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KuroMaya mini fics

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Strawberry (cake)

Red and white delight her sight as she stares in wonder at the slice of the strawberry cake in front of her. Of course it isn't her beloved baumkuchen but it’s still a dessert she loves very much. Not for anything she is known for her gluttony and love for desserts.

Her eyes focus on the strawberry crowning the top of the slice of the cake, standing out brightly with its red, making it even more appealing than it already is.

She licks her lips, fork in hand ready to stick it into the strawberry and take a taste of it, of paradise.

It’s in that precise moment when Claudine’s rant stops abruptly and she gazes at her companion, too absorbed on the strawberry on top of her slice to actually pay attention to anything she has to say.

The ash-blonde huffs outraged, crossing her arms over her chest briefly, eyeing at Maya then at the strawberry.

How is it possible that she’s competing against a stupid strawberry for her girlfriend’s attention!

Claudine huffs again and takes her fork to stick it into the stupid object of Maya's desires and gluttony to then take it to her mouth.

- Mmmh, delicious – she says out loud teasingly, chewing it slowly and licking her lips before a satisfied smirk appears on her face.

But soon, her satisfied smirk falls as she watches her petrified girlfriend, fork in hand half way to the plate where the strawberry cake is with a shocked expression on her face.

- M-Maya? – Claudine calls her girlfriend’s name bewildered, snapping Maya out of her trance.

The brunette lowers her fork at the same time her lips form a thin line before they quiver. Claudine watches the expression on her face changing bewildered and gasps as Maya turns to look at her with a frown present on her face, eyes glistening with something that Claudine can’t quite put her finger on.

Sadness? Hurt?

Claudine doesn’t know what it is but it makes her feel guilty about having stolen the strawberry, even worst when she sees tears starting to peek out Maya's eyes and her lips quivering more.

Wait, is she pouting!?

Her eyes widen as she watches Maya’s lips curl down, pouting indeed.

Shocked, she looks up at Maya’s eyes once again to tease her about it, when she sees her girlfriend giving her puppy eyes, a shot right to her heart.

Argh, damn, why does she have to be so cute!?

- It was just a stupid strawberry! – she exclaims frustrated, defending herself which only brings a sadder pout upon her girlfriend’s face – urgh, fine! You can have mine!

Claudine says placing her strawberry on top of Maya’s slice of cake. She sighs heavily as she witnesses the frown on her girlfriend’s face disappearing and a happy and beaming smile taking over her features, sparkling her now free of any tears eyes.

Seriously, a strawberry has won me.

Claudine thinks to herself, resting her head on the palm of her hand dejectedly as she sees Maya putting the strawberry in her mouth, closing her eyes to savor it in absolute delight.

- Mmmh, delicious.

Maya repeats Claudine’s previous words in total delight, her face glowing brightly and Claudine can’t help but snort. As cute as Maya is being, she’s still offended by the fact that a stupid strawberry won her.

-  Can I continue with what I was telling you? – she asks Maya, grimacing at how her girlfriend turns to look at her with her mouth full of bits of cake, nodding happily at her.

- Of course ma Claudine, please continue – she says with her mouth full of cake.

Ah, there goes the elegant image she had of her girlfriend, all ruined because a strawberry and a cake...

Claudine sighs heavier than before and continues narrating what she was telling Maya before her girlfriend’s gluttony interrupted her, eating her own cake from time to time until she notices Maya’s attention is drifting once again from the ongoing conversation to her almost finished slice of cake.

Claudine sees the brunette almost frowning and pouting sadly at it as if she was a kid about to cry.

Argh, stupid cake!

Claudine is about to tear her hair out of frustration because of the cake before she gives up and slides her own plate with the remaining of the slice of cake on it towards Maya.

- Here, eat mine. And for god's sake, stop pouting!! – she whines and can’t help but chuckle at the happy and beaming expression on her girlfriend’s face once she says those words, smiling sheepishly at her.

- Merci – Maya says gratefully and somehow teasingly, quickly taking the offered plate and digging her fork into the cake.

- Est-ce que tu peux le croire!? (Can you believe it!?), you truly are like a kid – Claudine says with a tender smile on her face as well as Maya smiles at her brightly before savoring the precious cake.

Claudine doesn’t know if she should be offended at had been defeated by a strawberry and then by a cake, or amused. Either way, she loves to be the only one witnessing Maya acting like this.