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In the dark dodging and burning.

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It takes a week of Bellamy's constant presence before Murphy is ready to rejoin society. 

He gets assigned to the smokehouse, something he's done before, taking comfort in both the familiarity and the fact that he gets to see Bellamy every time he brings in a kill. 


Slowly Murphy begins to resemble his old self more and more, the one filled with snark and lively jabs. The one day it happens. 


"You're gonna want to be careful with this one Murph, I think I pierced it's stomach" Bellamy walks into the smokehouse with a deer slung over his shoulder. 


"Yes your majesty" Murphy bows low, a grin on his lips. 

Bellamy can't stop the smile that forms on his face when he realizes that this is the first time Murphy has sounded like himself in weeks. 

Dropping his deer on the table Bellamy surges forward and pressed his lips to Murphy's, his hands coming up to hold the other's face. 

"Bout time" Murphy grins.

"So is your majesty a turn on for you or" Murphy is cut short as Bellamy kisses him again, passionate and hungry.

"Fuck I've missed you Murphy" He grins when the need to breathe forced him to pull back "you have no idea how many times I've wanted to do this." 

"I'm not complaining" Murphy responds, his hands going to Bellamy's hips as he resumes their kiss. 

"Tent?" Bellamy asks and Murphy nods fervently. The pair practically run to Murphy's tent and once inside Bellamy backs Murphy onto the bed and climbs on top of him, his lips seeking their match hungrily. 

Growing impatient Murphy rolls his hips upwards, grinning when a small moan escapes from Bellamy's mouth. 

"Shirt" Bellamy allows Murphy to sit up enough to remove his shirt, then resumes his position so can kiss down Murphy's chest.

"You're fucking beautiful" he growls pressing a kiss to each of Murphy's scars as he slowly moves downwards. Murphy in turn reaches out to grasp Bellamy's ass, once again starling a groan out of him. 

"Never mind all this sappy shit, how about you fuck me your majesty?" There's and evil glint in Murphy's eye as he smirks up at Bellamy.

"Please don't call me that" Bellamy responds between kisses. Just for that he's determined to make Murphy wait. 

What he hadn't counted on was Murphy undoing his pants with surprising deftness. When Murphy wraps his hand around Bellamy's cock he forgets everything else.

"Now about you fucking me" Murphy grins as he pumps Bellamy's cock.


Bellamy shoves Murphy's pants down and begins to stroke Murphy's cock, forcing a moan from his lips. 

"Fucking beautiful" He repeats as he brings his fingers to his lips to taste Murphy's precome.

"Jesus Bellamy" Murphy's head falls back.

Bellamy leans down to kiss him again before moving downwards and pressing a kiss to Murphy's cock.


Murphy gasps at the wet heat that engulfs him as Bellamy begins sucking his dick, fisting his hands in the blankets at his side. 

"Oh fuck" He groans as Bellamy hollows his cheeks and swirls his tongue around the top before bobbing his head. Bellamy reaches up to fondle Murphy's balls as he works on taking more of Murphy's cock into his mouth.

As Murphy feels his cock slip past the tight ring of muscles at the back of Bellamy's throat a finger comes to press at his entrance and it's too much for him, he cums without warning, spilling his seed down Bellamy's throat with a loud cry. 

Bellamy moves up to kiss wantonly at Murphy's lips as the other boy grabs Bellamy's aching cock. It doesn't  take long before Bellamy's cumming over Murphy's chest with a desperate groan.


Bellamy lies down beside him and presses a few more soft kisses to Murphy's lips, basking in the afterglow. 

"You're fucking beautiful" he repeats.

"So you keep telling me" Murphy turns towards Bellamy, a genuine smile on his face. 


"Oh fuck" He groans.

"What?" Concern tinges Bellamy's voice.

"I still have to deal with your gut shot deer" Murphy says, and Bellamy laughs, pulling the teen closer.