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KuroMaya mini fics

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Maya is walking through the dorms’ hallways towards her room with her towel still draped over her shoulders to prevent her wet hair from damping her clothes, when she hears a loud whine coming from one of the rooms as she passes by its door.

Confused by the sound, she halts on her walking just in front of what seems to be Karen’s, Hikari’s and Mahiru’s room.

- Hikari-chaaaaan, you’ve cheated!!

She hears Karen whining loudly once again.

- I didn’t. You’re just a sore loser.

Maya can hear Hikari replying sternly to the auburn’s accusation.

- Mahiru-chaaaaan, help me! She’s cheating!

Karen whiles aloud once again, and Maya can only hear Mahiru giggling at their roommates’ antics, bringing a soft smile to her face before she resumes her walk to her room.

As soon as she enters, she’s greeted by nothing but the silence reigning in it.

She lets out a heavy sigh and ends drying her hair, before she changes into her nightgown and gets inside her bed.

As she closes her eyes to sleep, she can’t help but wonder how it’d be like to have a roommate, being greeted by somebody instead of by silence, falling asleep with that thought haunting her mind.

Yet, when she wakes up the following day, she finds that thought doesn’t seem to have left her mind as she finds herself looking distractedly at a sat Nana and Junna on the nearby couch of the common room going over a script together.

- Ah, I’ve forgot the notes I took this morning in our room. Let me go and get them real quick so we can continue reviewing – Nana says apologetically, before Maya sees Junna shaking her head and placing a hand on the other girl’s forearm to stop her.

- Don’t worry, I’ve also left some notes in the room. Let’s continue revising the script there without bothering the rest – Junna says with a soft smile on her face, seeing Nana nodding before they leave together to their room, still talking about the script on their way.

Maya can only watch them retreating curious about how it’d be like to go over the scenes of the script with a roommate whenever she wanted to, before a gentle voice interrupts her.

- Is everything okay, Maya-chan?

Mahiru’s soft voice pulls her out of her reverie, startling Maya slightly before she gives her a soft smile in return.

- It’s nothing Mahiru. I was merely wondering how it’d be like to have a roommate since my condition as top star prevents me from having one.

Mahiru giggles quietly and sits beside her on the couch.

- Well, if it’s of any help, sharing a room with Karen and Hikari is always fun and unexpected, except when I have to wake them up or oblige them to clean and organize the room.

Maya can’t help but giggle quietly, imagining how hard it must be to the kind girl.

- You have the patience of a saint – Maya comments, eliciting a giggle from Mahiru.

- Tell me about it – Mahiru jokes amusedly, before their enjoyable small talk is interrupted by a desperate Karen running to where they’re sat.

- Mahiru-chaaaaan, I can’t find my favorite shirt – Karen whines out, causing Mahiru to sigh heavily before she looks at Maya while rolling her eyes.

- Didn’t I tell you? – she mouths quietly before she lets herself be dragged by Karen back to their room – Come on Karen-chan, let’s find your shirt.

Maya can only laugh as she watches them leaving the common room, and before she goes back to read her own script.

Hours go by and soon, curfew arrives and with it, the time for roll calls.

Maya is already waiting outside her room’s door when she notices a couple of meters away from her how an almost exasperated and tired looking Futaba is holding a sleepy Kaoruko clinging onto her like a koala bear.

The brunette can’t help but chuckle to herself as she notices them already in their matching pajamas waiting to do the roll call so they can go back to their room and sleep.

She sees Kaoruko yawning as her name is called, before they can finally go to sleep, Futaba carrying the blue haired girl onto her back inside the room, and Maya can’t help but find it comical yet cute at the same time.

As she’s back into the quietness of her room, already changed into her teal nightgown and sat on her bed, she can’t help but wonder again what it’d be like to have a roommate, slightly envying her classmates and friends, before her mind drifts to Claudine, imagining how it’d be like to share a room with her.

She sighs heavily, shaking her head before she lies on her bed, staring at the ceiling as the sudden thought of playing with Claudine or reviewing a script together doesn’t seem to leave her mind.

She lets out another heavy sigh and gets out of her bed and room to go to Claudine’s, knocking on her door.

- Come in.

She hears her saying muffled through the door, before she opens it to find Claudine sat on her bed reading a book.

- Is everything okay? – Claudine asks her, prompting her to get inside her room.

- Ah, yes, I apologize for bothering you this late – Maya apologizes as she closes the door behind her, feeling slightly stupid for coming to bother Claudine over such trivial thoughts.

She bites her lip, before she shakes her head and turn around to go back to her own room, when she hears the ash-blonde sighing and stopping her from leaving her room.

- What is it, Maya? – Claudine asks her serious, the book she is currently reading still open on her lap as she looks up at Maya.

- It’s nothing, really, just… something silly – Maya says quietly, slightly embarrassed, making Claudine arch an eyebrow and close her book to leave it on the nightstand next to her bed and fix her eyes on Maya.

- It must be important if you came to talk to me this late, isn’t it?

She says softly, palming the spot next to her on bed and Maya can’t help but sigh, sitting at the end of the ash-blonde’s bed.

- I… I was wondering how it’d be like to have a roommate.

As she articulates those words, Claudine can’t help but open her eyes surprised.

- Why? – she simply asks her, seeing Maya blushing and fidgeting with her blankets.

- I’m an only child so I’ve never shared a room with anybody. I was okay with it, but I’ve recently started to notice our friends and their different personalities and yet how well they get along and seem to enjoy sharing a room between them, and I couldn’t help but wonder how it’d be like.

She admits a bit embarrassed, looking down at her hands and Claudine can’t help but smile fondly at how cute she looks at that very moment upon something so simple.

She can’t deny she hasn’t wondered about it too, or more likely, wondered how it’d be like to share a room with the brunette, so she just sighs and pretends to be exasperated.

- Méchante va… You’re lucky my bed is big enough for the both of us to share – she tries to say with a straight face, seeing Maya looking at her surprised – Don’t look at me so surprised, just get inside the bed, before I change of idea and kick you out so you can try to share a room with Karen and Hikari to know how it feels like.

Maya grimaces at the idea of sharing a room with those two, yet giggles briefly before she gets inside Claudine’s warm and comfy bed.

- Thank you Claudine.

- Yeah, yeah, don’t mention it and just go to sleep – Claudine grumbles as she turns around to turn the light on her nightstand off, hoping the darkness can bring some calm to her racing heart.

She rests her head on her pillow, hoping sleep comes soon, before she senses Maya tossing around in her bed.

- What is it now? – she exhales exasperated.

- I apologize ma Claudine, it’s just a bit uncomfortable.

- Hah? Are you implying my bed is uncomfortable, infuriating woman!? – Claudine exclaims outraged, hearing Maya giggling.

- I believe I’ve expressed myself wrongly. I’ve meant to say it feels a bit strange. Your bed it’s nothing but really comfortable, don’t fret ma Claudine.

- Whatever, just go to sleep.

Claudine breaths out, facing the opposite side to Maya, closing her eyes to sleep when she senses Maya moving again in bed and suddenly feels an arm surrounding her waist and pulling her closer to the body behind her, being spooned from behind, and she can’t be happier enough that Maya can’t see the hard blush adorning her cheeks in the darkness, hoping she can’t hear nor feel the loud and fast beating of her heart.

- W-w-what do you think you’re doing infuriating woman!? – she squeaks high-pitched, and Maya can’t help but sadden at her reaction.

- I apologize ma Claudine, I just…

Maya trails off as she begins to draw her arm back from around Claudine’s waist, before the ash-blonde lets out a long sigh and places a hand over Maya’s forearm, grabbing it gently to prevent her from drawing it back.

- It’s okay, just sleep – she mumbles still blushing, hearing Maya giggling happily before she feels her pulling her closer once again, spooning her and burying her nose in her silky locks, smelling the sweet aroma of her shampoo.

- Thank you, good night ma Claudine – Maya whispers softly, tightening the hold around the ash-blonde’s waist before she happily closes her eyes to sleep soundly while Claudine blushes even harder than before.

- Bonne nuit, ma Maya.

She whispers softly and closes her eyes as she snuggles up more into Maya’s embrace, a soft smile taking over her features.

Claudine doesn’t know what it is to share a room with anybody either, but she wouldn’t mind to have Maya as her roommate if that means to be able to sleep like this with the brunette every night.