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What We Hide, What We Find

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The university was bustling with students and professors milling about the place. The walkways crowded as people pushed their way to classes or to the freedom of their homes. The scents of the many individuals mixing and combining into an unorthodox aroma of complementary and repulsive smells. One that Kim was not unaccustomed to as his partying lifestyle meant he was often in close quarters with strangers.

He felt the soft breeze on his skin as he leaned against the hood of his car, the whispering of the students as they passed the expensive car was a customary tune in his ears.

A flock of girls stood by his car, observing him and waiting to see who he was here to pick up.

As the first day of the semester this could determine who was going to be the most popular girl. As someone of Kim’s standards would settle for nothing less than perfection.

Che was not perfection; the idea was a mortal concept.

His sweetheart was a god among men. Those who were not worthy to look at him would combust.

Maybe that was why Kim wore sunglasses?

A few girls pushed another to step forward to the youngest mobster heir. She had her hair in ringlets, her uniform was flattering to her figure. Maybe in another life he would have bothered to look at her for more than a second to see she was not who he wanted.

His target was making his way to the parking lot with his personal bodyguard.

Kim’s personal sunshine had his head in a book, one of his nursing textbooks. Judging by the cover. The bodyguard had a firm grasp on Chè’s shirt sleeve. Carefully directing his charge away from the crowds and towards his employer.

The man, Kim had hired to watch and ‘befriend’ Chè; was large but had a friendly face. Someone Chè could go to without fear when Kim could not stay with him during the day.

However, when Kim had received a text from Chè, with pictures of the two on a couple’s page for the university.

Kim was speechless.   

There was no way Kim would allow anyone to think Chè was with another man or worse single.

Nope, not going to happen.

Kim had than grabbed Chè’s favourite drink and drove to his campus to pick up his sweetie.

The brightness of Chè’s eyes when he spotted Kim, made the fighter flush with pride.

Chè strode over to him with no regard for anyone else and gave Kim a gentle peck on the lips in greeting. As the omega pulled back, Kim spotted a satisfied grin on the smaller boy’s face.

Kim pecked him back causing the other to laugh. Neither minded the crowds watching them. Lost in their own world.

Kim took Chè’s bag and opened his car door.

As Kim was driving off, he felt Chè’s hand sneakily grasp his own. Instantly Kim could feel Chè’s love for him and Kim refused to let go of his darling’s hand.


“No Frong, we don’t put sunglasses in our mouths.” Kim gently chided his toddler who was unsteadily standing on Kim’s lap.

Frong’s rebuttal was to continue drooling on his father’s glasses. A wide toothy grin flashed around his new chew toy. Watching his father smile at him in silent amusement.

The sunglasses were being tugged from his tiny hold. Frong tugged back.

He had a new game to play.

Frong’s mother was not at home with them and Frong at first had been unhappy to have the alpha as his sole parent. His mother was the one to play and care for him during the day unlike the alpha who answered his calls for attention at night or when the sun had started to peek over the ground.

Frong had screamed for his mother and father had rocked him as the many men in dark clothes had run around their home searching for many items to give to Frong to calm him down, but Frong didn’t want inanimate objects.

He wanted Mommy.

But Daddy could be a good second option if he had to settle.

The pair were enjoying the rays of sunshine on their patio of the main house. The extravagant garden spread out before them. A confusing map of hedges and trees that soon the small boy would learn.

At the moment Frong’s world was limited to what drew his attention and to what was boring to him.

The butterfly he had wanted earlier on their walk was now his new love. The bright colours and moving wings; were something Frong did not know had been missing in his short life. Father laughing at his clumsy tries to hold the tiny creature had made the boy laugh as well.

At the current moment it was getting close to Frong’s naptime and Kim was watching his little boy’s eyelids grow heavy with a need to sleep.

A pout was forming on his face as he tried to fight against the urge to yawn.

Chè had said his two boys shared a pout. Kim didn’t see it.

His son was tucked close to his body, the boy’s small face was turned to hide in Kim’s neck. Shielding him from the severe sunlight. He could feel the soft breaths of his child as the boy started to dream.

Kim was on his phone answering texts and emails on his businesses.  His bodyguards were vigilant as they guarded him. Kim and his brothers were taking control of the mafia world and those who refused to bend to their ways was broken.

There was no mercy for those who stood in their way. The brothers were making a safe world for their new family members.

Kinn might label himself as the face of their union, but Khun and Kim were doing the background work. Kim supplied the men and means to muscle the other mafia families into doing as they were told, Khun found blackmail or other secrets to intimidate their enemies.

The elder stating not all acts had to involve violence. Kinn and Kim disagreed, violence made things go faster.

Regardless, Kim was a little miffed that his darling was at work today. The omega was filling in for a co-worker who had needed to take emergency leave early. Chè had volunteered to take their place and Kim had a few extra men in his workplace to make sure no funny business happened.

Chè helped patch up the bodyguards, but his outlet was working in the hospital aiding civilians. The omega had the gentlest of hands and patience that was attributed to saints.

Kim was one lucky bastard as when he was injured. Chè also used magical kisses to remove the pain.  

Kim was half tempted to send a text to his sweetheart and see how his day was going but instead Kim put the phone down and drank some of his coffee. Kim had been up longer than he would care to admit as when Chè’s warm body had left the bed. Kim was then unable to return to dreamland.

The uncertainty of Chè’s safety and where abouts plagued his mind.

Porsche might call Kim a drama queen but the fear that gripped Kim’s heart when that group of men had tried to kidnap him.

Kim still had nightmares of not being able to see Chè again or what could have been done to him.

“Boss Kim?” His main bodyguard was handing him a folder.

Scanning through the data Kim could determine that the employee in charge of one of Kim’s casinos was skimming some of the profits.

He would have to send a message.

“Uncle Kim!” A little voice called in excitement. The loud footsteps of a child echoed on the stone walkway.

A sea of guards chased after the mafia heir.

“Hello Kon, what are you doing alone?” Kim asked as he petted Frong’s hair to make him go back to sleep.

“I want to play with Frong… everyone else is boring.” The young child whined as he stretched his arms out to hold his cousin.

Kon in some ways was like Kinn, wanting everything he saw but Kon had yet to develop Kinn’s conniving tongue, right now he simply stated what he wanted, and the world was made to bow to him.

“Not now Kon. He’s sleeping, you’ll have to wait.” Kim sat back in his chair and waited for the tantrum to commence.

Kon took a deep breath and the men around Kim held their breaths. Instead of shouting, Kon’s mouth remained closed. His cheeks puffed up with a furious look in Kon’s eyes.

The two males did not break eye contact for a few seconds before Kon released the air he was holding.

“Fine but you have to tell me when he’s up.” Kon bargained and stuck his pinky out.

Kim chuckled and sealed his promise.

Then Kon was gone in a puff of smoke, his guards once again unsuccessfully following him.     

What a silly child.

“Come little one.” Kim whispered to his child as he went back inside.

The sun had gone down when Kim reopened his eyes, a weight rested on his chest. The familiar scent of strawberries and kiwi filled his nose. Kim took deep breaths of the shampoo. The warm, soft body of Chè was sleeping on Kim.

Kim started to kiss his lover’s head, making each kiss louder and acting silly to wake the other.

Chè started to squirm away from Kim, but strong arms kept him in place.

“Kim, please?” Chè sleepily mumbled. Bringing a hand to his mouth to cover the yawn.

“Well, isn’t this a pleasant sight but Chè if you really wanted to surprise me. Less clothes would have been better.” Kim winked at him.

The omega was dressed in a soft pair of sweats and a t-shirt. Kim licked his lips as he saw Chè’s stomach. The lovely bare skin that Kim desperately wanted to kiss and mark. To feel Chè’s warmth beneath the enforcer’s lips.

Chè tracked Kim’s eyes before he sighed and pulled the alpha down for a proper kiss on the lips.

The kiss was slow and languid. The married pair was in no hurry to cross the finish line for their pleasure. Choosing to focus instead on each other’s touches and scent.

The closeness of being with one’s mate, which could not be replicated by quick hookups.

Kim was pulling Chè to sit in his lap as his hands roamed under the younger boy’s shirt. Chè’s body was a miniature furnace of desire as he groaned out his pleasure as Kim tugged at his nipple. A trickle of slick leaked onto his bottoms, his mouth falling open as Kim played with him.

The alpha was leaving biting kisses to the smaller man’s neck; Chè pushed him away roughly.

Kim’s startled reaction at Chè’s forcefulness made the boy giggle.

Kim pouted but quickly smirked as Chè tore the shirt off over his head before doing the same to Kim.

Their bottoms met the same fate.

The echoing sounds of pleasure and slick was the background music as they took each other apart.

Knowing what spots to make the other cry out as if this was the first time, they had experienced true pleasure.

Kim had his hand buried in Chè’s heat and all the omega wanted him to do was to replace the limb with his member.

Chè was begging him to hurry as he felt his peak come closer by the second but Kim chose to ignore him in favour of giving the other more pleasure.

A scream broke the apartment as Chè tumbled over the cliff, soaking the bed and his lover below him. Panting as his breath was coming back to him, his skin a rose tone.

“There we go sweetie. So beautiful like that. God, I love you.” Kim spoke into his ear as the other tried to remember his own name.

“Do you need us to stop?” Kim questioned, Chè rapidly shook his head. Wanting to be with his husband.

Kim smiled at his mate and carefully entered the other.

A soft whimper and then a groan was given to the predator.

It was moments like this where Kim could bask in Chè’s presence and memorize his little actions. The moments where Kim felt closest to his lover.

Their bodies knew each other and the devotion they shared for each other could not be matched or found in another.

A few had tried to split up or corrupt them but they knew the other’s heart.

Neither were a cheater nor did they seek out others.

Kim liked that he could take Chè apart and see him at his most vulnerable as it meant the omega trusted him above all others.

Sure, heats could be great and ruts were a time to savour but Kim loved most when Chè would seek the alpha out on his own and play him like a guitar. Pulling at Kim’s strings till beautiful music flowed.

Kim could hear his own moans as Chè marked his chest. His teeth and nails leaving evidence of where they had been last.

To many alphas they snubbed the marks their lovers or mates left on them. Claiming it was a sign of submission and proof of an alpha being weak.

Kim called bullshit.

He felt nothing but pride when Chè left his claim on him. It marked him as worthy of his lover, the mother of his child and his mate.

Proof of Chè’s desire for him and their love.

There was no weakness in love or in what they shared with the other.

The two were equal and that meant they shared their lives and all aspects of emotion with each other.

Fuck what anyone else said. There was nothing hotter than Chè taking control and using Kim for his own enjoyment.

One last kiss was shared as they both released and snuggled close to the other. Not wanting the intimacy to end so soon. The pair fell asleep contented and laying in their combined fluids.


Chè was in the passenger seat as Kim drove him around. The two were spending time away from their family. A day for the two of them without the craziness of others. So far it had been going well, the two had gone to Kim’s bars to check in on the staff and customers. Then it was a late lunch at a super extravagant restaurant and lastly, they would go to Chè’s work as he had left something behind and needed it. Kim didn’t know what the object was but he wanted to stay with his darling a little longer without anyone interrupting them.

The hospital was busy, injured people were being rushed in all directions and it was clear to see this was a place of stress. It was good both men thrived in danger and panic.

The place was too white for Kim’s taste, if he spilt any blood, it would be too obvious to see. He hated it.

He hated hospitals, the last time he had visited one, his mother died.

It was one of his secret fears that Chè could as well; any time he stepped into the place the chances went up.

Hopefully with Kim at his side the omega would live a long and happy life. As he had promised to give his omega in his wedding vows.

Currently Kim was seated on an uncomfortable plastic seat as he flipped through an outdated magazine waiting for his mate to leave the changing room where he had left his thing in his locker.

As an alpha Kim could not enter the space, even if he was with his mate. But Kim knew Chè would be quick.

“Excuse me? Do you need help?” A young woman’s voice asked.

Kim looked up and saw a young lady in nurses scrubs looking at him. She was pretty but Kim was waiting for a more lovely person to get him.

“I’m fine just waiting for someone.” Kim went back to his magazine; it was still boring.

“Are you sure? I could help you.” The innuendo too noticeable to have been a mistake, she batted her eye lashes at him too.

Kim almost wanted to laugh at her juvenile attempts at flirting, even had he not been married. This approach would not have worked on him in his singlehood.

The only thing stopping him from laughing was a mental warning in Chè’s voice telling him not to be rude to his co-workers.

“I’m good. I’m just waiting for a nurse-” Kim tried to tell her.

“I’m a nurse!” She interjected excitedly. She was beaming at him. She moved closer to him.

Kim opened his mouth to tell her to move away from him.

“Sweetheart, I’m done.” Chè chorused as he slid to Kim’s side. The omega wrapped his arm around the alpha’s waist.

Kim was a little taken back by the blatant display of possessiveness but he wasn’t about to complain.

“Oh, Chè I didn’t know you knew this alpha.” The young woman said in embarrassment as her superior saw her flirting with a patron.

“Yes, Ink this is my husband. Have you not seen his picture in my locker?” Chè asked his hand still firmly grasping Kim’s side.

The alpha watched the girl flounder before she excused her self from the couple.

Kim snaked his own arm around the omega.

“I like when you’re jealous, you’re so enticing.” Kim said to the smaller man.

“Then you’ll love me when we get home…” Chè said back.

Kim drove like a mad man to get them back to their room.


Chè sighed as he walked into the high school, having left his bodyguard at the car. The grey halls and concrete sucked the little joy Chè had been feeling since this morning. He had been working with the newest batch of guards and they look promising. Porsche had even praised a few of them.

It had been such a promising day.


Then he got the phone call. A woman’s voice had told him; his son had been in a fight and Chè was to retrieve him.

Panicking the omega had asked the woman if his child had been harmed but she had responded. Frong was unscathed.

A happy sigh was given before he hung up.

The drive tense as he wondered why his boy would be in a fight. Frong might have Kim’s temper but he wasn’t stupid enough to fight on school grounds. So why did he?

The headmaster’s office was soundless as Chè entered. His son sat alone on one side of the room; another family was grouped together.

Chè could smell the heavy scent of alpha. An adolescent alpha.

Chè looked at his son, the omega’s uniform was torn at the sleeve. The nurse had an idea of what had gone down, now he needed to confirm it.

“Thank you for joining us… let’s get this settled quickly.” The headmaster spoke in an authoritarian voice. He was not one use to being challenged.

Chè saw Frong clench his fist. His face was tight in a glare at the wall behind the older man.

“Your sons were involved in a small fight with Mace being punched in the face by Frong. Chè turned his face to look at the other boy.

He was large as was normal of an alpha, his scent loud, an overpowering scent of cactus flowers and sand.  Chè wrinkled his nose, as the boy still had a cocky gleam to him.

The boy’s mother was visibly holding back her rage. She was an alpha woman.

Just great, they thought they could pin the fight on Frong.

Chè sighed internally before asking the headmaster what had started the fight.

“Mace approached the omega at lunch and witnesses said the two exchanged some words before Frong punch the other young man.” The older man said as he listed off what he had been able to gather from the other students.

The woman’s scent spiked in her rage. For once Chè was glad Kim was busy, if he had not. Kim would have been the one to pick up their child and the omega could already imagine the fist fight. If someone had dared to argue Frong was at fault.

“See that feral omega attacked my son!” She cried, getting close to Chè and Frong in an attempt to scare them.

The last person who had tried this… had been sent to the morgue. Chè blinked at her to show he was not going to respond as she wanted. He focused on the man in charge.

“Why was his shirt sleeve ripped?” The omega requested. His tone blank with no emotions.

The headmaster paused as he thought of a reason but none came to his mind. The man looked at Frong and asked him why.

Frong stewed in silence before he mumbled.

“He grabbed me first and didn’t let go.”

Chè held Frong’s hand. Not because he needed to console his son but to make sure the omega didn’t attack the alpha boy again.

Alphas had this habit of believing themselves to be desirable to any omega and Frong was a friendly child. An idiot could mistake friendliness for flirtation.

The mobster’s wife, had his own fair share of pushy alphas when he was a student.  Chè knew what young alphas were like. They touched or ordered and expected anyone to accept them.

In Chè’s instance, he had Porsche. An older brother who broke bones to show where they didn’t belong. In one case Chè had done so himself. In defense of his brother but Frong had no one but his friends to fight for him.

On second thought it was more like Frong’s friends were there to protect the boy’s would be suitors.

Kim was not going to let anyone touch his baby boy.

“That omega was in the wrong but what do you expect from a single parent. He should have been flattered my son even looked at him.” The woman barked out in her rage. Not wanting to be ignored or have her son blamed for who she believed was in the wrong.

“I agree.” Chè said, the inhabitants of the room looked at him, varying emotions on their faces.

“Frong the next time someone touches you and doesn’t let go… break their hands.” Chè ordered. No one was allowed to hurt his child.

“You are lucky that Frong has more restraint than my brother, had it been him. Your son would never walk again.”

Chè stood from his chair and gathered Frong with him.

“Teach your son some manners before someone beats them into him.” Chè told the flabbergasted woman.

“My son will be back on Monday.”

The pair of omegas strolled out of the office; their heads held high. A middle-class family was no threat to them.

If they tried to make noise, Chè’s family would drown them out.

“Did you mean what you said?” Frong asked once they were in the car.

He thought for a moment.

“Frong, your father is like a forest fire. Once you see it, a person becomes frozen in fear but also captivated by the beauty of the flames. It is easy to see the damage done and the blaze gives the illusion of not being able to escape. However, I see myself as the fire below the ground. Causing the most damage to those unaware of what is happening and ensuring that nothing can regrow.”

Chè took a deep breath.

“I want you to be both. Pick which option to be depending on the situation but do not back down or allow a person to order you around.”

Frong gazed out the window; smiling he nodded to his mother’s words.


“There’s this alpha who thinks he’s better than me….” Frong complained over the phone to his mother. The younger omega had spent the hour on this one topic of some alpha doctor who mocked him whenever they met.

Chè listened in amusement, he could hear passed the course words and irate tone. It was the same way his older brother had spoken about his boss when he was a lone bodyguard.

Oh God!

His little boy had a crush, Chè couldn’t wait to tease him but first he must know more about this doctor.

It wasn’t hard to learn his name or where he worked. Once Chè saw his photo, he acted like a bloodhound and nurses loved to gossip.

Hot single doctors were like catnip to them.

The alpha worked on campus and during one of Chè’s days off; he went to visit the young man.

The room was neat and orderly, which was nice. Frong didn’t like mess either.

A photo of a lizard was on the desk and Chè was a little surprised but it wasn’t a dog.

When doctor Thara made his grand entrance, he had an underwhelming scent and presence.

There was no aggressive bone in this man’s body. Which was good, Frong needed someone to calm him not to incite him farther.

The man was respectful and methodical in his evaluation of Chè’s health. These were good skills to have when he entered their family and the mob.

As Chè walked away from the clinic; he thought his new son in law was going to fit in just fine with their family made of lunatics.

Chè couldn’t understand why his husband couldn’t see the doctor’s authenticity. Sure, he was handsome but looks can change in an instant. And Chè was not one to be fooled by a good-looking person.  Thara had kind eyes, Kim snorted when Chè had mentioned that fact.

His silly alpha.

It was the doctor’s eyes that was proof Frong would be treated right.

Afterall it was the same kindness Chè saw in Kim’s eyes when he first looked at him, those eyes that made the omega trust and later fall in love with the alpha.

Anyone who shared the same kindness as his mate was someone to trust and welcome in Chè’s family.

Kinn and Porsche

Porsche was bored and he had started to search for his mate. It was common knowledge that when Porsche was bored anyone other than Kinn or his children should run.

Run far and don’t stop, otherwise he would train you to the bone.

The manor halls were long and filled with various useless rooms. It didn’t matter what door Porsche opened his mate would not be there.

At this point Porsche thought about going to the oldest brother and watching a drama with him. Porsche must have been losing his mind.

It had been a week since his youngest had left for university and Kon was off making a name for himself.

The young alpha was surrounded by would be suitors and allies alike. However, Kon was not interested in anyone, choosing to monitor his little omega brother and cousin. Porsche had asked if the other had wanted a partner.

His child had been nervous when he spoke his truth.

“I don’t want anyone; I feel nothing for anyone.” His son was not able to connect with someone romantically or sexually. At first Porsche had not known how to respond as he had changed his whole life to be with someone he loved.

But as he reflected, he understood what his son was telling him.

His son was going to be single for life but that did not mean he would be alone or unloved.

Kon could make himself happy and form many types of different bonds with those in his life.

Porsche tried the last door in his wing of the manor, his son King’s bedroom.

The little jungle of his youngest.

The multitude of smells of the greenery and the lush petals, leaves. Could be overwhelming to one who was not expecting it. King’s love had formed during his entrapment in the medical wing. He had not been able to move or leave the bed so he needed something to fill his time with.

It was a nice hobby as he shared it with his cousin, and the rest of the family. In dangerous situations the mafia members would send flowers to each other. The meanings hidden to all who did not know their code. It had gotten them out of a few tricky spots.

However, in this moment Porsche was not greeted by an empty room filled with various plants. No there at King’s desk was Kinn, steadily making his way through a throng of folders. The contents of which Porsche didn’t know about.

As silent as a tiger, Porsche made his way behind Kinn. The alpha had yet to acknowledge Porsche or look up from his task.

The omega peaked over the alpha’s shoulder to view the folders content. It was the records of an omega boy; it took Porsche a second to recognize him as King’s new friend. His name started with a B.


That’s what the little boy’s name was.

Now why would Kinn be looking at it?

“Am I so old you had to find a newer model?” Porsche whispered seductively into his husband’s ear. The taller man jumped in shock at the unexpected question. He slammed the folder closed onto the desk. Kinn shoved the chair back as if to distance himself from the evidence.

“No! No… that’s not what this is.” Kinn stuttered as he tried to come up with a lie. His omega smirked at his flustered state.

“Then why is an alpha looking at an omega’s personal history? How scandalous.” Porsche’s tone conveyed his amusement as did his scent.

Kinn took a deep breath and bit his lip.

“You can’t get mad at me.” The alpha bargained. The omega nodded as he waited to learn the truth.

Kinn handed him another opened file, this one on Tee.

Porsche bent his head. Not understanding what Kinn was trying to tell him.

“I’m making sure King is surrounded by safe people. These files are his classmates, teachers, seniors, anyone he could meet at university.” Kinn trailed off, patiently waiting to see how his mate would respond to the news.

“You’re an idiot. Why did I mate with you?” Porsche asked as he sat in Kinn’s lap. The head of Kinn’s security grabbed another folder to read.

Now Kinn was confused.

“I’ll do the omegas and female betas; you can do everyone else.” Porsche leaned back on his human throne.

Kinn lay a kiss on Porsche’s neck.

“I love you.”

“You better, I enable so much of your silliness and stupid ideas.” Porsche joked to his lover.

“I know and I love it more when you join me in the action.”

The two might bicker or be at each other’s throats but they did not try to harm each other. No, those days were over, gone were the uncommunicating days of their youth. In this time now, after a lifetime of violence and fighting to be on top, two children and years of marriage. They were a team, one who mobsters and civilians alike feared for the power they had but also their devotion to the other. No one could shake them or make them turn against their other half.

It was what they had desired when they first started to fall for the other. This love would continue till one or both of them were in the grave and maybe into their next life as well.