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Tony was staring at his reflection in the mirror, fretting over his makeup and his hair and every little detail of his outfit like the lacy collar that he chose, even though Steve wasn’t going to wear one and Bucky didn’t ask them to wear them. 

Tony liked the aesthetic. 

The burgundy lace matched his delicate lace gloves that covered his hands and flared out at his wrists, small hot rod red bows on each wrist that matched the red ribbons on his collar. His frilly dress was also burgundy with bright red accents, tight fitted over his chest before flaring out in layers of ruffles that just barely grazed mid thigh.

He had on thigh high socks, held up by a garter belt with panties underneath since Bucky got a little feral at the thought of Tony being exposed at the slightest breeze when he had talked about just wearing a slip. 

He was wearing a slip under his dress, but his high waisted panties covered up his ass, holding his dick close to him in a way that felt odd because he was so unused to it. He didn’t hate it though, in a way he really enjoyed the secure feeling of being held snug and close. It reminded him of the times when Bucky would reach down and cup him between his legs, not stroking or fondling him but simply holding him.

“You don’t have to come if you don’t want to, angel,” Bucky murmured, kissing the back of Tony’s neck, his arms wrapping around his waist from behind.

Tony shook his head.

“No, I want to, I’m just nervous about it. I’ve never been to a vampire ball before.”

“I’m glad you want to come, because I want you there with me, but you do know you live with vampires, right, baby? There's nothing to be nervous about and I'd never let anything bad happen to you.”

“Yeah, I know, but you and Jarvis don’t count. You’re so tame.”

Bucky rolled his eyes, but ignored the comment.

“You look beautiful, baby.”

Tony blushed at the compliment, but hummed in agreement.

“I feel weird wearing a suit,” Steve announced, entering the bathroom, his hands tugging at his sleeve collars.

“You could always wear a dress like me,” Tony teased.

“No, I want to wear it. It just feels like a lifetime ago that I last wore one.”

Tony pulled away from Bucky to fix Steve’s tie and kissed him.

“You look very handsome, baby.”

Steve gave him a small smile, grateful to have Tony there. 

After months of slowly weaning him, Steve could now go a couple of days without feeding, but Bucky didn’t usually push him that far. If Steve had a particularly stressful day, like when he received word that his parents were trying to get in contact with him, then Bucky let him feed as much as he wanted and be consumed by the high, the rush of feelings that both overwhelmed and calmed his system. 

Most days though Steve just drank a couple of glasses of blood-laced wine and that was enough to take off the edge.

Today, he was anxious and Bucky had given him a large feeding in the morning, but he wanted him clear headed for the ball, so he had only had a few glasses of what they called his special wine since. 

Steve could feel his anxiety ramping up because of it and he was feeling antsy, but it wasn’t too bad. He could do this, make it through this party. Bucky had promised him blood at the ball and Steve wasn’t sure if that meant he was going to bring some of Steve’s special wine that they kept in stock in the fridge, or if he’d give him fresh blood. He didn’t really care too much either way as long as he got some kind of blood.

This was the same ball where Steve was introduced as Bucky’s pet last year and it was nerve wracking to think of returning. They’d caused quite the spectacle at the last winter ball, but Steve hardly remembers it. The event itself was a blur of dancing and unfamiliar faces and Steve has only the vaguest recollection of feeding and falling asleep. Mostly he just recalls the taste of blood exploding on his tongue and the pleasure that it brought with it, the way his body lit up and buzzed and his mind floated away.

"You okay, doll?" Bucky asked.

Steve blinked, realizing that Tony was no longer in front of him. Tony wasn't even in the room anymore. Apparently, he had just been standing there and spacing.

He shook his head to clear it and then nodded.

"Yeah, Buck, m'fine."

He really was feeling more like himself these days. While he would happily go back to feeding all of the time and being completely consumed by the desire to feed more, he had to admit he enjoyed being clear headed. He liked actually being able to hold a real conversation and focus on what was being said and then remember it later.

Bucky cupped his cheek and kissed him softly.


Steve hummed, his lips pulling up into a smile and his eyes soft with affection.

"I love it when you kiss me."

Bucky chuckled and did it again, this time a little harder and longer, and Steve moaned.

"Fuck, I need you to get me off one more time before we go."

Bucky rolled his eyes, but dropped down to his knees and worked Steve out of his slacks.

"But don't get any cum on my pants," Steve said, breaking off into a whine when Bucky licked his tip.

"Nah, baby, I ain't gonna let a single drop go to waste. Ya don't gotta worry 'bout that."

Steve just moaned, leaning back against the counter and gripping the edge tightly with his hands, his fingers curled up under the lip, digging into tile and grout.

People were definitely staring when they walked in and Tony was staring right back, eyes wide and curious and more than a little nervous. He was clinging to Bucky's arm like a lifeline and hid his face in Bucky's shoulder when a man approached them. Steve stiffened and Bucky squeezed his hand comfortingly where it was clasped securely in Steve's.

Bucky pulled his arm out of Tony's grasp to wrap it around his waist instead, holding him close to his chest and shushing him softly when he whined.

"Shh, you're okay, angel," Bucky murmured in his ear.

Bucky's eyes narrowed when they met Pierce's.

"Pierce, how nice of you to invite us," Bucky greeted with an over-polite smile.

He promised Becca that if he was gonna stay in the states he would at least play nice. That didn't mean he had to like it though. Pierce clenched his jaw at the we. Pets and slaves weren't invited, they were simply an extension of their vampire.

"James, the pleasure is always mine."

Tony pulled away to eye the man, his arms crossing over his chest and his eyes narrowing at him. He instantly disliked Pierce who eyed him like a piece of meat.

"Your pets are rather… overdressed, wouldn't you say? Certainly they would prefer to wear less?" Pierce sneered, eyeing the lack of a collar around Steve's neck and how they clearly weren't leashed, something that Pierce found to be unacceptable.

Bucky just raised his brow, though he felt a flash of anger at the creepy way Pierce eyed the bit of exposed skin between the short ruffled skirt of Tony's dress and his thigh high socks. Bucky pulled Tony in tighter, the gesture undeniably possessive, and Tony just blinked up at him with big, round eyes, far too innocent for someone who whined and squirmed so pretty under him that morning.

"Well, maybe if they were my pets, but I'd rather not have my lovers exposed in public."

Claiming them as his lovers was a potentially dangerous move, but it was worth it to see the look of shock and disgust on Pierce's face. Bucky nodded his head before leading Steve and Tony to the table where Thor and Jane were already seated. Sam and Brock had settled in Romania, along with their pet, Clint.

"Thor, Jane, this is my lover, Tony, and you already know our lover, Steve."

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Steven," Thor greeted just as cheerfully as he did the last time Steve met him.

"The pleasure is all mine," Steve said with a wink at Loki who was peering up at him from Thor's lap.

Loki blushed and turned to duck his head into Thor's neck earning a coo from his vampire.

"Aw, are you being shy, Lolo?"

Loki whispered something in Thor's ear that made the larger man laugh and Jane drank her wine and pointedly ignored the introduction.

"Anthony… is your name Anthony?" Tony nodded and Thor continued. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well then, Anthony. This is my human, though I dare say my lover would have my balls removed from my body if I introduced him as my lover, so we'll call him a pet. He is adorable, like a tiny little kitten. He thinks his claws are so sharp, but pet his belly and he rolls over and purrs out his love for you."

Loki glared at Thor, clearly displeased with the introduction, but he remained silent, merely huffing and snuggling up closer. The party went on, guests chatting until dinner was served and then the live band was playing music and a few people started to get up to dance.

While no one openly said anything about it, even Thor looked uncomfortable when Bucky slit his wrist casually over dinner and held it over a glass of wine, letting his blood run into it for a moment before licking the wound. He offered the glass to Steve who was seated next to him and Steve managed to sip at it throughout dinner instead of gulping it all down. He was grateful when he finished the concoction and Bucky just silently made him a new one.

Tony stayed curled up in Bucky's lap, his head ducked into his neck while he chatted with his friends. He only lifted his head when Bucky offered him bites of steak or mashed potato and pointedly turned his head away from any offerings of vegetables. Bucky only smirked in amusement and kissed his cheek each time it happened.

Thor seemed fascinated with Bucky's human lovers and though Tony didn't seem willing to add to the conversation Thor was eager to talk to Steve and express that it really was such a shame that they haven't come over yet. Loki, who was also a human lover, though they didn't advertise it for Jane's sake, was also curious about Steve and Tony as well. He didn't voice his curiosity like Thor did, but he made it known with his glances in their direction.

Tony blinked up at Steve when he stood up and held a hand out for him.

"May I have this dance, my lady?" Steve teased.

A few people had gotten up to dance, but the floor was still mostly empty. Tony glanced over at the couples dancing and then at Bucky questioningly.

"You can if you want to, baby."

"Will you join us?"

"I don't think the waltz is meant for three, my love," Bucky teased.

"I think we could make it work anyway."

Bucky chuckled and shook his head in amusement.

"Yeah, alright, I'm not gonna turn down the two prettiest boys at the ball."

Tony's lips twitched up into a smirk.

"And here I thought I was a pretty girl, but I must have been wrong."

"Nah, baby, you're the prettiest girl I know," Bucky murmured, kissing him softly.

He had contemplated wearing heels, but settled on Mary Jane's. He didn't want his feet to be killing him afterwards. Steve was still holding his hand out patiently and Tony set his own hand in it, letting Steve pull him out of Bucky's lap, an arm wrapping around his slender waist to tug Tony close.

"I think you're the prettiest girl ever, baby," Steve murmured in his ear, his breath hot on his skin and his hand slipping low over his ass and even lower to slip under his skirt. "And I'd love to show the whole world just how pretty you can be when I take you apart."

Tony whimpered and Bucky stood up to shield him from view when Steve's hand pushed up his dress to reveal his panties underneath. He grabbed Steve's wrist and pulled his hand away from Tony.

"Not here, Stevie."

Steve raised a brow.

"If I remember correctly, you let me rub off in your lap and come in my pants at the last ball."

"Did you really?" Tony asked, his eyes sparkling mischievously.

Bucky rolled his eyes.

"That was different. I was showing off."

"Then why can't we show off Tony?"

"Yeah, I wanna be shown off."

"Absolutely not. You were being introduced as my pet then, Steve. I was sending the message that you were my lover, my equal, without explicitly saying that. This time I just came out and said it, so there's no reason to expose Tony."

"What if I want to be exposed?" Tony asked sweetly, leaning back against Bucky and letting his hand slip back to cradle the back of Bucky's neck.

Bucky gritted his teeth, kissing his neck, his bite mark staring at him invitingly, tempting him.

"Do it. You know you want to," Tony encouraged.

"You're such a brat," Bucky muttered but he unclipped his collar and slipped it into his pocket.

Then he leaned down and sank his teeth into his skin, his fangs popping out to pierce through the tender flesh of his neck and drip venom slowly into his bloodstream.

Tony's back arched and Steve attacked the other side of his neck with kisses and nips, tugging lightly at his skin while Tony moaned and whined in between them. Bucky's hand slipped in between them to cup Tony's crotch and give him something to rock up against. Steve lifted his head and met Bucky's eyes, flashing dark and hungry as he drained Tony.

Steve groaned, his hands clutching at Bucky's arms and his eyes pleading with him. Bucky retracted his teeth and let blood trail down into the collar of Tony's dress and Tony shuddered.

"Please," He whimpered softly, his eyes hooded with lust and unfocused.

Bucky just pressed his hand harder against his crotch, squeezing his dick lightly and making his hips jerk.

"There you go, baby, just like that."

Tony whined but continued to fuck Bucky's hand, rutting up against him until he was whining through his relief and much like Steve had that first time, it was Bucky's name that fell off his lips. When Tony's knees gave out it was Bucky who held him up and Steve who cooed in at him, helping him turn around so Bucky could scoop him up into his arms.

"There you go, angel, that's better isn't it?"

Tony nodded, his heading resting on Bucky's shoulder and his eyes fluttering shut.

"I think we should put off dancing for now," Bucky said, his tone clearly amused.

Tony shook his head.

"No, I wanna dance, just gimme a few minutes to rest."

Bucky sighed.

"Yeah, okay."

That's how they ended up on the dancefloor with Bucky rocking Tony slightly in his arms and Steve dancing with Loki. Apparently, Thor had decided that if Bucky was going to let his human lovers dance then his should be allowed to, too. Jane didn't seem thrilled but she still let Thor tug her out onto the floor. Their other humans weren't with them at the moment, though Bucky wasn't sure why. He really doubted they were traded, so most likely they were left at home.

When Tony squirmed his way out of Bucky's arms he let Steve tug him close and waltz with him before he danced with Loki, the pair giggling and blushing as they pressed up close, their hands wandering more than Bucky would have liked.

"They're practically feeling each other up," Bucky growled.

"They are feeling each other up."

"I'm gonna stop them."

"Don't you dare. They're having fun."

Bucky groaned but relented and tried to focus on Steve. It was hard when his eyes kept wandering back to Tony and his jaw kept clenching every time he saw him with Loki. Steve rolled his eyes and called Tony over.

"What?" Tony chirped, oblivious to Bucky's jealousy.

"Dance with Bucky so he stops trying to murder Loki with his eyes."

Tony's brows raised in surprise, but he nodded and pecked Steve's cheek before pressing up close to Bucky.

"Are you really jealous of Loki?"

"I'm jealous of anyone who touches you."

"You share just fine with Steve."

"Yeah, well, that's different."

"You don't seem that jealous of Steve dancing with Loki," Tony pointed out.

"Steve and Loki aren't feeling each other up."

Bucky sent Tony a stern look but he just grinned.

"I like Loki, I would definitely fuck him."

Bucky narrowed his eyes at him.

"I will kill him--"

"Oh good lord, calm down. I was only teasing. Well, I wasn't. I would definitely fuck Loki, but I'm not going to. I will throw a fit if you don't let me have my fun though."

"I would prefer it if your fun didn't include sticking your hands down Loki's pants," Bucky grumbled.

Tony rolled his eyes.

"It's not like I fingered him, I just groped him a little bit," Tony defended.

Bucky scoffed.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" There was a teasing to it though that made Tony relax.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, you didn't seem to have any problem feeling up my boyfriend, so I'm not gonna apologize."

"You're such a brat," Bucky muttered, but he had a fond look in his eyes when he kissed him softly.

"Yeah, but you love me."

"Yeah, I really do," Bucky murmured and the words wrapped around Tony and warmed him up inside.

He just bit his lip, trying to fight back a grin and rested his head on Bucky's shoulder. Confessions of love wasn't something they had done yet, but in that moment Tony kinda wanted to shout it out to the sky, scream it for the stars to hear. He was in love with Bucky Barnes and that was both amazing and utterly terrifying.