, a few were even outside of the eatery. Most likely waiting for them to leave.

Tee forced himself to eat his food but it tasted like ash. His heart was racing as he tried to plan their escape but didn’t know how to get past these guys, then his chance arrived.

This girl Apple was a friend from high school. She was just who Tee needed.

King had excused himself to the washroom and Tee had waved her over frantically. She hurried her pace to him. The friendly smile gone.

“Date going badly?” She asked in a hushed voice. Her eyes locked on the bathroom hallway.

“Is there a back door leading to the outside that way?” Tee whispered back; his own eyes locked to make sure none of the men left their seats.

“Sure, why?” She was on edge as she tried to track his eyes.

“The guy I was with… his ex just showed up.” Tee lied. He didn’t want her to know in case things got worse.

Apple nodded along and now a smile was back on her face. She acted like he was asking her questions.

Even loudly gave a recommendation for a certain dessert.

He slipped her some money.

“Drop a plate in two minutes and make it loud.”

She left and Tee tried to act calm as he grabbed the handles for the bags. Making a show of putting the money on the table.

The men were watching his table but not the way to the toilets.


The sound of smashing plates caught the attention of everyone in the restaurant except for one first year university student who darted off to the bathrooms.

He hooked King’s arm with his own as the omega was walking down the hallway but redirected him to the back door and they rushed out the door. It slammed shut behind them.

King was hollering for him to stop and let him catch his breath but Tee kept making them run.

They sprinted for about ten minutes before their lungs threatened to burn out of their bodies.

King was stooped over, his hands on his knees as he breathed in through his nose. Tee was even more out of breath.

“Did you just make us dine and dash?” King gasped as he tried to take in more air. “I said I would pay; you didn’t have to do that.”

 “No that’s not it.” Tee breathed out then breathed in. “Some shady guys were following us.”

King’s head shot up and his body tensed.


“Don’t worry I think we ditched them.” Tee voiced his hope to his friend.

King said nothing but the two started to walk back to Tee’s place.

It was quiet, gone was the cheerful blissful emotions from their earlier shopping. Tee was sad that King had lost some of his shine. Their day was ruined by these criminals.

 Tee had a walking path near his place, it was remote but filled with lush plants. King would definitely enjoy it. The thick trees would shield them from the hot sun and prying eyes.

He took King by the hand to the green area, the look of wonder on his friend’s face was perfect. The day could still be salvaged.

They walked on the path, King kept stopping to speak to every plant or bush.

Silly King.

If Tee didn’t know any better, he would think his friend’s dream girl was Poison Ivy. King would have plenty to talk about with the villainess.

King was squatted next to a fern plant when Tee thought he heard footsteps. Thinking it was a jogger Tee moved closer off the path to be closer to King in case they had a dog with them.

His attention was focused solely on King but there was sunlight in his eyes. He raised his hand to block out the rays when he was tackled to the ground.

Dirt was invading his mouth and he fought to get the attacker off. He was able to turn his head and he saw all the men from earlier. Their guns were pointed at him as they crab walked to King.

The omega’s eyes were wide as he took in what was happening. His mouth was slightly open.

“Run-” Tee felt his arm wrestled high on his back, it was nearly pulled from its socket. Tee couldn’t speak through the pain.

“Boss King are you okay?” The man closest to King asked, his gun trained on Tee.

King’s head fell to the side, his confusion evident in his voice.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” King asked.

“This beta… your date.” The man spat “Was attempting to kidnap or harm you.”

King looked like a meme of a perplexed dog.

“He’s not my date…” King trailed off as he moved to get the larger man off of the beta. The circle of men watching him like hawks.

Tee was freed from his attacker as King brushed the dirt from his clothes.

“You called his so and even referred to him by a pet name.” One man said, a beta judging by his build.

King still looked bewildered until some recognition returned to his eyes.

“That was a joke! We’re just friends.” King was waving his arms desperately and he looked panicked. “Please tell me you didn’t alert anyone in the family.”

Alert? The family? What was King talking about?

“We said there might be a potential kidnapping attempt and were given the orders to neutralize the threat.” The man recalled emotionlessly.

Oh God! It now just hit Tee. He had been seconds away from being killed. These guys were planning to kill him for ‘kidnapping’ King.

A beta had taken a handsome omega to a secluded woods after fleeing a restaurant. The beta was cornering an omega against a tree. This path was one only a local knew about. It was the perfect place to rape or murder someone. King and Tee walked in together and these men thought Tee was going to leave on his own.

Tee started to hyperventilate.

Did he really seem like a monster?

But who gave the order to Kill Him!?

King was making Tee match his breathing to calm him down. Tee slowly did so.

King rewarded him with a happy smile, taking Tee’s hand. They broke through the circle of killers.

“Father is such a worry wort.” King whispered. “Dad should talk to his husband.”

Tee was pushed into the back of an exotic car and had this been any other situation he would be pumped but a near death experience left him tired and defeated.   

“So, I understand if you don’t want to be my friend anymore but I do value our friendship.” King played with his hands.

“I do too. But next time tell them where we’re going.”

King laughed.

Ting Ting

Damn were those engineering boys fine.

Ting Ting thought as she watched King work out. The omega was dressed in work out clothes but he was using his shirt to wipe his face, revealing his perfect abs.

Ting Ting stared longingly at them.

Ting don’t be a pervert. These photos were for Ram but King looked so good…

When she had entered the gym, she hadn’t known this was one King used. It made sense this was a beta female and omega friendly space. Alphas unless they were instructors were not allowed to enter. The only gym of its kind near the school.

Ting Ting was blown away to discover her senior King punching a bag into next week. The guy behind the bag holding it firmly. But visibly struggling to keep it in place.

Ting Ting had seen a sweat soaked King and her first thought was Ram would kill for this view.

Yes, that was her first thought. She politely denied to mention the other thoughts that had drifted through her mind.

Now what would Ram give her for these snaps?

“Miss what are you doing?” It was a pretty omega gym worker in the aquamarine uniform of the staff. She was watching Ting Ting with a look of suspicion. She must have heard her lecherous thoughts.

“Did those results turn out as you wanted Ting Ting?” King cut in as he stood beside her. Looming over the two women. The worker watched for a second longer before moving on to help someone else.

Ting Ting tried to hide her phone but King’s hands were quicker. He was now holding it over her head as he swiped through her stolen pictures. She was flushing the colour of carnations.

“Not bad nong, you should think of photography as a major.” He sent the pictures and tossed the phone back to her. She fumbled to catch it and saw the photos of King were sent to Ram.

With a heart eyes emoji. The nerve of that man. She was going to use those to blackmail Ram into going drinking with the rest of them after finals.

“King! It’s not what it looks like.” She stressed as she shadowed him around the gym to his bag.

The senior retrieved his water bottle from the side of it.

“Then what is it?” He asked as he took a deep drink.

“I planned to work out and I didn’t know you used this gym. I saw you and one of my friends is starting to think about being a boxer so I was going to send them some of your stances to get them started.”

That was a believable lie, right?

King’s crossed face vanished as he snickered at his poor fellow omega.

“Sure nong, Ram is totally a beginner.” The engineering boy’s phone started to ring and King left to answer it.

Ting Ting thought it might be best if she left too. Wouldn’t want to have King change his mind. The omega was a mellow guy but she had been warned that when his temper was activated, he was a fearsome dragon and Ting Ting was flammable.

King was someone she had spoken to irregularly; she didn’t have his number but had gone to his house for a party. She talked to him in a crowd but not on their own. It was odd King was a busy bee, working on multiple assignments and tutoring a large variety of people at any given moment.

Ram didn’t have that problem, if he sent a text hinting, he wanted to do something. King’s schedule was clear.  Before going to his house, she thought King’s family didn’t have a lot of money and that’s why King worked so hard.

It was the opposite as she discovered.

King’s family was loaded and King tutored for fun.

The house that blew everyone away. That was a small summer home. To King’s family it was a quaint little escape from their manor.

Bohn had teased King when the group had been drinking.

King said his home was no smaller than Mek’s.

She still couldn’t grasp why there were no photos in King’s home. She had even snooped for them. Wanting to know were King had come from.

She couldn’t remember who had asked if his parents would come here and King said if things went south this was the last place they’d go to.

She stood under the bus stop enclosure as the rain poured. Her hair was going to be a mess if she didn’t drown first.

She was in a fierce texting debate with Ram. He had chewed her out for stealing photos of his senior’s bare skin. Saying she shouldn’t have taken and sent them without King’s consent. Ram was stressed enough over them; she didn’t mention King was the one to send them. If she did, Ram would die of embarrassment.

Ram was an introvert but around King. He was so incredibly shy; she didn’t know what about King rendered Ram mute but once she did. She would never let him forget it.

Another thing she learned was Ram hadn’t been alone when he got ‘her’ texts.

Whomever Ram was with was nosy and Ram forbid her from doing this again.

“Do you mean sending sexy pics of King to you or just photos of King in general?” She texted.

The typing emblem danced for many minutes but Ram still had yet to send a word or his answer.

Ram was a gentleman but he was still a boy with a crush. If she had someone who looked like King… her photo gallery would be filled daily.

She hadn’t missed when Ram casually asked what gym she was at. The disappointment when she revealed that not only was it an alpha free zone but that they were both leaving was palpable.

Maybe the two could start going to the gym together?

 Get to enjoy sweaty time as a couple.

“Hey hot stuff, want a ride?” A guy in a car asked, a sleazy smirk on his face as he leaned out the car window. If this man had a sign on his forehead it would read “Don’t get within a hundred miles, is a certifiable creeper.”

If Ting Ting had been born within the last hour she still wouldn’t have gotten in the car with this snake.

“No, I’m good, thanks.” She didn’t move from her spot. Her hand had slipped into her bag to grab her mace.

This was not the first time some person had approached her with less than pure intensions and she knew it would not be the last.

Her mother’s gift to her for getting into university was this very bottle of pepper spray. She was in her first year of study and she had used it once already.

She hoped she wouldn’t be using it today.

“Hey bitch, when someone is offering you a ride, get in. Don’t pretend to be better than me whore.” The man snarled as he opened the car door.

Her bus was no where in sight and she was alone.

“Ting Ting. I said I would pick you up at the door. Sis you have to listen better.” A male voice was addressing them.

She didn’t know the man. He was in his mid twenties and very handsome. A tall powerful looking alpha, dressed in black. He held an umbrella over his head.

He glared at the driver as Ting Ting processed what he said.

“Yeah… bro… I forgot.” She left the enclosure and walked under the umbrella with this mysterious alpha. The man purposefully bumped shoulders with the other male.

This was like something out of a movie. Ting Ting was living for it.

They walked to the parking lot of the gym. Ting Ting felt safe knowing this place had cameras and she was still holding her mace.

King was perched on the hood of a sports car. An umbrella held over his head by another man in black. A circle of men stood awaiting his orders. Their attention on him and now some were watching her as well.

What kind of harem had she walked into?

And how could she get one?

The men wore black; some were alphas, others were beta but they were all varying degrees of handsome.

“Hey Ting, are you okay?” King queried as he scanned her frame.

The men in black were silent but she did see the man who walked with her texting on his phone.

“Thanks Box. I would have solved it myself but my ribs are still bruised.” King offered Ting Ting his hand.

“Do you want me to drive you home? Or do you want one of my men to?” King was getting off the hood of the car. A few of the men had offered him their help but he was stubbornly moving on his own.

“I think it would be best if I went with you.” Ting Ting guessed. She didn’t want to be by herself with men she didn’t know. Also, she would get to know Ram’s future mate.

Box opened the door for her and kept the rain off of her. She felt the need to wipe her feet before entering the costly car.

What would King do if she dirties his car?

 “Box send the plate number to uncle Khun and he will handle it from there.” King ordered.

The men got into their cars and pulled off but one waited for King to leave the lot. A few had gone off in the same direction as the car but others were going in the opposite direction—maybe they were going home. She looked in the rear-view mirror. That last car was trailing them. King was unconcerned.

“King?” she was hesitant to ask her question.

“Can you please not tell Ram about the bodyguards you saw me with?” King asked her instead.

‘Bodyguards?’ she mouthed to herself.

“I want to tell him when we get more serious or if he asks.”

Ting Ting stuck out her pinky and King wrapped his own around hers.

King was pulling up to her building. She pulled her bag from the back.

“Sure, but I didn’t know you and your family are famous.” Ting Ting joked.

“More like infamous.” King drove off before she could dig her claws deeper into what he meant.


The first-year medical student was riffling through the produce in the market. His mother had asked him to buy what was needed for supper and Duen had agreed.

Daonua was looking at the candy displays but had been warned she could only have one. She was now carefully selecting the perfect treat with dedication only a child could have for such a task.

For once the young alpha didn’t have Bohn at his side or Ben. His other half was having a family day with their parents. Bohn’s mother was back from over seas and wanted to be with her sons.

From what Bohn had told him, his father worked security and his mother was a business woman for his father’s employer.

Whoever they worked for had quite a bit of money, judging from Bohn’s lifestyle.

They still got looks when they went out. Two alphas holding hands will attract stares. Thankfully Duen had gotten past his embarrassing phase of needing to be seen as the masculine boyfriend.

So, what if a few of his hobbies or skills were feminine? He was still a man.

A man who had yet to tell his parents he was dating another man.

“Duen, I want this one.” His sister said as she showed him her treat.

He handed the worker his money as he took the bags for their dinner.

The two walked off hand in hand.

“Are you planning to go to the hospital party next week?” An older omega woman with light coloured hair in front of them asked to another omega, a male one, in hospital scrubs. The two must have just gotten off of work.

Duen almost thought to ask them what it was like to work in a hospital setting as that was his dream but he knew from his cousin Thara. If the man was off the clock, he wanted a few precious hours to not talk shop, and it would be weird to stop some strangers to ask about their work.

There were a number of hospitals around but it would still be creepy.

The man brought a hand to his mouth, the flash of a metal band glinted in Duen’s eyes.

He decided not to take more time away from their families. Duen should head home to his own, his own slowly growing family.

Both had nice voices, Duen noted.

“Puppies for sale. We have puppies for sale.” Someone called off in the distance.

Daonua heard the sales pitch and let out a squeal as she went to find the voice.

“Stop!” Duen called but the girl had rushed off. The omega from before tried to rescue him from the little girl’s escape but she was too quick. The other omega moved away but the first followed Duen.

She was moving away from the busy crowd to a more secluded and darkly lit side street. One Duen had not used before but a classmate had said people used it to mug those who were using it as a short cut.

Today no one was going to be mugged.

The little girl turned the corner and a blood chilling scream could be overheard, the two went faster.

Daonua was in the arms of some dude. He had a hand over her mouth; blocking the sound from be heard.

Duen panicked as he fought with the guy to get his sister back. Pulling at her while pushing at the stranger.

He almost thought he heard someone request for help but there was only the three of them.

His sister was able to free herself when she kicked the man in the gut and dropped to the ground. She scampered off to the omega nurse who was now protecting her as Duen rolled on the ground with the kidnapper.

The alpha fought but this was not his strongpoint, no Ram had been the fighter amongst the two.

Duen felt the man’s fist meet his nose and the blood hotly slide down his face but he wouldn’t let the other go.

“Hey!” The omega shouted.

Both paused and looked up for the briefest of moments. The nurse slammed his foot into the kidnapper’s face.

The man went still as he lost consciousness and maybe a few teeth.

The omega released a deep breath before going back to his sister; signaling Duen to follow him.

The male omega checks Duen’s nose, saying it was bloody but not broken. He was a pretty guy, probably the same age as Duen’s parents. The nurse’s mouth was set in a firm line. His brows scrunched in concentration as he checked over the battle wounds. Duen believed that he might have seen this guy before. But where?

The omega offered to call them a ride but Duen said he would rather call a friend than to take a cab. Especially because the omega was going to pay for the cab fee.

He couldn’t let the older man do this after helping already.

The teenager tried to unlock his phone however due to his shaking hands if he got his password wrong one more time the phone would lock for an hour.

There was blood on the leg of the medical assistant and he had to use a napkin to clean his hands. Giving one to Duen to wipe his face.

The man took his phone and after having the password recited to him, started to scroll through his contacts.

His finger hovered over one before he clicked on it. Duen prayed it wasn’t his parents.  

“Can you come and collect Duen?” He gave their address.

Hanging up the phone he passed it back to Duen, a gave a warm smile.

“Don’t worry this will be handled.”

How? Was the omega going to call the cops.

A few minutes went by and then Duen could hear heavy footsteps. It sounded like a group of them.

His little sister was sleeping against him, worn out from her earlier struggle.

King rounded the corner, breathless and determined as if waiting for a fight.

King must have been an oracle in his past life as when he stopped the fallen alpha regained consciousness lumbering off the ground to attack someone, anyone really.

Duen was trapped on the ground but molded his larger frame around his sister.

A roar echoed the space.

Then the sound of a fist hitting flesh and knees knocking against the hard floor.

King was snarling as he had the unknown man in a headlock, the plant boy was slowly strangling the older man.

“King honey, if you keep that up, he’ll die.” The nurse commented with detachment as if it was something he said often.

King released his prey as the man fell to the ground grasping but not moving.

“Are you ok uncle Chè? Duen you and your sister good?” King blurted out his questions as he went to his uncle.

It was then Duen realized why nurse Chè was familiar. The family resemblance was clear.

More heavy footsteps sounded.

Oh, thank God! The cops arrived.

They were not cops. These men were dressed in black and had their guns out.

They were cold and Duen was terrified but as the only alpha he had to protect the small group.

Duen strained to get to his feet and stand tall.

Two men took the collapsed man, handcuffing him. Leaving out the backway with him. The rest went to King and Chè.

“We ask for forgiveness at being so late. The market was over crowded and we lost sight of you.” The men bowed to both Chè and King.

“It’s fine, lucky no one was hurt. Right King?” The nurse patted his nephew on the shoulder before moving to Duen.

“Sir you have blood on your pants.” One guard said.

“Not the worst fluid I’ve been covered in. I work in a hospital and had a baby.” Chè shrugged unaffected.

“King take your friend home please.” Chè suggested.

King did so, taking the alpha and his sister away from the crime scene.

Duen’s back was to the group when he heard this chilling order.

“Shoot him. People like that don’t belong in the living world.”

Chè’s voice was not warm as it had been when he spoke to Duen or King. This was the voice of a killer.

Who was King’s family?

Ram’s brother Ruj

He knew they shouldn’t have taken this path but it was a short cut. The high schoolers knew they shouldn’t have been out as late as they were but they had wanted to see this movie. Needless to say, they spent all their money at the theatre and now had to walk home.

It was dark out and kind of spooky with the wind blowing in their faces. There were few people on the main streets and when one of his friends recommended a short cut, it made sense to get home faster.

The wooded area was more of a deserted park than a forest but people didn’t like to walk here at night because of the lack of street lights.

Ruj was using his phone to light the way for his friends.

When they had asked why he didn’t call his brother; the boy had responded that Ram was busy with his boxing training.

It was a lie but his friends didn’t need to know that.

He was pretty sure Ram was out on a date with that omega of his. The one tutoring him in engineering. King, the older boy Ruj had warned against messing with his brother.

He was nice for not ratting him out to his older sibling.

King had dropped Ram off a few times but he was almost certain the two were living together.

When the two brothers had met for lunch Ram had on a bracelet that did not belong to him nor did it match his usual tastes.

He had made a couple of off handed, probing questions on it and was blessed with Ram’s ears turning red.

It was good to be the younger sibling.

Dad was out again and mom had gone to visit a few of her friends. The house was so lonely and it might have been why Ruj was spending more time outside of their home.

Ram probably didn’t even notice that Ruj was taking his dogs on infinitely longer walks to avoid their home.

Moving his head to dislodge these dreary thoughts; he returned to the animated conversation about the movie.

The trio commenced on their way. Ruj’s house was farthest and after his friends left; he would be alone once again.

They had been talking about a potential group project when he heard the laughing.

It was not laughter that came from a place of happiness, no this sound was one of malice.

There were four older men—college age maybe. Watching them, with sinister smirks on their faces. The men were forming a circle around Ruj’s group. He opened his mouth to call for help.

He felt his arm being pushed. The kid stumbled and watched as his friends ran off away from danger leaving him alone with these unknown men.

Then he experienced pain as he was forced to the ground and feet found his stomach. Ruj tried to cover his head and face but so much of his vulnerable body was left exposed to these thugs.

The boy couldn’t say how long it went on for but he knew he had started to cry at some point.

His cries for help going unanswered.

He wondered if these men would kill him.

“What are you doing?” A voice shouted at his attackers.

That voice which had once asked Ruj, why he was following him.

Ram’s King.

King was standing on the pathway with a bag of groceries in his arms. His face was cold and guarded as he saw the crime in front of him.

King couldn’t be here. It was too dangerous and what would these crooks do to the nice senior?

“K-King you need to leave.” Ruj warned him, but instead of retreating, he marched forward. Bumping shoulders with one of the men to enter the circle. Dragging Ruj out and handing the younger boy his food to hold, King rounded on who he thought was the leader.

The leader took one look at King and laughed, his buddies joining in on the supposed joke.

King glared at them.

“Omega this is a fight between men, now be a good bitch and scurry off home.”

He even made a move to give a patronizing pat to King’s head.

King swatted it away with a sound of disgust.

He looked at the group and shooed Ruj to leave more distance between them.

“I don’t see any men but I guess that won’t matter when you get your ass kicked by a bitch then?” King shrugged before punching the alpha in the face. He dropped like a stone.

King looked at the remaining men and raised his eyebrow.

One snatched him from behind, lifting him off his feet and then another man moved to grab his legs but King was faster. Using his momentum to kick the man, who tried to hold his feet.

Once that man went down, King elbowed his captor in the side causing him to release the plant lover. King then swung his elbow into the man’s head. Knocking him out instantly.

One man was still standing from the original group.

Both men stared into the other’s face but the older man took off running.

King slowly walked over to the leader of brutes and knelt beside the man holding his face.

“Who’s the bitch now?” King asked his fallen attacker.

“I’m taking you home kid.” King collected his food and gave Ruj his jacket.

The men were laying on the ground as the two potential victims stepped over them.

“Why were you out walking alone?” King asked, getting his keys from his back pocket.

“I was originally walking with my friends. But they left me when those guys showed up.” Ruj confessed, he felt slightly embarrassed. Not by King an omega having to save him but that he had once said Ram could hurt King. No wonder the other had laughed at his threat/warning.

“They don’t sound like good friends.” Was King’s comment.

Ruj neither confirmed nor denied it.

They walked to King’s car in a comfortable silence.

The boys getting into the vehicle, Ruj smelt King’s jacket collar. It had a nice scent on it, a scent that could wash away some of Ruj’s earlier terror.

King was typing a number into his phone. He thought the other would-be calling Ram but it turned out to be someone else.

“You know those fuckers who were attacking people at that park I mentioned. It’s been dealt with, now time for the cleaning crew. Oh, one got away…” King went on to explain what the fleeing man had been dressed in.

After he finished his call, he drove off, he told Ruj to call Ram.

He did, Ram answered on the first ring; when hearing Ruj’s request to come home.

Ram said he would, being able to tell Ruj was in an emotional state. 

They arrived at Ruj’s family home. His father’s vehicle was not there but mother’s van was and Ram’s bike was leaning against the side of the house.

Ruj got out of the car and was shrugging King’s jacket off when he was told he could keep it.

King was walking him to the house’s front door when his mother came rushing out her worry clear on her soft face.

Her eyes widened in horror as she saw his dirt-stained clothes and his bruised form.

She was rapidly asking him if he was ok or what had happened to him.

Ruj hesitated before he told the truth he had been attacked but when he was about to talk about King rescuing him. King interjected.

“I had some high schoolers bump into me and saw they were wearing the same uniform as Ruj’s. I went to investigate. I played a siren sound on my phone and they ran. Then I saw Ruj on the ground and took him home.” King spoke in English; he didn’t give any hint of his falsehoods.

If Ruj hadn’t been there he would have believed King as well.

His mother demanded King stay for dinner and King shyly agreed. He brushed the bangs from his eyes.

Ruj did a double take when he saw King’s bracelet. It was the same one Ram wore to their last get together.

I knew it!

Ruj ate his food with gratification.

As King left, Ram graciously walking him back to his car. Most likely going home with him.

Ruj played with his phone. He could call or text Ram and tell him what really happened.

However, if he did so, he would be taking away Ram’s hidden smiles and his safe place. Ram had been happier than he had seen in such a long time.

Ram might not be speaking more about his relationship with the senior student but it was easy to see his influences.

A few weeks later he would hear on the news on how an anonymous tip had led to the retrieval of three bodies and one living man.

Ruj didn’t want to know who King called and he went out of his way to be extra nice to the omega when they next met. 

The families meet

Ram had yet to meet any of King’s family. What he did know was from overheard conversations.

Not that he made a habit of doing so but King’s apartment was on the smaller side and King tended to take his calls in the main areas.

When Ram had tried to initiate that topic, King had waved it away. Claiming his family was insane and if Ram knew them, he might run.

An outcome King didn’t want. Still, it didn’t lessen Ram’s guilt. Ram had spilt his discovery of his father’s lies and yet he couldn’t tell any of his friends what King’s parents were named or if King had any siblings.

What kind of boyfriend was he?

Ram hadn’t even known one of King’s parents was an omega until King spoke up about it.

A friend of theirs making a comment that King was raised by alphas and he turned out fine.

King’s friends saying it was debatable but King being befuddled; claiming his dad was an omega, not an alpha.

Omega men could take the term mother or father depending on the individual but mostly they were referred to as someone’s mom.

He only discovered some information on their first canceled date. King had called at the last minute to say he had a family thing.

When Ram questioned King about why he hadn’t told Ram earlier, King said it was due to his parents arguing again.

His father had demanded that King come with him.

Thus, why when King arrived home his arms were burdened with shopping bags.

The labels on the bags had taken Ram’s breath away. The combined total of the trip would have been more than Ram’s tuition.

As King was putting his clothes away, he showed Ram what he had bought for him.

Ram wore them on their dates but he couldn’t shake his nerves that King could become disappointed in him; both because of his lack of funds and his struggles with verbal communication.

However, the longer the two lived together and dated, the more that worry dissipated.

The two had even shared a heat and rut together.

Something Ram often thought about in his most boring classes.

But then again when wasn’t King and any of his wonderful actions not taking center stage in Ram’s brain or dreams?

The dinner invitation had come after King had gotten into a heated fight with someone on his phone.

The senior demanding to know why he had to go home. Ram had been unable to follow the one-sided argument but what he did understand was King regretting his shout of simply going to Ram’s family’s house for vacation. King saying, he did not deserve to be treated like a disobedient child.

The moment after he had let slip the news of his relationship, King’s face paled and he tried to backtrack but it did not pay off.

The damage was done.

An order given.

“Hope you don’t fancy a kidnapping because that’s what’s going to happen if your family doesn’t come to visit mine.” King joked ominously.

Ram was almost certain King was kidding.

The senior had a weird sense of humor.

Ram had tossed the invitation out one night over dinner, not really thinking either of his parents would want to come. Ram had predicted he would be forced to take Ruj with him and the two were family so that should be a passing grade.  

He ruled his mother out because she had a limited grasp on the language and after one too many parties of hearing people mock her, she had stopped hosting parties.

It might have been around the same time Ruj threw a drink into the offending person’s face.

It would remain one of life’s mysteries.

Father would claim to be on a business trip.

Ram didn’t want to dive deeper into his feelings on his father’s double life.

Unexpectedly both adults said they would clear their schedules for this dinner date.

Ram bit his tongue and forced a smile. He had a bad feeling about this encounter.

Ram played with his dogs to calm himself down. Sending a few pictures of his beloved pups to King.

King was slowly getting use to his dogs but was still nervous to be within biting distance of them.

They had taken his father’s car, turning down King’s suggestion of a ride.

Ram’s father wanted to be able to leave in case this turned south or if there was a problem.

If Pin texted him, was more likely. Then he could leave and meet her somewhere.

When King had given Ram the address to his childhood home, the senior said that Ram would be able to tell based on the gardens.

What he failed to mention, was the security at both the doors and the manor itself. Ram was certain even the white house had less bodyguards.

Then there were the maids and other employees milling about. Someone had even taken their car to park.

What kind of place did King live in?

The gardens did scream King, they were perfection but the towering home in front of them was intimidating to the middle-class family of four.

They had a guard walking them around the place, He seemed nice.

Ram had been told his name was Aim.

The staff stared at them and whispered.

Did outsiders not come here regularly?

The entrance hall was stunning; large windows and dark wood. A mixture of modern and classic. If Ram was studying architecture this would have been a wet dream come true.   

The grand staircase led to the main dining hall for the family, as the dining area for staff was away from the main entrance.

His family was silent as they were given the tour. Then one of the doors slammed open.

King was rushing towards them in a slight state of panic. His clothes ruffled and his hair wind whipped.

“Sorry Cool Boy, you beat me here. I was going to give you guys the tour but I was told Aim stepped in.” King looked over Ram’s shoulder to rest his gaze on the older bodyguard.

“Hello master King, I hope you drove safely, I was just getting to the story where you and your cousin thought it best to race mattresses down the main stairs.” Aim teased.

King flushed but took Ram’s hand. Ram gave him a comforting squeeze.

“Is everyone here?” King asked as they strolled to the dining room.

“Boss Korn is unable to come but he wants you to call him soon and tell him first hand how the night went.”

Boss Korn? Was that King’s father?

“That’s my grandfather, he’s a busybody. I’ll call him. Tell him that he can’t keep sending things to my condo. And no that is not an excuse to buy a bigger one.” King complained.

Aim grinned and made an affirmative sign.

“Your parents are arriving soon; their meeting ran late and your uncle should be here soon.” With that Aim opened the door and ushered the family inside.

The table was long and a solid dark wood. The setting plates were fine China and the silver wear a solid silver.

Ram was rendered mute at the casual display of wealth. King indicated where Ram should sit.

There was a pair of men sat at the table already talking about an issue of people not paying for services provided.

They looked up at the sound of chairs being pulled out.

The family resemblance was there even if their skin complexion was lighter than King’s. They all had the same eyes.

The oldest man stood in excitement going to hug King. Lifting the omega off the ground.

“Yay you’re home! And you brought guests, Thank God. It’s been so boring and…”

“Khun, put King down. He’s not your doll.” The younger brother said and muttered under his breath. “Unstable dumbass.”

“Sticks and stones, Kim.” Khun was unbothered by his brother’s words but he did place King down.

Kim poured himself a large glass of wine. His eyes were emotionless as he took in the family. His gaze stopped on Ram and Ruj for a minute before moving on.

“Can you guys please speak English for Ram’s mom?” King asked gently. King always did try to include people.



Both answers were given in english.

Khun laughed.

Kim and King looked at him in question.

“Porsche’s English is horrendous.” He broke into a fit of giggles.

“What did you expect from a university drop out?” Kim swirled his wine around in his glass.

“That drop out paid for your sweetheart’s schooling.” King shot back; Kim nodded his head but was not concerned about his earlier statement.

“King what did your dad enroll in? I can’t remember.” Khun asked.

“Engineering but he said he took it because it fit within his scholarship not because it was a passion.” King explained.

“Ah, university that takes me back.” Khun thought aloud.

“What did you study?” Ram’s father asked, intrigued in this high energy man.  

“Law, with a focus on corporate law, but I know a little about the criminal aspect. Kinn was the predictable one with business and little Kim studied financing.”

Ram would not have thought either brother fit their field of study. Kim looked like the type to never notice anything and Khun did not have the air of a lawyer.

Kim drank deeply. Offering the bottle to King to pour for his guests.

King did with a small smile.

Kim returned it.

“Is uncle Chè coming home soon?” King voiced his thoughts.

“Yeah, he’s finishing up a shift, then he should be home soon.” Kim’s thumb played with the metal band on his ring finger.

Khun was talking to Ram’s mother and brother, asking about their interests and other mundane topics. Ram and his father were silent.

“How was the service trip?” Kim asked, his eyes guarded.

“Why don’t you ask Frong?” King enquired to his uncle.

Ram was so confused. Did King mean that medical student? The one who had a crush on Duen.

“I did but he didn’t want to talk about it.” Kim muttered gloomily. “And when I do find out who caused his unhappiness… the morgue will have a new visitor.”

King was unbothered by the death threats.

“I’ll ask him. I meant to invite him out for drinks anyway.”

“Do so.”

The friendly chat was over and the door opened a cute older omega entering, he was brushing his hair with his fingers. Ram spotted a matching ring to Kim’s. Kim jumped from his seat to pull the one next to his own out.

The omega accepted a kiss from his mate as he sat.

He was introduced as Chè, Kim’s mate and the mother of Frong.

Ram hadn’t even know the two boys were cousins.

Chè was friendly and kind as he talked to Ram’s mother.

King’s family was a mixture of calm and passionate.

Just like King.

Ram thought fondly.

“If you had just listened to me, we would have been on time.”

“And miss this riveting discussion. I would rather die.”

Two voices could be heard before the doors opened.

An alpha dressed in an expensive suit swaggered in, the lines on his face did not disclose his age but his wisdom. This was a man who held power and caused chaos at his whim.

The second man was dressed in dark colours and walked shortly behind the alpha, he looked like King.

This must be King’s parents.

“Hello King, nice of you to finally come home. And with an alpha.” Kinn sat after pulling out Porsche’s seat. He received a rebuff from his mate at the action.

“True, I thought for sure the moment of truth would come if King got knocked up.” Porsche said as he took his glass of wine.

Kinn dropped his glass, his head nearly coming off in his haste to stare down his son’s boyfriend.

“No! No that is not what this is about.” King stressed. Pleading with his parents.

“It would make sense, Porsche got two good years, so King would probably wait till the kid is an adult.” Khun pondered aloud.

Kinn growled at his older brother.

“I’m sorry what?” Ram’s mother asked, thinking she had missed something.

“Long story but basically Kinn couldn’t get his shit together so Porsche raised their oldest for two years without Kinn knowing.” Khun filled the family in on the tea.

“Did you like the cradle I sent you?”

“I would hope he learned more than that but both my children were accidents so obviously I didn’t learn anything either.” Porsche said in amusement.

“They were happy accidents?” Ruj asked, he was still a child who had yet to discover a filter.

Porsche thought for a minute. Before he shrugged his shoulders.

“They’re fine. It was the baggage who came with them.” Porsche gestured to Kinn.

“Baggage? I thought I was the one who polluted their blood?” Kinn topped off Porsche’s glass.

“That’s true, every stupid thing they’ve done is due to your blood.”

Khun was the only one to laugh, King sighed in embarrassment. No doubt having heard this before.

Porsche was less friendly than his brother but still made a point to talk to everyone.

They learned Porsche was originally Kinn’s bodyguard before he fell pregnant.

“How did that happen? An office romance?” Ram’s mother gushed, thinking of her own marriage.

“Too much liquor not enough condoms.” Was Porsche’s blunt reply.

“You know it’s sentences like that which make me have to argue with people about you not being a romantic at heart.” Kinn chimed back, his face filled with secret joy.

“Where was the lie?”

“I didn’t say it was a lie but you’re right I did practically shout I was courting you from the rooftops after you moved back in with Kon.”

Kon? Was that King’s brother?

“You both are making me sick stop.” Kim complained as he drank more wine. Khun was texting on his phone.

“No one asked you to be here drama queen.” Porsche retorted before taking a sip of his own wine.

“Uncle owns the bar near campus.” King mentioned as the food was delivered.

The bar in question was the safest one in the district. Kim looked like he didn’t do safe.

“Didn’t you buy it for Frong to go somewhere to drink safely?” Chè asked as he cut his food.

“Yeah, I was originally going to make it an omega only zone but Frong had many alpha and beta friends it wouldn’t have worked.” Kim dismissed with an air of sadness. Upset at his child for being friendly.

“Kim owns various bars and clubs, has for over two decades.” Khun enthused.  “If he wasn’t out racing cars, he was clubbing or getting high.” Khun commented happily.

Kim glared daggers at his oldest sibling.

“He’s since grown out of that phase, like when Kinn was man hoeing it up.” Kinn turned his own eyes to his brother.

“Fucker is going to get stabbed if he’s not careful.”

Chè valiantly tried to diffuse the situation. But Ram was half sure if there had been less witnesses there would have been a murder.

Porsche was talking with King about his jungle condo.

“So now that you two are living together, are you thinking of moving to a larger place.” Porsche asked causing Ram’s father to choke on his drink.

His parents were staring at them in surprise.

“When did they start living together?” Kinn’s murderess voice asked, his attention was on his knife that had cut his steak.

“Months ago, idiot. King changed the locks. Honestly Kinn do you notice nothing?” Porsche bumped his mate’s shoulder.

“King did you notice your old room is much larger than your condo and I can have someone drive you to school.” Kinn offered, he still looked like he would knife Ram if it was dark enough.

“No, I’m fine Father this is easier.” King cheerfully said. He was holding Ram’s hand.

“Why the fuck do I pay those people.” Kinn muttered darkly under his breath. Ram barely heard it.

“Where did you too meet?” Khun asked.

“School.” Both boys said at the same time.

“Damn, I placed my money on an alley.” Khun pulled his wallet out and handed a stack of bills to Chè.

The rest of King’s family watched with different emotions. Chè pocketed the money.

“What? Someone in this family had to be normal. And normal people meet others at school.” Chè grumbled.

Kim patted his hand, earning a smile from his mate.

“Did you bet on my kid?” Kinn sounded pissed.

“I know Kinn I’m disappointed as well. This hardly sounds like a whirl wind romance.” Khun was mournfully saying. “Especially after how you two met, it would have been a nice family tradition to start.”

Porsche explained the pair had met when Kinn was being mugged and Porsche had stepped in to save him.

Kinn had a fond smirk on his face.

“Waste of a cigarette and all I got was a stupid watch.” Porsche mourned.

“That watch was worth 75,000 baht.” Kinn casually said as he placed more food on Porsche’s plate.

“Fuck! I only got 50,000.”

“Sounds like you had a fast one pulled on you. Like you tried to do to me.”

Stubborn bastard was what Porsche called him but it held no heat.

For all the curses Porsche uttered at Kinn, it didn’t sound like he meant any.

Other than the occasional glare Kinn would send Ram, King’s parents were supportive of their relationship. But King had been right, his family was slightly insane.

Ram’s father was uncomfortable with the dinner hosts.

Kinn and Porsche had this casual affection his own parents had not had for years. Their devotion to each other clear in the small actions they did for the other.

Ram had a realization he did this for King as well. Maybe they would not turn out like Ram’s parents but like King’s instead.

He felt his heart renew.

After dinner the party broke to talk individually.

Ram’s father made a move to answer his phone but Kinn pulled him aside.

Ram watched them leave before following them under the guise of needing the restroom.

Kinn was standing in front of a large desk, offering his father some brandy.

“I wonder how you feel about the matter?” Kinn asked his father. His tone conveyed none of his own feelings.

“I think the children are young and know nothing of the real world. Relationships are not like fairy-tales but are difficult with more failure than successes.” His father lamented as if he was not actively the cause of his own failing relationship.

King’s father rested his weight against his desk, smiling as he opened a folder on it. Handing an enlarge photo to his father.

Ram stifled a gasp as he saw it was his dad and Pin kissing at a hotel.

“I agree. I was once as foolish as you claim our children to be. My punishment was missing the first two years of my son’s life and nearly ruining my chances with my mate.” Kinn watched with satisfaction as Ram’s father looked through the file of his affair.

“I never once cheated on Porsche when we were together. In fact, I’ve often come close to killing those who tried to start something with him.” Kinn continued.

“I met a tiger, whose claws stole my breath away and then when I understood more of him. I knew I couldn’t live without him. I have two sons who I love dearly because they have Porsche’s blood in their veins. King is my youngest, so you can imagine what I feel for him. How as a father we want what’s best for them.” He lifted a naked photo of Pin from the desk.

“The son of a cheater is not what I would pick.” He dropped the photo.

“My son might be young but like his dad, he inherited his questionable tastes in alphas.” Kinn closed the file. Moving away from the desk.

“If your son turns out to have inherited more of your character than your wife’s… then I guess I’ll have to dig a grave for him. One beside yours.” Kinn smiled as he parted ways with Ram’s father. Opening the door to return to the main group.

He grabbed Ram’s arm before the other could flee.

“You’re a smart boy so I’m only going to say this once. If my son ever cries because of you? I will make you long for death. Those dogs your so fond of…I’ll show you just what type of beasts they truly are. Is that clear?” Kinn was dangerous as he spoke, his eyes were like glaciers and his scent was vengeful.

This was who King’s family was.

“Kinn leave the boy alone.” Porsche chided.

Seeing his mate threatening a younger alpha.

“I’m just talking to him Porsche.” Kinn reassured. The warmth was back as he gazed at his mate. It was unnerving how he switched temperaments.

“The last time you ‘talked’ like this. I ended up being your bodyguard and I worried for Kon’s life.” Porsche said. His arms outstretched to his mate.

Ram was forgotten in Kinn’s eyes as he went to hold his mate.

“I would never harm you or our family. I was just welcoming the boy in.” Kinn gave a shark grin. All teeth and a hint of malevolence.

“You’re just mad, King wanted to date a nice boy and not someone who you can control in the mob.” Porsche flicked Kinn’s ear.

King had come to see what was taking so long. He went to Ram’s arms, wiggling his way under. Ram and King now mirrored Kinn and Porsche.

“Once someone is loved by a member of this family, they can never escape.” Kinn swore.

Ram as he held King could say that he did not mind this supposed hell and he would be with King until the omega no longer wanted him. Even after that he would continue to love and support him.

Yes, this was the circle of hell he wanted to spend eternity in, with King in his arms. Ram could withstand anything.


Dr. Thara had been out shopping for cupcake. His poor little lizard was getting cold and needed a sweater. Thara was using his day off to find the perfect gift for his pet but he had not found it yet.

He was becoming a little disheartened. It seemed like all his ventures were ending in defeat.

“Even his love life.” The doctor thought as he walked past a flower shop. This one was not the one Frong worked in. The spirited omega, had taken his breath away the first moment he laid eyes on him.

However, when he discovered the omega, he liked had wanted his cousin. Thara had backed off. Thinking maybe the omega did not want an older lover. It had hurt as Thara could say he was quite taken by the med student and his temper.

The way he stewed with rage or flushed with embarrassment. He was so precious.

So, what if he had lied about why he had taken the photo of the two of them.

If he didn’t see the other as his brother than that was his business.

Thara was old enough to know what Frong had done. He was rejected by the object of his affection and the next alpha who was nice to him. That alpha had the feelings transferred to him. Thara did not want to be Frong’s rebound or his mistake. Frong was young and slightly inexperienced in love, one minute and his feelings could change.

Thara did not want to be hurt.

But he also did not want the other man out of his life.

So how should he precede?

Frong was heartbroken by his comment on the shared photo but by the time vacation was over Frong might have a new crush.

It still didn’t take away the sting of the omega not sitting beside him on the bus or texting him weeks later.

Yes, he has someone new. A nice alpha who wasn’t weird or worked in a low paying hospital.

He knew Frong came from money. It was clear by the way he acted.

Not to mention Win, had spoke about Frong’s living space and Thara knew that part of town.

It cost more than his monthly paycheque to afford just to rent a parking spot.

Thara couldn’t compete with that.

So, he had humored himself by being friendly to the other and going on ‘dates.’ The two had spent time together both with other friends and alone.   

To Thara’s mind it was like dating. A selfish reward for helping the other move away from the hurt Duen left.

And Thara’s hurt? Well, no one had cared about that before, so why start now.

If he no longer went to Frong’s flower shop? Then that was his business and no he didn’t want to talk about it.

People already thought him strange, now he could give them more ammunition.

Thara stopped at a take-out place before he made his way home.

It was a nice night for a stroll, he decided to op-out on a cab.

He thought about texting Frong, to catch up with the younger man. But he didn’t want to know for certain if he had someone knew in his life.

“Help! Someone help! He needs a doctor!” A panicked voice broke the deserted silence Thara was in.

A Doctor?

He was a doctor.

Dr. Thara rushed to the panicked man, barely observing his dress shirt or the black pants he wore.

The man led Thara to a more secluded part of the street to where a man lay, he was surrounded by other men.

Thara knelt down to take his pulse.


A gun was placed behind his head. It was ready to fire. A bullet now in the chamber.

The man on the ground now alert and holding his wrists in a tight grip.

“Hello Dr. Thara, our boss would like to talk to you.”

The gun man said pleasantly. The man acted like this was routine. His hands were handcuffed and he was ushered into a car.

The windows so black he couldn’t tell where they were going.

Thara didn’t know what these men wanted but he had a feeling he would not live long after finding out.

He had so many things left half done.

The car stopped and the men blindfolded him. He was then shoved out of the vehicle and he stumbled his way to the chair he was then tied to.

The blindfold still covering his eyes. He wondered what sight would greet him once the darkness was taken.

Soon I’ll be in this absence of light for eternity.

He thought darkly.

Thara almost wanted to laugh.

He could hear a sound of metal heeled boots meeting concrete.

There was silence before the cloth was taken off his eyes.

An older man was observing him. The shades blocked his eyes from Thara. His soul hidden as was his intensions.

Thara was positive this man was not one of his patients or a family member of one of his patients.

Who was he?

He was sharply dressed; the clothes were casual but designer. This man looked like he valued appearances.

What really caught Thara’s eye was the necklace dangling from his shirt.

It looked like Frong’s

The one Thara had spent all night hunting for.

“Thara isn’t it?” The man asked. The omission of his title was used to show the man didn’t value him nor respect him.

Thara nodded, hiding his fear.

It was second nature by now, due to the stress of his job, he constantly had to project a calm façade.

The man played with a butterfly knife. Flipping it open and closed in front of Thara’s face.

“Do you know who I am?” The man asked.

Thara shook his head. He had no clue who this guy was but he was powerful. It was clear by the men awaiting orders from this man.

“My name is Kim. I normally don’t bother to kidnap people anymore.” Kim said as he closed his knife. He looked bored.

“However, I can’t excuse what you did to my omega.”

Thara was confused, Kim’s omega?

Thara didn’t act inappropriately to his clients. He most certainly didn’t flirt or touch his patients.

He was a doctor. There to provide aid.

Thara had a jealous alpha who was going to kill him for helping his omega.

Was it an omega he had given the domestic violence card to? A person he suggested should leave a vicious partner?

This is not how he thought he would die but if he helped one person escape a man like this it would have been worth it.

“Do you recognize this person?” Kim asked as he held a photo of Frong.


That was his necklace, had the alpha taken it after hurting him?

“What did you do to him?” Thara asked his voice showing hysteria.

The omega acted like a tiger but was actually a housecat.

Men like these could… his sweet omega wouldn’t have stood a chance.

“So now you care?” Kim baited. He leaned back to watch Thara more closely.

What did he mean?  Thara had always cared.

Maybe too much.

“Please tell me you didn’t hurt him.” Thara begged. He had to hope.

“Why do you think I hurt him?” The alpha enquired.

“Your necklace, it belongs to Frong. He never lets it out of his sight.” Thara could hear his heartbeat in his ears.

The alpha picked up the metal and looked at it. He released it seconds later.

“If I say I didn’t hurt him, would you believe me?”

No but Thara wanted to.  He needed to believe him. Frong was someone he loved. The darling omega couldn’t be hurt.

His silence revealed his thoughts on Kim’s actions.

“If I promised I wouldn’t hurt him then would you believe me?” Kim bartered. “If I said I would only hurt you instead of him, would you make that deal?”

It was a deal with the devil, but Thara was no saint.

“I need to hear his voice.” Thara pleaded. Tears were gathering in his eyes.

“Kim had Thara’s phone and pressed on the omega’s number.

“Hello?” Frong asked on the other end once the ringing ended.

A wet sob left Thara’s teeth.

Kim ended the call.

“Do you want me to send my men to get him before you give me your answer?”


“I agree! Please don’t hurt him.” Thara was grabbed and roughly pushed forward away from the chair prison he had been tied to.

There was an empty hole in this warehouse.

A human size pit.

Thara jumped in without being forced. He knew what was going to happen.

Thara let a few tears slip down his cheeks, his poor mother was going to lose another family member.

Frong, would he ever discover Thara’s true feelings for him?

Hopefully someone would take care of Cupcake.

He could hear his phone ringing. No one answered it.

No one would be answering that phone ever again.

Thara’s phone stopped ringing.

But Kim’s started to.

Kim had been contemplating if he wanted to shoot the doctor or pour concrete over him.

Tough decisions.

Kim answered his phone.

A terrified voice could be heard but their words could not.

Kim paused as he listened to the voice.

“Do you want him saved?” Kim asked.

This man was making another deal with some poor soul.

“Alright honey, don’t worry Daddy will solve this.” Kim reassured the voice.

His child? Whomever it was hung up.

Kim played on his phone swiping through something until he stopped.

He ordered his men to pull Thara from the grave.

Kim flashed his phone at Thara. On it was a picture of Frong. A Frong with an omega who looked like him. The two were in a garden together smiling at the person who took the photo.

“This is my son.” Kim delivered; he took off his sunglasses.

“You are living because he begged me to help you. He thinks something has happened to you.” Kim snorted. “If he ever calls me crying about being unlovable.” Kim forced him to look at his grave. “I’ll put you in there and pour concrete over you.”

Kim finished, signaling his men to release the doctor.

Thara dropped to the ground.

Oh, Thank God!

He kept repeating the phrase over and over again.

Kim was not amused.

“I knew you were a selfish ass.” Kim made a move to walk away.

“Thank God you weren’t hurt Frong.” Thara whispered to the floor his eyes closed.

Kim stopped and looked once more at Thara.

“Maybe you are different than I originally thought you were doctor.” Kim and his goons left Thara alone.

His phone sat beside him.

“Frong…I lied I never saw you as a brother but as a soulmate…”


Chapter Text

Rest your weary head

To the bastard who said pregnancy was a blessing. Porsche had a bullet awaiting its new owner.

There was nothing glorious or magical about being a victim of some parasitic creature.

Don’t start with me, Chè

For months Kinn’s bastard had been making his life a hell as if the creature had to make up for the lack of its father’s presence.

He should have known this kid would be as needy as its father.

If Porsche didn’t need to pee, he had to vomit.

It was a never-ending cycle. One he would not be sad to see go once he held his child.

If it wasn’t only physically draining it was also financially burdening. Porsche was slowly going grey wondering where he would get the money needed to support his child.

A large number of items, Porsche had not been able to afford. One of which was a crib but Porsche figured he could share his bed with his baby.

His landlady said she could buy it for him but Porsche forbade her to do so. He did not want to accept more of her charity. He knew she was allowing them to pay the cheapest rent and with Che just now working, there was some money they could save. Why bother wasting so much money when the kid was going to be sleeping in a bed anyway.

Porsche had been looking over their savings as he sat at the table. A cup of tea beside him.

He missed liquor and his cigarettes.

Withdraws sucked ass.

He heaved a large sigh as he saw how much they would be losing as he quit his job next month.

He was already so large and he didn’t want to risk his child being harmed by a drunk or being seen by someone.

Kinn had spies and informants all over the city, awaiting to sell their info. Porsche refused to be discovered. No one had taken his life yet and no one was going to take his child’s.

As much as Porsche bitched about his soon to be born child, he did love them. Spending hours imagining what they would look like or act like.

He hoped they would have a gift for music.

More bills and less money. Wasn’t that a constant problem in Porsche’s short life?

He placed his hand on his extended stomach. He felt the tiny foot kick.

“What a good little fighter.” Porsche whispered to his child and to himself. To remember what to fight for.

“Big Bro, come here.” Chè called as he tried to enter through the door.

Porsche used the table to get to his feet. And waddled his way to his younger sibling.

Chè had in front of him a large embellished cradle, honestly Porsche would have slept on the thing if he could.

An emerald green bedding, pillows and fine smooth wood.

It was beautiful and Porsche knew it cost a pretty penny. Pennies they did not have.

“Take it back!” Porsche ordered, inside he was freaking out.

How much had Chè spent on this?

“I can’t the boss said it was a reward for working so hard.” Chè said as he pushed the baby bed to Porsche’s room.

“What? Why?” Porsche questioned. What kind of boss did this?

“The family said they weren’t having another baby and I mentioned my sister was pregnant.” Chè wasn’t looking at his older brother but Porsche didn’t notice.

He was still panicking but Chè was there to smooth his feathers.

“I told them I would work this off, so now I will be gone for a little longer during the day. Maybe a few nights.” Chè babbled but Porsche half heard him.

He went to help his brother carry the needed item.

When his son was born it had taken him a week to use the donated crib, choosing to keep his infant in his own bed. His irrational fear of Kinn appearing like a mythical monster too strong with the many fresh waves of hormones. Making themselves at home in Porsche’s body.

Chè took a few photos of the baby sleeping in his own bed after lecturing his older brother about the danger of his son smothering in an adult bed.

Porsche let Chè have his victory. But only this once.

Miss, please stop crying

Porsche had worked at this bar for a short while. A little under a month if he were to count the days. The outside was rundown and the clients left much to be desired but the staff was friendly and he made good money.

So, Porsche kept his mouth shut. He took out the trash when asked both the literal and human kind. It wasn’t the first time he had done this, on top of being a bartender.

The staff found it odd that he didn’t drink on the job or after. Then again, they weren’t the ones feeding a new born.

His scent was more perceptible than it normally was but as it was not a traditional omega scent, he was able to excuse it.

People believing, he was advertising his singlehood.

Like he had time for a fucking relationship.

He wasn’t one to be picked as an omega and due to this many approached him as they would an alpha.

Including the crying girl in his arms. She was a regular, spending hours at Porsche’s side of the bar and flirting with him. She was a gorgeous girl and she knew it too.

As did her boyfriend who had caused a scene earlier tonight.

The man had stormed in shouting about how she was a whore and demanding to know who she had been cheating on him with. It had intensified from there. The girl looking briefly at Porsche and her man had seen it.

The man was posturing and threw a swing at Porsche’s head.

It wasn’t a challenge to best this man.

Porsche was a mafia boss’s personal bodyguard. An angry boyfriend was child’s play in comparison. Porsche had struck the man once and the fight was over.

The man’s nose broken. The other bouncers pushing the man out the door while Porsche went to wash his hand. The blood staining it and bringing out memories for Porsche.

Memories he didn’t want to watch or relive.

The girl was waiting outside the men’s bathroom. She was using her phone as a mirror. Brushing her hair back from her eyes. Her make up was perfect giving the illusion to her indifference of her recent breakup.

When her eyes left her phone and saw he had been making his way silently passed her. Her eyes started to water. Not in the natural sense of a strong emotion and her brain finally connecting her fate. The tears a sign of her distress and her liquid sadness ruining her mask of her perfection.

Her tears were as if someone had dropped the correct amount of tap water on to her face to mimic a human sign of unhappiness.

Her soft sniffles were a practiced act as she rushed into Porsche’s arms.

Burrowing her way to the center of his chest. Her fragrant hair causing his nose to wrinkle.

It unnerved him, how quickly this woman could turn her emotions on and off.

He didn’t even know her name.

Why was she seeking ‘comfort’ from him?

Porsche had his arms at his side as he tried to plan how to remove her from him.

Her fake sobs were making him feel weird.

One might wonder why a crying girl did not stir an emotional reaction from him?

To be honest he had only cared if Chè cried before and now with his newborn son; whose form of communication was cries and hiccups.

This girl’s weak imitation of helplessness and anguish. He could not give her the desired response.

For he had to save his real feelings for those who mattered.

Not for her. Or asshole mafia bosses who wouldn’t return his love or concern.

No Porsche don’t think about him. Don’t give him the pleasure of angering you.

Porsche looked desperately around for anyone to take her away from him.

However, no one came to his rescue; believing him to be an alpha who had taken his prize for defeating another in a fight.

Fucking hell!

Her useless tears were wetting his shirt.

His shirt was getting wet…

Wet Shirt?


Porsche’s body was tuned into hearing his son cry for food and with a sobbing weight resting against his chest who else could it have been other than a hungry baby?

This woman had yet to discover she had set Porsche’s body’s natural response off. He needed to get rid of her now.

Not wanting any of his co-workers to know he was an omega. If they knew, some one else could learn this as well.

Kinn might already be on his hundredth pretty boy by now but he still couldn’t take this chance.

The ex-bodyguard shoved her away from him, causing her to stumble backwards. Landing on her butt against a wall. Porsche moved passed her and went to the break room. He locked the door behind him.

He did not leave for a half hour after making sure he had no visible clues of what had commenced in front of the men’s room.

Weeks later Chè would come to the bar. He was panicked and holding his son. It was a slow night and few patrons wandered the bar. Porsche ducked under the counter to get to his brother.

Fearing that their home had been compromised. Chè’s messy appearance did not stop his imagination from conjuring the horrors. Of Kinn’s arrival in their lives.

Kon’s sweet short life.

Porsche dragged his brother to the back alley to talk about their options.

The warmth of his brother’s wrist was grounding Porsche in the moment.

Once away from prying eyes, Chè thrust Kon at him.

Having unzipped him from under his jacket.

“Please hold him, feed him, I don’t know just do something.” Chè begged tears in his eyes. The long hours of hearing his nephew wail but being unable to stop them. Had taken its toll on Chè.

Porsche held the baby, feeling his soft baby hairs and the warmth that came from the small body.

Kon did not have his own scent yet but the milk that hovered around him steadied Porsche’s worries.

The baby drank deeply after Porsche had unbuttoned his shirt. The feeding took longer than normal, mostly as Porsche did not want to give Kon back.

Finally, reality came back to him. A few dozen more kisses and Chè was leading him back through the bar. Porsche telling him to take a cab and his brother waving his hand back at him.

Porsche went back to his station, his co-workers stared at him.

One was brave enough to say.

“You could have told us you were mated.”

Porsche had dropped the knife he was using to cut a lemon.

His hands shaking as he laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

The notion of Kinn mating with him was humorous. A man who prided himself in his cruelty and untouchability.

Why would he chain himself to another?  

To someone as disappointing as Porsche, no Kinn would mate with one of those rich pretty boys.

A boy who was bred to be Kinn’s type and not challenge him.

Porsche was Kinn slumming it. Nothing more.

His workmates said no more at his response but the rumors of Porsche having a family did spread.

His boss asking if he would need time off, with his little family.

Porsche did not know what to say and then the flood gates opened.

In the quiet of the old man’s office. Porsche blubbered.

He brought his palms up to his eyes as he put pressure on them to stop the liquid but it was no match for his hormones.

The old man placed a hand on his shoulder.

“You can cry Porsche, having children is hard. Working away from them is harder still.” The old man comforted as he waited for his employee to calm down.

Porsche got his breathing under control as he was questioned if he was still with his son’s father.

“How do you know I’m not the father?”

“Porsche, I saw how you looked at your son and you take private breaks. It was pretty clear to anyone who looked.”

Porsche nodded, not knowing what else to say.

“No, I’m not with his father. We weren’t a couple and I don’t think we ever will be.”

Kinn had no place for Porsche at his side or in his bed. He certainly did not have a place for their son.

Both men were an accident in Kinn’s worldview.

An unhappy accident.

Kinn had killed for less.

Rain and Thunderstorms

“Kinn stop it.”

Porsche groused as Kinn teased him.

The alpha was under the covers. Licking at his slick as he was prepared. The two had put their sons to bed and retreated to their own.

That was hours ago.

Kinn had not stopped torturing Porsche since.

Their clothes were strewn around the floor. The windows were the only source of light as the rain poured. Lightening flashing across the sky. Illuminating their bodies.

Finally! Kinn decided Porsche was ready, sliding his cock into Porsche’s tight channel.

The sounds of rhythmic panting echoed the soundproof room as did the slapping of skin. Porsche’s moans grew louder as he reached his high. Kinn was leaving the largest hickey on his neck as he chased his bliss as well.

As a loud crack of thunder broke the night. They moaned out their completion. The sweat soaked Kinn collapsing on his lover.

The two kissing and cuddling under the covers. Enjoying their adult time together.

Kinn was staring at Porsche’s dark eyes. The burning passion radiated in the orbs. His omega’s nose nuzzled behind the alpha’s ears.

Kinn was happy.

Simply happy that he had his lover and mother of his children at his side. He had once worried that he would never find Porsche again. To now have him at his side and to be in Porsche’s heart. Kinn had nothing left to gain. He was now the pinnacle of power in his life and within the mafia families.

No one could touch him.

Porsche was his bodyguard and his mate. He might not have a mark but he was bond to Kinn and vice versa.

The door creaked open. The darkness adding to their instant reactions.

Porsche tensed and Kinn leaned over to the nightstand drawer and removed the gun from it.

Laying on top of his lover in case things turned worse.

Kinn couldn’t see an attacker.

A few light footsteps were heard on the plush carpet.

“Daddy?” A little voice whispered.

His son.

A lamp flipped on. Kon was shadowed by the light. His frightened face turned to the bed. Kon was wearing his pajamas covered in little red koi fish. His bare feet wiggling in the carpet.

In his oldest child’s arms was his little brother. King had his face hidden in Kon’s neck as he whimpered in fright.

His little hands clasp the shirt of his older brother.

King’s soft green pjs were nearly camouflaging his small body.

Kinn put his gun away as Porsche let out a short laugh.

Well, this was awkward.

His sons needed him but he was currently… occupied.

He had yet to leave Porsche’s body and he did not want to explain to his children what their parents had been doing.

“Boys can you wait outside for a second?” Kinn asked. His mate was not helping him as he floundered.

 Kon took a calming breath and slowly moved to the door.

Kinn kept his eyes on the door as he pulled out of his omega. As he left the bed, Porsche smacked his butt.

Rolling away from the offended alpha.

“Laugh it up Porsche, you’re the one who has to change the sheets.” Kinn clothed himself and left his unhappy mate.

Kinn prowled his way to his children, snatching them up into his arms. Kon on one hip and King on the other.

His toddler’s pjs bottoms were wet.

Kinn sighed.

The joys of parenthood.

He went to King’s room and saw the ruined bedding. That could be solved in the morning.

“Kon go change.” Kinn ordered as he went about taking the clothes off his squirming youngest. Kinn then took the urine covered boy to the bath, washing away the filth.

Kon returned to the bathroom, and saw Kinn being splashed by the now happy baby.

King giggling as he saw how wet he had made his father.

Kinn trying to dry the creature but his son kept running from him.

Great his baby was growing up to be a nudist.

When he tracked down his quick footed youngest, King was corralled into his new pajamas. His son pouting at his new outfit.

It did not stop him from making grabby hands to be carried.

Kinn did so.

He looked at his older son. The one who would sometimes behave as if he were older than his tender years.

Kon wouldn’t return his stare as he had his arms open; wanting to be carried as well.

Kinn’s pride was fully stroked as he went back to his den.

Porsche was laying in bed on his phone. The sheets changed and his lovely lover freshly showered.

Kinn felt disappointed at this little revelation.

Porsche had no one to wash his back. A true tragedy.

Porsche lifted the top cover.

Kon slipped under it and King was moving. Wanting his daddy’s safe hold.

Kinn was the last one to be in bed. Kon beside him and then King. Porsche was the farthest from Kinn’s arms.

Had this been any other situation, Kinn would be pissed to be so far from his sweetheart.

However, with their children, Kinn could excuse the distance.

The mobster was on his side as he threw an arm over his sons. His hand rested on Porsche’s waist.

Where it belonged.    

The soft sleeping breathing of his family could be heard as Kinn stared into the flashing lights.

Yes, power could provide so much to him, however his arrogance had nearly taken everything from him.

But Kinn was a planner and adaptable. Once he had loved someone, that person could not escape from his caging power.

A prowling alpha

It wasn’t the first time Ram and his friends had come to the bar after the seniors. As they had differing exam schedules it was to be assumed.

Ram was not a big drinker but it made King happy and his friends were funny when drunk. The first years were walking through the bar as they spotted the seniors’ table. It was already loaded with empty glasses. Duen went to Bohn side.

When King saw Ram his eyes shined, a “Cool Boy” shouted in his direction with a friendly wave.

 Ram was slightly behind Duen as he made his way to his boyfriend. King the senior he had been drawn to since he had first laid eyes on him. The captivating smile and natural air of kindness that surrounded the older boy, was one Ram had noticed right away.

That and King could be brave regardless of the situation. Many would fault Ram for saying this.

How can one be brave when their scared of a dog? Man’s supposed best friend. Well even with King’s fear of dogs, he never let that stop him from going about his life. Sure, he might keep an eye out but it didn’t hinder him from living.

Ram was afraid of many things: children, strangers, public speaking, small talk…

Yet with King, Ram didn’t feel frightened. In silence he felt understood and heard. A feeling he had only previously had with his pet dogs.

Yes, the lovely omega handing him a shot was the omega he would marry and mate.

The one who understood him.

Ram as he looked around saw this was not a college bar but none of the clients were over thirty. It was on the rougher side. The people dressing in a more provocative or intimidating manner than he was used to.

If he listened closely; he could hear how people whispered this bar was owned by the mob. The family in charge of the crime syndicate.

Ram scoffed.

He had heard such rumours about the bar on campus as well. He did not see why criminals would manage that bar let alone multiple ones.

It was most likely a bit of gossip that had grown its own life.

King kissed his cheek as he got up from the table to dance with the other omegas. Ram was not big on dancing, having King in his arms and feeling the other move against him yes. Dancing with a group of people no.

As King swayed, Ram observed many hungry eyes following his soft movements.

One man stood out. He was older but still a young man. Dressed richly with an entourage of people at his table in the VIP section. His eyes tracked King’s every breath.

Ram watched this would be hunter.

Had this been a month or two ago, Ram would have worried for his senior’s safety. However, King was no wilting daisy. He was a true rose. Thorns and all.

King and Ram had gone out to get a drink and someone had thought Ram was hitting on their girlfriend. Getting in the alpha’s face and shouting at him. King had disappeared to the bathroom. At the time Ram was glad as King did not need to witness this.

Ram had started to get angry as he had already told the other alpha, that he had in fact not been flirting with their partner. It hadn’t made a difference.

Ram was pinned to the bar top by the shouting alpha and thought he might need to fight his way out of the confrontation. When a finger had tapped the yelling lunatic drawing his attention away from Ram.

Standing proudly was King and he was pissed. A hand set on his cocked hip.

The alpha opened their mouth to shout at King when they were brutally punched in the face. A resounding crack of bone was audible.

The alpha fell to their knees, holding their broken nose.

“Do you know who I am?” The alpha growled. A threat clear in his voice. This person thought they were someone.

King knelt to whisper in their ear and Ram could barely make out the first half of the sentence. Watching as the alpha paled as King spoke.

“Do you know who I am? I am …”

The alpha looked like they would wet themselves as they ran, abandoning the couple. One in satisfaction and the other in confusion.

King did not need a knight to save him but a general to stand beside him.

The two had been living together for a little while and Ram could still not believe King had chosen him. He had witnessed first hand how King had many suitors. The fresh flowers that were delivered bi-weekly to the condo was proof of King’s desirability.

Ram once had seen the card; he had thrown them out. The flowers were addressed to the sender’s “sweet gardener” and a few other cards had said sweetest boy. Ram was over come with jealousy. The beautiful flowers dumped down the garbage disposal shoot.

King was visibly unhappy at the loss of his flowers; he had questioned Ram if they had been delivered.

It made Ram feel like he had swallowed ash as he watched the omega text on his phone and mutter to himself that they had been sent.

Ram had gone to the flower shop to replace them himself. Not able to separate the shame he felt at the way King lit up at their arrival.

The alpha found out later they were flowers from his parents. It was a way they communicated with each other. King had not elaborated farther than that.

King and Boss were dancing with Ting Ting, they were losing themselves to the beat of the music. Ram felt as if he was watching the nymphs dance to Apollo’s lyre. It was moving art and Ram didn’t want to move his eyes away from the sight for even a second. A second of King smiling was worth years without King in his life.

The omegas tired and went back to the safety of their table. King all but falling on Ram’s lap. Ram’s arms came up to steady him. Inhaling his scent which had a touch of preheat.


No wonder King had been so affectionate the last few days.

The genius was kissing the alpha’s neck and his hands mischievously groped at his chest.

Time to go home.

Ram supported King’s weight as he waved goodbye to their friends. Ram took one last look around the bar.

The alpha from earlier was still staring at them. A rage boiling in his eyes. He stared Ram directly in the eyes. Not blinking.

King pulled him down for a deep kiss.

Ram walked them to the sidewalk. A little away from the bar so no one would interrupt them as they waited for Ram’s uber. The omega was the one driving or paying for things. Ram decided it was his turn now.

So, in the privacy of their own world, the two lovers made out in the shadows.

King’s lips were the best tasting thing he had ever devoured. The omega chasing his tongue and attempting to push him against the wall.

Ram pulled his omega closer. The two trying to merge into one being. As man had once been.

A snap was heard.

Ram was ripped from King’s embrace and his arms were forced behind his back. His knees screaming in pain as they hit the unforgiving ground.

A group of men surrounded them. Ram didn’t recognize their faces. Although he did not remember the followers, he knew the leader.

The alpha from the bar, had the plant lover in his arms.

King’s face was hidden in the alpha’s neck.

Ram snarled; he knew he was behaving like a dog as he fought the hold he was forced into.

He would not let anyone steal his mate, his senior, his King.


Kon was unbearably bored.

The sycophants who littered his table were adding to his displeasure. Their words dripped in honey but the substance was that of rotting flesh.

He knew their types, those who were drawn to power but offered none of their own.

He had wanted to drink in peace but had found his brother and friends were also taking refuge within these walls.

Watching as his brother got drunker and drunker was amusing. Kon’s bodyguards were already anticipating his orders to get the engineers home safely.

Kon would carry King home.

Kon had carried King to safety since he had held his brother for the first time.

King was a small budding seed and seeing him as an adult he had bloomed. As beautiful and lively as their dad. But he retained his soft nature. His roots ran deep as did his forgiveness.

That’s why King needed his older brother to protect him.

In their family alphas protected their omegas. Kon would protect Frong and King till his last breaths.

However what Kon forgot was in this family omegas protect their alphas.

Kon downed his drink wondering if he should head over to his brother’s table.

“Cool Boy!” King shouted. A drunk grin on his face.

The “Cool Boy” was a boy younger than his brother, with a tattoo on his neck. The unknown alpha brought his friends to King’s table.

Who was this punk?

To sit with his brother, the alpha said nothing but supplied King drinks.

Not going to happen you little bastard.

Kon thought as he saw the little alpha separate his brother from his friends.

The two alphas locked eyes.  Kon shared his plans for murder with the younger man.

Their contact broken by little King.

Kissing the alpha.

Fuck No!

Kon ordered his men to follow them.

When he arrived to interrupt them, the alpha was molesting his brother.

Tearing the two apart Kon took his brother to safety. He had failed his brother once; he would not make the same mistake again.

No, this dog needed to be put down before he bit.

The alpha fought his men as Kon made King take in his scent. Their bond calming King, his brother relaxing in his hold. In a few seconds they would leave.

One dead body would be the reminder of tonight.

The cur snarled, Kon growled back.

Who was this pup to challenge him. Caught red handed about to abuse his brother.

King whimpered.

Struggling in Kon’s hug.

He purred a familiar noise to put his brother to sleep.

King wrestled against him, awaking from his previous state.

Seeing the unknown boy on the ground he elbowed Kon. Knocking the air from his lungs.


“Let him go!” King ordered. His men showed worry, not knowing what master to obey.

“Hold him!” Kon reordered. Kon would do what was best for King.

“Let him go! Why did you grab Ram?” King fought with the bodyguards trying to get to the fallen man.

Ram now he had a name to place on the tombstone.

“He was going to force himself on you. I’m going to kill him unless you want to?” Kon would not take that from King if he wanted revenge.

“Are you fucking insane Kon? Get off of him.” King reaffirmed as he broke through the bodies acting as a wall.

King growled; his men let go of Ram. No one wanted to hurt their boss’s darling son.  


“What if I don’t?” Kon had his gun pointed at the alpha, waiting for him to make a blunder.

“I’ll call dad…” King threatened.

Kon drew a breath.

“You wouldn’t dare…” Kon challenged back. Both brothers knew their parents were ‘working’ tonight.

King pulled his phone from his back pocket. Before Kon could grab it, King had hit their dad’s number and the speaker button.


“Hello?” Gun fire could be heard through the speakers. A moment of silence before someone cursed.

“Dad! Kon threatened to kill Ram.”

“King is protecting the man who was molesting him.”

Tattling never disappears from a sibling’s behaviour it does not matter how old one gets. They must rat out their sibling first, otherwise their parents might focus on them.

Porsche could be heard releasing a sigh.

“Have kids they said… it’s a blessing they said….” More shots rang out.

“I’m on the phone! Rude fuckers” Porsche growled at someone.

“Speak.” The command given.

King went first.

“Kon’s just jealous he’s not getting any so he decided I shouldn’t either.” That was not what he was doing what so ever.

King was lying.

“Is Ram the alpha I met at your condo?” Porsche started to give orders as the gun shots stopped.


Porsche was talking to someone.

“Handle your children.”

The phone was given to their father.

“Why do I have to handle this?”

Kinn asked, amusement clear.

“Alpha stupidity is something he got from you.” Porsche said.

“Kon leave your brother’s boyfriend alone.” His father ordered.

Boyfriend? When had this happened? Kon hadn’t even thought of how he would kill the other if he attempted to betray his brother.

“I already threatened him, anymore and it will look like we don’t talk.” His father mused.

A bang echoed in the speaker.

They were still working.

Ram pulled King closer as if to shield him from the bloodshed.

Okay one plus for the alpha. King didn’t look good in the blood of trash.

Kon wondered if he should let this alpha go?

Ram was protecting his brother and he wasn’t raised in the mafia.

That could be a plus. Afterall their dad hadn’t been either and look how that had turned out.

There in King’s eye was a promise of murder or mauling. King would hurt him for this boy.

Kon waved his men to return home.

The boy could live for now but if he got a toe out of line.

Kon could use him as candle light as he practiced his music.

An heir and a spare.

Porsche was feeling off. He didn’t know if it was from the stress of being the head of security or if it was parenting fulltime. Regardless Porsche was tired and, in some moments, felt like he was a second away from vomiting.

It was exhausting.

Kon had recently started to go to school, which meant Porsche was the one to take him and he mostly picked him up. Porsche would not allow anyone to raise his son. Kinn might have been a product of nannies or tutors but his child would not be.

If Porsche could not get his son, then Chè would.

Once again, the two were confused for a couple.

Really could no one see the family resemblance or were they purposely ignoring it?

For two months now Porsche had to deal with mothers of his son’s classmates coming up to him and ‘praising’ him for being such an involved father.

For anyone asking the correct response to such a statement was not.

“I fucking made him, of course I can drop and pick him up.”

Who knew?

Kinn was the only one who laughed when he told this story to.

Porsche was staring at his reflection in the mirror, noticing that his stomach was once again losing its sharpness.

He would need to spend more hours in the gym. He needed to hurry up, as they were running late and if Porsche wasn’t in Kinn’s sight for enough hours. He got grumpy.

Grabbing the first pair of pants and a shirt. Porsche put them on.

He sat at the table watching his son eat his breakfast. Kinn would be out in a minute and then they would leave.

He could enjoy his cup of coffee and listen to his son tell him his dreams from the night before.

This was what Porsche wanted his life to be like.

Kinn left their bedroom, dressed impeccably in his standard suit and his hair was slicked back.

A cocky smirk as he made his way to Porsche.

That’s when everything went to shit.

Kinn had kissed him on the cheek and instead of smelling his usual scent. Today’s had hints of evergreens.

 In the few seconds it took for Porsche to inhale, his stomach exhaled onto Kinn’s clothes.

Kinn was not impressed and Porsche mourned for his coffee.

The doctor had a different take on their morning.

One pregnancy test later and the results showed Porsche was with child again.

Kinn had picked him up from his seat and swung him around in elation. Kissing him on the mouth to convey his joy at the news.

Porsche did not yet know how to feel. He didn’t have a sense of dread. Like he did at Kon’s results but not complete joy either.

A year after living together, the lovers had tried to have another child.

Ruts and heats spent together, the result negative.

It had been challenging over the news. Or rather the lack of news.

Porsche was in his second month but didn’t want to get his hopes up. The four times he had done so, had killed a part of his soul.

His longest pregnancy was one he hadn’t known about at the time.

Kinn had needed his help dealing with some upstarts and Porsche would not let him go alone. Of course, a fight broke out and he had been tossed around. Landing hard on the ground, an excruciating pain radiating from his stomach but Porsche at the time couldn’t spare it a thought.

After the dust had settled. Porsche was alerted to the blood running down his legs.

His child was lost to his carelessness.

Kinn said nothing but would not let go of him that night. Or for the next week, it was as if he was afraid to lose him as well.

In his four miscarriages, Kinn knew about half of them. Porsche not wanting to speak on the others.

They had thought the two of them could have more, after all Kon was a product of their lust and stupidity.

Now they knew he was a product of pure luck.

A single moment they could not replicate.

In a family like Kinn’s it made sense to have multiple children as one could die but that wasn’t why Porsche wanted a second child.

Porsche had nothing after his parents’ deaths and had he been as alone as he felt, he would have followed them to the grave.

He didn’t because of Chè. His brother was the only light in his life and he had been blessed to have him.

Porsche wanted to give Kon, that feeling as well. Someone he could trust and understand.

He had thought he might have damaged his organs from Kon’s birth but the doctors had said that was not the case, so now Porsche did not know why. He was barren.

He was a desert that refused to sprout anything.

But this time would be different.

He might have hated every moment of someone treating him like glass but this time he chose to act like they were doing so to his baby and not him.

Porsche as he started to show received many looks both from other bodyguards and from the mothers at Kon’s school.

As if everyone had forgotten Porsche was an omega.

In their defense sometimes Porsche did too.

In his last month he couldn’t handle being in a car. So now it was Kinn’s first time dropping off their son.


Kinn had been on cloud nine for the last few months. Porsche was letting him do more in their son’s life and he was able to take care of his mate.

His darling was adorable pregnant even with his temper fluctuating. His wildcat was either in a cuddling mood or about to bite.

Pure perfection to Kinn’s mind.

He did question why Porsche dodged every mirror he saw. Kinn thought the softness he exhibited was rather charming but he could understand why his bodyguard disagreed.

Driving his son to school was different but manageable.

The boy wanting to tell his friends about his sibling that was soon to arrive.

Kinn was getting his son’s bag from the trunk when he heard the clicking of heels.

An attractive (Kinn guessed, women weren’t his thing) beta woman in a lilac pencil skirt and white blouse. She was watching him, her heel tapping away as she waited.

After a few seconds, Kinn realized he knew her from somewhere and as she smiled at him it dawned on him.

She was a girl who was the same age as him growing up. One of those spoiled princesses that were always throwing themselves at Khun.

If Kinn recalled correctly she had married an old politician. He hadn’t watched the girls when he was younger focusing on the pretty boys and later Porsche.

He didn’t even know she had a child.

“Kinn, it’s so good to see you again.” She beamed at him. A formal introduction and Kinn wanted her to leave.

Her voice was just as grating as he remembered.

He nodded along aimlessly as she prattled on. His son was currently refusing to leave the car.

He sighed as he fought with the young child.

“Oh, Is that Kon? I didn’t know you and Porsche shared custody.” The woman questioned as if she was making small talk and not trying to gain new gossip.

The fuck did she just say!

Shared custody!

Who did she hear that from? Kinn wanted a name… to put on the death certificate.

“You heard wrong-”

“Father, I want to go home. Dad forgot to sign my forms and his tummy is hurting. We should go check on him.” Kon interrupted him as he tugged on the mafia boss’s sleeve.

The woman was scandalized to hear his son’s words.

“Porsche? Is the boy’s dad? Then are you his step-father?”

“No! He’s dad’s mate and my father. Did you know I’m going to have a younger sibling soon?” Kon replied innocently.

She didn’t say anything as her face soured.

“Dad is housing them in his tummy right now but soon they can come out and I will get to look after and protect them.” Kon declared proudly.

Kinn watched in proud joy. His son was growing to understand just what family meant and he was going to do great things.

She gave a sickly-looking smile before making her excuse to leave. Kinn and Kon walking to the boy’s classroom.

“Will she leave Daddy alone now?” Kon asked as he held his father’s hand.

Kinn raised an eyebrow.

“She’s always touching him and calling him silly names. It’s yucky.” Kon made a face.

If it had been a few years earlier Kinn would have killed her out of spite. Well jealousy mostly but he wouldn’t have acknowledged the other emotion. Now as a mature parent and mate. He did not give in to such foolishness. This woman was unhappy with her own mating but they were not.

Kinn would hug his son good bye before returning to Porsche’s side.

He was extra affectionate, but Porsche did not know why his partner was acting so lovingly but secretly enjoyed the treatment.

You’re my brother

Kon was outraged!

His parents had forbid him to leave his uncle’s house. Sure, Frong was fun to play with but he wanted King to come home.

All day he had not seen him since the small family outing.

His dad had panicked when King had not been found in their game of hide and seek. But they had sent the bodyguards to look for him.

Kon didn’t like the fear in his dad’s eyes and his voice for calling for his younger brother. It made his heart break and beat faster.

After the park turned out empty, Kon had been sent away.

He wanted to find his brother.

He was King’s big brother, who else could comfort the little boy and chase away his nightmares?

King could be alone. King could be alone in the dark.

He needed to find his little brother.

His uncle Kim, had arrived home and his other uncle had raced to greet him. Arms thrown wide as he hugged him.

Kon noticed his parents were with him. Kon hid on the stairs watching the scene.

“We found them. Those fuckers will wish they had not drawn breath when Kinn’s done with them.”

“What happened?” Uncle Chè asked, his tone hushed.

“A kidnapping attempt and King was hurt. Those assholes released some dogs on him.” Father had a look of anger in his face as he smoked. His hand aggressively stroking dad’s back.

Dad didn’t utter a word, his face meeting Kon’s and telling him to come.

“Will he be… okay? Who’s dead?” Uncle Chè asked.

“The dogs are dead and soon the bigger mutts will be too.” Porsche promised as he carried Kon away.

Hours had passed since Kon had returned home but he still couldn’t go to King.

He had even gotten the medical kit in case King was still hurt.

He had heard his parents arguing as he snuck out of bed, making his way to the hospital wing, where King was sleeping.

He would save his brother from the monsters.

Kon quietly opened the door after telling the guards, his father had sent him.

If Kon wanted something he would just mention his father and it would appear.

King was sleeping on the hospital bed and his arms were wrapped in bandages. He had an iv in his arm.

King was so pale.

Kon closed the door.

He gently crawled into bed and brought his brother’s sleeping form into his hold.

“I’ll protect you King. This will never happen again.” Kon kissed King’s brow.

The two future mafia bosses slept soundly that night.

As King recovered Kon was with him every step of the way. Helping him water his growing plant collection or reading out the names from the plant book.

King even let Kon name a few of his ‘children’ but mostly Kon watched over King.

When the doctors tried to give him a shot and King screamed. Kon was there to growl and force them away.

Until his father had lifted him up and taken him away.

King was a baby so it made sense that dad would let him sleep in his bed once King left the hospital and he did not feel jealous of his sibling having more of their parents’ attention.

It was understandable as King had been hurt and was now recovering but he didn’t like how his parents acted like Kon wouldn’t understand what had happened.

He was twelve. He knew someone had targeted King.

When he was boss, no one would mess with his family.

If they tried, he would burn them to the ground. No one would remember their names.

 King was recovering his voice and had stopped being so unnervingly quiet.

Kon hated when King was silent, it meant he was afraid.

It was in the silence when Kon would protect his brother once again.

It was a year since King’s attack as it was called and although the young boy was back to his normal self. It had left a mark on everyone and Porsche now wouldn’t let his sons go out alone or be away from him.

Today the boys were in the garden, playing hide and seek.

An easy game in the lush backyard as King was prone to talking with the vegetation.

Making Kon’s victories simple.

Today King was silent and Kon worried.

A large tree branch lay on the ground. Kon grabbed it and made his way through the trees.

His footsteps leaving no sound or trace on the ground.

Kon was on the hunt.

He observed a woman, crouching before a tree, her voice soothing as she tried to lure someone.

Kon knew that tree. It was one of King’s favourite spot as the trunk had a dug out that he could fit in but no one else could.

Kon had shown him that hiding place when the boy was younger.

“Come on kiddo, won’t you come out? Your mom wants me to take you back to the house.” She said to his brother.

Kon knew it was a trap.

The woman was not dressed as one of their servants or bodyguards.

She had referred to one of their parents in the term of mother. Porsche did not respond to such a title.

She was an outsider.

She was getting more frustrated as King refused to budge and her window to escape closed further.

Kon made his move.

He slowly moved behind her, she was only paying attention to King. He carefully lifted his arm and swung the branch with all his might at her head.

She fell forward. Face smacking into the soft dirt. He took in her features then went to King.

He shoved the unconscious woman away and held his arms out to his brother.

King crawled out of his safe hiding spot.

The younger boy wrapped his arms around his sibling’s neck and did so with his legs to the older boy’s waist.

King’s face was in Kon’s neck.

Neither spoke.

“Thank you, Kon.” King whispered, his breath tickled Kon’s neck.

“You’re welcome, King. I’ll always protect you. No one will ever be able to hurt you again.” Kon vowed as he went to the nearest bodyguard to report the woman.

This would not be the last time Kon protected King or a member of his family but it was the first time he did so with violence.

Chapter Text

Mek was not close with his family. He was the third son and the youngest of six. Another redundant alpha son. Maybe if he had been an omega male, he could have been married off like his older sisters. His prospects of being a leader within his family was minimal at best, if one of his brothers did not order a hit on him before he reached adulthood. As a young child he was often left alone with maids or other servants. He was a toy to be paraded around when the mood struck his parents.

However, his muteness had left them feeling disappointed in him. A child who refused to speak on command was worthless in their world. It was not Mek who could not speak but it was due to him understanding at a young age that no one cared for what exited his mouth. So Mek stopped bothering to release noise.

One such occasion was when they were traveling to meet some business partners. Mek was expecting to be bored and to have no grasp of what was being said around him.

Instead, he was spotted by a boy who had been hiding under one of the great tables filled with food. The pair had sat in silence before the stranger was discovered by a slightly older boy. His brother by the looks of it.

The elder was not surprised by the additional kid but had translated for him.

The three joining up with the larger group of boys.

That day he met Bohn and King.

His best friends and the ones who led him away from a lonely life.

His parents thought Mek was trying to secure a future for their family but Mek was creating his own.

King would lead a part of the mafia and Mek would be there to help his friend, his brother.

Mek could trust his friends completely, something he could not argue for with his true brothers or his treacherous sisters. In his birth family he was a pawn to someone else’s “cunning” plan. Fake words of flattery or belittling sentences were thrown at him depending on the situation and the speaker. With his friends, they had no other agenda or honey words for him.

Where once there was silence or the sounds of his soul breaking. There was now laughter and Mek for the first time in his life was developing pride in himself and in those around him.

The connection with his own blood was strain at best after he shot his older brother.

As a young alpha, Mek was prone to rages and hearing his older brother insult his close friend for being an omega was not something Mek could tolerate. His brother by choice was more family to Mek than any member of his blood.

He had gotten up from his seat at the table and went to one of their guards. The crowd watched in muted horror but not knowing what Mek’s intentions were. Taking the man’s gun; Mek had marched to his beloved brother’s seat.

The man stood as did Mek’s father.

Mek fired a single shot into his brother’s knee.

Seeing the gasping faces. He had turned and given the gun back.

His mother had rushed to her oldest child.  

“Don’t bad mouth my friend.” Mek had said as he went to his room.

It was the last time he spoke to that brother or any of his other siblings.

Blood was not a determining factor of what made a family.

University was where Mek would meet his mate.

A cute loud omega who wore the most hideous glasses. Mek could see Cupid strike him with the love arrow. In that minute of bliss, he did not see Cupid fire an arrow of apathy at Boss.

The game was how he learned the other’s name and first saw him smile. In that moment Boss could have demanded anything from him and he would deliver it.

To be forced away from his mate had been horrid but to see Boss rip the card up had hurt worse than any bullet.

Mek had collected the torn paper.

He would not let the other man slip through his fingers.

Mek approached him after a shared class. His hands had been shaking behind his back as he spoke to the other, fearful of rejection or the other would say he was already claimed.

Boss had smiled and said loudly he would love to be his friend.


Would being his friend be worse than being a stranger? Could Mek handle watching his mate smile or laugh at someone else?

To be able to see or talk to him but not to be allowed to love him or go home with him?

Boss had so much light and warmth in his eyes.

Mek was selfish.

He wanted whatever Boss would give him.

To then hear that Boss was attracted to girls had calmed a primal part of himself. He would not see Boss fall for a man but could he let him go to a woman?

Girls would come and go for Boss but after every heartbreak Boss would run to him. He could hold and comfort his mate. In the safety of either of their apartments.

Mek could live out his fantasy. Of the two being closer than the truth.

The names and faces of Boss’s suitors would change but the outcome was invariable. Mek could not understand how someone could look or be with the perfection that was Boss and then dump him for another man. These women were broken but Mek was not going to enlighten them.

On a few instances Mek had gone out of his way to break up his friend’s relationship. Planting small seeds of himself being interested in Boss’s girlfriend, she had responded with interest.

Mek couldn’t let Boss stay with a cheater.

The girl had loudly proclaimed during a break at school, in the crowded canteen. That she would be willing to date Mek. Waiting confidently that he would then embrace and date her. No part of her conveyed any form of guilt for the hurt she was causing or the damage inflicted on the small omega.

A sick part of him was proud when he rejected her and left the space with a sobbing Boss. To hear his friends berating her for daring to suggest one of them would cheat with her.

Boss did not leave his apartment for two days. It was wonderful, but he did feel bad for instigating Boss to cry.

His crush was well hidden but there were moments when he could not refuse the omega a thing.

Food, movies or other silly schemes. If Boss wanted it, Mek made it his business to give it to the smaller boy.

Boss didn’t know Mek had ordered some of his own personal guards to follow him home and guard the place. He may not have seen Mek as his mate but Mek did.

No one would hurt his Boss.

When Boss had invited him over people would stare. Some whispered but Mek would glare at them and they would disappear.

What century were they living in? An alpha and omega could just be friends. Yes, best friends for life.

Boss was Mek’s life, he would have no other.

The omega’s apartment was small but homely and it smell of Boss. Everything Mek wanted.

He spotted a few photos holding the two of them… some frames had group shots or family members.

The omega had asked the other boy to tutor him. Mek had jumped to his aid.

The omega wasn’t stupid, he was clever but he was easily distracted and thus unable to grasp concepts on the first few tries. Mek would wait for him and explain the theories as many times as needed. He could not turn Boss away for any reason.

And if Mek was helpful to the omega than Boss would have no motive to leave him. To find another more helpful person.

That afternoon as the two talked about what they wanted to eat. They heard the door to Boss’s home open. A short woman was holding a bag of groceries, her expression one of shock then scandal.

The woman was a middle-aged omega, her dark hair was styled in a short bob, not a single strand out of place. Her clothes were earth tones but in a soft fabric, her heels clicked on the tiled floor. Her sharp eyes framed by dark black glasses. She had a calculating glint in them.

“What are you doing?!” She had shouted at seeing Boss resting his head on Mek’s legs on the sofa.

Boss had jumped, nearly knocking Mek in the face in his haste.    

He started to argue with the woman, his mother about why Mek was here, the two alone.

The words were growing in volume and in hurtfulness. When she had demanded to know if her son was playing the slut during his schooling, Mek stopped being the witness.

To see the tears, build in Boss’s eyes and to see him curl into himself was not a sight Mek wanted to view.

Mek growled, making both omegas flinch. Boss had not seen him like this before but if Mek only did this once than it could be excused.

“Don’t talk to him like that. He’s your son. His character is one of perfection and he is my friend.” Mek warned. He did not care if she was his potential mother-in-law. His loyalties were to Boss and their pack.

The woman had dropped her bag on the ground and threatened Boss that she would cut him off if it was true; he had been getting friendly with alphas.

Boss had once again called them best friends.

She left.

Mek took control of Boss’s apartment payments.

Boss had no idea, believing one of his relatives were paying for it.

Mek did not desire his lie to be discovered, knowing Boss would be hurt at Mek was trying to steal some of his autonomy.

Boss was so beautiful as he danced under the flashing lights, his actions uninhibited by the liquor in his blood. A radiant grin in place as he danced with some girls. Mek sat alone at the table. His friends in various states of drunkenness. Tee was in the washroom with King and Bohn had disappeared with some girl.

Leaving Mek to watch his dearest flirt with an alpha girl. A girl with perfect hair and a soft welcoming face. Her body was built for sin, her dress showed that clearly. Boss had fallen for her charms in seconds.

Mek felt jealous, he had wanted to cause such a response but Boss did not see him in that light. Would not see him like that.

The girl had handed him a colourful drink, Mek looked away for a second to compose himself.

Turning back to face the two, they were gone.

Mek widened his eyes in alarm and started to scent the air for Boss. He discovered them by the back door. He did not want the two to hook up but he wouldn’t leave until he knew Boss was safe.

Boss was leaning on the taller girl.

Boss didn’t act like this with his other past flings.

“Babe… He’s heavy.” She complained as they moved to a back alley. The darkness nearly hiding Mek.

As well as the alpha male who had been concealed by the shadows.

The ‘Babe’ going to aid his accomplice.

Mek finally saw Boss’s face, his eyes closed and he was sweating.

Boss was being kidnapped!

Mek growled, his lips pulled upwards to show off his teeth.

The abductors looked to him as Mek pulled his trusty knife from its hiding place on his leg.

The woman let out a gasp as her throat was slit, the blood pouring from her neck. Ruining her dress and her once deceitful eyes now glassy.

Boss was tossed on to garbage as the alpha tried to fight his fate.

Mek would let him suffer.

The knife was plunged into the other alpha’s stomach and slowly pulled, spilling his guts to the filth where he belonged. The alpha fell, his hands coming up to his organs in a futile attempt to keep them within his body.

The man was lifeless as he dropped. Mek kicked his body to lay beside the unknown woman’s.

Boss had his eyes closed when Mek reached him. Taking the warm body into his arms.

He called for a car.

The ride back to his apartment Mek would not let anyone else touch Boss.

Brushing his hair and planting soft kisses to the omega’s sweaty head.

The omega purred.

Mek for once released his own purr.

“I love you Boss.” Mek whispered in Chinese.

Boss would not remember tonight nor his heartfelt words.

To hear Boss claim to love him was jarring. Mek’s own family didn’t even love him.

Platonic love was all Mek had hoped for in his life and here was Boss declaring his love for Mek.

A male alpha. An alpha who was the opposite type of Boss’s usual lovers. He had no soft curves or bubbly personalities.

Mek was mob, he shot and killed.

Fuck he had shot his brother.

He had threatened one of his sister’s husbands with a thousand cut death for asking about Boss’s scent on him.

The other alpha had asked “What slut smelled so nice?”

Mek hadn’t been joking, no matter what his parents alleged.

Mek did not give a second thought to killing someone who was a danger to Boss or any other member of their pack.

It turns out neither would Boss.

The two were alone in Mek’s bedroom cuddling under the covers when Boss had asked if the alpha would get him a drink.

Mek was happy to provide.

He didn’t bother to turn the lights on as he moved around the furniture to his tiny kitchen. The echoing of footsteps made him pause as he went to open the fridge door.

They were not Boss’s steps.

He turned to see the glint of a silver blade.

Mek lunged at his attacked shoving the attacking male back. The two fighting to get control of the blade. Mek could feel the sharp edge slice the tender flesh on his arms. The blood was hot and slippery on his forearms as he had to dodge the oncoming blade. Mek was in constant motion as he attempted to fight back against his attacker but without a weapon himself. He was in a losing battle.  As the lamp was knocked to the ground. Mek fell with it, over the side table.

The alpha’s head rattled against the unforgiving floor tiles; his attacker dropped to be at his prey’s level.

He felt fear grip his heart; not for himself but for Boss. Hopefully the omega would know to stay in the bedroom. Where it was safe.

The assassin was on top of him, bringing the knife closer to Mek’s throat. Mek’s hands were attempting to push the blade away from his veins.


A shot could be heard. His enemy rolled to the side away from Mek.

Mek saw Boss trembling as he held the gun, smoke clearing from the weapon.

Mek went to his mate, offering assurance and soft words to the frozen boy.

“Is he dead?” Boss’s question trembled like a branch in a windstorm.

Mek grabbed the knife that had been used against him, to transfer the stabbing to the other man. Hitting one of his vitals. Blood sluggishly poured before it stopped. A corpse now lay in his living room.

Mek dropped the knife on the dead body. Pulling Boss into his bloody arms, he directed the smaller boy to the bedroom. Gun in Mek’s hand.

On the safety of their bed did he call for King’s help.

“Do you need plant fertilizer?”


Chapter Text

The university was bustling with students and professors milling about the place. The walkways crowded as people pushed their way to classes or to the freedom of their homes. The scents of the many individuals mixing and combining into an unorthodox aroma of complementary and repulsive smells. One that Kim was not unaccustomed to as his partying lifestyle meant he was often in close quarters with strangers.

He felt the soft breeze on his skin as he leaned against the hood of his car, the whispering of the students as they passed the expensive car was a customary tune in his ears.

A flock of girls stood by his car, observing him and waiting to see who he was here to pick up.

As the first day of the semester this could determine who was going to be the most popular girl. As someone of Kim’s standards would settle for nothing less than perfection.

Che was not perfection; the idea was a mortal concept.

His sweetheart was a god among men. Those who were not worthy to look at him would combust.

Maybe that was why Kim wore sunglasses?

A few girls pushed another to step forward to the youngest mobster heir. She had her hair in ringlets, her uniform was flattering to her figure. Maybe in another life he would have bothered to look at her for more than a second to see she was not who he wanted.

His target was making his way to the parking lot with his personal bodyguard.

Kim’s personal sunshine had his head in a book, one of his nursing textbooks. Judging by the cover. The bodyguard had a firm grasp on Chè’s shirt sleeve. Carefully directing his charge away from the crowds and towards his employer.

The man, Kim had hired to watch and ‘befriend’ Chè; was large but had a friendly face. Someone Chè could go to without fear when Kim could not stay with him during the day.

However, when Kim had received a text from Chè, with pictures of the two on a couple’s page for the university.

Kim was speechless.   

There was no way Kim would allow anyone to think Chè was with another man or worse single.

Nope, not going to happen.

Kim had than grabbed Chè’s favourite drink and drove to his campus to pick up his sweetie.

The brightness of Chè’s eyes when he spotted Kim, made the fighter flush with pride.

Chè strode over to him with no regard for anyone else and gave Kim a gentle peck on the lips in greeting. As the omega pulled back, Kim spotted a satisfied grin on the smaller boy’s face.

Kim pecked him back causing the other to laugh. Neither minded the crowds watching them. Lost in their own world.

Kim took Chè’s bag and opened his car door.

As Kim was driving off, he felt Chè’s hand sneakily grasp his own. Instantly Kim could feel Chè’s love for him and Kim refused to let go of his darling’s hand.


“No Frong, we don’t put sunglasses in our mouths.” Kim gently chided his toddler who was unsteadily standing on Kim’s lap.

Frong’s rebuttal was to continue drooling on his father’s glasses. A wide toothy grin flashed around his new chew toy. Watching his father smile at him in silent amusement.

The sunglasses were being tugged from his tiny hold. Frong tugged back.

He had a new game to play.

Frong’s mother was not at home with them and Frong at first had been unhappy to have the alpha as his sole parent. His mother was the one to play and care for him during the day unlike the alpha who answered his calls for attention at night or when the sun had started to peek over the ground.

Frong had screamed for his mother and father had rocked him as the many men in dark clothes had run around their home searching for many items to give to Frong to calm him down, but Frong didn’t want inanimate objects.

He wanted Mommy.

But Daddy could be a good second option if he had to settle.

The pair were enjoying the rays of sunshine on their patio of the main house. The extravagant garden spread out before them. A confusing map of hedges and trees that soon the small boy would learn.

At the moment Frong’s world was limited to what drew his attention and to what was boring to him.

The butterfly he had wanted earlier on their walk was now his new love. The bright colours and moving wings; were something Frong did not know had been missing in his short life. Father laughing at his clumsy tries to hold the tiny creature had made the boy laugh as well.

At the current moment it was getting close to Frong’s naptime and Kim was watching his little boy’s eyelids grow heavy with a need to sleep.

A pout was forming on his face as he tried to fight against the urge to yawn.

Chè had said his two boys shared a pout. Kim didn’t see it.

His son was tucked close to his body, the boy’s small face was turned to hide in Kim’s neck. Shielding him from the severe sunlight. He could feel the soft breaths of his child as the boy started to dream.

Kim was on his phone answering texts and emails on his businesses.  His bodyguards were vigilant as they guarded him. Kim and his brothers were taking control of the mafia world and those who refused to bend to their ways was broken.

There was no mercy for those who stood in their way. The brothers were making a safe world for their new family members.

Kinn might label himself as the face of their union, but Khun and Kim were doing the background work. Kim supplied the men and means to muscle the other mafia families into doing as they were told, Khun found blackmail or other secrets to intimidate their enemies.

The elder stating not all acts had to involve violence. Kinn and Kim disagreed, violence made things go faster.

Regardless, Kim was a little miffed that his darling was at work today. The omega was filling in for a co-worker who had needed to take emergency leave early. Chè had volunteered to take their place and Kim had a few extra men in his workplace to make sure no funny business happened.

Chè helped patch up the bodyguards, but his outlet was working in the hospital aiding civilians. The omega had the gentlest of hands and patience that was attributed to saints.

Kim was one lucky bastard as when he was injured. Chè also used magical kisses to remove the pain.  

Kim was half tempted to send a text to his sweetheart and see how his day was going but instead Kim put the phone down and drank some of his coffee. Kim had been up longer than he would care to admit as when Chè’s warm body had left the bed. Kim was then unable to return to dreamland.

The uncertainty of Chè’s safety and where abouts plagued his mind.

Porsche might call Kim a drama queen but the fear that gripped Kim’s heart when that group of men had tried to kidnap him.

Kim still had nightmares of not being able to see Chè again or what could have been done to him.

“Boss Kim?” His main bodyguard was handing him a folder.

Scanning through the data Kim could determine that the employee in charge of one of Kim’s casinos was skimming some of the profits.

He would have to send a message.

“Uncle Kim!” A little voice called in excitement. The loud footsteps of a child echoed on the stone walkway.

A sea of guards chased after the mafia heir.

“Hello Kon, what are you doing alone?” Kim asked as he petted Frong’s hair to make him go back to sleep.

“I want to play with Frong… everyone else is boring.” The young child whined as he stretched his arms out to hold his cousin.

Kon in some ways was like Kinn, wanting everything he saw but Kon had yet to develop Kinn’s conniving tongue, right now he simply stated what he wanted, and the world was made to bow to him.

“Not now Kon. He’s sleeping, you’ll have to wait.” Kim sat back in his chair and waited for the tantrum to commence.

Kon took a deep breath and the men around Kim held their breaths. Instead of shouting, Kon’s mouth remained closed. His cheeks puffed up with a furious look in Kon’s eyes.

The two males did not break eye contact for a few seconds before Kon released the air he was holding.

“Fine but you have to tell me when he’s up.” Kon bargained and stuck his pinky out.

Kim chuckled and sealed his promise.

Then Kon was gone in a puff of smoke, his guards once again unsuccessfully following him.     

What a silly child.

“Come little one.” Kim whispered to his child as he went back inside.

The sun had gone down when Kim reopened his eyes, a weight rested on his chest. The familiar scent of strawberries and kiwi filled his nose. Kim took deep breaths of the shampoo. The warm, soft body of Chè was sleeping on Kim.

Kim started to kiss his lover’s head, making each kiss louder and acting silly to wake the other.

Chè started to squirm away from Kim, but strong arms kept him in place.

“Kim, please?” Chè sleepily mumbled. Bringing a hand to his mouth to cover the yawn.

“Well, isn’t this a pleasant sight but Chè if you really wanted to surprise me. Less clothes would have been better.” Kim winked at him.

The omega was dressed in a soft pair of sweats and a t-shirt. Kim licked his lips as he saw Chè’s stomach. The lovely bare skin that Kim desperately wanted to kiss and mark. To feel Chè’s warmth beneath the enforcer’s lips.

Chè tracked Kim’s eyes before he sighed and pulled the alpha down for a proper kiss on the lips.

The kiss was slow and languid. The married pair was in no hurry to cross the finish line for their pleasure. Choosing to focus instead on each other’s touches and scent.

The closeness of being with one’s mate, which could not be replicated by quick hookups.

Kim was pulling Chè to sit in his lap as his hands roamed under the younger boy’s shirt. Chè’s body was a miniature furnace of desire as he groaned out his pleasure as Kim tugged at his nipple. A trickle of slick leaked onto his bottoms, his mouth falling open as Kim played with him.

The alpha was leaving biting kisses to the smaller man’s neck; Chè pushed him away roughly.

Kim’s startled reaction at Chè’s forcefulness made the boy giggle.

Kim pouted but quickly smirked as Chè tore the shirt off over his head before doing the same to Kim.

Their bottoms met the same fate.

The echoing sounds of pleasure and slick was the background music as they took each other apart.

Knowing what spots to make the other cry out as if this was the first time, they had experienced true pleasure.

Kim had his hand buried in Chè’s heat and all the omega wanted him to do was to replace the limb with his member.

Chè was begging him to hurry as he felt his peak come closer by the second but Kim chose to ignore him in favour of giving the other more pleasure.

A scream broke the apartment as Chè tumbled over the cliff, soaking the bed and his lover below him. Panting as his breath was coming back to him, his skin a rose tone.

“There we go sweetie. So beautiful like that. God, I love you.” Kim spoke into his ear as the other tried to remember his own name.

“Do you need us to stop?” Kim questioned, Chè rapidly shook his head. Wanting to be with his husband.

Kim smiled at his mate and carefully entered the other.

A soft whimper and then a groan was given to the predator.

It was moments like this where Kim could bask in Chè’s presence and memorize his little actions. The moments where Kim felt closest to his lover.

Their bodies knew each other and the devotion they shared for each other could not be matched or found in another.

A few had tried to split up or corrupt them but they knew the other’s heart.

Neither were a cheater nor did they seek out others.

Kim liked that he could take Chè apart and see him at his most vulnerable as it meant the omega trusted him above all others.

Sure, heats could be great and ruts were a time to savour but Kim loved most when Chè would seek the alpha out on his own and play him like a guitar. Pulling at Kim’s strings till beautiful music flowed.

Kim could hear his own moans as Chè marked his chest. His teeth and nails leaving evidence of where they had been last.

To many alphas they snubbed the marks their lovers or mates left on them. Claiming it was a sign of submission and proof of an alpha being weak.

Kim called bullshit.

He felt nothing but pride when Chè left his claim on him. It marked him as worthy of his lover, the mother of his child and his mate.

Proof of Chè’s desire for him and their love.

There was no weakness in love or in what they shared with the other.

The two were equal and that meant they shared their lives and all aspects of emotion with each other.

Fuck what anyone else said. There was nothing hotter than Chè taking control and using Kim for his own enjoyment.

One last kiss was shared as they both released and snuggled close to the other. Not wanting the intimacy to end so soon. The pair fell asleep contented and laying in their combined fluids.


Chè was in the passenger seat as Kim drove him around. The two were spending time away from their family. A day for the two of them without the craziness of others. So far it had been going well, the two had gone to Kim’s bars to check in on the staff and customers. Then it was a late lunch at a super extravagant restaurant and lastly, they would go to Chè’s work as he had left something behind and needed it. Kim didn’t know what the object was but he wanted to stay with his darling a little longer without anyone interrupting them.

The hospital was busy, injured people were being rushed in all directions and it was clear to see this was a place of stress. It was good both men thrived in danger and panic.

The place was too white for Kim’s taste, if he spilt any blood, it would be too obvious to see. He hated it.

He hated hospitals, the last time he had visited one, his mother died.

It was one of his secret fears that Chè could as well; any time he stepped into the place the chances went up.

Hopefully with Kim at his side the omega would live a long and happy life. As he had promised to give his omega in his wedding vows.

Currently Kim was seated on an uncomfortable plastic seat as he flipped through an outdated magazine waiting for his mate to leave the changing room where he had left his thing in his locker.

As an alpha Kim could not enter the space, even if he was with his mate. But Kim knew Chè would be quick.

“Excuse me? Do you need help?” A young woman’s voice asked.

Kim looked up and saw a young lady in nurses scrubs looking at him. She was pretty but Kim was waiting for a more lovely person to get him.

“I’m fine just waiting for someone.” Kim went back to his magazine; it was still boring.

“Are you sure? I could help you.” The innuendo too noticeable to have been a mistake, she batted her eye lashes at him too.

Kim almost wanted to laugh at her juvenile attempts at flirting, even had he not been married. This approach would not have worked on him in his singlehood.

The only thing stopping him from laughing was a mental warning in Chè’s voice telling him not to be rude to his co-workers.

“I’m good. I’m just waiting for a nurse-” Kim tried to tell her.

“I’m a nurse!” She interjected excitedly. She was beaming at him. She moved closer to him.

Kim opened his mouth to tell her to move away from him.

“Sweetheart, I’m done.” Chè chorused as he slid to Kim’s side. The omega wrapped his arm around the alpha’s waist.

Kim was a little taken back by the blatant display of possessiveness but he wasn’t about to complain.

“Oh, Chè I didn’t know you knew this alpha.” The young woman said in embarrassment as her superior saw her flirting with a patron.

“Yes, Ink this is my husband. Have you not seen his picture in my locker?” Chè asked his hand still firmly grasping Kim’s side.

The alpha watched the girl flounder before she excused her self from the couple.

Kim snaked his own arm around the omega.

“I like when you’re jealous, you’re so enticing.” Kim said to the smaller man.

“Then you’ll love me when we get home…” Chè said back.

Kim drove like a mad man to get them back to their room.


Chè sighed as he walked into the high school, having left his bodyguard at the car. The grey halls and concrete sucked the little joy Chè had been feeling since this morning. He had been working with the newest batch of guards and they look promising. Porsche had even praised a few of them.

It had been such a promising day.


Then he got the phone call. A woman’s voice had told him; his son had been in a fight and Chè was to retrieve him.

Panicking the omega had asked the woman if his child had been harmed but she had responded. Frong was unscathed.

A happy sigh was given before he hung up.

The drive tense as he wondered why his boy would be in a fight. Frong might have Kim’s temper but he wasn’t stupid enough to fight on school grounds. So why did he?

The headmaster’s office was soundless as Chè entered. His son sat alone on one side of the room; another family was grouped together.

Chè could smell the heavy scent of alpha. An adolescent alpha.

Chè looked at his son, the omega’s uniform was torn at the sleeve. The nurse had an idea of what had gone down, now he needed to confirm it.

“Thank you for joining us… let’s get this settled quickly.” The headmaster spoke in an authoritarian voice. He was not one use to being challenged.

Chè saw Frong clench his fist. His face was tight in a glare at the wall behind the older man.

“Your sons were involved in a small fight with Mace being punched in the face by Frong. Chè turned his face to look at the other boy.

He was large as was normal of an alpha, his scent loud, an overpowering scent of cactus flowers and sand.  Chè wrinkled his nose, as the boy still had a cocky gleam to him.

The boy’s mother was visibly holding back her rage. She was an alpha woman.

Just great, they thought they could pin the fight on Frong.

Chè sighed internally before asking the headmaster what had started the fight.

“Mace approached the omega at lunch and witnesses said the two exchanged some words before Frong punch the other young man.” The older man said as he listed off what he had been able to gather from the other students.

The woman’s scent spiked in her rage. For once Chè was glad Kim was busy, if he had not. Kim would have been the one to pick up their child and the omega could already imagine the fist fight. If someone had dared to argue Frong was at fault.

“See that feral omega attacked my son!” She cried, getting close to Chè and Frong in an attempt to scare them.

The last person who had tried this… had been sent to the morgue. Chè blinked at her to show he was not going to respond as she wanted. He focused on the man in charge.

“Why was his shirt sleeve ripped?” The omega requested. His tone blank with no emotions.

The headmaster paused as he thought of a reason but none came to his mind. The man looked at Frong and asked him why.

Frong stewed in silence before he mumbled.

“He grabbed me first and didn’t let go.”

Chè held Frong’s hand. Not because he needed to console his son but to make sure the omega didn’t attack the alpha boy again.

Alphas had this habit of believing themselves to be desirable to any omega and Frong was a friendly child. An idiot could mistake friendliness for flirtation.

The mobster’s wife, had his own fair share of pushy alphas when he was a student.  Chè knew what young alphas were like. They touched or ordered and expected anyone to accept them.

In Chè’s instance, he had Porsche. An older brother who broke bones to show where they didn’t belong. In one case Chè had done so himself. In defense of his brother but Frong had no one but his friends to fight for him.

On second thought it was more like Frong’s friends were there to protect the boy’s would be suitors.

Kim was not going to let anyone touch his baby boy.

“That omega was in the wrong but what do you expect from a single parent. He should have been flattered my son even looked at him.” The woman barked out in her rage. Not wanting to be ignored or have her son blamed for who she believed was in the wrong.

“I agree.” Chè said, the inhabitants of the room looked at him, varying emotions on their faces.

“Frong the next time someone touches you and doesn’t let go… break their hands.” Chè ordered. No one was allowed to hurt his child.

“You are lucky that Frong has more restraint than my brother, had it been him. Your son would never walk again.”

Chè stood from his chair and gathered Frong with him.

“Teach your son some manners before someone beats them into him.” Chè told the flabbergasted woman.

“My son will be back on Monday.”

The pair of omegas strolled out of the office; their heads held high. A middle-class family was no threat to them.

If they tried to make noise, Chè’s family would drown them out.

“Did you mean what you said?” Frong asked once they were in the car.

He thought for a moment.

“Frong, your father is like a forest fire. Once you see it, a person becomes frozen in fear but also captivated by the beauty of the flames. It is easy to see the damage done and the blaze gives the illusion of not being able to escape. However, I see myself as the fire below the ground. Causing the most damage to those unaware of what is happening and ensuring that nothing can regrow.”

Chè took a deep breath.

“I want you to be both. Pick which option to be depending on the situation but do not back down or allow a person to order you around.”

Frong gazed out the window; smiling he nodded to his mother’s words.


“There’s this alpha who thinks he’s better than me….” Frong complained over the phone to his mother. The younger omega had spent the hour on this one topic of some alpha doctor who mocked him whenever they met.

Chè listened in amusement, he could hear passed the course words and irate tone. It was the same way his older brother had spoken about his boss when he was a lone bodyguard.

Oh God!

His little boy had a crush, Chè couldn’t wait to tease him but first he must know more about this doctor.

It wasn’t hard to learn his name or where he worked. Once Chè saw his photo, he acted like a bloodhound and nurses loved to gossip.

Hot single doctors were like catnip to them.

The alpha worked on campus and during one of Chè’s days off; he went to visit the young man.

The room was neat and orderly, which was nice. Frong didn’t like mess either.

A photo of a lizard was on the desk and Chè was a little surprised but it wasn’t a dog.

When doctor Thara made his grand entrance, he had an underwhelming scent and presence.

There was no aggressive bone in this man’s body. Which was good, Frong needed someone to calm him not to incite him farther.

The man was respectful and methodical in his evaluation of Chè’s health. These were good skills to have when he entered their family and the mob.

As Chè walked away from the clinic; he thought his new son in law was going to fit in just fine with their family made of lunatics.

Chè couldn’t understand why his husband couldn’t see the doctor’s authenticity. Sure, he was handsome but looks can change in an instant. And Chè was not one to be fooled by a good-looking person.  Thara had kind eyes, Kim snorted when Chè had mentioned that fact.

His silly alpha.

It was the doctor’s eyes that was proof Frong would be treated right.

Afterall it was the same kindness Chè saw in Kim’s eyes when he first looked at him, those eyes that made the omega trust and later fall in love with the alpha.

Anyone who shared the same kindness as his mate was someone to trust and welcome in Chè’s family.

Kinn and Porsche

Porsche was bored and he had started to search for his mate. It was common knowledge that when Porsche was bored anyone other than Kinn or his children should run.

Run far and don’t stop, otherwise he would train you to the bone.

The manor halls were long and filled with various useless rooms. It didn’t matter what door Porsche opened his mate would not be there.

At this point Porsche thought about going to the oldest brother and watching a drama with him. Porsche must have been losing his mind.

It had been a week since his youngest had left for university and Kon was off making a name for himself.

The young alpha was surrounded by would be suitors and allies alike. However, Kon was not interested in anyone, choosing to monitor his little omega brother and cousin. Porsche had asked if the other had wanted a partner.

His child had been nervous when he spoke his truth.

“I don’t want anyone; I feel nothing for anyone.” His son was not able to connect with someone romantically or sexually. At first Porsche had not known how to respond as he had changed his whole life to be with someone he loved.

But as he reflected, he understood what his son was telling him.

His son was going to be single for life but that did not mean he would be alone or unloved.

Kon could make himself happy and form many types of different bonds with those in his life.

Porsche tried the last door in his wing of the manor, his son King’s bedroom.

The little jungle of his youngest.

The multitude of smells of the greenery and the lush petals, leaves. Could be overwhelming to one who was not expecting it. King’s love had formed during his entrapment in the medical wing. He had not been able to move or leave the bed so he needed something to fill his time with.

It was a nice hobby as he shared it with his cousin, and the rest of the family. In dangerous situations the mafia members would send flowers to each other. The meanings hidden to all who did not know their code. It had gotten them out of a few tricky spots.

However, in this moment Porsche was not greeted by an empty room filled with various plants. No there at King’s desk was Kinn, steadily making his way through a throng of folders. The contents of which Porsche didn’t know about.

As silent as a tiger, Porsche made his way behind Kinn. The alpha had yet to acknowledge Porsche or look up from his task.

The omega peaked over the alpha’s shoulder to view the folders content. It was the records of an omega boy; it took Porsche a second to recognize him as King’s new friend. His name started with a B.


That’s what the little boy’s name was.

Now why would Kinn be looking at it?

“Am I so old you had to find a newer model?” Porsche whispered seductively into his husband’s ear. The taller man jumped in shock at the unexpected question. He slammed the folder closed onto the desk. Kinn shoved the chair back as if to distance himself from the evidence.

“No! No… that’s not what this is.” Kinn stuttered as he tried to come up with a lie. His omega smirked at his flustered state.

“Then why is an alpha looking at an omega’s personal history? How scandalous.” Porsche’s tone conveyed his amusement as did his scent.

Kinn took a deep breath and bit his lip.

“You can’t get mad at me.” The alpha bargained. The omega nodded as he waited to learn the truth.

Kinn handed him another opened file, this one on Tee.

Porsche bent his head. Not understanding what Kinn was trying to tell him.

“I’m making sure King is surrounded by safe people. These files are his classmates, teachers, seniors, anyone he could meet at university.” Kinn trailed off, patiently waiting to see how his mate would respond to the news.

“You’re an idiot. Why did I mate with you?” Porsche asked as he sat in Kinn’s lap. The head of Kinn’s security grabbed another folder to read.

Now Kinn was confused.

“I’ll do the omegas and female betas; you can do everyone else.” Porsche leaned back on his human throne.

Kinn lay a kiss on Porsche’s neck.

“I love you.”

“You better, I enable so much of your silliness and stupid ideas.” Porsche joked to his lover.

“I know and I love it more when you join me in the action.”

The two might bicker or be at each other’s throats but they did not try to harm each other. No, those days were over, gone were the uncommunicating days of their youth. In this time now, after a lifetime of violence and fighting to be on top, two children and years of marriage. They were a team, one who mobsters and civilians alike feared for the power they had but also their devotion to the other. No one could shake them or make them turn against their other half.

It was what they had desired when they first started to fall for the other. This love would continue till one or both of them were in the grave and maybe into their next life as well.


Chapter Text

Porsche didn’t know why boss Korn had called them in to his office for a meeting. The patriarch had requested that the omega bring his children with him. So now he had a sleepy toddler King in his arms and Kon demanding to hold him. For some reason Kon was always wanting to hold King, he had done something similar with Frong but due to their closer age it was harder to hold the larger boy in his tiny arms.

The office was just as imposing as it had been when Porsche first stepped foot into it. Boss Korn with the large pay cheque and larger demands of Porsche. Who would have guessed the pair would now have two children together, fuck was this really his life?

If anyone had asked the fighter a decade earlier if this was his life, he would have beaten the crap out of them for assuming an alpha could best him.

But Kinn wasn’t just an alpha… he was his lover, his mate, his partner.

And if Kinn’s words were to be believed his soulmate.

Fuck he was becoming cheesy.

Kinn was holding his hand in a firm grip as he let Porsche sit in the large chair in front of his father’s desk, King in his lap and Kon sitting on the arm of the chair. Kinn had chosen to stand behind him. A place of power but his family was shown to be in control.

His father-in-law’s eyes following their every move, a minuscule smile found a home on the grand alpha’s face as his youngest grandson made grabby hands to be held by him. Porsche placed his own larger hands over his child’s, Porsche experienced Kinn place his own large hand on Porsche’s shoulder.

A silent comfort from his lover.

“I want to tell you something important.” Boss Korn started; his face neutral. “I’ve noticed you and your brothers seizing more control from the other families. I want to begin by saying I’m proud of what you are doing. The power you are giving our name and the legacy you are creating.” He gestured to the boys.

“You have changed since you first started in the family business… you both have.” Porsche noted he was included in this line. Korn had done nothing but support him since he was announced as Kinn’s lover but that did not mean the older alpha was not prone to underestimating him based on his gender.

“Why did you call us here Father?” Kinn asked.

“Today I want to hand the mantle down to you. I have treated each of my sons like they could be my heir, others have speculated that it would be you and thus endeavoured to turn you against your brothers or to bribe you. However, I’m proud to say you did not fall for these schemes.”

Korn took a breath, in this moment, Porsche could see the lines betraying his age and hardships in his life.

“You had acted as the figurehead but you still work and respect your brothers and this is why I’m letting you take charge of our mob.

Today Kinn you become the boss.”

Porsche felt Kinn squeeze his shoulder. This moment was what Kinn had wanted since he was a child, maybe even younger than Kon. How would Kinn accept it?

“I want Porsche to stand beside me, he is not just my bodyguard or the one who birthed my children. He is my mate.” Kinn demanded. His face set in determination.

Porsche knew the other families would not listen to his orders based on his secondary gender but he did not know if Kinn would allow this to happen.

“Let him stand wherever he wants, it’s not like he’s going to wait for your orders.” Porsche chuckled it was true.

Kinn moved from behind the chair to embrace his father in a hug, Kon jumping off the arm of the seat to join in. A beaming smile on his face, not yet knowing what truly had happened in this short time.

Porsche went to stand with them.

“Hug… Hug too.” Little King commanded as he tried to escape his dad’s grip.

Korn took his youngest heir. Holding him tight to his chest as he patted his eldest grandson’s head.

Kinn shifted to Porsche, his arms snapping out to grasp Porsche’s and Kinn spun him around before planting a kiss on the omega’s lips.

Kinn’s hands were warm as they found Porsche’s face to hold him close before breaking the kiss to stare into his lover’s eyes.

“I Love You!” Kinn spoke in a hushed tone, as if sharing a secret.

“I love you too stupid.”


Why had Porsche even gone to this party? He should have just stayed in his room tonight with Kon or his brother’s family. Instead, he had to greet and smile at every vapid person he met. Many who looked at him as if he was worse than trash under their feet. The shallow smiles reflected back at his own and the bug like eyes that tracked him.

He hated that he held a glass of champagne that cost more than his original home’s property value. Porsche felt like a mutt wandering around pure bred dogs. A spectator to be laughed at when he was not able to hear them. No one would bark at him if he could hear them.

Another couple who wished them well but was secretly planning how to use them to gain more power for their own mob. It was a never-ending cycle of manipulators. Everyone wanted something.

It could have been worse.

At least this time no one had tried to offer Kinn another omega like at the last party.

Like Kinn would bed someone who just went through their first heat, someone who was still a child.


These people were disgusting.

Kinn tightened his hold on Porsche’s arm as they walked away. The night seemed endless and Porsche was tiring of it. He wanted to find his son and go to sleep but instead he was forced to make small talk with strangers and pretend to be blind to the assholes in the room.

It exhausted Porsche the level of phoniness that was to be expected of him and those around him. Porsche was not one to lie and he did not act like anything other than the fighter he was but around these people he had to play a role.

It was an evil he hated but did out of love for Kinn.

“Porsche!” An excited voice called as the omega took a sip of his drink. The couple turned to see a pretty male omega running to them.

It was Red, an omega the same age as Chè. He was a nice boy with coloured red hair thus the nickname. The kid was friendly and his brother really enjoyed his company so Porsche had met the other omega a handful of times.

Now the kid had found himself tied to one of Kinn’s “work friends” a mafia group in the north. Chè had been heartbroken when he was given the news that the kid would be moving away but had put on a brave face for his friend.

Porsche didn’t know what to feel but he would talk to his fellow omega and see what he wanted.

“Hey Red, what can I do for you?” The taller omega asked as the smaller one came to a stop in front of him. His face was flushed and he was looking over his shoulder.

The kid bit his lip and looked at his feet, Porsche made a motion with his hand to make Kinn leave them.

The alpha did so without question, already knowing what his mate wanted.

“Nothing… I-I just wanted to say hi.” Red looked over his shoulder again, as he tugged on his sleeve. His scent was of rotten oranges in his distress.

“If you are going to lie, can you do a better job?” Porsche’s tone was snarky as he moved to straighten out the kid’s clothes. Sneakily looking over the young man’s shoulder as he did so.

There was no one who caught Porsche’s eye. However, the head of Kinn’s security kept his eye out, it would not due to have one of Chè’s biggest moments ruined by some filth.

His nephew was being introduced to the crime world.

This kid should have been with his brother gushing over the tiny babe, not standing with the scary omega older brother but as Porsche continued to stare the kid appeared to be calming down.

He had a real smile on his face as he took a deep breath to start a conversation with Porsche.

“I’m ok now, just had a little moment. I’m all nerves as my alpha isn’t at the party. Sorry for being silly.”

The two talked about their lives since they last spoke but Porsche couldn’t shake the feeling that the kid wasn’t telling him the whole truth.

As they were parting Red told him something strange.

“I’m glad you were honest when you said if I felt scared, I could come to you and no alphas would come close.” The omega laughed as he went to stand with a few members of his alpha’s organization.

This wasn’t the first time someone had used Porsche to get unwanted attention off themselves but who was Red hiding from? An ex? Or someone more dangerous?

He would need to investigate but for now he would go stay with Chè.

Porsche downed his drink and set the glass on one of the many side tables. Moving his way through the crowd, occasionally smiling at people he liked or his fellow guards.

Chè was hidden somewhere in the fancy room but so far Porsche could not find him. The small omega must have burrowed himself into a corner or he had left to feed his child. Regardless Porsche had spotted the three alpha brothers but not his brother or nephew.

Kon was being held by his father, being shown off by the proud parent. Porsche shook his head at the act.

His foolish mate.

Porsche would take one more lap around before he left the room to check the hallways.

“Leave me alone!” A fearful but strong voice ordered.

Porsche knew whose voice that was, as he shoved people out of his way.

Glass could be heard hitting the floor and a scream was released along with a strong burst of distressed omega scent.

An unknown alpha was backing Chè into a corner, he held Frong to his chest in an instinct to protect him. The child whimpering as he smelt his mother’s torment.

Porsche saw the alpha raise his hand in a clear threat. Porsche grabbed the offending limb, pulling the larger male away from his brother. Forcing the alpha to turn his attention to Porsche and allowing Chè the chance to slip away to safety.

The ugly older alpha snarled at him; Porsche growled back. Not once looking away from the intruder’s eyes.

Porsche was not afraid of him and he wasn’t going to let the alpha think he was.

Instead of hearing Chè’s retreating steps; he felt the other grab the back of his shirt. Porsche could not understand why no one attempted to stop the alpha earlier or why no one did more than stare for a second then look away. Pretending not to see the incoming fight.

-Point of view change-

Chè had not felt this happy since he was married or maybe when Frong had been born. The omega had been with his alpha showing off his little man for the entire night after dinner. This grand party was for his child.

Kim had spared no expense for the event and he had not left Chè’s side since it began. The alpha constantly had his arm around Chè’s waist or on his shoulder. Scenting and showing off his claim.

Whenever someone remarked on how handsome his child was, Kim would claim Frong got it from Chè. The omega would then blush and Kim would kiss his cheek.

A new group would come forward and the cycle would start again.

Kim had been nothing but affectionate to him and a few of his new friends had been whispering in his ear on how jealous they were.

Chè had giggled with them as they said it. Neither party being anything but ridiculous.

One moment that was stressful was when the first alpha of the night had made the comment that Kim must be positive his child was going to be an alpha based on him and his brothers.

Chè had inhaled sharply as the two had not talked much on secondary genders.

“If he’s an alpha then I’m happy but I’m hoping he’s an omega like Chè. Then I’ll have two people to spoil.” Kim had said fondly as he stroked his son’s hair. The other alpha had wrinkled his nose but luckily moved away right after.

No one else had made the same comment.

Chè had yet to have his big brother or any of his brother in laws come to say hi to him but had figured they were talking business. Not being able to escape from work.

“Are you ok Chè? Do you need to sit or want something to drink or eat?” Kim asked as he caressed Chè’s hair.

“Can I have some water please?” Chè replied as he fixed Frong’s blanket. The little hand now being waved in his face.

“Of course, sweetheart. I’ll only be a second.” Kim raced off to find a server. His desire to provide needing to be fulfilled.

Alphas could behave like children sometimes.

Chè blocked out what was around him as he focused on his son, the tiny nose and shiny hair. His son was perfect and everyone who saw him knew so.

Chè was startled when an alpha scent tickled his nose.

The omega looked up to see an older man, in a burgundy suit. The man seemed to be around his father-in-law’s age but Chè couldn’t be certain.

The man was ogling at Chè as Frong fussed. No, Not at Chè’s face but at his chest. Chè shifted his feet as he moved farther away from the on looker. But the man went step for step with the young omega.

Unnerving him more as the other refused to take the hint.

“How did Kim find you?” The man asked his hand out stretched to touch Chè’s face. The omega pulled back at the last second so the alpha’s fingers grazed his cheek. The action made Chè want to vomit.

His alpha was nowhere near them and he wanted Kim to help him.

“Did he pay your contract out or is he renting you.” The slimeball asked.

 Chè’s throat constricted at the man’s implication of his mating. The man thought he was a prostitute; someone Kim was paying to be with him.

Who was this man? To assume people weren’t fighting to be loved by Kim.

“Leave me alone!” Chè ordered.

Porsche had always been the more assertive brother but Chè was not going to allow someone to bad mouth his man, his mate.

The man’s mouth twisted into an unpleasant smirk. His eyes sharp in rage at being talked back to by someone he thought was lesser than himself.

“Don’t be rude pet, it’s unbecoming.” The alpha was handing him a glass of something.

Chè smacked the other’s hand away causing the glass to shatter on the ground where it fell.

The alpha raised his hand and Chè held Frong closer to himself to shield his child from the hit.

The omega closed his eyes as he braced for the hit.

However, it did not connect.

He opened his eyes to see Porsche standing protectively in front of him.

He was growling at the alpha.

Chè knew what Porsche was doing; challenging the alpha so Chè could flee but he would not abandon his brother. Not like the people who were watching them were doing.

Chè hated how people would see them struggling and instead of stepping in, would then turn away as if they saw nothing.

Che grabbed Porsche’s shirt to signal he wasn’t going to leave the other alone.

They were brothers and that meant not deserting the other.

What he hadn’t expected was the three alpha growls that echoed the halls.

The unknown man was violently pushed into Khun’s arms by Kim, who was forcing Porsche out of the way to see his mate.

Kinn was looking to see if his lover was ok.

Porsche motioned for Kinn to give him Kon.

“You need to leave.” Khun muttered as he dragged the older man to the back door.

The party was abruptly ended, their guests leaving without a word.

The silence of the room is worrying to Chè, the youngest omega was now playing with his son as he tries to calm himself down. Kim is no help as he does not talk or touch his mate.

“You should not have talked to that alpha. He’s the head of our biggest competition.” Kinn was the one to break the silence from his seat, he swirled his wine around in its glass.

Chè did not know how to respond to the statement. He had not once invited the alpha to talk to him or drawn attention to himself so why was he being blamed for the alpha’s actions.

Chè looked to his husband expecting him to back Chè and disagree with his older brother.

“I agree, that was dangerous and we can’t just attack them.” Kim said as he stared out the window. He still wouldn’t look at Chè.

Why was he being blamed?

I didn’t do anything; the alpha was at fault.

Chè didn’t even know where to start, not once had any of the alphas asked for his side of the story and he didn’t know what the creeper had said to his family to turn them against him.

He pulled Frong closer to himself, inhaling the baby’s scent to steady himself.

Chè decided to leave the room, he would return when everyone had calmed down.

Yes, then they could talk logically.

“Why the fuck is Chè the problem for some alpha not knowing when to keep his hands to himself?” Porsche grumbled as he stood with Kon asleep in his arms.

“It’s not that simple Porsche.” Kinn began.

“Well, it isn’t complicated, you are siding with that fucker and not him.” Porsche said as he took Chè from the room.

The two went in the same direction to their living quarters.

“Pack some stuff, we aren’t staying here tonight.” Porsche ordered.

 Chè nodded.

The two brothers met again in the garage as Porsche was opening one of the less flashy car’s doors to put Kon in his car seat.

Chè got into the passenger seat after chucking his bag in the trunk.

It wasn’t that Chè was unhappy he was being blamed for the unwanted advances or the implication of his mating. It was that someone had insulted his mate to his face and when he had told the person to go. The situation was then flipped to make him the villain.

Why was his mate not looking or talking to him?

Chè could excuse him in the moment for his anger or forget that the alpha would not fight the other.

But he would not apologize for not wanting someone to damage his love’s reputation.

The pair stayed in a hotel that night, cuddled close on the bed as Chè cried, he sought comfort and understanding from his brother.

A week would go by before Kinn or Kim arrived at the hotel.

Chè had Frong playing on the bed while Porsche gave Kon a bath when he heard the knock on the door.

He opened it a crack, what he saw made him gasp.

The door falling open in his shock.

The battered but triumphant forms of the two younger mafia brothers were waiting for him to let them in.

Chè did so.

Feeling his mate run his hand over his back.

The alphas took the chairs and Chè returned to the bed. Kim’s eyes never left him.

Kinn was situated closest to the bathroom, obviously waiting for his lover.

“What do you want?” Chè questioned as he played with his son’s toes.

“We wanted to say sorry, it wasn’t our place to…” Kinn stopped talking as Kim sighed.

“Sweetheart, he shouldn’t have touched you or said those things to you. We know you would never do anything like he implied.” Kim made a move like he wanted to join Chè on the bed before deciding otherwise.

“We’re sorry you had to wait so long but we took revenge for you. That family… the family that rivalled our own is now gone. Now people will know what happens when you insult our omegas.” Kim smiled in happiness; his bloody lip pulled in a maddening grin. His shining eyes watched Chè to see how the other would respond.

“I wasn’t angry at his words towards me. I was livid at his insults to you.”

Che saw the smile fall off his mate’s face, it was as if Kim could not believe that Chè would be offended on his behalf.

“I love you and he acted like you didn’t love me.”

Frong started to fuss, the alpha pounced onto the bed to get closer to his family.

The little family of three sat together as Chè cried, his tears falling onto Frong and Kim’s hands.

“Did they make up?” Porsche whispered from the door way.

“Yup, are we?” Kinn replied back in the same hushed tone.

“Your family is filled with dumbasses…” Porsche paused. “Ask me again when we’re alone.”


Vegas stomped on his cigarette as he exited his car, the door dropping behind him as he moved away.

Vegas had been out of the country for many years choosing to help the main family from a distance after all the damage he had done. At least that was the official reason he had given.

The main house was as large as he remembered, the many guards moving as worker ants.

He should go inside and talk to his cousin but instead he chose to walk the garden. It was the only place he had good memories of, back when his aunt was still alive, she would play hide and seek with them there.

It was a pleasant time when all the boys got along. Now no one could stand to be in the same breathing space for more than ten minutes.

Vegas walked under the large trees, the branches providing the needed shade from the sun.

Vegas felt like he spent more time in darkness than in any form of light.

Vegas paused as he thought he had heard someone sniffle. Looking to his sides he saw no one.

But there it was again, coming from somewhere higher up.

He took the chance and looked up into the branches.

He spotted a little boy no older than seven hidden in the tree, he was wiping his nose on his sleeve. His eyes were wet as he peered down at Vegas.

“Hello?” Vegas greeted, not really knowing how to talk to children, especially crying children.

The little boy looked away.

What a peculiar child.

“Are you stuck?”

Still silence.

“I asked if-” He tried again.

“Dad said not to talk to strangers.” The boy said as he crossed his arms.

Vegas could work with this. The boy seemed familiar but he couldn’t place where he had seen his features before, he was a mix of someone he knew but who?

“I’m Vegas, now are you-”

“My father is meeting with a Vegas today.” The boy interrupted excitedly, his lips forming into a smile. The alpha could almost place where he knew that smile from.

“But you don’t look like you are a cheap show” The boy said, he was repeating something he had overheard it was clear from the delivery of the line.

A line Vegas had heard before as Kinn had once mocked his name by saying he was just like the tacky place in America.

This little boy was Kinn’s son but even more important. He was Porsche’s child.

Vegas smiled.

Porsche the omega he had tried to steal from Kinn. The one he had flirted with knowing his cousin had loved the man. The only one of Kinn’s lovers not to fall into Vegas’s bed.

The omega who had punched him.

This cute child was Porsche’s.

The resemblance was clear.

“Yes, that’s me. Do you need help?” Vegas happily asked, he would do anything this little one wanted.

“I was playing hide and seek but I can’t get down. Bohn went for help but hasn’t come back yet.” The little kid wiped his nose again in sadness.

Vegas moved closer to the tree standing taller to reach the small being. The kid reached down to him. Nearly falling from his perch. Luckily Vegas was able to grab him.

Instead of placing him on the ground, Vegas took a sniff of the boy’s scent.


The same mint that lingered in Porsche’s. This child must have been more of Porsche’s than his cousin’s. Anything Kinn touched became polluted.

Vegas walked with the boy back to the main house.

The child fought to get out of his hold.

“What’s wrong?”

“I haven’t said goodbye to my friends.” The boy pouted as Vegas stopped. The child placed his feet on the ground but kept hold on Vegas’s hand. He moved to a large bat plant. The dark purple almost black petals made it seem like a monstruous plant that would eat the child. Vegas hated that plant, Khun had once told him that it was a plant where devils could hear the wishes of others and bring misfortune to those who asked. He had thought the devils would eat him at the time. Draining his blood till all that was left of him was a hollow shell. Khun’s eyes when he told Vegas of the tale reflected nothing but madness.

Now he knew it to be a harmless plant. A very ugly looking plant but harmless.

Unlike Khun who appeared harmless but was the most blood thirsty of his relatives.

“Bye Battie, I’ll come and play with you later. I’ll even bring you a friend.” The boy waved goodbye to the plant and let Vegas go to the manor.

“King!” A high-pitched voice shouted at him before tiny fist made the attack against his legs.

Another little boy had found them. Him and ‘King’.

The pup was even trying to growl at him as he beat his fists on his legs. It was more humorous than threatening. Vegas stared down at the little dog who was glaring at him.

Those cold chocolate eyes.

That snarl.


His Pete, the alpha Vegas had forced into his bed and tried to break.

To remold into what Vegas had wanted.

Those were the eyes of the man Vegas had once held and who had embraced him back.

 “Bohn why are you hitting Mr. Vegas?” King asked in confusion of his friend’s actions, he didn’t know why the adult had froze when he saw his friend.

“He was stealing you.” Bohn argued, he was still glaring at the intruder.

Vegas let go of King’s hand as a bodyguard motioned for him to join.

Vegas left the children of his past desires.

To be honest he didn’t remember what him and Kinn talked about. Gone were their days of childish arguing and provoking of the other. Time had made them mature and to see the bigger picture.

They could have been allies all those years ago.

As Vegas went back to his car, he spotted the boys play fighting in the yard.

He wondered if they would grow to be two alphas like him and Pete or if one would grow to be an omega like Porsche.

Regardless they would make a strong team.

He watched them for a few minutes before getting in his car.

He had a brief glance at Porsche earlier and the omega was still as beautiful as he remembered but he hadn’t seen Pete.

All his life he had coveted what Kinn had gotten as Vegas had struggled for the scraps. He was abandon as his cousin had flaunted everything, so Vegas had taken Kinn’s things. Past lovers or enemies it didn’t matter to Vegas but Pete and Porsche had refused to bend to what he wanted.

To his fantasies of being the superior alpha.

He had lost both chances due to his violent tendencies but could he have had them?

To be better than Kinn?

Vegas had wanted to have someone at his side and now he still had no one.

To live in the illusions of companions instead of the truths of his loneliness.    

Vegas was always alone.

But if he had lost his chance to love in the past, maybe he should focus on making two boys lives easier.

He could protect and aid the children of the only alpha and omega he had ever loved. To give back some of the light their parents had given to him.

He drove off without seeing the figure hidden in the shadows, an alpha dressed in black who watched his ex-lover leave listlessly.


Sarah was nervously fussing with her dress as she left her house. She had a meeting with King’s parents. This was not the first time she had met them but each time she had; she usually had her husband with her.

The man who used to be her husband.

The papers on her kitchen table held a devastating tale.

For over four years he had cheated on her. Cheated on her with an omega.

There had been another woman and she hadn’t even known.

If Sarah was truthful, she could have understood if he had moved on to another woman ten years younger than her.

But no, that’s not what he had done.

The woman who was in her husband’s bed was a girl.

A little girl who had played tea party with her son.

A little girl she had seen as her own daughter.

That’s who was now living with her husband, who he was leaving her for.

It made her want to vomit, to rage but she couldn’t as now he had cut contact with her.

The papers were his way of exiting their lives, sure he still wanted contact with Ruj but the boy was starting university so it was his decision.

She just felt so cold and helpless. When she had first met him all those many years ago, she had fallen for his gentleness and charm.

It didn’t matter that her Thai was non existent, she had him and later two sons.

Then he made them move and those three boys were all she had to hold onto.

She was alone, her sons growing passed her and they no longer needed her.

Ram was all but married to his university sweetheart and Ruj was becoming a man.

Who did she have to help her?

Her husband wanted her to leave her home, to move out of where she raised her children.

She had no job and hadn’t held one since before Ram was born.

What would she do now?

She knew Ram would offer her a place in his home with King but she couldn’t do that. The young couple was finding their own footing and she didn’t want to burden them further.

She didn’t want to be what the man she once loved claimed her to be—useless and pathetic.

She sat in her car outside of the restaurant she was supposed to go in, as she cried, she tried not to ruin her make up.

It wouldn’t do to look a mess; she wanted these people to like her. If only for Ram’s sake.

Her boy was smitten with their son and she didn’t know what would happen if they forced the two to break up.

She finally left her car, her safe space to enter the ornate front entrance of the restaurant. She was pleasantly surprise to notice the signs were in English, this place served western food.

It was a nice touch; she appreciated their attempt to include some of her culture.

She would not be completely out of her depth when ordering as she had usually when her family had gone for the occasional night out.

She hadn’t needed to talk to the head waiter as soon as the man saw her; she was being led to a hidden dining area. A door shut behind her.

The married couple was already looking at the menu.

Kinn looked up at her and smiled. He gathered the bouquet of strelitzias. The strange orange blooms and the bird like stems were unique, she only knew what they were because she saw them on tv once.

It wasn’t what she expected someone would gift her but she still enjoyed them. Happy for a little brightness in her life.

Kinn had pulled out her seat for her. Her husband hadn’t done this since she was pregnant with Ruj.

“Hello Sarah, how have you been?” Porsche asked, his English was slow and sometimes he would ask Kinn for help but he always made sure to speak to her.

It was more than any of her mom friends had done, often forgetting her in their excitement or not knowing enough of the language to hold long chats.

She fiddled with her glass of water, not knowing if she should speak on her husband’s cheating.

After a short debate, she commented on her new singlehood.

Porsche smirked and raised his glass in a toast.

“Goodbye to asshole alphas.” He cheered.

Kinn choked on his drink.

He stared at his husband in horror. Tack was not one of Porsche’s strong suits but his words did make her laugh a little.

“What Porsche meant was welcome to your new freedom, I guess the flowers were more appropriate than I first thought.” Kinn corrected his husband’s statement.  


She hadn’t thought of it like that.

No more would she have to wonder if he was coming home or if it really was a business trip.

She didn’t need to worry how the divorce would affect her children, what he would want from it.

The many adventures he would miss due to ‘work’.

The coworkers who whispered at the company gathering about her.

Maybe it was time for her to stand on her own again.

The lunch was a bright spot of her day, the company was good and the food was delicious.

The pair was walking her to her car when Kinn asked her an odd question.

“If you could have him, drop dead or disappear, would you take it?” The alpha asked as he opened her door.

She didn’t hesitate.

“No because that would mean he was more to me than I was to him.”

Porsche nodded at her words and the alpha grinned.

He handed her an envelope. The two walking away peacefully.

It wasn’t until she got home did; she open the new gift.

The card made her cry. Not in sadness but in love.

There besides the heartfelt letter was the key and address to an apartment for her to live in after her divorce. The property was in her name as a gift and could in no way be sold or shared with her ex.

She looked at her flowers sitting in the passenger seat.

Maybe she could have some new freedom? A new chance at life.

She called Ram.


Ice was being escorted to meet with the new alpha for the largest mafia family. She had heard the rumours on how this group was run by three brothers and what happens to those who got too rough in their pond.

Ice was a big fish and she was going to make a name for herself.

She was a leader for her own gang and she was going to take it all.

The time for male alphas was over now a queen would rein.

There were many conflicting accounts on the mob leaders but one constant was their fondness for flowers.

So as a sign of unity she brought with her a bouquet of dahlias. Red and black ones, the colour scheme of the family.

She hadn’t cared when she walked into the flower shop, really, she was just picking the first thing she saw.

Bright and pretty flowers, what else mattered?

The guard was opening the door to the main office. Earlier she had seen three large dogs milling around but she was told they were pets and not attack dogs.

Ice fixed her hair. She was a gorgeous and ambitious woman, she could play this alpha easily, even more so as there seemed to be no guards in the room.

An alpha was sat at the large desk, dressed simply in a button down and black tie. His hair fell over his eyes and there was a dream catcher tattoo on his neck.

He looked mixed but she couldn’t be sure.

She stepped into the room, a smile blooming on her lips as she planned her next move.

There was one thing she hadn’t planned on.

Standing in a corner of the room was a dashing looking omega man. He was trimming a small plant. His suit was lovely, fitting his form to show off his perfect body.

His hair highlighted his face and he had warm brown eyes that stared at her like a doe.

He was an innocent she would need to eliminate for her plan to be successful.

Ice spoke on her plans for her gang to work with their family, the partnership that could form and the mutual benefits.

All lies but the alpha didn’t need to know that and she watched him lean forward in interest.

She always knew how to hook her bait.

“Betrayal.” The only word he had spoken to her since the guard had introduced them.

Her heart stopped how could he have known?

She had planned everything down to the detail.


“Dahlias represent betrayal and dishonesty.” The alpha leaned back in his seat, watching her sweat. He turned his face to the omega, looking to see if he was correct.

“That’s right Cool Boy.” The omega confirmed as he went to sit on the alpha’s lap.

Great, she had almost blown her plan because of some stupid flower. And now he was focusing on his whore and not on her brilliance.

Whatever she was going to kill them both and then her gang would be ready for stage two. There would be mass panic and she could raise to the top during it.

The gun was burning a hole in her back, hidden under her jacket.

The omega faced her before he gave her a slow blink.

The smile was no longer on his face and his eyes lost some of their shine. The alpha had his arm wrapped around his waist.

Was he asking her to save him? If so, he was out of luck, she didn’t rescue any damsels.

“Do you know many people will just buy flowers based on their beauty?” The omega asked, she opened her mouth to speak when the omega raised his hand to silence her.

“Funny how some of the most beautiful flowers have the ugliest meaning. At one-point flowers could replace words or ideas that the sender had but now they are replace by being bought to give empty apologies or for decoration. Sad, isn’t it? I’ve learned that the oddest-looking plants often hold the best meanings.” The omega leaned back on his human chair, still the alpha did not say a word.

Ice waited to see where he was going with this pointless topic.

“You brought flowers; with a meaning you did not know but they showed your true face.” He revealed, Ice drew her hand under her jacket to grab her gun.

The omega had his own pointed at her, he looked bored as he watched her movements.

“You didn’t plan this well.” He shook his head at her. “You come onto our turf and planned to murder the head of our family. Brought a gun with a silencer but what was your plan to escape? How were you going to leave without anyone killing you in retaliation?” The way the omega spoke was like a parent chastising a child for doing something foolish.

She would not be talked down to by some omega, someone who was a plaything.

She tightened her grasp on her weapon but frozen when the overpowering scent of alpha flooded the room.

“Stop!” The alpha ordered. His eyes were like an ice storm.

She couldn’t move.

The alpha tightened his grip on the omega and whispered something into his ear. The omega nodded and handed him the gun.

“You disrespected my mate since you walked into the room, you brought a gift highlighting your intent, and now you raise a gun to him. Do you even know who the head of this mafia family is?” The alpha asked his tone promised death.

Alpha pride was outrageous sometimes.

“So, you’re going to shoot me for not shooting you first? And of course, I know who leads this family. It’s you.” Her words were rude as were her tone. What a stupid question who else would be in charge other than an alpha.

The alpha snarled.

“Ram it’s okay, don’t let her get you mad.” The omega said as he traced his fingers on the alpha’s arm.

“Him… He is the head.” Ram gestured with his head to the omega.

Her jaw dropped.

How did she not know this?

An omega in charge of a mafia family?


A body of a pretty girl fell to the floor, she was dead before she hit the ground.

Ram’s hand shook slightly as he lowered the weapon.

Guards raced into the room, their own weapons at the ready, upon seeing the body they put them away to take her out of the room.

It was the signal to gather the rest of her group. It wasn’t a gang more of a group of low lives who held no respect to how things were done.

 “Cool Boy, look at me! We’re ok…are you?” King asked as his hands held Ram’s face to look for signs of distress.  

“Yes, I’m fine.” Ram took King’s hands off his face to hold them against the omega’s stomach. Placing his own larger hands on the almost flat surface.

“Are you sure you two are, ok?” The alpha asked again. He needed to know his family was safe.

“Yes, it takes far more than a silly girl to get rid of us. Come let’s go visit Kon.”

Only King could be so calm after someone had tried to kill him. Nothing fazed the senior; his lover was much like the plants he favoured. Strong and sprouting in the oddest of place.

The pair shared a sweet kiss and the omega left the room to see his brother.

Ram picked up the flowers throwing them into the garbage in disgust.

He followed after his mate, his future.

Chapter Text

Over the years King had learned how to deal with the insanity that was his family and his family understood King’s own brand of crazy. To many outsiders’ King did not fit in with his family, his blood did not burn the way it did for the others.

Many did not shake in fear when they saw him. At least not at first. He proved himself worthy of his parents’ heritage. To the empire they had crafted and to the family titles. In time he would earn his own legends and stories to frighten others with.

However, one must first be born to have a name given to them, that name is what will later define a person.

The garden had once been his grandma’s domain, it had been a wedding gift from his grandfather to the man’s new blushing bride. She had created it to reflect whatever she wanted it to be, but also to serve as a way of protecting the family. The bushes and trees functioning as a maze, a way to help those who were considered family.

After Korn’s wife had been killed in an attack, the garden was the only part of her identity not to disappear from the house. The garden was kept the way she liked it. No one was allowed to change any part of it.

Korn saw it as keeping her memory alive as well as demonstrating the wealth they had.

There was no place for a ghost’s memory. Yet he could not bare to change even a single flower.

It was his grandchildren’s fondness for the bright flowers that reaffirmed his mate’s past escape. The garden was where she went when the mob business tried to take her soul or contaminated her children. It was once a safe space.

It seemed to be trying to be that once again.  

Porsche had told King once when the pair were playing in the garden, the flowers scenting the air. King was a name of power and that the omega knew his child would be worthy of such a name.

At the time King was scarcely more than a babe. His little feet still wabbled when he tried to walk and he often needed the many men in black to carry him around the vast estate. The men quickly caving with his puppy eyes or the threat of loud cries. For people who had no trouble breaking the bones of those who displeased their bosses, these people cowered like weaklings for little King. Doing everything in their power to make the youngest mafia heir happy. To see the little star, burn a touch brighter.

The small child stared considering the tall stems and colourful petals before him. Porsche watched him roughly tear the stems from the soft dirt and hand him a cluster of bright flowers.

One thing the bodyguard enjoyed about young children was how pure they were in their affection. If they found something that made them smile, they had to share it.

“Come here my little King.” The omega said as he had his arms spread in invitation, the flowers at home in his right hand.

The little boy toddled to his dad’s lap, making himself at home in the safe embrace.  He felt his dad smelling his baby hair.

“Do you want to give some to Kon or Frong as well?” The omega whispered into his ear. The giggles and running child were his answer.

King adored his brother and cousin, giving them little gifts whenever he could. Frong had even taught the young child how to make flower crowns. Although he needed the older boy’s help to bend the stems. It was the thought that counted.

Kon would stand guard over the pair of smaller children and act like the adult of the group. Until the boys were able to pull him into a game or have him take part in their fun.

The children would soon forget about the world outside of the three of them.

Blood was everything to this family, those worthy of it were the ones to be protected or remembered.

King would say his early childhood had been pleasant, with the exception of his kidnapping and cynophobia that would result from the twisted men’s actions.

King would seek safety in his parents’ bed and the presence of his older brother. These outlets would chase away the shadows and the echoes of a dog's bark.

He couldn’t remember how he became friends with Bohn or Mek but he knew from an early age that they were his brothers.

If he asked them; they would help him achieve whatever he wanted. The little pranks they would pull or the fights they would take part in.

It did not matter the boys were there for each other no questions asked.

King knew his friends found him weird but who wasn’t?

His parents were in a mob and people either tried to be part of his family or to destroy what the three brothers were attempting to do.

King didn’t view the three alphas as dangerous or monstrous. How could he? One was his father and the others were his uncles.

They were people he loved and who looked after him. Who shaped him into who he was as a child.

His father was known to have an open-door policy for his children.

King knocked on the door to his father’s office door, a colouring book held firmly in his tight tiny grip. His father had been in a fowl mood all morning since his mate had left with King’s older brother. The two having to go but King did not know why his brother needed to leave the house.

With the absence of his dad and brother. King had just his father, an alpha who made grown men whimper.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

The sound echoed down the long hall; the lights left shadows on the wall. King saw a few familiar faces litter the hallway but for the most part he ‘knew’ very few of the people who worked in his house. The adults would scatter when he enters the room or they would flock to him asking him endless question or trying to help him in some way.

It could be quite troublesome for a little boy.

He liked when Pete (Bohn’s dad) would be around because he was funny and dad enjoyed his company.

Dad’s friends were nice when they watched him, making him laugh or helping him play with his toys or games.

“Enter.” The order was given from behind the thick wood.

King gathered his courage and pushed open the door. The door creaked open as King peeked around the wood.

At the large table was his father, sat in his customary suit, his hair was slicked back from his eyes. His brow creased in contemplation as he looked over different folders.

The bodyguards stood readily scattered around the room.

King quietly entered the room as he made his way to his father.

King felt the eyes of the men on him as he made his move to his unknowing father.

Kinn finally removed his eyes from the print to growl at the silent occupant. The sight that greeted him was his youngest staring up at him from around his desk.

His plant colouring book, in his hand.

Kinn knew that book was a gift from one of the maids when King was in the hospital wing.

He was very attached to it.

Kinn set his work down to see what his son wanted.

The mafia man knew how scary it could be to be on the other side. As he had once been with his own father.

“I did not imagine to see such a young businessman in front of me…I’m getting older than I first thought.” Kinn smiled at his youngest. The child let out a little laugh before he moved closer to the desk.

Kinn liked when King laughed, it was exactly like his mate’s. The mate who was currently pissed at him for involving their older son in family business. Citing Kon was too young for such violence but Kinn knew his son was going to need to learn early if he hoped to survive in their world.

King took a deep breath.

“I wanted to work with you…” His son started, Kinn raised an eyebrow in question. “You can do your work and I can do mine.”

King raised his book to show off his own work.

Kinn pushed back his seat.

Taking long strides to his plant keeper, he picked the boy up and slightly swung him around. Another little round of laughter could be heard. Kinn returned to his seat, his new helper in his lap.

“What should we colour first?” The alpha asked.

The two spent the rest of the time researching the correct colours for the plants depicted in King’s book. The pair settled for nothing less than perfection while colouring and labelling the vague plant like shapes.

Kinn thought it was a little strange how particular his son was over the shapes but he remembered his mate was also an artist and it then made sense.

A family of perfectionist, would not allow less than they deserved.

Having King nestled in his lap as the two scribbled was something the alpha would not get to experience for long. One day his son would refuse his affection or cuddles.

Kon was coming into that stage, he had even started to squirm away from Kinn’s beloved mate’s arms.

It was horrid.

King had to stay small and young forever so the mates could have someone to shower their care on.

A someone who would openly give that same care back.


Kon was being hormonal. At least that’s what dad had grumbled under his breath as the young alpha raged in their home after father had left for his business trip.

The sounds of shouts and shattered glass echoed in King’s ears as he groomed one of his plants. Whispering words of comfort to it.

“Kon won’t attack you. He doesn’t hurt the defenceless.” King cooed to his son.

The small plant had been a gift from his uncle Khun a few months earlier and King had wanted to show the silly alpha how it had grown in such a short time period.

However, it looked like that day would have to wait. Kon was frightening when in a storm of emotions ready to lash out at anyone who stood in his way.

As soon as the fight had started King had retreated to his room for safety. Carefully closing the door behind himself so as not to alert anyone of his departure. He knew his brother would not harm him or his dad but still… the alpha’s eyes held a promise of destruction in them.

King did not want to be caught in the teen’s crosshairs.

The slamming of a door rattled their large home.

But it was the silence that scared King more than the noise.

Silence is what promised hurt.

A soft knock was given to the closed door.

King gave an order to enter, his dad’s exhausted face glanced inside the miniature jungle. He gave a sigh and made his way to lay on King’s bed.  He collapsed onto the plush surface.

Watching his youngest, Porsche said nothing as his son made his way to the bed and wiggled into the older omega’s hold. The unpresented child gave comfort to his parent, mimicking how the older had once gentled him when his fear of dogs had taken control of his life.

Porsche had not been one to verbalize his need for touch but he did give clues to his wants. His family knew the signs and were always ready to help.

“I’m sorry if we scared you.” Porsche spoke as he stroked his son’s fluffy hair, his son’s face was hidden in his chest.

“I wasn’t afraid, I just don’t like yelling.” King admitted.

He hated how soft his voice was as he confessed his truth. In his family battles were both physical and verbal. How could one of the heirs be frightful of some yelling? A little broken glass?

It was pitiful.

King was pitiful.

“It’s just a phase and he’ll grow out of it.” Porsche reassured but how could the omega know that?

King had once read that people developed their temperaments in their teens and that they did not change after that.

Kon said he hated this life, being a part of this family.

Did he hate King as well?

It hurt his heart to know his brother might not love him anymore. The brother who had chased away his nightmares and still kept an active eye out for dogs when they went places together.

The brother who bought him plants and spent his free time with the younger even if his friends thought it uncool.

King didn’t want his brother to leave him or their family.

“Little King, what is filling your thoughts?” The bodyguard asked.

“Are you going to tell father?” King asked back.

“No, this isn’t a big deal. Kon has both of our tempers. We already knew shit would get destroyed.” Porsche chuckled as he led his son out of the bedroom.

The evidence of the earlier fight still lingered as the maids attempted to sweep up the mess and righten the furniture.  King noticed that the picture frames or other personal items were untouched by Kon’s wrath.

King took that as a good sign, but the absence of his brother meant that the teenager had driven off.

Another night of him not being home.

King felt his dad’s grip tighten as they left the room, the maids did not look them in the eyes.

It seemed like the two had been fighting since Kinn had left almost a week ago. A business meeting that was both beneficial but also dangerous. It had left Porsche on edge for days and King’s father had not answered his phone as often as dad would prefer.

Thus, things were tense in their abode, it did not help that Kon felt dad was trying to stifle him. He was acting like dad had chopped his wings off so his brother could not leave the nest but all dad had said was he wanted Kon to travel with more guards.

It was not an outlandish request; had Kon not started behaving like a silly alpha he wouldn’t have even thought twice about the question.

It sucked to be the youngest!

Kon and Frong had both presented and now King was alone.

His brother was behaving as if he was going to be the strongest alpha alive and Frong was trying to make everyone doubt that he was an omega. The latter refused to exhibited any traits that seemed too omega to the young teen.

Both were stupid.

King hoped he wouldn’t grow up to be like them.

No King would be content to be a simple beta.

No one looked twice at betas and he could still be useful to the family, also then they would have one of every dynamic.

That would be for the best.

King was having supper with his dad and uncle Che. He pushed his food around his plate as the two brothers chatted but no food touched his lips. He could feel his dad’s gaze on him but pretended otherwise.

His uncle was talking about a patient who had been giving him trouble earlier in the week, Porsche snorted at how his younger brother handled the ungrateful person.

The bodyguards were dispersed amongst the room, some on their phones, others talking to each other. The new ones were actively watching the omegas but not knowing how much to listen in to. It was a known fact King’s dad would litter in some absurd lie to see what recruits would gossip the moment they were out of sight.

This family did not allow for traitors.

King’s personal favourite was that Porsche had slept with a milk man and that is who King’s real father was. Kinn living in blissful ignorance of Porsche’s deception.

It still made him giggle when he thought about it.

What King did not know was how Kinn had reacted when he had been given the ‘information’.

“A milkman? Really what is this 1950? Couldn’t it have been one of my rivals at least? Or some alpha I would trounce into the ground to rewin your heart?”

“Shut up.”

His parents could be strange sometimes. 

He was going to asked to be excused when he heard the first shot.

A bang then the sound of something…someone falling.

The guards jumped to action as the door were flung open. Porsche pushed his brother to safety behind a human shield but had to slow to pull out his own gun as he made his way through the gun fire to get to his son.

King watched in horror at the scene before him, the unknown bodyguards who attacked his family’s. Men fighting both with weapons and fists.

The scent of blood that hung in the air, King had hidden under the grand table after rough hands had shoved him under it. King could not decern who it had been but he was grateful as mere seconds later someone had crashed into King’s previous chair.

He couldn’t hear the groans or shouts that cried out from the men’s mouths but he could see their lips moving. No what he heard was his own heartbeat. Racing then stopping as someone fell beside his petrified body.

The faces were blurred as King got to the ground to crawl along the table to seek out his dad.

He knew his uncles would be here soon but the when was unknown.


A young man was shot in front of King, blocking his original path as the blood bloomed on his shirt.

 King would not look at crimson the same way again for many months after this.

A hand sprang to King’s mouth to smother the scream, it wouldn’t have made a difference in the chaos. To King’s mind if he made no noise no one would know he was still there.

King took one last look at the dead man in front of him before stealing the gun from the corpse’s grip.

He needed a weapon in this battle.

Being smaller than anyone else had it advantages as he was able to move around those fighting and he was too quick for people to grab him.

A yell got his attention, Porsche was clawing at his wounded shoulder as he tried to hold his gun steady, he was in a fight against the leader of the intruders.

Dad was not winning as he had his back pinned to the wall as he growled at the unknown man.

A shelf above his head was coming loose and King opened his mouth to warn him when the omega and child locked eyes. Porsche’s eyes widened, his lips parting when the shelf collapsed on his head bringing him to the ground and out of the fight.

The unknown man lowered his gun but had his target locked on King’s dad. King took a deep breath as he widened his stance.

“It’s just like at practice.” King whispered to himself as he raised his arm. His sight was set on the man’s back, his eyes did not leave the target.

He placed his finger on the trigger.

King hesitated, could he really take someone’s life?


The man fell to his knees then on to his face.

King’s finger had yet to pull the trigger. He looked over his shoulder.

Kon had his gun out and a new wave of body guards flooded the room, dispersing those of the rival group.

Kon looked powerful and deadly in that moment. His scent of rage and murderous intent made King unable to breathe as the older boy came towards him.

King whimpered as tears came to his eyes.

His brother opened his arms as soon as he reached him.

King jumping into his embrace; Kon acting as if King weighed nothing.

The pair went to their fallen parent, pulling away the wreckage.

Porsche was bleeding from his shoulder and now his head, it was frightening but King had to control his panic to break down to when it was safe and not a second before.

“Sir?” A shy voice broke the silence.

A bodyguard was standing a few feet away from the small family. Not wanting to step within hitting distance of the oldest boy. The family’s bodyguards had gathered all the remaining rivals.

Dead men were on the floor like broken toys.

King looked away from the carnage to see if any of his favourites were no longer with him but they seemed to have survived.

Kon was dragging Porsche up to carry him on his back, completely ignoring the sputtering men in black who tried to take their dad from him.

“Young master King?” A female guard asked as she held her hand out for the gun that had yet to leave his hold.

He took one last look at the scene before him before he too was taken away.

Next time I won’t hesitate, I’ll protect my family. I won’t be a liability to them, no one will take me from them or them from me.


King wouldn’t have said he was disappointed on being an omega but he had felt he was more suited to be a beta but if this was what nature had determined than who was he to fight it. His brother was still placing more guards on his detail than needed but if it wasn’t Kon then his father would. Kon was easier to ask to stop than his father.

University had been horrendously boring; classes were not challenging and although his friends were the greatest. Even they could not stop King from wanting to nap during every class. He stayed awake cause his friends needed his notes.

A god must be kind to their followers after all.

He had been in the library when he first spotted the alpha, the shelves hid none of his mystique. King stared far longer than he should but the younger boy was not someone King was use to seeing. His scent was gentle and comforting. It was musky and heavy like most alpha’s King had smelled.

So different, like a cactus surrounded by daisies.

The unknown junior caught him staring and King spun around to have his back on those dark eyes.

His heart fluttered.

He rapidly turned his back to the other to hide the flush on his cheeks.

A little time later King would be walking and see the boy again, he was looking for something to pour water into.

How cute, the boy wanted to feed cats.

King downed his drink and approached the other.

His cup taken but not his greetings.

King switched languages. Perks of being from a business family, one had to know multiple languages.

Not even an extra blink was given to the omega who hid his pout.

Why was the alpha not talking to him? Did he not like King? He was just trying to be friendly.

A loud bark made King leap onto the table away from the mutt.

Fear trapping him on the wooden board, the dog barking at his heels. The other student told the dog to eat… Did he mean to eat King?

His stranger walked away without a backwards glance. King fought down his panic as his shaking hands dialed a number for one of his men to retrieve the black beast.

His bodyguard arrived shortly after, a firm grip on the dog’s collar as he marched it away from his scared master.

Another man gave King a drink and offered to drive the boy back to his home.

King shakes his head as he replayed the earlier event.

“Do you want us to punish the culprit?” The returning man asked. His tone was one to convey he did not mind beating up a university student.

“No, it was harmless fun, I don’t think they knew I would be…” King shrugged the whole thing off, he was not one to hold a grudge.

The two men looked at each other, silently communicating.

“If I hear he was hurt I will return the favour ten folds to the offending party.”

The two shivered and left King to his car.

A few more meetings later Ram would grab his hand to pull him to dinner. It was a nice reward but King had not helped the other to be fed.

Silly alpha but maybe he didn’t want to be in debt to an omega?

King made a game of asking the younger boy questions on his family. King had spent his afternoon snooping through the other’s Facebook page. In King’s opinion there were far too many photos of dogs and not enough of Ram’s handsome face. His family members were easy to determine but one girl kept popping up and there was no clear label to who she was to Ram. It might have been faster to have asked Uncle Khun for some help but this was a personal matter not one the family needed to know. Still King tried to draw water from a stone. The quite boy had not spoken to him but had given him answers on his homelife, answers that King wished he could give back but he didn’t want to scare the other away just yet.

King had not been attracted to people before even with the few dates he had been on. To King, he had other plans than some grand romance.

He didn’t need a romance built on blood like his parents.

No what King wanted was someone who understood him.

Ram ate the ginger that King had jokingly placed in his bowl. For someone who seemed so cold, he was quite kind.

King had yet to meet such a shy alpha before but it was charming to King.

The two were walking back to the parking lot when King’s phone rang.

It was his dad, he turned away from Ram. Hoping the other would not leave him just yet.

“I was treated by my junior, did you have supper with your husband?” King playfully teased.

His dad was quick to bite back at him but over all the talk was short and nice. King made a mental note to go see his family more often.

When he turned back to say goodbye to Ram, the alpha was lightly panting as he thrusted a drink in King’s face.

King was confused until he saw it was the one, he had made an offhanded comment about.

What a sweet guy.

King took the drink, the two would continue their study sessions.

King had to say the only good thing that came out of the boxing fight between the two alpha’s was that King got to see Ram shirtless.

It was a great sight.

Seeing the two punch each other not so much.

But beggars can’t be choosers.

The smile on Ram’s face as King gave him the Venus flytrap was all that King had imagined, he was slightly worried the other wouldn’t have cared for King’s hard work.

It was nice to see someone outside of King’s family care for one of his children.


“So, you want me to meet your grandfather?” Ram questioned as they drove down the deserted highway.

King was running a hand through his hair trying to get it out of his eyes.

“Yep.” He answered back cheerfully.

Ram had met everyone else so why not his grandfather?

The oldest alpha had been hinting that if King did not introduce them, Korn would just be there in King’s condo one day.

Ram might not be able to handle that.

King probably could handle that but he worried for his boyfriend’s health.

Retired mob bosses could be very demanding and opinionated.

King didn’t usually bring anyone with him when he was visiting his grandmother’s home village, even his closest friends had not made the journey with him. However, this time he was bringing his cool boy with him. In truth King was going to spend time with his great-aunt but he treated her as his grandmother, going so far as to refer to her as such.

He didn’t know if his grandfather approved of the title on his sister-in-law but King had not once been asked to stop. So, he continued to do so.

His grandfather had over heard his plans, asking or more like demanding to meet the young alpha who had caught the eye of his youngest heir. It wasn’t that the old alpha knew nothing of Ram, King had blabbed for hours about the male. Korn had most likely ordered some of his men to gather more intel as well.

But Korn had yet to face his grandson’s boyfriend, he was impressed with Ram’s boxing abilities but one’s character can not be determined without looking into their eyes.

So here the pair were driving to a hidden rural forest village. It wasn’t a place one who think someone of their clan would spend more than a few minutes before either abandoning the site or destroying it but here was where his grandfather had first met his mate.

Korn had been doing grunt work for his family as a young man, sent on a mission to prove his worth. He was someone quick to anger back then. And he had been separated from his men when he was chanced upon by a local.

Korn could still picture her as she called out to him if he was lost. To him she was a beautiful forest spirit. The two exchanged a few brief words before a shot could be heard echoing the trees. The beauty had fled and Korn had not been able to catch her or her name; only the scent of lilies had remained as did her basket of herbs.

Korn had searched the surrounding woods for her and finally saw her on his last day in the area. He proposed to her when he returned her basket. The light shining in her eyes had been his greatest treasure as he climbed through the ranks and as their children grew.

To Korn and the plant lovers of his family. This village was an escape from the reality of their world. From the blood to a simple but loving space.

King hoped no blood would be shed when the two alphas met. No one could talk King away from Ram.

This alpha would be his alpha.

King had the means to support him and Ram loved him, so what more did the young couple need?

The cottage was far smaller than any of their other homes, mostly hidden by the large trees in the entrance way. It was cozy and the many scents of plants were unique to this singular location.

King and Ram left their car, servants rushing over to the trunk to retrieve their luggage.

King took Ram’s large hand in his own before leading the younger man to see his grandfather and grandmother.

The two seniors were enjoying coffee on the back sundeck. The surrounding trees blocked the harsh light but allowed for the warmth to linger on the groups skin. A gentle breeze made the flower petals dance.

“Grandfather! Grandma!” King called to draw their attention. His grandma left her chair to hug her garden helper.

King took the tiny lady in his arms as he lifted her and swung her in a small circle.

The two had matching smiles on their faces.

A small arrange of guards watched the scene.

Ram stood off to the side watching for his own greeting but not knowing what to expect.

“Ram? That’s your name, isn’t it?” Korn questioned but it was clear he already knew the answer.

Ram nodded; his face showed none of the turmoil he was feeling.

Korn leveled him a look then chuckled.

“It seems like the children of this family chose their lovers and bodyguards to be the same person. Like father like son.” Korn turned back to his coffee without another word.

King knew Ram had been accepted into their family. The gifts sent to Ram’s parents and the choices for futures given to Ram and Ruj proved that.

Not all decisions in this family had to be dramatic or showy, some were soft and nearly invisible.

King would spend the rest of his vacation helping his grandmother with Ram and amusing his grandfather with stories of what he had been doing in school. Ram adding his own experience infrequently but enough to show he was getting comfortable with King’s extended family.

When the two later traveled abroad to visit Ram’s family; King would hold tightly to Ram’s hand. The omega was not one to be frightened over meeting new people but these weren’t potential business partners. They would be his family but luckily Ram’s family was as warm and friendly as he had hoped.

It was nice to have more people to trust but what was best was the trust King placed in Ram and how Ram trusted him back.


Leaving university was like opening a new chapter on his life. It was slightly confusing but also a new taste of freedom. He and Ram had argued over if King would join his family in the mob. Ram had roughly said he could drop out of his program to protect King, to stand beside him as a bodyguard but King had vehemently denied this suggestion. Ram needed to finish school, King had made a promise to himself not to take the alpha’s future from him.

Ram in the moment might think he wanted to be King’s bodyguard but he was only twenty, what happened if one day decades from now Ram resented him for this decision?

King wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he damaged Ram. He didn’t want the alpha to feel like he needed to change, it was Ram’s uniqueness that drew King to him in the first place. Ram had this presence about him that drew people to him like flies to honey but Ram was not one himself to seek out people.

It created quite the paradox; many feelings had been hurt due to Ram not being one to express himself like the average man.

Unlike most alphas Ram didn’t get loud or angry, he got quiet and closed off. King was working with him to verbalize his thoughts but he could still understand what the dog lover was trying to wordlessly say at a glance.

When King and Ram had been dating during their second year, Ram had been shocked for King to ask if his lover wanted to have his dogs stay with them.

The alpha’s mouth had dropped and King had rushed to explain it might only be once a week but when King felt more confident the dogs could stay longer. The words were still spewing from his lips as Ram had pulled him into a tight embrace. His nose buried in King’s luscious locks and his strong hand rubbing small circles into the omega’s back. It was a hold that Ram favoured when he was either delighted or worried about something King had done. It made the omega feel content and treasured.

“Thank you. Don’t force yourself to please me.” Ram whispered into his hair.

“I won’t change myself but I also ask that you do the same. Dogs mean as much to you as plants do to me. We can’t deny who we are.” King whispered back to the other.

Ram tilted his head and placed a gentle kiss to the older man’s lips. A sweetness blossomed in both King’s mouth and in his heart.

This is what he had craved when he had imagined what a mating relationship would be like and although they had yet to bond, there was no refuting they were mates.

King would struggle to be completely ok within the presence of mutts but Ram would still flinch when he heard gun fire. It did not matter how often King took him to the range or the perfect targets the alpha hit. He would not be able to hold a gun completely steady.

King vowed to make sure Ram did not need to believe he had to take a shot more than necessary. Ram wanted to protect King but King was more than qualified to keep the younger boy and himself safe. In the safety of Ram’s arms did King manage to lose the majority of his fear of canines but that did not mean it disappeared completely, no it transformed to a fear of Ram being harmed.

It made him wonder how his father could allow his dad to stay by his side in a dangerous situation but then he watched as Ram grew. Ram would train with his family’s guards, he was no longer just a boxer; he knew how to use different fighting styles, weapons and a many other tools. King was teased for his alpha being his silent shadow but as much as it thrilled King to know Ram was there; the shadow was not where Ram should walk. Ram was someone who should have his place in a throne matching King’s own. The alpha was not King’s pet but his equal.

Soon the world would know the pair’s mark and not to mess with either of them.  


Parties were not new to King’s life during both his childhood and in his university days. The chance to meet people and learn something new was a rare treat for a younger King. As a small child he had hid with his dad or played with Bohn. Later the chaotic boys would sneak drinks in one of the many empty halls. As a teen and now a man King was to represent their family and to create his own business deals.

When King’s last name was given smaller clans would salivate at the opportunity to speak with him. Some flaunted their alphas or betas at him in an attempt to intimidate or entice. A raised eyebrow of monotony was all that they earned. He was no delicate wallflower or a young maiden who knew nothing of the seedy world.

King was born and raised in the darkness, his thorns made to draw blood and his petals to lure prey to him.

Many of the older generations looked down upon him for his dynamic but King did not need their approval for anything and he had no qualms about enlightening them to their foolishness when he crushed their puny empires.

A waiter offered him a glass of bubbling liquid to which he took, his throat parched from the tedious chatter and false merriment. The classical music lightly playing in the background was what King focused on when he closed his eyes. If he strained his ears, he could hear a violin and the one playing it was above average in terms of skill.

No one could out play his father or his brother.

King had been resting against a wall, his bodyguards scattered around the party. He had not felt like he needed them as this was not an overly powerful clan but a newer ambitious one. The type to have more guts than brains. Even idiots knew when to play smart or at least King thought they did.

The head alpha for this family was a man younger than King’s grandfather but also older than his father. One of the alphas who did not see their empire as being aged out and slowly going bankrupt due to their boss’ over spending on his mistresses. To hear him speak was like watching a Chihuahua bark at an Irish wolfhound (King only knew the dog breeds names thanks to Ram). King made a mental note to tell Ram the comparison later as he would find it funny.

King was about to open his eyes when he felt a presence in his air space. He opened his lids to see a very young bodyguard standing before him. The teen had his lips pressed together as King nodded at him to speak his peace.

“The boss would like if you joined him in his office.” Came the breathless order.

King looked at the younger boy and said nothing. He didn’t take orders from anyone other than his family. The youth sweated and looked behind his back as if asking for one of his fellow bodyguards to come help him.

When King thought he had stressed the other enough, he pushed off the wall and made his way to the alpha’s office. Signaling to his men that he did not need them.

King had an idea on what the older man coveted; the real question was if King was going to give it to him?

The office was one of extravagant wealth, flashy works of art and sculptures. Books that had clearly not been read. A trolly cart of overpriced spirits. A large desk with a miniature throne behind it. A throne worthy of a man with little power.

The alpha walked behind King as the omega was reading the titles off his bookshelf.

The alpha made a show of pulling his own chair out and then motioning for King to take one. The young omega rolled his eyes as he sat. This alpha was not earning any of King’s favours or his interest with his actions.

If King was asked to explain the man’s scent, he would not be able to. It was hidden under the scents of multiple people, the only thing he could detect was the scent of alpha.

“I hope you don’t mind wine; some omega’s find it too strong for their palates.” The alpha said in a condescending tone as he had his guard pour two glasses of wine before the third man left the room.

King picked up his glass and watched the contents dancing then settle. He saw the alpha do the same, holding his glass across from King’s over the desk. A vanilla coloured envelop was pushed towards King.

The alpha clanked his glass against King’s and both took a sip. The wine was slightly bitter but not intensely so.

King set his wineglass on the desk and felt the alpha watch him as he opened the folder.

“Omegas are such lustful creatures, I’m sure your parents would not be happy to know what you have been up to.” The smirk evident in his voice. “I usually like female omegas but you are attractive.”

King saw a private picture of himself and Ram dining at a fancy restaurant. It was a date to celebrate their two years of cohabitation. The smile had been captured on Ram’s face was one that should have been for King’s eyes only. Not some filthy mob climber.

The photo showed their hands clasp across the table, King’s thumb pressed against Ram’s scent gland. It was a sensual photo; one filled with youthful flirtations and promises.

King looked at his would-be blackmailer, there was no emotion displayed on his face as the other man smirked at him.

The older man was behaving as if he had a photo of King in bed with the enemies of his clan but all he had was a shot of a date between lovers.

It took King a few seconds to realize the old man was of the belief that King’s family would punish him for his relationship with the unknown alpha, an alpha that his family had not announced him to be courting.

What an antiquated string of logic.

The alpha shifted in discomfort as his prey did not act as he had expected, there was no flush of shame or look of betrayal.

Instead, King was contently flicking through the photos he had amassed. The little omega was even separating them into two groups, one on the desk and the other pile remained in the envelope.

The alpha hated this family, they acted as if they were better than his clan. Worse they had no respect for how dynamics were to be enforced. Omegas were not to give orders but to take them. To have the mate of the leader and youngest heirs as omegas who held power in the mob was unheard of. Yet this clan did so, it was a disrespect for all alphas.

The man kept watching the omega male but he did not so much as breathe differently as he closed the folder, handing it back to the original owner.

“I’ll keep these ones. You hired an excellent photographer.” King smiled at him as he moved the photos closer to himself.

“This is not a social visit! I didn’t mean to gift them to you. This is a threat! If you do not allow my men to work in your family territory, I’ll kill the alpha in the photo and report your indiscretions.” He shouted in rage.

How could the omega be so stupid as to not know he was being threatened?

“Is that so?” King said as he once again raised his glass in a mock toast. He downed the drink and set the cup down as he pushed his chair back. Moving to the door.

The alpha gulped down his own drink in his anger, shoving his chair back and making a move towards the retreating omega.

“This is a serious threat, don’t you understand?” He bellowed.

The omega turned sharply to face him, smacking the hand away from his person.

The omega’s eyes were like a winter storm.

“No do you not understand? I don’t make threats and I don’t respond to them either. When someone tries something as pathetic as you did, I laugh.” He let out a little laugh before he cut the older man off.

“I could overlook the blackmail but I will not forgive you for bring my lover into this.” The handsome boy brought his hand to his hair to push back his bangs and the alpha notice the bracelet on his wrist. One of the charms was open.  King noticed as well and swiftly closed it.

“My family is know for its devotion to our omegas but did you also know… that our omegas are just as willing to kill anyone who jeopardizes their mates?”

The alpha shook his head in disbelief but was starting to realize how hard it was for him to breathe. He had to place his hand on a side table to support himself.

“You’re not the first to doubt me due to my status and you most certainly won’t be the last but unlike alphas. I don’t need to make a show of beating someone.” King finished as he watched the other male. The alpha was loosening his tie but he could not get air into his lungs.

“The first rule they teach omegas is to always watch your drink… it’s a real shame they don’t do the same to alphas.” King made a show of shaking his wrist, the charms of his bracelet jingled.

The alpha fell to his knees, clawing at his throat, skin turning blue.

King was walking to the door and stopped.

“There are many toxic plants in the world, you should have been more careful. The most beautiful are usually the most dangerous.”

King locked the door from the inside and made his way to rejoin the party. The photos of his date with Ram hidden carefully in his inside pocket.

King would not classify himself as possessive but he was protective and anyone who wished to harm his lover was going to answer to King. The plant lover was a far less gentle soul than his dog lover. As many would come to find out, it’s not just alphas who kill to save their mates.


King had been labeled as the carefree child; his older brother was the heir to their father. A natural born alpha who had all the needed talents and skills to crush anyone. Their family did not make such a brand but the other clans assume so and for a while they were correct.

Who could have predicted Kon being shot? A stray bullet had nearly taken his brother’s life.

Three months the alpha had been in a death like sleep, the family had rallied but his parents could not afford to place themselves back in the spot light.

So, King did what he always did, he took charge.

If someone tried to push back against this new change, King didn’t push back, he tripped them down a flight of stairs.

The omega was not one for dramatics but he would not let someone think they had won against him.

The mafia business was one of brains, not just brawn.

King could outsmart any of these morons.

People born into power but had not earned it.

King earned his scars.  

To sit at his father’s desk was one of the hardest things King had been made to do, to be in that seat was like playing dress up. However, he could not end the game.

Sure, he had his friends and family in his inner circle but he still heard the whispers, about how the new head was weak and could faulter.

He had to prove just how deep his roots went.

He was going to be one of the first mafia head omegas.

It was time to show that he was his dad’s son. Omegas do not cower or back down from a challenge.

A fluffy body brushed past King on his walk to visit his brother. Leaving his thoughts, he watched as the guards went to his father’s… no his office to remove the dead body of the female alpha who had foolishly tried to kill them.

Ink? Ice?

Whatever her name was, within an hour her gang would no longer exist so it did not matter if he remembered her. He just wished his first attempted coup d’état would have been better planned out.

Wasn’t he worthy of a professional hitman?

0/10 would not recommend.

Ram had been kind enough to deal with her, he really was the sweetest.

King stopped to pet the fluffy husky who was walking with him. He had a feeling that before he reached his brother’s room that the other two who join them.

Ram was convinced they already knew the update to King’s health and that’s why they were following him everywhere.

King bore his new shadows with dignity.

Maids bowed to him and bodyguards waited for him to pass them then went back to what they had been doing.

His parents had been out of country on a fourth honeymoon and so King had now a chance to give them his news.

He hoped it might offset the anger his dad had at Kon being shot but he didn’t know for certain if it would.

Kon was now being treated in his room and not in the hospital wing. So, King took that as a step forward towards his good health.

A secret King kept to himself was that on the first night when Kon was in his drugged sleep King had crawled into his hospital bed. It was reminiscent of Kon’s protection after the dog attack.

The bed was more crowded than King had once remembered but he placed his head next to his brother’s head on the soft pillow. Watching the soft raising and falling of the older man’s chest, King could feel the puffs of breath leaving his nose.

King closed his eyes and smelled Kon’s scent. If he pretended hard enough, he could imagine them as young boys again, lying in the darkness shielding each other from fictional monsters.

The monsters no longer disappeared once the light return and now to some, they were the monsters in the shadows.

“Rest Kon, I’ll protect you.” King kissed Kon’s forehead as he fell asleep, his body guarding his brother from more harm.

When King awoke, a chair was placed beside the bed, Ram was sleeping upright his body placed between the door and bed. The vigilant alpha, King smiled and went back to sleep knowing the two alpha’s he loved most were safe, at least for one more day.

Kon’s room was minimalistic, the walls painted a cool gray and with the exception of a few photos the walls held nothing. The furniture was sleek leather and the tables were glass. His violin had a place of honour. King strolled past the guards standing in front of the bedroom door.

They nodded to him, a gesture he returned.

Kon was swamped under a mountain of blankets and pillows. His dad’s hands flew as be berated his oldest child. His father stood off to the side, enjoying the show if his happy grin was a symbol for his mood.

Kinn had been on the receiving half of many a lecture, and a few harsh hands.

They all looked up as King entered. His father raised his arm and King went to his side.

If King had still been small, Kinn would have lifted him into his arms and King would have his legs around the other’s waist. It was how his father carried him or comforted him. Now he could only have hugs.

“Please tell me you haven’t done anything as stupid as your brother.” Kinn asked in amusement. King flushed then shook his head.

Porsche raised an eyebrow. The two moved closer to the bed.

“I have good news…” King began.

“Don’t talk shop, I haven’t seen you in forever.” Porsche interjected; he didn’t want to hear a mob report.

Kinn patted his mate’s hand, then held his wrist to sooth his omega.

Porsche didn’t bother to remove the other’s hand.

“No… it doesn’t have to do with the mob.” King took a deep breath. He took a second to look at each of his family members.

“I… I… Me and Ram are expecting.” King rushed out, three jaws dropped and Porsche collapsed onto the bed, nearly landing on Kon’s legs.

“Oh God! My baby’s having a baby.” Porsche ran a hand through his hair.

King waited for the fallout.

There was silence for a few minutes before Kinn pulled King beside him once again.

“Does this make you happy?” The head alpha asked. His voice firm and his eyes locked on King’s.

“More than ever. We are both delighted by the news.” King said, his hand resting on his nearly flat stomach.

“Then you have my blessing.” Kinn spoke with a smile.

“He doesn’t need your fucking blessing; he needs an exorcism.” Porsche muttered as he pushed Kinn away.

“Dad!” King whined, he sounded like an unhappy child.

“It’s true, babies are like little monsters. You two were.” Porsche muttered as his children squawked. He rolled his eyes at them.

Ram silently entered the room; he made his way to his mate’s side but did not intrude on the small family moment.

King went to him and pulled him to stand closer with them.

“It better have been planned. You were the smart one, I hoped you’d learn from my mistakes.” Porsche said. The happiness on his face limited the bite in his words.

“Some of the greatest things are accidents and unforeseen meetings” Ram said.

“Yes, they are.” Kinn and Porsche said in unison.

Chapter Text

Porsche was sitting crossed legged on the bed. He was in the newly rented space; Chè would be in his room asleep at this time. His landlady might have been in the kitchen or living room having a cup of tea and watching something on the tv. It didn’t matter to Porsche how the others’ spent their time, Porsche’s life was now comprised of the little blob on the bed.

His newborn child, that little spark in his life that was left from the dying embers. Porsche lacked the memories of being pregnant or of giving birth but he knew that he did. However, the question of when the small being was born or what the gender of his child was escaped his mind.

A small figure whose arms were moving side to side. The mass was on grey sheets. Which was odd as Porsche was certain the bed was a greenish-blue colour for the bed covers. Grey was his old bed in his past life.

The sleeping space was silent, no racket made its way passed the closed door, not an uncommon occurrence but Porsche thought babies made more noise; he forced himself to listen to any sound. He couldn’t hear himself or the baby breathe. It was as if they were seated in an eery void.

At this idea Porsche placed more of his attention on the moving mass for the first time realizing his new child had no face or features in its place was a blurred mass of flesh and dark hair.

Porsche was horrified he jumped back to distance himself from the creature but he couldn’t get off the bed, his body refused to give into his want to move.

Porsche thought about screaming for Chè when the locked door was kicked in. He hadn’t been looking at the door but he had kicked in enough doors to recognize the sound. When he did look, he saw the shattered wood clinging to the metal hinges.  A figure in crimson stepped carelessly over the broken wood.

These features Porsche knew well. So, well he could draw them with his eyes closed and a minute away from death.

The slicked back hair, the thick eyebrows, the cold detached eyes and that stupid all-knowing smirk. It was the face of the man Porsche wanted but who did not want him in return.

Why would he now be in Porsche’s room?

The smirk grew larger and the eyes burned like the pits of hell. Faceless men in black carrying guns swarmed into the room. Walls disappearing to make more space for the shadow men and their leader. More men piled in through the broken doorway.

It made Porsche feel small to be surrounded by these unknown people; Kinn moved closer to the bed. The ex-bodyguard pulled his faceless child to his chest. Attempting to hide his secret from Kinn. The alpha’s eyes shimmered red as he stopped at the foot of the bed.

Porsche had suspected he was fucked up before but now he knew it. Kinn was posed to attack him and all Porsche wanted was to breathe in his scent or to have Kinn grace him with one more smile. Porsche was hopeful but not deluded, if Kinn did smile at him it would not be a grin of affection but one of cruelty. His former boss had peppered his hurtful actions to Porsche with a sprinkle of niceties, it did not stop the hurt from forming in Porsche’s chest when the next hit would pierce his heart. Kinn for a business man was surprisingly thoughtless but then again why would someone at the top care about his grunts.

Porsche watched Kinn’s every micro movement as his hand had a firm grasp on the back of his child’s head. He wouldn’t let his baby be taken by this man.

“Did you really think you could hide from me?” Kinn asked, his eyes locked on Porsche’s.

The bodyguard pressed his lips tightly together, not willing to let a sound leak out.

“You always were a fool but to think this city would shield you from me? You really are nothing but a rat, running back to the gutter as if it will keep you safe. A rat who lived in trash should die with the other filth.” Kinn mocked, his arms raising in an imitation of a hug. His head nudge in their child’s direction.

Porsche scooted back to rest against the head board as grey smoke filled the room, the background faded out into the nothingness of smoke. The faceless guards began to chant but Porsche couldn’t make out the words; Kinn flashed him a wickedly sharp grin.

Too sharp a grin.

The fangs of Kinn’s smirk elongated, razer sharp and a mouth full of teeth that could pierce anyone’s flesh. Kinn’s arms stretched out to inhuman proportions; his hands were now monstruous as well. The digits on his fingers were pointed and the nails had become claws that belonged to beasts. Much like a beast Kinn was ready to pounce on Porsche. To kill and shred his ex-employee.

Porsche opened his mouth to let out a blood curdling scream as Kinn leapt from the ground, the chanting drowning out the sound of Porsche’s terror.

Porsche fought off the blankets that entangled him as a shrill shout left his throat before he slammed his mouth shut. He was sweating and panting as his hands found safety on his recently growing belly. His child was still safe inside of it. 

He took a few deep breaths as his heartrate was returning to normal. He pushed his sweat soaked hair from his face, peering around the deserted room to make sure Kinn was not hiding in the shadows like a boogieman from his nightmare.

Porsche pulled his knees up to his chest and curled up into a little ball; silent tears streamed down from his eyes.

He whispered comforting promises to the little life inside of him but he knew he had no control on what the future would hold. Kinn held a tight hold on the futures of many people and Porsche would always be his.


Porsche had once been a very social person; his friends would have described him as the life of any party. These parties did not end with Porsche going away alone either. He had charms and knew who to make a girl feel like he was giving her his full attention. He had not been lacking in friends or flings so why did his days seem so empty now?

When he had first started working for Kinn, he had Pete showing him the ropes and the others had introduced themselves shortly after, so again he made friends. He would join them for food, gaming or drinking.  Now his day consisted of seeing maybe three regular faces and if Porsche ventured outside for supplies, then the store workers but he rarely shopped at the same stores. He did not want anyone to track him. It could have been his paranoia speaking but Porsche couldn’t take the risk of his family being found.

“Shhh… it will be okay little man.” Porsche soothed as he walked. The baby was strapped to Porsche’s chest and hidden inside the fighter’s jacket as they walked the busy streets. The pair had been kicked out of the rental by Chè. The younger omega citing that Kon had been colicky for the last few days and that as the dad Porsche should take his son to the doctor. Porsche had disagreed saying he could find the reason on the internet so why bother leaving the house.

Chè’s reaction to Porsche’s plan was extreme enough that Porsche thought twice about doing so. Chè not wasting any of his words on how stupid and crazy such a plan would be and how would Porsche know good medical facts from shitty ones. Porsche had just grunted his agreement as he tried to settle Kon but his little fighter was not having any of that.

Chè had taken it as his nephew supporting him and made Porsche bundle him up and kicked him out with a name for a doctor who would not write down their names.

The two had fought about this before, Porsche’s desire to keep them untraceable and to limit the amount of people who knew their names or faces. Porsche only knew a few of the informants that Kinn used but the other brothers had their own men/women to get info from. Chè silenced himself to Porsche’s complaints and concerns about this issue, the younger brother told the older that he had already gone to this doctor who specialized in omegas and small children. The clinic was one frequented by both middle class and omegas who were hiding from abusive mates.

Porsche protested at being labelled as an abused omega, Kinn was not one to hit his playmates. However, with a door slammed in his face and his wallet tossed at him; he had no choice but to visit the doctor.

Porsche should feel proud of himself for memorizing the address when Chè had only said it once before forcing him out into the world.

The streets were crowded as Porsche pushed and cradled his son from the strangers. As the once head bodyguard watched the faces, he could shake the need to memorise and interpret if they were threats. It was crazy for him to want to do so as he knew he would not meet these people again. The city was far too large but he still felt like he had to. There was the off chance of someone spotting him and if they did so…Porsche needed to make sure they couldn’t speak on what they saw.

The clinic was in a normal area, tucked between two nice stores and across from a small café and a tiny restaurant. There was good lighting and potted plants in front. This place looked clean and safe, two things that his last doctor could not brag about. Porsche had gotten his meds from a doctor one step up from a fake.

Porsche pushed open the door and saw a desk with a lady who looked up at him with a friendly smile before a look of confusion took over.

There were three women waiting on folding chairs—two omegas and a beta. The receptionist was a beta, a tiny one.

The two omegas flinched back from him as he walked to the desk, the receptionist’s hand slowly moved to under the desk. No doubt to trigger an alarm. Porsche guessed that when an alpha entered, they usually had wicked schemes.  The walls were white and there were a few plants but otherwise the place was empty.

Porsche slowly walked to the counter and bent down to speak to the concerned woman.

“My son won’t stop crying… can a doctor help me?” He whispered; he released a little bit of his scent so she would know he was an omega. Instantly her manner changed; her hand left the safety button to take his information. Porsche continued to whisper his answers as he did not want anyone else to hear them.

He was shortly dismissed and asked to take a seat.

He did, the seat felt uncomfortable under him but he did not complain. He looked again at the women, the farthest one was a middle-age woman with a string of pearls around her neck, she was dressed for the office. A woman farther down was younger maybe 25, her hair was highlighted with blond and she appeared to be five months along. He thought she might have been mated as she did not try to cringe away from him. The one closest to him was a teen girl, one around Chè’s age. He offered her a smile but she did not look up from her book which she was hiding behind.

She was here for bad news; he knew it from the stress of her scent. If he had to guess a pregnancy scare. He felt for her, he knew how she would be judge for any of her choices but he thought it reflected poorly on her lover not to be here as well. Porsche almost snorted when that thought passed through his mind, he had been abandoned by his ‘lover’ long before his “bad news”.

He looked down as he pulled his phone from his pocket, texting his brother he had gotten there safely. Chè texted him back a smiley face and asked if they could meet for lunch after. Porsche said he would think about it.

He started to play a game on his phone, one woman was called in as he lost to his game. Porsche felt Kon waking from his nap, he placed his hand inside of his jacket to stroke the boy’s head, letting him settle himself down.

He heard a tsk and lifted his head to see the business woman sneering at him, she looked away when she saw he was looking at her. Porsche had half the mind to flip her off but decided the health of his son out weighed his pride but just barely. The young girl was still seated near him, she was now fidgeting with a charm bracelet on her wrist.

The middle-age woman moved to sit beside the girl, Porsche watched her legs, pretending to be involved with his game.

“You think a safe space like this would be able to kick out a lone alpha. Why does he have to invade a space for women?” The woman stage whispered; the girl shifted her face to see Porsche’s reactions but said nothing herself.

He rolled his eyes, people judged him off his size but did not once think he could be anything other than an alpha. He did not bother to correct her. He waited for his number to be called.

“Sir… Sir this is a clinic for those in need not some alpha to impose on them.” The woman said to him her eyes narrowed at him. That sneer still on her face.

This time Porsche made sure she saw him roll his eyes.

She gasped and muttered about rude men with no respect but Porsche wasn’t listening to any of the garbage that left her mouth. He felt Kon nuzzled his chest and Porsche wondered if he needed to feed his son. The woman got up to get closer to him but Porsche raised his lip to snarl at her. She flinched away from him. No one would be allowed to start shit with him if Kon was with him.    

His number was called and Porsche stood up to join a nurse who had been waiting off to the side. She was dressed in pink, she talked to him as they made their way to the back. The nurse mentioning that Porsche would need to see a different doctor as the usual one was very busy and couldn’t squeeze him in. Porsche bit back his response, he didn’t want to be kicked out for being rude.

The office housed one alpha doctor, his lips raised in greeting, Porsche nodded to him. He was not happy, but there was nothing he could do but hand over his son to a stranger to be examined. Porsche watched the doctors ever move, if he tried something Porsche would break his bones.

“He seems fine just a slight cold but after he takes some medicine, he should be fine.” The doctor spoke as he wrote a prescription.

“May I ask how you’ve been since the delivery? Any medical concerns?” The man asked, going so far as to suggest Porsche should be examined.

The omega snorted.

“The last time I was alone with a male alpha touching my junk. I got knocked up so I’ll pass.” He said dryly not bothering to sweeten his words.

The doctor said nothing but opened the door.

Porsche pulled out his phone.

“Chè we’re getting lunch… if I can’t drink or smoke. I’ll eat.”


Kinn was seconds away from killing or fucking his new bodyguard. The alpha who he had paid with his watch to stall his would be attackers. He hadn’t expected much from the man; he was going to use him as a distraction and then get himself to safety when this fool was being beaten into the pavement. The cocky little shit had proven him wrong when the unknown man defeated Kinn’s attackers but this new figure was not a god and thus when knives were pulled the two raced off to Porsche’s bike.

He had asked the guy’s name not because he was going to track him down and take back his watch but due to the man’s breath-taking smile. He was a beautiful man and Kinn liked a challenge.

The name was a fake and Kinn’s father got involved.

Sure, Porsche was cute but not so cute that Kinn became blind to Porsche’s faults and this man had many. Refusing to give into Kinn’s demands, his arrogance and lastly how he seemed oblivious to Kinn’s flirting.

Never had someone turned him down but to completely ignore Kinn’s words and actions was damaging to Kinn’s ego. Pete’s laughing eyes every time Porsche didn’t want to get drinks or party with Kinn’s friends. To have witnesses to such a crime was extra insulting.

 Porsche! Whose house and family were one lost paycheque away from homelessness turned down Kinn’s money and status. The audacity was blatant…yet Kinn couldn’t stop smirking when he thought of the alpha and how adorable he would be below Kinn.

Porsche might not have been as soft as Kinn’s past lovers but he wouldn’t be the first alpha Kinn topped. But he would be the only alpha to top his newest bodyguard. Porsche was his wildcat; Kinn thought he also had potential to be a sweet housecat. He had gifted Porsche to Khun but he had missed the other’s attitude, he was secretly happy when Porsche was given back. Porsche’s discomfort was the cherry on top.

Porsche was an odd alpha; he was not one to throw his scent around or posture if he wanted to threaten someone. Kinn supposed it might have to due with having a younger omega sibling. Kinn had seen the kid when he made his demand and showed off his ownership of the brothers’ house. If he had not known that the sweet scent clinging to the alpha’s own scent was that of his younger brother. Kinn might have thought the other had a permanent lover.

Kinn played with the idea of stealing the man away from one of the pretty girls he caught him dancing and flirting with at the clubs. Green was not Kinn’s colour, no red suited him better.

Kinn could not detect Porsche’s scent and he had yet to see Porsche in any state of undress with the exception of when he had pulled the boy’s shirt open. Good times… maybe they should spar again?

Better yet Kinn could arrange for Porsche to take a swim in his pool or the sauna?

With this new train of thought Kinn decided he might be more sleep deprived than he felt. A few days without sleep was not what Kinn had signed up for and now what he desired was his bed and a nice glass of wine.

“When is your rut?” Pete asked as he had his phone in his hand, no doubt he was already building the schedule for the coming month. Kinn didn’t lift his own eyes from the screen in from of him so it wasn’t until he heard a voice that he knew who Pete had asked.

“My heat isn’t for a while…” Porsche said before he yawned, a hand coming to cover his mouth.

Kinn’s head and the other heads in the area snapped to attention at this news.

A Heat! Heats were for omegas… Porsche was an omega.

Porsche looked confused at the many open mouths before his brain clued in to what he had just said.

The newly announced omega grabbed his bag and booked it from the space and the numerous eyes that would not leave his figure.

The next few days were awkward to say the least. Kinn knew he should rain in his men but he himself did not know what to do with the knowledge of Porsche’s dynamic. He had not met an omega like Porsche before. Omegas were soft and gentle.

A gentleness that Kinn connected with his mother. How could she and Porsche be the same status?

His mother was a delicate flower, Porsche was poison ivy at best.

Kinn was relaxing on his leather sofa as he reflected on the treatment of his currant problem. Porsche was nothing but trouble a type of trouble that would leave the scars and itch on Kinn.

Yes, Porsche was poison ivy, a little plant that could cause itching and discomfort to those who plucked its leaves but those who were patient would be rewarded with the green leaves’ blossoms and later its berries. Time was the friend of such a plant, a quiet beauty who was over looked for other brighter petals.

Kinn had smelled the conventional pretty petals and now he wanted to see what their leaves smelled like.

Kinn’s favourite symphonies started slow and quietly before building to a quick paced crescendo. Kinn as he took a sip of his drink guessed Porsche would as well as the fighter did best when people overlooked him or wrote him off for failure.

On Porsche’s next shift Kinn waltzed over to the bodyguard and treated him no differently than he had before this silly affair, after all this just meant that the universe had decided Porsche was to be Kinn’s next lover… and in the hidden space of Kinn’s mind his mate.

Porsche’s body language of how unnerved he was with Kinn being so friendly was extra obvious but it was nice to hear and see his other men asking the omega to hangout or socialize again. Porsche was not a creature who could survive without people but then again who truly could?


Go on a business trip Kinn. It will be fine Kinn. I’ll kill you and dump your ashes in a garbage bin if you get so much as a paper cut KINN!

What kind of welcome home was this shit?

The head of the family had gotten out of the backseat of his car the moment it had stopped in the underground garage. There were too many vehicles to count but he was surprised to see his little alpha’s favourite car parked in its normal spot. From the complaining texts Kinn had been getting from Porsche he would have thought the boy was out joyriding again. Kinn was not expecting the terror that was a hormonal Kon but then again, his temper was on par with his parents so maybe he should just be happy there was a city left standing at all.   

The people manning the entrances left out deep sighs when they saw him, their posture was still straight but Kinn could have sworn that they might have been shaking before he arrived.

Kinn signaled for the men to get his luggage, he had brought gifts for his family and he would kill for a quiet night with them.

Passing by the living statues Kinn could confirm that they were very pale and shaking. He chuckled to himself, Porsche must be on a training rampage, his underlings were only this tired and worn when Porsche was on their case for security.

It might be time for the head of security and the mate of the boss to have a few nights off. Their little family could spend some time together and then Porsche could show Kinn how much he missed him.

The two of them and a bottle of something fancy. It would be like before they had kids- minus the jealousy.

The mobster was ready to celebrate a victory and like a hero returning home; he wanted his family and mate. None of them had greeted him yet, King would normally rush to him as soon as he made it to the main floor but his little cultivator was not here yet. Did he have a playdate with Bohn?

Kon would ‘stroll’ around and coincidently be able to cross paths in the hall, as if Kinn would not know that his older son was waiting to see if he had come home safely.

Porsche was the hardest to track, and anticipate. As where he would be was based on his mood. If he was happy with Kinn he could be at the entrance or near the door but if his omega was cross with him. Fuck then Porsche could be anywhere in the city either with his friends or alone. If Kinn was lucky Porsche was taking his anger out on the other bodyguards; making the fighters weep at the intense training. Kinn wondered if Porsche might want to spend his time burning off his emotions alone with Kinn.

He hadn’t anticipated seeing a few of his staff removing a dead body or for it not to be the only one. The broken glass and wood that crunched under his black dress shoes.  The maids who were trying to righten both hallways and rooms but both would require patching due to bullet holes and the marks of physical damage.

What the fuck happened when Kinn was away?

Kinn had brokered a successful business plan with an ally a good distance away from the city; he had only been gone a week. To see his home in such a state, the broken furniture, the injured staff and the dead bodies who needed to be disposed of.

All that could be over looked, dismissed as the trivial nature of his work but he could not excuse this.

“Sir you’re needed in the hospital wing…” A bodyguard whispered, Kinn was so out of it he couldn’t even tell if the voice was male or female.

The hospital wing was the section of the house Kinn wanted to destroy every time he walked by it. His brother-in-law may have made the space have some pleasant memories but nothing could completely wash away the blood staining the walls or floors. Every unfortunate accident, murder attempt and failed kidnapping resulted in family members being forced into these walls.

Porsche had a few minor cuts or broken bones before and had needed to spend time in this space but he could easily return to Kinn’s home and bed. Once Chè became a nurse Porsche and Kinn’s children would play in here or sleep. Porsche helped keep some of their more…reluctant hurt security members to get the quality treatment they deserved.

His beautiful Porsche.

His sweet injured Porsche in a tiny hospital bed. Skin an unhealthy pale tone where his caramel skin should be shimmering. Eyes closed in a mock imitation of a restful sleep. His body and features were tranquil due to the heavy amount of drugs running through his blood stream. His prized fighter who had no match, the omega who could have his own empire if he had wanted one. The omega who had protected Kinn’s health since they first met. The omega Kinn had taken a bullet for and the one who had now taken a bullet to protect their family in his stead.

Their youngest curled around the sleeping form, worry edged on King’s features as he snuffled back his tears and snot. He kept wiping his nose on his sleeve, his face close to Porsche’s scent gland. His shirt had blood on it and he was shaking but Kinn knew it wasn’t from the cold. His little hands had bandages on them nearly encompassing both limbs. By the door his eldest standing watch in a protective rage. Exposing his teeth in a growl seconds before seeing it was his father. Kon looked at the floor in shame. His body turned slightly away from him and his back was now in Kinn’s line of sight. There was small blood covered handprints on the grey shirt. Handprints Kinn knew as his son’s.

This was a cruel cowardly act of trying to seize power. To attack when Kinn was away and the other alphas were occupied, these men deserved no mercy.

Kinn stuck his head out of the door, to give one order.

“Anyone who so much as heard a whisper of this plan… I want them all dead. There will be enough blood to flood the streets. No clan will sleep tonight.” Kinn coldly commanded; he then slammed the door. Both his children flinched at the sound, Kinn released his natural scent and started to purr. His children let their own purrs echo back, first Kon then a few steps closer to the bed King did so.

Porsche’s shoulder had been shot and he had head trauma. Reading the charts, Kinn could already hear Porsche bitching about the physical therapy he would need and how he would be denied active duty for the extended future.

A ghost of a grin appeared on Kinn’s face.

That night the small family was huddled close as they guarded their fallen member, his children sleeping on the tiny cot. Kinn sat in a chair, brushing Porsche’s hair with his hand.

“Did you know I once thought you couldn’t make me more fearful than when I discovered you had run away from me. That my lover had abandoned me? You took my heart and my virtue… I felt like an empty shell. No more did I have a shadow, a soul. To hear and see you again after those years, I was alive again. No more the hollow businessman, now I was a family man. You Porsche have always been my family, and you blessed me with a bigger one. Please don’t leave me.” Kinn pleaded with his sleeping partner, his tears falling on the omega’s hair.

“I can’t be alone without you… who will keep me from poisoning the children with my stupid actions and blood. They need you to guide them, love them.”

Kinn could not hold back his silent tears as he watched the sun rise, the red mooned night had come to an end and now they could be bathed in the light. A light to heal and dispel the wickedness others had tried to force on them.

Kinn would see each of these rats off to their final resting place, he had no clemency for those who sought to steal his family.  A family he had made and one that was given to him in return.

Two days later Porsche would open his eyes and attempt to sit up before being crushed by the body of his preteen son. The thin arms encased his body and held him captive as a head listened to his heart. Porsche could not get his arms free enough to pet King’s hair.

Porsche scanned the room and saw his mate and older son. He spread his hands.

“Hey my sweet boy.” Kon raced to join his dad, be gifting him a hug he had not given to either parent in months. Kon held back tears as he whispered apologies and promises to never leave them again. Porsche traced patterns in his alpha son’s hair with his nose.

 “Shhh-” he cooed before he began to hum a lullaby, he had used to calm both his children when they were babies.

It made Kinn give a small, barely seen smile.

The true smile could be spotted when Porsche was allowed to rest in their bed.

Porsche was tucked under their covers in the center of their bed, a glass of water on the nightstand for him. A very unamused omega watched him pace around their bedroom. His head propped up on a mountain of pillows.

“Can’t you stop? You’re making me motion sick.” Porsche bitched; he was still bitter over how long it would take for his shoulder to be back in working order.

“Do you need me to carry you to the bathroom?” Kinn asked as he stopped moving at the foot of the bed.

“Fuck no! I didn’t hurt my legs; I don’t need you carrying me like I’m a knock-off Disney princess.” Porsche grumbled back as he turned his face away.

“I was thinking more like my blushing bride but if you want to be a princess… or better yet a handsome prince, I’ll carry you anywhere Baby.” Kinn winked at him as he crawled up the bed, tipping onto his side to rest beside his lover.

“Blushing bride? Bullshit, I’ve never once blushed in front of you.” Porsche rolled his eyes but his face was back to face Kinn’s.

“I disagree but seeing as you’re hurt, I’ll let you win.” Kinn kissed his forehead, placing his head on the pillow next to Porsche’s.

The two laying in a comfortable silence for a few minutes.

“Do you remember what you said to me when I was shot? When you were my bodyguard.” Kinn whispered into the silence, voice shy and uncertain.

“You asked me to spend the night with you and I did?” Porsche did not know where Kinn was going with this questioning line.

“No not what you said to me when you thought I was awake.” Kinn made Porsche rested his head on the alpha’s chest. Kinn serving as his heater and comfort pillow.

Porsche raised his head in question.

“You stupid foolish man. Don’t you know you have plenty of bodyguards who will take a bullet for you? Why would you think you needed to take one so unnecessarily? I couldn’t breathe when I saw you, to know you were hurt and I couldn’t stop it. I hate how helpless I felt, all my training and money… I couldn’t keep you safe.” Kinn spoke to him, it was not the exact lines Porsche had shyly whispered into Kinn’s ear when he was but an assumed alpha bodyguard overcome with emotions at seeing his boss take a bullet for him in that hellish club.

“If you ever do something like this again, I’ll kill you myself.” Kinn finished off in a pleased tone.

Porsche could barely hold himself back from hitting the alpha.

“You weren’t supposed to hear that.” Porsche could feel his face heat up. He brought his hand up to cover it.

“Why wouldn’t I hear and remember your first love confession.” Kinn cheekily joked.

“It was NOT a confession!” He said in a raised voice. “I-I was worried what your dad would do if you died and if I had to pay back my debt. That was all.” Porsche’s words became a mumble as he tried to make a compelling argument but realizing he had no ground to stand on. As that confession was the first hint to Porsche that what he felt for Kinn was not simply hate or empathetic feelings towards a boss.

Porsche as he rested on Kinn; he was not concerned about Kinn’s ‘death threat’, it wasn’t a threat so much as a inside joke.

Once in the heat of gun fire, Kinn and Porsche had both hidden behind a column. Kinn had his chest to Porsche’s back. Protecting them both from the flying bullets, Porsche could barely think about the next few seconds let alone that Kinn was holding him. Then the alpha did something so unbelievable, that Porsche had half the mind to slap him, right then and there.

The advancing mobster, had slipped his fingers into Porsche’s button-down shirt to pull on his nipples and give a firm grope to his chest.

Porsche had force the hand away from his body and was struck dumb at Kinn’s thought process, who in the middle of a life-or-death situations had a desire to go around grabbing peoples’ tits?

Fucking gangsters, I guess.

Kinn and Porsche had separated before Porsche could made do on his thought to hit the other. Meeting again and having Kinn still place his hand and arm on Porsche’s body using the omega not as a shield but as a doll to be pushed out of harms way if needed.

When the battle ended, Porsche had stormed up to Kinn and given the arsehole a piece of his mind, not caring how high his voice went. The other guards were leaning away or covering their ears, some looked conflicted on if they should intervene then either receiving head shakes or in some cases less subtle negative signs to not engage. Averted their eyes and pretended to be busy with something else.

When Porsche was cooling down from his one-sided shouting match; Kinn had the bright idea to say this.

“So, what you’re saying is… I should only grab you when we’re alone? I understand Porsche. A delicate man like yourself needs to be romanced and not just seduced-” He was unable to finish his sentence because Porsche persists to scream insults and threats at him as he chased him around.

The alpha had an omega chase him around the room until they were both out of breath. It was a fun game of chase, a game the couple would continue to play once their relationship became public. Now the winner could ask favours or rewards from the loser.

Porsche could feel the alpha scent him, and he chose not to raise a fuss as he needed to be comforted by his lover… his soulmate. That day Porsche thought he would lose it all.

Death was not something Porsche feared, the act of losing his life had little consequence to the owner but it was what came after that took Porsche’s breath away. His children and mate what would their state of health be?

In this instance, Kon had been away from the violence so Porsche had let positive thoughts fill his head, Kinn could protect himself if worse came to worse.

In the heat of the battle Porsche had assumed King had been retrieved with his little brother. So, when he fought with the leader of the insurgency; he was not prepared to see the ghostly figure of his son, staring back at him in terror. A gun in his bloodless hands, King was small but he was still a target.

A target- that is what these beasts viewed him as not a little boy. A mark to be shot.

Porsche had ice in his blood when King tightened his hold on the weapon. He had a strong desire to scream but that would give King away. His little King needed to flee, a person needed to know when to fight his battles and when to run.

King was meant to run, not to stand his ground.

He could barely think of what to yell to King when he felt a great weight collapse on his head. Porsche had been told it had taken him out of the battle and Kon had killed his attacker.

Porsche wasn’t a fool but he had hoped his sweet boys could stay pure in this world of filthy blood but each day that hope got farther away. Should he take his children away with him from this life? Porsche had once left the love of his life, to protect a little life housed in his body. When he was separated from Kinn; Porsche felt empty and he knew Kon’s life would have been different however, who could say if it would have been better to never know his father. The little trio could have spent their life fleeing from the brothers and happiness comes in many forms but would they have been safe?

Two omegas without much money and now a baby or later a child. This was a different target painted on their backs. Society claimed to have changed but its ideology was challenged when a unbonded male omega walked around with a child and no mate in sight. When these individuals were seen the people around felt they had the right to judge and discredit what these people were trying to accomplish. Porsche didn’t want his children to be ostracized.


He would never have had King; his little plant lover would not have been a part of his life. He wouldn’t have seen Kinn be a father or how he acted as a mate.

His mate who was currently holding him tight and would be with them as he healed. A mate who had shown how he would protect and provide for them. He would give blood (although whose blood was up for debate) to see them happy and carefree.

“Kinn… You know I love you right?” Porsche asked him softly.

The alpha’s face was gentle when he looked at his mate.

“Yes, Porsche, I know you love me and I’ve made it no secret that I love you.” Kinn kissed Porsche’s head. The omega pulled the alpha down for a kiss on the lips before he closed his eyes for sleep.

“Good. No more long-distance business trips, at least not till I’ve made sure we’re all safe.”

“Whatever you say my darling omega.”


Porsche watched his son sliding down a slide at the park. He heard the laughter of other small children. Porsche sat off to the side, drawing on his nearly full sketchbook, it was a small gift he had bought himself, as a device to calm himself and gather his thoughts.

Porsche used drawing as a way to recenter himself if he felt his world was falling apart or when he had been out of work, he could sell a few of his finished works for a few quick bills. Porsche wasn’t a master or anything but he could draw his shapes well. His tattoo was his own design and it had been one of his first completed pieces.

It was not the first time he had come to this playground with his little boy, he knew his child needed to be more social and learn how to behave around kids his own age. This play place was not far from his rental place, the first time the pair had found it. They were the only ones to use it as school was in session. It had been a delight to have his small boy hold his hand as the two played nonsense games and the little boy was sleeping as they walked back home. Porsche had come to the conclusion to see what his son would be like if he had someone to play with other than adults.

Porsche had not told anyone he was going to the park with Kon, just packed a small bag and went.

The children were fascinated with a being even smaller than they were. Porsche didn’t understand why the children flocked to his son and made him be the baby or pet in whatever game they played. Children had odd imaginations and no social awareness.

A little girl in a yellow dress ran up to him on his second week of coming to the grounds. She was around six years old and had a bright smile with one newly missing front tooth.

She greeted him impatiently before motioning she wanted to play with his son. Porsche set his son on the ground and the girl grabbed his hand and the two went off together. The other children called their greetings or shouted what games they should play. Porsche could barely remember when he was as blithe as these children, his own mother sitting off to the side as the brothers played. His mother had teased him as he had gotten older that when his brother was more a toddler than a child; Porsche refused to let anyone else play with him or sometimes even speak to him. Claiming that as his older brother he had to make sure he played safely and had the nicest playmates.

Porsche remembered none of this but he knew he probably had acted like this.

The children’s mothers were seated on a bench talking to one another, one waved him over with a cheery smile but Porsche acted like he hadn’t seen them. He went to sit beside a tree, and pulled his sketchbook from the bag. He hadn’t an idea of what to draw but he felt like once he started something would come to him.

The shrill voices and laughter of little kids muted the rest of the area and drowned out Porsche’s thoughts as he would lift his head from his art to observe his son. The boy giggling as he had others chase after him. If he saw Porsche looking at him, his son would wave at him and a few times even blow kisses. A trick Chè had shown him.

Porsche blew his own back. His attention fully on his son and not on the outside world.

The fighter looked down at his book, a half-finished rough draft of a scene was drawn. His son was playing on the equipment but what was most shocking was not how high up the boy was but the drawn figure who was playing with his son. It was an alpha in a black turtleneck shirt, hair perfectly styled and he had thick eyebrows.

A soft alien expression on the large figure’s face, made Porsche pause. Kinn never looked at him or anyone like that. He roughly turned the page so as not to look at what he had imagined. It was pathetic even for him.

“Excuse me?” A timid voice asked on his left. Wrinkling his brows he turned to the voice, it was a pretty woman who was dressed nicely but she had a curious glint to her eyes. There were a few more snooping eyes watching them from afar. He knew mothers and nursemaids came to this park; being the only man many had stared at him but no one had yet to approach him.

A pretty girl was the farthest from who Porsche wanted to talk to but he grinned back at her; placing the mask of a charming man.

“Yes?” He enquired, he motioned for her to speak and she played with her necklace before doing so.

“We… the other mothers’ and I were wondering why you drop your son off and not your wife?” She asked shyly. Her head spinning to face the other women for reassurance.

Porsche bit the inside of his cheek, not knowing what to say without completely lying but also not allowing trust to be found in his words. Who was to know who his words may reach?

“I… I’m not with my son’s other parent-” Porsche started but was rapidly cut off.

“Neither am I. I got a divorce from my husband, that’s my daughter over there.” She motioned to a small girl in green who was playing with sand.  

 Porsche nodded but did not offer any other words, the silence dragged on. She played with her hair, pushing a stray lock behind her ear. She looked to the spot beside him and Porsche feared she might try to sit with him but luckily, she gave him one last smile and left. Porsche was not one to date shy girls but he was happy she wasn’t a bold one. If she asked him more questions, he didn’t know what lies he might have to concoct.

Porsche returned to the park the next days as usual, Kon practically jumping from his arms to join his new friends.

Porsche went to his typical tree and leaned back to watch his son, not daring to draw in case Kinn’s likeness made another appearance.

This time it was not the shy woman who came to say hello but two of the louder women, the supposed leaders of the group. Porsche knew their type; these were the girls who were once powerful in school but once married they no longer had anyone to torment or new meat to taste. Marrying for money could satisfy one type of hunger but it left the heart and mind empty.

Porsche shifted his body away from them, choosing to focus on his son. The women huffed before making a show of sitting next to him. They made a queer group as two ladies dressed well and a young man in jeans and a t-shirt sat on the grass under a large tree.

“We were told you might be single. However, it doesn’t seem likely as you have a son. So, then you must be married.” The one with the bob spoke her tone was of fake friendliness.

“Yes, we’re wondering if your wife will be coming as well?” The one with the long hair asked next.

Porsche remained silent.

“It’s just this is a park for families, you know one mother and one father? The last thing this place needs is to be polluted by broken families or worse unresponsible mothers.” The bob whispered loudly, her friend shared the same mocking face, as if the pair was trying to warn Porsche of something.

Porsche snorted, what words of value could these spoiled women give him?

“Yeah, and what makes an unfit mother?” Porsche whispered in the same way they had. Bringing his knees up he rested his upper body on top of his bent limbs. The women leaned closer as if to share a secret.

“You know… mothers who have children but the fathers are no where to be found or…” She said in a haughty tone. The long-haired woman finished her sentence.

“Mothers’ who were rejected by their mates but were too stupid to not have a child. No man wants a used hole for a mate.” The two women laughed meanly as they said this.

Porsche bit his tongue; his eyes never once left his child. Then he stood abruptly and smirked at them.

They looked at him in befuddlement.

“From one used hole to another, the only cunts I see are you two. Don’t judge someone based off of a story you don’t know.” He walked away and gathered Kon in his arms.

He did not return to this park, and two months later Kinn would spot him in a shady bar. Meeting Kon and proclaiming him as his heir.

One should not judge a story that is half written.


Chapter Text

A few more hours and then he could finally return home. A few more irritating hours of watching and listening to people kiss Kinn’s ass. Guarding the most arrogant ass Porsche had ever met and now he was trapped in a room of rich people who kept staring at him. Whispering behind their hands as if he would not know he was the topic of conversation when their eyes never left him. Porsche had walked in next to Kinn, the mafia man pointing out people and details to his bodyguard. The two had parted earlier in the party with Kinn telling him not to have fun without him. Porsche was confused as to why the alpha would brush his wrists with his own.

Porsche had tried to trade off tonight but Pete had awkwardly said Kinn had ordered that Porsche needed to be in his personal guards for the night. Kinn had been dictating Porsche to spend more time in his direct presence lately; utterly mystifying the slightly smaller man on their relationship.

The third Friday of the month as in Porsche’s contracted night off. It was supposed to be a night for Porsche to spend time with his little brother; his personal time to eat or waste with his last family member.

Of course, Kinn had to take that away from him. The alpha took pleasure in denying him a sense of freedom.

Kinn had promised Porsche that he would not stay at this party for long (a max of three hours) but that had been forever ago. It was nearing midnight!

Porsche wanted to go home. Or at least get out of shooting range of Kinn and the fifty thousand people who had to hang off his arm as he cajoled. Porsche’s eyes would roll right out of his head if he saw that cocky smirked face look at him one more time.

Porsche couldn’t understand how Kinn kept finding him as he moved across the room but every few minutes that blasted face was gazing into his own.

Fucking bastard!

There he was doing it again, Kinn was looking at him with a pair of pretty betas on each arm. The betas each had a tight grip on his muscular forearm under a handsomely tailored suit jacket. They were not the firsts to be on Kinn’s arms, even the ancient widowed women had done the same. Did Kinn have a sign on him that said all groupies welcome?

Kinn raised his eyebrow at Porsche, the fighter struggled with the impulse to raise his middle figure in return. Instead, he peacefully chose to turn his attention away to rest on a cocktail server. A pretty little thing dressed in lilac, and carrying a full tray. Porsche saw her see him watching her. A blush covering her features but he noticed her getting closer to him. She licked her lips.

That’s what he needed when dealing with Kinn. A tasty reward.

The young lady’s light pink polished nails grasped the heavy tray. The tall figures swaying back and forth. Her dark coloured locks complemented that deep sensual red that rose and fell. If only he could have a single taste of the beautiful red temptation. To quench his need after Kinn’s annoying actions earlier. If his boss was going to indulge, why couldn’t he?

“Porsche!” A hushed voice whisper-shouted at him.

His focus left her full tray of even fuller wine glasses. Porsche turned his head to see Aim glaring at him and gesturing to get his focus off what he assumed Porsche to be looking at.

Porsche huffed; he already knew he couldn’t drink on the job. He didn’t need to be told... again.

Porsche was jostled away from Aim as Kinn pulled him to a table. The omega not understanding what the alpha wanted. Kinn’s claws digging into his shirt sleeve and leaving marks. The alpha’s pretty admirers had deserted him but a crowd of betas and alphas had stayed behind. Kinn returned to his place at the center of the group with Porsche now standing beside him. If the omega was asked, he would describe the eyes of Kinn’s circle like that of hungry street dogs. Each waiting to take a bite from prey but also knowing that they could be harmed if they attacked a larger predator.

A small spoon of green pearls was thrusted in his face. Kinn holding the utensil against his bodyguard’s lips. Porsche was not putting that in his mouth; he was almost positive that had been the same stuff, his ex-girlfriend would colour her eyelids with. It looked just as gross but maybe it was lip gloss? He had once kissed a girl who wore that shade. It should have been his first red flag.

He side-eyed Kinn with his stance on the matter.

“Open up.” Kinn ordered his lip pulled up in smugness. He was used to getting his way but Porsche was not paid to humour him. He pressed his lips tighter together. The spoon sat on his lower lip, tracing the plump petal.

Kinn leaned to have his lips against Porsche’s ear.

“If you eat it, we might leave sooner…” The mafia boss tempted his employee, his voice no louder than it took to be heard in Porsche’s ear. He might be able to spend more time with Chè tonight? To not have his whole evening wasted.

To walk away or to swallow the mystery food? Life was truly a series of battles.

He parted his lips and the spoon slithered into his mouth. Porsche’s teeth scraped the pearls off the metal but rapidly shut close as the taste flooded his mouth. Forcing himself to swallow; he tore his arm away from Kinn. Leaving the bottom feeders and his boss in search of water.

He used a glass of water he stole from a passing server as mouthwash to cleanse his palate.

Fuck that stuff was nasty! Kinn had known it was gross and Kinn wanted to humiliate Porsche by making him spit out the green crap. It had to be a joke! Make the mutt eat garbage and find out if he can tell the difference from actual food or rot. The fighter should have known, Kinn had been on his case since he had been drinking at one of the previous jobs but to give him something to make him sick? That was a step too far. Porsche should have trusted his gut; if something is green and smells off then it has gone moldy but no Porsche had assumed rich people wouldn’t dare to have expired foodstuff within a hundred miles of their person.

Fuck it!

Porsche was not going to be anywhere near Kinn till they left. He was not going to be the butt of anymore pranks. He had enough people seeing him as worthless; his boss didn’t need to treat him as such.

The car ride was silent, the bodyguard and mafia boss the only two in the back seat. Porsche watching the surroundings pass by through the window. He could see Kinn’s reflection watching him. He had been doing so since they left the party together.

The alpha had not said a word but his eyes wouldn’t leave the omega’s frame.

Porsche’s leg danced as he waited to get back to Kinn’s. His bag was packed and he wanted to get to his bike and drive home. He should get some take out to surprise his brother with. Yes, then the two could watch a movie or whatever the younger omega wanted.

A tiny smile spread on Porsche’s face at the thought. He put a hand on his phone to text his brother but before he could retrieve the device from his back pocket.

“Did you really not like it?” Kinn questioned, his eyes searching for Porsche’s response.

Porsche raised his eyebrow in question.

“The caviar? Did you not like it?” He probed further.

“What’s caviar? That gross salty shit you tried to feed me?”

The car was slowing to a crawl. They had safely arrived. Porsche undid his seat belt and reached for the door handle. A larger hand stopped him from opening the door.

“Yes, it’s fish eggs” Porsche’s face contorted in disgust, Kinn chuckled.

Shaking his head, the alpha opened the door.

“A tin of Almas caviar costs 1127598 baht. I should have anticipated you wouldn’t like it.” Kinn muttered under his breath. The omega many steps a head of him as he raced off to his room. The alpha stomped after his rebellious employee. Porsche should have put on his cover letter long distance sprinter. By the time Kinn had reached Porsche’s room in his home. Porsche threw the door open when Kinn raised his knuckles to knock on the wooden frame.

The omega had on his oversized black hoodie and a backpack of clothing over his shoulder. A pair of headphones in his ears. Porsche’s eyes widened in shock as he nearly collided with his boss. Unluckily the smaller man was able to stop himself from going face first into Kinn. Porsche let out an unhappy grunt as he tugged one earbud out. The hood covering his hair. Porsche looked like he was trying to leave.

That wouldn’t do.

“What?” Porsche snapped, he had called Chè and now he had to get home soon or his brother would pout. The two were supposed to be having fun already but instead he had Kinn trying to order him around on his time off.

“I noticed that you haven’t eaten. I was thinking of getting food… would you like to come with?” Kinn asked, his hands itching to fix the lock of hair that had fallen over Porsche’s eye.

“No. I have plans.” Porsche shoulder checked his way around his boss as he made his way to his bike.

“What plans?” Kinn walked step for step with the omega. His tone short and annoyed.

“That doesn’t concern you.” Porsche growled back.  Putting his missing headphone back in his ear. He was done putting up with Kinn’s attitude tonight. He would tune him out.

“Why? Hot date?” The alpha gritted out as his teeth grounded together in frustration.

A loud snort was his answer. Then the omega smirked as he tossed a leg over his bike.

“Very and I’m spending the night with them, see you in two days.” He left the building his engine roaring before Kinn could respond or investigate his real plans.

The resulting roar that left Kinn’s throat as he could not see his bodyguard made the ones watching shiver in fright. One wise soul decided not to share that a cocktail server had given Porsche her number and that the alpha had slipped it into his pants pocket.


Kinn’s PR team had been pressuring him to host a party for the workers of his legal businesses. A way to conduct himself as a non-threatening personality. Building a good reputation and public opinion. Kinn felt like that was something an ambassador or someone in politics would perform but then again what was the difference between a gangster and a lawman?

Kinn decided to play nice for once and hosted the party at one of his extravagant hotels, the ballroom housing the many employees and the feast. The workers tittered in delight to know their boss recognized their hard work. This company Kinn was giving the party to was one that funded his search to find his hidden mate so Kinn thought they should get to know their hard work had paid off.

The mafia boss knew the names of the higher up but with that exception the others were nameless drones. Regardless he talked and welcomed the workers and their partners. Making small talk and smiling with anyone who wanted his time.

He couldn’t stop smiling nor did he want to come down from this high.

Porsche his once lost mate had returned to his side and better yet the two had been living together as a small family for nearly a year. So, Kinn saw this as a sign to announce his son at this new year celebration. The omega had held their son next to him for a large part of the earlier night but Kon was getting fidgety. His lover had gone to a table to entertain him away from the many changing faces and the same questions. Kinn kept an eye on Porsche’s table; a few people had stopped to talk with him, mostly to complement his son before moving on. Kinn couldn’t hear what they talked about but that was his guess as Porsche wore the expression, he normally wore at such a statement.

Porsche had been dressed more casually than Kinn but he was still the handsomest man in the room. Porsche looked best in dark colours and his dark black eyes glowed as he played with their son.

Kon’s mouth was a never-ending waterfall of words but both parents could not help but encourage him to talk more. Asking him a question only to receive a thousand more in return. To Kinn’s delight there were some questions he did not know the answers to and the boys would search for them together. Children had a way of enriching the lives of those around them.

Porsche had been nodding along to Kon when he caught Kinn’s blatant ogling. He asked the toddler to get off the table he had been using as a seat. Once the little boy’s feet hit the floor; he whisked off to Kinn. His little hands grasped Kinn’s pantleg in a matter of seconds. Kinn did not need to look around to know he was the center of everyone’s attention. Porsche’s eyes were locked on Kinn’s. A cocky smirk on his face, what was his minx up to now?

“Daddy! Daddy…. Are you listening?” Kon asked his voice a bit too loud for the other’s taste but he nodded. His son stopped tugging on his clothes.

“Dad said after you make your speech, we’re going for ice cream. Can you do that now?” Kon’s tiny fingers met Kinn’s own larger ones. Oh, so that was what Porsche planned, to use their son as a way to leave early. He should have known; Porsche hated these types of gatherings.

Did he really have to promise their son ice cream so late at night?  Kon would be a little maniac and then Kinn would be tasked with parenting him for the night. Not exactly what Kinn had planned, to be stuck with a ball of energy.


Kinn had Kon on his hip when he retrieved his phone from his pocket and fired off a quick text to his older brother. Khun could watch Kon for the night.

Then Kinn and Porsche could have some alone time. After all new years should begin with a bang.

Porsche was confused when his phone did not vibrate at a new text.

Who had Kinn texted?

“Kon that sounds like a great plan. I’m looking forward to having something sweet as well.” Kinn walked to the podium to give his speech; his son still attached to his hip.


“Get everything ready! This night must go seamlessly. We can’t afford to offend such a high calibre client!”  The owner of the restaurant instructed, her voice echoing through the empty dining room. Her whole place had been booked by one client, a very rich and prestigious man.

A man’s whose opinion could change the course of her restaurant’s future; when she had opened her doors five years ago, she had met some success but it was average people who sat in her seats. Then one day around two years ago a boy had come in here with his omega and the next day clients were booking and showing up in droves.

A rich young man and fellow business owner had raved about her food and the service. Now instead of young couples who wanted to treat themselves to her food, she had actors and political men hosting parties at her tables.

She had of course remodeled and sought out better people to staff the place. Her fortunes were rising but she still couldn’t stand that she was not progressing to the top like she had planned. A beta woman had many doors closed to her. Her life before had been one door after another being slammed in her face. This restaurant was one she had gotten through her divorce with her ex-husband.

From then on, she swore no alpha would boss her around.

A woman had to make space for herself and if that meant forcing others out then she would do so. Her restaurant was staffed only by women and she had no time for alphas who thought she owed them something. Her successes were her own and she would soar above others. Soon she would be giving the orders, not having to bow her head in submission.

She looked in a mirror before fixing her shallow smile on her face. In her line of work, one must deal with those who they often hate. To get ahead in her life she must make alphas around her willing to advance her forward.

One last time she flattened out her hair and rearranged her pearls. Her clothes were immaculate; one was judged off of a split-second glance. Before one even opens their mouth, a person can determine another’s worth or lack of value. She herself believed she had mastered this method.

A hostess waved at her in panic.

“What?” She snaped.

“He’s here! And he has a request…” She blurted out; her eyes so large they nearly covered her upper face.

“A request?” The owner whispered to herself as she strutted to the reception area. She was no stranger to requests; this man would be no different.

An alpha in a striking suit was guarded by a small group of men. His bodyguards were taking in their surroundings. She saw that their boss’s attention was on his phone. He had yet to acknowledge her, arrogant alpha.

“Sir, I was told you have a request.” She politely spoke to the head alpha; he pushed his phone into his pant’s pocket.

“Yes, my men will be dining at the surrounding tables.” He signaled for one of his men to move forward. The unknown man did, in his arms was an overly large bouquet of red roses. Each looking like they came from a renaissance painting.

The head alpha kept his stare on his bodyguard as the man went to place the flowers on the table of honour.

She watched her guest. He was a handsome man, tall, sharp eyes and heavy eyebrows. Gorgeous hair that had been pushed off his face and a suit that showed off his muscled form.

Her eyes roamed him and he wasn’t watching her.

She knew his type; an alpha who was used to getting what he wanted. Not even needing to push people over, no people fell over themselves for him without a word. He would be a demanding one.

The alpha had spoken a handful of words by the time he had reached his table. The other men were distributed around watching. She made sure to answer anymore of his demands before she swiftly left for her office.

She had no desire to spend more time in this man’s air space, his mate was bound to be arriving soon.

She worked on paperwork as she waited for the night to end.

A staff member knocked on her door, she lifted her head to see one of her girls. She stood in the doorway a smile on her face. The girl was rocking on her heels as she tried to dispel her happy energy. A flower crown was weaved into her dark locks.

“What is it? Min has something gone wrong?”

Fuck! What if the alpha had been stood up? He would probably blame her and condemn her business. She couldn’t have the king of the city against her.

“No, we’re betting to see if the alpha proposes tonight.” Min said in an excited voice, her smile as large as the Cheshire cat. Min was a romantic it seemed. She was not.

“Then let’s go congratulate the happy couple.” She chuckled as she placed her heels back on her feet.

What omega or beta girl was this alpha willing to marry? She must have been beautiful and soft spoken. A girl of high breeding, a tiny thing to stand behind such an intimidating man. A charming princess for a menacing general.

She saw her waiters loading the desserts on to trays and carrying them out. She stood off to the side, wanting to peek to see how the girl would response to the alpha’s proposal.

She leaned against a wall and luckily, she had the alphas back to her. However, it was not the face of a lovely blushing young woman as she assumed she would see. The face that stared back at her was a young man. His eyebrows raised in shock before they dropped. His eyes were trapped on her own. This young man was smaller than the head alpha but still strong looking. He was dressed in casual clothes; a windbreaker was hanging on the chair behind him.

She blinked in disgust. She broke eye contact with the alpha.

He looked at his food as he lightly shook his head before his lips moved. She was too far away to hear about whatever he had said to pacified the alpha. The man placing his hand over the smaller one’s hand. The darker skinned man snatched his hand back before he shoved his chair back retreating to the bathroom.

The alpha leaned back in his chair in surprise.

She snorted in contempt. Had she known the couple was gay she wouldn’t have allowed them to use her restaurant. To contaminate her business with their kind. If there was one thing, she hated more than an alpha taking the space or voice of an omega. It was an alpha who laid with another. It went against nature.

The head alpha had his head turn to her. His eyes narrowed at her then he followed after the other to the bathroom. Their plates and drinks were abandoned. The staff wordlessly cleared the table. Looking at each other and the guards. However, the men in black were unconcerned with what they had witnessed.

She snorted in disapproval. Good let the other man feel ashamed of his actions. She hoped this would end the two’s relationship. To be so shameful in public. She would have to worn her staff of accepting such a reservation again. This was not the type of clients she wanted to entertain.

She went back to her office to close out for the night. The alpha needed to be given the bill and she would not hold back from charging him extra. She had no pity if he walked home alone tonight. It would be a good lesson to learn for a man like him.

The door opened without a single knock. The mafia alpha sauntered into her office, looking around without a care in the world. Picking up random objects and looking at her business degrees. She picked up the receipt and wondered if she should hand it to him or if there was ice that required breaking.

You think a safe space like this would be able to kick out a lone alpha… this is a place where people do not need horrid ideas imposed on them.” The alpha said to the silent room as she had her hand out extended in his direction. His words startled her, had he known she wanted him and his companion removed from her business?

“Sir?” She questioned, her hand once again coming up to fiddle with her pearls. She tried not to bite the inside of her mouth. It was a nervous habit she was prone to doing.

“The man you saw at my table… do you recognize him?” The alpha asked as he stepped closer to her. The desk now serving as a wall between the two. She thought for a moment but his face was not one she knew.

Had the man been a passed dining guest? She had removed plenty of unsavory types but nothing about him stood out to her.

“No sir I don’t recognize him. Has he dined here before with someone else?” She spoke carelessly, not realizing she has insinuated that the man with her client could have been a date for hire.

The man smirked as he picked up an ash tray from her desk. The object was tossed lightly into the air as if to test the weight. She assumed he was just killing time as he thought of his next question.

She ducked in fear as the tray was hurled straight at her head. She missed being smacked in the face by mere seconds. Her heart rate skyrocketed. She started to sweat.

“Sir! Sir please whatever that man did or thought I did-”

“Silence.” He ordered. His tone clipped like he was holding himself back from saying more.

“That man, my date. He said that a few years ago you made a comment to him. You might not remember but he did. Is this also a space where he can’t be? Another public space or do you pick where someone can’t be?” The alpha asked as he fixed his cufflinks.

“W-Where did I make the comment?” She stuttered maybe if she proved that she was not the one to offend him, she would be spared.

“A doctor’s clinic; he was getting medical advice at an omega clinic.” The alpha said his scent imposing in the small room, his presence larger than any she had experienced before.

A clinic? She honestly couldn’t remember going to a medical clinic recently and if she was sick or getting tested, she went to a small omega and women’s office. Not to a general or alpha one.

“Sir I don’t use alpha-” Again she was cut off, this time by the man pulling her hair nearly out of her scalp. She howled in pain as she was dragged from the office to the center of her restaurant. Her employees lined the walls, each more terrified than the one before them.

She was crouched over in pain as she was forced to stare up at her attacker.

Tears blurred her vision as he watched her.

“I want the place destroyed. Don’t leave a single tile unbroken.” The mafia boss commanded, his men shouted their agreement before they proceeded to destroy tables, the walls and plates. Anything that could be thrown, was. If it couldn’t something was smashed into it.

In a matter of minutes her life’s work was demolished, her heart broken in ruin like her dreams.

Her tears not only due to physical pain anymore.

Why? Why would a man she never met do this to her? She was an innocent party.

The alpha gazed on like a benevolent god; a god of chaos and devastation.

A grin taking over his mouth as the sounds of breaking glass and tables resonated through the rooms. Her staff crying off to the side, fearful of what would happen to them next.

The alpha released his grip on her hair and she collapsed to the ground. The men in black returned to their commander. A few strands of her hair slipped from the alpha’s fingers.

He knelt next to her fragmented form. Her sobs not stirring any emotion or pity in his heart.

“No one is allowed to disrespect my omega or my child. To state that he is prohibited from seeking medical attention is something I will not allow. Be thankful I did not take your life for your arrogance. If my son had suffered from your thoughtless words… you would not be breathing.”

Oh God! Had she said that to the man’s omega? She couldn’t remember but no, she couldn’t have she would have remembered if she saw a kept omega in a clinic or anywhere. She rapidly thought of all the trips to the doctor but still she couldn’t remember until. Until she thought of the rude alpha who had taken a seat in the waiting room, the one she had made a comment about. That nasty man who growled at her for no reason. Oh no! She hadn’t remembered what he looked like after she left the doctor’s office but now that she was focusing on it, yes, those men were the same person.

What had she done? An inconsiderate comment made without a thought. She wouldn’t have said anything if she had known the man’s mate had been the alpha in front of her.

He stood without another word and strolled over to the crying waitresses. The pretty petite women shaking in terror, some holding the hands of the ones next to them.

He stopped in front of the girl who had come to her office to say there might have been a proposal.

He pulled out his wallet and handed her a few bills.

“For the excellent service.” He smirked at her. His hand coming up in a quick gesture, the girls flinching in fear. However, they needn’t as the men encircled their boss and left the establishment without another word. 

What the woman did not see or know was that once the wicked man was in his car being driven home. He stared at the small blue velvet box in his hold, he did not need to open it to see the silver band nor angle the ring to see the inscription on the inside.

The alpha huffed as he placed the box back into the pocket of his suit jacket, the same hiding space it had sat throughout dinner, burning a hole in his mind and clothes.

He would have another chance, Kinn would make sure of that.


Khun had been watching one of his favourite dramas when Kinn had stormed into his room and demanded to know if the older brother had seen his bodyguard or the boy’s brother. His rage filled scent made Khun’s nose twitch but the older alpha just shook his head. The silly man had not even know neither boy was not in the building. The cute one was always somewhere with Kim and the bossy one was with Kinn. Where else would they have been?

Had his brothers misplaced their mates?

Honestly Khun had thought about telling his siblings that their pitiful attempts at courting was getting them no where but neither brother would sit still long enough for him to give them any wisdom. What was the point of being the oldest if no one listened to him?

Kinn had shouted and stormed for days when his little bodyguard hadn’t been found.

Khun waited longer before reaching out to his informants.

The boy was not one with many brains, Khun remembered this from when the fighter had been on his detail. Getting him drunk repeatedly and showing him those awful dramas. The ones with no plot but plenty of skin showing.

That poor boy had no taste in entertainment. Khun was going to have to teach him when he was found. After all it wouldn’t do if his brother-in-law watched such trash in his family’s home.

And yet a few days turned into a week, which turned into a month but still no news.

Khun was getting annoyed. No one had escaped him before and now he had two omegas he couldn’t track.

For days he had forced his men to stay up with him, watching the many dramatic scenes on the screen, the men trying to mask their signs of sleep deprivation but Khun’s mind refused to slow down for a second. He thought of where the boys might have gone with their limited money. None of the questioned brothels or bars had seen them but neither brother had the skills for a normal or respectable job.

He bit his thumbnail.

Where could they have gone?

By the third month Khun was starting to act out like his little brothers, maybe not as violently but he still did things out of the ordinary.

He had been readying for bed that month when a nearly silent knock could be heard on his bedroom door.

Khun called out for them to enter. It wasn’t unheard of for the oldest brother to have sleepovers with his favourite guards- watching dramas in his bedroom instead of the grand room but he tended to do that when he was sick or sad.

One of his guards sheepishly entered the room. His head down in submission and hands locked behind his back. His face showed his nerves but he took a deep breath.

“Master Khun… I think I might know something BUT I’m not sure.” The man spewed his words; his voice cracking half way through. His scent growing in poignancy and pungency.

“Speak.” The alpha ordered from his bed his head laying on his pillows, he wasn’t concerned on what a minor guard had to disclose but it could factor in to why the boys had run or to whose arms they sought safety in.

Khun stewed in his dark thoughts. If there was someone, what would he do?

“I saw Porsche at the store. I was shopping in the drug store but I was a few rows away. I was going to call out to him but he rushed past me. I don’t even think he saw me. I didn’t think much of it; I assumed he might have a cold or something but then the cashier said something.” The man stopped talking, Khun sat up and nodded for him to continue. Growing impatient with the break, he wanted to know what was said.

“Porsche… Porsche only had one item he was buying besides cigarettes…” Khun leaned forward.

“You have to promise that nothing bad will happen to me. I swear I didn’t know! Please!” The bodyguard begged. Khun promised, he wanted to know what Porsche bought.

Had his brother’s lover gotten sick or needed some medication? Kinn’s old philanderer ways finally caught up to him? Or did Porsche have a secret he didn’t want to share with his proprietor?

“He had a test…” A test; for what did Porsche need a test for? “It was a pregnancy test.”

The bodyguard finished in a mumble.

Khun dropped his glass of water.

A pregnancy test. Now the plot thickened. It was no secret that Porsche slept with women, his habits were well known around the complex but the rumours of the boss and bodyguard now sleeping together had quelled some of Porsche’s exploits. The omega did not strike Khun as a cheater but really would Kinn have allowed the boy to be alone long enough to put his dick in someone?

Probably not… but the two had been fighting.

A few months ago, Porsche could have slept with someone and now wanted to check for himself.

This would not end well for the girl if Porsche had knocked someone up. Kinn would not let anyone but himself be with the fighter. He wouldn’t give his mate to some random woman and he wouldn’t agree to Porsche abandoning him.

“I haven’t told boss Kinn. Should I?” The man asked.

Khun told him not too before he shipped him up north. Khun wasn’t going to have the chance of Kinn finding this information out for himself and acting rashly.

No, this required planning.

Who would Porsche sleep with?

For the rest of the month Khun and his team tracked down all the girls Porsche had ever made eyes at but none had or were pregnant.

He was getting frustrated and no hospital or clinic had reports of Porsche or Chè.

Who was housing them? Or did they leave the country?

No, neither would do that. Khun was certain that both boys loved his brothers too much to leave them completely.

Khun decided to do something he had not done before; he left their house.

He ordered his men to drive with the windows down so he could smell the air.

They drove for hours but in a quiet neighbourhood Khun smelt a familiar scent. A large grin on his face as he shouted for the car to stop. Not waiting for it to stop moving; he threw open the door and bounced out of the car.

His team of bodyguards scattering after him. He paid them no mind as he followed his nose to an average looking front door. The door matched the other six houses on this side of the street.

Khun surveyed his surroundings; it was a normal looking home with a dozen of the same matching designs. A place to hide in the open but without standing out.

Khun was pleased as he raised his hand to knock on the front door. The brothers could be intelligent when they wanted to be. Kinn and Kim would never have thought to look here.

A happy Chè opened the door but almost slammed it on Khun’s foot when he saw who was at the door.

As Khun left the home, he hummed a merry tune. He now knew where they were and better yet. He was going to be an uncle! Oh, all the things he could buy his new little drama watcher.

He made his guards swear not to reveal any of what they had seen. If his brothers were so incompetent that they couldn’t find their own mates who was Khun to help them? Also, they had not asked for his help.

Now what should he buy first for his future nephew or niece?

Chè really was a dear, filling Khun in on the needed details and even sending him that coded message of the blue wrapped series. Kinn and Kim might not have understood but Khun had.

He had a brand-new nephew.

He was a little worried to hear Porsche had given birth in a tub instead of a hospital, Khun had it all planned out but it seems his nephew had arrived early. So unpredictable; he would fit right into their family.

Khun had not planned on having children of his own so being able to watch his nephew and later nephews grow had been one of the happiest things in the madman’s life. To hear them laugh had drowned out the screams of fear that ricocheted around in his head and their smiles washed away some of the blood that stained his hands.

He might never be able to be clean or stable again after what life had dealt him but he could ensure that his nephews were. He would make sure no fools would so much as wish a cold on his family.

He started his anger off on the men who had attempted to kidnap and murder his oldest nephew. That scent of fear and worry brought a maniacal grin to his face. These people expected a mad man; why not give them one?

Khun picked up his knife and went to a random kidnapper. It was going to be a long night before he finished.


Madee and Dara had been gossiping about one of the local mother’s who had been caught working a part-time job to support her family. The two women had taken pride in ridiculing her and mocking her husband for not being able to provide for the tiny family. The two ladies had locked wrists in support of the other’s actions, knowing that would never be them. They had married men who could provide for them; men who were never home but that was an easy sacrifice for the lifestyle they wanted.

Husbands were only as useful as the money they produced.

The women ran the circle of mothers who used this park, if they did not like you then no one would allowed their kid to play with yours. Their word was law, others scrambled to do as they said. The power was something they would never lose.

A few months ago, an outsider had used this park, a handsome man.

Dara and Madee speculated that the man was divorced and that was why he had snapped at them. Saying such foul language before leaving with his child. The two mothers had not seen him again.

It was a real shame as he was the only good-looking father to come to the park and omegas had thought he would have fit in well; his child was well mannered and he showered the boy in affection.

The had observed him for sometime, then they had managed to get one of the shier women to first speak to the young man. The man was in his early twenties. That in itself was unique as the next youngest father was in their mid-thirties. He wasn’t one to dress up and he had no problem playing with his son on the equipment. They all fondly remembered the time he had been hanging up side-down with his child and his shirt had lifted up. Revealing the nicest chest any of the women had seen outside of men’s swimsuit catalogues.

Let’s just say the cheering children weren’t the only ones who wanted to be held by those strong arms.

“I swear if that girl comes to bother me one more time.” Madee complained as her daughter looked in her direction for the fifth time in five minutes.

“I completely understand Tom is like that too.” Dara exhaled as she moved her head in her son’s direction. Her attention mainly focused on her nails and when she should book a new appointment.

Madee brought her phone out to text her husband that she would not be home tonight.

“I should have given her to the maid to watch…”

“Same, are we still going on that spa retreat?”

“Of course! What else was I going to do? Spend that time with my family?” The two women laughed loudly at the comment.

“Daddy, are you going to watch me?” A little voice asked off to their left.

“Yes, let me find a bench… don’t leave my sight.” A male voice responded, a silky voice that was music to the ears.

Each woman pretended not to look at the new visitor.

It was a handsome alpha who wore a turtleneck sweater and dark pants. On his wrist was a very expensive watch.

The alpha sat by himself and waved at his son when the little boy checked to make sure he was in sight. A large smile over took his face as he raced off to join the other children in their games.  The boy’s father did not take his eyes off the boy, and when the child called out to him, the man would call back without any sign of annoyance.

The women looked at each other, a challenging smirk found its place on Dara’s face and Madee matched her. Let the games begin. It was time to welcome the alpha and to make sure he was the “right sort” to be allowed in their park.

Unhurriedly they went to the man, his face did not turn in their direction, the noise the pair made was lost to him.  Dara sat to the man’s left; Madee to his right. He smelled as delicious as he sounded.

One of them coughed to get his awareness but the man didn’t bother to look at them as he greeted them.

“Yes ladies?” The man asked. A confident grin on his face.

The ladies wore their own friendly ones in welcome.

“Your son seems lovely; he made fast friends with the other children.” Madee commented as a way to gain his eyes on her.

“Yes, he’s a very friendly child.”

“I’m Dara and this is Madee.” Dara motioned to herself and her friend. Her hand lingered on his arm to get him to introduce himself.

“I’m Kinn…” The alpha introduced himself and the women knew who he was, before he even said his last name.

This was a man of power but what was he doing in a small park like this?

The women were too intimidated to ask his reason for being in the area. He smiled at them and the two relaxed, an amicable conversation was flowing as they watched their children.

The trio was talking about mates, well the omega ladies were, Kinn had said nothing yet. They took it as a sign that there was turbulence in the relationship.

A loud cry broke their calm words. The alpha’s son was laying on the ground crying. His knee bloody from where he had fallen. The alpha jumped up from his bench rushing to his son who had a small crowd of children around him. The older children tried to calm him down but the younger ones cried tears of sympathy.

Kinn was on his knees uncaring that he was getting dirty, the women stayed a safe distance away. Kinn handed his son a clean tissue to wipe his face and asked the other parents for water. Receiving his water he soaked a handkerchief, wrapping it around the tiny bleeding wound.

“There we go little man. You were so brave.” Kinn whispered to his son as the little boy hushed his sniffles. Putting a brave face for his father. The father picked up his son and went back to his spot, he paused before asking the kid a question.

With a new direction in mind, he went to the trees and sat under one. The tree the rude father would sit under in the past.

“Why are we sitting here?” Madee asked as the group made themselves at home.

“My mate likes this location.” It was the first time the man had mentioned a mate but the women did not remember a woman with this child before.

The man rocked his son back and forth as the child slipped off to dream land. They watched him but he did not say another word until his son was sleeping.

“My mate use to come to this park when Kon was smaller…” The alpha trailed off; his eyes lost to a distance.

The women looked at each other, this man’s mate had died. That’s why he was now coming here on his own.

With one last look he got off the ground as it seemed he was done. The women rushed to pull out papers with their numbers.

“Parents should keep in contact.” Dara said with a flirtatious wink.

Kinn chuckled, then laughed but it held no humour only scorn.

“I thought there was nothing worse than a person who had been rejected by their mate? A used hole.” Kinn covered his son’s ears. “A bunch of cheating bitches will be worse.”

The women gasped at his words.

“You made a comment to my mate and he put you in your place. A pair of cunts has no place near my mate. Also,” He looked them up and down. “I never would have looked at either of you, gold diggers and used holes aren’t my type.”

Kinn chuckled at their gaping mouths, such unattractive fish. Thinking they could treat his mate like that. He almost regretted that he would not be able to see their reactions to his surprise.

After the alpha went, the women had fled the park as the other mothers had heard what he had said to them. It had been mortifying to have their followers hear that. Harshly pulling on their children’s arms they flounced to the cars.   

The ride was silent and the two women received the same treatment at their home.

A husband with his head in his hands, a glass of whiskey beside him. The bitter scent in the air made her pause to ask what was wrong.

“My business… My business has been ruined. We’re broke!” Each man would cry as their wife would drop to the floor asking how this could happen.

One answer was given.

“The mafia man Kinn.”

The families did not recover, struggling to cover their debts each woman slaved but it seemed like the bills would never end and divorce solved nothing but to create more debt with even less money. The looks and promise each woman relied on began to fade faster with each day and trial.


The walls were lined with neatly pressed suits and designer shirts, to the left was Kinn’s selection of casual clothing but the majority was business wear. His shoes were stacked and shined awaiting to be worn.  The thousand or so ties were rolled like perfect desserts to compliment the outfit of choice. Lastly the room housed a station for Kinn to sit and view himself at the mirror and “make up chair”. Everything in the room was tailored to his measurements and opinion but it was not Kinn who stood in front of the mirror. This time it was his bodyguard, a bodyguard whose tie was now hanging around his neck and the buttons of his shirt undone.

Porsche was looking over his shoulder at Kinn, the man was pressed against his back so close Porsche was sure not even air could get between the two. The alpha had originally been dressing for the business meeting when he had spotted the omega and disapproved of his choice in clothing. Porsche didn’t understand as the two had been dressed very similar but for some reason he was now having the other use him like his own private ken doll.

“Kinn, we need to leave soon…” Porsche tried to reason with his boss but the other had his focus on a wall of ties. Each colourful and shiny scrap of fabric was nit picked for faults before it was rejected. Kinn did the same with watches then thankfully he found one to meet his requirement.

Porsche was redoing his tie but his hands were roughly pushed away. The ties thrown over his shoulder without a thought to its owner’s wants.

“Stop that! This flatters you more.” The tie was thrusted at him as Kinn smooths his hands on Porsche’s shoulders, one hand sneakily made its way south but Porsche snatched it off of his person.

A glare was given to the mafia boss but he smirked as his personal fighter unbuttoned his shirt to switch it with the one given to him by the alpha.

Kinn’s hungry eyes did not blink as a button left its home to expose more of the tantalizing skin, the moment Porsche’s eyes met his own he knew he had been caught.

“Are you just going to stand there like some peeping tom?” Porsche turned his body away from Kinn’s predatory view, he argued with himself that he wasn’t embarrassed. Porsche had changed in front of the other bodyguard and plenty of women had seen him in less. Why was it Kinn’s eyes that he worried about? What Kinn would think if he saw Porsche in less?

“You’re right.” Kinn smirked as he pivoted on his heels, his back to Porsche as he retrieved his chair. The red velvet ottoman, with its high back functioned as Kinn’s miniature throne.

“Now you can continue…” Kinn waved his hand in a signal for Porsche to undress but the bodyguard huffed and rolled his eyes. Seconds later the shirt was freed from its last button and Porsche was gently placing it on a hanger.

Kinn wanted to laugh, he hadn’t expected Porsche to handle his clothes with such care, Kinn didn’t but that proved to the differences in their upbringings. One gifted everything and the other denied the basics.

“I must say this is the least sexy strip tease I have ever watched. You haven’t looked at me once or tried to sit in my lap.” Kinn motioned to his empty lap. His tone mournful but his eyes burned with a lustful fire.

“I don’t do shit like that and I certainly wouldn’t do it for you.” Porsche muttered as he tucked the last button of his new shirt into place. A new tie was knotted around his throat and the edges were levelled out. Kinn tracked the tough muscles under the fabric, the hidden strength in the petite frame and the brashness of his words caused Kinn’s blood to boil. Not in rage or the desire to spill blood. Kinn was use to that, no Kinn had a desire to see what Porsche would be like if he left his comfort zone, to be with Kinn for longer than his shift. To seek Kinn out as Kinn sought Porsche.

What would it be like to have the omega pursue him?

Would he be cocky and sure like he was with the soft girls in the club? Knowing where to touch and how to whisper assurance to the blushing creatures to make them slip into dark corners with the omega?

Or would it be Porsche’s turn to blush? To be the one to learn, to listen to the commands of an alpha who knew how to make the other combust in a few rough pets?

The bodyguard was already making his way out of Kinn’s closet. The other man having no time to indulge his boss.

Kinn held in his sigh as he too left the large room, his fantasies would have to wait for the day Kinn was able to tame his wild cat.

The tie did not return to Porsche’s room nor his wardrobe. The omega soon forgot about it but the alpha had it hidden away in a drawer.

The moment should have been forgotten in a matter of minutes but as the months passed. Kinn would replay it and enjoy the quiet moment. The softness of Porsche entering Kinn’s world of luxury. The boy not accustomed to anything fine and the best that Porsche could get his hands on had normally gone to Chè. The omega feeling his brother should be the one to shine in their tiny family.

Kinn ached to spoil his new lover, his past ones had made demands for products from him but the most he could get out of Porsche was that he wanted a certain type of food to eat. He had hinted at buying things for the young man but the other would scoff at him and want to know why he was wasting his money on such things that made no sense.

Kinn had made the two spend their day at Kinn’s favourite tailor, the boss citing he needed new clothes for a new event but really, he just wanted an excuse to lure the other to the shop and force him onto the podium to be sized. Kinn already knew what style Porsche’s new suit would be and what else the other would wear for their little trip.

Porsche had huffed and puffed his way through the whole fitting, at first, he had refused to try anything on but once Kinn had stated the smaller man could either try the clothes on and then come out or Kinn could strip him in the open. Porsche had changed his tune. The two new lovers were not strangers to love marks but Porsche covered the marks, not wanting to face the judgment of others’ thinking he was whoring himself out to his boss.

Kinn took the silence and the rough pull of cloth as a sign that he had won their fight. Kinn making himself at home in one of the chairs as his personal fashion show was about to commence. Kinn was not one to spoil anyone else during his own personal shopping trips but being surrounded by the options had made Kinn want to see Porsche in better clothes. Porsche fought in Kinn’s world; why not show it what the man looked like once he was polished?

Kinn was not blind to the fact Porsche had not touched the clothes in the store, in actuality until Kinn had made him leave for the dressing room, Porsche had stood with his hands in his pocket’s miles away from the silky fabrics. The fighter’s gaze not lingering for more than a second thus leaving Kinn to decide what the athlete would be given. It wasn’t till the last few minutes when Kinn himself had been trying a suit on that in the farthest mirror he had seen Porsche. The boy was dawdling by a sky-blue sweater, from Kinn’s angle he could tell the article was soft. Porsche’s hand scarcely touching the sleeve for longer than a breath. His head flicking left and right to make sure no one had seen. The black dressed man then moved to be closer to his boss. His attention back on his job.

Kinn knew what he should buy the omega, the clothes were to impress those Porsche worked or met with. The sweater was Kinn’s gift to Porsche—a courting gift if he wanted to admit it to himself. The bag rested against his side as he made sure the other items were packed in front of Porsche, double checking the other had not seen the surprise gift.

The bags were heavy with goods as they left the designer shop, Porsche’s attention as Kinn had paid had not been on the mobster but on a different shop. Kinn had wanted to glare as this was not what he had wanted. The alpha kept his face neutral as he went to see what had drawn his lover’s eyes. If it was another person… then someone would be going missing in 10 minutes.

No one was allowed to steal his date’s attention, even if said date did not know what this outing was really for.

It wasn’t a person Porsche had been looking at with longing. It was a small art shop, in the display window was a set of coloured pencils. A large price tag beside the small box. A large price tag to anyone but Kinn’s family. He had spent more on a single glass of wine at one of his family’s reunions.

Porsche was holding his shopping bags and looking into the small store but as he heard Kinn approach he quickly turned his head. A look of annoyance on his face.

Kinn grabbed his hand using there now linked arms to slide his own bags onto the brawler’s arm. Porsche gave him a look of puzzlement.

“Put these in the car and then we’ll meet for a meal like I promised. I need to make a private phone call.” Kinn had his phone clutched in his hand as Porsche opened his mouth but shut it without releasing his question. Briskly he walked away from Kinn; the other pretending to dial a number. When he knew that Porsche had left, he went into the store.

The bag tucked safely away with another of his purchases. The omega had gotten them a table at a Japanese place. The pair said nothing and Kinn basked in Porsche’s company; happy to be alone with his new lover.

Dates like this was not something the alpha had done often but he knew he wanted to continue this with Porsche. The omega was playing with his rice. Pushing a grain around his bowl then after taking a sip of his drink asked if Kinn’s call had gone well.

“Very well.” Kinn had smirked at him. Taking a sip of his own drink. His mind flashed to the last text he had sent to have the pencils, the new sketchbook and lastly the fashionable sweater left in Porsche’s room as soon as they returned.

The rest of dinner was silent, the couple feeling different emotions to their thoughts. One happy at the surprise and the other drowning in self-doubt of what had needed to be said outside of his hearing range.

Porsche was not one to feel inadequate by his dates. Fiercely he rebuked himself; this wasn’t a date. At best it was an outing of friends. This trip had been so Porsche would not shame Kinn in the future. It was Kinn’s attempt to bathe a mutt and place a bow on it. It would still be a mutt in a dog show but at least no one would assume it had fleas. Porsche resisted the need to run his fingers through his hair as the pair walked to Kinn’s room.

A bag had been handed off to another guard the moment they had returned home. During the journey home Porsche had not had a chance to glimpse at what the bag contained. Kinn didn’t even hold his gun with the same tightfistedness as this flimsy bag.

Who was it for?

Not for his family as Kinn wouldn’t have cared if Porsche saw the potential gift.

A lover or one of his pretty boys?

No Kinn had been sleeping with Porsche when would he have had the chance to find someone else… but maybe he had been making eyes at someone?

Porsche needed to fix this; he couldn’t live if Kinn had tired of him so easily after the fight he had made to not give into his boss.     

Kinn poured them a drink as Porsche checked the room for bugs. The family had made ripples lately with the other families, so Porsche had been extra paranoid.

The alpha was lounging on his sofa; watching the other man bend and twist to look under surfaces. He saw his bodyguard straighten up and knew this was his way of saying the room was clear. Kinn took a deep drink from his glass then set it down.

“I’m going to shower, do what you want.” Kinn then proceeded to make his way to the bathroom but a firm grip to his wrist stopped him.

Porsche was gazing resolutely at him. His interest was caught, he wanted to know what the other had wanted.

He waited for the other to speak. Instead, he was dragged into his bedroom and pushed onto his bed.  Kinn felt his hackles raise, he was not going to let the other boss him around, he was the alpha. However, Porsche did not straddle him like Kinn thought he would instead Porsche moved back from the bed. A fist forming at his side; Kinn made himself comfortable going so far as to unbutton the first few buttons of his shirt.

Kinn had a feeling he was about to witness a show.

“Why the fuck did you buy me all those clothes?” Porsche groused, his eyes not quite meeting Kinn’s. If that didn’t spurn Kinn on further.

“I like dressing you up nearly as much as when I take it off. A pretty present under that fabric.” Kinn murmured as he snagged his arm around Porsche’s neck to place a heated kiss to the man’s lips. Slightly chapped but no less delicious than the first time they had kissed.

Porsche leaned over the bed but did not climb on top of Kinn. The bodyguard had the nerve to bat his hands away and draw back again.

A smirk made itself at home on Porsche’s mouth.

“Then I guess if I’m the present… you should get to see what’s underneath.” Porsche removed his jacket and tossed it to the floor. Kinn sat up, his eyes not leaving the other’s body.

“If you come here, I can unwrap you.” Kinn promised his voice dropping to a deep timber. Lust flowing into his blood.

“No, I don’t think I will.” Porsche said after pretending to think about it for a minute.

Cheeky brat.

The alpha wiggled himself deeper into the bedding and left the omega to his own devices. Porsche turned around to take a deep breath, steadying himself for what he was about to do. It was not something he had done in his past but he was sure he could do a passable job if he tried.

Porsche did a 180 degree turn to face Kinn again and began to slowly pull his shirt over his head, flexing his muscles as the top was wrapped around his arms, bending down to toss it to the floor. He kept his eyes locked with Kinn’s; the alpha had his eyes caressing Porsche’s flesh. The omega placed his hand to the belt buckle. His own eyes must have mirrored the hunger that lit Kinn’s.

It was in moments like this Porsche thought Kinn might have seen him as more than a warm body. The pants make themselves at home on Kinn’s floor as the fighter stepped out of them.

Kinn licked his lips as Porsche slithered over to rest on top of him. The two were not touching but they flirted with the idea of doing so.

Kinn bent his head as if to kiss Porsche’s neck but the omega placed a finger to his lips. A head shake was his answer. The omega pushed his head to rest on the pillow and Kinn flashed a smirk that was all teeth at him.

The smaller man released a button from its confinement. Delicate kisses were placed on the alpha’s neck and then to the revealed flesh. Porsche hesitated to leave a mark on his boss, the two hadn’t talked about this. Porsche had wanted to but he knew some alphas got real butthurt at such things. He had once beaten the shit out of such an alpha when one of his friends had come to him after her boyfriend had hit her for giving him a hickey.

“Porsche if you keep playing, I’m going to flip us.” Kinn used his hand to force Porsche’s head closer to the skin and the man took it as an indicator to leave his own claim to the alpha.

The alpha moaned as the omega left bites and hickeys as he mapped his way to Kinn’s pants. The alpha smelled delicious as Porsche was so close, he could inhale the man’s cologne and his natural scent. Popping the button on Kinn’s pants in his haste to remove them. The alpha didn’t care as he placed his hands on Porsche’s boxer covered hips to lift them both up to shimmy out of his bottoms and kicked them off the bed.

Kinn knew he shouldn’t have touched the other, it was against the rules of their game but he had wanted to be closer with the other. The omega’s slick was all Kinn could smell and he longed to drink it from the source but he had a feeling that was not yet in Porsche’s plan.

The omega and alpha were left in their boxers, as their hands roamed and groped each other. The game forgotten in the heat of passion.

Tongues fought against each other and the pair fought to be the one on top but ultimately it was Kinn who had succeeded with a dirty trick.

A hushed whisper of “My pretty omega” had stunned Porsche long enough for Kinn to take control. Said man smirked with pride acting like a cat who had eaten the canary.

Sharp nails ripped the remaining article of Porsche’s clothes; he did not have time to protest as a pair of lips descended on his wet heated core. When Porsche and Kinn had first slept together. Porsche’s mind was clouded by the heat drug but the one thought that couldn’t be hidden or forgotten was the fact that Kinn had no problem going down on him.

Porsche would have assumed that the alpha wouldn’t lower himself to do this to his lover but Kinn was a sadist when it came to his mouth on Porsche’s lower organs. No matter how much the fighter cried or screamed the mafia leader wouldn’t take his lips off the sensitive flesh.

Porsche shoved at Kinn’s shoulder to get the man away from his cunt but the man paid him no heed. Drinking his nectar and using his fingers to find that special spot. Porsche’s vision blurred with tears, he pleaded with the alpha to get away from there, his dick was being ignored as the violent man made a feast of him.

“Kinn, fuck if you keep this up… It fucking hurts get off.” Porsche cried, his lower half struggling to get away from Kinn but the larger man had him trapped with his hands.

“Don’t struggle darling, you know I’ll treat you well.” Kinn soothed as he made his lover get to his knees. His chest laying on top of the man’s back. A hard cock a hair’s breath away from Porsche’s entrance, Porsche didn’t have time to say anything before his head dropped to his arms as he released a loud moan of pleasure. Kinn’s own quiet one echoed back at him.

The thrusts pushed him closer to the head board as Kinn sought their pleasure. If Kinn noticed the other’s body getting away from his own Kinn would harshly pull him back. Spearing him on the hardened member. Porsche’s fingernails tore at the silk sheets, Kinn’s fingers left bruises to the man’s hips and thighs. The two’s breathing was in time as the sounds of flesh joining could be heard around the room. Porsche was glad this space was soundproof. He didn’t know if he could face his fellow bodyguards if they heard him begging to get dicked.

A final scream left Porsche’s mouth as he reached his climax. Kinn pulling his hair to make their faces meet. Biting kisses were given as Kinn found his own completion.

Porsche’s legs dropped under the weight of Kinn, no longer could he hold himself up. He was barely awake as the man pulled out of him and tossed the condom away. A cool cloth was placed to the side of his face wiping away the sweat and tears. The cloth made its way down Porsche’s body to clean between his legs and then that too was thrown to the ground.

Porsche made a half-hearted effort to get out of bed, knowing he needed to shower and get to his own room. Yet he struggled to leave Kinn’s warm bed, the pillow felt cool on his heated face. He’ll just rest for another second then he would leave. He wasn’t going to over stay his welcome regardless of how good the orgasm was. He didn’t want Kinn to think he was needy, that was such a fucking turn off. Especially to an alpha like Kinn; he had boys lined up for a second of his time. Porsche wasn’t going to run the risk of being kicked out of bed.

“Stay and then you can go back to your room.” Kinn whispered in his ear as the silk robe was wrapped around the bodyguard. Kinn’s robe, his scent embedded into the material. It felt nice especially paired with Kinn’s arms wrapping around his body and pulling him close to have his head on Kinn’s chest.

“Sleep well Porsche.” Porsche drifted off. “My lovely omega.” A kiss placed to his forehead.

Kinn spent the next few minutes listening to Porsche’s breathing, the scent of their combined lust sent a smile to his face. Porsche was changing but then again so was Kinn.

He stroked the damp locks one last time before he promised himself when the two awoke, they would have a bath together.

Chapter Text

“Fuck my life.” Porsche grumbled as he got up from his crouching position over the toilet bowl. The stomach acid and the remains of last night’s dinner greeted his tired eyes. His nose twitching in repulsion as the scent filled the small room. Porsche placed his hand on the lever and then he flushed the disgusting concoction. His knees cracked as he stood and used his hands to wash out his mouth with water from the sink. He couldn’t understand what had been going on with him this week. It couldn’t have been food poisoning as no one else had reported getting sick.

He let his hand rest on his stomach as he rubbed circles into the tender flesh. The heat of his hand not traveling through his sweatshirt. For the last few days, he was constantly feeling ill but his symptoms did not advance pass the need to vomit. What was wrong with him?

He got dressed in the tiny room that was given to each bodyguard. The one bed, dresser and small desk. It was a carbon copy of everyone of the staffs’ bedrooms. The main family being the ones with the larger living spaces. Porsche had no emotions towards his space as he used it to store his work clothes and one change of casual clothes. Everything else he kept at his home with Chè.

He knew he should go home to see his brother; it had nearly been a week since the two last talked face to face. He needed to see how the other was doing… but mostly he needed his brother to distract him from his feelings. Kinn, Kinn’s actions were causing him to dread his job; not knowing what he might walk in on next or what Kinn would do to break Porsche’s heart.

To sound like a sad bitch, he needed his brother to give him a hug. He wanted someone to show they cared for him.

“Porsche!” A voice called out to him from the other side of his door.

“What?” He shouted back.

“Come to the main hall.” The sound of footsteps could be heard as Porsche pulled a shirt over his head. His phone was hidden in his back pocket along with his keys. He closed the door behind him as he left to see what was happening in the main hall.

The halls were deserted as Porsche made his way slowly, he was not yet ready to face his coworkers. He worried that they might have heard the news, not that there was any real news about Kinn and Porsche. No that was all gossip. It wasn’t like the two had been dating. It was just two guys helping the other out, yeah that was the truth of their relationship.

He trailed his fingertips on the railing of the grand staircase. If possible, he would have stayed in bed but there was nothing he could do about it now. His shift was starting and now he would need to guard an alpha who couldn’t stand his presence anymore.

He wanted to smack himself. Why was he acting like this? Normally he wouldn’t have cared if someone hated him. It wasn’t like this was a suddenly new experience, plenty had hated him for various reasons; some reasons were valid and others not so much. Porsche couldn’t allow himself to mope because some alpha no longer wanted to have sex with him. Porsche hadn’t cared when his girlfriends had given him this reason or when he himself had said this.

No some spoiled alpha should not be able to make Porsche question himself or ruin his mood. By letting him do so Porsche was giving him power over his life and Porsche swore to himself he would never let someone control him. Porsche had spent too much of his life feeling helpless, he couldn’t be dependant on someone.

Porsche left his thoughts as he set his foot on the ground, leaving the last step. The main hall was crowded with bodyguards and the house staff. They were celebrating something. Porsche released a silent puff of air. Glad he wasn’t about to be fired or further humiliated. He caught a few people looking at him but they said nothing. He made sure to catch each of their eyes so they would know he knew. They blushed and looked down in embarrassment.

Porsche heard someone call his name.

It was Tae, a guard from Kinn’s detail. The two often shared the same shift but judging by the other man’s clothes he wasn’t working today. The young guard was grinning ear to ear, two plates of cake in his hands. Porsche squinted at him in confusion. The man laughed at him and gave him one of the plates. It was a vanilla cake with bright pink icing.

“One of the senior guard’s is having a girl, it’s his first kid. So, we’re celebrating.” Tae said happily before he moved on to talk to a group of maids. The girls giggling about the party or some other nonsense.

Porsche normally wasn’t one for sweets but with his life being so bitter he decided he could use some sugar. It was a nice cake, the icing not sticking to the roof of his mouth and he was content to be left alone to enjoy his treat but others had different plans.

A group of the older guards had circled around him. They knocked shoulders with each other and laughed about their kids and mates. Porsche had a deaf ear until he heard his name being mentioned.

“I’m sure Porsche has had plenty of pregnancy scares… right man? You’re very popular with the ladies.” The group laughed at the joke but Porsche’s mind was turning. Something was trying to connect in his brain but for some reason he had yet to feel the spark. It was like being asked a simple math question but for some reason not being able to remember the answer.

“I remember when my wife was pregnant with our youngest, she had the worst morning sickness. Throwing up constantly and not being able to eat anything. My poor girl had months of hell. She used to yell at me when I tried to help.” One of the men sheepishly told the others, to which they jeered at him in good humour.

“Mine was sore, complained insistently about how her chest and back were killing her. Don’t even get me started on how swollen her feet got. I carried her around the last few months and I had to tie her shoes.” He paused to chuckle. “It was good practice for when I tried to do our son’s shoes, at least she was kind enough to stay still.”

The others were laughing and trading stories but Porsche couldn’t hear them. The spark was lit in his head. A spark that was rapidly creating a fire. That fire Porsche wanted to flood out. He dropped his empty plate on to the nearest table and searched for Tae. He worried that his stomach might eject itself onto the floor if he couldn’t find the other. He was getting out of breath.

Tae was calmly standing with a group of maids, talking about something as they all had a good time. The problems of the outside world lost in this moment of celebration.

Porsche slammed his hand onto the man’s shoulder, turning his body forcefully. Tae opened his mouth to speak but Porsche cut him off. The desperation must have flashed in his eyes because a look of concern was developing on Tae’s face and the others had stopped chatting.

“Trade shifts with me!” Porsche demanded. Tae’s brow’s creased as he wondered why Porsche was asking this. Porsche didn’t trade or complain about working in Kinn’s detail anymore. In fact, the two had gotten closer.

“Um… yeah sure when do you want to trade shifts?” Tae stumbled over his words, still not understanding why Porsche seemed so concerned but the man wasn’t going to be giving him answers.

“Now! I’ve got some family issues. Trade with me for the day.” Porsche ordered him as he then turned and left the party. He didn’t stop back at his room. The items left for the day in necessity of more pressing matters. Porsche would regret not grabbing his sketchbook months later when he could not stare at the drawings of his alpha in his darkest moments.

Porsche was absorbed in his panic he left the complex on foot for the nearest drugstore. Those who saw him leave the building would later report that he must have had a destination in mind as he looked like a man on a mission. The head alpha would search for this supposed destination when his favoured fighter would not report for his shift a day later.

Porsche wandered the streets not knowing if there was a drugstore by Kinn’s and he was certainly not going to see the family doctors or any medical staff connected to the mob family. His report would be forwarded to Kinn or at least had the possibility to be traced. No Porsche needed a place so mundane that Kinn wouldn’t look twice at it.

Where would he go if he couldn’t find one? Should he text Chè or one of his friends? No this was way to personal to trust with another person. A person who could later rat him out.

It wouldn’t matter if the results were negative, if he bought a test, tongues would wag and he would have rumours fly about him once again. What if people thought he was trying to trap Kinn? Fuck what if Kinn thought he was trying to get himself pregnant?

Kinn would shoot him. A clear shot through his head without a second thought. Worse would he make good on his threat to strangle Porsche to death, like he once had done when Kinn thought Porsche a traitor. His back trapped against a wall as Kinn’s hand stole his breath violently from his lungs, bruising his throat and making his vision swim. This time there would be no second chance.

A bright sign hooked his eye. Porsche changed his pace to enter the tiny store. The store was small and neat but none of that mattered to the bodyguard. He first stopped at a row of cigarettes and grabbed a pack of his favourites before he moved to a vastly different shelf. The images of happy women were printed onto the cardboard boxes. The tiny rectangular shapes mocking him.

He didn’t want to linger but he also didn’t want to make a return trip if one of these cursed items was faulty. Then he would definitely be discovered and shamed. Porsche consoled himself with the idea that this was just his mind playing tricks on him after going to that stupid party. So, what if some of his illness match pregnancy symptoms, this was the same as searching for a cold online and being told one had cancer. Just foolishness and chance.

Yes, once he got home, the test would be negative and Porsche would go back to his job and be chewed out by his boss. Life would keep turning just as it always did except now, he would know better than to mess around with alphas.

Porsche would stay with women from now on, he should have known better. His relationships with girls had always been less dramatic, true most of them were just hook ups but Porsche was standing by his point.

He didn’t need Kinn. And Kinn didn’t need Porsche anymore either.

With that resolution embedded in his mind he grabbed one of the more expensive tests and moved to check out.

Porsche felt his heart lighten to see the cashier was the only one in the store. He was apprehensive that someone might see him but the kid at the counter was going to forget his face in a few minutes based off of how bored he was acting. He dropped his two items on the counter and waited for his total, praying that the kid wouldn’t start a ‘friendly’ conversation with him. The box of death sticks passed by without notice but when the pregnancy test was scanned the cashier paused and looked at him.

“A happy occasion or are you skipping town soon?” The brat asked as he read out Porsche’s total. The store worker must have been trying to lighten Porsche’s mood but it had the reverse affect instead making Porsche more anxious on what could be his outcome. Porsche opened his wallet without looking and chucked some bills at him.

Grabbing the small bag and darting out of the store to blend in with the people in the streets.

Porsche did not know where he should go next. The test needed to be taken but where? Should he just find a public bathroom? Or go to someone’s house?

No, he didn’t have close friends who would let him use their bathroom for something like this. Some people had friends or lovers who would hold their hands during a time like this. Porsche had no one but himself; it was time to face the truth. Even if Kinn had once been his lover, he could not imagine the other wanting anything to do with someone who might be pregnant. A child was commitment and mafia bosses don’t commit to anyone but themselves.

Porsche walked home with his head down and his heart heavy.


“Porsche…Porsche it’s time to get up.”

Porsche shoved the annoying voice away from his ear, he snuggled his body further into the pillows and attempted to pull the covers over his head. He felt someone grab at his shoulder but Porsche growled at his pest. The bed lifted behind his back and Porsche let out a sigh of relief.

“Daddy!” A voice shouted in warning before the bed shook with the new addition of weight that had leapt on to it. The mattress slid and Porsche had the air forced out of him as a small body jumped on his back. Little hands snaked under the covers to feel his face and to see if the being under the blankets was awake.

“Kon, my sweet boy. Please daddy is tired.” Porsche sleepily said to the top of his son’s head as the small boy burrowed his tiny frame closer to the fighter’s.  Porsche raised his eyes above his son’s head to see his proud lover. The alpha smirking at his omega who was lightly glaring at him. The omega stuck out his tongue at the standing man.

Kinn licked his lips and made a show of joining his family on the large bed. He picked up his giggling son to sit on his lap, the omega finally sitting back against the headboard. The two sharing a peck on the lips.

“Eww!” Kon whined as he pushed his small hands between his parents faces. It did not stop him from making Porsche give him a kiss too. The young boy was very guarded on who was allowed to get loving gestures from his dad. Even going so far as to deny his father and capitalize on his birth parent’s attention.

“Now that you are awake, go check the bathroom I have a surprise for you.” Kinn said as Porsche heaved himself from the bed, an unamused glare tossed over his shoulder.

If the alpha thought he was going to get laid after this; he was sadly mistaken. Porsche had no plans to entertain him with his son in the room.

He did not find a costume or an outfit picked by Kinn. No what greeted him was a rectangular box. It was placed strategically on the bathroom counter. Porsche bit the inside of his cheek in irritation. He had been overly tired the last few weeks and he might have gained an extra pound or two but that didn’t mean he was pregnant.

The pair had been trying for the last year but so far it seemed like nothing had taken but Porsche knew both were hopeful to give Kon a younger sibling. This child would be one created in a clear understanding of love. Not like Kon, who they couldn’t have gotten their shit together earlier for. Those years apart was something both desperately wished they could change but there was no point to dwell in the past.

The box this time was not a weight or burden in his hand, this time it felt like a trophy. An item he was hopeful to win. With his last test he feared the outcome, now he wanted to be positive in all aspects. This was not a trial but a blessing. He leaned against the counter as he waited for the timer to finish its countdown. This could be more than he hoped for.

What would he do if it was negative?

He wanted to laugh once upon a time he prayed for a different outcome, people were right you never know what to wish for. The moment changes as does the person, life was an interchangeable series of events that were designed to make one smile or cry.

He heard the beeper, Porsche steered himself for a negative sign.

A loud scream could be heard from the bathroom.

Kinn springs from the bed in alarm, he raced to the bathroom. His hand gripped the handle with white knuckles as he jangled the knob. He found the door locked.

He deliberated about breaking the door down as he perceived to hear the lock turn. The door opened a gap and he could see one of his mate’s eyes.

Then the door was thrown open a weight was jumping into his arms. Kinn’s arms automatically locking around Porsche’s bum as Porsche’s legs bound themselves around Kinn’s hips. The omega was cheering and kissing Kinn’s face. The alpha swayed under the unexpected actions. Porsche had his hands weaved into Kinn’s hair as the alpha stumbled back to stabilize himself against a wall.

“Hey baby, not that I’m not loving this but…” Kinn trailed off, he brought one hand to cup Porsche’s cheek.

“I’m positive I’m in love with an idiot.” The fighter kissed him fiercely on the lips using his mouth to suck the lifeforce from his alpha. Kinn enjoyed the moment knowing there was no heat to Porsche’s words.

Kinn separated his mouth from the other with difficulty as Porsche chased his lips.

“My glorious omega. You’ve done so well. I’ve never been so proud of you, my darling.” Kinn cooed as he ran his fingers into his lover’s hair. His lips kissed the omega’s face and neck making the other man laugh happily.

The pair lost in their own world. Kon’s tiny fingers pulling on their legs is what took them from their imaginings.

Soon their trio would have a new member to spoil. Neither could wait.

This would be a new chapter in their lives and a new entry to their empire.

The family was delighted when they heard the couple’s news, a lavish party was hosted in their honour. The house abuzz with the chance to have a new master or mistress.

Porsche had been invited out with his fellow bodyguards and Kinn’s work buddies wanted to wish them well.

The pair would go out together to shop for baby supplies and talked about what the future would entail.

Kon would spend his free time with his ear pressed against Porsche’s stomach believing that if he waited enough his sibling would talk or kick at him.

Porsche loved this, his family was close with him and he was able to keep them safe. He was sure his face would ache from his constant smiling. Fate was favouring him now and he was going to savour every second of it. Counting down the days till he could hold his child.

A random day in his third month would be when his fate changed.

Porsche awoke that morning feeling slightly off but didn’t think much of it. He was going to watch the bodyguards train and chat. It wasn’t going to be a difficult day if anything this was Porsche’s lazy day.

His brother would be babysitting his son so Porsche could have a second alone, Porsche thought he and his lover might have a night out. Time to enjoy themselves as once the baby arrived, they would have no spare time.

Porsche was observing the trainees making mental notes in his head about which ones would pass to the next round and who would be dropped.

A small cramp made its way through his lower stomach but Porsche chose to power through it. He was talking to the trainers and then he would greet those trainees who were successful. Porsche looked each of them in the eyes, gauging their reactions to being given orders from an omega. If one of them hesitated for even a second, Porsche dropped them. It would not do to have a subordinate ignore an order because they believed themselves to be better than another dynamic. If someone is trusting you with their life, then you shouldn’t believe yourself to be superior to them.

There was one recruit who was refusing to leave and had now began a shouting match with Porsche. The two were standing chest to chest shouting at each other, neither willing to back down and both prideful that they were right.

Porsche felt an intense shot of pain but he kept his facial expression one of rage, he wouldn’t let the other man think he had gotten to him.

He more or less felt the other guards shift in discomfort as he didn’t take his eyes off the posturing alpha before him.

The scent of uneasiness filled his nostrils but Porsche released a growl, the group watching muttered to themselves but no one stepped forward to break up the fight. The two coming closer to blows by the second.

“Sir?” A timid voice asked, Porsche head snapped to him. His teeth bared at the shy beta who had tried to insert himself into the potential fight. The alpha had his scent broadcasting his own feelings on the matter.

The beta got closer to Porsche’s ear; he brought his hand up to cover his lips. Porsche looked closer at him but still did not recognize him. The beta had a gentle scent but Porsche could still detect that it was soured by his negative mood.

“Sir you might want to remove yourself.” The beta whispered to the omega bodyguard.

Porsche was seconds away from tearing the man’s head off when the second part of his sentence reach Porsche’s ear.


“Sir… You’re bleeding.” The beta took a step away from the other man and the room was able to watch in slow motion as the blood drained from the head of security’s face. Porsche noticed the warm feeling of blood flowing down his legs to dampen his socks and pants. The man did not know how long he had been bleeding and in the grand scheme of things it did not matter. Yet it was all Porsche could focus on.

The alpha was shoved to the ground and Porsche stepped over him in a retreat to find a safe place to lock himself in. He darted past concerned hands and the calls for him to stop influenced him little. He moved as if he was the wind. The bodies and change of scenery blurred and not registering to his broken mind.

The room he trapped himself in was a single bathroom, the door loud in his empty mind as he locked himself in the dark room. He didn’t bother to turn the light on as he collapsed to the floor. He dropped like a puppet whose strings had been cut. His mind as empty as the voiceless doll.

His head was silent of thoughts and feelings, he was blind to the scent of his own blood but it was the small puddle forming under him that tethered his soul back to his body.


A snuffle as he tried to hold his emotions in but he took a deep breath.

A loud mournful howl echoed the halls and then the galloping sounds of feet as the bodyguards who had been following Porsche found his location but he did not hear their pleas or the sounds of their knocks.

He didn’t even hear himself screaming in despair or when the screeches transformed into sobs. Porsche clawing at his shirt and howling as tears streamed down his face, the blood on his legs was no longer warm. It was drying by the time his mind returned to him and he stopped his cries. Porsche could feel the dried tears on his face but he could not control his breathing.

He was hiccupping as he crawled to the door; his hands shaking as he unlocked the wooden door. For hours he had sat on the other side, blocking out the sounds and actions. He could barely remember that banging could be heard and felt through that door. It had been his protector but Porsche had to face reality.

He used his sleeve to wipe his eyes and face. He would once again be a disappointment.

Porsche’s legs were not able to hold his weight, he was reduced to crawling. Like a beaten dog.

It was a good thing that he had already been on the ground as if he had been walking through the open door, he would have tripped over Kinn who had been sitting with his back against the locked door.

Kinn’s face was hardened as he stared at Porsche, Porsche turned away not being able to be berated for what he had done. Porsche couldn’t handle what he would do if his mate rejected him.

Kinn got closer to Porsche and the omega braced himself but instead of a hit or slap he was pulled into a tight embrace. Kinn’s hand forcing Porsche’s face to rest against his scent gland. Porsche could smell his sadness and hurt but the words which fell from the alpha’s mouth were not to break Porsche down but to tie him to Kinn in this moment.

“It’s okay baby. You’ll be okay baby. I’ve got you; I’ve got you.” He mentioned seeing the doctor but most of his words were reiterations of how Porsche was safe and it would be okay.

How could it be okay if Porsche had killed their baby?

Porsche and Kinn sat together on the floor as they mourned together, the watchers not saying a word or trying to be involved with them, knowing it was not their place.

Porsche would be carried to the medical wing and a doctor in a monotone voice would say that miscarriages were quite common and not something that the couple should worry about. It was nature’s way and not preventable.

Nature… Porsche’s nature had killed their baby.

The next day Porsche went to the nursery and dismantled it. Having told his bodyguards who had tried to gentle him to stay in bed to donate or destroy everything within the four walls.

The items were removed from the manor and Porsche went to his son’s bedroom. He needed his one remaining child. The darkness he felt in his mind and heart overwhelming him.

Porsche did not speak for a week and he did not spend time alone with Kinn either. They were mourning, Porsche retreating into himself and Kinn directing his attention on his work. The crime world shook in fear as Kinn was on a rampage.

A single night was how their world would change. The first of many late-night talks to come.

Kinn had startled from his dreams to find himself alone in their shared bedroom, not wanting to be alone, he had went in search of Porsche but the omega was not with their son. With his heart heavy he knew where the other man might be.

The once happy nursery was now an empty room, the only cheer being the light-yellow walls. The two had not discovered their child’s gender and hadn’t wanted to know till the baby was born but they had picked a few items for both genders. Porsche was curled up in a ball, his head low as little sobs left his throat.

Kinn knelt beside him as he pulled the omega onto his lap, his face tucked close to Kinn’s throat. If the alpha could have, he would have let the other tear it out if only his omega would smile or talk again. Helpless did not begin to explain how Kinn felt, but he knew Porsche was feeling worse than him. It seemed like a cycle they could not break or even start to crack.

“Porsche?” Kinn asked him; his tone the same he would use with a frightened animal.

“I keep rethinking what I could have done. If I just stayed in bed or if I hadn’t argued… What did I do wrong?” Porsche’s voice cracked on the last word, tears flowing down his face. The head of security could feel a few droplets land on his hair and knew Kinn was crying as well.

“There’s nothing to be done-”

“The doctor said we could try again but” Porsche’s voice broke “I don’t want to try again. I wanted this baby, my baby.” He cried as he finished in a whisper. The blanket pulled closer to his face. The soft silk pink that had caught Porsche’s eye from across a mall, now felt empty and tainted.

“I know sweetheart, I did too.” Kinn confessed but he held Porsche closer.

“But I want you happy more.” The alpha said.

“Please Porsche; talk to me, scream at me, shoot me, anything just don’t block me out.” The alpha pleaded with his lover. His grip on the omega nearly bruising the tan fighter.

Porsche sat in silence as the pair cried, thinking on what could have been but never would.

“I had a name for them… her. A little girl is what I wanted. I know we promised not to be bias but I wanted a girl.” Porsche admitted.

Kinn nodded, a smile forming on his lips.

“Do you think we could handle a little girl? Neither of us is gentle.” The alpha tried to joke. The omega lifted his head up to give a small one of his own.

“You two could have compared your shoe collections.”

The alpha laughed but the croak was not absent in his throat. The blanket was shared between their hands, a promise of their future family member who would not be.

“Porsche what do you want to do?” Kinn asked.

“I can’t have what I want but I guess we try again.”

“No first we talk…then we wait to see what the future holds.” Kinn said as he kissed Porsche’s face and hands.

A funeral would be hosted later that month and the blanket would be laid to rest, a small headstone bared a date and a name for one mob member who could not enter the world. It was not yet their time but Porsche consoled himself with thoughts that one day they would. He would see them some day.


Porsche had been towel drying his hair in his son’s condo bathroom. Having taken a shower to wash some of the blood off himself. It had been a messy day at work and with Kinn away for business the house had felt lonely so Porsche had invaded his son’s living space.

The boy had been living by the university campus for a few months now and Kinn hated it but independence should be encouraged in children.  Judging by King’s layout his condo was now being used as a plant sanctuary. The leaves and varying petals covered every available space. The place was well organized and neat, much like King’s bedroom at home. A picture holding a family portrait of the well-dressed mobsters was given a place of honour by King’s bed.

The towel slipped from the omega’s shoulders. It lay crumpled on the ground near King’s garbage can. Porsche knelt to pick it up when his eye caught bright white plastic. His breath left his lungs and his heart froze.

No! No, it couldn’t be… Porsche must have been mistaken.

The omega grabbed his towel and left the room to change his clothes and to think about something else.  He was pouring hot tea into a cup when he could no longer delude himself and went back to the bathroom to search for the white object.

If it was what he thought it was. King was going to spend his second year of university in the ground. His smart child was to learn from his mistakes- not to recreate them.

Porsche was crossed legged as he sorted through King’s waste. There at the bottom was the white plastic test. Porsche had to flip it over to see the results and he let out a deep breath.

It was negative.

Good. A baby shouldn’t have a baby. King could play with his plants, at least those don’t scream and create smelly waste constantly.

No one in the family was ready for King to reproduce. Unless Porsche could have King regress back to when he was a child… Porsche could live with that. He would play in the garden with his little cultivator but he wasn’t ready for grandchildren.

A door slamming was what alerted Porsche to King’s return home. The young omega asking how his plants day went and complementing some. Porsche fought with himself not to smile. It was a losing battle; King had this ability to make anyone forgive him in seconds.

“Dad?” King called from the kitchen, he had spotted his dad’s shoes in the entry way and the still warm tea abandoned on the countertop.

“I’m in the bathroom, meet me in the Livingroom.” Porsche wrapped the test in toilet paper and went to confront his son.

King was laying on his sofa, his hair falling over his eyes. The boy needed a haircut. Porsche thought fondly. His son was still dressed in his uniform and it made him look so young. Porsche knew King’s reputation as a ‘god’ of the school but to Porsche King would always be the child demanding hugs from his family or the little boy who had screamed murder when someone had over watered his cactus.

But little boys grow to be young men and young people make mistakes. Some more severe than others. King was a gentle child; the older omega didn’t know if the other omega could handle this rumor.

Not that Porsche thought King should be ashamed of what he did with his free time, but society had a big mouth. A mouth that never knew when to shut up.

King rolled over to face his dad who had sat on one of the chairs. His face like stone. King swallowed this meant his dad was disappointed but didn’t want to show it. King racked his brain to determine what he could have done but nothing stood out to him.

Did Kon say he did something? Or worse did father want him to come home?

“King, can you explain this?”

Porsche held his hand out, the pregnancy test facing his son. The negative sign directly in his son’s view. Porsche watched as the boy paled and his eyes widened. King’s lips pressed together. The skin turning a light pink but no sound escaped him.

Porsche waited but King would not open his mouth. His child would not meet his eyes or gave any outward signs of speaking soon.

Porsche waited. He knew he could out last his talkative son. King was fidgeting with his fingers when that did not calm him down. He ran his fingers through his hair. Messing the lovely locks.

Porsche placed the test down on the table. He went to the sofa to comfort his son. Fixing the silky locks. The boy leaned on his shoulder; his arm wrapped around his dad’s. The omega fighter removed his arm from his son’s clutches to pull his son in to a cuddle. The two sitting so close that they felt the other’s heartbeats.

“King, darling let me help you.” Porsche asked him softly. His son shook his head and pressed his lips in a thin line. A barricade to seal his words in his mouth.

Porsche bit his lip and wondered why his son wouldn’t talk to him.

“King…are you hurt?” Porsche knew how dark the world was. Hell, the reason he had started sleeping with Kinn was because someone had drugged him and he thought Kinn was his safest alpha option.

If someone had done the same to his son but what if his son had not been as lucky as the older omega. If some person had taken advantage of his son, then heads would roll, if there was still a body to detach it from.

King’s large eyes did not blink at him as the omega checked him over for signs of abuse.

Kinn mumbled something that Porsche could not make out; he raised an eyebrow at him.

“Pardon? Would you like to repeat that?”

“It’s not mine…” King murmured, Porsche straining his ears to understand the simple sentence.

“King this isn’t a pack of smokes, people don’t share tests.” Porsche deadpanned.

King flushed but said nothing else.

“Okay King, it’s not yours than whose was it?” Porsche pursued the name of the supposed owners.

“You can’t tell anyone.” King begged and once he got Porsche’s nod he continued.

“It’s Boss’.”

“One of your omega friends? Why is it here?” Porsche continued his investigation.

“He needed someone to be with him. He was so scared and needed a safe place.” King’s hand found his dad’s.

Porsche stopped talking, he knew what it felt like to be alone and terrified.  Once he had no one to turn to and now his son was someone’s safe space. That hand that Porsche would have killed to once hold.

“Are you mad at me?” King whispered. Porsche dragged him closer, acting as if King was still a small child.

“No, I’ve never been mad at you. I’m proud of the person you are.” He carded his fingers in the back of King’s hair. The two sat in silence for a few more minutes, breathing in each others scent. The two omegas cuddling and not being interrupted or forced to part due to the alphas in their lives.

“Does Boss know who the potential father was?” Porsche questioned. He knew how free people were in university.

“Yes, and I know as well but Boss doesn’t think he deserves the man.” King trailed off. Porsche pursed his lips and probed King to finish.

“The alpha is in love with him but the two are too stupid to sit down and talk their feelings out.” King pouted at his friends’ foolishness.

Porsche laughed and he heard the sound of King’s own giggles.

“Don’t mock the stupid. Some idiots can’t get their shit together unless they’re forced to.” Porsche’s words were clearly about his own relationship and it made King giggle louder. If Porsche closed his eyes the giggles sounded the same as when he was a toddler. A carefree child who was expressing his own happiness.

It made Porsche grin.

One day his son would find someone to love him or the omega would continue to be happy on his own; whichever one suited his son. Porsche only cared if his son was happy and safe, the rest was not important.

Children were for adults, and King in Porsche’s eyes was still barely more than a child. Children shouldn’t play house. No King could stay under his family’s wings for many more years and then when Porsche was old and gray then he could have his own family. At that time, it would be safe and Porsche wouldn’t have to clean up the messes of those dumb enough to start a fight with his family.


“Boss Porsche do you need to rest?” A concerned maid asked as she watched her master make his way slowly down the grand staircase. She had seen his pause between each step. His attention completely on trying to find where his feet were. The bodyguards keeping a healthy distance from their fellow guard.

However, she thought they could have at least offered him an arm or helped him get down. What would they do if the master fell down the stairs, then the head alpha would be on a war path for no one stopping his mate from doing something foolish.

“Can’t you see I’m too busy to rest!” The omega snapped at the woman before he descended the last two steps. He would deny that he let out a breath of relief when his task was safely completed.

God Porsche hated stairs. He hated even more that people thought they could comment on how he was getting around. Every time he turned around someone wanted him to rest, it was exhausting.

The pregnant omega made his way to the lounging sofas the ones that guests were to sit at. He threw up his feet so his shoes could be seen on the table. Porsche caste a defeated look at them. This was the only way he could see them. His stomach blocked them from his view. He missed being able to see his feet and what was under him.

Porsche wasn’t supposed to be here but he had wanted to be closer to his alpha. The alpha who had a business meeting with a group of gangsters from the north. Kinn was not concerned about them but Porsche had yet to meet them so he had ordered men to stay close as Kinn had not said the reason for the assembly.

It drove him crazy to be so out of the loop. He hated to be benched and now he was deaf as well.

He wasn’t turning into a needy omega but he wanted to keep his eyes on Kinn; that alpha could be blind when it came to dangers. He seemed to have his eyes and mind on other issues. It was up to Porsche to watch his back and whatever was masquerading as the man’s brain.

The door opened and Porsche was able to see his alpha and another tall built man leave the room, however they did not part. No, they continued to have their chat. Kinn listened with great attention. The observer didn’t think Kinn even blinked as the man spoke.

Porsche couldn’t hear what the stranger was saying but Porsche was distracted by the new comer’s looks. The light brown hair and charming bright white smile, the warm tan complexion. The man had friendly eyes.

Porsche despised him. The man had large arms and the omega knew he was in good shape by the way his clothes were worn on his frame.

Porsche bet he could always see his feet. Probably didn’t need his son to put his shoes on and off for him like Porsche had needed lately. Porsche narrowed his eyes as the man made a motion with his arm as Kinn tracked it.

Porsche hadn’t felt Kinn’s heated looks on him since he was last able to touch his toes. Now he was a whale who had to be helped with every little thing.

Porsche didn’t mind when Kon or Frong wanted to assist him with tying or changing his shoes. He thought it was rather cute but he had people who he did not know trying to ‘help’ him.

Don’t even get him started on people touching him in public. Just because he was housing and creating a new being people felt that they had the right to come up to him and feel his stomach or ask him personal questions.

It was fucking rude. Didn’t people know social courtesies, don’t touch random people. He much preferred to have a child ask why he was fat. At least he got to laugh at the parents’ reaction and he knew brats had no filters and he enjoyed their curiosity. But no, he had old hags and random shoppers coming up to him and placing their hands on his stomach making unwanted comments about his future kid or blabbing on about their own past pregnancies.

Did he ask to hear or speak to them? Nope.

Kinn had moved closer to hear the other man, the mafia boss seemed to be making a mental novel as the other spoke. Kinn didn’t listen to Porsche like that. Kon was the only one to have this much of Kinn devoted to him.

It made Porsche feel something ugly. Hot and bitter, making the blood in his veins clog up. Porsche wasn’t jealous… just cautious, Kinn had a habit of attracting pretty faces.

At the moment Porsche was not pretty or even passable with the weight he had gained and the need to sleep or his mood swings. Killed any good mood Kinn tried to make. The two would exchange heated words but Porsche was rejecting his alpha’s hands.

The last few months Porsche had been avoiding mirrors and cameras, he couldn’t stand to see how far from his previous body he had fallen. Now he was this fat creature, Porsche could understand why Kinn might be drawn to a handsome non-pregnant man.

“Such handsome men.” A voice whispered in his ear.

Porsche jolted and bowed behind his chair was a large man dressed in black. He had a mischievous grin, his eyes alight with something Porsche could not yet determine. The man was handsome as well. His natural alpha scent had hints of cactus blossoms.


“I’m Tan and you are?” The alpha asked as he went to sit on a chair across from Porsche.

Porsche noted that as the two talked the alpha’s focus was split between themselves and the other chatting men.

Porsche thought Tan acted like he was use to giving orders but the other man was speaking to Kinn and Kinn never talked to lackies.

Maybe the two shared power?

Porsche chuckled politely as Tan retold a story about his younger omega brother and the boy’s attempts to court a slightly younger alpha boy.

The young alpha in return asking how to court an omega from Tan’s mate. It was all very sweet and it showed the boys’ young age. But from the way Tan talked it was clear that the pair had bonded through trauma and maybe something else.

Tan’s grin did not leave his face as footsteps made their way to the chairs. Porsche seeing the two men go to their respective person.

The alpha taking the hand of the man Kinn had been communicating with and dropping a kiss to it.

“Still smells so good, Doctor.” Tan said as he placed another kiss. Porsche could detect the barest hints of chili peppers wafting from the other strange man.

The doctor tugged his hand away with a playful smirk.

“Are you bothering people Tan? You leave for a few minutes and I find you with some pregnant omega. You sure have some explaining to do.” The omega doctor laughed at his own sentence.

The man in black going to his side with a pout, trying to pull the other man back to him.

“Bun… Bun what did I do? Kinn what did you say to my mate?” Tan asked Kinn who had been standing behind Porsche in silence. Porsche tilted his head up to see Kinn smirking.

“Nothing Tan and thank you for bringing your mate to our discussion.” Kinn ran his fingers over Porsche’s shoulder and when the omega responded favourably, he started to kneed his fingers in to the tense flesh, giving the other a slight massage. 

Porsche sank into those fingers, but he would have preferred a back massage but beggars can’t be choosers.

“Thank your brother again for letting you come and that our family will be shipping him the weapons within the month.” Kinn finished as he set his hands firmly on Porsche’s shoulder.

The man in black nodded back and held the hand of the other man as they walked confidently out of the mafia complex.

Kinn slinked into the empty seat beside Porsche. The omega withholding a sigh as now he would need to move and that required losing sight of his feet. Porsche wondered if he could pretend that he wanted to stay longer.

“Darling I’m going up stairs.” Kinn stood in front of Porsche.

The omega acted as if he didn’t care, waving the alpha to do as he wanted.

Kinn gave him a fond smile as he took each of Porsche’s arms in one of his hands. Pulling the omega gently off the sofa and made sure he would not walk into any objects.

“Kinn.” The omega whined as the alpha stared at him.

“You can walk on your own or I can carry you? Pick one.” Kinn said to Porsche as he smirked. The omega bit his lips but held out his arms, alluding to his desire to be carried. Kinn felt happy as he carried his large mate up the stairs to their bedroom. Kinn’s bodyguards hovering in the background knowing better than to get between the mated pair.

Porsche rarely allowed his alpha to baby him, so the alpha wanted to savour every second.

The fighter was placed on the bed and Kinn knelt to remove the other man’s shoes. Porsche looked away from him, not wanting the other to see how embarrassed he was.

Once his shoes were removed Kinn made Porsche stand so he could carefully remove the other’s clothes. A cool silk robe was used to cover the naked omega. The slightly smaller man raised an eyebrow in question, not understanding why his lover had undressed him.

“I’m going to run you a bath. You’ve been extremely busy and need a second to yourself.” Kinn softly said as the pair went to Kinn’s large bathroom.

That stupidly large tub that could double as a shallow pool, the tan brown tiles warmed Porsche’s cold feet. Porsche leaned against the counter; he was watching Kinn root around in a hidden cabinet to retrieve a bunch of bath supplies. The lavender bubbles and some scentless bath salts. Both were poured into the hot water turning the clear water to a light shade of purple. Lavender was the one scent that didn’t make Porsche want to hurl as his stomach was so sensitive. Before the baby bump, Kinn had dozens of different bubbles and scented massage oil.  

Porsche shed his robe and used Kinn’s hand to climb into the tub. The hot water soothing his aching muscles. He sank to his nose and closed his eyes.

If only he had a drink, then this would be perfection.

Porsche thought to himself as he waited for the door to open and then close to signal Kinn’s departure.

Instead, he was lightly shoved forward so that Kinn could climb in behind him. Porsche then made to recline his back to Kinn’s chest. A washcloth used to wipe his chest.

Porsche hummed in pleasure. It seemed like forever since they had done something like this.

“Who were the men you were talking to?” Porsche asked, his eyes still closed.

“Some gangsters from Viangpha Mork, well a doctor and a gangster.” Kinn cheekily replied.

Porsche elbowed him in annoyance, Kinn didn’t flinch but he did snicker.

Kinn.” Porsche grumbled.

“I wanted a second opinion on how I can make you feel better. I know this pregnancy is taxing for you. I wasn’t here for the last one and that has been stressing you out.” Kinn admitted but he kept cleaning Porsche as if he needed something to do with his hands.

“I don’t need help.” Porsche argued. He had this argument many times with Kinn before but it was like the alpha had selective amnesia.

“I can fight and shoot with the best of them, why do I bother to keep bodyguards?” Kinn countered back.

“You need someone to watch your back and what would you do if you got injured.” Porsche reasoned his voice raising in anger at Kinn’s reckless words.

“And you are creating a whole new person so I think you win.” Kinn kissed his hair, Kinn’s hands rested on Porsche’s lower stomach.

Kinn’s hands were interlocked. Porsche positioned his on top.

“Were there no doctors here to choose from?” The omega queried. More to make conversation than to argue.

“No none that would understand our lives as well as that one. It’s a bonus that the man was also an omega.” The voice said behind the omega’s head.

Porsche turned to have his face next to Kinn’s scent gland.

“I hate how I can’t help you. I’ve seen how you’ll let the kids do things for you but you shut me out if I offer to do anything for you. I want to be there for my lover and future child.”

Porsche knew Kinn felt betrayed that Porsche had never told him about his first pregnancy and being a control freak he needed to be there for everything. No detail was too small for Kinn, and if his family was involved then all details should be given. The mob boss had humoured plenty of Porsche’s irrational behaviour but he wouldn’t let Porsche do harm to himself, like over working himself.

“How do you know it’s your kid?” Porsche joked.

The alpha huffed at the old joke; a wandering hand groped at Porsche’s peck.

“When would you have had the time to find someone else? Your alpha is so demanding.”

“Oh, that old pervert.” Porsche laughed loudly at Kinn’s squawk at the shot of Kinn being older than him.

“I’m pretty demanding myself…” Porsche murmured as he pulled Kinn to him in an open mouth kiss.

Chapter Text

City life was quite different from how it was portrayed in television. No one to greet her or show her the ropes. It was a significant culture shock. The female alpha had grown up in the country and that had changed once her request for a transfer had been accepted. Her family was delighted as this meant a pay increase but now, she would be moving away. Her mother had questioned her how she would meet a good mate if she had her attention on work. Sunny giving her a smile and shrug in answer.

It was no great secret that the short woman was not someone a person would expect to be an alpha or a cop. She was awkward and was as intimidating as a daisy. If she was a flower, she probably couldn’t even scare someone with pollen allergies. The last fight she had been in her challenger had laughed at her.

Sunny was hauling the boxes to her new office. Today she was going to start her position as an inspector for the organized crime division. Her promotion from desk slave to inspector had been due to one of the higher ups being killed in the line of duty.

At least that is what the email had said, she had heard rumours that the man’s hands had been cut off and his body so bruised they had relied on his teeth to identify him. She had shuttered when hearing this version and had hoped it wasn’t true.  She wasn’t ready to die yet or ever like that.

She stabilized herself as she walked the grey halls, acknowledging those who greeted her. The boxes were filled with the information of the current mob family under investigation. Five decades worth of flimsy evidence but nothing that could stand together in front of a court of law. The crime family that acted like business people but washed their hands with the blood of those who got in their way.

Both sides had tried to take them down but to no avail. Sunny was not from this city so she did not know the exact key players but she knew the last name was whispered in fear and vehemence. As if it could bless or curse those who heard it.

She thought it was garbage for one family to have that much power. It had to be bigger than that. Not to mention the team she was joining was the best in the country, this king pin would fall like all the others as no one was invincible.

The office she was to enter was large and the desk was lined with uniformed inspectors. She gently placed the boxes on the table and went to take her seat next to another alpha. On her left was the leader of the investigation. To her right was another member who had once done undercover work.

The man began to speak. His deep voice rumbled through the open air.

“The head of the direct family is Korn.” A large picture of an older gentleman was shown on the screen. The man was dressed in a black suit and surrounded by bodyguards. The picture must have been taken at an event as the man was shaking hands with another business tycoon. The man did not strike her as a person who would gun someone down or destroy buildings; he had this aura of sophistication and piercing eyes.

“He has, if rumours are to be believed stepped down and now one of his sons is in charge but we can’t quite confirm which one it is yet.” Her boss continued as the photos from the boxes were handed out, along with case files.

“He was once mated but after his wife was killed, he didn’t take another omega instead choosing to focus on his three sons. All are now legal age and have the qualifications to lead but we will be discussing who is most likely.”

The man sat back down and the other inspectors ruffled through the paper work or used their tablets to find the information they wanted. To Sunny it seemed like they were all trying to make themselves seem busy but not actually accomplishing anything. To her it was as if the silence dragged on to an uncomfortable amount of time.

She leafed through photos of handsome men and beautiful women but few stood out to her. Some had warm eyes and others were like freshly sharpened daggers.

A new woman broke the silence; the woman was the second in command. An imposing woman of fifty years and a strict voice that made the toughest of alphas crack.

“Here are the main bodyguards and the women in charge of the house.” More pictures were displayed and names given but none made her pause instead it made the house seem like a never-ending stream of worker ants. If one fell ten more would take its place.

“We should be concentrating on the main players not the minions!” An alpha shouted from farther down the table after three hours of names. Sunny wanted to voice her agreement but held her tongue. She was an outsider, both from the city and from this team.

She observed a few heads nodding their own agreement.  

Her boss sighed and a new face filled the screen, a happy man with a glass held high in a toast. His arm was wrapped around a beautiful woman. It took Sunny a second but she recognized the woman as the famous actress who starred in her favourite dramas.

“This photo was taken at the famous actress’ wedding, Thankun aka Khun is the eldest brother and holds a business law degree. He is said to be easily bored and not interested in his family’s business.” Sunny stared at the man but he did not seem like a threat to her.

He was labeled as a tv addict with mood swings but she thought he was harmless.

A new picture took frame, a Khun covered in blood on top of a fallen figure.

“The man under Khun was the actress’s stalker, he had been following her when Khun spotted him and beat him. He also destroyed the surrounding area in their fight. Due to the man attempting to kidnap the actress we could not charge him with anything. Khun stated that she screamed for help and he answered it. She said she couldn’t remember doing so but said everything happened so quickly she might have screamed on instinct. The woman was so grateful that she invited him to her wedding.”

“Khun is known to be extremely violent when his family is threatened and is rumoured to be extremely unstable. He is also a gossip but he has been know to say nothing of value when questioned. Instead choosing to spend hours talking about whatever show holds his interest.” Her boss spoke disgruntledly. His lips pressed in a firm line of hatred.

Khun was discussed but eventually ruled out, the head of a mob must be discreet and Khun flashy personality was anything but. Then the fact was given that the oldest member was said to behave like a child, destroying what he could not possess or if someone denied him something. Property damage was something he did often but none of his victims had come forward; either they were paid off or they held their tongues.

It made her shiver.

One alpha down two more to go.

If this was how the eldest behaved what were his younger siblings like?

A new young man was shown, standing next to a flashy car in a deserted street, a random street lamp casting a beam of light in the otherwise empty darkness. The photo must have been taken mid-shot as the young man dressed in casual designer clothes had his hand on an open passenger door. The photo had been taken at night but the black hair boy was wearing sunglasses. His eyes hidden from the camera and the team.

“This is Kim, the youngest brother. Some would argue the most brutal, does anyone remember what happened to the Saelim family?” Gasps echoed the room and people shifted uneasily as they seemed to remember a tragic event. Sunny did not know who this family was.

“You remember how every member but those who had no mob ties were wiped out… it is said that the head had angered Kim and he killed them. I don’t need to remind anyone how hard it was to find the pieces or put together some of the higher up members.” Sunny shivered in fear. She hadn’t known that she would need to take part in a scavenger hunt for body parts.

“Do we know why he did this?” A voice asked, Sunny belatedly realizing it was her own.

“Some whispers on the street were that the man insulted Kim’s pride but there is something missing in this account as the slight was made at a party. Regardless Kim has his hands in the entertainment industry—gambling and drinking are his areas of income. He is also known to race and take part in illegal fighting rings. He is a brawler who can count.” The boss finished off in a joke to lighten the mood.

Sunny saw that in the report on him that he was an accounting graduate, a near perfect score on his final exam.

“Kim is known to disappear and reappear whenever he wants and when he does resurface there is a string of bodies behind him.”

Sunny wished she could see his eyes but every photo they had the man was wearing sunglasses.

They debated if this boy could be the leader but still, he did not quite fit as he was more prone to violence but he did not have patience to out plan his opponents.

Kim was discarded.

“Lastly we have the middle brother—the flirt as he was once known as, Kinn.”

A man surrounded by pretty boys was displayed. A single man in a luxurious bar, a glass of bourbon held aloft in his hand but Sunny noticed his eyes were locked onto something or someone. There was a fire blazing in those eyes. The mafia man had a target placed.

Kinn was known to be charismatic and cunning. Out planning his enemies and business rivals but his arrogance was said to be his fatal flaw.

“Why not ask one of his lovers about his businesses or have an officer become one of his boys?” An alpha man asked, he was around the same age as Sunny.

“Sadly, we have tried that in the past with all three brothers but Kinn’s in particular, past lovers’ hold him in high esteem and said they saw nothing but a legal man. Those we’ve tried to place get marked and he doesn’t even approach them. For some reason Kinn has stopped taking lovers.” The man had a defeated voice as he said this, so this sting had been planned for years.

It had yet to bare fruit.

“Maybe we should try the house? A new bodyguard or maid?” A tall alpha woman suggested from Sunny’s right side.

“We’ve tried to get on the security teams but they don’t make it pass the second stage.” A large alpha man said, his arms were laying on the table. This bear of a man had nothing but hatred in his voice as he talked about the failed spies. Men, who should have been able to pass but once they met the head of security they were kicked out.

Head of security?

“Say hello to Porsche, Kinn’s head of security and personal bodyguard.”

Porsche was a handsome man, with a cocky smirk. He was a fighter who had been hand picked by Kinn and it was common knowledge that the two never left each other’s sight. Porsche had once been labelled as a womanizer but since working with Kinn. He had not flirted with any of the female cops who had staged meetings with him in bars.

“Porsche did leave Kinn’s service for a couple of years but since his return, we haven’t gotten any feet past the front door.”

He was a clever man for someone who was once paid to mix drinks and throw out drunks.

She watched footage of Porsche sparring with an undercover cop. It was a one-sided fight. The bodyguard beat the cop into the ground before he verbalized what the man had done wrong. It wasn’t enough to break his body, he had to terminate his pride.

“Could we maybe slip in an undercover cop as a maid. These types of people wouldn’t bother to check on a single maid and she could move around without suspicion.” An older female officer offered. The others around her nodded in agreement.

“Won’t work.” A silky voice purred and Sunny turned her head to see a beautiful woman dressed in uniform, she was pouting as she went to speak again. Sunny thought she looked like a painting of everything desirable in an omega woman.

“I’ve tried to infiltrate through that route…”

The boss cut her off to add his own thoughts.

“Sky has never had a problem getting into the mob houses. She successfully brought down four different families using this route but unfortunately, she barely lasted a week.”

Sky’s pout grew, her red painted lips pushed out in a show of sadness.

“I had started as a maid, even made a few ‘friends’ but I happened to meet the madame of the house.” She spoke and the other officers moved closer to listen to her words.

She signaled for the screen to change.

A new picture of an omega male filled its frame. The happy man dressed as a nurse, his face was warm and welcoming. Sunny thought if she had seen him before today, she would have thought him as an innocent civilian.

“This is Chè … the madame of the house. I had been dusting one of the main rooms when he came in.” The others at the table knew she meant that she had been looking around the place for hidden evidence. “I didn’t think much of him in the moment, an omega dressed in his house clothes and he had a book and some water.”

“He barely even looked at me as he took a seat and started reading.” She turned to look at her audience and Sunny could have sworn her eyes lingered on her.

“All of a sudden, I heard glass break and a scream…” She paused and sighed heavily. “Without thinking my hand went to my side to pull my gun. When I turned around the omega was watching me; he smiled and coyly asked how long I had been on the force.” She finished and the room let out its breath.

Fuck! So, the family knew that they were trying to watch them.

“You said he was the madame but who is he mated to?” Sunny asked.

“Kim the youngest but that isn’t the worst part.” Sunny listened for the bad news. “He’s the younger brother of Porsche.”

Fuck so two brothers were protecting the three alpha mobsters. That did complicate things.

“Maybe we could make Chè lose favour? Have him get caught with someone?” A voice suggested but Sunny was captivated by the earlier photo of Kim, the one with his hand out to open the car door.

“Won’t work. Kim is devoted to his omega and has broken bones for those who stared for too long. Chè himself is not one to talk to strangers.” Sky said as she once again signaled for the screen to change.

The omega boy was seated at a coffee shop but what surprised the new inspector was the baby bouncing in his lap. The mother and child smiling at each other as if they were not surrounded by dozens of bodyguards.

“What if we offered him immunity for himself and his child? He might be an abused omega?” One inspector proposed, that was not uncommon in the mob. A forced mating bond or an unwanted child.

“Tried that and he laughed in the person’s face. He marched to this very office to launch a complaint for the officer stalking him. Saying if he saw the person again, he would set someone on him for threatening his family.” Sky said her tone unamused at their past failures.

“What’s worse is the rumours surrounding the ‘helpless’ boy. Chè is a nurse for a very respected hospital… an enemy of the family was sent there… during Chè’s shift the man passed away from his injuries. Injuries that were a few minutes earlier not life threatening.”

The implication in her voice was clear and it made Sunny wonder if that is why the omega chose nursing. In the past poison was the choice weapon for omegas, to some wasn’t medication the modern poison?

What were they to do with a family that would not allow itself to be broken apart or to feed its greed?

“Sunny you are going to be sent in.” Her second boss commanded, the woman leveled her a stern glance and Sunny blanched in panic. How would she even make it passed the first round? Her fighting was horrible, like she lost to her seven-year-old nephew in a wrestling match.

 She gaped and nodded because what else could she do?

She made a mental note to get her will in order before she left for this assignment.

And call her mother one last time.

She had filled in her false information for her application to be a bodyguard and had made it to the interview stage. She was dressed in the family’s uniform- all black. It would be her funeral clothes.

The other candidates were waiting with her. Mostly alpha or beta men. The men were much taller than her but she did spot a few other female alphas. She was once again the shortest alpha in the room or I guess the training ground.

Pete one of the senior bodyguards was explaining the next stage to them as they waited to be tested by Porsche. A standard process, she noted a few family guards were hanging around and whispering to themselves. A few passing bills to each other.

Oh, fuck they were betting on the out come.

She licked her lips as she waited for the fighter to appear, the others shifting in nerves with her. It seemed that the head of security’s reputation was well known but she had heard that if one was by this group and gunshots broke out to run towards this family as it was the safest to be when in danger.

It was so hot and they had to stand in the sun cooking. Her bangs were drooping into her eyes, the hair weighed down by her sweat. A hand touched her shoulder and she moved to face the hand.

It was another female alpha. She had out in her free hand a hair tie. A grateful smile was tossed to the stranger as Sunny pulled her bangs from her eyes, now able to see clearer but still knowing she would fail.

She had been sent in because the inspectors had only sent male officers before but she was also not someone who was first thought to be a cop so she might be able to last longer than Sky. She would be closer to the main family and might over hear or see something that could lead to their downfall.

No pressure. She had this.

“Line up!” A voice commanded, the new recruits jumped to attention and did as he said.

Porsche the lord of the arena had arrived and he was wasting no time. Porsche was ruthless as he fought with the other alpha men and then the betas. The men’s backs hitting the ground in defeat and they were separated into two groups. One to stay and one to be kicked off the property.

Porsche did not lose his breath as he fought the larger men or when he was dealt a blow. He continued as if nothing happened.

It was too fast when it was the female alphas turn. There was three of them and she was second.

The first woman did fairly well but she too kissed the dirt and limped off to one side.

Sunny took a deep breath and moved forward. If Porsche was concerned by her outward appearance, he gave no sign of it. Her pudgy face or small stature made no difference in the fierceness of his punches. Sunny squeaking in her efforts to dodge him. She knew she couldn’t match him physically but she might be able to avoid him and last the time.

He let out a laugh when she kept ducking him and evading his attacks. His lip quirked up in humour but he did not slow down. Sunny felt the kick to her ribs before her brain was able to match the image to the pain. She didn’t think they were broken but they were definitely bruised.

Her lungs expelled its contents and she struggled to regain the oxygen she had lost.

She threw her own punch in instinct to protect herself but it missed and she collapsed to the ground.

Porsche stood over her, the sun giving him an angelic air as he held his hand out to her. Pulling her from the ground. He had not once done this to anyone else in his matches.

A loud sound of clapping could be heard and everyone once again jumped to attention but she saw Porsche roll his eyes and his head raise to the sun in a silent prayer.

“Bravo!” The claps slowed and then stopped once everyone was looking at him. It was Kinn, standing from one of the manor’s balconies. His red suit giving him the appearance of the devil or maybe that had to do with the smirk plastered on his face as he looked at Sunny.

No not at her, but beside her to Porsche.

Porsche wiped sweat from his brow and Kinn launched himself over the balcony rail. His feet firm when he landed on the ground and paraded over to the group. The family guards waiting for orders.

“What do you think?” Kinn was speaking with Porsche, the two-standing side by side.

Kinn gave the man his handkerchief to clean his forehead and Porsche took the cloth without a word but his eyes said everything.

“Fine but miss Day will have to leave.” Sunny startled when she remembered that was the fake name she gave on her application.

Porsche was looking at her in amusement.

“Sorry miss but no cops allowed in this playground even if you are fun to spar with.” Porsche’s scent was filling the air and she bit her lip when she realized the man was an omega. Kinn smirked at the change in her scent.

“My mate has spoken. Good day officer. Oh, and tell your boss I said that if they continue to invade my family’s privacy. I’ll be forced to pay him a personal meeting.” Her blood chilled at his words. She understood clearly what the man’s veiled threat or was it a promise insinuated.

She retreated without another word. She did not know if this family could be felled. They were like vines. Growing steadily until one finally noticed them entangling around a person’s body, chopping had no purpose as the vine was too long and once the person comprehended, they were being strangled. Having spent too much time on one part of the plant to see another had slithered around the person’s neck.

As she was passing the gate, she saw a little boy running into Porsche’s arms. This was a different child from the one photo taken of Chè.

Two omegas who guarded their alphas’ home. What chance did they really have to win against such guard dogs?


The BAU was bustling as the team’s next assignment was given out. The profilers exhausted from their last case of chasing some crazy serial killer.  Hotchner had been given the orders for his team to shadow a party which would host many foreign visitors. The guests would be members from business families but really, they were suspected of international crimes but so far nothing had been proven.

The team was seated in the main office as they were delivered the news. It was different from their normal cases but they knew that the reason the team had been assigned was because of their profiling skills. This they could use to deduce the businessmen’s habits or what they might have committed.

The ages would vary as would the countries that these guests would come from, but the FBI was hopeful that someone would be arrested. It would be hosted at a hotel from one of the suspected criminals.

The families were from all over the world, Rossi had noticed one was linked with the Italian mob and then a few Russian ones. The suspected crimes were also very similar: drug dealing, weapon and human trafficking, mobster violence, murder and threatening. The profilers read and looked through the many folders of information given to them, each identifying behavioural characteristics from the various leaders.

No one at this party would be a saint.

But plenty of sinners and devils would be there to celebrate their wrongdoings.

The hotel was large enough to rival the great casinos of Vegas. The grand fountains and archways were breath taking. A symbol of frivolous spending.

The large archway for guests to enter under and the extravagant chandelier. The windows that stretched for miles and the dozens of Champaign glasses that moved around the room. The designer everything and the priceless gems that were worn by those in attendance was another layer on how wealthy these people were. The guests partaking in every level of opulence that was given to them.

The entertainment was topnotch. Singers, musicians and magicians were performing and stole the attention of those who were watching. The bodyguards of the suspected mobsters walked the room or stayed close to their bosses. A few omegas and beta women (who were hired to be someone’s plus one) in awe of what they saw. JJ and Prentiss making sure to alert other officers to make sure they were not victims of prostitution or human trafficking.

The team had split up to cover more ground and to converse with those in the room, Rossi going to talk with the Italians and Prentiss had went to speak to a French group but Morgan had commented on the lack of the Thai Mafia, the host’s family.

It was written in the file, that the family had a habit of sending their sons to American universities under fake names. This was one that had not gone to an American university, instead that had been the two older boys.

The youngest was the usual to come to this type of party to network. Hotchner was the only one on the team to meet the younger man. Hotchner had said that he was known to wear sunglasses as he had a sensitivity to light and thus had to wear them. But as the group walked around, they did not see anyone as young as the alpha who should have been hosting.

The arrogant young man who if rumours were to be believed would come to these parties drunk or high, sometimes both.

Rossi had sent a text to his group, stating that he had eyes on the host but it was not the youngest brother but in fact the middle one who was in charge.

Rossi had been commenting on the wine with the leader of the Esposito family. A man Rossi himself knew to be corrupt but he made sure to keep him in his circles to keep an eye on him. The man who had once been sipping his drink in boredom had slammed the glass onto the table and had loudly shouted out “Kinn!” in an aggressively friendly tone, the smile plastered on his face but his eyes were like a snake that was about to strike.

Rossi was now faced with a young gentleman, a glass of whiskey in his hand. The man had been conversing with another group before his eyes had met Esposito’s. A smirk flashed over his lips then he made his excuses to leave his previous party to join the new one.

“Hello Esposito, it’s been a while.” Kinn smugly said, he acknowledged Rossi but his attention was mostly on Esposito.

“Yes, it has, since we last met, I heard you were making a name for yourself but you still haven’t lost your impulsiveness.” The Italian mob member hissed at the younger alpha, his scent was bitter in rage and the veins on his hand pulsed in his suppressed fury. Rossi could smell the pride coming off the cocky alpha.

The mystery man brought his glass to his lips and took a sip of his drink.

“I have to thank you, if it hadn’t been for your surprise party. I never would have met my mate; I hope you received my gift as a sign of respect and thanks.” The alpha haughtily gloated as he left the two older men.

The older alpha gritted his teeth and threw his glass to the ground in anger, then he too stormed off. Cursing in Italian as he went.

Rossi did not quite know what had happened before his eyes but he did know that the men had been alluding to something illegal.

At Rossi’s text, Morgan was the one to spot Kinn standing by the bar. He was keeping company with a handsome man in black clothes. The man in black had been snacking on some food when Kinn opened his mouth to indicate he wanted the food. The other man had snorted at him then said something that Morgan could not hear but ultimately given him his food. Shoving it into the kingpin’s mouth.

As Kinn chewed he gave his glass to the other to drink, the man did so and then gave the remaining portion to the owner of the glass. Morgan added paranoid to his profile. The closeness of the two men was clear but the way they behaved indicated that they were boss and employee. The team knew there would bodyguards and looks like they had found one.

Morgan stuck to the shadows as he made his way to the bar.

“Kim comes to these things? Typical drama queen.” The bodyguard had muttered. Looking at the drink in his boss’s hand longingly.

“Kim was always the most thorough of us, nothing hides from his eyes. Numbers are his area of expertise. These Americans pride themselves on catching tax indiscretions but Kim has never been out a single penny. We aren’t the Capone’s.” Kinn finished with a flourish as he switched to his native language and the two men watched the crowd subsequently parting ways.

Kinn made himself at home with Prentiss’s group and the bodyguard had gone to a corner to hide in but nonetheless had been seen by Garcia who was trying to make small talk with him. The man nodding along with what she fired off at him.

The party had been doing well; people getting drunker by the minute and the FBI trying to record whatever conversations that they could. But otherwise, it was rather boring, the team making a running game of profiling those attending.

A magician, a lovely looking beta had joined the crowd talking with various people after his set when he had spotted Kinn and called out to him by name. The other had gazed at him for a brief moment before recognition flooded his eyes and a warm smile graced his lips.

“Hello Mark, whatever are you doing here?” He had asked. JJ listening in to his chat. She saw the shorter man plant a kiss to the alpha’s cheek in greeting and she could tell from their actions that the two had once dated. That level of comfort around each other could not just mean friends.

“I’m working, what about you? I thought you never went to these types of parties.” The cute man had said as he looked up at Kinn.

“Kim refuses to leave the country right now and Khun… well its in everyone’s’ best interest that he doesn’t come to theses type of things.”   

The beta pulled the alpha closer to him and whispered softly, JJ straining to hear over the background noise.

“I heard you now have a kid… is it true and if so? Who did you trick into having your baby?” The beta asked gently as the alpha flushed with pride.

“The best omega obviously! We had a slight rough patch but now. Look this is my son.” Kinn gleefully handed his past lover his cellphone, the other man cooing at the photos displayed.

The beta was flipping through the photos and stopped at one in particular, he licked his lips and looked up at the alpha businessman.

“If you and your omega ever want a threesome, let me know.” The beta sent the alpha a wink as the other man laughed at the suggestion. The comment made in a joking manner and then the two went their separate ways.

Reid had sat himself at a table and played poker with those there, not offering his own words but keeping a mental record of what was being said around him. He was in the zone as he won many rounds and ‘lost’ a few to make sure no one knew he was counting cards.

The doors had been kicked open when he had displayed his hand. Reid dropping the cards onto the table in surprise. His first thought was that this might have been a raid by the police but the masks over the men’s faces ruled that theory out.

The team jumping to respond and pulling their own weapons to fire back at the gunshots. People screamed as they sought cover from the shots, some of the bodyguards shot back and tables were destroyed in both an attempt to hide and to take out the threats.

Hotchner was closest to Kinn when the men had appeared, the alpha had remained calm as he watched his ballroom being demolished, eyes scanning the room. One man had gotten close to him raising the gun, the masked man’s focus on another target as Kinn punched him in the face.

The masked man then staggering to shoot Kinn but the other man slammed his elbow to the man’s face and the gun was dropped. Kinn retrieved it and shot the man in the leg. Removing him from the fight.

The FBI agents and the armed bodyguards were able to take out the threats but the fight was not without casualties. Kinn let out a gasp as he was grazed by a bullet, his hand placed firmly to stop the blood flow but his attacker was already taking aim to shoot the man.


The gun man dropped dead to the ground. Kinn’s bodyguard standing behind the unknown man. His arm solid as he killed the last intruder, the man’s eyes were emotionless as he went to his boss. An ambulance was called and Kinn was taken to the hospital.

The team got to work to figure out how this group was able to get through security. The team separating into groups of two.

JJ and Prentiss staying to question the guests as Hotchner and Rossi went to investigate Kinn’s room. Morgan and Reid would question the mobster at the hospital.

The penthouse suite was large and Rossi let out a whistle of appreciation at the room before them. Hotchner looking out the window to see the balcony had its own private hot tub.

“Most homes have less luxuries.” Rossi made an off-handed comment as he went to the dresser.

Hotchner hummed as he went closer to the bed. A hand covering his nose as the scent of sex was overpowering the space. The sheets on the bed were thrown in different directions there was no mistaking what had happened in this room earlier.

“How many hotels do you know that supply complimentary restraints?” Hotchner asked as he pointed to the ties that were attached to the bed frame.

Rossi raised an eyebrow in response, sending a quick text to the team, Kinn had a lover with him. A lover who might have been the attackers’ co-conspirator.

Reid and Morgan had spoken to the doctors about Kinn’s health. The man would be fine with the bullet barely touching him. The man had no other injuries and would be signed out the next morning. He had been bitter about having to hand over his clothes as evidence but otherwise he made no complaints.

The man was currently laying on the hospital bed as his bodyguard chewed him out in their native language. The alpha had his eyes closed but he was not sleeping as he responded to the one-sided confrontation.

“Excuse me? Would you be okay to answer some questions about tonight?” Reid asked nervously. The omega’s large glasses making him appear younger and making the other men relax in his presence.

“Sure, what do you want to know?” Kinn enquired, his shadow moving to rest beside the bed. Taking a seat in one of the chairs, Morgan and Reid now standing at the center of the bed.

The questions went on for a few hours with Kinn doing the talking as the man in black sat in silence. His eyes were hard as Kinn spoke but other than that he showed no emotions.

“Why come to this party? Doesn’t your brother normally host this event? Could he have been the original target?” Morgan probed.

Kinn shook his head in disbelief.

“If someone was going to kill Kim, they wouldn’t do so in another country. Far too much work.” Kinn dismissed as he ran a hand through his hair.

“I would kill for a smoke.” He said as he lifted his head to look at his bodyguard. The other man turning his face to the FBI agents. Ignoring his boss.

“Kim’s mate just gave birth and he has not taken his eyes off either of them longer than it takes to blink. So why would he leave the country?”

The two agents nodded but said nothing to the statement.

They had a few living attackers so that might give them the name of the person who got them inside.

The agents made their way to the door.

“Oh, can someone return what was inside my suit jacket?” Kinn asked.

The agents stopping in surprise at the request when asked what they were to return Kinn said they would know when they saw it.

The next day the team waited for Kinn and his guard dog to come to their office. The case had been closed within a matter of hours. The betrayer had been a translator who had debts. The team had breathed a sigh of relief at another case closed.

The item was waiting for Kinn on Reid’s desk.

Garcia had just finished her tale of how the handsome man in black had saved her when a shooter had tried to take her hostage and how awed she was as he fought.

The door opened as Morgan teased her. It was the alpha of the hour.

The bodyguard nowhere in sight.

“Hey pretty boy.” Morgan called and Reid gave the small blue ring box back to its owner.

The bodyguard stepping through the door as Kinn hid the box in his jacket pocket. Seconds earlier, Prentiss was almost certain the man had let out a breath of relief.

Pretty Boy?” the bodyguard had questioned. He looked at his boss then said something in Thai, the only two words the team could make out was “pretty boy”. The alpha rolling his eyes at the darkly dressed man, uttering the sentence himself and making the fighter growl. Storming away.

The alpha waved goodbye to the team and went after his bodyguard.

“What odd men… good looking but very strange.” Garcia had said to the silent room.


Kinn’s men were awaiting his instructions to storm the building. Building might have been stretching the definition of the word; the great structure was crumbling and the windows were boarded up to block the light from accessing the inside.

A few street lamps illuminated the sparse street but the only figures that lingered answered to Kinn, those who were smart had moved on once they had seen his cars pull up. The threat of danger not worth staying to watch the incoming fight.

This place had been reported to be taking part in a human trafficking network and worse they were selling tainted drugs. Kinn having received word of it from one of his business partners. The man’s own son having taken some of the groups contaminated substances. Kinn had not told Porsche of this raid as he knew it would upset his mate. The boy was acquaintances of their son Kon.

His eldest was far too smart to get involved with something as foolish and shady as these low-level crooks. Kon didn’t need pills or liquor to find an escape, his family life was more stable than those who had come before him. He wouldn’t be one to seek out a habit.

Kinn pulled his gun and nodded for one of his men to kick down the door, no point wasting time on this kind of filth.

A small scuffle broke out as Kinn’s men shot the ruffians who ran the brothel, the screams of the human merchandise was barely audible over the gun shots, the terrified scents of multiple people made it hard to breathe. The alpha shot a few men as he moved towards the back room, the room he thought that the mastermind would be in. His men swarmed the other rooms breaking up the sexual affairs. He wrinkled his nose in disgust as he saw his bodyguards pulling frightened teens in nearly naked states and people his own age or older from the same bedrooms.

The empty but scared eyes that watched his as he stalked the halls, some of the victims were shoved together and they hugged each other for warmth and comfort. Whispering about how they would all be killed.

It was the one part of Kinn’s job that he hated to witness those who had been discarded or sold into the sex trade. It was a horrid place for omegas and at night Kinn had thoughts about his own omega who if they hadn’t become a fighter could have been forced to take this route or worse been sold by their uncle into it.

The bodyguards had gone to some of the kids and were trying to make them stop crying but the scents of uncomfortable alphas made them weep silent tears. The men and gangsters who had been rounded up were handcuff and their fates were sealed by Kinn’s earlier orders.

Another vehicle would come for the omegas and betas, he had a suspicion that a few would have been label as missing persons and they would want to return home. For those who did not have a home, he would ask his brother-in-law for help.

An empty tin sound drew Kinn’s attention away from his task at hand and he made his way to the back stairs checking to see what was happening.

He saw three figures going slowly to the back door. Kinn rushed after them and the empty paint can rolling by his feet as he went to cut them off. A trio was going for the back alley.

A group of two figures supporting one person with their arms spread over the two’s shoulders.  The three stumbling along in the shadows, Kinn spotted the two males and one female form but the one being dragged was male. Kinn couldn’t detect his scent.

The other two shared a similar scent and a sweetness that marked them as omegas.

The male omega was trying to hush the other boy as they went but the boy was grumbling under his breath.

“Please boss, we need to stay quiet or they’ll hear us.” The young girl begged as she hauled the group to the mouth of the backstreet. Kinn decided it was his time to make his presence known. These might be two kids trying to ‘save’ one of their abusers. Or worse a third victim who was in need of medical care.

He cleared his throat and flooded the space with his scent, the two omegas stilled instantly but the middle boy wanted to keep going forward.

“Stop!” Kinn ordered and the omegas froze unable to take another step unless Kinn allowed them.

The two omegas were dressed in short shorts and barely their tops but the young alpha with them was fully dressed, making Kinn believe more that this was one of the low lives his group was stopping. As Kinn got closer to the group he was able to tell why the omegas scents were strong than the alpha. The two omegas were bare foot, leaving slightly bloody foot prints on the ground behind them, a tactic that was quite common as it meant the victim had a harder time escaping and if they did injure themselves, they were more likely to stop.

Kinn could hear the footsteps of his men as he went to the trio but he was not ready to see who that third member truly was. Nothing could have prepared him to see his own son’s glassy eyes looking back at his. The same eyes that both of his children inherited from him but this pair didn’t recognize his own.

The two omegas whimpered and Kinn finally saw that the two were twins. They were about the same age as Kon, seventeen and scared.

The two omegas were clinging to his son and had him slightly pushed behind them. It was a bad shield but they were trying. Kinn narrowed his eyes and grabbed his son, his heir made no effort to fight off his hand and his head was rolling to the side as he tried to look at Kinn. A dazed smile on his face.

Kinn signaled for the omegas to be taken with the others and Kon would be riding with him. The men said nothing or gave any visible signs that there was something wrong about their drugged heir being carried by his father to the car.

The two sat in the back, Kinn forcing his son to lay his head on his father’s lap. The alpha running his fingers through his son’s hair.

He couldn’t understand how his son had gotten involved in this? Was it the son of his business partner who had led him to this place.

“Kon… Kon what were you doing there?” Kinn asked, his boy had his eyes closed as he tried to gather his thoughts.

“To relax…” the teenager said as he snuggled close to his father.

“Why there?”

“Because there I was just some nameless kid, I wasn’t Kon. Just a nobody with money.” Kon mumbled, he trailed off as he seemed to be giving in to sleep’s sirens call.

“Then why were those kids trying to get you away?” Kinn needed to know but he understood that Kon wasn’t completely in the right mind for a real interrogation.

“They’re my friends and they knew Father would be angry at me. I don’t want to be disowned but this was the only place I could be myself without being pressured to be perfect. The drugs calmed me down and I’ve been better at home too.”

Kinn was flabbergasted, he had noticed the improvement in Kon’s temper but had assumed it was due to him getting older and more mature. He hadn’t known the boy thought of he was pressuring him to be perfect or that his son had felt so alone.

Kinn himself was no stranger to drugs but there was a big difference from the party type Kinn and Kim took to the injections Kon was giving himself. Had Kinn not been his father but a rival the teen would have been killed and never even understood what had happened.

Kinn was an outsider looking in on his son’s life. The two felt like strangers, like when Kinn had first tried to parent their child and all Kon had wanted was his dad. Crying until Porsche appeared.

Where was the boy he had taught to shoot and fight? His little boy who crawled into his bed after night terrors? The giggling boy who chased after glistening objects, he wanted that boy back.

“Father won’t know because he’s busy and he can’t know how much I’ve fallen. He won’t love me anymore. My daddies won’t love me.” Kon said as his emotions reached a high, he started to sob as the rest of his sentence was unintelligible. Kinn got his son to sit up and placed him on his lap as if he was still a small child. Making his son’s nose rest in the curve of his neck. Kon breathed deeply and started to calm down.

“I love you and nothing will ever change that. I have been proud of you since before you took your first breath. You haven’t fallen merely stumbled and you are not the first to do so in this family.” Kinn reassured his son, his tone loving and warm. It was words his own father had not said to him when he needed to hear them.

“But I betrayed them. Betrayers need to die.” Kon hiccupped into his throat.

“You are my son and you have never betrayed me.” Kinn kissed the top of his son’s head as the boy riffed off to sleep.

He texted his mate to take King and himself out for the night. His omega had been surprised but had agreed to do so.

Porsche had his own secrets and Kinn would now have one of his own. But this would not just be his secret but his son’s as well.

Kon awoke to find himself in his bed, not understanding how he could have gotten home. He was certain he had planned to go to the drug den before coming home as a way to relax himself but how had he stumbled home without anyone noticing?

“You’re up?” His father asked as he was passed a cup of warm tea.

Kon took a sip so he wouldn’t need to speak just yet.

His father was waiting for him to say something.


“Do you remember what you did today?” His father asked his tone was neutral but there was something hiding in the coolness. 

“I came home after class.” Kon lied with a passive face, it was not the first time he had given this lie.

“Yes, you did come home… after I collected you.” Kinn snatched Kon’s arm and pulled up his sleeve to show the old track marks. Kon ripped his arm away and pulled down his shirt to hide the evidence.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” The mafia man inquired. His son forced his face away from his alpha father’s.

“What! What do you want to hear? That I needed something to help me forget? That I can’t be calm and perfect with out a little help?” Kon shouted.

Kinn should have known that Kon’s changing moods were not just hormones but maybe he had blinded himself to that reality that his son had been going through withdrawals. To have his own illusions about the perfection his family exhibited.

“Kon when a person can be given anything, we are the ones who have to deny ourselves, otherwise temptation will take over and we will lose power. You…you didn’t even recognize me. What would you have done if I was your enemy? Worse yet what if King had found you and you thought him the enemy?” Kon sucked in a breath and flinched at the accusation. The hurt and fear shined in his teary gaze as he looked at his father.

Kinn sighed in defeat as he pulled his son close to him.

“I wouldn’t hurt my family.” He bit his lip. “You can say it. I know what you’re thinking.”

Kinn raised an eyebrow in question.

“You don’t see me as your son anymore. I’m not the perfect heir. I’m just a weak coward who needed drugs to be normal. I’m not worthy of your blood or love.” Kon pulled his pillow over his face to muffle his cries.

Kinn gave him a moment and then took the pillow away from his sweet boy.

“Do you know why I love you and your brother?” Kon narrowed his eyes as if to enforce his earlier comment. “I love you two because you have Porsche’s blood in your veins, my blood is worthless, our name might mean something but all we have done is spill more blood but Porsche. Your dad has been the light to my darkness and through his light; I have two more little lights to see me through the darkness.”

Kon’s frame went limp as he listened to Kinn’s words.

“You got a little lost but never stepped off the path but now you are at a crossroad. The decision is one only you can make and once it is made, I will help you.”

“What do you want me to do Father?” 

“I’ll give you two options and you must make the verdict. One is you continue to live as you are now, and the consequences that follow.” Kon flinched as he thought about what happened the next time, he was out of it. “Or you get clean and get help. I’ll pay for everything from the rehab to therapy. What do you want to do? I won’t judge you.” Kinn promised.

“I… I want…”

Within the week Kon had to face his choice. He would be on the path he picked without his father’s name or city to protect him.

The tarmac was loaded with workers for the airport, a car was placed next to where the plane would land. The private jet landed gracefully and the door was opened, a small group of staff members left the vessel first and then the captain called out to the guest of honour.

An alpha wearing dark sunglasses left the plane, stepping onto the carpet that was placed on the ground, the flight crew bowed to him in respect. The alpha was dressed well in a cashmere sweater and dark jeans; the staff knew their boss on sight and awaited his orders.

As the alpha went down the plane’s steps; a younger alpha more unsure teenager followed after him. A tight grasp on the kingpin’s sweater revealed the young man’s nerves while his face was blank. The two went to a car and waited as their bags were loaded.

The son broke the quietness, his voice quivering but trying to stay steady.

“You promise me that you won’t abandon me here.” The mob heir pleaded.

“I will never abandon you Kon. You’ll stay in the States for a year and then you will be back where you belong.” Kinn promised, a hand held his son tightly.

“And you swear dad will never know that I’m not here just for university?”

The deal was made but once the news was told to the two other members of the family, the reactions had been vastly different. King had pleaded with his older brother not to go to a different country for school, begging the older to stay. While Porsche had raged at not being involved in the decision and shouting that Kinn was taking his son away from him.

The two mates had not spoken as the alphas had gotten on the private jet. Porsche throwing himself at his son in a tight hug and asking his son to message him constantly. The trio of King, Kon and Porsche hugging was a moment Kinn did not want to interrupt but it was his son who pulled away. His long sleeves being grabbed by King in one last desperate attempt to keep him.

“See you soon kiddo.” Kon said as he brushed the hair off of King’s face and gave his dad one last hug before he boarded the jet.

Kon had to be an adult now, he would not have his parents to hold his hands anymore. It was time to face his consequences of his earlier actions. It was time to stop running. To flee meant he was selfish but to lie made his crimes worse for he was leaving his family vulnerable.

It was time to step out of his parents’ shadows and make his own legacy.


Frong was that forgotten middle child, even if he was an only child for his own parents. In their tightknit family they might as well have had the same parents for the three children. His older cousin had often teased him about being spoiled by his father and Frong knew he was. A look at his apartment would be a clear sign as was what he drove to university everyday.

The med student was labelled as confrontational and at times verbally rude but that was more of a shield that he used to weed out those who had tried to get close to him to exploit him. This had happened countless times in the past.

When he was a child or even a young teen it had made him doubt himself and his value but his true friends, as well as his family had been there to pick up the pieces. That hidden fragility was something that Frong had tried to remove from himself, it would do no good for a future mafia boss to be prone to crying over rejection or to be easy to manipulate.

War was one of his closest friends to verbalize that this was not something to take as a weakness but that Frong should be more open than trying to close himself off more from the world.

Frong hated strangers or people he did not know. Fuck he didn’t even allow unknown bodyguards on his detail if he hadn’t first investigated them. So, to have to put himself out there for strangers to judge made him cagey and he constantly had to bite his lips so as not to spill cruel words.

When he had first seen that cute alpha med student; his interest was drawn. The alpha walking by him without a second look but Frong knew they would meet again. Chance was something his family was good at creating but first he might need to learn more about his prey.

The stereotype of omegas being seen as prey for alphas to hunt and mate was outdated and Frong wasn’t one to waste time.

Giving directions to the younger had been nice and Frong had learned his name, he had wanted to say more but the other student had been in a rush and Frong hadn’t wanted to keep him from something important.

Frong could be something important to him later.

There was a rumour floating around campus- of an engineering alpha and a first-year med student but it couldn’t be Frong’s med student, the campus wasn’t that small. Frong sought blood as he learned that the alpha, he had his eyes on was attempting to court another alpha. His cousin’s cocky friend.

Fuck that!

Frong was not going to be replaced by an idiot like Bohn. Around a table of empty beer bottles one of his friends would ask why he didn’t just give up now?

“Because there’s something that calls to me…” Frong had said before swallowing more of his beer.

In truth it might have had something to do with what his father had once said to him. That what first attracted Kim to Chè was the light and innocence in the younger boy’s eyes. Eyes that had yet to see spilt blood or what it was like to stare down the barrel of a gun.

Duen had those sorts of eyes and from what Frong had seen the boy was sympathetic to all around him. Frong wanted someone who treated him kindly.

Frong had walked around the mall twice trying to get his mind off of the fact that his nanny was dying from cancer and the world had left him helpless. The mall was another one of his pointless distractions, it was a coin flip between this and an illegal motorcycle race. This had won.

A smile lighting up his features as he had seen the alpha of his desires, doing errands at the same time. Frong ever the opportunist had dragged the boy into an impromptu date.

The alpha had looked contemplative as the two had strolled around the mall, Frong noticing that he could see his bodyguards dressed in plain clothes following them at a distance. Just as they had been ordered to do so.

He thought the other boy was nervous so he led them to a clothing store, joking that the other could dress him. As a way to lighten the mood. Frong had been on dates in the past when one party had sat in problematic silence and he had no desire to live through that again. However, the alpha was not taking the boon he was given, responding he had no fashion sense.

Frong laughed thinking the alpha was one of those types who had to do something perfect or else they would be embarrassed, so he had said that he would wear whatever the other picked out without worry. Frong wanting to convey that he just wanted the alpha to spend a happy moment with him.

The alpha had glanced around for maybe a second before grabbing whatever was in reach and given it to Frong, not even bothering to look at the sizes. The outfit was horrendous. Like Frong was sure this combination could kill anyone who looked at it but Frong was willing to overlook that but it wasn’t even close to his size.

Frong fought to keep his face smiling but the once happy smile was now contorting in unease. The alpha had thrown Frong his own fake smile before walking off a little to check his phone. Frong stared down at the outfit before quietly placing the items back on their racks. He hadn’t looked out the stores windows to where his men were, he hadn’t wanted to see what they thought of the situation.

It was embarrassing enough to be the one dismissed, he didn’t want to know the outsider view. Frong shook himself off, clothes were an intimate gesture and a first date might be too soon for something like that.

Yes, that was it. What was appropriate for a first date?

His uncle Khun would know, that man knew everyway to be sweet to someone.


The older med student had then taken the other boy to the ice cream shop. The place was friendly and maybe Duen would not feel so trapped as he did in the store. Duen had grabbed a table when Frong got their ice cream. It was nice that Duen hadn’t tried to force his way to pay. Some alphas had a real problem with Frong trying to use his own money for things.

The alpha boy was at a corner table when the omega had delivered the sweet treat. He had barely opened his mouth then he was interrupted by Bohn forcing his way to the table and taking the seat across from Duen. The omega had hmphed about to say something nasty to the other boy, he didn’t care this brat was King’s best friend, in this situation he was a rival.

Then the object of his affection’s cousin also joined them. That doctor who made his blood boil and caused him to rage for hours after a few minutes in his presence.  What kind of shit luck was Frong having, these two idiots interrupting his date and his beloved nanny dying? Was Frong not allowed to be happy for longer than a second?

Then the young engineer had the nerve, the fucking nerve, to help himself to the ice cream Frong had bought for Duen. Sure, Duen had yet to take a bite of it but he was probably waiting for Frong to start or maybe he had something he wanted to say.

The doctor had lightly joked that he hadn’t know this was a couple’s activity.

“It’s so cute to share with one’s sweetie.”  

The two alphas blushed but Duen did eat some of the ice cream after the other alpha had. It pissed Frong off that he couldn’t make Duen smile or talk as freely as the other two men.

Frong had tried to be less intimidating for the other, even changing what he drove after hearing that Duen was scared of motorbikes. He held his tongue when he really wanted to shout for Duen to speak or do something, he practically coated his words in sugar. Yet the alpha may as well have been deaf and blind to Frong.

The alpha had gone to answer his phone, Frong not being able to add a word before the three had retreated with a promise to be right back. The omega awkwardly left at the table for four by himself. Thankfully no one made any comments about it. Frong was tempted to pull out his phone to text one of his friends for advice, so far this was the worse date Frong had ever been on. Which was saying a lot as he once had someone try to kill him and another attempt a kidnapping. He wanted to text them but he knew that was rude given the situation, what if Duen returned and thought Frong wasn’t invested in their date?

He used his spoon to lightly push the melting green tea ice cream around its small paper bowl as the minutes tricked by, when he looked up every 20 seconds to see if Duen was coming back. Frong counted the minutes in his head and by ten he was starting to get jittery.

Had the call been about something negative or was there some bad news the little alpha hadn’t wanted to share? Did Duen need to compose himself?

These thoughts ran circles round Frong’s head as he sat alone playing with his uneaten treat.

“Umm Frong?” The doctor’s voice made the little hot head look up in delight, Duen must have returned and the men were going to leave.

No such luck, the alpha was standing alone looking at him cumbersomely, the stupid smile placed on his face but for once it didn’t look as firm as it normally did.

“Are you waiting for a ride?” The man asked as he sat across from Frong.

Why would Frong be waiting for a ride? Did Duen need a ride somewhere?

At Frong’s look of confusion, Thara clarified more on his words.

“Bohn and Duen headed home, they need to watch their siblings. That’s what the call was about. I thought my cousin texted you…” He trailed off still watching Frong with those unblinking eyes.

Frong fought not to get angry, not to show his hurt. He knew he hadn’t gotten a call or text. Bohn had his number but Duen didn’t (not yet) and the device had not once dinged. Frong waiting for any response even if it had sat in his pocket the whole time.

He had been ditched. He was that kid at the party no one had wanted to be around so they said they were going to get beer and had not returned. Frong stood without a word and so did the doctor. The man opening his mouth to say something, only to shut it when Frong forced the small paper bowl into his hand.

He walked off with these parting words.

“Enjoy the treat.”

Thara had joked about everyone at the table sharing their ice cream but Frong hadn’t touched his and now he hadn’t felt the need for sweets.

He was too full of bitter and salty thoughts.

When he stopped in front of his car, his men silently stopped with him. They all were watching him, not meeting his eyes with their own. All afternoon they had watched him be humiliated and now dumped. It was the cherry on top for his crappy day.

“If anyone so much as thinks about this afternoon, I’ll turn them into Korean BBQ. Is that clear?” He growled, the threat clear and his men started to sweat in fear.

“Yes Sir!” They barked back in unison.

Frong ripping open his car door and slamming it shut behind him. Racing out of the parking lot, not bothering to check if his men were following him. He needed to get away, to escape from his feelings.

Frong had been so delighted as a teenager to work at Forth’s family’s flower shop. It had been his escape since the two had met as small children and the older boy had looked out for him since. Forth’s brothers became Frong’s but now, seeing Duen buy flowers for Bohn and not bother to disguise why he was buying them. Made Frong want to burn the place to the ground.

The alpha was calmly trying to find the right flowers to convey his thoughts and Frong was tempted to send the opposite meaning but he knew, he just knew, King would be there and then the meaning would really be revealed.   

So, fate hadn’t brought them together by Duen choosing this store over other flower shops but this one was closest to the university and Bohn had made the other buy him flowers. Duen had explained to the omega, pausing as if waiting for the other to laugh at this tale.

A story Frong had no desire to be a part of… but then again had the other seen him as even a footnote?

How rude was the other to tell Frong this knowing that he had tried his hand at courting the alpha as well. That the omega had made his interest clear from day one but Duen couldn’t even be bothered to tell him he wasn’t interested in return. To constantly treat Frong like he was some useless person who he could walk away from without saying anything to.

Frong let Duen pay and then closed the shop for the day. Pulling the blinds down and opening the cashbox. He then took his wallet and emptied the bills into the store’s money box.

That should cover what the store would have made. Frong sliding down behind the desk to pull his knees to his chest to cry. Once again, he was forgotten and discarded.

One had to first be recognized to be rejected and the alpha had not once seen Frong as anything of value, not even a person.

A few weeks later his father would ask if his attempts at courting had gone anywhere but Frong knew from his own moods that the answer was obvious. Frong had once been happy and bubbly at the start of the semester and now he wasn’t. It was written for all to see but his father had yet to take his sunglasses off.

“No, I wasn’t his type…”

“What nonsense! How could you not be his type, my son is perfect! What’s the alpha’s name? I’ll ask him myself.” Kim demanded, his mate trying to silence him; knowing Frong hadn’t wanted to say anything or make a big deal out of it.

Frong pushed back his chair and left the room without a word. The sounds of him putting his shoes on and leaving their home echoed the large space.

Frong got hammered and then hit his head.

What the fuck was his life?

The doctor was nice to him though, so that was unexpected.

That bubbly feeling was returning, but a drunk Frong would save that investigation for when he was sober and the sun gave light to his hidden thoughts.

Chapter Text

Restraint? The ability to hold back his anger or his unhappiness at what his employees had done to wrong him. Kinn had none of that today, every little thing his bodyguard or house staff did set him off causing him to shout at the offending party. His maids rushed away from him, some of the more timid ones had even fainted at his behaviour and his bodyguards were keeping as much distance as rooms would allow after he swiftly punished one for breathing too close to him.

It wasn’t just that the man was too close but that he was too loud for Kinn’s sensitive ears. The mafia man felt like his skin was burning, it was as if his blood had been replaced by lava and he felt this need for something whether it was blood or peace. Kinn did not know, what he did know was that his men needed to be out of his sight or he would kill them. Kinn hated himself for when he got like this, when he could not control this aspect of himself.

Kinn had heard the whispers and he knew his scent was overwhelming today.

Kinn was in rut.

A typical response in the past was to call his newest pretty beta boy or one of his old favourites and spend the time in bed with them. Working the aggression out until he could think clearly again. Kinn was a man of habits.

But his guards watched as he stayed at his desk for the day, going through paperwork and being briefed on meetings. They could not understand why Kinn didn’t just take the day off or the next one and get his rut over with. He was dedicated to work and the family but not this much.

It was now starting to be evening and many were worried that Kinn would be worse tomorrow as his ruts could last anywhere from two to four days. Everyone was praying it would end on day two but as Kinn dismissed his men for the night, they knew it would be longer.

That night at the bodyguard dinner table the men raised a toast and prayer to the end of their misery and hopefully no deaths.

Downing the drinks, they ate in silence.

“It’s lucky Porsche has the day and next off.” Arm said around a mouthful of noodles. Others nodded their heads in agreement but Pete thought it might have helped calm Kinn down.

“Yeah, could you imagine what boss Kinn would do if Porsche commented on his scent stinking up the place?” Pol said before the grouped laughed, they knew Porsche would say something like that to get a rise out of the older man.

Porsche didn’t seem to care when alphas had ruts but once someone had said in his hearing range that they (Kinn’s family) should supply bodyguards with omegas for their ruts. It was well known that house staff were omegas and beta women while guards were alphas and beta men. This might have been an old system but it had served the family well in the past so they continued to do so.

The one making the comment had stared directly at Porsche when he had said this, making his meaning clear.

Porsche’s friends had tensed when Porsche had grabbed the glass bottle full of water off their table and strolled over to the alpha and his friends. Porsche had a smile on his face and that strut he had when he felt confident. The alphas had made room for him when he appeared before them. He turned down their offer of a cig and Porsche then looked at the speaker. A large grin on his face as he leaned closer as if to whisper something.

The alpha moved his head closer to the omega’s. His friends held their breath.

Porsche slammed the bottle over the man’s head shattering it and dousing the man in water. The man’s friends and the wet man stared at him in shock then anger as Porsche smirked at them.

Porsche brought up his wet hand for the two groups to see. The fighter laughing at it.

“Look you made me wet.” He mocked. “If this is your usual approach to get omegas no wonder, they avoid you. Just because this family pays you well, doesn’t mean jack shit if you have this kind of attitude.”

Porsche heard the man growl at him.

“Come at me mutt, this bitch will destroy you.” Porsche growled back at the taller man.

Pol and Arm rushed to Porsche’s side to pull him away.

Pete tried to defuse the situation but his eyes did not hold their normal warmth. The man’s friends laughed it off but the man himself was not going to let it go until Porsche apologized. 

“Sure, I’ll apologize after this arsehole takes back his words otherwise, I’m going to get another bottle to knock some sense into him.” Porsche said as he struggled to get his friend’s hands off his arms.

It had gone down hill from there with the two groups being brought before Kinn for fighting with each other. Kinn looking displeased to see the omega with bruises but what alarmed him was the alpha who looked like someone had mauled him. Kinn waited before then ordering the injured man to speak.

The bodyguard wasted no time in blaming Porsche and his “omega hormones” for not understanding his joke. Kinn had listened intently to the alpha as he rambled about Porsche’s sensitivity and rudeness. Kinn even nodded along at one point and if that didn’t make Porsche feel two feet tall nothing would have. The omega bodyguard was use to hearing sexist bullshit but he hadn’t wanted to believe Kinn must support some of it.

Just as the alpha finished his last point. Kinn took the letter opener off his desk and threw it at the man’s neck. Killing him almost instantly. Kinn nodded to himself in satisfaction then ordered the man’s friends to dispose of the body but he did not let them leave without saying he did not support such ideas and those who did would meet a similar fate.

Porsche had blushed when Kinn had firmly told him to report directly to him if the man heard this kind of conversations again.  

Porsche blustering that he could handle this himself and other such notions.  Kinn gave him a private smile of agreement and watched the smaller man retreat from his office.

This had happened a mere month before Kinn’s current rut and the lone omega guard made it no secret that he hated to be around alphas in or just out of rut due to the attitude and power of their scents. Porsche telling of a story of him needing to break up fights because of these alphas or them not understanding he didn’t want them hitting on him.

He shrugged it off or tried to make it funny but his friends and employer knew this type of person bothered Porsche.

Kinn didn’t want to be the alpha that forced Porsche to be around him in rut. Kinn had a position of power over Porsche and he knew even if the omega was uncomfortable, he wouldn’t say anything because he was worried someone would think him weak.

Kinn would endure this alone and then the omega could return without knowing what had happened thus their relationship would not change or worse Kinn would not be rejected by Porsche for being foul smelling.

Studies had shown that couples who were attracted to each others scents had better relationships and, in most cases, healthier children.

Not that Kinn wanted children with Porsche.

The thought never crossed his mind, not when he was sober or drunk.

Kinn was now alone in his bed close to tearing the sheets in frustration at being unable to calm down. Baths, masturbating, shouting; nothing cooled the fire burning in Kinn’s core.

He couldn’t sleep too many thoughts and emotions ran in his head. Pushing any thoughts of sleep away without care.

Kinn tried taking his millionth deep breath but all he could smell was himself and the large bed was too cold for one person.

There should be another person in this room; filling it with his scent and the bed with his delicious warmth.

Kinn wanted Porsche but Porsche wasn’t one of his flings, he couldn’t just call the man and expect sex. No Porsche would have laughed in his face at the audacity of such an order. The omega would waste no words in shooing Kinn away from his person and once the rut was over, he would never let the man forget.

But there Kinn was leaving his room and walking his home in the dark, a few staring at him but saying nothing as the man walked to Porsche’s room in his pyjamas. Kinn didn’t knock, he opened the door with his personal skeleton key. The door opening in seconds but the room was pitch black and Porsche’s scent was stale.

The flicking of the light switch proved the room to be empty. A bed perfectly made but not slept in.

Porsche had gone to his house.

That wouldn’t do. Who was going to protect Porsche? In this house, Kinn’s home, Porsche had bodyguards and Kinn himself to protect the omega but in the outside world Porsche would be focusing on Chè, not himself.

Kinn picked up one of Porsche’s oversized hoodies and brought the garment to his nose. It smelled like Porsche and Kinn felt his heated blood lessen. Kinn pulled his arms through the sleeves and zipped the sides close. Porsche’s scent was mixing with Kinn’s but it was not enough.

He could smell his omega but he could not feel or see the other. He needed to fix that problem. The world was dangerous for Porsche to be alone with Kinn in such a state.

Kinn left the complex with his men begging him to stay, the mobster pushing and waving them away from him.

He had to get to his lover.

Porsche’s home was nice but secluded. The nearest neighbours were a good walk away. No one could hear the screams of those within.

Kinn thought to himself as he picked the lock.

What would Porsche do if some devious alpha tried to pay him a visit?

Fuck! Hadn’t Vegas once dropped Porsche off here or around here?

Vegas could return and hurt Porsche.

The alpha growled as he stalked through the house, not sparing a glance at the items as he made his way to the stairs. The first door he opened belonged to Chè but the boy was not sleeping in his room, probably out with friends or one certain friend. Kinn closed the door and went to the next bedroom.

This one was Porsche’s. His scent made Kinn’s mouth water and stroked his lust for the other. The hoodie was now useless for providing Porsche’s scent and Kinn could get it from the source. Their scents would be mixed as it should be. Kinn closed the door behind him as he silently entered the room, Porsche not stirring at his presence. The boy must be in deep sleep, Kinn thought as he stood beside the bed. Watching Porsche sleep on his side with his back to the door. The covers pushed off his sleeping form. The omega was shirtless and had light sleeping pants on.

Kinn did not like how vulnerable Porsche was. He fixed the man’s pillows and pulled the blankets to cover the sleeper but he heard the other heavy breathing. The poor omega had a stuffed nose and couldn’t smell.

His poor omega was ill and Kinn had wasted the day trying not to give into his lust. His poor omega all alone with no one to care for him.

If Porsche could not smell that would mean anyone could enter his home or his room. A growl stuck in his throat at the dark implications. Kinn put his back to Porsche as he sat protectively in front of the bed watching the door for any movement. Porsche’s firearm was swiftly taken from the nightstand.

Kinn would stay and look after his omega in his time of weakness.

Kinn let out a light purr and Porsche let out his own sleepy one. The omega burrowed deeper into his nest of blankets.

Kinn patted him gently.

Once the omega awoke, Kinn would help him make a nest for him to recover in but Kinn had nothing to give him.

Kinn had not brought food or clothes for the omega. It was no wonder that the boy had not invited him to his home or bed. Kinn was giving him nothing in return but he would shortly fix that.

Kinn had his phone and anything the omega wanted Kinn would get his men to give.

The hours ticked by and Kinn could just see the sun’s rays when Porsche shifted in his bed turning over to see Kinn’s back. The omega blinked a few times to make sure it wasn’t a dream but no Kinn was still there. Kinn sat in front of his bed in Porsche’s hoodie and sleep pants.

Odd but Kinn must have wanted something.

Porsche slid his hand to Kinn’s arm making the wonderful smelling alpha look at him. Kinn grinned at him, Porsche noticed the gun and held his breath.

“Are you hungry, thirsty? Are you cold? Any signs of sickness?” Kinn rapidly fired off questions at him. Porsche blinking at the nature of them. If Kinn was hiding from someone, wouldn’t he be trying to inform Porsche of what had happened?

“I’m ok…What about you?” Porsche asked as he stretched in his bed. Kinn’s eyes following his every movement.

The alpha glowed and his scent intensified.

“I’m better now before I was upset but now, you’re here.” Kinn beamed at him. Porsche gave a confused smile of his own at Kinn’s words. Watching the alpha fix Porsche’s bed and Porsche saw that the alpha had tidied the space of his bedroom as well.

It was when Porsche tried to leave his bed that Kinn used his arms to pin Porsche to the bed. Growling at the omega till he stilled. Once Porsche froze Kinn turned to face the door. Not blinking as he looked at it.

Damn did Kinn smell good but why was he acting like this?

Kinn nuzzled his neck playfully even going so far as to give it a light bite. Something he had never done before as this was too intimate for mere bedmates.

Kinn was behaving oddly and his words made no sense as he praised Porsche for staying still and letting Kinn protect him.

Why did Kinn feel the need to do this?

Kinn was hovering over Porsche’s body but his hands did not roam or try to feel anywhere, Porsche narrowed his eyes and Kinn saw him do so. The alpha copied Porsche but then latched on to his neck causing the omega to cry out in surprised pain.

Once Porsche shouted Kinn let him go and licked at the blood purring.

Kinn was purring.

Kinn was purring in Porsche’s bed.

Oh fuck!

The asshole was in rut and was in Porsche’s bed. However, Porsche wasn’t in heat, so why had the alpha come?

He knew the two were sleeping together but didn’t alphas always want omegas in heat?

Also wasn’t a rut super sexual? Kinn wasn’t stripping him or kissing him.

Instead, the alpha was trying to keep him safe from some unknown and most likely made-up monster. Porsche had heard from one of his clients at the bar about a girl whose alpha would follow her around her apartment whenever he was in rut because he kept thinking another alpha would try to steal her as the pair did not live together. At the time Porsche chuckled not really believing her as she said the alpha would refuse sex if he thought she was hungry or tired and that hadn’t matched what limited knowledge Porsche had on alphas.

Now Porsche had an alpha who was preventing him from going about his day because of instincts that told the older man that beds or nests were the safest space for omegas.

Kinn wasn’t being aggressive or violent to Porsche so that was different, it was like the man thought he was glass.

Was this what it was like to be Kinn’s mate?

Porsche pulled the alpha down by his hair for a deep kiss. The two kissing as their hands went under their clothes. Porsche’s hoodie was torn off in the need to feel Kinn’s firm muscles and Kinn had shoved Porsche’s pants down. Seconds later his own was around his knees. Kinn had latched onto one of Porsche’s nipples as Porsche cried out in pleasure at the talented mouth but the alpha was stroking his cock and lightly fingering him. Kinn didn’t seem to be in a rush.

The alpha was content to let Porsche struggle and cry out but not delivering on what the omega really wanted.

That man was the cruelest. 

Porsche removed his hands from Kinn’s back to drag him face to face with Porsche.

“If you don’t fuck me in the next two seconds, I’ll find a man who is alpha enough to do so.” Porsche provoked. He knew Kinn would never allow him to leave.

The alpha growled deeply in his throat and his eyes burned with a consuming heat.

Porsche didn’t have time to breathe before Kinn was buried to the hilt in his body. A loud moan escaped from him and Kinn kissed his face to sooth him.

But Porsche didn’t need to be soothed he needed to be filled, the omega pushed his lower half against his lover to show what he wanted.

Kinn delivered. The thrust shoving Porsche closer to the head rest and choking moans from him. The scent of their combined lust mixed in the once single scented room and their moans could be heard from the stairway. Porsche could feel Kinn’s hands leaving bruises on his hips and wrists but Porsche left his own marks on the alphas back and chest.

The two edged each other onward as they chased their pleasure trying to get the other to finish first. A single lucky thrust would push Porsche over and Kinn would jump after him.

Collapsing on the unlikely omega, the pair panted into each other’s mouths as they kissed. Hands still entangled with each others hair. Not wanting to really part from their combined moment but air was needed and thus they moved away.

“Better?” Porsche asked with a seductive grin.

Kinn thought about it for a minute and looked at the omega through half open eyes before he pounced.

“Not even close.”

The two beginning anew and another wave of lust went through Kinn.


Porsche was late, he kept telling Pete to speed up. Kinn and the others were waiting at Porsche’s family home. The home of his past but Porsche couldn’t think of another place to celebrate his new son’s birth then his parents’ home. He felt like this would then include them. Porsche had not brought a lot to their relationship and King and Kon would only really have Kinn’s side of the family to turn to but still Porsche didn’t want to be seen as the orphan lover.

Kinn had understood why Porsche wanted the party to be held there. It was bridging the past and present. A sight that had made Porsche willing to be Kinn’s bodyguard and later his lover. Without that house and the memory of his parents Porsche never would have sold his soul to Kinn’s family.

Kinn had done the same with his mother. Showing her his sons and hoping he had made her proud with his decisions. It was a secret he had not told Porsche. One day but not yet.

The omega would arrive later as he needed to finish some work at Kinn’s home. The alpha and the rest of the family had agreed to meet Porsche at the location. Kinn had taken the children from Porsche so that he could focus. Porsche had tried to hold tightly to King saying the other hadn’t dealt with babies before but Kinn waved off his concern. Kissing him sweetly before leaving the omega with a few bodyguards.

The alpha had listened to Porsche plan the party for the last month, no detail to small to share but he knew Kinn was just as stressed about it as Porsche was. A new son meant more danger for the family but also another blessing.

The omega was happy to finally be able to hold his new baby after the long months of carrying him and although his cries damaged his ear drums, there was no sweeter music to Porsche then the sounds King made.

A happy little baby who was all his… and Kinn’s. He guessed he could share King with Kinn. The man had helped make him after all.

The car came to an abrupt halt and Porsche was slammed forward and then back due to the sudden stop. Gasps could be heard from the drivers’ seats but Porsche’s view was blocked by the tinted glass window.

“What happened?” Porsche asked but the drivers said nothing as Porsche’s concern grew. Seconds ticked by before the men in front recommended them leaving. Saying it wasn’t safe for Porsche to be here. Porsche undid his seat belt and bolted from the car. Stopping short a few steps away from the vehicle.

The sky was black with smoke. The air smelled of burning and fire. Smoke billowed from the sight in front of Porsche. The omega crawled forward on his knees as his legs would not support him. Porsche could feel the heat of the flames that encased and burned down his childhood home. Countless hours he had spent working and fighting to keep this structure over their heads and now it was burning to the ground.

Half of the roof had already caved in and the windows had shattered from the heat but still it burned. Porsche morbidly wondered if it would ever run out of fuel.

Wait his house was burning everything inside it. The flames destroyed all it touched: pictures, furniture, wood, and the people who should have been ready for the party.

His family was inside!

Porsche staggered to his feet as he rushed to the flaming monstrosity. Screaming out the names of his loved one.

His hands just touched the flames when he was pulled back by the drivers and the second car that had followed the first. Porsche fought to get their hands off to search his home for his family. His baby brother, his sons and his lover. Khun and Kim were all within the house burning to death and these men wouldn’t let go of him.

Porsche screamed his throat raw in anguish and tears fell from his eyes watering the ground as he was heated from the fire. A glow made the dark night bathed in warm red and orange tones. A light in the darkness. Like when a candle was lit in the dark room but it was not a wicker that burned but Porsche’s past and future.

His family was turning to ash before his eyes and being blown in the wind.

His nose could only smell ash and he felt flames but regardless of the heat of destruction, Porsche was cold. Ice cold and numb.

An orphan is how Kinn had once called him but now he really had no family.

The roof crackled and dropped smashing what lay below. The bodyguards flinched and Porsche stopped struggling. Their hands went lapse and Porsche fell to his knees weeping.

Mournful howls filled the air as Porsche screamed and begged for his family members.

A few men turned away from the display. These men knew and were trained by Porsche. The great bodyguard without weakness was now a broken figure on the ground. It broke anyone to know what the other man had just lost.

Porsche cried out the names of his family as if the names would bring the beings to him but no one answered him or his pitiful orders for his men to attempt to search the still burning mass of ruined house. The house continued to incinerate all it touches, no end in sight. Porsche’s sight did not leave the flickering mass. This was the last time he would see his safe space.

Porsche cared not for the burns on his hands or the fact his clothes were lightly burnt. He wanted to be closer to the flames to join his loved ones.

No sound left Porsche’s torn throat as the flames grew smaller a softer glow was now being given off and the house had been mostly consumed. Porsche’s heart with it.

He was all alone with no ties to the living world. He had wanted to show his parents his son but not like this, not his family.

If he had just been faster, he could have been inside the house. He could have felt Kinn’s arms around him one last time, hugged his brother, carried his older son and given his baby one last kiss. Now he was alone in the dark without a light.

Hiccupping sounds echoed the darkness and the bodyguards stood not knowing what to do about the crying omega on the ground. They knew they should get him to safety as the threat of danger could still be active but what could they do without their main boss?

It was cruel to take the broken figure away from this place, the resting place of his family.


Porsche screamed into the silence, he wanted and needed his alpha to comfort him. To prove that this was not happening. A dream this had to be a nightmare but no matter how many times Porsche told himself to awake. The sight did not change nor did the smell of ash leave his nose.

Porsche beat the ground in anger.

Why did the world keep taking his family from him? Was Porsche destined to live a wretched life alone? Fine! Porsche could have handled dying or being alone but why did it steal his family, his babies?

Why would the world take his innocent children, they hadn’t done anything and they were snuffed out?


Why his family?

Why not just him?


A haunted voice unknowingly chanted in distress. This was the end. The end of the great mafia family and of Porsche who had no desire to live in this inferior world without his family.


Let him die here, with the ashes of everything that had once made him happy.


The omega fighter closed his eyes as he listened to the crackles of the dying flames and for the first time felt the comforting heat of the fading flames.


He smiled; he could hear Kinn calling out to him. The pair would soon rest together with their family.


“Porsche where are you?” Kinn’s voice shouted from the darkness and Porsche wanted to weakly call out but lack the strength to.

“Boss Kinn we’re over here! Please hurry!” The bodyguards called out in panic. They could hear him too? Had they all died?

Footsteps could be perceived and broken debris was trampled on as a large group made their way to the omega’s.

Porsche raised his head from the ground and witnessed Kinn searching for him with King in a baby sling around his chest. The infant was asleep against his father’s chest. Porsche moaned at the sight and Kinn was on him in seconds. Pulling him from the wreckage and covering him in the alpha’s scent. Kinn begging the omega to be okay but Porsche was more confused by the sight of his family.

Kim and Chè each held a child in their arms. Frong with his mother and Kon with his uncle. Khun stood silently behind the mated pair but everyone was okay. They were not covered in ash and had no burns.

Porsche looked again and saw more bodyguards than he had arrived with and these new guards were clean as well.

“I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…” Kinn cried into Porsche’s hair as he held his lover.

Porsche held him just as tightly, not caring why Kinn felt the need to apologize. He was content to have his family back in the land of the living. He sent a prayer to his parents in thanks for their protection.

In the safety of the car Porsche would see the reason for his family being delayed. It was a large cake an impromptu purchase by Khun and the children. The rest of the family had gone with them begrudgingly mostly so Khun wouldn’t give the children a sugar high.

How was anyone to know that both parties would be late and miss the bonfire. A fire that could have wiped out the powerful family.

Chè had tears in his eyes as he huddled with his brother. This was their last connection to their family and it was now lost due to someone wanting to take away their lives.

Kinn and his brothers vowed to fix this. Porsche didn’t care as he smelt King’s hair, holding his baby close and Kon was trapped at his other side. They could never leave his side again; Porsche didn’t care what Kinn did if it meant he would never have to feel as he did; watching his past home turn into a campfire.

 The injured fighter had his children sleep in his bed that night. Tight in his arms and safely under his open eyes. Kinn stood in the doorway, not getting in his way or inviting himself to their bed. Knowing Porsche needed this moment to recenter himself and the alpha felt like he wasn’t worthy of being in the other’s bed. Nor his heart. He had failed to protect his mate, the mother of his children and his soulmate. If his men had not grabbed the omega, Porsche would have run off into the flames whether to save his family or to join them it didn’t matter. What mattered was Kinn would be without Porsche. A fate worse than death. His babies would have no dad and he would have no shadow.

Porsche looked at him from the bed and Kinn moved closer but they said nothing to each other. Kinn gazing down and Porsche staring up at him. There were no words needed.

Kinn climbed into bed behind his mate and held him close. Tomorrow there would be bloodshed but for now it was time for rest. Both needing the other to calm the cold and dread they had once felt.

Nearly two months later Kinn would approach Porsche with a question.

“You draw…have you ever designed a house?” Kinn asked over a cup of coffee. Kon eating his breakfast in a serious manner. King was nursing against Porsche’s chest as the omega thought.

“No but I’m sure I could why?”

“I thought and you can say no but… would you like to rebuild your parents’ home. I know how much it once meant to you and those filthy bastards took that from you.” Kinn growled out around his cup. Rage clear in his tone and his scent soured. Both of his sons turned to look at their unhappy alpha.

Porsche made a hushing noise at King’s unhappy noises.

The baby stilled and continued to nurse.

“Let me think about it…”

A new house of this scale should not have been built within three months nor should any of the vast landscaping either. If rumour was to be believed some of Porsche’s bodyguards and trainees had volunteered their time to help speed up the work. The site had men building on it day and night since they broke ground. As Porsche surveyed the near finished work site, he was impressed by Kinn’s ability to have the place built exactly to the design. There wasn’t a blade of grass out of place. The backyard garden was beautiful as was the hidden gazebo. The new house made Porsche’s eyes water but he refused to shed tears here again. This new place was one of happiness not hurt and struggle.

“It’s beautiful Porsche.” Kinn said to him as he stood with his mate as his men put the finishing touches on the home.

“My mother designed this place. It was her dream home. We never would have had the money for everything she wanted but now…” Porsche trailed off as Kinn kissed his forehead.

“Your parents will still be a part of this family.”

The two mates held hands as the doors to their safe haven was opened by a bodyguard.

 Over the years the old house would fade from the memories of Frong and Kon, King never seeing the original home. This house was both a safe space and their grandparents’ home. It was a place made for shelter and had no bad memories attached to it. A hidden gem in a filthy and greedy world. This might have weighed on King’s decision to invite Ram and the others to his happy space. The cool boy was drifting in the ocean and he needed to find an island to rest on. King gave him that island and whatever the quiet alpha wanted King would give it to him: plants, help in his studies, a friend even power. It was all available to Ram if he so desired.

One day King might have the nerve to ask something of his own.


Kinn’s day was tiring and he wanted a shower and hopefully a cuddle with his omega. He had been brokering deals with many people and each had attempted to outsmart him but Kinn would not be played. Not by these fools nor by the dangerous “allies” he had at his disposal. Kinn knew anyone could be bought except for a few precious people. One such person would have stood at his side during these meetings but had other more pressing tasks to fulfil. Kinn was not happy to not have his omega at his side but he knew Porsche couldn’t do both jobs.

Taking care of their new baby was more important.

King was a good babe but so small.

Porsche would hold him constantly and if he did put him down it was only to shower. The bodyguards had reported to seeing Porsche with dark circles under his eyes. Kinn did not need their reports. He saw those circles when he looked at his beloved’s face every morning. Porsche needed to sleep.

It didn’t matter how many times the alpha told the omega he did not mind feeding or caring for their son at night. During the day, whenever the omega needed a rest.

The other would write off his attempts to help parent their child. Porsche had said he did this for Kon and he could do the same for King but now he was also managing Kinn’s home and getting Kon in order.

The powerful alpha knew that when Porsche mentioned his single parenthood, he did not mean it as a slight against Kinn or as a way to hurt him. To Porsche these were pleasant memories and a part of their lives. However, to Kinn it reaffirmed that his lover was once terrified of him, that Porsche believed he could not parent or protect a tiny life. To Porsche Kinn was a figure of blood lust and not compassion.

There were parts of Kon’s life that he would never see outside of a photo or when Kinn closed his eyes during one of Porsche’s retellings. Now with his youngest he could be there for everything, no milestone would he miss but then why did it feel like Porsche was still blocking him out of his son’s life? He had thought Porsche would jump at the chance to see Kinn flounder around with a child, to be less then his normal perfection. Kinn didn’t even have the chance to make a mistake as the omega wouldn’t let him do more than hold their son and then give him back.

At this point Kinn did not believe he had earned the title of father.

It was too much for one man but still Porsche insisted. Kinn thought himself clever by using a baby monitor at night but Porsche would be up and at King’s side before the baby could release his second wail. A few times Porsche had turned the device off after hearing the first cry, leaving Kinn to turn it back on and hear Porsche comfort the unhappy newborn.

It was a never-ending cycle of Kinn not being fast enough or in Porsche’s opinion equipped enough.

“What if he gets hungry?” Porsche asked one night.

“Then I feed him.” Kinn supplied with an eyeroll. Porsche was overthinking everything. The man was not stupid.

Porsche roamed his eyes at Kinn pausing at his chest.

“You have a nice chest but there’s nothing in there that King will like.” Porsche had snorted in humor.

Kinn chuckled back at the underhanded compliment.

“You have nice tits too. Definitely my favourite. However, there’s formula and you pump thus food for King.” The mafia boss said as he waved his hand at the nursing baby who was pulling at Porsche’s open shirt.

“He takes a while to settle, you won’t have the patience for that. Please let me do this.” Porsche kissed Kinn’s lips and the conversation was once again left unfinished in Kinn’s mind.

This night Kinn had returned home late missing dinner with his little family as well as putting the boys to bed. Kinn sighed as he went to his son’s room and kissed the sleeping boy’s head. Wishing him sweet dreams, Kinn started to undress as he prepared for a shower then a good night’s sleep.

Kinn paused with unbuttoning his shirt as he saw Porsche sprawled across the pair’s bed. However, it was not a pose of seduction but one of exhaustion. Porsche had fallen face first onto the bed in only his underwear. The blankets were on the floor and Porsche had his head resting on the mattress. His mouth gaping open and drool flowed onto the surface under his head.

Kinn shook his head at the omega, he picked up the other’s clothes. Grabbing him sleepwear and pulling the shirt over his head once he had the omega sitting up. Pants were next then Porsche was placed on Kinn’s side of the bed with the alpha’s pillow under him, blankets pulled up so he wouldn’t get cold.

And Porsche said he had no talent for taking care of people.

A kiss and a brush of hair was Kinn’s greeting to the love of his life.

“Sleeping beauty.” Kinn whispered.

His shirt was removed as was his watch but before he could truly ready for bed, he heard the soft cries of King making their way through the monitor. Kinn looked to see if Porsche had heard it but the man slept on and he moved closer to Kinn’s pillow.

Kinn blinked twice then a large grin covered his face.

This was his chance.

Kinn went to the monitor and turned it off. Turnabout is fair play.

Kinn went to his son’s room and his little man let out miserable whimpers at the sight of his father. Small hands made grabbing motions, he wanted to be held. The baby did not spend much time alone with his father but his scent still comforted the small being. The two left the small space for the main room. King preferred to be walked to settle him back to sleep.

The child smelt clean and he didn’t make any signs that he was hungry so the child must have been lonely. The alpha smiled, his boys both loved their dad.

The fearsome man took his son on a short trip around the room, but still the child did not return to sleep. Kinn wondered if he was doing something wrong but no, he was holding him the same way Porsche did.

Was Kinn covered in too many different scents for him to smell Kinn’s?

The baby fussed and Kinn worried he would wake his sleeping mate. Kinn grabbed his phone and played a recording of him practicing the violin.

That made him quiet down for a few minutes but then he was unhappy again. Kinn whispering for the child to quiet down.

“King, my darling boy. You need to hush; Porsche will wake up if you don’t.” Kinn pleaded with his son.

The baby blinked back wet eyes but the tears stopped when Kinn continued to talk to him.

Kinn went to one of their framed photos. Kinn pulled one that was hidden in the back.

A colourful bright orange mermaid tale greeted the pair, an unhappy Porsche was staring back at him.

“This was when Porsche first started working for me…” King’s father began his story.

Many of the other framed photos would receive similar treatment as the first had but as Kinn continued on he went on to explain how each moment made Kinn feel more love towards his omega.

“When you grow up, you’ll be an amazing fighter like Porsche. Don’t be afraid to fight dirty, or to put some alpha in his place.” Kinn cooed at the tiny boy and King blinked happily back at him.

“You have my eyes but you have Porsche’s smile, I can already tell and I hope you have his personality. My two happy boys. Don’t tell your dad but when he gives me that large smile, I feel like I have to give into whatever he wants.” The alpha whispered to the baby.

The babe made happy sounds and Kinn let his own be released.

Kinn was silent for a moment.

“Many people in my position would want an alpha child or two but what I want is omegas. My Porsche is an omega and since meeting him I’ve never felt more love or been happier. If my sons or son was an omega then I could shower then in the same love I learned from Porsche.” Kinn took in King’s scent but it was heavy scented with milk and baby soap. He sighed in defeat.

“I know how alphas fight and posture against each other. Claiming to be the strongest or the smartest but the only one who has ever defeated me was your dad. Not in violence or by creating some master plan to steal my empire. No, he made me feel human. For the longest time I had forgotten what it meant to be a man. Simple joys like partying with my friends and older brother or sneaking off for kisses. Talking to someone who wasn’t trying to discover my darkest secrets to ruin or kill me.” He gave a mirthless little chuckle.

“It sounds so pathetic but to me it meant everything. One day you are going to find someone who will need you to be there for them, to be their safe space like Porsche was to me. They may hurt you and it will be up to you to forgive them but please never hide your feelings. Don’t be like me. I want you to be happy and wild like your dad.” Kinn kissed his sleeping son’s head.

Two arms in circled him from behind, and Kinn knew those arms to be his lover’s.

“So… I’m wild and happy?” Porsche whispered in his ear.

Kinn cocked his head to get a kiss from Porsche.

“Among other things…” Kinn whispered back.

Porsche took Kinn’s hand and the pair went to place King back in his crib.

Porsche sat on the bed as Kinn finally got changed but the omega had his head down. His eyes are on his feet as they swayed side to side. Porsche is in the center of their bed, back against the head rest and that happy grin on his face. It’s moments like this Kinn wishes he could freeze; he had once felt the same about their first kiss on the pier and countless others by now.

Yet he knew that if he froze those moments, he would not get to live through to the next one. Moments that he missed in Kon’s life that he would be a part of in King’s. Moments that he would get to enjoy in both boys’ lives as they grew.

Kinn straddled Porsche, holding his face in the palms of his hands.

“When was the last time you were this happy?” Kinn asked in a happy tone, the words not lost to Porsche.

“5 seconds ago.” Was his cheeky retort.

The pair came closer together and their lips had just touched when Porsche pulled away. At first Kinn thought Porsche sensed King was in distress again but that was not the case.

“That made me feel human as well.” Porsche whispered into the alpha’s neck. “Before that time, I had to be Porsche the provider, the older brother, the perfect nephew. I felt like I couldn’t breathe because I kept sinking. Then you pulled me from the quick sand.” Kinn cuddled him tighter.

“You know you mentioned King finding someone…” Porsche began but Kinn placed a finger to his lips.

“Shhh…. My darling omega, our boys will stay small forever and we’ll never have to worry about them finding mates.” Kinn said as he rolled them over.

“Kinn that’s not how-”



“Here’s to shitty alphas” The two cousins knocked their glasses together but the third person at the table held his glass away from the pair and had an offended look on his face.

“Did you two forget that I’m an alpha?” Kon asked his brother and cousin. The pair downed their drinks then looked at him again.

“Don’t count.” They said in unison. The alpha raised an eyebrow in question.

“Kon your family. Thus, you can’t be a shitty alpha otherwise someone would have corrected you.” Frong said as he waved his empty glass around.

“I still don’t think I should be here…” Kon said as he watched the two omegas.

“Agreed but you invited yourself and now you don’t get to uninvite yourself. So, suck it up.” King said firmly as he threw an arm over his cousin’s shoulder. The pair exchanged grins and kept their heads together as they talked.

Their glasses were refilled by a waiter under Kon’s watchful eye once filled the man stumbled back into the shadows. Leaving the rich kid trio alone once again.

“Frong if you’re that hurt why don’t I return the favour on the alpha who made you cry?” Kon offered thinking his cousin would jump at the chance to seek revenge.

“I didn’t cry!” Frong shouted as King glared over his shoulder at his older brother. Kon had no delicacy in matters like this.

“Of course, you didn’t.” King soothed, a hand stroked the other omegas back, and his cousin settled down.

King kicked Kon under the table, Kon didn’t even flinch.

“I don’t understand why no one likes me? Am I ugly or evil?” Frong wondered aloud and the brothers thought about the question.

“Maybe you aren’t trying the right approach?” King recommended but he didn’t really know what to say. His own situation with the cool boy he was trying to impress wasn’t going in the direction he was hoping for. He feared that he was actually making Ram uncomfortable or that the silent boy was too polite to tell King in anyway that he hated being in the same airspace as the omega.

“What kind of approach?” Frong asked, leaning forward to rest his head on his hands.

“Have you tried kidnapping? I hear those are romantic.” Kon said as he took a sip of his drink. Another kick was delivered under the table. Then another one joined it.

Kon fought the urge to rub his shin.

“Let’s hold off on that… maybe you could save him from something? Everyone loves a hero.” King finished with a shrug. Frong looked like he would agree before Kon snorted.

“No alpha wants to be saved by an omega.”


Two hands hit his head, one from each omega.

“And why wouldn’t they?” King questioned in a dangerous tone and Frong held a murderous look in his own eyes. The bodyguards at the surrounding tables wondered if they should intervene but held back as Kon raised his hand.

“I just meant that an alpha would want their mate to save them. As a way to demonstrate their love but a passing fling it would be meaningless or insulting to an alpha.” Kon wanted to explain but he himself did not have the right words.

“I’ve never been anyone’s hero.” Frong said defeatedly. His head now on his arms and the sad scent filled the air. King pursed his lips as he thought about Ram, the alpha who had captured his heart.

Was he disgusted that an older omega was pursuing him? Alphas or at least some of them thought it was repulsive for an omega to be the aggressor in a relationship but King hadn’t been one for social conventions and he wouldn’t start now.

Ram was nice to his friends but around King he kept his distance and measured his words or in this case his actions. Did King imagine their sweet moments? Or was the alpha actually not shy but instead wanting to repel King like he was an unwanted bug on perfect leaves. Is that why the alpha had left him stranded on a table with a fearsome dog?

That couldn’t be as the next time Ram had saved him from such a beast, sure he then repaid him with his old notes but it wasn’t like King needed them. King felt like he got the better end of the bargain as Ram sat behind King on the bicycle with his arms around him.

Way better than driving Ram to his condo, his bodyguards had fumbled after him and fallen to their knees begging him to never do that again.

Had being part of the mob made him unable to be normal?

King’s head knocked against Frong’s and the two omegas sighed in defeat.

Kon wished he had sat between them, then he could comfort them both but for now he stroked Frong’s hair. The omega had been hurt by the rejection of a younger alpha. Some weakling who wouldn’t have lasted a day as Frong’s lover.

They needed someone to support them, not hinder them with childishness.

Kon pulled the omegas from the table and on each of his arms. The trio left the bar for one of their family’s cars.

Times were changing and Kon couldn’t always help his younger family but he could be there to support them when needed. Dating was not something he understood but he was told he was a great listener and if he felt someone had hurt his family. Then he would fix the problem for them.

That’s just what older siblings do.

The trio garnered some glance as the alpha walked away with two omegas but this senseless gossip meant nothing to Kon unless it bothered his family members then it would matter.