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What We Hide, What We Find

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Porsche questioned where his life choices had taken him to be in this moment. Perched on his toilet seat in his cramped bathroom. Waiting for the stupid test to give him the results he was desperately begging any deity listening for.

Were these results to a std test? No but Porsche wished they were. If only the bastard had given him one, he would have been less concerned.

His life wouldn’t be falling apart like it seemed to be doing now. If only he hadn’t helped that mafia man when he was getting his ass kicked in the back alley but then Kinn had agreed to his price and Chè needed his school fees paid.

Goddamn! Hurry up, you stupid test!

He could hear Chè walking in the apartment. He must have just returned home from school.

Porsche himself wasn’t suppose to be home. He should have been guarding Kinn, but due to his fears; he had quickly changed shifts with another guard. If this ended up being a false alarm, Kinn was going to kill him.


And now he had to fix the sink as well, could nothing in this apartment work?

Why did everything have to give up on him all at once?

Nothing had gone the way he planned once his parents had died. His uncle had squandered what little savings the boys had been left. Now all that was left was these dilapidated remains of their home. Porsche had needed to drop out of university to support his brother and his leach of an uncle.

Fine, he had made peace with that years ago, Porsche was always more of a marshal artist anyway and he hadn’t minded working in a bar.

Chè was the gifted one at school, Porsche knew he could make something of himself other than being gutter trash like his older brother.

When Porsche had started to rise within Kinn’s bodyguards, he thought he could make something of himself as well. He wouldn’t be just another forgotten statistic. But now he had that test mocking him in his crumbling world.

Hadn’t he always been careful? Wasn’t this why he had gone for women before?

Before he had met the man with ambitions of greater power; his cocky smirk; that scent of gun smoke and priceless whiskey. 

The moment Kinn had demanded Porsche be his bodyguard, Porsche had lost.

Now what happened to things Kinn no longer found interesting? They became forgotten and he might be as well.

The beeping startled the fighter from his negative train of thought. Jumping up to grab the test off the counter, he took a deep breath. Trying to steady his heartrate. The man hadn’t even been this frightened when he was being chased through a forest with only Kinn at his side.

Maybe that was why you weren’t afraid, Kinn could protect you.

Shaking his head to dislodge the absurd thoughts, he finally looked at the small plastic test.

There on the display screen was a small positive sign. The happy woman on the container the test had been stored in taunted Porsche with her overly large grin, a hand rested on her lower abdomen.  As if she took pleasure in his misery.

He took one last glance at the test and hurdled it at the mirror, causing the glass to shatter. Porsche couldn’t breathe. This couldn’t be true, he needed another test, better than this fake one.

Yes, maybe the test had just been wrong. His sensitive stomach and the sickness he felt in the morning was just a fluke, and his tender chest.

No, none of these symptoms were connected. He had just had the flu and he must have been punched in the chest. Everything could be explained away if Porsche tried hard enough.

The door handle rattled as Porsche panicked.

“Bro? Are you in there?” Chè asked his voice hesitant.

Silence was his only answer, Porsche couldn’t breathe let alone speak to reassure his brother.

No all Porsche could do was kneel on the bathroom floor with the glass shards and panic.

The door opened; Chè must have busted the lock. His little brother peeked in around the door but when he saw his brother he dashed in; not once thinking of the glass.

“Chè be careful!” Porsche scolded, funny how Chè could always get Porsche to speak to him.

His whole world centered around the smaller boy, his one bit of light in the moonless night that was his life.

“Porsche, what happened? Are you-” Chè stopped once his eyes landed on the white plastic. He carefully picked it up, mouth ajar when the positive sign became visible to him.

“Porsche?” The question didn’t need to be asked, the answer was obvious.

Chè dropped the pregnancy test and spread his arms open to encase the elder in a hug. The two sat kneeling for a while in complete silence.

The two didn’t know how long they sat until they heard the door open to their home. The bathroom door closed, Porsche’s gun was sitting in his room and Porsche hadn’t planned on guests.

“Chè did you get your stuff? I’ve been waiting in the car.” Kim, the younger brother of his boss called as he strolled into the brothers’ home. That whole family acted like they owned every location they visited, and technically Kinn owned this home.

“Yeah, Kim I think I might need to cancel. My tummy hurts and I think I might be getting the flu.” Chè called; his voice concealed the nerves on his face.

The sounds of footsteps flooded the tiny space as Kim came closer. Chè flew to rest his back against the door so Kim couldn’t open it. Once again, the door handle rattled.

“Chè, do you want me to help? I can look after you, do you want anything?” Porsche was surprised at the concern in the normally emotionless ice prince voice. Kim hadn’t shown much emotion in Porsche’s presence before. Hell, Porsche hadn’t even known his brother was friendly with Mr. Korn’s youngest.

But Chè had been friendly since the day he was born. A big smile and happy eyes had been his default setting since he knew how to. The pretty omega had alphas wrapped around his finger the minute he presented and Porsche had been thrashing them off since.

The spoiled rich kid was his current suitor by the sounds of it. Nothing good could come of this pairing and had the older brother discovered this before now, Kim would have been bloody and those dumb shades of his broken.

“Kim, I think I need a little rest. Can I talk to you later tonight or tomorrow morning?”

“Sure, Sweetie call me if you need anything or if you just want company. Actually, how about I drive you home and you can stay in my room.” Kim jangled the knob.

Home… he spoke like Kim’s home was now Porsche and Chè’s home. But it wasn’t maybe in a fairy-tale world it could have been. If Porsche hadn’t slept with his boss, then the pair could have found home in the grand complex. The protection of the mafia family. Now Porsche was another of Kinn’s lovers. Some idiot who couldn’t even prevent this from happening. Kinn had slept with dozens of pretty boys- omega and betas alike and if rumours were to be believed even a few alphas. Porsche would just be seen like one of Kinn’s discarded toys. A lesson to not sleep with the help even. For that was what Porsche was, someone to take a bullet for his boss, not to take his knot.

“Kim I’ll be fine; I’m going to sleep for a little while. I’ll call you when I feel better.” Chè’s words finally got the young alpha to leave, but not before he left some money in case Chè needed something.

The pair could hear his sports car take off as he drove to his destination. Chè left the bathroom to make sure Kim hadn’t left anyone behind to guard him.

When he returned, he had a broom in hand and quietly cleaned the glass from the floor.

“Aren’t you going to ask?” Porsche questioned his brother.

“I think I know whose it is but it’s not my business anyway.”

Porsche loved Chè; his little brother hadn’t judged him but had accepted him. Porsche wanted to cry so, for once he did. He was allowed to cry on one occasion every ten years. Today was his day to let his walls drop and show his weakness.

Chè was stroking his hair as the two sat on the floor, merging into one being. Hushing him as wet sobs escaped from his throat. Chè had started to cry as well. The brothers weeping as the truth of their situation became clear. Both feeling helpless and not knowing what to do but knowing to rely on the other.

“Do you want it?” Chè broke the silence. The crying had stopped, there was no tears left to shed.

Porsche hadn’t thought about children but he knew if Kinn found out, the life he was carrying would end. It would be easy for someone like Kinn, a doctor would be ready before the call ended.

Was that what Porsche wanted?

His pride said no. Porsche didn’t want to be known as one of Kinn’s boy’s who had gotten knocked up and then dumped by the master.

He had seen how Kinn parted ways with his lovers; a watch and some cash.

Porsche didn’t want hush money or in his case money to spend on the removal of the little cells within him and a shiny memento. To be another person Kinn had stuck his dick in and then moved on to the next pretty boy.

Did Kinn care what Porsche did?

Porsche wasn’t Kinn’s preferred type, he was no delicate flower. His hands were rough from fighting and his body strong. Not like his pretty boys who looked like little dolls. Porsche neither had the frame nor attitude of an omega. Which he had been glad about, it made it easier to protect Chè and to do his jobs. Scent neutralizers existed and Porsche made sure to keep his bottle stocked.

In the past Porsche had dated and slept with women exclusively. They thought him an alpha and those who knew what his secondary gender was, were up to see what his performance would be like. He had no complaints and he was satisfied until Kinn had swaggered in.

Porsche didn’t remember much before the drugs wore off. But what he did remember made him wet. Kinn had been forceful bending the omega’s body into whatever position he had wanted. Making Porsche take his knot and cum with such frequency he had worried he would burst. When Porsche had whimpered for Kinn to stop or that it hurt. The gangster would kiss him stealing the breath from his lungs and he place little kisses along Porsche’s back, neck and face.

When Porsche would drift off to sleep or was about to pass out; Kinn would purr and release his calming scent.

Porsche could scarcely walk without a limp when he was drug free and the bastard was so smug. Porsche was tempted to punch the smirk off his face.

That incident hadn’t been the only time the pair slept together, Porsche had been taken multiple times on each flat surface in Kinn’s apartment and a few non flat surfaces. His favourite memory was riding Kinn in the pool, the other’s eyes hungrily staring at him then Kinn hadn’t been able to stand it and had taken control of their position. Thrusting deep into Porsche his screams echoing the abode.

That was the last time they fucked.

Was that the one? Or had it been another?

Shortly after Kinn started to ‘date’ other men. His standard soft boys. The bruises and bitemarks had yet to fade from his skin.

Porsche didn’t want to remember how distressed and shocked he had been when he was called in with Pete to Kinn’s rooms.

Kinn was not the only person within the room, if the boy between his legs gave any indication. Porsche had been forced to stand in front of the other man and pretend to be professional. His heart being cleaved in half by the other as Kinn received a blow job from a nameless beta boy. Porsche didn’t know why he thought the other man might spare him from such a cruel ‘break up’. The two weren’t dating or monogamous. He didn’t think Kinn even knew the word, let alone understood how to be loyal to a single person.

So, what if Porsche wasn’t looking for anyone else when he had been with Kinn. An easy lay was what Kinn labeled Porsche as. The reality of their relationship made clear in one hurtful act.

When he was finally dismissed, Porsche headed to the balcony to smoke and maybe grieve for his foolishness. Pete had offered him comfort and asked if he wanted to go to a different brother but Porsche rejected that idea.

Then his sickness had started.

“I think I want to keep it but I can’t work and I don’t know what to do.” Porsche’s fingers tugged at his hair. He needed to figure out how to escape from Kinn’s grasp but how would he do so.

“How much savings do you have?” Chè questioned, a plan forming in his mind. The younger’s eyes flittered to different tiles in the small room.

“A few months maybe eight if we live on a tight budget.” The older did some quick math.

“Okay withdraw that and don’t come back here for two hours.” Chè was starting to dial a number on his phone.

“Chè?” Porsche asked, he was handed a washcloth to clean his face with. While he was doing so, Chè spoke.

“Please Porsche, I know you’re the older brother and you look after us. Let me help you for once.” Chè begged him and Porsche sighed in defeat and went to get his wallet to withdraw his savings. He brought along with him, his work bag to place the money inside.

After the promised two hours, he returned to his home.

The sight that greeted him was their bags packed and the place bare of any personal items.

A large duffle bag was place on the couch, Chè counting the bills.

“Chè … what did you do?” Porsche was frightened, how did his brother get this much cash? Who did he speak to.

“I asked Kim for it. Don’t worry I didn’t rob a bank.”

Porsche wished Chè had robbed a bank. He didn’t want the brothers to know what he planned or what had happened.

“What did you say?” Porsche grabbed Chè by his shirt and shook him roughly.

“It’s okay, I told him Uncle needed it but I didn’t want you to know. Kim gave me two hundred thousand baht.” That kind of cash, they could disappear within the city and Kinn wouldn’t be able to find them.

“We need to go now!”

The two brothers picked up their bags and disappeared into the moonless night. All that remained of the earlier event was the broken glass in the garbage, the positive test hidden within Chè’s backpack.

Two days later a familiar car would arrive at the door step and a man would break down the door when no response was given to his yelling. Men dressed in black would swarm the small space looking for life and the subsequent lack of it would make their boss rage; breaking the items he touched.  One item he smashed was an ash tray, the burn remains held a woman’s smiling face, the tray full of ashes which scattered into the air. A near full pack of cigarettes were redundantly waiting next to the tray, one cig was missing. Kinn knew who smoked that brand.

Kinn’s rage was extracted on Porsche’s Uncle. The man bound to a chair and forced to talk; his body was broken as the three brothers were listening and watching his body language for any sign of falsehoods.  One corpse left the lone room, the brothers parting ways to report their findings.

Nothing was gained from the interrogation other than to release Kinn’s anger. Khun watched his little brothers curse as they searched fruitlessly for their omegas.  Six months later Khun would receive a package for a new drama shipped in blue paper. The crazy sibling happy for many days after opening his package, even trapping his brothers in watching it. The younger siblings not understanding why the story plot of a young woman hiding her child from her ex-lover enticed the eldest brother.


   Two years later

Kinn couldn’t believe that time could pass as quickly as it did. For the first few months Kinn had plowed his way through beta boys, as if he hoped Porsche would return if he reached a high enough number. The encounters might have brought some physical pleasure but the moment after he achieved his orgasm. The boys were tossed out of his living quarters. Kinn had discovered that he was unable to forget about the boy with the cherry blossom tattoo.

It wasn’t his pride that had been injured, his own personal guard stealing then disappearing after taking his money (Kim’s money). No, it was that regardless of how many spies he sent, there were no sightings of Porsche or his little brother.

This city Kinn had been taking control over, was actively hiding his past lover. Unacceptable. Kinn’s temper was shorten as time passed. At first, he knew if he found Porsche the boy would be punished.

Kinn had fantasized about giving him a heat drug and fucking him through the results.  Those powerful hands grasp tight to Kinn’s biceps and his legs encasing Kinn’s waist as the bodyguard had his boss plow into his tight wet heat. The little breathless moans he would try to conceal. Kinn kissing his neck and marking him. Their scents and sounds would linger and mix in Kinn’s home, his sanctuary. Was that what Porsche transformed in to for Kinn, no longer an unwanted arrogant body guard. But someone Kinn had wanted to spend his private moments with?

Their past wasn’t simply filled with fighting and fucking. In moments of tranquility, Kinn had played his violin for Porsche and Kinn had seen some of Porsche’s drawings. When Kinn had been shot Porsche slept in his bed. Letting Kinn immerse himself in Porsche’s breathing and the way his body contorted to rest a top Kinn’s.

No one besides Porsche had spent a full night in Kinn’s bed. Maybe if Kinn had been more direct Porsche would still be here.

That cocky little shit who acted like Kinn was his number one priority at work but refused him off the clock.

Kinn took great pleasure in reminding Porsche of his place in Kinn’s life. Like the bathroom incident. Kinn had tracked Porsche to a bar, when he saw the boy leave the dance floor with a woman. The pair headed to the bathrooms. There was no mistaking what they planned to do. Kinn knew in that second, he had to reclaim what was his. 

Kinn who had spent the night with Porsche leaving claim after claim on his body and soul. This boy dared to then have sex with a woman. No, Kinn wouldn’t allow it. And if he had to be the one to shove his little lover against a stall wall and fill him until even a nose-less being would know who he belonged to, so be it.

Yes, it would be fun to feel him struggle against the inevitable. The defiance in his eyes, and his harsh words, always turned Kinn on.

But overhearing the woman leave due to Porsche not being able to get it up made him laugh.

His little omega couldn’t please this nameless woman, but that action greatly satisfied Kinn.  He could have taken the boy in the toilet; he had planned to but having Porsche beg him not to. Kinn changed his plan. Instead, he showed Porsche just what a mouth could do. Sucking and licking at his boy’s cock until those little moans were released, the dripping slick on the boy’s thighs remained untouched. Kinn understood why Porsche had chosen to go out. He wanted to feel like a man… like an alpha. The dynamic people assumed him to be. Kinn would allow him this one exemption from punishment. However, he had schemes to share with the other to show him, every joy an omega could feel.

And so began his romancing, spending time with the other both in private and in public. Did the little fool believe Kinn let anyone else play video games with him or dine with him at expensive restaurants.

No that was a privilege only for Porsche. His little wild card.

The boy who had swept into his life abruptly and had left just as suddenly.

Kinn didn’t know if Porsche had ran due to Kinn’s actions or because of his brother. It was suspicious that the two had disappeared together. Kinn and Kim blamed the other for making the brothers vanish.

But what would make them run when they clearly had a brother who could help them?

Months went by with no news then as if by chance one of Kinn’s newest bodyguards was saying how he had been to a club with an omega bartender. A very handsome one, Kinn had almost tuned him out but heard him say the young man had the scent of a Mint Julep.

Kinn longed for only one omega with that smell. He grabbed the man by the throat and demanded to know the name and location of the bar. The poor man was turning purple as he sputtered out the information. When finished Kinn flung him like an unwanted plastic cup. Stepping over his gasping form to retrieve his body guards and his favourite car.

Kinn had a statement to make and Porsche was what he would be walking away with. Even if he had to drag the boy back by his hair. Yes, Kinn’s mate would not abandon him again.

The bar was a dump. The neon sign had letters burnt out, the road was half deserted when Kinn and his men pulled up. As they got out of their cars, the remaining people scattered from the street, too intimidated to be caught up in his gang’s actions.

Kinn paraded in, eyes scanning the dancefloor and every dark corner. His eyes landed on a back clad in a tight black dress shirt, his painted-on jeans left nothing to the imagination however Kinn didn’t need to imagine. He had felt and fondled that butt enough to know it from a thousand miles away with his eyes covered.

There you are baby. You can’t flee from me now. He licked his lips, brain storming how he would reintroduce his lover to his bed. With Porsche’s back still towards him, Kinn sat on a bar stool, his men blocking the exits. Kinn waited for Porsche to see him. His heartbeat pumping in anticipation, a smug grin on his handsome face.

“Hey Porsche, are you heading home to your sweet boy? Boss said you can leave early if you have to.” One of Porsche’s pretty co-workers said. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. If they had met a few years earlier Porsche and her might have shared a drink and a hidden moment in the backroom. Now he had different priorities.

Chè had dropped his nursing program to help Porsche and was now employed as a nanny to a quiet family. The younger boy would work during the day and return home as Porsche was leaving for work. Chè had taken to colouring his hair blond so as to make it harder to recognize him. When asked Chè would say he had a sister who he lived with. Their landlord had been a spinster woman who was very understanding. Especially seeing as Porsche had given birth in her bathroom. He had been too fearful to go to a hospital and risk Kinn finding out. The landlady had arrived to find him cradling his new born baby in the bathtub after having been in labour for many hours. Trust his child to inherit Kinn’s ability to just show up whenever he pleased. The little filthy creature covered in body fluid had been somewhat cuter after he had been cleaned. A silent thing with tiny hands and feet. Porsche could crush those limbs without any effort. It was terrifying to hold the babe.

After gazing into the newborns face for what had to be far too long. Porsche could see he had Kinn’s eyes and Porsche’s nose and mouth. As his little man grew, Porsche learned his son was a mixture of himself and his ex-lover. Chè was delighted to hold and speak to the baby not having encountered one before his little nephew. Porsche had the photo of the two save as the back ground on his phone.

Porsche was putting glasses away as he bent down. Body focused on the task, allowing his mind to wonder. A few people at the bar had overheard him talking on the phone to his ‘sweet boy’. They had gathered it was a pet name for his lover. A few of them had spotted Chè once. Seeing the two-acting close, it made sense. Porsche had done nothing to dispel the rumours.

Porsche had no knowledge if Kinn or Kim were still looking for them. Yet as each month passed, Porsche gained confidence in their ability to stay hidden. Paranoia would keep him up at night holding his son tight, fearful that his door would be broken down.

The nights passed without this happening. So maybe Porsche had overestimated his importance to Kinn. Bodyguards and fuck buddies, Kinn probably had plenty. Who was Porsche to stand out in a crowd of nameless faces. The illegal businessman must have already forgotten him.

Yes, please forget me so, I can forget you.

“One mint Julep coming up” Kitty called as she set about mixing the drink for a guest. Porsche had finished his task and was now turning to face the guest. When he saw in the reflection on the mirror of a face that haunted his dreams.

Kinn’s murderous face peered at him in the mirror. His brows drawn together and the rage burning in his eyes. Porsche couldn’t move, it was as if he was a rabbit caught in a snare. The omega’s heart stopped and his blood turned cold. He had no way to protect himself in the bar. He needed to flee.

Run! Get Chè and his son. Don’t look back.

Acting as if he was still calm, he told Kitty as quietly as possible he was taking his break. He spared a single glance at Kinn and then booked it to the back door. He heard Kinn react, shouting orders to his men. Shit, there were two of his goons. Porsche swung low and hit one in the stomach, the other he elbowed to the face. Both dropped.

Porsche kept moving, he didn’t care if Kinn thought him a coward. For once Porsche couldn’t fight his way out. He needed to think about his family. He needed to disappear and regroup again. Be safe, away from Kinn again.

His heart was racing and he was starting to sweat as he shoved his way through the dancers. He was so close, his fingertips just brushing against the metal knob. His freedom was so close.

“Ahhhhh!” He yelled.

Porsche had been grabbed from behind. An arm barricading his own at his side. His abductor was slightly taller and broader than Porsche. Porsche wouldn’t need to turn around to know who held him. He didn’t need his nose either. Those long nights pressed against that firm chest and those strong arms folding and holding him. Their lustful actions ingrained into Porsche’s mind.

Wherever Kinn was; there was a trail of gun smoke.

“Shh. There there, no need to scream Porsche. That’s right don’t cause a scene, we wouldn’t want someone to get hurt.” The devil whispered into his ear, there was that damn seductive tone. The door was opened by one of Kinn’s men as the group moved out the back door into the back alley. Funny how the pair were meeting there once again but instead of protecting Kinn, he was now his victim.

He would never be able to hold or say goodbye to his baby. At least he kept his promise not to leave Chè alone. His little brother would now be burdened with raising his child.

The bastard was moving them, his arms caging Porsche’s like a snake, slowly squeezing the life from him.

“Where the fuck are you taking me? Just kill me here you asshole.” Porsche was not going to give Kinn the satisfaction of seeing him cower. He might have been an omega surrounded by alphas but he was still a man.

“Why would I kill you, Porsche? Have you done something to deserve death—like running away from me?” Kinn chuckled, his head now sniffing Porsche’s hair. Porsche was becoming intoxicated on the other’s scent. Kinn’s lips were mouthing and sucking on his neck.

“Stop!” Porsche was struggling, moving his head and kicking his legs. Trying to dislodge the other man.

“Hold still” Kinn commanded, Porsche stilled at hearing the alpha’s command unable to move as Kinn’s men opened the car door.

He was placed on the leather seat, his wrists bound with his own belt. As soon as Kinn was seated Porsche was transferred on to his lap. Kinn’s large hand held one of Porsche, it traced patterns into the flesh as the car moved out of the alley.

  Porsche thought they might be headed to the complex but he didn’t know for certain. He couldn’t take that chance. Once he arrived at the second location he would be killed. He needed to find a way to escape. Kinn was still staring at him, his hand now petting his hair. Their scents filling the small back seat.

Porsche knew what he should do, Kinn’s eyes revealed that he hated Porsche but they also held desire. A desire Porsche could work with. Kinn had wanted him once, he could want him again.

Porsche turned to face kinn, his head tilted and in one sudden move he smashed his lips against Kinn’s and encircled his bound wrists around Kinn’s neck. His hands grasping the strands of the other’s hair, refusing to let the man move his head away from him.

Kinn didn’t try to move away like Porsche feared, he moved the man on top of him closer. Taking control of the kiss and forcing Porsche’s tongue out to play. Plundering Porsche’s warm cavern and Kinn’s hand was now in his hair. His one remaining hand was running along Porsche’s back, dangerously close to Porsche’s butt.

Porsche’s plan banked on the car stopping, he couldn’t let Kinn have him in the backseat. The doors were lock and he was outmanned. Time to step it up.

Porsche maneuvered his body so his legs didn’t rest sideways on the top of Kinn. Now he was straddling the mafia man. His head lowered to meet Kinn’s in another kiss. Their lips parted and their tongues sliding against the others. The sounds echoing in the small space. Porsche could feel Kinn start to harden, he was now gyrating his hips against his former boss, Kinn thrusting up to chase the heat. Porsche could feel his pants start to dampen.

The fire was burning in his veins and he could not tell if he was still doing this to escape or to revive a lost part of his past, the part where Kinn needed him. Who cared why he was doing this, Porsche wanted to be selfish and so he acted on that desire.

“Kinn, please I need you.” He whispered the words against Kinn’s ear, trying to be seductive. He had only uttered this phrase once and that had been when he was drugged. However, he knew Kinn was more likely to listen to Porsche if he thought he had the upper hand.

“And you will baby. Just one second and you can have everything.” Kinn mapped wet kisses on his neck and his hand felt its way into Porsche’s jeans. His other hand tugged at a nipple through Porsche’s shirt.

No, not in the car.

“Please Kinn, not here. I don’t want them to hear us.” Porsche decided to take advantage of Kinn’s possessiveness. Kinn wanted to be the only one Porsche screamed for.

“Greedy little thing, first you leave me then you make demands of me. What will I get out of this deal?”

Kinn was a businessman, he didn’t take risks unless the reward was worth it. If Kinn felt Porsche wasn’t worth it.

“I’ll make sure to put your pretty boys to shame. I’ll let you do whatever you want… but only if it’s in a hotel room.” Porsche hid his face in Kinn’s neck leaving his own mark, to show his willingness to entice.

“You think your worth a hotel room? Or are you trying to recreate our first time together? Why Porsche, I never knew you were such a romantic.” He finished with a chuckle and exposed more of his neck. Arrogant bastard, he had no fear of Porsche, he was just playing with him.

Fine let him believe whatever he wanted as long as the car stopped.

“Kinn!” Sadly, Porsche couldn’t conceal his frustrations at the other man.

Kinn laughed at him. He placed one hand in his hair and one on his lower back to support him as he leaned forward. Porsche was shifted downwards and it was a startling experience. Kinn rapped on the glass screen, it slides down.

“Stop at the next hotel.” The glass glides up and the car speeds to its new destination. 

Porsche took some deep breaths to calm down his heartrate and to plan his next attack. If he could exhaust Kinn, then he could leave undetected. Kinn would have guards but not outside the room; confident in his ability to protect the space and the ones within.

That is where he would start and by the morning he could be hidden away again. He would also need to look for a new job.

He sighed as Kinn bridal carried him from the car.

“If I remove the belt, you have to play nice.” Kinn stroked Porsche’s hands as he spoke. Porsche’s face contorted in displeasure.

“And if I don’t?”

“I beat you with it whether we’re inside the room or back in the car.” There was no hesitation in his answer, Kinn would do as he said and more if Porsche didn’t do what he wanted.

Porsche nodded and held out his wrists.

Kinn removed the belt and fastened it around its owner’s waist. He then clutched Porsche’s left hand and walked into the expensive hotel. Of course, nothing less for the young master.

Kinn and Porsche stood at the desk as the staff tripped over themselves to meet Kinn’s ultimatums. Best suite in the resort and room service yesterday.

Kinn was given what he demanded and the pair left for the room. Porsche choosing to distance himself in the elevator, higher and higher the metal box went up.

More stairs for Porsche to sneak down.

The room was huge, far too large for two people. The plush furniture was spread through the suite and Porsche knew he was going to be taken on each sofa. The bed was in the center of the room, big enough for a group orgy, the bedding was a lush crimson.  There were two doors beside the front door, one led to the bathroom (it would be just as extravagant as the other room) and one to the private pool. There were no walls for Porsche to hide behind. The room exposed. It was both a blessing and a curse; Porsche was happy not to be Kinn’s bodyguard in this moment as he would have had nothing to shield him with if there had been a gun fight.

On the dining table was a bottle of wine, no doubt worth more than Porsche’s paycheck. Kinn opened the bottle after locking the door. Pouring two glasses he offered one to his ex-employee.

Porsche drank rapidly and deeply. Kinn laughed when he almost drained the glass.

“Wine is to be enjoyed not downed like a cheap shot.” He shook his head in good humour. He was always laughing at Porsche.

“Shut up” Porsche mumbled but took a slow sip of his wine. It was sweet not bitter like he expected. It must have been a fruit wine.

“Are you sure you want to talk to me like that?” Kinn challenged.

“How did you expect me to talk to you? Want me to kiss your ass?” Porsche was not going to back down. This was not his boss and he owned him nothing.

Kinn sighed as if Porsche was a misbehaving child. The well-dressed man moved closer to the bartender and opened a few buttons of his shirt. Tugging so hard they nearly popped off.

The fire had reignited in Kinn’s eyes and in Porsche’s blood. The two acting on straight lust, mouths molded against another, both battling to be victor in their fight. Spit was dripping from Porsche’s lips as Kinn boosted Porsche up, his legs wrapping around the other as he was slammed down onto a sofa. Hands roamed and discovered the other’s body. Mapping out once forgotten planes. Kinn had remembered Porsche’s neck was his weakness and refused to take his mouth off of it once Porsche started moaning; he was hard and wet, desperately needing to be fucked and Kinn wanted to leave hickeys. Priorities did Kinn not have them.

There was a knock on the door, forcing the lovers apart. Kinn stomped to the door throwing it open to reveal their meal and the delivery boy. The young man timidly walked into the room and set the table, a quick glance at Porsche who was still sprawled on the sofa but when Kinn growled at him. The youth bolted from the room.

Porsche readied his clothes and sat at the table. Kinn using his lighter to set the candles ablaze.

Kinn might have been joking but this was by far the most romantic experience Porsche had.

Why was Kinn doing this? What was his end game?

The men ate in comfortable silence, the food melted in Porsche’s mouth. He had missed this, Kinn treating him to dinner. The action done out of necessity not out of kindness.

They left the empty plates on the table, the wine forgotten as they moved back to their sofa.

Had it been a scene in a movie there would be soft music and the lights would be dim. There would be no talking just soul searching as they gazed into each others eye. Maybe a gentle kiss that could lead to more.

It was not a movie, nothing about how their lips met was gentle or soft. Teeth knocked against teeth, tongues waged war and took no prisoners. Clothes were being ripped as they fought to be on top of the other. The roomed smelled of their combined heat and desire.

A lamp smashed on the ground as Porsche tried to flip Kinn under him.

In a daze he found himself staring up as Kinn, his shirt torn open to expose his fluctuating chest raising and falling. The skin made pink with want. Kinn had a hold on both of Porsche’s wrists as he moved farther down his partner. Mapping and marking his favourite parts. Porsche responded with moans and cries of pain as Kinn bit at his pecks. The bitemarks would take ages to fade and Porsche would be unable to wear his shirts open with the evidence Kinn left behind.

Porsche closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations, when something warm surrounded one of his nipples. A warm mouth disturbed Porsche from his peace. The suction was a perfect mixture of pain and pleasure. Porsche remembered Kinn liked to do this to him in the past and back then he was fine with it. Except for now, Porsche had a baby. A baby who had breastfed longer than a year because it was cheaper than buying food. When Porsche had first started working at the bar, he was still regularly lactating and his boss knew this. As Porsche had once leaked through his shirt trying to calm down a crying girl who had just been dumped. He was sent home early that night and the rumours of the ‘sweet boy’ soon followed.

Kinn removed his mouth and switched to the next bud, bringing his hand to the rejected nipple to further torment it.

Porsche didn’t know if he could still produce milk and to be honest, now was not the time to find out. So, he played to Kinn’s ego.

 “Kinn stop messing around, I told you I would show you a good time tonight.”

“Maybe I just want a warm up, see if anyone else has touched you? I like what we’re doing now.” He moved closer, his open shirt brushed against Porsche’s front and the two joined for another kiss.

Porsche backed away from the kiss to whisper.

“Let me suck you…I miss your taste.”

Kinn’s whole demeanor changed. He was no longer relaxed; his body now tense as he evaluated Porsche before he smiled. A hand brushed the sweaty bangs out of Porsche’s eyes as he made Porsche stand up.

Porsche knew what position Kinn would make him take. Force him to his knees and make him choke on his cock. It was what they had done in the past and how he had taken his previous lovers.

That was not what Porsche was made to do, Kinn removed their pants and boxers, tossing the garments onto the floor. Kinn sat first on the sofa, okay that’s normal but then Porsche was told to get on top of him. They were in position to 69.

That wasn’t something Kinn had done to him before. Sure, the man had put his mouth on him but not when Porsche was above him.

Porsche rested his weight on his arms as he smelled Kinn’s musky scent and saw the familiar dick in front of his face. Kinn put his hand on the back of Porsche’s head, a signal to begin.

As he moved lower to meet the engorged organ, he felt Kinn’s large hands pull Porsche’s legs apart wider. His ex-boss starting to suck on his cock.

Porsche let loose a low moan and went to deep throat the cock before him. He knew the taste and texture of the organ. Bobbing his head and hollowing his cheeks as Kinn liked it. He was trying to focus on his own task but as usual Kinn was being a distraction. The two were egging the other on as they used their tricks to make the other cum first. A rising crescendo of moans and groans reverberated around the room. Porsche could taste the salty pre-cum as he forced his nose to touch Kinn’s pubic hair on each thrust but his own orgasm was building and unlike his former partner. Porsche had not had time in the last year to be by himself for longer than it took to piss, let alone try to touch himself.

One particular tongue swiping at the head of his cock and Porsche had lost. His seed filled Kinn’s mouth. And then Kinn pressed Porsche’s head down and released into his mouth, refusing to let him go until he swallowed.

As soon as he did, Porsche got off Kinn, he was going to wash his mouth when the other man grabbed him and they kissed, they shared their combined tastes and reminded Porsche he needed to be stuffed as his pussy gapped around nothing. The slick sliding down his legs and announcing his desire.

Kinn had an indulgent look on his features as he moved the two to the bed. He retrieved his wallet from the floor and brought the condoms with him.

Porsche denied the hurt that was forming within his heart at the thought that Kinn hadn’t been looking for him at the bar but someone to hook-up with. He had just found Porsche by accident.

His Fucking Luck.

Kinn had Porsche rest against the pillows as he spread his legs, making the limbs lay on his shoulders. Kinn made a move as if to go back to Porsche’s chest when he was stopped by the fighter pushing him down towards his heated core.

His dick might have been limp, resting on his stomach but his lower half needed its own release and he needed it now.

Kinn licked at the slick on his legs before the familiar pain of forming hickeys reached Porsche’s brain.

“Can you get on with it?” He grunted; Porsche didn’t want to waste time he needed Kinn now.

“I’m enjoying myself; you taste amazing and you sound so sweet.”

With those words he buried his tongue in Porsche’s cunt. The sudden sensation caused him to jerk and shout. No doubt what Kinn had been aiming for.

Kinn licked inside Porsche tasting every past of his soft pink walls, his thumb rubbed against Porsche’s clit but it was all a tease. He whimpered and whined but Kinn did not speed up nor add his fingers. The other man was enjoying his torture of his ex-employee.

“Please… Kinn…I’ll do anything… just do something” Porsche begged as he was once again unable to reach his high. Kinn’s face was covered in his slick when he left Porsche’s hole to stare at him.

Satisfied with his work he plunged a finger in and hit Porsche’s spot; making the boy see stars. Porsche was losing himself to Kinn’s fingers and he could feel Kinn’s breath against his ear but he couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Soon one finger became two and two became three.

Porsche was fucking himself back on the digits, chasing his own high. Then Kinn whispered in his ear.

“Be a good boy for me and cum.”

Porsche like a fresh face youth released on the spot, soaking the bed and Kinn as he had his first orgasm in what felt like forever.

He was still riding the waves of bliss when he heard the wrapper rip and Kinn rolled it onto himself as he moved Porsche’s leg higher up on his waist.

The man couldn’t even catch his breath before Kinn was inside of him, rapidly thrusting into his welcoming warmth. The sounds of skin and slick and fast breathing were all one needed to know both were enjoying their reunion.

Porsche hesitantly placed his hands on Kinn’s biceps and started to meet his thrusts. More kisses were exchanged but whenever Kinn attempted to put his hand or mouth on Porsche’s chest; he was met with rejection and the offending body part would be moved to another spot.

Porsche’s cries were getting higher and Kinn’s thrusting was losing its pace. The two shared a look before they both submitted to their natural urges. Kinn filling the condom and Porsche coating Kinn’s thighs.

The mafia boss pulled out and tied the condom, putting in the waste bin, he then drew Porsche close to him. The fugitive rested his head on Kinn’s rising muscular chest. His ear on top of Kinn’s heart. He closed his eyes as he heard Kinn begin to purr, unknowingly answering with his own purr.

Kinn nosed his hair.

When the two awake next, the heat was back and Kinn had another condom with him.

The ordeal continued as such until the last round. Porsche had been on top riding Kinn’s dick for all his worth. His leg muscles crying out in pain but he refused to stop. He knew this would be his last time in Kinn’s bed and he wouldn’t allow himself to live with regrets.

The whole night Porsche had not once said no to Kinn, anything he wanted Porsche did.

Kinn could make Porsche experience things he had not felt before but in the past, he had been refused due to Porsche’s pride. Now he had no pride, only a deep need to have the man once again.

Kinn looked up at Porsche with emotion he couldn’t explain. He didn’t want to know what Kinn had been thinking. If he had missed Porsche or if the omega was just another hole to him. He was rubbing and tightening against the other when Kinn asked him a question. Throwing him off his rhythm.

“What about your boy? The one you would race home to?” Kinn’s tone inquisitive but his eyes were ice cold. Like when he was about to kill someone, he had the same eyes.

“W-w-what boy?” Porsche stuttered.

“Your lover, judging by how you’re moaning for me. He can’t be very good.” The cocky smirk made itself at home on Kinn’s face.

His hands now holding Porsche’s hips as he raised his to thrust into Porsche. Forcing him down onto his dick.

Porsche could say no more as the pressure built and shattered his world. He dropped forward, his head now on Kinn’s shoulder as he felt a warmth spread inside him. He was too tired to care and fell into a deep sleep.

When Porsche next woke, Kinn was sleeping his arm around Porsche’s shoulder holding him tight. He carefully removed the hold and went to the bathroom; it was as posh as the rest of the suite.

He grabbed a hand towel not knowing how long he had till Kinn woke up and he washed his lower holes. There was Kinn’s seed leaking from his abused pussy and left-over lube on his asshole but he made quick work and left the small room in search of his clothes.

He had found everything but his underwear. Settling on stealing Kinn’s; he did one quick sweep of the room and quietly shut the door. Making his way to the stairs. He left the hotel, heading home.


Kinn was laying in the crimson bed, casually smoking his cigarette as his men relayed Porsche’s current home address. The omega had safely left the hotel unaware he was being followed.  Porsche had attempted to make himself unable to be tracked but his men had relocated him two blocks from his new home.

Kinn was just having a breather before he would head over there and reclaim his omega. His personal bodyguard.

Kinn would have to kill Porsche’s current lover, no other option was acceptable. From Porsche’s actions the night before, the man couldn’t have touched him often. But he was curious why Porsche would not let him touch his chest. He would ask him later, after he had cleaned brain matter off his gun.

Kim would be pleased when Chè was returned home. Yes, the two brothers would finally be coming home.

Kinn blew the smoke into the air, his hand now holding a pair of tattered boxers, he had retrieved them from under his pillow. Porsche had taken his, it was only fair he had something of his as well.

Kinn reflected on his mood when he first seen Porsche, he was delighted to have the other back in his sight but upon hearing of the ‘sweet boy’ of Porsche’s. He was filled with rage. He knew the nickname hadn’t been Chè’s as Porsche had never referred to him as such in the past.

He couldn’t stand the thought of Porsche taking another male lover after he had abandoned Kinn. Only Kinn could touch him and hear him scream.

The fear in the other’s eyes when he had spotted him, had surprised him. Porsche had never been afraid of him before, what had his naughty boy been up to?

Having Porsche back in his arms and on his lap had placated him for a short while. He watched Porsche to see what he would do.

He smirked thinking about the surprise kiss. Licking his lips, he took another drag of his cigarette.

Porsche’s request for sex had been unexpected but very much enjoyed. Kinn had been joking about Porsche not being worth a hotel room. Kinn would buy castles if only for an hour of Porsche’s time. This route had not been happenstance, Kinn had planned to stop there if Porsche couldn’t be handled in the car. However, hearing him beg for a room, caused Kinn to re-evaluate his original plan.

Why not redo their first time. He had won Porsche once maybe he could be won again.

Having the other under him had reawakened his lust for his omega, the videos of their past encounters would not be able to quench his thirst for Porsche anymore.

One little secret he had never mentioned to Porsche was that he had cameras in his apartment, few saw the footage and when the pair were intimate then no one saw the feed. That private view was for Kinn’s personal records.

Finishing his cigarette Kinn had a slight hop in his step, someone would die and then he could take his lover home. It was going to be a great day.


Chè was at work. Porsche had texted him as soon as he had grabbed his needed items to shop. Tonight, they needed to disappear, leave the country not just move to a different part of the city. Kinn’s city.

He had left his baby in the care of his landlady. Thinking if Kinn’s men got him on the street at least his child would be safe. No one knew if Chè was still with him. He moved from store to store but no one was following him. It had been a few hours since Porsche had left the hotel room, was Kinn not up yet?

Or worse did he view their night together as Porsche repaying his debt. Did Kinn view him as a whore, using his body to pay for their transaction. 

His hands quivered slightly as he fumbled for the locked door. Opening it and moving to call for his landlady but at the last moment he remembered it was his son’s naptime.

No one would want to deal with that diva who hadn’t gotten all of their beauty sleep. Definitely Kinn’s kid.

Setting the bags down he moved to the kitchen and saw his nightmare in the daylight.

Kinn was using one of the kitchen chairs as his throne, a gun with a silencer cocked in his hands.

The poor woman who owned the house was gagged and crying with two bodyguards around her. Her weeping orbs begging Porsche for help when she saw him.

Porsche tensed, did Kinn check the house? Did he see his son?

“Hello Porsche won’t you sit down?” Kinn used his foot to kick a chair out for Porsche to sit in. The chair next to Kinn.

Porsche sat and glared at Kinn. Kinn made a show of looking around.

“Nice place, better than your old home.” He traced his fingertips on Porsche’s arm. “But I can’t say it’s better than my home.”

“Why are you here?” Porsche demanded; he wouldn’t play Kinn’s mind game.

“To get you, you left before me this morning. That wasn’t very kind Porsche.” Kinn’s scent was turning bitter a sign he was getting frustrated at Porsche’s attitude.

Tough, he wasn’t Kinn’s plaything and he wouldn’t act like one.

“Kinn-” Porsche began when he was cut off.

“Where is he?” Now Kinn was the one demanding.

“Who?” Porsche hoped he meant Chè and not his son.

“Your lover! Where is he?”

Lover? What lover could Porsche have and then to suggest a male lover. Ha Porsche had only been with Kinn. What other male was there? Vegas? Ridiculous.

Porsche started to laugh not little chuckles but full-blown laughter, it left him breathless. A clear sign of his madness or his lack of a will to live.

Kinn never took being the bud of a joke well.


Kinn shot a vase that was stored on the counter.

Porsche stopped laughing. So Kinn would kill him for some mystery lover. What a fucking joke; the one he loved would be his murderer.

“Porsche, I’m only going to ask you once more. Where is HE?” Kinn’s tone had started off controlled but on the last word he had stressed the he. Kinn was not hiding his displeasure and hatred for this fictitious figure.

Kinn had gripped Porsche’s chin, his past lover would not allow him to look away.

“I don’t have anyone. I haven’t been with anyone. Kinn-”


Another shot rang out, this one just a millimetre from his landlady’s head. Her sobbing took on a new life and an increase in sound. Even Kinn’s bodyguards were spooked by his action.



A loud cry erupted from the back bedroom; the noise had awoken his sleeping son. The one person he had tried to hide. Had announced their own presence, maybe that was what he got from Porsche, the delusion of being the strongest in a fight.

Kinn turned to face the noise, confusion visible as if he had not heard a baby cry before.

“Pete check it out.” Kinn ordered, his gripped still locked on Porsche’s chin. Porsche could not see what would become of his baby.

Would Pete lie for him? The two might be considered friends all those years ago but now?

The seconds ticked by and no sound was heard. Porsche closed his eyes, sick with worry he would hear a gun shot.

What reached his ears was the sound of a baby’s giggles. Kinn dropped his hand in surprise.

Porsche jerked his head to face his son. In the tight hold of Pete was his smiling boy who had tried to grab the stranger’s face but seeing his daddy had broken out into a fit of giggles. Now wiggling to his parent to be held and cooed at.

Porsche’s shoulders were held down by two of Kinn’s men as the boss stretched his arms out to Pete’s new friend.

“Kinn no! Don’t touch him!” Porsche belted at the father of his child. He struggled to get free.

Kinn was searching for something as he placed his hands under the little boy’s armpits. Appraising him. He continued to evaluate him until he was satisfied. The little boy was unhappy with the new stranger holding him and his little mouth formed into a pout.

“He has my mother’s eyes… and your mouth.” Kinn rested the child’s small body on his chest. His gun stored in his belt holder.

“Kinn please… don’t hurt him.” Porsche did the one thing he had promised himself NEVER to do.

He cried.

He cried in front of Kinn.

“Why did you leave? Did you not think he was mine? Was that it.” Kinn was getting upset again the scent now overpowering the small house. Porsche’s son was beginning to fuss at the raised noise and scent.

Porsche was equally pissed. His own scent and voice escalated.

“Who the fuck else would it have been! You’re the only idiot I slept with!” Porsche admitted to the room. Screw being delicate or hiding the truth. Let Kinn make of it what he would.

Kinn looked deep into his face, searching for answers to his questions.

“Why did you not tell me? I could have helped.”

“Yeah, helped me get rid of him.” Porsche muttered his focus on his son who was making a motion of wanting to be held by his primary parent. Porsche tried to move his hands towards him but was stopped.

“Who said I would have made you get rid of him?” Hurt and anger littered his tone.

“Because that’s what you do Kinn, you hurt people- you hurt me.” Porsche closed his eyelids. He didn’t need Kinn’s false ideas. He knew his ex-partner and what his actions would have been.

“You’re such a dumbass!” Kinn forcefully made Porsche look at him before he kissed him on the lips. Hard and fast. Porsche still had his mouth slightly open when they parted.

“You are my omega. Of course, I would want you to have my child.” A smug look formed as he recalled what Porsche had said.

“I’ll be the only alpha you’re with, now let’s go.”

Kinn had Porsche on his feet as he narrated to his men to pack their belongings. Porsche hadn’t wanted to leave if Chè wasn’t with him.

However, Kinn had told him Kim had already been on his way to collect him. The phone call Porsche had made, was tracked. Revealing his little brother’s location. Porsche punched Kinn in the arm which wasn’t holding his son.

The small family sat in the back seat of one of Kinn’s cars. Enjoying their first family time.

“What’s his name?” Kinn asked.

“Kon, his name is Kon.” Kinn kissed Porsche and their son’s forehead.