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KuroMaya mini fics

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I object

The subtle melody of the organ accompanies the delicate steps of a gorgeous woman as she makes her way to the center of the chapel decorated painstakingly for the occasion.

Her ash-blonde hair moves with every step she takes as if it was being rocked by a soft breeze. Her radiant smile and sparkling magenta eyes give her a mesmerizing look that takes everybody's breath away as well as it traps them in her beauty, captivating them.

They follow with their gazes the trail her wedding dress leaves behind itself until she reaches the last meters that separates her from her lover at the altar.

A slender hand is held out at her chivalrously which she gladly accepts it, smiling gratefully at her lover to get a wide and soft smile in return.

Once she finishes stepping up the last few stairs, both lovers are finally reunited at the altar of the chapel, looking at each other with a happy but timid smile on their faces.

Their hands intertwine and soon, green meets magenta, making the smile on their faces widen.

The priest clears his throat to gain the attention of the women in front of him as everybody remains silent, waiting for the ceremony that will join the ash-blonde and the pink haired girl right in front of them to begin.

 - If anyone knew why the couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace – the priest's grave voice announces, breaking the solemn atmosphere.

- I object!!

A new voice emerges from one of the benches as a woman can be seen rising up from her seat, and soon, numerous mumbles, giggles and groans can be heard simultaneously.

- Cut! Cut!

Claudine groans, bringing a hand up to cover her face in exasperation while Yachiyo giggles amused at the upcoming scene developing.

Claudine turns around and strides off the altar, marching furiously to an unabashed brunette.

- Here we go again~ – Kaoruko says naughtily, hiding her sly smirk behind her fan. Futaba just sighs heavily next to her.

- Tendou Maya – Claudine calls her name out irritated, poking Maya's chest with her finger as soon as she's in front of her – stop interrupting the rehearsals all the time.

- But ma Claudine, how could I not? Didn’t I tell you time ago that I’m a very jealous person? – Maya says unabashedly, taking Claudine’s hand to leave a chivalrous kiss on its back.

- Méchante va – Claudine mumbles, taking her hand back with a furious blush blossoming on her cheeks – it's just a play!

She huffs and turns around, afraid of embarrassing herself further if she stays any longer with Maya and also afraid of letting the brunette's charms enrapture her completely.

- I mean it Maya, stop interrupting – Claudine turns slightly around to warn Maya and glare at a giggling Kaoruko before she goes back to her position at the altar beside Yachiyo.

- I'll do my best ma Claudine but I can’t promise you anything – Maya says happily, bowing playfully with a cheeky smile on her face.

Claudine huffs again and lets Yachiyo’s soft giggle calm her down somehow.

- Are you okay? You seem a bit... worked up – Yachiyo says amusedly and Claudine can’t help but snort, glaring at her this time.

- Don’t start you too – she mumbles and Yachiyo just laughs, enjoying being able to tease her precious friend.

- Okay! Let's pick up from this take! Take number… urgh, I don't even know which one we are in anymore – the director says, pinching the bridge of her nose in desperation.

Nana laughs, filming everything in detail with her phone before zooming at the exasperated expression on Junna's face sat on her director’s chair.

The priest clears his throat once again to repeat the same words he said not many minutes ago for what feels the umpteenth time.

- If anyone knew why the couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your-

- I object!!

A loud groan can be heard as an ash-blonde glares at a certain sly brunette.

Claudine rolls up the skirt of her wedding dress to stomp furiously towards Maya who just looks at her in a mix of amusement and awe at how gorgeous she looks..

- Tendou Maya!! – Claudine yells the brunette's name angrily – I swear if you don't stop interrupting the rehearsals, I'll divorce you even before you ask me to marry you!!

She ends up saying, hitting Maya with her wedding bouquet, eliciting everybody's laughs.

- Urgh, let’s just call it a day – Junna says resigned, pinching the bridge of her nose again while Nana giggles and kisses her temple fondly.

Maya, upon hearing Junna's words, takes Claudine happily in her arms to carry her bridal style and leave the chapel as soon as she can.

- Tendou Maya! Put me on the floor right now or else-!

Claudine can’t even finish her squeaked threat as a pair of soft lips interrupts her in a greedy kiss and the brunette starts running away, carrying the ash-blonde in her arms while her laugh echoes around the place on her way out.

- Looks like we have a runaway bride – Kaoruko says laughing behind her fan and Futaba can’t help but snort amused.

- We really do.

At the end, the rehearsals and also the play therefore end up with the unexpected finale of Claudine as the runaway bride being carried out by Maya in her arms.

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She opens the front door of her apartment heavily, throwing her jacket, handbag and shoes around the entrance not caring in the slightest where they land as soon as she enters, and before she heads directly to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of the strongest liquor they have stored in their cabinet.

Then, she drinks it in one gulp to quickly pour herself another glass, repeating the same action for several times until more than half of the bottle is empty.

She's so wasted that her vision starts to get blurred, obliging her to cross her arms over the kitchen counter to rest her spinning head on them, falling asleep within seconds.

An hour later, another woman enters the apartment, cursing loudly as she steps on the belongings scattered all over the entrance's floor. She grunts, putting everything on its appropriate place to head to the kitchen as she sees the lights on, ready to scold the woman that lives with her about the mess at the entrance.

As she gets closer, she can see the brunette hunched over the kitchen counter, making her sigh heavily and quickly calm down.

She closes the distance between them to gently move the other woman’s head, who slowly and groggily begins to open her sleepy eyes.

- Saijo-san?

Saijo-san? Since when does she call me like that?

Claudine thinks to herself, furrowing her brows before she notices the almost completely empty bottle of liquor resting next to Maya.

That explains everything.

She sighs and puts the bottle away.

- Care to tell me why are you drunk?

- Mmmh, no? – Maya says almost cheekily.

- Méchante va – Claudine mumbles under her breath while Maya giggles to then pout in mere seconds.

- Saijo-san?

- Yes, Maya?

- I… I'm completely in love with a girl – Maya confesses drunkenly, much to Claudine’s surprise.

- Oh, are you?

- Yep – Maya pauses, hiccupping as a stupid grin takes over her features – You know, she's truly beautiful, *hic* nope, gorgeous! *hic* and stubborn but really caring.

- Ah, she sounds amazing, like a good catch – Claudine says apathetically, washing the glass Maya used to drink.

- She has deep magenta eyes and long ash-blonde hair, just like *hic* you.

Claudine can't help but smile with her back turned to Maya, amused at her confession.

- I… I really love you. Yep, I love you a lot, Saijo Claudine.

- I see.

Claudine says, finally turning around to look at Maya who just pouts with her brows furrowed.

- You're so cold, Saijo-san. I just confessed my *hic* undying love to you and you *hic* just dismissed it like nothing.

Claudine giggles at her and approaches Maya, taking her hands in hers to kiss the ring on the fourth finger of her left hand, then her nose.

- That's because we're married, silly – she says with a tender smile on her face and Maya looks at the ring on her finger then at Claudine’s, shock evident on her face before a wide grin starts to spread across her face.

- Oh? Oh!! You’re right! We’re married! – she says giddily and Claudine can only sigh amused at her wife's drunkenness and poke her cheek.

- Come on, it's time to go to bed and sleep, you drunk ass.

Maya keeps giggling giddily as Claudine turns around to go to their bedroom, before a hand clutches her shirt to stop her.

- Claudine?

- Uh?

- Could you… take me to bed? – Maya says tipsily and shyly with a cute blush adorning her cheeks, which Claudine isn’t sure if it because Maya is embarrassed at requesting her that or simply drunk.

Claudine sighs and positions herself to try to give Maya a piggyback ride, only to be stopped by the brunette again.

- What now? – Claudine grumbles.

- Carry me like when we got married – Maya says between giggles and Claudine rolls her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose before she complies and carries her bridal style.

- Happy?

- Much *hic* – Maya says still giggling giddily while Claudine rolls her eyes playfully again.

- God give me patience – she mumbles under her breath while Maya giggles and starts pampering her wife's cheeks with kisses, eliciting an amused smile on Claudine’s face at how silly yet lovely her wife can be being drunk.

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Strawberry (cake)

Red and white delight her sight as she stares in wonder at the slice of the strawberry cake in front of her. Of course it isn't her beloved baumkuchen but it’s still a dessert she loves very much. Not for anything she is known for her gluttony and love for desserts.

Her eyes focus on the strawberry crowning the top of the slice of the cake, standing out brightly with its red, making it even more appealing than it already is.

She licks her lips, fork in hand ready to stick it into the strawberry and take a taste of it, of paradise.

It’s in that precise moment when Claudine’s rant stops abruptly and she gazes at her companion, too absorbed on the strawberry on top of her slice to actually pay attention to anything she has to say.

The ash-blonde huffs outraged, crossing her arms over her chest briefly, eyeing at Maya then at the strawberry.

How is it possible that she’s competing against a stupid strawberry for her girlfriend’s attention!

Claudine huffs again and takes her fork to stick it into the stupid object of Maya's desires and gluttony to then take it to her mouth.

- Mmmh, delicious – she says out loud teasingly, chewing it slowly and licking her lips before a satisfied smirk appears on her face.

But soon, her satisfied smirk falls as she watches her petrified girlfriend, fork in hand half way to the plate where the strawberry cake is with a shocked expression on her face.

- M-Maya? – Claudine calls her girlfriend’s name bewildered, snapping Maya out of her trance.

The brunette lowers her fork at the same time her lips form a thin line before they quiver. Claudine watches the expression on her face changing bewildered and gasps as Maya turns to look at her with a frown present on her face, eyes glistening with something that Claudine can’t quite put her finger on.

Sadness? Hurt?

Claudine doesn’t know what it is but it makes her feel guilty about having stolen the strawberry, even worst when she sees tears starting to peek out Maya's eyes and her lips quivering more.

Wait, is she pouting!?

Her eyes widen as she watches Maya’s lips curl down, pouting indeed.

Shocked, she looks up at Maya’s eyes once again to tease her about it, when she sees her girlfriend giving her puppy eyes, a shot right to her heart.

Argh, damn, why does she have to be so cute!?

- It was just a stupid strawberry! – she exclaims frustrated, defending herself which only brings a sadder pout upon her girlfriend’s face – urgh, fine! You can have mine!

Claudine says placing her strawberry on top of Maya’s slice of cake. She sighs heavily as she witnesses the frown on her girlfriend’s face disappearing and a happy and beaming smile taking over her features, sparkling her now free of any tears eyes.

Seriously, a strawberry has won me.

Claudine thinks to herself, resting her head on the palm of her hand dejectedly as she sees Maya putting the strawberry in her mouth, closing her eyes to savor it in absolute delight.

- Mmmh, delicious.

Maya repeats Claudine’s previous words in total delight, her face glowing brightly and Claudine can’t help but snort. As cute as Maya is being, she’s still offended by the fact that a stupid strawberry won her.

-  Can I continue with what I was telling you? – she asks Maya, grimacing at how her girlfriend turns to look at her with her mouth full of bits of cake, nodding happily at her.

- Of course ma Claudine, please continue – she says with her mouth full of cake.

Ah, there goes the elegant image she had of her girlfriend, all ruined because a strawberry and a cake...

Claudine sighs heavier than before and continues narrating what she was telling Maya before her girlfriend’s gluttony interrupted her, eating her own cake from time to time until she notices Maya’s attention is drifting once again from the ongoing conversation to her almost finished slice of cake.

Claudine sees the brunette almost frowning and pouting sadly at it as if she was a kid about to cry.

Argh, stupid cake!

Claudine is about to tear her hair out of frustration because of the cake before she gives up and slides her own plate with the remaining of the slice of cake on it towards Maya.

- Here, eat mine. And for god's sake, stop pouting!! – she whines and can’t help but chuckle at the happy and beaming expression on her girlfriend’s face once she says those words, smiling sheepishly at her.

- Merci – Maya says gratefully and somehow teasingly, quickly taking the offered plate and digging her fork into the cake.

- Est-ce que tu peux le croire!? (Can you believe it!?), you truly are like a kid – Claudine says with a tender smile on her face as well as Maya smiles at her brightly before savoring the precious cake.

Claudine doesn’t know if she should be offended at had been defeated by a strawberry and then by a cake, or amused. Either way, she loves to be the only one witnessing Maya acting like this.

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Like home

Claudine comes back home after a long day of rehearsals, opening the front door languidly before she’s greeted by the silence and darkness reigning inside the house.

She sighs heavily, closing the door behind her to lean against it for a brief moment as she turns the lights on.

The house feels really empty without Maya walking around and going to greet her with her usual soft but cocky smile.

Ah, Claudine can’t help but really miss her...

She shakes her head, leaving her shoes, coat and purse at the entrance before heading to their bedroom, flopping tiredly on their bed to rest on it as soon as she enters.

She sighs again and turns around, burying her nose in Maya’s side to smell her soothing lavender scent. Even though it brings a soft smile upon her face, it also makes her miss the brunette even more and wonder what the other woman is doing at that very moment.

A beep on her phone brings her out of her musings.


Claudine smiles again as she sees her girlfriend’s name on the screen of her phone and quickly opens the message.

M: Tu me manques (I miss you) 🥺

She reads, squealing and blushing at how cute the brunette can be.

C: Tu me manques aussi (I miss you too) 🥺

She quickly messages her back, lying on the mattress as she sees the other woman typing a new message.

Minutes go by seeing the three points appearing and disappearing from the screen, indicating Maya is writing something rather long until the points stop without a new message being sent. Claudine furrows her brows before her phone beeps again indicating a new message.

She quickly opens it to find a picture of Maya wearing her favorite black hoodie, accompanying it with the following words:

M: I don’t miss you that much anymore?

Maya types out as a question, making Claudine laugh yet blush cutely.

She stares at the cute picture for some minutes before she gets out of their bed to go to their wardrobe to retrieve and put Maya’s favorite grey knitted sweater on.

She inhales the soothing lavender scent coating the knitted sweater deeply, smiling slightly before she takes her phone and lies back down on the bed with a pout on her face.

She takes a picture of herself pouting and proceeds with sending it to Maya with a short phrase accompanying it.

C: Too bad, I still miss you

Upon receiving such cute message, and especially cute picture, it’s Maya the one squealing and blushing at her girlfriend’s endearing cuteness.

M: Soon, ma chérie 💜

Maya quickly messages her back, sighing heavily as she also lays down on the bed, phone in hand.

C: Soon 💛

Maya smiles at Claudine’s answer before her phone beeps again with another message.

C: Now go to sleep, it’s late

Maya giggles and quickly messages Claudine back.

M: I’m going. Je t’aime, ma chérie 😘

C: Je t’aime aussi mon amour 😘

With a smile on her face, Maya closes her eyes to sleep enveloped in Claudine’s warmth and scent, wearing the ash-blonde’s favorite hoodie so she could feel like home.

It’s almost 10 in the morning when a knock on her hotel room’s door wakes her up.

Groggily, she gets out of bed, almost tripping before she goes and opens the door, not expecting the person on the other side at all.

- You should have seen your bewildered face, mon amour, it was quite amusing – Claudine says giggling as Maya smiles widely before she quickly wraps the ash-blonde tightly in her arms, pulling her inside the hotel room.

- What are you doing here? – the brunette asks her with evident surprise, helping Claudine to take her coat off to see her still wearing her favorite grey knitted sweater.

- I’ve missed you, so I came – Claudine says timidly, shrugging her shoulders as if that was enough explanation to show up unexpectedly in Maya’s hotel room’s door, warming the brunette’s heart who holds her even tighter in her arms again, before she cups Claudine’s cheeks to kiss her tenderly.

- I’ve missed you too, I’m glad you came. It feels lonely without you by my side – she confesses against her lips bashfully, resting their foreheads together to look into her eyes.

- Oh, but I thought you didn’t miss me – Claudine says teasingly, touching the hoodie Maya is wearing, her hoodie, while the brunette just laughs and hugs her tighter against her body.

- I apologize ma chérie, I lied – Maya says still bashfully yet cheekily.

Claudine rolls her eyes and pulls her girlfriend closer.

- You’re terrible then.

She says against her lips, making Maya laugh briefly before Claudine captures her lips again in a deep kiss, feeling like home in one another’s arms again.

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The dim light of the sun rays slowly awakes Claudine from her slumber.

A gentle smile becomes visible on her face as a soft breeze caresses her bare back and even though it feels pleasant, she can’t help but feel a shiver traveling down her spine, obliging her to seek refuge in her girlfriend’s body, but to her surprise, she finds the spot next to her in bed empty.

Her smile quickly disappears as a frown makes an appearance on her face and she opens her eyes sleepily to search for her infuriating girlfriend.

Her eyes scan the bedroom only to find it empty.

Claudine sighs and curls up further in bed, covering herself more with the blankets until Maya decides to come back. Until then, she’ll just steal her spot and let her girlfriend’s soothing scent lull her back to sleep.

She’s almost falling asleep again when she hears some noise coming from downstairs.

- Mayaaaa – she grumbles her girlfriend’s name before sighing heavily and giving up on trying to go back to sleep.

She pushes the sheets apart begrudgingly, shivering more due to the cold breeze colliding against her naked body.

As much as she loves the brunette, she still doesn’t trust her when it comes to use the kitchen, yet she can’t help but smile goofily at the thought of Maya trying to make her breakfast.

She quickly gathers and puts on the discarded clothes lying across the floor, frowning once again after not finding her favorite black hoodie.

Claudine just shrugs it off and grabs Maya’s purple one instead, inhaling her lavender scent as she puts it on.

She smiles once again, ready to face the disaster her girlfriend may be doing in their kitchen.

As she ends descending the last step of the stairs and heads to the kitchen, she notices Maya with her back turned and her black hoodie on.

Oh, so this is where it was after all.

She thinks to herself, blushing as she notices how nicely it fits Maya’s body.

Maya turns around upon hearing her light footsteps, greeting the ash-blonde with a big and sweet smile on her face.

- Good morning, ma chérie. I was making something for breakfast.

Claudine smiles back at her, a light red tinting her cheeks.

- I can see it – she says, giggling as she wipes some flour off Maya’s cheek.

- Oh, my bad – Maya giggles, smiling widely at Claudine – you look good in my hoodie.

She ends saying with a wide grin on her face, outraging and making Claudine blush equally.

- Méchante va... And whose fault is it that I have to wear it? – she says with her hands on her waist pretending to be mad at her.

- Not... mine? – Maya says as innocently as she can, tilting her head adorably and Claudine feels her heart skipping a beat at her cuteness.

- It’s totally your fault, you infuriating woman! You stole my-hmph!

As Claudine steps closer to reproach her the theft of her beloved hoodie, Maya takes advantage of it to kiss her and cut her off.

- Maya!! – Claudine exclaims her girlfriend’s name outraged as soon as they break the kiss.

- Sorry, I couldn’t help it. You looked really cute – Maya says between giggles, surrounding Claudine’s waist with her arms to pull her closer while the ash-blonde looks away, pouting with her arms crossed across her chest.

- Shut up – she mumbles sulkily, blushing while Maya keeps giggling.

- You’re so cute, ma chérie – Maya says, stealing another kiss from Claudine, who squeals.

Maya laughs wholeheartedly at her cute reaction, irritating Claudine to the point that she takes the laces of the brunette’s hoodie’s hood and pulls them down, closing the hood around Maya’s head until she can’t see any longer.

Claudine looks at a hooded Maya amusedly.

- Now you’re the one looking really cute.

And with that, she turns around to keep making their breakfast while Maya laughs, opening the hood with a soft and wide smile on her face before joining the ash-blonde to help her with their breakfast.

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Pay attention to me

Her small body rests comfortably on Claudine’s bed filling the sheets with her soft purple fur, but Maya knows perfectly that the ash-blonde doesn’t mind about it. So she just curls up in a ball and closes her eyes to enjoy the soothing classical music filling the bedroom as her human types her essay out.

- Maya?

Her ears perk up at the sound of her name being called by her human, slowly opening her eyes to find Claudine looking at her with an amused smile on her face.

- What have I told you about lying on my sheets? – the ash-blonde scolds her without a hint of meanness nor annoyance in her tone, still smiling amusedly at her and Maya can only whine back at her – Fine, fine, you can stay. I still have a couple of pages to type out before I finish the essay though.

Claudine tells her and Maya purrs contentedly, waging her tail shortly before she sees Claudine shaking her head amused and turn her attention back to the laptop to continue typing her essay out. Maya watches her for a brief period of time before she closes her eyes again and relaxes.

It doesn’t take much time for Claudine to actually finish her essay and Maya can’t wait to feel her stroking her soft fur, but before that can happen, Maya hears a very familiar ringing sounding.

- Oi Kuroko!

Maya immediately hears the cheerful voice of Futaba greeting her human, opening her eyes to see the pink haired girl on the screen and another blue haired girl sat on her lap.

- Well, hello there Kuro-han.

- Bonsoir, girls.

Maya hears Claudine greeting them and lets out a heavy sigh knowing her petting will have to wait for a little bit longer.

- Hey there too Maya!

She hears Futaba greeting her as well, her ears perking up while she raises one of her paws in acknowledge, seeing both Claudine and Futaba smiling at the gesture. Then, she hears a chuckle.

- You sure have her domesticated, Kuro-han – Kaoruko says cheekily, earning herself a growl from Maya and a telling off from Futaba.

- Kaoruko, be nice.

- Yeah, be nice little demon or I’m ending the video call – Claudine says and Maya’s irritation immediately fades away with her defense, feeling a contented purr rumbling across her chest.

- Fine, sorry Maya-han – Kaoruko apologizes playfully – Happy?

She says to Maya before turning slightly to Futaba who rolls her eyes at her girlfriend and Maya wonders how she can put up with her for so long. She really admires the pink haired girl for it, and of course also Claudine for her patience.

She closes her eyes again and lets them chat calmly, almost dozing off to sleep when she hears Claudine’s sweet laugh reverberating through the bedroom.

She opens her eyes promptly, almost in alert to see the ash-blonde trying to hold her laugh at something Futaba just said while Kaoruko is trying to silence the pink haired girl completely embarrassed. Maya observes Claudine starting to turn red before she bursts into another loud laugh unable to hold her laughter any longer.

And even though Maya loves to hear her lovely laugh, this time it somehow irks her.

So she stands up on her four legs, stretching her body and paws before she jumps off the bed, landing gracefully on the floor to start walking elegantly towards her human.

She takes a look at her as Claudine wipes the corner of her eyes still laughing, and jumps on her lap, startling the ash-blonde for a moment while her purple fur comes to almost cover the totality of the screen.

- Maya! Nice to see you joining us – Futaba says chirpily and Maya can’t help but move her ears and tail in response, before she lays down on Claudine’s lap, feeling the ash-blonde’s hands immediately coming to rest on her fur, stroking it as she smiles softly at her.

Maya can only purr and curl up more against the ash-blonde enjoying her petting. Yet as soon as she does it, she hears the click of a tongue in the distance, followed by a muffled sound before she hears Claudine laughing again and sees Futaba covering Kaoruko’s mouth with both of her hands.

- F-Futaba-han! I didn’t even say anything! – Kaoruko exclaims outraged once Futaba takes her hands off her mouth, making the pink haired girl roll her eyes for the nth time of the evening.

- You were probably gonna say something mean to Maya – the pink haired girl says and Maya can’t help but like the short girl even more, happy that Claudine has her as best friend. She can’t say the same thing about Kaoruko, although she’s also a good friend to Claudine so she just shrugs it off.

She closes her eyes again and gets more comfortable onto Claudine’s lap, enjoying her gentle strokes until she stops them, noticing how the ash-blonde is too focused on the ongoing conversation to keep petting her.

Maya sighs bothered, nuzzling her head against the ash-blonde’s stomach trying to get her attention back fruitlessly. When she hears her human laughing loudly once again, she can’t help but feel irked again, her fur bristling before a loud bang resounds and a burst of purple smoke suddenly invades the room.

- Kuroko! Are you okay!? – Futaba asks frantically while Kaoruko laughs amused still sat on her lap.

- My, my, this is going to be interesting~ – Kaoruko says wickedly, giggling behind her hand as a confused Futaba looks at her before turning her gaze back to the screen.

As the smoke vanishes, a very naked Maya can be seen sat on Claudine’s lap, her breasts almost on the ash-blonde’s face while her tail barely covers her most intimate parts, earning a loud shriek from the ash-blonde.

- My god, warn us before doing that. My innocent eyes don’t need to-


A loud thud interrupts Kaoruko’s rant as Maya’s tail shuts the laptop closed, looking intensely at a furiously red and embarrassed Claudine underneath her.

- M-M-Maya!! – Claudine stammers high-pitched, squirming nervously before she ends falling off her chair, eliciting a smirk from Maya, who laughs on top of her completely naked.

- Haven’t I told you that I’m a very greedy girl? – Maya whispers hoarsely and seductively in her ear, licking her earlobe before she continues down along her neck – Now I finally have your entire attention...

She purrs with a mischievous glint in her eyes and a dangerous smirk playing on her lips, making Claudine shiver at what awaits her for have been neglecting the very naked goddess on top of her.

Maya won’t show any mercy at her for it.

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The sun shines brightly in the sky, bathing everything under its rays.

The timid clouds that surround it, don’t seem to dare to overshadow it, making the present day a perfect one to be outside enjoying the pleasant weather.

Maya smiles at the beauty of the colors in the sky, before she gazes down, her eyes travelling across the bright colors captured perfectly in Claudine’s sketchbook.

Maya lets herself get lost into the warmth and calm that the painting conveys, and even though part of her envies the talent of her girlfriend, drawing as faithfully as possible the landscape before them, conveying perfectly the same feelings the nature and its beauty gives off, she can’t help but be completely mesmerized by it, loving it.

Her smile widens as she gazes from the colorful painting to Claudine’s hands, and she can’t help but let a soft giggle escape her lips upon noticing the ink staining them.

Maya has always found this really cute.

She lets her gaze keep wandering up to her girlfriend’s face, paying special attention to the way Claudine knits her brow in concentration, trying to capture the life in front of her with all detail.

Maya hears her mumbling something she can’t quite catch before she observes Claudine’s tongue timidly peaking out her lips, her teeth trapping it between them to then bite it slightly as her hand makes a sudden movement to trace an elegant line on her painting.

Maya’s breath gets caught in her throat with the mere movement. She can’t help but be completely in awe by the thoughtful woman in front of her, yet she can’t help but knit her brow once again upon noticing the uncomfortable position in which Claudine is painting, hunched forward.

The brunette sighs and carefully moves away from her spot next to her girlfriend’s side, trying not to break her concentration to stealthily position herself behind the focused ash-blonde, resting her back against the tree they’re under.

Maya can’t help but take a look at Claudine’s painting, seeing how from that position, the painting looks even more realistic that it already looked, more breathtaking even...

Maya smiles and carefully wraps her arms around Claudine’s waist, not wanting to scare her neither mess her painting, before she pulls Claudine towards her own body so the ash-blonde rests against her.

Claudine can’t help but gasp startled by the sudden action.

- M-Maya?

- Shh, it’s okay, just keep painting – Maya says softly, leaving a light kiss on the side of Claudine’s neck, feeling the ash-blonde shivering at her gesture. Then, she rests her chin on her shoulder, enjoying the feeling of Claudine’s body in her arms and against her own body.

- You say it like it’s easy to paint with you hugging me – Claudine mumbles embarrassedly, a light blush tinting her cheeks while feigning to be bothered at her.

- Oh. I apologize ma Claudine, am I being a nuisance? – Maya asks her worried, slowly retreating her arms from around the half-French’s waist.

Claudine sighs and shakes her head to then stop Maya from retreating her arms around her waist, placing one of her hands over Maya’s forearm while her other hand keeps holding her sketchbook.

- No, don’t worry.

Maya smiles widely and leaves a kiss on Claudine’s shoulder, resting her head on it once again while she watches attentively how Claudine continues with her painting.

Claudine’s soft humming and the light pleasant breeze running feels so relaxing and comfortable that Maya barely notices her eyes fluttering close, slowly falling asleep.

The sun is about to return to its hiding place when Claudine finally finishes her painting, admiring it with a proud smile on her face.

- What do you think of it? – she asks aloud only to meet silence.

Surprised upon the lack of any answer coming from her girlfriend, Claudine turns around to find Maya sleeping peacefully against her body, still hugging her tightly.

Claudine smiles tenderly at it, caressing her girlfriend’s cheek softly before she notices the ink staining her hands.

She slowly moves her hands away to replace them with her lips, kissing Maya’s cheeks fleetingly, to then kiss Maya sweetly on the lips.

She feels Maya smiling against her lips, her eyes slowly fluttering open to look at her with such an amount of tenderness in her them that Claudine feels overwhelmed for a second, having to look away to try to control her racing heart and the embarrassed blush creeping up to her cheeks.

Maya, upon seeing this, can’t help but grin and cup her girlfriend’s cheek to oblige her to look back at her before kissing her as sweetly as Claudine did seconds ago.

Claudine kisses her back before placing a hand on Maya’s face to push her away.

- W-we should go back home! – she squeals a tone higher than she intended in embarrassment, while Maya just laughs carefree, loving to see her girlfriend like that.

Claudine takes her sketchbook and stands up, waiting for Maya to join her, intertwining their hands as soon as she feels Maya’s hand in hers. Maya simply smiles, bringing their intertwining hands to her lips to kiss them.

- Je t’aime.

Claudine’s blush grows even deeper before she murmurs a soft:

- Je t’aime aussi, stupide.

And between embarrassed blushes and carefree laughs, they go back home with the hiding sun witnessing their love, bathing them with the bright colors of the sky as if they were a beautiful painting itself.

Chapter Text

Little Maya and baumkuchens

The first thing Claudine notices when she wakes up is a cold breeze brushing against her body, making her scoop closer to the body next to her in bed only to find it impossible, unable to move.

Claudine opens her eyes begrudgingly, expecting to find the face of her beautiful but infuriating girlfriend next to her on their shared pillow, but she only finds the spot empty and a mane of brown hair tucked under her chin, almost tickling her.

She lets out a heavy sigh and looks down expecting to find the rare sight of Maya tucked under her chin, stealing the blankets all to herself while leaving her exposed to the cold morning breeze, but much to her surprise, she finds a little girl clinging onto her.

Claudine can’t help but squeal in shock, falling off the bed with a loud thud that wakes up the little girl that was just seconds ago sleeping peacefully in her arms.

She watches how she cutely and sleepily rubs her eyes before she opens them, bright amethyst eyes staring at her with evident confusion in them.

- Who are you? – the little girl asks with sleep in her voice.

- I-I could ask you the same thing! And what are you doing in my bed!? – Claudine asks her high-pitched, confusing the kid further.

- My name is Tendou Maya, and I’m afraid I don’t know how I ended up in your bed – the little girl says calmly yet blushing a bit embarrassed.

Claudine feels even more confused than before.

- This can’t be happening.

She mutters to herself, seeing the little kid being the spitting image of Maya being young, tilting her head in the same adorable way that old Maya does. She can’t help but bite her lip at the resemblance.

- I’m Saijou Claudine.

Little Maya looks surprised for a bit before she furrows her brow.

- Saijou Claudine? As the girl starring as Arrie? You look rather old – she says innocently, and Claudine feels her eyes twitching upon had been called old.

There’s no doubt she truly is Maya.

She thinks to herself, standing up from the floor.

- I guess I’m exactly that girl. Now, do you want to have breakfast? – she asks the kid politely, seeing her smiling and nodding at her timidly. She then offers the kid her hand to help her to get out of the bed, seeing how big Maya’s shirt suits her on her small body yet how adorable she looks like that.

They go to the kitchen where Claudine helps little Maya to sit at the table before she goes for some croissants.

- What do you want to spread the croissants with? – Claudine asks her as she takes out of the refrigerator a variety of different flavored marmalades.

- Croissants? I prefer toasts, they put less weight on. I believe you already knew about it, Saijou-san.

Claudine’s eyes twitch for the second time in such a short span of time and she swears little Maya is just as infuriating as old Maya, if not even more.

- Right, toasts then – she mutters as she goes to make the toasts.

Thankfully for her, they eat breakfast in silence.

- What do you want to do now? – Claudine asks the kid once they finish their breakfasts, not knowing what to do next.

- I have to practice, mother says it’s important.

Claudine can’t help but furrow her brow because even though practice it’s important, a kid should also go out and enjoy their day.

- How about we go for a walk and to buy you some proper clothes?

- But-

Little Maya begins to complain before Claudine crouches and places a finger on her lips to silence her.

- I know practice it’s important, and I promise I’ll help you when we come back, but you need proper clothes to practice, don’t you think?

Little Maya can only nod and after Claudine fixes one of her shirts as a dress, they leave the house.

Little Maya can’t help but hold Claudine’s hand tightly, making the ash-blonde smile widely as they walk through the streets to buy the kid some suitable clothes for her, before they go for a walk around the park.

Once they’re back at home, Claudine leaves little Maya practicing by herself in the living room, watching her from time to time as she makes a salad for lunch.

After some time, the kid strolls through the kitchen and opens the refrigerator searching for a bottle of water, when she finds something that catches her eye immediately.

- Saijou-san, what is this? – she asks curious as she pulls out of the refrigerator a plate with a kind of spit cake on it.

- That’s a baumkuchen, it’s a dessert – Claudine explains to her, taking the plate off the kid’s hands.

- Can I take a bite of it? – little Maya asks her hopefully, only to frown upon seeing Claudine shaking her head.

- After lunch.

- But I want to try it now! – the kid complains, huffing and puffing out her cheeks, crossing her arms over her chest and if Claudine wouldn’t find her so infuriating, she swears she’d melt over her cuteness.

She sighs heavily and gives in, cutting a really small slice of the baumkuchen for the kid to try it.

- Just this, okay? – she says as she hands the kid the small slice, seeing her eating it in pure delight.

I guess some things don’t change no matter the years Maya has.

Claudine thinks to herself, giggling quietly before she finds a pair of bright amethyst eyes staring at her with a thrilling spark glinting in them, sending a shiver down her spine.

- Can I have some more!? – little Maya exclaims enthusiastically, reaching for the plate before Claudine moves it away from her reach.

- After lunch – she repeats sternly once again.

- But I want more now!!

Little Maya grumbles, trying once again to reach for the plate, only to be stopped by Claudine.

- I’ve said after lunch.

Little Maya huffs once again and pretends to comply, only to try again, obliging Claudine to raise the plate higher to prevent the kid to reach for the dessert.

She actually can’t be even more amused than she already is, seeing little Maya jumping in the air to try to catch the plate, repeating it several times. The ash-blonde can’t help but laugh at it, having some mercy at her.

- Okay, you can have some more now and the rest as a snack later in the afternoon – she tells the kid, already cutting like half of the baumkuchen so little Maya can eat it before the salad is ready.

- Thank you! – the kid thanks her effusively, before she happily begins to eat the dessert.

Claudine can only sigh and look at her tenderly, adoring to be able to witness it.

After they have lunch, they move to the living room where Claudine lies on the couch to read a book while little Maya stands in the middle of the room, waiting to start practicing.

- Weren’t you going to help me to practice? – she inquires the ash-blonde, hearing her exhaling heavily.

- And I will, but after we rest the food for a bit.

Little Maya puffs out her cheeks and huffs, going to the couch to lie on top of Claudine.

- Then if you aren’t going to help me, I’ll stay here like this and bother you in your reading time.

Even though Claudine wants to find the infuriating kid annoying, she can’t help but find her endearing cute and adorable.

- Fine with me – Claudine says lightly, kissing little Maya’s head to then keep reading her book.

She feels the kid huffing once again before gets more comfortable and closes her eyes, falling asleep on top of Claudine. The old girl can only giggle and close her book to leave another kiss on the kid’s head and hug her tightly.

She can’t help but wonder if having a kid with Maya would be like this, if she would look exactly like a mini version of the brunette or a mix of both of them, blushing really hard upon the mere thought of a future kid together.

She clears her throat quietly and closes her eyes to stop imagining things, before she ends up falling asleep too.

When she wakes up, she feels a heavy weight on top of her that has nothing to do with little Maya. Confused, she opens her eyes to find a pair of deep amethyst eyes staring into hers with a mischievous glint in them.

- Good afternoon, ma Claudine.

Maya’s sultry voice awakes her completely, looking down at her to find her almost naked on top of her.

- W-what are you doing almost naked on top of me, infuriating woman!? – Claudine exclaims high-pitched while Maya giggles slyly.

- Oh, I apologize. It looks like I outgrew my clothes – Maya says amusedly.

- Honnêtement, tu es vraiment exaspérante! (Seriously, you’re truly infuriating!) – Claudine exclaims, a hard blush tinting her cheeks while Maya laughs carefree still on top of her, leaning in to kiss her sweetly.

- Thank you for taking care of little me – Maya thanks her tenderly, making Claudine blush harder.

- I-it was nothing! A-and she was less infuriating than you are! – Claudine squeals while Maya just grins and laughs.

- Ma Claudine?

- Hm?

- Can I eat the rest of the baumkuchen? – Maya asks innocently, making Claudine groan.

- Your greediness doesn’t have any limit, does it? But yeah, you can.

Claudine sighs and Maya can only laugh briefly before she pecks Claudine and gets off her to hurry, almost naked, to the kitchen and get her beloved baumkuchen.

- Oh God, please put some clothes on! – Claudine complains, facepalming herself as she hears Maya laughing loudly and carefree in the distance.

She can’t help but smile widely, laughing quietly along with her, her heart bursting out of love for such a cute and infuriating big kid.

Chapter Text


Maya is walking through the dorms’ hallways towards her room with her towel still draped over her shoulders to prevent her wet hair from damping her clothes, when she hears a loud whine coming from one of the rooms as she passes by its door.

Confused by the sound, she halts on her walking just in front of what seems to be Karen’s, Hikari’s and Mahiru’s room.

- Hikari-chaaaaan, you’ve cheated!!

She hears Karen whining loudly once again.

- I didn’t. You’re just a sore loser.

Maya can hear Hikari replying sternly to the auburn’s accusation.

- Mahiru-chaaaaan, help me! She’s cheating!

Karen whiles aloud once again, and Maya can only hear Mahiru giggling at their roommates’ antics, bringing a soft smile to her face before she resumes her walk to her room.

As soon as she enters, she’s greeted by nothing but the silence reigning in it.

She lets out a heavy sigh and ends drying her hair, before she changes into her nightgown and gets inside her bed.

As she closes her eyes to sleep, she can’t help but wonder how it’d be like to have a roommate, being greeted by somebody instead of by silence, falling asleep with that thought haunting her mind.

Yet, when she wakes up the following day, she finds that thought doesn’t seem to have left her mind as she finds herself looking distractedly at a sat Nana and Junna on the nearby couch of the common room going over a script together.

- Ah, I’ve forgot the notes I took this morning in our room. Let me go and get them real quick so we can continue reviewing – Nana says apologetically, before Maya sees Junna shaking her head and placing a hand on the other girl’s forearm to stop her.

- Don’t worry, I’ve also left some notes in the room. Let’s continue revising the script there without bothering the rest – Junna says with a soft smile on her face, seeing Nana nodding before they leave together to their room, still talking about the script on their way.

Maya can only watch them retreating curious about how it’d be like to go over the scenes of the script with a roommate whenever she wanted to, before a gentle voice interrupts her.

- Is everything okay, Maya-chan?

Mahiru’s soft voice pulls her out of her reverie, startling Maya slightly before she gives her a soft smile in return.

- It’s nothing Mahiru. I was merely wondering how it’d be like to have a roommate since my condition as top star prevents me from having one.

Mahiru giggles quietly and sits beside her on the couch.

- Well, if it’s of any help, sharing a room with Karen and Hikari is always fun and unexpected, except when I have to wake them up or oblige them to clean and organize the room.

Maya can’t help but giggle quietly, imagining how hard it must be to the kind girl.

- You have the patience of a saint – Maya comments, eliciting a giggle from Mahiru.

- Tell me about it – Mahiru jokes amusedly, before their enjoyable small talk is interrupted by a desperate Karen running to where they’re sat.

- Mahiru-chaaaaan, I can’t find my favorite shirt – Karen whines out, causing Mahiru to sigh heavily before she looks at Maya while rolling her eyes.

- Didn’t I tell you? – she mouths quietly before she lets herself be dragged by Karen back to their room – Come on Karen-chan, let’s find your shirt.

Maya can only laugh as she watches them leaving the common room, and before she goes back to read her own script.

Hours go by and soon, curfew arrives and with it, the time for roll calls.

Maya is already waiting outside her room’s door when she notices a couple of meters away from her how an almost exasperated and tired looking Futaba is holding a sleepy Kaoruko clinging onto her like a koala bear.

The brunette can’t help but chuckle to herself as she notices them already in their matching pajamas waiting to do the roll call so they can go back to their room and sleep.

She sees Kaoruko yawning as her name is called, before they can finally go to sleep, Futaba carrying the blue haired girl onto her back inside the room, and Maya can’t help but find it comical yet cute at the same time.

As she’s back into the quietness of her room, already changed into her teal nightgown and sat on her bed, she can’t help but wonder again what it’d be like to have a roommate, slightly envying her classmates and friends, before her mind drifts to Claudine, imagining how it’d be like to share a room with her.

She sighs heavily, shaking her head before she lies on her bed, staring at the ceiling as the sudden thought of playing with Claudine or reviewing a script together doesn’t seem to leave her mind.

She lets out another heavy sigh and gets out of her bed and room to go to Claudine’s, knocking on her door.

- Come in.

She hears her saying muffled through the door, before she opens it to find Claudine sat on her bed reading a book.

- Is everything okay? – Claudine asks her, prompting her to get inside her room.

- Ah, yes, I apologize for bothering you this late – Maya apologizes as she closes the door behind her, feeling slightly stupid for coming to bother Claudine over such trivial thoughts.

She bites her lip, before she shakes her head and turn around to go back to her own room, when she hears the ash-blonde sighing and stopping her from leaving her room.

- What is it, Maya? – Claudine asks her serious, the book she is currently reading still open on her lap as she looks up at Maya.

- It’s nothing, really, just… something silly – Maya says quietly, slightly embarrassed, making Claudine arch an eyebrow and close her book to leave it on the nightstand next to her bed and fix her eyes on Maya.

- It must be important if you came to talk to me this late, isn’t it?

She says softly, palming the spot next to her on bed and Maya can’t help but sigh, sitting at the end of the ash-blonde’s bed.

- I… I was wondering how it’d be like to have a roommate.

As she articulates those words, Claudine can’t help but open her eyes surprised.

- Why? – she simply asks her, seeing Maya blushing and fidgeting with her blankets.

- I’m an only child so I’ve never shared a room with anybody. I was okay with it, but I’ve recently started to notice our friends and their different personalities and yet how well they get along and seem to enjoy sharing a room between them, and I couldn’t help but wonder how it’d be like.

She admits a bit embarrassed, looking down at her hands and Claudine can’t help but smile fondly at how cute she looks at that very moment upon something so simple.

She can’t deny she hasn’t wondered about it too, or more likely, wondered how it’d be like to share a room with the brunette, so she just sighs and pretends to be exasperated.

- Méchante va… You’re lucky my bed is big enough for the both of us to share – she tries to say with a straight face, seeing Maya looking at her surprised – Don’t look at me so surprised, just get inside the bed, before I change of idea and kick you out so you can try to share a room with Karen and Hikari to know how it feels like.

Maya grimaces at the idea of sharing a room with those two, yet giggles briefly before she gets inside Claudine’s warm and comfy bed.

- Thank you Claudine.

- Yeah, yeah, don’t mention it and just go to sleep – Claudine grumbles as she turns around to turn the light on her nightstand off, hoping the darkness can bring some calm to her racing heart.

She rests her head on her pillow, hoping sleep comes soon, before she senses Maya tossing around in her bed.

- What is it now? – she exhales exasperated.

- I apologize ma Claudine, it’s just a bit uncomfortable.

- Hah? Are you implying my bed is uncomfortable, infuriating woman!? – Claudine exclaims outraged, hearing Maya giggling.

- I believe I’ve expressed myself wrongly. I’ve meant to say it feels a bit strange. Your bed it’s nothing but really comfortable, don’t fret ma Claudine.

- Whatever, just go to sleep.

Claudine breaths out, facing the opposite side to Maya, closing her eyes to sleep when she senses Maya moving again in bed and suddenly feels an arm surrounding her waist and pulling her closer to the body behind her, being spooned from behind, and she can’t be happier enough that Maya can’t see the hard blush adorning her cheeks in the darkness, hoping she can’t hear nor feel the loud and fast beating of her heart.

- W-w-what do you think you’re doing infuriating woman!? – she squeaks high-pitched, and Maya can’t help but sadden at her reaction.

- I apologize ma Claudine, I just…

Maya trails off as she begins to draw her arm back from around Claudine’s waist, before the ash-blonde lets out a long sigh and places a hand over Maya’s forearm, grabbing it gently to prevent her from drawing it back.

- It’s okay, just sleep – she mumbles still blushing, hearing Maya giggling happily before she feels her pulling her closer once again, spooning her and burying her nose in her silky locks, smelling the sweet aroma of her shampoo.

- Thank you, good night ma Claudine – Maya whispers softly, tightening the hold around the ash-blonde’s waist before she happily closes her eyes to sleep soundly while Claudine blushes even harder than before.

- Bonne nuit, ma Maya.

She whispers softly and closes her eyes as she snuggles up more into Maya’s embrace, a soft smile taking over her features.

Claudine doesn’t know what it is to share a room with anybody either, but she wouldn’t mind to have Maya as her roommate if that means to be able to sleep like this with the brunette every night.

Chapter Text

She watches the rain fall with rage, flooding crops, devastating cities and countries, taking thousands of lives in its path.

She hears the sky thundering like a furious roar, before it discharges a powerful lightning onto a poor tree, then onto a house.

She watches it all burn, the fire spreading quickly and consuming everything under its blazing touch, unable to do anything about it except observe the chaos and destruction reigning over the human’s world from her spot in Heaven, unable to mend it nor stop it from happening…

She simply sighs dejected as she watches the Earth burning and being consumed slowly without being able to do anything but observe it hopelessly from her spot.

This is just another wake-up call from God to warn the humans about learning to appreciate their home more and take care of their surroundings, of the nature, of their world…

Maya hopes this time they listen and learn the lesson. She really hopes they do something in that regard before it’s too late.

She shakes her head and lets out another heavy sigh, still observing silently how everything gets consumed under the raging fire and the pouring rain and yet, her mind, instead of thinking on a way to help those poor souls underneath her, can’t help but think about a beautiful ash-blonde haired fallen angel.

Oh, the irony of this girl being the epitome of chaos and destruction when is God himself the one causing all this…

Maya sighs again and gazes down trying to find with her supernatural vision the steep cliff she came to love so much in raging, almost doom days like this one.

She finds it soon, and perched on its edge, her beautiful fallen angel.

A smile takes over her features, before she looks around her, quickly spotting Futaba close to her with a fond smile on her face. The pink haired angel just winks at her and without further delay, Maya vanishes, descending to the Earth knowing Futaba will cover up for her.

Her feet steps elegantly onto the soaked ground as she folds her white wings and stares silently in the distance at the fallen angel perched on the edge of the cliff unaware of her presence.

Maya can’t help but bask in her breathtaking beauty. In the way her damp ash-blonde hair whips with every impact of the rough ocean waves against the rocks, her majestic black wings moving against the hard wind lashing at them and yet, it’s the calm expression adorning her features what mesmerizes and captivates Maya the most...

Maya begins to walk towards her, taking light steps as she feels the ground crunching beneath her weight as she gets soaked under the pouring rain. She hears a lighting roar at the same time the fallen angel clicks her tongue and moves from her spot, standing up to meet her half-way.

- Why is that we always meet in days like this? – the other girl asks aloud humorless.

- Because I know you love them – Maya answers calmly, seeing the other girl smirking briefly before a flash of worry glints in her magenta eyes.

- You’re soaked – the ash-blonde sighs, raising one of her wings to shield Maya from the rain.

- So are you – Maya says with a soft smile as she takes a step closer to Claudine, and Claudine can’t help but roll her eyes and wrap her other wing around the brunette, pressing their bodies together to keep some warmth within them.

- But you’re in your human form, Maya – Claudine breathes into the angel’s wet hair.

- Do you want me to… – Maya trails off unsure if she should change back to her angel form.

- No. I’ve just remembered when we first met – Claudine says, remembering happily the first time she saw the brunette angel.

She had just ascended from Hell, wanting some distraction to her boredom when she started to wander around the meandering paths she just landed on, coming across with this enchanting yet steep cliff.

As she was getting closer to the edge, she saw a beautiful brunette girl dressed in an immaculate white dress, staring at the rough ocean from the edge of the cliff.

Claudine quickly folded her wings to walk closer to the “human” deity, observing her attentively before the human turned around and smiled at her kindly. Her heart started to pound hard against her chest at the simple gesture before she watched the brunette unfold her beautiful majestic white wings, winking at her while she did a silent gesture before taking off, flying back to her home: Heaven.

Since that day on, Claudine couldn’t stop keeping an eye on this special place to her, wanting nothing more than meet the breathtaking angel once again, even if it was something dangerous for the both of them.

- You were so surprised – Maya whispers, letting out a quiet giggle as she buries her head in the crook of Claudine’s neck, feeling the fallen angel wrapping her wings tighter around her.

- Who wouldn’t? You looked like a true angel.

- Oh well, I’m one, aren’t I? – Maya says playfully, laughing and Claudine can only roll her eyes, laughing along with her.

- You are – Claudine whispers softly before she leans in to capture Maya’s lips in a kiss. She feels Maya surrounding her neck, pulling her closer to deepen the kiss.

A thunder roars furiously obliging them to pull away, a longing sigh escaping from both of their lips.

- I should go back – Maya whimpers against Claudine’s lips, before the fallen angel captures them one last time.

- Be careful – Claudine says as she cups one of Maya’s cheek and places a kiss on the brunette’s forehead – Come back soon.

Maya nods and unfolds her wings, white and black mixing for a brief moment creating a beautiful sight. She captures Claudine’s lips in a deep and long kiss one last time, before taking off to Heaven under the intense gaze of a pair of magenta eyes.

They’ll meet again in the next raging doom day.