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What We Hide, What We Find

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Porsche was sitting in Kinn’s car, with his son on his lap. Kinn kept trying to get Porsche to sit a stride him. Claiming he wanted to hold his family.

Porsche called bullshit.

Kinn just wanted to touch Porsche, and they weren’t repeating their earlier ride.

“Do you want me to hold him?” Kinn motioned with his arms out stretched.


Porsche knew when Kon awoke from his nap, he would be colicky and grabby. Kinn’s interest in the toddler would transform to repulsion. This elegant man with his bespoken suits did not want to be contaminated with toddler filth.

Porsche put a hand under his son’s butt. His head was resting against Porsche’s chest, drooling on his shirt.

Yes, sticky fingers and mystery liquids, Kinn would be back to his playboy ways instantaneously.

The car was slowing; they must be close. Some of Kinn’s men had stayed behind to pack their clothes and other supplies. Porsche had Kon sleeping in his bed but he didn’t know if he could continue to do so.

“What about Chè? Is he going to be there?” Porsche rocked Kon.

“Yes, Kim is driving him.” They better not be alone, who knows what that drama queen Kim would try on his little brother.

The door was opened by Pete, Kinn got out first then offered his hand to Porsche. It was rejected.

Porsche saw the sports car stop short of Kinn’s car and out tumbled Chè.

That’s not his shirt.

The younger brother rushed to the elder and hugged him.

And those hickeys were not on his neck before.

As the hug ended, Porsche passed Kon to his brother to hold. He took a threatening step in Kim’s direction.

Kinn twirled him into his own hug. Laughing at Porsche’s bewilderment.

“I thought you were giving out hugs. Also, I could have held Kon.”

Like I’m going to give you my kid, what experience do you have with children?

“Yay! You both finally got your mates. And isn’t Kon cute! I want him, there’s a drama I want to show him.” Khun exclaimed as he bombarded them with statements; Khun’s own bodyguard stood quietly off to the side, giving Porsche a nod in recognition.

“How did you know his name?” Porsche glanced at Kinn then Kim but both were equally surprised.

Khun had his hand on the boy’s hair. The little boy was captivated by the oldest brother’s dangling bracelets. The metal flashing in the sunlight to the toddler whose first love was movement-- was magical. Khun was now his favourite person.

“Chè told me when my precious little nephew was born.” Khun was still petting Porsche’s child.

Porsche turned an accusing gaze to his little brother; Kim and Kinn were moving towards their brother with an air that promised violence.

Enraged Khun would hide their mates and new family member.

“Why?” Kinn and Porsche asked their brother.

“I promised so he wouldn’t give away our location and I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d freak out and the pregnancy was already taking a toll on you.” Chè’s eyes were watering as he pleaded his case.

In an instant Porsche forgave him, after all sometimes one must trust a lunatic if they want to survive.

Khun’s response was a little different.

“It wasn’t my fault, you two failed as alphas. I had to keep an eye out for my brothers-in-law.” Khun was unapologetic as he explained his reasoning. It was his flippant tone which set Kinn off.

Kinn chased his older brother around their entrance way, bodyguards dived left and right. Not wanting any part of the fratricide, Khun laughed at his younger brother’s death threats.

But wasn’t watching as Kim stuck out his leg, tripping the mad alpha.

Khun fell to the ground and his little brothers pounced.

Was Porsche an evil person for hoping the three alphas would kill each other and his little family could return home unscathed from this madness?

Kinn posed to deck him, however the hit did not land as a commanding voice broke the chaos.

“Kinn, Kim leave your brother alone. You three aren’t little children, have some decorum.” Mr. Korn ordered from the door as he walked towards the little party.

Porsche tightened his hold on his child and maneuvered Chè to stand partially behind him.

He figured Mr. Korn knew whose child Porsche was holding and the businessman could do simple math.

Yes, there would be no mistaking the reason why Porsche had disappeared. Now what was left to confirm was if his big boss had wished him to stay lost.

The why was currently pawing at his chest, Porsche had stopped breastfeeding him but the little man still like to rest finding comfort on Porsche. With the eventful day he was having it made sense for him to want an old comfort.

Mr. Korn was dressed in his signature suit and his personal bodyguard/ assistant was shadowing him like usual. Both held an impressive visual and Porsche turned his son’s face away from his grandfather.

If he was to be rejected and treated like gutter trash; he didn’t want his son to have any memory of his familial abandonment.

The kingpin stared at Porsche and his little bundle as if placing a figure to their worth. Was Mr. Korn thinking Porsche had failed as a parent or unsatisfied with Kon’s living situations.

What if Porsche’s greatest fear wasn’t completely correct? What if instead of them being vetoed it was just Porsche himself and his son was snatched away from him?

Could Porsche live without his son? No not for a single breath.

“He has my wife’s eyes. He certainly is a handsome baby.” Kon was taken from Porsche, Mr. Korn’s assistant holding him back with a firm hand to Porsche’s chest. A look of warning directed at the ex-bodyguard.

Kinn was at his father’s side as if he had materialized there.

“Yes, but look at his little nose and mouth. Those are all Porsche.” Kinn had a proud grin as he spoke with his father.

What shocked Porsche was the care Mr. Korn and Kinn held his son with. Porsche had assumed his employer had not physically cared for any of his sons when they were so young.

Had he been wrong?

“So, I can see and I see Kim is now trying to claim his omega as well.” Both little brothers blushed. Porsche’s glare intensified.

“Father Kinn and Kim were bullying me!” Khun whined as he stood beside his father, brushing the dirt off his clothes.

“Don’t bully your little brothers and why was I the last to learn about my first grandchild?” Mr. Korn gave the boy back to his father, however Kinn took the child before Porsche could place his hands on his son.

Porsche’s scent of rage and discomfort was layering the area, the beta bodyguards shifted uneasily.

Normally Porsche would not expose his weaknesses but this was his son and these bastards were passing him around like he was a new model of a phone.

“Kinn, give me my son.” Porsche ordered with gritted teeth, he didn’t care if Kinn became pissed at losing face in front of his men or father. Porsche wanted his son back where he belonged.

Mr. Korn broke into laughter, deep rumbling chuckles as he watched the scene.

“Your mother was the same, not trusting me to hold any of the three of you without her help.”

He looked to his PA for agreement, the silent man’s head moved in confirmation.

Kinn, the bastard, had a pleased aura. Did he derive enjoyment from Porsche’s worries?

The group was moved inside, Porsche dragged inside by Kinn’s firm hold on his hand. The mobster’s other arm held their child. Thus, why Porsche chose not to fight with the alpha. How ever tempting it seemed.

Khun left for his living quarters pouting that Kon would not be allowed to go with him. The head of the house said it would be more beneficial for the family to settle in together than to do so separately.

Porsche argued that he knew where his old room was and the three of them could share it. He was given odd looks, Kinn claiming Porsche would be staying with him; Chè with Kim.

Porsche couldn’t even prepare for battle before he was in the elevator on his way to Kinn’s suite.

The young parent didn’t know how to handle this predicament, Kinn had not listened to him in the past so why would he now give a crap about Porsche’s feelings on the matter.

The two were not going to continue with their sexual ‘relationship’. Do casual lovers count as a relationship? Kinn might in the moment claim to love Porsche but love fades. His emotions could be tied to his knew heir and Porsche was a tag-along. 

Wasn’t that a fucking joke. Kinn may claim to love him but had they not chanced upon each other in the club, Porsche could have lived his life without the alpha.

The club! Porsche would need to return so his co-workers didn’t file a missing person’s report.

They were good people and didn’t need Kinn causing shit for them.

As the small family stood in the elevator, Porsche for once was surrounded by men as he was forced to stay at Kinn’s side. Before his pregnancy Porsche had guarded Kinn often standing in front of him. Now would he have to stand behind him? Like he couldn’t protect himself?

Fuck that!

Porsche was not going to fuel Kinn’s power trip or some alpha bullshit and if he tried it. Porsche would show him why he was hired in the first place.

Actually, why not sooner? Just in case Kinn was thinking about doing so.

The penthouse was the same as Porsche remembered it to be. The furniture and other fixings were minimalistic. The simplicity in the posh lifestyle was unsettling as Kinn indulged in every luxury he had at his disposal.

It looked as if someone had taken the glass items from the room.

Kinn must have called ahead.

“You can sit Porsche; I’m not going to ravage you with a baby in my arms.” Kinn joked.

Porsche snorted, making a disgusted face at the leather sofa.

“I’m more worried about catching something.” Was Porsche’s rebuttal.

“You mean like another pregnancy? If you want, I’m more than willing to help but I might just want to enjoy this little man a little longer before giving them a baby sibling.” That smirk needed to be punched off. Kinn was asking for violence.

“I hope he throws up on you.” Porsche looked away.

“Wouldn’t be the first person, Kim had such a sensitive stomach when he was young.”

Porsche hated how much Kinn stared at him and Kon like he was trying to embed the image into the backs of his eyes.

The two had fought both with words and fists in this very room and yet Kinn wanted to act like they had not once quarreled. In Kinn’s own bed; Porsche had chewed him out for getting shot.

Something Porsche was paid handsomely not to allow to happen.

Kinn had not made Porsche’s life easy since the day they met. Constantly antagonizing the omega.

When the two first met Kinn hadn’t even known Porsche was an omega. Sure, he knew Chè was one, any one with eyes could figure that out but Porsche battled and won against omega labels. Kicking the asses of multiple alphas who thought they were shit.

It was only when after an extremely long shift Pete had casually mentioned if he should schedule Porsche some time for his rut.

Porsche who was severely sleep deprived, responded that his heat wasn’t for a few more months.

The room had gone deathly silent, each bodyguard and even the main alpha himself Kinn. Froze at this revelation. No one in the room believing this new fighter was an omega, nature’s gentlest being.

Porsche was then treated like an Other. Gone were the invites to game, smoke or drink with the other bodyguards. Porsche had not felt so alone since he first presented and his parents were dead. Those in his life waiting to see him fail and his world to fall apart.

He felt secluded and excluded for a few days as the news was spread and people digested it.

It was only Kinn’s treatment of him, which made everyone return to normal.

What would be his new normal?

“In all seriousness you should have a nap.” Kinn had moved behind Porsche as he looked out the window. Smelling his lover’s neck. He finally gave the boy back to his birth parent.

“You didn’t sleep much last night and your body is sore, isn’t it baby?” Kinn patted him on the butt. He was teasing Porsche again.

“Don’t think I can’t kick your ass, with a baby on my hip. Cause I can!” The statement didn’t stop Porsche from moving to Kinn’s bed and crawling into it after he undressed to his underwear. Kinn entered the room after the pair found themselves under the covers.

“Damn, missed the show.” Kinn moved around the room. Picking up Porsche’s discarded clothing. Making a neat pile with them on a chair.

“Don’t push it.” Porsche did not open his eyes as he tried to drift off to sleep.

“Sweet dreams my omega.” The barest touch of lips was felt on his forehead before Porsche accepted the sirens calls of sleep.

The soft breathing of his sweet boy were his last memories, as he slept in the plush bed and the cool sheets.

Many hours passed as the pair slept.

When Porsche aroused the sun was setting. In the corner of the room was a playpen. Porsche placed his son in it as he left the room looking for his prey. It was time to set ground rules. If Kinn thought he could dictate anything Porsche or his son did the alpha was an idiot.

Kinn was lounging on his sofa a book in hand. Kinn often did not have time for recreational reading, instead, he had reports after reports to read. Porsche could remember standing at his side as the other did his never-ending work.

But as the marshal artist crept closer it was not words on a page but photos displayed.

The photos Porsche saw over Kinn’s shoulders was himself and a younger Kon, in fact the picture showed a pale, sweaty and frankly exhausted Porsche holding a tiny freshly cleaned babe to his uncovered chest.

The little boy hungrily drinking his milk. It was the first time; the omega fed his son. Chè had taken the snapshot Porsche had focused his attention on the little one. A small but strong hand seized his pinky.

As he remembered his thoughts on how squishy and vulnerable his new infant was, he was overcome by nostalgia. Time had passed quickly and now his boy was trying to learn to talk.

Porsche moved to rest his head on Kinn’s; the other man didn’t startle. It was as if he knew Porsche was there.

“Your chest isn’t swollen anymore. I’m disappointed to have missed that.”

Pervert! That’s what he noticed about the photos.

“How did you get my book?” Porsche questioned.

“One of my men found it. I’m upset to have missed this side of you but we can have another one.”

“Fuck no! Unless you’re going to give birth, I’m not.” Porsche was tumbled over the sofa, his head now laying in Kinn’s lap, his body horizontal on the sofa.


“Listen babe, I’m speaking hypothetically. Who knows in a few years we might want another one or Kon will. But I’m extremely content to have you back with me. I won’t be part of old memories but we can make new ones.” Kinn whispered as his fingers traced Porsche’s features. The mob man’s eyes had a balminess Porsche had not seen before.

“I want you to be there but I won’t be a kept man. I’m not one of your cars to show off and then be forgotten” Porsche argued.

“I never saw you like that. If anything, you’re my favourite knife or gun. Deadly when used, comforting to have you in my presence when not in a direct fight. You grew on me and now I’ll never let you go.” Kinn finished kissing the darker man. It was a sweet kiss. No hidden heat or lust driven passion. It was a kiss shared by lovers not bedmates.

Hadn’t that been what Porsche wanted to be; something more to Kinn? To possess the tiniest piece of Kinn’s heart; it seemed only fair, Kinn owned so much of Porsche’s.

“What about Kon?” Porsche needed to know what’s Kinn’s intent with his son was.

“He’s my heir, this city will be his.” Kinn avowed.

“What if he’s not an alpha?” It was a topic required to be brought up early, to avoid disappointment.

Kinn might love his son for the possibility of him being an alpha. The world had loved Porsche too until he was an omega. It made logical sense for the same to happen to his son. He refused to let the world destroy his child, to take a part of Kon, that Porsche had lost in his youth.

Kinn had come from alphas but Porsche and Chè were omegas.

Kinn snorted “Then the world will quiver as our omega heir makes it his play ground. The other families will cower at both his strength and beauty. Both traits he inherited from you. He’ll play mind games with them—a skill he learned from me.

Porsche had no response or snarky statement; he chose to peer up at his lover. Taking in the shape and details of his face.

Kinn did the same.

Slowly their mouths met, tongues performing a slow waltz with each other. Kinn’s hand gently laid on Porsche’s chest. An invitation for more.

A loud cry echoed the apartment. His son’s sobs and cries for his life giver jolted Porsche back to the room he had slept in. Retrieving his son from the slightly wet bed covers. He cradled Kon.

Hushing his little boy and rubbing soothing circles on his back.

Kinn was stripping the covers and replaced them with fresh ones. These blankets depicted small koi fish.

Porsche wondered if Kinn had bought them because they looked like the ones he had owned. Or if it was just a coincidence.

The little boy was given a bath, his father standing in the doorway observing Porsche washing the mischievous toddler and the pair giggle as the youngest male was finally cleaned.


Kinn could not describe what it was like to watch Porsche parent their child. It was something he had once daydreamed about but would then scold himself for indulging in his alpha foolishness. The two had mostly a sexual relationship but Kinn knew without a doubt if Porsche had come to him. Explaining he was pregnant Kinn would have allowed him anything, Kinn had romantic feelings for Porsche.

Everyone knew so, Kinn was not the type to take a bullet for anyone.

However, his alpha pride had blinded him. Seeing Porsche with Vegas looming over him and his handsome omega smiling back at his cousin had driven Kinn into a vengeful rage.

That’s all the beta had been, a chance to hurt Porsche in the same way he had been hurt.

Kinn upon close introspection, could admit he was being childish. He had not felt so disgusted with himself as he saw something break in Porsche’s eyes when the man had entered the room.

Then Porsche had taken a few days off as scheduled but had switched with another guard on the day he was supposed to return. Kinn had given him his freedom, swearing to himself he would earn his forgiveness.

The man had not return and Kinn sought him out, the house abandoned.

Kinn was once again abandoned by his most loved person.

Kinn was used in the past and took advantage of people, it’s how he was raised yet he had tasted Porsche but Porsche had not exploited him in return. An anomaly; even his relatives could abuse his love and trust for them against him.


 Khun had known where Porsche was and found Kinn lacking. Who was he to help hide Kinn from his family.

“Kinn…where are you going to sleep?” Porsche’s voice drew his attention from his own thoughts.

Porsche was back in Kinn’s bed, this time with a little mixture of the two. The adorable soft baby’s hair was tucked under Porsche’s chin. Porsche lay in the center of Kinn’s bed, much like a siren striking lust into Kinn’s heart.

Lust, love and fondness. Those were the three emotions Kinn constantly felt for Porsche.

“With you, I won’t claim to be a gentleman. One shouldn’t lie in front of their children.” Kinn said proudly as he unbuttoned his shirt. Neatly placing his clothes on Porsche’s.

“Kinn.” Porsche warned as the alpha invited himself into his bed. Well… Kinn’s bed but it was now his.

“Shhh. Don’t wake him.” Kinn whispered into the omega’s hair as Kinn lightly turn Porsche to rest on him. Kon nestled between their warm bodies.

Yes, Kinn was looking forward to the many nights they would spend like this.

Feeling Porsche’s breath against his skin lulled him to dream land.


Porsche was hard pressed to say he despised every moment spent in Kinn’s home.

Mr. Korn was very welcoming and understanding too; welcoming him to the family. He had freed him from the original contract. Stating one should not do this to their future sons in law.


Fucking Kim.

The first morning, Porsche had given Kon to Kinn and marched down to Kim’s room. Pounding on the door, when the sleepy figure of his half-naked brother had opened the door. Porsche had roughly pulled him away and stormed into the room ready to beat the brat to death.

Porsche had the rich boy trapped on the bed when Kinn had thrown him over his shoulder and told his brother to use condoms. Making them leave as Porsche beat his fists on Kinn, shouting through the halls.

Kinn’s response was to pat his butt and say “easy no need to be so excited.”

Stupid fucker.

Chè had sheepishly come a few minutes later with Kon and Kim refused to be alone with Porsche. Which was fair, if the two were alone Porsche would commit murder.

Khun the mad man had found the situation very amusing and demanded they re-enact it for him.

This whole family was insane.

Kinn would go back to ‘work’ leaving Porsche alone with his son as Chè was off galivanting with Kim.

Kon and Porsche would spend the days wondering the gardens. The flowers and trees appeared to be precisely chosen and placed to display both beauty and wealth. Kon took pleasure in making himself filthy with the dirt and giving Porsche flowers or what he thought were pretty petals.

His son was growing up to be quite the charmer even if he often fell while walking.

Porsche had been helping Kon walk when Pete and a few of Porsche’s previous coworkers had tentatively approached him.

The alphas and betas, did not get close to him or waft their scents. Behaving as if they were afraid to be close to him. Porsche was not a frightened stray dog.

“Is this what Kinn pays you to do? Such shitty bodyguards, do you even frighten kittens?” Porsche teased them.

Pete broke into a large grin.

“Good to see you again Porsche.” The two clapped each other on the shoulders; the other joined suit.

“Is he the boss’?” Aim asked as he held a smiling Kon.


“No wonder boss man is acting so proud at all of his meetings; you should have seen the pissing contest between him and the second family.”

Fucking alphas.

Porsche had scolded Kinn the moment the two were alone but he knew it didn’t affect Kinn or his behaviour. Though the alpha was now spending more time with them during the day.

They were living in a picturesque family life, until Porsche found a particular collection of Kinn’s.

Chè had taken Kon for the day. Kim was taking them to an amusement park. Porsche had been pulled into a group praying session. Kim’s bodyguards looking extra drained and worried. Kim disappeared regularly on a normal day and now he was going to a crowded park. With the little master and the cutest omega to exist.

It would be a nightmare for those men. Porsche cruelly laughed. Then threatened that if anything happened to his family he would castrate and kill them.

One man was brave enough to ask about if Kim was injured.

“You can’t save everyone.” Porsche shrugged, waving away the concern they had for Kim.

Porsche was now back in Kinn’s room as he tried to play a game on his phone but nothing appealed to him. The books on Kinn’s shelves were a bizarre mix of English and business. Nothing Porsche would read even if he had been trying to fall asleep.

There was a remote sitting on the nightstand but no television in sight.

Porsche examined the device more closely, seeing the drop-down feature and pressed it.

A thin television screen lowered from the ceiling. Placed at the foot of the bed, Porsche could comfortably rest on the bed and view what was being displayed.

He figured he could watch whatever was Kinn’s last entertainment picture.

Kinn and Porsche had watched movies or shows together in the past and for the most part they liked the same things, hopefully this wouldn’t be a boring documentary.

Also, Porsche didn’t want to touch too many buttons in case he broke it.

The black screen came to life as Porsche reclined on the bed, he at first couldn’t make out the odd shapes on the projector.

Then he saw it was someone’s chest, a pair of lips were sucking on a nipple. No sound played.

Porsche turned it up to hear the moans softly echo, the apartment was empty and Porsche was curious to see what kind of porn Kinn had been watching. The angles made it seem like a home movie and not a professional one.

“Kinn… Kinn.” A breathless voice softly chanted, driven higher by the pleasure being given to their chest.

Porsche dropped the remote. Kinn had filmed one of his boys. This was a sex tape of Kinn’s.

Kinn and one of his pretty boys, even if the kid’s face was not yet shown. Porsche was livid. The fuck was Kinn watching this and when did he have the time.

Porsche didn’t turn off the movie, instead he chose to watch and when Kinn returned he would chew him out.

The pretty boy’s skin was darker than Kinn’s usuals and his chest was far more muscular. Had this boy been a beta?

The longer Porsche stared at the uncovered chest he still couldn’t picture who it belonged to. Then the on screen Kinn moved his hand. Revealing a small scar on the man’s lower abdomen.  A scar Porsche was all too familiar with as his abdomen had just recently lost all his baby weigh and although no longer were his abs able to cut glass they were still defined.

No! NO that wasn’t…

“Kinn… move down you bastard. I’m so hard.”

 Porsche’s own lust driven voice seductively said through the speakers. The recorded Kinn placing wet kisses on Porsche’s lower belly. A firm set of hands trying to force the head much lower to where he needed him.

Fuck! When had Kinn recorded him? Porsche would kill him and Kon would now not have another father at all.

The two on screen were back to locking lips, the wet sounds were making Porsche feel warm. The eyes of himself were looking back at him. He could see the love he held for Kinn exposed in them.

Porsche lay bare before Kinn in more ways than one. The two were touching each other in this very bed.

The bed Porsche was alone in.

Porsche’s eyes darted to the door, Kinn’s apartment was sound proof so the guards outside couldn’t hear the ‘private movie’ and Porsche had time before Kinn said he was going to return.

Decision made he rolled over pulling open the nightstand cabinet. The desired bottle was mostly full. Indicating it had wasn’t recently Kinn was watching this.

Porsche didn’t know how to feel about that thought.

What he did know was he wouldn’t have just his memories to inspire him.

He shimmied out of his clothes but left his underwear on. The movie was now getting started, the foreplay Porsche could mimic to himself.

A tiny part of himself tried to deny that he was imagining Kinn’s fingers on his slowly heating flesh but the majority said who cares.

People knew him and Kinn were together, shit they had a child, who was he trying to kid.

Eyes back on the moving bodies; Kinn was once again leaving marks on his flesh. Claiming Porsche as his. It made Porsche’s blood boil, not with anger but lust.

Porsche’s neck was his weakness and Kinn knew to exploit it.  Shady man that he was.

He could hear himself groaning and antagonizing Kinn to get to work, to stop messing around but Kinn moved his hand south. By passing Porsche’s hard dick to instead wet his fingers.

Porsche did the same, using his own juices to wet his finger but he had yet to add them as the Kinn he was watching had not.

A loud shriek was sent through the speakers and a second later Porsche gritted his teeth to prevent his own from escaping. Porsche could not remove his eyes from Kinn’s hand. His own mirrored Kinn’s.

However, his fingers were not the same size, he wanted- no needed something bigger. To fill the void, he was currently experiencing.

His finger was plunging into his hole, the sound of his own slick mixing with his soft cries being overshadowed by the sound track of their past encounter.

Porsche twirled his pebbled nipple, chasing his own orgasm. He wanted to be finished before Kinn completed his work. He couldn’t let the perv knew he got off to this, it would be hypocritical for him to then reprimand the alpha.


Kinn was angry, so filled with bloodlust for his ‘business partners’. Backstabbing assholes. They had been trying to undermine him from the day he started handling father’s work. Now they thought him weak due to Porsche. Fools if they thought his family was dragging him down. He would show them what true weight felt like as he tied cement blocks to their ankles and watched them drown.

Then we could see who truly won.

Kinn untied his tie, their son was with his brother and now Porsche was alone. If the other boy was sleeping, he could wake him, a romantic dinner and who knows. A repeat of their reunion… sounds delicious.

The door to his bedroom was closed further giving Kinn the belief of his sleeping beloved. He quietly opened the door, taking extra care not to make any noise but the room wasn’t dark like he guessed it would be.

Porsche was laying on his bed and he was in a state of undress. His hand movement and soft whimpers were more beautiful than any painting or orchestra.

Dinner had arrived early. Typical Porsche, just as Kinn believed he had the upper hand Porsche would surprise him.  

Kinn removed his shirt as Porsche had his eyes closed. His poor lip turning an alarming shade of red.

Kinn licked his lips.

His steps were silent as he moved to his prey. His scent was covering the room and Kinn couldn’t wait to increase its intensity.

Kinn was hovering over Porsche but not touching him just yet.

“All ways full of surprises Porsche.” He haughtily spoke his voice louder than the video.

Porsche’s eye lids exploded open; his hands stilled.

Shock was in the eyes but so was desire and a drive to reach his completion.

Porsche lip escaped from his teeth, his pants hitting Kinn’s lips. He took Porsche’s bottom lip in his and nibbled on it. Following Porsche as he pulled his head back.

Without looking, Kinn placed and covered Porsche’s hand hidden in his boxers. Trapping the appendage, he was rewarded with Porsche’s sounds of displeasure.

Kinn pulled his face away.

“If you wanted some attention, you should have told me. Khun could have babysat Kon.” Kinn smirked at Porsche.

“If you left my son with that loon, I’d cut it off and flush it.” Porsche threatened.

Kinn laughed and rolled them.

Porsche was now on top of Kinn. Trapping the man’s lower half.

Kinn moved Porsche’s hand to his mouth sucking the slick off it. His personal ambrosia.

The omega above him rubbed his lower half against Kinn’s.

If you want it; work for it.

Kinn’s expression said.

His feisty lover had taken his challenge.

Roughhousing Kinn into the position he needs to rut against to find his pleasure. Porsche had also moved Kinn’s lips onto his nipple.

If Kinn tilted his head; he could see the movie playing over Porsche’s shoulder. But Kinn wasn’t trapped at having to rely on these private videos. Now he had his lover back and they could make new memories.

A growl left Kinn’s mouth as Porsche bit the skin of his shoulder; clearly unhappy with Kinn’s inaction.

Kinn slithered down and connected with the warm skin, faint marks light from housing their son.

How had he not noticed in their first mating?

Kinn tugged at his zipper, uncaring if it tore. He knew he just needed to be inside his gorgeous omega.

The designer pants were lowered and tossed to the floor as fingers and lips roamed each other. The heat in the room all consuming.

Kinn encased in Porsche’s legs as he buried himself to the hilt in the tight wet heat.

The two’s cries of pleasure mixed and formed new sounds as they chased their ends together.

Thrusting and humping, the bed slammed against the wall. It was good that the room was soundproof or else someone may have entered worried about the inhabitants.

Porsche begged Kinn to speed up, to go faster and harder.

To fill him.

The words that left the other’s mouth, acted as gasoline to Kinn’s match.

Within minutes they were spilling together. Porsche on their stomachs and Kinn within his mate.  

 Kinn withdrew from Porsche, his seed slowly escaping and Kinn felt the need to plunge back in. To fill his omega to the brim.

Kinn encouraged Porsche to place his head on Kinn’s chest, his breath still coming out in pants. Kinn’s hand caressed Porsche sweaty locks.

“If I get pregnant, I will brutally murder you.” Porsche kissed Kinn’s cheek and went to sleep.

When the lovers awoke, the day had not yet passed.

Kinn retrieved his phone to call Kim and told him to watch Kon for longer than promised.

The two did not leave the bed for many hours.

When it was covered in their combined fluids, they took it as a sign to move to the bathroom.


Porsche was holding his son as he got out of the car. Kinn had come with him to his work to say goodbye to his coworkers. The owner had helped him so much, Porsche couldn’t just disappear as he did.

These people needed to know he lived.

He strolled in with Kinn and the other bodyguards moving to the center bar.

The lady had her back to them.

“Sorry Hun, we’re not open yet.” The woman said without turning around. She was counting bottles.

“Kitty, I’m not a customer.” Porsche joked with her.

A bottle was dropped.

“Porsche!” She shouted. Other workers started to fill into the room when they heard her call.

The bodyguards made them keep their distance from the small mafia family.

“Hi Kitty, everyone. I came in to hand in my job resignation.” He had Kon on his hip. The little boy was following Kitty’s dangling earrings.

She nodded dumbly.

“Where’s your mate?” Kitty asked in a daze.

Kinn slung his arm over Porsche’s shoulder, dragging him close.

Her eyes widened to an alarming width.

As he was sure the other workers did as well.

“Porsche, are you moving back in with your mate?” A male voice asked.

It was the elderly male owner. He hobbled over to the party, not sparing Kinn a glance.

“Your son is cuter than you said.” The old man smiled.

“Is this the sweet boy, everyone has been gossiping about or was it your brother?”

Porsche flushed as Kinn smirked.

The two left after much small talk.

“Can you keep your ego in check?” Porsche complained.

“Why bother? I have so much to brag about.”

Five years later

Porsche was pissed, not once in the many years Kon was small did he get sick on Kinn.

Porsche was the one to throw up on him. The same day he changed his cologne.

The fucking alpha wasn’t even mad when he found out why. Porsche was knocked up again.

Everyone celebrated, a large party given to the omega.

He hated this family, except for his sweet nephew.

Chè had given birth to a darling little thing less than two years earlier. Kim had skipped around when the announcement was made.

Porsche had decked him in the face.

He missed but he hadn’t intended to hit the younger man. Mostly.

Now here Porsche was ready in labour, waiting for this child to leave his body. He was surrounded by the best doctors’ money could buy.

They said he had to wait. Useless.

Kinn was with him, trying to sooth him. Also, useless.

Kon was waiting with his family.

Porsche was finally ordered to push and so he did screaming out in pain. This kid better be worth it.

Porsche was handed a bundle as the doctor stitched him up.

A baby with Porsche’s skin complexion and Kinn’s eyes was given to him.

Utterly beautiful.

Kinn snuggled close to his mate and new baby.

“What should we call him?” Kinn asked.

Porsche thought for a moment.

“King… his name is King.”

“The world will be his garden.”

Years later

Porsche would not have imagined his sons would be so different. Kon had been an alpha but his King was an omega. Kon worked in the family business and King was forever in the garden.

His children were both unbelievably smart and charismatic as their father.

Porsche made sure they could kick any asshole into the next century.

King was going to university with Pete’s son Bohn. An alpha born a few months before King. The two were brothers in all but blood.

Secretly Porsche felt better knowing his son wouldn’t be alone. Kinn would never let the boy be truly alone but still. The world was dangerous and his little flower could be hurt.  

Porsche was still one of Kinn’s bodyguards as his mate was now the main kingpin of the city. No mafia man blinked without Kinn’s say so.

The three brothers had joined their forces and took control from the other families. Khun’s intel, Kim’s brutes and finally Kinn’s legal and illegal business meant they had no shortage of money. When the three menaces worked together, they were unstoppable and motivated. Their motivations being their children or nephews.

The world shivered when they were angry.

Kon was following his father in power and respect at his young age.

Porsche couldn’t have been prouder.

Porsche saw a framed photo sitting on a side table in Kinn’s office.

It was of his boys.

Kinn dressed for business with a small King on his lap as he was showing the little boy a book on plants. Kon standing at the desk side also reading along. Three large grins on display.

It was why Porsche had taken the picture.

“You know he isn’t leaving permanently?” Kinn had whispered in his ear.

“Says you. How many guards do you have following him or in his apartment building?”

“Surprises are what keeps a relationship fresh.” Was the alpha’s cheeky retort.

Porsche shook his head in exasperation.

His sons and mate were safe in the world of darkness and Porsche had found happiness.

Now if he could just get his youngest to visit more. And not the spare house.

Porsche sighed, he felt like his home was empty. He missed his children. His little boys were old and he was even older yet.

Such is the world.

But it was a world with Kinn.

If someone messed with Porsche’s world; theirs’s he would burn to the ground.

Kinn snuggled up to Porsche enjoying their private moment.

The bodyguards outside, the two alone.

Kinn’s phone broke the comfortable silence.

Kinn put it on speaker after seeing it was from Kon.

“We’re coming home. I’m bringing guests. King’s guests.”

Kon said menacingly, he ended the call.

The two tensed, what had happened to their son?