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KuroMaya mini fics

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Like home

Claudine comes back home after a long day of rehearsals, opening the front door languidly before she’s greeted by the silence and darkness reigning inside the house.

She sighs heavily, closing the door behind her to lean against it for a brief moment as she turns the lights on.

The house feels really empty without Maya walking around and going to greet her with her usual soft but cocky smile.

Ah, Claudine can’t help but really miss her...

She shakes her head, leaving her shoes, coat and purse at the entrance before heading to their bedroom, flopping tiredly on their bed to rest on it as soon as she enters.

She sighs again and turns around, burying her nose in Maya’s side to smell her soothing lavender scent. Even though it brings a soft smile upon her face, it also makes her miss the brunette even more and wonder what the other woman is doing at that very moment.

A beep on her phone brings her out of her musings.


Claudine smiles again as she sees her girlfriend’s name on the screen of her phone and quickly opens the message.

M: Tu me manques (I miss you) 🥺

She reads, squealing and blushing at how cute the brunette can be.

C: Tu me manques aussi (I miss you too) 🥺

She quickly messages her back, lying on the mattress as she sees the other woman typing a new message.

Minutes go by seeing the three points appearing and disappearing from the screen, indicating Maya is writing something rather long until the points stop without a new message being sent. Claudine furrows her brows before her phone beeps again indicating a new message.

She quickly opens it to find a picture of Maya wearing her favorite black hoodie, accompanying it with the following words:

M: I don’t miss you that much anymore?

Maya types out as a question, making Claudine laugh yet blush cutely.

She stares at the cute picture for some minutes before she gets out of their bed to go to their wardrobe to retrieve and put Maya’s favorite grey knitted sweater on.

She inhales the soothing lavender scent coating the knitted sweater deeply, smiling slightly before she takes her phone and lies back down on the bed with a pout on her face.

She takes a picture of herself pouting and proceeds with sending it to Maya with a short phrase accompanying it.

C: Too bad, I still miss you

Upon receiving such cute message, and especially cute picture, it’s Maya the one squealing and blushing at her girlfriend’s endearing cuteness.

M: Soon, ma chérie 💜

Maya quickly messages her back, sighing heavily as she also lays down on the bed, phone in hand.

C: Soon 💛

Maya smiles at Claudine’s answer before her phone beeps again with another message.

C: Now go to sleep, it’s late

Maya giggles and quickly messages Claudine back.

M: I’m going. Je t’aime, ma chérie 😘

C: Je t’aime aussi mon amour 😘

With a smile on her face, Maya closes her eyes to sleep enveloped in Claudine’s warmth and scent, wearing the ash-blonde’s favorite hoodie so she could feel like home.

It’s almost 10 in the morning when a knock on her hotel room’s door wakes her up.

Groggily, she gets out of bed, almost tripping before she goes and opens the door, not expecting the person on the other side at all.

- You should have seen your bewildered face, mon amour, it was quite amusing – Claudine says giggling as Maya smiles widely before she quickly wraps the ash-blonde tightly in her arms, pulling her inside the hotel room.

- What are you doing here? – the brunette asks her with evident surprise, helping Claudine to take her coat off to see her still wearing her favorite grey knitted sweater.

- I’ve missed you, so I came – Claudine says timidly, shrugging her shoulders as if that was enough explanation to show up unexpectedly in Maya’s hotel room’s door, warming the brunette’s heart who holds her even tighter in her arms again, before she cups Claudine’s cheeks to kiss her tenderly.

- I’ve missed you too, I’m glad you came. It feels lonely without you by my side – she confesses against her lips bashfully, resting their foreheads together to look into her eyes.

- Oh, but I thought you didn’t miss me – Claudine says teasingly, touching the hoodie Maya is wearing, her hoodie, while the brunette just laughs and hugs her tighter against her body.

- I apologize ma chérie, I lied – Maya says still bashfully yet cheekily.

Claudine rolls her eyes and pulls her girlfriend closer.

- You’re terrible then.

She says against her lips, making Maya laugh briefly before Claudine captures her lips again in a deep kiss, feeling like home in one another’s arms again.