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Sea Otter

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four men, a plague of locusts, and a pot of sea otter meat. it almost sounded like the setup to a bad joke... and Sugimoto felt like the punchline was coming for him. he and his traveling companions had been having a nice time wandering down the beach when, out of nowhere, a massive wave of insects forced everyone to seek some form of of shelter. which was how Sugimoto found himself with Shiraishi, Ogata, and Tanigaki, in a small room that was steadily developing a strangely oppressive atmosphere.

he wasn't sure if it was the location, or the swarm outside, or something else entirely, but the tense, restless energy was palpable... and the pot of meat cooking in the center of the room was only making everything warmer, and more stifling.

at least he clearly wasn't alone in feeling... whatever it was. he could see it in the others too, their demeanor tense and fidgety, except for Ogata who remained unreadable as ever... but even he seemed more pointedly withdrawn. nobody was particularly comfortable right now, and there wasn't really any discernible reason for it.

to make matters more confusing, apparently the most stimulating thing Sugimoto's brain could think to latch onto was Shiraishi's physical appearance, of all things. he had been traveling with Shiraishi for some time now, so he really should be used to the mundane sight of him. besides, his buffoonish personality usually got in the way his ability to be too terribly attractive... but at that moment? it was as though Sugimoto was seeing him for the first time.

"was he always... hot?"

it troubled Sugimoto that the thought was occurring to him so persistently.

thankfully, Shiraishi wasn't in any danger of catching him staring... his eyes were firmly glued to Tanigaki, and Sugimoto honestly couldn't blame him for that. Tanigaki was a different kind of man from Shiraishi. from their first meeting, Sugimoto had casually observed that Tanigaki was attractive, but at the time, he'd made note of that relatively dispassionately. it wasn't something he typically felt quite so much.

"Sugimoto... are you alright?" Tanigaki asked, seeming genuinely concerned.

Sugimoto jumped, wide-eyed and unprepared for the task of explaining himself... but as he spoke, Tanigaki had managed to pop several buttons off his shirt. it was almost comical. beyond ridiculous. by this point, neither he nor Shiraishi were making any attempts to look like they weren't staring with rapt attention at his chest. perhaps even imagining what the coarse texture of his chest hair would feel like beneath their palms...

before that line of thinking could go too far, Ogata wavered in his seat, claiming dizziness before sinking to the floor. genuine concern mixed with the need for a distraction from their rather indecent interest in one another, and all three men descended upon him. trying to help, of course.

"Ogata, are you alright?"

"let's undo the buttons on his shirt... that should be more comfortable."

"we should take his pants off too!"

that last idea came from Shiraishi, and with very little actual reason... but if Ogata was feeling the way the rest of them were beginning to feel, then he eventually would appreciate the removal of the rest of his clothes. that made sense, right? they certainly couldn't have been acting on the near addictive need to keep revealing more skin... to see more of his body.

it was at about that point that Kiroranke barged into the room, slamming the door behind him and complaining loudly about the locusts outside. almost immediately, he let his clothes fall from his upper body so he could shake out the fabric, before turning around to face the room full of flushed and agitated younger men.

some part of this might've set off a warning in Kiroranke's mind, that perhaps the situation wasn't entirely normal... but the peculiar aroma that hung thick in the air was hitting his senses in a rush. looking around the room, his eyes fell on Sugimoto... why was his face so red? and was his body always that toned? it was a rather attractive quality... come to think of it, it was rare to see him with so few clothes on, wasn't it...

"you know, Sugimoto... I think you've become even more handsome since I last saw you," Kiroranke stated bluntly.

he wasn't shy at all about giving compliments... but apparently Sugimoto was shy receiving them. he hid his face behind his hat, but was clearly blushing and smiling after Kiroranke blatantly mentioned how good he looked. Shiraishi and Tanigaki couldn't take their eyes off him... proof that Kiroranke had the right of it.

"Kiroranke, have you been working out lately?" Shiraishi asked.

Kiroranke blinked, pausing at the abrupt question before grinning and flexing.

"no more than usual... what do you think Tanigaki?" he replied, shifting the conversation to include him.

he felt a bit mischievous targeting the guy... Tanigaki turned away, blushing and giving the barest non-answer. he was clearly becoming awkward about the situation, but that only made him cuter. Kiroranke was comfortable enough with himself to admit that he thought so... but the frequency at which observations like these were occurring to him was becoming suspect, all things considered.

things were reaching a tipping point for all of them. the energy in the room was far too eager, and even Kiroranke could feel his mind sinking into the haze. when Sugimoto finally suggested wrestling, it seemed like a perfect, tame idea... a way to soothe this incessant hum beneath their skin, fulfilling the urge for contact... the desire for physicality. and it did begin as actual wrestling matches where the focus remained on their strength, and a bit of friendly competition. but that soon ceded into grappling, which turned into groping, which became less and less justified.

Sugimoto gave in first. Shiraishi and Kiroranke were watching, not even pretending they cared about who might win the hypothetical fight, while Sugimoto clung to Tanigaki from behind. Tanigaki's arms weren't even pinned... he could free himself from Sugimoto's hold very easily. instead he gasped lightly at Sugimoto gripping one of his pecs, while the other hand explored the surface of his appealingly solid abs, relishing the gentle scratchy texture of his body hair. Tanigaki could feel him pressing his nose and mouth into the back of his shoulder. not a kiss... it was hungrier than that. he was breathing in the heady scent of his skin... rapidly escalating his way towards arousal. the press of Sugimoto's barely clothed crotch against his ass left so little to the imagination, and when Tanigaki shifted in his arms, he unmistakably felt Sugimoto's cock jump.

Sugimoto hid his face against Tanigaki and let out a broken noise. he may have felt self conscious, but he was done pretending to be interested in anything other than sex. Shiraishi had been half hard for a while now... he was shit at hiding it, and Kiroranke's eyebrows may have shot up in surprise at Sugimoto making his desire explicit, but just as easily, he began palming himself indiscreetly through the fabric of his undergarment. somewhere from his position on the floor he heard Ogata stir... Sugimoto had almost forgotten he was there, but he didn't spare it much more thought. he only had one priority at that point.

Sugimoto let the hand on Tanigaki's abdomen slide down, below the level of his underwear, shamelessly feeling the warm, solid erection resting heavy between his legs. Tanigaki sucked a harsh breath in through his teeth, reaching back to grab Sugimoto's ass, trying clumsily to help him remove that last scrap of clothing from his body. it was at this point that Kiroranke decided to speak up.

"not to put too fine a point on this, but do you two know what to do?"

he got a couple of very horny but otherwise blank stares in response.

Kiroranke gave a little amused sigh, and reached over by the fire to grab a container of thin oil, typically used for cooking.

"if you're going to do what I think you really want to do, you'll need this," he said, placing it within reach.

Tanigaki let out a desperate groan, leaning his upper body forward so Sugimoto could have access to his ass. Sugimoto felt his stomach lurch with lust at how overtly Tanigaki was asking to be fucked with just that one small gesture. and god his ass was perfect... Sugimoto really couldn't help himself, he had to take a moment to just touch, and squeeze, and rut against him, forehead pressed between his shoulder blades.

"are you sure you want to let me do this...?" he asked.

"yes... please, I need... something," Tanigaki whined, pushing his ass back against him.

Sugimoto felt another hot wave of desire wash over him... that one action was far too enticing. his fingers found their way into the oil, scooping out a generous amount and letting it drip down over the place where his cock was nestled between Tanigaki's ass cheeks. the immediate ease with which he was able to slide against him really was transcendent.

Sugimoto slid a couple fingers into the crease of Tanigaki's ass and began carefully petting over his hole, working him over until he relaxed into it, and the muscles gave his fingertips almost zero resistance. watching all this, Shiraishi seemed to lose his own sense of restraint as well. he'd been mesmerized by Tanigaki's thick cock, hard between his legs, twitching in response to Sugimoto's attention. it was so appealing, he felt like he needed to touch it, to feel it's warmth and weight... he realized his mouth was watering. he crawled forward to rest on his stomach in front of Tanigaki as Sugimoto sunk a second finger into him. the sense of intrusion caused Tanigaki to arch his back, panting heavily, leaning his head against Sugimoto's shoulder and putting his whole body deliciously on display for both Shiraishi and Kiroranke to admire. Shiraishi was close enough to act though.

he wasted no time putting his mouth to work, starting with those wonderfully hefty thighs. they were dusted with hair and packed with muscle, but the sensitive inner parts still had some softness to them. enough to nuzzle and suck and bite with enthusiasm... Shiraishi could feel them trembling beneath his lips as Tanigaki's voice pitched up a little. the scent between his legs was clean, but lightly musky, and unfairly intoxicating. Shiraishi buried his nose at the juncture of Tanigaki's thigh and groin, breathing him in for a moment. he knew he was being weird... but Tanigaki wasn't at liberty to mind much, if the sounds Sugimoto's fingers were wringing out of him indicated anything. the soft slick noises of Sugimoto working Tanigaki's ass open were making Shiraishi throb in his already damp underwear, and he whined while lapping messily at the base of Tanigaki's cock.

the pathetic way that Shiraishi was writhing and shoving his ass upward eventually convinced Kiroranke to make a move. Shiraishi huffed out a desperate breath when he felt strong, sturdy hands around his waist, firm but gentle, thumbs tracing the swell of the top part of his ass. those hands eventually moved to grope him fully, each cheek providing a satisfying handful as Kiroranke kneaded and spread him, stealing the air from his lungs. Shiraishi was already enjoying himself, but practically yelped when he felt Kiroranke's tongue on him, wet and impossibly warm. the heat shot straight up his spine, making him tremble. he attempted to back himself into that wonderful sensation, but Kiroranke held him steady and became diligent in his attention, giving him exactly what he needed.

Shiraishi's unbridled moaning was pressed directly between Tanigaki's legs, and Sugimoto was up to three fingers inside of him, curling in a rhythm, pressing into some part of him that felt absolutely wonderful and had him positively aching. it wasn't enough... not nearly enough. Sugimoto was teasing him into a mindless fervor, tears prickling at the corners of his eyes by the time he finally begged aloud for more. for Sugimoto, the feeling of Tanigaki, tight but slowly relaxing around his fingers, had been nearly hypnotic until that desperate plea finally broke him out of his trance.

Sugimoto was suddenly frenzied in his need to be inside of Tanigaki, lining his cock up with that perfectly pliant hole and wrapping an arm around his solid body, holding Tanigaki close as he began to ease into him. the smooth, even slide was maddeningly good... Tanigaki sounded wrecked already, gasping and moaning with each breath until Sugimoto's hips met his ass.

"you feel amazing..."

Sugimoto practically purred those words directly into Tanigaki's ear before sucking and teasing his earlobe between his teeth. Tanigaki shuddered, his body wound tight with anticipation, feeling himself stretched pleasantly around Sugimoto. he was so torturously aware of how good it would feel as soon as Sugimoto decided to move... it was almost aggravating to be kept still, with the tantalizing feeling of that cock pressed against the most sensitive places inside of him. suddenly Shiraishi's voice cut in, and they looked down to where he was clinging to Tanigaki's thigh while babbling loudly about whatever Kiroranke was doing with his tongue.

both Sugimoto and Tanigaki became momentarily distracted by the sight... Kiroranke wasn't holding a single thing back, lavishing Shiraishi's ass with his whole mouth, open and wet. the sound of it was downright obscene, and Tanigaki felt Sugimoto twitch inside of him.

Kiroranke, ever conscientious, was still aware of the situation at hand. he replaced his mouth with the pads of his fingers, dragging heavily over Siraishi's sensitive skin, slicked with his residual spit. he smoothly added oil, beginning to open Shiraishi's ass up with one hand while also leaning over him and cupping his face in the other. he ran his thumb over Shiraishi's full lower lip, and Shiraishi eagerly lapped at it with his tongue, briefly sucking at the digit. Kiroranke chuckled... he would admit, that was pretty endearing. but his purpose was to guide Shiraishi's open, moaning mouth towards Tanigaki's cock. Shiraishi seemed to understand what he was meant to do, and eagerly took Tanigaki in.

Tanigaki felt like he was being pulled apart, his body taught and trembling... Sugimoto kissed his jaw sweetly as only little hiccuping moans escaped him. Sugimoto watched Shiraishi's blissful expression over Tanigaki's shoulder, feeling his own cock throb at the sight. he had been still for a moment because he wasn't confident that Tanigaki was ready... but if he didn't move soon, he felt like he was going to combust. he gave a careful thrust into Tanigaki, trying not to jostle him too much so Shiraishi could keep going, but he quickly realized that it wouldn't be a problem. Shiraishi's gag reflex was practically nonexistent, and he made good use of that ability... taking Tanigaki to the base, despite his size, and regardless of how he was moved. Kiroranke was putting that to the test, finger fucking Shiraishi's ass well enough to make him writhe, still loudly vocal, even around the cock in his throat.

Sugimoto groaned as he finally began to fuck into Tanigaki, with deep, rolling thrusts of his hips that became quicker and firmer as he gained confidence in his angle. Tanigaki had moaned himself almost completely breathless at this point, the aching inside of him finally turning into vibrant stimulation while heat pooled in his stomach from the soft sensation of Shiraishi's tongue and firm squeeze of his throat. Tanigaki could feel Shiraishi's moaning turn into high pitched whining as Kiroranke finally held his waist and sank into him... and Tanigaki was almost shy to discover that he and Kiroranke were now face to face.

"cute..." Kiroranke breathed quietly.

he brought a hand up to the back of Tanigaki's neck, pulling him forward so he could kiss him, sucking his lower lip before meeting Tanigaki's tongue with his own. Sugimoto pressed him forward, encouraging this, allowing Tanigaki to lean heavily into Kiroranke. he was reeling from the contrast between Sugimoto's pace with his hips, the constant wet warmth of Shiraishi's mouth, and this new, much more tender gesture... though he was so dizzyingly overstimulated that he could barely reciprocate, even clumsily. Kiroranke held Tanigaki's face in his hand, running a thumb over his deeply flushed cheek as Tanigaki leaned into his touch... in the interest of letting him catch his breath, Kiroranke switched to kissing his neck... it was definitely an easier thing to coordinate, if he was going to keep a satisfying rhythm while shoving his cock firmly into Shiraishi. Tanigaki felt a new wave of shivers pouring over his skin like electricity, making him gasp at the feeling of Kiroranke's teeth and tongue.

Tanigaki moaned loudly as Sugimoto's grip tightened on his hips and he began fucking him rougher, spreading his legs wider, filling him up while Shiraishi deliberately swallowed around his cock, making his thighs tremble. his stomach was tightening, his voice becoming ragged... he wasn't going to last much longer.

Shiraishi actually came first. Kiroranke had been fucking into him steadily, but he was also getting off on the lack of air making him lightheaded. he made a series of messy, desperate, choked off sounds as he came, but he didn't fully abandon Tanigaki's cock... he simply pulled back a little, licking and sucking sloppily around the head. he also kept shoving his ass back onto Kiroranke, clearly trying to keep going past the point of his own enjoyment. Kiroranke wouldn't let him though... he pulled out, but continued rutting into the cleft of his ass until he came hotly across Shiraishi's back while moaning into the side of Tanigaki's neck. this was enough to take Tanigaki over the edge, and he came extraordinarily hard as Sugimoto buried himself deep as possible, fucking him diligently through it. Shiraishi caught some of Tanigaki's release in his mouth, but the rest he took in the face, completely undignified.

when Tanigaki was spent, Sugimoto pulled out for the sake of courtesy, but he was clearly right on the edge and almost to the point of tears with desperation. Tanigaki immediately turned and kissed him, and Kiroranke surged forward to get his hands on him, wanting to take care of his need. Shiraishi was still wiping himself off with his forearms, and as his face came up relatively clear, he was just in time to see Sugimoto cum all over himself, into the steady grip of Kiroranke's hand, while he moaned into Tanigaki's mouth.

in the aftermath, they all became very tactile... Shiraishi sought out someone's embrace and kisses, and he really didn't care who it was. what he got was Kiroranke gently fighting his clinginess in order to wipe him off, because of all of them, Shiraishi really got the worst of the mess. Tanigaki continued to kiss Sugimoto for a bit longer, both because it felt good, and because once they stopped, neither would know what to say or do. it was easy to remain within the excuse of their addled state for just a little bit longer.

later, Tanigaki and Sugimoto helped each other clean up, and they all discovered that Ogata had gotten off while watching them and then took a nap. utilitarian and enigmatic as ever. once the locusts cleared up, the five of them put themselves back together, leaving their shelter behind. they also vowed amongst themselves, not to mention this again. it didn't happen. but they all caught the look in each other's eyes that indicated how impossible it would be to really forget.