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Feeding Time

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“Johnny, for the last time, no! It's midterms and I want you to have the best possible chance to do well.” Taeyong pouted and turned his head, crossing his arms. “I’m fine. I've been through college five separate times. I can hold out a little longer.”


“Yong,” Johnny sighed, cupping the smaller’s cold, pale face in his much larger and warmer hand. “You look like death.” He gently thumbed one of his deep under-eye bags. The vampire squirmed out of his hold.


“That’s because I am dead, you idiot.”


“I mean you usually look much more… alive then this.” It was true. Taeyong’s usual black hair had faded to bone white, his cheeks had sunken in, and his eye bags made him look like he hadn’t slept in a month (which was partially true, he only slept once or twice a week). He looked haggard and skinny, and his movements had slowed down even past that of a normal human. Taeyong grimaced as he slowly lowered himself down to the bed. Johnny could hear his tendons creak like an 80 year old man.


“Baby, seeing you like this hurts me. It’s causing me way more of a distraction than if you just ate a little.” The bed dipped as Johnny sat down next to him and took a freezing hand. Taeyong took a deep breath and dropped his eyes to the floor. He winced, and the other could see the tips of his fangs peeking out due to his close proximity. His eyes flashed red for a moment. 


“Tae, if you’re still not going to feed, I might have to resort to more… drastic measures.” Johnny brought his other hand to rest on Taeyong’s thigh. The vampire’s breath hitched and his eyes widened as he turned to meet the other’s eyes again. His lips parted as he began to protest only to feel Johnny start palming him through his jeans. All he could do was let out a small squeak instead. 


Whenever Taeyong got into his broody Edward Cullen mode, there was only one thing that worked to pull him back out. And Johnny knew exactly how to do it. He leaned in close to Taeyong’s ear, taking a deep inhale of his mint, lavender, and rose scent.


“You know the two ways to get me to stop,” he said in his lowest, most seductive voice. Taeyong breathed out a small yes. One was his safeword. The other was feeding off Johnny. And he never used his safeword. “Lie down babe.” Taeyong did as he was told, impatiently waiting while Johnny rummaged around in their sex drawer. If his heart could beat it would be racing.


Johnny finally decided on some things and returned to Taeyong’s side, flopping down on the bed beside him. Normally, with Taeyong’s vampire-ness they were rather extreme. When you don’t require oxygen, possess inhuman strength and speed, and have bones virtually unbreakable, lots of physically impossible positions become possible. However, in moments like these, Taeyong was even more fragile than the average human. Johnny had to be extremely careful not to aggravate his condition.


“Hands,” Johnny demanded. Taeyong held his thin wrists out and together for Johnny to carefully tie them with a soft ribbon, constantly checking to make sure it was loose enough not to hurt him. When he was done, he kissed the smaller’s palms tenderly before moving down to remove his pants and boxers. Taeyong’s dick sprang free, small, smooth, and half hard as Johnny shimmied the tight garments down the vampire's thin thighs before tossing them over his shoulder. 


“You’re already hard? I’ve barely touched you yet.” Johnny teased as he adjusted their positions and removed his own clothing. Soon enough, Johnny was pressed against the pillows and headboard, Taeyong’s own clothed back pressed to the larger’s naked chest and his bound arms swung behind him and over Johnny’s neck. He was bare from the waist down, resting against the other’s boxers with his legs swung over each of Johnny’s, forced to be spread wide open and exposing his hairless dick and pink hole to the large mirror across the bedroom.


“Watch yourself. Tell me when you’re ready to stop being a stubborn brat and feed.” Johnny instructed as he poured lube on his fingers to warm it up.


“Yes…” Taeyong said in a small voice, barely above a whisper. He saw Johnny cock an eyebrow at him through the mirror. “… sir.” The eyebrow returned to its normal position. With his non-lube covered hand, Johnny reached up to press his fingers against Taeyong’s cool, plush lips and, once Taeyong parted them, pushed them inside. He was extra careful to avoid his boyfriend’s unretracted fangs. Even though Taeyong was stubborn about feeding, he was usually obedient about everything else. He began to suck and swirl on Johnny’s fingers like he knew he should. Johnny’s other lubed hand wandered down to the vampire’s hole, starting to gently circle it to tease the tight opening. 


Taeyong was forced to watch himself, red eyes staring at his stretched lips, at his own spit starting to run down Johnny’s wrist, at his rapidly rising dick and fluttering hole. When Johnny finally pressed a finger in, he watched in fascination as it disappeared inside him, startled grunt muffled by the hand practically fisting his own mouth. It wasn’t until Johnny worked him up to a second finger that the hand was removed, moving down to his dick instead, the saliva creating a pleasurable glide. It was absolutely filthy and Taeyong loved it. He keened, alternating between rutting his dick up into Johnny’s warm and wet hand and grinding down on the now 3 fingers that had managed to locate his prostate. And as if it couldn’t get any worse, Johnny started talking.


“Little slutty vampire just couldn’t do one simple thing. Need your hole stuffed every time I ask you to do something?”  It was over for him when the fiend startling nibbling on the weak spot Taeyong had below his ear. He only could take a few minutes more before he felt his stomach start to tighten and thighs start to shake. Suddenly, he saw Johnny’s hands ripping away from him, Taeyong rutting up into the air instead. He let out a whimper at his ruined orgasm, forced to watch as his dick twitched and leaked drops of precum and his hole fluttering at the sudden emptiness.


NO!” Taeyong whined with as much volume as he could muster. He realized his mistake too late when he saw, and felt, Johnny’s hand come down to give a sharp slap to his balls. The vampire let out a small yelp, wriggling in his bonds and desperately trying to close his legs to no avail. Two more slaps followed and his eyes welled up with tears, not having the strength to fight off the assault to his testicles.


“This isn’t supposed to be fun for you. It’s supposed to teach you a lesson. You want to come that badly? You need to feed first. Are you ready for that?” Taeyong shook and heaved, his pupils dilating when he was hit with wave after wave of Johnny’s scent. He almost broke then and there. Instead, he held his breath and slightly turned his head in refusal. 


Johnny sighed and slicked up his hands again. He waited for Taeyong’s body to calm down again before going back to playing with him, one hand making suction sounds as he stimulated Taeyong’s prostate, the other alternating between rubbing his shaft with delicious friction and teasing the head and slit of his dick. Taeyong tried to hold out but lust was one of his weak points. Despite his best efforts, he found himself rutting and grinding again, crimson eyes staring daggers at the larger through the mirror. And when Johnny felt Taeyong’s abdomen and thighs tightening, he once again removed his hands. Taeyong’s sound of protests were cut off by another slap to his balls. 


Johnny had Taeyong suffer through a third ruined orgasm, this time not having to slap him since Taeyong gritted his teeth and stopped any sounds of protest from escaping. He trembled as he watched himself in the mirror though, hips stuttering up into nothing of their own accord as the puddle of precum on the sheets beneath him kept getting larger. However, he still refused to even put his mouth near Johnny’s neck. The human huffed. He would have to make this even more intense. He wiped the fluids off on Taeyong’s oversized shirt that he still wore and reached behind him to pull out the toys from under the pillows, producing a fleshlight and a vibrator. Taeyong’s already wide pupils got even larger, until his eyes were nothing more than black holes ringed with red. He made a low hiss and bared his fangs slightly, but otherwise remained silent as he watched Johnny lube up the toys. 


The larger shuffled around, forcing the vampire’s legs to spread even wider as he pressed the vibrator to his now gaping pucker. It got swallowed inside easily, Taeyong whining as he watched his greedy hole suck the piece of plastic further inside of him until it was snuggly nestled against his prostate. Johnny switched it on a low setting and Taeyong let out a drawn out moan. His head slumped back against Johnny’s massive shoulder, unable to keep it upright anymore as the latter slipped the fleshlight over his weeping dick, beginning to slowly pump it up and down Taeyong’s small length.


The red eyes finally started to tear up in frustration, toes gripping into the sheets from where they were spread on either side of the bed and arms twisting in their bonds. He was so fucking close and on the edge. He started to squirm his ass around when he felt himself approaching an orgasm for the fourth time, hoping to distract Johnny long enough to finally get some relief for his aching, weeping dick and overstimulated nerves. Unfortunately, Johnny saw right through him and ripped away both toys just before Taeyong was about to reach his high. He screamed as the tears started to trickle down his face, forced to watch through hooded eyes as yet again his release was forcibly removed. His dick, so red it was almost purple, twitched in the air, letting out a small spurt of cum but still remaining painfully hard against the vampire’s pelvis. For that little stunt, he got not only a slap to the balls, but also a slap to the sensitive head of his dick, which made Taeyong scream even louder. Their neighbors were not going to be happy if they saw them in the hall the next morning.


“Shhhhhhh.” Johnny tried to quiet him, nosing through his damp white hair and offering light butterfly kisses across his face. “You know how to make it stop, Taeyong. Stop trying to pull little stunts with me. Aren’t you tired yet? You must be so close. Look at your little friend.” Both their eyes moved to his dick. “He looks so painful.” Johnny gave the head a flick, causing Taeyong to weep more and attempt to close his legs again before they were wrenched back open by Johnny’s strong thighs. “It will feel so much better if you just let go, baby.” 


Taeyong’s chin shook and then stilled, setting his mouth in his signature pout. Johnny took his time settling the other, offering light kisses to his face and neck while smoothing his hands on his stomach and ribs under his now soaked shirt. 


Once the smaller was calmed down slightly, the toys were again brought out. This time, Johnny kicked the vibrator up a level and pumped his dick even faster. Tears ran down Taeyong’s cheeks and he shook even harder. He knew what was coming, or rather, what wasn’t coming. And he finally realized he couldn’t do it again. It just hurt too damn much and he needed release too damn badly. Maybe Johnny was right anyways. He did need to feed.


“J-Johnny…” he said shakily. “I- ah- I’ll feed. Ple- mmm- please just let me come please I- ah ah ahhh- I need it so badly.” He sniffled. Johnny’s large hands stilled, moving instead to change their positions so Taeyong sat in his lap facing him. He offered nothing but praise as he guided the vampire’s head down to his neck, starting back up on the toys whenever he finally felt the sharp sting of his boyfriend’s fangs as they broke his skin. It only took a few more moments for Taeyong to finally come, letting out long drawn out moans in between his licking and sucking of his boyfriend’s blood, filling the inside of the toy so much with his release that it spilled over onto their laps. He helped him through his high, stopping whenever he felt another sharp nip at his neck that he knew meant Taeyong was done and was now too sensitive.


Johnny settled back into the pillows, trying to get as comfortable as possible while covered in drying cum and a painful hard on. He kept his own discomfort well-hidden, instead opting to gently rub his boyfriend’s back. He kept whispering in his ear, telling him things like what a good boy, you’re so perfect, I love you so much baby girl, listen to me so well. Taeyong continued to feed, making the occasional slurp and little hums that Johnny had lovingly started referring to as his “happy vampire” noises. After a little while, though, Johnny noticed he was starting to get lightheaded. 


“Hey, Yongie, are you full yet?” He heard a sharp pop from where Taeyong had disconnected from his neck, and a hum of affirmation. The little vampire came into view, and if Johnny hadn’t known this was what Taeyong usually looked like he would have screamed. Gone were the eye bags, the pallor, the various shades of white and death. This was the Taeyong Johnny knew and loved. His hair was back to its normal color, black and shiny. His eyes were dark and sparkly. He even had on his signature bright smile and a slight blush. The only thing left horrifying about the situation was the fact his fangs were still out and the lower half of his face was absolutely covered in blood.


“Thank you, my love.” He gazed down at his human, licking his fangs and flexing his arms that were still bound behind the larger’s head. The ribbon snapped with ease and he reached around to cup his face instead, resting their foreheads together. He pressed a light kiss to the other’s mouth, reveling in the warmth it momentarily provided. “You’re too good to me. I always wonder what a demon like me did to deserve an angel like you.”  


“Hey, you’re not a demon.” The other moved his hand to cup the back of his neck, running his fingers through the now silky locks. “It’s not exactly like you asked to be a vampire. You’ve done so much good in your long life, Taeyong. Be kind to yourself.” The vampire’s eyes dropped, and a small smile played on his face. “Let’s go get ourselves cleaned up, we’re kind of filthy.” Taeyong crinkled his nose and nodded his head. Since his strength had returned, he used his speed to change the sheets in about five seconds flat. The two took a warm shower filled with many kisses and cuddles (and Taeyong offering to suck Johnny off, which he thoroughly enjoyed). 


Before long Taeyong was pulling out his coffin from beneath the king bed they usually shared and clamoring inside. Usually he laid in bed with his human and watched over him while he slept since he himself wasn’t physically capable of sleep. However, he did miss having dreams, and his warlock friend Jungwoo had engineered the enchanted item for his 175th birthday present. If inside, he could sleep and dream like a normal undead person. Johnny tucked him in, smiling fondly at the pink interior decorated with doodles and even a whale night light. He leaned down to kiss his love’s forehead.


“Goodnight babe.” Taeyong repeated the phrase back and snuggled deeper into his blankets, holding his bat plushie close since he wasn’t able to cuddle with Johnny (It was actually a bat dog toy since he had a habit of biting things in his sleep, but Taeyong didn’t mind). He gently closed the lid and snuggled down into his own sheets, soon falling into a deep slumber.