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Remorse and Redemption

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Asmo had the best time dressing Amelia up in the outfit he’d chosen for her. She drew the line at the excessive makeup, but he’d done her hair nicely, and they were even ready to arrive at Diavolo’s party on time.

Everything was going fine until Diavolo introduced her as “the other guest of honor.”

Being the center of attention didn’t always go well for her in life. Stealing someone’s spotlight, the way her brother always did with her, made her uncomfortable. She bore it with as much good humor as she could, because it was clear that Diavolo was ridiculously pleased with himself. If that’s how he wanted to celebrate his birthday, then so be it. The brothers had tried being so clever with asking for hints about what she wanted, but she never expected that they’d be giving her things at someone else’s birthday party. At the first opportune moment, she slipped out into the cool night air. She was pretty certain that Belphie was out here somewhere, and it didn’t take her long to find him.

“Hey. I missed you inside.”

“After I went to all this trouble slipping out, you still tracked me down. You must be some sort of expert in finding me.”

“You’re not as good at hiding as you think you are, Belphie.”

“So I guess you already got your presents from everyone else, right?”


“I guess you got some nice stuff, judging by how happy you sound.”

“It was really sweet of all of them to put so much thought into it, but it was kind of overwhelming. I don’t need gifts, and I don’t need to be put out on stage like that.”

“Well, nobody else is here right now, and I do have a present for you. I know it’s not very original or creative, but would you like to make me yours?”

“Wait, what???” Amelia wasn’t sure she understood.

“A pact. I want to make a pact with you.”

“After what you said to Solomon, I thought that would be the last thing you wanted, Belphie.”

“You’re not Solomon. You’re not going to abuse it, and I want to be closer to you. Like, the first demon you turn to when you need help."

Amelia nodded, and said, “I think I might like that, Belphie."

He wasted no time, and as the flash of magical luminescence faded, she felt his pact mark forming between her shoulder blade and her neck, accompanied by the suddenly deep feeling of affection towards him that seemed to be the inevitable result of making a pact with one of the brothers.

He offered his hands, and she took them, but Asmo, Beel, and Mammon had arrived at just that moment to drag Amelia back to the party. They let go with one, but held on with the other, and as they followed the others back to the castle, Belphie whispered to her, “I don’t want to keep you safe because you’re Lilith’s descendant. I want to do it because you’re you. I had to prove to you that I’d never let anything hurt you ever again with this pact. Do you trust me?”

She looked up at him with the moonlight reflecting off her eyes. “I do, Belphie. I didn’t think I ever would, but I do.”

She didn’t even think for a moment of calling him a dick.

Lucifer was definitely treating Belphegor unfairly. Amelia agreed that it was wrong for him to pile his entire class workload on at once, when he could have been doing it during his time in the attic. She still wasn’t sure how far she could push her luck with him, but she’d become adept at sneaking past Lucifer to get to Belphie. As well, Lucifer had said only Satan and Beel, specifically, couldn’t help him.

Unfortunately, Belphie was much better at falling asleep - and making her fall asleep - than studying. He’d never really touched her since he’d, well, killed her, until they’d made their pact. Now she was beginning to understand why his brothers found his presence so comforting. She hadn’t yet felt his touch on the pact mark, and was even so enjoying being physically close to him. As she began to drift off, she had the briefest thought that maybe he could pick her brain for class notes. That was, of course, ridiculous, wasn’t it?

That thought was fleeting, because they were soon both asleep under the stars, Belphie wrapped in Amelia’s arms with a contented smile on his face.

He knew he’d been truly forgiven, that he had no hate left in his heart for humans, that this human meant the world to him, and his dreams tonight would be sweet.