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Re:Speedrun No Deaths in another world

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Subaru speedruns Re Zero



Subaru spawned in the middle of the town T-posing he began to sprint to a alleyway where he meets the three thugs


"If you don't want to get hurt then give us your belongings!" One of them shouted while slowly walking towards the boy


/Set Game mode Creative


Natsuki Subaru's gamemode has been set to creative


Then the thug charges in preparing to stab Subaru but he couldn't hit him almost as if he was invincible


"What's the matter? Why aren't you killing him boss?"


"I don't know! I can't hit him!" He repeatedly tried to stab the boy but to no avail


"Tch! He must be a spirit user!" Let's run!


Subaru then began to search for his inventory and picked up a splash potion of slowness


He then proceeded to throw the potion toward the three thugs


"What's going on! Why can't I move!!" All three thugs shouted in confusion as Subaru began to walk towards them while T-posing.


"Look I'm sorry! Please just leave us!!" They begged for mercy


Subaru searched his inventory then picked up a splash potion of harming and threw it at the thugs


They died dropping nothing but XP points


Just then a half elf suddenly came across Subaru while frantically looking for something


"Umm excuse me but did you happen to see a theif around here?" The elf asked


"..........." Subaru responded while T-posing


"I guess not huh? Well sorry for wasting your time.." the elf said before turning her back


Just then Subaru began to crouch up and down towards the elf.


"Umm….what's exactly are you doing?" She asked


Subaru continued to crouch while jumping up and down


"Lia let's leave him be he seems weird" the weird cat spirit alongside her told the elf


"But Puck….I think he's trying to tell me something…"


Subaru then searched your inventory for a book and a quill to write something down


Subaru then entered settings to change the language to Re:Zero Language then proceeded to write in the book


Subaru then dropped the book as it seemingly spins to the ground floating towards the Elf.


She picked up the book and read it


"So you want to help me search for my insignia?" She asked bewildered about the boy


Subaru then nodded to her


"Well thank you but aren't you afraid of me? I'm a half elf after all….." she told him while staring down in a sad tone


Subaru then took another book and wrote something in it and gave it to the elf.


"So you're name is Natsuki Subaru and you think I'm beautiful?" She blushes while saying it aloud


Subaru responds by shaking his head up and down


With that the two of you began to walk and ask the nearby residents for a yellow haired theif


Just then the half elf was confused why he asked her to follow him quickly


Simply brushing off her doubt she began to follow him towards a house


She knocked on the door and saw an old man at the end of the door


"And who might you be?" The man asked


"I'm sorry but have you seen a small yellow haired girl around here? I want her to return my insignia" she answered the man


"She stole what?!" The man yelled


After a few exchange of words he decided to let the two in


Just then a certain yellow haired girl has joined in the conversation after a few minutes of delay


After a while the four came to a conclusion.


"So let me get this straight I give you back your insignia and you'll give me 64 rare gemstones?"


Subaru nodded at the child


He then dropped 64 pieces of diamonds to the child who was only astonished at the boy.


"While this may be a good trade Im still waiting for my other dealer" Felt told the two


"Ara Ara isn't this a surprise!" A voiced echoed through the room


"If the original owner is here then negotiating is off the table I'm gonna have to kill all of you." She spoke while holding a blade ready to charge towards them


Chaos unfolds the room as Emilia distracts the Bowel Hunter by firing shards of ice while the other 3 run to the corner of the room seeking cover


"She isn't gonna last long what do we do!" Felt shouted


Subaru then dropped another book towards her and both her and Rom read it.


"You'll distract her while I run for help?"


Subaru simply nodded and with that she ran as fast as she can towards the exit


Elsa tried to stop her by quickly blinking to her location only to be stopped by walls of cobblestone


"My my you got in my way….I wonder how your bowels will look like!" As she proceeded to run toward the boy


Subaru wasn't fast enough to avoid the attack and with that she took it as an opportunity to cut his stomach.


Expecting blood and guts to spill she was caught surprised that he didn't get cut in half


"Wait….what?" Elsa said in confusion


Just then Subaru picked up an iron sword and started to spam attacks and swing at her


"He's fast!" Elsa caught surprised as he sprinted towards the hunter


With a clean opening Subaru hits Elsa which causes her to stumble and take massive damage


Bleeding Elsa decided to plan to attack the resting elf as she has analyzed she won't be winning this fight against this man.


Just then a red haired boy appears shielding the girl.


"That's enough villain." Said the boy


"I brought help!!!" Felt shouted at the three


"You will go no further, Bowel Hunter I, Reinhard van Astrea shall arrest you this instant!"


Reinhard then picked up a sword laying across the floor as he didn't think she was worthy of unsheathing his blade.


"Elsa Granhiert, pleasure to meet you Sword Saint, I shall send you to meet the angels!" As she took another step and hastily blinked towards the knight


The fight began and it was a clear answer that Reinhard was clapping Elsa's cheeks


He then unleashed an attack that made the house go boom boom


In which the Bowel Hunter took this as an opportunity to retreat


"Keep those bowels safe for one day I will come back for them" as Elsa left them in a blink of an eye.


"Is everyone okay?" The Sword Saint asked


"Yeah we alright" Felt responded


"If I had known who you made a deal with I would have never made you go there" Old man Rom told the theif girl


"Thank you very much Subaru for saving us" the elf appreciated the young boy's assistance


He then dropped another book toward the elf


"My name?" she asked


Subaru simply nodded to the girl


"Well my name is Emilia, just Emilia once again thank you Subaru" she smiled at the boy thanking him for his help.


"Now you have something that belongs to me please give it back" Emilia told the young girl


"Fine fine…...I'm sorry ok? Here just make sure you never lose it again" as she handed out the insignia


The it began to glow which shocked Reinhard


"Tell me miss what is your name?" The red haired knight asked


"Name? Well my name is Felt just Felt I have no family besides Old Man Rom!" She answered the man


"Miss Felt I'm afraid you are going to come with me" he told her with a serious expression


"Now hold on here! You can't order me around--"


The Sword Saint quickly incapacitated her by striking her neck rendering her unconscious


"Why you!!!!" Old Man Rom stood up ready to fight the man only to suffer the same fate.


"That seemed way to cruel Reinhard….." Emilia retaliated


"My apologies Emilia-sama but I must take her into custody" the boy told the elf


"As for you Subaru, what is it that you seek now?" He asked the boy who stood still and T-posed


He dropped another book to Emilia that read


Please take me with you back to your mansion


"Why sure! After all your help it would be my honor!" Said Emilia as the three parted ways into the night.


Arc 1 complete

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Subaru and Emilia arrive at the mansion along with Ram after she found the two, Emilia explained the situation and they are greeted by a maiden and a clown at the entrance.


Subaru was led to his room by Ram and immediately went to sleep to set his spawn point

As he drifted to the land of dreams he is greeted by a familiar visage of a woman


A woman who was seemingly playing in a computer


As Subaru inched closer to her she notices and took of her headphones.







Mind telling me why I can't talk properly nor move my limbs properly without T-posing?


[Well….. that's the drawback]


But why?


[Did you see yourself back there?]


Excuse me?


[You literally speedrunned the first event faster than your recent one]


But why now? Why did you give me this ability? What about Return by Death?


[Oh that it's still there, I simply gave you a new ability]


But why?


[Why not?]




[I don't wanna see the person I love dearly dying just to keep people around him who hurt him in someway or another safe.]


[Besides what kind of sadistic dipshit enjoys seeing people die again and again?]


I see…….but mind telling me Everytime I wake up I feel as if I'm not the one in control?


[Oh you are in control, you just forget everything after completing it]




Satella then opened the mini fridge beside her and began to drink the orange soda she took.


So…..are well still talking or?


[I'm sorry love but I'm currently playing ranked and it's about time you wake up.]


Rank? What what rank are you exactly?


[Silver I]




Seriously? Haha that's hilarious


[Don't judge me! It's hard carrying these teammates you know!] She blushes at the boy


[What's your rank anyway?]


Well….it's been a while since I played but I am Gold III…..


[Oh god…..please carry me….]




Subaru was immediately cut off and saw a streak of light


He woke up while T-posing and was familiarized with the ceiling as he turned his gaze he sees two maidens who look at him.


?: Rem Rem it seems that our guess has finally woke up from his slumber.


?: Sister, sister it appears our guest is posing in a very weird manner as if he's possessed


Subaru stood out of the bed and dropped a book to the two maidens


They picked it up and began to read it


?: Oh so your name is Barusu I see, I am Ram a maiden of this mansion, this is my sister Rem.




After dressing up you are then taken to the dining room along side Emilia, the twins and a clown


"I owe you my dearest thanks dear gueeeeest, as the owner of this mansion I, Roswaal shall grant you any wish I can accomplish as thanks for saving dear Emiliaaaaa"


Subaru walked closer to the clown and dropped a book which he read.


"Oh? You want me to hire you to work here?" he asked


Subaru nodded his head.


"Very weeellll, starting today you shall be a butler here and assist Emiliaaaaaaa"


Next scene shows Subaru T-posing to a room he was tasked to clean up


The two maids were shocked to see the room clean in a matter of seconds


Subaru then proceeded to T-pose walk into every room and clean them in a matter of seconds


Behind a door Subaru was cleaning on a blue haired maiden decided to peek at the boy with eyes glaring at him with anger and resentment.


Smelling the miasma coming out of the boy was enough to make Rem sprout a vein in her head reminiscing the time where her tribe got burned and her sister losing her horn.


"Rem what seems to be the problem?" her sister asked her as she notices her intent.


"Sister…...that boy is a cultist" she replied back


"Roswaal-sama has tasked us to watch over the boy and not harm him unless he harms the residents of this mansion"


"But Sister! He reeks of the Witch's Scent! And not just any regular cultist His scent is much more potent!"




"Don't. Unless he makes a move on Emilia we can't be sure, do not attempt to attack him"


She looked down at her feet in defeat


"Yes….Nee-sama…." As she gripped her hand in anger.


A few days pass since Subaru entered the mansion the maidens are given more time to themselves as Subaru effortlessly T-pose cleans the entire mansion in a span of a few minutes leaving the remaining tasks to be cooking food for the residents.


After eating Subaru invites the Oni Twins to talk at the kitchen.


"So what made you bring us here Barusu?" Ram scorned at the boy


Subaru remains T-posing at the maidens in silence and drops a book that Rem picked up




Just then a loud shockwave has sent the table flying in pieces as Rem summoned her Morningstar towards the boy


"Don't think you can fool me WITCH CULTIST!" she shouted as she aimed for Subaru's head as he sprinted towards the backyard


"Rem calm down" Ram tried to talk to her sister as she coughed after inhaling dust at her attack.


She gripped her weapon and begun swinging it at him no intention of stopping


"DIE WITCH CULTIST! DAMN YOU! HAVENT YOU ALREADY TAKEN ENOUGH FROM ME??!!!' she yelled as she continuously swings toward Subaru who kept T-posing


She realizes that Everytime her Morningstar hit the boy it seemed to pass through him almost as if he was invincible…


"REM STOP!" a loud shout was heard


Rem stopped her ceaseless rampage as she heard those words


"But Nee-sama! Didn't you see what he wrote? He's a cultist! A disgusting cultist!"


"Rem, Subaru wrote he wasn't part of them, although I do admit that writing it down is already stupid and suspicious enough I haven't sensed any malicious intent coming from him."




"Rem…..just stop."


She dropped her weapon and lowered her head in shame.


"Barusu….if what you are saying is indeed true then tell me...what is your purpose of being here?"


Subaru dropped a book that she picked up and read


"Huh? Mabeasts? At the village?" How do you know this?




She sighed at the note given to her


"If what you are saying is indeed true then we need to go there and make sure the people are safe"


"Rem we need to go"


"Are you really trusting his words?!?, He might be lying to lure us into a trap!" she yelled




"Sister I'm sorry but I can't allow this fiend to trick us"


Subaru walked towards the twins and began to search his inventory


He threw a potion of instant healing the Ram's face




"Why you DAMNED CULTIST!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!" as Rem started to sprout her horn but she was immediately stopped by the sudden glow emanating from Ram




Just then Ram is shown holding her forehead as a horn began to sprout out of it.


A moment of silence was head before her horn retracted back


"You….what did you do???" Ram asked




"My horn…"


Subaru dropped a book at the twins and they began to read it


"You… want us to trust you??" Rem asked but her malicious intent gone from the shock of him healing her sister's lost horn


Subaru began to crouch up and down showing kindness to the Oni.


"But why??!! Even after what I did….Why do you want us to trust you? Even now this might be a trick you--" she was stopped by her sister's hand


"Barusu…...I don't know what you are trying to do but if what you say is true then we mustn't waste anymore time here"


As they stood up and headed towards the village Ram thanked Subaru for restoring what was deemed to be impossible.


Subaru nodded at the Red haired maid and with that they began to run towards the village to stop the upcoming Mabeast attack.

Chapter Text

During the fight both Emilia and Puck immediately rushed downstairs to check what was going on


Only to see the kitchen table cut to pieces and the backdoor destroyed


"What….. happened??" Emilia questioned in disbelief


"Puck…...where are they?"


"Over there!" Puck shouted at the three about to run away


"Subaru what's going on!?!"


Subaru stopped and faced at Emilia hearing her words


"Subaru what happened back there?"


"Barusu we don't have time as you said we need to get there immediately"


Subaru dropped a book to Ram as she read it.




"Fine….but you better catch up soon Barusu, Rem let's go." said the Oni


"Yes Nee-san" Rem nodded as she and her sister head towards the village


"You better explain what the heck is going on here, Subaru" Puck told the boy


Subaru gave a book to Emilia and read it.


"What? A Mabeast attack at the village? How do you know about this?"


Subaru remained T-posing at Emilia and dropped another book.


"Trust you?.....How could I when you're not telling me Everything? Subaru what's going on exactly did something happen back at the kitchen?"




He crouched up and down as he gave her another book


"Stay… Subaru I don't understand!"


Subaru held her hand and reassured her as he quickly sprinted towards the village




Subaru then proceeded to type in his universal keyboard


/Tp @s @e[type=Oni, name=Rem]


Then in a blink of an eye he shows up to where both the Oni twins are headed


"Subaru??!??!?" The maid exclaimed


"What the.….." the red haired oni widens her eyes


They read the book they gave them that said "no time to explain"


As a few minutes pass as they finally reach the village


"Ram? Rem? What are you doing here? Who's that behind you? asked the elder.


"There's no time to explain Barusu has informed us that someone here in the village can control Mabeasts."


"Mabeasts? But how?"


"Barusu said you must not warn the village as it might alert the attacker"


"I see…..I'll keep this hidden for now"


Subaru tapped Rem's shoulder and sprinted towards a very specific direction


Seeing this as his gesture to follow him Rem ran toward the young man


As Subaru arrived at the location Rem and Ram follow and was surprised at the reveal


"This is….." Ram spoke as she saw the broken crystal meaning Subaru was right about the situation


"But who could be the infiltrator?" Rem muttered to herself


Subaru then ran towards the children playing as the maids followed


"Oh? Who are you mister?" A boy asked as he casually approached them


He dropped a book that the children read


"Oh so your name is Subaru? That's a funny name!" the children then laughed


A couple of minutes then passed as Subaru played along with the children


Subaru then walked toward the maids explaining the situation in private


"So let me get this straight, that girl who's holding a puppy is an Assassin that is associated with the Bowel Hunter?"


Subaru nodded


"Barusu as much as I'm thankful for you restoring my horn I still find it hard to believe that girl is an assassin."


"But sister, that is without a doubt a Mabeast on her arms"


*Sigh* "Well Barusu we're here now, what exactly are we supposed to do?"


Subaru dropped a book that the two maidens read and shocked at what it said


"You want to leave her alone?? After all this?!?" Rem scorned at the boy's words


"Calm down sister, Look Barusu I don't know if you are toying with us but since it's proven true that the girl might be a danger to everyone here then we need to dispose of her immediately"


He dropped another book




Fear instills the girls as they read the texts


"So what you are saying is if she finds us suspicious then the Witch Cult might attack here?"


Subaru nodded


"And she's also affiliated with the Archbishop of Lust?" Rem continued


"Then we have to-----" Rem was cut off by Subaru's hand and gave her another book


"But what's the purpose of bringing us here in the first place?!, If you know all of this then why wait? Why not take care of it immediately? Can't we just take out the cultists?"


Subaru shook his head at the suggestion


As they continue to speak to each other for half an hour the elder approached them to talk about the supposed attack.


"Is everything alright here?" The elder asked


"Yes we are fine" Ram told the two


"Well…..what's going to happen now?"


Ram walked towards the elder informing him of the current situation.


"So we just need to simply act normal to not make the attacker notice?" The elder asked


"Yes, it is important that we must keep this a secret to not alert the attacker as she might bring reinforcements to this site." Ram told the man


"Well how much time do we have?"


"According to Subaru-kun we have one week before the attack, please don't inform the elders nor children as it will arise suspicion before the week ends we will return to surprise the attacker" replied Rem.


"Well you this is a lot to take in but you better make sure we are safe after all this"


After a while they returned to the mansion to discuss more about Subaru's supposed plan.


"Subaru! What happened to the villagers? Are you hurt? Are they ok?" Emilia kept asking the boy which he responded by giving her a book telling her everything is ok




"Miss Emilia as much as you want to talk to Barusu I'm afraid we have to discuss something important" Ram told the half elf


They then talked about the upcoming attack of the assassin.


"So let's go back from the start, the child Meili will attempt to attack the village children and take them outside the village in order to bait you to save them?"

Subaru nodded


"And she's an Assassin that's working with Elsa who's also loyal to the Archbishop of Lust?" Rem continued


"But we can't attack her yet as it will raise suspension and Lust will attack the village? Including us?"


Subaru nodded


"Damn it….." Rem gripped her hand tightly


"So Barusu, your plan is to let this happen and intervene at the end of the week which is where she already curses the children?"


"If I'm being honest, you are insane, I know that Lust will be alerted by it but why not save the children before they are cursed? Does everything need to be timed correctly?"


Subaru dropped a milk and a book at the two


"What is this supposed to mean?"


They read the book


"So this milk can erase any cursed afflicted upon you?" Ram snorted


Subaru simply nodded


"Barusu now I know you are insane, there is no such thing that can remove curses just by drinking milk"


Their conversation continued until night.




2 days have passed since their little incident, the damage was fixed by Subaru who seemingly cleaned it with little effort.


He played along with the children gaining their trust as well as the villagers


Ram and Rem thought about Subaru's plans to stop the girl


Save the children, make them drink the milk, fight the Mabeasts and "rescue" the attacker to avoid suspicion.

While all of it seemed like ramblings of an insane lunatic Subaru did show them something they had never seen in order to gain their trust at his plan


2 days earlier…....


"Barusu why have you called us?" Ram asked


He simply dropped an item towards the girl as she picked it up.


It was an Enchanted Golden Apple


As it continued to glow at her hand


"Barusu…..why is this appa coated in gold and glowing?"


He gave Rem a book explaining what the "appa" was.


"Nee-sama he says it's called an Enchanted Golden Appa apparently consuming one grants the person regeneration, strength, resistance and immunity to fire for a short amount of time."




"Barusu I'm starting to wonder if you are actually sane or downright delusional"


He gave her another book that she read still not believing the boy's antics


"So simple cut will suffice for your little experiment?"


Subaru nodded

With a sigh she took a knife and sliced a small wound at her finger, as much as she thinks he's insane he did heal her horn the least she can do is listen to this little request.


"Nee-san! What are you doing!?" Rem bewildered by her sister


"Relax Rem, if what Barusu is saying is true then eating this appa will heal my finger, if it doesn't I'm going to properly make sure he gets a good beating from me"


Ram then picked up the golden appa and consumed it after one bite her eyes widened and a golden aura formed around her.


"Nee-sama! What's happening!"


"This is….." Ram was caught off guard in surprise as she notices her body emanating a golden glow and a surge of strength flows her

She took a look on her injured finger and noticed the wound was completely gone like it had never been there.


Both sisters were surprised at the event


Subaru gave her instructions and both walked outside to test such a theory after all the appa he gave was enough to make sure he wasn't just spouting nonsense.


Ram then fired a wind spell towards the wooden chair Subaru crafted and as she channeled her magic and fired it a massive surge of golden aura resonated with her attack and the chair was completely evaporated as if it wasn't there.


"This magic is…." Ram muttered


This Barusu…… such magic is almost unbelievable…..magic such as this is only achievable by high levelled users such as Roswaal-sama but…..


I need to keep an eye out for him….. although he restored my horn and warned us about the attack I feel as if he's hiding something


"Nee-sama!" Rem ran towards her sister in shock of her display of wind magic


Subaru walked towards the Oni Maids giving them a book


"Well…..all of this has been surprising I guess we can trust you...for now" Ram spoke to the boy as he gave a slight nod.


Just then a man was staring at the three with a smile plastered in his face.


"So that's your power…….not only have you perfected everything but you instantly gained the trust of my two associates with ease……


Subaru-kun… are truly the one that shall fulfil my goals…….


As the man walked away from the display and into his room he took something from a cabinet revealing a small book as he embraced the black book in his chest.


"Subaru what happened here? We saw a surge of magic and ran over here to see what's going on" Emilia told the three shocked to sense such a display of magic.


"My apologies Emilia-sama, Subaru-kun was only showing us something" Rem told her


"So Subaru did that??"


"No it was actually Nee-sama"






Still surprised by the event after a while all 4 decided to go back inside to prepare for dinner




"Come in"


The door opened revealing Ram standing at the door.


She walked towards Roswaal


"It appears your horn has been restored by dear Subaru-kuuuun"


"Yes Roswaal-sama, he used a mysterious type of magic to repair my horn"


"Oh? Well that is certainly surprising." said the jester


I haven't heard magic like that before…...that surge of power from Ram earlier…...a feat like that is highly impossible even for someone like Ram …


"Well…...for now just keep an eye on the booooy….." he told her as she accepted the order and went out the door.


"Subaru-kun….you are truly interesting…."

Chapter Text

These past few days have been…... completely interesting to say the least for Rem.


At first glance she could tell the man invited by Emilia was nothing more than a cultist considering the amount of miasma coming out from him.


The smell was enough to make her get sick looking at the boy, something as vile as that should be killed with absolutely no remorse


Everything from her was taken by these cultists and now someone was invited into the mansion coated in the Witch's Scent.


And yet…….the boy never showed any hostility, was extremely hardworking, played with the children and healed her Sister's Horn.



Still…….why would he do it? What was his purpose? Everything about him seemed to be coated in mystery and yet all he ever showed these past few days were nothing but kindness.



It had been 4 days since the event she displayed.


She felt conflicted on her actions but was still weary of him due to his scent as she wasn't fully sure what was he planning.


During those 4 days everything in the mansion has drastically changed one example was he began to pose in a very weird manner before crafting something out of his hands.


He gave both of them those weird tube like hoses and gave them a book explaining what was it.


Rem remembered it was called a "vaccum cleaner" and it essentially made things around the mansion much easier to clean since all they had to do was press a button and it would absorb the dust in the container.


It took a couple tries before they were fully used to it.


Even Roswaal-sama was astonished with the invention the boy presented them.



[Where does he get such ideas and magic?] Rem thought to herself.




It was breakfast time at the mansion where they all gathered to eat at the dining room.


"My my dear Subaru-kun, you have seemed to open up to my maidens quite a lot during these past few dayyyyys." the jester told the man who remained T-posing.


"Although it pains me to say this I have to give thanks to Barusu for making our tasks much easier with his "investions".

"I believe it was called "inventions..." Puck corrected the girl


"Oh right those were called "vaccum cleaners" right?" Asked Emilia


Subaru nodded at the half elf.


Rem was cleaning a room at the mansion when Subaru approached the blue haired maid.


He tapped her shoulder as she turned around to see him.


"Subaru-sama what seems to be the problem?" asked Rem.


He gave her a book explaining his intentions.


"You want me to accompany you to the village?"


Subaru nodded


[Well…..he did help my sister…..still...I can't feel as if he's still hiding something.. I'll just go with him for now]


"I understand let us go"


Once they were at the village they were greeted with cheers and smiles from all the people


Subaru had shown them numerous inventions which not only helped the people but also entertained the children.


As she seems Subaru playing with the village children the elder came to approach the Oni.


"So…... about the many days do we have left?"


"According to Subaru-sama we have about 2 more days before the attack"


"I see…...but what do we do then?"


"According to Subaru-sama, we shall go here on the during the evening before the attack is held to surprise the attacker this way they won't be able to contact reinforcements" she told


It was a lie, Subaru stated they would have to wait until the attack is already held in order to remove suspicion from the girl this way she will think he's going to save her….


She wasn't sure about this plan, she wasn't even sure to trust in Subaru but given his generosity towards her and Emilia she decided to follow his instincts and besides she knows he still has those golden appas so in any case anything goes wrong she'll just ask him to use that artifact.


It was almost noon Rem accompanied Subaru to talk to the children to make things more "smooth" as he told her.


The book he gave her clearly stated "let the dog bite you, and I will do the same".


She hesitated….why would he do that? She told herself.


As soon as they approached Meili they enact their plan, pretending to play around them Subaru went first and petted the Mabeast and got bitten after which Rem finally did the same.


It was already evening, and they decide to go home during the walk towards the mansion Rem tries to talk to Subaru but she wasn't sure what she'd say.


Back at the mansion he decided to go to Beatrice again after the bite the beast gave to them.


"Well it looks like you are cursed I suppose" the Drill-haired Loli told the two


Then she began to weave a spell and lifted the curse upon the two.


Rem felt relieved after that.


"Now leave, I have to attend to more important matters infact" she told the two before they made their way into the door.


After closing the door, Rem finally decided to talk to Subaru.




He turned around to see Rem bowing down to her.


"I would like to apologize for my aggressive behavior and my attempt to kill you please punish me for my actions" as she told him with her bangs covering her eyes


Subaru asserted his sigma Male dominance and walked forward to Rem giving her a book.


She picked it up and read it.




"But Subaru-sama! I…..I wanted to kill you…..I planned to kill you….so...why….why are you being...nice!?" She yelled at the boy.


"Even though I did that? Why are you forgiving me??!?"


Subaru only shook his head in disagreement and gave her another book.






Tears began to flow out of her eyes


"After all I did…...why do you….."


More tears fall









He stood there T-posing


"Why do you see it as something so simple??!?"


She knelt down holding her skirt tightly


Subaru crouched down and patted her shoulder and gave her another book


Wiping her tears away she opened the book and her eyes widen




He hugged the crying girl as she embraced him tightly


"Thank you…..thank… so much…"


Without them noticing a certain Red haired maiden was spying on the two with a small smile in her face.


"Thank you….Barusu"




It had been 5 days since then and it was time for Subaru's plan to initiate


Ram told the two to go ahead as she will guard the mansion while they are away.


It was evening already as they both set off


As soon as they arrive the village was already doing a search for the missing children.


"You two! Why are you late!" The elder ran towards them


"My apologies! Me and Subaru were attacked by some bandits"


That was a lie, he told her to make up an excuse in order to complete the plan, Rem didn't like it but she had no choice


"I see damn it……"


"Where are the children?"


"That's the problem we can't find them, we are already searching for them and--- HEY!? where are you going Subaru?!?"


Subaru began to sprint to a very specific direction toward the broken barrier crystal Rem and Ram saw.


"Subaru-kun wait up!" As she followed the boy


After a few minutes Subaru was able to quickly find the missing children except one, on his way he found a couple of Mabeast which he quickly incapacitate using a Netherite Sword.


Subaru gave Rem instructions to give the kids the Milk he provided to cure them, Rem wasn't still sure how it was going to work but trusted him.


Subaru sprinted to a very specific towards Meili to "save" her when he sees the Mabeast she carried


Using a Bow enchanted with Power V he quickly disposed of the dog and ran toward the child and carried her to Rem.


After the fiasco the villagers thanked the two for finding them and with that they left.


As they walked on the way home Rem decided to question Subaru on how he quickly knew where the children were located and he simply gave her a nod which she found weird but didn't question him any further.


"My my….back so soooon?" The clown greeted them on the way to the mansion.


Subaru gave Roswaal a book to read and shocked the clown


"Well well….... Isn't this an interesting night….."


"Subaru! Are you ok?!?" Emilia came rushing towards the boy


Subaru gave a nod in which was his way of saying "yes".


Emilia still not sure decided to use healing magic on him anyways just for precaution


The four then headed back to the mansion in need of rest.




Roswaal is shown staring at the night sky at his window.


"So…...he does know about it after all….." he smirked


As Subaru gave him the book that made him surprised at the young lad


[I know] were the words engraved at the small book.


"Just how far have you looped? Dear Subaru….." Thinking about how flawless and perfectly executed his plan to save the children.


He smiled as he knew this boy will be the one to fulfill his 400 year plan.

Chapter Text

This is not an Update, I'm planning to finish this fic up till Arc 4 since let's be honest making low quality fics is pretty easy to make.


Although I am planning to make this up till Arc 5 maybe even Arc 6 if I actually read the novel properly lol.


I have plans like Speedrunning Siruis and Capella.


Btw if you aren't aware this fic will diverge from the original timeline of re zero, meaning some parts will come in early or late like the white whale attack and Betelgeuse's appearance to further make the Emilia Camp have all these tech from Earth.


Btw in case you are wondering why Subaru doesn't talk and writes in books is to simply make it so that I don't have to write him.


Him getting omnipotent power and keeping his attitude is hard to write, so making him a one dimensional character that stands still and solves everything is much easier.


I wanna make this a very cringy crack fic so basically everybody will worship Subaru and nobody suffers (except for the Bishops).


And finally, as I said earlier this will basically become a sort of slice of life for a few chapters after Sloth's defeat just because I want my man to experience a break from all these sufferings and flex his wealth on everybody.

Chapter Text

It had been 3 weeks since the Mabeast incident, a lot has changed since Subaru went to the mansion, for starters the mansion was now packed with lots of technology to further make the work easier for them.


Subaru introduced them massage chairs that Ram quickly took a liking to, Subaru then made a coffee maker that's powered by mana which made Rem and Emilia open their eyes like never before with the taste and aroma from the coffee beans he made.


The village was also gifted by a lot of newfound inventions by Subaru.


Children were given bicycles to use and quickly made them addicted to riding it. He gave the adults more land to build new houses as well as further expand crops they harvest, Subaru along with Rem and Emilia distribute them Milkshakes every afternoon which quickly made the villagers trust both him and Emilia.


Emilia was smiling in delight as people slowly began to open up to her and trust her more, it made her happy knowing they didn't see her just for being an elf but a girl they could rely on and be fine around with.


Things were going very smooth for the camp that peaked the interest of a certain merchant when hearing the gossip around the camp of a boy's "inventions" as he called it around the Emilia Camp.


Rumors of the boy's works have spread to the entire city like wildfire seeing the numerous tools he showed to the people, Some called it a "Fruit Shaker" when seeing the device news have also spread of the "Two Wheels" as they called it that made single person transportation much easier.



She smirked and saw the magnificent ideas he could introduce to the Hoshin Camp.



It was early morning where Ram headed downstairs to prepare her favorite coffee.



Ever since Subaru introduced all these wonderful inventions it not only made her more lazy but made her addicted to the taste of caffeine every morning.






"Oh that's that good shit right there…" Ram smirked to herself while sipping more coffee.



In the next day Subaru and Rem went back to the village to pay a visit to them again.



Petra was one of the children who grew very fond of Subaru, although silent his actions made the little girl like the boy and not to mention the amount of generosity he gives to the locals and spending time with them.



"Ah! Big Brother Subaru has come to play with us again!!" Petra screamed in excitement as she saw the boy.



The children ran towards him as they begun to play tag with him.



Rem watched from afar seeing the boy have fun with the kids as she let out a small smile.



"Subaru-kun…….you are truly wonderful…."



Even after she tried to kill him he showed nothing but compassion towards the two.



Her conflicting emotions about the boy were long gone, she truly appreciated him for saving her from her despair when he told her that she doesn't need to hide behind her sister and think of herself as disposable.


She knew deep down she had taken quite a liking to Subaru.


A tear fell to her eyes as she wiped it and joined in the fun.





The fabled day was nearly coming to fruition as Emilia was getting ready for the Royal Candidate Election.


She went downstairs to leave and saw Subaru and Rem playing ping pong in the living room.



"Subaru-kun is this how you do it?" She swinged and gently tapped the ball to bounce to the table as Subaru did the same, they rapidly hit the ball towards the opposite side having fun playing with each other.


"Subaru I need you to help the guests below" she asked the boy



Which he agreed to and blended a mango milkshake for the man below.



A dragon carriage was seen outside the mansion.



Outside the carriage was an old man that was wiping away the stain in the carriage as he saw a boy bringing a glass of milkshake to the man.






Subaru have the man a book introducing his name



"Ah so your name is Natsuki Subaru? My name is Wilhelm van Astrea pleasure to meet you"



He took the milkshake and inspected the straw before sipping it.



He opened his eyes in surprise as his taste buds widened in awe.



"I haven't tasted anything like this before, it's very lovely" as the man took another sip .


"So you are the fabled "inventor" I have heard around these parts




"My my you don't know?" Your name has been quite popular around here, people come in these things you call "bicycles" which are very intriguing to say the least"



Subaru gave Wilhelm a book as they continued their conversation.



"Ah so you are in love with Emilia-sama?, It's a steep path you must climb as you are dealing with the one who may be the Future Queen of Lugunica.


Subaru gave him a book asking him about his proposal to his wife and his status as a butler


"Ah yes you are indeed correct, I believed my wife was the most beautiful thing in the world."


"I'm back old man Will!"


A well dressed demihuman shows herself to the two, having noticable features like those Cat Ears and a bluish attire.


"Sorry to keep you waiting Old man Will were you bored waiting for me?" The cat "girl" asked


"Oh not at all, young Subaru has been speaking with me" he gestures his hands to the boy.


"Nyah?" The "girl" twitches "her" cat ears



She began to get closer to inspect the young boy



"Nyah, so you're that boy the people in nya capital was talking about?"




"Aren't nya also headed to the capital? UwU" the "girl" smirked to the boy.




"Well we're not just going there for fun, see you at the capital uwu" the "girl" winked at the boy.





"Subaru I just can't take you with me I'm sorry but you must stay here." The half elf told the boy


Subaru began to shake his head and move his body in a very weird manner.


The girls were already used to his poses, with this one he was disagreeing with the option Emilia told him


"Subaru-kun has never visited the capital for a while now, it'd be a good opportunity to change his scenery once in a while."


Subaru nodded at Rem and patted her head which she greatly enjoyed, blushing at the action.


"Why nooooot?" A certain someone spoke to them


"That can be kept separate from our Royal Selection Business"


"Subaru could go to the capital to thank them while staying clear of the selection."




A dragon carriage is seen in a road heading back to the capital


"I never knew you'd taken a liking with the boy Wilhelm-san, I thought you'd prefer cutting down people"


"You are mistaken, Felix-sama I was merely interested in the boy's eyes." the man told "her".




"Those eyes…...are the eyes of someone who's faced death multiple times.."


"I dyont get it nyan…..but if Wilhelm-san says so then it must be true…" Felix replied.




Rem and Emilia were headed to the capital but Subaru gave them instructions to wait at the front gate


"Why did Subaru order us to wait here?" Asked Emilia


"He told me he has his own carriage which is a bit strange since we never saw him hire or build one…." Rem responded to the question.


Just then a black object is seen approaching them at high speeds



"What is that!" Yelled Emilia



"Emilia-sama keep your guard up!" As Rem prepared to fight the incoming object



The object stopped at the two



"?????" The two were wondering why it stopped


The window slowly opened


"Subaru??!?" Both of them yelled in unison.


"What is this object you are in? Is this a carriage?" Emilia asked him which he nodded


"Where are the ground dragons? Why is it small?" Rem asked as she repeatedly tapped the box


Subaru gave both of them books which told them to go in.


Listening to the instructions they opened the latch of the object and it opened.


Subaru then told them to wear the straps found in their side..


"Subaru-kun if I may ask what is this black object we are riding on?" The Oni asked


Subaru gave them a book explaining it


"So this is called a car?"


Subaru nodded


"Still… feels weird and very hot inside..unlike carriages…"


Subaru pressed a button that let a breeze of cold air envelop the car.


An urge of excitement arose between the girls as they have never experienced something comforting like this.


"Wow…'s so cold….." Emilia sighed in relief


"Subaru-kun is this magic?" Rem questioned the boy as he shook his head indicating it wasn't.


[Subaru-kun….you are truly an enigmatic person…..that's what I like about you…] Rem thought to herself and she smiled at the boy and with that they left to the capital.

Chapter Text

Driving in the so called "car" was bewildering for both the girls and the spirit, it was an object in black and had no dragons to pull it yet it had the speed equal to that of Reinhard's Divine Protection of Flash Movement.


Emilia was very much astonished by the thing they were riding on.


They were almost at the capital and it was no surprise people started staring at the moving black object coming at high speeds.


"EVERYONE PREPARE FOR BATTLE! THERE IS A MYSTERIOUS MOVING OBJECT COMING AT HIGH SPEEDS EVERYONE BE ON GUARD!" a knight shouted which followed a mass of guards at the front along with a certain Red haired knight.


[What….is this? It is moving at speeds that dragon carriages are unable to achieve, could this be the works of the Witch Cult?] He asked himself as he was ready to pull out his sword from his sheath


Just then the black box opened revealing the familiar half elf.


"Emilia-sama?!?" Yelled Reinhard


"Oh hi Reinhard! I'm sorry you find this a bit weird but Subaru brought me here with Rem."


"Wait…..Subaru is in there?"


"Yes he took us here with this box he calls a "car"



"Ca-ar?" Reinhard was still processing what that black box is.


Just then a figure came out T-posing




He walked towards Reinhard giving him a book


"Subaru…….what is this you are using? I don't sense any magic?"


He gave him another book explaining the situation.


Reinhard took a look at it and sighed and ordered the knights to go back to their stations.


"Subaru….as much as you explain this "car" you speak of i cannot let it inside the capital.


Subaru nodded and gave him a book.


"Oh that's also acceptable I'll task a guard to watch this "car" while you are inside the capitol.



Subaru agreed and Rem went outside along with Emilia and headed inside


Reinhard was left outside looking at the contraption Subaru deemed he made.


"This… looks to be made from out of this world...I've never seen something this polished before...Subaru….are you perhaps….from beyond the Great Waterfall?....." As Reinhard touched the car.



Subaru, Emilia and Rem went their separate ways for a while, Subaru and Rem went to buy groceries while Emilia went to her own needs.


While Rem was still buying the last items they need Subaru went to Emilia and chatted a bit before a certain purple haired knight approached them.


"Greetings Emilia-sama" the knight said to the half elf.


The knight bowed at the girl and introduced himself


"It's good to see you again, it's been a while since we last met how are things going?"


"Everything is basically the same, you also seem well Julius."


"The mere fact you can remember me is an honor itself" she approached the girl and kissed her hand which Subaru ignores and keeps T-posing.


He looks at the boy who stood still and posed in a weird manner


"Oh? And who might you be?"


Subaru walked towards him and gave him a book


"Ahh it's the fabled "Inventor" and self proclaimed Knight of Emilia, Natsuki Subaru a pleasure to meet you and he extended his hand and Subaru accepts giving him a handshake.


"Inventor? Has Subaru's name really reached that far?"


"Why yes Emilia-sama, his "inventions" have made a significant impact on the industry many are asking the residents near your camp on his technology.


"I see…..well that's a surprise I never knew Subaru could be so influential in under a month." She was proud of Subaru for helping her around the mansion and the village.




It was a very quick day for Emilia and Rem, it wasn't even noon when they came back home riding in Subaru's "car" a regular ground dragon would have taken hours which the car took only mere minutes.


"Oh? Home so soon? As expected of Barusu" Ram told the boy


"It was thanks to Subaru's "car" we got home early" Rem told her


Emilia quickly went upstairs after helping out on the groceries while Subaru remained downstairs talking with the Oni Twins.


"Barusu just so you know we have run out of the "coffee beans" you have made it would be a pleasure if you can whip out a new one" Ram told him clearly seeing how addicted she was to the coffee machine.


Subaru started to T-pose at them and glow and dropped a sack of beans at the ground which the two maids respond by clapping at him.


"Wonderful, now Rem help me carry these beans into the machine"


"But's not even morning…"


"Rem...I need the coffee.."


"I understand…." She sighed as she helped her carry it.


"How about you Subaru?? What are you going to do?" Rem asked him


Subaru gave her a book as he was going out


She widened her eyes


"You are going to the Pleiades Watchtower??!?" She yelled in surprise


"Subaru-kun you know that is a very dangerous thing to do, meeting the Sage is almost impossible as nobody has ever made it out of there alive!" she told the boy fearing his reckless actions might cause him his death.


He gave her another book explaining it will be alright


[She had doubts of him, but then again he did have that golden appa and it appears he has the ability to blink towards us…..]


He gave her another book explaining he'll be back at night which was already an impossible task seeing how far the watchtower was.


It was currently 2:00 pm in Earth Time as Subaru headed out for the watchtower, Rem waved goodbye as he set forth to the tower.


He typed in his universal keyboard


/Locate Pleiades Watchtower


He was given the numbers before instantly teleporting to the tower


He gave himself an effect before finding Shaula


/Effect @s Flugel 9999 20 false


Then he proceeds to teleport near Shaula.




He stood there T-posing


"Master!!! It's really you!!! I missed you so much!!!' Shaula leaped forward and gave Subaru a very tight hug.


"Master where have you been? I was so sad thinking if you were ever going to return!" She shed a tear truly enjoying her Master's return.


She looked closer and sniffed him.


"One, only one but it doesn't matter! Master has returned!"


Subaru gave her a potion of reading before giving her a book.


"You want….me to leave with you?.."


Subaru nodded


"Master….it would be my honor!" She wrapped herself tightly on him again rejoicing she would go on adventures with her master again


Shaula was truly happy for his return.


Subaru then told Shaula they'll be bringing back more people with him.


Subaru and Shaula teleported to Volcanica


He woke her up and started to speak to her with Shaula seemingly posing like a cheerleader


"Flugel… that really you? Are thou returned?" The Dragon couldn't believe her eyes, the great Sage has walked the land once more.


Subaru nodded and for half an hour they spoke to each other as if they were friends.


Volcanica seemingly happy for his friend's return has accepted his offer and shrank down to a tiny dragon that landed on his shoulder which made a certain scorpion jealous.


And with that they teleported once more to his final ally, Reid.


"Omae are you Flugel?" The eye patched man asked sensing the aura he had similar to Flugel.


"This one Reid is indeed Flugel he has ordered us to walk with him once more" the dragon on his shoulder told him


"That's right! Master is taking us back to his home! Shaula will follow him wherever he pleases!"


Another 30 minutes pass by with All 4 talking to each other as if they were long lost friends who wanted to catch up.


After a quick spar that led to Reid getting clapped he agreed to go with Subaru and with that all 4 of them were ready to go back.


"Master! Master! But who will guard the tower?" Shaula asked.


Subaru began to pose and all 3 looked at him like a God descending from land they were in awe as he displayed the magnificent power he contained.


He looked at his inventory and started to spawn Iron Golems around the tower to guard it, for extra precaution he gave them all level 20 resistance and level 20 strength in order to keep any intruder at bay and with that all 4 of them teleported back near the mansion with Shaula on his right hugging his arm, Volcanica on his left shoulder reminiscing their memories together and with Reid at his back who seemingly enjoyed seeing his master again.

Chapter Text

Roswall was not in a very good mood that night particularly with Natsuki Subaru.



"This is wrong... everything is wrong….this wasn't supposed to happen" he mumbled as he kept scratching his head.


The aura emanating from the 4 when returning home filled the mansion quickly as Emilia, Rem, Ram and even Beatrice were sensing the great power surging from the four.


Subaru returned home explaining he brought back the Divine Dragon, the Sage's apprentice and the First Sword Saint back.



Of course everyone was shocked at this revolution as Emilia's goal was to get dragon's blood by participating in the Royal Election but much to her surprise Subaru literally brought back 3 legends and in a matter of hours which makes him a legend himself.



"As Master told me I shall introduce myself! I am Shaula former guardian of the Pleiades Watchtower nice to meet you friends of Master!" She posed in a very weird manner similar to Subaru.



As time went on the Subaru, Volcanica and Shaula had a chat with both the twins and Emilia while Reid was escorted to the wine stash and seemingly comes across the coffee machine Ram labeled as "Ram Only" and started to consume the liquid in the jug.


"So thou goal is to revive thy family from the ice in the forest? That shall be achieved as Master's Request"



Emilia knelt on the ground seemingly crying tears of joy as she would soon see her entire family.


But Subaru gave the two books stating that it had to be delayed for a few months due to complications they will face.


Emilia was set back by this, she wanted to revive her fellow elves soon but seeing as Subaru didn't want to yet she had no choice but to listen after all Subaru's words are absolute especially since he has saved her from spiraling sadness and loneliness ever since that faithful day.


Subaru ordered for them to get some rest as he headed towards Beatrice's library where she's seemingly crying while holding a book on her hands.



He looked up and saw her face in tears, tears that would resemble pure sadness and depression as she walks closer to him and gives him a small dagger brandished with magic.



"Are you Betty's they?



Subaru shook his head in disagreement



"Oh…." she spoke in a sad tone



As she handed him the dagger she told him a very chilling sentence



"Betty wants you to kill her I suppose"



"I've waited diligently for 400 years….. waiting and waiting for Mother's instructions but the book was always blank…"


"Many come to my library claiming to be "they" but Betty knows they aren't..Betty knows "they" will never come…" she sheds more tears



"So please…...kill me.."



Subaru T-poses at her with dominance throwing away the dagger and picking up Beatrice's hand giving her a book.



"You are a fool….." she cries and gets a distance away from Subaru.



"You think… can you can just reject how I feel…." She stares at Subaru in anger



He gave a her another book



"Even….even if I take your will still leave me.. you will die anyway….compared to me… a human's life is over in a blink of an eye."



"........" Subaru stood there T-posing



"What do you even know about me??!??" She shouted as she casts a powerful wind spell trying to push Subaru out of the library


But Subaru remains standing still as he gives her another book.


She keeps crying as she reads every page of the book he showed to her.


"But….you'll leave me.."


The wind stops and the door closes leaving Beatrice incredibly sad and Subaru uses this as an opportunity to get close to her and give her a book.



"Even if I take your hand….you will still leave me…"


He gives her another book which completely breaks the girl leaving her in tears as she drops the gospel of her mother and comes running toward Subaru.



"Subaru….. Subaru…." She keeps crying as she hugs Subaru as he was the first person in 400 years to finally break her loneliness.


Subaru only nodded and pat her head and gave her another book.




"You want me to form a contract with you?....." She finally stops crying and wipes her tears away.



Subaru nodded and held her hand tightly ensuring her that he will finally break her loneliness in this library even with his short lifespan he will make sure she would treasure those years with him.



After a long talk with each other Beatrice finally let's go of Subaru as both of them headed of to bed for the upcoming Royal Election.



Everyone greeted the 3 legends and had a good talk with them but a certain cat spirit in a crystal says otherwise.



Puck was afraid. One of the great beasts was left paralyzed as they entered the mansion. These 3 could decimate Emilia and he couldn't do a thing about it.



Despite their backgrounds he just couldn't trust them especially as they were a major threat to his daughter's safety.



For the first time Puck felt powerless, a feeling he'd never realized nor expect.



All 3 of them including Subaru could just wipe him off the face of the land as If he was paper.



He scorned at this revelation.



Roswaal was furious.



Nothing about this was written in his gospel. Everything was wrong out of place.


He tries to search for a solution to make Subaru restart but there was nothing he could do.



He had the 3 legends before him that would decimate him if he tries anything.


And even if they weren't there Subaru has already shown how much power he posseses.


It was limitless, his display of intelligence and magic was out of this world he could easily kill everyone if he wanted to but Subaru wasn't like that, he was merciful kind and loving he does everything for everyone to keep them safe and anything Roswaal could do will stop him.



When they entered the mansion the dragon quickly looked at him with a bloodlust only he could sense.



Volcanica, the dragon he sought to kill was at his very property yet he could not do anything about it.



Years of honing his skills in magic trying to find a way to resurrect his dear teacher yet fail all the same.



Then the gospel told him about Subaru.



"Yes...with him…..I can finally fulfill my plans!" Roswaal smiled in delight



He then arranged multiple events which further made him sure Subaru was Looping.



He wanted to shape him to a person that would perfect everything and make him a puppet.




But now…...he couldn' was no longer possible.



"Teacher….please give me a solution" he opens the gospel for guidance once more



Yet nothing came.



It was blank for the first time in years of following her instructions the pages remained blank.




He broke down in his bed wondering what would happen next.

Chapter Text

The day of the Royal Selection had been unfortunately delayed


This surprised the candidates as to what could have happened to delay it.



The tablet simply wrote it had to be delayed for 2 weeks



Many were confused about the situation usually the tablet doesn't give out orders only achievements but since it was written by Volcanica people obeyed the order and delayed the selection until tomorrow.



The mansion was…..quite lively the introduction of 3 legends made it chaotic around the mansion with Shaula dressing as a maid and helping clean up the place, Ram and Reid fighting over the coffee machine clearly addicted to the taste and Volcanica helping Subaru and Rem clearing out the trash.



Shaula in particular was given a new set of clothes apparently Subaru told her that her clothes were "too revealing" Although Shaula wanted to protest she looked fine she wore the maid outfit anyway to please her master.



Although Subaru didn't notice, the three were genuinely happy that Subaru returned, after centuries of being stuck in the tower all three were overjoyed to see their dear friend again.



Centuries passed by since the supposed passing of their master and yet now he has returned and sought out to ask for forgiveness and wanted them all to be together.


Of course the three quickly made the decision to obey him after all he was the sole reason for their being after all.



Subaru asked a favor to Volcanica to delay the Election for 2 weeks in order to patch things up with a certain blue haired child.


Subaru tasked Volcanica to remain hidden while he and Shaula trick Meili into coming with them along with Petra.


Meili was someone whom Subaru tasked to be retrieved without harming her, he told Shaula and Volcanica about how her past and affiliations with the Archbishop of Lust has made her afraid of them.


Both felt pity and followed Subaru's command of not letting her experience that same fate again.



Subaru and Shaula go to the village and was greeted by the elders.


The village had respected Subaru quite a lot, with his inventions helping their almost withering crops and giving treatment to the old and young when they are sick they have grown quite a lot to the famous "inventor" as people called him.



Him and Shaula then went to where the children were playing with Petra greeting them before giving him a hug.



All the boys and girls rush toward Subaru and began to play with him along side Shaula whom kept her identity hidden as Subaru instructed her to.



But Meili, Meili stayed behind, she could sense it a Great Mabeast one whom she couldn't control a sense of fear strikes her heart as she acted like nothing was wrong.


But she quickly noticed it. The aura was coming from the girl Subaru brought she didn't know why but she kept her distance until Subaru walked up to her.


She invited both Meili and Petra to be residents of the mansion


Of course he asked Petra's parents if she could which they wholeheartedly accepted


Petra was overjoyed to hear it, she'll be able to play with Subaru all the time, Meili was shocked she questioned herself on why would she be recruited?



Furthermore she felt suspicious about everything about it but kept it at the back of her head, she decided to take Subaru's offer and go to the mansion to work, after all Roswaal did say they'll be assassinating them sooner or later anyway living in the mansion would also be beneficial as she wouldn't be suspected of being a spy for Elsa.



After reaching the mansion Petra was greeted by Rem and Ram whom take her upstairs by Subaru's request as they knew what was about to happen.



"Onii-chan…. Umm where are we going?" she asked getting more and more anxious as Subaru and Shaula walked towards a room prepared for her.



Then she looked back only to see the exit blocked by Shaula.



[Why are they doing this? they know about it?....but that's not possible…. nobody else knows about this except Miss Elsa and Roswaal…]


Subaru gave her a book completely shocking her as he labled the plan both her and Elsa were about to do and not only was it extremely detailed it also showed on who sent them there.



"I…….." she was left speechless, not only was she cornered but she knew exactly what was about to happen.



She could foresee them torturing her for info similar to what Mother did to her.



She was afraid. Afraid of going back as she will only suffer the same fate if she returns.


But to her surprise Subaru gave her another book.



She questioned the words written on it.



"Why do you want to help me?....."



Subaru stood still T-posing while Shaula is presumably guarding the door to prevent her escape.


Half an hour passed and Subaru explained how the Sage, the First Sword Saint and the Great Dragon are here in one place.



This quickly shocked the petite girl as she knew about them and the destructive power they have.


Subaru offered her a way out, she'd be protected by him and in exchange she will stay at the mansion and help out with Petra.


Still in awe Subaru then snapped his fingers and the dim room lighten showing all kinds of plushies and neatly tidied furniture.


He claimed it was her room, of course to prevent any escape Subaru enchanted the room so only he and his fellow friends can enter any outsider or intruder entering will result in them being paralyzed.



Totally cornered and given an offer she could not possibly refuse she accepted it although her fear for Elsa and Capella was still there it was shaken of as she was reassured that they will protect her.



It was night time at the mansion.


Subaru held a secret meeting with his friends in the hidden basement unbeknownst to Roswaal, he modified the basement to be a little more lively and placed modern furniture along with a fridge housing beverages and a microwave to reheat pizza.


Rem, Meili, Reid, Volcanica, Shaula and Beatrice sat down at the big round table.


The table was the center of the room complete with 16 chairs.


"Omae why did you call us here?" Reid sat down in the chair enjoying the pepperoni pizza Subaru provided for him.


Meili tooka slice from the so called "pizza" and as she took a bite out of it it sparked euphoria in her mouth as each bite was leaving an absolutely amazing sensation in her tongue.



"If Betty's Subaru called us here then it it's of utmost importance infact." She told the eye patched man.



Subaru gave Rem a book explaining the situation.



"Subaru-kun has gathered us all here for an important discussion. He wishes to make a group of powerful individuals in order to fight back an incoming threat."


The cast were confused, what was this incoming theat?



"If Master is concerned about this threat then it must be really bad!" Shaula exclaimed.



"Subaru-kun has made the decision to recruit people across the different nations to maintain peace and he needs our help"



Volcanica wasn't sure what Flug- I mean Subaru was planning, up to this point he never once said it. Could it be that the Envy had escaped?



No that shouldn't be possible we still left the tower heavily guarded and the seal is still intact who or what could this threat be she wonders.



Subaru handed down Rem a document and showed it to the cast


The document has a clear identification on themselves and whom there were going to recruit.



People such as Reinhard, Garfiel and Halibel were included in this list



Almost all of them were in complete surprise at this specifically Rem, Beatrice and Meili.


[How does Subaru know all of these people I suppose….]


Reid didn't know who these people was nor he cared for but his eyes did have a certain interest to one of the pictures shown to him


"So this is my descendant?" He took the photo showcasing Reinhard van Astrea.



"Indeed that one is the current Sword Saint" Volcanica replied


A few minutes pass with Reid and Meili trying to fight for the last slice of pizza as Rem gave them another box to sate their hunger.



Rem was also confused as to how he knows Garfiel as far as she knows Garfiel as spent the entirety of his life in the Sanctuary.


Rem further explained the situation Subaru told her.



After a short while the meeting was done and they all went up to sleep some still thinking about the Witch while others prepared for the upcoming election.



Meanwhile a certain jester is seen making a deal with a familiar face.


[Maybe it's time for dear Subaru to meet an old acquaintance…] he smirked as he was determined to force Subaru to loop...



He couldn't fail not again, Roswaal was determined to force him to do everything HIS way.


He saw Petra and Meili being taken back to his mansion, Petra was understandable but the other one sparked suspicion into him and he soon later found out that they indeed captured her to avoid assassination.


Roswaal was already in a very bad spot so he decided to call upon the Bowel Hunter again.



The hooded figure then went off as she brandished her dagger and licked her lips.



Unfortunately for them a certain scorpion was watching them from afar not noticing her.



[Master's potion of invisibility really came in handy..] Shaula smirked to herself as she heads back down to report it to Subaru.

Chapter Text

It had been a week since the 3 had stayed in the Mather's Mansion.


Subaru ordered them to hide their true identity from the people in Arlam, they weren't sure why but they still followed his orders.


The mansion also became more lively with Petra and Meili joining the twins in cleaning the mansion.


Despite the many differences of the cast they genuinely liked being around each other.


Subaru also introduced an ice cream maker which Ram and Reid quickly took a liking too.



He also made a chocolate fountain which suffice to say made the child assassin and great spirit drool all over it.


After Lunch Subaru told them he would go out for a while to recruit a merchant which they all agreed to stay behind even Shaula who really wanted to come with him but he told her she should help clean the dishes instead but decided to bring along Beatrice.


After closing the gate Subaru began to T-pose and fly up the sky and toward a very specific direction with Beatrice hugging him tightly as they fly away.


After a few minutes they found a bar and went in.



There was a sleeping boy with green colored clothes and a hat.



He tapped the boy to wake him up which of course the boy responded by snoring louder.


"Betty's Subaru says wake up I suppose!" Beatrice yelled as she karate chops his head waking up the confused merchant



"Ewahh!!!!!" He yelled in confusion as he stood up and fell to the floor



"Ouch….eh?" He looked up at the two people who woke him.



After a while they introduced themselves to each other and the boy quickly stood up as he realized he was indeed the "inventor" people keep whispering about.




"Natsuki-san, as much as I would like to why me? There are better people out there?" Otto questioned the man.



"Hmph! Betty's Subaru has taken an interest to you, you should be grateful!"



He gave him a book which he took and read.



After that he handed him a sack of gold which quickly made his eyes wide.



After an hour he accepted his deal and joined the Emilia Camp.


A few days pass after Otto's acceptance to the camp, he was invited to go to the mansion as a guest which he gladly accepted seeing Subaru promised him a deal that would secure his future as a merchant.


Needless to say Otto was quickly stunned and surprised to realize the mansion held the 3 great heroes which made him terrified and regretted the deal he made but decided to stay anyway in fear of what Subaru might do to him.


After a while he quickly fit in and realized how lazy everyone in the mansion was including the 3 great heroes who were pictured as divine people who saved the world from the Witch of Envy.


Otto was tasked to assist the other merchants Natsuki had hired in order to spread his domain across Lugunica and he was the main lead of that group, Otto of course didn't want the position and would prefer at the sidelines which Subaru accepted and made another Merchant the leader and him as an assistant.



Meanwhile the residents at the mansion were having a very wonderful time sitting down at the massage chairs while drinking chocolate smoothies.


The rooms of the mansion were renovated and changed to a more modern style complete with air conditioners in each room.


The residents were truly relaxed.



All except for a certain jester and a cat spirit.



Shaula falling to sleep while holding a pizza box in her hand, Volcanica in her tiny form in the corner where the air conditioner is, Reid still eating pizza while stacking multiple boxes in the corner, Petra and Meili seemingly having fun in the corner with the ping pong table, Emilia enjoying the pizza and smoothies and Ram feeling as if she was in heaven while sitting down at the chair sipping her drink.



"Nee-sama...don't you think you had enough of that smoothie?" Rem asks her sister clearly seeing how lazy she's gotten.


"Nonsense Rem, there is no such thing as too much smoothie" Ram told her as she takes another sip.






Subaru and Beatrice return and see a clearly messed up kitchen.


"Ah Subaru-kun you have returned, forgive me for not cleaning it up yet since I was busy throwing out those pizza boxes Reid-sama kept stacking." Rem told the boy


"What a mess I suppose…" Beatrice disgusted at the sight.


Subaru crouches and begins to spin in a circle and instantly cleans the entire kitchen.


"Amazing! That was spectacular Subaru-kun!" Rem astonished by the sight with her eyes sparkling.



"As expected of my contractor hmph!" Betty pouted.




Night has settled in the mansion as each of them went to their air conditioned room and went to sleep.



Hours pass by and it was already midnight.



Just then a window opens and a cloaked person sneaking inside.


The person then headed to a very specific room her dealer told her and turned the knob surprisingly not locked.


She begins to sneak into the room and sees a person laying on the bed.



She begins to pull out her knife and remove the bed sheets.


To her surprise the nobody was sleeping there.



"??" She was confused.


"So you were planning to kill Master…"


The light to the room begins to open revealing Shaula standing near her Master's bed.



"That dirty clown set you up to kill my master didn't he? I won't forgive you and him for this!" Shaula yelled as she quickly shifts her arm to a claw ready to fight.


"Ara Ara looks like I've been found out, I guess I'll have to cut you open as well!" Elsa readies herself to fight.


"You think you are getting out of here alive? Tch pathetic." Another voice is heard as Elsa turns to her left seeing a red haired man.


"Trying to kill my friend is a big act of foolishness, if you think you can escape you have another thing coming"


"Oh? And who might you be?....wait---..." She quickly realized who he was.


"I'm Reid Astrea, the Stick Swinger" he told her as he brought out his chopsticks.


Elsa was quickly taken aback by this. The First Sword Saint in the mansion, Roswaal never told her this he only told her that he was heavily guarded! She never imagined it was actually the Sword Saint!


"Geez Shaula are you trying to cause a ruckus? The kids are sleeping."


"As if you got any better idea!" Shaula put out her tongue in displeasure to the red head.


"Shaula…..wait..THE SHAULA? Shaula is a woman?!?" Elsa yelled in her head.


She found it hard to believe the Sage AND Sword Saint were here in this very mansion! That damned clown! It was already hard for one legend now to her surprise there's two of them!


But seeing the ominous aura coming from them it was clear these two are not joking around, for the very first time in years Elsa felt fear, and not just any regular fear, absolute dread as sweat began to pour out of her head.


"Elsa?...." A familiar voice was heard


Meili was surprised to see Elsa in the mansion, she wasn't expecting her to arrive early but seeing the situation it was clear she wasn't going to win this.


Meili also thought about it and she wasn't going to risk going back to Mama after her failure and she's pretty sure Elsa would be in a heap of trouble.


Just then the door behind closes revealing Beatrice who was apparently expecting the attack due to Shaula telling them early.


"This is as far as you go I suppose" Beatrice tells the assassin as she summons crystals pointing at her.


Now Elsa was truly terrified, the Sage, the First Sword Saint and the Great Yin Spirit all in the same room as her, despite her combat abilities she was certain this wasn't going to end well for her, she was shaking, hiding it but noticable to Meili.


Just then after a long period of silence Subaru passes through the ceiling T-posing while landing on the floor.


Elsa was too stunned to even move or realized what was going on.


Subaru then lifts up his fingers and orders the three to stop before they wake everyone up.


Elsa was confused at this notion, he knew she was sent here to massacre everyone yet here he is stopping them from doing so, was it an act? Was he going to torture her? Make her beg? Or simply silence her permanently?


He then walked towards her and gave her a book.


Elsa was still confused at this but picked up the book anyway while remaining vigilant and let out an "eh?" After reading it.



"You want me…….work at this mansion as a…..maid?" The very sentence was silly enough, she, a trained assassin who's been cutting up guts is hired to be a maiden?


"Seeing your position here you have no right to decline I suppose" Beatrice told the girl


"Master told us if you decline we will result to more brutal methods." Shaula opens her eyes toward the girl revealing 3 red dots.


"Betray him and we'll make sure you'll have a more brutal punishment than your Archbishop gives you" Reid told the girl.


She was shocked at the revelation, she wanted to run but seeing the odds she was already dead when she stepped inside.


She also really didn't want to piss her Mama off but escaping now will only make her want to torture her even more.


She sighed at the book dropping it to the ground.


Meili watched with anticipation.


"Alright I will accept your little offer." Elsa told the three then Meili instantly rushed towards the girl.



"Onee-chan will stay with us!"



"I'm afraid so." The Bowel Hunter sighed as she walks towards the boy.



Subaru remaining still showing off his manly dominance.


"So… will this work exactly?" She asked


"Simple, you will change your identity as Anna here, as Betty's Subaru states you will work as a maid in this mansion along with Meili until Subaru tells you to stop" The great spirit told her.


"Refuse and we will lock you up permanently" Shaula warned her.


"In exchange for your services both as an Assassin and a maid we will provide proper healthcare, food and protection from the Sin Archbishop of Lust, we also have full documents of your new identity in order to protect your real identity infact"


She was skeptical at this but then again she didn't want to turn to a lifeless piece of meat again.


"I accept"


And with that Subaru and Elsa shook hands and finally went to sleep, with Elsa staying in Meili's room for the time being.

Chapter Text

Roswaal was not in a good mood today.



After hearing sounds at Subaru's Room he sneaked up to take a peek seeing if Subaru was going to activate his power to loop again.



Alas, it failed horribly and he didn't expect for Shaula to guard him 24/7.


Upon hearing the word "clown" being spoken they knew he sent the assassin yet had done nothing to further point to him that he wasn't gonna loop.


He was sweating, after all he felt absolutely powerless against the 3, it may be his mansion but he couldn't do jack shit even if he told them to get out.


Needless to say the mansion was now Subaru's property and he couldn't do nothing about it.


Quickly going back to his room to avoid suspicion Roswaal closed his door and was heading to his bedroom when all of a sudden the lights open revealing the tiny dragon in his desk.



"So…. how'd your little attempt at my master go?"






"Thou should be hanged and burnt but my master's order was not to inflict any harm upon you."



Roswaal breathe a sigh of relief hearing this.



"But…..I cannot let these acts upon him go further, hear me clown, attempt this again and your soul shall burn in hell no longer able to hop to a new body."



Roswaal pissed at his pants, the dragon he sought to kill to revive his teacher was now standing before him attempting to burn his very soul.


He could no longer possess a new body as he has yet to create a new vessel.



His 400 year plan was on thin ice, one false move could mean his death.


He needed to act fast. The dragon was waiting for his answer.


"I……. understand…" he bowed in defeat.


Volcanica smirked seeing the man terrified and bowing down.




After what seemed to be an eternity the night passed and it was morning.



Roswaal was getting ready to head down when Ram entered his room telling him that Subaru had something to say.


He gulped at this but accepted it and went down and immediately widened his eyes looking at the person standing in the room.



"Hello my name is Anna, just Anna and Master Subaru has invited me to work here as a maid of you'd kindly accept." She bowed down clearly feeling embarrassed.



He instantly saw through the disguise.



Roswaal was downright confused at the situation, why would he hire the assassin sent to kill him? Seeing as Emilia and the rest has no initial reaction to this means they didn't know about who the person was.



He couldn't come up with anything to say then he looked at his side seeing Volcanica, Reid, Beatrice and Shaula staring at him with smiles in their faces clearly enjoying the entertainment.


Roswaal with no choice agrees and takes her in as a maid.







Puck was also not in a good mood, he'd been hiding in the crystal for a month now rarely coming out, the Sage, Dragon and Swordsman were at the mansion if they do any harm upon his daughter he couldn't do nothing about it.



They far Surpassed him in terms of power, speed and everything else.



One time he tried to attack Subaru Volcanica sensed his murderous intent towards the boy then let out an immense aura that completely crushed the spirit and made him hide in his crystal.


He was furious, angered by his powerlessness against them, sure everything was fine now but he couldn't help but be afraid of them especially Subaru.



The boy found Emilia, immediately knew where the insignia was located, barely got any injuries when fighting Elsa, has invited the three heroes themselves and managed to contract Beatrice.


And yet with all that power he chose to stay in the mansion helping out everyone and the village by introducing his creations.


But still, his anger towards the boy hasn't changed he wanted him gone but he couldn't do it when the four are always by his side.


That's why Puck decided he'll do it again at midnight where everyone is asleep, hopefully nobody notices him.




Despite having the gut slashing assassin in the mansion as a maid things were pretty much normal.


Meili, Elsa and Petra were to remain close to each other as ordered by Subaru.


Elsa having her hair changed to brown to avoid suspicion and everyone bought it immediately without questioning Subaru.


And just for extra precaution Subaru placed a curse on Elsa that whenever she tries to cut someone's guts she'd be paralyzed before she can even move an inch.



And much to her surprise the divine dragon was also here, not that it mattered anymore to her anyway since she was basically being held hostage.



Although the more she thought about it the more relieved she was actually captured since she really didn't want to face the anger of Mother.


Despite being an Assassin for years no amount of training could prepare her for one of Mother's punishments.




At night another meeting was held again along with Elsa on board.



[A meeting? I wonder what could it be?....]



As they walked further down the dungeon Subaru placed his hand on the wall which glowed and opened the room to the hideout.



The girl was quickly impressed by the room she was in, all white with a big round table in the middle and a weird small box at the side.


The room was air conditioned and had a mini fridge at the corner.



"Why are we all here again is Onii-san planning something again?" Meili asked



"Betty's Subaru has something to discuss regarding the Royal Election I suppose"




"Oh my the Royal Selection? Whatever could he be planning" asked Elsa although she probably guessed what it was already.



"Master must be planning something big!" Shaula told them.



Volcanica was in the corner opening her mouth at the air conditioner.



"Could you stop hoarding the air?! Damn Dragon" Shaula angrily told her which she ignores.



After a few minutes pass Subaru and Rem and Ram have entered the room.



"Barusu you never told me you had made changes to this room, have you asked permission to Roswaal-sama?"



Subaru stood still ignoring her words.



"Nee-sama I'm perfectly certain Subaru-kun has something planned that requires to keep this room a secret" Rem replied to her.



Reid and Meili immediately went to the mini fridge to get some food.



Meili handed Ram a milkshake which she quickly takes and stays quiet for the entire time.



And with that everyone sat down ready to begin another meeting.




After the meeting ended Subaru gave each of them a Totem which he said should be with them at all times.



They asked what was the totem supposed to be.



Subaru gave a book that Rem explained to them.



The totem is called the "Totem of Undying" and whenever they are in the brink of death it will activate saving the person from a fatal attack.



Elsa was stunned at this, a mere artifact capable of reviving similar to what she could do.



Everyone then kept the totem and disbanded.



Although except for one person.



Reid approached Subaru claiming that he was already a ghost and he couldn't use it.



Subaru then stood still and posed at him.



/Give @e[type=Reid] Human_Body



All of a sudden Reid began to sense something different, then he noticed that he could no longer see through himself and was no longer able to pass through objects.



Reid had become mortal again, he was shocked at first then laughed it off and headed upstairs as he can actually taste food much better now compared to before.



Subaru then teleported to his bedroom and went to sleep.






It was midnight and a certain spirit decided to enact his plan.



He went out of the crystal while Emilia was sleep.



He then quickly went to Subaru's room but just before he could activate his magic he froze at the sight behind him.



Volcanica was there staring at him with glowing eyes.



"Here me spirit, try this again it and it shall be your last." The dragon told him.



Puck wasn't planning on backing down this time, even if it was the divine dragon as he readies to attack three more people emerge from the darkness.



"Omae you were planning to attack my friend?" The red haired man looked at him with anger.



"Anyone who tries to hurt master will have to go through me!"



"Bubby…...I cannot let you do that in fact."


As the four prepare to fight him with Beatrice ready to use her magic against her friend, Shaula reforming her hand to a claw, Reid yawning as he pulls out his chopsticks and Volcanica despite in a tiny form let out smoke in her mouth.



Puck flinched, the crystals disappear and the tension grew down.



[These four…...Damn you Natsuki Subaru..]



He then immediately returns to Emilia's room out of desperation.



The four let him go and went back to rest hoping that it was the last attempt of harm ever done.



[Damn…..who knew those four would watch over him 24/7…..] the spirit murmured to himself.




The Day of the Royal Selection was finally here.


Emilia was feeling nervous, even with the Divine Dragon accepting her wish, Subaru still insisted on making her Queen.


"Ready to go Lia?"


"Yes...let's go, Puck"



They went out the corridor and headed downstairs ready to depart they meet the four waiting for them.



Reid and Shaula were tasked to wear cloaks so people don't see them, the two were wondering why Subaru told them to seeing as they don't really care if their appearance is seen but nevertheless followed his instructions and wore them.



Volcanica stared at the crystal seemingly looking down at it.



Puck immediately went back to the crystal in fear of what they might do to him.


The four ignored it.



"What took you so long I suppose?"



"Sorry Beatrice I was feeling nervous."



"Why should you feel nervous when Betty's Subaru is there to support you in fact?"



After a while Subaru returns and they were ready to depart.



"Good luck Subaru-kun" Rem told him before going off.


Subaru nodded and patted her head.



She blushes at the patting and waves him goodbye.



And with that the 6 of them get ready to go to the capital.



"Subaruuu….where's the caaar you were using?" Emilia asked.



Subaru then gave her a book stating that they don't need it for now.



The Subaru began to spin in a circle then typed something in the universal keyboard.



Then they immediately teleported to the entrance of the capital.



"What-" Emilia asked then she was cut off by Subaru as they headed towards the room along with Beatrice.



"Good luck Master!" Shaula waved goodbye as the three waited at the entrance.

Chapter Text

Subaru, Emilia and Beatrice head to the place where the selection is being held while the three hide in the shadows instructed by Subaru.


They weren't sure why but listened to him anyway.


As the three make it inside the other three ask each other about the selection.



"I wonder what master is planning……" Shaula asked



"My friend's words always have a purpose." Reid told the girl



"Hmph... nobody asked you Bleeh!" Shaula stuck her tongue out much to the red head's displeasure.



Volcanica thought to herself on why Subaru didn't just take the throne, surely that's the easiest choice but he told her to hold the election anyway.





Emilia split up from the two while both were in the corner.



Roswaal showed up a few minutes after the two much to nobody's surprise.



Emilia lines up with the other 3 candidates present.


Subaru and Beatrice then meet up with a certain helmeted knight.


"Pardon my intrusion" the man told them.


"And who might you be I suppose?"


"Just call me Al" he offered his hand to Subaru which he gladly accepted.


"I heard you were the famous inventor around these parts? You made bicycles right?" Al asked


"Subaru was it? That's a nice name it's as bright as a star."


"Betty's Subaru is indeed the inventor in fact! Hmph!" She pouted while holding Subaru's hand.


"Oh and who might you be?"


"Betty is the Great Spirit of Yin in fact"



Al slightly backed away, he didn't know he was contracted to such a being.


After a second he approached Subaru to tell him about something.


"You…...are not from this world as well aren't you?"


Subaru only nodded to affirm the man.


"I see…." Al said his thanks and told them to line up along with the others.



They followed Al and got ready to listen to the selection.


"Ah so you came after all Subaru." A familiar face spoke to them.



"When I heard Emilia-sama was going to be here I suspected you'd be here as well."


Subaru gave him a book which he read.



"Oh? You were looking for me as well?"



Subaru only nodded at the man as he continues to T-pose with Beatrice at his left.



"Nyah-hah! Subaru-kyun!" A familiar voice called him as he bumped into Subaru.



"Oh Subaru you know him? If you don't already then allow me to tell you, He is Felix Argyle, a knight and one of the best healers in Lugunica despite his appearance he is indeed a male."



"UwU" Felix replied


"Enough of this I suppose." Beatrice replied seemingly annoyed at the banter.


"Nyah? Who might nyu be? UwU?"


"Betty's Subaru is the Great Spirit of Yin of the Library in fact!"



"Eh?!? A great spirit!?" The cat boy yelled in surprise.


"Don't worry I had that initial reaction as well." Al replied


Just then a purple haired knight approaches the five.


"Ah Subaru you are here as well?" Julius replied and Subaru nodded.





"Now if I may be so forward, I Marcos, Leader of the imperial knights, will direct today's proceedings."



"It all happened about a year ago when the members of the Royal family starting with the king went into hiding one by one, causing----"



"Listen, I get that you wanna talk up a good show here but I'm busy y'know" a purple haired girl told the knight.


"As we say in Kararagi, Time is Money….."


"I agree." A green haired lady replied to the girl


"Crusch-sama, should the head of the Karsten Family say such a thing?"


"It is important to serve formality but it is also a fact that our time is limited. It would be wise to inform us immediately on why we are all here."


"But I naturally already know of the idea why."



"So you already know the purpose of being here in this meeting?" Miklotov asked.



"Why yes, Lord Miklotov, for a drinking party correct? One day we will face each other as rivals, but by sharing drinks at the table we get to know each other yes?"


"..........No…...that is not correct…" Miklotov replied.


This earned a slight surprise from the green haired duchess she then turned around to her knight to ask a question.


"Felix, this isn't what you told me."


"Nyah come on! UwU All I said was it might be a drinking party rawr."


"I see…..I jumped to conclusions allow me to retract everything I have said."



"Hey! Hey! Even if she backs down on what she said my opinion ain't gonna change." The merchant replied.



"No need to explain the Royal Selection, we already know anyways right?" She looks at the other candidates.



"Ah I think we should ask the other---" Emilia replied.


"Sorry but I didn't ask for yer opinion" she looked away at the half elf.



Subaru immediately stared into the merchant with anger while T-posing, his eyes glared with ominous intent, Beatrice could feel his anger toward the girl as she disrespected his crush.


Beatrice scowled as well, someone who made her contractor angry deserves punishment, but she was told to restrict her anger until the big reveal he was planning.


"Hey!!!! I don't know what's kinda up with the Royal Selection so I'd kinda like to hear the rest!" Al yelled.



"Priscilla-sama I am told this man is your knight, have you not explained the selection to him?"




"Whether I have or not you will still ramble on about it yes?"


"Continue on, Marcos." The orange haired lady spoke prompting Marcos to continue his speech.


".......Then the reason we've gathered you who are qualified to be the dragon's priestess… because there is a new prophecy engraved in the dragon's stone."


"It says "From the five capable of becoming the new nation's leader choose one priestess to enter into a covenant with the dragon."




"Knight Reinhard van Astrea, come forward."


"Yes sir." The Sword Saint replied as he walks towards the front.



He took a bow presenting himself to the candidates.



"Honored members of the council of wise men, I Reinhard van Astrea of the imperial knights would like to announce the completion of my mission."



"The dragon's priestess and the fifth and final candidate for the throne has been located."



Just then the huge door from the back opened and approaching the crowd was three girls two on each side with the middle wearing a yellow dress walking towards the front.



"Her I myself revere as queen is…..Felt-sama!" He yells.



She walks toward Reinhard while he gives a slight bow to her in respect.


"Felt-sama I thank you for gracing us with your presence."


"Reinhard…." She smiles while slowly approaching towards the man.


"You... Bastard! You dragged me all the way down here with no explanation whatsoever!" She kicks the knight while he effortlessly blocks it with his hand.



"You surprised me..what led you to such behavior? Is the dress not to your liking?" He asks.


"Don't just act like I didn't attempt to kick you!" She growls in annoyance.


Subaru is seen T-posing while Beatrice is holding his uniform.


"Ah you are here as well big bro?" She looks at Subaru.


"Of course Betty's Subaru is here! Hmph!" She pouts while tightly holding his clothes.



"Felt-sama if you are done rekindling old friendships please step over here."



"And? What do you want me to do next?" She asks in annoyance.



Reinhard places an insignia in her hand and it starts to glow as bright as a bulb.



"As you can see the dragon gem has recognized Felt-sama as a priestess, now that her participation has been shown I believe it is now time for the Selection to finally start."



Marcos and the other knights place their hand on their chest signaling the beginning of the election.



"Even if the dragon stone has recognized her don't you think her participation is problematic?" A random noble decided to intervene.


"You believe we, the imperial knights have made an error?" Marcos talked back to the noble.



All of the knights and nobles look back at the man in question.




"Knight Reinhard, would you kindly explain to us what led you to discover her?"


"Yes Lord Miklotov" Reinhard bowed before facing the crowd



"I took custody of her about a month ago in the slums."


"A gutter rat that came from the slums?"


Gossips were heard as soon as it came out.



Felt had enough of the bullshit.



"Well excuse me for being a gutter rat!, You people dragged me here against my will!" She turned around and growled at the noble.


After a few seconds of arguing Reinhard continued.



"I was led to her by none other than Natsuki Subaru, who saved both her and Emilia-sama from the Bowel Hunter with ease until I arrived."



Everyone was in shock the mere mention of the Bowel Hunter made some churn their stomachs, she was well known for her assassinations leaving behind corpses with open stomachs.


An individual as dangerous as her was seemingly stopped by that boy? Everyone seemed to stare at the T-posing boy.


"That's enough I suppose" Beatrice told them to look away as it only annoyed her.


"Oh and who might you be?" The noble in question asked.


"Betty is the Great Spirit of Yin that guards the Forbidden Library in fact, Betty is contracted to Subaru, now all of you look away from him it is displeasing him."


Almost all of them were surprised to see a great spirit in the room, most of them didn't know the spirit was in fact a little girl but the power she was starting to emit was immediately sensed by the knights.


The individual known as Natsuki Subaru was indeed interesting to a degree, he was known as the inventor in some parts his creations were widely made public which earned him a lot of attention but nobody knew he was working for the half elf.


So not only is he a very intelligent craftsman but he saved two royal candidates, neutralized the Bowel Hunter and is contracted to a great spirit.


This made some of the knights question why he wasn't enlisted as a knight already given his skills he chooses to side as a supporter of the Emilia Faction.


Still going on with their bantering Subaru remains completely still in the corner not giving any hint of interest about the gossips surrounding him.




"All of this long winded blather could not be more tedious, of course you did live as a gutter rat in the slums so you can only converse in these conversations." Priscilla spoke with contempt while holding her fan.


"Huh? If you wanna fight ya got one." Felt spoke back.


"What insolence, just who do you think I am?" Air starts to rise as she raises her fan up.


"Princess that's not--" Al tried to retaliate but was cut off as soon as she aims it at Reinhard.


With no hesitation Reinhard apologizes for Felt's actions.


"Many apologies Priscilla-sama."


"What are you thinking in a hallowed place like this?" This time Emilia spoke up.



"I was only trying to discipline a bitch who doesn't know her place." The princess smiled while holding her fan.



"You won't even apologize?!"


"Why don't you apologize for being born?, You disgusting silver half elf."


Emilia was startled and taken aback by her statement.


Subaru was furious


Beatrice felt his anger toward the orange bitch.


The three waiting outside heard everything and sensed Subaru's anger, this was unacceptable.


"How dare they make Master angry…." Shaula muttered to herself seemingly ready to bash their heads off."



"Guess I'll teach those scums a lesson for making my Friend mad." Reid chuckles as aura seeps from him.



"This… unacceptable.." Volcanica resting on Reid's shoulder begins to get mad.


Still, it wasn't time yet, they were waiting for Subaru's signal.


"I'm….I'm not connected to the witch at all…."


"Princess...could you drop it now? I'll be the one to suffer if you make too many enemies, seriously.." Al told her which she ignores.


"Well then….are you all finished? Then royal candidates please come forth."


After the 3 introduce themselves it was Emilia's turn.


With Roswaal at her side she introduces herself.


With a deep breath and a little bit of thinking she remembers everyone's support on her.


"My name is Emilia, just Emilia and I only have one wish….for all to be equal, I desire a nation where everyone is treated equally.


Roswaal stays silent at this, still seemingly nervous about Volcanica's warning."


"And finally Felt-sama and her knight, Reinhard van Astrea."


"Hang on don't get the wrong idea I never said I wanted to be the next ruler." She gestures with her hands.


"Who'd wanna be in a Royal Selection anyway?"


"Miss Felt are you saying you are withdrawing from the election?"


"Damn right I am!!"


"This is ridiculous!" The noble with the pale looking ass face speaks again.


"I've overlooked this because the situation was urgent but to drag this out long is senseless!"


"He's right, an Astrea family offers a gutter rat to rule us, while the Margrave endorses a half-devil? Utter foolishness!" The guy with the long ass eyebrows rants along with the pale man.


"It's not nice to call a half elf a half devil you know?" Roswaal let's a out a fake smile to let the three know he is on their side so he doesn't get burnt.


"That appearance of the half elf matches the Witch of Envy that has been described for many generations!"


Subaru begins to get angry


"Why do you not realize that even allowing her in the throne room is dreadful?"


"F i l t h y W o m a n"


Emilia looked down in sadness.


That's when a loud sound emitted from the room.


It was a sound of a bell


The three heard the signal


"Ah Omae is calling for us." Reid told the two, he was so ready to slash some necks.


"I won't let anyone embarrass Master's friend!" Shaula told them as they ready to walk into the room.





The knights and nobles alike were in confusion as they quickly looked around to see who was making that noise.


To their surprise it was Natsuki Subaru himself as he rapidly taps the bell along with Beatrice to get their attention.


He stared at the big eyebrows in anger.


His retaliation had now begun.