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Einsla robot shenanigans

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At a desk sat a red haired girl with two pigtails, each tied neatly with a little bow. She was growling horrendously at whatever she seemed to be tinkering with. On a sofa behind her sat an androgynous blue haired person, who was watching her intently.

    "Tesla, that wire will not connect there.." The person perched on the couch hesitantly called out. However, in response she was simply met with a loud scoff from the twintails. "You'll find it wont go there, either-"

    "Eins!! !! Shut up!! !!" Tesla pouted, connecting the wire where she was told not to, just to spite them. "I'm sure it will work. I can feel it." She then went to screw up the back panel to the little rotund robot, and see if what she wanted to move did. However, not to Ein's surprise at all, all that happened was a terrible whirring sound. The blue haired girl began to giggle. "Shut up!! !!" Tesla shouted, louder this time. Eins cleared their throat and tried their best to hold in their laughter. 

    "Are you sure you don't want a hand, Tes?"

    "I'm perfectly sure," Tesla replied, pushing her glasses up her nose and unscrewing the back panel of the robot. She then untied the end of the wire, and paused.

    "It goes there," Eins pointed at a little notch hidden slightly behind the lip of the plastic the panel connected to.

    "Don't care!!" She lied, quickly going to tie it exactly where she was told. Eins laughed to themself, giving tesla a peck on the cheek. Tesla's cheeks quickly matched with the colour of her hair in response. "Still dont care." Eins picked up the robot, screwing the back panel on and pressing the switch for Tesla. The little thing began to buzz and slowly it lifted itself out of their hand, and began to hover. Tesla grinned, "Love you, even if I could've done it myself."

    "I love you too my stupid."